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Pandora: Music & Podcasts App User Positive Comments 2023

Pandora: Music & Podcasts app received 29 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about pandora: music & podcasts?

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Pandora: Music & Podcasts for Positive User Reviews

Not pleased....I have the free app, so I am wondering if my input is actually wanted. I am in my late 60’s and so a ‘music app’ on my cell phone is great in itself. However, I really don’t think it is professional to use this app to ‘push’ political causes, views in people’s faces...and I am tired of it. The majority of my stations feature black artists. That’s what I grew up with and love. I don’t listen to them because they are black. I listen to them because I love their amazing sound. To listen to a music or buy a product because someone is black, to me, is a very insulting form of racism. I don’t like having Pandora’s views/opinions shoved in my face when I just want to listen to good music—and there are now alternatives. Also, those nauseating, condescending McDonald’s ads, telling me that you don’t ‘eat’ their food, but you ‘feel’ it, have caused me to stop eating there entirely. I guess I should just shut-up and pay for your app with no advertising. I think I’ll wait and see if you guys make some changes first..Version: 2110.1

Best for New Music DiscoveryI’ve tried nearly every music streaming platform under the sun (an exaggeration but certainly at least the major players) and I honestly think each music streaming platform app is specialized to provide a specific user goal. Pandora, in my experience, does a really great job finding new music from a range of genres that match the “vibe” of a radio station’s initial sound. Sometimes it’s not about the genre of music for me - it’s something about the sound of the song and the vibe of the music that captures my imagination and makes me want more - for example Linkin Park’s early albums. I use Pandora specifically for finding music of all different genres and styles that capture the spirit of the sound of those Linkin Park songs and I must give Pandora 5 stars because the app has been instrumental in my discovery of a large number of new music and artists that I love and haven’t found before. (Dounia, Tommy Genesis, to name a few) anyway there’s no one perfect solution for every single person since we all have our own individual goals and needs - that being said if you’re thirsting for something new, something innovative, or even something familiar but different from what you know I personally recommend using Pandora whether or not you buy the ad free plan or not. Even the free version does a great job of accomplishing the goal of bringing together similar music from all over the musical universe..Version: 2212.1

Only one issuePandora is a great app and pretty good for kids. As a kid myself, I don’t like seeing things that don’t interest me, or are not appropriate, so Pandora is a great option because you can turn off “Explicit Music” and you can add songs that are similar to your taste. I wish there was a more kid-friendly feature, or your parents could pick only specific podcasts or stations you could listen to, but no app is perfect lol. The “one issue” is that when I try to play a song sometimes, I see the bar that the music is on, (the bar that you can fast forward or rewind) but the place on the bar doesn’t move.”, and the music doesn’t play. So I have to delete the app and reinstall it, which isn’t a big deal, because it logs you right in when you install it again, but I have to do this several times a day so it gets annoying. And it’s not just my device either, because my little sister has the same problem. So that’s my only complaint. Other than that, the music is nice, and the app is high quality:).Version: 2209.1

Omg so annoyingTop 10 reason you need to fix pandora. (1) you need to not have just 3 or 4 skips to the music. (2) Listen closely, my music will not work half of the time and pandora will not let me play any music unless I reboot my phone and delete pandora and get it again. (3) IF I WAS YOU SAY THESE ABOUT A 100 MORE TIMES!😡Ok no.(4) Fix the glitches you Know why I saw a little girl on the phone apparently and the when I got off of pandora I could not move the screen. (5) if you can let the radio know this I will be praying you will. Channel Star 94.9 to tell them this STOP PLAYING Mitt Romney Come put you records on. Stupidest song I ever heard. Ok (6) Sorry about no. (4)-(5) but please do them. (7) Pandora can you please fix this. When I type a song that I like but I like it better in orchestra it will go to a song called orchestra. Why!😭(8) use less adds. (9) I used to love pandora but now all it does is not work I don’t know if it’s my phone or not but if it is pandora fix it . (10) please repeat steps (1)-(10) a enough were you can say it like a bible verse. Please and Thank you.Version: 2102.1

Best thingIve had Pandora for YEARS. I finally upgraded to a paid account instead of free. I wish i had done this years ago. I have always loved pandora and have found so many of my favorite bands through Pandora. Now i used Pandora as a “therapy” or “medication”. Im a combat vet with serious PTSD and until very recently have been able to go without any pills due mostly to Pandora. I know that sounds silly but I legitimately medicate with music (specifically Pandora). I use special stations ive set up when i paint as well for inspiration and to keep the right mood or frame of mind or energy for the style im working on that night. Pandora has been and is currently a godsend for me and theres a decent chance I wouldn’t be here without it. Im a lifetime customer and incredibly appreciative of all the free years i accessed it as well. I hope someone up top reads this review because i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have no idea you’ve done in my life. Tearing up as I write this lol...THANK YOU..Version: 1909.2

PandoraI like the app and all, but my mother WILL NOT LET ME LISTEN TO SONGS WITH WORDS! What is up with that?! I did find a way to listen to some music that had words on the radio that was not supposed to have music with words. So, I have been able to manage it until now. Last night I went to go to the drive in. When both movies were done I was gonna listen to my music. My mother offered to turn on my music, but I said no and tried to grab it from her. THEN she checked my iPad and changed my music to A RADIO STATION SO SO SO STUPID THAT I COULD EVEN LISTEN TO IT! Can you guess what radio station is was? SPA RADIO! I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE IT! *sure do wish I could listen to music WITH WORDS instead of a stupid stupid STUPID spa radio that I CAN’T EVEN LISTEN TO!!!!* Case Closed! Now, GOOD BYE! I truly do wish that when people update the app, the update will delete the stations that don’t have words. I still do love Pandora, but my mother ALWAYS HAS TO BE THE ONE TO GO AND MESS UP MY EXPERIENCE! I still do love her VERY VERY MUCH!❤️.Version: 2105.1

Downloaded songs not really accessibleI like pandora but recently when I select shuffle my thumbs up it repeats the same several songs (songs I have given the thumbs up) along with new songs in the same vein. The new stuff is ok but why keep repeating the one or two songs over and over from my list of 302 songs. My other issue is I live in an area where reception comes and goes between my commute to and from I downloaded quite a few songs. I wish I could select offline mode but I can’t. So I will be rocking out and when the song comes to an end I have sudden total silence while it connects “buffers” for the next 10 minutes. Instead of just going into off line mode and playing my downloads. So my question are they truly downloaded? Why else would the app keep searching “buffering”. If you live in a non rural area I am sure you don’t even notice but us Northern California coastal towns do! I end up switching to google play. As I want to rock out before I have a hectic day working at the local hospital or going home to take care of my three awesome teenagers and hubby!.Version: 1801.1

Love pandora of any version .I must say I have come to love using pandora of all versions , online or off. It is amazing to use online , that the best way for sure but having the option for listening option offline is great and not very common or easy as pandora makes it. Most app like pandora makes offline so completely impossible to use if suddenly you have no internet , like missing paying you phone bill or just out of service. I have found pandora to be the only way I can listen offline without previously downloading every song in my playlist . Pandora is not like that and I so appreciate that cause i loos my internet quiet often and need my music like a kid needs her baby blanket or bottle for comfort and curb anxiety thst I very much have. Lol any I just love pandora. The only thing I would change is the skips and replays on the different paid versions it need to at least have the option on the lowest pandora versions cause broke people need to repeating their favs too even more so I think then others . Anyways just a thought thanks ..Version: 2302.1

DiscoveryPandora has always been really good for me as far as discovery goes. The one thing stopping me from going to the paid version is that the app works poorly with my iPhone. You skip a song, it plays an ad, it rebuffers, then it freezes and you have to close it and reopen it. It then plays the same song you just skipped causing you to use another skip on the same song. Maybe that’s just the ad version but it’s making me question if the regular version will be any better as far as loading and freezing. My iPhone also just doesn’t recognize the app as being open sometimes and when music is playing, the Lock Screen will show nothing so I can’t skip or pause or anything and my car or whatever Bluetooth device I have connected will not have any control over the music. If I’m driving or working on anything, I would have to put everything down to close and reopen the app again and possibly be stuck in the same situation. Other than that, I don’t know if it’s due to what I have chosen recently but I will have songs that I have liked and I will not hear it for months even without clicking “I’m tired of this song” but I’ll come across a song that plays 2-3 times in a few hours or even the next day, it’ll still come on instead of others.Version: 2210.1

Premium is AWESOME!!I’ve listened to pandora for years, pretty much since it started (I think). Just recently I decided to upgrade to the premium version and I have absolutely no regrets. It is well worth the monthly subscription rate. The love to listen to a variety of music, from old (Led Zeppelin) and other music from that era to music from the ‘90’s, 2000’s to today. I have a variety of stations setup that I have listened to; however, currently, for the past several weeks, I’ve been on the Goo-Goo Dolls station and not only am I hearing music from ‘90’s and 2000s that I recognize and absolutely loved back then but totally forgot about; but I’m also hearing “new” (old) music from these same bands that I really like as well. What I really like about pandora is that they provide the lyrics to the song, as well as a write-up about the band. Those are my two favorites things to do when I hear a new (or old) song that I love, especially when I have been singing the song wrong all these years thinking I know/knew what the lyrics were only to find out differently..Version: 2104.1

Political Adds....why needed on Pandora?I really like Pandora. I would give you a 5 Star but I cannot at this time. I like getting PRODUCTS that are FOR SALE advertisement as I like to hear/see/buy what’s new. However I listen to Pandora because I want an escape from Politics and negativity! There is not an option to opt out or report as not appropriate for Political adds? Why do you (Pandora )force this? You allow opt outs for other things as I understand. Will you please update and allow for option of NOT hear political crap or not even accept political ads! They are not selling anything other than giving out negativity for free. This only creates a negative and toxic environment in my personal space that has Pandora playing your favorite music in the background! Pandora losses front stage when this happens. I want a positive and relaxing environment with my favorite music playing in the background and buying/looking/ listening to Product advertisers selling products to make a living for those that need a job to put food on their table for their families!!!.Version: 2005.1

Love this app so much I can’t explain it!I love listening to music, it is like a passion of mine. It is like a gift to me. I really like apps that I don’t have to pay for, and this one I don’t have too. The music is great sound quality on my phone without a speaker. It sounds even better with a speaker! The free version is super good! All you have to do to listen to ANY music is watch a 15 second ad which I don’t mind at all. I also like that you can play a specific song on the app. With many other apps that have a free version you can’t listen to a specific song it will just bring you to a station with songs like that song. With Pandora you can look up a song and play that song. You don’t have to go to a station like that song. I also like that I can make my own playlists. I have about ten current playlists which is amazing! I also like that they have the lyrics to the song. There are a few features missing. I wish that the lyrics would play by itself and not me having to scroll to get the lyrics. There are a couple other things that could be improved but no many! I bet the payed version is even better! Love this app so much!.Version: 2011.1

LifeI grew up on this music and like a lot of my friends and family did also. I can’t say anything else about this music but it’s like you got to have air and water and music is like the natural thing’s in life too make it too the next breath give me my Zeppelin and will be just fine. I learned how to make love listening to Led Zeppelin. I will not give you my age at time. I sure We where not the only one at that age learning the way of life on this story telling music. I could go on for ever and I will say this I’m now a old man and when I’m listening to Zep I feel like I did when I was a young boy experiencing life. I still feel the like I remain the same as did as a pup. This world without this beautiful music could not have been the same world with out it. Please make sure you have your last Album with best of wait I don’t need to give you all any advice on how to make your last album just do what it is you do and all will remain the same. Thanks from one of your #1 fans Barney.Version: 2106.1

Is this just me?I’ve had pandora for about 6 years installed on my phone. I love the short sessions you can have for free by just watching an ad (which I only discovered 3 years ago fsr) and they usually last about 30 minutes. But there have been some glitches I have been encountering. So let’s say I pick a song and start a session, then I realize that I have to do something else so I pause a song. About 1-2 hours later when I come back it would be done, which is *supposed to happen* but it doesn’t. So I turn a song on thinking it’s not a big deal, and the song won’t play. None of the songs will! I turn on the radio stations though and it works fine (though a bit slower). Oh, but when I try to replay a song on that station, which usually works, isn’t, so I have to be more careful as not to make a mistake of skipping anything. But sometimes, or sorry, ehem, MOST of the time, it will be hours later AND it still won’t END. Like please, I just want this glitchy session to end so I can start another one so I can actually listen to the songs in my playlists! The only solution to the problem for me is to sin out of my account, and then re-log in. It’s so much work though to go all the way to the settings, sign out, wait like 5 minutes (yes it takes a very long time) and then finally log back in, and then think of a song to search up in the search bar. Like, this isn’t supposed to happen. It’s so repetitive. Please fix this..Version: 2208.1

Has something changed with the Pandora app???Ive had Pandora for several years now, it is the free version. I have not been able to listen to my Pandora for over a week now. When I click into one of my stations, it doesn’t play. I can’t even click play, rewind, or fast forward. The icons are there but not highlighted. I have logged in and out. I’ve turned on/off my phone and I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve done this multiple times and still nothing. When I exit out of the station to browse for other options, it says buffering...your station will be right back. I logged out of my account and had my son log into his account on my phone and his account works on my phone. I contacted the help support explaining all of this, and they sent me the troubleshooting information from their website after I explained I’ve already done all of the troubleshooting. The email they sent me said, if I was still having trouble, to respond to their email, which I did , and I still have not heard anything back. Horrible, horrible customer support..Version: 1809.2

Love the music, but please target your ads better.I listen to the free version of Pandora very frequently, and am so grateful for the resource. I’m a stay-at-home mom to four little kids. They also love listening to Pandora. I have only one problem: sometimes the ads aren’t quite targeted at the right audience. Currently, I have been bombarded with the terrible ad for the paid version of Pandora which has sexy music and is describing how excited someone is in the moments leading up to a first kiss, interrupted by a commercial for hemorrhoid cream. This ad is neither appropriate for my children, nor entertaining to me. I understand that Pandora’s marketers are doing a great job by making me wish I could just pay to make the ad go away, but I do not appreciate the sense that I am being forced, rather than invited, to either pay or stop listening. Please stop using the suggestion of sultry kissing, of sex, and of hemorrhoids for humor or shock (which falls in the category of “potty talk” in this house) in your ads on non-explicit stations. It is off-putting and inappropriate for general audiences. Previous instances of inappropriate ads included ads featuring loud club music breaking in to the classical music we had on as a background to art time with the kids. No thanks..Version: 2207.2

I enjoy PandoraI signed up to get rid of the ads. I like only having the music. I like having my multiple song stations with different music styles. They work reasonably well. Sometimes my “liked” (thumbs up) songs play in other stations with somewhat similar music. If I want the “liked” song in the other station, then I either let it play or “like” it. If I do not think that it is appropriate for this other station, then I “unlike” (thumb down). This is not hard to manage. Having the Pandora system add songs to my stations results in having a wider range of songs in my long list of stations. Sometimes the Pandora system adds new songs that I had never known and they are nice, so I “like” them. Sometimes the system adds songs that are in my station’s category, but I still don’t like that band or artist, so I “unlike” the songs. This is easy. My long list of stations from rock and roll to instrumental to Christian artists is a pleasing list. I listen to one or more Pandora stations every day. I like that a station is not an artist’s album that would play the same songs in the same order each time. I like the variable and random order of the songs..Version: 2211.1

Why I love Pandora.Omg, Pandora is simply the BEST!! It’s a place where you can find all of you favorite songs for free! I LOVE MUSIC! And if you love music as much as I do, then your going to LOVE Pandora. I love it so much that I listen to it in bed! 😂 But... the only thing I wish was different about Pandora, is that I really wish there were more songs that have a clean version. Sometimes, when I start listening to a song, I search for a clean version of it just in case. Let’s say I wanted to listen to “On My Way” By Alan Walker & Sabrina Carpenter, then I would normally search for a clean version of that song. But sometimes, I click the normal version of it because I would think it didn’t have bad words in it due to the fact that it didn’t have a clean version. But then... I get startled by the cuss words. And then, just because of that, I tend to dislike the song. So whenever I hear that song on a different station, I will most likely 👎🏼 the song. I love you Pandora, but please please work on those clean versions!! I really enjoy your music, I can’t wait to see what you do next! To: Pandora From: Me ❤️.Version: 1911.1

It could be betterI have the premium subscription and overall I’m pleased with the easy to use platform, music selection and the quality of sound. However I do agree with other users that I wish Pandora would give users (especially those that pay for premium) the ability to edit/sort your stations and playlists on your home page. Yes you can filter for your stations or downloaded playlists but I’m pretty particular and I like things to be alphabetical... or the order in which my brain thinks is most logical. But the thing that bothers me THE MOST is the fact that when you pause a song, and lock your phone and walk away for a moment or pause to have a conversation with a coworker and you go back to the app, it acts like you just opened the app and the song you were listening to you, at your favorite part, starts over. What’s with that?! I understand that music apps may be different but the free game apps I have don’t wipe out my progress if I pause the game and “minimize” the app.... why can’t the app I pay monthly for do the same?!?.Version: 1902.2

No radio zone.I put off moving from Fl to the backwoods of western North Carolina mostly because there was only talk radio and two country stations (I don’t like country at all) but as fait has it, I moved up here anyway in ‘07 & lived in misery until my first smart phone & finding the Pandora app in around ‘14 & found again what living was again. Than in mid 2017 I was working at a house in the middle of nowhere for weeks on end. I got no service out there & the free Pandora didn’t work out of coarse too. At this point I decided to brake down & get Pandora premium for off line playlist. I have had Pandora premium since that time and have never looked back. I love it, it is my personal radio station. Like I own my own station & can play whatever the hell I want. A few things pop up (can’t play due to licensing) but it’s rare enough & it usually doesn’t last long. Dollar for $ it is the best app I have for sure. I literally have it on 12 plus hours a day. From Hannibal Burris to Bradley’s Postmodern jukebox & 99.9% of anything in between..Version: 1903.1

Amazing! And I have a lot of proof for it too!I love this app! It’s great for listening to your favorite music! It doesn’t turn off in other apps, on your home screen, and when you turn your device off. I’ve used some other music apps and this one is by far my favorite, in fact I’m listening right now. However, they do send a lot of emails. I’m okay with them but if you don’t like them you can easily unsubscribe from the emails and still listen to the music. Also there are a ton of different kinds of music and whatever you like is probably there. They also personalize it to you and it’s great. If you don’t like their suggestions you can always search up something you would like to listen to and you’ll probably find it. I am constantly on there listening to music and thumbing up all of the songs. You can thumbs up or thumbs down songs depending on how you like them. You can listen to all of your radios together or you can listen to your favorite songs on the thumbprint radio..Version: 1806.1

Treasure trovePandora has been a huge contributor to my electronic music collection. Since I’m pushing age 60, it’s very difficult to me to be a participant in the leading edge of any technology. When I was new to Apple Music,I created a Pandora channel for my favorite musician, Elvis Costello. The song is that played and the artists chosen what a great reminders of my younger days and college days, andWhen a new artist I would show up, like madness or the specials, I could quickly switch to Apple Music and download a playlist of the essentials for that artist, which very quickly helped build my electronic music collection, As well as build other electronic or organicPlaylists on my phone. At this year’s New Year’s party, My “New Year’s funky eve“ playlist killed for three straight hours until the ball dropped. It’s a great way to expand your musical knowledge and collectA whole lot of songs you like. I find myself playing a recently downloaded album each night to put myself to sleep. I do not recommend anyone use the clashes combat rock.Version: 2110.1.1

Can’t get it right AGAIN!!!Once’s again you mess up the app. Now I can’t get it to work. When I turn it on the app then when I closed the screen to let it play in back ground. It turns off the music. Then when I try to put it back on it freezes. I have to turn off the app then turn it back on. This happens every time. Now that I paid for this service it not working. This happen 1 day after the last fix. Plus you can’t see whats playing in the lock screen. Just shows the pandora app is on. GREAT JOBS!!! (Not) (Next day) After I putting a bad review. The sent me a way to fix the problem the very next day. All I can say it now work and I’m happy again with pandora. This time it was a great job!! Just give them a problem and they will fix it. I might have been a little mad about the review. But at the time it was bad day and I wanted was to listen to music it chill with, and it didn’t want to work. I glad that the people at pandora really care about the people who uses their app. Just give a change and see what they can do for you. *****. 5 five rating..Version: 1711.2

Pandora is the best!!My brother told me about your music App years ago and I signed up for it first on my computer and then on my iPhone! My husband had Sirius in his car and actually paid to use it! It was absolutely the worst music no matter which station we listened too. Half of the songs they played must be from the “B-side” of records from singing artists we chose! It was dreadful, especially because we could not give a thumbs down on any song they played so we never had to hear the songs again! It was a total ripoff! We cancelled our subscription for Sirius and will NEVER waste our money on them again! Now we use Pandora exclusively because you play all our favorite songs - plus, we get to choose the songs we love with a thumbs-up, so we hear them played often! AND, if there’s a song we’re not particularly fond of, we give it a thumbs-down and never hear it again! It’s a total win-WIN for us! Plus, Pandora is FREE! The few commercials we need to listen to are never annoying and long. I couldn’t be more pleased and use your station almost every time I drive my car! Thank you for providing such a wonderful music experience! I hope you never change your station!!.Version: 2301.1

Amazing, but could change a bit.I love the app, it has a lot of music I could play. But some Times it just turns off when listening to music. also some of the songs on the radio can only be played on that station or that radio specifically. I wish it can be where we can like this song on the playlist and it not say we’re not able to play it because it’s only on radio but have it where were able to play it infinite amount of time. Also sometimes when you go to play your music it will not play at all, it will just have the screen on the station or radio you want to listen to and it will have a song but it will not either play or just say it’s buffering (loading). other than that this app is an amazing app and you should really get it. It also has a thing where you pay so much amount of money, It’s not a lot but I forgot how much it is, we were able to listen to whatever music we want at that moment at that time. So basically if I don’t wanna listen to one song and it won’t let it play it on the radio I can go over type in the song and search it up and play it..Version: 2209.1

Needs workI was just listening to music, and I had explicit turned off and blocked, so music like that shouldn’t play, or they should at least have the swearing blocked. But I was just listening and one of the songs dropped the f bomb twice! This is unacceptable! I don’t swear and purposely turned that off! The app always stops playing at random times as well. I’ll hve turned it on, it will play two or three songs, but then it will suddenly stop playing, and there is nothing I can do but wait an hour or more before it plays anything, and then the exact same thing happens. It happens on my radio stations, and my playlists, and it’s really, really annoying. Overall, the app is great. There are most of the songs I want to listen to all there for when I want them, but there are still things that I wish I could change. I’m not sure if it’s just my device, or something going on with the app, but other than those two things I have no problem and would totally recommend pandora..Version: 2004.1

AdvertisementsAdvertisements are too frequent. I should NOT have to pay to not have commercials. I can use other competing music apps that don’t have commercials like Pandora does. Also, just because I “like” a song when I’m listening to one genre of radio station, doesn’t mean I want to hear that song when I’m listening to a different genre of radio station. As humans, we are all in different moods at different times, and enjoy listening to different genres of music, depending on our mood. So if I am in the mood to be listening to a more upbeat and dance type genre, that doesn’t mean I want to hear my favorite slow love song from Secondhand Serenade. Please keep the same theme of music within the genre of radio station selected by the customer. If I want to listen to a random mix of songs I have periodically “liked” on Pandora, then I can listen to my thumbprint station. Otherwise, if I pick “Dance Party”, I want Dancing themed music, likewise, if I pick “Love Songs”, I want to hear slow romantic deep lyrical music..Version: 1711.1

I love this app, but it could use some changesHi, I am Alia I am 10 years old and I use this app a lot to help me with my homework to get my brain working a little bit because sometimes I’m tired. Every time when I’m using Pandora most of the time I get an ad and I didn’t even watch the ad to get more skips so I think you should lower down the ads just a little bit I’m not saying you have to take them off fully but I’m just saying like to cut them off just a little bit because I’m getting like a ad every time when a new song comes or when I skip a song. Next thing I want to talk about is the skips. I think we should have more than six skips because there’s a lot of songs on my playlist like on my albums that I don’t really know so then I skip them but then it tells me I need more skips so I think we should get like two more extra skips and I think I’ll be good but other than that this app is amazing. I love their music. And it is just a great app. Please reach out to me as soon as possible and thank you for reading. Bye..Version: 2210.2

I love Pandora!This is a great app! It is easy to use. It knows about every artist so you can create radio stations based on the most well known or most obscure artists. About 2 of my channels don't seem to really get the artist that the channel is built around but I have about 80 channels & that is the rare exception. This means I have about 78 channels that totally get the artist the channel is built around. I needed help once from Pandora. I emailed them & got a reply almost immediately. I could not ask for more! I gave this 4 stars because twice I have picked up my iPhone to see what song was playing and the way I picked up the phone gave it the thumbs down. The song stopped immediately. The first time I never heard that artist again. And he is one of my favorites! The second time just happened so I don’t know if that will happen again. My phone was plugged in so the display was always up. I tried to scroll back and give the song the thumbs up, but I still never heard the first artist again. I am so sad. I wish you had to confirm the thumbs down. Then this would not have happened..Version: 2211.1

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