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Wraith and Baby Crystalwing DragonsI saw the ad in Metropol and ordered straight away. Never got the time from giving them to 3 of my grandchildren, to filming them, they were packed and gone down south 😂 They are exquisite and adorable, and the glow in the dark Wraith is awesome. Going to get more as I miss them already, and thankyou so so much for the wee Rose turtle. Three very excited kids from ages 13-9 💝💝💝.Version: 444.0.0

My personal video that I createdCoordinating like in share to mislead others about the popularity of something? 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m not coordinated or miss leading or repeateding comments likes follow or nothing, This doesn’t make sense to me that my video been up September 24th & y’all Waited two months and a half almost 3 months to Block my video smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ This doesn’t make sense to me I have all rights just as well like everybody else as long as I’m not copyrights no one else video etc. It shouldn’t be a big deal as long as I’m the owner of my video and, I’m keep telling y’all, That’s my personal video I owned that video I recorded that when I was downtown a friend of mine was holding my phone why he recorded me…. And original video is still in my photos Savior……So whatever solution y’all trying to come up with I’m not going against none of your rules My video which is only speaking about It’sPositive (too many problems) is the title of the song in was going on around the world…That’s the title of my song so once again that’s my mainly video I own my own video…..Hope you guys understand where I’m coming from……I’m truly hurt because of this I cannot believe that you’re taking away something that I created.Version: 348.2

Facebook review reallyFace book is good for people to get together, make friends, show other people how life goes on in this world, selling items, showing things, so much can be shown in a positive and lovely way, Then there’s the scams impostors that you have to be careful of, and they are the ones that can spoil it for everyone, they lie, cheat, take, and hurt a lot of people, so we have to be alert and careful but don’t go down to their level in life. So when talking on social media think on what and how you say things there’s no need for rudeness, swearing, no matter how things can annoy you, with all things that go on on social media, just keep it social pleasant kind because none of us know what people are going through in these times which have become hard, we are here to be here for each other, what ever it is, so Face book can be good if we treat it good, and the people in it..Version: 444.0.0

Slowly failing!This app has got worse over the last couple of years, good features like its previous editing tools, lost! For a so called improvement that just allows you to draw al over your picture.... editing-zooming etc was far more important!! Really miss this feature and don’t understand why a good feature would be removed. For the last four months I’ve had such limited notifications, the most I can see is 24hrs, and often only several hours, losing contact with conversations on groups... appearing ignorant for not replying to people and plain frustrating!! I am NOT the only one, many on my fb are having the same problems for months. It’s as if Facebook Expects you to be online 24/7 to see notifications immediately, having said that, each time notifications refresh I lose lots.... so working through replies and suddenly gone.... usually all for a notification someone posted in a group that is not even friends with, so irrelevant! To make matters worse, now half the comments and status’ are also missing. People post without a photo and it appears to a group or timeline that they’ve tagged you and said nothing! If they add a photo then completely unable to see the posters ‘post’ no words appear. I’ve deleted and reinstalled so many times it’s infuriating. I’ve never seen so many glitches consistently worsening for such a length of time😡 Currently sourcing other apps in the hope of regaining the communication I once I had..Version: 194.0

Selfish social media appThis app has no control on slurs, fowl language, nudity, attacks, war, crime and hatred speeches which is against humanity. The future generation is provoked to be egoistic and self centric, they are slowly poisoned with ‘I me myself’ attitude. This app is purely used for show off, boasting, likes and dislikes, personal life, hatred, causing emotional disturbance, stress and anxiety. Also pls remember, they capture all your personal data .. think about it!.Version: 318.0

Grateful to FacebookI’m blessed because every day I can express my feelings and I feel so good when I posted on Facebook I used to be very introvert but these days because of Facebook . I express every day how I feel in the morning and also I follow many pages that motivational writing remind me every day little bit of improving myself. I’m very very grateful to Facebook I always use it as a positive site. I don’t think there is any negative it depends on who and how you using my feedback Facebook saved me from loneliness and still, I’m doing my every day job house task, looking after checking on my friends by children’s. it’s not that I’m doing only Facebook . I’m doing everything and I’m getting energy because early in the morning I express my feelings through Facebook on the page. I said good morning to my friends and for the day what is mine motivation express? It’s so helpful thank you thank you very much..Version: 453.0.0

FACE BOOKFace Book is the most satisfying, enjoyable, exciting, glorious TIME WASTER there is ........ Oh the hours I've spent ..... Reminiscing ..... Reconnecting ..... Rejuvenating friendships from all over the World ....... What a Day we live in .... Instantaneous contact ..... Bravo Face Book .... You've enriched all of our lives .... Deepened friendships .... Reacquainted old Relationships ..... Long may FB gladden all our Lives ...... YES INDEED ..... however you should leave “well” alone Your latest update Jan 13 prevents me accessing my photos when replying to a text ALSO I WISH you wouldn’t randomly bring back memories .... when you have been bereaved and are deeply affected by losses suddenly and randomly FB brings up a photo to us that opens deep wounds of loss .... keeping simple and functional and do not intrude !!!!!!.Version: 204.0

Slow as, not happyNot happy at all. It's so slow and useless. Stop bringing out more updates when there are bugs in it. It crashes and doesn't post straight away at times. Bring back the previous version at least. create a better update. Check for bugs and lagging before your uses down load it! Not impressed on mobile app..Version: 244.0

Microphone AII have just upgraded to the iPhone 15 (not Pro) & I must say I’m impressed by the new graphics on the screen savers of our new phones. (I studied Physics among other subjects) Well done Techies, thanks 🙏 I’m also impressed with the’predictive’ & microphone facilities (AI appears now to have mastered Spelling & Grammar to an acceptable standard for me) I’m totally 💯 happy with my upgrade. What I DON’T like is walking into a store where the staff are so busy gazing at their phone screens they fail to notice when I browse then leave the store!! (But I am writing to this company and providing them with evidence of this ‘abuse’. Taking wages and only gazing at your phone is NOT Responsible nor Respectful (Ah, the youth of today-but not you lot, you are the ’ball’, you know where ‘the ball’ is at all times, now let’s get ahead of the play’ with iPhone 16 (it automatically locks when you arrive at Work School Restaurant Family time Other Please 🙏 may we become better humans in our lifetime ‘socialised humans who serve humanity! Thank you ☺️ Yvonne.Version: 450.0.0

Shame on youFacebook fact-checkers: ALL of you are criminals!!!! You will never be able to walk down the street alone again once people find out what you’ve been doin. How do you sleep with your head on that pillow at night? Do you sleep? Do you cry for the thousands of voices who’ve been silenced tryin to protect their families with vital information on the vaccines? Do you feel anything? I hope and I honestly do believe that GOD is in charge here now.. he’s gonna show the people who you all really are. How deranged and sick you are for allowing this censorship to continue. I would say to put my Facebook page back on, but I don’t really care anymore. You’ve lost my trust and my respect. To whoever reads this, you better ask yourself right now if you having a job as a Facebook fact-checker was worth the pain you’re about to experience when everyone finds out what you’ve done. Sleep well.. I know I will, knowing God will take care of each and every one of you unless you start speaking out for the people. You’re cruel and heartless if you don’t. You have to live with that... choose wisely, God is Watchin..Version: 319.0

Login errorOkay its really really annoying now because I’ve been having the same problem since my last phone and I’ve been reporting this problem to Facebook and they still haven’t reached out to me! Its really frustrating because i see that other people who are having the same issue and I can’t see Facebook responding to it which is so not cool! We all love Facebook and we all need it for good reasons but I can’t enjoy because i cant even login it keeps saying try again and try again!!!! It’s annoying as hell! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Facebook fix this problem or at least respond to us what’s going on. I’ve tried calling Apple as well and they have looked up my phone there’s nothing wrong w my Apple ID or iCloud cos i was thinking its probably Apple why my apps aren’t working but then its just my apps. They recommend to contact Facebook. Please help us and fix this ASAP!.Version: 270.1

Works as intended, why ppl have so many problems?Don’t really know why so many ppl are having issues? I hv 5 phones in household and also checked 10 other frds phones and none of them have any problems at all. Very happy so far with all updates as well. If something doesn’t load for u, then check your internet connection. Also live videos can be turned off..Version: 195.0

Photo AlbumsI’m not a big Facebook user, mostly I use my account to upload photos and to keep in touch, via messenger, with friends overseas. I have just been overseas myself and have uploaded lots of photos to an album specifically for the holiday. I see that there is a button so that selected people can also upload photos to that album, but I believe it could be even better! The idea I had is having the album also show up on the selected persons profile as well as your own; kind of like Facebook events how you can choose a co-host but still be the host yourself so you’re able to delete anything you do not wish to have in that album. I believe this could be a great improvement, and would be very beneficial so we don’t all have to upload the same photos!.Version: 191.0

Athlete and fanThe Wertz Warriors in my opinion set such a highly positive influence on myself and other athletes from all around the world. The winter games trip in particular would not be the same without them and their efforts they try so hard to achieve for us to raise money to make the trip possible.i have learned a lot throughout the years that nothing you do is impossible if you try. To me it’s not about who is better than who it’s about fun and making new friends at every trip. I don’t tell coaches this but throughout my years as an athlete on summer trips and winter trips I have witnessed athletes go into seizures and a number of other medical crisis issues both with coaches and when I was alone with athletes and I have had to pull athletes out of seizures and other medical crisis issues as well and I’m glad that I was there for those athletes when they needed it. To this day after those experiences i work in healthcare and through my job I stay certified in First Aid CPR and AED training and I renew it every two years.I will always watch out for those who need me in times like that. I also want to thank all of the men and women in green for doing the things they do to make the trips possible because I don’t know where we would be without them. Too all the men and women in green, thank you for all you do..Version: 454.0.0

Amazing but Struggling with Engagement latelyFacebook has been a significant part of my social media journey, with a follower count of 20K. I used to enjoy sharing my life and creativity with my audience and engaging with the content of those I follow. However, lately, my experience on the platform has been far from satisfying. My Reels, which used to perform exceptionally well, have seen a noticeable decline in engagement. Posting pictures barely gets the likes and interactions they once did. It's disheartening to see the lack of response from my followers. I hope you can address these recent changes and make the platform more user-friendly and engaging, so that users like me can continue to enjoy sharing and connecting with our followers..Version: 439.1

Facebook is good for writersI’m giving Facebook five stars because it’s really the *only* social media platform that is good for writers. It allows us space to tell stories, with or without visual aid, and create communities and conversations around that writing. I hope that in the future Facebook helps amplify writers on its platform and takes notice that it really is a great asset to us (when we actually get reach). While I don’t like all of the political content or debate over that (nor do I appreciate AI censoring content, as it’s frequently off base), at its core Facebook as a community connector is a good thing. I hope they lean into that more. Very few of the other social media are there to connect us with people we actually know, not just influencers. I love to see *real* content from friends and family that is simple and a slice of life. You just don’t get that on other platforms like TikTok, which takes so much energy and skill to content create. Facebook is a simple tool to connect and I think they deserve more credit for that. Please continue to improve and dig into what makes you special, Facebook. I would hate to see it drowned in the cesspool that is modern media..Version: 395.0

Abandoned amusement parkFacebook used to be amazing. Now it’s mostly ads. They tried to create an algorithm where you have visibility of the same group of people over and over, it’s VERY boring. Their reels platform was actually getting pretty cool because they paid content creators to come over, but then when things started going well, they stopped paying them. They refused to ever monetize my account because I posted a video with a watermark, 15 videos back. Their appeal process is horrible and they have literally zero customer service. They “shadow ban” you if you post a link or share a news story so no one actually has visibility unless they search for it on my page. They grossly limit freedom of speech, esp for LGBTQ and other minority groups. They layered in so many things it got confusing, messenger is it’s own app, but reels is not, making reels difficult to share. Their system in wonky and hard to maneuver through, you get used to it, but the whole time your think “why?”. It has some value for older people to stay in touch, that’s the only good thing I can say. Like an abandoned amusement park, it used to be fun, but now it’s rusty and outdated..Version: 407.1

Attn: Noticed a bug in the appHello Mark & Facebook team, Ive noticed a problem with the Facebook app since either the last update or since the most recent iOS update where you select the app it loads to a black screen for a split second then goes back to the home screen of the iPad where as on my iPhone the app works just fine so it’s clearly either the app needs an update to make it function with the most current iOS. Please also look into on a side note could you make a way where it’s faster to get to the “most recent” news tab as it’s kinda irritating to have to go down to more then in that listing then choose “most recent” just so I can see my posts in actual correct order of timeline. Thank you for your time!! :).Version: 275.0

Top!!I love Facebook especially the app... It provides a sense of safety, security and comfort whilst travelling anywhere alone... It is a tool and is perfect to stay up to date with multiple friends at once. I think the impact Facebook has had on the world is extremely positive. Allowing people to network across the world and stay in touch with people Internationally is incredible! Exchanging details with people we pass by and communicating, sharing snippets of our lives and thoughts with each other along the journey of life is wonderful. The benefits of having the application on the mobile far outweigh the negatives! I believe Facebook has strengthened family bonds globally, giving people the opportunity to share experiences with others is a lovely feeling! Especially for busy entrepreneurs, it encourages family members and friends to show we care even when we are extremely busy! A* app - Tip Top - FAB - Wicked! - Aces! Am lovin it! 😄❤️🌈💋😘🍓💄😉🙂😛💯🙃😍.Version: 435.2

General opinion of Facebook.I am finding it very useful over the past 4 years for keeping in week to week contact with relations in further off places than I could immediately travel to. Being able to show people pictures of my garden and from around about is a more inclusive experience than only telling folk how nice something looks..Version: 447.2.2

False Facebook JailI only gave you 5 Stars so you don't put me in False Facebook jail this Christmas and New Year on made-up BS about posting stuff that goes against FB community standards when I didn't Just so your system does not crash with everyone wishing their family and friends all the best like you did last year.Version: 444.0.0

An extremely useful facility, slightly flawed.I’ve been using FB since it started and am still mostly comfortable with it. I found it extremely useful when my mother, who was very popular, was nearing the end of her life. She would have frequent periods in hospital and to start with I would have to phone everyone who loved her to update them on how she was faring. Then I started using FB. Brilliant, one well written report and everyone in the group had up to date info. On a separate use of FB. In 2015 I thought a group of ex colleagues would be a nice idea. So for current and ex employees of our business I started that group. After a slow start which saw less than thirty people join in the first year the group has blossomed. We are now approaching six thousand members. Such a well behaved group too. But here is my main negative about FB. Trying to get even minor changes, which are entirely logical, acknowledged and actioned by FB is impossible. I have highlighted my main issue twice with solid justification and have not even had a reply. So, well done FB, but just easy and minor improvements would make it even better..Version: 444.0.0

Facebook not caringFacebook does not care about their people anymore there’s no one to talk to you or help you with issues and every time you ask for help there’s always scammers. When you try to reach out for help other you and steal your information. Facebook used to be the most amazing social network but now they don’t care about any of us. It’s really sad because I tried to reach out the other day and then I got call F are Callout my messenger and he would Facebook does not care about their people anymore there’s no one to talk to you or help you with issues and every time you ask for help there’s always scammers. When you try to reach out for help other people contact you and steal your information. Facebook used to be the most amazing social Netwerk but now they don’t care about any of us. It’s really sad cause I tried to reach out the other day and then I got called off for Call Out my messenger and you would think that Facebook would have some type of security but they don’t and I don’t even know who I’m messaging so hopefully somebody can come up with a new Netwerk or they can fix this one because people do not need to be taken advantage of..Version: 382.1

Facebook ReviewFacebook provides a very convenient platform on which to keep in touch with friends and relatives but not everyone whom I value is a member of Facebook. One difficulty I have is determining who is really sending posts and requests for friendship. In general I think it is safer to only accept as friends people who are already known to one personally or through other channels or contacts. The ease of use of Facebook compares favourably with other social media platforms. There are also mechanisms for reporting bad behaviour on Facebook, which is usually not committed by friends but by strangers who seem to hijack different Facebook groups. It depends on the diligence of the Administrators and Moderators of the Groups who control what is posted. Bad behaviour can also be reported directly to Facebook. Advertisements seem to be increasing in number and some appear to be targeted to what might interest the individual member, gleaned from what they have posted on social media. This is a trade-off that we might expect to have to agree to in order to have the convenience and scope of Facebook which is freely available to individuals. My preference is to only post a small number of photographs or images with each post. Many people post large numbers of images in one post, but they have that choice available. Thank you Mr Zuckerman and your colleagues..Version: 445.0.0

To a very beautiful lady Sandra BullockI think you are smart and intelligent woman with a Grin and smile to die for, and a figure that most woman could only dream of having? As an actress who has peaked at the top and is still peaking at the top of the game and sometimes I think she still thinks she’s 21. She is the proud mum off a son and daughter who she dearly loves and adores and heaven help anyone who gets in her way when it comes to her kids. With all the awards and accolades and business finesse she holds there is only one thing that has eluded her and that’s true love? I would say there would be thousands of men willing to take on the challenge me included. So good luck with all your endeavours and challenges? Cheers Gary.Version: 445.0.0

USE FACEBOOKWhen I started using Facebook I was unsure whether it would live up to the hype or just be another boring platform. Only I fell in love in minutes. Facebook has something for everyone, everywhere; poetry, music, literature, cooking, comedy and don’t get me started on the drama and fandom. Oh I could sit here all day at the list would just keep going and going and going…. And I can’t forget the superb communication Why The number of groups and contacts I have/am in would make what’s-app cry for its mommy. Right, let’s get serious. Facebook also is a great no super platform when it comes to earning money and advertising your business/website. Marketplace makes it easy to sell almost anything in a number of days considering the vast number of users. On the other hand business pages are made to help you to your feet and settle in to the ever changing society..Version: 444.0.0

Facebook/ Marketplace constantly crashes.I have done everything to rectify the problem but it only gets worse. Crashes at least six times every day. The fault is listed all over the internet for a year but still no fix and it’s fast making Facebook unusable. With false ads that are fraudulent, no monitoring by administration to prevent it the program is going the way of a program called virtual places, now non existent. Your loss not ours as we will move onto another program that is more responsible and reliable. The fact there is no response for support means that your program will be dropped instantly when another application that does the same comes along..Version: 237.0

360 and pano pic upload fault8Dec2023… I think there is problem with the Facebook app not uploading 360 and pano pics properly. After upload, the pics display as flat images. The workaround is rather than uploading the pic through the app like I normally do, I have to either upload it to Facebook via a desktop or mobile browser or by opening the pic in the iPhone photos app and then up uploadit via the Facebook facility there. Hopefully the fault will be sorted.Version: 443.0.0

Is This A ScamScammers that plant viruses on our pages flood Facebook. It is now dangerous to be a member of Facebook. I originally joined in 2007 when it was safe and hassle-free. I was recently scammed and because I didn’t know my password for that account, Facebook deleted me. It’s ironic that Facebook encourages peeps / users to NOT write passwords anywhere or disclose to others (which I don’t do) recovering one’s account after being scammed, locked-out or deleted is a nightmare! However, creating a new account brings hope, heightened learning and new growth. I learnt that NOT all ‘friends’ read your posts, click an emoji or make a comment. I don’t need them. I am also sceptical of all ‘friend’ requests and aware of ‘People You May Know’ suggestions. My ‘friends’ list will be a selected few..Version: 443.0.0

Is it too much to ask to just be able to see your news feeb by most recent?!I’m so over the Facebook app! You can’t tailor things to the way you actually want to consume them. You have to go through and ‘prioritise who you see first.’ No Facebook, I don’t want to have to say I want to see Becky last, it’s a ‘news feed,’ no a ‘popularity feed.’ Recently there were fires and wind storms in my area, but do you think I could actually see posts that were important and breaking news? No, because if I wanted to see ‘Canberra news’ first, I’d have to freaking prioritise them in my news feed - and then I’d just get spammed with their most popular stories and miss out on the other stuff going on. For now, I think I’m just going to quit the app..Version: 196.0

10/10Thanks for creating and maintains an app I love. I’m loyal to fb so have never bothered with Insta nor snap. I love the fb vids, the fb groups (North Shore PIF) and being able to connect with people or update my profile. I haven’t had anything ruin my experience while using this app no issues or other problems. If there was a weekly fee for the app I’d be happy to pay ($0.50 or under). Been with FB since 2011 🥴.Version: 353.0

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