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New UI is Worse after latest updateI have always been a avid google user, and always preferred the google app over safari. however, this latest update has made me have an extreme uptick in my use of Safari. the new way to view webpages is not user friendly, and glitches very often. i often find myself losing the page i was on, or getting kicked out randomly. also, it is near impossible to begin a new tab without over riding an existing one. multiple times i am trying to input information from one site into another, and it end up closing one when i try and switch to the other. it’s infuriating. these bugs need to be fixed quickly, or i may end up making the full time switch to Safari as my go to app..Version: 235.0

Rosita and ManjeetAmazing staff amazing food guy with turban and girl serving and awesome chef 👍👍👍👍but there should be option where we can put tip for staff and chef and very friendly staff👍👍👍👍.Version: 169.1

AmazingI love google you can do everything on it; play games, look for flights, hotels, restaurants, find information about anything and way way more. I think the best part of google is that I can delete my search history... jokes jokes... the best part of it is how simple how it is to find things. I think the only thing that needs improvement is the google translate it dozen work very well and it just messes with what you’re saying. Apart from that it’s grate. 5 stars.Version: 83.0

GoogleUn peu fade, intrusif en diable... mais redoutablement efficace !.Version: 226.2

JohnI use it to get my information for all sorts of things .very clever person who first invented it . I’m 68 years of age ..Version: 58.0

Current layout changeGoogle is a great app to use, the only recent problem I (personally) have is the current change to how the tabs have been changed to be similar to a temporary tab(?). Like, for example, if I wanted to go back to a different page entirely but it is supposed to be still in the same tab, I am just unable to do so and I need to go all the way back ( if that makes sense). I would prefer the old layout back where I can both easily go back to a previous page (on the same tab) and also type in the search section at the top of the tab (which is another thing that I have a problem with). If there were a way to change tabs layout without having to de-update the app, that would be really good. But besides that, google is a pretty good app to go on..Version: 250.0

GOOGLE IS MY LIFEGoogle is apparently Siri, Wikipedia and Bing all combined! I mean, Siri actually uses Google to tell you the answer of the question you either said or typed. I’v used Google to fix ANY single problem I needed an answer to. I am only an 8 year old and it has been very helpful. Me and my parents really rely on Google. So no matter how old you are, if you’ve managed to read this whole review, scroll up and immediately press that “GET” button ASAP. Thank you for reading this review..Version: 206.0

Google!One of the thing I love about google is that you can click a picture of something and say it’s something in another language you can translate it, you can take a picture and let google find similar images or take a picture of a product and it will search the product for you. I just think it’s a useful tool. It helped me do my homework too..Version: 255.0

Useful but something is wrongI’ll say this app is very handy to have especially if you’re stuck on something like a game for example I always use this app to find a solution. Now a new update came out and like everything else I updated and now I can’t access the app anymore it opens but crashes as soon as that home page opens up please find a solution I love this app so much I even use it to keep up to date on the news..Version: 61.0

GoodIt’s great for watching youtube.Version: 76.0

Super Efficient, WAY Better Than Safari!I downloaded this app from the App Store and it is extremely efficient! Voice Control works wonderfully and I especially love the G-Board as well as that is also very efficient. I used to use Safari but it has already been replaced! This is the best web search app I have ever used on my phone! Thank you and please keep getting more updates! 👍😀🔥.Version: 34.1

Good but there’s one problemOk I’m a kid and the family link to supervise your children is sort of good but here’s the problem first 2021 February 10 I lost my supervision for my google account so it ses it will delete my account in 29 days even though I set up the supervision it’s really annoying and when I try to get back to set up the family link it ses something went wrong and come on now it’s deleting my account and won’t let me do the supervision pls fix this ASAP..Version: 137.2

Some problems and bugs 🫥I love using Google chrome (or just Google) but I’ve had a lot of issues with the app. When I went on the app a lot it doesn’t show the news/ other things on the front page, (which is fine though because I don’t really look at the front page news, weather and such) and says “something went wrong, please try again later”. Another issue is when I use the app and go on Google to watch videos (with a Google search) it just says “something went wrong, tap to retry”. I also have search issues where the search bar takes way too long to load or just doesn’t work at all. Yes, I have updated it and it didn’t work and then deleted it and re-downloaded the app again, and that didn’t work either (well the only thing that did work was the front page but I’m still get the other issues, I don’t get the search bar issue often, but I get it every few hours or something like that). Also just a question but, why Google is 17+? I just don’t get it. I would really appreciate it if I got an answer 😊. Thank you for reading. 🙂.Version: 219.0

App Crashing ProblemsIf you are having trouble with the app crashing when you open it, try removing the app and reinstalling it. This fixed the problem for me. If you can’t find the app swipe right to the App Library and hold down on the Google app until a drop down menu appears. Click on Add To Home and then you should be able to remove the app..Version: 132.0

Totally recommend it.It’s so amazing as it’s just one of them search engines which just immediately know what your searching. Say you’re searching, “Where is the nearest Tesco.” It’s like, BAM! It immediately finds the nearest Tesco, never lets me down. I also recently found out that there was a safe feature, and it blocks websites that I don’t want my kids looking at. Perfect app, never lets me down, 5 stars!.Version: 86.0

Linda Gordon and friends!We love this quaint restaurant whether we eat outside or dine indoors. The staff is always friendly and upbeat and happy to see you! The Food is prepared fresh and served beautifully! If we don’t eat there at least two times a summer our summer is not complete! It’s not often a quaint restaurant like this takes reservations! We enjoy how the manager makes this possible! And it is a joy just to watch Kevin , the table busser, fix up the immaculate table decorations and clean linens and keep your class filled with beverage before you even miss a drop! Of course is very popular during the Tulip Festival so I urge you to go another time when it is not quite so busy! That way you can enjoy the lovely gardens that you see as well as the food and surroundings!.Version: 233.0

Good, but my problem....Google is a great app and I use it everyday! But for ur collection, I mean I wish there was an option to add more things rather than have a limit to 5 I think. Also my google isn’t showing my recent searches, after I updated it. Even in an account it doesn’t show anything. And when I’m not using and account, it still doesn’t. So I hope ulna fix this. But overall, I love this app, just these 2 issues can be fixed. Thank You. 👍.Version: 137.2

Awesome for antique peopleHey! buying this now, i actually already have it on my moms ipad but i loved it so much i decided to buy it on this. (If my storage can handle it.) #1: It’s free. I’m not paying a bunch of money for google but this this awesome. my favourite feature though is the lens camera you can scan anything and see how much it costs! So if you think you have something limited edition just try!.Version: 275.0

This is a lot of fun.My iPad can only do 13.0 so I wanted to say thank you 😊.Version: 194.0

Wow- A great dealership and a perfect sales woman for purchase of 2024 greyhawk 30ZAn experience we will always remember, worth 10 stars working with Amy DeCamp the most knowledgeable of all aspects inside and out. I cannot thank her enough for her patience with us as we worked through years of finding the right time for us financially as well as the right product to meet our needs. My husband was beyond impressed with her knowledge of the Rv industry as well as her orientation for us. The entire staff was ready to respond to our every need and made sure that it had been reviewed 100% to perfection. We have found nothing in our two weeks of ownership that has been of concern. We have found a new family with them and encourage everyone to give them an opportunity, (near or far) to show what they are capable of doing for you. Dave and Kathy mathews.Version: 275.0

Google aptLove google use it considerably as so easy for every day news updates and searches very smooth operation ✅👏👏 congrats great assistant I have lol 😀😀😀. Thanks everyone ✅❤️.Version: 123.0

Most Useful App EverBest and most trustworthy Search engine in an app, makes it the most useful app ever! I use it everyday.Version: 39.0

Amazing innovation!Love it. Makes life easier for the fussy typers out there! Super efficient typing! My only complaint would be app compatibility. There is a bug when using the OneNote app. The text font will change automatically if you use backspace to delete a character. This behavior is definately not by design and is very irritating. However, the bug doesn't occur if you use backspace to delete an auto-completed word..Version: 42.0

How brilliant!To:google I ❤️ how you have made this into a fantastic app for searching and sometimes I use it for my definitions. It helps me a lot and I may use it for a lot of things. I just want to say that I’m very PLEASED with the work you have done!i give you a round of applause and becoming very useful. This is a VERY important app for different ages and people! I see how u help with different languages too! By:UNKNOWN PERSON!.Version: 205.0

IOS Widget IssueLove the iOS widget for the Lock Screen. However, when I select the widget, the app opens and the microphone screen comes up and google is listening. That’s perfect. When I ask a question, google dictates the words I said perfectly but the response is “something went wrong. Please try again”. The words I said are still listed in the search area so I just have to hit search and it works, but it should just give me the answer without the “something went wrong” response. It seems this only happens when the google app is not already open. If the app is open, the widget and app work perfectly. UPDATE: The update I received today fixed this issue. Yay!! I’m so happy! Now I can ask Google something from my iOS lockscreen instead of using Siri.Version: 248.0

GoogleI can’t imagine any other way of searching !.Version: 56.0

It’s one of the basicsIt’s Google amazing gives you boat loads of information for free it’s a must have I’m surprised it doesn’t come pre-installed on every phone (as far as I know) ii mean Google is a mainstream brand just as much as Apple and Samsung there really is nothing like it I mean you could argue and say bing is better but wake up people it’s the 21st century in not to long bing is gonna be put into museums google really is just a no brainer. TLDR Google is the best you must have it or i will personally hire Obama to hunt you down.Version: 258.1

Upload image/pic search optionPlease enable upload pic/image search option in order to search a pic/photo similar to what I uploaded.Version: 74.1

I love this appWow if you never had this app I wouldn’t be this happy I thank you so much and god bless you amen.Version: 157.0

Include image searchMy biggest use for this would to quickly search an image to use as a meme or something. There should def be an image search option..Version: 58.0

So amazing!Google is simply amazing! I have been a loyal user of their products for years now and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed by all the different features they offer. From searching the web to getting directions, to storing my files and photos, to staying connected with my friends and colleagues through Gmail, Google has got it all. One of my favorite things about Google is their ability to constantly improve and innovate their products. They never seem to settle for the status quo and are always coming up with new and exciting ways to make our lives easier. Additionally, the user interface is sleek, modern and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use. Another thing I appreciate about Google is their commitment to privacy and security. I have full trust in their systems and know that my personal information is in good hands..Version: 250.0

Sub To ClownPierceSub To ClownPierce.Version: 190.1

SameBasically the same as the desktop Google but changed to work on a smaller screen..Version: 43.0

ReviewKate was brilliant. She had lots of contact before the shoot to give me guidance on outfits. On the day Kate had such a great energy which put us all at ease. With 3 kids she had great patience. She was so kind and had such a great personality which made us enjoy the experience. I love the photos, we will cherish them. Thank you Kate..Version: 268.0

GoogleGoogle just has everything anyone could need. It’s a place so much information and knowledge can get together and bond. it’s like the ancient script says “Google is life”.Version: 232.0

Very happySimply: The best.Version: 62.0

It old and classicI feel like google has helped us cheat for a math question or an assignment it's like Siri but doesn't say can I search the web and no Siri I would not want to search the web thank you . Google is easy to use and can give a good definition for a word or a translation from English to Spanish and if your reading this in lockdown R.I.P your sanity :,).Version: 68.0

Google is amazingGoogle is the most amazing app to use when u are trying to study or just searching anything up..Version: 91.0

.I absolutely loved this app, I mean it’s convenient and time saving. However, due to a recent- not so recent anymore- update, there was a feature that made the app ten times better that disappeared. Before, you were able to save photos to your camera roll by holding down on them, but now it won’t let you. Even screenshotting photos is awkward because of the little X symbol that pops up and gets in the way of the photo. Great if you aren’t wanting to save any photos; I would recommend..Version: 74.1

The last updateReally i liked the last updat of that app of Google! The app gives you the tendance earch in your country, i really appreciate that! This is the real updates that we would like to see in the futur.. it helps us with something to know what is the most thing looked for in your country and to discover what’s the news about that thing, even if you don’t know anything about it! Good job Google!.Version: 81.0

It would be my favorite search engine BUT…I’ll be honest, a world without Google is a world in which I don’t want to exist. I mean, you can find anything, and I mean ANYTHING on Google. It couldn’t get any more awesome than that, right? Well… It could. The fact that the Apple mobile version of Google doesn’t allow one the capability to download PDF’s/EPUB’s in order to view them, makes Google a little bit lame. If I had a dollar for every time I had to switch to Safari (🤢) & look up the same exact thing just so I could view a PDF, I’d probably be able to buy Google right now. (Maybe an exaggeration, but it’s occurred so much so that I felt very compelled to write this review) I personally rate it an overall 4.3 stars, as it has such potential to be the greatest creation since sliced bread. If only I could view my PDF’s….Version: 241.0

I love itIt’s the best.Version: 134.0

Google ChromeSince I have been working with a lot more features in this app and I have a lot more ideas about how to improve my features in this platform than I did before I created this project and it seems to have turned out great so far with my experience and using this platform, I look forward for further development and more features to come soon thanks for your support and patience and understanding and I hope this platform is successful for everyone to have a great time with this platform and hopefully it will succeed your expectations just keep on being in the same direction and hopefully it can continue to achieve your project as it should keep growing with this platform as well I am, thank you very much and have a wonderful day ahead of you guys always stay safe always and keep up with the good work and I hope that you will get better luck in this project, I am very satisfied with using this platform and you will be very happy to use it , just keep on top of latest updates and good luck to you guys always, have fun always and stay positive thoughts too and use your support tools, thanks again for everything..Version: 295.0

AWESOME 😎THIs IS SO there’s this 1910s song I like and it helped me find it by the humming thing.Version: 195.0

Why take the refresh buttonWhy take the refresh button off the iPhone app layout, now it’s in a secondary menu? That makes no sense, I have more use of the refresh button then I do whatever the little I assume search icon you’ve put in the Center of the bottom tab which I haven’t used, would there be a way to edit and personalise our own layouts? Actually the 3 dot secondary menu doesn’t even make sense, the actions are useless on the menu because you would want to select the url your copying and not just the page url so leave that to the highlight function I can understand wanting to update looks and try and look like your improving but some of the choices are redundant and your complicating or making things more annoying to use or find that aren’t intuitive as you think. Redesigning the wheel much.Version: 267.0

Fix reachabilty!Something that has griped me for many months now is that if you put some text in the search bar, then use reachability (using a ‘Max’ version of the iPhone it’s so that you can reach the top of the screen more comfortably) the text that you typed completely disappears and leaves you to have to re type it. This is so uncomfortable especially if you have made a mistake, use reachabilty to fix the mistake but then seeing your text cleared… it makes your blood boil!.Version: 182.0

Dark themeI realise that my complaint is not the most important part of the app but the only problem I can find is the fact that there is no available option (as of writing this) to get a dark mode. I would appreciate this being added in a future update of some kind and I know that incognito mode is sort of a dark mode but it gets rid of the tab option and search history and so on, so a dark mode would be great in my opinion. Thanks..Version: 76.0

CoolUmm you should add a website that you can get any image and erase any thing and it’s gone and the image looks normal image still bye.Version: 261.0

Just made my day so much easierThank goodness for google. Spent hours on the internet trying to find a song that reminds me of my dad when I was young for his funeral day. Saw that google has an option to hum a song and it can work it out. I did that and it found it! Just made my day to hear that song again and as the only person who knew it was no longer here, who knows if without google if I’d ever have found it..Version: 137.2

Amazing!!😘😄😄Google is literally amazing i have no issues with it, 5star rating and there is also nothing wrong with it i guess!😁👍.Version: 159.0

Awesome and FREEGoogle is almost completely free ! Keep up the amazing work!.Version: 85.0

When a default browser optionHi Google, when can you add a default browser option like I downloaded Firefox and the default browser option shown. But with the Google app it didn’t show it at all. Google it would be appreciated if you added that feature Thanks Anonymous person.Version: 248.0

AmazedI am fairly mature in years and was around before most digital development and so I have to say I find Google astonishing. Younger people take such services for granted but I will never cease to be amazed at the speed of responses to search requests means that I have nearly everything I require immediately. Information which before would have taken much longer to gather. Long may you continue to evolve. Thank you Tim Brady.Version: 56.0

It’s okLove this app however it takes to long to update Like half an hour please fix this for me also when searching for something it takes a few minutes to load I have had this problem for quite some time now and it is really annoying please fix this problem other than this I really love the app sincerely babyzaza.Version: 99.0

Awesome and Simple!The GBoard is great and google is a easy way to save, search and more! Recommend this to others!.Version: 65.0

Lotte Hotel New YorkMy husband and I moved my son from Texas to New York for college. I booked a room at Lotte Hotel but the parking garage would not accommodate my husbands truck which is 7 ft. 7 inches. After driving around for 2 hours to find a parking garage we were faced with having to leave Manhattan due to no parking. I actually canceled my hotel reservation and was upset that I would not be able to spend the 2 days with my son that were planned. When carrying luggage back to the truck the doorman George noticed our dilemma and went out of his way to find an open parking lot that could accommodate our vehicle. I was so grateful for his assistance. I tried to tip him for going above and beyond to help us but he would not accept the tip. He is one of a kind and should be recognized for his kind actions. He even stopped traffic to help me cross the street. What a gem!.Version: 279.1

FavoriteOnly one.Version: 34.1

AwesomeGoogle is awesome it’s a amazing place to search the web play online games and more it’s amazing how you can almost see every thing in the world with one click of a button google has helped me and my friends and family it helps you go places that you can never go it helps with homework and alot more and has interesting things I recommend down loading google it helps trust me.Version: 59.0

Please read! 😁😁Hi and I think this deserves 5 stars. Honestly, why people are giving 2 or 3 stars I don’t know. At the end of the day you use this app to find, search, and learn things so I don’t see why people are being so picky! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I feel it does everything you need and much more! Well done to the people who made Google!! Thanks for reading! 😊.Version: 137.2

Hey google look a serious talk!Dear google, you are just trying to keep everyone safe which is fine that is not such a crime actually , it help prevent a crime of a innocent persons app and a person presses there phone and tries to sign in and do some weird stuff so keeping people safe is a good job …….but, google why on earth is it so hard to find the prompt button to verify something if your gonna make accounts safe give people instructions of what there doing other ways it’s complicated and hard. Thank you google for listening or reading I appreciate it /you for giving me your time and if you see this please think about these things I really recommend it. P.S great app love the good work keep it up 👍.Version: 253.2

Loving the widgets!I love the new widget icon that goes on your Home Screen. It’d be even more better for me personally if (with one of the larger widget icons) you were able to type the thing you wanted to search for/the url from directly on your home screen & then once to hit search/return the app then opens & navigates to your desired page. Just so it’s more interactive really. But all in all, aesthetically, it’s lovely..Version: 135.0

Dark modeWe are still waiting the dark mode..Version: 91.0

Daughter and Cat cupsI received my 2 cups that are absolutely Gorgeous, shipping was very quick - Thankyou so much 🤗.Version: 137.2

Annoying keeps crashingI keep trying to go into google & within 5 seconds it keeps switching off on me. It only just happened. Can you please fix it. It getting worse as it won’t even come up I. I tried switching phone off & to no avail. Tried deleting & then going to App Store & loading it back in also to no avail..Version: 123.0

Please help me in adairsvilleFormer senior woman with good credit no charges , no tickets. I am being stocked and been harassed by the cops of adairsville, GA Up north of 75 exit 306 . I have had load machine on me load cars up and down the road on 41 and a lot of guns being fired at me. This is because they believe I’m a alcoholics and a drug Addict. And I’m not , for 4 years I been subject to them bugging my house, hacking my phone,and a tracker put on my car. Haven’t made any arrest. And they helped incarcerate me at the crises center where I had my blood checked several time for alcohol and drugs. I have a copy of the report. No alcohol or drugs in my system. They bully me and turned the town against me. It has affected my mental health.. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else...Version: 199.0

Keyboard drops away.I am sooo happy that I’m able to remove the trending stories now but since that was fixed, when I open the app and try to type something in the search bar, my iPhone keyboard drops away after the first letter and I end up pressing whatever search topic is closest to my finger from my history. Then I have to go back to the Google home screen and start again. It only happens once I open the app after force closing it but please fix it. It’s frustrating. Thanks..Version: 97.0

WelpI saw an ad so it can guess the song so can u tell meh how the heck I do that.Version: 160.0

Its greatI like google its great but what I would recommend for mobile users is that to add more games to choose instead of one because there is a game in the tab if you swipe down and you get to play a game but there is only one so I would recommend that if you could please and some more games because that would be fun. Thank you.Version: 265.0

No need to see.I just watched to tell you how much I like google 5 star asap!.Version: 84.0

GoogleI’m not sure if it’s just me or everyone else that has a problem with Siri. Years ago google was my go to for all situations and moods and never failed me. Now I have an iPhone and have been looking for the same old google I used to know and if all goes well my life is going to have major improvements. Fingers crossed google, you are more than just amazing..Version: 241.0

I need this ApplicationPlease I need this App on my IPhone argentlie Help Help Help!!!.Version: 160.0

Unable to listen to detected text from the immage with search with google lenseHi I am blind and previously when you go to search with google lense with a particular immage it use to say text found in immage and it use to have a listen button. When double tapping on that it thd read the text from the immage. It seems like this feature has been removed. Please add this feature back..Version: 186.0

Fantastic, but not quite thereThis browser is hands-down the best browser I have ever used. It is easy to use and eye catching, though sometimes it takes a while to load web pages. Also, safari has a great feature that would really improve it. Safari has reader view, which cuts out all clutter and ads on webpages, just leaving the main text. If Google could have some sort of add removal thing for webpages that would make it perfect. Thank you for your time.Version: 51.1

OkGreat app to use as a search engine probably the best search engine out there totally online based l. However with all this said DO NOT make a Google account as you will not be able to remove it trust me a few other reviews have mentioned this and it’s true Google accounts are very limited on pretty much everything and when you go to remove it it is literally impossible. Google need to make there email account service more accessible in controls. Please change this! However Google lenses is great and Google is a very good quick paced and quite honestly reliable service. With all that said it is a great app as a search engine but I certainly DO NOT RECOMMEND GMAIL ACCOUNTS!!! Please fix this. Sorry 4 the long review btw :).Version: 274.0

Current version is not good.I rate this 4 as until now it’s been great. The current version though puts the search bar up in the middle of the screen while you are trying to read the screen. It just pops up from the bottom and the only way to get rid of it is to swipe it down again but it comes back. Big bug. If not fixed will delete..Version: 282.0

More guidance optionsI have been using Google maps for years. I find it more up to date than tomtom, etc. I do have one issue. When you enter you destination it gives you the option to select car, train, etc. I think there needs to be more options. For example. If your towing a trailer or caravan then the routes you can take and the time it’ll take you on your journey will differ than if you can travel at 70mph down the motorway..Version: 235.0

Happy bunny!..Since getting an iPhone and discovering Google, I’ve never looked back. At nearly eighty two I’ve learned so many things and had so many difficult questions answered, mind you, I’ve bought more things than I would have thought possible, but enjoying every moment of the freedom to do so, and the directions from Google to make good choices with just about everything I need, so, “thank you Google”....Marie Martin...Version: 48.0

Good app, please add Face ID and passcode support thoughThis app is great when doing a Google search, I love that it will read articles to me, so its even faster than reading them with VoiceOver. I also like Google prompts, it makes using 2-step verification so much faster. I do think you should add Face ID and passcode support as we're signed into our accounts on the app, if someone forgot to lock their phone and then had it stolen, the thief would instantly have access to that person's google account..Version: 137.2

You have everything💖This game has everything I want iPad it makes it good but I hate how the cookie thing ruined the way I was going down on a list for center parc’s activites 💔I like how google put AN LOT of stuff in this❤️‍🩹like this is the best way to find out who your real parents are💎it’s easy to do everything it understands gatcha Minecraft and many other games. O..Version: 255.0

What More Could You Ask ForFast, Reliable and above all Simple, it’s all you could ask for, images, videos, shopping etc etc that will help you daily, you won’t need any other search app when you have this little guy, one improvement, Dark mode, making web searching at night easier on the eyes, if this app doesn’t deserve 5 stars, I don’t know what will.Version: 50.1

Love itI love this app so much because it has so many answers to your questions. As well as all the good things, I would really appreciate it if you added a feature to it like google translate- adding a photo scanner because if you don't know what it is called, you could scan it and the name would come up and websites about it too. Every thing else is brilliant. Be proud. 😉.Version: 50.1

HeyGoogle has everything I need and I have given it a 5 star rating! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 277.0

Usually interesting reading butA huge bug is that when I click on that I’m not interested in a topic, I get a pop up message that Google gets it and won’t show me any more articles about that topic. But I keep seeing articles!!!! Sometimes I even see more of them. Two current examples are Princess Charlene of Monaco and Situation Puzzles. I clicked on a few of each which was enough so I clicked on that I wasn’t interested. The articles kept showing up, sometimes multiple articles every time I opened Google. Just now I opened the app and, out of 37 articles, 5 were about Charlene!! I keep saying I’m not interested but I keep seeing these articles. Enough already!!! Another annoying bug is that, when Google is refreshing the articles, if you’re reading one, it freezes and you have to exit Google, reopen it and go to Tabs to find and continue reading the article..Version: 186.0

Needs new layout and custom choicesIt’s good but it isn’t pretty, it’s should have better colours and layout.Version: 73.1

Awesome appI am using Google keyboard while typing this review This app is awesome as you can just slide your finger to each letter of a word and it will type the word. Also the changing of the background is really good as you could have any background that you want. This app makes every on E in my class so jealous. I use it on all my devices..Version: 63.0

Great AppI very much like this app as it has a very good look. This is much better than the safari app as it has very small buttons which are hard to press on my tiny iPad mini 2. On the other hand, the google app consists of bigger buttons which are easier to press on a phone and on a tiny iPad like mine. Thank you very much google..Version: 39.0

What I thinkThis app is ok but sometimes it does not save your tabs properly. This is a little problem but it wastes a lot of time when I’m doing my work. Internet problems at my home are SUPER bad and sometimes this is such a nuisance! If your a person that likes to save their recent searches then I’m afraid this might not be the app for you. Overall this app is pretty good and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks for taking your time to read this!.Version: 137.2

Love being spied onYes it’s a lot of fun being spied on, not just because they want to catch bad people but because they profit off of gaining intel from what users like and selling that information on to company’s that want to show their advertisement to the right people. Total disgrace of a company that they access people’s microphones, there is no privacy with this company do yourself a favour and use another search engine google are a disgrace..Version: 59.0

Stahl plumbing, heating & air conditioning, IncI had the pleasure of having your carpenter Kenny redo my bathroom tile. Not only was he right in time he called before his arrival. He worked endlessly in completing a beautiful job in the short matter of time with no breaks. His experience and professionalism shined through the magnificent outcome of my bathroom that looks beautiful and brand new. You should be proud to have a individual of this quality working for your company. This man has years of experience and his work shines through. I am beyond impressed and grateful for the wonderful job he completed. I highly recommend the redo of the hard labor tearing down old tiles new plumbing fixtures in the time less product. I am a very happy customer and I hope if you as a consumer are considering stahl you will be lucky to get Kenny. Thank you.Version: 289.0

Google ReviewHi Google, I am very happy with your app, it is fast, efficient and I can usually get all the information I need. HOWEVER, there is one big problem, I cannot get my recent searches to record under that heading. This is very frustrating as I use the same searches every working day and would appreciate something done about it please. Thank you for your app, as I have said I am happy with it except with the problem I have mentioned above..Version: 157.0

Hasn’t Yet Earned 5 StarsAt one time in the past, when I typed in my search argument, if there was a misspelling, Google would offer up the correct spelling, eliminating the need for me to correct it. In some cases, where participles or familiar words were involved, Google will reconstruct my argument with the correct grammar. I would sure enjoy those days again. Even now, when I’m typing this review, all of my misspellings are corrected. Why can’t Google offer that option when I’m typing in my search parameters? Google once did have that option, then took it away. One other annoying thing about Google: whenever I’m searching for a report or article, Google displays first the results it wants me to see, often biased, forcing me to scroll several pages until I find what I’m looking for. This is a nasty habit and one which stirs up conversations in Congressional circles about “reforming” Google. Google is an important research tool, very important, and Google employees shouldn’t be allowed free license to transform such an important research tool into a one-sided echo chamber for specific ideologically-oriented groups. I’d rather see Google as completely neutral in that regards. Making it neutral, without certain biases being introduced, goes a long way to earning that fifth star. Thank you..Version: 258.1

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