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Facebook app received 217 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Facebook? Can you share your negative thoughts about facebook?

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Facebook hypocrisyI get a 24 hour restriction on my account for making a tongue in cheek comment to a person about my kids and I get told that it is inciting violence and a risk to public safety, yet go to the video section and you can look at all the fight scenes you want to, you can watch public violence from all around the world, do I get any opportunity to explain the context of my comment? No the algorithms decide what is right and what is wrong, do I have the capacity to contact facebook to try and explain the context? No, Facebook are quite happy to allow advertising that implies that people on television or people of note have endorsed a product when they haven’t, but that’s ok whatever pays the bills, morals don’t matter when the bottom line is involved, I am fed up with being judged by a computer system that have no understanding of context, humour or colloquialisms, and that I’m not able to actually present my side before I get restricted, things are taken far too literally.Version: 443.0.0

Marketplace IncompetencyThe marketplace reviewing bots/systems for their commerce policies are extremely incompetent. I listed a car for sale and got banned for violating the commerce policies for advertising adult products! Since when is a motor vehicle an adult product? I was locked out of marketplace until my first appeal request for my ‘violation’ was reviewed, which took over 2 days. This review then said my listings went against their commerce policies and I was permanently banned from marketplace and could no longer access it. The next day I requested another appeal for review and after only 10 minutes this time they said that my listings DO follow their commerce policies and after all this I was finally able to use marketplace again. I had done nothing wrong this entire time yet Facebook still messed me around for over 3 days, cutting me off from contacting my customers, which are majority from marketplace nowadays, and from advertising my stock. This has severely negatively affected me and the only compensation I have received is a minuscule statement ‘We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused’ from the second review. This is simply not good enough..Version: 398.0

Pages have become ridiculous with notificationsI have become so frustrated with FBs policy of trying to draw you in with that little red dot...if I didn’t have 2 business pages I could happily ignore them. When you have people contacting you for work through them it’s important to keep on top of messages and knowing if someone contacts you, that red dot used to mean an action of some description had been taken by someone and you should respond, now it’s there for everything, new posts in your pages news feed (I didn’t even want one!!!) new shares (apparently) somebody viewed my page ( totally useless notification as it gives no other information! People view my page all of the time, not notification worthy) I can never clear them, there is always something and even when you’ve looked at it the red dot doesn’t disappear. It’s desperate, non supportive of its business users and actually contributing to social media addiction/anxiety. Also the censorship and information grabbing had been absolutely appalling in the last 18months, not a platform I would recommend and would love to hear about actual alternatives now..Version: 320.0

My marketplace doesint workI’ve been selling things on Facebook which is the only reason I use this platform and all of a sudden my listings have an “error to publish” this doesn't make any sense as I have active listings and have received no warning please fix this!!!.Version: 446.0.0

Conscious Bias by FacebookThe behaviour of this app misrepresents what it was originally built for. This includes not being able to share what’s on your mind and not allowing people to share major life events through posts. Recently the app has been restricting people from expressing themselves and keeping up with people or causes that matter to them the most. Posts have been removed with false accusations. People have not been able to connect or access content which defeats the purpose of using the app. Within reason the app should allow people to express themselves and their concerns, be it even where it is against the thoughts and ideas of the founders of the app. Awareness of any injustice should be allowed to be shared, so even if there was an ounce of truth then there can be help for the cause. Us as users have felt immense pain for the people and children of Palestine. If the founders are not in the same mindframe, that is on their conscience but we as users did not expect this to prevent freedom of speech and the freedom to share information. It is the people that have made this app work but the app is not working for the people..Version: 318.0

Does not work with AppleDo not even bother to download this app, like 1980’s app..Version: 330.0

Raw, poorly designed, unusable, slowEach update is the pain, application is slow, some UI parts are just ridiculous. The worst part is so called security checks which in most cases just don't work properly. Feedback is just the automated checkbox, customer service doesn't exist, any issue with the app or the login brings a lot of headaches with zero support. That's a shame many people rely on Facebook login authorization as it's not secure at all. Besides, you are at constant risk of losing your logins with other apps and websites if the primitive robotic Facebook security system locks you out. It takes days to unlock your account if you'd ever be able to do that. Unsafe, unstable, slow, poorly maintained app and online service..Version: 152.0

It’s time for the people of the world to drop facebook.You are the product not the customer..Version: 325.0

Propaganda & CensorshipFB became propagandists’ platform. No trust to them at all. Zuckerberg promotes censorship and fake news. Zuckerberg betrayed the freedom of speech and other principles of democracy. Shame on him!.Version: 300.0

You can do betterI enjoy FB for the most part, there are two things that let it down in a big way. Disruptive adds and posts that are drowning in adds, and the lack of action against romance scammers. No matter how many times we report them the bot says "it doesn't go against community standards". Which essentially means that Facebook is fine with people using their platform to strip their members of their life savings, but people like me get sanctions because they used the wrong word and the comment is taken out of context by the bot. For example I was commenting on a post about a dog that kept digging up its deceased puppy. I suggested that they should cremate the puppy, but I was tired and couldn't spell "cremate" so I used the word "burn" and got banned for a day..Version: 444.0.0

MehFacebook's blatant disregard for user privacy is nothing short of appalling. It's clear that the platform's primary concern is not the well-being of its users, but rather the financial gains it can reap from their personal data. Time and time again, Facebook has demonstrated its willingness to exploit users' information for its own benefit, with little regard for the potential harm this can cause. The company's repeated failures to adequately protect user data have led to countless privacy breaches and data leaks, leaving users vulnerable to identity theft, cybercrime, and other serious threats. Moreover, Facebook's opaque and convoluted privacy policies make it nearly impossible for users to understand what information the company is collecting, how it's being used, and who it's being shared with. This lack of transparency is unacceptable, and it leaves users feeling helpless and exposed. To make matters worse, Facebook has shown little remorse for its actions, and has done little to rectify the damage it has caused. The company's half-hearted attempts at addressing privacy concerns feel more like lip service than a genuine effort to do better. Overall, if you value your privacy and security, it's best to steer clear of Facebook. The platform's track record when it comes to protecting user data is abysmal, and it's clear that the company has no intention of changing its ways..Version: 407.1

Account Suspended for Content I NEVER Posted!I’m a business & legal professional who woke up while a business trip to my account being suspended due to improper content. I NEVER share anything inappropriate online or in real life. My life is dedicated to share informational, educational, spiritual, and motivational content. Many of my clients and friends are connected to me through this platform. I can’t get help! I’m completely shut out the system for something I never posted and never will! I don’t even know what the post was! However, there is no help or guidance. You can only appeal something that I have no clue as to what it is. People share horrible, sexual, racist, demeaning, belittling, predatory content all the time and even make fake pages to steal from people, but I never have and never will do any of these things yet my account is suspended. My life is dedicated to helping people protect their intellectual property, build businesses, and and be self sufficient. I share my Christian journey and life as a single-parent. I’m a positive African-American woman with international education and experiences. I am appalled at what I’m going through with facebook and there is no recourse for me. I can’t even access the Help Center! This impacts so many areas of my life and business for reasons I have no knowledge of. Do better facebook!!!! SMH.Version: 362.0

Do you actually even help your users because I have logged reports after reportsAnd in fact we have even tried logging through your website and I am still having the same issue with no feeds whatsoever showing up on my page and except for the other people who weird enough seem to think that they own and control everything on my own Facebook page I have gotten my son to help me trying all of these support things and none of them will make my Facebook feeds work at all and I have even sent official email and no one has done anything to help me with my Facebook feeds Are you going to fix this no feeds at all not one single other persons posts or anything else are sh up on my Facebook and I have even actually considered getting my son to help me with totality deactivating my Facebook account because this has become a great waste of my time even having this Like seriously do you even help your users because I have logged reports after reports that none of my feeds are even working whatsoever and I have searched for Facebook reports of what to do and I have tried all of these things and it hasn’t fixed anything whatsoever I can’t even get one post to show up on my page at all and I am starting to feel like my Facebook account has some sort of malware or ransomware or some con scammer has done something to my account so none of my feeds will work.Version: 444.0.0

Disgruntled over time : Facebook Political Bias - Defund Facebook ?Fact checkers who can’t admit when they’re wrong. Biased or slanted fact checking Biased ‘time outs’ or banning with strong leftist slant. Political supporters of violence in Portland, Chicago etc were not banned ? Censorship The worst of a big corporation opposing constitutional or bill of rights guarantees ! Do they see themselves as government ?.Version: 300.0

Violation of the First AmendmentThe direct censorship of individuals done here is a complete violation of the freedom of speech. They are governing what is okay to say and that is corruption.Version: 300.0

Big tech, what did I expect?Your censorship is anything but subtle. Way to spread lies and hide truth. Thumbs down. 1984.Version: 300.0

FacefailLike a lot of other users my Facebook no matter what I have tried will not group my feed in chronological order. I have re-installed the app, logged out, reset my phone, updated the app etc etc but seems to be a larger issue (it also happens on my laptop) It seems like this only happens to certain people. My partner can select “Most recent” and it will group all posts as you would expect but alas not for me. I’m sure Facebook would be aware of this issue but nothing has changed in months, my feed just randomly decided to not group in chronological order over 2 months ago. It just jumps around all over the place, 6 hours ago, 10 minutes ago, yesterday at 10pm... what the hell?! I also have another problem where if I am scrolling my feed on my iPhone and accidentally swipe right a series of menus opens and then I cannot scroll back left to get rid of the menu instead I have to select “Most recent” again and it brings me right back to the start of my feed! Super frustrating if I am trying to check a few hours of posts. Now I’ve tried fixing this issue also with no success. I have enabled and disabled certain “camera” settings still no go. I have upgraded my phone and am sure all my issues are software related as once again myself and my partner have the exact same phone but I seem to be the only one suffering with these issues. Now I am not usually the person to write reviews or rant but maybe it’s time we all go back to MySpace..Version: 173.0

Facebook marketplace.I joined Facebook in 2020 and discovered marketplace! So basically I put my listing up on marketplace and it was 1 bag that was old and run down but was washed and fair so I pretty much posted that for $5 and nothing was copy write for anything! But marketplace the next day banned me from there!! I’m not happy it’s only a bag and it wouldn’t let me submit an appeal or anything! So annoying I just want to look on marketplace 😡 not happy at all! I’ve had no problems or issues with all my other listings but it’s just banned me from the stupid thing. Thanks a lot Facebook..Version: 451.0.4

Disappointed…I’ve been very disappointed with the Facebook App lately ( the past few years ). I’ve had and used the app for a very long time. About 4 years ago I became a reseller of vintage items antique items and jewelry… so of course I wanted to try to sell on Facebook Market Place. It was going good at first but then I noticed my listings were messing up on their own. That’s when most of the problems I have with the Facebook App started. Market Place takes a percentage of our sales when an item is shipped, so for there to be SO many issues with this App is utterly ridiculous. I’m very disappointed. I reach out to customer support a lot and there’s usually no response or they just say they’ll look into it… which nothing changes and nothing is fixed - the problems are still there. I just have to take it that no one did anything about the issues I’ve been reporting. I can’t even put the information in my listings to make sure potential customers can find my listings through the search option! I really wish Facebook would take care of their Marketplace better - they are making a lot of money off of us resellers so I know they have the man power or at the very least they could hire the man power to do so..Version: 412.0

No security or protectionMy Facebook was hacked on Friday night, the hackers started posting extremely violent and inappropriate material. What shocked me though was how easy it was for my account to be hacked like that. I actually ended up having a panic attack Friday night as this all happened within as a week of getting news of a tragedy that happened to a friend from the same location the hackers accessed my account. A few of my family and friends have said their Facebook and even Instagram accounts have been hacked recently too. It’s honestly an extremely unsafe app, I’ve since changed my passwords for all of my accounts, and have also deactivated my Facebook account. I won’t be reactivating it as it feels too unsafe to use. I’ve cautioned my 14 year old daughter from using the app which she doesn’t plan to as a few kids from her school were subjected to cyber bullying on the platform and she advised me the Meta network in general is weak and can be easily compromised. Will be deleting my Instagram and WhatsApp soon too..Version: 407.1

22 PostsOctober, 2022 Update: Once again, the Facebook app developers have totally ruined the app! Your developers and testers (if you have any) obviously do not use the app because if you did, you would immediately see the issues you are creating! For instance, now if I share a post or video, and a friend comments on my shared post and I click on “Comments” to view my it, the app takes me to the comments on the original post, not my post’s comments. Ridiculous!! The only way to view comments from my friends is to go to my profile and scroll to my post. QUIT MESSING WITH THE APP!! Oh…. And I don’t use your app to see random ads and “recommended” posts from people I don’t know. But now, that is all I see with just a few random posts from my friends sprinkled in. Time for someone else to create a social networking app that is actually usable and kick FB to the curb. REALLY, Facebook?? Since your new update, I now only see 22 posts in the timeline. Many of these I have already seen and a few are useless ads. If I want/need to scroll back to find a post (and can’t remember who posted it), I no longer can. Once again proving that Developers aren’t users or they don’t listen to what their CUSTOMERS want. Between you limiting what I can and can’t see, and listening into my conversations and search history, you’re seeming more and more like BIG BROTHER..Version: 386.0

Facebook is censoring the truthI’ve been a loyal Facebook user for years, both for business & social networking, but since the appearance of the c-19 flu variant, I’ve been shocked to witness & personally experience Facebook being used as an arm of the state & big pharma to push the so-called vaccine (it is NOT a vaccine & it is in trial phase until 2023) & censor anyone, who questions the official narrative on the risks of covid & ways to treat it. This includes censoring people who quote official government statistics, peer-reviewed scientific studies & proof of effective treatments for covid. It also includes censoring medical, legal, psychological & economic experts, who are offering reliable & valuable insights into this situation for the good of all. Alongside individuals, who have taken the trouble to inform themselves & wish to share their research or personal opinion or experience. The fact that Facebook is censoring anyone, who questions the lies we are being fed by government & mainstream media, makes it all too clear that they too are complicit in an agenda to mass inject people with an experimental substance that is causing 1000s of deaths & adverse reactions for a disease which poses minimal risk to most healthy people. Shameful behaviour, for which the owners of Facebook will be called to account..Version: 319.0

Worst service ever!!!!I have a business that used to pay to advertise on facebook…. My personal and business pages were hacked by someone in Russia and since then I’ve had my pages deleted by facebook without review… set up new pages… also blocked from advertising… without review…. Tried for over a year to talk to someone or email someone who could help …. Nothing … not worst customer service ever… ;like zero customer service … if anyone at facebook sees or reads this I’d be amazed …but if you do and can unblock or reinstate my original pages with all the followers I had it would be appreciated … until then if I could give a zero rating I would….. my company even had a facebook rep who called regularly but yet even they claimed they couldn’t help..Version: 444.0.0

StoriesStories add in wrong order, missing some at times. On my profile page, it doesn’t even show I have stories up... Facebook seems to be getting worse with each update.Version: 235.0

Selling things on FacebookI’m a reborn collector and you constantly have to put down ‘Doll’ on the listing even though I have put down the word Reborn as otherwise the listing gets taken down. This is really silly as Reborns are made either with silicone or vinyl and according to Facebook it goes against commerce regulations. I find Facebook way to strict and difficult to sell on due to this reason. This is why you only get an “it’s an okay place” not a great place to sell things on. In the Facebook community there are heaps of fake profiles and scams going round, and when you come across one and report they don’t take it down. What is wrong with Facebook. I believe that Facebook is getting worse and not looking out for the people who use this. Utterly disappointed and disgusted with you Facebook. It’s almost like you don’t care for the people anymore!!.Version: 372.0

ScammersFacebook you really must do something about scammers purporting to be someone else? especially in the US Military. I thought I had a relationship with Steve Austin, instead, I was deceived and scammed by a despicable fraudster (a US black male who had stolen Steve’s photos and profile). Steve is white American soldier whom I fell very deeply in love with and his daughter Iliana (9) who I was to become stepmother to? I also accepted his hand in marriage but I was dealing with a dirty scammer! The whole episode left me distraught and out of pocket - this dirty scammer robbed me blind! Thankfully, I believe in Karma - the scammer, purporting to be Steve, will get his just deserts one day! And I reminded him - we all have to give an account one day to God. I know for sure this scammer (together with others) are all heading for Hell! Thank the Lord 🙏. I am still hoping to find love, but one thing for sure he will not be from Facebook as I can’t trust this site to find an honest genuine person that will love me for me and not what little money I have!.Version: 454.0.0

Selling appWell just like 99 percent of reviews this has turned away from what it was intended to be a socialising app with friends, it’s now virtually a am 80 percent advertising, money making selling app and becoming the the worst social app and a joke news feeds are full of selling and adds I bet the other social apps are laughing there socks of bit the top dogs won’t care there taking obscene amounts of money in that’s all they seem to care about now the last 2 years as seen a massive decline in the social side. Let people pay for an add free version if you still need your millions and give your customers a better experience or you’ll see people start leave in drones be cause of irritating Facebook has become and your previous advertising money dwindle away. I like most of my colleagues have become annoyed on its use now and either don’t use very much or have decided to delete the app and use an alternative which is what I see most people starting to do. Facebook in its money making decline, destroying user experience.. GOOD BYE P.s just look at ratings compared to other social apps who aren’t greedy,, all better ratings obviously you don’t listen to your customers..Version: 284.0

Keep switching everything up. Make it hard to manage.Does Facebook know how hard it is to keep up with changing format and rules? Why is it so hard to find info on how to do stuff (like add an Administrator?) Why do I so often get notices like “Whoops, …try again later”? I even got those messages when placing ads, kept trying again only to find each placement actually worked — and then voila I had a rather expensive ad campaign going — and couldn’t get any refund even tho I sent in screen shots showing that Facebook said the promotion didn’t work and to retry. Why isn’t there a help desk or even a bot to chat with? How about a customer service center? Why doesn’t Facebook go after all those scammers that contact me to say I’ve broken copyright rules and that my account will be shut down? Sometimes I get one every two weeks. (A, I haven’t broken any such rules; B, I don’t think Facebook is going to use an email or website to contact me that isn’t a Facebook address; and, C, it still alarms me and others in my organization). And what about all those folks that now add comments to posts that are really adversing a product. I report them and they continue to show up. And the ads….gosh there are just too many..Version: 444.0.0

Do not download this appI am so angry with Facebook!! I have gotten remarried and gone through all the steps to change my name legally and be rid of the last name of my EX. I haven’t changed my name on here in TEN YEARS but when I try to change my name now Y’all say I’ve already changed my name in the last 6 months!! No I have not!! You tell me I have to verify my identity so I send my new drivers license, my new social security card, my new voter registration card AND my marriage license!!!! And y’all have denied my proof 100 times in the last 2 months. While my friend changes her name to a fake name every other week with no issues!!! I have tried every option to speak with someone for help and hit dead ends everywhere. WHO DOES FACEBOOK ANSWER TO??? I have reported you to yourself, I’ve left reviews, I’ve scoured the help center, I’ve called the hotline, all to NO AVAIL!!!! Now here I am running around with my EX HUSBANDS NAME when I’ve done everything I’m supposed to to prove who I am and Facebook still refuses to hear me. HOW DO I FIX THIS FACEBOOK???? This is hands down the worst app I’ve ever owned and no matter all the terrible one star reviews, Facebook still thrives…. No matter the fact that Facebook censors everyone and refuses to acknowledge issues but yet YOU STILL THRIVE. I need help Facebook! How do I speak with someone who can actually help before I shut down my Facebook altogether again because this is ridiculous and a waste of time!.Version: 374.0

Banning people for the wrong reasonsI used to love this app since it first come out but your fault is you ban people for the wrong reason it’s come to my conclusion that you don’t care for your users at all as you banned me of Facebook for 30 days for defending my son after someone had commented on my profile wishing my child death I have the proof on my phone so because I named an shamed her you ban me for bullying yet I’m the one being victimised am I not allowed to defend my innocent 3 year old child who done nothing wrong for someone to comment on my profile wishing him dead that’s just unfair in my eyes I shouldn’t of been banned she should of but did they get banned no they didn’t instead you ban me for defending my child your app is out of control your an utter joke an it’s vile an you need to start monitoring it more yourself because you ban the wrong people for the wrong reason my experience with you has been completely horrible an now I’m unable to do my work through social media thanks to you I’m utterly ashamed that you think it’s ok to ban me but not the person who wished my child dead their for I’m rating you 1 star because I feel that’s all your deserve after my experience.Version: 306.0

Constant Updates More Issues!It would be great if Facebook actually made an update that would improve the functionality of the app! It’s nice to have this social media platform that allows us to interact, but the most recent update is annoying that doeesn’t allow me or others to do it with ease. Now that they have added an up and down vote option on Pages. You can’t like a comment anymore, instead there is the “upvote” option and the person whose comment your liking won’t know it’s you because its anonymous. Sorry, this is ridiculous! However, in Facebook groups, people can like others comments which is good. Please bring back the old way of liking comments across Facebook and and a dislike link as an option to “dislike” someone’s comment. On Pages, it would nice to be able to switch between the admin profile and my personal profile when liking posts. This continues to frustrate me! Please bring back the method of being able to jump to different years of your timeline with ease. If I want to look up posts, for example 10 years ago, I shoud be able to find on a side bar a way to do that & be able to navigate across different years easily. It is a TIMELINE afterall! I could rant on forever about the bugs and annoying issues...! Please make an update that makes sense and doesn’t complicate things further. Thank you!.Version: 221.1

RidiculousWhat a sad state Zuckerberg has lead Meta/FB into. I considered deleting this app about 3 yrs ago when the ads started to overtake my feed. However I thought it was a minor annoyance that I could work/ edit to help eliminate through time and changes in my personal settings. Now I will delete my FB app, because l'm so annoyed with the CEOs behavior. I feel there's plenty of room in the social media world for other apps that might compete with FB. Yet Zuckerberg lobbied hard to bring help Congress build a case to ban Tiktok. This took it too far for me. Seriously, FB has many data privacy issues and is a huge risk for US citizens and our government security. If we’re being honest FB is the easiest place for someone to get hacked. It's even had a breach where Russia tried to manipulate our Presidential elections. Congress should get real about who's really violating the US's privacy and stop lying to manipulate the narrative all for your personal interest. If it's data insecurity, Tiktok has secured our data better than any current US application. So that can't be the problem. We (U.S. citizens) are tired of dealing with a Congress that operates under a misguided, hypocritical agenda, and is one that can be bought by corrupt, spoiled tech CEOs. What we can thank Zuckerberg for is opening our eyes & showing us who not to vote for as our representatives. Good luck Zuckerberg..Version: 407.1

I really dislike this appI hate the way that it changes from my personal profile to a page profile when I click on a notification received about my page. I much preferred it when it stayed as me and if I wanted to comment as the page I had the option to switch profiles at that point. Now I’m constantly having to keeping switching profiles and it’s really annoying. Meta are too greedy when it comes to advertisements. Every third post is an advert. That’s the equivalent of having to watch five minutes of adverts after every ten minutes of TV. No wonder the ad-blockers are becoming more popular. It’s also about time that Meta started vetting adverts. If a TV, newspaper or billboard advertisement turned out to be a scam the advertising standards authorities would not only go for the advertisers, the platform that hosted the advert would also be in trouble. Because Meta don’t seem to care about whether an advert is legitimate or not, (as long as they can make money out of it), I no longer trust any adverts on any Meta platform. In fact, I now treat every advert on any Meta product as a scam and steer clear. If something looks interesting I will go to my web browser and do some research. I will never follow a link from a Meta product..Version: 433.0

Big TechRun by Nazis! Pushing out lies and deleting the truth. And if you post truth the put you in Facebook jail. These fake fact checkers paid by democrats and the elite to keep the truth from getting out. They are pushing lies about a virus to keep the world in a pandemic and promoting experimental vaccines. Zuckerburg is the killing the freedom of speech and pushing a agenda that has been in the works for decades..Version: 319.0

I’m getting really close to being doneFB is how I keep connected with all sorts of people I had lost contact with, but I’m getting fed up. The algorithms that decide what I see are awful and I miss I lot. I usually switch to the Recent view which does a better job, but still filters, but with every new release that gets more cumbersome to get to. Here’s an example: yesterday was my birthday, so I figured I’d see my birthday wishes at or near the top this morning. I saw several ads and then a ton of other stuff. I never did find them in my feed — I had to go to notifications and tapped on one of the notifications telling me I got a birthday wish which took me to my greetings. I’m sorry, but even if they weren’t birthday wishes, shouldn’t I be immediately seeing posts that just happened yesterday? One of my greetings had an avatar in it and a link for me to follow if I want to make an avatar too. I followed it and it said my app is out of date (which is strange since I have auto-update set on apps) and took me to the App Store were it did *not* show any updates to be installed. I deleted the app and re-installed it, thinking that should fix it, but it didn’t. Since FB has no customer support (I guess they think they’re perfect so they don’t need it) there’s nothing to do. I can try to make an avatar on another device and hope it shows up on my iPad, but that’s it..Version: 343.1

Login errorIt’s Wednesday 6 March (started typing at 4:35am.) I recently just jumped on Fb to get get a hold of family. I was scrolling in a group page, and then it suddenly logged me out of my account. I can’t log back into my main account or my 2nd account as it says “error occurred please try again.” As my ig accounts are connected with my facebooks, I tried going on Insta instead &’ it’s doing the exact same thing? I’m up to date on the fb/ig app , with my phone &’ have also uninstalled the app. AND STILL. LT WORKING….. I don’t know what’s going on and I hope it’s just a faulty error on Fbs end …. Pleaseeee help &’ pleaseeeee fix it!.Version: 453.0.0

I keep getting restrictions for obvious jokesI’m tired of the weird community standards. Folks can talk about how much they want to murder our former President and that’s perfectly fine because it’s part of FB’s political views, but I made a joke about a video that shows you how to get out of ropes if you’re ever kidnapped, saying that no kidnapper will ever tie you up like that and that no one is going to commit a felony without doing it right. Now I have a 30 day suspension because my comment went against community standards because apparently pointing out that no kidnapper will ever tie someone up like that is a poor reflection of humanity….but making realistic threats against former president Trump somehow isn’t nor is a guy telling me I deserve to be raped apparently. I hate this app. I have friends that live in China and this is the sort of censorship that they tell me they live with on a daily basis. I hope Elon Musk does buy Twitter. I’ll actually get an account and ditch FB. I’m tired of getting in trouble for doing nothing wrong or making an obvious joke. I flagged a guy that told me I deserved to be raped and FB sent me a message saying his comment didn’t violate community standards. I screen shot all of it and sent it to Fb…with no response. No worries. Our state paper has feelings about it, and I’m certain they’ll get a response from someone at FB. I hope national news picks it up because they deserve to be exposed for the trash they are..Version: 363.0

Ads, Ads and more AdsThis social media platform has become hands down the most annoying and advertisement loaded platform in recent times. All I want to do is have a scroll though my posts and see what my friend and family are up to but no. Almost every fourth Post is now an Ad and it is really annoying and not called for. Myself and a lot of other users to not want to be bombarded with 500 force feed ads a day. Don’t get the me started on the video content. Can’t even enjoy a whole video with out some ad that shows 5 seconds into the video that then shows more time on screen than the video it’s self. Also I am sick of seeing stuff that myself and my friends talk about then just “randomly appearing on my posts. We don’t mind some ads but please cut then back to being static and non invasive ones that allow us to enjoy a video or 2 before you show a quick 5 second ad instead of a 35second that cannot be skipped. That just shows fast food that I couldn’t care for. Thank you.Version: 263.0

No customer support whatsoever!!! Absolutely outrageousAfter 12 years of using their platform for my personal account I got hacked by what it seems to be a terrorist organisation which overnight (based on the tiny picture I could see on my profile) after which they posted some things that violated the Facebook rules. My account was disabled with no right to appeal. I couldn't even access the help section of the app. The only thing I could do was ask a review of the posts( which I obviously haven't made). I have tried unsuccessfully to appeal by completing the forms to confirm my identity but they don't seem to accept the email address of the disabled account, so I find myself in a continuous loop. With a quick check it would be easy to determine that I have always followed the Facebook rules and that I was a victim of hacking, but there is no way to do this! Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I don’t even understand how they get away with not having customer support, I can’t report my account as hacked and in 15 days it will be permanently deleted together with all my memories and the access to my baking business Facebook page which remains unmanaged and no one to reply the business messages. I was a Facebook paying user that uses the adds for extra marketing boost..Version: 349.0

Declining serviceFacebook is getting more frustrating to use by the day. The sanctions do not make sense! They will dig up old posts which are totally sane and innocent and will sanction you for these posts. And when you appeal and they agree that they got it wrong, the sanction STILL remains. And they then stop your monetisation because of these sanctions - sanctions they got wrong! And even if they got it right, it is wrong to sanction retroactively! How about when they tell you that your account has been compromised and they suspect hackers are at work and you need to confirm it is you? They make you go through a process of verification and will STILL sanction you for something you have not done wrong after that verification process! I would have gone to Twitter if not for the character limitation on Twitter. On my group, the unfair sanctions on my personal profile affects my group and places my group on amber and at risk of being pulled down. You also can’t get through to their held desk to complain or ask for correction of their errors. This year, I have been on shadow ban, back to back for standards I did NOT break! Facebook is just not the pleasant experience it used to be. Anything breaks their community standards. Even innocent posts!.Version: 451.0.4

A jokeThis is supposed to be a "Open opinion" no judgment for conversations or debates or just a fun app to share memes and stay connected with friends and family however you use it might I say may cause you to be "Blocked" for either several hours the first couple times of being "Warned" by Facebook if they take down one of your posts for whatever reason they pick (For no apparent reason) and you will start off with a few hours to a few days or even MONTHS and I believe some get their account deleted completely because of Facebook disagreements on peoples posts and you may think "Hm I don't post nothing bad" or "That won't happen to me" trust me there will be one post and you will share it and Facebooks very hypocritical self will take down your posts and even block you account meanwhile for Facebook being so "Wanna keep Facebook a safe place" I see a lot of disturbing and down right horrible things online (people dying, accidents, cartel videos of people getting chopped up, Drugs, fights) and just way more than you can ever think you'd see on a app that apparently wants to keep everyone safe why not worry about the posts that you should be worrying about I have been blocked for quite a while now and soon will be "Unblocked" for weeks finally and am now writing a review before deleting the app to warn people of facebooks ridiculous choices and rules on the app..Version: 419.0

Algorithm is a NIGHTMAREThe algorithm that FB uses is awful! The whole point of social media is to be social, however, the algorithm prevents more than 90% of my friends appearing on my feed. I miss seeing things my FB friends have posted, instead I’m shown the same junk content that appears on my feed which other people like or sponsored ads that I might have interacted with once. And the handful of friends that do make it to my feed, I don’t see their recent posts, always old posts from days ago! Seriously, bring back the ‘Most Recent’ feed and let us be social on social media with the people we’ve chosen to be friends with. The algorithm supports your paying advertising customers, I get that, but what about your consumers and everyday users?! Absolute garbage now..Version: 267.0

‘Continue on Watch’ frustrating...Previously I could scroll through my newsfeed & pause to watch posted videos if I chose to. Now I only see a few seconds of a video before it stops and I have to tap on ‘Continue on Watch’ if I want to continue. This is highly frustrating... additional taps & navigation for no apparent reason. I can’t seem to figure out how to turn this setting off. Please allow people who want to skim the newsfeed and watch videos there the option to. Thank you :).Version: 254.0

Facebook Deleted my business page!!!!So facebook has deleted my business page without any notifications. I’ve been trying to get a hold of them by sending reviews for the past 3 weeks constantly however there has been no help at all. Forget about help there has been no communication from their end! If this is the case I would encourage every business based on facebook to be careful as this maybe their new scheme where later they would demand for money to keep profiles. Maybe we all should rather pay for a better website than keep things on Facebook page as it’s easy but very unreliable..Version: 315.0

Ugh! June 2020 update!Righto. I don’t normally do reviews. But this update blows. Hey FB, what are you doing, what’s up with this??? Here goes... Most recent update (06/20) is horrible! Nothing scrolls, notifications is a mess; nothing is up to date, and many notifications are missing or the entire scroll is out of order - plus it’s not clearing once you’ve read through them. The recent posts on newsfeeds aren’t even recent. The ‘most relevant’ post setup is still really frustrating AF. It’s not feeling very ‘cell phone’ friendly either. It looks ‘ meh’. I can’t access my profile and page the way I want, and the new layout (on iPhone) looks awful. C’mon FB. Please. Lift your game. K.Version: 274.0

Ripping off advertisersI moved from Sydney, Australia to London, UK 10 months ago and yet all the location specific ads I get are still from Australia. Despite following every instruction which includes updating my lives in location on my profile, providing full precise location access to Instagram, checking in on multiple updates to places in London, and having all my IP addressing coming out of the UK, Facebook STILL keeps showing me Australian ads. This is a blatant rip off to all the advertisers that have specifically used the targeted advertising to reach people in Australia when in reality, people overseas who have no ability to take up the offers in Australia are shown and charged money for these ads. This multi billion dollar business where staff are all paid 6 figures are ripping off advertisers. They have every bit of my location data and even the settings say I logged into a device from London, UK and yet my primary location doesn’t get updated. If these rich engineers can’t get something as simple as location right, let users set their primary ad location so advertising dollars are properly utlitised..Version: 389.0

GarbageHow hard is it to give me dark mode?.Version: 289.0

App freezes after looking at a picThis is a piece of junk. App freezes after I open a picture. I had to shut down my phone to restart it. I think I will stay off this till it is fixed. What a waste of time. Does FB think we have nothing better to do than to keep restarting our phones?! I closed the app to reopen but didn't work. Ugh!.Version: 144.0

Permission Error!!For the past 2 days I’ve not been able to log into any games that saves progress to Facebook. Every time I try to log in, I receive an error message every time I try to connect my Facebook to any game App. Before this error everything was working. I’ve tried everything I can think of (turning my phone on and off, uninstalling and reinstalling apps, contacting the other Apps, updating my iOS) My actual Facebook is working fine but when I try to log into ANY App game, the error message comes up. It says: “App not set up: This App is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.” Like, what is that?! It comes up on Safari cause most game Apps choose you to log in/connect through Safari instead of the Facebook App. Because of this error message I’ve not been able to play anything that needs to connect to Facebook first to play the game. This is really frustrating!!.Version: 366.1

Facebook issuesWay too many adverts, don’t see my family and friends for adverts, my friends are all taking breaks from fb and when asked why, said sick of only seeing adverts and a waste of time. Market place is a big issue for me, I post adverts that get stopped and I have no idea why? Is it because I live in the suburb next door 500 m from boundary line of the suburb I posted in? The goods I’m selling are not brand names, not fakes? I’m often sent warnings and no idea why, can’t write in to explain anything etc. I often have rooms to rent because I have pensioner accomodation for disability or seniors but these get pulled down on discrimination to working normal people but I can’t take these people as it’s against my government laws on my houses approvals so I get taken down, have to advertise that it suits these people to attract them to apply. Then I get so many others applying it becomes a nightmare to answer as australia has a big homeless crisis but I can only take certain people but I’m not discriminating it’s my land purpose laws. I can’t ever put this in writing to get my warnings removed. Facebook should have somewhere for sellers on market place to defend themselves.Version: 444.0.0

Stop pausing my PodcastHaven't been happy with my Newsfeed since they took away the option to see most recent posts, but now I see people's Stories (which I didn't care about when they were all displayed at the top of the feed to begin with) mixed into my feed, and despite not clicking on them, they automatically stop the podcast or music that I have running in the background and don't start it again once I've scrolled past it. If you're trying to get me to spend more time on this app, making me deliberately go back to my podcasts to start them, only to have to go back to them AGAIN as soon as I pass another Story while scrolling isn't gonna do it, chief. Also, I don't care about seeing random people I don't know and I'm not friends with comment on my friends' posts. I really don't. Teaching the app that I don't want to see posts like that hasn't helped in the last four months I've been trying to..Version: 368.0

Facebook is absolute garbageYou clowns at Fakebook better start getting your act together and do the job that "HUMANS" use to do on the app. This dumb AI rubbish that has been put in place of real people has made you muppets look like a circus act. The app is jam packed with fake accounts that are infiltrating all of the groups and trying to scam people out of money when people are trying to buy, sell and trade things to one another in any given hobby. You use to be able to report them and get an almost immediate response notifying you that the account has been removed. "To help and protect the community" right. To make Facebook a "better place" And how many people have been getting band for no reason? Thousands, probably tens of thousands, probably more. Your app is officially junk. It seems like the platform, it's owner, and it's shareholders are all complete morons. The wealthy people that claim to be so smart and above everyone else do a great job at making themselves look completely stupid..Version: 421.0

Facebook sucksThere is no freedom on Facebook. Everything gets deleted that’s not apart of their agenda.Version: 319.0

Notification problemsSince the last update, i am unable to see my notifications, the notification box pops up on my app but when i go to check in app it comes up with “ No notifications at this moment, they’ll show up here.” I have tried restarting my phone & reinstalling Facebook but the same problem keeps happening... the only way i can see my notifications is by me logging out of Facebook logging back in and quickly checking my notifications before it disappears and comes up with the same message. Very very annoying..Version: 286.0

Facebook refuses to act on reviewsWhy is that for months now users have been protesting loudly about the same things going wrong with the Facebook app (e.g., it’s slowness, video playing woes and not showing most recent posts.... just repeats of old posts already seen) but they don’t do anything about it despite having literally millions of dollars and the people power to fix these issues? Seems to me like once they have a certain amount of power companies don’t care. While it’s useful to be able to check FB on the app I am seriously considering uninstalling it as a protest, which will mean I go on FB far less and they have one less active user rating. My small bit for commonsense but if people did it en masse that would be great!!!.Version: 191.0

Antiquated algorithmsFB has become a utility. For some its the only way to commmunicate with friends and family. It’s not so easy for some to just leave. FB’s jail is a disaster, and I am sure it has been the cause of suicide over something someone wrote three years ago that was not against TOS anyway. People getting put in jail for “spam” for posting photos of birds they take daily, people in jail for verbiage taken WAY out of context by the antiquated algorithms. It can be absolutely heartbreaking when an elderly person is told they can’t communicate on Facebook because they posted a photo of an air freshener three years ago that FB thinks is something else. FB has no humans at the helm, as if they have no money for that, but Zucky is still expanding his empire. As soon as their is a platform that can take a FB friends list and find those same friends on that platform, FB will be dead. People are fed up. Put money into the algorithms for safety an user enjoyment. FB is stoned stupid when it comes to recognizing a fake Nigerian profile. OMG how stupid can your pseudocode be??? We can spot a fake Nigerian military man, widowed with two first names, usually a doctor, bbut FB is just too dang stupid to see it. When reported the profiles are not taken down. Right now there are thousands of fake celebrity profiles too. I am in the process of writing a blog about it. FB puts no money into user safety let alone enjoyment. It will be its detriment..Version: 444.0.0

NotificationsStupid red notification dot won’t go away!.Version: 252.0

Poor serviceHi I have been having issues with facebook and instagram for months now no one gets back to me and no one has fixed my accounts A while ago my facebook account was hacked causing my FB and Instagram account to be restricted and my IG closed! I had to gain access back to my account and change my password to get control of my account again. I have messaged facebook numerous times to have them lift the restrictions and give me back my IG account which has yeats and years of photos of my children on it. No one ever reply's or fixes my accounts. You can clearly see by my previous usage that the content that was posted on my accounts was not me also by the fact i had to regain access cause the hackers locked me out! Can someone pls help me and fix the facebook issues i am still having with marketplace and the accounts centre but also give me back my instagram that contains my personal property of my children on it. Or at least contact me and work with me to fix the problems i am getting very frustrated and upset that thsi has been ongoing now for months and no one seems to want to help but they were real quick in shutting down my accounts with no actual investigation process.Version: 396.0

A billion dollar business that can’t make something that’s easy to use!I’m thinking about deleting my Facebook business pages and personal pages because Facebook is such a train wreck of an app. My biggest complaint is that messages are stored in so many places! They are in business suite, Your main page, pages manager and also in Messenger! You can spend an eternity looking for them! Why can’t they just have one place where all messages go! They also routinely send good messages to spam so you maybe don’t see them straight away. Switching between accounts is also a multi click episode! Why not have all your pages in one place with numbers that come up if you need to look at something, and you just click one the page you want to open? That would be easy! I also hate all these continual reminders of a new feature. Once I’ve deleted it once it shouldn’t reappear every time I open Facebook! All it does is annoys me! I don’t want to add what’s app, I don’t want to be told every time I open the page that this facility etc doesnt work in my country etc. I’m seriously thinking about just deleting it and going Facebook free!.Version: 341.0

You can’t say your opinionThis is supposed to be a "Open opinion" no judgment for conversations or debates or just a fun app to share memes and stay connected with friends and family however you use it might I say may cause you to be "Blocked" for either several hours the first couple times of being "Warned" by Facebook if they take down one of your posts for whatever reason they pick (For no apparent reason) and you will start off with a few hours to a few days or even MONTHS and I believe some get their account deleted completely because of Facebook disagreements on peoples posts and you may think "Hm I don't post nothing bad" or "That won't happen to me" trust me there will be one post and you will share it and Facebooks very hypocritical self will take down your posts and even block you account meanwhile for Facebook being so "Wanna keep Facebook a safe place" | see a lot of disturbing and down right horrible things online (people dying, accidents, cartel videos of people getting chopped up, Drugs, fights) and just way more than you can ever think you'd see on a app that apparently wants to keep everyone safe why not worry about the posts that you should be worrying about I have been blocked for quite a while now and soon will be "Unblocked" for weeks finally and am now writing a review before deleting the app to warn people of facebooks ridiculous choices and rules on the app..Version: 438.2

Disgusted by zero ethics of censorshipI’ve been a member of FB since approx 2007, captured a lot of pictures from life events of friends & family, pictures that I did not print as in FB account, and without warning my account was deactivated, I was confused as the content I was sharing wasn’t bullying or hurtful to anyone and in a democratic country I should be able to post anything as long as it isn’t harmful, my choice on who I would support re politics but because it was different to the founder of FB it’s considered unfit for FB!!!! I realised then what CENSORSHIP is all about. I’ve now lost pics of me and my dad who died, grandparents who’ve past, my wedding, horse that died, dog that died, all important landmarks of my life and times enjoyed by friends and all because I shared content on my choice re politics that didn’t agree with the founder of FB! Zero ethics! Mass censorship! Disgusted with the big tech and shame on you all at Facebook for your involvement in the role you’ve played, you maybe do not realise your role in helping to destroy our freedom of speech so that the elite can all push their own agenda in treating people like they’re sheep. Not even giving me a chance to appeal! Shame on you Facebook!! I would urge ppl to go to another network who does value Freedom of Speech! I would give zero star if possible !!.Version: 297.0

One star is generousI’ll leave my old review done there from when Facebook messenger sprouted off in to a new app. However this app in the last 11 years or so of me using it has. 1.) targeted me with negative posts (I am bipolar and when they were running this experiment)I had no idea and ended up checking in to a facility. 2.) even with my political preference in my profile they still poured the other party down my throat every election year 3.) the people who use add space often don’t send out the product 4.) their intrusive way of advertising listens in to whatever we say, if you don’t believe me spend 15 min talking about a random thing close the app and then open it boom adds for thing. 5.) now the open chat for like random groups the general chat. Sooooooooooo annoying. I don’t want 99 notifications about people chatting I like most people has been cowed in to using Facebook! However this is the worst app ever. It's slow it's realitivlty ugly and you can't preform all the functions that you can on Facebook web as easily! Most people are running Facebook and the Facebook messenger! Taking down posts is near impossible you normally end up somehow back at the top of your news feed. And reporting posts takes so long you may as well keep seeing the male sexual organ on the screen! It is faster to go to Facebook from your safari browser! Facebook app developers do something.Version: 407.1

Why are they getting away with this??12 years I've had my Facebook account. My personal page and two business pages. Last week my account was hacked and terrorist pics posted on my page. My account was suspended immediately. I appealed and was instantly advised that I was ineligible for Facebook and that my account had been disabled permanently. My husband died in February and I have lost all the memories of not just him but my children, grandchildren and extended family some who are also now not with us. It's like grief piled upon grief. I have tried every avenue to try and speak to a human but it's impossible. Today I have now involved the police as the hackers have taken £200 of Facebook advertising from my PayPal account and as they have used my payment details linked to my business pages I have been advised by PayPal that if I don't pay the money back to them they will take action against me. I honestly now do not know if I would want to be part of their vile criminal network if my account was restored. Why are they getting away with making it extremely easy for criminals to pray on decent, hard working people? Something has got to be done to stop this greed!.Version: 394.0

WorthlessFacebook has gone down the drain alongside its reputation to be a formidable company. Not only do the updates impede the efficiency of the app but the marketplace option has more flaws than a dog has fleas. Why bother setting a radius of 20km from your location when it’s still going show you items that are 180km away!?! Why bother listing anything when Facebook won’t even show it publicly?! Don’t worry about typing in your location, if you can write more than 4 letters without Facebook completely wiping your text, good on you!! But last but not least, I’ve written to facebook about 12 times and the only reply I’ve gotten was some generic jargon of thank you for your response, we'll take it into consideration. FACEBOOK DOES NOT KNOW CUSTOMER SERVICE! All they value is ads that pay for the upkeep, MONEY MONEY MONEY that’s all they care about. That’s how Facebook originated anyway, because someone stole someone’s idea because of greed!!! Very unhappy, would not recommend!.Version: 199.0

Glitchy and constant effort to make it work.Comments continually don’t load, notifications alerting when there are none, notification on being tagged in a comment thread that show up a week after actually being tagged but shows as just having happened. Freezes in current screen, as in can still scroll up and down but can’t choose marketplace or click on any pages or notifications or messenger etc. the last time I remember it being this bad was when I first downloaded the app about 11 years ago. Hasn’t progressed far 😫 don’t care so much for actual fb but I do love market pace and can’t use it properly, you have to keep refreshing to try and get all the adds. Recently needed to buy a second car and we searched for hours on all apps and every time we came back to fb there were cars we hadn’t seen at all but we’re listed 2 weeks prior to us starting our search. Exhausting to use. I’d give it 0 ⭐️ if I could!.Version: 376.0

Brand New Account Instantly DisabledAbsolute garbage. I never used social media before as I hate every concept of it but I am starting a business and needed to set up a business page so I can reach my customer base where they are. I made a brand new account and not even a day later it was disabled. I tried to see why as I had not done a single thing on the account accept make it. All it told me was that my profile didn’t meet the community guidelines. Not sure what part of my legal name or authentic email didn’t match their guidelines but I disagreed with the decision obviously. Almost two days later, my account was enabled. I go to log into the account and the minute I do, it gets disabled again. Same reasoning. I disagree again. This time, they permanently disable my account. Marketing is vital for a new business and I was prepared to dump a bunch of money into Facebook adds but I won’t be sending them a red hot penny. For extra kicks, I tried to make another account with a different email and wouldn’t you know, they track the IP address of your devices so they disabled my new account because it was associated with IP address of the account they disabled for absolutely no reason. I would love to hear some feedback from any developers but considering the fact that they have a 2.3 rating at the time of writing this, I would assume they could care less about the people that run into problems with their product..Version: 407.1

Horrendous customer support & moderationSomeone saved my profile photo & posted it publicly to mock me - reported the post, it returned as checked by human moderator and acceptable; reported again and again returned as fine, and added I couldn’t report again nor review, so I gather it is still up on the pages this person posted it. On the other side somebody was racist to another, I commented “that’s racist” and within two minutes my account was restricted because saying “that’s racist” to a racist comment is apparently bullying. Impossible to speak with an actual human, and the ones they employ seem to genuinely favour the most crass of communication being prioritised to stay on platform - in its current form, the app does nothing to help keep users safe, and the site itself actively discouraged attempts to do so. To test this, I went to one of the more grim sections of Facebook and submitted support tickets for ~30 of the most horrible comments - denigrating people for their country of origin, “worthless s**m”, homophobia etc - 5 were removed, the others passed human check. So racists and bigots, Facebook is your playground it would seem!.Version: 338.0

Disgusting Accusation with no way to disputeFacebook sent me what can only be described as a disgusting accusation that I had shared child nudity and/or child sexual exploitation. I cannot tell you how angry I am, as a father of three young children you could not accuse me of anything worse. Then on top of that I get another message saying I have done the same thing for a second time and now I am banned! I have written to Facebook several times trying to find out what exactly I shared that caused this accusation with absolutely no response at all. If I had actually done what they accused me of should they not be contacting the police?? If someone accused me of something as disgusting as this in person, I am not normally a violent person but I would honestly punch them in the nose on the spot. There’s nothing you can do with these faceless cowards, it’s a terrible position to be in and you do feel very helpless and small. I know the information Facebook holds is shared with businesses, authorities and other entities so it just destroys me thinking an allegation like that may be floating around out there. It’s just not good enough and something needs to be done about it. Maybe just delete this app until it can responsibly function..Version: 320.0

The censorship is appalling!Facebook is censoring the truth and should be ashamed!!!.Version: 300.0

Not amazing.Facebook makes it difficult for updating your profile or likes and movies or tv programmes that you might like at the time but now you want to update for your new current interests and following you might change your mind and you want delete it but Facebook makes you run around circles with no answer, if you had previous Facebook page but you forgotten your password and had to start new one but you want to delete old Facebook page but it’s hard to get straight answer from Facebook because they stuck roadblocks in your way or send you to dead end, please Facebook simplify your edits on profile or likes etc for anybody can update or change their mind on hobbies or interests they can do so, if you can delete your old Facebook page in easy steps that a person might have some clue as what their old password might of been or other security interests that may help into getting their old Facebook page delete for good and still keep there current Facebook page at tact ..Version: 231.0

Control.Facebook controls freedom of speech, you get your ability to post to your friends and family removed if you post something they do not agree with. Even if it’s just an opinion, you’re not allowed to voice it! Also, they don’t allow the important hashtags on there, like #SaveTheChildren that hashtag got removed, and if you search it now it’s there but barely any posts visible. It’s a whole control game for them. You see what they want you to see, more adverts now than friends and family. Why is that? Because they take all your data and sell it to third parties so that they can make sure you’re seeing the adds they want. It’s all preconditioning of the brain, if you see something being advertised so many times you’ll end up either buying it or talking about it to someone else and they will then buy it or talk. #freepalestine posts have also been removed. Mark is letting the government buy him, bribe him, because he’s got one of the most used platforms, and it wasn’t always so bad, it was great before but now it’s all a control thing. It’s sad. But it’s also the norm to be on this app. So unless you’re ready to cut yourself off and try to keep up that way then good luck..Version: 318.0

Very disappointedWas great, the most recent update ruined it 😐.Version: 172.0

Hackers are ahead of FacebookIt is very frustrating when you want to signin to your Facebook account and only to find out that what’s supposed be confidential such as your personal details eg: date of birth, email address and your password can be easily changed by some unknown person. Also, when you ask Facebook for help their attitude is as if you the real owner of the account is the fraudulent one. I know it’s very hard to police the internet, but something should be set in place other than the email that says you’ve change your password, as this even happens when you the real account holder change your password… ligit users should have greater protection of their data being hacked by hackers world wide on Facebook. My daughter and a cousin are both victims of hacking and I find it appalling that my personal pictures and theirs are on their walls that is now in the hands of hackers. Facebook administrators you all need to not just try, but to minimise this kind of ID theft by putting better security systems in place. Too many users are complaining about hacking of their accounts.Version: 444.0.0

Collect your data without your permissionFacebook has stopped being a neutral social platform for people to communicate with either. It collects all your personal data such as your communications, your online purchases and you health to send em to 3rd parties, god knows who they are! They could be people spying on you to target you or to hold something against you in the future by manipulating the information they get from you. Just like in any health care sector, a consent form is normally given to patients to request if its possible to share information for health and research purposes, facebook should do the same, but THEY DONT! Be careful. On top of this, during the issue with Apartheid Palestine, facebook was favouring the Israel side rather than staying neutral, same with Black Lives matter.. they would delete your comments, posts, status even deny access to your account , under the excuse that what you posted about black lives and Palestinian lives matter, goes against their community guidelines. Yet, those hateful comments to excuse cops to carry out some form of violence against black people and Israel to target citizens is acceptable under ‘self defence’, Now, this is disturbing!.Version: 437.2

Community Standards a joke and their technology to flag usFacebook flagged a post that was a picture of my 5 yr old grandson eating candy because his shirt was off !? And honestly you couldn’t even see that much because it was half way up near his face because he was holding candy and was holding it up for me to see it and I took a picture of it and facebook said that I posted Nudity! Then about a week ago they flagged me again and i couldn’t even post to any of my groups because they said i went against their standards about safety because i posted a funny meme which i got it from facebook! It was on their site that i got it from to begin with and it was a stupid Joke nothing serious ! But you can’t even speak to a human being or let a human read the Joke to tell you that it was a joke? If you ask for a review they deny it every time and if you try to appeal it they tell you that you may not get chosen for a review to see if they were wrong! So somebody needs to look into facebooks technology or AI they’re using to check peoples post ! And Sometimes you don’t even comment anything wrong and it says you did when you try post a reply on fb. lol no wonder people are leaving this site. I can only hope another company will come out with a better social media site in the near future. Anyway I am a Christian i would never post nudity or anything to harm anyone. EVER !.Version: 443.0.0

My account got hackedThis morning when I tried logging to my Facebook account I saw that the password have been changed , I went to Facebook help and supports and follow all the steps written in there but also found out that my email address and phone number have been removed from account , so I can’t recover my account back in anywhere , this platform is so stupid because other platform have a way to verify it is yours , like checking the email addresses connected to the account and the number if it was rightfully yours I can see this Facebook platform is so stupid that they don’t have any protection against hacking , all my gaming accounts and all valuable information connected to this my account are all gone now , I am beginning to regret using Facebook in the first place , right now am going to delete all Facebook platform apps from my phone right now thanks for making me loose my account with no way of recovery it.Version: 354.0

0 starDeserve 0 star but no option.Version: 333.0

Rubbish if I could gone 0 stars I would!Where do I start.. my newsfeed, I might as well delete all the people I’m friends with because I never see any of their posts, my newsfeed is full of adverts, if I want to see if anyone spit anything on I have to go to their profile! So I made a comment on my friends status, she was verbally assaulted in the street so I made a comment on what I would of done if I had of been there, obviously freedom of speech for a few people is illegal and got sent to jail for apparently 24 hours, here we are 35 hours later and my profile is still restricted although in that time I have seen something a lot worse that my comment so obviously I’m an insignificant so doesn’t matter if I’m in jail!! Anyway before I got sent to jail I was trying to upload my holiday pics, can’t be bothered now but anyway it let me add the first 30-40 and then when I tried to add more it just says we will let you know when they are ready, they never are!! Used to love Facebook but honestly it really has gone downhill, I’m only still on there as I have a birthday event coming up and then it will be bye bye!!.Version: 381.0

New updatesThe latest updates for Facebook have completely ruined it. For some reason Facebook takes more time than it ever did to load a video, whereas Instagram loads videos instantly, even when I’m using the same network. It’s not only the loading time but also the ads within the actual video that suddenly come up, and force you to watch the advertisement. This new advertisement feature is probably the worst way to advertise within a social media platform, you might want to take a few notes from Instagram, for example, they have advertisements that rarely show up in your time line that are easy to skip. Unlike the advertising structure in Facebook where you have to watch the whole ad that interrupted your video. It would be tolerable if you changed the video adverts to individual posts that you can swipe past, however you haven’t integrated this style within the Facebook app making it an annoying and unfriendly user experience..Version: 202.0

Absolutely abysmalThis app is consistently the worst app I have ever installed on my phone. It’s slow, buggy, poorly designed, badly laid out bloatware. Just found out the latest update has reintroduced a bug where you cannot switch between iOS photo albums when posting a picture. Not only that but I saw two bugs manifest themselves in front of my eyes. The first time, the album title appeared at the top of the window but was unresponsive when I tried to click on it and choose a different album, and the second time, mere seconds later, even the album title had disappeared. We seem to get updates every few days to introduce new ways of bombarding us with overpriced useless products, but no one bothers to fix the basic functions. Facebook’s own forum searches show many people with the same issues, ignored and threads closed down without any response. Customer service clearly doesn’t exist in Facebook’s lexicon, and they clearly don’t give a toss what signal that sends out. If I didn’t have to use the app to stay in touch with my extended family in their various parts of the world, I’d dump it in a heartbeat..Version: 297.0

Accessing accountI didn’t have my phone with me as I tried to enter my Facebook. I had to go to my phone (that I didn’t have!!) to allow the computer I was using to let me into my account. Then I came home and my phone told me “we successfully stopped an attempt to enter your Facebook” well guess what!? IT WAS ME!!! Honestly, this is disgraceful. Whatever you’re doing, stop it. You aren’t fixing anything. You are making it worse. Facebook already isn’t used by many young people, now your making it harder for them to even look to it for anything useful. Also, there are so many scams on Facebook when there used to be none or barely any. Now? Almost every ad is a scam. My mother has been ripped off 2 times by facebooks ads, I myself have been ripped off 5 times. All ads looked as legitimate as your bank account. They look safe, then BOOM! Either a take your money scam or a virus. I can safely say, you lost a user. As well as everyone I know, they all agree with me about this issue. Stop allowing scammers ads into Facebook. Then maybe it will be useful again..Version: 429.2

Keeps getting worseGetting fed up with this app now. Every update it seems to get worse. Since the marketplace feature was added it has never worked properly. The main issues are that it will show me things for sale that are nowhere near me (despite setting up location to stop this), also in the ‘further away’ sections it shows me things closer to me which makes no sense, the posts often glitch out and freeze or my phone screen will go black with a loading symbol and it will kick me out of the app and lock my phone. Some other issues with the app now are the comments sections on posts. The new feature in the comments hides a huge portion of comments and means you can’t actually always see what people have commented because sometimes the option to view all comments isn’t available. Another issue is just how laggy it can be with notifications, showing old notifications hours too late or not showing them at all (which has actually made me miss out on things as I haven’t realised I had 4 notifications until hours after). In short: the app is terrible now and just constantly manages to get worse. If I didn’t need it for important group pages I would’ve deleted it years ago..Version: 235.0

Login error - please try again*****I left my original review April 1st, it is now April 20th and I nor anyone in my family have been able to access the app from my phone. Still the same error I cannot log into the Facebook app nor the Messenger app. I keep getting a Login Error saying to try again. I have tried logging in over a thousand times and also the following: 1. Updating app 2. Deleting and reinstalling 3. Logging in on from another browser to make sure it wasn’t my phone 4. Resetting all my network settings 5. Getting someone else to try log into their account (no one can access their account from my phones Facebook app) 6. Resetting my password, and tried to reset a family members password to access 7. Turning my phone on and off 8. Deleting app and reinstalling after 24hrs 9. Trying to log in at different times of the day 10. Reported the problem, search online to find a solution. Nothing is working, I’m not getting any helpful tips or responses from Facebook. *It is now 4th May 2019, and this problem still persist. No help from FB! **It is 1st June 2019 and I am still experiencing the same issue. In the mean time I’ve had to use my browser (Safari) on my phone to access and downloaded an app called Friendly, which is still not satisfying as I cannot enjoy things such as Marketplace etc. I’m annoyed and have since deleted my page, deleted the app and never going to re-download. ***December 2019 and still same issue.Version: 250.0

Want to give upI have been with Facebook for a long time and every since I got my invite to the bonus program Facebook have been making me want to give up on them my account has been hacked a lot a lot I have been gettin violation and restriction left and right my account was just permanently restricted from payment because of fraud which at the time my account was hacked my other accounts took the same blow and I just started back using my old account hoping to get and invite to the bonus program on it they have restricted for 90days from earning from reels I was jus able to start back making then this month and now they have restricted me again from earning for content this is mine or I published or had a hand in doin but other people said they got the same thing happen to them and contacted Facebook about it and it was fixed well so did I and haven’t heard nothing back from them so idk but to top it all off I have been in the bonus program since December and I still have yet to get any of my payouts sent to me I don’t know what else to do I’m seriously thinking about deleting my pages and letting Facebook go cause it’s a problem after another and I’m not getting no type of help from Facebook and my issues.Version: 366.1

WozApril 2022 - Still I have to keep updating the settings to change from dark to light setting. Why can’t the app keep the settings as I set it and stop keep reverting back to dark when I haven’t got it set to adjust itself? Please fix it. Jan 2022 - why do I have to update the “dark” setting every single day - sometimes more than once a day. I don’t want to use the dark setting but FB is trying to force it on me. If I set to off why doesn’t it stay off? Dec 2019 - Please can you fix the app as it is not showing recent feeds when I select “most recent”. I can only see the most recent feeds amongst old feeds when I scroll through “news feeds”. As if the app wasn't annoying enough before when I had to keep re-selecting "most recent" to filter to what I want to see, now I don't have the option. I don't want to see posts from 27 hours ago mixed in with posts 10 seconds ago. Sort it out FB!! August 2018 - now it’s even worse! Even if you select “most recent” you get posts from over 24 hours ago! Come on Facebook, you are meant to be the benchmark for social networking, you should be improving with time, not declining!! November 2020 - why do I have to hunt through a long list to get to the most recent button? This should be the default! And please stop keep changing the order of the large buttons too!.Version: 361.0

TerribleI think Facebook is a terrible way of connecting with people not because of lack of access to people but because I believe it is toxic. They continuously allow pedophilia to be normalized and accepted but when someone is attacking or trying to report it, it goes unnoticed. I do not agree with any of it and it is twisted, disturbing and disgusting. They can report adult humour but apparently pedophilia doesnt go against guidelines. I will never support this source of social media ever again..Version: 282.0

🔇Facebook is not a freedom of speech it’s controlled. Don’t waste your time choose the freedom one..Version: 300.0

Facebook SucksI dont recommend this social platform to anyone unless you love censorship, blocking and public shaming by so called “Independent” Fact checkers This platform hates free speech and you will be banned for exercising it..Version: 300.0

CensorshipI’m not US based, but the manipulation and marketing being used to take down the competition goes far beyond disgusting. The algorithm for Facebook sucks because it isn’t based off of what WE like to watch, but rather, who PAYS to have their content seen. They’ll lure you in to the reels with something you may like, and then as you scroll, it’s 3 things you’d never watch by choice, ad, 2 sucky reels, then a reel you like - interrupted by an ad, then back to ones you don’t like. Oh want to view the comments? Sike! 70% of the time you can’t even view the comments on Facebook, you have to go to instagram to read comments… I don’t wanna go to a whole new app just for comments… then, if you can view the comments on Facebook reels, and you comment on the reel, or reply to someone, and close out of the video(s), a while later you may get someone who replied to you on the reel, you’ll see the notification, you’ll press on it, and you’ll just be brought to the video, with 1000’s of comments, and have to sift through every single one to find the one you made and find the reply to it. I’ve also reported MANY disturbing videos to fb that always come back as “doesn’t violate community guidelines,” even though they very well DO, even seen “grape” videos on Facebook, that I reported and it came back as “no violations.” The hypocrisy of this app is insane. We all know which app is better, see ya there 👍🏻.Version: 407.1

Review of my experience on FacebookThe real problem I and others have is that I don’t think real people are reviewing posts and profiles that I turn into your complaint reviewers. I only turn in profiles that I know are taking over other peoples profiles and writing posts that are fake. My cousins and my friends profiles were taken over by hackers and now they are posting illegitimate sales for coinbits and other ugly posts. I have reported it and others have as well, but nothing has been done. I get a message back saying there is nothing wrong with these posts. I have been harassed on others posts by illegitimate people whose profiles are always fake military men or at least that is what they present on their profiles and they always want to be friends with me and others. These profiles are obviously fake, but when I turn it in I get a message back saying they are okay and I can block them. Why should I be the one to do this? It does not help others when I block them, they just get me with another one of their fake profiles, so I am continuously blocking. These need to be researched, because they are definitely fake and it should be obvious if the reviewers were investigating complaints. I love FB, but have looked into other platforms, because of this. Also, removing posts that are very obviously not against community standards, like recipes or songs shared. This is overreach for a platform that encourages us to share things we enjoy..Version: 443.0.0

Still buggy as hellI can atleast long into my account now after having to use the safari version of Facebook for a couple of months. But the app is still incredibly buggy and filled with lots of needless tabs and information. I’ve been trying to create an event but some features only work on the app and some only work on the browser version. I could understand if this was some little start up company, but for one of the largest tech corporations in the world it’s honestly a bit embarrassing, and it seems like little has been done to properly improve the app over the years..Version: 320.0

MarketplacePlease do something about the review system for sellers on Marketplace…at least 1/3 of the sellers are total time wasters or scammers! You agree to the listing price, confirm the pick up time & address & then they sell to someone else who offers more. Yesterday I drove for half an hour to pick up something & they messaged me 3 minutes before the organised time to tell me they sold it to someone else who ‘offered more when I told them you were coming’. I got the message when I was outside her house! An hour drive there & back and over $10 in tolls for nothing! Sellers do this all the time & the rating system is completely insufficient to warn buyers about them…& as such there is no reason for them to do the right thing. There needs to be a comment section where you can write exactly what they have done. I have also reported someone before for selling a broken robot vac which was conveniently out of battery on pick up…they swore then & afterwards that it was in perfect condition even when I sent a video of the terrible noise it was making as soon as I got home & it had charged. Nothing gets done when these people are reported! And your customer service is completely non-existent. Please do better..Version: 412.0

An absolute disgraceThere’s simply nothing good about this platform anymore. When Meta became the parent AKA dictator, it has completely ruined Facebook. It’s done the same to instagram. Time to look for other social media platforms that Meta doesn’t have its poisonous paws on. I’d give a 0 out of 5 if I could but I can’t. It’s amazing also how I can log in on my iPad but when I try on my iPhone after doing all the right things with updates, refreshing the phone & the app and I enter my password it either says wrong password, no internet connection (when there is with my iPad) or network is not available, please try again later. So far it’s been 1 week since I’ve been able to login to my iPhone and I still can’t. Facebook help is pathetic, there’s no way to communicate and when you go through the Facebook security you just get a generic message. When you respond you get nothing back. There is no contact number or customer support. This platform should be shutdown by higher “Gods” as should Meta.. An absolute complete disgrace!!.Version: 393.0

FB is becoming too PCReally sad to see a lot of the freedom of speech disappearing with FB, Instagram and probably WhatsApp soon too. They are owned by the same company. Too many rules and censored comments. Moving towards a very communistic and socialist website. Will switch to new pages that have freedom on speech soon. Jordan Peterson is launching thinkspot. My friends have a company which produces shampoo to help re-grow hair and FB wouldn’t let them post a before and after picture. They have new rules that say that they want a healthier community and by posting that it may make other people not feel good about themselves. - seriously it’s a success story and their business and only people can control how they feel about things. So if we all had more confidence we wouldn’t be having these problems and having everything censored. Great photo posting and location tagging as well as events. Easy to connect with people all over the world..Version: 231.0

CensorshipThe medical field has been censored over medical Content that was negative towards lockdowns, mask, social distancing, vaccines and the biggest is the use of drugs to help with symptoms of COVID..Version: 321.0

Marketplace Freezes and crashes IPADSo frustrating. Every time I view marketplace my iPad crashes and restarts. Happens to my husbands as well..Version: 253.0

No helpFor nearly two years I have been trying to get Facebook to change all emails to ENGLISH— even my TELCO has tried but sadly Facebook fail to acknowledge this fault. All my settings confirm ENGLISH however all communication from Facebook continue to be in an Asian language and as I do not speak nor read Asian I do not understand the content of these emails so therefore have with a couple of exceptions ignored Facebook as I am concerned that I will infect others with this “bug”. Facebook why do you fail to respond to the requests you have received so one can enjoy a Facebook relationship once again !.Version: 445.0.0

MarketplaceMarketplace crash all the time on ipad.Version: 261.0

FacebookI’ve been locked out of 2 accounts that are the bases of my time on Facebook. I would like my accounts back plus the instagram accounts! These are not fake profiles they are mine and you refuse to acknowledge my married or maiden name. I’m also blocked from facebook as of 14 April and I don’t think it’s far that I’ve searched and blocked facebook profiling pages and scammers and I’m the one seen as the problem. If you want to be known as a social media site you would be open to change especially from New Zealand aotearoa artist influencers and music artist trying to make a honest living on social media getting profiles by everyone else in the world..Version: 410.0

Facebook sucksFacebook sucks.Version: 345.0

Reels usability is poor and the settings is confusingI go to watch a reel video and then it won’t let me fast forward to a a particular time stamps of the video I want to watch. It simply goes back to the part that I have already viewed. And then the app crashes out on me and then I can’t access that reel I watched because there’s no way of finding out that information. After doing a Facebook search “posts I’ve liked” it only shows actual feed posts I’ve liked, and not reels. I hate this app so much! Facebook has gone downhill since its last major update and change to its interface. Terrible execution of imitating TikTok..Version: 402.0

GlitchyFor the past few months I’m only getting a maximum of 12 stories on my newsfeed and their usually a few days old!! If I click on most recent I get 6 from the past hour and have to keep refreshing it to get more stories, don’t get any of my group stories in either newsfeed and very little from actual friends ( including the ones I’ve asked to see first!!) I get lots from pages I’ve liked years ago not recently! Can something please be done to fix this!! It’s getting annoying!.Version: 184.0

Restricts users over nothing..My Facebook account is on a ‘warning’ because of a joke I made with my brother! There was one of those post where it said ‘would you kick your 2nd @ down this hole for £2,000,000..’ you know those kinds of posts, and I tagged my brother in it saying ‘I’d kick you down it like the guy out of 300’ and apparently I was violating community standards. 😂 I know it was probably a computer system that picked up on it and not an actual human overlooking the comment, but it was just a joke made with my brother! So bad, I can’t like anything on Facebook now either which is weird. I think this is really bad considering the fact that when people have actually reported genuine abuse on Facebook that’s been racist, homophobic, sexist etc, apparently that doesn’t go against community standards.. but my joke with my brother does? If you put the effort into cracking down on actual hate speech, your platforms would be a much safer place. But alas, my joke with my brother has earned me a place in ‘Facebook jail’, but actual hate speech is out there in full force. I think you need to review your ‘community standards’..Version: 326.0

Worst company everPlease delete Facebook. This company’s privacy practices are the absolute worst. Stop make money for them..Version: 300.0

Security improvementsYou might want to consider using biometrics to secure the app. Give users the option to use the native biometric security feature on their device as secure sign in for the app and pc sign in. This might be the answer to so many account hacks taking place. Hackers can’t hack a face or a thumbprint easily because it’s in the device of the account holder. If users are given the choice of using device biometrics they can secure the app and possibly their Facebook account if the app can enable two way security by text messaging.Version: 454.0.0

Pathetic customer service of hacked accountAfter 12-15 years of using there platform and spending ££££’s on adverts for my business with them I had my account hacked and the hackers posted something to do with a terrorist organisation. My account was disabled saying 5 of my pictures go against community standards and they believe I could be a dangerous person or part of a dangerous organisation, they also took £600 out of my account through a ads campaign I did not organise, luckily I got this back through my bank. I went through all of the instructions they said I had to do, sent ID etc and still nothing. All memories and pics now gone, can’t access my business profiles, lost one on Instagram that we worked hard to get followers etc and absolutely no customer service at all. No number to contact, sent emails etc and still nothing, not one correspondence from them only automated instructions which you go round in circles with and get no further forward! Abysmal service, they want you to have a profile, put pics on, have memories, spend money advertising and it can be taken away from you in seconds with no back up from Facebook or an apology or anything for that matter what so ever! Pathetic.Version: 356.0

Censorship is out of control!!!I don’t need someone censoring what I say and what I see. Fascism is alive with Facebook..Version: 330.0

Changed my settings without consent - no supportAs of a few weeks ago all my settings about group notifications seem to have been cancelled. After years of not receiving notifications (thanks to changing the settings as I joined groups etc), all of a sudden I am overwhelmed by notifications. To fix the issue I’d have to go group by group to change them back to what I had already set. I could do it a little faster from the notifications except the app freezes for every time I take any action on notifications, so what could take a few minutes takes 1 -20x longer. Again this would be just to get my notifications back to what I has already done. It’s making Facebook unusable for me, I have reported the issue and asked for help many many times, to no response at all. The issue with my notifications settings suddenly changing overnight is a wider Facebook issue, but one of the obstacles to redoing the mountain of individual settings changes is specifically the app’s issues (nothing new, it crashes all the time and it’s always been one of the most unreliable/unstable apps I have)..Version: 445.0.0

Dark Mode is the best!I sure do love Dark Mode. I use it wherever the option exists, and have used it on the Facebook App almost constantly since the feature became available. I say ‘almost constantly’, because over the last couple of updates, the Facebook App has a new feature, apparently made especially for those of us who love Dark Mode. Now, the Facebook App will unexpectedly switch off Dark Mode, at completely random intervals, with no predictability or apparent cause, while we are using the App. This means that we can repeatedly re-live the joy of switching our preferred Dark Mode back on again. Now, several times a day, I get to wipe away the tears streaming from my seared eyeballs, blink away my temporary blindness, and interrupt what I was doing in the App so that I can navigate to the settings page and re-activate Dark Mode. What fun! Great work, Team!.Version: 381.0

Worst customer support ever!I’ve had the same FB account for well over 12 years and never had a single community guideline violation. I got hacked 4 days ago and they removed my original email address and phone number and changed my name and photo to a “well known public figure” and also set up a two step authorization with a physical security key so i literally had no way of accessing my account. I followed the necessary steps listed in the “help center” and even uploaded my photo ID and I still could not get into my account. I finally got approved into my account last night only to find out it was suspended due to multiple community guideline violations in regards to the “public figure”. I appealed that but woke up to an email this morning stating my account has been permanently disabled. Throughout this whole process I wasn’t given an opportunity to explain to a human about the situation. You’d think they’d be able to look at the account activity and see that all this happened within a 4 day span. Now I am out of YEARS of photos, friends, memories, and messages because of facebooks lack of a human customer support team. I normally wouldn’t care but a lot of those pictures and messages from deceased family and friends are priceless. If you’re reading this, change your password often and be sure to back up all photos..Version: 359.0

Never fixes issues/never listens to community about issuesThe app is pretty pointless to use, I feel like they are trying to make the app more like Tik tok, where they force videos down your throat. It’s difficult to see what your friends have posted because all I get is suggested for you posts, which the amount is sometimes 12+ suggested for you posts. Another thing I have been waiting for them to fix is there is some sort of bug when my brightness is turned down low, especially at night I do watch certain videos and the brightness goes up on that video. What grinds my gears about the whole suggested for you posts should be in the section of Watch. Otherwise what is the point of having a separate page to watch stuff. Another annoyance is when I am watching reels and I want to view to comments I have to swap to a whole completely different app. If you already have the option to view the video have the option to be able to view the comments. It’s so inconsistent. Finally the market place it’s so inconsistent when trying to view postings for items. If I click on the image I should have the ability to either rotate the image from landscape to portrait. Then also have the ability to zoom in. But all I get is the ability to click on the exact same image to keep it that exact same size as it was, but now with black bars on top and bottom..Version: 396.0

GlitchyThis app gets worse and worse. I sell on Marketplace regularly. FB actually has a pretty reasonable selling fee of 5%, but the app is constantly getting updates that make it unreliable and obnoxious. Listings get flagged by bots as inappropriate and there is no human to review and correct. Literally had a posting of Play-do flagged as “services”. I didn’t offer to teach the kid to sculpt. Had a garden gnome set flagged as “adult content” but I see hilariously inappropriate adult content on my suggested items to purchase regularly. If they do approve the listing, if you have to make an edit or delete and relist it is flagged again as inappropriate and is a mark against you as if you are a repeat offender… when there was NO offense. With the latest downgrade, excuse me, update 🙄… if you edit a listing your ENTIRE description disappears. It is auto filling in color and material… incorrectly I might add, it gets hung up as if you are still typing when you click to the next page so you cannot complete the listing without returning to the first page and clicking through the fields again… which have repopulated the incorrect information on color and material you have already removed once. STOP messing up the app. Get HUMANS that people can contact when they have an issue. When something isn’t broke, don’t fix it..Version: 389.0

How fb has done me wrong.Roughly 2yrs ago, I had a truck I needed to sell. I posted it on marketplace and the next day I came down with covid. I was super sick the first 3 days. I stayed in bed and did not care about my phone nor what was going on with it. During these 3 days, someone, an older lady, liked the truck and messaged me multiple times during this sick period. For whatever reason, since I didn’t answer back fast enough, I guess, so she marked me as a scam. If you look at my stars and how many things I had sold on marketplace, it is obvious, I don’t scam anyone nor have. She apologize and said she would do what she could to get my marketplace back. I have requested a review multiple times to no avail. Please take a look at the situation. Being blocked from selling has put a huge damper on my yearly funds. Still selling on there but through someone. I had like 40-50 high marks from many people I have sold to. Again, please take a look, I’ve been on here since 2009 and have been in the same home town since. It wouldn’t take long and you will notice, I am just a normal seller, just like anyone else on marketplace. When y’all get a moment. Thanks. Been staying off fb all this year for this reason. It was taken away with some random person that never had bought a things on marketplace and it was pretty obvious to me. Should be for y’all too. :-).Version: 445.0.0

M BoyleFacebook was a great way to meet like minded friends and share similar interests and meeting new friends share information and putting up posts about interesting articles about news, sports, hobbies, but it’s now turning into fascist book and has community standards suchlike suppressing people’s free speech and blocking people’s views about corrupt politicians and especially discussions and opinions on covid vaccines and Covid passports and blocking and suppressing truth about vaccine dangers and safety and blocking and suppressing the truth about people protesting against government draconian rules and freedom of movement and freedom of choice and very much blocking and suppressing our freedoms of speech Facebook community standards have become more like communist standards and trying to control the way people should think and behave. Facebook needs to start behaving and give people back their human rights to freedom of speech as long as there’s no hatred or violence or disgustingly bad language we have our human rights to our right to freedom of expression. But Facebook is now trying to manipulate and mould and brainwashing people into their communist standards and trying to push people into a communist society. 😡😡😡.Version: 319.0

Facebook/MetaWhen I first made a Facebook account Facebook was actually away to reconnect with family and even classmates. As time moved forward Facebook became a place that people began making the most hilariously funny skits. Family and friends being able to laugh and communicate and talk about a photo of memories of happy times. Around 2019 Facebook became a cesspool of HATE AND BIGOTRY. 2023 all the funny content and family social interaction is now gone. All I see is reminders of racism that’s become so bad it is just disturbing. I don’t watch the News for a reason. I don’t like disturbing content. Now all down my time line is hate hate and more hate. What’s worse is now if Facebook post a story and you post and if you don’t agree with someone or you don’t agree how the story ended (news media coverage of excessive police force, bullying, entitlement) it then creates an extreme toxic environment. I just slowly began deleting friends and family and kept begging Facebook to please stop putting racist content on my timeline. It’s gotten to the point that I only use Facebook to connect my games to for saving purposes. Facebook has officially become Hatebook. It’s too much hate in the world already. I once used to go to Facebook to just laugh at the skits and now Facebook causes me anxiety because I don’t need to constantly be reminded of how horrible the world has become..Version: 436.1

False accusationI as other people have been accused of child exploitation post and am so angry that all Facebook can do is ban me. I’ve tried every avenue to contact them which I have to say is very limited when your banned and have even tried through my wife’s account to state my case as an innocent person. It’s been 10 days and we have not had a single reply from them. In facebooks world you are guilty before being given the chance to state your case and explain what has happened. I awoke to a Home Screen message saying my friend request to some random person I’d never heard of had been accepted. I cleared this immediately as thought it was spam but it was obviously a hacker who had then got into my account. I’m now getting Facebook messages saying I’ve spent money on items I’ve never heard of. Facebook you are a disgrace and have no regard for how you operate and the damage and anxiety you cause..Version: 363.0

CensorshipCensoring people is wrong.Version: 300.0

Facebook advertisingI have bought a number of purchases from Facebook adverts. I have also had a number of issues, including the latest, in which I had a sneaky different charge put on my credit card a few days later. I don’t think Facebook is doing enough to verify advertisers or block scam artists as I nearly fell for one a few days ago (the lost luggage $3 (approx) scam. Is Facebook that reliable now - I’m beginning to think not!!!!.Version: 445.0.0

Stay out of politicsPicks side politically and silences those who don’t agree with their views..Version: 301.0

What’s going on?Can we get a change of management? I’m getting quite annoyed with posts being completely taken out of context and then a narrative is made up on the spot that puts I the author of that post or comment in a very bad light so the bots proceed to issue bans either temporary or permanent. Here’s an idea, do t let robots decide the fate of pages or profiles when they can’t make human judgment decisions. Furthermore, if you’re going to tell someone they violated a rule but refuse to show them the post that violated that rule, how in the 7 circles of hell are you going to expect that person to not do it again when they don’t even know what they did wrong? Are you deliberately trying to make things confusing or do you just not know how frustrating or anxiety inducing this to know an account might face being banned and the account owner has no idea what they did to get flagged in the first place? Can you be anymore clueless?? Make things easier! Show us the post that violated the rules! Please!.Version: 443.0.0

Zionist supported appAbsolutely horrible to see when this support the illegal occupation and genocide of Palestinians. And when you post in support your post get deleted. It’s Frikin 21st century and yet we have a mentality of the 17th century. Where you don’t get to post your opinion on a social media app. But why we are surprised it’s owned by Mark Zakerburg. Noticed the last name and that explained really well..Version: 318.0

My thoughtsI am very conservative minded. Facebook seems to be very liberal. I don’t like being put in Facebook jail for my views. I don’t do things to harm others just use my viewpoint to express my way of thinking which, again I say is conservative. Our America WAS conservative, God fearing, which made her what she was, a great nation that was revered by other nations. Since liberal thinking has taken over we have what we have in America. Rioting, gun violence (by the way, a gun on its own never shot anyone) the undisciplined “I don’t have to work for what I want, I’ll just take what I want at gunpoint” attitude that has been promoted by the liberal thinkers has taken over. Our public schools have indoctrinated instead of teaching. It would be great if Facebook would give a thought to how your broad coverage affects thinking (and maybe that is already your goal, but in a liberal way). You have provided a means by which people can connect or perhaps reconnect after losing track of people from their past. Not knowing your view of God limits my understanding of why your rules or ways of doing are what they are. I enjoy the provided manner to connect with people miles away that I may not have otherwise found. God’s ways are not man’s way but we all will be held accountable for our actions..Version: 446.0.0

Facebook get thing wrong all the time and restrict my account for no reasonFacebook restricting my account for no reason and you can’t even discuss It always get it wrong and misunderstand the point but still restrict my account just because they can do it not because I have said something wrong and against the Facebook standards They used AI or google translation and always get things wrong In Farsi language there are words that are double meanings or you say it in a way that it means totally opposite meaning which Facebook doesn’t understand You only it if you are a Farsi native speaker.Version: 443.0.0

What are you doing Zuck?For the first time in years I actually started to like Facebook again due to the fact that at the bottom of the screen, a new tab was created called ‘Feeds’. This allowed me to chose ‘friends only’ and be able to see what all my friends were posting instead of my feed being filled to the brim with articles, memes and ads. For some strange reason this tab only lasted a couple days before being taken away. Generally baffled at how bad the devs seem to be and how out of touch they are with what the average person wants from this slowly dying app. There’s also still no dark theme on iPad. I guess Zuckerberg has moved on to either instagram or his metaverse and Facebook is slowly and inevitably going to fade into obscurity. It was fun a decade ago. Now it’s not worth the time. Also it bombards you with ads and for some reason, a bunch of American right wing conspiracy pages. I get that algorithms are supposed to suggest stuff that will interest you but I have never interacted with anything that would suggest I’d be interested in that nonsense. Pretty suspicious tbh. Deleted..Version: 425.0

No privacyOnes privacy is in total breech with FB, and you can only post things not opposed to or by FB..Version: 300.0

DisappointedCan’t believe what has happened to Facebook in the last year and a half. Ridiculous censorship, big and irrelevant rule changes to ‘community standards’, a loss of being able to be social with my friends because of the shadow banning for sharing my opinions, my truths and also ACTUAL TRUTH THAT CANNOT BE DENIED SCIENTIFICALLY!! Facebook is a social platform. There is no censorship when it comes to other categories of communities that share information with each other in the way it has been with around the world events - which has nothing to do with Facebook is supposed to stand for- it’s been severing connections instead! I would love to see Facebook to come back to their core mission of connecting people, allowing people using the platform to be social with each other, to allow people to connect from all over the globe and not censoring/banning people so that this capacity is significantly reduced. Similar to what Facebook used to be like pre-censorship days, but better..Version: 319.0

Sensorship 🚨EVIL🚨Welcome to communism 😢.Version: 300.0

FacebookThis is really becoming the worst site ever it’s now filled with advertising that has become repetitive and also the constant bombardment of people you may know from foreign countries who could well be scammers or worse this needs to be removed immediately, if someone wants to locate others they know they are capable of doing so without this people you may know lunacy, add insult to injury there is no way to contact anyone on Facebook or Market Place Their is another major problem with Market place which is it filled with scammers and thieves obviously these type of low life’s are not fully checked out if they are legitimate or not. I got ripped off by one such parasite where the police had to be involved including all the relevant authorities. It caused undue stress and financial problems plus a vast amount of my time wasted. Facebook needs to get their act together otherwise the outcome may result in loss of all on it not to mention possible legal proceedings because of the Market place section parasite sellers. Market Place is basically aiding and abetting criminal activity on the site. THIS FORCEFUL STAR RATING ISN’T RIGHT OR FAIR TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE STAR RATE WHEN IT’S NOT WORTH EVEN THE ONE STAR RATING..Version: 316.0

LindaTwo days ago, I was told I did not meet Facebook standards, after I liked a post of somebody’s garage they had built to house their caravan. I was told that I had a restricted account for 48 hours. I can’t do anything about it. Now after 48 hours, I am told I now have another 26 hours to go. I can’t ask why I can’t get any help. I am totally blind and very frustrated and upset. Also, now, I can’t see comments and replies at all. It seems as though the entire platform has stopped working for me. I have no idea why, and no way of getting any assistance. Your platform is horrible and unhelpful and ablest and uncaring for people who might not be able to see and who might need help. I have been on Facebook for years and I feel as though I am being punished for no reason at all. The only reason I am doing this review is because it came up whilst I was attempting to react to a post. Instead of telling me I’m restricted you asked me if I wanted to rate the app. Can someone please help me?.Version: 447.0.2

Every app is just a glitchy messWe have to reluctantly use Facebook for our business and therefore have Facebook (this app) and many of their other apps in their "suite" of business/personal apps. All of them are useless. They're full of bugs and have issues across all of them. This original app is now a complete mess as since the last update it no longer remembers if you want to use dark mode or not. As you can see from the reviews it's a common issue. As one of the largest tech companies in the world it beggars belief that they could be this inept when it comes to app functionality and design but they consistently introduce issues with updates. I can only assume that the focus of the updates is not to improve user experience but to harvest more data hence the latest update not only blinds me when I open it in its new forced light mode but now also shoves constant recommended posts down my throat throughout my freed. No I'm not interested in pizza ovens or shirts made from hemp! The lack of care and attention spent giving users a decent experience - hang on, I'd be happy at this point with something functional let alone decent - tells you all you need to know about whether they care less about the user experience over the the user data they're actually harvesting. Awful company, awful app and look forward to the day when they're no longer a thing.Version: 379.0

Mar2023 - COMPLETELY unusable!Latest update to this app has doomed its UX. Half the notifications I touch, it tries to open a tab in Chrome. The rest of the time, it either tries in vain to open the corresponding page in Facebook, but in some strange in-app browser interface that’s barely different from the nightmare of opening the same page in Chrome, OR it does the same thing, but claims it can’t access the page because it apparently doesn’t exist on the FB site (basically an internal 404 error), even though the page / comment / content is clearly there! 🤦🏼 We are witnessing the internet’s largest business, destroying its biggest source of traffic. And I very much doubt they care enough to fix it, because EVERY recent update of Facebook for iPad has broken more and more things, that the developers never needed to fix!!! With every hour that passes, since I have been using the March 8th/9th 2023 update of Facebook for iPad, on a fully updated iPad mini 4, I am wanting more and more to just take a break from Facebook. I’d rather it not be permanent so, Zuckerberg, don’t freakin’ tempt me! 🤨 Fix your garbage app!.Version: 405.0

Freedom of speechI used to enjoy Facebook until they started censoring everything. Now its a joke.Version: 300.0

PoorTerrible company with no morals.Version: 271.0

Facebook is totally unusable now - riddled with bugsIf I try to search or find dating to create a profile it has disappeared including under see more on the menu page. So I can’t use it. If I try on the web interface it crashes while creating a profile saying “something has gone wrong” Also my page which I’ve recently monetised for stars, I’ve finished the monetisation steps weeks ago but it won’t actually show stars on original content posts to allow my followers to gift me stars. What an absolute waste of time??? Honestly Facebook is so broken And then there’s my Facebook group. I am admin. I set up community chats and I lost access to it, I thought it had just been withdrawn as a feature but my moderator can still see the chat room?!? What fresh hell is this? Basically an entire space in which I have no control over and cannot moderate. Scandalous. I receive PMs about inappropriate content and I cannot do anything because I can’t get in to it, it’s just blank. If I try and follow a link to the chat group my mod gave me, it says it’s not available???.Version: 441.1

Incompetence - App won’t open unless deleted and reinstalled constantlyDespite the latest app update the Facebook app still won’t open unless you delete it and reinstall it every time you wish to use it, a problem that began with a previous update and remains unfixed (also leaving the app open doesn’t get around this problem, as after a while it crashes and then refuses to open again, and sometimes even deleting and reinstalling it doesn’t work - see comments on App Store reviews, where many people are reporting this issue) Also the app is now sending me pop-up messages telling me the app is out of date and I need to download the latest update, but I have already just done this and the thing still keeps crashing and then won’t load This fault has now persisted unfixed for over 2 weeks despite two interim app updates, and this level of programming incompetence should not be going on at the world’s leading social media provider - please test your updates before releasing them in future as the most basic requirement for any app is that it actually opens.Version: 439.1

Support is an absolute jokeBetter hope you never get hacked. My account was hacked because of some data leak. I’ve contacted support, submitted my ID and had it accepted at least 5 times. Ive gotten multiple “get back into account” emails and used the “get started” multiple times. It takes me to a page that says “3 of your posts go against our standards” and wont let me do anything else. Support is completely useless. Every email and link i have been sent takes me to that same page. They say they will have a specialist review my case and email me and il get an automated email that from support that takes me TO THE SAME VIOLATION PAGE! Im done with this loop of contacting support, sending the id, getting an email link that takes me to the violations. And when i tell them this doesnt work they close the chat in my face. 10 times i went through this process only to get blocked from support because ive become frustrated doing this same process over and over and getting hung up on. None of them speak english, and theyre rude unhelpful morons, I need the violations removed in order to use the account but your support is unable to comprehend this so apparently im just screwed. Ive tried every way to talk to someone and email a different support branch and get this fixed but apparently all i have access to is a bunch of foreigner morons that dont care enough to help you out awesome job guys.Version: 402.0

Free Palestine 🇯🇴Be fair..Version: 318.0

Run by idiotsThese idiots banned me for 7 days for a comment there was nothing wrong with, I appealed and they admitted it was within community standards and put my comment back up, their stuff up AGAIN( done it to me several times) yet I still can’t post or comment until the 9th March, why do I get punished for their stuff ups, they did the same thing recently but for 3 days. They want to ban anyone who’s IQ is higher than theirs. Won’t be wasting my time going back onto it. Run by idiots and bots. Can’t even talk to real people if you have an issue. If I could give it 1/2 star or even Zero stars I would. They even banned a whole country because FB were to cheap to pay for news content from that country. Only lasted a week as they lost so many members. They get even more pathetic as they banned me EVERY month last year, got out of my last one for 3 hours then they found some other lame excuse to ban me for a month-12 days left until I’m out of metaverse jail again. Yet I said the exact same thing on my other account and nothing happened, it just proves they only ban certain ones. Use MeWe or Vero instead..Version: 401.1

Facebook is deadI can’t believe what Facebook has become. From a cool Student Network, I personally signed up in 2007, to a data stealing, ad infested, racist ridden, completely broken network. You can’t even sign up for a new profile these days because you get instantly suspended after sign up, you come not even this close to see your new profile. Your sign up systems are so broken, all new users can do is appeal the broken sign up process. Facebook asks you for a phone number and they want a ‘real’ picture of you and then you have to wait. If they want you in their new private facebook fan club, you can successfully log in the next day, if you’re not worth it they’ll just deactivate your profile after 30 days and give your the middle finger as a thank you for providing them your private phone number, email address and profile picture. Who knows what they do with the data. No support, no rules, no nothing. Completely broken network running by criminals. I hope Facebook is going down and never comes back to life. Facebooks good times are over..Version: 393.0

CCP ControlledFact Checkers are hacks for the CCP!.Version: 300.0

Community guidelines - issues with removing inappropriate content.I have reported some very indecent and vile media that has been portrayed on Facebook some very nasty, cruel and hateful speech towards certain religions and groups... I have reported it quite simply because it’s unacceptable and should not be there for others to see... Each time I have reported each of these instances I have been messaged to say that the post, media, content or comment has not gone against your community guidelines. I’m sorry but if you do not realise that racism, religious hatred and comments that are clearly mocking and going against religious groups are totally unacceptable and totally disgusting then what sort of platform are you providing? Facebook is used by Teenagers (over the age of 13 - who are still young and should be protected) young adults, adults and people of all professions, disciplines and backgrounds it goes beyond me when you have guidelines and methods of reporting and when used you get a message to say that it doesn’t violate your guidelines... something needs to be done about this. It’s not safe, it’s discriminatory, it circulates racism and allows for hatred clearly to be expressed when content isn’t being removed that is totally unacceptable..Version: 319.0

App does not even workInstalled the app around a year ago and was using it to sell stuff locally. The app worked fine for a few months and then one day the Facebook randomly logged me out for no reason. I tried logging back into my account but an error message popped up saying that there is a unknown error and that i cannot log in. I’m not able to use Facebook at all anymore. No many how many times i try it comes up with the same error. The same error even pops up when trying to log into any account. As it is an unknown error i am not able to find any information on how to fix this and have used all other strategies to try fix the app. I also recently upgraded phones and the exact same problem is occurring on both phones. I am able to log into my account in any other device without problem. I can even use the browser Facebook on the same phones to log into my account. I am also not able to log in on messenger either with the same problem. Very obviously an app problem that still hasn’t been fixed. 0/10 Very poor developers.Version: 399.0

Two factor authentificationI received notifications for about a month pressuring me to turn on two factor authentication. I had no desire to do so. What is wrong with just my password? It’s Facebook, for goodness sakes. Anyway, after a month of this, Facebook turned it on anyway, which subsequently locked me out of my account as I didn’t know the passcodes or whatever. I then had to upload very sensitive information to get temporary passcodes, but couldn’t find the information I needed when I logged in, and it wouldn’t allow me to turn of two factor authentication, rendering the process of submitting sensitive information etc useless. I was also supposed to receive text messages helping me, but never got anything. Again, over a month of trying and not a single one to help. HOWEVER I was receiving messages about my friends updates, so I knew what I was missing out on :/ Facebook has no IT or contact to call or any email that responds. No one can help and it just angered me so much. Incredibly frustrating. I am making no effort to recover this account, even though I’ve had it since 2009, because I’m absolutely over it..Version: 355.0

Dafuq?Why do I have to do more steps to sign In? Very horrible.Version: 235.0

Too many bans for incompetent reasons.I use this app to keep in touch with friends and family, and for business. But I don’t know anymore. You can’t even make a joke on your own sisters post (on her own profile) without getting banned - because the people who work for Facebook either can’t take a joke, or don’t understand different cultures. This app needs to be more understanding and inclusive of different people from around the world, and enable us to have the ability to follow through with reviews and disagreements on bans properly instead of silencing our voices, and wrongly banning and accusing people for things they never did..Version: 365.0

Leaves a lot to be desired…For a social media website that dominates the online world, I’m amazed at how glitchy the iPhone Facebook app continues to be after years and years. From phantom notifications to the endless random faults in the pages section. The Facebook app often drives me up the wall. Editing events seems to be the worst part, the amount of times, I’ve spent hours writing a carefully thought out description, only for it to suddenly disappear when I go to save has meant that I now have to make sure I always copy text and take extra precautions to make sure all the details on events appear the way they are supposed to. Recently, they gleefully announced changes to the pages section and a profile/page switching option. Not much has changed for the better. All the parts that were glitchy are probably still glitchy. Now I seem to get twice the amount of notifications because I’m notified on both my profile and my pages which is quite annoying. As much as I appreciate Facebook for being a leading social media site, I’m still left feeling there is a lot to be desired about the way the application functions on my phone. It could be so much better! A user friendly simplicity seems to be lacking. Apart from that, the lack of accountability by the organisation leaves me speechless. Multinational companies like Meta get away with so much!!.Version: 443.0.0

Too controlling!!I keep joining groups and liking pages, but hardly any of the posts show up on my timeline. Instead I’m being bombarded with new groups. I also get a lot of the same ads over and over again, and endless questions as to whether I want to see more or less of something. If I say yes then I get more of the same, and when I say more, I mean then there’s nothing else! I refuse to answer such simplistic questions. We all know these are stupidly simplistic algorithms. Why can’t I just see what I have already indicated I want to see?? Stop trying to second guess what people may or may not want. Also things are moving around all the time so it’s impossible to keep up and find anything anymore. None of this is enjoyable, it’s confusing. No wonder my friends are no longer posting anything. Or maybe I’m just not seeing their posts?? After all, most of us want to engage with our friends, not a constant stream of new groups that we only see once or twice before they disappear into the mist - or tik tok videos of people and things I loathe. It’s a bloody nightmare, really..Version: 445.0.0

Freedom of speech or political puppetThe behavior of this app misrepresents what it was originally built for. This includes not being able to share what's on your mind and not allowing people to share major life events through posts. Recently the app has been restricting people from expressing themselves and keeping up with people or causes that matter to them the most. Posts have been removed with false accusations. People have not been able to connect or access content which defeats the purpose of using the app. Within reason the app should allow people to express themselves and their concerns, be it even where it is against the thoughts and ideas of the founders of the app. Awareness of any injustice should be allowed to be shared, so even if there was an ounce of truth then there can be help for the cause. Us as users have felt immense pain for the people and children of Palestine. If the founders are not in the same mindframe, that is on their conscience but we as users did not expect this to prevent freedom of speech and the freedom to share information. It is the people that have made this app work but the app is not working for the people..Version: 318.0

The Ban, and loads of other issues.Firstly, to get the big one out of the way. Several or at least one of “Meta’s” owners has been less than civil to say the least when it comes to having competition in the social media scene, you know like everyone else does whilst owning a business or platform. Rather than being original or not flat-out selling everyone’s personal information to stay on top, they do everything they can to remove their competitors from the equation entirely. We know what they’re doing, they know that we know, and it’s not subtle. On top of all of that, I disliked Facebook and Meta before all of this anyways. Not only had they been proven to have sold everyone’s information on several occasions, but the entire platform is riddled with 40+ year olds who get upset when they see someone else enjoying their life, or existence for that matter. You know who i’m talking about (i’m not saying it’s everyone, but it is absolutely most of the app’s users). The UI is extremely counterintuitive, designed to purposely make anything that could result in their users not making Meta every penny they can get, extremely difficult to do (deleting your account for example, which has taken me more than half an hour on some occasions due to their lack of user support) There are a lot more issues to talk about with this app, but these are the ones that speak to me the most and i have encountered personally.Version: 407.1

Stolen account and no help from FacebookMy daughter has had her account since she was 13. She is now 28. Her account was hacked and stolen. The thief even changed her email. She was sent a warning email that asked her if she made the change. She said she didn’t make the change but still can’t log into her old account. The thief changed her public photo with one of my 2 year old granddaughter. So many private photos are in the hands of a criminal and the billion dollar company does nothing!! I can’t post my political or medical opinions without being “spanked”. I’m so disappointed in this app. I used to love Facebook but am completely disappointed in what it has become. My opinion hurts no one. I’m kind to everyone. My friends can decide to block me if they don’t like what I post. I don’t need Facebook deciding what is true and what is not. If I could give it zero stars, I would. Facebook can hide all political posts they don’t like but let thieves and traffickers steal accounts and use them for whatever evil purposes. Our employers might think the stolen accounts are legitimate. Facebook needs to use all the money it makes to help legitimate honest people instead of paying communists companies to stalk honest people, filter our posts, hide them and decide which posts of our friends we are allowed to see. Narcissistic people run this company..Version: 427.1

Fb jail, what a joke!This is a platform not a fact checker..Version: 319.0

Unexpected ErrorBefore today I would have given 5 stars BUT- Every time I try logging in on the Facebook app on my phone it comes up with “An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again”. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app, turned my phone off and on and it’s still coming up with the unexpected error message. I can only log in on the Facebook website on the internet but then when I try use messenger I get the exact same message “An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again”. Also when I woke up this morning, my account had been disabled and nothing will tell me what for, or for how long. When I search my name on my sisters account, I cannot find it. So it’s not just disabled but it’s deleted? I’ve been disabled before and this has never happened. I’ve had people asking me why I’ve deleted Facebook when I haven’t, so I’ve had to make a new one. And also my Instagram account that was connected to my Facebook that got disabled, had 300+ photos of my babies that are now gone. I don’t know what’s going on but over the 9 years I’ve had Facebook this has never happened to me. If someone can try retrieve my account back I would really appreciate that....Version: 293.0

App is not working properly since updateHaven't been able to see notifications or my groups since in updated today 26 June 2020. Uninstalled and reinstalled with no improvement.Version: 276.0

App won’t let me use itWhenever i try to use FaceBook i get a message saying this app isn’t shared with me and I have to buy it! Really!!!! Im hoping this is a bug as software was ‘updated’ a couple days ago..Version: 271.0

Waste of timeEvery 3 posts are an advert , 123 Ad 123 Ad FB restricts what you see and chooses whose posts you see . The posts you do get to see are mostly useless consisting of : Person X is interested in bla bla like I care that this person is interesting in attending a pottery night in a country miles away from me. Person X shared a memory : like I care that this person cuddled their dog 5 years ago!!! What’s happening now ! Person X likes Nike, sponges : like I care what products the people interact with like . Facebook has become an advertising platform and not much else , nothing to do with social networking or interactions. Just ADs in your FACE But try finding a current post of your family or friends, they’re there but like a needle in a hay stake you got to search your friends post out by searching their name and finding their personal page to find out what they’re up to . Facebook are a greedy interfering meddling nasty corporation who had something amazing but just couldn’t and can’t let it be , they just have to pry into your personal stuff and decide for you what posts of YOUR FRIENDS you are are allowed to see and how often or not . I despise Facebook and will celebrate when they crash out of the market . I look forward to a new and better social media platform , the time is ripe for one ..Version: 360.0

Censorship now aboundsI’ve been using Facebook for over 10 years. In recent months they implemented a tiered system to manage comments on posts. Instead of showing “all comments” on posts the default setting is “most relevant”. I’ve tried to make my default setting “all comments”, but I can’t see how to do that. If there are enough comments a drop down allows you to choose “all comments”. However if there is only one comment there is no option to see it. The comment section remains blank except for a watermark style message saying most relevant is chosen. That is censorship. Who decides what is relevant to me? Some technician at FB apparently. I’ll be forced to abandon FB if this isn’t fixed. FIX THIS!!.Version: 229.0

Present review of FBGreat way of reuniting and keeping in touch with friends and relatives. Do not need posts on news page of all the comments and likes of my friends' friends. Leads me to believe that a lot of privacy has been lost. Also too commercial now with all the ads inserted in main part. Also we used to be able to easily hide posts from friends without defriending permanently. In trying to find important posts from friends now it is much too time consuming to scroll past all the garbage. Used to love checking FB a couple times a day. Find myself looking at it less and less and much more discreet in personal comments. My comments haven't changed much. I do find when using phone or iPad app I have difficulty getting to settings to eliminate having their comments or likes of friends appear on my page. Ditto what I recently wrote. Since upgrading this app in Oct 2014, it has gone further downhill. When wanting to add a pic, I used to be able to go to an album in iPhoto, but now I can't. In other words, I would keep all the cute pics for birthdays in one album. Now I have to hunt for a picture. Also, there are ads covering up parts of articles and have trouble closing the ad so I can read the article. Some comments stay the same. Nice to have FB in phone especially when out or traveling. Don't like ads which are hard to close covering up articles. I'm one that is not interested and fast forward TV to skip commercials..Version: 443.0.0

👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽1) this app keeps crashing on iphone xr which is annoying & 2) we should be able to customise to quick access buttons on the bottom of the app! i manage a work page and i dont want to be forced to see all the notifications and stuff from there at all times. those who want it should have the option to add it there - but those like me who don't want anything other than notifications qnd the marketplace should also have that option! not sure what genius is designing the app & controlling the updates but would suggest getting rid of them because it's just adapting to a complete non-user-friendly app! BOOOOO.Version: 229.0

Shame on FBI am absolutely sick of of FB pushing their in adverts geared to our clicks which is very annoying & controlling, During this plandemic the public are now more awake & when was the right of any other credited Scientist or Doctor not be able to have their voice heard. We know the MSM is being controlled just like the British did in the World War with their controlled propaganda. I will never ever support organisations like FB, Twitter, instragram, that control FREEDOM OF SPEECH when they are suppose to be INDEPENDENT...The moment a social Networking app stops FOS audiences will move away. In fact it is organisations like FB, Twitter who are suppose to give a platform for people to express their views even if it means the Pharmaceutical controlled medical establishments disagree. Private Corporations in Florida will now be able to sue FB for any basis on not giving the right to their view point. When was it not allowed to have an independent view point on the experimental not approved Jabs. Why is FB stopping the public from reporting their family’s deaths or horrendous serious adverse disabilities from these DNA changing Jabs. We the people will know do a fact check on the FACTCHECKERS themselves and hope you will print that!! SHAME ON YOU FB, TWITTER for aiding and betting the genocide being carried out on the world population...Version: 319.0

How the mighty have fallenYou just got a shake your head about this so-called social media app. And the fact that your market place has become a playground for scam artist, crooks and well. I got a few other choice words, but I’ll hold my tongue anytime you post something on marketplace now, and it seems to be the majority or women out of the 500 or so request for a phone number every time I post an item it’s a woman with no profile just want the phone number. I don’t know what they use them for. I heard it’s to do some kind of Google coding or something how to use it to make money somehow and Facebook does nothing about it. Good job Facebook security y’all are more concerned about somebody posted something religious. animal cruelty, a major issue shown on Facebook for people to laugh at and the actors Guild must come on here and watch all the fake plays that people put on about cheating in just crazy mentally disturbed stuff which I mainly concerned about getting people‘s info so you can use it for whatever purposes you deem fit that’s why y’all are getting sued for selling peoples information and letting everybody under the moon get access to it. It looks like you’ll eventually goes away of my space. My space had a good idea with the music. I don’t know what happened to them, but I’ll give it a few more years and Facebook will be gone and I won’t miss him that’s for sure.Version: 422.0

CompromisedThis app seems so easily compromised. I have lost search; market listing and the ability to report these problems. This is now the second time I’m downloading the app after trying to log out and refresh it. When I do log out, or so it seems I have done so, directly after I can load the app and find that I have nogg to logged out at all! Yesterday there was a a great deal of the disintegration of the cancelling networking that allows discrete groups of people to control the online experiences of people they want to exclude. The practice is insidious in that those who can do it and can encourage others to do it are very often the young boys studying computer sciences who having very poor social skills are manipulated into such activities for nothing more than social credits, like being thought of as “cool.”! When is it ever going to be possible to go online and not have your online experience tampered with so that one CAN participate and contribute to what communities are doing. Elitist communities are as toxic as the billionaire they say they are organising against..Version: 381.0

It has access to my WI-FII just found out if I use Facebook on any of my devices it will have access to my WIFI..Version: 407.1

Simply does not work. Worst app.Notifications don’t work. Quite often the notifications are for things that are days or weeks old, and no longer relevant. The search function does not work. The search function only ever gives you results that you don’t want. If there is a specific post that you know exists, the search function will find everything except for that. If you want to search for a specific person, you will get 100 people with that name, with no way to narrow it down to the person that you want. Don’t even try to contact technical support or customer service. Most likely, they won’t answer at all. If they do respond, they will send a canned response saying the problem is solved, even though nothing has changed. They keep adding new features that don’t work, and that no one asked for. Meanwhile, the core functions get worse with each new gimmick. People I know personally, and would like to interact with, I don’t see their posts. People I’ve never met, and can hardly remember why we are friends, I see all their posts whether I want to or not. I could go on for days about all the things wrong with Facebook. It is the app I use most on any given day because I’m required to use it for my work. I will by so happy when Facebook finally dies and is replaced by something that actually works the way Facebook claims to work..Version: 444.0.0

UncontrollableIt’s disgraceful that there’s no way to contact anyone, when you report a scam and not be able to put relevant information is unacceptable and to find most reports are rejected and not removed while Facebook members are being taken financially is irresponsible and again disgraceful. It’s even more shady that reported posts are hidden from the person reporting but remain on the site while members posting funnies and memes are locked out for a period of time especially when in multiple cases what you deem as inappropriate is absolutely incorrect, 1 example would be a post on Down Syndrome posted by the mother of a Down Syndrome child!!! Marketplace and the majority of advertising is full of scams and lies and I’ve had the misfortune on 2 occasions to fall victim to them, 1 in Marketplace which cost me $4500 AUS and she’s still ripping off people even though it was reported and $250 AUS in the advertising ads which was also reported and posts put up by multiple people warning about it, all who reported it, yet it still remains. You need to look closely at how you do this.Version: 444.0.0

Facebook sucksThis app does not condone the freedom of speech. Your platform will be censored and banned whenever you express your personal opinion. They also promote fake news and misinformation on important events and even health. Generally it is a puppet for the governments anti-human agenda..Version: 407.1

Porn Book, as of 2024I just un installed this. I’m hoping, I will see less pornographic content now. But, I’m not sure I will. It started in marketplace, then started appearing in ads under reels I was watching. I’ve reported them, to no avail. See, I’ve figured out how they are getting by with it. The ads for a split second, are clothing ads. Then, they switch to pornographic ads. I’m guessing just enough time passes that the robotic checks in their software, can’t pick up on it. I do find it a bit concerning, if people can do that, what else can they do on mass levels? This is not a 12 and up app. Not with porn all over in the ads. I’ve never seen this issue before until February of 2024 but, I did google it. It’s actually been an issue since 2013. I’m a guy, and it still angers me. If I wanted to look at porn, I wouldn’t be browsing Facebook. I’ve noticed a lot of people that used to be online, all the time no longer are. I’m wondering if this porn problem, is the reason why. I’ve talked to several of my friends about it. It seems like it’s targeting only those marked as male on their profiles. So, a pretty simple solution, would be for Facebook to spoof everyone as female in the software. They should be the ones doing all this research. Not me. I’m just hoping this works. Re installing the program. Then, I’m going through my friends list making sure I don’t have any bots as friends..Version: 450.0.0

Suspended for unknown reasonI believe that Facebook Pages Manager may be compromised. I downloaded it to try and manage my business pages a little easier and was informed later that day that a page which is not active and is unpublished so not visible to the public had posted something violating community standards concerning “child sexual exploitation”. I was horrified! I am a portrait photographer and there was an image on a separate page of a mother and her son, but it was not the page that was flagged. I believe I was hacked. I asked for a review and was told they might not have the manpower to do that. I did not have an opportunity to defend myself or explain that I believe I was hacked. Needless to say, I lost my personal account as well as a successful business page. I went about a month before I tried setting up a new account yesterday. I only set it up to access an educational Facebook group pertaining to my business and to shop on marketplace. The only information I put up were a profile picture and a cover photo and joined that group. This morning I messaged someone on Marketplace about a rocking chair they had listed being kid size. They asked me to confirm my phone number and I don’t know if it’s been flagged from my last account, but as soon as I did, I immediately received a suspended message. Talk about zero context. I don’t think I’ll try again. Bye bye Facebook..Version: 380.0

Notifications issueFacebook is worse customer service, no contact or email to resolve issues, from FB apps sent few messages for resolve my problem for not getting sms or any push messages but no one helps me, please can someone help me? My all notifications on but still I never received.Version: 325.0

Funny you’d tempt me to write a review of this site Facebook…We have the morals we can afford, so we stay. Because F/book has ingrained itself so much into our day to day existence - got a business? It’s an invaluable tool. Got friends and/or families overseas? - it’s cheaper than a phone call… Gotten so used to scrolling to avoid boredom, you don’t really know what you’d do without it? - well, yeah there’s no subjunctive clause to that one so… Facebook has become more a tool for bad than good in society. Unscrupulous people use it’s soft power to influence people into awful beliefs that would have been incomprehensible to them back when MySpace and Bebo were pretty much it. They pay to push these ideas out into the ether. We consume them, alongside ads for Temu, perfumes, streaming sites and various other things to the tune of, apparently 5,000 ads a day. These interruptions to our scrolling may help Mr Zuckerberg keep the lights on, but they - often through terrible content farmed material - allow the normalisation of racism, transphobia, anti-wokeism, and more. From massacres of Rohingya muslims in Bangladesh to election fixing in Trinidad & Tobago you really are a precious gift Facebook :( If only you were a gift we could return to sender….Version: 443.0.0

Can’t protect my privacyI hate the fact that I can’t delete my old profiles. My phone number changed a couple of times and I lost my passwords (and can’t retrieve my password because my phone number changed. A cycle that goes nowhere). Without either of these I don’t have access to my own account to delete it. One of my two accounts I don’t have access to has many old pictures and personal videos I want to keep private and not allow anyone access to anymore for personal reasons. But I can’t. Anyone has access to them now and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I tried all their alternative ways to access my account. I did what was asked but was met with no response on FB’s side. So now FB has THAT personal information I submitted because they asked for it as the alternative way to access my account as well. But they didn’t respond. They just kept my information with that too. And I can’t get that information back either. I should be able to delete an old account to protect my privacy and feel safe. Facebook doesn’t allow this. Maybe they’re trying to keep their # of profiles up to keep looking attractive to the companies they do business with, so they make it hard or impossible to delete your own profile when necessary and they keep you locked out of it. This is unethical for FB to do. Very disappointing. I used to enjoy this app/SM site..Version: 364.0

FACEBOOK IS DANGEROUSFacebook has been complicit in the hiding and censoring of critical information to drive their own narrative. They censor information with “fact checkers” that are in bed with companies involved in the very facts they are checking. They are censoring people for all opposing views to theirs, and now they are stopping very important information from being shared in relation to deaths, actual deaths from the vaccine. They suppress any information that doesn’t fit with the man made climate change rhetoric, they are actually shutting down pages that vaccine injured people have come together to support one another and call it a ‘public health risk’ (the irony of that) They suppress information about successful treatments of Covid. The list just goes on and on They actively promote left leaning ideals, and seek to remove the middle or middle right ideals. they do NOT support liberty - They are ‘communists in waiting’ A terrible app, I cannot wait for it to die a quick and horrible death.Version: 320.0

What a clunky, glitchy platform this has become!The page jumps all over the place as the app tries to flood ads onto you, mostly for products that turn out to be "not as advertised" and from fraudulent traders, or meme-aganda peddlers. Videos won’t load or scroll, and when they do, they’re full of intrusive ads shoved in at the most inopportune moment. Commenting becomes difficult as the delay between pressing a key and it appearing is about a second, with a second gap between the next. The site is so preoccupied with rinsing your info, it causes lots of buffering and freezes, yet with all that info gathered, they still "recommend" the most bizarre and inappropriate pages which they force into your feed with no implication or consent from you. The only real use for facebook these days is a quick trawl through once a week to see what the ‘influencers’ are trying to convince the useful idiots about this month. As an intelligence gathering tool, it has it’s merits, but if you require anything more than that, it’s quicker and easier to just get a taxi round all your mates houses and show them the picture of your lunch that you so desperately want them to approve of..Version: 318.0

Used to be greatThis app used to be great, a way to keep in touch with friends & family who are overseas. Now all I get is adverts, people you think I should know, an abusive ex taken off of my blocked list & added as a friend, my whole account got banned without any rhyme or reason, telling me what frames to put around my profile picture, if I wanted a covid frame, I’d add one, so stop hassling me about it, no freedom of speech at all, can’t even write the word hate as it’s against standards. “Fact checkers” haven’t got a clue what they’re going on about & contradict themselves constantly, you can’t express your views especially if Facebook doesn’t agree with them, but happy to collect all your data & sell the information on to third parties. I just happened to check out an advert for a conservatory this week despite living in a block of flats & not on the ground floor, I’ve had so many phone calls from people trying to sell me a conservatory. I don’t see anything that my friends or family post until about 3-5 days later!! Sort it out Facebook or I will delete my account..Version: 319.0

Facebook crashingI must say, I’ve tried every attempt to get Facebook back up and running again ever since it started to crash in early December 2019. But my attempts have failed, now Facebook is up and running for other people who have experienced this bike crash but I’m still having problems myself. For example when I try to open the app, the screen goes blank for at least a couple of seconds and then it kicks me off the app not even letting me open it at all, please Facebook do something about it.Version: 254.0

My reviewFACEBOOK IS THE MOST HYPOCRITICAL APP AND POSSIBLY THE WORST SOCIAL MEDIA APPS PERIOD this is supposed to be a "Open opinion" no judgment for conversations or debates or just a fun app to share memes and stay connected with friends and family however you use it might I say may cause you to be "Blocked" for either several hours the first couple times of being "Warned" by Facebook if they take down one of your posts for whatever reason they pick (For no apparent reason) and you will start off with a few hours to a few days or even MONTHS and I believe some get their account deleted completely because of Facebook disagreements on peoples posts and you may think "Hm I don't post nothing bad" or "That won't happen to me" trust me there will be one post and you will share it and Facebooks very hypocritical self will take down your posts and even block you account meanwhile for Facebook being so "Wanna keep Facebook a safe place" | see a lot of disturbing and down right horrible things online (people dying, accidents, cartel videos of people getting chopped up, Drugs, fights) and just way more than you can ever think you'd see on a app that apparently wants to keep everyone safe why not worry about the posts that you should be worrying about I have been blocked for quite a while now and soon will be "Unblocked" for weeks finally and am now writing a review before deleting this app..Version: 413.1

The pornography issueHi, I hope others and Facebook see this review and actually do something about the pornography and soft pornography that is actively posted on this platform. I occasionally go on Facebook to see if anyone has sent anything to me. Today I decided to scroll into the feed and within 4 posts I see this post and a story showing pornography of women. I report it and tell Facebook to show less of what I just saw. I refreshed the page 5 time and each time I did I saw another post and story of pure pornography. Facebook should be ashamed to say there website is for people 12 and older. I’m a 17 years old guy who now days can’t go in social media without seeing a half naked or completely naked women. I’ve had to remove myself from every platform so I can’t see soft or hardcore pornography. Imagine how it is for boys younger than me and it rots their mind and poisons them from within. I beg Facebook to actually make an effort to ban all pornography accounts or sexual activity on their site so that kids can go on social media without stumbling onto pornography and going down a dark path of addiction and mental abuse..Version: 451.0.4

Control freaksReally bad, control freaks, with a jail system, fbook police, etc etc, spyiing with your microphone…. Really bad.Version: 330.0

What???I’m writing this on behalf of my mother. The most recent update for Facebook has made everything smaller on her iPad screen. She is legally blind with the ability to see somethings as long as they are big enough for her too see. With the update making everything smaller, she is extremely frustrated so I would like to request a ‘viewer settings’ tab where you can personalise how an individual wishes to view the app. If someone wants to enable a feature where they can zoom in on any given area of the page they’re viewing, that they can. Or being able to adjust the setting to view in a night or day mode (night being where the background is dark while the writing is white and the day mode being the current version). I feel like this may make it easier for people with lesser eyesight like my mother and it would also be easier to adjust to the brightness of a persons Facebook app if they were to open Facebook at night. Thank you, Sincerely, J..Version: 201.0

Love Facebook but...You really need to sort out commenting on Facebook posts. I can’t even explain what’s wrong with it but if I sent you a video of my problem I’m sure you’d want to look at it straight away. It’s physically impossible to write a comment and look at what you are writing, after the first line you can’t see it and to click what word you want to correct is impossible as when I go to scroll up to look at what I’ve wrote it gets rid of the whole commenting section and when I click back to my comment I was in the middle of writing it’s not there anymore and I have to attempt to re write my comment. I don’t understand why the comments are all random now. Why can’t it be the way it originally was, easy to use. Like the way the branch off each other it doesn’t make sense. I find myself say there for ages trying to figure out where someone has responded to me or other people always find myself searching for ages. It’s been like it for too long you need to sort out facebook posts and commenting. Thank you.Version: 400.0

What the hellCan we please stick to one lay out? I’m really getting over all these stupid pointless changes. One minute it’s very easy to use and everything is accessible then the next minute, tabs that were once useful become useless or disappear, such as market place which I use quite regularly. The tab is at the bottom of the screen with notifications tab and other tabs is there one day and gone the next and then I have to actually search market place in the search bar just to access it. One day the lay out looks nice and easy to use and then the next it’s gone back to bare basics looking like Facebook of 2010 again. Please just stick to one thing at a time. I’m really getting over all of the constant changes. Changes every so often aren’t a problem but my Facebook on my phone on others phones literally changes on a monthly basis. It’s annoying and unnecessary..Version: 235.0

It use to be fun… it’s disgraceful now!!!It has gotten so bad with monitoring which I can understand within reason but I have been on there for 1 million years I never threaten … I stay out of arguments and I stay away from anything that Facebook has to offer because I have already been scammed a number of times they monitor you but they don’t monitor the number of people that are hacking other peoples accounts. That’s just one issue the issue is really go on… Now it’s a very leftist communist type of platform that you can only wish people happy birthday a happy anniversary congratulations my deepest sympathy an engagement just simple things things like that. Get into politics or controversial issues they are censoring you and if they don’t like what you say or do or watch … they will extra watch everything you do… just so they can punish you until you behave accordingly to Facebook and their rules. They were never this bad if you get the app you’ll see for yourself but it’s very disappointing it’s an end to an era with Facebook for me. And I’m glad. They are very sick people and they have nothing but sick of people running it. Yes it’s an opinion but it’s also been my experience. If you do join I wish you all the luck you’re gonna need it. Just behave the way they want you to and you shouldn’t have a problem …. At least for a while. 🙄🙄🙄.Version: 354.0

Can no longer swipe left on an iPad.For the last month or so I have been waiting for an update so the one I had which now stops me from seeing comments, or being able to comment on live shows will be fixed. I only have this issue in my iPad and I have heard others have the same. The live is now surrounded by a black background which is annoying. I preferred the white that I can still get in my desktop. I can make a comment that is seen as I have had people respond but I can be involved in anything being said. Yes I’ve tried everything possible to be able to see comments again. Just had a new update that didn’t fix the problem at all. So frustrating..Version: 250.0

Glitches and no fixes in sightI use Facebook primarily for the market place, which by itself is an awesome platform. It’s much more user friendly and less fee driven than Etsy. That is where the good ends I’m afraid. The app and messenger sidecar constantly have issues updating, showing correct information, presenting errors, not sharing between devices, and show “unread” messages. The updating issues stem from updated listing items. Items on discount don’t always show to the public. I get messages that there are offers on items or that an item has sold and marketplace won’t let me connect to those messages. You have to really really dig to find them. There isn’t a way to filter unread messages and a whole host of notifications give you an unread message notification. If I contact someone about their item and they sell it to someone else or mark it pending I get a message notification but unless I find the exact conversation, that someone sold an item on, it remains in the corner. It can be hard to keep up with actual buyers when the notifications are just red herrings most of the time. For the amount of money Facebook makes and hopefully a whole team of well payed programmers it employees it is ridiculous the amount of issues on the app. Don’t even get my started on the ipad version, you can’t even use it in tandem with your commerce account..Version: 340.0

Obvious censorship of conservative viewpointsPretty clear they censor conservative speakers and are terrible with this nonsense.Version: 300.0

RubbishSo fb keep banning me and the reason they say is for bullying. Utter rubbish. I’m just stating facts most of the time to stupid idiots who post stupid things. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist on Fb. They’re to quick to ban you and we have to put up with it because there’s no way of speaking to anyone to explain your actions. There’s an oversight board which you take time to complete yet they only get selected for review randomly. In the last 4 months I’ve had 3 29 day bans 🤬 I get notifications of updates on reports etc yet when I go to click on it ot takes me to an inbox which is empty so I don’t know the outcome. Same with notifications on my posts , I click on notification and I can’t see any reply from that notification. They also need to change the “community standards” because I’m sick of these bans for speaking my mind not being aggressive just to the point yet there’s plenty of videos of violence, animal cruelty and abuse yet they’re ok ? and don’t go against community standards? Sort it out FB because for me I’ve had enough , I’ve deleted the app and once my ban is up I’ll be deleting my account..Version: 372.0

Honestly this app is a joke.This app is straight up one of the most disappointing things to ever happen. To start, marketplace has disappeared for months now which is very inconvenient because it was the most useful thing about Facebook. Secondly whenever I search in any groups I’m in it crashes and black screens my phone. On top of all this it gives me fake notifications, I go on and suddenly the little red icon has disappeared. Considering this app is used by millions of people I would expect it to be a little bit more user friendly and not be so trash. Please improve it, immediately!.Version: 229.0

Custom Service, do you even exist?For years I have been on Facebook and have had some issues with friends accounts and other accounts being hacked and no one on Facebook was there to help. Also, I had sold some things on Marketplace and was NEVER paid out for some of it. I tried multiple avenues to reach out to someone from Facebook to assist me in fixing all of these issues and NO ONE, I mean literally NOT A SINGLE ONE helped me nor was there an actual number to find to call that would help. What makes company's run smoothly is customer service lines and assistance, Facebook has neither! I find myself wondering why I’m still on this app if it’s not safe like that and the only reason I can find is that it’s to keep up with my family and friends that I can’t talk to everyday. But I think sometime soon, if they can’t have an actual customer service, that for the safety of myself and everyone else on this app it will need to be deleted. Lastly, I want to emphasize that I would not be saying this site is unsafe if they had an easily accessible customer service line. That’s literally all they need. That’s it. And they still haven’t done it? There is still not customer service. After all these years? Why? How many more lawsuits is it going to take for them to realize that maybe you could cut your legal fees if you just had some? My advice is, if you get on this app, be very cautious and aware of what is going on here..Version: 444.0.0

Terrible AppOver the last year or two, this app has gotten worse and worse. 1) Almost 100% of the time, it does NOT accept any input emoji (thumbs up, smiley, sad, etc). 2) When you open up your notifications, and then close them, they USED TO no longe be highlighted, as if they haven’t been read, but over the last about year, that NEVER happens. You have to refresh the app to get the notifications to display that they have been read already. 3) When you reply to a post, it doesn’t show up without refreshing the app. 4) When you reply to a post, the reading pane goes completely wonky - it’s difficult to describe what it does, but you can’t even read the comments because it won’t scroll. 5) When you reply, more often than not, it won’t even let you reply. 6) When you reply, most of the time, it won’t even display a reply section, but let’s you type as if you are replying. 7) When you reply, if you try to reread the OP, your reply disappears, which requires you to close the app and reopen it and start all over again with your reply, IF it even lets you reply like stated in 4, 5, and 6 above. Needless to say, the app is disgustingly bad over the last year or so, let alone the propensity of the company to push a political narrative on people while shadow banning, or outright banning, people who DARE to question the extreme liberal ideology the company pushes on people!.Version: 390.1

TerribleFor such a large profitable company, the Facebook app is terrible. Firstly, I left Facebook a few months back. I recently returned and went to create a new account fine. Within 30 minutes my account was locked, upload a picture of my face, then account deactivated, appealed, uploaded drivers licence, this happened about 4 times until now I finally have a working account. Terrible customer service, no one to call and probably no humans blocking accounts and just algorithms. Now I have the app. Every time I load the app, the first thing it does is say no friends, add friends, then within 3-5 seconds my news feed appears. Battery life is terrible. The app is not optimised for larger screens. No split screen support on the iPad. The iPhone app is slightly better, it is like Facebook doesn’t care about tablets, even though Messenger is well optimised for larger screens. They say there are updates every 2 weeks, but if anything, each update makes the app worse. It is like Facebook has no real serious competition so they are not bothered with creating a decent app or website because they know people will put up with it..Version: 149.0

Just a big snowflake a blizzard more like itCan’t have freedom of speech can’t make jokes to friends can’t even call someone a potato (it’s literally written in the rules as an example of bullying) I’ve started to give up on Facebook they don’t care and they allow horrible things on it but the average person can’t even make a joke or say something and have to censor out basically every word that could be deemed “offensive” you can’t even call out people for doing horrible things without a punishment from baby Facebook . It’s just an app now for people to push there false agenda and if Facebook disagrees it’s instant punishment or if the horrible broke system detects the slightest “offensive” word it’s a punishment a horrible disgusting app it takes our rights away I’m not American and it’s literally taking our rights away by not allowing freedom of speech (understandable if it’s targeting or a really bad thing that was said) even if it’s not offensive in any way literally you could call a friend a monkey as a joke and get banned or restricted. This is also an example in harassment and bullying can’t even call people a sheep a goat a fox anything the app is an absolute joke horrible app everything about it is broke and corrupt..Version: 299.0

CensorshipCensorship is NOT cool, this was supposed to be a free so each platform. You have allowed political beliefs taint your professional ethical judgement.Version: 300.0

Fix your app especially the violationsI continue to get violations for music rights when I’m using your app! Or Instagram which is also your app to forward my stories to Facebook and reels and I use the music button to add the music on my videos at this point it’s pretty annoying to have 30 opened violations waiting for review which also causing my account to not work correctly such as messaging people until you fix this issue for music rights when I’m using your app to add the music! Please fix your app because at this point tik tok is way better in my eyes and makes me wonder why any one still uses it! Espically with all the fake accounts and hackers trying to get into my account which was also verified forever until another issue which I’m currently dealing with trying to get someone from your app to respond and actually look at the photos of proof my payment went thru Apple and my bank showing payment received and to add back on the Meta verified check mark back onto my account. You might want to figure out a way customers can actually reach customer support thru a phone number because your options to get to anyone to help fix This is horrible luckily I’m not older with no computer knowledge because anyone that doesn’t have or know about computers or how to look for things in your app would have given up a long time ago to get their money back by now..Version: 435.2

Annoying and inaccurate fact checkersSo many pages I follow that are simply expressing themselves or posting informative material relevant to their page are being blocked. Or threatened to be permanently closed with little explanation. I cannot see how it breaches anything or warrants these weird fact checking pop ups. Most of the fact checkers appear to be biased and I cannot help but wonder their accuracy and intentions. It’s extremely annoying. The pages I follow have good intentions and only a little controversial and I cannot easily see how it breaches anything. The explanations are extremely vague and unhelpful. It surely doesn’t warrant the unnecessary blocks it’s getting. It’s also weird when I report really awful trash and pornography it seems to either take forever to be reviewed or not removed. Double standards. Why are companies/random Facebook checkers determining what people can and cannot say, share, like, and post. Please do not suppress free speech, thought, and expression..Version: 297.0

Not a fan anymoreWhat a sad state Zuckerberg has lead Meta/FB into. I considered deleting this app about 3 yrs ago when the ads started to overtake my feed. However I thought it was a minor annoyance that I could work/edit to help eliminate through time and changes in my personal settings. Now I will delete my FB, bc I’m so annoyed with the CEOs behavior. I feel there’s plenty of room in the social media world for other apps that might compete. Yet Zuckerberg lobbied hard to bring help Congress build a case to ban Tiktok. This took it too far for me. Seriously, FB has many data privacy issues and is a huge risk for US citizens and our government security. It’s even had a breach where Russia tried to manipulate our Presidential elections. Congress should get real about who’s really violating the US’s privacy and stop lying to manipulate the narrative all for your personal interest. If it’s data insecurity, Tiktok has secured our data better than any current US application. So that can’t be the problem. We (U.S. citizens) are tired of dealing with a Congress that operates under a misguided, hypocritical agenda, and is one that can be bought by corrupt, spoiled tech CEOs. What we can thank Zuckerberg for is opening our eyes & showing us who not to vote for as our representatives. Good luck Zuckerberg. Maybe losing your user base/revenue will now give you something to really cry over..Version: 407.1

كندابسبب محاربة وتمييز ضد المحتوى الفلسطيني المظلوم عالمياً.Version: 271.0

App not openingI have had FB for 15 years. Today I open it and it didn’t work. I checked to see if there was a update and I try this very latest one. Next thing you know the app doesn’t open at all. I’m seeing all these reviews about not being able to edit last post, I have noticed that you can’t share a post to your story if it’s a video. There’s so many issues with this Facebook app these days. The developers have changed the flow and the ease of using the app. This is so frustrating. People are not able to change the passwords if they lost their phone numbers. So you lose your family history and memories when this happens. I’ve had one Facebook claim that I violated terms I went directly to the office to trying to fuel the matter because my whole marriage and children’s lives were in it and I was forever lost collected by the Facebook company. This is a terrible control that we’ve given a social element Needless to say my app will not open. Another issue is when you try to reset your password and it tells you to name people and your Facebook friends list many of us have thousands of people who are not genuinely our friends but people we’ve just connected with over time that we barely know the names of we just know that they speak to us. We need to create a back up system where we have phone number and email and a back up email with in Facebook like Google set up..Version: 388.0

Marketplace reviews have disappeared & continuous refresh sound on home pageMy marketplace reviews are nowhere to be seen on my Marketplace profile anymore even though I know I have 7 reviews with 5 star ratings for each. When I click on my Marketplace profile, there’s no reviews there and when I click on my name in my own listing, there’s no stars or reviews underneath my name. The Marketplace “Sell” tab sometimes isn’t there so you have to try and view your listings & sell a listing another way, not sure if this is a glitch but it was never like that. All badges on marketplace have gone too. My “Highly Rated Seller” badge has also disappeared from my Marketpkace profile even though I can see it in some groups I post to. What has happened? Not to mention the continuous refresh sound on the home page every time you scroll! It’s become very glitchy, I have tried to log out and re install the app but nothing is working. Please fix this!.Version: 450.0.0

OkayEdit 22 Dec 2020: You have a lot of people unhappy with you but it must be grand to be so rich you can ignore your customers’ complaints. So, I’m going to ask for one (1) thing... please make the fb avatar available for everyone on all devices in *all* regions around the world. I’m in Australia and use the iPad and I still don’t have access to the fb avatars. When did they first come out? Extremely disappointed. Edit 22 June 2020: I’ve just updated the Facebook app on my iPad and it won’t open. I’ve even shut down the iPad and restarted it with the same results. I am unable to use the Facebook app. Team I had to remove the app then reinstall it. Original review: Works fine for me but please give a sort feature for the wall feed in the iPhone version. I'm sick and tired of looking at stuff days old when I want to see the new stuff. If it's already there then I can't find it..Version: 300.0

All changed!!Facebook was great to use in the beginning, but now all I see is political posts but only what is allowed bu Facebook! I’ve written several posts that have nothing to do with certain things and yet I’m fact checked?! Puzziling! How desperate are Facebook spies to keep stuff off there! Surely it’s supposed to be a platform where you can share how you feel without Facebook (not family and friends) having an opinion! Marketplace has changed, I can’t even post an ad without it going against something! I wanted to sell some trainers and Facebook decided they were fake, they weren’t even branded and I didn’t put that in the ad! I can’t advertise my business without it going against community standards and now I worry when talking to people through messenger as I don’t believe my conversations aren’t being watched! Plus I’ve known people to get banned for the silliest of comments yet there is bullying and disgusting behaviour going on all the time! So basically stay away, this social networking gives you - no freedom, no social networking unless Facebook allows it! DO NOT GET THIS APP!.Version: 319.0

Stay away; buggy app and support is impossible to findFacebook doesn’t care about its customers, other than counting them in an active users statistic. Their faulty AI algorithm (with Zuckerberg at the helm of the company, it’s not at all surprising the algorithm is faulty!) thinks it detected a login from a new device for my account. I’m given only one option to resolve the problem, to login from a device that I’ve previously used for Facebook. Problem is, when I try to login with any device that I’ve previously used, I get the same message. There’s no apparent way to prove I’m the real owner of the account. Lots of forum searches have reinforced that there is no way past this; I’m locked out of my own account with no way back in. I could start a new account, but that wouldn’t have my previous contacts or content. Here’s the really great part (sarcasm alert)… Facebook makes it nearly impossible to get support. They don’t have a support phone number or chat web page where you can ask questions; they only display static content. Apparently they don’t want to incur the cost of helping users fix the problems that their lousy product designers create. Some forums seem to imply that minimal support is available once logged in, but since I can’t log in, I can’t attest to that. When people warn of the dangers of AI, Facebook engineers are one group they should highlight!.Version: 441.1

Lack of optionsIt’s become so hard to even log out of Facebook and messenger. A while ago my account got hacked and one day I could access it so I decided to delete that account but it take so much time to delete something that by right is mine of Facebook. Well fast forward to today my other Facebook account is still there after I asked Facebook to delete it and now I can’t even log into that account. If there was an option to give zero stars to Facebook that would have been it but I have to settle by giving them one star..Version: 456.0.0

Bug on FacebookFacebook keeps threatening me for innocent posts while leaving scammers bullies etc run free I’ve got disability n depend on it for connection n isolation n all thr threats of restricting my account for no reason etc is affecting my mental health also ppl not seeing my posts I share n being falsely accused of things not even doing. Also as of right now there is a bug on it as it’s freezing reloading n missing a lot of share button friends list is missing n comments are missing at the top sp I guess it’s a bug ? Was looking for update but it’s not needing updated but I think it does anyway I use to coke on since 2009 connect with friends in an easy manageable way due to my disability messages are hard n friends are busy n far out so it’s easy to stay in touch this way n look at uplifting posts about my ptsd n battles etc but now I just keep getting threats n mistreated by Facebook or others This time it was over a hornets nest as I’m afraid of them I reacted in a shocked way to seeing how big it was n Facebook said they were going to restrict my account for threatening violence n encitemenr which I never did n never happened ??? Im anxious coming on to Facebook now adays gone are the days where you can use it peaceful without incidents n threats n I’m done n may have to delete my account which I’ve had since 2009 which will also affect my mental health as already dealing with isolation n suicidal struggles.Version: 450.0.0

Random ban for absolutely no reasonWorst app ever. I shared a post, and then TWO WEEKS AFTER SHARING, I get a notification saying that the post has been removed for violating Facebook guidelines. Gives me a 30 day ban. Fair enough. I didn’t think the post went against guidelines so I disagreed with decision. The next day, I had a message in support centre saying “sorry we got this wrong” and they put the post back on Facebook. Again, fair enough. To my great surprise though, despite them apologising for getting it wrong, they’ve not removed my 30 day ban. For 3 weeks now, I’ve been reporting it to them. Clearly no one looks at reports either because still nothing has been done despite reporting multiple times with screenshots. I can’t post, can’t comment on anything, I can’t like posts, I can’t even REMOVE friends, nevermind adding them! absolutely awful app and the day someone makes something that works just as well without the unnecessary censoring of everyone for no reason, I will leave and wont return. Had a Facebook account for years now and it’s gone to absolute pot..Version: 382.1

Left Facebook it’s terms and cons are a jokeI left the app as it’s terms and cons are ridiculous, they basically force you into accepting they have access to anything about you, personal information that you should never have to hand over to anyone! They flag anything they don’t deem appropriate and get rid of facts and make them out to be breaking their policy claiming they “fact check”. Shut everything down unless it fits their narrative including peadophilia, sexually explicit content, spam, violating human rights and freedom. Facebook is a disgrace. They recently deleted a group of hundreds of thousands of people who were sharing their families and their own Bad reactions and bad experience of loss due to the covid-19 Vaccines etc.. not Covid it’s self. A group of people all in the same boat to share their feelings and Facebook deleted it to push the vaccine and only show people and content who want to promote it. If the vaccines are helping the majority, why the need to delete people sharing their bad reactions and deaths from it? You’d leave it there because you would be confident the vaccines are helping the majority....Version: 319.0

Stop taking away good featuresFacebook, I didn’t unfollow all groups to just have them suddenly reappear in my news feed. Now that I’ve tried to remove them, it turns out they’re still all unfollowed & you’re ‘just trying something new’. Most recent was another good feature, gone. Years ago you could set your Facebook settings so no one could see what you comment on. Another good one, gone. Sometimes I feel like I’m being stalked by ‘friends’. It’s difficult to set up good privacy settings eg. Friends lists without using a desktop. Marketplace and buy, swap, sell groups are governed by incredibly random rules. I’ve had items not approved for being offensive or violating terms and it’s just a description of a dress. Ummmm… but when you report disgusting comments they aren’t in violation? Go figure. Just some feedback. But the groups? Bad idea. In addition, why are people I’ve unfollowed now appearing in stories??.Version: 429.2

UselessFacebook been sending me emails for over a week about messages on a deleted account. Been unsubscribed a dozen times still today I am getting them. After theft of $2000 by a business advertising on their platform which is more like a dictatorship they rejected my complaint did nothing to protect future people how is that even close to humanly acceptable facebook 😡 and now despite having items listed for sale I can’t access Facebook or messenger because you require bank card details on a card that had to be blocked and replaced because you did nothing to protect users of platform after $2000 was stolen leaving a disabled person with no form of income at all with no money for board and groceries to at least be able to feed my cat I am flabbergasted and completely disgusted as many users are no wonder people are leaving. Wow really useless still getting emails about messages on deleted account unsubscribed weeks ago but no still get them tried to unsubscribe again but no get message page unavailable or broken yes much like as a platform facebook is useless broken useless things go In rubbish right we’re facebook belongs to.Version: 393.0

Bad app no free speechImpossible to have constitutional free speech. Left application... worst ever.Version: 300.0

Can’t edit posts, can’t see my own likesNow when you read this you probably think oh yeah but Facebook has changed the settings where people can hide their like count etc, I do not mean this.. I mean say you’ve wrote a post, a just bog standard post. You’re intrigued to see who has liked it when you wake up the next morning.. lol I can’t see anything at all it’s just a white blank screen with the loading symbol however no matter how long you sit waiting, still nothing shows. Can no longer edit your posts now. They kept that quiet but yeah. So if you lose a dog or something & want to write an ‘update’ or edit to add.. you can no longer do that. Wish you’d just stop now with all these updates & changing Facebook so much, I preferred it just bog standard & simple. Now it’s just getting ridiculous, constantly changing & half the time when you’re changing Facebook stuff keeps disappearing/ not working!!! I hate how peoples reels/story’s are at the very top of your news feed now, one drunken / accidental click & you’re screwed.. please sort this out!!!!.Version: 380.0

Typical Customer Service and ModerationI don’t normally write reviews on any app store or service provider but I guess today is something different. I’ve had no issues with facebook in terms of the technical side since I wouldn’t use it as much, however, I still had all my friends on that account. Mind you, this is an old account from years ago, where my email was also old and I had no access to it. When I tried to change my email address to the current one, I got logged out from all devices as facebook thought I was supposedly “hacking”. Okay sure, a great way to prevent account theft but what about to those who have forgotten their email passwords? I tried contacting the customer service but they all said the same thing. “Oh provide your date of birth and then try using your email to login” to which it would never work because I don’t have access to that email. I couldn’t get a second option to login at all. I could prove every other way but I wouldn’t be allowed to. :/ Thanks for the help!!.Version: 444.0.0

Predatory PlatformI’d like to give it no stars but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Quelle surprise. To all of us who have entered into an agreement with Facebook we’ve been conned. It is a predatory platform that is anti-democracy and increasingly incites hatred and division amongst us whilst mining our data to feed advertising. It is not a safe place to be for anyone any more and it’s monitoring of hate content and misinformation is truly pathetic (not to mention injurious to those employed to do that foul job). Zuckerberg can say what he likes in its defence but power, domination and the accumulation of wealth are at the core. The sooner it is split up, de-regulated, whatever it takes to curb its reach, the better..Version: 343.1

Problem with Facebook Live on iPhone SE 2nd generationI have updated to the latest iPhone software, 17.0.2, but I still have this issue. With the recent Facebook app update I am no longer able to start the video using the “Go Live” button on the screen in landscape (as opposed to portrait) for Facebook Live videos. To share the whole story, it did work once, but then the video failed after a minute due to wi-fi signal issues. Before and after that tiny success, the video does not start in landscape mode. It does start with no difficulty in portrait mode, but none of the videos I wish to create and share are in that mode. I have used the landscape mode for years now, with no difficulties like this. Something has been changed, and it is not good for the user of the app. I make multiple videos per week, all in landscape mode. My entire set up for publishing videos, including my tripod, is based on publishing in this mode. If this was an intentional change, it is not appreciated. It is only taking away something which people use and want. It is not an improvement whatsoever. If it was accidental due to unexpected results, it needs to be fixed. Either way, please fix this issue. It may be just with iPhone SE 2nd generation devices. I am seeing other people with possibly other iPhone who do not have this issue..Version: 433.1

Violation of privacy. Delete app and reinstall to seeFacebook is taking more information than just the app utilization. Facebook is going through your entire phone, web browsing, call logs, the Porn you watch on safari last week, the picture of your åss you took for your man or woman. It's stats that they need permission because of the new iOS yet you have no option to disagree with Facebook tracking, because you will be prompted every 5 seconds, which you will have to close the app and open again for a next 5 seconds. Instagram asking for the same thing too. If you notice, the continue button to agree is right where your home button is so it's easy to accidentally press. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NNNNOW TELL ME IF THIS ISN'T ROBBERY ?????? See I miss Steve;-( Steve would never let Apple sell Instagram, would never allow other parties to rip off my information and so forth. Notice Apple doesn't let you like or dislike a comment on a app review, because Apple is becoming part of the problem. You notice they're cutting out SIM cards? Because then they really own your every move on your phone and constantly listen to your background, going through your photo albums. Why you think you will never see a picture reminder of your nudity??? Because they looked at it. It's not all Ai pulling this info..Version: 405.1

NO HELP AVAILABLE FOR HACKED ACCOUNTMy FB account was hacked and I have completed lost it. The email I used to set up the account years ago is now obsolete and a phone number was not required. FB does not have any contacts to help. I suspect the hacker is still using my account and FB does not have any info on how to shut the account for me. So scary and disappointing. I guess they have enough users so they just don’t care!.Version: 235.0

Goes against your privacyI disabled all the advertisement settings on my facebook account so that I would no longer receive personalised adverts. Facebook said it wouldn’t listen or pick up on this private information, yet I after disabling all the settings I find that facebook has been listening to my conversations and search history. I talk about psychology, health insurance, study and within the next few days I am seeing related adverts. I wouldn’t mind if I chose to opt in for this, but the fact that I have chosen not to and the complete disregard for those decisions, is a complete dishonour and violation to my choice. So, facebook, I have deleted you off my phone and will not be returning to your Big Brother platform. Also THEY STORE YOUR PAYPAL AND CARD DETAILS WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION OR CONSENT OR EVEN KNOWLEDGE! NEVER HEARD about it once until a friend told me they were doing it. I cancelled and then was emailed saying the agreements between my paypal and facebook were cancelled. NO honour, facebook..Version: 386.0

Obey community guidelines/ no free thinking allowedFacebook is censoring true information about COVID-19 vaccines on the grounds that if people are exposed to the truth, they may choose not to take it. Zuck and his fact checkers have deleted multiple groups where individuals are sharing their adverse reaction experiences and where people are asking medically sound questions. No other topic is shadow banned, gas lighted and censored like the topic of vaccines. The bombardment of “missing context” banners are absolutely ridiculous! If you want to follow $cience ,not science, then this is the place for you. Just Obey community standards/ no free thinking allowed..Version: 319.0

Account hacked accused me of sharing inappropriate pictures of childrenI am so disappointed and angry. My account was hacked even with the 2 factor authentication turned on . The hackers kicked me out of my own ads manager account and using my credit card to run ads to sell counterfeit goods. After filling out forms after forms notifying them about the stolen ads manager account facebook has done nothing . The perpetrators are still running ads using other peoples card since i have blocked my card. There is no real person to chat or talk to. I wonder how a multi billion dollar business can run a business like this with zero values. I have made made a cyber crime report with the police . My 13 years old id with memories of my children and family members gone just like that. I have also lost my facebook page with 40k followers. I have spent thousands of dollars in ads with facebook but still i am the bad guy. Stay away from using facebook . You are just a product to them its not free...Version: 345.0

Faulty algorithmsThe main reason I use Facebook is for the invitation communities and because you can save images easily (my photo library is full of thousands of aeroplane pics), but that’s really all that I use it for. The algorithms are faulty. Basically how it works is FB times how long you look at posts for, and put the things you’ve looked at for longer in your feed than shorter things. This gets really annoying because occasionally it will give you a ‘what happens next’ video that you have to watch for a while that about something you’re uninterested in, and because you watch it, your entire feed is filled up with pet videos and completely disregards all the billions of aviation videos and pics you’ve watched, and your feed turns into a mess. It’s really annoying!.Version: 240.0

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