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The New York Times App User Positive Comments 2023

The New York Times app received 71 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about the new york times?

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The New York Times for Positive User Reviews

Recommend appVery good app. I like how you can download the latest news and read that later without needing a data connection. The menu and news categories could be laid out a bit better..Version: 0

Can't wait for the iPad version(which looks so much better)..Version: 0

Good but Saving Articles needs ImprovementDaily user of this app. Mostly love it. I use the little flag/bookmark on articles which I think is meant to “save for later” but accessing those articles is like it’s own version of a NYT Games puzzle. I would love a more robust and accessible article “storage” so I don’t neglect to read the articles that I started, got interrupted while reading, but couldn’t easily find days later (or forgot I wanted to read/finish). Also… was there a time when the iPhone app worked in landscape mode or am I crazy? And: how wonderful would it be (for readers) if they could reach out to an article’s author without having to have a Twitter account? Maybe that’s by design. I mean I for one know I hate email now. But I’ve tried to contact writers after an especially moving or inspiring article I read only to see my efforts disappear into the ether. Would love to see a way that makes communication more possible without worsening the experience for writers (perhaps impossible)..Version: 10.3.1

Seems good butWhere’s dark mode? This is a brilliant Apple feature so let’s get it done NYT or ARS.Version: 9.63.0

ExcellentObviously one of the most trustworthy news sources in the world. I just don’t know why they won’t introduce dark mode for night reading!!!.Version: 9.26.1

Functional app. But no way to follow columns.Very functional app (more buggy lately on my iPad, but a minor annoyance). I appreciate the varied views (Today, Sections, For You). Nonetheless, I read NYT digitally only, almost always through my ios app, and I feel I miss a lot of what I’d like to read because of this. I dutifully read the front-section national & intl news, skim op-ed headlines, but I most look forward to other sections (esp science, books, education, and cooking). I wish I cd follow particular columns, which I miss frequently and end up needing to search for. For example, I often miss the biweekly Crime books review: though I look at the Books section 2-3 times each week, I rarely see that column in the stories that appear. Trilobites shows up often in the For You feed, but I often discover other recent pieces only in end-of-article links. And I dislike the sometimes out-of-publication-date order of articles in Sections view. Where are the small stories on the book biz, the aforementioned Crimes book column, the book comic? I don’t understand why I see them only intermittently. Recently, I often skip the Today view and go to Sections—Today’s Paper to see everything. Sort of a pain to push through the default layout, then (the bug that never goes away) do the required bounce to Sections, then to another tab, then back to Sections to get the display to appear, then finally open Today’s paper..Version: 9.44.2

Best news app.Update has fixed all of the problems with this app. Scrolling is much smoother, it doesn't freeze and seems much quicker to load..Version: 0

Excellent iPhone applicationAn enjoyable way to read the news..Version: 0

With the presidential insanity looking no closer to closure..the NYT gives me a daily dose of hope, that both the occupants of the USA and journalism as a profession, still have an iota of critical and independent thinking...Version: 9.13.0

Fantabulous!My day is not complete without spending a good hour catching up on the world as seen through NYT..Version: 0

I like itOn my wi-fi this is fast and easy. Sure you could use safari, but the categories are good, and hey it's free!.Version: 0

Just simply well doneEasy to use, well thought out, problem free site. Then we have the quality of the writing.....fantastic, even when viewed from the other side of the world..Version: 0

Very goodNews apps always make me wonder if my view of what's happening in the world is getting narrower but that is my problem. This is well done, easy to navigate and read. Recommended..Version: 0

ChiefEasy to navigate. I wish other publications would take note.Version: 0

ExcellentLatest version is somehow even better. It's only the news but NYT are leading the way..Version: 0

Latest “upgrade” is a downgradeAs content, the NYT can’t be beat. But this latest “resdesign” of the app is bad enough to make me write a review for the first time. In a word it is over-designed. When scrolling through the main page, it will suddenly “readjust”, meaning an ad has loaded somewhere in the feed and you have lost your place as it races upwards for you to view it. Once is bad but this happens a couple of times in a single scroll. When you read an article, the new design has changed the place of the back arrow for part of the navigation but is not the same throughout. I don’t like playing guess where the arrowis. But the biggest and reoccurring issue is the Sections page. What used to be a clear list of sections has now been buried under blocks of articles the NYT wants to spotlight for whatever reason. If I scrolled past it the first time, I don’t need to scroll past it again. I’m here to find a particular section, I know what I want. Finally, the NYT really, really needs to work on the accuracy of their search function. It is ludicrous that I can’t find an article from 3 days ago using specific keywords. For such great content, it’s criminal to make it disappear. Please do better, NYT!!!.Version: 9.52.2

Choice AsI love the New York Times Reader, it works so well with my iPhone. Everything is very well laid out and easy to use. I love the ability to get world news in a compact form during my comute to work. Cheers, ta, thanks lots New York Times Team. Regards, Tim W..Version: 0

NY TimesGreat way to catch up on US news from New Zealand on my iPod touch. Easy to read and good stories. I like that stories do not go to a Safari browser like many other news sites do..Version: 0

Excellent contentThe more in depth articles place the NYT ahead of other sites. Good interface with the eception of the ad at the bottom of the screen that I keep hitting by mistake, and as I live outside the US, the movie times are not really useful..Version: 0

At last - more reading space!Since this has been thoroughly reviewed there's not much more to comment on - except to note my appreciation that version 2.2 finally gives almost the full screen for reading. Go to a story and the upper and lower caption bars hide themselves. No longer does my scrolling-finger keep hitting that pesky (unchanging) banner ad. Yes, an advertising banner still pops up from the bottom just after you start reading a story. I'd gladly pay to get rid of it, but it's unlikely to be given as an option as my Times Reader subscription also has ads. Otherwise I can only reflect the opinion of other reviewers - this is a great reader and the content is also impressive..Version: 0

Loving the white spaceAs a subscriber from the UK I don’t get the ads that other reviewers are complaining about. Thank goodness for that. Ads are infiltrating so much of web content these days that I am tending to avoid a lot of online publications. What I love about the online NYT is the wonderful use of white space. Also the glorious photography. However pride of place must go the writing. Yes there is are lot of articles I flip hurriedly past like politics and sport. Instead there are fascinating and caring articles on Covid-19 and its impact across America. All I read in the UK press are articles to scare people coupled with a plethora of complicated graphs. I also like the Arts and Technology sections. For me the online NYT is a bright beacon of hope in a very dark world. Thank you from across the pond..Version: 9.39.0

Needs an option to configure navigationI generally like the app, but I find a recent change awkward to use on my iPad. The back arrow for navigating to a previous screen used to be on the top of the screen, but it has been moved to the bottom. I don’t mind if some people want it there, but I find it awkward. I would love to see an option to place the back arrow at the top or bottom of the page, as best suits the individual user..Version: 9.55.0

Living in Australia, so far from my first home...I read the NYT daily and feel connected to My City and to the USA. The Times’ reporting of world events keeps me informed. I appreciate how easy it is to share editorials and well-researched reports with friends and family around the globe. Many thanks! Grateful in Melbourne.Version: 6.6.7

Ok app but great contentThe content of the NYTimes is truly impressive and the graphics are great too. The layout of the app is very good. However, it is a little buggy - it’s slow. More reading features would also be nice - why not bring back the Today’s Paper webapp and add a dark mode?.Version: 9.76.0

Mandatory ReadingV2 of this program doesn't crash much, loads quickly via wifi and carries enough world news to make our papers look like school newsletters. Sunday magazine content puts any of our magazines to shame, too..Version: 0

Love the AuthenticityI listen to and appreciate The Daily almost Daily. I love the clarity, the insight, the journalistic deep dives and professionalism but the thing I like best is when Michael and his team laugh, make minor side comments or open up, letting us hear the sometimes imperfect process of how the podcast gets made. The episode of Oct 18, 2019, “The Week Diplomats Broke their Silence” is one of my favorites because it was recorded in hallways and stolen corners of the US Capitol. The authentic sounds and banter make it more real, more alive. I listened to every single name of the credits more closely than ever because Michael read them while walking out of the US Capitol building, out of breath, while carrying equipment! I laughed when he uttered, “Thank god for automatic doors”, most interesting credits ever! It’s also remarkable that they wrapped at 9:45pm and the episode was cut and prepped and up by 6am the next morning. Hurray for The Daily!.Version: 9.8.0

New version more stable than oldNew version more stable than old. The App is smooth loading. However in the end it is only the NYTimes. RSS readers provide more varied reading & Instapaper provides great offline reading so if you use both of these (like I do) then this NYTimes app won't play a huge role in your life....Version: 0

NY TimesOne of the best News Readers around with fast loading of pages and adjustable font sizes..Version: 0

International edition?The design is great. The quality of the journalism is great. I’m not US based and would love the opportunity to turn on an international edition that leads with global news vs US new more regularly. Don’t think this would be too hard to achieve?.Version: 9.90.0

Syncing of articlesThe articles are very informative and engaging, however, users could greatly benefit if the articles that has been saved for later reading will be synced across all devices that it has been accessed..Version: 9.88.0

Great appIt's nice to have all the visualizations and multimedia on the go, but it's even better that the app doesn't hitch or crash trying to display them!.Version: 6.6.7

Can searching and reading editorials be made easier?Hi, I don't need to comment on the world class journalism or the excellent general layout of the app but can searching for and reading editorial articles be made easier in the app? The best solution would be to tag editorial articles in the opinion section. However, I don't mind searching for it using the editorial keyword in the search box, but if the results could at least be sorted based on the most recent articles first, that'll make the experience even better. Thanks and keep up the great work!.Version: 9.26.1

Great App!Good stuff, all this informative news for free. My only complaint would be the small ads at the bottom. I'd rather pay for this App if it could have no ads..Version: 0

Fair content - but no dark/night modeContent of the NY Times is improving again as it fact checks the explosion of lies coming from the current administration and trying less to pretend there are two legitimate sides to stories when there is a side based in facts and a side based on ideology. As a practical matter, the app is well laid out but does lack a night mode which would be easier on the eyes for reading in the dark..Version: 9.36.0

Great news app but needs workThis is a great one stop news app and the quality of news is great. I also like the text display. Really clear and not tiresome to read unlikely trying to read texts in safari on iPhone. The only problem with this app is it crashed too often. From the time I downloaded it has crashed pretty much everyday. Not sure this only happens to me or too other people as well. Very annoying at times..Version: 0

Speed & loading problems finally fixed with latest updateOnly now does it work as it should - is excellent!.Version: 0

FantasticDownloads all stories accross all subject when connection is gained, this no need to go online if connection is lost. Wish WSJ had this tech..Version: 0

Offline capabilitiesI love that news is synched so I can read the news even when offline. Great simple app.Version: 0

Dark Mode?When all apps are making this switch, I hope you are also working to add dark mode..Version: 9.26.0

Outstanding!Best content in an effective simple format. The offline feature is brilliant. Thank you!.Version: 0

Dark modePlease make a dark mode. The white is way to bright..Version: 9.37.0

StudentFunctional, clear. Good image quality even when zoomed in..Version: 0

A great little appSimple yet powerful and informative. Recommended download. Thoughtful programming also means any adverts are low res so don't chew time or bandwidth..Version: 0

SuggestionsThis app needs customization options. Users should be able to choose what they see on their home page. The For You tab is useless as it is. If you want to know if a new article has been written about a topic you care about, you need to manually go to the Sections tab, scroll down to the bottom and tap every category. It takes three taps to even get the international section to load. Nonsense. However, I like the NYTIMES. Its editorial line speaks to me. And The Daily is a wonderful podcast: informative, measured, warm. No dark mode. I might not renew my subscription..Version: 9.53.0

Great NewspaperImprovements have certainly helped with loading times.Version: 0

Excellent coverageI especially appreciate the science news section and the Chinese language version . Many many thanks Robert Travers (Oxford and Hanoi ).Version: 6.6.7

NY Times delivers!Excellent content. Clear text and well laid out. Great to have to read anywhere anytime..Version: 0

No Dark Mode?This app is great but the only complaint I have is that there’s not an option for dark mode (I.e. OLED black background on white text)- both which would make articles a lot more easy and ACCESSIBLE to read..Version: 9.52.0

NY TimesA great way to stay up to date with US news. Well formed app and easy to use. Good search facility finds older articles. Would love to have an iPad app please..Version: 0

Most-used iphone appThe NYTimes reader is by far the application I spend the most time with on my iphone. The content is excellent and the layout and navigation great. My only wish is for a subscription that will eliminate the banner ads..Version: 0

My timesGood news site with a balanced variety of news and editorial content. As a non US resident I find the NY times site has a better global perspective and coverage than other US based news sites. Usability is also excellent including larger than normal fonts that assist readability..Version: 0

Dark mode neededLove the simplicity of this app. But really wish you had a dark mode for my night time reading. Even with my screen completely dimmed the app is too bright..Version: 9.63.0

StunningGreat, in depth articles, thought provoking. Use it frequently, paper of choice for in-depth..Version: 0

Better thanBetter than browsing on Safari..Version: 0

Some options about listening to podcasts in the App?I’m a big fan of everything NYT but it would be great if there were some formatted method for listening to the amazing podcasts being produced by NYT..Version: 7.0.0

Battery drainer at the momentNeeds an update to fix the battery drain issue when the app is running. Other than that, the search functionality is top notch as are the curated For You sections and the broader topic list. Great price too for Aussies and is the best news app around. Too much editorialising though I suppose you can just not read those pieces!.Version: 9.2.0

Great app - maybe a “dark” mode?I read the NYT at all times of the day (and sometimes night). Great journalistic work. The only thing I miss is a “dark” mode which would make reading at night more enjoyable..Version: 9.42.0

The content is king; the app could use some workThe five stars are for the New York Times content. Here, however, is how bad the app experience is - I checked, and I’ve been holding off on updating for six months. I scan recent reviews to see if people say the intrusiveness of the ads has been toned down any. Nope. Apparently the latest innovation is full screen video ads. I don’t get those, thankfully, so I’ll just stay where I am. I have an iPhone X, which is plenty fast still for everything else I do, but I also get the ads that make the page jump up and down and you lose your reading spot. Not a great experience. I will say however that MAYBE it has gotten better very recently. I checked a couple articles just now and there were only two ads. When I’m accustomed to seeing so many ads that it’s nearly impossible to position your scroll without at least one ad onscreen at all times. So, I’m hopeful the NYTimes has heeded feedback. Two ads is entirely reasonable, and something I would readily accept. Fingers crossed. (I’ll even take more than two! Just give me some breathing room where I can read a scroll’s worth or two without interruption.).Version: 9.47.0

Night modePlease bring night mode..Version: 9.18.0

GreatGreat for keeping an eye on world news as notifications of breaking news comes on your phone instantly. It's a 4 star because I THINK you have to pay but hasn't bothered me yet..Version: 4.1

Great news, terrible intrusive advertisingThe ads have become crazy. I thought there was something wrong with my iPad, it kept playing awful advertising audio. Turns out it was the NYT app. I pay a subscription I don’t need this level of embarrassing noise. Have to turn the sound and volume to off when reading. Please sort this out..Version: 7.11.0

The ads aren't so bad, but the....I've been a NYT subscriber for over 20 years and I love it! It always made my day seeing the NYT in my driveway, especially on Sunday. After moving to the country I had to start using the digital edition and it's really, really great. This last update and new app could use a few tweaks. I do enjoy the layout and it's esthetically very enjoyable. And the ads, no big deal! You have ads in all print newspapers and magazines that you pay for, so what's the issue? They're not interfering with the stories so I'm fine with it. What I do not like is the fact you can't add or move more of your favorite sections to the top column like before. You can only move like 5 or 6 now. Really wish you'd correct that please. But other than that I still really enjoy it and will continue to subscribe. Thank you!.Version: 6.5.2

A Huge Step Backwards No longerIt took the Times a while to fix all the problems with the new app, but now it is excellent. They have remedied all the issues I identified in my initial review. Thanks for listening. The app now mirrors the excellent layout used in the web page version. —- The Times thinks this is an improvement? They would be sadly mistaken. I subscribe to the Times to read journalism. The new app blows up photos so that less content appears on the main page. On the old app, I can scroll through the entire paper and pick out the most interesting articles by section, just as if I were reading the physical paper. Now just a fraction are on the main page and they are completely disorganized. Please don't phase out the old app. The new one reminds me of New Coke..Version: 8.0.0

Best free news app, pity about the adsThis app is easily the best free news app I've installed on my iPhone. Great coverage, quick load times. Only issue is the app pops up with ads on every page. They're not too intrusive, luckily, but the app would easily be 5 stars without them..Version: 0

When Dark Mode?I read the NYT multiple times daily. I love the app and how it presents both plain text articles and rich interactive content seamlessly. I’ve been patiently waiting for the Times team to incorporate an iOS dark mode feature for a YEAR now (that’s when Apple released the native functionality). C’mon developer team? I’d imagine it’s an issue with interactive content not showing as intended or something, but It’s literally just inverting the background! At a minimum, this should be an option for regular-way articles. Whomever is reading this at NYT — you...YES, you! Listen up! I represent your most loyal readers, and I nominate YOU to make this your personal pet project for 2020. Run it up the internal ladder and make it happen, please! This way we can continue reading without waking our partners with a pocket sunbeam in hand. It’s just practical. I hate to compare, but it’s worth noting that WaPo has had dark mode for years now..Version: 9.30.1

It’s not the greatest news app, but I love itThe Guardian is probably the pick of the bunch with news apps. The NYT app is nothing fancy, has no real bells or whistles, I’ve always found their headline font kind off odd too... but I love the quality of writing and commentary, it is the NYT after all..Version: 6.6.5

Good app! Dark theme neededOverall this is a good app, and there’s nothing bad about it. However, I would love to have an option to turn the articles into dark mode, since I prefer to read a bit before going to sleep!.Version: 6.6.5

Search option?4 stars for journalism, but where is the search tool?.Version: 10.18.0

Among the best!I really enjoy the NY Times for the in-depth articles and analyses. Great app as well - smooth and easy to use. Keep up the great work!.Version: 6.6.0

Good + a suggestionI am enjoy my NY subscription. Can I Ask You Not To Use Leading Uppercase In Your Headlines. Like I just did. I note that you are also not consistent with this. But mostly it makes them hard to scan read. Most of the words in a headline do not naturally occur with a leading upper case letter. Requiring more reading effort than normal; making it feel uncomfortable and slow. Thank you..Version: 5.12

Solid app, but room to improveThe playing of article-imbedded videos is a little clunky, and I’d love to have a “dark version” of the app, as reading back against white can be straining over time, given the amount of reading I do on your app! Otherwise, an enjoyable app and easy to use!.Version: 7.6.0

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