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Google App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Google app received 158 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google? Can you share your negative thoughts about google?

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Could be betterAll I want is to have the old style previous tab this such a hard request??! I wrote a review a while back about this and strangely when I went to use google app again, it had changed from the new style back to the old style. Which I was extremely happy with. But the other day I went to use it and hey presto the dumb new style was back! Hey Google, sort out an option to choose which style people want... or just change it back for me. Not much to ask really. Then I’ll give a better rating..Version: 156.1

Won’t open.I have an iPhone 8. After an automatic update google now won’t open. Opens momentarily then disappears. Have turned off. Turned on. Uninstalled app. Reinstalled app. No luck..Version: 165.0

One thing that annoys me …I receive notifications through many channels some I follow down their rabbit hole others I delete. I followed one this morning about iOS options and how to keep or turn them off. So, the first one about turning off phone call banners made me go look and change the way the call interrupts my work flow (if any). Then once I was done in settings I went back to … oh no, wait. Google decided I should go back to the very beginning of my opening Google! What, where the heck was I? Now you make me go back to … oh where the heck was I (before I submitted this review.) WHY CAN’T you leave me where I was in my review of, whatever link you sent me to?! If there’s one thing I hate is software that makes me have to a better short term memory than it does! Can you people at Google, quit playing games, read this and make your supposed search app more User-suppotive?.Version: 195.0

Occasionally Useless!!!Why won’t Google do what I ask it to? Too often it will decide I’ve asked an entirely different question, and return results ONLY based on its re-interpretation of my question. I asked “What is the meaning of the phrase “back on the lash”?” I got page after page of horse racing tips, because there is a horse called Back on the lash. Google is a search engine that can’t distinguish between “What is the meaning of the phrase?” and “Give me the odds and form of a horse called”. Never mind Artificial Intelligence - Google has perfected Virtual Stupidity..Version: 259.0

ReviewI’ve enjoyed using Google ever since I was at school. I still use google and Google chrome. If suggest that google and it’s partners and the gmail sides of things take a closer look at the gmail email address. My Gmail Account has been hacked ever since then my NDIS has been hacked and multiple issues of other I don’t want to get into. But it did start off with my gmail account. As far as I’m aware. That’s why I gave a 3 star to google… Today my past information being fiddled perhaps tampered with? Unsure? I find this review to be in good spirits and I will still use google, I personally think GOOGLE needs better security. I use an iOS device. I don’t have evidence as they deleted some mail out of my gmail inbox. I don’t know what’s going on. One last thing. When I plug my phone into my PS5 for charging purposes only. I believe there’s something going on there and I don’t know how far these people/ virus / bug whatever it may be has gone. Thanks for reading my review. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 257.0

Google voiceI can’t get my Google voice to work, why won’t it work?.Version: 290.0

Can’t search for songsI downloaded it only to find songs based on tunes since Shazam can only find songs if they are sung by the original singer. first used in French and it just kept clicking out and realised it couldn’t even search for songs in that language. I then switched to English and when I asked “What’s this Song?” It went to a google page called “what’s this song”, and when I asked “what song is playing” it went to a google search page called “Song”. Like seriously.Version: 195.0

Keeps crashingThe update doesn’t load properly and keeps crashing. Worked better before update..Version: 46.0

New Version Update Does Not WorkThe Updated version does not work for me as whenever I tried to click on the Google button, it tries to open the application but automatically closes it thereafter and does not give any error message. Is there a way I can revert to the previous version ?.Version: 123.0

FrustratingKeeps asking to download app. even if it is.Version: 289.0

You just declainde my own google accountAfter 5 yrs of using one google account of course i was changing my phone number and phones as well i tried to loggin to one game kritika from google (i play that game since i made an account..thank you) and it asked me to verify if its me in there was old phone number .google doesnt aloud me to change it and also phone number was hidden you guys tryin to be like apple but sorry it dont work u just lost 5 years of my life i spend on that game a lot of money in 5 yrs and now for no reason i cant loggin to my account ... google will make you loose money and data if you know whats good for you dont loggin from google and dont do backup !!!! Avoid!!!!!.Version: 45.0

Google Sign-In Broken In AppI'm used to using texted codes for 2FA. Fortunately, Google still lets me do that. The idea of depending on some password manager that contains a key that I can't access if something goes wrong doesn't appeal to me. This time, though, I decided to try a different option that Google provides, which is to open the Google App and verify my identity. So, I downloaded the app and gave it a go. What happened, though, was that the text in the screen was highly zoomed, and locked in place, making it impossible to scroll, in any direction, to wherever it was on the screen that I was supposed to do the next thing. Until that bug gets fixed, obviously, the Google App two-step login option is dead. As for the app itself, it seems to be a decent search engine with some additional features..Version: 203.0

Too many updates!Too many updates of hundreds of megabytes each time. Not good for those on mobile data. Do we SERIOUSLY need these HUGE updates so often?.Version: 225.0

Google Assistant problemsI use Japanese as my second language on everything, and when I opened the app I changed that setting as well, but I noticed I couldn’t change the order of the languages as English stayed at the top no matter what I did. But I payed it no mind as it still worked both ways. I downloaded the app to use the “hum a song” feature anyways, yet when I first opened the app, the button that you are supposed to use for that feature didn’t show up. I closed the app for a few minutes and opened it back up to finally see the button, but google assistant seemed to have lost the ability to understand Japanese and would make my words into unreadable English “sentences”. After trying to fix it for 10 minutes I gave up and decided to make sure the “hum a song” feature was actually working. The circle of colorful dots showed up on the screen and moved when I hummed but nothing happened and after waiting for a few seconds, it would close and show the normal google assistant pop-up at the bottom of the screen. As if I hadn’t pressed the “search a song” button at all. Very disappointed..Version: 163.0

Hum this tune/ what’s this song, non existent.One star may be a bit harsh but this is the only reason I agreed to give google more of my data thanks to their newest ad. This feature is completely non existent for me iPhone 8+ everything up to date. Had to check if it was early April fools or something..Version: 137.2

:pThis won't even downlode.Version: 78.0

تحيى فلسطين رغم أنفكم.تحيى فلسطين رغم أنفكم..Version: 116.0

Ruined by one pointless updateSeriously, what is this popup garbage? Now going to a website is like clicking a link in instagram, which pulls up some temporary pop up browser, it no longer feels like using an actual internet browser. You can no longer change the url, clicking on the url just copies it instead of letting you change it. Instead, to go to a new site you either have to completely go back to the home page, or open a whole new tab and clutter the tabs page every time you want to make a new search. Whoever made this change seriously needs to be fired, because they must have some serious mental disability and clearly aren’t capable of having this big of a say in a company. No mentally capable person would genuinely think that removing core features of a web browser is a good idea. Turn google back into a web browser instead of this wannabe instagram browser trash, otherwise you’re going to have barely any users..Version: 222.1

You totally destroyed this app overnightWhen my wife and I woke up this morning and overnight Google totally destroyed this app for what we use it for. I don’t need and I don’t want another news program on my phone and that’s what they’ve turned it into. Gone is incognito Google search and Gone is the settings app icon in the upper right hand corner that allowed us to remove cookies, all cookies, from our cell phone. Why has google made this change?? They now can load cookies, cookies, and more cookies on your phone to make more money, money, money– – – it’s all about the money, money and money and has nothing to do with protecting you and me. WE HAVE REMOVED GOOGLE😡😡. If GOOGLE NEWS DOESN’t RESTORE OUR ABILITY TO PREVENT NEWS CORPS I DON’T WANT ON MY POHNE, I’m going to remove Google News as well, because it is loaded, loaded, loaded with unwanted advertisements and obnoxious demands for Subscriptions that I have to shut the news app down and reboot to avoid..Version: 290.0

Slower after updateI have both Google (this app) and Chrome app. In the last year, this app has always been faster than Chrome. Today, this app was not usable so I updated it. Huge regret. After the upgrade, this app could no load any search results, while Chrome loaded search results - using the same search words - in 2 seconds. 5 star for the functionality. Minus 2 star for the unstable update..Version: 166.0

ProblemsIf I ‘copy & paste’ a word, the word goes to ‘clipboard’ & I can’t delete it, even if I uninstall - reinstall the app, the word is still on clipboard?! I’ve tried everything, including deleting search history etc etc etc.... Creepy. Since I reinstalled the Google app, there are now a load of stories/adverts underneath the Google search bar & when I try to get rid of them, a message comes up saying I have to sign into a Google account - I don’t have one and I don’t want one, so I’m stuck with clipboard saving my copy & paste & a load of stories/adverts that I can’t get rid of unless Google force me to sign up to their account..Version: 85.0

Used to love Gmail App for iPhone! Please Fix this app!!!Google; you’re so talented! And yet you have “dumbed” down this app so much it’s just a useless tool for people like myself/ others whom are very particular with fonts/ style / size & including bullet points etc.... The only app that now allows this on iPhone is Apple Mail app; however this is not the best app, as Gmail app - allows faster direct download. Clean and neat to swap from primary to junk etc. Thus giving it 3 Stars.... BUT It looses all its value with this bullet points and font size! All I can use is the “Apple iOS Bold, Italic and underline” which in its self is a hassle! As I have to highlight everything!!! And the fear of hitting delete/ cut or copy is so frustrating! Please add a “Pro Feature” for people like me, on the go and OR use phone a lot for email and corporate/ professional email reply. This would be most appreciated Outlook Microsoft on iPhone has better features for text! Please beat them! Thank you 😊 keep safe and well.Version: 137.2

It’s not a good lookI have submitted feedback several times in the past few weeks. Absolutely no response, nothing. I sent screenshots of Google Chrome errors. It is been a nightmare on my iPad, as well as on my iPhone in the last few months. Tabs won’t close tabs don’t open, and Safari pops up and locks my browsing i’m going to Google or KrHall like it has for the past 20 years. Incognito messages pop up every two minutes. It’s ridiculous. You have got to do something for these people who have choices in our digital life. But the choices are getting larger and more compatible. If you can’t keep up with your users and technical issues, then don’t advertise that you are the best at everything. And your feedback is just telling us to go through help. I have gone to your help section probably every day for the past year for different stuff. 60% of the time I Find My answer other times I go in circles. I know how to change my settings in every part of my Google account. So please don’t tell me to do that. Thanks.Version: 280.1

Not as describedCannot hum or whistle song as described. I hit mic button and say, "Search song or find a song" as instructed and as soon as I say that it comes up search results for "find a song". There is no delay to allow me to even hum it.Version: 137.2

Issues with tabsI’ve been using this app for years as my primary search engine. I even recently noticed a feature where you can save recipes to “cookbook”, which is nice. The feature I use the most, however, has been an increasing source of frustration: tabs. I keep tabs open so I can return to them at a later date. The delete tabs setting is on ‘never’ so that my tabs never disappear. Yet today, when I opened the app, all of my tabs were gone. And there’s no easy way to restore them. I’d have to comb through my search history and go off of memory. I’m ready to discard this app in favor of the chrome app, since it turns out restoring tabs is pretty simple for that one. Or maybe I’ll just stick to Safari, which allows for a search of tabs. I don’t see that same option in this Google app. Another reason for me to stop using it..Version: 219.0

Partner sharing against privacyMy partner and I activated the partner sharing option. We set it up from one date onwards and on his phone he gets suggestions of my pictures from 10 years ago. This is a violation of privacy! We then turned it off, deleted the app, cleared the cache, everything we could think off, and when we re instilled the app all my pictures were still in his library! They are not saved in his library but they still show up. This is a clear violation of the terms of condition and there is no one that we can contact for it. And we even paid for it..Version: 243.0

MEDIA BAN IN CANADAGoogle is planning to ban all content from canadian medias. I recommend using DuckDuckGo, which is drastically better!.Version: 270.0

Bug issuesSince I updated, I am having problem opening the app. It's not working. I click and it quit itself..Version: 165.0

App keeps closing, newsfeed not responsive to my interestsFor a while now this app has been getting worse. It now keeps closing when I am using it for some reason. Most annoying is the newsfeed. The algorithm takes no account of when I indicate I am not interested in a topic. It does not seem to be based on what I do like to search for and read. It has gotten worse recently. I even went to the Google site to try tweak settings after reading tips on how to manage the newsfeed. The topics I chose to follow still hardly ever feature. Things I try hide or block still keep coming up. It is annoying that you cannot block a topic, only a source. Only option is “see fewer stories like this” Well it doesn’t work!! Why not have “Not interested in .... ” So I keep getting stuff I have no interest in. Google please fix this!.Version: 176.0

Worst everWho ever developer did the newest updates has mental issues The new route suggestions appear exactly before an intersection and to make things interesting u can’t dismiss the suggestions and u are obligated to accept or to go like u were and wait for it to reroute This is the stupidest crap i ever seen when a driving app takes u were she wants to go and not were u want This is also extremely dangerous!!!!!!! Im not expecting the developers to reply to this anyway but in case someone people read this stay away from this crap…..I almost crashed 2 times because of it🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 219.0

تحيا فلسطينتحيا فلسطين رغم انفكم فلتسقط خرائطكم.Version: 116.0

GlitchingI put one star so you actually see this and take it serious and google can try to fix it,on images when i tap an image and keep tapping others underneath it,if i press back to go onto the last image i saw it takes me back to all not even the image place so i have to rap image again,any image i clicked on before and want to revisit I can’t,this is a big deal as i have to go back and search for it again which i can’t because i have to click the exact same images i did before,which clearly is improbable,this is in my phone and I absolutely cannot work well with this.Version: 166.0

New update ruined GoogleIve used google as my primary search engine for a while, but Ive always needed a second. A huge problem has always been the ability to download images or lack thereof on the Google App, they fixed the issue around 2019-ish. We were going steady when the download image feature was seamless, you hold down the image and a pop up with the words ‘download image’ appeared. Not anymore. Its been replaced with an annoying Google lens feature and a useless image source pop up with download image no where to be seen. We are all aware of these feature and the image settings or three dots at the right hand corner would be an adequate place for them. Forcing Google lens onto your users as some sort of quota made your app an afterthought and inferior to the Safari app. Not to mention Safari has a better ‘Tabs’ system. I would recommend the Chrome app which is less user friendly but way more competent than this worthless app..Version: 217.0

If it ain’t broke…Oh Google…what have you done?! You took a reasonably good, functional app and ruined it. I wish I’d never updated. It’s been nothing but bugs and problems since. SIRI won’t work when I’m using the app anymore, my auto complete/predictive text on my iPhone keyboard has vanished so now I have to type everything out in full every time I want to search for something, you moved easily accessible functionality and made it harder to get to those things. The only thing you’ve succeeded in doing is failing…epically. Please get your app in order..Version: 288.0

Google assistant rendered useless with the newest updateThe new update has stopped showing upcoming events. It is available in google assistant which is not supported in New Zealand..Version: 55.0

Dear google com...Google is so accurate and super fast then I expected to be! It has all the answers I need it helps me in my life, it even fix my spellings , I accidentally did well I certainly think you are one of the best apps I ever had! It help me on work and images news videos but inappropriate stuff are terrible well I actually don’t go on inappropriate apps. I also think under 17 age of people may use it as well unless they don’t go to inappropriate stuff, so that’s why I definitely like google so much I really want thanks the people who made google and…THERE ARE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES AS WELL BELIEVE ME l 💖 google you are the part of my life google don’t ever delete this app GOOGLE!Ok.I NOW WELL 😄😁👍🏻Well done google!.Version: 82.0

Comment on your invitationI just need to read the bad reviews to understand your shortfalls . You need to be on top of bad reviews immediately to engender confidence. You should Not think you are so big ,that you write off the unhappy people as the ‘law of average’ percentage that you know will always be lost as customers. In other words …. you can’t please all the people . But , Once people hear the short falls you will have an exponential loss in uptake of your product. You still can’t get past the us and them concept . You are the US We are the THEM Once we feel you are on our side you don’t need to sell anymore . Also , Have you spreadsheeted and categorised the reviews , in order to deal with them and then go next level and respond to the people that have bothered to communicate with you. ? Most people can’t be bothered writing a review… they just walk away… so these reviews are (probably) the tip of the iceberg . Most reviews I read said it was a great app but…….. Also, Your pop up ad comes up on my I phone while I’m using another search engine. Where is my option to tell you to stop flashing that ad at me Or Am I meant to close it forever I’ve made my choice Please leave me alone There is no charge for this advice.Version: 197.0

UmmmmI can’t download this app because its 17+ that’s kind of dumb I need to use this for school and I can’t download it because its “inappropriate” like seriously c’mon.Version: 297.0

New updateI dont really like the new update as it will not load, or it will take along time. It wont let me watch any videos like it used to. Please change this!.Version: 55.0

Slowly deterioratingGoogle was great, but the issue is that minor inconveniences such as taking Google Search off iMessage is really annoying. From there I could do a quick search or a location to send much quicker via text. Not anymore! Another thing, the app gets slower and more cluttered with each update. I do not use Safari as much due to the fact that it feels “heavier” and more cluttered, but now I’m seeing pointless news articles that are absolutely irrelevant to me as an individual. All of the data mining and theft your company does, and you can’t even match my interests? Even if you could match my interests, you wouldn’t be able to do it because you are Google. Furthermore the articles are pointless anyways because of the News app and third party apps that I can download. Slowly but surely, Google is turning into a lesser search engine like Yahoo or Bing..Version: 128.0

Needs Ad blockerMy favourite search engine on my phone but the ads are making it too painful to browse. Google Please build in an adblocker or adblocker support for iOS... until then adios.Version: 68.0

Sends ads as notificationsStop sending me ads as notifications..Version: 35.0

Can't log in because of two factor authenticationI would give ir zero stars if i could since i am literally unable to use it. google has changed the way two factor authentication works so that when i try to log in to an account i have had for over a decade, i need to verify it's me by going onto the google app and clicking "yes". this is a new feature and seems like just another way to try and get you to download all of google's products whether you want to or not the issue is i am trying to log in ON the google app... so i can't verify it's me until i log in, and i can't log in until i verify it's me... it's a frustrating infinite loop and massive oversight. i can't use my mobile because as i said, it's over a decade old and has a number i no longer use attached, and there's no way to change it when i'm logged out. so i guess google has just locked me out of my account forever. wow, thanks. i guess i'll go use firefox instead..Version: 259.0

Keeps crashingAfter the latest google app update, the app keeps crashing 30-60 seconds after I open it. Quite frustrating! Hopefully there’s a new update soon to fix it..Version: 102.0

Disappointing Image Scanning and Redundant FeaturesI recently tried out the Google app and found it to be quite underwhelming, particularly in terms of its image scanning functionality. Despite promoting this feature, it failed to deliver accurate results consistently. The app's inability to reliably scan and recognize images led to a frustrating user experience. Moreover, beyond the image scanning feature, the Google app offers little added value compared to simply using Google's website. It essentially replicates the browsing experience, making it redundant to install the app if the image scanning feature doesn't work effectively. Considering the primary selling point of the app falls short, it begs the question of why one should bother with it at all. Until Google improves and refines the image scanning capability, I see little reason to recommend this app over using the reliable and well-established Google search engine directly through a web browser..Version: 273.0

Getting very slow to bootGoogle now takes a good five seconds between being tapped and allowing its user to enter a search query. This is even with all of the assistant functions turned off and just the search function operational. It can be overcome by long pressing the icon and selecting quick serve however that too ads time. I’d love the ability to run the app in a raw search only mode where it hit else can lug the app down..Version: 113.0

Issues all dayUsually have no issues with google search... ok I have the odd slow moments where it takes forever to load, but today as soon as I open the app it freezes on a white screen saying “google” no search bar - nothing! My whole screen freezes and I can’t even exit the app without turning my phone off! All Other apps work fine, no freezing or messing up my phone, but again I try google, and I get a white screen saying google and then “hey presto” my screen knacks up again and I have to reboot my phone to get it to work! No happy! Going to delete and use alternate search engine/browser I think, although gutted as I really didn’t have any issues that bothered me so much before this!.Version: iOS App 87.0

WiredI can’t search anything when I use this App in my iPhone, it always tell me unable to get results with no network, but actually I can search what I want by Chrome APP in my phone at the exactly same time. And I check the WLAN and data settings for Google APP, everything is alright, Am I bugged by someone?.Version: 119.0

I’m not sure.I'd like to say that Google is a great, amazing app to browse in and search for advice; however, it's not very safe. It’s not safe because it shows all your recent searches, shows leaked stuff people have added and it doesn't let you delete personal stuff about you. Here is one of my issues on google, I've made accounts on social media and they are all on the public. Strangely, but stupidly, I've got the accounts to be on Google. I tried everything to get rid of it; but, nothing has worked. I've searched online about it and all that comes up is ‘use webmaster’ or ‘contact google’. The problem with this is that I have no clue how to contact google and when I use webmaster it asks for a URL, I gave them the URL and it non stops asking to redo. If this has ever happened to you please reply (if possible) and tell me how, Thank you..Version: 185.2

More ads pleaseThis app use to be part of my morning routine since it was able to curate stories related to my interest. After spending months fine tuning results, I was happy with what I was getting for a small window of time. In true Google fashion that all changes when they decided to constantly start pushing ads in the feed. I wouldn’t be so bothered by it if it was once in a while, but it has grown to the point that most of the spots used for articles are now ads. Not only are they ads that are based on one-off searches you make but they are disguised as “searches”. Also if an article mentions any product in it, it will be sure to nest that in card with the article. Aside from that, I constantly face technical issues where the feed doesn’t load any content or searches just hang. These issues are temporarily resolved by force closing the app, but some times it caches the cards so you are still left with stall content. At this point, I recommend using your browser to search or finding a different app for news..Version: 290.0

App quitsA weird thing started on my iPhone 11 this app quits unexpectedly even reinstall of app didn’t fix, tried on both wifi and mobile data please fix this bug 😣😣.Version: 123.0

Can’t download from the cloudI can’t download this from the cloud. Please help.Version: 64.0

It’s OkayThis Google browser is not bad, but not good either. When you launch the app, it’s a bit laggy at the start. While browsing, it’s a bit slow. I don’t recommend this browser..Version: 241.0

App won’t download anymoreApp was crashing so forums told me to delete and redownload but app icon won’t appear on iPhone I can only open it from the App Store where it says open not download Apple issue more than google I’m sure Apple don’t care maybe Google will if we can’t use there app.Version: 241.0

SuckyI love that I can use this in safari BUT safari is better and no offence but you should remake your app!!! Like it says I can remove an ad and then a new ad pops up it’s so irritating and like why can’t I just remove ads in this little section because I’m annoyed I just like I don’t want a add in my game and I’m trying to play my game so then it says do you want to remove this and I’m like yes and I click the yes button and thence new add just popped up or it’s like so Lagi that it just stays there I’m like mad at this app mad are you do you feel like one thing no I only just downloaded you just to make us little like slideshow thing I don’t even know what it is you are horrible you Safari will smack you in the face they are way better I hate your app I absolutely hate it.Version: 114.0

Soooo slowGoogle is so slow. As soon as I get on google it takes forever to load. Even there was a add on tv saying google is fast in loading but, to be honest it takes sooo long to load. Another thing the new updates don’t work for me. When I need to open a tab for homework google never opens it. More on, where I live the Internet is good. And every time the internet is good google says “no internet connection try again.” Now I have low temper because google doesn’t work when I really need it to work! Pease fix the problem!!!.Version: 282.0

Can not open.Since last 2 updates it doesn’t work very well on iphone SE. And today I can not even open it. It did work ok before..Version: 123.0

Stop refreshing my feed arbitrarilyIt’s not a bad app. But the most annoying ‘feature’ is that if you focus away from your interests/news feed for a bit and then come back to read that interesting article you saw then magically and before your eyes Google will disappear it from your feed forever. This happens even if you have the actual article page open! A big fail on the basics here..Version: 173.0

Google Aap brings annoying search bar at the bottomRecent update Google Search bar has been brought to the bottom of the screen. Now when app is launched on Apple devices (iPhone) search bar automatically opens up (swiped up from bottom toward to top of the) which covers around 80% of the screen. Google is app is not only used for search only, instead 95% of the time this app is used for getting all kinds of updates, weather, stocks, news active, tending video, (off course sponsored linked/ ads also shows up). By covering all that, and forcing a useless search bar and covering entire screen is super annoying, and user experience and satisfaction has significantly dropped. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Please bring back old interface, where search bar is at the top which doesn’t interface with the main contents of the Google dashboard. We know how to locate the search bar to perform a search. Right now we have to swipe down the search bar first to get to the pre populated & personalized content, also search bar popes open randomly and covers the entire screen, that’s probably how people holds their phone (usually people hold phone from the lower 30-40% side) and accidentally it touches the search area and it just a pops open. This wasn’t the issue earlier though. Please bring back old interface. Of let user chose where they want to place the search bar. Thanks BK.Version: 283.0

DownAll google services are down except when searching something up.Version: 137.2

It's getting worse tbhI have used this app for a while instead of safari because I just trust google more. But recently its been hiccuping and I can't stand it. One thing is that it won't let me change my picture. I don't know why and I want it changed because its an old picture of me. I will click on the icon and I will tap the camera on the profile picture and it will say "you can't change this profile picture from this account" but the problem is I have before. Also I've had this song stuck in my head so I tried to use the "find song" feature on the app and when I tap on it the dots will show up for a few seconds, like its trying to find the song, then it will go back to the home page. It is getting really annoying and I'm about ready to quit using the app (even though I liked using it) if these problems continue..Version: 178.0

Showing wrong locationFrom few days showing wrong locations.Version: 242.1

I’m mad😡I’m 12 and I can’t even use it 😡.Version: 297.0

How the mighty have fallenAlong with the previous reviewer, I have used Google almost exclusively for years and found it useful, effective and quick. No more. It now has me living in the UK, and search results come out for various countries. When it does a double authorization to see if I’m signing in right then it has me in a different country or a different state. I’ve looked through all of the reviews and found along with the previous reviewer, I have used Google almost exclusively for years and found it useful, effective and quick. No more. It now has me living in the UK, and search results come out for various countries. When it does a double authorization to see if I’m signing in right then it has me in a different country or a different state. I’ve i’ve googled, unfortunately, ways to solve this problem and found complicated, non-effective advice to do with the IP address. If there’s a solution, I would really appreciate someone sharing it. Thank you for listening to my rant..Version: 288.0

Crashes after a couple of seconds of useI use to love this app, but since the last update, it won't stay open for longer than a minute, it crashes everytime you search something, or just after looking through the news cards for a minute. It's useless after the update..Version: 111.0

No supportWHY GOOGLE BUSINESS HAS CUSTOMER SUPPORT AGENT REGULAR ACCOUNTS DONT . I LOST HAD MY CHILD HOOD PHOTOS & MY SON BIRTH IN GOOGLE ACCOUNT . YALL NEED HIRE AGENT TO ANSWER CALLS FOR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS . ITS NOT FAIR AT ALL . I HAVE SO MANY EMAILS WITH GOOGLE BECAUSE LOST PHONES OR BECAUSE I HAD DOWN FALL WHERE I LOST THE NUMBER . HELP PLEASE ! HALF OF ACCOUNTS WITH GOOGLE THAT ARE PERSONAL ACCOUNT ARE ACCOUNT THAT CANT BE ACCESS ANYMORE ! YOU KNOW WHY THERES NO AGENT . ILL GAVE YALL 5 star . For everything else but not having agent for personal accounts is big down fall a lot people can relate . Do us customers need to do petitions? To get this opportunity? & if I can tell you address or birthday on a account and it’s correct don’t you think oh it might be that person email smh I’m so mad . I have over 30 emails growing up . Lost acccess too all them . They all connected to my social media I can’t even get into . Y’all should give opportunity. Show photo & compare it to photo in drive y’all see it same person or y’all can see that social connected shows same face of person who lost the account ..Version: 270.0

No song search available as advertisedThey advertised vocal song search. I downloaded the app for that. It is not available!.Version: 137.2

HelpThe last time I went on google, a notification told me my phone was corrupting, I have since deleted google but it continues to show up as a grid-like icon called google that when I click it, my phone crashes.Version: 60.0

Good but flawedI like using google as a search engine app cause it’s easy to use and great for when I accidentally stumble across a scam/pop up website because of the arrow that brings you out of the whole website completely but when I try and use the read aloud feature it keeps freezing the app and then crashing closing the article I was listening to completely and not appearing in my history at all, please fix this issue.Version: 173.0

Great client, too much poor quality adsFor months I’ve been bombarded with fraud in-app adds that look like an email from my bank. The ad was very well done, they tailored it both to my bank and my nationality. Thanks google for selling this data to scammers and consistently showing it in my inbox regardless of my reports. Today I found that not just the top 2 positions of the inbox are reserved to ads, but another ad has been added on every for 7th email in my inbox. It’s making the scam to hard to fight - it is reappearing instantly after being reported in a slightly different shape. This is too much and I’m moving to a different email client. It’s a shame because with no ads this is a perfect email client I would consider paying for..Version: 249.0

Needs return of axed feature....I enjoy using the Google app for accessing my news feed on my iPhone 6S Plus handset but Google has removed its best feature - being able to directly share a Newsfeed item using the hotdog rather than having to go INTO the article and sharing it from within the article. More often than not, we hear news throughout the day so we are aware of Newsfeed content simply by reading the headline on the feed, so there is no real need to re-read content to be able to share an article directly from the feed. Please, please, PLEASE Google, restore the share from hotdog feature in the next update to the Google app because it is so badly missed and its removal does NOTHING to enhance the appeal of the app whatsoever IMHO..Version: 59.0

Good app but recent update with trends is annoyingI regularly use this app as it’s easier than going on safari and then google and then search. But the recent update brought the trends, which I don’t want to see. In the previous version of the app, I managed to get rid of them, but this time round I can’t. Please let there be an option to be get rid of the trends. If I want to see what’s trending, I can go on Twitter for that. I don’t want to see what’s trending when I want to go and search something, especially when lots of the articles nowadays are biased.Version: 91.0

Plss open the google right nowHave I can open because is not workingHave a good day.Version: 175.0

Hum search is worthlessI’m trying to identify a tune from a music box we have. So I get that the music quality is low fi, but this app is worthless for that. Not only does it fail to identify the tune, it never even gave a guess or acknowledged that it couldn’t find it or suggested other things to try - its dots bounced along with the sounds (so I know the audio was active) but then would just quit listening and return to home with no feedback. We then gave several tests using humming, whistling, and singing along simple Christmas tunes to see if we could get it to work. I’m no virtuoso but, from the examples shown in all the Google ads, I think it should have given me something in all the tests we tried. Only once did it give me 3 very wrong guesses for a Jingle Bells whistle rendition. All other tests only resulted in no feedback at all. If you make any sounds it interprets as words (“la la la” or “blah blah blah”), it goes straight to lyrics that are ridiculously unhelpful and ignore any tune analysis. Maybe I’m missing a prompt or a trick to get it to work but I’ve determined the ads must be straight-up fiction and false..Version: 190.1

Song hum featureEvery time I say “what’s this song” into the microphone it takes me to a google search of instructions on how to use the feature instead of actually performing the feature itself. I also can’t find the “song search” button after exploring the whole app, despite the unwarranted google search telling me there is a button. Going to have to rate a 1 star and uninstall the app for faulty software and false advertising. Unfortunate considering this is a cool idea but it seems to have been executed very poorly. I would suggest actually putting a button there instead of lying to your users, and making it so when I say “What’s this song” it performs the actual advertised feature instead of taking me to a google search. Seems like a simple and obvious fix. Hopefully you all can get back to me and let me know if I’m doing something wrong, if the song search button is hidden somewhere strange in the app, or if the programming is just completely inept..Version: 137.2

No adding on browsers and getting lostBefore in Google I found it very easy to navigate with everything on one page and you could see what you had to work with, but now that is gone and I always get lost. The whole reason I downloaded Google was so that I could download Ocean Hero as a web browser, btw you should too it saves the planet, but still even with the new useless updates it still can’t download a web browser on iPad. I think it’s running before it has walked..Version: 211.1

Going downhillThis is rather sad that I can get onto google and search something but when I want to see photos of said search I can’t. The fact that they removed the ability to look at images on mobile is rather stupid and needs to be changed back to the way it was. The new search URL is also rather inconvenient because I should not have to scroll and click a button in order to search for a item or photo. Those on mobile should be able to just search the item or photo from one engine as it was in the past. This app has gone downhill with many of the updates or “Bug Fixes” which being more inconvenience than help. I believe Google should remain the way it was in the past when one could search for a website, photo, or video and have the help of the little bar at the top they could click. If you read this Google fix your browser please..Version: 233.0

Google ImagesThey new format makes it so I can’t tap on an image to isolate it anymore. Looks a lot uglier and hard to look at. Unnecessary change honestly..Version: 74.1

Taking Too Long For Search Bar To LoadIt seems the app is actually working now and the issue I had before has gone away. However after opening the app the search bar is taking way too long to load up, it’s been slow for a very long time having a close to a 20 second delay before it loads but now that 20 seconds has become closer to 1 minute or just over and that just isn’t right. You shouldn't have a delay before using any app and I hope that this is actually looked into and fixed because I’ve been dealing with the 20 delay for months now which in itself is already frustrating but having to wait a full minute before I can even use the search bar and google something in the Google app should not be issue for anyone to have, please fix this issue..Version: 95.0

App crashesWow. For a big company like google they cannot code apps which cannot crash. Should have tested first.Version: 105.0

Google imagesWhy is it google that ever since you changed how the images work people have complained but yet they still haven’t been put back to how they use to be. I have just done the resent update hoping for the images to have been sorted out but only to find that they are exactly the same and haven’t been put back to the way people like it. I don’t care what website that image is from if I want to go to that website I will but most of the time when I look on images, I just want to look at images. I do hope that the images get sorted out soon but I doubt it as apps like this one don’t tend to listen to its reviews....Version: 71.0

Feb2023 feedback: new (i+) button is a bad experimentThere's a new (i+) button in the bottom of tabs. it brings up "related searches" and "info about this page." it is app bloat, full stop. i have never gotten (and don't anticipate ever getting) to a page and needing a or wanting a shortcut to more pages like the page i'm currently on. if it's not quite what i'm looking for, more alike results aren't going to help me. i need to refine my query and look at the main results i got on the search results page. if it is what i'm looking for, i don't need to find more alike pages, since my need is being sated by the current page. it has zero relevant functionality to browsing. but it does cramp up the previously well spaced button array that was there previously. the home button should be center. if google is very married to this (i+) button, find somewhere else in the UI to put it instead of central to the experience. i suggest putting it as a sub-function or submenu pop up of tapping and holding the url bar. that's intuitive (as in "of course i should learn more about a page if i hold down on the url") , it becomes completely hidden from the UI, and it relieves the button crowding happening at the bottom of tabs (which, as of 2/6/23, is clumsy and aesthetically poor with the (i+) button). the app has enough features surface levels features. this new button is a detraction from lithe browsing..Version: 250.0

Why would you change photos?I just updated the app yesterday and all of a sudden I can’t view pictures properly. Why would you change this? It was perfect before and now I’m just upset. Now I’ll have to save images to my camera roll just to look at them full screen. Truly disappointed in you..Version: 69.0

Love the app but auto refresh is really annoyingI use this app frequently to look things up as well as catch up on what’s happening because the cards show me information relevant to my interests. The most frustrating thing about this app though is that if I open it after a while of inactivity and start scrolling through the cards and read an article then go back to the cards, the cards will automatically refresh. As a result a card I was interested in looking at disappears and sometimes I can’t remember what the article was. Can you please find a way to include an option to disable auto refresh?.Version: 277.0

Freezes, stalls, stops for 45 seconds HELP!Freezes, stalls, stops for 45 seconds HELP! I enjoy Google but I might or will dump them for bing.. why? The Google app on my new iPhone and/or old iPhone is super buggy… I have uninstalled and installed and still to no avail… I am totally not happy because I use google to look up the latest stock news outside of Yahoo Finance and CNBC.. Another thing, if I read just one tiny Kardashian story, I would get 10 more KimK stories or similar suggestions.. I dare not read about my fav reality shows and that’s all I see.. not cool or if I read a funny story from India or other countries.. it’s all India, London or Africa topics afterwards.. When I pick subjects I like on purpose in settings, about 50% will only show up along with some random stuff I didn’t sign up for … But the biggest problem is the constant freezing and stalling for 45 seconds straight.. Help, Help, Help, Help!!.Version: 167.0

It is a good, but there is some issuesThere is many google glitch that I constantly keep on seeing, like google being SUPER slow and keeps on acting like we do not have internet, and it is Xfinity, and I say Xfinity is really good internet in my book. And this REAL annoying glitch it is what I call the no pictures glitch because when you take photos IT ALWAYS SAYS “could not save image” and you know what I have to do to fix that, DELETE GOOGLE, yeah I would say that is a real annoying glitch, but I don’t know what causes this may cause my phone is outdated, because it is a iPhone 6 or but please google fix this glitch please, because I do not want to constantly DELETE GOOGLE, and when I mean constantly I mean every night, if you where me, you would probably feel the same as me, annoyed, the glitch is getting on my nerves and I hope it will be fixed..Version: 190

Disable tabs?Coming from a Pixel 3 to iPhone I was expecting the search app to be basically that - search (with Google newsfeed as the home), and if I wanted to browse with tabs I’d fire up Chrome. Search history kept as usual. But this seems to be a bit of both, where each search is retained as a tab so if you want to do a quick search irrespective of what you searched for last time you may have tabs to clear down first as it tried to behave like a full browser. Minimum tab age is a day so that’s not much of a workaround. Kinda typical Google really with overlapping products, each trampling on the others toes. Meets vs Hangouts vs Duo and so on..Version: 137.2

Frustrating serviceFrustrated that my google app takes forever to load 😡 This seems to have only started happening in the last 2 weeks and getting more frustrating! I know that it has nothing to do with the storage on my phone as I have plenty of space and even deleted other apps to make more room. Have also deleted all cookies, internet history etc and the app is still frustratingly slow to load, often crashing in the process 🤬.Version: 47.0

Crashes constantlyUnstable, crashes about 10 secs after opening ap everytime i try use it. Happened since latest update.Version: 107.0

Grandplayer33I play a game called Hotel Story, and have just found out my money total is not adding up, please fix this bug as I do not want to delete this game. Thank you..Version: 64.0

About To Delete This AppI use the Google app pretty exclusively for searches and quick internet answers. The annoyances are getting greater than the help. The search by picture has turned into a vomit of results that just go based on similar color of items, not the items themselves or even brand words. The picture search USED to be helpful when looking for specific items I’m trying to buy. It’d look for that specific item, which was super helpful since sellers use different words and titles in their postings. Google killed that! Now, after the latest update, I’m forced to deal with the stupid predictive text vomit as I’m trying to type. I don’t like predictive or recommended text, so I don’t have those options enabled on my phone. Now, Goggle app is THE ONLY thing on my phone that chucks words above my keyboard that they think I’m wanting to use. Searching for answers on how to get rid of it only ends in frustration and repeated steps of “turn off auto complete” which I’ve already had turned off long ago. I don’t know who Google algorithms is tracking for most of the recommendations of websites, searches, words they think I’m trying to type, but it’s definitely NOT me. 90% of their ‘perfect for you’ recommendations are garbage I couldn’t care less about and haven’t looked up. I’m to the point of looking for an alternate search app that doesn’t give random crap recommendations or force “features” that are unwanted..Version: 242.1

Plz add google search a songI literally just want that and then I will be super happy so please add the search the song feature for the next update, Thank you :).Version: 261.0

IlovegboardThe Gboard for iPhone needs to be user friendly and consistent as the apple keyboard is. The keyboard click sounds do not sound like the apple keyboard which is a bummer and there should be an option to remove the globe or emoji button in the keyboard because there's too much clutter and it becomes compact to type. Support for iPhone X. I hope you fix this and the keyboard works seemlesly. Thank you.Version: 63.0

…yikesI’ve always used Google, mainly more for simplicities sake than anything else, but as of late the app has risen my stress level so much so that I’d make the contestants on Squid Game seem easy going in comparison. I can’t use the app for more than two minutes before it closes itself and I have to start my search again or find the tab I was in, only for it to constantly repeat again and again… and again. I’m one minor inconvenience away from either jumping headfirst out the window or committing mass genocide against an unsuspecting colony of spiders who think my house is their own..Version: 186.0

Don’t bother downloading, they can’t seem to fix itThis used to be a great app, it did everything I could possibly want from a search engine app. Until several weeks ago. Now you can only use the app for approx 30 seconds before it shuts down completely. Since the problem first occurred, they have sent 3 updates stating “bug fixes” but none of them have actually fixed it. What is the point in the “new features” in updates if we can’t be on the app for long enough to use them? I’m forced to use google on safari which is not user friendly. Google need to sort it, I want the working app back! So don’t download it, it is broken and has been for absolutely ages!.Version: 112.0

Google - get rid of the blue pop up tips!!!Have an issue and cannot find anyone at Google to help. Literally EVERY SINGLE time I am on Google on my iphone, these blue “tip” boxes pop up. They contain directions and/or explanations for VERY self explanatory buttons and things on the Google page. For example -I search something like “candy” and then on the results that come up there is an overview of the subject searched. Then there is a blue box that pops up and points to that overview button and says “tap here for summary and general info”. I’m not understanding why Google has to define/explain this button every time I search something. I know what overview means. Or I look up a restaurant and a box forms over the “order here” button on the result page and says “view menu and order food.” If these instructional pop ups only occurred once when I first used Google I would understand but every time I search something there are blue boxes all over the page speaking to me like I am dumb lol. Soooo unnecessary and so annoying. Trying to find a way to disable this but no one can give me any info. I’ve tweeted at them and they don’t answer, I’ve called apple who says it’s Google’s issue but no one cares. Have stopped using Google because of how annoying it is..Version: 179.0

Images No Longer Lets You SaveHave had the app for years and through several different phones and this has never been an issue in the past, but as of the last week or so, Google Images no longer lets you download pictures onto your phone. There had been a popular glitch in the past in which you’d have to hold down the image with one hand, wait for the save image popup, and click on the screen with your other hand and hold it down so you could select the download option without it disappearing, but now even that option has vanished and been replaced by some Google Lens feature to inspect the picture instead along with an “images may be subject to copyright” popup (I thought that might’ve been the issue but no images can be saved, not just copyrighted content). It’s very frustrating since looking for reference photos and such to save to my phone was one of the main functions I used the app for and I hope it gets fixed soon..Version: 214.0

RacistHe is racist and always against Muslims, and he deleted the name of Palestine from the map.Version: 286.0

Google, please keep up the work!Like thousands of others we've spent twelve years building up a business online and along comes Gangster Google trying to squeeze the little man as usual and our business no longer appears in their search engine. Oh, you'll find us if you know our name, but if you search what we sell, only the the big guys show up, even if they don't sell the one-off specialties that we offer. Google changed without telling us and now we're being inundated by touts with no business name trying to cash in on Google's dirty tactics. We can retire out of Googles grasp, but we feel sorry for the younger family businesses being strangled by Google..Version: 198.0

It keeps crashingI used to use this app all the time but for a couple of weeks now it crashes after about 15 seconds every single time. It’s very frustrating. I don’t have an old phone either. Please fix the issue..Version: 105.0

New version keeps crashingSince the last update, it crashes when you try to search anything with it. The cards work, but when you manually try to make a “google” search, it goes blank (black screen) and crashes..Version: 73.0

Lost functionalityThe app notifies me when my deliveries are sent which is fantastic. It used to have 3 menus down the bottom for the home page, details about the notifications, and search history. Now the details about the notifications has disappeared but I still get the notifications..? If I click on them it takes me to the homepage of the app and I can’t see any of the info I want. So why is it notifying me?? It’s really weird and very annoying..Version: 64.0

Image searchPlease put the old image search back. I don’t like this new one where you can’t view pictures properly..Version: 69.0

Hum to google doesn’t workOnly reason i downloaded this app was to take advantage of humming to google. Feature doesn’t seem to be working on iPhone 12 Pro Max.Version: 137.2

Blue highlighting of roadsIt is so annoying that when 'Street View' is selected all the roads and pathways show in blue. Why can't pathways (walked street view) routes be a different colour? There is no difference between a motorway and a pathway through an isolated forest on Google Earth. It should be more like an OS map where the different grades of roads and pathways are clearly distinguished. How ridiculous it is that the boffins at Google haven't sorted this yet. This is fundamental to all users and far more important than a lot of the other gimmicks that seem to be taking up the time of the software writers..Version: 241.0

Terrible serviceMy first time going to a Tim Hortons and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The staff where walking round like they didn’t want to be there, not one member of staff smiled whilst my son and I was there. Our order was a take away the lady behind the counter asked if our order was so and so number I replied yes and she walked off and started on another order just left our order on a tray. We had 4 drinks that we had to reach over the counter to get the take away tray to put our drinks in. I had to check that it was our order as she didn’t even say anything. I wouldn’t mind it wasn’t even busy. Don’t think I will go back again in a hurry.Version: 213.0

Not a robot page??? I’ve pressed no but it doesn’t go awayIf I use the same browser after 3-6 searches it won’t load and takes me to a page that asks if you are a robot when you press no it doesn’t go back to the browser it just takes me to another are you a robot page and I have to close the app out open a new tab and click the im not a robot button at least 3 times before I can use the browser again. I can understand if it took you to the robot page then once you click your not a robot it should take you back to the original page but it doesn’t do that it makes you do all this work to make the page go away and makes the experience annoying I don’t want to be directed to that page all the time juts to do the same stuff to make it go away just for it to appear again please fix it somehow.Version: 261.0

Falsifing informationIs against Palestine and falsifies information to fit the Israel colonialist narrative.Version: 286.0

Does a lot, but not fastI rate Google 5 stars - it’s the best way to search. But this app takes too long to load - the majority of times I open the app it’s to tap something out fast but I have to wait half a minute for the search bar to appear; time in which I would have searched on safari and maybe even moved on already. I just want the search bar to be there immediately for me to type into I don’t care if it connects immediately I just don’t want to be staring watching time go by when I just want a quick search. Until that happens, 3 stars..Version: 50.0

F you googleGoogle is now forcing people to download its app to log into YouTube, and offers no other alternative. I will be deleting immediately.Version: 190

Was goodThey removed the feature to be able to hold onto any image to save it? Why??.Version: 214.0

I’m switching to safari because of the June updatesBefore this month the app was fairly good for a search app but now it’s useless. At first it was hacking trouble just saving what tabs I wanted open and would delete whatever tab I just opened once I left the tab. This applies to both new tabs where I wanted to compare results and tabs I had open for a few days that I went back to frequently. Then it made the layout of websites go into a weird zoomed out format that made it so you could accidentally swipe out mid read. Lastly the reason I’ve given up is because you can no longer save images. When you hold down an image now it just shows “image source” and “search within image” neither of which I would ever use. On the off chance that you manage to go through image sources and find a saveable image it’s grainy and awful quality..Version: 216.0

Worst app everSOO hard to use I can’t even find the search bar the octagon is a bit much and should be removed if I could I would of given 0 stars 😡.Version: 225.0

Google needs some major improvementsWhy can’t I contact anyone at Google to help me recover my account? Don’t tell me to use the “Account Recovery Process” because it’s crap. How can I use that process if I had to change my number and don’t have access to the recovery phone anymore? How can I “log in using a familiar device or wifi” if I don’t live in the same place or have the same device anymore? There are several ways I can prove the account belongs to me but Google doesn’t give us the option. I feel like it’s a major security risk to allow accounts to sit with an old phone number that someone else now has. They could gain access to these account that don’t belong to them by simply using the phone verification system. Google should allow customers to call in and answer security questions and allow customers to provide documentation (License, Marriage/Divorce documents, etc) to prove the account belongs to them. This would be a major improvement for Google. Even Yahoo! has a phone number to call to talk to a human and get assistance with account recovery. Please help us Google, this is a major issue & has thousands and thousands of people frustrated!.Version: 271.3

MmmSo many tracks and ads and software to copy all your information and sell it. Terrible app.Version: 203.0

I hate googleIt’s nothing wrong about Google. It’s not like I don’t like using it. It’s just about my Google account. I was under age for my Google account and obviously they got mad and threaten to delete my account if I didn’t get a parent supervisor account and of course I did it thinking that I would get all my videos and comments and stuff like that back thing is I didn’t get it back but now I cannot post videos nor comment it makes me mad because I have 119 subscribers now I just have to stop and wait for two years until I turn 13?! that’s out rages. My parents do not care if I make Videos or comment on videos could you make this like a Settings so that parents can turn it on or off? This is annoying. I hate you google this was my dream to become a YouTuber. I was hoping I could become a YouTuber but this just hurts now I just have to restart this brew in my dreams I can’t keep getting back up and trying again. I get that it had to push me down, but why the dumbest reason to push me down.Version: 280.1

Used to work well, not anymoreUpdated, reinstalled …nothing fixes the problems. During the recent months (six or so) the app started occasionally freezing while in use or crashing and closing completely on its own straight after a launch. Persistent issue is that it doesn’t remember all the newly opened search tabs as it used to. It only works selectively without any apparent logic. It only remembers some while other recent searches disappear from the Tabs menu. Also, the recent search history doesn’t show/remember all the searched for items, only some selectively again without any apparent logic..Version: 226.2

Best function removedI used to love flocking through my stories and recommended but now that I have to edit each story and hide it I can't be bothered even scrolling the feed. Well happy put the stars back up if it's "fixed".Version: 39.0

Forces you to get the appIt used to be that on iOS, you could use google image search straight from safari. Then they changed it so that if you use the image search, it uses google lens and you have to click on “find image source” to get the normal image search. They also made it so that you have to “request desktop site” to use google image search, otherwise it redirects you to the app store. Bit annoying but ok Then a few weeks ago they changed it again so that you can’t use the normal image search in its own tab. It opens as a popup instead, which is a lot more inconvenient. Even more annoying but ok Now they made the reverse image search, and google lens, not work at all from safari! Not even if I request desktop site! I have to get the app to use google lens or inage search on my phone! That’s too annoying! Why are you making it worse?.Version: 266.0

Recent problemsI have had the app for years, but over the last few weeks it rarely works. When I search it tells me I am offline, constantly. Sometimes it will work again after about 10 minutes, but mostly it just doesn’t work. Have to resort to using google in safari which works every time, proving I am not offline. Have now deleted the app as it’s pointless..Version: 128.0

Forcing people to sign inThere’s always a pop up showing to tell me to sign in on Safari/Opera. It happens every time you open a browser or whenever you reload. Such a downer. 👎.Version: 239.2

Google lensDownloaded this app specifically for the google lens search (dunno why they couldn’t put the function on chrome) first few searches worked well, now today I go to use it and the lens search has disappeared without a trace leaving only type or voice search? So I try and google the problem, nothing works to fix it. Even tried telling me to download google images to use google lens? C’mon google I already have the apps for gmail, chrome, drive, duo, maps, earth, home, assistant and now just the google app and am extremely disappointed as a user of google for over 15 years..Version: 84.0

HorribleUsed to love google. Always used it for questions, weird and not weird, even had a google poster. I have since removed the poster, and will most likely be removing my subscription to google one. You can not remove the “did you mean” suggestions, as they are always completely irrelevant to my search and messes up what i am asking. The searches have also become completely irrelevant to my search, which has forced me to use other search engines. You need to fix your browser google before you end up having very low ratings and very low revenue. I predict in the next ten years if you do not fix it you will go “the way of the dodo.” I do not want this, but it will happen if this continues. Many, many people are complaining about your sevices, but yet you do not listen to us. Thats fine, but even your most loyal customers will change to another engine. It has happened before, and will happen many times until monopoly businesses, like google, listen to their customers..Version: 295.0

Ridiculous battery usage!!I posted below about this app causing really high usage on the iPhone 6+ a few years back, now since the release of iOS12, my brand new iPhone 8 Plus is suffering again, it is dropping exactly 20% battery usage for every 9 minutes that I am using This google app. I have reset my phone to factory and did a clean update to uOS12 and the only optional app I had installed was Google and the results remained exactly the same, 20% for every 9 minutes of usage. Google really needs to address this issue. iPhone 6+ (78% efficiency) fully charged to 100%. 19 minutes using this app drained phone 37%. Get this sorted google..Version: 59.0

Palestine in google mapsPalestine will be free even you took it from your maps.Version: 116.0

Whole lot of junk for two factor authenticationI hate how you have to get the entire bloated google app even if you just want to do two factor authentication..Version: 56.0

Disappointing.App performance has been slipping for years. Recent updates have left the app completely unstable. There is an extremely long delay in launching the app and then it crashes after a few minutes of use. My suggestion is to focus on improving the app performance before adding new features or new layouts..Version: 105.0

Music IdentificationAfter seeing the annoying ad claiming that you can hum or whistle a song for identification, I thought what the heck, let’s try it. After attempting 5 song ID’s through (popular and non popular) whistling or humming, I can say this does not work at all. If your ad claims something, at least ensure this is easy to make work otherwise first impressions will sink you. This is why I still refuse to subscribe to YouTube; it’s half baked..Version: 137.2

BogueL’application plante après 10 secondes après l’ouverture depuis le 5 mai, application inutilisable!.Version: 105.0

Random news feedsGoogle news algorithm needs to more closely connect my interests with its sources. Keep getting random news feeds from outside my interests..Version: 239.1

Used to love itI used to love this app, now I don’t. I don’t like the new tabs feature, and I don’t like how the theme is set to your phones dark or light mode. There are some apps I like in dark mode and some I like in light mode and I don’t like nothing able to choose which I use. I can change it in the gmail app, why can’t I change it in this? Edit:since writing this review, nothing has changed with the google app. The gmail app however forced dark or light theme so that has been deleted and replaced with Spark. The google app however seems to have shrank the back bottom on the bottom left of the screen, and the home button. I can’t press these buttons anymore. It’s extremely annoying. Please let someone with fingers bigger than a 4 year olds do some testing on your apps..Version: 162.0

App freezes constantlyEvery time I try using this app I have to switch and open the page in safari. It freezes and won’t open links..Version: 243.0

Okay, but very slowIve been using the google app since 2017, great app, ive watched it go through many updates. but the past two years it has gotten frustratingly worse. mainly its speed overall. sometimes articles just wont load at all, often my searches wont go through until i close and reopen the app, annoying. its come to a point where i really only use this app for quick short questions that dont require opening a link, or to find a web page then reopen it in safari, because the browser in the app is just far too slow and buggy. it wont save half the pages i’ve previously gone to in my history. the only reason i stay on this app is for the personalised web articles which i really enjoy and is personalised very well. if they took away the list of articles on the home page i would leave in a heartbeat, its really the only good feature of the app. oh and along with googling pictures without it being a full hassle, very handy! if the speed problems get fixed i would definitely go back to using this full time and abandoning safari, but at this rate it seems ill be stuck with a bit of both because this app just has not gotten any better over the past two years. maybe its just because its on my iphone XR, but due to other apps running smoothly, im leaning towards that is not the answer. Wow, a lovely automated response, with a link not even relevant to what im saying. taking away another star..Version: 274.0

Oops. Something went wrongI would rate this app higher but oops something went wrong, I'll try again later. When the app works like it should it becomes my go to for news based on categories I like. However, it takes a long time for a story/topic you're not interested in to be removed. If I'm not interested in sports, it shouldn't take weeks of removing every article related to sports to finally be removed. Most of the times a few articles will display and going to the next page just results in " something went wrong ". I love this app but it's the most frustrating one I have installed. Reinstallation does not fix the issue. Lastly if I do a random search I now have to open chrome private browsing because this app will "think" I'm interested in whatever I searched for, thus starting the loop cycle of trying to remove articles I'm not interested in, all from one random search..Version: 172.0

反人类Ios的chrome真是反人类操作.Version: 289.0

Terrible AppClosed all my tabs because there was a setting to automatically delete tabs after a week and not even a history setting. disappointed.Version: 179.0

Get Google Chrome InsteadIn short, why this company has two browsing applications is beyond me but chrome is far better than regular ole google and way more user friendly to those exposed to safari and looking for a widget to shake up their boring old home screens. In long, I downloaded google for the widget which I really liked the look of on my home screen but the features of this app compared to safari our lacking. I would often find features that were on safari that weren’t on google or didn't work as smoothly, such as the transition from incognito to regular browsing or simply going back and going forward while searching. If I went back too far google would send me to the original search screen with no way of going back to what I was just looking at. These, amongst other things, are minor, but they add up in the long run to make the users experience horrid. However, the google chrome app is a different story, it’s nearly identical to safari and in many ways better than it..Version: 167.0

GarbageAsk google a question and it might just give you A ANSWER, not THE ANSWER, To your question. I looked up a simple question, “How long is the US” to which it tried to tell me from some random websites Information that the continental United States was 2800 Miles from East to West (which is correct), but also tried to tell me it was 2800 miles from North to South as well. After some searching I found out that it’s about 1700 miles, so why is google telling me that a website, with incorrect information is right? Shouldn’t there be a algorithm or maybe a fact checker that would make sure that your actually giving people correct information? It is absolutely unacceptable that Google, a place where people get there information from everyday, is giving people the wrong information. What other questions do I have wrong answers to because of this. It would be great if when I asked google something it didn’t tell me what might be the answer, I would rather make the mistake myself of clicking on a not so trusted website and getting wrong information there rather than google straight up lying to me..Version: 169.0

RIP GoogleDear Google; What happened? You used to be the best search engine on the market. Helped revolutionize the way computers are used to this day. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Now, it’s just a dusty old relic. The search results are usually inaccurate, redundant or just an ad. It’s gotten to the point where I no longer say “google it”. Every time I ask google a question, it gives me the wrong answer. When I reword the question 3-4 different ways, it still gives me the exact same wrong answer. For example, someone in a chat room said elephants urinate from their trunk. I didn’t believe but also didn’t know for sure so, I “googled it” here are the questions I asked; How does an elephant pee? Does an elephant pee from its trunk? Where does an elephant pee from? Last question I will not write. All the questions gave the same answer explaining that an elephants urinary tract is similar to that of a mouse. That’s not what I asked, not even close and something similar happens with every question I ask. So, that’s just your search engine. I’m still upset you ruined Songza, YouTube music is terrible. I’m not going to bring up all the flaws of all your products but, if you don’t fix them soon then google will be as common as the dodo bird. (Extinct) Ps; I downloaded the app just to leave this review. I deleted it immediately after. Sadly, I still use Gmail but that will change soon. REST IN PEACE!!!.Version: 137.2

Bug: New articles not opening in new tabWhen I open the app and see several articles on the Home Screen, if I try to open 2-3 of them, they start to open on top of each other in the same tab. This wasn’t the issue few releases back. With the latest release, I had 11 tabs before the installation of latest version, and not I have 2. Rest of them mysteriously disappeared. Seems like with each new release, a perfectly ok working app is getting worse n worse. I truly believe new version releases are not required all the time just to keep an app going, especially if they are going to introduce bugs and other issues for the users. Let the app be, unless the developer have really something that they want to introduce. Otherwise, they’ll start to lose users just because they released a new version with more bugs than the bug-fixes..Version: 236.0

Really Good But A few faultsThe app is really good, Google in an app, a good idea but I can just use google in my web browser anyway, but I remembered seeing this ad for the app and it said I could use microphone to search, which I can’t do in the web browser, so I downloaded it and used the microphone to search up a song that I wanted to know the name of and it just went blank, Guys if U want google, just use ur web browser because it’s not worth the storage..Version: 282.0

Nope, not doing it for me.I switched to Google search app about a year ago. Performance was adequate and I started to prefer it to the browser overtime, liked the east save button and stories that show up (wish there was a feature to get the stories back once they disappear) Since the last update early Feb 2023 various tabs do not re open and they keep closing as soon as you open a tab. Also you can’t tap the address bar to start typing so you have to open a new tab so I am having to switch to google chrome browser (which is great)..Version: 250.0

Stay Away From GoogleThey’re growing too big for their own good. They act like they have a right to shove all of their content and whatever else they decide is a good idea into your face. And no, you can’t manage what they notify you about easily. You dared to search for a sports team? Clearly you want to receive game recap scores all the time about them, with no way to turn them off! There used to be a simple way, but they updated that out. It’s no longer there. Clearly, just holding on the notifications you don’t want and turning them off that way was too convenient for users, and led to too much getting turned off that google didn’t want. Now I’m stuck choosing between getting notifications I actually want to hear about while also getting something I literally never asked for, or no notifications at all. Such a great system, fantastic evidence that the company cares about your interests, and not theirs..Version: 204.1

ALWAYS CRASHESThis used to be a very good app but for a little while now, for me, once you open the app and stay on it for a few seconds, all it does is crash and closes. You can’t do anything on this app!.Version: 109.0

Constantly reloading articles and new tabsIf I go to share an article to social media and return, the articles have already refreshed and I can't find the next one I was about to read. If I'm in a website or a search result and I leave google for a nanosecond I come back and it's on the home page again. Finally worked out it is creating dozens of new tabs for no reason and there is no way to stop this behaviour. Notice when reading these reviews that it's taking no notice of people's feedback. Instead just pasting a link to another location to provide feedback. But hey - the link can't be copied. Duh. And guess what - this is where people leave feedback so deal with it..Version: 249.0

InconvenientIt used to be good, but now, from what I'm assuming was an update, made it into an overall inconvenience. The websites you want to open do not open into a full screen. At the top of these web pages is a pull down button—like on an iPhone that drops down notifications and reminders—and it completely takes away the main back button that used to be an arrow. Because of this, whenever there are pop-up ads on a webpage, you simply can’t just go back to the webpage itself, but have to completely exit it altogether. Another thing is that Google will constantly refresh itself when you leave. This is fine when you leave the app for a long amount of time but if you have a webpage open and close it for a few seconds or a minute, then it will completely refresh and you will loose whatever it was you were doing. Also, Google listens—and watches—to everything you say and do..Version: 225.0

Not good since overhaulI previously used this app for incognito only searching. In the settings I could configure it to not store any history etc. However, now I have to use the actual incognito setting, which, doesn’t seem to be incognito at all. I was surprised to see the last page I was viewing several days ago when I opened the app today. I was then able to press “back” several times until I got back to the home screen - not good. Also it’s a little annoying to be asked “do you still want to be in incognito mode” every time I open the app Update: Is this ever going to be fixed? I can press back though my entire search history in incognito mode, whether I reset the app/tablet or not..Version: 84.0

Good but buggyI always use this app to calculate all my trips but since I changed my phone to iPhone, the app keeps closing the app and I have to restart my trip a lot of times. Also, when I’m already in the trip (over bus, overground, tram, car, bike or whatever) it doesn’t recognize if I started or not the trip, so it starts recommending new options as “I didn’t get into the bus/car/whatever” yet. Which is very annoying. On the other hand, is nice to be able to know the exact time the transport will arrive with an amazing accuracy. Thank you Google for that..Version: 249.0

Suggested/trending searchesThankful the tab behavior was reverted and now when I search it actually fully goes to the page I want, and I can edit the search from there. Unfortunately, I REALLY dislike the suggested/trending search boxes that are now showing up as suggestions. For a long time I have had a preference set to NOT show me trending searches and this new feature seems to be basically the same thing, so I would expect Google to respect my preference and not show those. (I did not see any new preference that I could use to do this.) I try to search with purpose and I do not appreciate distractions and apps trying to tell me what I should be interested in because it’s trending or new. Attention is a limited resource and those features are a way to steal attention. I typically prefer Google because it is minimalist and doesn’t distract but this is a subtle way to distract and I would like to turn it off asap. Either respect the existing preference or add a new one so I can turn this thing off..Version: 223.0

School is 🗑Screw school man.Version: 175.0

Want my slide delete backI used to like my Google search and relied on it for most of my reading articles but with the removal of the slide delete you made it difficult to use this app. Please bring back the feature..Version: 39.0

Not for truthseekers or those who value privacy.Google is not for anyone who values their privacy as it tracks everything you see or do. Why should Google have access to your financial details? It tells you what it is able to access and that is one of things. If you are a truth seeker searching for the truth and real facts then Google is not for you, for instance all those millions of pages it searches soon dwindle down to only 2 or 3 when searching for content like ‘GeoEngineering’ or ‘contents of Chemtrails’ and those 2 or 3 pages are full of ‘fact checkers’ (bought and paid for by the Globalist Elite) stating that chemtrails don’t exist or geo engineering is not a thing. When you know there is a war on humanity right now and we are being sprayed like pesky bugs I would like to know what is in it but clearly Google don’t want you know.. WHY? do the employees not breath the same air as the rest of us? The AI algorithm that Google utilises doesn’t and as that is more in charge of censorship these days the facts are being hidden . People need to wake up fast and get this nefarious app off their phones!.Version: 218.0

What happened to 'delete all'?It used to be so simple to delete your search history and now I can't do it!!!! You have made it too complicated!.Version: 68.0

App freezing up for a few seconds ALL THE TIMEThis app constantly freezes for a few seconds while scrolling through the news feed when I am signed in to my account. It also crashes and exits the app on some occasions. Only thing that temporarily fixes it is if I clear all the browsing history in the app? But then after a few minutes it goes back to freezing again... very annoying! I have an iPhone XS so processor speed should not be an issue. Google keep releasing ‘bug fix’ updates but none of them resolve this issue. I’ve tried it across multiple phones and uninstalled/reinstalled the app and the issue persists..Version: 88.1

Used to be much better, now no better than averageGoogle debuted as the search engine that actually worked. I remember first-hand how much difficulty users had trying to find information about anything, and how much effort it took to learn how to ask a question so the search engines of the time might find and respond with something relevant. Enter “fuzzy logic” in Google’s search engine. Wowed everybody. Today it’s now officially worse than the old search engines of the 1980s and 1990s. Today, it no longer seems to follow the traditional instruction sets that used to work on the older, “less user friendly” search engines. For example, if a hyphen precedes a word, traditionally it means the search engine is to EXCLUDE (ignore) that word in its displayed results. So, searching for “dark wood laminate -flooring” should NOT return information about flooring. Yet instead of ignoring or excluding ‘flooring’ information from the displayed results, it seems to now return MORE information about flooring rather than ignoring it. There are other search conventions that were used over the past 40 years to tailor search results, and I haven’t yet looked at them all - but this is a rudimentary convention that is completely ignored by developers at Google, placing it among its peers at the bottom of my competency ratings!.Version: 264.0

BugFound a minor bug when you close all your recent pages, it shuts down your phone... and mines on full percent... Overall good app! Better than Safari!.Version: 69.0

App crashes constantly every time we reopen it after sometimeApp crashes constantly every time we reopen it after sometime.Version: 237.0

CrashYou have updated the app recently but it’s crashing now. Not even opening. Release an update soon. Thanks.Version: 185.0

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