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A great appI’ve found that the PayPal app is really great for paying for goods and services and and doing so quickly. I really like it and recommend it for others to use as well..Version: 7.22.1

Slow in paying moneyI recently sold something on eBay, and the purchaser paid the money and the item was delivered.. but when the money hit my PayPal account there was a hold up for 24 hours due to security. It was only a £100 coming into my bank account. But they held it due to security protocols.. and that was two days ago.. they have now released the funds but it has not shown up.. so I presume it’s lost. I have tried to contact them.. and they won’t answer the phone.. or respond to my chats. So something fishy is going on in the uk and US OFFICES. I have been with eBay for years.. but asking them to help takes me back to the PayPal page.. which leads me to believe they contracted out the customer service section to pay pal. Something is not right. This is what happens when companies get to big. Hope they sort this.. as it’s not good. Messing about with money is not good.. if you are paid by some one.. then you should get the money instantly in your banks. What gives them the right to hold money? If you ask to send money to your bank account.. the PayPal should do it instantly with out question.. so long as the details are right and you are logged in. Playing about is not on. So PayPal.. make with the money owed. What your doing is wrong. Stop messing about..Version: 7.32.0

Safe global shoppingI do like using PayPal and have done so for many years, however sometimes the delay in transferring refunds into my account takes too long. For example, I have been waiting nearly two weeks and still a refund is not in my account. This is stressful as I could be using that money. Having said that PayPal is safe.. secure.. and makes global shopping easier. At the moment, I do not feel as confident using PayPal , wondering if I will ever get the refund. The thirty day wait in and of itself is puzzling.. My bank is waiting for the transfer. I wonder do they want to gain the interest off the funds.. Anyway confusing and at this stage can see no other way to shop globally safely..Version: 7.32.0

One of the best banking platforms availableAfter a bit of a shaky start back in the early 2000’s, when I first used PayPal whilst running my small EBay business, this platform has gone from strength to strength. Yes, they had teething troubles & some fraud issues, but gradually these were obliterated & processes were smoothed and simplified until we’ve arrived today with the brilliant system I’ve come to love. I use the app for both my personal PayPal & my business PayPal which I can very easily, keep totally separate from each other. I love that I don’t have to hunt for my wallet every time I want to buy something as all my card details are in the system already. I like the PayPal credit function which I use instead of a credit card to spread the cost of larger purchases. I like how simple the reporting is for when I’m reconciling my accounts using my online accounting package and also how easily I can download (using my laptop) any previous statements, going back years, if necessary. Very few people don’t have PayPal; so when I’m buying from sellers I can use it even more quicker than the time it takes to do a bank transfer. PayPal answers the phone! I’ve always had any problems easily solved and questions answered swiftly; knocks spots off eBay’s slippery “customer service” which leaves a lot to be desired. So, 5 stars PayPal! Keep up the great work!.Version: 7.29.1

Pay Pal debit card reviewI can not tell you how much Pay Pal has helped me get on track. I was living life somewhere between being a irresponsible , careless person to wanting to get my life together and actually grow up! I finally chose to grow up and Pay pal was right there to help me better understand my finances, spending habits, the importance of savings and just a better understanding in general of living a life that u don’t need to worry if u don’t ignore responsibilities but you take caure of them, not putting everything off. They also helped me “grow up “ by supplying me everything I need to understand and grow better in the world of credit and I’m very grateful! It’s endless all the tools that PayPal has for its customers! If you are ready to become a responsible adult who is on track for success, I highly suggest that you download the PayPal app and apply for their prepaid debit card. You can run your own business and u can accept payments , as I said, all the opportunities out there and PayPal has the tools to guide and help you achieve your goals and be on your way to a successful life and a much happier one!!!Your life will be in order because PayPal is with you every step of the way!!!! Thank you PAYPAL!!.Version: 7.33.2

COVID-19Usually happy with PayPal and most of their reps are polite well mannered , except for one or two, that I hope to never deal with again, though not being able to get through on the phone as usual is a little to much, there should be no reason for this, they can actually work from home, though they do need to learn who are honest loyal customers and those that are not, because at the end of the day, we don’t need PayPal or any other like them, they should also show there charge amount on every transaction and notify if this charge needs to increase !thanku PayPal ...get the phone back on please....Version: 7.28.0

Not bad but in NZ can't add fundsMostly great but I wanted to refund an overseas customer after having withdrawn the funds to our business account. (Due to covid shipping delays this customer took a long time to contact us).. But I am unable to add the funds to do so, I queried this but was advised this is not possible in nz.. Why not?? I had to do a money transfer instead, such a pain as this didn't reflect the sales process accurately in our accounts and was slow..Version: 7.40.0

Very safeI have been a paypal user for many many years...the system is not perfect but it’s good and it’s only concern is when transferring money from my bank account to my paypal account it takes about 5 working days...I have discussed this with paypal and they give me a lot of technical talk... my reply is that 5 days is totally unacceptable as this is the 21st’s time to upgrade so transfers can happen in 1-2 days or even less..when doing the reverse procedure (ie...paypal account to my bank account) ...usually one working day is enough...( nothing happens over the weekend..I think paypal staff must be playing a lot of golf...😅’s a good system but not perfect..👍.Version: 7.18.2

Great safe way to pay or receive money!I really recommend using this safe and efficient method of payment! Allowing yourself to be protected against any fraudulent people that might be able to steal your debit/credit card details puts your mind at ease. Although yes, granted there are some 'hiccups' with the app. For example it can take a while for PayPal to send the money from your 'account' across to someone else, OR for PayPal to take the money out of your bank account once payment has 'cleared'. I would rather be safer in the knowledge that I was protected if an issue arose. I really don't understand the negative feedback this app has had. Most Ebayer's will want you to pay using PayPal as it protects yourself as well as them. But also companies offer for you to use it as well. So surely the 'app/company' can't be doing that bad if so many people are using it?! If you want you're money to be safe and secured protected then I would urge you to use PayPal..Version: 6.15.0

Extremely poor serviceI Never leave a bad review unless I genuinely think a service or product is highly of poor standard and this is one of them very few times I do leave one due to the list of things below: Poor ethics having to wait up to a month at a time for every transaction is very of putting as a new customer I wouldn't bother with using PayPal unless you want to wait a month for every bit of money you make and then takes longer than the said 3 days to transfer to our bank account. ^ And this is even after adding the tracking which claims to make it shorter but only took of 3 days not the under 7 days it also claims. They have quite a few mess ups in the transaction / withdrawal department to your bank account such as reversing a withdrawal days later then having to wait 3 days again for it to go through. Everything is a very long and slow process seems to be highly in favour of the company to hold your money at every opportunity they seize and not actually beneficial to the sellers at all in fact becomes very off putting as a seller to use them due to the problems listed and they are big problems not small problems which they need to think about changing. Terrible if you want money quickly ( read above to refer too ) Terrible customer service lately a lot of staff can't give you straight answers with the exception of a few.Version: 6.14.1

PayPal works for dummies too!I’ve been using PayPal for several years now, and absolutely love it so far! When I first started my PayPal account, I had only been using a smartphone for a little over a week. I never touched a computer before I got my first smartphone, so I was literally technologically ignorant....or a dummy in laymen’s terms. It was much easier learning to use PayPal than it was to learn how to balance a checkbook! If I was able to figure it out successfully in such a short period, then I can guarantee you that absolutely anybody can do it! PayPal has been a lifesaver for me, especially for online purchases. PayPal also has the very best security setup of every bank in you don’t have to worry about anyone “hacking” your account, if it does happen then PayPal is extremely fast at shutting it down and saving your monetary assets. My two favorite banking apps are PayPal and Venmo, and Venmo is also owned by PayPal....that’s why it’s such an awesome banking app too! If you have to debate with yourself over setting up a PayPal or not, then maybe you’re just not as serious about banking as you think. Is PayPal worth it? Absolutely! By the way, PayPal is the EASIEST way to pay for online goods and services...period!.Version: 7.40.0

Have had no problems with this app what’s the weather for the last five years.I have been a member of Paypal for about five years now, there are people on here that claim that the app is unreliable whereas it is not. It is totally reliable and safe. The only reason you will not get your money instantly and have to wait for about two weeks within the first month is that paypal are trying to confirm whether you are into criminal activity such as money laundering. It is a slow process at first but once you commit yourself and you are trustworthy paypal will submit the money to you instantly. Only hang up I have about Paypal recently is that as a blind user who uses accessibility feature voice-over it is difficult to navigate the app and is very unclear for me. If you could tweak the app to work with voice-over I will be very happy..Version: 6.20.1

A Really Great AppI use PayPal for mainly online shopping and sending money to family and friends and I absolutely love the ease and simplicity in these functions and the trust the company has built up with me so I know that I can handle my money safely with PayPal. A great 10/10 app and would 100% recommended to everybody! 😀.Version: 7.17.1

ProtectedI have used PayPal many times over the years, it simplifies ordering overseas goods and On occasion when a dealer has not sent goods I have been able to get refund via PayPal. Very safe.Version: 7.27.1

Taking an authorised paymentsWe keep getting charged from Microsoft for things that we are not simply not purchasing in the last two days there have been four transactions illegally taken from my PayPal account these are amounting to New Zealand $100 I’m sick of this I’m not using PayPal any more.Version: 7.6.0

A global trading platformPayPal makes it easy to transact business in the customer’s own currency. Can sometimes suffer from system errors. Usually promptly dealt with when identified..Version: 7.37.0

Wrong addressI really like PaPal used them for all sorts of payment not had any real problem, ok a few times I’ve been asked to verify my account but if someone is trying to get into it other than myself that’s ok by me they are doing there job keeping my account safe but have a problem on my account now and I am having a problem getting it sorted but I will have to give them a chance to sort it biggest problem is finding a way through to get the problem solved for not only do we have people who are trying to rip us off PaPal have people trying to rip them off only in a much bigger way so maybe if people weren’t so ready to rip one another off there wouldn’t be the need for so much security then things would be a lot easier for all to deal with..Version: 7.30.1

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️It helps me so much recommand 100%.Version: 8.15.1

Nicely designedBeen using paypal since 2008 Never had issues App is well designed It could be better if you add contact support right through the app instead of web site only And allow users to report issues about the transactions Looking forward to these changes.Version: 6.23.0

Brilliant, safe and accessiblePayPal is so secure, reliable and easy to use. I’ve had a couple of issues with purchases on eBay and PayPal were supportive and fair. I feel safe knowing I have an extra layer of protection between me and my online bank - and it’s brilliant that I can move money from my bank account through to PayPal and vice versa. you can make payments to other people as long as you have their email or user name so it’s possible to pay anyone anything anywhere in the world quickly and securely. The money pool is a good idea too. I’m about to set one up with a few of my friends so that we can all safely put regular payments into PayPal to save for a holiday - and if we purchase our flights, hotel rooms etc via PayPal we will have extra protection - flipping fabulous!.Version: 7.5.1

AppreciationI appreciate doing business with PayPal. I can assist my family members who live in US, especially this help them to get money immediately when they need. These are kids who are studying, PayPal facilitates me to assist them..Version: 7.37.2

Review of online buyer and sellerIt’s a really useful and safe app. But when you send through friends and family they charge an insane percentage to send money. Also when buying stuff sometimes the money is on hold and you have to wait over 2 weeks to the money to get un hold. And it’s perfect for when you buy from people that you don’t know, because hog you get scammed you can get a refund! But overall really good app and will recommend it.Version: 8.0.3

Peace of MindGrateful for PayPal. I don’t make online purchases from anywhere that doesn’t have PayPal as a payment option. It’s just too risky to expose your card details on the internet today. Safest to pay for goods and services worldwide..Version: 7.34.1

Easy Peasy!Simple, quick, and convenient! PayPal offers a variety of services, which are all very simple quick and convenient to you. These are the most user-friendly services offered for money transfers, paying friends or family, depositing checks, receiving funds, adding direct deposit; this list can continue if all PayPal services were listed. PayPal creates a very user-friendly mobile App, so your money is available within a few clicks. Not to mention their security and member protected information. PayPal makes me feel secure paying online when I can choose PayPal during check-out. I have peace of mind when using PayPal anywhere and everywhere. If anything mysterious shows on my account, my issue is resolved either immediately, or I’m easily able to contact PayPal support to assist with my issue(s). They respond in a timely manner, happy to help, and resolve all issues/discrepancies with pleasure. I absolutely love PayPal and all supporting services. I wish all Apps were this easy, continent, and customer driven! I do/would recommend PayPal to all friends and family. Thank you for the excellent service PayPal! I truly appreciate every detailed process! 😀.Version: 8.3.0

The accuracyI love using paypal. I had fraudulent activity after using cash app after a while and it caused me to delete the app and i will NEVER GO BACK TO USING IT AGAIN. I have been having paypal for quite a while now and i have not ever had any issues. I can go to walmart and take cash directly from the app as well no card or bank connection needed. As long as i have funds to remove. In the past I didn’t get to savvy with the use of Paypal but going forward they most definitely will be my next best money connection, transaction to pay and transfer app for business and personal individual transfering use as well. Cash is just not as likely to carry anymore and this makes it so much easier to take care of what you owe or sending someone else a financial blessing etc. I have had to use customer service as well for address updating and they where swift to respond and have been persistent to assist with my issue, with more than one option to contact them which is so appreciative. It almost hurts to have an app issue and hard to reach customer service with unreasonable response time. Thank you.!.Version: 7.40.4

Best money transfer appIn my opinion PayPal is the best method for quickly accepting international payments for business or personal use. Really easy to use and super fast which is always a bonus. Only thing that would make this app better would be proper iPad support, as right now it is a very poor experience on the iPad. Thanks for the amazing app and I hope to use PayPal for many years to come!.Version: 7.18.1

Happy nowI found a recent resolution process extremely frustrating, I was being told I could upload photos and information to support my claim but could not find anywhere to do this. Very difficult to make contact heaps of links to go through before you find what you need, almost avoidance to help. BUT in the end I was alone to finally speak with a wonderful operator who arranged an extension for return mail (Who knew that PayPal funds the cost of return mail-NO ME), yes this is reviewed but it is very handy to know if you are or were determined as I was. I received full refund of product and return mail expenses and hopefully PayPal assisted the company with advice on their very misleading, false and entrapment form of advertising of their products otherwise the cycle goes on..Version: 7.32.0

App reviewWhen it works it works very well. Smooth easy transactions..Version: 7.35.1

Excellent service!When I buy online I always pay via PayPal. Honestly, until now, it was mostly because of convenience and not having to get out my credit card each time. (Lazy of me, I know. Haha) Well, I purchased an item for $129 in February. When it was taking awhile I looked into it and the company claimed it was delivered! I just so happen to know exactly where I was and when I got home that particular day...within 10 minutes of delivery. There was NO box delivered to me that day. I disputed it with the USPS. They reviewed it and said it was misdelivered and after several attempts at retrieving it they were unsuccessful. (Can you say “mail fraud”? I hope that person was charged!) Unfortunately because the shipper didn’t insure the package I was told I needed to contact them. That’s not possible because all the wording was in Chinese! I contacted PayPal to see if they could look into this for me and.... I was just notified they ruled in my favor and I am getting the FULL REFUND of $129! I will continue to use ONLY PayPal for all online purchases. Thanks for coming through for me! I thought for sure I was never going to see that money again....Version: 7.21.1

AwesomeI have used PayPal along time now, the ease of sending and receiving money is fast and safe refunds easy to deal with as soon as you let PayPal know it’s being dealt with, I feel safe paying thru PayPal..Version: 7.35.0

PayPal A True HelpI’ve used PayPal for many years now. Most customers I’ve dealt with have been awesome and true, however some haven’t been good. When I’ve contacted PayPal to make a claim etc. they’ve been wonderful. YES I had to wait a few days or weeks to get final result but they’ve had to give a chance for other party to respond. If they don’t respond or PayPal agrees with your filing as it’s just so blatant, then you’ll be refunded or whatever your asking for. I truly value PayPal for their protection of your funds etc., but also for their search for the truth. Just because you file a claim don’t mean your correct, hence the time it takes to resolve some issues. Even though I think I’m usually correct, I truly don’t want someone being denied their funds because of my ignorance. I recommend that people try the PayPal app. It really is easy if you just read the sections. If you send something to the wrong person to complain to etc. you’ll be notified. I hope this helps those who may be in the fence of trying the app. It’s not NEARLY as bad or difficult as some of the reviews have made it out to be..Version: 7.35.0

Easy and secureThis must have app is my first option when looking for a easy secure way to purchase online, an easy recommendation.Version: 7.6.0

Forced update renders app unusable ,Nice one PayPal developers,I've just gone to use my PayPal app on my iPad that I used yesterday without any issues ,on opening the app it says "Mandatory update " so I click "update "it goes to App Store it shows the app is in the cloud and says open ,I go to open and it says "mandatory update " and I just keep going round and round in circles ,after 15 mins of this I get a different message this app only works on iOS 10 and above ,do you want to download an older version of the app ? I click OK it downloads the app ,then it will not let me do anything except update ,and when I update it's back on the never ending update loop .Get the developer ,put his hands in the door and slam it shut he then for a while will not be able to screw anything up .M over paid Moron!.Version: 7.0.0

High feesBoth seller and buyer pay a fee. With both fees combined it’s almost double just taking a bank card on my website. Lower your fees..Version: 7.11.0

BEST WAY TO SHOP ONLINEI use PayPal all the time for online shopping can’t praise it enough for the peace of mind you get by using it guaranteed a refund if things go wrong 😊.Version: 7.13.0

Straight Forward, Simple & SecureThe title says it all. The app is easy to use; there’s no clicking through a stack of menus searching for the feature that you’re looking for; everything happens quickly (transactions appearing, pages changing/loading, money being sent, ect.) & you know that your transactions are going to be secure. Even when there is a problem, resolving it is simple & as stress free as possible. I screwed up the other day & sent money to the wrong person, & after realizing I was extremely worried that it was going to be a huge hassle to get it back; but it was literally as simple as pressing a single button to cancel the transaction & my refund was issued. It seriously seemed almost too easy. Now that I think about it, this might just be the only app store review that I’ve ever done, but if any app I own deserves 5 mins of my time to complete one, it’s PayPal. Without them I’d feel a LOT less safe buying stuff & sending/receiving money online & the app just makes that 10 times easier! Cheers guys, thanks for the fantastic product!.Version: 7.26.0

Quick and easyA super fast way to work your online business across the world.Version: 7.40.1

Good service keep listeningI have used Paypal for a while now all good safe money transactions started using their finance started ok but was annoying when I wanted to pay of some of my purchases but was unable to choose and when you speak to the team about allocating money specifically for the use to pay off that one transaction it’s a case of well there is nothing we can do you have to wait until your money has been processed I can’t see it here now and cannot tie it to pay off your specific item purchased sorry it was very frustrating they even said that the scheduled payment will cover it so don’t worry you don’t need to do anything right now just wait. Which I didn’t want to do I wanted to clear it now but couldn’t. It’s a very limited system but I have to say I will use it again even though it doesn’t suit my needs.Version: 7.40.0

The only pay app I trust but,,,,I have been using PayPal for many years and for the most part you can’t beat the protection that they have. Out of over a thousand transactions I have had maybe a dozen disputes. Out of those disputes two did not go in my favor which I still don’t agree with the decision. The first dispute was I paid $30 for an item from a vendor within the U.S. and never received an order confirmation and ultimately never received the item. I physically called the company and never got anyone on the phone and only got a pre recorded saying that they are backlogged with orders and are doing their best to get orders filled after waiting months I filed a dispute with PayPal and after a month PayPal got back to me saying that they got no response from the vendor and if I wanted to escalate the dispute I had to respond within 7 days or the dispute gets thrown out, well during that response time I was on vacation in the Mojave desert camping in my RV riding ATV’s so when I got back to civilization and contacted PayPal they said that being that I didn’t respond in the allotted time that the dispute was closed. It’s only $30 but I just feel that maybe the response time should be a little longer. All in all, it’s a great service with great protection for their customers..Version: 7.40.5

Foreign Exchange RatesDespite the unfavourable foreign exchange rates often offered through PayPal. It still provides the extra verification step prior to making purchases online which protects your funds to a certain degree as misdirected money do eventually get returned to your funding source within a month. I am still confident enough to give PayPal the maximum number of stars (highest rating) due to pleasant experiences in the way they handle and manage funds. Well deserved grade(rating) for ethics..Version: 7.37.2

Business friendly-Guarantee & SecurityAs I have just started a small home based business I downloaded the PayPal app for my phone.. Customers can place an order, I can then issue an invoice/ receipt anywhere and keep records of who has paid prior to shipping the items! I can then utilise my PayPal balance to purchase from my suppliers at anytime. People and myself love the idea of this ease to purchase PLUS the Warranty and Security offered by PayPal offers a peace of mind to purchasing online. I have made 2 claims/disputes via PayPal and have had them resolved in a prompt and positive manner.. I love my PayPal 😃.Version: 7.35.1

HajraAbsolutely thrilled to be able to send money overseas . Easy and quick . Thanks you . A happy customer indeed . 👌🏼.Version: 7.22.1

PayPalSimply the best most secure payment method I have used. Would use it for everything if more merchants accepted it..Version: 7.38.1

PaypalI love paypal,i sell goods online & get paid instantly & when i transfer funds to my bank account its in my bank the next day or iff I need to transfer immediately the 1% is nothing & ive read some of the bad reviews & i can tell that the complainers didn't read the terms & conditions,yes it does say $ transfers can take 5 working days,so I don't know why they have complained,maybe they cant read properly & the ppl saying a website took their $ without actually purchasing it,i call bs,u have to login & authorised paypal to send the $,these ppl made a purchase & are saying they didn't to cover themselves from being questioned about the purchase & its not paypals fault iff a company sends wrong goods,paypal should make ppl do an iq test before letting them use paypal.Version: 8.20.0

No issues from my endHave used this app for the last 12 months and have not experienced any of the issues other users have described. I do have a newer model iPhone if that helps. The app has been easy to navigate and I noticed that when my wife has used PayPal to buy items when we were apart it informed me of the transaction immediately through notifications, so I feel that if it was an unauthorised transaction I would be confident that I would be informed immediately and could start the process necessary to void the transaction if need be. Would recommend to those that want a simple app that gives some comfort that you are protected..Version: 8.26.0

Non Purchase NightmareIt’s a terribly long story about a purchase that I didn’t make. I looked at a product online and I had to sign in to my PayPal ac to see all about this particular product. Now I didn’t buy the product & I closed the page I was on, but to my surprise the next morning when I checked my bank account, the money had been withdrawn via PayPal. The company which pulled this stunt has been an absolute Nightmare. Supplying false email addresses, delaying the processing even though I couldn’t contact them until the processing had been done. Delayed shipment and then difficulty due to my disability in posting the item back for a refund. The case was closed and I opened a dispute with my bank. But today out of the blue, I had a supervisor call and she has credited my account with the funds that I thought were lost to this terribly dodgy company. They will be investigating this company I was told. I hope that PayPal throws the book at them for illegal behaviours. Let’s just say it’s a Chinese company that charges in $US . THANK YOU PAYPAL!.Version: 7.31.0

Always excusesA while ago i changed my postal address with paypal, after a long process and painful one we got there at the end. My account has only one address on it!!! Months later when using paypal to pay, they keep giving my old address to suppliers. After 4 emails and telecoms... they ate saying that sorry your address was not activated and so it your fault and if your goods are lost its not our fault. Only problem, i have an email from paypal confirming my address changed and also they are saying that there is only one address on the account. Lost me as a customer... thought to share to warn others. Too big too care....Version: 7.3.4

Worst customer serviceI once had a PayPal account that I never used it was linked to an email address. Was never linked to any bank account. I opened a new account recently with a new email address. By mistake I gave a buyer the old email . Money sitting in old account I’ve never used . Do you think they could me ?? Customer call centre closed . Online help absolutely hopeless . Trying to get the money into my new account . Can’t help me . Security questions don’t work . Money stuck in an old account I never used . Make matters worse after trying to reset the password so many times now I’m locked out of my new account . Worst customer service imaginable . Non existent.Version: 7.24.1

Most secure way to pay electronicallyHonestly, even though I’ve had issues with this app within the past it’s all been fixed. Multiple ways on PayPal make sure everything you pay for online is what you get for what you asked for. Answers for frequently asked questions also help me navigate my way on how to use this app. The help centre is very well structured and actually helps you within 3-5 days of requesting in need of help (whether you were scammed, falsely described. etc.) and it all works amazingly. I approve of this app as a secure way as well to Link your bank account to your PayPal account with that making it faster to pay for things online using money directly from your bank without delay. This is why I believe that PayPal is the best, most secure and reliable way of electronically paying for your items whether they’d be a object or a micro-transaction..Version: 7.15.0

Great for buyers/consumersFirst, I would clarify that this app & company are almost 5 star for consumers with one minor issue being trying to address a problem or issue quickly with an actual customer service person. A lot of the common things can be done right in the app and additional automated processes are available on their full website (via Resolution Center usually). However, if you are using it as a Seller, you have to be prepared to have a good cash flow to cover resolutions pending, and occasionally are blocked access to your funds if an issue is being investigated like a customer complaint, even when not your issue. Sometimes for 10 or more days they can hold your funds hostage while you wait for their CS dept to investigate, allow for additional input deadlines to expire and then wait for a response/ judgement. I know it’s for the benefit of the consumer but in cases where you have abusive or not-so-honest consumers, it can be a challenge for a small business with small cash flow. And cash flow can easily kill a small business that is otherwise successful. So it’s still a good app but caution for some people who use it for business.Version: 7.34.1

No problemI have been using PayPal for some years now. I have never had a problem, just recently someone broke into my account. I was alerted of three payments. I new I had not done these transactions, so I told PayPal about these three transactions. I also changed my password straight away. Within 24 hrs I had received a response back and my money was transferred back to my account. No problem 👍 Just remember always get a report to your mobile phone every time your PayPal is used and update password with strong password... security works both ways... PayPal is the only way I will pay for anything online.. 👍 all the way....Version: 7.36.1

PayPalExcellent service. It is easy but safe and it has never let me down. I have been using PayPal for all most 10 years..Version: 8.7.0

Easy to useLove this app! I had to send some $$ from nzd to aud. Took me two minutes and was cheaper than using my bank to do an international transfer. Highly reccomend!.Version: 7.3.1

PayPal PerfectionI have used PayPal for years and I have never had the slightest problem with it. I am very tight on security and my account has never been compromised. PayPal really look after your money. I have had many adversaries with my worldwide litigation and there have been many attempts to steal (and there is no other word for it) my money and eradicate my income fraudulently, but PayPal’s security systems blocked them every time. OK, they may temporarily delay a payment, in or out, but that’s a small price to pay for financial protection. Great currency converter too. Many more services are available all with the same security. You don’t have to rely on “Genie Not In A Bottle” insane mentality. I am going to enjoy spending my money even more in the future. Can’t thank you enough PayPal. Yours, Genie. Got to go now, I am watching a show..Version: 7.33.0

I wish ever vendor had PayPal as an optionPayPal is great for iPhone and iPad. I like the addition of PayPal one touch. Now it feels even less like I’m spending money and more like a game. I however do not like PayPal aggressive policies regarding online pharmacies and overseas vendors. Legitimate Establishments I have trusted and used for years are blacklisted, for flimsy reasoning as in they didn’t tick box a or meet some unusual criteria b. I how have to go back to the old fashioned bank transfer method and endure high bank fees. Unfortunately their is no alternative that is as easy to use and trusted as PayPal. Don’t be a bully PayPal. Establish some sort of exception list and don’t implement blanket bans on sales people who are trying to earn a legit living..Version: 6.22.0

Love PayPalI have been using PayPal for many years as I began using eBay only a year after they began operating in Australia and I now use it as a retailer not just as a consumer. I’m a fashion designer and seamstress and a bit of a Jill-Of-All-Trades as I hold many different qualifications so it’s great to be able to use PayPal for income purposes as well as for purchases and paying for services. I’m also liking this new ‘Money Pool’ thing they’ve just introduced for when a group of friends want to share the cost of say a holiday or something by creating a Money Pool and jointly combine their funds effortlessly. Although my only criticism of the app version of the website is I wish that it would be easier to switch between my personal account and my business account..Version: 7.5.2

Great service and easy to use once set upHave used PayPal for many years now and find it great to use when paying for purchases online knowing have that extra security and money back guarantee. I did have a dispute some time ago where seller sent me the wrong model and would not do anything about it not even answer emails so opened a dispute with PayPal and even though seller did not respond to messages PayPal gave a full refund after I sent them a postal receipt stating item had been sent back to seller so all good in the end but if it had not have been for the PayPal protection I would have lost my money. Mostly use PayPal for any online purchases now if PayPal accepted which find mostly it is..Version: 8.3.0

DO NOT USESimilar to other user reviews. I have used Paypal for years but recently money received through business transactions goes into pending. Money withdrawn goes into pending. When you ask why they state random security checks, however it is not that random as it happens consecutively when a large sum hits your account. The lower sums go straight through. Has me wondering if they put those large sums in a high interest account to make a profit off them while you the customer is waiting for your money. The customer service is the worst I have ever encountered!!! one manager told me that she is the highest I can go in terms of complaints. I am currently in the midst of sending a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.I Can’t believe a financial institution within the UK is allowed to serve customers like that and get away with it!!!! Disgusting!!!!.Version: 7.9.1

ExcellentGreat for helping those in need straight away without difficulty. Especially in different parts of the globe. Highly recommend.Version: 7.34.2

LoveI’ve never had a problem with PayPal and have been using this app for around 7-8 years but recently I’ve had trouble verifying my account with them .. I expected to be able to talk with them but no I just get an automated list of things but nothing that helps with my problem ... I was so upset yesterday that my dear friend took over but after being on line and on phone talking to no one through the keyboard we got so frustrated and gave up .. they said they had put 2 payments under 50 cents into my account but they were $2 and you cannot enter anything but cents into their verifying page .. I gave up after 5:30 and will try today .. if I don’t succeed I will finish PayPal account ... very upset with this way of dealing with people ....Version: 8.7.0

VERY LAGGYWhy would you have message centre option in the settings menu? And if as a buyer, i want to start a refund/dispute, i should be able to do that from the main transaction page, just simply go in the transaction and there should be an option. At the moment the only option is to contact the seller, but if seller isn’t responding, there should be an option there to start the return process or dispute without having to go into settings then messages then start a new conversation and tell the paypal assistants about which transaction i need to start the return process.Version: 7.37.2

Need a more detailed receipt; no clue if purchases were bundled?I typically have good luck with PayPal, but instead of telling me which account money was taken from to pay bills or make purchases, what I need most of all is to know exactly what I purchased and what that money was used for. Bank account to iTunes really doesn’t tell me a whole lot, and neither does a message that says Bank account to anywhere else if it doesn’t give a detailed account of what was purchased. We used to get at least enough details to know if the dollar amount charged was a result of a bundled transaction…I used to get notifications when a PayPal purchase went through or was attempted, but not anymore. I haven’t changed my account settings so I don’t understand what made the notifications stop coming. Fix this, please. Detailed purchase receipts would be more helpful than an ambitious dollar amount that is a result of a bundled purchase on iTunes…or was that actually a purchase to a different company for my essential oils??? Or is someone scamming my account? Who knows if no details are given. Fix this please..Version: 7.42.2

Thank youVery much appreciate this service, it makes exchanging money, no matter the currency safe, easy and reliable.Version: 7.7.2

Protected n safeThat’s how I feel in using PayPal. Friends n family use it to send money back nforth… and I use my balance to make purchases and sometimes transfer my balance to bank. My daughter got scammed by someone else n PayPal saved her. Nothing but good to say about it… once I figured out all the little maneuvers..Version: 8.0.3

PayPalEasy to use.Version: 6.14.1

PaypalSending payments and receiving them made easy especially for overseas payments..Version: 7.9.1

HYes please broski was my morning meeting with y’all tomorrow I have some time to do do you know what time you do come home I wanna was the night you were one of the time that I would be a tree but I’m only gonna the day you’re welcome I don’t think so I’ll just go do something for dinner tonight I.Version: 7.26.0

Love it🔥🔥🔥🔥.Version: 7.42.3

PayPal mobileUse it all the time - brilliant way of transferring money around the world - fees are reasonable and exchange rate is fairly calculated - no more hassles with banks and codes - just email addresses.Version: 6.15.1

Just GreatSo easy for international transactions and it’s so simple and easy to use. Don’t know why I didn’t sign up ages ago ahha.Version: 7.36.1

I WOULD RECOMMEND PAYPAL TO MY CHILDRENI’ve been a PayPal costumer for about a year, over this past year I have had no problems with PayPal .. It’s a very easy banking app to use, everything is self explanatory.. If you are a customer having trouble it’s probably because you did not take your time or didn’t read everything through… If you have had issues no matter what state you’re from there is a Attorney General you can get a hold of and they take banking very seriously because it is federal. So if there’s a discrepancy with your money or transactions and PayPal is refusing to give you the customer service you deserve as a customer I recommend you call the attorney generals office immediately and file a complaint. Obviously the attorney generals office also does not look kind upon false allegations either.. As me myself and I as a customer I have had no issues whatsoever it works great for any online shopping I do, I do surveys and get paid to do them it works great for a payment option for a number of online employers even such as Uber or Lyft.. I would recommend PayPal to my children and to any family member with that being said I obviously trust PayPal‘s system..Version: 8.7.0

TrustworthyI have always used PayPal since the very beginning. I pay every single thing with it. When I ring them to ask does everything look alright with my account as I just purchased something online and I weren’t sure whether it was legitimate because it wouldn’t load properly, they look at the company etc check my account thoroughly. I did buy something before and it wasn’t legitimate so PayPal emailed them and got my money back. They always help with anything and everything and are so kind and care about your money. The second authentication they have is very reassuring and I use it. My whole family only use PayPal. I would highly recommend PayPal.Version: 7.29.0

PAY PAL IS SAFERIt is amazing & I use it all the time when I shop online— recently I bought a dress from eBay & before even the item was shipped I cancelled my order/ seller did not want to refund at all— eBay did not help but because I paid through PayPal— soon after I contacted them I got my full refund in no time!! Thanks PayPal!A+++.Version: 7.3.1

Thank youI have no money to go home tonight but I’m gonna I was like a girl who I got to her house for a long day at the night shop I was going on my birthday so you can pick her out at her around two and I will drop ya girl a lot of money for you uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.Version: 7.22.1

In a case of fraud, it took a LOT of effort for PayPal to advocate for me!Update: it took me several attempts, but PayPal did finally investigate my case and found that the merchant was indeed at fault. PayPal issued me a full refund and I have begun using their services again. PayPal is a little more convenient to use at the point of purchase than credit cards, as it usually requires only a couple of clicks to make a purchase. If they will defend my rights as a consumer as well as credit card companies do, then I no longer have a problem using the app. This is not so much a case of buyer beware anymore. Just buyer, be aware… My original complaint: I made a purchase using PayPal and I never received the merchandise. PayPal allowed the vendor to charge my card immediately, yet three months later I still had not received my items. PayPal did not help me get a refund. I had to open a time consuming dispute and PayPal ruled in favor of the merchant! The merchant provided a tracking number from China that said the package was delivered to the US (no more specifics were provided!) PayPal ruled in favor of the bogus merchant without any further investigating. Also, navigating the app and Website to complain involved a lengthy case of hide and seek. I recommend making purchases with your credit card instead of PayPal. Your credit card will offer you much better protection in a case of fraud..Version: 7.42.3

Better then a BankI have no had PayPal for at least ten years and love it!!!! It keeps excellent records for you all your history and with whom. I’ve read some of the negative remarks and I have an extremely hard time believing many of them. Yes that they might of spend some time on the phone; well guess what nothing in this world happens at a snap of the finger. Yes even with banks and Comcast you can spend 2-3 hours on the bank; as long as your issue has been resolved. Anytime I have called PayPal for anything they have always resolved my issue. They have opened cases for me and have never taken a penny; they do NOT Charge for that so stop lying. Also if someone has sent you money and then called and filed a case against it and their bank, yes you have to deal with the person who did that and not PayPal. Just as any bank receives a fraudulent transaction and gives back the money so does PayPal. So why do you think if someone called in on you and said it is a fraudulent transaction you get to keep the money? Hence you have to deal with the person who owes you money. I completely understand people love to complain and make an elephant out of a mouse. However, any issue I have ever had was dealt with amazing customer service..Version: 7.8.2

Great until you have an issue.....I would recommend PayPal until you have an issue. As soon as you have any issues they’re the worst company to deal with. They will email you at ridiculous times, like 4am in the morning and then take several days to respond, or just won’t respond. Whichever suits them best. I reached an account limit and had to submit documents to prove I am who I ‘claimed’ to be. This is preposterous. Surly this is a task that should be completed on the initial set up of your account. My account is now suspended and I have to create a whole new email address and account. When I created PayPal over 6 years ago, I never knew you had to be 18, it never stated this clearly. Over the years I was even unable to add a DOB to my account or even see if I signed up with one!.Version: 7.8.2

ExelentI use it all the time and it never let me down.Version: 6.14.1

A little disappointedAs with other reviewers, I have had PayPal for many years and have not had any issues until recently. The newest website design is confusing to me. I sent in regular monthly payments as I had been doing for years. This was for a 6-month same as cash deal. Out of the blue I received a check for over $600 from PayPal. When I checked my account online i realized There were 2 separate accounts , one was charged interest for the same-as-cash purchase and a late fee; the other was where the $600+ check came from. I don’t remember this happening before. Apparently PayPal had made changes to the way they handled my account. If they notified me of these changes I don’t remember reading anything Besides, every year about this time we get notices of privacy laws, terms and conditions, and other legal papers with jargon that I just don’t keep up with I made a call to PayPal customer service and got the issue resolved. The gentleman I spoke with took off the extra charges without a problem. The Rep was professional but had no personality. It was ok though since he fixed the problem. I think I understand what I need to do now but I will be much more careful..Version: 7.35.1

I like PayPal.For someone who isn’t very computer savvy etc I started using PayPal a few years ago and was convinced that I’d get it all wrong. How wrong I was! I love the app,I pay,send,receive with it as much as possible. My daughter and 2 grandchildren live in the States and my son in Scotland. It’s great for sending money to them, and I haven’t had any issues with that. Also, I had bought items from ‘everything £5’ that I never received. I was emailing them,as they had sent it to heaven knows where! I checked all my details and they were all correct,even though they were trying to say that they were not. I am disabled and housebound,so online is the only way I can shop! It didn’t matter what I said,they were adamant not to reimburse me! So, I reported it to PayPal and they tried emailing but they Would Not reply to them either! So PayPal reimbursed me,£26:55,it’s not a lot but that’s not the point. So,Thank You PayPal. Regards..Version: 7.20.0

Great PayPalUse it all the time. Had a problem with a seller, I let PayPal know and they sorted it. Good they also help you with records of payments etc..Version: 7.35.1

Very goodMakes everything easy to pay or refund and transfer , I love it . Very reliable for making a quick payment. Thanks guys 👍🏽.Version: 7.14.0

C'est rapide et efficaceMerveilleux.Version: 7.13.0

FantasticPayPal is the best life make so easy very easy to use and very reliable and always protecting my account always communicating with costumer very polite staff when the seller can’t supply item PayPal straightaway return the amount and deposit on your account ASAP so easy to pay with PayPal thank you 🙏 PayPal making life easy and looking after my account God bless you guys I been using PayPal for long time and I have not a single issue it seem like PayPal is like my family thank you once again keep up the good work and let us enjoy using PayPal to buy goods on ebay.Version: 7.40.5

Won’t use anything else!I have used PayPal for years now. I have a personal and a business account with them. I can say with 100% certainty, this is the easiest company to use. It’s straight forward, low fees and an awesome app interface! PayPal has always been my go to and if a website doesn’t support them, most of the time I don’t use that website. It’s fast, secure and easy to use, any adult of any age can use this service. I have had a few problems here and there with customers or people I’ve bought from but PayPal dealt with the issue with maturity and quickness. I will ALWAYS recommend PayPal to anyone who shops online and now with debit/Visa card. I love that they have the option now to add cash from Walmart and other retailers. It’s so much easier and faster for someone like myself who doesn’t have a bank account to pull from. I’m sure PayPal has had its problems but I honestly haven’t had any trouble with them. They offer a lot of different services through their company as well. Send, receive, transfer, direct deposit, and much more. If you haven’t created an account, go do that right now! It’s simple and safe to use!.Version: 7.3.4

Frustrating if anything goes wrongI use PayPal a lot but I’m annoyed that there is now commission on eBay payments - funny that one company owns the other!! All is ok with PayPal until something goes wrong. Then, PayPal have stock answers that they trot out and you have no help whatsoever. There should be a number to call to speak to someone when you run out of options of sorting out an issue. I waited over 2 months for a refund from an eBay seller that PayPal sanctioned but they demanded a tracking number for the return even though the seller has confirmed they had received the item. It made no sense that they wouldn’t refund me. In the end I had to beg the eBay seller to refund me which he did but only partially. I have no leg to stand on and have lost money but PayPal don’t care. If there was mother payment option, I would definitely switch!.Version: 7.35.1

RobberyI been using PayPal for years very good service usually however I don’t like the lack of transparency when you pay in a foreign currency they include the rate a charge but it’s calculated and included in the rate and it’s very difficult to compare wether you getting a good deal it manipulative maybe . Second An amount was taken from my credit card by PayPal I have tried for to find out over a period of weeks a spent a hell of a time repeatedly to find for the reason for the charge as I paid a donation and they charged me a service charge of some salt ? Paid in pounds. Could not even get an acknowledgment from the of the charge. I was very upset they take money from my account without informing that they were doing it ! So I’m leaving them soon you have to wait a while that can happen upset ..Version: 7.26.0

Scam.If you have over $500 in your balance they will put it ALL on hold for 6 months & will steal your money for investments. Do NOT use this service. I’m warning you..Version: 7.15.0

AyElon musks a real one.Version: 7.42.1

PayPal RatingPayPal is an easy and safe way for paying for goods from offshore. I have used it many times and have never been let down..Version: 7.34.1

Really great service!Ive been using PayPal for a couple of years now. It’s so easy yet secure, I Love it. Im mainly writing a review, however, because just recently I switched banks and had to update my bank account information. Paypal required this new bank to have two small amounts deposited to my account and taken out with one withdrawal to confirm. After updating all of my account information, I realized that some of the information was wrong—but the deposits were still coming through. Therefore I redid the entire process thinking Id be able to tell the deposits apart. Long story short, I wasnt able to tell them apart and with too many tries, was unable to confirm my bank account. Given that Covid-19 is going on im not able to contact customer service and speak with a representative via phone, i had to make use of the message center. I notified Julius Laurence about what was going on and they immediately fixed my issue! I thought I was going to have to stick with my debit card forever without being able to link my bank account but they figured it out and I am so happy! This encounter only adds to the wonderful service paypal has to offer!.Version: 7.25.0

Easy to useI love the platform, it is so easy to send money to anywhere in the world within seconds.Version: 7.35.1

Thx elonVery cool. Its help me a lot. Im not a bot 🦸🏼.Version: 8.18.0

A pal in PayPal.I have used PayPal for a number of years and can honestly say I couldn’t sell and buy on my Discogs site without them. Apart from a slight issue regarding sending my orders overseas, I have found them to be helpful and courteous. The speed they send my funds to my Bank Account upon request, is impressive. Within minutes the money has been transferred and it’s so easy to use this service. Also very easy and quick to send any refunds I send or receive. I use them for any other purchases I make from other establishments and I think that their fees are very reasonable for the excellent service they provide me. No negative issues at all-only positive. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of starting up with them. A very satisfied user..Version: 7.32.1

Excellent Service - Service Fee?PayPal was fast and easy. Only concern sent Internationally and do not know the exact fees. Tried looking online lots of info, however did not find it helpful. PayPal did say when I sent the money that it will charge a fee. Again no exact figure..Version: 8.0.3

Easy-to-use AppEasy to use with VERY few steps to send money. Wish the the fee wasn’t as much..Version: 7.3.1

Exchange Rate WoesLove all things PayPal when it comes to eBay business and payments, customer service has always been pleasant and they actually have a personality when speaking with them. Only downfall as a Canadian - exchange rate is terrible when converting from USD to CDN funds - like BAD bad. Wish I could get a PayPal MasterCard to use - but only available for the lucky ducks in the USA. Cheers from Canada🇨🇦, EH!.Version: 7.26.0

EasySuper easy to use on my phone and super fast to send ! Fees are acceptable given the speed of service ..Version: 7.3.1

Well done, haven’t used for awhile, now a lot easier to do payments etc. great work.Well done . 10/10.Version: 7.27.0

FantasticI use PayPal for all my online shopping because of the guarantees it provides, have had trouble with a refund for a purchase, PayPal contacted PayPal and wham bam money back in my account. Also used it when I needed to transfer money to myself in the US. Awesome! I tell all my family to use it. Thx you.Version: 7.3.4

PayPal excellent serviceHighly recommended service. When you call for help they are excellent and sorted out my error in minutes. It makes buying from anywhere in the world an easy safe process..Version: 7.18.2

PayPalI enjoy PayPal I don’t have to give out my credit card info and I have it set up go get paid immediately. So far no problems. I have been using this method for over 12 months. I do lots of online shopping I love PayPal.Version: 8.20.0

Ratting PayPalI love PayPal at this stage I have never- ever had any trouble with them . I have had some difficulties trying to send money over seas and I feel that for this service someone from PayPal could pick up the phone and talk to me and it could be sorted in minutes instead of hours or days , this has annoyed me a bit but over all they answered all my questions and always reply promptly. The other thing area where they could make it easier for customers sending money is directly into the receivers bank account, or post office where there money could be collect much easily. But all in all I think that PayPal is fantastic service and to be trusted. John.Version: 7.40.5

Great AppThis is such a great app. Quick to use, makes it so easy to move money around and make payments.Version: 6.14.1

Easy to use but high commission for the sellerPayPal is convenient and easy to use. However, registration is a bit complicated with heaps of personal information to provide. And the commission for the seller is quite high..Version: 7.35.1

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