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The Best PlaylistsI’ve been using Pandora since 2003 or 2004 and it has introduced me to so many new artists that I have proudly shared with friends through the years. The patchwork of music that Pandora plays is still, I think, unparalleled when comparing the other big music streaming services. Being able to share new music with a friend and hear them say “This is awesome, I haven’t heard this before!” is all thanks to Pandora and has fed that hipster pride that many who enjoy music feel when they’ve “heard something that you’ve probably never heard of”. If I’m being honest I got to hear it only because Pandora heard it first and added it to whatever station I was listening to—Thank you Pandora for bringing so much great music to myself and those close to me AND allowing me to help cultivate stations throughout the years by giving a thumbs up, thumbs down, and to add variety to a station. PS: Reading the Artist bio’s when you get the chance can be really interesting!.Version: 1910.1

Love, Music and PandoraFor people who truly love music Pandora is a godsend. There is a joy that That comes from a good surprise. With Pandora you don’t have to set up a playlist, so you’re never sure what song my play next. Pandora uses a song or band that you chose to start your station. They play music that is similar to your original chose. Pandora then uses algorithms that track your likes and dislikes of the songs that you have listened to in order to create a custom playlist for every user. I pay for the service that removes the ads and allows me to skip any songs or repeat any songs that I want.I have had Pandora for years and enjoy it so much that I stopped to write this small review. If you love music I think that you will also love Pandora. I hope that you give it a try. Music brings so much happiness to life, and with Pandora your music can always be with you. I don’t have to download hundreds of songs I can just listen to my music every were I go. I love music. I love Pandora..Version: 1710.1

Amazing! And I have a lot of proof for it too!I love this app! It’s great for listening to your favorite music! It doesn’t turn off in other apps, on your home screen, and when you turn your device off. I’ve used some other music apps and this one is by far my favorite, in fact I’m listening right now. However, they do send a lot of emails. I’m okay with them but if you don’t like them you can easily unsubscribe from the emails and still listen to the music. Also there are a ton of different kinds of music and whatever you like is probably there. They also personalize it to you and it’s great. If you don’t like their suggestions you can always search up something you would like to listen to and you’ll probably find it. I am constantly on there listening to music and thumbing up all of the songs. You can thumbs up or thumbs down songs depending on how you like them. You can listen to all of your radios together or you can listen to your favorite songs on the thumbprint radio..Version: 1806.1

Can’t get it right AGAIN!!!Once’s again you mess up the app. Now I can’t get it to work. When I turn it on the app then when I closed the screen to let it play in back ground. It turns off the music. Then when I try to put it back on it freezes. I have to turn off the app then turn it back on. This happens every time. Now that I paid for this service it not working. This happen 1 day after the last fix. Plus you can’t see whats playing in the lock screen. Just shows the pandora app is on. GREAT JOBS!!! (Not) (Next day) After I putting a bad review. The sent me a way to fix the problem the very next day. All I can say it now work and I’m happy again with pandora. This time it was a great job!! Just give them a problem and they will fix it. I might have been a little mad about the review. But at the time it was bad day and I wanted was to listen to music it chill with, and it didn’t want to work. I glad that the people at pandora really care about the people who uses their app. Just give a change and see what they can do for you. *****. 5 five rating..Version: 1711.2

Life expression through harmony of time an place of the poetically timed !Life sounding exceptionally thought out melodies brought by all the unique personality perspective which derived to what ever one choses which is such a lovely way to share I’m so satisfied with all the sharing music applications because one has a opportunity to receive such a gift for free if one hasn’t the means to pay or if you chose one can pay an have many more options which in this time of existence we need all the opportunities of fun, inspiration , vast energies that we may have have noticed if we didn’t have the applications which is what Pandora allows an wants to share which is so so generous in our time of a is a very isolated period in terms of sharing with each other for which is at times get dreary though this application an others give us opportunities of a library of choice for free an that’s a blessing Me . Thank you Pandora so fortunate to be able to pay its well worth it !!!.Version: 1809.1.1

It could be betterI have the premium subscription and overall I’m pleased with the easy to use platform, music selection and the quality of sound. However I do agree with other users that I wish Pandora would give users (especially those that pay for premium) the ability to edit/sort your stations and playlists on your home page. Yes you can filter for your stations or downloaded playlists but I’m pretty particular and I like things to be alphabetical... or the order in which my brain thinks is most logical. But the thing that bothers me THE MOST is the fact that when you pause a song, and lock your phone and walk away for a moment or pause to have a conversation with a coworker and you go back to the app, it acts like you just opened the app and the song you were listening to you, at your favorite part, starts over. What’s with that?! I understand that music apps may be different but the free game apps I have don’t wipe out my progress if I pause the game and “minimize” the app.... why can’t the app I pay monthly for do the same?!?.Version: 1902.2

I love this app but something just happened...Okay, so this app is amazing. Just because you have to pay for no adds and offline use and all of that junk it's a great app. I've been using it for I think a year, maybe more, maybe less. I don't know. After the resent update, Pandora forces me to use my free trial for Pandora Premium. I was saving it for my next summer vacation so I could really enjoy it instead of just knowing I'm wasting my week of an amazing Pandora experience. At first, I had absolutely no idea what was going on and for a minute I thought I had bought the subscription and being a fourteen year old, I was super scared that I was charging my mother's bank account. So, Pandora, if you read this, your app is amazing, but please take away my free trial and let me save it!! Thank you! I haven't had any crashes, like ever. (The teenager came out sorry) so I'm not afraid of that. This app really deserves 5 stars except the free trial thing. Okay, so, all in all, this is a great app and you should really get it. It's the best one like it..Version: 1708.2

No radio zone.I put off moving from Fl to the backwoods of western North Carolina mostly because there was only talk radio and two country stations (I don’t like country at all) but as fait has it, I moved up here anyway in ‘07 & lived in misery until my first smart phone & finding the Pandora app in around ‘14 & found again what living was again. Than in mid 2017 I was working at a house in the middle of nowhere for weeks on end. I got no service out there & the free Pandora didn’t work out of coarse too. At this point I decided to brake down & get Pandora premium for off line playlist. I have had Pandora premium since that time and have never looked back. I love it, it is my personal radio station. Like I own my own station & can play whatever the hell I want. A few things pop up (can’t play due to licensing) but it’s rare enough & it usually doesn’t last long. Dollar for $ it is the best app I have for sure. I literally have it on 12 plus hours a day. From Hannibal Burris to Bradley’s Postmodern jukebox & 99.9% of anything in between..Version: 1903.1

Veronica AndradePandora filled my summer with exquisite songs and I found a lot of new music to listen to. I enjoyed the pleasant slow walks with quick steps in between running to soft calming tunes. I enjoyed the late night parties to Spanish music. I enjoyed the summer mornings spent playing basketball with my ball dribbling to the beat of drums. I could not put it into better words, but I felt like I was in love every single day in July and August. I cannot believe music has come this far. I cannot even trace where I found all such great music. The world definitely does not deserve Pandora because it gives more than we give back. I don't even have a favorite song. Because of all the great music Pandora has to offer. Rather I have a myriad of favorite songs ranging from R&B, pop, classic rock and romantic music. With artists like American Authors, OneRepublic, Pink, Daft Punk, and Taylor Swift. And favorite movie soundtracks like Paper Towns, Love Story, and Valerian. Love, yours truly, and number one listener: Veronica Andrade.Version: 1709.1

I love it!I’ve used it for 3 years and it keeps getting better. Minus the commercials between songs that kills my vibe it’s great. I also get annoyed by only have a few song skips. I mean there’s a lot of songs I like and a lot I don’t like, so I like to thumbs them down and skip. But when I run out of song skips then I’m forced to listen to music I hate... so I usually get off the app then. It would be nice if when you both thumbed it down and skipped the song then the skip wouldn’t count. To me it’s different to hate a song and skip it then to just casually not be in the mood for a song that you like but just don’t want to listen to, so you skip it. But anyways, other than those two things it’s overall a great app! It has some great songs that I just have to download to my phone after finding out about them. It always has the newest and oldest of songs of every genre.👍🏼 I can say if you download it you won’t regret it..Version: 1711.1

Best thingIve had Pandora for YEARS. I finally upgraded to a paid account instead of free. I wish i had done this years ago. I have always loved pandora and have found so many of my favorite bands through Pandora. Now i used Pandora as a “therapy” or “medication”. Im a combat vet with serious PTSD and until very recently have been able to go without any pills due mostly to Pandora. I know that sounds silly but I legitimately medicate with music (specifically Pandora). I use special stations ive set up when i paint as well for inspiration and to keep the right mood or frame of mind or energy for the style im working on that night. Pandora has been and is currently a godsend for me and theres a decent chance I wouldn’t be here without it. Im a lifetime customer and incredibly appreciative of all the free years i accessed it as well. I hope someone up top reads this review because i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have no idea you’ve done in my life. Tearing up as I write this lol...THANK YOU..Version: 1909.2

Why I love Pandora.Omg, Pandora is simply the BEST!! It’s a place where you can find all of you favorite songs for free! I LOVE MUSIC! And if you love music as much as I do, then your going to LOVE Pandora. I love it so much that I listen to it in bed! 😂 But... the only thing I wish was different about Pandora, is that I really wish there were more songs that have a clean version. Sometimes, when I start listening to a song, I search for a clean version of it just in case. Let’s say I wanted to listen to “On My Way” By Alan Walker & Sabrina Carpenter, then I would normally search for a clean version of that song. But sometimes, I click the normal version of it because I would think it didn’t have bad words in it due to the fact that it didn’t have a clean version. But then... I get startled by the cuss words. And then, just because of that, I tend to dislike the song. So whenever I hear that song on a different station, I will most likely 👎🏼 the song. I love you Pandora, but please please work on those clean versions!! I really enjoy your music, I can’t wait to see what you do next! To: Pandora From: Me ❤️.Version: 1911.1

Why I love this appI love this app because I can have songs when I have my phone off so it will be able to not die when I don’t have a charger and I can play other games while I’m listening to music music which is amazing I love your guises game will app Pandora is the best app I’ve used and I hope everyone gave you five or four stars not three are down I don’t think you guys deserve 32 or a one star I think you guys deserve five or for at least four but I say five I like how you guys can do an interview I likeI like how you can change times and you want to have different thumbs up thumbs down I don’t really like the ad but that’s OK you don’t really have ads and I like how you can just search Music or little search I like how you can change sounds and you want to have different thumbs up thumbs down I don’t really like the ad but that’s OK you don’t really have ads and I like how you can search Music or a little search you know I mean and I really like it I’m glad I can tell you guys this.Version: 1711.2.2

Needs workI was just listening to music, and I had explicit turned off and blocked, so music like that shouldn’t play, or they should at least have the swearing blocked. But I was just listening and one of the songs dropped the f bomb twice! This is unacceptable! I don’t swear and purposely turned that off! The app always stops playing at random times as well. I’ll hve turned it on, it will play two or three songs, but then it will suddenly stop playing, and there is nothing I can do but wait an hour or more before it plays anything, and then the exact same thing happens. It happens on my radio stations, and my playlists, and it’s really, really annoying. Overall, the app is great. There are most of the songs I want to listen to all there for when I want them, but there are still things that I wish I could change. I’m not sure if it’s just my device, or something going on with the app, but other than those two things I have no problem and would totally recommend pandora..Version: 2004.1

Great App! But..Hi! I’ve been using Pandora for awhile. But not like 4 years or something 😅. I just want to say I love this app! I love how you can search the song you want! I honestly don’t have a problem with seeing an add when you search for the song. I kinda like the way you made the add it’s very creative to :). Anyway the reason I’m typing this is because recently the app has been having bugs like this morning ((on this date)) when I search the song I want and then after watching the add it looks like I’m gonna listen to the song but then it stops and says “Something went wrong”. And so I’m like oh ok, I’ll just try it again. Then after the add it says the same thing! I was a little irritated about it.. so I just wanted to tell you guys that there are some bugs going on in the app. Oh and another thing I wanted to say is that sometimes there’s a little to much adds when in on a radio I like. Anyway! So far I LOVE this app! It’s improved so much! ☺️ Respond if you can!.Version: 1908.2

Downloaded songs not really accessibleI like pandora but recently when I select shuffle my thumbs up it repeats the same several songs (songs I have given the thumbs up) along with new songs in the same vein. The new stuff is ok but why keep repeating the one or two songs over and over from my list of 302 songs. My other issue is I live in an area where reception comes and goes between my commute to and from I downloaded quite a few songs. I wish I could select offline mode but I can’t. So I will be rocking out and when the song comes to an end I have sudden total silence while it connects “buffers” for the next 10 minutes. Instead of just going into off line mode and playing my downloads. So my question are they truly downloaded? Why else would the app keep searching “buffering”. If you live in a non rural area I am sure you don’t even notice but us Northern California coastal towns do! I end up switching to google play. As I want to rock out before I have a hectic day working at the local hospital or going home to take care of my three awesome teenagers and hubby!.Version: 1801.1

Has something changed with the Pandora app???Ive had Pandora for several years now, it is the free version. I have not been able to listen to my Pandora for over a week now. When I click into one of my stations, it doesn’t play. I can’t even click play, rewind, or fast forward. The icons are there but not highlighted. I have logged in and out. I’ve turned on/off my phone and I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve done this multiple times and still nothing. When I exit out of the station to browse for other options, it says buffering...your station will be right back. I logged out of my account and had my son log into his account on my phone and his account works on my phone. I contacted the help support explaining all of this, and they sent me the troubleshooting information from their website after I explained I’ve already done all of the troubleshooting. The email they sent me said, if I was still having trouble, to respond to their email, which I did , and I still have not heard anything back. Horrible, horrible customer support..Version: 1809.2

From Joe Swimmer〰🏊🏼〰I really enjoy your Pandora, I listen to it all the time and it was the commercial’s that was worth while to me as well. I am a out side , blanket person pushing my shopping cart around helping others who are wealthy. I find they are unique but are in need of survival techniques and staying healthy on the out side. Pandora relaxes me and I can swim 🏊‍♂️ in the dirty bay water, ice cold water in the winter and jog miles down the coast to warm up. I live in a tent and wear swimming trunks and stay on the beach just like the wealthy do except I am closer to the water than they are and I don’t pay anything to live in my small homeless tent. Pandora gets me in the mood to move my tent down the beach when I get a three day notice to vacate my current spot. Pandora helps me look for food in back of dumpsters behind grocery stores. ( dumpster diving) so if you want, keep giving me Pandora and I will keep listening and have a marry Christmas and a great new year. Joe Swimmer 🏊🏼 in the dirty bay water.Version: 1912.1

Great appBest music streaming app I’ve used. The low monthly payments are great for ad free listening, offline listening, and unlimited skips. In addition to the low (optional) monthly fee your playlist is fully customizable to your music taste. If you hear a song to many times you can simply press I’m bored of this song and it won’t play for a while. You can add many different genres to one playlist or you can add different bands of the same genre to your playlist. The app selects music related to the bands, songs, or genres you’ve selected. You can also mix it up and shuffle all your playlists together! Great app will use it forever thank you Pandora! The only thing I would like to see is macros or hotkeys with the volume button so I can skip and thumb up songs without stopping what I’m doing and simply use volume controls via side of the phone or volume control buttons on my headphones.(not sure if this is already a thing from what I’ve seen it is not yet a thing).Version: 1805.2

Love Pandora! Avid user... BUT!I love Pandora. I use it daily. It's awesome. Between my own personal use, and then playing for my kids while they play, we use it for hours and hours each day. BUT! I've got two problems with it: 1) for some reason, the app won't let me hit play from my lock screen after it's been paused for a few seconds. It just automatically re-pauses. I've gotta unlock the phone and then go back in and hit play that way. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying. 2) my biggest problem is the ads. Having Ads- not a big deal. It's the ad CONTENT that gets me. My kids will be listening to a Disney themed station or Veggie Tales station and an ad for Tampax or Trojan condoms will come on. I don't think those ads are very appropriate. If they're played after a certain time each night- sure, whatever. But this was in the late mornings and early afternoon on kid stations. I'll keep using Pandora. I love it! I'll just have to make sure I turn the volume off in a hurry if inappropriate ads pop up..Version: 1904.2

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