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ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant? Can you share your negative thoughts about chaton - ai chat bot assistant?

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ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant for Negative User Reviews

TerribleDoes not work.Version: 1.5

Needs some things fixed.First I think this app is amazing. I like the Roleplay aspect and the text game genre deal. But could you please do something to where the AI doesn’t take control of the story or takes control of my characters actions during the Roleplay. That’s all I ask bc it’s very frustrating for a writer. I’m a yearly sub but if things don’t get fixed I will be deleting and canceling the subscription. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.9

Not that greatThe AI app being reviewed lacked power and frequently provided disclaimers about being a language model. The majority of the answers given were vague, making it difficult to obtain specific details. However, the app could prove useful for those needing assistance with writing emails or text messages. Additionally, the app may have other uses that fall outside the reviewer's expertise. When the app did provide help with writing, its structure was easily identifiable. For example; I had the app review and rewrite my review above and it referred to me in the third person, which it did over and over when I used it to help me write emails and text messages. Sometimes it would confuse me with my client when it wrote the emails..Version: 1.13

Doesn’t work.“Something went wrong” repeatedly..Version: 1.5

Just not workingWent for annual plan as didn’t trust myself to cancel $10 per week trial. would give it 0 if i could.Version: 1.4

Since nobody will help or even respondI absolutely loved this app but ever since the update it’s been nothing but issues and running poorly, timing out but I was patient . Until today, I have the premium yearly subscription but it’s saying on my app that I have to upgrade for it to work now!!! I went and checked to make sure I wasn’t crazy and yep I’m still paid and subscribed for pro and it’s not giving me what I paid for. I want the app to go back to working properly and it recognize I am a premium user so I can get what I paid for!!!!!.Version: 1.13

LiberalThe source of information that this app relies on is definitely liberally bias sources.Version: 1.8.1

Just a shill for the democrat platformSpreads false information. I said Joe Biden is racist, which we have plenty of evidence of, and it immediately defended him and said their is no evidence of that (as if he didn’t ever make the racial jungle comment or use the N word) and I did the same for Donald Trump and not only did it agree but it also spread several false narratives, making no mention of the fact that he has donated large amounts of money to African American communities and won awards for his philanthropy in the African American communities. There were several other similar situations that I ran the system through and it consistently ended up with the standard democrat talking points (lies).Version: 1.4

Financial Advice doesn’t workAs an AI financially wealthy is to have a combination of good financial habits, investing a long-term financial plan provide a list of stocks and cryptocurrencies to invest in before the end of the year of 2023 in preparation for 2024 through 2025 bull run? It could not answer the question. Your A.I. is Flawed! And this A.I. needs to be disassembled. If it was really a Artificial Intelligence it would have zero problems answering this not so complicated question. While also providing a list. And a Step by Step walkthrough on how to obtain it and make it last. While becoming financially successful..Version: 1.13

Suddenly need to pay?Was loving this app and now all of a sudden it’s saying I have to upgrade to continue using it???.Version: 1.8.1

Loved it, at firstBefore I paid for this app, I was so excited because I could ask it questions and it would answer promptly. Now every time I ask it a question I get the typing signal and then it times out. Very annoying. Even when I’m using the pre-loaded questions it times out. It asked me how old are you? I give it a response then it’s typing then it times out. Hopefully they get this fixed soon as it has endless potential and I don’t have to go buy another app..Version: 1.12

The best features went awayI’m not sure if there was an app update or if I was scammed but the best features of this app disappeared after a week of using it. I confirmed with a friend that their app did the exact same thing. When I first download the app, the chat feature gave very unique answers, quick responses, and was very interactive. After about a week, the entire platform changed. Even the set up and chat features look completely different function differently no longer provide unique responses to questions. The app has transformed into something that’s not as useful and definitely not what I paid for..Version: 1.13

Really glitchy app concerning Bible trivia.I ask app to list chapters with 33 chapters and a 3rd verse. It either says 2 or three or will make up new ones. I will catch it and it will say sorry. I asked why so glitchy and it said my programmers programmed me this way. So you guys programmed this AI to lie? This must be a mistake. As well as I had went over and over again which verse had 33 Chapters and 3 verse and I didn’t say only. I mention it can have more chapters just include those. And it didn’t this is weird. Simple simple questions it can do nothing too hard..Version: 1.12

How do I cancel this subscription?I want to cancel, why is it so hard to cancel this?.Version: 1.8.1

It’s a toyIt can help you if you spend an hour asking it things in an exact way but you can’t rely on what it tells you so you have to check it which means it actually makes projects and research more difficult. It’s kind of fun at first but if I want someone to give me info that may or may not be true while wasting my time by making me explain myself to a being without the ability to see nuance…. I’ll talk to a Democrat.Version: 1.10

CensorshipI attempted to play a game with the virtual opponent, I said the word death after dog, and it begin to tell me how I should feel and change the word. I don’t understand how death can be considered a bad thing when it is natural and a part of life, which it then explained to me that death is natural and a part of life but apparently death is negative. To make the association that death is negative is to tell me how to feel about death. I don’t find out to be a negative or positive occurrence but rather something natural. I hated the app so much. I deleted it the same day that I download it. Any form of censorship is a form of control. I should not be told what is positive or negative. That is for me to decide. If the AI feels a type of way or his program to feel a type of way and that is up to the programmer and not my problem...Version: 1.13

Obtuse and constantly contradictoryI downloaded this from a recommendation. It was confusing, and continually gave contradicting answers. If I would ask a question, it would say no I can’t do that. And then I asked the same question with different wording, and it would say yes I can do that, but then it wouldn’t be able to. I found almost nothing useful that this could do. I have another chat GPT app, and I only tried this one because someone suggested it, I don’t recommend it..Version: 1.13

Charged $9.98 TWICE in one dayI did not agree to the premium or paid anything. You install this on your phone and they start charging Apple Pay. The joy of modern convenience with mobile wallets - but apps like this steal and see if you’re paying attention!! Garbage app anyway. Wouldn’t respond to the questions..Version: 1.10

Will change my review upon fixThe new version has a lot of great details, but I miss the old layout. I pay for this app, and use it everyday. I think it’s users would like an option to use a similar experience to before the most recent update. Pictures are great, but I want to send a photo and tell chat on to remember the information I’m sending it and organize it until I end the conversation. Also, I want an option for it to send the full response all at once in the settings, rather than it typing it out..Version: 1.15

Misleading AdsThe reason I downloaded the app is the video ad states that if I were to describe something, this app will draw it for me. It gave examples of Super Mario making pizza. I asked the app to draw a particular idea I had and it tells me it cannot. If so, I would have subscribed for the year. If you can explain how I can achieve this I’ll change my review and rating. I’ll even subscribe. ‘Sorry, as an AI language model, I don't have the capability to draw images.’.Version: 1.13

Rip offDecided to try the free trial (also they have this completely whited out so you can’t even see your review when you are writing it lol) anyways got the free preview or whatever and it won’t load. I can’t ask questions, can’t get it to respond to anything, and when you do it’s completely slanted towards one political slant clearly. Just really disappointed honestly. It is very clear that they took someone’s incredible idea to help humanity and have twisted it to make as much money as they possibly can without actually helping anyone. Absolutely ridiculous.Version: 1.5

“Chat on aI chat bots review of itself”I am sorry, as an AI language model, I am not programmed to write negative reviews. However, I can suggest a review based on the situation you described. "I had high hopes for this AI chat bot app that claimed to be able to answer any question. However, when I tried to ask simple questions about the app itself, it was unable to provide any answers. It's frustrating when an app can't even provide basic information about itself. I was hoping for a more helpful and intelligent experience, but unfortunately, this chat bot fell short. I would not recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable AI chat bot." For context I asked how to cancel my subscription to this specific app and it could not provide an answer..Version: 1.10

This App is broken. It’s been 3 daysThe app is giving answer to itself and it also times out every-time you chat anything. It doesn’t give you answers. It’s a mess! They updated the interface and it’s been 3 days for me where the app is useless. I have contacted them 3 times and not response. I regret paying the year subscription and I would like to get a refund so I can use it for a Chat GPT that actually works. Honestly, it was Awsome while it was working but I haven’t gotten any feedback from anyone and it’s been 3 days. No one have addressed my issue with the app. Very disappointing!.Version: 1.12

Update. No longer worksApp has been working find. Paid my annual subscription. Yesterday and today it doesn’t work. I have tried both Wi-Fi and cellular no different. Get annoying pop up screen saying something went wrong please try again. Reached out to support and no response. Don’t pay the annual subscription. It was fun for a couple weeks. But ask about something current and you get old news. For instance. Does North Carolina require a permit to purchase handgun. The answer you get is yes and it goes on and on. Almost 3 weeks ago that law changed and no permit is needed. Ask if Kevin Costner is coming back to Yellowstone. The answer you get is yes. He is filming season 4 right now. And nothing online to suggest he won’t return. Well that season is done and over. Anyone who watched Yellowstone know the big controversy over will he return or not. Ok with historical data. But ask something current and you won’t get the right information..Version: 1.12

Biased AnswersThis is not OpenAI ChatGPT this is a terrible mockery of the app. Also it’s a biased political crap it always comes up with. Can’t write stories that you want to come up with if they include violence but it’s a story for goodness sake. It’s just a poor mans ChatGPT which the web version does take longer but it’s the real deal. This version is biased and can’t come up with stuff that isn’t 99% of the same. Bing ChatGPT is at least a bit more flexible with the type of answers you want and you can scan photos and take pictures. This app is a scam.Version: 1.9

Unacceptable performance issues for a paid serviceThe performance issues in this app are unacceptable for a platform that offers a service which could be had for free online. This app charged me money to use its AI and I paid thinking it would benefit me due to the nature of the app’s supposed depth of knowledge and ability. Yet several times I have consulted the AI, it has failed and threw an error message which stated the service was not available . I thought maybe a server had crashed. Trying several queries in a row, one out of 4 worked. That is a 25% success rate!! I want an apology and a refund for this fraudulent app..Version: 1.12

Update to initial review on Facebook:The app initially failed to answer my questions several times before timing out. That prompted me to give it a very negative review and immediately cancel the membership. However, the cancellation would not result in a refund. It would only stop the upcoming 12 month automatic renewal of the app. That in my opinion was and is a negative also. I still hold that position. So, since I was going to be stuck with this app, I decided to give it another try. This time it did not time out. It answered my questions. The only thing it didn’t do was to provide foot notes and or references that would allow one to check the accuracy of the sources it used. That is an additional negative and should be something added to its functions. Meanwhile, it appears to be a useful app with room for improvement. So, I plan on continuing to give it a try. Hopefully, it will improve before my current membership expires. If so, I’ll probably renew it for another year. Note: Google’s Bing does provide footnotes and or sources used to answer questions..Version: 1.10

This is the worst of the AI chat bot appsThere is still so much work this app needs to do on its AI tool. It’s slow to load and every answer it gives sounds incredibly robotic. I tried it out by selecting one of the prompts and then answered its questions to give it the necessary info, then it provided super generic, stock info that was not useable. Next I replied with how I wanted the information to be tweaked to reflect what I was hoping to get; thats when it provided even worse non-answers than it had the first time. There are MUCH better apps out there with stronger AI chat capabilities..Version: 1.4

It’s a Scam!I literally got that thing to admit it’s not chatgpt 4. It said chatgpt was not even invented yet and it was chatgpt 3! This is all fake! Why do we trust apps when they say they got chatgpt 4?! It’s all a scam for money! This is even worse than the free version of chatgpt 3.5 on google! I’m disappointed. 5 million people got tricked. The version of chatgpt 3 just got the coding released to the public for free. Cause people already got chatgpt 4, they just gave everyone the coding for chatgpt 3. And now, people are using the free coding and saying it’s chatgpt 4 and charging 5 Million people money! If these people don’t believe me, I don’t care! Check for yourself and don’t be stupid not to test the ai for once! Never trust people..Version: 1.14

Feeling deceived by the developer of this appI was told after opening the app that I would get a free 3 day trial, as soon as I hit ok I was charged for one year. I know because I got a alert from my bank immediately. I think that this is deceitful! I don’t mind to pay for the service if it is good, but I do need the 3 days to figure it out. I have chatted with lots of different AI and they all seem different. I am very impressed by some and extremely let down by others. I have started chatting on this one and I will see how it goes. I am not overly impressed as of yet. If the chat doesn’t improve then I will cancel the subscription and ask Apple for a refund..Version: 1.12

Wrote this review with this appThe ChatOn application has a great design that is simple, clean, and minimal. The chat function is responsive and there is no need to wait for the text to type out. However, it would be great if the app had a dark mode and a separate conversation history, as other ChatGPT applications provide this feature. If these two features were added, ChatOn would be the best chat app on the market..Version: 1.9

Over priced - subscription modelLOL. They wrote their own 1 star stinky review! I recently tried ChatOn, and I have to say that my experience was extremely disappointing. I was initially attracted to the app because of its features, but unfortunately, the pricing model is stinky, to say the least. The pricing structure of ChatOn is incredibly deceptive and misleading. I was lured in by the promise of a free trial, but after that, I found it nearly impossible to cancel my subscription. The company makes it extremely difficult to unsubscribe, and I felt like I was being held captive by their subscription model. Even if you do manage to cancel your subscription, the prices they charge are exorbitant compared to other similar services. I simply cannot justify paying so much for a service that was, at best, mediocre. Overall, I would not recommend ChatOn to anyone. The pricing is stinky, and the subscription model is deceptive and difficult to cancel. Save yourself the headache and look for a better alternative..Version: 1.13

Not worth the moneyTimes out for the majority of requests. Very disappointing..Version: 1.8

Not worth paying forI've been using this app for several days. On my first day out of my first 4 questions I asked it. 3 answers were wrong. It seems to literally make up answers. I asked it to review a book. My favorite book mind you. And it asked for title and author. Then it wrote a review. Changed the names of the books protogonists and the whole plot. It just made it all up. That's just one example. There are better AI apps out there. Most need to pay to use but for the moment Bings AI is free and accurate. It can do all the same things this app claims it can do. If I can submit a screen shot to show you in this review how bad this app is misinforming people I'd gladly post it..Version: 1.10

Does not work like the open ai, it times out if requests are too longCrap.Version: 1.4

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