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Google WAS great but..Google WAS great but now... it’s not! With this new update I cannot save images to my camera roll! I edit gacha photos and usually pick a background that i can find on Google then save that to my camera roll, but now, i can’t! This is VERY annoying. I hope that you can fix this/tell me another way to save images to my camera roll ~Yoanna.Version: 74.0

Totally recommend it.It’s so amazing as it’s just one of them search engines which just immediately know what your searching. Say you’re searching, “Where is the nearest Tesco.” It’s like, BAM! It immediately finds the nearest Tesco, never lets me down. I also recently found out that there was a safe feature, and it blocks websites that I don’t want my kids looking at. Perfect app, never lets me down, 5 stars!.Version: 86.0

MAJOR ISSUE NEEDS TO BE FIXEDHey google, Lemme start by saying hat I love your app. It’s efficient, smart, and the best search engine! I just have one major issue that needs to be fixed. When I look up TV shows, what really helps is that I can see the exact time and channel a TV show will be airing on TV. Instead of browsing my TV guide for hours, this is way more useful. However, it appears that you have removed that feature and it has become incredibly frustrating and annoying. That’s one of the main reasons I loved the app, because of the “TV guide.” So can you please bring it back? That will allow me and many others to continue enjoying the app at its fullest. Thank you and please fix this..Version: 51.1

Fantastic, but not quite thereThis browser is hands-down the best browser I have ever used. It is easy to use and eye catching, though sometimes it takes a while to load web pages. Also, safari has a great feature that would really improve it. Safari has reader view, which cuts out all clutter and ads on webpages, just leaving the main text. If Google could have some sort of add removal thing for webpages that would make it perfect. Thank you for your time.Version: 51.1

The Interface is Getting ClutteredIt was nice having the streamlined layout of the app several versions before, and with every update version, the interface loads up with more buttons of questionable interest, and an excess of information that would be best left hidden or condensed. The tab feature is also getting cluttered with excessive numbers of saved pages after simple searches. I do not need a new window every time I want to view a new image, I just want to browse in peace. This is a petty and personal issue that doesn’t impede the app’s usefulness, so I will leave this with a decent rating, but I would greatly appreciate it if options for less screen filler were available in future updates. Thanks to whoever may see this..Version: 38.0

GoogleGoogle is a great way to find the meaning or who a person is and ect But there is a bit of scariness and I am getting ads on the side and it’s getting a bit annoying that could be a bug, i dont know tho so, but I love google it’s a great place on the internet great way to search Thanks for reading.Version: 38.0

FantasticI love google! It helps me with everything. Whatever I need it will be there nd it’s so cool how other people have asked the same question as me. When they update it it’s very gud becus it does fix the bugs etc... I would give it a 5* but the only thing that’s wrong with it is that you need WiFi to access google Overall I think it is a amazing app that you can use everyday Greatly recommended Then again. That’s my opinion..Version: 41.0

Most Useful App EverBest and most trustworthy Search engine in an app, makes it the most useful app ever! I use it everyday.Version: 39.0

Awesome and Simple!The GBoard is great and google is a easy way to save, search and more! Recommend this to others!.Version: 65.0

I love itIt’s the best.Version: 134.0

I don't like a feature Google has addedWhen I go into google images and tap a picture it goes straight into the website and it lags a lot due to my old iPad, before the update when I tapped a picture it would expand it so I could look at it closer ps could you change it back I don't like it when it goes straight into the website because it's annoying thanks..Version: 42.0

What happenedGoogle has been the word that changed social media as well as the internet almost as soon as Google hit the internet. We no longer just "browsed" the internet or "searched", we now "googled" and soon just about everyone knew exactly what we were talking about. To google became the very personification of searching for info on the internet. Not sure what happened but I just deleted google as it has gone wonky. At first I thought it was just my iPad but when all the other apps are working as well as they ever did...except for google, it had to be the app, or google. Can't give it five stars as a result. It seems even google has issues. Just doesn't seem as reliable as before..Version: 50.1

Simple!Simply a version of Google for your daily portable needs, how can you fault Google? Can someone explain this to me. Take into account the fact that Google is sometimes something people use on a daily basis and can almost literally answer everything!.Version: 39.0

UwUSo i know this app isn't that great for searching, it's slow, eats up data ofc and ultimately is a pale imitation of a browser, but my heart is so warmed by the fact that every night i get a pop up weather notification that tells me the temperature changes that i felt literally COMPELLED to come give a five star rating. i know, it's people like me that make this system a joke, but they've got four stars already. they do impress me, because i'm couch surfing and definitely don't wanna spend a night on the street when it's snowing or raining, or after a 20° drop, and they do provide a pretty direct, accurate service that most other apps can't..Version: 34.1

Google jewelMost take you for granted. I'm forever grateful to have you close to hand. I have never had so much knowledge at my fingertips. You have been and continue to be a game changer for mankind and hope you will be around for many years to come..Version: 41.0

Daughter and Cat cupsI received my 2 cups that are absolutely Gorgeous, shipping was very quick - Thankyou so much 🤗.Version: 137.2

Good but there’s one problemOk I’m a kid and the family link to supervise your children is sort of good but here’s the problem first 2021 February 10 I lost my supervision for my google account so it ses it will delete my account in 29 days even though I set up the supervision it’s really annoying and when I try to get back to set up the family link it ses something went wrong and come on now it’s deleting my account and won’t let me do the supervision pls fix this ASAP..Version: 137.2

Great with relevant news, but stopped workingGoogle took over my safari almost instantly, due to its speed and great news, however it stopped working and it doesn't search, safari works so it's not my internet. I deleted the app, downloaded it again, and it worked. Pretty strange, overall great..Version: 34.1

New UpdateUpdate: it seems like it’s gone back to how it was before, much appreciated! There are still a few freezes here and there where I have to restart the app, but nothing worth writing home about. I’m not a fan of the page changes of the most recent update. The Share button is now where the Bookmark button was, which is now where the Refresh button was, which is just gone for some reason. Also they got rid of the back button in the top left that allowed you to go back from the Open-in-new-tabesque feature, which is a major inconvenience to be honest. Overall not happy with it. It just seems like a pointless change that doesn’t make much sense..Version: 127.0

Amazing innovation!Love it. Makes life easier for the fussy typers out there! Super efficient typing! My only complaint would be app compatibility. There is a bug when using the OneNote app. The text font will change automatically if you use backspace to delete a character. This behavior is definately not by design and is very irritating. However, the bug doesn't occur if you use backspace to delete an auto-completed word..Version: 42.0

YesI love google a lot I don’t really like safari.Version: 114.0

Great AppI very much like this app as it has a very good look. This is much better than the safari app as it has very small buttons which are hard to press on my tiny iPad mini 2. On the other hand, the google app consists of bigger buttons which are easier to press on a phone and on a tiny iPad like mine. Thank you very much google..Version: 39.0

Happy bunny!..Since getting an iPhone and discovering Google, I’ve never looked back. At nearly eighty two I’ve learned so many things and had so many difficult questions answered, mind you, I’ve bought more things than I would have thought possible, but enjoying every moment of the freedom to do so, and the directions from Google to make good choices with just about everything I need, so, “thank you Google”....Marie Martin...Version: 48.0

AwesomeNothing will be better than it... Thank you many many Google..🥰🥰🥰They work so hard even for a simple app...I saw no wrongs in their app development and programming....They literally make the world easier and happier so we can use and lead our life more smartly and happily..😌😌😌😌😚.Version: 129.0

Good App, only one problemI’ve been getting this pop up lately on Google and Google Chrome that basically says “Congratulations, you have been selected...” and all that. It’s a scam. It’s really consistent and it won’t go away even after clearing my cookies on my phone. It doesn’t happen on Safari and only on Google products on my phone. I tried deleting the app and I even reset my phone and nothing has worked. One way you can improve is to add a feature to Google that stops frequent pop ups like that because this is getting out of hand. That’s the only problem I have with it, everything else is fine. And trust me, it’s not just me who is dealing with all of this. I hope this will be solved soon..Version: 41.0

Wonderful app for daily lifestyleGoogle is my friend, and this app makes the power of the famous search engine accessible in just a few taps. Like its desktop counterpart, the Google app makes it easier to find what I really need, without the hassle of using another rival search engine or looking in the newspaper every day. In addition to keeping up with my personal and favorite interests, this app allows me to keep tabs on the news, the current weather, and other things. In short, Google is the only source AND search engine I trust each day to get things done. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂.Version: 109.0

Hate is not nice to the history of man/woman kindGoogle is cool but I see hate comments and your writing hate for something that is YOUR FAULT you prob didn’t update your device what are you four years old I mean you want Easter egg search thanos,google gravity,and more so stop talking about google you kid and update your device.Version: 107.0

My go to appI use this app everyday and would be lost without it. I research anything that interests me and I find myself opening the app many times a day to know more about something that I want to research and to clarify anything that may be misleading. It's easy to use. Enough said..Version: 34.1

Dear Google,I have been using you app for so long and I love it. It’s so convenient and easy to use. However, yesterday I went to look something up, and the search whole screen was frozen, not working at all. I thought it was my phone for a second, but my home button was working, everything else was fine. It was just your app. I did one of those quick searches from holding down the app, and that worked. But the main screen was still malfunctioning later. I deleted and reinstalled the app as a last attempt, but still had the same problem. Please fix this problem, I hate using safari. Thank you.Version: 128.0

Good, but crashes...I had this app for a few years, but only recently for the past few weeks, I have been experiencing crashes almost every time I open it. That is my only issue. Other than that, I will still continue using this app despite the annoying crashes..Version: 119.0

Good app, please add Face ID and passcode support thoughThis app is great when doing a Google search, I love that it will read articles to me, so its even faster than reading them with VoiceOver. I also like Google prompts, it makes using 2-step verification so much faster. I do think you should add Face ID and passcode support as we're signed into our accounts on the app, if someone forgot to lock their phone and then had it stolen, the thief would instantly have access to that person's google account..Version: 137.2

Upload image/pic search optionPlease enable upload pic/image search option in order to search a pic/photo similar to what I uploaded.Version: 74.1

AkstylesThe only search engine I trust and has been my go to since the conception of the term. I’m really loving the personalized news feeds. As someone who intentionally avoids today’s unreliable news sources, especially from social media apps, the google news feed has been a welcome addition to my routine. I no longer have to miss out on reading articles I may be interested in because of my choice to not login to FB. Instead I often find articles I’m interested in through my google feed in between searching for things. Google Search is one of my top 5 most used apps. Their reliability and commitment to being the best in my opinion has hands down beat any other apps. I’m sticking with google for the long haul..Version: 54.0

What I thinkThis app is ok but sometimes it does not save your tabs properly. This is a little problem but it wastes a lot of time when I’m doing my work. Internet problems at my home are SUPER bad and sometimes this is such a nuisance! If your a person that likes to save their recent searches then I’m afraid this might not be the app for you. Overall this app is pretty good and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks for taking your time to read this!.Version: 137.2

Awesome appI am using Google keyboard while typing this review This app is awesome as you can just slide your finger to each letter of a word and it will type the word. Also the changing of the background is really good as you could have any background that you want. This app makes every on E in my class so jealous. I use it on all my devices..Version: 63.0

Please read! 😁😁Hi and I think this deserves 5 stars. Honestly, why people are giving 2 or 3 stars I don’t know. At the end of the day you use this app to find, search, and learn things so I don’t see why people are being so picky! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I feel it does everything you need and much more! Well done to the people who made Google!! Thanks for reading! 😊.Version: 137.2

Latest two updates cause app to crashThe Google app has always worked perfectly for me; just as the desktop search engine does. However, there was an update in the past couple of weeks which cause the app to crash out (and also not log any of my recent tabs or searches even when logged in to my Google Account) within a couple of minutes, or even significantly sooner. I notice there was a further update to fix bugs 6 days ago, but this doesn’t seem to have worked for me (iPhone XR) and I have restarted my phone also just in case I needed a complete reset. The app is completely useless as it currently is, and I’m hoping another update releases very soon so I can go back to using it!.Version: 119.0

Useful but something is wrongI’ll say this app is very handy to have especially if you’re stuck on something like a game for example I always use this app to find a solution. Now a new update came out and like everything else I updated and now I can’t access the app anymore it opens but crashes as soon as that home page opens up please find a solution I love this app so much I even use it to keep up to date on the news..Version: 61.0

Is it a bug?That’s good but I am not receiving my news anymore for some reason.Version: 127.0

What More Could You Ask ForFast, Reliable and above all Simple, it’s all you could ask for, images, videos, shopping etc etc that will help you daily, you won’t need any other search app when you have this little guy, one improvement, Dark mode, making web searching at night easier on the eyes, if this app doesn’t deserve 5 stars, I don’t know what will.Version: 50.1

This is annoyingI really like google and everything but it says I’ve got the app but I haven’t. yeah sure you could say I use it on my computer but I really would like to get it on my phone 😠I can’t so I think google should be already put on your new iPhone like sufari and loads more that is already added to you phone when you get it so yeah bye 👋.Version: 61.0

I love it ❤️❤️It’s so good it helps me with a lots of stuff like homework or if I need to fix something I look on google.Version: 67.0

GoogleI like it but it needs to load faster. Keep up the good work..Version: 36.0

Loving the widgets!I love the new widget icon that goes on your Home Screen. It’d be even more better for me personally if (with one of the larger widget icons) you were able to type the thing you wanted to search for/the url from directly on your home screen & then once to hit search/return the app then opens & navigates to your desired page. Just so it’s more interactive really. But all in all, aesthetically, it’s lovely..Version: 135.0

Can you please do this?..Dear Google : Please make a Google Play with the apps.Version: 125.1

No need to see.I just watched to tell you how much I like google 5 star asap!.Version: 84.0

I don’t need a smartphone without GoogleI just tries the hum to search feature and it’s awesome now I don’t need a Shazam or hey siri to identify a song, i can literally hum a song and google gonna find it for me.. its awesome.Version: 129.0

Improvement for news feedsWe do not have time to read certain news and it disappears with other news next time you come back for google search. It would be good to swipe left to delete and swipe right each news article to sort out interested, read later, follow topics for more updates etc..Version: 58.0

Latest updates messed up displayLatest updates does not display correctly on iPhone 11pro.Version: 129.0

Needs new layout and custom choicesIt’s good but it isn’t pretty, it’s should have better colours and layout.Version: 73.1

Absolutely a life saverI use google on nearly a daily basis with almost any question I have. Google has saved me so many times in situations I didn't know could happen. It saved my mums washing machine by showing us what to do. Google has everything..Version: 42.0

To gramHave had to delete several times to update my version. Newer version doesn’t seem any better. It takes too long to down load. I use it a lot to get info when we have visitors hope it improves soon as a lot of time is wasted waiting for it to fire up..Version: 102.0

GoodIt’s great for watching youtube.Version: 76.0

GoogleGreat app. Can add an option to swipe away the articles your done with?.Version: 128.0

Love itI put google translate and I make gooogle say like yo-yo you lalal ckcjb.Version: 131.0

Good App - With one drawbackThe Google app is very good, with the drawback that when you press accept on the messages about cookies, the bar at the bottom pops up and prevents you from doing so, and the website doesn’t scale, so you are only seeing half along the content you want to see because of the message about cookies. Please fix this as the app is very good otherwise..Version: 50.1

Love itLove this app.Version: 130.0

Love being spied onYes it’s a lot of fun being spied on, not just because they want to catch bad people but because they profit off of gaining intel from what users like and selling that information on to company’s that want to show their advertisement to the right people. Total disgrace of a company that they access people’s microphones, there is no privacy with this company do yourself a favour and use another search engine google are a disgrace..Version: 59.0

VoiceI don't know if voice controls are available But if they are can they be accessed from location rather than WiFi Thanks Regards Gurjashan.Version: 51.1

Simply The Best!What a company!! Google represents what is great about American business. What they give to the world is beyond measure, in the form of Google search and Google maps...for free!!! Wow guys!! Love your work!! In a world dominated by American companies ripping off people chasing profits only at the expense of their customers (Apple, Microsoft) you guys are a breath of fresh air!!!.Version: 57.0

AmazingI love google you can do everything on it; play games, look for flights, hotels, restaurants, find information about anything and way way more. I think the best part of google is that I can delete my search history... jokes jokes... the best part of it is how simple how it is to find things. I think the only thing that needs improvement is the google translate it dozen work very well and it just messes with what you’re saying. Apart from that it’s grate. 5 stars.Version: 83.0

It’s okLove this app however it takes to long to update Like half an hour please fix this for me also when searching for something it takes a few minutes to load I have had this problem for quite some time now and it is really annoying please fix this problem other than this I really love the app sincerely babyzaza.Version: 99.0

WeirdIf you have to be 17+ to use google why are we allowed to use it at school...😀.Version: 129.0

Great AppSo far, no problems have been created. Gboard is useful especially with the smooth swiping instead of typing it in letter by letter. App is useful for many occasions and has multiple uses to its device. I am giving it 4 stars because the app sometimes crashes whenever and uses quite a lot of storage which is one problem needing investigation. However, the app itself is extremely useful towards its majn purpose..Version: 36.0

Google search barI think it’s great! I’ve always used it for searching things on the internet, and it’s never let me down yet! It’s good to have on my phone too, for wen I’m out and need to look things up on the go. Cuz there ain’t nothing as annoying than not being able to remember something and not being able to search for it online like u do on ur computer at home so having it as an app to have on ur phone is brilliant. Definitely worth having.Version: 54.0

SMSI like the style of this app. Clear and easy to use. Only downside is I have added ymail but do not receive any notifications. Very annoying as this is the email use the most. I have to go into the ymail box and then emails download. Settings look fine but still not notified. Will have to try another App if cannot get this to work which is a real shame..Version: 124.0

Very user friendlyI love, love, love the google app! It never leaves my home bar! The app creates a personalized web/news feed that keeps me updated on things that matter most to me. Everything about app, from the layout to the feed keeps me going back here to look things up instead of safari. However, I always find that google is better for searching up quick facts, such as definitions and numbers, rather than opening websites. Other than that, I strongly recommend buying this secure and very useful app (much better than other search engine apps, a lot easier to use and much simpler)!.Version: 38.0

Better than SiriIt is the best app I ever used and way better than Siri.Version: 132.0

Awesome and FREEGoogle is almost completely free ! Keep up the amazing work!.Version: 85.0

App brokenAfter latest update last month, crashes after 30 seconds, every single time. Used to be the go to search and news but it’s so broken right now I’m contemplating just deleting the app on my iPhone. Had to download a new search app. Update. Deleted and downloaded the app. Seems to have fixed the crashing issue. Heard that other apps are also not updating properly and you have to delete and re download the app instead to get. Bit annoying but as long as it works in the end I’ll have to do it. I’ve gotten used to google search same news format so I’m happy to have it back and not crashing every 30s..Version: 112.0

Lost iconLost screen icon.Version: 123.1

Can’t delete historyYou used to be able to easily click a button that said “delete history”. They’ve updated it and you cannot do that anymore. Now you have to individually delete the search history from each previous day, and it doesn’t even work! I deleted my history from today, yesterday, and 2 days ago and then voila the history from today that I just “deleted” is right back in front of me. If googles fixes this or brings it back to the way it was before where it was much better, I’ll change my review Update: way better now that they’ve fixed it. Love the app..Version: 50.1

JohnI use it to get my information for all sorts of things .very clever person who first invented it . I’m 68 years of age ..Version: 58.0

Go to search engine appI actually enjoy this more than Google Chrome app, it’s much more slick and efficient. And the google cards is a nice touch, I really enjoy having cards that adapt to what I like to search about and news that I like to search. Very slick app indeed.Version: 113.0

Google is amazingGoogle is the most amazing app to use when u are trying to study or just searching anything up..Version: 91.0

Keyboard drops away.I am sooo happy that I’m able to remove the trending stories now but since that was fixed, when I open the app and try to type something in the search bar, my iPhone keyboard drops away after the first letter and I end up pressing whatever search topic is closest to my finger from my history. Then I have to go back to the Google home screen and start again. It only happens once I open the app after force closing it but please fix it. It’s frustrating. Thanks..Version: 97.0

Very good app, however only one problemI use google all the time for researching in school homework and useful website etc. However, sometimes I search a topic up. Let’s say I searched up “How to cook waffles.” Then I wanna search something else up, let’s say I wanna search up “how to cook eggs” now the problem here is when I search a second thing it should say on the search bar that I searched “how to cook eggs” but for some reason instead of saying that. It shows “how to cook waffles.” And if I search something else up that topic will show but “how to cook waffles” will still be there. Now it’s not a big deal but it just gets really annoying when it happens..Version: 41.0

Super Efficient, WAY Better Than Safari!I downloaded this app from the App Store and it is extremely efficient! Voice Control works wonderfully and I especially love the G-Board as well as that is also very efficient. I used to use Safari but it has already been replaced! This is the best web search app I have ever used on my phone! Thank you and please keep getting more updates! 👍😀🔥.Version: 34.1

GoogleI have used google for ages and it has come in great use to me. I would definitely download it. It’s an amazing app and helps lots, I have on downloaded it recently and used to search it up on the internet. Now it is far more easily accessible and if you use google a lot having it downloaded will save you a lot of time..Version: 81.0

I love google because I can look at Halloween costumesI love google so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.Version: 66.0

The last updateReally i liked the last updat of that app of Google! The app gives you the tendance earch in your country, i really appreciate that! This is the real updates that we would like to see in the futur.. it helps us with something to know what is the most thing looked for in your country and to discover what’s the news about that thing, even if you don’t know anything about it! Good job Google!.Version: 81.0

AwesomeGoogle is awesome it’s a amazing place to search the web play online games and more it’s amazing how you can almost see every thing in the world with one click of a button google has helped me and my friends and family it helps you go places that you can never go it helps with homework and alot more and has interesting things I recommend down loading google it helps trust me.Version: 59.0

AmazedI am fairly mature in years and was around before most digital development and so I have to say I find Google astonishing. Younger people take such services for granted but I will never cease to be amazed at the speed of responses to search requests means that I have nearly everything I require immediately. Information which before would have taken much longer to gather. Long may you continue to evolve. Thank you Tim Brady.Version: 56.0

Good, but my problem....Google is a great app and I use it everyday! But for ur collection, I mean I wish there was an option to add more things rather than have a limit to 5 I think. Also my google isn’t showing my recent searches, after I updated it. Even in an account it doesn’t show anything. And when I’m not using and account, it still doesn’t. So I hope ulna fix this. But overall, I love this app, just these 2 issues can be fixed. Thank You. 👍.Version: 137.2

I am so excited that you have changed the entireProcess to open up all new apps the clarity Is so much better and technology has improved our downloading the property info so much better! Thank you and keep making our apps easier to retrieve Thank you it solves a lot of frustrating problems ! Good job technicians! Thanks for making this a lot less frustrating so we can make good money from our new accounts technicians and customers! Happy New Year! JaniceTilchen a customer representative in growing our Company much needed help Has created such a clarification of our technicians transactions’ Thanks Happy New Year it’s going to be a heck of a fantastic year! Representative From Michigan transportation to a exciting new year when the clearer help and positive Selling requiring new techs and better and brighter 2020 ’New year of great activity! HAPPY NÉW YEAR CO WORKERS U R the Best brightest Happy 2020 ! Yea Janice Tilchen We Are #!Number Go Team We are the BRIGHTEST AND FUN LOVING group HAPPY NÉW Year good health and success! You are the Best!’sincerely coach Janice Tilchen Delray Beach Florida! YOU GO And KILL IT !’Go teams!’.Version: 137.2

Thanks googleI’ve been getting dodgy stuff from my regular iPad safari and they said to fix it I’d have to pay $$$+, I recalibrate every and now now use this app and everything is fixed and works faster then ever before 😃. I’m so done will apple everything just $$ over an over again.Version: 48.0

Love itI love this app so much because it has so many answers to your questions. As well as all the good things, I would really appreciate it if you added a feature to it like google translate- adding a photo scanner because if you don't know what it is called, you could scan it and the name would come up and websites about it too. Every thing else is brilliant. Be proud. 😉.Version: 50.1

Bookmarks changeLove the App, and it is my preferred web browser on pc and Mac. But I hate the new bookmark feature. Until two weeks ago the bookmarks would display on the whole page, now I get a little pop up. Please go back to the old system. ;-).Version: 41.0

.I absolutely loved this app, I mean it’s convenient and time saving. However, due to a recent- not so recent anymore- update, there was a feature that made the app ten times better that disappeared. Before, you were able to save photos to your camera roll by holding down on them, but now it won’t let you. Even screenshotting photos is awkward because of the little X symbol that pops up and gets in the way of the photo. Great if you aren’t wanting to save any photos; I would recommend..Version: 74.1

Really Helpful!!!Google really helped me with my homework and I think is should be more popular around the world. I really could not see my life without this app. It saves lots of time from searching for the information in books. All I can do is type what I'm looking for in the search bar and it pops up. Thank You So Much Google For Letting Us Use Your App.Version: 81.0

Fantastic, some crashing issuesIt’s my go to app for searching on my phone, quick, easy and clean. It looks and works much more effectively than the default safari app on all iPhones. My only problem is with the constant crashing I’ve been experiencing, the app begins to become slow, freezing for short moments until it goes black and takes me to the home screen. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, or it might just be my phone since it is a few years old now. Despite this I still highly recommend it for all iPhone users..Version: 54.0

Problems.It’s overall a really amazing and good app but the newest feature “hum to search” won’t work. There is not search a song button and even on the widgets it won’t pop up. This annoys me because I’m trying to find a song for so long but can’t..Version: 137.2

Great app, one issue lately.Great app, but sometimes when I open a card it won't load. I'll have to open it in Safari to be able to read the article. Even going back to the app's home screen, then clicking on the same card won't load the card. Nor will refreshing it. iOS 10..Version: 38.0

Dark modeWe are still waiting the dark mode..Version: 91.0

Google aptLove google use it considerably as so easy for every day news updates and searches very smooth operation ✅👏👏 congrats great assistant I have lol 😀😀😀. Thanks everyone ✅❤️.Version: 123.0

Google ReviewGoogle is great, fast and accurate. However I am disappointed in the change to the “See All” function. It was much better in the previous setup where you could see all the previous entries, not just a history which shows the same one on each time you searched it. Otherwise a terrific setup. I like it..Version: 72.0

SameBasically the same as the desktop Google but changed to work on a smaller screen..Version: 43.0

SanI have always been using google search engine and it’s good, but today 11 June 2020 I try to use google search engine but after 40 seconds the google screen goes off, I’m bit worried that may be some one trying to get into my phone to get the information. But when I use safari I don’t have any problem the screen does not go off, and if I use my phone for watching movies or reading my files no problem at all can google tell me what could be the issue I have the latest app version..Version: 111.0

Annoying keeps crashingI keep trying to go into google & within 5 seconds it keeps switching off on me. It only just happened. Can you please fix it. It getting worse as it won’t even come up I. I tried switching phone off & to no avail. Tried deleting & then going to App Store & loading it back in also to no avail..Version: 123.0

Just made my day so much easierThank goodness for google. Spent hours on the internet trying to find a song that reminds me of my dad when I was young for his funeral day. Saw that google has an option to hum a song and it can work it out. I did that and it found it! Just made my day to hear that song again and as the only person who knew it was no longer here, who knows if without google if I’d ever have found it..Version: 137.2

App Crashing ProblemsIf you are having trouble with the app crashing when you open it, try removing the app and reinstalling it. This fixed the problem for me. If you can’t find the app swipe right to the App Library and hold down on the Google app until a drop down menu appears. Click on Add To Home and then you should be able to remove the app..Version: 132.0

Dark themeI realise that my complaint is not the most important part of the app but the only problem I can find is the fact that there is no available option (as of writing this) to get a dark mode. I would appreciate this being added in a future update of some kind and I know that incognito mode is sort of a dark mode but it gets rid of the tab option and search history and so on, so a dark mode would be great in my opinion. Thanks..Version: 76.0

GoogleI can’t imagine any other way of searching !.Version: 56.0

Gooogle; after a decade!Recently I’ve begun to tail off from the google way of doing things. This is mainly due to purchasing an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Still use this platform occasionally, but not as much as i used to. After 10 years of use my online habits have changed & now look to a different kind of digital house keeping..Version: 156.0

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