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The eBay app is perfect! Change nothing!Launched the app this morning and the eBay app asked me for feedback. Not thinking, I closed it automatically. But I’ve noticed the app has been asking that a bit more than usual as if they’re looking to make changes or improvements. But as an eBay fan I’m here writing this review to tell all the executives and developers at eBay... The eBay app is absolutely perfect! Change nothing! The eBay app is simple and perfect. Everything is easy to find, to access and to adjust. Please, eBay is one of the very few apps left that I praise for it’s simplicity and ease of use. When I search I find what I’m looking for. When I’m selling I see all the information I need. When I’m buying I see all the information I need. Keep things as is. Do not feel inclined to change things for whatever the reason may be. Do not fix what is not broken. Do not be like other apps that constantly update and make unneeded changes that they THINK is making the app more refreshing and better designed. They’re only doing the opposite, breaking what does not need fixing..Version: 6.48.0

Crashes with IPhone XMaxThis is the third time in a week I have had to delete & reload this app on my new IPhone X Max. I sell LOTS of items & am often out, however I have to wait till I get home to a desktop to do things, such as provide refunds for excess postage. This creates a poor experience for the customer. It is ridiculous in this day & age of technology that the mobile app does not have the functionality of the desktop version. App developers - PLEASE add the extra functionality for the sake of your sellers & Buyers. It is easier to use the Etsy app. & I am starting to transfer my listings there. Also fees are a LOT cheaper. You are not making it easy or encourage sellers to sell..Version: 5.27.0

Can't organize my CollectionCan't organize my Collection on app and add items on collections.Version: 5.14.0

Many duplicate item IDsDo a search for common items, like “headphone stand” with location filter set to Australia Only and sort by Best Match. Many results are returned, often with the same item ID. So you can’t even report the item as a duplicate because the ID is the same. Other unscrupulous seller practices render the price sort option unusable: they have a title like “headphone stand” with listing variations so they can include a $1 item that is not a headphone stand, but when you pick the variation you want the price jumps up $10. It’s so tedious to report the items that it seems eBay don’t care that the search results are effectively unusable. So instead of helping me make a purchase I just give up and go to a shop..Version: 5.27.0

Glitch in the app??? Items paid not found in purchased page!I would normally give this 5 stars... Never have I had a problem with using the app until a few days ago when I checked out with 4 items in my cart... confirmed payment and went straight to PayPal like normally would. This time, the items that were paid did not state they were paid nor was it in the purchases page. Called up ebay they said I didn't buy when clearly it went through PayPal and money has been taken out. Had to call PayPal... Now is the waiting game to see if the items paid for will arrive. I hope this is a once off problem with ebay app. Another problem is the purchase page will sometime come up as 'no purchases in the last 60 days' ever since problems with the purchases of those items..Version: 5.14.0

Return for refund for pink coat I was sellingI put this coat on for sale for £10 plus £6 postage, the buyer sent me an offer for £6…..Which to be honest I didn’t want to take at first, cos I paid a lot more than this for it…..I paid £36 plus, can’t remember the exact amount for it, but I know I paid a lot more money for it than I was selling it for……Anyway I was just happy it had sold as I wasn’t having much luck with it! The first buyer bid on it for £10 plus £6 postage, but never paid for it….. I was about to give up selling on eBay, but then I got a nice surprise….EBay sided with the buyer and said I had to refund the buyer the full amount £12 something, so I was about to when I logged back into eBay…..And seen eBay had refunded the buyer the full amount, and said no further action was required from me! I was so happy, and would just like to thank eBay for doing that for me…..It was much appreciated ❤️😘😘😘.Version: 6.81.0

Ebay auctionsI have had no success with previous attempts to buy something in an eBay auction but I saw something this week that I thought I would love to own it was a thermal scope for an air rifle and I have a big problem with rats at my house I’ve been here 10 years now and every year they come and you can only get so many in traps because some of the rats are too smart for traps and I have an air rifle but with a infrared scope on but they say that the rats can’t see it but they can and I’ve not had much success so when I saw the thermal scope in an auction I thought I would have a go and I was the highest bidder getting to the end and I knew from previous attempts that somebody always jumped in just before the end and gets it for a Tena more than my bid so this time I jumped in 30 seconds before the end with a bigger bid of £120 more than my bid and got it for £600 that’s half price of what they are I am just waiting for it to come and give them rats hell thank you eBay and if you are going to get in an auction that’s how you do it good luck.Version: 6.131.0

Convenient and Easy to Use.. PLEASE READI have been a seller on EBay since 2004 and to this day I still love to sell and buy. This app is my go to nowadays. Selling is a breeze and this app makes it that way. Take a picture with your phone or tablet and post your item within a few minutes. Buying can be easy as well if you find what you need and check out, especially if what you are purchasing is new. BUT.. If you are comparing used items, it can get a little tricky. When you are looking for a particular product and there are several different listings of that product, I tend to look at the same listing over and over again if the listing looks similar. This is a pain when there are 25+ of the same product. Therefor I would love to see a option to hide a sellers product that I know I definitely do not want. My idea is...from the list of items, just slide the product you are no longer considering to the left or right and touch hide so you wouldn’t be able to see that listing just for the time you are presently on the app. I’m sure I’m not the only ebay customer that is meticulous when choosing which product to purchase, especially when it’s used. It would save your buyer so much time! Please consider this option and thank you!.Version: 5.27.0

Copy catsAs an artist is very frustrating to see my ideas being reproduced over and over. Ebay does nothing about this. It would be nice if there was a setting where I can list my items so only certain buyers can see my items for sale. This would illuminate other artist from seeing my listings and duplicating the items that I’m painting on and profiting off of my creativity. This is very unfair and Ebay should step up and do something about this!!! Seems like Ebay only cares about making money and if I stop listing on Ebay, you will see a severe drop in “Yorkie handpainted” listings because people can’t seem to come up with their own ideas! Do the research and see when I list something new and unique, the next week duplicate items pop up. Several other artist friends of mine have dropped off of eBay because of this complication. Again, the solution would be for me to be able to block other artists from seeing my listings. I could care less about Private listings, it needs to be where my listings are blocked from other artists that can see my listings in copy my ideas. Step up and do something about this or I will just need to say goodbye to Ebay..Version: 5.19.0

I am not eligible to get shipping in my country New Zealand 🇳🇿I am not eligible to get so many shipping items in my country New Zealand 🇳🇿.Version: 6.30.0

Shopping NirvanaI have almost become addicted to eBay. Only my wife has saved me with a constant reminder about living within budget. It seems you can buy almost anything, at a cheaper price than elsewhere, from reliable sellers by either buying now, making an offer or bidding. Not only is it a perfect way to shop but it’s FUN! Most of what I buy is postage free. I deliberately look for that. eBay is highly intuitive. You don’t need a manual to navigate around, contact sellers or eBay, make your offer or bid, check your cart, look at your purchasing history and on and on and on it goes. So much content for our benefit it must have a huge engine running it all. I’ve never had a dispute with eBay. They are always accommodating and eager to please and assist. I also like that I can have multiple accounts. Another big thing for me is the fact that, once I provide my credit card details (securely) to eBay, every time I buy, the purchase goes through automatically and immediately. No need to constantly fill out personal and financial details. I often check different places for price comparison if I’m looking to buy something and eBay invariably is cheapest. I have received small gift vouchers a couple of times for no particular reason. Just loyalty I guess? I appreciate that little touch. Well, I’m hooked and I’m not embarrassed to say so. It is a sensational marketplace and the eBay Brand is solid gold. Have fun shoppers. Chili Boy.Version: 5.28.1

Poor security and constantly crashingIt used to be great and I do still use it, but it really is buyer beware these days. So much stuff is being listed as UK seller when they are in China or others Asian countries. It is just plain fraud and eBay couldn’t care less, no option to report the seller and if you do go out of your way to do so, the response from eBay is essentially “so what” which can be bore out by just how prevalent it now is. If the goods are faulty or damaged from one of these sellers of course they don’t want the goods back but they don’t want to refund either and will start by offering 10% of the value and take as long as they can to reply to anything. Just makes the whole experience a drudgery. As far as the app itself, works fine on iPhone but just constantly crashes on iPad Pro, I have 70% of my memory available, always update the OS and my apps as soon as available, I’ve done full resets and started again, still it crashes, every 15 minutes eBay app shuts down and I have to start again, so if I’m half way through a search for items I have to relaunch the app and start the whole search again...... more tedious than typing this review!! eBay used to be great, sometimes it still is, but as I use the iPad Pro for 90% of shopping having an app that crashes for almost 2 years, yeah I shop elsewhere most of the time now. Shame really..Version: 6.2.0

PaymentsEBay has changed the way we get payed from our sales, however this system isn’t working as I’m told it has technical problems, I have been messaging eBay regarding this issue for over 3 weeks now and I still can’t transfer any money into my bank account, I have been told by one customer service agent it is a technical issue, then I was told by another one my bank account needs to be verified, after spending countless hours on here messaging I still haven’t any answers to why they are holding my money in their possession, I can’t even get any answers as to when this issue will be sorted out, very poor business and even worse customer support.Version: 6.32.0

Great service and effective app with eBayUsed this purchasing method now for many years - products are good and service is reliable - the messages are slow to update however but works effectively.Version: 6.5.1

Sanderson w tTrying to purchase items on eBay I find to not be a user friendly experience for the inexperienced. It is a battle to get in touch with sellers , if not almost impossible . Sometimes a message seeking a response from a seller gets rejected by eBay . I feel the system is in need of a full review by eBay , my inclination after a couple of very frustrating experiences is that I will keep away from using eBay & hope that a more enterprising company gets into the market place so I can utilise a user friendly system . When I have questions for sellers on eBay there are many similar negative responses regarding ebays poor performance. So if there ever is a competitor , eBay will become obsolete/superseded overnight . Maybe The only reason eBay has customers is the lack of real competition..Version: 5.25.0

Best online mall for me ! 👍Others - especially A-to-Z, don’t come close; robust user ratings of different Sellers help me choose which sellers are trustworthy vs those sellers who are unreliable, potentially dogy. I’ve proven to myself that there is more sellers (for the things i buy) on eBay vs A-to-Z, and more often than not, the prices are usually cheaper! I also love free postage with ebay plus; i saved more than $500 last year if i didn’t spend the $50 odd bucks on the eBay plus membership. I thoroughly recommend eBay and eBay plus. Just remember; there are still dodgy sellers: if their ratings are below 99% then there could be issues with the seller (but not eBay..Version: 6.120.0

My seller’s reply when I asked if I sold a fake item after receiving a negative reviewA true collector would not have purchased this item for use and would never have opened the package. The fact that it was sealed and was 20 years old would have indicated that the perfume would not smell "new". I would have to assume this was someone who just wanted their money back and wanted to keep the perfume, as well. Unfortunately, there are many on ebay like this and it is very unfortunate. Also unfortunate is the fact that ebay stands behind buyers and not sellers, who are the ones who make them the most money. This has always amazed me. A buyer can basically say anything and ebay takes their side. I have been on ebay since its inception. You would not believe what people will pull. One time had a $700 camera I sold, buyer returned it with a bunch of rocks in the original box. Ebay did nothing. I was out the camera and the money. So once again, I am sorry you had to go through this, but it is a lesson learned on this site unfortunately. I back my products 100% and have never sold an item that was not authentic. And there are a lot of them on here. I would estimate at least 1/2 of all of the David Yurman, John Hardy, Lagos, Tiffany, etc. items are fake..Version: 6.79.0

Stop with the updates! They're worse than everI have been selling on eBay for years. The last years using solely the Ebay app. I list approximately 200 items weekly. Firstly, stop with the updates. With every update the features seem to go downhill. It is becoming harder and harder to navigate. Placement of followed searches, watched items and even things you're selling are scattered all over the place. As far the as selling feature goes, the only improvement I could recommend is adding the second category option to an item being sold. That feature is only an option on a pc. It would be nice to be able to delete bought items. That used to be an option but not with the latest update. Ugh. I like a tidy bought and sold list. I love selling on eBay. The app is way simpler than the old style desktop way. eBay is the way I make ends meet and pay for my children's college. Don't think I don't appreciate the opportunity eBay gives me. Considering I pay over $18,000 in eBay fees a year perhaps you'll pay a little attention here. PLEASE stop with these downhill updates. Are the tech people trying to find things to do? Why mess up something that was ok?.Version: 5.24.0

The Ultimate site by farThank you eBay thus far I have and still are thoroughly enjoying eBay....Version: 5.16.1

Reliable and TrustworthyI had been using EBay for years and it has never let me down. I have receive most it not all of my orders and if there was a problem it will be resolved! Thank you EBay for the many years of faithful service!.Version: 6.12.1

App doesn’t work sometimesWhen I open my app it sometimes just kicks me out. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and still this happens. I really enjoy the app but it’s frustrating when you can’t use it..Version: 5.38.0

A top new app - why didn’t we see these apps when they first got announced?EBay app is a much better improvement than what we used to use, Thanks heaps for a marvellous updated experience eBay team. 👍😉😀😎😍 I’ve also noticed now too with the app that it’s so easy to find any item you want with a simple search, which bring back instant results of best prices as well as the trusted sellers. 👍😀Now also we have much more trust in the people is a no.1 help towards buying anything also, as you know your items are all coming. The only 2 issues I’ve noticed at this stage with the app is the sign out button should be in the top left corner of the app at all times for you to use whenever ready/finished for the time being, rather than having to locate it. Also, if you’re needing to update your details, you should be able to do it anywhere,anytime, as at the moment, us Australians have to change to the U.S to do so; why can’t we just update via app with our Australia country in the settings? Having the Afterpay/ZIPpay now available to pay is also fantastic for these tough times as you can budget with it, and make their payments either by date spacing or simply any customised amount, when it suits you, thus reducing the next payment automatically or entirely, depending upon the amounts paid upfront/early or if you arrange a payment earlier in full than the scheduled date, which I do for most, as then the financial burden is removed/lifted upon that time..Version: 6.87.0

EBay WHAT HAPPENED?!?Why doesn’t my review show up? Could it be because it isn’t good? SELLERS BEWARE!!! EBay is no longer a place for buyers AND sellers!! If you list with EBay, be prepared to defend your price every day!! They go as far as changing my acceptable bids daily without a word to me about it. Becoming a scam!! Here’s how to destroy a billion dollar business in one fell swoop. I have used EBay for close to 20 years, and have sold and bought almost equally. In my experience, I’ve never had a problem. Recently, I listed about 30 pieces of jewelry, and I have had nothing but trouble...not with the sales, but with EBay wanting to give my items away!! Every day I have to go to my listings, and see what EBay has done to my listings. They keep dropping the price of what offer I will accept. Every day. It’s almost like EBay is working for the buyers, and are working to get the best deal for them! I’m paying for the listings, so seems the price should my decision, not theirs!! I was told if I would accept offers and set my lowest price, EBay would stop harassing me about lowering my prices, but, no. They harass me every day..Version: 6.106.0

Fraudsters need to be stopped fasterI love eBay. It is a great platform for finding researching and buying and selling. There are certain categories that are repeatedly ruined by fraudsters who hack peoples accounts and then post fake adverts… It’s pretty obvious when this is happening and it’s just a massive shame that the eBay team have not worked out some sort of algorithm yet to catch these Frauds as they are happening. I also think there is an issue of responsibility with Gmail and other mail providers to trace the origins of these fraudsters and stop them setting up new email accounts too! Please eBay get to these fraudsters faster! Have flags up on the categories like motorhomes and campervan is that if people stop posting multiple ads within a 12 hour period they are automatically researched by the eBay team and taken down. I hate to think if people have been defrauded out of money because of these fake adverts!.Version: 6.44.0

EBay still reigns As the best marketplace online!I have 20 years of experience with eBay if not more! eBay is the only place online I like to shop for almost anything! The sellers are hot held to a very high standard they both the buyers but more importantly by eBay! They have lived up and surpassed even the highest of expectations! you can actually trust you’re going to get the product, it will be as described and if you do you have a problem it will be immediately addressed by post to seller and eBay! eBay’s site as well as their app, offer a wide range of prices on items as well as the ability to make offers if the price is too high! The sellers respond quickly and if they don’t except your offer they make a counter offer. What could be more fair than that? In addition, the majority of sellers either offer free shipping or actual shipping costs! You do not find that on any other site! All of these discount sites that you see, try returning an item, or telling them you have a problem with an item. You get the runaround of your life because most of them are not in the United States. I am those buyer and I have been a seller on eBay. beyond_belief.Version: 6.39.0

Cannot see item descriptionSuddenly I can no longer see the item descriptions when I use the app. There is just a statement that says Item Description from Seller. But no link, no description. This renders that app useless so I am currently just going directly to the web page. But I would like to be able to use this app again if this flaw can be repaired.Version: 6.72.0

APP Review not EBAY ReviewI’ve been a seller on eBay for many years, a review on the platform itself is a whole different thing. This is a review of the app. I think it’s very easy to use and helpful for both buyers and sellers. I feel the app gets rid of a lot of the extra features that get in the way on the website. However, I don’t like that as a seller the only feature is to view, edit, and list your items. There are a lot of other facets to being a seller that could make up an “Ebay Seller App” such as paying my bill, viewing my daily sales or monthly numbers, starting a promotion, etc. All of this aside, there are two actual flaws with the current Ebay app. When I click on my profile to view any new or previous feedback, the screen never loads. Also, when scrolling through my items the app loads the items in bunches. This is fine but I am never able to scroll through all of my items because after loading a few bunches as I’m scrolling it freezes and can’t load anymore items. Then I have to leave the page and go back to try to get further down the list of the items - but it’s never possible. Fix these two things and you’ll have 5 stars from me!.Version: 5.35.5

Great siteWell run really easy smooth with lots of variety you don’t see in your own country keeps retailers honest.Version: 5.30.0

EBay and PayPal serviceI think eBay has changed over the years and become more focused on making money rather than looking after its long term customers that are making them money. I choose not to use eBay so much these days to buy and sell as the last straw for me was an item I purchased locally went missing from our local post office before I was able to pick it up. For some reason it went to another person by mistake and was declared lost. I bought the item via eBay and payed via pay pal as I always have done because eBay would like it and push the point that all items are covered for loss with insurance. When I contacted eBay and pay pal with paperwork and evidence of my loss I was refused any compensation with a lovely friendly smile. So thank you eBay and pay pal for a great buying and selling platform but unfortunately really crappy customer service. Regards Mark.Version: 5.29.1

Not protected by eBay as a buyerAs a 10 year membership I have been totally let down by eBay, I opened a case of goods not received with eBay, eBay ruled in the sellers favour, without any proof that the item was delivered to the correct address, I clicked on the appeal and also found them I spoke to several people on the phone, they said I needed to provide as the buyer proof that the goods were not delivered having contacted yodel they have not responded, but the seller has confirming that the goods were delivered to the wrong address. I then had to get in contact again with eBay to discuss this they refused to accept the sellers email and said that the appeal had already been closed yet I had not provided the evidence. Being as I had not had heard back from the Parcel courier, I thought anAdmittal from the seller being as eBay can read the correspondence between sellers and buyers which they did,Would be enough but apparently not, F-U very much eBay.Version: 6.30.0

EBay app ukWell what can I say ebay is a fantastic selling and buying site and you can sometimes get a great bargain item for a fantastic price . It makes items you can’t afford to buy full price you can be lucky enough sometimes and buy one second hand at a low price . And I am going to be listing items for sale myself so I can get some money to put away as I am selling items I don’t use or need just now .i would recommend eBay to everyone it’s fantastic being disabled I am stuck in the house till I get my wheelchair in 12-18 weeks so this site is fantastic for me as I can’t leave the house just now I can get this stuff online and delivered to my door . And eBay is a lot better now you don’t have to deal with PayPal when getting paid for an item it’s so much easier now ebsy have taken over the selling part you have to sell 25 to 30 items in a 90 days they will hold the money for items sold till then but after the 90 days the money ain’t held and I think that is a lot better than the old way they had but the fees ebay take off the item you have sold can sometimes be to much that’s the only issue I have about ebay is they take to much off an item for fees when it’s sold but apart from that I am happy with eBay do have a go and see what you think but I hope what I have wrote helps you.Version: 6.61.0

Love eBay but not enough postage optionsI would like all sellers to offer economy options, for letter sized items, at buyers risk - but to have somewhere on the site where the seller must upload proof of posting I.e while at post office take photos/video of parcel with address and stamps visible in the one image as well as post office receiving it. If you drop the parcel into the street box supply a video showing address , stamps return address, and the parcel going on in one unbroken video so that posting can be confirmed . Then if it goes missing the risk is with the buyer only . If proof of posting isn’t provided the risk could be divided between both parties , Secondly with handling cost option for selling rather than a fixed amount -it could be in a percentage , such that the seller’s ‘eBay fee for shipping’ is always covered. So if eBay charges the seller a 16 percent fee on the cost of shipping then regardless if the postage is $6 or $66 the handling fee will only add on the eBay fee amount - this is fairer to the buyer no matter where they live and keeps shipping prices to a minimum, giving buyers more spending power..Version: 6.137.0

Would have been 5 stars but 3 major problemsI am a veteran user of ebay and really like it a lot.. this review would have been 5 star but for 3 major issues 1. The recently introduced Global Shipping Program. The GSP Solved non existent issues. This doubles the cost to the buyer to get items. No-one benefits except ebay .. sellers lose scores of would-be buyers .. and buyers can no longer afford things. Meanwhile for those who do pay the extra fee .. ebay laughs its way to the bank. 2. I hate when i sort on lowest price including shipping .. i select and pay for my item .. then get a slew of eBay ads for the same product cheaper .. clean up your sorting act please ebay. 3. Since the integration of paypal to eBay... the rare times when i need ebay/paypal for solving disputes where i need a refund has become incredibly difficult .... not customer friendly at all.Version: 5.36.0

FirstEBay is the first place I go for everything — well almost everything. So easy to operate especially with PayPal..Version: 5.14.0

Despise new PayPal integration et al.There were always problems with this app, such as the wholly illogical feature of presenting items often bought together. But the new PayPal integration is horrid. Two reasons: 1) The single sign-on doesn’t stick. I am having to login each time I purchase. Multiple times on the same transaction. 2) From the Buy Now screen, the method of payment selected via PayPal no longer shows the last four of the account number and account type so you cannot be certain you have selected the right one in the separate, (and previous), PayPal screen. On the previously purchased screen, there are also unnecessary blue bars taking up a ton of space asking if you want to buy another like the thing to already purchased. eBay does a notoriously bad job at finding like items, so this is terribly useless. As long as users set up the details of the items for sale, this feature will never work properly. It is an illusion. Also it is not the place to buy in bulk. So stupid. I spend between $100-$500/month on eBay - or did until this week’s update. And have for at least a decade. Yeah, no. This has lost me as a customer once and for all. Maybe try use case analysis, next time, dear software developers....Version: 5.35.0

Unable to pay via PayPalBeen an eBay and PayPal member for many years. Now I find I cannot pay via PayPal. The window that opens upon checkout hangs forever. You are losing sales..Version: 5.16.1

Fun place to shop “ EBayI have been with EBay for several years now ! I have enjoyed it the whole time ! I shop on here because I can find what I want and not have to get out on the road to go find it ! Not only do you have the convenience from shopping at home but a good chance it’s going to be cheaper ! Your not burning gas and your safer shopping from your own home ! I don’t have to walk down aisle after aisle either ! I just use my fingertip ! I just found an item here on EBay that I could not find anywhere ! I’ve made a few calls and was given different phone numbers and not one helped ! I got on EBay and found it ! Yea ... I was real surprised ! I admit I did contact them several times to see if it was the real pieces I needed ! They even sent measurements of the part and everything was exactly the same size ! I just purchased it and just so happens that this review popped up ! I had to do it because this last purchase was one that I thought would not happen after all the calling I have done and a lot of internet research ! I thought all that time looking for these parts that I was not going to have any luck ! I got on EBay and found it in about 5 minutes ! I purchased it and now I will wait for it to be delivered !.Version: 5.38.0


Please add an option to select items in cart for deletionHello I’m Jesse I’m a valued customer on eBay I’ve made hundreds of purchases over the years for that this app deserves five stars. But unfortunately due to some complications I have encountered it’s made the app less appealing to me. I would like it very much if you could add an option to delete multiple items from the cart rather then having to do it all individually this would be a cause for me to give you five stars but untill then I can only give four as now I can only purchass individual items due to not being able to delete items from cart fast enough it would be awesome if you could hear me and make this change for the benefit of ebays customers thankyou.Version: 6.26.0

SpigletsRunning the eBay app on an iPad Air with the latest iOS update. App works ok initially but then just shuts down and I am back on the IPAs home screen. This problem usually goes away when I open the eBay app a 2nd time and then seems to work ok. Not sure what this about. Apple helpline suggest I reinstalled my iOS 9 software which I did but when I reinstalled the eBay App the same problem kept reoccurring! Never mind. Latest revision - September 2017. Improved functioning - but the app still crashes occasionally but usually after I have been using it for a while. When you first open the app it seems to take several minutes to download the home page or the selling page (despite the fact that our broadband speeds are in excess of 20mb/s). Also the watching page occasionally produces icons that are miniature sizes so you cannot work out what the item is until you have clicked on it. Apart from these faults - the app is working fine!.Version: 5.14.0

App crashes ALL THE TIMEI’ve been using this app for years with no complaints, in fact I was very happy with it until recently it started crashing all the time. I usually spend atleast 10min on it at a time and after some time of searching and scrolling through items of interest, it will just suddenly freeze and then shuts down and my iPhone goes back to home screen. Other apps work just fine, I say this because at first I thought that maybe I’ve got too many apps and my phone is overloaded but I deleted a few to free up space but still have this issue only with eBay app. It’s annoying because I have to start my search all over again when I open it again. It’s only in the last few weeks it’s started this so maybe a recent update ruined it otherwise everything else is good and I’m happy that now I can see all my previous purchases, as far back as even 2yrs. One more issue though is that under purchases it says I’ve got 1 unpaid item but when I check and as far as I know I’ve paid everything. I haven’t had any complaints from sellers - I usually pay immediately to avoid forgetting..Version: 5.27.0

Island time cardGreat deck card. Happy with item. I definitely suggested to buy from seller 😊.Version: 6.30.0

If slightly Addictive…!Generally my ebay App is a godsend if slightly addictive! A few things drive me bonkers like going back into an item from the basket to check a few details only to then have to click on the basket all over again which is frustrating if I have a lot of things in there! Not withstanding that and the other few things my ebay app is a world of amazing vintage things and of inspiration at the touch of a finger. The only downside to that bit is spending a small fortune. But it is also soooo useful to be able to order anything I need whenever it arises and to search the item through a number of sellers to get the best item at the best price then sit back & wait for postie or the courier. Favourite things about the ebay app? Not having to go on the desktop, search update result emails landing in my email, everything I need in one place at the touch of a finger and immediate easy access to a big world of vintage collectables and more. There’s so much to like!.Version: 6.48.0

EBayHave been using eBay for years now good variety great service.Version: 5.16.1

Overall review.Having been an e bay customer now for many years, I feel I must drop you a quick line with my general opinion of this service. Overall I have purchased many great items from e bay, and generally have been very pleased with every purchase I have made. As an avid watch collector I have amassed rather a large collection, I think my last count was 73, and still growing!. Some of the watches purchased have been real bargains, some of which have been sold as not working, which I have gone on to repair with little cost, and have had outstanding results!. It has now turned into a real hobby for me being disabled, e bay has given me a real purpose in life, and has gone on to give me a fantastic hobby. I can only imagine my collection will continue to grow and grow which hopefully after my passing, my collection can be sold, and the money raised should make a substantial legacy to be left to my grandchildren. So thank you e bay for not only giving me a great hobby, and enjoyment in my old age, but more importantly a legacy for my grandchildren. Ian..Version: 5.17.0

Returning is AnnoyingI buy from e-bay all the time. Only annoying part is , if you don’t like an item and would like to return it . You go back and forth with the seller and it’s annoying..Version: 5.37.0

Thank youIt’s really helpful to find everything in one place, good quality and reasonable prices, highly recommended specially you guys are always be sure we are satisfied and happy with eBay..Version: 5.19.0

Good product and serviceHappy overall. Thanks.Version: 5.21.1

New customer to eBayEasy to us , good product list, had very fast delivery. So far can not fault them ..Version: 5.33.0

EBay app.Great in the main but it lacks the flexibility that the main site does. E.g. it’ll only go back so far in purchase history. And with most apps these days it’s nearly impossible to be able to ring somebody up if you’ve got a complaint or something without going through the problem at least four or five times with different people. Payment wise it’s very easy. And it’s great for messages from sellers To buyers. But as with the main site please always check The sizes that you’re buying as I’ve had many items come back and they’ve been smaller by a longshot and they don’t always make it easy to exchange or get your money back. E.g. I had a pair of shoes that was sent of the wrong size. And the sellers way of trying to fix this was to just keep offering me 40% off the shoes even though they knew full well that they would never be worn due to the fact that they were too big. Stupid. And very annoying. But if you’re like me and you mainly just buy things off eBay and the app works really wellAnd you’re able to shop from anywhere. Great..Version: 6.68.0

EBayIt’s a great app .. just use it all the time. .. I find things I been looking for for years. Until I find this app. ..then I found what I need and want. From around the world. ,, it’s just great ..,,.Version: 6.31.0

D.A. Holland.EBay gives me access to world markets from New Zealand. I have not had any problems with any of my purchases and have found all traders so far honest and true with their descriptions and delivery. Well done, eBay for running an excellent operation Thank you..Version: 5.34.0

Very good but needs some improvementsSo the app & the deals are very good. It has helped my save a lot of money but there are some minor improvements that need to be made. For example bidding; I was the highest bidder for an item & even when the auction ended it said I was the highest bidder however there must’ve been someone who placed a bid at the last second as I was continuously updating the auction but it never showed up until a couple of minutes after it ended. When within the last 30 seconds or a minute any bids placed should get the timer to restart at the 30s or 1 min mark. This’ll allow time for bidders to quickly rethink if they want to make a higher bid. Another improvement needs to be with the saved searches as it’ll say there has been x number of new items under a search but when you click on the saved search it’ll never show you the same number of items that it says are newly posted. I find it’s usually about half of the number it says it is.Version: 6.121.0

Tech Issues to noteCouldn’t figure out who to contact to notify of app glitches, but as of yesterday, when a seller sends you an offer and you are on the page where you can either click counteroffer/accept/decline/or view their listing… if you click to view their listing, it takes you back to your notifications page. There is nothing that I needed or wanted to buy urgently, but not being able to do some due diligences of look at the photos and descriptions again, it has persuaded me to decline all offers sent to me while this glitch is happening. App is normally great, just put a four star cuz I wish I could “watch” more items without having to go through my watch list and delete expired ones that have sold to other buyers or have been re-listed (i sometimes have multiple watched items for the same item re-listed too)..Version: 6.31.0

Great appExcellent service great team and very trustworthy honest and loyal customer service recommend to everyone. Keep up the good work. Thanks kindly.Version: 5.27.5

EBayEBay has been my go to site for years. I find the best price on what I’m looking for about 90% of the time. It may take longer to get the price if waiting for an auction to end but if It’s not something needed immediately it’s worth the wait. Make sure to read full description of the item so it’s in the condition you want. Do not rely solely on the fist page of a listing since some may have errors such as being listed as new but full description will say open box. New open box may be fine for personal use but if you’re looking for gifts make sure it is new/never opened. If it’s not clearly stated don’t be afraid to ask the seller. Better to ask than go through the hassle of having to return the item. If a problem arises, with an item described wrong or receiving something not as pictured, eBay will work with you to get a full refund. People make mistakes, it will happen, be sure to follow guidelines for return. Do not just return an item without starting a return on eBay or getting confirmation from the seller and make sure to do it ASAP and include a packing list and return ID#. Once you get used to eBay and how it works you will find it’s a great shopping site..Version: 5.41.0

Demands to Revise Listings or Listings get Delisted !Nov 18 - More demands to revise every listing otherwise paid listings will be deleted! Then change to the mobile app which removes previously useful functions! Sept 17 - They keep changing the specifics needed to be entered for items and their categories they need to be listed in. Plus threatening to delist items if they do not have the required changes made. Item are then not preferenced in the search to be selected for purchase. This is unfair when the fees have been paid to list the item and it is a massive job to revise all the listings which I don't have time to do. Earlier Review Bring Back Old Version Not user friendly. Difficult to navigate. 10 of my listings have disappeared and cannot be found in unsold list. Cannot revise best offer prices why? Cannot see feedback so not able to respond quickly to problems. Screens are too long to scroll through. Old version was user friendly as a store seller and buyer. Cannot send combined invoices. Keeps taking back to beginning when changing between apps even if it only a moment. Very poor update would like old app version back..Version: 5.27.0

So glitchyOverall this is a fab app saving time and making it super easy to post things...and it would get 5 stars if it wasn’t so glitchy. Every time I use a template (choosing a similar item to what I want to sell) it reverts back to the original description. I get round this by copying my description and pasting but it is frustrating. It is also often blank on the postage section and I have to faff around to get postage rates to register. Also there is no facility to sort postage through the app. Okay so I can do it through the email, but the other day my email didn’t arrive so had to wait until I could use a computer to sort postage. If you can sort these things out, I will re-review with 5 stars. Ps...it also gives options for shutl postage (for example, costing £5.55) but when I come to post the item the postage amount doesn’t exist and I have to pay £1-2 more. This cuts into my profit big time as I am selling most things for £10 or less..Version: 5.27.5

You Cancelled Dr. Seuss???I was really disappointed in eBay’s decision to pull some of Dr. Seuss’s children’s books from its listings. I think the culture in America, corporate or otherwise, has given in enough to these irrational demands to rewrite our history. I also think the decision to take this course of action without being given evidence of blatant racism in Seuss’s books but rather critiques of alleged overtones found by modern critical race theorists is a scapegoat move on the part of eBay to avoid taking part in a larger discussion. I have found it to be true that people who rarelysee specific prejudice in media but instead feel that certain offensive but obscure messages are being conveyed subliminally are actually projecting their own prejudiced thoughts onto someone else’s work. Seuss wrote books about environmental conservation and social responsibility. I highly doubt he was taking the time to work cheap shots at other minorities into his stories. Were some of the conventional wisdom depictions that he used then be considered stereotypes today? Maybe to some. Would anyone, including himself, have thought the same thing when these books were being published initially? No. Does he deserved to be judged and censored by today’s ludicrous standards? Absolutely not..Version: 6.11.0

Review from jackie FinchI loved eBay so much in the past but found over the last year more and more cheep rubbish being sent out nothing like the adds and wondering why it’s not easier to get help for us customers about these retailers who just truly scam so many of us I have contacted you on so many times and have no reply it’s frustrating and although I do still shop on hear I have now closed a more customer friendly online outlet Why are none of these products being checked the one I have been in dispute with since June is just truly a terrible company if you have any interest in changing my mind you could finally look into it for me I ordered a beautiful garden stained glass crow hanging ornament it was only about $14 I think barely remember what I received was a white piece of acrylic with a crow drawn on with marker pen it’s not the money I feel like it’s only me making a stance for us customers as you don’t seem too It definitely needs a revamp of your sellers hence so many people no longer use eBay it’s not trust worthy enough I’d might as well throw $200 a year down the drain that’s how much I’ve spent on fake stuff the last year with you sadly Hope this dies finally reach a human and you upgrade to protect you few remaining customers thank you 🙏 Plus this nickname thing you have going on is so annoying as you spend 20 minutes trying to find one that’s not taken up.Version: 6.34.0

Great stuff. Shame about check out issuesI'm a Buyer & Seller and can only confirm a great experience with EBay. Some say expensive, But 99% or the time I have had value when selling and buying. On the rare occasion I have had to deal with customer service, it is truly a pleasure, they are knowledgable but also fair/understanding Now to find a fault. The eBay APP is great, fast searching tools, fast listing ability, what a shame that on IPHONES you are unable to manage invoices correctly. This has been a issue since the start of the APP and frustratingly not resolve for what ever reason. I sell 500 items and this is a bit of a head ache. When you wish to send a invoice to combined postage for example, there is no options to do it on the APP, when you try and sign in to the classic site on my IPHONE when you have the APP active to perform this regular task, it redirects you back to APP no matter how much you scream and shout at your phone, it just refuses. There it is, the only complaint.. So amazing all round. well done EBAY for continuing to offer such a great product and customer service,.Version: 5.17.0

Search functionThe search function isn't as user friendly as Trademe that we use in New Zealand.Version: 5.16.1

App works great on iOS/iPadOS/macOS**Update 28 September 2022** It turns out the problem with the app was my setup. I have a 2nd external monitor on my m1 mac and that triggers macOS that I'm sharing since it's using the displayLink technology. For some reason it just dawned on me today and I unplugged that monitor and was able to login. It's by design of Apple. There was no way for eBay to handle this. So other than that the app is fantastic. I can quickly view my purchase history and search for products on all of my Apple devices. Old review - Login doesn't work The app logged me out after not using it for a few weeks and the login no longer works on an m1 mac. The screen turns white after a split second. I uninstalled the app and cleared all of the cache/settings that is left over and the same problem happens. seems to be only this view also. If I try to create a new account or try to login via another method those views do NOT turn all white. I don't understand how this got past SQA. app is now useless. It is a little clunky anyways on the m1 mac, but it's nice to have an app instead of going to a website. For now I'll stick with the website since I have no other choice..Version: 6.79.0

EBay is awesomeIt will be more helpful and I would say 100% happy rating if it’s more convenient to deal with complaint part thru mobile app. Cheers.Version: 5.31.0

Mecca of Treasures.I have just recently returned to eBay as a vintage customer and find a treasury of sorts. That I delight in purchasing. I have found that there are some added features that makes the eBay experience easy to navigate. One thing that I would like to see improve is the horrendous shipping costs... to our part of the world...... New Zealand, bit of a nosebleed at times..Version: 5.23.3

Fed up with appThe app used to be brilliant to list quickly rather than firing up the pc - now it just takes longer and longer - when you list an item on buy it now it automatically has a relist auto on it costing you .35p Per relist And has good till cancelled automatically you cannot adjust it unless you go to desktop EBAY NOT EVERYONE HAS DESKTOP !! why oh why did they do this You have to go the desktop version to end the item then relist again amending all the stupid things like insisting on listing postcode and all the things above I have mentioned. You also cannot put the size of parcel it just defaults to letter as size. Talk about changing something that really used to work to something that now takes double the time !! Wish eBay would just take responsibility and fix this to help us sellers who make them an absolute fortune and make our life easier rather than harder ! Also now it shows my active items in large format making it possible to view 3 items in a column rather than smaller brief sections so you could scroll thro to see what was selling etc. ! Complete shambles every update.Version: 5.27.0

Good app, but uncomprehensive and annoying notificationsGenerally a good app to search for things, bid and purchase. Some points need serious improvement though: - notifications should be consistent. If there is a badge on the app for item sent etc., the emails should be turned off. It is annoying to have double notifications, with the email app immediately afterwards signalling a message saying the same thing as the eBay app notification (e.g. item shipped etc.). - Please STOP misusing notification badges to spam me with adverts! This killed it me - I just turned app notifications off altogether. - sellers offer payment via bank transfer, but the app does not allow me to select it. It is annoying if the app lacks functionality and I have to switch to website - might as well go to website in the first instance..Version: 5.16.1

Good app but a bit upsetI’ve been using eBay for about 5 years now. I think it’s a great app and helps lots of people as well as being a safer place to buy and sell things. I have 100% positive feedback and use it all the time to buy and sell or at least I used to! Recently I have had restrictions placed on my account due to me being linked to an account of a family member who has the same last name as me but I don’t even live with? Due to this the help centre have said there’s nothing I or they can do and I can only sell 10 items as one of the restrictions. During the holidays I was wanting to put some of my clothes on as I had the time to but after creating some drafts I couldn’t put anymore on!? I feel like I’ve just wasted my time. I’ve done nothing wrong as shown from my feedback score and have respected the app throughout. I’m just upset that I try to keep my score at 100% and be respectful to all other users but for that I get restrictions and am unable to use it. Luckily a friend has put my clothes on as well as there’s so I was still able to do it during the holidays. Is there anything I can do about this?.Version: 6.45.0

Never sure about whether I am buying a fakeUnfortunately I have lost confidence in ebay as a buyer because I have had a few fake items sent to me . As a seller it's terrible very weighted against the seller I recently had an item professionally packed personally checked the item could not move inside the huge packing case . The item had padding of 12 inches all around it . The buyer said it was damaged on delivery . This must have been very badly handled to damage it . However I as the seller have to accept the buyer is being honest . I had insured the item . Tried to claim from Shutl the e bay courier service 5 months later despite photos , notes and phone calls they insist they cannot open the photos . These were sent in 5 different formats and I offered to send hard copies . Still no refund . Everyone else I have sent the photos to,to check compatibility, can see and open the photos . This is just a scam . E bay need to do something about it..Version: 5.15.0

First stepsThis recounts my first purchase on eBay, so the learning curve is near vertical. A bit confusing. Five days after purchase, I get an e-mail from the vendor asking what size. My question is: how did the purchase order get completed without that little detail? The advert I answered didn’t ask for a size so I assumed “one size fits all.” Just got an email that the merchandise shipped. Now I get to learn the tracking system. IMO the on line biz modelers need to lock a technical writer into a room with an IT coder and make the process more user friendly. Not my first unhappy experience. I placed a “notify me” order on a product that is out of stock and now I get spammed almost daily “are you still interested” and when I get to the order process, I am told it is still out of stock. Time is money, people. The online seller who comes closest to getting it right will get my patronage. If I get the product I ordered, I will be happy. Curious that E-bay is asking for this evaluation on the same day the product shipped and long before it could have arrived. Turn the screws on the tech writer, he should know better and turn up the heat on the coder because he should do better..Version: 6.33.0

New Version Totally Useless, I’ve Deleted App!I have used this eBay app for several years as an experienced seller. The recent ‘New Version in November 2020’ is a complete disaster. It has become impossible to use. For instance, I click on ‘My Messages’ and select a message to view, which loads up a white (blank) screen! My eBay Feed of ‘Saved Searches & Saved Sellers’ is now reduced to less than a half-screen width featuring minuscule photo’s of items for sale, and the listing titles, which on the previous version you could see by touching a photo in the eBay Feed is no longer an option. This was a handy feature as it was previously possible to check the make or size etc of an item at a glance, without having to click on, and go into every listing. This new version is not an improvement at all, in my experience it is the worst version in the last (approximately) ten years and I have finally deleted the app as I don’t like junk on my devices..Version: 6.9.5

EBayEBay is awesome I just wish it didn’t take so long to get items sent to New Zealand.Version: 5.31.0

Good apI use it a lot. Fast and easy to use. Updates often. Not as comprehensive as the desktop version in regards to payment options, shopping cart options for request price updates etc but works well enough for quick purchases.Version: 5.15.0

Must have toolGreat must have tool for any maverick owner and a nicely designed tool , recommend this company to anybody looking to buy.Version: 6.31.0

REFRESH YOUR MEMORYI just wanted to take minute and say, THANK YOU TO ALL THE EMPLOYEES AT EBAY! If you look back on your first Ebay purchase, it was AWESOME, a new way to shop, but also sell. Then another player got into the Online Seller, and yeah, I have purchased from that place, but like a good old friend, I find myself always opening my EBAY App, if for nothing more than to browse, however that usually ends in a purchase…….perhaps you shop in the BIGGEST BOX STORE CHAIN, and if you do, and are like me, buy things you don’t need because there is so much…..EBAY, SAME WAY! I purchase so many things from EBay, things I wasn’t looking for, but things I always wanted, but could never find, AND, I DID NOT HAVE TO LEAVE MY HOME!!! Unless you live under a rock, we are all aware of the ABSOLUTE LAWLESSNESS IN MANY CITIES, AND RAMPANT STEALING AND CREATING A VERY UNSAFE SITUATION FOR ONE TO BE IN, JUST BECAUSE YOU WENT INTO A STORE TO SHOP….I pray it ends and soon, but with EBAY, YOU NEVER HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF IN ONE OF THOSE DANGEROUS SITUATIONS!!! So, if you are like me, if you have wandered, reintroduce yourself to OUR FIRST ONLINE SHOPPING FRIEND, AND SAY HELLO, AND TRY AND MAKE YOU PURCHASES FROM EBAY, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! As for me, THANK YOU MY OLE FRIEND, YOU MAKE COMING BACK, JUST LIKE ONE NEVER LEFT!!!.Version: 6.39.0

Peter LaskeyAlthough having an account for only a few years, it is a selling and buying site I thoroughly enjoy using. There have been times when I sense that eBay trust sellers less than buyers, even now I have a neutral mark against my selling record which is quite undeserved. As I only use an iphone for all my purchases sales and photographs there are certain things I am unable to do namely, send invoices, a programme for invoicing would greatly assist. P. Laskey. A further point stock answers to my problems are less than satisfactory. When asked why I had withdrawn a camera after it had been bought, I wanted to say the customer was an idiot, which , of course, he/she was, in refusing to open a dialogue but, you stock answers could not address this matter. I compliment my on site photographs which adequately show my sale items, however, when some “Noddy” in your organisation decides to remove the background it has the complete opposite effect in what you are attempting to achieve, and, destroys the integrity of my photographs. At times , not only is background removed but Photograph as well..Version: 6.6.0

Easy App to useAll credit to whoever made this app. As is so much less confusing than the other online companies. Navigation is so easy!!! Credit to eBay’s desktop site too as that’s a breeze to navigate also. Both that and this app make me happy after giving up on the opposition online companies To App makers: Please keep future updates like it is now! i.e. don’t fix something that’s not broken! Thanks again for doing it right.Version: 6.19.0

EBay is excellentLove the eBay app .. and everything about eBay My favorite place to get the things I like Aloha .. Dean The only problem is I’ve called and explained a bad review to eBay that wasn’t erased as I spent many hours on the phone with eBay after I even finally got the buyer he gives me an unfair review making it very difficult to sell other items now plus actually lost money and spent many hours at home trying to give this guy his refund and I hope you will erase it as he claims he Accidentally pushed purchase but then how could he accidentally go to checkout and pay .. then I get all the blame it’s very sad Also I’m trying to bid on several inexpensive items and my restrictions still haven’t been lifted as I explained to the eBay customer service on the phone I’ve been in and out of the hospital from a hip replacement surgery where I wasn’t allowed access to my iPhone or laptop as they said it could interfere with the medical equipment and when I was released the items were already won at auction but unable to pay and then I got the restrictions as you can see I’ve been a loyal customer buying hundreds of items and would appreciate the bidding restrictions lifted please … thank you kindly.. Dean.Version: 6.57.0

Safe and secure Ebay for absolutely everything!I have shopped eBay for many years now almost 20 years to be precise - and will continue to do so! Coupled with PayPal it is the safest online shopping experience for absolutely anything you could possibly wish to purchase! I have purchased hundreds of items over the years and always a perfect experience! I will continue to shop eBay for absolutely everything I ever need to shop for into the future ! I have also SOLD many items as well, and have many satisfied buyers too! EBay is always my GO TO online shop, as I am a senior now, but find everything so user friendly, but if I do need a staff member, they are always on hand to answer a tricky issue on an update or similar!! These days due to being almost wheelchair bound I rarely go to the ‘bricks snd mortar’ shops - but why bother when I manage to be looked after by some of the most beautiful SELLERS possible on eBAY - Highly recommend to everyone - cap1770.Version: 6.117.0

WatchlistI wish the app let me add things to my watchlists which I created not just a general list.Version: 6.127.0

50/50It’s good when some things arrive, and the app itself is pretty good but the bad thing is, when you buy something and then later gets deleted after you recently purchase it, you get worried that you have been scammed. You have to watch sometimes who your buying off of these days, sadly. Btw I would not recommend this app for kids even 12+ more like 18-21+. As a 16 year old I get anxious with purchasing stuff online and I try to be safe as possible when doing so, but when something goes wrong I’m scared. My parents have been trying to help me but they are worried too and in the past they have had some problems with other apps similar to eBay. eBay seems like a easy usable app (besides some sellers scamming or something going wrong) but as a teenager, I don’t want to be scammed..Version: 5.42.0

PostcardsI have collected postcards since the early 90s and still buy them but I have changed my collections over the years and have down sized it, what I sell my duplicates for and the one I don’t want anymore the money goes back to buying more, And I have alway put a picture of front and back and faults if any . So I can’t see why other sellers can’t put a picture of the front and the back of the postcard . Get your self an iPhone it so easy to use to sell on eBay and you can take the pictures straight away and if your selling the same type cards do one then go to you item and hit sell similar item delete picture just change the card number take your pictures, you can turn them as well or delete and take again if not happy , and just keep doing it like that and you can do quite a few at a time just got to remember to change the details each time. So there is know reason to only put one picture, it is so annoying having to keep contacting someone to ask for number and pictures of the back —- EBay should make it mandatory to have a picture of front and the back of postcards.Version: 6.21.0

Kokonut kiwiI’m a New Zealander / kiwi and I buy from eBay more than in New Zealand. Everything I think I need or want I find on EBay. I love this site.. Thanks for giving me access to all the cool stuff we don’t have..Version: 5.19.0

Re-eBayI love shopping on eBay it makes my life so much easier as I can’t go out on my own as I’m disabled & need someone to take me the only problem I have with eBay is they keep sending me messages asking me to fill out the feedbacks on the items I’ve brought which 99% of the time I do leave the feedback for items as they come through the door as soon as the postman puts the items through the letter box & as soon as I know what the item is I go straight to the feedback on the item I’ve received & fill the feedback in so please don’t keep sending me messages asking me to fill in the feedback as they’re already done the only time I don’t fill in the items is if the item don’t come. thank you very much but I do like shopping on eBay the site is brilliant it’s the only way I do my shopping as it’s easier for me & a lot cheaper than if you buy the items in the shops thank you eBay your great & very helpful so thank you very much.Version: 5.36.0

Get your act together.This once great trading website is now next to useless due to an ever increasing number of sellers listing multiple items under the one listing. This added to the huge numbers of sellers from Asia being allowed to include free shipping that can take up to 6 weeks to ship items. The only way to avoid the tsunami of dodgy sellers and useless listings is adjusting the search parameters manually EVER SINGLE time you use the app. Just incase the frustration levels weren’t high enough already, this only limits the influx. If you don’t know what I mean, try to buy a set of black Vans Spicoli sunglasses. eBay clean up your sellers requirements. Limit the number of identical items listed by sellers. Close this stupid drop down menu multiple items loophole, and extend the “shipping time” as a search parameter to include number of weeks..Version: 6.1.0

EBayIf you run into problems with eBay which you inevitably will eBay are absolutely impossible to deal with no matter how hard you try. I was hospitalised in intensive care and wasn’t expected to live . This happened after I sold articles on eBay when I finally got home I sent everybody their things and apologised for the inconvenience and explained I was hospitalised and had just got home they apologised for informing eBay they hadn’t received their order and eBay I just couldn’t contact and they refused to let me sell I than waited until I was on 100 again and than tried to sell something than still couldn’t had to Get a whole new account in a different name fortunately I had been married in the meantime so I had a different name and address.Version: 5.16.0

Promote listing buttonHad this app for a few years now but new button pops up now when you are relisting. If you accidentally press it, it costs you over $5 to “promote listing”. Very annoying and time consuming when you have a lot to relist every day. Please get rid of it. On most other levels this app is great, but stop “fixing” things that are not broken. Another new problem is for sellers. When you go to your goods that are being sold, you used to be able to search for an item in the “find” section. Occasionally works but not all the time. When you press the “sort” button, nothing now happens. Cant find newly listed, most viewed, ending soonest, or watchers. No longer working and what was once a great site is becoming very frustrating. Please either fix these problems or go back to how it was..Version: 6.48.0

Dewalt 18volt adapterThe adapter to replace the old style batteries with the new style arrived today ahead of due date and well packaged Do you also supply the new style batteries . Many thanks for your excellent service. Regards Grant.Version: 6.31.0

Some good some badEbay itself has an excellent platform for promoting goods for sale. The downside is 95% or more all comes from China and is often a knockoff of the original. As such it’s a real hit and miss depending on what you’re looking for. Definitely don’t bother with any cheapie hands free or Bluetooth devices as they have all been rubbish in my personal experience. Have had some luck with gardening equipment however these items weren’t cheap, they did the job satisfactory but couldn’t recommend as a daily use/trade item (even though the poor English translation promises ultra high quality). Ebay use to have a high percentage of secondhand goods but now it’s mainly new items. I guess when the fees are taking a good slice of the profit there’s reasons to sell elsewhere. I continue to purchase and case out what’s on offer but always expect the worst when the package shows up..Version: 5.33.0

Recent app update prevents seeing all items purchasedWith the recent update to the app in 2022 my purchase history is limited to 80 items. Last month, I ordered over a hundred items. On average this will be over 1000 items I buy a year. Very disappointing I cannot see more than the 80 items I have purchased in my history. This is absolutely important and critical for me to check if all items ordered have been received however I can’t due to eBay’s recent update. I contacted eBay customer support when this first happened in around January to raise my concern. However, they brushed me off as if the issue remained my problem and I was not a valued customer. So ridiculous. So this is how you treat valued members! Once you sort out your IT issues and improve the app for the better (and not worse!), come and contact me and I’ll review this feedback. Let’s see if you even care..Version: 6.41.0

Notes and trackingGreat app. Would be good if able to write notes on watch list items, and able to rank similar watch list items in order of buying preference. Would also be good to have a tracking page in order to track purchases by order of expected arrival..Version: 6.25.0

Only 1 negI love the app it’s awesome only had one issue with an item I brought identical was removed and I was never refunded money after it was payed for.Version: 5.37.0

EBay Delight!Have only been a member since beginning of coronavirus, did not have a MasterCard before then, needed one to pay for delivery of prescriptions etc. Had been a bit apprehensive of ordering online but have to say I am so glad I decided to do so. eBay has been so friendly and helpful, I so enjoy buying products online and eagerly await their delivery. I have been able to order items I didn’t think were available to buy anymore, items are easy to order, are delivered much quicker than I thought they would be and arrive in excellent condition. Am so impressed with eBay , am one very happy customer. Thanks heaps eBay 😊.Version: 6.2.0

A Better Shopping ExperienceI’ve been with EBAY almost 20 years and I’ve never once had a bad buying or selling experience that caused me some sort of anxiety to the point I wanted to cancel my membership. I can always trust that the reviews and ratings given to both parties are accurate in helping me to decide if they are a legitimate, honest and straight forward EBAY’ER before I do business with them. A much larger online store booted me from making anymore consumer reviews through my buying profile because I was giving them too many good reviews. They said it was because of the descriptive “review wording” I was using that caused some suspicion and perhaps I was favoring that company more so over the others. Could you believe that! Reviews are meant to critique both the buyer and sellers shopping experience so other consumers can evaluate them and decide for themselves if they want to do business with them or not. Also, I don’t mind waiting a few extra days of shipping to receive my product through EBAY because I know it will be what I ordered to begin with, and If I have any issues, I can trust it will be handled in a professional and friendly manner without any hassle. For me, I’m back to doing more of my shopping on EBAY. It’ll be worth it..Version: 6.2.0

Lounge room shoppingShopping for anything from tools, IT bits through to cars and medical needs. You name it and you'll get it on eBay. What's more, you can also sell anything here. All in all, a great trading place. It would be nice to be able to turn off the ending soon notifications or at least set a time and type of notification. My last review; next time I'm asked to review I think a one star will happen. I have other things in my life that are far more important than reviewing apps. Is it also possible to stop sending notifications about items that I have already purchased? After providing top ratings I am sick of reviewing it so have dropped the rating to one star. Stop asking me to rate your app..Version: 5.26.5

EBay is great but ....As a long time frequent buyer I find eBay a safe and reliable way of buying online. I mainly use the mobile app and this, I find, is limited and hasn’t been given the attention it deserves. The process of searching for and watching / buying items is great so no immediate changes there, but once you get to Purchases it starts to fall short. Simple filters for “sent” and “feedback needed” would make a big difference in Purchases. We also need a “planned delivery” schedule so we can track items. Notifications of changes is not enough and incomplete. Finally if an item is “Paid” but not “Sent” after (say) 4 days should be queried by eBay so the buyer’s concern of being ripped off is calmed. I look forward to a major release of the mobile app in 2019.Version: 5.28.1

SuggestionI have a suggestion for the ebay team: When people list an item and a buyer looks but doesn’t watch or purchase etc. how about if there was a pop up that asks why they weren’t interested? That way the seller could revise their listings to sell quicker or gain more interest. I have seen many items on eBay that are badly photographed, badly described, too high/unreasonable postage and sometimes I want to message the seller and ask them for better photos etc. I have asked re postage in the past and have received rather unpleasant responses. This way; it can remain anonymous and constructive all at the same time. Plus if it’s optional why they aren’t interested in the item, the buyer can either fill it out or not.. There could be a drop down to ask why, with areas you can click such as too high postage, not detailed enough photos, not enough information on listing and so. Not only will the seller gather constructive feedback in order to improve their listing, but eBay can gather insight too as to why people just skip certain items that are listed..Version: 5.40.0

Good valueAs long as you know what you are looking for, eBay always cheaper then other app.Version: 5.16.1

Love buying on eBayAn easy site to navigate with a huge range of items and prices and generally helpful and honest sellers. Mixed results as to any dispute resolution- sometimes efficient, sometimes lethargic. However being able to buy almost anything from anyone, anywhere, has huge appeal and I live buying on eBay!.Version: 5.15.0

New Version of your AppI’m selling by using your app every day. Recently your app update turned all things worse. You change all around either up side down to complicate not only for yourself but mostly for sellers who listed their itmes. How can you decide to remove relist button? How can you prioritise “offers”? Those things are very important for sellers but sounds like you only think about youselfs this time. Do you know how long it takes through all listings and correct all your mess just to get it right? You don’t! All this has to bo done on desktop computer and be done one by one because your app it’s completly disaster! It’s freezing, slowing down and stpping then need to be done all over again. You don’t even imangine how much frustration pull over when I see on my listings “Yay, you can now put your offer” or something like that. The truth is if you do not recognise it on the time then no profit done this way. You are completly start to put much control on my listings and the way it should be done. So what I could say? No more ebay! I know now if you do not change it I will remove all my 400 listings and move to different site cos this is not ebay anymore. Thanks.Version: 5.26.0

No buyAfter three month still missing out on several items..Version: 6.2.0

Not happyNot happy with the new eBay app. Nothing wrong with the old classic view page everything on one page and never had any trouble seeing payments, messages, 2nd chance buys, time left, feedback, how many to post, no available for 2nd chance buys everything. This new version tells me I have a message but when I try to open it doesn’t show the message, I was notified on one page that payment was made but didn’t get email confirmation that it was, I had to go to PayPal to see in my account to verify payment. 2nd chance come up as buy it now where the old version it wasn’t and I could add to invoice so as to apply postage discount this resulting in emails going back and forth and then doing refund for excess payment of postage so much extra work and frustration. All in all it is suppose to make it more simple to operate. If the old version isn’t broke why try to fix it, and old saying but true. Not Happy Pawpaw147.Version: 5.19.0

My review didn’t go through? Yeah, no.Update : they fixed it finally. The interface and “tree” of categories in the numerous settings pages are an absolute cluster of a mess. What a disgrace. As a seller I tried to sell something (after a while of inactivity) and it takes me to a page with a FAKE CONTINUE BUTTON to verify my identity. The other option said call customer service. Inspecting the page easily shows the button is even labeled as FAKE with no action. I call eBay customer service and they tell me to press continue. What a joke. After staying on the phone with me to verify everything they said wait 24 hours and try another browser. I’ve tried several different browsers and different branded devices. I verified all my information, made sure my names and address all matches EXACTLY, and my CC and bank. I had to copy and paste several links and follow a set of arbitrary instructions suggested by THE COMMUNITY to see settings that are NOT AVAILABLE WHILE VISUALLY NAVIGATING. Fix your menu navigation. Yes, i unlinked my PayPal. What a joke. When customer service is telling you to press continue on a fake button, it’s clear the techs have no idea what’s going on. I’m not the only one complaining about this exact issue. End rant.Version: 6.78.0

Tired of the Messing up.Lately this app has been messing up and I am not able to pay for my invoices due to the screens keep saying error I then get unpaid item strikes despite communication with the sellers. It won't let me pay for my items one at a time and then sometimes it's reverse. I have enjoyed eBay for over 10 years now and had 100% and no item strikes. But thanks to the issues and errors that pop up on the screens my experience has been horrible. Also 5 years ago I had some items that I sold. I got very sick and was in the hospital for almost three weeks. I did miss sending the items although I made communication with buyers the moment I was conscious and explained what had happened. That was just a few items some of the people wanted the item still and some didn't but that was 5 years ago. Why am I being punished and not allowed to sell 5 years later? My feedback has been at 100% for years. No unpaid item strikes until recently due to the app not working correctly I have tried on my phone, my iPad, my pc and even a friends phone. I would like this all fixed please but I don't know what to do..Version: 5.14.0

Great place to sell, shame about the costA word wide market place to sell just about anything. It’s fun and can be a nice way of communicating with people who perhaps share similar interests etc. The downside of eBay is the cost especially if it’s a hobby not a business interest. The sheer volume of traffic eBay produces means it makes vast amounts of money. I think it’s very short sighted to keep making it more expensive to sell as opposed to bringing the cost down and encouraging more people to give it a try. The amount of stuff I see thrown into landfill bins that people would want and could use is shocking but that is the world’s laziness. Money is one of the best ways to encourage people not to be lazy and perhaps a better way you could run things would be to allow people perhaps 100 free listings just to get them started. In general I like eBay. It’s now a very safe and controlled environment to buy and sell almost anything. So please, you charge too much. Bring the cost down. Times are hard out here..Version: 6.150.0

AwesomeBeen using eBay service for 15 years now, great service and very few items that haven’t turned up. Refund always given..Version: 5.31.0

Unsupported!As a seller and a buyer, I understand from both sides how things should work. However when eBay probably the biggest auction platform in the world, leave me and my selling goods wide open to fraudulent action I immediately lose faith. A buyer duped eBay and in turn stole my goods. In short a fraudulent thief claimed a full refund from what he claims was wrongly described item ( pure fabrication! And lies!) I agreed to a full refund, so as not to cause more grief to myself, knowing I could easily resell the item. However eBay took back the payment from my PayPal account and paid the fraudulent thief the full amount before checking he had returned the item to me? And guess what he never has? What a surprise! So now the fraudulent thief has my goods and all his money back. Do you think eBay allow or even make it possible for me the innocent seller the opportunity to have my case listened to. No is the answer! No back up! No recall! And no support! Not good enough eBay!.Version: 6.8.0

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