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PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage app received 142 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PayPal - Send, Shop, Manage? Can you share your negative thoughts about paypal - send, shop, manage?

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Don’t take their advisePayPal is great when paying for an item. When it comes to problems and disputes then good luck. Working your way through their app and website it’s a nightmare. First their always trying to get you to talk to an automated answering machine for general questions which generally is a total waist of time! Then you receive emails with no empathy but are just factual. Which when it comes to money everyone takes it personal and get emotional deadpan answers just make you see red. Their messaging service to you is not clear and easy to understand (they do not make it clear action needs to be taken before a window of opportunity is closed) nor are their representatives over the phone who talk the talk but always seem to have their hands tied when it comes to action over an injustice. I will use them as a paying format in the future but not rely on them when a problem occurs but go straight to my credit cards company to freeze payment. Only when a problem occurs do you know how good a service really is..Version: 8.7.1

Where did the balance go?App doesn’t show current balance anymore. Not sure why but since the update apparently PayPal doesn’t want you to see your balance in the app?.Version: 7.14.0

PayPal gave out my personal informationalNever again will I use PayPal, they gave out my personal information to a stranger.. they are NOT a online vault.. I do not recommend PayPal...Version: 7.4.0

Purchases & SettingsI use PayPal to purchase practically everything that I buy. If the seller doesn’t have the PayPal option “to pay” then 9 times out of 10 I will forgo the item. PayPal allows me to feel safe and protected when buying, if ever there is a dispute I am able to query it and have to date always been refunded. Overall this makes my shopping experience a good one. However, sadly there are some technical issues that bring my rating way lower than I would like, for example, the settings icon does not allow me to access to change my name and to this day it still holds my nickname and therefore I am unable to apply for PayPal credit, neither am I able to cancel subscriptions, finding my payment history is also incredibly difficult! It seems that overnight PayPal changed the way it operates completely, I opened the app and the front page had changed too showing the options available like applying for credit, the money pool and projects or charities to fund!? I have not been able to change this since no matter what I do? Most frustrating however is not being able to access the main settings page and this is proving to be incredibly frustrating and annoying. For an app that has great potential it is a shame that these minor issues are contributing towards a much lower rating than deserved..Version: 7.32.1

Scammed and PayPal won’t helpMy very first transaction I did online was through PayPal because I had trusted that if anything went wrong with the sale, I could rely on PayPal to keep my money safe and give it back if the sale did go wrong. Surprise surprise I did end up getting scammed, I didn’t receive the items at all and the sellers completely ghosted me. I went to PayPal support and was excited to find “buyer protection” and I was more than eligible for this because obviously I didn’t receive the package. I sent them a whole bunch of proof (me talking to buyers and them ghosting me after I asked about the package, the buyers website which eventually did get taken down for obvious reasons, their fake good reviews along with the bad real reviews giving them low stars. These all got deleted including my review, and others). I waited patiently till I received an email saying my case was denied because… the package was delivered. Okay, I am well familiar with people trying to scam businesses and getting free things but I had sent PROOF that the package was false from the BEGINNING starting with the tracking number they had given that isn’t even a valid tracking number! And PayPal had the nerve to tell me it was somehow delivered. I tried to file another report but I keep getting redirected to a case closed page. I wasn’t sent any proof that my package was delivered and was left disappointed with the laziness of the support team. Won’t be using PayPal again unfortunately..Version: 8.8.2

Still sloppy / needs improvementNew version looks a lot better but still has some of the stapled-together feeling that we’ve come to expect from PayPal. For instance when you try to update your address, it takes you into a web browser mode within the app. In addition to needing to re login: * the pages bounce around as the content loads making it easy to tap the wrong thing because it jumps under you right as you’re tapping. This is 101 stuff of site design * requires a bunch of page loads to do something simple like change your address. Then you go to update it and it gives you a message like “this is linked to a card. Please change it there first”. Then you have to go do about 10 page loads to find that. Maybe link me to the page, tell me which cards, or better yet - ask me if I want to update them right then and there?? * I tried to use the back arrow to get out of the in-app browsing. I could not get out! It would take me to a “prove you are not a robot” test from which I could simply not go further back. Had to kill the app. Lastly, I am technically a business account (because I signed up years ago as a tiny business) and I don’t think it lets me do anything crypto related. Or at least it’s not clear to me where / how. For a mega cap company, they need to improve this / do better with quality control..Version: 8.6.0

Holding my money and frozen my accountI have used paypal for several years spanning thousands in payments with no issue! Until recently last week i withdrew £1250 from Etoro to paypal so that i could withdraw to my bank, however when it reached my paypal account my account was frozen and i was unable to withdraw to my bank. Upon ringing customer service i was informed they had frozen my account indefinitely as I made the account when i was under 18. I am now 23 and this has never been an issue nor was i ever been asked for any form of identification when making the account! I have spoken to customer service and was repeatedly told that they need to hold on to my money for a minimum of 180 days in case there is a dispute from Etoro about withdrawing my OWN money!! I even offered to get a statement from Etoro informing them that i was simply withdrawing my own funds so that they could release the money and was still denied! I am now having to debate taking them to a small claims court which will cost me £70 in fees just to receive my own money back! I have since heard of similar issues from multiple people where paypal have frozen accounts with little reason and refused to give people their own money back for extended periods of time. Disgusting customer service will never use again..Version: 7.36.1

Support service is not greatHave been using PayPal for sometime and it works… fees are high , but it is one of the only options we have as a payment gateway for our website… Recently I have had an issue with transferring my funds to our nominated bank account and have tried several times to get help from the support team… absolutely useless and just been fobbed off with a standard copy & paste reply… If I could go somewhere else I would… I guess this is typical for a big company who just don’t really care about things or don’t need to worry about losing a little customer like me….Version: 8.23.1

CanadaYou guys got to be make it so Canadians can buy online gift cards makes no sense that I have to be an American with an American pay pal to use it, at this point the money i out into my account was not worth it when it’s just gonna sit there and do nothing.Version: 8.4.3

InconsistentThe app itself is easy to use. The PayPal pay in 4 process is hit and miss and when I say that, when approved to make a purchase I have been through the entire process and gotten to end and then received an automated message that the plan can’t be approved at this time but PayPal have debited my account for amounts over $100 and i have then had to wait up to 10 days to get the funds back. When you have a perfect payment history and a ton of completed plans, this should not occur. It’s also inconsistent in the number of plans you can have at any one time and it can be weeks before you are able to use the pay in 4 function again….There needs to be serious reviews of the payment plan system to ensure that those who have a clean payment history are not inconvenienced and it also needs work regarding the approval process. When it works it works well but when it doesn’t it’s totally frustrating..Version: 8.31.2

Disgraceful businessI sold my first item on here then PayPal wouldn’t pay me for 21 day’s the buyer also paid postage but I had to cancel his order lose the sale and look like an idiot to the buyer as I’m a pensioner and couldn’t afford to post it for another fortnight this is disgraceful you have no item no money how is this legal? Refunds are the same I buy something money comes out instantly but for a return or refund they hang on to our money for 7 days I have not eaten or had medication at times thanks to PayPal do they invest our money or something? This is disgraceful this business should be shut down. We don’t need a middle man be so much quicker and easier without them all together. Also if you buy a product with a warranty say 12 months and it breaks down covered by warranty they don’t want to know about it won’t help you get a refund or exchange if it’s more than 30 days old. This business are just legal thieves they need a big investigation into the way they treat you especially selling or getting a refund I hate having to use them I don’t need a middle man and our money should come back the same way it goes out instantly..Version: 7.30.1

Complaints ProcessGoing through the resolution centre trying to put forward a complaint as I believe I have been scammed is a very frustrating process. This is solely due to new people responding to your messages and not reading the case so I’m constantly repeating myself, getting duplicate responses and never getting the information that I request. Bought goods soley thinking I’d be protected by using PayPal checkout. The company sent me a completely different product which is worth a fraction of the price that I paid. Offering only minimal refunds initially as a stalling tactic so as to most likely get more people on their books to scam and then shut down their website. Finally offer through PayPal a 100% refund but I have to pay for returning the product to China (website had said Australian seller) costing me nearly 40% of what I originally paid. PayPal seem to think this is fair so am now in the process of trying to get a transcript of my discussion so that I can take my complaint further. So far have asked twice and still not received anything only new people saying that I will get the refund if I return the goods at my expense and not the seller who basically has paid for nothing except send a few stalling emails. Extremely tired and disappointed in PayPal’s service..Version: 7.29.1

Random holds on sending moneyI’ve experienced a number of frustrating problems with PayPal. I’ve talked with customer service numerous times about the situation. Basically, PayPal will randomly prevent me from sending money to my bank. It seems like they have algorithms that may flag your account based on quantity and frequency of transferring money to banks. They said it looks at different factors of how old your account is, how often you use it, how much you send, etc. Ok all of that could be overlooked if customer service or a manager could override the algorithm’s decision, but they can’t. Not only that they can’t even explain definitively why a hold was put on the account. You can’t even call ahead to ask if you try to send money will a hold be placed on the account. They don’t know. You just have to try sending money and see what the almighty algorithm decides. I sent almost $4k in one transfer last Dec with no issues. Then a month or so later tried to send the same, but was denied. I tried to send $3k, but still denied. Customer service suggestion was try to send $1k a little each week or so to build up amount can send. Ok, but I sent $4k in Dec why isn’t that at least my ceiling? I know people that have their account for only a couple years and they send $10k or more per week. Why can they but I can’t? It’s frustrating that an algorithm runs the company, so basically the tail wags the dog..Version: 7.23.2

Still usefulPaypal has been my primary way for paying for things online for some time, and is still useful, although I'll often choose alternative ways if they are available. What I need from a payment system is a non-complicated way where I can choose the card to use, see the amount I'm spending, and check or perhaps change the address I'm sending the goods to. Unfortunately the Paypal interface is stuffed with all sorts of extraneous things that I don't want, like credit offers. The pulldown address list has at least 30 addresses in it, nearly all the same, a few being incorrect variations which it's impossible to delete. Sometimes the whole process fails with 'Something went wrong' without telling you what. All of this makes Paypal seem less safe than it used to be – not good for a payment site. I like to use Paypal if it's a payment site I'm not familiar with - Paypal seems safer than giving your credit card details to a doubtful site. In general, all things being equal, I'll tend to use Apple Pay or give my credit card details these days..Version: 8.54.1

Terrible ServiceMy account has been paused for two weeks after updating required information. No response at all from app re: assistance..Version: 8.54.1

CHANGE THE AGE REQUIREMENTS!!Hi PayPal, as a minor I would highly consider changing the age requirements to make an account. Seeing how we are especially in this day and age it pretty much makes sense. A lot of underage teens have a cell phone number and people are already faking their information to make an account so why not just legalize it? No point in us losing all our money. Most banks also offer a youth account for minors and the places we get our money require PayPal. Or if we need to transfer our family from other countries money as well. I just think it makes sense in my opinion so place consider it as some of us need to help our families and need money in general..Version: 7.26.0

Not secure and do not take fraud seriously!I noticed 2 fraudulent transactions named PayPal in my bank account which are no where to be seen on my PayPal account. PayPal say this is because they are ‘guest transactions’ where payments are made using your details without logging into your account (I thought the whole point of PayPal was that you can only make payments by logging in through your account to protect your details?) so if I didn’t see them in my bank account I would not even know that some fraudster is paying for things using my PayPal! Reported the fraud to PayPal, and each time I am asked whether my friends or family have used my account, as ‘that’s the only way this could have happened’ apparently. I’ve repeated myself over and over explaining someone has somehow stolen my details but they still don’t seem to be taking it seriously. Also when reported, someone at PayPal who is incompetent has listed the case as ‘item not received’ instead of unauthorised payment. I’m getting absolutely no where and keep having to repeat myself. It is also reported to my bank who I have more faith in sorting this as PayPal are useless. Once I have my money back I will be deleting my PayPal account. Absolutely disgusting service and unsafe.Version: 8.11.0

UnhelpfulNot only did paypal mark it as suspicious to log into my OWN account, even when i submitted all my information (which i checked was in there) my account was suddenly permanently limited, and i did not have any money in it, but i needed to close it for a certain bank, and i decided to check why such a thing was done, and found out some ‘person’ named ‘Alma Chamberlain’ was using my information alongside theirs. i obviously went to close the account, but guess what? paypal, with their excruciatingly slow website that froze even after their own notification came up, wouldn’t let me close my account, leaving this random ‘person’ with full access to all the banks and cards linked to it i still use someplace in Ohio. after all this, i went to just log into my current account that uses a different social email, and i gave the face id activated, and for some reason it struggled to recognize me in proper lighting looking directly at it, so i entered the password instead, which was correct, and all of a sudden paypal locks me out of that account, and says it was ‘suspicious’, and that account does in fact have funds in it (which paypal wouldn’t let me transfer anyway because of the old one i tried to close) so now i will go lock all of my accounts, solely because paypal has been more of a disservice to me than even close to helpful, and all this is surface level, i’ve even left out details. paypal is too internally flawed to make a proper banking app..Version: 8.41.0

Baseless accusations made against me by PayPalI used my PayPal account to pay for a couple of monthly subs (combined less than £10) and to occasionally send money to chip in for colleague's birthday presents etc. My 15 yr old son wanted to sell his trainers on Depop and, as he's 15, had the money paid into my account. As soon as the money was paid I got a message from PayPal saying my account was limited & asking for ID, info on the sale & tracking for the trainers. I provided all this only for PayPal to say they were permanently closing my account due to fraudulent activity! I have tried to speak to PayPal multiple times by email, phone and Twitter only to receive bot messages telling me the decision is final and again accusing me of being a financial and fraud risk to them. This is insanity. They have also decided they are keeping my son's £53 for 180 days. That to me is pure theft. I have further provided details of my son's Depop account, his passport and birth certificate to prove he's my son. Only ever get bot answers from PayPal with pre-written responses. Please tell me PayPal, what else is a 15 yr old who isn't allowed their own PayPal to do but get it paid to a parent? I would avoid PayPal and use one of the newer money transfer services. Absolute scam artists!.Version: 7.39.1

A bit sillyCan’t add funds to PayPal here in my country, Manage to get funds added by a company in another company went to pay another company with those funds to find it used my credit card instead of using the funds that were in my PayPal account. So tried to put funds into my bank account which is taking far longer than it should.. up to 9 days and counting…...Version: 8.4.3

PayPal ask for Police Report for $40 trackies that never arrived 🤯🥴I’ve used PayPal for every single online purchase where possible for nearly 10 years and can safely say I will now never use them ever again. I ordered a large order from an overseas online store and one item was missing from the order when it arrived. I have tried to claim a refund for only the amount of the one missing item from the large order. PayPal has responded that I must file a police report and get my request typed out on their official letterhead and submit it within 10 days. I can’t wait to bundle up my very sick infant and very sick toddler and go to my local police station and bother then from their actual important duties to ask them to file a report over my $40 missing trackies — from not even an Australian seller let alone a local seller in their jurisdiction but an overseas seller! They are going to love that. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I assume they know this and simply don’t want to help out or refund people anymore who get screwed over on online purchases. This was the reason we all used PayPal!!! For that protection. Never again PayPal. I’ll be contacting my bank for a chargeback and deleting my PayPal account immediately..Version: 8.20.0

Great service But the App Got A Little Worse Last UpdatePayPal, please either revert automatic payment management to the previous method or add a “display all activity” button. Managing automatic payment has been taking 10x longer (used a stopwatch to check) than before. I’ve been using PayPal for around 2 decades and the app itself for many years. I have had good experiences with both. Unfortunately a recent update made things a little (not a lot) worse by changing the way automatic payments are managed. Previously all vendors that you had automatic payments with were loaded as a scrollable list at once which was a fast and easy way to manage the payment option used for each almost instantly. Now I have to push “More Activity” and wait for a handful of them to be added to the list then push it again (13 times in total), a process that adds over a minute to the process each time I want to manage the payment option for a vendor at the bottom of the list. To be clear, this is my only issue with both the app and PayPal so far. My experience with both has been positive. But I frequently adjust payment methods to avoid getting excessive credit card usage on one card and this update made that a lot more time consuming. It would really help a lot if the process were changed..Version: 8.52.1

NOT VERY INTELLIGENTBought a ticket and paid for it with my PayPal card. However the merchant charged for the ticket in euros when I was given a receipt that was in dollars. Reached out to PayPal dispute department and gave them all the evidence. They requested more document, however PayPal in their infinite wisdom decided to close the case a day before I was meant to submit supporting documentation. When I reached out asking why, they couldn't give me a valid reason and then did a complete 180 while I was still on the phone and decided to rule in my favor because they "found" my original receipt stating that I was charged a different amount. Fast forward a few days later, and I find out that PayPal refunded me an incorrect amount. I once again reach out to them and I get a very dumb rep that just wanted to argue with me, saying that the merchant took the money in euros so it had to be refunded in euros. I explained multiple times that I live in AMERICA and paid for the ticket in DOLLARS which I have a copy of the receipt that backs up my claim. After going back and forth with the agent, I decided to ask for a supervisor and she seemed to be worse. She either didn't seem to understand English or chose not to listen to me. How do I have a receipt that says I paid in dollars but you want to refund me in euros???. I am very disappointed in PayPal and won't be referring anyone to them because they're...NOT VERY INTELLIGENT!!!.Version: 8.30.1

Unintelligent and archaic. Never again.My bank recently bounced a Paypal transaction, a simple oversight and for less than £70. I received a stinking email containing an underlying threat from PP about being overdrawn, etc. The same day I sent a payment from my bank to cover the overdraft and because of the time of month, my bank account became once again lean. PP refused to accept it (who knows why) and it remained as pending. Following another email from PP I contacted my bank, who cancelled the pending payment and I logged into PP to request money from my bank. It left my bank immediately but showed as pending on my PP account for a week. Following a further stinking email, I contacted PP and finally spoke to a human, who advised that money transfers take up to 10 days to reach my PP account. What, is this the 1950s?? Or do PP actually receive the funds rapidly, but sit on them for over a week in order to exploit them?She also advised me that PP had attempted to take the money four times whilst the amount was shown as pending. Following my call, the matter was, shockingly (!) settled the same day. I’ve since received unpleasant letters from my bank, potentially damaging a 12 year relationship. Paypal is, in my opinion and experience, unfit for purpose and I will never use it again..Version: 8.52.1

How is this a thing?As a first time PayPal user I was shocked to find out that after having sold some items on eBay that it would take seven, yes seven, business days to transfer to my bank account despite the fact that the transaction was completed to the satisfaction of the buyer and I was told that this was the banks fault and having spoken to the bank for a matter of minutes they were adamant that this is just how PayPal chooses to do things and that it had nothing to do with the bank whatsoever and that they chose to take that amount of time for first time transfers into an account attached to debit card the reasons for which do not seem to exist outside of the imagination of PayPal. On top of that I then received an email stating that my transfer had been put through an addition “fraud” check that would add 72 hours to the processing time. None of this explained to you prior to it actually happening and if it were I would have sold it on gumtree and just grabbed cash off someone when they came to pick it up. I will, as soon as I am allowed to, be shutting down my PayPal account and I will never use anything that requires PayPal ever again because as far as I can see they stand for everything that the human race should be flushed down the toilet for. No other business would get away with this sort of nonsense and I honestly do not understand how this is a viable business model period..Version: 7.10.1

Useless as tits on a bullI paid cash to PayPal at $400 when I first started. After two years of not being able to get access to those funds and considering them a technical loss, I decided to try once more and made the mistake of connecting PayPal to my bank card. It has been a few months and I still do not have access to use PayPal even though it is connected to my bank card. It has been the most useless waste of my time. Kimber Bennett, Nova Scotia, Canada..Version: 8.52.1

Zero help…Earlier this month I made two purchases by two different sellers using PayPal and the sellers ended up being fake… Jumping forward, I never got the packages and I definitely did not get the help I needed from PayPal!! I was told by PayPal to file a claim which within minutes that claim was denied🤔! then I was told to talk to my bank to see if there was anything they could do and of course there wasn’t at that point. They were two transactions through PayPal and the mistakes / (FRAUD) should’ve been corrected by PayPal, not my bank to begin with. I obviously never received the packages from the fake sellers, and I never got refunded by PayPal. I’ve read quite a few reviews that are very similar to mine… I believe there should be more action being taken on PayPal‘s end to help and protect people that have been scammed!You have a job to do and it’s not or it shouldn’t be my problem that you’re too lazy to investigate where these fake people are coming from or how they’re doing this sooooo frequently and getting away with this!!! I’m sure if this was you and the tables were turned and you lost money and the item that you paid for and no one helped you or at least found and reprimanded or closed down the fake sellers… Then you might feel the way I do too. It’s a shame really, that’s such a huge corporation can’t do a little more to help its loyal customers when need be..Version: 8.20.0

Services vs appThis is only a review of the app, not the pros and cons of PayPal itself. App is awful for sending money as it doesn’t allow you to send money other than default currency. Searching transactions is a nightmare on the app. To do anything other than view transactions, 90% of the time I have to wait until at my desk. The other 10% is logging into payroll on my phone browser which is extremely frustrating..Version: 8.54.1

Terrible customer servicePayPal customer service is a joke. After trying everything to get a live person on the line..I was disconnected while talking with the first rep after 20 minutes & he didn’t bother calling back..despite me having verified he had my current contact info. After another hour trying to get another live person on the line..I was assured by the second rep that this was easily fixable and give them 48 hours. She PROMISED repeatedly that I would get a call from her promptly if after 48 hours the money I was trying to get back..which was accidentally deposited to the wrong person..was not returned. I waited 5 days & called back AGAIN & was told there was nothing they could do & that the first 2 reps should have just conveyed that to me ..& I would need to file a claim with my bank..which could have easily been done if they had just told me what I needed to do the first 2 times. 3 reps told me 3 different things & none of the options have helped me get my money back yet..that was weeks ago. The phone system is one of the worst for trying to get a live person on the line. It just keeps repeating prompts & trying to provide automated information over & over. I am one to keep my mouth shut if I have nothing nice to say..but I’m blown away by the complete lack of professionalism that one would expect when dealing with a financial institution. I will NEVER use PayPal again if I can avoid it..Version: 8.39.0

Worst thing to ever exist AVOID AVOID AVOIDPayPal have the worst service I have ever come across, if you ever have an issue with PayPal (and trust me you will because they make problems out of no where) you better hope there’s no money in your account or you’re never getting that back. I was asked to give proof of my identity, which I did, then because it took them so long to review it they said I missed the deadline and then my account was put under limitations, meaning I couldn’t do anything using my account. That was 2 years ago. During this time I have tried to get in contact with their customer service team 1 million times and they’ve not got back to me once, until I got an email saying my account is being shut down and I’ll never be able to use the service again (thank the lord for that) and that the remaining money in my account, roughly £50, will be given to me after 180 days, that was roughly 250 days ago and they still haven’t got back to me. Thanks PayPal, keep doing you boo, just let me know when you’re ready to talk :) Honestly don’t ever use this awful awful app it’s horrible, if you ever do manage to get through to their customer service team make sure it’s on a good day because they’re the rudest most useless people you’ll ever speak to..Version: 7.30.1

Not doing what there options are in money transfersI have tried numerous times to send money to my bank with the option of no fee, 1 to 3 days. I have tried at least 4 times and PayPal says my bank refuses the transfer. I have check with my bank, the accounting department who handles money transfers and they tell me they NEVER received a money transfer request from PayPal for my account.. I have called PayPal at least 3 times and told them about the problem and it never gets fixed. I have checked my account information and it is correct. So for the last 3 transfers I tried option 1 fees, GUESS WHAT! Every time I paid the fees the money magically appeared in my account within 10 minutes. There was no change in my account information. This shows me that PayPal has false ads concerning options for no fee 1 to 3 days. I am a senior citizen and on a fixed income and need every penny I can get just to make my bills and live a little comfortably. The last time I tried was on 5 September 2023 trying to transfer $1500 to my bank and as usual PayPal says it was declined. But I tried Paying the fees and it went right through to my bank. The last time I called I talked to a supervisor named Teddy, he seemed concerned but did not fix the problem. If you can’t fix this problem where I don’t have to pay fees for the money transfer I am reporting PayPal to THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (BBB). I expect this to be corrected and the fees refunded to me ASAP!.Version: 8.47.1

Locking accountsIt locked my PayPal so I made a new one and it locks it again it’s annoying.Version: 8.35.0

I like PayPal and the app but despise Synchrony!Alright, so I’ve been using PayPal for like over a decade and have always been partial to it. Honestly, they’ve done well at keeping themselves relevant through ownership changes and tech advancements, so bravo to them on that. I’ll continue to use PayPal for the reasons above but the company needs to take care of one situation…the bank they’ve chosen to use for PPC!!! I used to defend Synchrony Bank but in all honesty, that was simply because they were yet to do ME dirty like they had many others. Well now they’ve wronged me as well and I’m highly annoyed! They had no good reason to randomly close my PPC account but decided that was the best course of action and in my almost 20 years with credit products, they’re the only ones that have done this, and never for any good reason. PayPal needs to switch to a bank that isn’t a buncha snooty behinds to service these accounts or I might actually just start using another service for my money sending needs. I’ve lost thousands in available credit overnight and down goes the scores, again for no good reason. So while this review is supposed to be for the app, their association with an establishment such as Synchrony has cost them two stars…sorry, but not really..Version: 8.4.3

Beware of PayPal scammers.Reporting a fraudulent merchant seems to be nearly impossible. Not impressed with PayPal..Version: 8.35.0

Deceptive updateThe recent update that secretly smuggled in the Honey extension is a deceitful and disturbing practice. Honey is not simply an extension of PayPal, but in fact an entirely separate enterprise targeting consumers for different reasons. I do not want this extension and would not choose to have it, but it is now cluttering up the Safari browser on my iPhone and iPad with no ability to remove it unless I remove PayPal itself ('disabling' the extension is not the same as being able to remove it). Shame on you, PayPal, for imposing your money-making schemes on all of your users. Update: I received a response from PayPal with a link to instructions for removing the Honey extension. Unfortunately there are no instructions for removing the extension from iOS mobile devices , e.g. Safari on iPhone and iPad, only from Mac OS (which I stated clearly in my original review). Mobile app users seemingly are thus stuck with Honey, unless they wish to remove the PayPal app itself. To be fair, the inability to remove extensions is, at root, a problem (oversight?) with iOS, but one can't help suspect that PayPal is deliberately exploiting this lack of functionality..Version: 8.22.0

😕I can appreciate the support against financial fraudulence and the efficiency of receiving and transferring money with this company however there are still many flaws that outride the pleasance and good characteristics of PayPal in general. I can not seem to fathom why I have to be protected and locked away from my own money from upto a fortnight! That is shocking to me as I have had no money for a while and is a major inconvenience in times where I made need it! I have waited for upto 2 weeks now for my money and still it is on hold and pending - not even in my PayPal balance. It has caused major distress for me as an avid user of the app and company and I find it upsetting that I even went my way to do the extra steps to release my hold earlier and still no change. I hope PayPal does something to help stop this issue and fix it, as I understand that the holds on money are for a good reason to help prevent fraudulent behaviour however some of us are just trying to receive legitimate money and go by their days..Version: 7.15.0

THIEFSThis company makes automatic transfers from you bank account without your consent and they don’t know how to explain it. They took 1200$ from one of my accounts days before Christmas and then 1000$ from another bank account 2 weeks later. They say they can’t cancel those transfers, so you have to wait between 6-8 business days (which there is not a lot during Christmas time) before the money gets in the Paypal wallet. Then you have to wait again for it to transfer back in your bank account. Bunch of thiefs. Don’t even think about using this app..Version: 8.54.1

Lack of Support when ScamI’ve always used PayPal as a means to protect myself when shopping online, However, In a recent scam they took almost a month to respond advising they needed more information despite providing clear detail on a scam transaction - I bought an item based on the description, and was sent something that does not do what was claimed. Unless resolved to my satisfaction, I’ll never use PayPal again..Version: 8.54.1

Painful.Constant painful hoops to jump through with PayPal. Luckily we have a few more options these days. I sold a product, the same genre as every other thing I have ever sold on PayPal. They have decided cause the value is a bit higher that i have to wait until buyer receives his item in another country, then proceed to tell me he has sent an exchequer and this will take a week to clear on top. So my usual instant transaction now takes 3-4 weeks. Even more stupid my friend sold the exact same thing, has less sales than me and was paid out instantly. Steer clear of these clowns if possible..Version: 7.37.2

VariousI have had problems confirming my email address as I think there was a passed account so I was continually verifying the wrong email address, finally I spotted an email from your self stating that you had returned payments to payers for good they have received. I called PayPal and got things straitened out over the phone with a lady who told me her name was Oliver, I was upset as quite a lot of cash had been returned, I have contacted the buyers and as I expected had no response. So I’m not out of pocket. I asked what your company had in place to help me and was told nothing! However Oliver said the cash would be available to me now since I had confirmed the correct address, I logged in the my account only to find it’s been put on hold again, I was and am relying on this cash for my sons birthday but it seems I have to wait a further few weeks, I’m upset and disappointed and feel as our conversation didn’t end well did Oliver have a hand in blocking the cash she told me earlier in the chat would be immediately available. I would appreciate that this situation is looked into and the hold removed as soon as possible. Regards Ayrene Davis.Version: 7.20.0

Does not protect sellerIt doesn’t sound awful until it happens to you. I always felt PayPal was part of my business and used it faithfully. I was loyal , paid my fees, and thought honesty always prevailed. Until the first complaint was filed against me, after many many years of using PayPal. Long story short, the nature of my company requires nonrefundable deposits. It costs me money to hold items and after a certain amount of time the item looses value. All of this is stated in writing before a purchase is made. After holding an item for a lengthy period a customer decided the item was not for her. To no prevail ,I spent time with her showing her other items that matched her request. I heard nothing from her, never asked for a deposit refund (because she knew it was not honest). Then I received a PayPal notice of complaint. I explained everything I just stated. They ruled in favor of the customer refunding the deposit and also issuing me a fine!!! To top it off I can’t get an answer from them other than some computer generated response. I felt betrayed ….. well actually I was betrayed. After that happened I realized there was no protection for me. Seasonally I receive large deposits and if these buyers back out it is devastating for my company. I am in the process of finding a company that will work with me , that is honest and as loyal to me as I am to them..Version: 8.22.0

Avoid - very rude customer service staffThey accused me of doing things that I wasn’t meant to be doing just for paying for a a service. All I was doing was using the first names of my clients who’s service I was paying for as part of my business as the reference so the lady I am working with knew who I was sending money over for (food testing). Someone from PayPal with very rude toning was very rude too me and demanding I let them know the full names and contact details of each person I was referencing, which was absolutely non of their business and nothing to do with them. I don’t understand at all and they wouldn’t explain it to me, and bluntly said I have to stop or have action taken against me and close my account. They refused to tell me what I had done wrong! Ever since I have avoided using PayPal as much as possible. Really bad experience and I won’t be trusting PayPal ever again. I’ve even moved all my PayPal bills to direct debits and now pay through eBay via bank rather than PayPal. Never again. Really bad experience and extremely rude poor customer service! Stay well clear!!! They want to breach data protection laws by asking you information about your own business customers and refuse to tell you why they want that information even though it has nothing to do with them!.Version: 8.26.0

Thieves!How are they still in business?! You don’t have any rights as a seller on eBay. One time I sold iTunes gift card on eBay, someone paid me so I sent it. A few days later the buyer said it was unauthorised purchase and PayPal took my money back. The buyer also already used the gift card so I was left with nothing. A friend of mine had a very bad experience with PayPal as well, he sold shoes as a private seller (no returns accepted), after two months the buyer decided he doesn’t like them anymore and asked for a refund, he rejected the refund request, eBay closed the case but the buyer opened a claim with PayPal. PayPal decided in the buyers favour, the buyer sent the shoes back, when friend of mine sent pictures to PayPal of heavily worn shoes, PayPal said they buyer still needs his money back and on top of the price of the shoes (£50) he was charged extra £12 for dispute fees. Just to add to this, PayPal asked the seller to provide a statement from a shoe repair store which he did, and then PayPal said that the buyer needs his money back and closed the case. The resolution centre is ending the call as soon as he gives them the case ID. Disgusting! I’m closing my PayPal account, check their reviews on trustpilot 1 star of 5..Version: 7.42.2

AwfulAwful app really bad it kept taking money out of my credit card to the point where i was on dept to $-260 and they kept taking out money so i went to the bank and locked my card and my card is still locked right now so this was not a long time ago this was a week ago and im still mad because paypal wont let me take put my card from the app and i cant unlock my card to because if i do paypal is going to take out money.Version: 7.36.0

PayPal unhelpfulI paid for an item on PayPal credit and the item never came Inte box and I tried to get PayPal to help me get my money back and they told me to open a dispute in the resolution centre which I did and got the dispute up and running they wanted me to submit some more information which I did ten when I went on holiday they et want some more information from myself and the had set a date for the information to be sumitted by but this date passed when I was still on holiday and couldn’t print and send the information so when I can home I explained the situation and submitted the information and they reopened my dispute but every time I rang they had closed the case because I hadn’t submitted the information before the date they had mentioned and every time I rang they said they would review the case but all the time I got the same response (didn’t submit the information in time) so never got my money returned and wasted hours on the phone trying to get my money back PayPal we’re as useful as a chocolate fire guard will not trust PayPal again and will never use again.Version: 8.20.0

Larry olsonDeposited $260 and cannot find it.Version: 8.54.1

PayPal restricted me!After about a year and 3 months of loyal PayPal usage racking up great reviews for all my sales (many thousands of $ doing ebay and gumtree) all of a sudden PayPal wants to verify my identity (who knows why they didn’t do that when I first signed up) very conveniently for them this happened during the first time I had over or around $1200 going through the account in sales and purchases (money that they think they can grab) Upon looking at PayPal’s user agreement I found out something interesting to me; you can’t use PayPal under the age of 18 (because you can’t legally sign some contracts that you may sign with PayPal and therefore you can’t sign their user agreement under 18) however if PayPal finds you to be under 18 they can seize your money for their deep pockets because you signed a user agreement that you can’t legally sign - that somewhere says that they can take your $ if you are under 18 Up until now I have been a huge advocate of paypal especially for anyone looking to buy products online, that is not the case anymore and I will be having a friend who is a journalist talk to Tracy Grimshaw from a current affair to look into PayPal PayPal knows that some users are under age but they are quite happy to take advantage of them.Version: 7.3.4

Not too bright, not much helpI recently filed a dispute for an item that i never received and PayPal immediately sided with seller. Part of the scam was itself a fake tracking number, and PayPal just, simply believed it. They viewed it as it said “delivered” and just made me out to be a bad guy. I am home during day, as is wife and 2 children going to school remote. Item was never delivered, we were home and also have video cameras, at time of “delivery”, we were home and no one came. That’s not even my mailman’s delivery time at this area. So as i looked at tracking and clicked on history, it shows part of scam: it shows item shipped out a full 2 days before i was ever on this website shopping!! How can i shop for something on a Wednesday and then seller puts shipping on previous Monday? Can the seller tell the future and know that on Monday a customer was going to buy something on Wednesday so they would just ship it out on that said previous Monday? This isn’t a movie, i am sure that people seeing into the future hasn’t happened yet. Anyways, just be careful with PayPal. They aren’t too bright to not catch this scam so therefore are not helpful at all. In case you are curious, the website in question was a fake Lego website that once you agree to buy, uses PayPal. (I can’t believe PayPal deals with such a company). So DO NOT buy Legos unless it’s on actual Lego site..Version: 7.39.2

This company behaviour is dangerousI was a PayPal user for many years and became somewhat dependant on its reliability and fast payment. In autumn 2018 I started to use my AMEX card availability to help and finance my family business in which I was involved. I firmly believe that using any credit card funds for PayPal topping up is strictly between me and my card provider. As how I use money on my PayPal account which are called by PayPal E-money should not be concern for PayPal providing that is not used for money laundering, terrorist financing and other illegal activity. And one evening on Sunday my account was suspended and it is not operational still “ due to the risk which my activity posed to PayPal. Despite my time and efforts PayPal never explained to me what was exactly the risk and they repeatedly refused to reactivate my account. Right now I am drafting my complaint to the UK Ombudsman. It is clear to me that PayPal is using its domineering position towards customers, does not treat them fairly and could cause serious damage disrupting the clients’s way of life. I would call PayPal actions dangerous and capricious. Thank you for your attention to my comment..Version: 7.7.2

Absolute jokers!!So I have had PayPal connected to my eBay and have used to to buy and sell things for years. 19th May I sell a item not the 1st time I have done this and they make me send the item to the customer BEFORE they will release my money which I receieve a WEEK after the lady receieves her item. I am told this won’t happen again so on 26th I decide to trust PayPal that this won’t happen again and guess what again I have to wait until I have sent the item for them to release the payment luckily I only had to wait 24 hours this time. On 23rd May I buy something on eBay as soon as I have paid for the item the lady said she has lost the charm so I cancel the payment yet they have taken the money from my account this morning. Money wasn’t in pending in my bank account so I thought the payment was cancelled nope course not silly me PayPal took the payment this morning. Absolutely fuming nothing but problem after problem and unable to close the account until yet again I have to wait days for money to go into my bank when it shouldn’t have even been taken! Can’t wait for these jokers to return my money so I can cancelled/delete my paypal account!!.Version: 7.24.1

PayPal steals moneyI had a account with money on it about $30 and they said my account didn’t work or something and I wasn’t aloud to spend any of my money on anything then they kicked me out of my account.Version: 7.23

Fees too highAs a seller the service has been very efficient with my main account for accepting high value credit card payments, but the fees are too high. To add insult to injury they now charge me a fee for issuing refunds, so I lose twice! I have since had to ask clients for their bank details and have the inconvenience of making bank transfers for refunds as a result of this. I opened a second account for another business and when I took a few thousand pounds, they held onto the money for fraud checks for about 2-3 weeks. This was very annoying and messed up my cash flow. Customer Services assured me it would not happen again every time and it did about 6 times after which I had to stop using the account! Customer Services personnel that you can speak to are not able to actually change anything! Very disappointing for such a large company. Obviously no one cares about individual customers so God help you if there’s a problem. Someone is making a fortune overcharging millions of customers globally..Version: 8.0.3

My opinionMy views on this app on quite negative, as I am under 18 my account has been restricted and frozen so which I cannot withdraw and transfer the money I hold in this app to my bank account. Although this issue could be fixed quite easily, it has not been. I have called PayPal services multiple times to which they do not answer, or it makes me answer questions on the phone for about 10-15 minutes to which is then says they are closed or not serving customers at the moment... even though it is in the business hours?? I have also tried contacting them via the text with a helper and they replied to my one message about a 2weeks ago and I have not herd back from them to resolve my issue. I am overall disappointed that they can happily take their surcharge within a heartbeat but when your closing your account or withdrawing money that is much more complex for them..Version: 7.26.0

Fraud on account - disputed and they say nothing wrongI am so over this app. Reported fraud and they deemed it not fraud. Yet the money transferred out of MY acc to a Citibank acc I’ve never had. Money was dropped into my acc x 2 then 1 min later the payee puts in a dispute to get said money back. Then 2 mins later they are transferring it to an unknown acc that was added to my PayPal that I did not do. All the while I was in another state and had not used my PayPal. I’ve had to remove all cards and accs from my PayPal and moved my own money to a new bank acc to protect myself because PayPal cant protect me. Don’t offer a service and then not deliver on security. Once my last purchase is paid I'm deleting this app and NEVER coming back. Do NOT recommend you have it on ur phone. And my password was 15 characters long. No way anyone could guess it. Regularly changed. And I always logged out. Cya PayPal. Useless service. Not safe..Version: 8.54.1

***BEWARE OF PAYPAL***Do not use a company that has the worst customer support in existence to manage your money! I never had a problem until I had a problem with getting thousands of MY dollars out and there is no support to help. They are just robots copying and pasting the same message over and over for months. No accountability no real person just scripts scripts scripts. Spare yourself, delete your data with them, and never use!!!!.Version: 8.17.0

Changes Affect Account NegativelyWhen you guys decide to make changes it should be a pretty simple use case where you help the customer understand the change. Most times PayPal works how it should but recently I’ve had a few issues back to back to back. My card never arrived, they won’t let me report it or change unless I call so I’ve never been able to get through. My account randomly changed to eCheck for no reason known to me and takes longer to get to the other side now. Also I select FaceID sign it and it makes me select that option over and over everytime I sign in now. Just seems to be getting neglected a bit when it comes to taking care of issues with the platform but they will hold your money 3 different ways if something declines or gets reversed....Version: 7.23.1

Dispute awarded to seller with no online securityA month ago I started a dispute with an online room letting agency who does not run any checks on their registered landlords. There were several landlord scammers on their website, the agency thanked me for spotting one of them, I then decided that it is not safe to stay with that agency and I therefore decided to ask for a refund. The agency would not refund the money, I raised a dispute with PayPal. PayPal decided to award the dispute to the seller. Unfortunately, PayPal supports irresponsible online companies that do very little to protect their customers. One member of PayPal support team was very understanding and supportive, but the last one I spoke to, didn’t want to hear any of it. It is about time PayPal starts paying attention to their customers and stop online scammers. The extra star that I gave was for the gentleman at PayPal’s customer services who was supportive. It is time for online business to take online scammers seriously and stop them from using their website and PayPal should be more proactive in ensuring online security..Version: 7.17.1

Inability of PayPal to resolve disputed payments with AmexIn the past, I had paid a charge with a vendor that allowed payment with PayPal. I paid thru PayPal using my Amex. The charge was for approximately $3,000. The order was cancelled and I contacted Amex to dispute the charge because the vendor would not credit me for cancellation. Amex recalled the payment from PayPal and credited my account leaving a negative balance with PayPal. The vendor eventually did accept cancellation and credited it back to Amex who in turn returned the recalled payment to PayPal but PayPal still insisted my account was negative and demanded me to pay the $3000 before I could use my account again. I had to pay because I had a couple of other substantial charges to pay thru PayPal. This happened 6 months ago and PayPal has still been unable to resolve the issue and return the $3000 to me. And now it’s happening again with an $800 chair I purchased. The chair was damaged when it was delivered and I asked Amex to dispute the charge. They did but then PayPal told Amex chair was delivered and therefore charge was valid so Amex again reinstated charge. Chair vender confirmed they tried to credit payment back to PayPal but PayPal told vendor there was issue with my account and they could not resolve return of payment to chair vendor. This is apparently how PayPal maintains their high margins by exploiting this cracks in the system. Very unfortunate for users like you and me..Version: 8.7.0

It used to be goodBut whatever Elon is doing ruined the app. Its terrible to use, almost never works. It used to be a normal bank app. Now you barely can make any payments.Version: 8.54.1

Used to be excellentI’ve been using PayPal for many years. Sendng funds overseas is simple and fast, but their dispute resolution centre for purchases is terrible. I’ve only had to use it twice, over the years. First time for a lost parcel and everything was fine and simple to claim. NOT ANYMORE. The 2nd time was complicated because I purchased from AliExpress and unwittingly paid through AliPay?? I didn’t even know that existed, but apparently the Asian equivalent / offshoot of PayPal? After many emails back and forth, my claim was dismissed. I had ordered two items from seller, but only one was sent. PayPal’s explanation for the reason my claim was dismissed didn’t even apply to my circumstances and must have been a generic response. Lesson learned, will not make that mistake again. I feel that it should have been clear that I was not using PayPal, but it wasn’t. BEWARE! PayPal’s buyer guarantee is worthless!.Version: 8.54.1

PayPal is garbageI’ve never had a good interaction with this company... they have stupid policies that don’t seem to be in the favour of the buyer or the seller. Given the option I’d sooner use cash, and I don’t use cash for ANYTHING anymore..Version: 7.18.1

Fair money app at bestI applaud PayPal for being an early adapter of mobile payments. However, the rest of the industry is passing them by. Many payments take far too long to process, allowing PayPal to pocket the interest. Although this is only a few days, when working with millions of dollars, it adds up to not an insignificant amount of extra money for them. Most other apps allow for instantaneous transfers from banks, not just credit cards like PayPal does. I got a line of credit through PayPal credit. I do NOT recommend this!! I was out of the country and needed to pay for an item. I had excellent credit (over 750). The day after I opened the account my credit score dropped 100 points. I actually paid back the loan in less than 7 days. I had a credit applied to the account and the can not give you YOUR money back except by mailing a check. Again allowing PayPal to float your money while the make interest on it. The is no reason PayPal can’t instantly transfer money from your credit account to your PayPal balance. They also try and get more money from you by making requests for payment add the 3.5% charge. I was just trying to remind a friend to pay for their half of a dinner. Instead, I had to contact them to start a new transaction. Again, all the other apps allow these non-retail transactions for no charge. I’m going to stick with Venmo..Version: 8.55.0

My accountI wish to have my account deleted can u guid me to this.Version: 8.54.1

PayPal doesn’t protect its customers!I have today found out in my dispute with a seller that sent shoddy items- not as described, my claim has been denied by PayPal regardless of proof of postage to return address on package. This is with photographic evidence of original label SHOWING return address! A few days ago I read a TIME magazine article highlighting specifically this problem with PayPal: it referred to companies from China using Facebook to advertise their goods but send instead, cheap alternatives or poor quality token goods. When customers request a refund through PayPal because the seller stops communicating with the customer directly upon request for a refund, they then - eventually - give an address in China (different from the return address on the goods, which in my case I’d already sent goods back to!) And PayPal then no longer pursues their customer’s claim, and the seller has achieved its scam!!! Please read the article for yourself . It was on my newsfeed about 3 days ago. I am angry and greatly disappointed with PayPal. I will b forwarding elements of the article I screenshot to PayPal and continue to try to fight my case, but at the present time I absolutely do not feel protected by PayPal! PayPal customers beware!.Version: 7.35.0

Getting hold of PayPal on the weekendMy PayPal was scammed on Friday night which is a good idea for scammers as there is no phone number to call on the weekend for cases such as this. I made a case but then was locked out of my PayPal as the scammer had changed my phone number and a text was the only way that I could authenticate my identity. I spent the weekend emailing any address I could find and trying to call every number but kept getting messages that I should call back on Monday. I had to cancel all of my bank cards and had a very stressful weekend. This morning I got through to PayPal and the service was excellent and it was sorted for me. I can’t believe a financial organisation can’t be contacted on the weekend. A real opportunity for scammers..Version: 8.39.0

Ruined my credit score rubbish payment methodI had paid for something for £40 and i tried to pay it twice, they had some issue with my banking or bank account! They did not notify me, they claimed they sent me an email which they didnt, then said id missed a payment which I hadn’t done in over 6 years, my credit score dropped by 100, baring in mind ive spend thousands on my credit card (not paypal) and have never missed a payment on it! I rang them up and paid it for the 3rd time and they said i was not eligible for them to speak to get my credit reset. I actually loved paypal but they fell off hard, i tried to pay it twice and it said its been cleared and yet they still ruined my credit without even sending a single email or even getting a notification from the app! Be careful paypal are meant for u to lose money even when you send money and people scam you they all use paypal and they claim ur insured or they can get your money back! First ever time i used paypal credit aswell then they wonder why no1 rates or used them. Jokers..Version: 8.30.1

MargieFI do enjoy the ease of PayPal but I do not enjoy how long it takes to transfer my funds to my bank account . I originally thought it was set up to just transfer into bank account but I found I have to do it manually so now it’s going to take another 5-7 days! It’s far too long.Version: 8.19.1

Love the app, hate the new designThis is a wonderful app. I never have any problems with it working, and it's so convenient to use. The only thing I don't like is the new design where when you open it up, instead of your balance being at the top, the latest notifications are at the top, and they're really large taking up a lot of room, and you have to open them to get rid of them, which is a hassle, even though you can see what they say without opening them. Then to get to your balance so you can tap it to do a money transfer, you have to scroll down past all that. I used to be able up open up PayPal, immediately see how much money I had, and boom, transfer funds in two seconds. Now I gotta go through the hassle of scrolling through notifications that someone sent me funds, when I already knew that because I got the pop-up notification, and scan through the visual clutter to find my balance. It's a chore to have to go through and open each notification message to get rid of it so I can actually see my balance. The new interface is cluttered and confusing. The balance doesn't stand out and is harder to pick out among all the other stuff, and that's the main thing people usually want to see first. Please change it back. This new design is horrible. Whoever's idea it was should be fired..Version: 7.2.2

NoBank transfer doesn't work.Version: 7.21.1

Unnecessary control over my moneyI have had money in my PayPal count for a year but now that I have need of it- I cannot withdraw it because they have to do a “security check” that will last 72 working hours! This after doing a check in myself and my nav k account that proves that I am who I say I am and that this is my PayPal Account! Everything has been verified but they still won’t release my own money to me! Also I got information from a Paypal representative to say that after I had verified their many questions and jumped through all the riduculous hoops- that I could withdraw my money in 12 hrs time. I tried and still can’t do it so I phoned customer service again to be told that no it takes 72 hrs and because I tried again before the 72 hrs was up… they would have to start the 72hrs again! So I have been penalised for doing exactly what I was still to do! Is this a scam that they teach their employees so that they can hold onto your money for a longer period of time?? The info I was given was 12 hrs, then 72hrs and then I changed again… to 3-5 working days! And perhaps- maybe I can do this transaction in 5 days time - this is 5 days after the second withdrawal attempt because I had the cheek to follow initial instruction and tried to draw it after knot 12 hrs so those 12 hrs were discounted as part of the first 72 hrs??!! What an absolute con!! Oh… and it’s my fault for not using the money sooner??!!.Version: 8.52.1

Not safe, not helpfulMy PayPal account was hacked and for 6 months I attempted to get PayPal to recover my account so I could use it. To this day I have not been able to log back in to my account and PayPal cannot tell me why I am unable to access my account - why it says I have limited services, why I cannot reset my password to enter my account, why the zip code is always invalid when I try to log in. The staff at paypal had me running around in circles talking to people who have no idea how to help me. How is this safe ? What happened to my account ? IMO if this is how they deal with personal delicate information I don’t see how they can stay in business with such practices. They could be taking peoples money for all we know. Not acceptable..Version: 8.54.1

Holds money for too longRecently made a sale and provided tracking information straight away, they claim to release the funds to you the next day after shipping info ad tracking numbers are provided however it’s been 3 days and I still don’t have access to my funds, I am afraid they will hold it for 21 DAYS!!! now and this is extremely frustrating and disappointing as I’m not sure they understand this includes shipping fees and I am now $13 out of pocked from a sale which the money included shipping fees and I have not had access too or been released and given too me yet, this is extremely frustrating as I don’t have any other form of income and I am now made to wait almost a month to be able to have access to MY OWN MONEY. On top of this with the fees they charge too I will not be using or supporting them anymore and once I gain access to my funds I will be deleting my account, waste of my time and money..Version: 7.30.1

NOT WHAT I EXPECTED TERRIBLE EXPERIENCETrying to transfer money from bank account has been a NIGHTMARE! I called PayPal the 1st time I was on hold for 30min I hung up called back was on hold for 35min then was finally transferred to a nice agent that didn't know much and kept changing reasons for the delay in transfer... 1st she blamed Bank of America that was until I told her that I talked to the bank...then she said in order for money to transfer instantly it would need to come from a savings account...uhhh that should have been communicated before I attempted to transfer another $100 from checking I would have done it from savings. So I decided to use Venmo! I never had issues when loading Venmo card! I will be working with the Better Business Bureau to get money back into my checking account WITHOUT A FEE!!! Since I was not able to use the card for the purpose intended. I thought PP would be good because I don't like to use my personal card to place orders online just as a precaution! Hence is why I have PP and Venmo! Once my funds are back in my account I will be cutting up my PP card it is of NO USE AND A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! I actually handed it over to my son for his honeymoon just in case they wanted a couple hundred dollars to do or buy something extra, and thought the money would be on there...Actually had to send them funds a different way! Thumbs DOWN for PP!!!.Version: 8.29.0

No NOTIFICATIONSI’ve been using PayPal for years now. It’s just so annoying that this issue is still not solved. I don’t get payment notifications from the app. Push notifications are all on, on the app and my phone settings. It’s so annoying. Fix this..Version: 8.54.1

It needs more customer service for issuesI had some issues that was solved, I had one issue that was against me. I bought a different item and they sent me a hat, I explained through Resolution Centre and sent all the proves but I lost my money. Last buy Was Rotita, they charged me twice. I went to resolution Centre they refunded one of the payment, I thought they will sent me the swimming cloth that I ordered but they didn’t, I tried to claim PayPal for the refund but it wasn’t possible because they said that it was solve with fist payment they returned. after long time contacting Rotita, Rotita refunded my money through PayPal. Now PayPal has the money and they didn’t refund it. The app asked me to link with my credit card I did and still I didn’t get it. I send myself the same amount of money because I think they will sent me that money but they took the money from my Credit card and didn’t send me. Now they have the money that Rotita refund and the money that I send myself. Can you help me, please to refund all this money ? Thank you.Version: 8.37.0

Unethical behavior, extremely poor customer service, outright thievery. BewareI trusted this company to accept payments from my customers and hold my funds securely and they abused that trust. They charge a fee of 3.49% to process transactions for my business. Fine. But on top of that, they refuse to release my money to me in a timely manner, giving me wildly varying reasons why I can't withdraw my funds and sometimes no reason at all. I'll talk to one customer service rep, who says my money will be available to me by a certain date, only to have another rep act confused and give me a different date several days in the future. I try to withdraw my funds and select instant transfer. Even though there is no mention of this, selecting instant transfer can mean your money will be transferred after several days instead, and they do not and will not provide any reason for this. They can just decide that they don't want to release your money at the moment, and there is nothing you can do because you have no power in this relationship. Their customer service reps will lie to you, tell you contradictory things, and hang up on you. The truth is they make massive amounts of money from lending out any funds you have on deposit with them, and they will do anything they can to delay releasing your money so they can make more money off of you. I will never trust these criminals with my money ever again. Do yourself a favor and find another company to process your transactions..Version: 8.18.0

Good Product, Complete Lack of HelpI use PayPal a lot, because the product itself is good. But only giving 2 stars because of PayPal’s continued commitment to providing less than the bare minimum of service necessary to dispute transactions, ask questions, and work through problems. 1. No telephone service during COVID-19. I get it, people were staying at home. But as someone who works for a humble non-profit, my employer was quick to find solutions for workers to keep their jobs while working from home. PayPal obviously didn’t do this. They were no longer offering help via phone, so talking to a human instead of texting was out of the question. I had to make a Twitter account and tweet at the PayPal Twitter account to get their attention. I don’t own or use Twitter, so it was troublesome to have to go to that sort of work to get my money back after I was the victim of a scam. 2. Like every other website on the planet, PayPal is obsessed with the idea that they’ve already answered your question. It’s difficult to even get in touch with someone through their help center, because they want to push their FAQ on you instead of allowing you to just ask your question. I have NEVER found the answers in FAQ, typically because when I need help it’s because I’ve already exhausted common sense options. Stop assuming your use base is all a bunch of idiots with stupid questions, and maybe answer the phone..Version: 7.37.2

Avoid if possibleThe app doesn’t allow access to needed features and you find yourself when in need having to navigate a web page you rarely if ever use and and up lost and in a state of anxiety chasing whatever the current payment issue is, which come thick and fast. I’m still awaiting a call back from a manager that has never came, chased it up twice still no call back. PayPal in general is an absolute joke, they have changed there fees so anything less than £3-4 is pointless selling, but they don’t make this obvious to you so you find out the hard way, I lost so much money due to them and now there new ruling is to hold 90% of my money for 21 days in case there are payment issues, the only issues I now have are due to PayPal holding my money and I can now not pay for the postage to send the items, once again out of pocket and currently out of food for the household, thanks PayPal for all the support in processing MY money!!!!!!!!! Your job is to process not make judgments on seller performance. Poor company, even poorer app and good luck speaking to anyone, your specific problem won’t be an option and you’ll get the call ended on you with no resolution, the only option is to lie about your issue about something compel to rot different and eventually hopefully get through to a human..Version: 7.17.1

GarbagePaypal is trash, they assume everyone is a seller and they will hold money for 21 days or longer. They think they own everyone's money, the customer service is atrocious they're never willing to help..Version: 8.54.1

Total rubbish!Had nearly £1000 fraudulently taken from my paypal acc! Four different names used and money poured or in seconds!!!! Only able to report two at the time it happend so stopped my card with my bank! Nearly 12 weeks later still waiting for £500 to be refunded but pay pal say that as I informed my bank it is not their problem! What was I supposed to do! Trying to negotiate the web site sends you down one worm hole to another and as for trying to talk to a human @&#%%!!! I feel PayPal just don’t want to know! They have even closed the ongoing conversation I’ve been having with them on line! If I want to continue I have to start all over again! I’ve even been in touch with their CEO who hasn’t even had the grace to acknowledge my email!!! Needless to say I won’t be using PayPal again! They just keep passing the buck to my bank! I e never used PayPal for cash transfers, didn’t know you could! Not have I made transactions involving such large amounts of money so these were obviously fraudulent! I’ve used pay pal for many years! Great while all is going well!!!! I’d have had more protection using my card! Waste of space PayPal!.Version: 7.27.1

UpsetIf you are a seller never use this app. I basically got scammed by a buyer, I didn’t get the item I sold back, but PayPal decided to take the buyers side and refunded them anyway. Also there is a 20 dollar refund fee so I lost my item, the money I was owed, and an extra 20 f ing dollars I’m raging.Version: 8.54.1

Not so hotConsidering PayPal has been in business for such a long time he would think that they would have very good customer service and glitches out of their app but the customer service is not good at all when you talk to them they act like you’ve done something wrong or you’re hiding something they put too many random holds on your account having to verify all the time. When I set up my business account and trying to make an invoice for service it always goes back to goods sold I do not sell anything and I think I’ve been charged extra for that taken out of my invoices the only thing that I have experienced that was an ease was purchasing something online using your PayPal card but as far as my invoicing and sending money to people seems like there is always a problem and now they’re charging even more to even send money to friends and family where they are me anyway. When I’m trying to make an invoice it’s very slow and there are glitches in it half the time I have to redo my items and description and then sometimes they’re already there I think it could be a very very good and I probably wouldn’t even use it except for I have one client that will pay immediately using PayPal and it’s a big client so I use it. As far as sending money there are other apps that are better.Version: 7.33.0

No subscription migration, must add tracking, expensiveIt’s unfortunate that Paypal does not have the functionality for web developers to migrate subscriptions. I have a new website with Woocommerce and this process has to be done manually which is time consuming and costly. I also need to add tracking details to all of my transactions even though they are electronic purchases. There may be a way around this, but I’m not aware of it. It took me a while to realise this after I added Paypal as an option for my customers, then when I realised I needed to add tracking some months later customers thought they had been charged again. Paypal transactions are also expensive and eat into my profits, especially as my digital products are not high ticket items. My other payment gateway is a much lower cost per transaction. Otherwise, Paypal has been good..Version: 8.31.2

DReally not a great service at all. I’ve experienced multiple issues. It seems they put and hurdle in front of every little thing you try to do when they are the ones handling your money and not the other way around. Scammed out of a £400 pair of shoes and they just let it happen! I’ve recently tried to pay off a credit balance and in the unbelievable 10 days it was pending I incurred a charge and had emails and letters threatening me about money I owe them all whilst I’m literally trying to pay them. These ridiculous waits for transfers etc are a huge turn off, there’s no way in 2024 that is should take 10 days to transfer money, they’ll blame the bank but it’s literally entirely in PayPal. Talk to representatives and they constantly turn you away stating there’s nothing they can do when the responsibility is almost always and entirely on PayPal yet they don’t even try to help. So many issues and problems I can’t even list them all but the big one is not even receiving the “protection” they claim to offer, might as well not use them at all and avoid unnecessary fees which they take whenever they can..Version: 8.54.1

Payment timeI have been very unhappy with the payment method. It has been now PayPal 13 days and still none of my money has been transferred into my bank when you’re running a small business that just doesn’t work!! I won’t be using it again as after I finally get the money in my bank account. Because of this I’m now behind in my payments to other people, I even asked before a joint what % PayPal took from the customer before I received the payment. They said none. But when The customer paid me I away lost a large percentage of the money into my PayPal account. I was not made aware of this as I would if used my own bank account as I needed the full amount. I also asked customer service best way to transfer this money to my bank account to receive the full amount. PayPal said if you transferred it straight away there would be an extra cost. but not if you let it transfer over the 10 working days as there would be no extra fees. and I wouldn’t have to wait any more than four days to find out afterwards it’s now 10 to 14 working days which is not acceptable Really unhappy with the whole set up PayPal should of been more transparent..Version: 8.4.2

DisappointmentOn m’a envoyé de l’argent sur PayPal l’argent et rester pending et la personne pouvait pas annuler c’est resté pending jusqu’à aujourd’hui.Version: 8.57.0

Not as reliable as beforeI have used PayPal for over 10 years. Now it’s is not as safe and reliable as before. I should get a second verification each time, sent to my phone, but sometimes this doesn’t happen and the transaction just goes straight through. Also dodgy facebook shops seem to be using PayPal to force sale through at higher amount than the goods are stated to be and even sometimes when you cancel before finalising sale because you realise they are being deceptive then PayPal puts the payment through anyway, how is that legal? Raising a dispute with PayPal is hit and miss. I purchased an electrical product that did not even turn on, the seller will not agree to replace or refund, I thought PayPal would back me up but they would not. Looking for alternatives now..Version: 8.60.1

Loss of moneyI have lost £300 through using your services and 3 months later I am still trying to get it back. I received £300 into my account and tried to send to my bank but the money didn’t get there, my bank has not received it and there is no sign of it anywhere..I’ve been trying to sort out with PayPal through their messaging service but never get anywhere, Here are some of the things their agents on the message service have told me “ Welcome back to PayPal chat! Please allow me 2 to 4 minutes while I read your previous conversation for me to understand what is happening. Thank you! I know that this is important. I will check your account and provide you with a resolution” That guy said he knew this was important and he would check my account and provide me with a resolution but he never did, I’m still trying to get my £300 back. Another guy said “I wish I could help you, however, I am unable to check your account. Therefore, I would request you to log out and log in back and reply to same chat” . How is it the first guy could check my account but the second one couldn’t and to this day I still have not had a phone call or email back from PayPal to resolve this situation? I’ve tried calling PayPal to speak to someone but you get put through to an automated service then the line goes dead. I’m very disappointed with PayPal £300 is a lot of money. My name is Jason Medley and I now expect this to be sorted PayPal, My next move is not a review.Version: 7.29.1

As clear as mudAs usual the statement is confusing to the extent it looks suspicious. As it turns out it is all legitimate but since one (of the two) purchases has been paid with two quite bizarre amounts it looked irregular. To add to the utter idiocy of the account no payments can be identified as to the recipient (seller) of goods bought. My concerns were investigated by PayPal but the response, 4 hours later, didn’t answer the query as it didn’t even include the second part-payment into the calculations so would never reconcile the balance. Even now, having made the connection to see the figures will tally I do not categorically know it is correct. Shockingly short of clarity, for no apparent reason so reinvigorates my reluctance to use the service - far from give additional security assurance it diminishes it further still. My credit card handles tens of transactions, covering a variety of retailers, each for quite varying amounts but the monthly statement identifies all and everyone can be traced should clarification be required. Come on PayPal, try to keep up!.Version: 8.4.2

TRASH.I want to begin to say, that I have recently started using PayPal, just a month ago, it was going quite smoothly and there were quite a few things I was annoyed about, like commissions and stuff but then PayPal started to put my money that I was receiving from customers on pending, I was confused but then I realized after reading the terms, ok I am a new seller and i am getting paid huge sums of money at a fast rate, but things started to get messy. After customers have bought things, I say at the end could you please confirm the order and they never do, always ignoring my message, you could argue that all you need to do is put the tracking information in but on some of the packages, the person who posted them for me when I was out somewhere sometimes never put tracking, so there wasn’t an option but for the customers to confirm it, some of them there was a reference number but still no payment came through, that’s when I had enough and decided to contact PayPal and I understand there were a lot of calls but the robot started to read out my transactions and telling me to say which ones haven’t confirmed it (something like that) and there was a lot! No way am I spending my time to do that, PayPal should abolish this at once, buyers take advantage of this so easily it is a dumb concept! In the end we have nothing to gain! Fix this at once!.Version: 7.18.2

PayPal money back guarantee is a scamI have never had any issues with PayPal until I started using Depop and was sent a fake pair of Gucci Trackpants by a seller. I raised a dispute through PayPal and was told by PayPal that I needed to send the pants back to the seller and for them to mark it as received before I could get my refund. So I spent 240$ initially on buying the pants and then another 30$ to send the pants back to the seller with tracking, which arrived according to Auspost tracking. However the seller said he never received them, so I spent 270$ in total in ended up with nothing. Very disappointed in PayPal’s money back guarantee as they give control over whether or not you get refunded to the person who scammed you. Obviously if someone lacks a moral compass enough to sell counterfeit items, then denying someone a refund is not going to bother them either. Will not be using Depop or PayPal again and am writing this review to warn other potential clients that neither companies care about the security of buyers money..Version: 8.30.2

AwfulThis has to be one of the most frustrating and moronic ways of transferring money to ever exist. it takes over a week for money to be deposited into your paypal account and there aren’t even any clear instructions of HOW to transfer money into your paypal account. confirming your identity is a pain in the rear, and you have to be 18+, like?? 16 and 17 year olds earn their own money and should be entitled to spend that money on sites that require you to pay with paypal. i really recommend b-pay, easy to use and accessible by all. paypal is the epitome of everything wrong in the word. it is a capitalistic scam. they take 10% of all pay too! like, i get that they have to make a profit, but seriously? just use ads 😭 if you want to test your patience, i HIGHLY recommend paypal. but if you would like to save your frustrations for another day, b-pay is amazing :) thank you paypal for absolutely destroying me and my mental health. please make your “app” easier to use and more inclusive..Version: 8.9.2

TERRIBLEThey shut down my account due to the “excessive risk involved”. I’ve never had a dispute on my account since I’ve opened it. They asked for documentation earlier today & i provided everything they requested. I called and asked about why my account was permanently closed & they said they can’t provide any more information and I need to refer to the email that was sent. All the email said was it closed down due to the excessive risk involved. The lady did say that I sent the wrong info they asked for? I took a picture of my drivers license as requested and a picture a package with my address to provide the address. I also sent pictures of my latest bank statement and the reason describing the recent transactions. I gave them everything they asked for and then they just closed my account, with NO valid reason. Now they’re going to hold my money for 180 days! It’s my money! They wont let me use my account and they want to keep my money…. What do they need to keep my money for 180 days for?! I have heard other people saying that they have also had their accounts closed with no reasoning whatsoever. And while I was on the call, the lady asked if she could put me on hold. She came back 10 minutes later and pretended she couldn’t hear me and then hung up. Thank goodness those phone calls are recorded so the company will know she just hung up on me. I will certainly be contacting the better business bureau. Hopefully they can do something.Version: 8.37.0

No longer impressed.Used it for years, but have moved on due to incident in which they did not refund my money and customer service with usless are you. Can.Version: 8.35.0

Not a happy sellerCustomer paid for regular tracking on a $60 custom made Embroidered order, so can’t be Tracked, i offered Tracked and list on my page, website if they pay regular at own risk. Customer said missing so I offered to remake and send Tracked at my cost, customer said ok. Made order again only after a few days of customer saying ok to remake. Then customer decided to put in a claim. I asked customer why she put in a claim we agreed I was remaking and customer said don’t worry I changed my mind and I went out and brought a basic store version as didn’t want to wait, I just want my money back. So angry, this is custom made and can’t be on-sold. Customer could have said they wanted a refund and I would have refunded and not re-made. So PayPal asked for proof of tracking, I said no proof as customer paid for untracked, I showed pictures of finished product that I showed customer but PayPal ruled in customers favour saying I could not provide tracking, therefore I had to pay $60 back plus $16 on PayPal fees. Not happy PayPal, all up you have cost me over $130 out of my pocket for a customer who clearly is a scammer..Version: 7.6.0

Latest update is uselessThe latest update (Sep. 21, 2019) makes this app less than useless for me. First, it no longer shows my PayPal balance and there is no/no way to find it other than to go to my computer and log in from there. Second, it insists on my linking a credit card when I already have one linked. And there is no/no way to delete that message/prompt. You have managed to convert what once was a useful app into a useless and annoying waste of space on my iphone..Version: 7.14.0

Rascal App & Rude Customer ServiceThey only know how to send something already in the Q&A repeatedly then end your conversation without your permission. I haven’t got my referral rewards but they pretend being innocent!.Version: 8.54.1

The app not really good enough for use use1 you cannot change your password when you think is the time update password 2 the receipts you only show the company's name not 90% app name is different their company's name so you no ideas is someone using your account or is the app your borough. Sometimes the app pays for some third-party company so it is not clear..Version: 7.7.2

Not happy with their serviceI had a long running dispute over a damaged item I received which cost me 3k. I paid with PayPal and thought that this would be an easy issue to resolve. However, they never resolved this dispute and came up with all sorts of ridiculous things that I had to do to prove damage including making a police report. After months of paperwork and no resolve I then contacted my bank who sorted the issue and processed a refund from PayPal within 14 days. Also, be careful when looking at an item with PayPal as even though you do not complete an order form when buying online, somehow PayPal deducts this from your account as a payment pending? I don’t know how they can access a bank account without approval? Also they allow business to add on extra charges once payment to pay in 4 has been accepted. You don’t see this until you have already confirmed your order. It is not a good business practice but they let it happen..Version: 8.30.1

Scammed via PayPalMy faith in PayPal has been sadly destroyed after many years of safe and guaranteed transactions. A few days ago I was advised by PayPal that it had paid from my bank account an amount of $2398 for an Ozsale purchase of 2 mobile phones. I immediately contacted both companies stating that I had not purchased anything and that my identity had been compromised. The Ozsale purchaser on the invoice was someone using my name but from a different address and State and the items were being shipped to yet another person in yet another State. I asked for the order to be cancelled and my money reinstated to my account. PayPal declined on the grounds that my purchase ‘wasn’t unauthorised’ and closed my case. Now obviously someone was able to access my PayPal account and would have needed my email address, phone number and password to do this. Why wasn’t this investigated? As a person of senior years I am devastated. I don’t usually have money in my account but had sold shares to pay for a small home renovation. Truly scammed..Version: 8.6.1

Bad Customer ServiceFor as big and successful as this company is, you’d think they’d have good customer service. Every time i try to add to my paypal balance is transfer money to my bank, i get an error message. i’ve been using this app for years so i know i’m not doing anything wrong. i’ll go to the helo center, talk to an agent, they’ll “unlock” my account as like a one-time thing so that the transfer goes through. but then the next time i try to do it, it happens again and i have to get in contact with an agent again just to use a standard feature on the app. i have two bank accounts so i use paypal to get money from one to the other. and in the app, they let you have more than one card hooked up so like,, if that poses a problem then don’t make it possible. like don’t make it a feature IN THE APP. i’m not blaming their customer service representatives, they do all they can. but the permissions they’re given are insufficient when it comes to helping customers. they’ve specifically said that all they can do is a one-time account unlock and that they have no way to guarantee that it won’t happen again. they should be given more resources to help their customers. i would like to be able to use the app like anyone else normally would, but paypal is so finnicky that i’d abandon it if i knew of another app that gave me the ability to transfer between my bank accounts. i just want my money, it’s that simple.Version: 7.28.0

Terrible customer service, Soooo bad 0 starI was with PayPal since the beginning then one day I log onto to my account and it had been permanently deactivated, which threw me through a loop because I never changed the way I used my account, I used it how everyone uses it and that was to buy things and send or receive money from family and friends. So I reach out to customer service because this has to be some kind of misunderstanding or mistake because it’s my account I know how I use it. When I asked the reason my account was permanently disabled they said they didn’t know and that once the account is disabled they No longer have access to the reason for the account being disabled!!! So my account was randomly disabled for a reason they wouldn’t tell me after having an account with them for 10 plus yrs doing absolutely nothing different then I’ve ever done since I opened the account. To make matters worse the money (My Money) I have left in my pay pal account has been on hold for over 6 months now. So please be aware if this can happen to me it can happen to anyone else at any time for no reason and with no warning. Then you’ll be like me unable to use pay pal at all, and you don’t realize how bad that actually is until it happens to you. PayPal links to EVERYTHING it is really messed up and feel the ultimate betrayal..Version: 8.58.0

Annoying as hellI setup a PayPal account years ago when I lived overseas but didn’t use it. Now that I live in NZ it is impossible to use as it is associated with an overseas number that I no longer have access to. The app keeps wanting to send confirmation messages to this number. Aargh!! Am unable to delete the account and trying to get help via their website has me running around in circles!!!.Version: 8.36.0

PayPal are crooks !I have been using PayPal for many years now, already many of the exchange rate fees are ridiculous but still used it cause many of my family members have accounts so it’s easier. I recently had my brother send me some money from France, a few weeks later I paid him back and everything was forgotten. Until 2 months later PayPal claim that my brother is a ‘Buyer’ and requested his money back putting my account in overdraft, they then automatically topped up my PayPal balance without my authority putting my bank account in overdraft too and my PayPal is also still overdrawn. When I contacted customer service to explain this is clearly a mistake and my transfers were only sent as family and friends so there is no buyer involved, however PayPal keep denying a mistake on their behalf. People are already under huge amounts of stress with the pandemic and many struggling financially, PayPal play around with ur money it’s a complete centralised system that robs their customers. I will never use PayPal again and I suggest everyone else stays away from these centralised systems. I’m better off using XRP to transfer funds to family and friends!.Version: 7.40.5

Not great anymoreUp until two days ago would have said : Paypal is TERRIRIC. But we are on DAY THREE of two sums sent to me sitting in limbo , no options on where to put it( the bank account I have linked for instance ??? ) while for other money sent on the same day and close to it I immediately saw the relevant questions pop up on the screen and was able to transfer the $ to my bank account IN SECONDS. Customer service is virtually nonexistent , instead of two at most easy clicks to talk to a HUMAN - since well over half of cust. svce problems CANNOT be solved by a cheap poorly designed bot , OKAY ? ; the person who keeps Paypal IN BUSINES has to run all over the place to even FIND a way to - MAYBE - talk to a PERSON! And of course instead of the glaringly onvious " Sure , tell me whatever tyou can about the $ sent " at which point the Customer Service person simply scrolls to it/them , you have to do their work and have painstakingly written down a sixty-five digit transaction number !! Really . Is there ANY legit technical reason I or some other frustrated individual KEEPING YOU FOLKS IN BUSINESS , PAYPAL , cannot simply say " It was fifty dollars sent by Fneed Incorporated last week" ? HMM ?? NO . NO THERE IS ABDOLUTELY NOT . A stupid problem that didn't have to even exist , blocking resolution to another problem( my money is in limbo ) that should have been fixed days ago ..Version: 8.23.1

PLEASE AVOID... uselessI bought an item of £640 from eBay, made payment with Pay Pal.... The item did not arrive even tho the tracking number said delivered.. I contacted the seller on several occasions to at least assist by contacting royal mail.. The seller did not respond to any of my messages. I opened a dispute with PayPal with all the proof and the response I got from royal mail... With all my messages pleading with the seller to at least talk to royal mail to try and track the parcel.. He didn't respond to any message.. It's like he's a professional fraudster who knew the game well... All PayPal required is a proof of delivery., as long as you could show a proof of delivery. PayPal decided to side with seller.. I'm out of £640 and also don't have the item... I have been a papal customer for over a decade. I use them to pay for my everything.. But I now see there is no buyers protection... I'm going to close my account.. They are as good as useless. No protection whatsoever... If you are smart you can use both eBay and PayPal as a means of frauding people.. Knowing full well all they required is a proof of delivery.. You could send the item to a completely different address and PayPal would not care... So long it shows delivered. No proper investigation or requirement for the seller to help. They just closed the claim and favor the seller... Never again....Version: 8.40.1

They charge you $800 for random feesI and another person were using PayPal to transfer $900 first the other person was made by PayPal to upgrade my account, they had taken the money out of the account. Over the course for 3 hours we had to go through ridiculous links and Setting up account to dodgy websites which 9/10 would be declined and than we would have to reset the process. Once finally getting through PayPal additionally added a $500 “insurance fee” on top of the first $300 “security refund fee” I do not recommend using PayPal as they are a waste of time and money. You end up spending more money than intended.Version: 8.38.0

Can’t link my credit card 😤 WHY?My credit card was temporarily linked to a friends PayPal account to make one purchase then removed/deleted off that PayPal account & now I can no longer link my credit card to my own PayPal account as it’s been linked to another account 😒. Have emailed & called & spoken to several staff at PayPal all of which were no help at all other than advising me to get a new credit card to link. Beyond frustrating!!!.Version: 6.28.0

Fraudulent ActivityI never use this app and i had fraudulent activity in my Account of $130 CA. I report this activity and dispute this transaction to paypal they did nothing and they said its not fraudulent activity and they charge me $20 dispute fees and not its $150 negative balance showing in account. What kind of service is this ? If you guys can’t differentiate about legal and illegal activities then i feel you don’t know about your own product. What a Shame Paypal..Version: 8.54.1

As a seller a buyer can file a dispute and win I just lostOn March 17 2021 I sent a order that was purchased from me off of . Unfortunately I got a scammed and PayPal resided with it even after sending clod her evidence.PAYPAL IS RUNNED BY SCAM INDIAN CALL CENTERS. IT IS DISGUSTING AND SAD I LOST 108.89 usd which is more in CAD where I never received the money nor got proper respect nor response after being so right there got scared and closed my conversation with them since I filed a criminal dispute against PayPal and buyer with full screenshots of all my chats please BOYCOT PAYPAL THEY HVE BEEN SCAMMING for 15 years plus and no one wants to two action which I have already done PLEASE DONT GET FOOLED WITH PAYPALS FAKE INDIAN REVIEWS THEY ARE RUNNED IN INDIA NOT ONE CALL CENTRE UNDERSTANDS THE REAL MEANING OF CAD OR USD CURRENCEY THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEFS AND DISGUSTING THEY ARE STILL A RUNNED APP.Version: 7.40.5

GarbageI’m permanently limited to using paypal without any reasons. The only reason they have is “suspicion after review” no details whatsoever. Most garbage reasoning i have ever heard..Version: 8.54.1

Hate this appI almost am forced into having PayPal due to being a frequent seller on depop. I’ve been selling things on my depop for about 4/5 years now, at quite a frequent rate, nothing overly expensive just clothes, books ect. I don’t usually have issues but recently I sold a phone for about £40, and for weeks now PayPal has withheld my money, which in times like we’re in currently, I do actually quite need. None of the reasons they list for withholding money even apply to me, as I’m not a new seller, I haven’t had any refund requests & this amount of money isn’t that unusual as I’ve sold items for similar amounts previously. I have a horrible feeling this could go on for a while as there’s no clear way to dispute the withholding, apart from providing a tracking number for the posted item, which I didn’t get as I didn’t know I needed one, and I usually ship with second class postage with signed delivery. I don’t know how they’re even allowed to do this sort of thing.Version: 8.14.1

Update makes no senseCan’t access the amount of money and do transfer. Completely useless....Version: 7.14.0

They have dropped the ball two many times.I just got off the phone with PayPal wasted an hour of my life today just like I did a week or two ago trying to get something transferred correctly from my PayPal card account. I even called ahead of time to ask them how to properly transfer the money into this account so that I could pay two bills one with them and their pay in 4 account. And one with an insurance company I have connected to my PayPal. There was a glitch error in the app where I tried to transfer the money and pay the fee to instantly get the funds back and somehow it transferred to my bank account and now it’ll take four days which will be making the bills I have to pay late. They told me even though it was instantly done there was nothing they could do on their end. And tried to tell me multiple times that I press the wrong button when this isn’t my first time using this account I’ve had PayPal since 2011. The customer service reps clearly don’t speak English and that’s not because they are minorities they do not speak a language where we can communicate. And they’re quick to rush you off the phone or blame you for their errors. Once my payments are done late but done I will be canceling every single account I have with PayPal. It was also a Way for me to access my Twitch funds however that was changed seeing that they are going to continue playing with my time and money. PayPal has have lost me as a customer forever..Version: 8.8.6

Never recommand PayPalThey never contact me while I was asking to close a transaction and put everything on the customer side without asking me anything while I was working all day plus they collect my account of 5 $ without notice..Version: 8.54.1

Horrible Service During PandemicI recently downloaded PayPal during the current situation to make purchases online easier, I had heard that PayPal was a great service so I downloaded it. I regret downloading the app!! When I receive my first payment I had to accept the money which meant putting in pictures of my government ID, my SSN card, and a few more things. This was fine at first but it didn’t accept them because the name on them (my full name) didn’t match my account name (the shorter version of my name). So I had to change the name through the account, when I tried to submit my birth certificate for identification it didn’t accept it because my name was too long. I tried messaging the company and every time I got an employee to message they never responded until I got another employee 8 or more hours later that did the same thing. So I decided I had tried enough and needed to call customer service, I gave the automated voice system all the needed info and they sent me to another voice system that said the customer service line is closed due to COVID. This is extremely ridiculous!! I need to speak to someone ASAP and none of the other options are working! Totally hate how PayPal is handling this I would be ok with wanting longer to get someone on the line, but having no call option at all, that’s stupid! I will not be using PayPal any more and will be switching to one of your competitors sorry not sorry 👎🏼.Version: 7.26.0

Cannot pay / forced to change password!3 stars as I’ve never had an issue before this. However, now I may as well delete it as I’m continuously being forced to change my password due to “security concerns”. When I change my password, which isn’t possible on the app btw because it won’t submit, it tells me to change my password again! Having to choose a different payment method when shopping on other websites. Rung customer services and she says there’s an issue with my phone. Really? It’s also happening on my partners phone and I’m glad I checked reviews as someone else has recently wrote the same. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app numerous times, restarted my phone, etc. Edited review as I felt the problem was in the app. Nop, I’m also being forced to changed password repeatedly on Safari and on my laptop too. What’s the point of Paypal if I can’t use it to pay for anything?! Very frustrating, please sort it! Especially when I have money sat in my account!.Version: 6.28.1

Of no usePaypal will not let me use the money for myself by sending it to my bank account nor will it send it to another person unless they have a PayPal account. What good is it if I can’t spend it the way I want?.Version: 8.35.0

All about themI am trying very hard to step away from Pay Pal, not easy when many things out there use it, and it is a great concept. If only they had the customer care and service behind the idea. We had a few issues with them that infuriated me but this last one, when it is eventually resolved will stop me using it and close my account. A customer paid us using pay pal, I had to refund them. Pay pal allowed this to happen, my account said the customers money was there to be refunded. Unbeknown to me, and with no warning or questions asked pay pal took the money straight out of my bank account leaving me overdrawn and paying interest. When I spoke to them, itself not easy, I was told it was because the customer paid by e-cheque and it would take 30 (!)days to clear! So there was no money in the pay pal account (even though it says it’s there - still says it now) to refund. I am still waiting. Just be careful they are out for themselves and is not a service of any kind. Although I would say the bloke I spoke to at customer services was very understanding but could do nothing to help..Version: 7.42.3

Average, support unhelpfulAfter putting a brand new account on PayPal, they deleted it and refused to reinstate. As it was the bank account matched to a business name, they refused to allow both the account and attached card. PayPal, you need to correct your system to allow bank accounts on multiple PayPal accounts..Version: 7.29.1

PayPal let me down.PayPal closed my account without notifying me. My personal information leaked, therefore I had to change all my accounts. PayPal refuse to answer my inquiries, no reason given for the closure. I do not recommend PayPal..Version: 8.35.0

UnbelievableEach time i tried to transfer money to my bank it puts my visa account in debt!!! unbelievable. i am now $153.45. in debt because of you guys and i’ve only tried transferring money 3 times this is stupid. do not get this app..Version: 7.42.3

NOT SAFE!!!!I have had problems with PayPal, Xoom, Venmo. How can a company offer financial services when they are not capable of protecting your personal information and money?! My Xoom account was hacked… whoever it was got in and started sending money with the bank account that was on file. I woke up with a bunch of notifications… I tried to stop the transactions since it wasn’t me doing it calling the costumer service center. And they said they couldn’t anything with the transaction that were already completed. My question was and still is: how someone got it my account and was able to send various transfers and those transfer be completed within 2 or 3 hours after it was submitted. Cause when I have done it myself it took days to have it completed. They frozen the account they canceled 4 of the transaction that were submitted but still went through and made it to the bank. And they said that I’d have to call the bank to have them stopping those payments and refund me. WORSE FINANCIAL COMPANY TO DEAL WITH! Never open a account with them. Not able to protect your information and not even care if/when something happens to your account. Now the bank opened a investigation that will pretty much take 45 days to be completed and I will only have the money back if they’re able to prove that it wasn’t done by me. Which Xoom should be able to figure that out by looking the location from where the transaction were started at..Version: 8.19.1

Bunk!!Still waiting for my money to appear... magically now I’m hoping?✨.Version: 7.26.0

Scam artistsDo not use PayPal They do not stand behind they’re clients or protect them as they state I spent $700 on product fir my wife Gave shipper instructions that signature was required for delivery I never received the product And shipper says it was put on a porch!!! I filed a claim And PayPal closed it saying it was delivered.Version: 8.54.1

Worse customer servicePayPal has worse customer service, they don’t reply for hours. Even if someone has millions of dollars stucked..Version: 8.54.1

WORSE APP EVER AND MADE A COMMENT ABOUT MY SKIN TONE WHILE IDENTIFY CHECKING ME THROUGH THE CAMERAStay away from the app you will same yourself some time and head ache. They will trap your money for whatever stupid reason they have you’ll lose business relationships, partners and investors dealing with PayPal looking money up for 28 days for no reason as if you pass digital counterfeit money through the computer. Their reason non I honestly think they need to borrow money from their customers that my opinion because real banks don’t do that and y’all are not a bank half y’all products are idk what to really call them but a 250 credit you would think is for someone who is rebuilding their credit but that’s what they will start you with if you have at less a 650 score. That’s a low ball credit line at least 500 for a 650 credit score like I said they ain’t got the money. That pay in 4 you can get about three of them until they deny you if you ever want another one they have a limit on those they ain’t got the money to hold them some million people they got. Because you you think a product like that would start with a soft pull then into a relationship based thing if your paying them off in time. Nope that not how it works with them. Enough of PayPal don’t use them you’ll be mad and we should be mad we should all be happy. Now go be happy and sign up for another pay in 4 there are plenty and better credit limits don’t stop here keep search they all over the App Store..Version: 8.20.0

PayPal sucksCan't even send money from a Visa card, waste a bunch of money buying these things and they're a waste of money, try harder yahoos.Version: 6.14.1

Wrong email kaput inSecond time using PayPal I was wondering why it was taking so long so I made the payment again I showed the recipient that I had sent the payment we waited and waited finally the recipient noticed I mixed two numbers up in the email address I contacted them (good luck talking to a person) after a dispute they refunded me $2500. Saying I paid twice which I did to the wrong email address so I disputed the second payment (by that time we figured it out so the recipient got his money) I’ve been in contact with them or their computer and was told the dispute was in my favor by someone sitting on their computer and should have the money back on my card in 5 days. It never came instead I get a message saying they denied my dispute because there was no problem with the payment 🤦🏼‍♂️ no kidding really of course there wasn’t other than I messed two numbers up and it went to probably an invalid email I was told to contact the recipient how can I contact someone who does not exist??? So long story short I’m outta $2500. However I’m still perusing this. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened even a 10 year old could figure this situation out. I strongly recommend the cash app. I mean the customer service is all a computer or text message get real!! They cost me $2500. At this point anyway I intend on getting my money however I’ve got to hire an attorney which I will have them pay for as well. 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 8.31.0

PayPal was great onceAfter they changed ownership they aren’t the same. The old PayPal had great customer service not anymore. You could count on them to help you through any issue not anymore. I hate that you can’t transfer from Venmo and PayPal especially since they are apart of the same company it just doesn’t make any logical sense. They say you can purchase crypto but only if you have a personal account but you can’t have a business and personal account so if you setup a business account forget about having a personal. If you want to use your debt card as a payment method about 85% of the merchants won’t accept the card because it’s flagged as a prepaid card even with a business account. Forget about using it internationally they won’t let you do that either. I’ve been with them since they hit the internet but still have the same crappy limits as my ex personal account that they changed to my business account when I created it and lost my personal account. I tried to make a new personal account but was threaten that they close my business account and was going to never allow me to open another account again. Whatever happen to the PayPal that we use to love I guess it’s gone just like everything in the USA..Version: 8.38.1

Worst nightmareHonestly Wth this is something Iv always been scared of, I looked at a product online and I had to sign in to my PayPal ac to see all about this particular product i put my details such as home address etc then I added another card which is the one I use daily, thne out of the blue I got an message in red saying you paid for this product twice go check it and remove it, out of the blue this thing came out when I haven’t even paid I didn’t put my bank details except my card number Now I didn't buy the product was on, but when I checked on my statements on my bank account, the money had been withdrawn via PayPal. opened a dispute but that didn’t work I tried calling them they didn’t pick it up I lost -$600 just because the products cost was withdrawn twice I hate this so much hate this company I knew it would be a bad experience.Version: 8.36.0

MONEY HOLFSIf you are a seller looking to do online business and need a way to manage your online transactions, PayPal is not the way to go. For new and upcoming businesses they will hold your own money for up to 21 days for no reason possible. They say it’s because you’re a new business and they wanna make sure you have a good selling history before you can accept payments instantly, but that’s bs. They will hold your money for 21 days so they can make the most interest out of it and invest it for returns elsewhere. Once they’ve sufficiently used your money to as a base for their investments, they will release it Don’t use paypal. They don’t care about the little guy or new businesses starting up. They give disproportionate rights to the buyer. Pleas stay away. Use alternative methods like square or stripe to manage your online buisness transactions. These alternatives will only hold your money for one business day, and have it in your bank account by the next day. Unlike this, PayPal will hold your money and use it for there one monetary gains. Once there done with it they’ll release your money..Version: 7.25.0

This company is likely to get suedPayPal hasn't presented any problems for me, YET. If one is to occur, I'll also test the costumer service. But the costumer reviews are pointing to one thing: It presents no problems, or it ruins your whole life by HOLDING ALL YOUR MONEY FOR DAYS! Really? First, they need to add a more safe way to add information! You can use ANY name with ANY information, valid or invalid, and BOOM, you have an account. No wonder half of the people hate the app! I honestly love the idea, but more work needs to be put into the customer needs. Seeing as a person could lose a life savings through the app, I recommend putting a small defensive system to prevent this. My idea is to verify if the person is actually who they say they are. Seeing as you handle large amounts of money. It wouldn't cost you much to send an employee to a house if you're suspicious of who's using the account. Also, providing a technical support phone number on the front page might help some users who are having issues. If you already do this, I haven't noticed. My apologies! Back to the point, you do not have to do this, but I would like to help a potentially great business from getting sued! Thanks again for making payments easy! P.S. (I'm not the most patient person when it comes to losing money, so if my account were to get hacked, the problem would go straight to technical support!).Version: 8.7.1

Very limited appThe app is very limited and feels like it’s still being built. A lot of the functionality on website in still not available eg automatic payment management. Help only refers to functionality on the actual website and not the iOS app. No support is available, the support links either just take you to the main website or the information does not match the functionality of the app..Version: 7.18.1

Doesn’t openOpen the app login and get prompted with some blank white popup. X out and you get stuck in this loop. Been like this for a while even after reinstalling. Probably stuck on some poorly written captcha coding..Version: 8.54.1

Shutdown PayPal or change with the timesIf you don’t care about customer service or the length of time it takes to get issues sorted out the n PayPal is for you. If you’re in the rest of the 99% like me, find a better way of transacting. I won’t bore anyone with the frustrations I’ve encountered in being a member of PayPal since the very beginning, but if a bank can process a transfer instantaneously without fees, why isn’t Paypal offering more than just its Buyer Protection policy. Which in theory sounds like an amazing insurance policy, but that’s only if you’re prepared to give up an enormous amount of time and energy and don’t really care in the end anyway because you’ve got plenty of money anyway and nothing better to do. It’s a painfully over engineered process and I bet if comparing to any other online company, they’d have more poor reviews and complaints than anyone. If PayPal is supposed to be a leading money transaction services in the world, how can they not even have a phone number ? Or a cal back feature ? I’m currently still awaiting their response regarding restrictions on my acoustic, but as soon as I be been “allowed” to withdraw my own money, I’ll be deleting my account and canceling my membership. Regardless of the urgency of one’s request, there’s no genuine care whatsoever. I’d suggest improving the level of customer support otherwise more and more people will jump ship..Version: 8.23.1

AdobeBig mistake !! It approved itself. I don’t like adobe !! I want OUT !!.Version: 8.54.1

Not Friendly User - Will Lose CustomersI have an e-commerce shop that offers different ways to pay. All different payment methods, but PayPal, goes automatically into my account. PayPal will charge a fee for using them. Automatically put limitations if you’re a new account, until you give them all the necessary documents to prove who are and what you do. And even with those limitations taken off, they hold your money because you’re new. You can even be a long time customer but if you haven’t sold in awhile or some other silly reason, you’ll run into this problem as well. Not only will they keep your money, but apparently my product doesn’t qualify for their sellers protection program. So basically not only do I not get paid, but if the customer decides to claim they never received the package just so they can get their money back while keeping my product (because people like that do exist) or somebody did in fact steal their package, I’m left without pay, while suffering loss of products, and can’t be protected from it. And supposedly you have to check off their list of things they want you to do in order to receive those “privileges”. Also no customer is going to want to wait for you to get their money and then send the product. So I either have to have faith in this customer, send the product anyway ahead of time, and hope PayPal will release the money in 24 hours. That’s one way of getting your money faster, but it’s not even guaranteed. Terrible service..Version: 8.30.1

Rip off. Criminal their actionsJust sold through PayPal. I sent the item with tracking number. PayPal with held my payment. So now I have no money for the unit, or the unit it’s self. I phoned then, It says it is protecting me. Other way around. No money or item. On top of that the tracking number says delivered and they can see that, they are still with holding my funds. They confirmed via telephone they can see it has been delivered but still will not release my funds. Absolute disgusting and criminal behaviour. I don’t know how there allowed to operate like this and still on top of everything their getting payed and taking a cut of my money. On its web site it clearly states that funds will be released “within one day of delivery” not that it’s gonna take them 1 month like they stated to me on the phone. Blatantly lie ing and getting away with it. Mind boggling how their allowed to do so. For this reason not using PayPal again bunch of criminals and getting paid for ripping people off. Shame on you!.Version: 7.17.0

Nightmare customer serviceEvery time you call an automated machine will answer you.. it takes a while just to get it right which is a complete waste of your time if you are busy person or run a business. if they can’t get the help you need it the automated so will automatically disconnect you automatically..Version: 7.30.1

Keeping money hostageHorrible service. PayPal used to be such an user friendly and easy to work service. I don’t know when they went wrong. A family member made a transfer to me to pay me some money they owed me. I felt more safe using PayPal that with a financial institution that I suggested to use the service. When I got the money I receive a message saying it will get a hold of 30 days (never had that issue before) and the app gave me an account like if it was from a business instead of a personal account, not sure why. Even though I had my bank linked to the account it said it needed updates. I went to the website since I couldn’t made the changes in app. Deleted my current bank information but the website never could connect to my bank and couldn’t linked it again. So I decided to return the money to my family member. Well PayPal is making excuses to give her her money back, they said first 15 days, then 30 days and now they are saying she will get her money until August 26th more than a month from now. Mind you the had her money since May. 3 months to get her money back. That is just unacceptable. They tried to blame the bank, the Visa company for some reason until they finally said it was in them PayPal. Not sure what is happening to them, they used to be such a great friendly service and now they have become a nightmare..Version: 8.44.0

Frustrating, convoluted & disingenuous.Disputes against any sizeable company is a lost cause. Even though PayPal say you have buyer protection, when it comes to large merchants (big business for them), they want evidence that often doesn’t exist. Even when commonsense should prevail, if you don’t have a single page or screenshot that shows everything, they don’t look any deeper than what you put in front of them. That is, of course, assuming it actually lets you add the information; some times it simply won’t allow it. They’ll happily take 5 days to review the merchants evidence, but, during my most recent dispute, they closed my case in favour of the merchant before I could even upload everything. Often opening a dispute or complaint is incredibly difficult. Unless it’s very straightforward, expect to have to call someone. Fortunately, that’s an option now (wasn’t previously, for consumers), but they still don’t make it easy. With the ever-growing options for payments, including buy-now pay-later, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more, buyer protection was the only thing left that put PayPal above the rest. Well, it seems they’ll only side with you if your complaint is against a small business. I wasted many hours trying to give them the relevant information, and it was all ignored because the merchant lied, as merchants do when they don’t want to refund you..Version: 8.54.1

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