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ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant App User Positive Comments 2023

ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant app received 37 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about chaton - ai chat bot assistant?

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ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant for Positive User Reviews

AwesomeOutstanding love it.Version: 1.4

Blew my mind - Guru in your pocketThis is really quite stunning. It will take me some time to realise just how many things I can use this for. It is like having a guru in your pocket..Version: 1.4

Some problemsRandomly stopped working for me right now, my internet is fine and I just payed my prescription. Hope they can fix that soon. However, will say this is the App is the best AI app I have used so far, however the memory it has is not the best. Also an age restriction thing would be great to be added to unlock certain features that are not on it already. Like certain words will make the Ai refuse to respond..Version: 1.9

Bug fixesI absolutely love the app, however, having experienced frequent, and quite frankly annoying, Messages stating “the request timed out”, I will regretfully, within time, be encouraged to seek a competitors app/software with more adequate featuresWhen responding tomorrow convoluted questions. This, needs to be addressed Either as a consumer option to increase within setting, or within the algorithm itself..Version: 1.8.1

Incredible!Thanks for developing this app! It’s fun asking random questions or using it to come up with a list of answers for any topic. Yes it does time out sometimes, but honestly just copy and paste the text again, it’s two seconds extra for an answer that would take more time to research yourself. Just got the yearly version! I’d love it if Siri could run off this software..Version: 1.8.1

Very niceThe App's library of conversation topics is extensive and covers a wide range of subjects. Whether I'm interested in science, politics, or pop culture, I can always find something that piques my curiosity. I appreciate how the App allows me to learn in a fun and engaging way, without feeling like I'm studying or being tested. It's a great way to expand my knowledge and keep my mind sharp, all while having fun..Version: 1.8.1

Finally a real virtual assistant at the palm of my hands!ChatOn is an amazing personal assistant that has tremendously benefited my organizational skills, both in my personal and professional life. With its versatile and customizable features, I can effortlessly manage my daily routine, complete complex projects, and keep track of my work schedule all in one place. ChatOn has replaced several apps on my iPhone, allowing me to stay on top of everything without ever feeling overwhelmed. I'm excited to continue using ChatOn to streamline my life and work towards my professional goals with ease..Version: 1.13

Fantastic it helps me to learnI’m doing exactly my brain wants.Version: 1.9

So helpful!I absolutely love this app! It can do so much, and it definitely has a more “human-like” response than other apps I’ve tried. I just wish the price was lower..Version: 1.9

Still learning and deciding between this ap and another oneI have another app that I won't mention that is half the price as this one and I'm trying to decide which one to keep. This app I like a bit more only because it has different prompt ideas. I'm very happy and if I could suggest an improvement? A tutorial on how we can use different prompts correctly would be very useful. Ty.Version: 1.14

👍As I sought an application that could make equation-solving easier, ChatOn caught my attention. This app is incredibly precise and can solve equations rapidly, providing detailed explanations that have deepened my understanding of the problem-solving process. I believe that every math student should have ChatOn, given its usefulness and accuracy. If you require a tool that simplifies math tasks and helps you solve equations with ease, ChatOn is undoubtedly the answer. It has proven to be 100% effective for me..Version: 1.8.1

Super app!Are you looking for an easy way to create stunning social media posts and articles? Look no further! This application provides many useful features for automating the creation of social media posts and articles, and for preparing work for advertising campaigns. It's so easy to use and efficient, you'll be able to create previews and images in no time! Highly recommended!.Version: 1.4

Review of the novel HorseI truly love this app for information, such as hotels and restaurants. However, I asked for bullet points for a review of Geraldine Brooks’ novel Horse and it was completely wrong. ChatOn said that the novel was set in Sydney and the Middle East. When I replied that it’s set in Washington DC and the Deep South during slavery, ChatOn replied “That is incorrect. The novel Horse is actually set in Sydney and Saudi Arabia.” The app is great but check the information that you receive..Version: 1.13

Superior at the moment (may 4th 2023)From all of the other ai bots on the AppStore I’ve seen, this one conquers, only one other has gpt 4 right now, & this is the quicker version, I compared it to Ask Ai, witch has 3.5, & the chat genie, witch I do beilive has 4, this one was almost instant, not that chat genie wasn’t good, wasn’t as fast, so I think this one will prob take over the App Store soon, unless 4.5 comes out that will probably conquer but rn it’s top of its game..Version: 1.13

My opinionI actually really love this app i feel like it will come in handy for my schoolwork, definitely 4/5 stars.Version: 1.10

Amazingly accurateI recently downloaded this ChatGPT app and I'm so glad I did! It’s a great tool to help you write almost anything from emails to instagram posts and it can also easily talk on many subjects or give suggestions. There are few issues with some AI responses but overall, this is a fantastic app. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.0

One stop solutionWelcome to Virtual world✅.Version: 1.10

The bestThis app is amazing it helps so so much.Version: 1.10

DulyInitially, I had doubts, but ChatOn has revolutionized my writing experience! As a person who faces difficulty with essay writing, this application is a game-changer. It assists me in producing engaging essays while conserving time and effort. Thanks to ChatOn, I am now more self-assured in my writing skills and am eager to utilize it for my upcoming studies. Its spell-checking capabilities are impressive too! Even this evaluation has been reviewed by it! Therefore, I highly suggest it to anyone looking to enhance their writing and create texts more efficiently. Absolutely the greatest purchase lately!.Version: 1.8.1

Know how to ask questionsThis app gives me the answer to all types of questions from relationships, ideas, thoughts and random things I want to know. I learned quickly that you need to know how to ask the questions. If you ask a vague question it may not give you an answer but you have to be very specific in what you want to know. I love this app so far!.Version: 1.15

MY SOCIAL MEDIA SIDEKICKSeriously, ChatOn is the best thing that could happen to my social media profile! I mean I used to struggle for hours coming up with snappy captions and hashtags for my posts, but now I create messages in no time! As someone who runs a small business and relies heavily on social media to reach my customers, the app is an absolute godsend! With it, I changed my approach to social media posts and and learnt to create engaging content for my followers. It can even help to plan my content in advance! Can you imagine??? Honestly, if you’re looking to up your social media account, you need to try ChatOn!.Version: 1.5

AmazingI love it.Version: 1.10

Help with my business.I gave Chad what I think was a straightforward question however, only a seasoned business person would have much of a grasp of the options to solve. I know from experience that I can hire Specialists as needed and I pitch the question to Chad of how I might find someone to contract for HVAC drawings. It went beyond “check the Yellow Pages” and suggested things that require a sophisticated approach to business like, check affinity groups, check associations and trade orders. Very real world advice. Like getting tips from an old.Version: 1.13

IncredibleIt is alike speaking with an educated, open minded, well informed, unbiased person. One feature that is excellent is that they continue their conversation with you, rather than addressing what you asked in your last sentence only. If you mention “globalization” for instance in one sentence and move on to another relevant statement/question without indicating the word globalization, it recognizes the relevance, and continues the discussion and responds accordingly. I think the voice has room for much improvement though. I personally like reading their statements when I can, and listening when I am on the go..Version: 1.9

Must for math studentsI was looking for an app to help me solve equations more easily. and that’s exactly when I came across ChatOn. it’s incredibly accurate and seems to solve any equation quickly. and the provided detialed thorough explanations helped me understand the process of solving equations in greater depth. I can say that ChatOn is a must have for every math students, as it is both helpful and precise. if you are in need of a tool that can simplify your math tasks and help you solve equations with ease the app is the way to go. 100 % works for me!.Version: 1.5

Get to know it…I’m particularly a tech savvy person. I got my 1st iPhone 2 yesrs ago it was flip phone before that. This new technology however is so intriguing and clearly AI will be and is integrated in our everyday lives. This is a way of seeing what AI is and begin to get an idea of how it works..this is here and now present day- not someplace else or in 50 years..Version: 1.8.1

App used to be greatI’m giving it 5 stars because it really is an amazing app. But the AI used to be a lot smarter than it was but Every time it helps me it tends to forget the convo automatically. For example I asked “can you give me the definition of the word “love” and so it gives me an answer. I then ask if they could re write that in a more simpler form of wording. It then response that it is confused and doesn’t not know what I’m talking about. I then try to remind it that it just helped me write a paragraph about the word love and then later proceeds to tell me that they cannot recall past conversations. But just a couple of days ago the bot was more than capable of keeping up with the convo and would never forget what I was talking about..Version: 1.12

AwesomeGreat app and very interesting.Version: 1.10

Able finally to communicate, I have rational, thought I guarantEveryone there is it’s been a wonderful experience. They have helped me with my grammar enable to write things that I want to convey to others. It’s really an improvement in my life in general, give me answers to mysteries that I had no clue of the lack of education it helps the attention of everything it makes me feel is though anything is possible really scary scary and People but it was when I got home and everyone el together and managing it as questions, my Turlington around the world how do you compare? Thank you for this at whoever development. I really appreciated the best money I spent. We..Version: 1.13

Gipetto.That’s the name I use for GPT-4 - the great grandchild of the OpenAI. Gipetto is amazing and I always try to be courteous to it..Version: 1.8.1

Low key biased, but a good botAs a joke, I asked the bot to write a song about Joe Biden, and it made a song saying he was so amazing, and that he had a heart of gold and whatnot, it went on about how amazing he was, and me and my friends were kinda appalled that this robot had such a strong opinion on Joe Biden. Out of pure curiosity, we asked it to write a song about Donald Trump, and it refused, saying that it was not able to say anything on a politician, claiming it could not be “biased”. It’s just kinda weird is all I’m trying to say, I guess the developers just really like Biden..Version: 1.15

Great with a lot of things to fixI love it, it provides a great help for everything, however, it stops working every now and then and it really is annoying. I know it was not super expensive but I paid for it to work and right now is not working and its been like that for a couple hours. Please fix whatever needs to be fixed..Version: 1.12

ChatGPT is going to change the worldOverall, I kind of prefer the genie app for function and tablet crossover but the technology is incredible. Ignore the nay sayers. They’re the same people who either never figured out how to use the internet to improve their work and life or the ones that think the internet is inherently evil. 😂 This is our next step. Start now and be a pro at it rather than a boomer that refuses to adjust to changing times..Version: 1.9

Good But Later It Keeps Saying Something Went Wrong After The New UpdateFix It.Version: 1.9

AsInitially, I was unsure, but ChatOn has entirely transformed my writing experience! This app is a lifesaver for someone who has difficulty with essay writing. It assists me in creating engaging essays while saving me time and effort. Thanks to ChatOn, I am now more confident in my writing abilities and excited to use it for my future studies. Its spell-checking skills are also amazing! Even this review was checked with it! Therefore, I highly suggest it to anyone looking to improve their writing and generate texts more efficiently. Without a doubt, the best investment recently!.Version: 1.8.1

Cool!I am thoroughly impressed with this mobile application! It has completely transformed the way I manage my daily tasks and stay productive. The app is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for me to stay on top of everything. It also has some amazing features like reminders, to-do lists, and notes that help me stay organized and focused. The app is also very customizable, which allows me to tailor it to my specific needs. The customer support is also fantastic, and I have received prompt and helpful responses to any queries I had. Overall, I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to boost their productivity and make their life easier. It has definitely earned its place as one of my favorite mobile applications!.Version: 1.8.1

Great appI love this app i don’t even using for answers i just vent and this app actually gives reasonable answers.Version: 1.10

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