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Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies? Can you share your negative thoughts about max: stream hbo, tv, & movies?

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Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies for Negative User Reviews

Lots of UI issues make it hard to useHere’s s list of issues to fix, this is all related to apple TV ui, which feels like an afterthought - hero carousels are unusable, trying to use remote to go left and right on apple TV is too sensitive. It just scrolls by 2-3 slides when trying to see the next one - very buggy, I’ve crashed it multiple times just digging thru the screens - all this new content, but its very hard to discover anything new - genre pages are a real mess, having a filter below the top thumbnails is annoying and affects top down scroll, top down scroll is very messy and meantime just resets to the top while in the middle of the page - can’t find all shows or all movies page, which makes discovery really hard, all i can do is poke in these lists - 2 navs top and left and they aren’t even consistent. Top disappears at times, left is totally useless. Old app has one left nave which worked well - hub pages are gone - show pages should allow thumbnails to peek through, instead you are shown ugly series list - overall there seems to be a lack of QA on the AppleTV app since it’s ridiculously easy to find bugs by spending 3 mins in the app - 10 ft UI should have been focused on discovery of content and bookmarking your favorite shows - Like the new hold add to watch list.Version: 1.0.2

Latest Update Renders Casting ImpossibleApp functionality continues to get worse with every update unfortunately (using an updated iPhone 13). Casting is next to impossible: episodes will re-start randomly while you are watching them, volume will max out, and your episode progress won’t be saved. Casting also lacks a “skip intro” button which is sub-standard for streaming apps. Apart from casting, if you try to re-watch a series, or jump around episodes, your progress will not be saved under “continue watching” on the home page. This forces you to manually search the show you were watching every time, guess what episode you were on, and guess how far in you were. Extremely inconvenient. Restarting phone, signing out, deleting app, updating app, updating phone, and using different types of casting devices (smart TV, chrome cast, etc) do not resolve any of these issues. I’ll have to forgo the mobile app entirely and use the website until they fix this app….Version: 2.0.0

App has SERIOUS GLITCHES!Every time I stream the app on my tv from my phone it glitches. For example, I’ll put on a show I want to watch, put on an episode and it’ll work after I exit out of the app. But as soon as I turn my phone on and go into the app it completely restarts the episode of the show on my tv. I cant turn up the volume of what im watching from in the app, I cant fast foward or rewind the episode without the entire episode starting over because I entered in the app. It’s especially annoying when I turn my phone and the last app I was on was HBO so it’ll automatically restart after I enter my phone. The app has other glitches too, like not being able to turn the “read aloud” subtitles off that talk over the entire show I’m watching. Sometimes the option to turn them off will be there, and sometimes it won’t. I have great internet connection, my cache is cleared for the app, I’ve tested all the casting options on my tv, restarted my chrome casts, AND my Roku tvs, I deleted the HBO app and re-downloaded it but still the same problems. I’ve been waiting over a month for a new update that might fix these bad bugs. But nothing has changed. This app does not work how it says it should..Version: 2.2.0

Don’t like the app. Been adding bad content for a year or so nowThe app doesn’t allow you to see further into what is leaving, compared to in browser. Used to work on iPad in browser. They removed the option. The app also wont allow you to save some shows and movies. It is also not as easy to navigate. It also malfunctions when trying to fast forward or rewind parts. It’s an app and most apps are garbage. Don’t know why they made it app only. I also don’t want to waste space for another app. Clutter. Plus they made that awful show Velma, and never made a second season of peacemaker. One show, Velma, got the worse ratings of any show that ever existed. They say they are making another season. While peacemaker got amazing ratings. The people running this network are moronic dog crp trash. I will be canceling soon and will probably never come back as they have not added anything worth watching in awhile. Our flag means death season 2 might be worth a watch but that is is. Avenue five was a millions times better than that Velma crud. Does anyone know that the chick who wrote that ragged about sxually assaulting people on the conan show. Max wants to support that mindy puke. Nope. Go woke go broke. I hope this goes the way of bud light..Version: 2.0.0

Improvement neededI have subscription through AT&T and constantly get signed out. Better instructions needed to sign in again if account was already connected to MAX. When trying to connect through provider, kept getting message that subscription could not be found or taken to a screen to set up account with no other options. When trying to set up account, then told email already exists and to verify email. After verifying email, taken to profile screen which will not work except to add a new profile. None of the profiles will activate and cannot move past this screen. After several attempts to fix (delete & add app again, restart device) I decided to try to sign in again with MAX account & it finally worked. So apparently once you create a MAX account, you should be able to login and not have to go through the provider sign in. Why their customer support can’t tell you that I don’t know, but it is SUPER frustrating!.Version: 3.1.0

Don’t waste your time with this appI used to love HBO MAX when it was HBO max and not Max. HBO used to work with no issues, it was a smooth app to use. Since they switched to MAX (which nobody asked for) all I’m having is severe issues on my tv. MAX DOES NOT WORK ON FIRESTICK. For the past several months, when clicking on Max to open the app, the entire tv screen freezes for hours on end, can’t click on any other bottom or streaming service. This is only happening because of MAX. I’ve read Reddit forums of this happening to thousands of other people and no one has found a solution. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading and nothing has worked. Let alone I can’t watch my favorite shows on the app, my tv has no function as MAX has screwed up my whole tv. And the real kicker is there is no customer service number to call and complain and find a solution. Thousands of negative reviews and not one response from MAX has told anyone how to fix it or if a new update is coming. Don’t waste your time on this app, it will ruin your tv. So glad I’m not a member anymore..Version: 2.5.0

QualityI’m actually really upset at the amount of people giving this good reviews. I have had nothing but issues the day I started using it. I’m currently rewatching a show & for some reason Max doesn’t want to leave it in my continue watching & on the progress bars it shows I’m no where through any of the episodes. If I can remember what episode I left off on, I can click on it & it resumes me at a random part of the video, not where I left off, or even at the beginning. Another issue I have is that when I click the skip intro option, it will sometimes (about half the time) only go through half of the intro but the skip button is no longer available. Not only are there issues, but y’all also took away features. Like the being able to upload one of your own pictures to your profile? Now, like Disney +, it only allows you to choose from the characters in some of their movies/tv shows, & the only options are honestly all the new or up incoming things, some of your most popular entertainment isn’t even an option. I just find it strange to remove features. I guess I just expected for Max to be this great new thing but was extremely let down. Please get to fixing the ‘continue watching’ issue because it’s very frustrating..Version: 1.0.2

Worse than the previous appI don’t know what’s wrong with this app? The previous HBO max app had a whole host of problems, and some of them have been resolved here. However, the new app seems to have introduced a bunch of new problems. We have a TV with Chromecast, so casting the app from my phone is the only way to watch HBO on our TV. The app constantly loses its place in whatever show we’re watching. Anytime we pause the show for a bathroom break and come back, the show starts from an entirely different spot that we’ve already watched (sometimes starting from a previous episode). Then, we have to search for the spot we were at, and the scrubbing doesn’t show thumbnails of the current screen as I search. It’s a big game of guess and check, and each time I guess, I have to wait 15 seconds for the show to load before finding out if I’ve guessed correctly. Sometimes if the app is feeling especially spiteful, it will throw an error and log me out completely. There’s also no “skip recap” or “skip intro” button when casting from the phone which is just annoying. Why create an entirely new app if it’s no better than the last? Just frustrating.Version: 1.1.1

Whoever decided Max should be a thing needs to be fired.The whole rollout of Hbo Max’s new “Max” platform is an absolute joke. First off, on launch day Max wasn’t even available on my Roku TV. Tried to google how to make it work but the internet doesn’t know what Max is, only what HBO Max is so all troubleshooting for “max” was useless. Waited for them to fix all their disastrous errors and tried to log in the next day. All of a sudden my password is not correct and to update my password I used the web address provided on my tv screen. Each time on the web address you clicked Sign In it would take you to the App Store to download the Max app. Once the app was downloaded I proceeded to attempt sign in using the forgot password option, it emailed a link that I then updated my Password ON A WEB BROWSER!! What did I need the app for? This whole thing is completely not worth even having the service anymore and even though it’s minor in the grand scheme of life, in the moment it was frustrating enough for me to consider cancelling my subscription that’s increasing in price anyway with this new rollout. Cool. Thanks, Max. 👎🏼.Version: 1.0.2

New app, same low qualityI downloaded a few episodes of a show to watch on a flight. Less than 12 hours later (after confirming that they had been completely downloaded) they were just gone. Made for a boring flight. Instead of making a brand new app with the same problems, consider fixing the issues that just don’t ever go away. The app is also eternally incapable of remembering where I am in an episode or even which episode I’m on whether I watch in on my computer, iPad, or Apple TV. This is your only choice to watch HBO shows, it’s just bad. Update: The developer reached out to offer “help” which was just a link to the downloads page. I understand very clearly that downloads are valid for thirty days after download and for 48 hours after they are started. The developer clearly didn’t take the time to read that the downloaded shows did not last for even 12 hours. Two star rating stays because this is a very badly designed and managed application..Version: 1.0.3

Content’s great, HORRIBLE for connecting to TV!!!!I was excited about the new launch from HBO Max to MAX and seeing what new exclusive content was available, plus they have most of the shows from Discovery+ so now that’s some money I get to save each month when I cancel my discovery+ subscription. All of this however doesn’t matter a bit anymore because MAX doesn’t want to play nice with Apple TV 😡 This means that everything in my “continue watching” on the Max app won’t be on my Apple TV Up Next the instant I turn my tv on. This also means that if a movie pops into my head and I want to search it using Siri from my Apple TV, I won’t know if it’s available on MAX or not before I rent it or buy it through Apple because MAX decided they just weren’t going to share their info with Apple like they’ve been doing with HBO Max for years!! It shouldn’t be this much of a hassle for customers who pay over $100 a year to be able to access the content they pay for! Seriously this needs to be fixed for the transition to MAX to be worthy of more than 1 star.Version: 1.0.1

Too many unresolved bugs, the experience is not worth it.HBO Max, or “MAX”, is probably the worst streaming application out there. It has various bugs on my smart TV and also the new iPad Pro. I used to pay for it and canceled it because I can’t stand how bad the application is. Then I got access to it again because it’s now included in my AT&T membership. I’m now contemplating about switching to another carrier so I can take this application out of my life, simply because of this one issue. It happens every other day; when I open the application, I have to connect my provider from scratch every single time. This last time it was really infuriating. I downloaded a movie to watch while I’m traveling. Next, I’m traveling, and when I clicked on the application it asked me to connect my provider again. When I did it and went to downloads, it no longer showed the downloaded movie there. The funny part is the application still holds the space required for the movie, so it’s there, but I can’t watch it or delete it. I guess I needed a good excuse to delete the application altogether, and come here to write this rant. It’s a shame because I love HBO shows, but they must make their software product teams hate their lives to build an application like this..Version: 2.0.0

Getting worse rather than betterWhen Max first launched, it had issues. First of all, I use a Chromecast to cast it from my iPhone to my television. From the very beginning, I would have issues with it tracking my progress through a series. I would watch 3 episodes and when I came back to start again, it would start me halfway through the 2nd one I watched last time. Also, the “new episode” badge remains even after you have watched the new episode. Those were annoying, but not deal breakers. Now, though, my TV remote that used to pause a show no longer functions that way. Also, clicking into the show on my phone while it is casting to my TV no longer shows the progress bar like it used to… so I can’t easily tell how long I have to go or how long a movie is. The latest development is that the pause button won’t even work on the phone now either. They only way I can pause the show is to disconnect from the Chromecast altogether. I have detailed all these issues in previous reviews… but strangely my 2 star reviews and complaints keep disappearing from the reviews list while the 4 and 5 star reviews remain. Maybe this one can actually stay up and people can get an honest view of the limitations of the app..Version: 1.4.0

One step forward, Two steps backHBO Max, or just “Max” as it’s now called for now reason, has completely removed its identity and all of its best features in a needless attempt to be a Netflix clone (this isn’t something you should be proud of HBO). No longer can you upload custom profile photos, which were extremely helpful in our household. Now you’re stuck with generic character photos from different HBO shows and movies (the same exact way Netflix does it. The new blue design for the service/app makes it look just like Disney+ and Paramount now, making it more difficult to distinguish these services at a quick glance. The purple looked great, why change that? App layout and performance is debatable. The only thing I have experienced is that all the menus I was used to are now in different places and have been needlessly swapped around. On top of that, I had to go and download a completely separate app? Why not just update the original rather than give your users more steps than necessary? Overall, pretty disappointed with this change and I hope HBO considers backing up some of these bizarre and uncomfortable “improvements”..Version: 1.0.2

TV app since HBO Max changed to Max…I can’t really say much about the iPhone/iPad app, but the tv app we use for streaming since the update is absolutely horrible. Much more difficult to find content, and doesn’t save progress on what I’m watching anymore. I had to manually search for the series, then it didn’t save my progress even though I was 2 seasons and 4 episodes in. I added the show to “my stuff” hoping it would be the fix, but no. Please fix this glitch! Update (6/6/23)—but not changing my 1-star rating yet: I received a message from the developer asking if I’d like additional assistance. This would be helpful if the problem were with my account, but reading many other reviews, this issue is not a “me” problem. I am appreciative they are taking the time to acknowledge the negative reviews but it seems that may have been somewhat of an automated response they could have sent to all 1 and 2-star reviews. There was a link to a form to send for advanced support, which I don’t feel is useful in this case, as I mentioned (don't worry, I did it anyway just to be safe), and a link to update my review, which is exactly what I’m doing here. Hopefully, though, it will lead to a speedy fox for all of us who seem to be having many of the same complaints!.Version: 1.0.3

New update has many bugsHi, I’ve had hbo max for a long time now, but ever since the new update to max, it’s had a lot of bugs. Before the update I’d finish a series and be able to restart it from the start without playing at the ends of episodes. Also while it goes to the next episode, as well as starting from the end, it wil now sometimes close the app on the tv out. Additionally, it won’t save series under currently watching if they had been watched before and when restarted it still doesn’t save it. Not sure why these bugs are now here but hope they get fixed soon. It’s become almost impossible to watch as well as a lot of the cartoon series are being dropped and some missing episodes. Like Clarence is now gone and regular show is missing episodes. I thought Cartoon Network was bought out by whoever ultimately is over the Warner brothers shows but now they are disappearing after getting them so that doesn’t make sense. Not sure why but hope all these problems, and series get back soon. Thank you, I really appreciate it..Version: 1.0.2

Phone to TV Casting FlawGreat options of shows & movies to watch however I have multiple problems when streaming from my phone to my TV. One, once I connect to TV it does not let me operate the rewind & pause from my phone like it typically should. Also it does not let me use subtitles at all when casting to TV which is very frustrating when I am hard of hearing. The tool menu pops up at the bottom of the app but no matter how many times I press subtitles on, or press pause, or rewind, it does not work. Sometimes the tool menu even pops up with no buttons AT ALL & I cannot control the movie. flawed and frustrating. I have no control over the movie or show I am watching, cannot pause, rewind, fast forward, or turn subtitles on. Also once I have streamed no matter how many times I close the app or turn my TV off & on it does not stop streaming, even after the app has been removed from my open & live section on my phone it is some how streaming in the background?? And for HOURS. I played a show around 11am then turned my TV off & removed the app from my open list then at 10pm I turn my tv on & re-open MAX & it immediately streams the same exact movie from 12hours ago?? Why did the movie not close from the lower tool bar & have the app reset like it should. Multiple problems of this app not resetting properly. Very unhappy & horrible change..Version: 1.1.1

HBO downgrade to MaxHBOMax was classy, well organized, easy on the eyes, and a great app. Performance suffered in recent months, I assume as the Max app was being developed. The blue is obnoxious. The removal of recaps of prior episodes of TV shows stinks (make it an option if you want to do that, but those recaps added so much to the experience in setting up the episode). Worst, when watching minimized, the jump to the next episode drops out the player entirely. I can literally spend 12 hours with your app playing. Switching back to the main app constantly in that time is obnoxious & HBOMax did not work that way; even more ridiculous, if I don’t switch right away, the show may start playing in the background with no player visible(!) & that next episode startup may happen immediately OR even 30 minutes later, out of the blue! The new UI is the pits - ugly color, bad organization. And you dropped the HBO name which was the best connotation there was for denoting quality. (Cine)Max has no class & never has. What were you thinking….Version: 1.0.2

Destroyed one of the best brands of all timeI loathe this app. I wasn't a huge HBO stan but I liked it, it had a good interface, and I could always find something good to watch. Now there's a ton more content and it's impossible to find anything good. The user interface is one of the absolute worst. I'm looking at the four shows on my for you suggestions right now...2 are shows I absolutely loathe, shows I never would watch and consider it part of my personality to hate, one is a show I actively hate but not top 5 things I hate and the other is The Gilded Age that they're promoting everywhere. There's no thumbs down, no thumbs up, no way to improve recommendations. Just a massive trove of content that's impossible to filter through and they make sure the worst garbage is always at the top. I have no idea what this streamer even is anymore. There's no brand identity. It's become a few amazing high quality jewels in a vast sea of garbage and they make you work really hard to find the good stuff. Are they already doing MBA case studies on the epic value distruction that Max is?.Version: 2.2.0

Terrible User Interface to SearchDid you subscribe for sports and news shows? I did not. But they come up first on my Home Screen. So now I am wasting time trying to search for a show that interests me. There are other streaming providers. They can not even suggest shows based upon what you have watched in the past. This is retained I formation. So what is the issue? They have mixed together many different classifications from science to children's to comedy, adult anime to fantasy to war movies in same category. I have love stories and ancient history in same category. Terribly disappointed that they are unable to get this together. An AI Chatbot would do better. They have many excellent programs, finding them is really hard now that they have combined so many different types of programs under 1 classification. I frequently give up and go someplace else. HBO used to be famous for their series. They mixed up series from every channel they carry now. They have made their streaming service as difficult as they could to watch. Very disappointing customer experience..Version: 2.1.3

App has log in issuesI really liked the HBO app, it was easy to use and you could have it on your phone or tv and it would stay logged in. I don’t like that the Max app keeps logging out from every device and to log back in takes forever. Customer service asked me one to talk to my provider but that it’s not issue. The problem is the Max app. I would be watching a show and out of the blue it would crash. When I try to log back in it would display an error message of can’t verify subscription. If I continue trying to log in, it would display a message to create an account. When I do create a new account it says I already have an account and still it will not log me in. last time I call customer service, they asked me to delete the app and reinstall it. It work for that time. They told me the issue won’t return and what do you know it log me out again. Even reinstalling the app several times did not work. It’s so frustrating! I’m spending more time trying to log in to the account than watching something. The only good thing about the max app is that it has good content, that I want to watch, but if I’m going to spend more time logging in than watching then what’s the point..Version: 1.1.1

Organization system needs work.I know it seems harsh docking 2 stars for organization but I haven’t fully explored the rest of the app so I don’t know if there’s anything else wrong. Anything else I might politely object to. The reason I haven’t fully is because from what I can tell it just has “tv”, “movies”, “hbo”, “new & notable”. Whereas the old HBO Mac organization and menu format was more extensive than just the standard Netflix-esque “we’ve separated tv and movies, now scroll”. The things mentioned in the app description at the time of this comment was, not necessarily in this order, “DC Universe”, “Harry Potter”, “Food Network”, “Magnolia Network”, “TLC”, “HGTV”, “Adult Swim”, and “HBO”. However, it’s only “TV”, “Movies”, “HBO”, and “new”. Where this is going is. Is there a way to separate all of those networks/franchises and other stuff (like cartoons and other stuff) in a tab system similar to the old one? Like how other apps and the old version did? Not the same obviously, but similar. A new app doesn’t mean everything has to be different..Version: 1.0.1

Dark design patternWhy is there no recently played or continue watching in Apple TV app? Because they don’t care about the user experience. Actually it’s really on purpose. It’s a dark design pattern. They have dishonest executives and folks running the product team who want to manipulate you. It’s all about greed and hoping they get another month out of you. It’s the worst of capitalism. They want you to be frustrated. They hope you’ll start a new show and lock you in further. End your subscription asap! Only subscribe when you want to watch something specific. Search only for that. And this isn’t just a Max (stupidest rebranding EVER) thing. This dark design pattern is on all the streaming apps. It’s gross. And the only way we can change it is to not fall for it! Cancel you subscriptions as soon as you can. Don’t forget you can cancel immediately after subscribing. You’ll have a full month paid for. Subscribe again in a month if you want to continue watching. They hope you forget. Or that you get sucked into something else because you can’t find what you were just watching. UPDATE: oh wow! There is recently played. After force quitting the app. Something I bet less than 1000 people on planet earth know how to do on Apple TV. My dark design pattern argument stands..Version: 1.1.1

Y’all had something and then you ruined itWhy did you do this. HBO max was leagues ahead of all other streaming platforms, and not just in terms of content but in terms of the interface design. For some reason y’all took out the little things that made it great. Seeing the writing/producing/directing credits underneath an episode, being able to click on a specific episode and it having its own page, custom profile pictures, genres of movies having their own pages (now you have to go to “movies” then you scroll around until you find the genre you want). Y’all even made the color scheme more basic and lame, PURPLE WAS SO MUCH BETTER. And on top of all this you removed the HBO from your name which is just stupid. I just don’t understand how you can have a perfectly find product then just ruin it for absolutely no reason. Companies need to realize they don’t need to make meaningless changes every 3 years, everyone was fine with HBO max..Version: 1.0.2

What is even happening?With the old app (HBO Max), everything worked smoothly. I used it both on my tv and my phone regularly to watch my favorite tv shows and movies. Literally recommending HBO to everyone, I was pleased. Ever since everything’s been transferred over to this new app, “Max”, it will not operate on my phone, nor my tv. I have done the simple updating, delete and redownload, restart the devices, and I keep having the typical problems that should’ve been easily fixed with an update. the screen freezes at the choosing accounts screen and i cannot do anything besides exit out the app completely, and every show I watch will not stay on my continue watching. When I finish an episode into my favorite tv show, the app resets and says I haven’t watched a single episode at all, when in total i’ve watched 12. i’ve had this issue with all my shows and movies, where it won’t keep my spot, and reset and move it out of my continue watching and i have to go find the title and my spot again manually. with this happening with every single show and movie, along with the constant freezing on the screen with no response, i’m extremely disappointed. I thought it was only me, but my boyfriend and family are having the same Issue. what even happened here?? what an awesome streaming service that turned spotty and unreliable. unfortunate and disappointing..Version: 1.0.2

Ongoing login problems; no responseSince ios 17/tvos 17 were released, Max has been a nightmare. I need to sign-in every day or every other day and it isn’t a simple process. To watch on my Apple TV, I need to log out of Max (even though it won’t let me watch, I am in fact logged in). Then, I need to log out and log back in on my iPhone or iPad. Note that Max doesn’t use the native cable provider (Spectrum) login that EVERY OTHER STREAMING APP uses but instead forces a manual login with user name and password. I’ve opened 3 tickets with technical support and have never received a response. At one point, the customer support person told me that there were no other tickets on my account which means that previous support people never properly submitted the tickets they said they did. Why make this so difficult, Max? It seems like you might be trying to pressure users who have access through cable to switch to a direct sub. That seems highly unethical, so maybe your engineers just aren’t very good. Update: I received a quick response after posting this review. I followed the directions to open a ticket through the link provided. That same day, I received a message back that it was the wrong link and I needed to start over. Will keep updating on the wild misadventures of Max support..Version: 3.0.2

The Worst Version of its PredecessorsHBO Max was, to me, the best streaming platform out there. It had a great design, a pleasant user experience, and was organized better than its competition. Max is like the little sibling that didn’t get enough attention from their parents. The calming purple of HBO Max has been replaced by a God-awful blue color that hurts my eyes whenever I look too long at the screen. (Seriously you could just keep the purple? It set Max apart from everything else!!) We no longer get Hubs, which was my favorite feature of HBO Max. Now we have an ugly top menu with only a couple options. Navigating the app for the first time on the tv nearly broke me as the app kept fighting me when I wanted to navigate away from the top menu and back to the featured content. It’s honestly what I expected from the Discovery merger. There was so much potential here but it looks like Discovery wanted to rip out the guts of HBO Max and ship this as fast as possible. The result is an ugly, difficult to use mess. I have to double click to unpause content now. Peacock does that and before this app came out it was my least favorite streaming service. Also deeplinking into your shows doesn’t work on Google TV..Version: 1.0.2

Worst update of all timeHBO went from HBO to HBO Go to HBO Now to HBO MAX to just MAX. I don’t know what’s happening here but the latest update has made their steaming app the worst thing ever. Rewind, fast forward and even the pause function is horrible. Forget wanting to run back without having to escape the whole thing. I hate this new format and literally want to cancel my service and stop using it. I don’t know who’s genius idea it was to take something that worked just fine and totally change it. The “start from beginning” option is gone, the subtitle function is more difficult to use now and the user experience has gone from a 9 to a zero. Instead of rewinding properly you just get a sound that makes it seem like something is happening but nothing is… I have to think they’ll change it back to how it functioned before but nowadays people just change things for absolutely no reason. Maybe someone there just needed something to do. There’s literally nothing good about it. Zero improvements and nothing but problems..Version: 1.0.3

New app is horrible — UPDATE: Still not working on RokuUPDATE: Months later, I’d hoped they had worked out the bugs so I could watch some favorites on my TV. I even tried subscribing through Roku instead of Apple, thinking maybe if I did it directly, it would work. Nope. It gave me an error message right away. 😣 I really enjoyed HBO Max, and regularly subscribed, but since the switch and all the screw ups and absolute frustration, I don’t know if I’ll ever come back. I don’t want to watch on my computer or phone, which is the only place the app works. Would you all PLEASE put some time into fixing the app on Roku? There are a lot of us loyal Roku users out here who aren’t going to switch for your app. *********************** It automatically signed me in on my phone, which is great, but it isn’t working at all on Roku. There’s no way to sign in online if you’re steaming through a Roku, so you have to key in all of your info, which is a pain. Then it kept saying “something went wrong,” so I tried resetting my password. Still didn’t work. I tried restarting the Roku. Still didn’t work. Tried getting help through “app support,” and it doesn’t even offer Roku as an option! Plus you can’t even get a person on the chat. It’s all bots, which are clueless. Can I please have the HBO max app back? This one BLOWS..Version: 1.4.0

I would rate zero stars if I couldTruly such a terrible app, especially compared to the previous one. It randomly signs me out every couple of weeks for no reason. And when you’re looking at movies, there is a regular glitch where the category you’re searching through will disappear off screen if you want to look through it. By far most annoying is how impossible it is to watch almost anything you enjoy more than once, because it just decides to start at the end of episodes now. Mind you there’s no easy way to just, say, restart the episode, like any other streaming service. Or even look at what the episode is about! For anything you have to click an asterisk, which then shows you details, to then click to restart. The changes made to the app make it completely unfriendly to users. If the content wasn’t what I wanted, I would have deleted the service long ago. Fix glitches that have been going on the ENTIRE TIME! Make your app user friendly! This is the only streaming app thats this bad..Version: 3.1.0

So irritating, I hate using the appUpdate: I reported it to Max using the link in the developer response before they responded to me. Not a great sign that they’re listening to any of this criticism. Original: Max also does away with the side menu hub. Now you have to scroll to get to the hubs. This is significantly less convenient than HBO Max, with its side menu hubs. Max doesn’t do personalized recommendations like HBO Max used to do. It just recommends the things it spent a lot of money on line And Just Like That, Friends, and South Park. Max doesn’t allow you to not play the next episode. If you back out of the auto play countdown when it starts, the rest of the episode will play, but the back button no longer works until the next episode starts. All the reality TV garbage I never wanted and never watch now clutters the app while browsing it. HBO Max used to be the app I could browse and find something I wanted to watch. I can’t do that in this app. Too much garbage content in a garbage layout. It also did away with the native Apple TV player, so now we have to do things like turn off subtitles when they randomly turn on and press twice to go back or forward instead of once..Version: 1.5.2

Max MishmashThere's a lot more stuff on the channel since the rebrand to Max, but poor layout and navigation decisions have made it difficult to wade through all the crap to find something worth watching. More is not better, it's just more, kinda like cable. (And they have removed some things.) Finally, the flashy start-up graphics ignore my iPad's reduce motion settings. They are painful to watch. Might be time to drop this app until those who thoughtlessly mandated this poor reinvention of the wheel get their act together. Update: now I'm getting emails to request participation in a survey. Are they using a new team that has no access to the years of customer interactions that went into the development of this app's forerunners? I don't like wasting my time simply because a company doesn't value the institutional memory of its previous development teams. A lot could also be improved by focusing on best practices when it comes to user interfaces and accessibility. UPDATE: I do not want CNN in this app. I don't open it for news. Yuk..Version: 2.0.0

Cancelled my subscriptionI’m tired of all the bugs and issues with this app. There’s a recurring issue where the sound will either go so low that I have to turn my TV up as loud as it will go to hear anything or the sound doesn’t work at all. When the latter issue happens, it basically kills my Chromecast’s ability to stream sound; any app I try after HBO Max, the sound doesn’t work. I have to reboot my ChromeCast and then other apps can play sound again… until I open HBO Max. The only thing that fixes it is rebooting my ChromeCast AND deleting the HBO Max app and reinstalling it. But the problem always comes back eventually. This last time I had sound for four days before it happened again. Also I’ve been trying for like a week to watch The Regime but I’ve only gotten through 1.25 episodes because the app keeps buffering every 20 seconds. I don’t have this problem with any other app. Why am I paying $16/mo for this? Just cancelled my subscription. Hopefully they can fix these issues but I don’t have much hope. I’ve been having the sound issue for months..Version: 3.4.0

New app, even worse functionality.I am not sure how they messed up an app that was pretty good. The last update to the HBO max app ruined a lot of the features. I guess that was sign for how the new Max app was going to work. Not sure why they created a whole new app, makes no sense to rebrand it, everyone knows it’s HBO, but to discard all the good things that were created in the last app, and only add the bad things, doesn’t seem reasonable. When I first downloaded the HBO max app several years ago, it was full of bugs, but over the course of several updates they really smoothed it out. It ran very fast, worked as needed and seemed to anticipate changes that were needed by customers. That all changed in the last update and then the new app. I combine them as one because the problems of slow scrolling, bad menu displays and accessibility are the same. How do you fix this, just make it like your previous app and that should do the trick. I don’t understand how it’s so buggy, maybe by design? Your rebranding attempt was a failure. The menu function to quickly go to Last Chance or other movie genres was a very feature one that was removed in this new app. I have read reviews that people are perplexed that others have written good reviews of this app, most likely it’s HBO employees or people who never used the old app, because it was far superior, at least before the last update..Version: 1.0.3

What happened ?HBO max used to be a place where people can come together. Now it is a place where they isolate people. I own an HBO max account. I have now moved it to the “max” app where things are apparently different. Let me tell you why things are different. I own several different television sets. I have my own HBO or what I used to calll HBO on every single tv set. Now I for some reason can only use one or 2 television sets with MAX. So glad they changed it and upgraded their software to make it even more terrible than it was before. I can’t watch with more than 2. I work hard for those televisions and I want to enjoy every single one of them. All I want to do is watch a show that I used to be interested in and this new update is ruining tv and as well as going along with our country’s new values that some people in this country have decided to partake in. I refuse to be apart of that. And while I do refuse to step foot in these childish political issues I cannot help but say that it is disappointing that HBO or as we now call it “MAX” is deciding to adhere to these insane ideas hurts me and is ruining American television and I can say that there are some great shows on the app. I just wish “MAX” as they call it can do what everyone in America wants them to do and make a change FOR THE GOOD instead of negative which is what I believe is happening right now..Version: 1.0.3

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