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Oh thank god i didn’t update i canceled just in timeI heard nothing positive get your crap together fb what’s wrong with some good change for once let us customize our profiles at the least man music players make a fb chat room like they had on MySpace and you could join Florida chat or China whatever place state country nd also be able to make your own rooms that people could join randomly or you can control but it’s supposed to be bout meeting new ppl now how much more friends ppl be able to make if we could find rooms that are relatable like i would join a broward county chat in my area Florida and you can join the room that’s most popular nd you could see how many ect nd now you can click on their names so instead of it being a random they have a profile nd pics nd you can request them to add them if they want to chat privately from then on I’m tired of just have only my friends to see any more these ppl are old news anyways we don’t need reels me need a Omegle type area for the ppl that want to chat about love or politics or dating or friends or cooking🔥go to rooms for ppl to just get advice from even just something else to do think about it fb send me a dm for great ideas I’m from the MySpace era i have every single app nd come to fb first but getting old so fix it memories also getting boring seeing it too much it should be search option but thank for your time.Version: 382.1

Photo AlbumsI’m not a big Facebook user, mostly I use my account to upload photos and to keep in touch, via messenger, with friends overseas. I have just been overseas myself and have uploaded lots of photos to an album specifically for the holiday. I see that there is a button so that selected people can also upload photos to that album, but I believe it could be even better! The idea I had is having the album also show up on the selected persons profile as well as your own; kind of like Facebook events how you can choose a co-host but still be the host yourself so you’re able to delete anything you do not wish to have in that album. I believe this could be a great improvement, and would be very beneficial so we don’t all have to upload the same photos!.Version: 191.0

Summer finallyAfter some time away I have rejoined the platform. I have a curious issue and it takes a keen intellect to figure it out. I had no idea there where so many opportunities in the marketplace. Also and hopefully I will reconnect with some friends and family. What a marvel idea. Sometimes people cross paths for a reason at the right time. It would be nice to follow that same line of thinking, some of my most memorable experiences have come that way as well. And drew you a smile. In all honesty it will be good to reach out to others. Now that’s been said it would be nice to hear from others that I haven’t seen for quite sometime. It would be really really nice have back what I once had. Hopefully Facebook can help facilitate that. The path forward will be much brighter. Simple things that don’t cost money. I did read something about the future once. Seems like a wonderful way to find out who is there for you. Thank you to those that have had my back. It means more to me than you know. I gave this app four stars because.. Well it means something to me and if you are curious you should ask me about it. Summer is almost here and it’s about time to enjoy it again. Finally!.Version: 368.0

Go back to the way it was!!So was getting used to the new Facebook design and layout etc and was getting along with it, I liked the fact that I didn’t have to go onto my business page to make a post there was a nice easy shortcut, but now since this new update 2 days ago I cannot post a status on my page via the shortcut (taken away) and when I go on my page through the Facebook app itself it posted the status as I posted it on my personal page to the business page when it used to and should post it as my page! And just updated a status on my personal page and it automatically changes it to a selling post?? It has nothing to do with selling!! Please get this changed the update is just nothing but hassle!! 😤.Version: 220.0

Keeping international family connectionsFacebook is brilliant! I also use many other apps but Facebook suits our family, relatives and friends. I started a closed home page and invited all my relatives and close friends from around the world to join. We now have over 200 relatives in several countries as members. The younger generation show the older generation what we are all doing. This also allows us to update our family tree which is growing every day with some incredible information. Facebook has allowed us to connect showing everyone what we do and how we live on a daily basis with interesting stories from the past and today. Thank you Facebook.Version: 203.0

Need to be able to add files to groups via mobileHello i have created a group and it keeps telling me to add files to the files section i have to use a computer. Can you please change this to allow it on all platforms including mobile phone as i don't have access to a pc My group has a lot of shared information including a hell of a lot if pdfs but i am forced to add them to the announcements section in order for my members to view them in one place it would be awesome if i could have an option to add it straight to the files section from the groups main page just like you can with announcements.Version: 295.0

So soThe social is nice and everything, but a couple of things are quite annoying: first, when I report a comment clearly insulting me and my intelligence is quite never cancelled, which is not nice as I am polite with everyone and I think if someone attacks me for nothing the social should protect its users. Second: the notifications that have recently started to appear under official profiles’ posts are a bit annoying too, it’s like the social can object everything they say without giving the chance to reply and it’s telling us how to interprete a post like we don’t have a brain. Third: a critical comment of mine that didn’t have anything offensive has been cancelled as I have received a notif that it goes against the community standards: when they treat me like a dumb or clearly offend me or anyone else with an opinion they never and I say never take them down even if I report them. Shame on you Facebook and fact checkers. 5 years old children are more mature than you. Pathetic way to pilot the public opinion. Quite upsetting. But for the rest it’s nice, I can keep in touch with far away friends and family and start interesting cultural discussions. If you could work on those 3 points it would be nice and it would show that you can grow up. Many thanks..Version: 297.0

Attn: Noticed a bug in the appHello Mark & Facebook team, Ive noticed a problem with the Facebook app since either the last update or since the most recent iOS update where you select the app it loads to a black screen for a split second then goes back to the home screen of the iPad where as on my iPhone the app works just fine so it’s clearly either the app needs an update to make it function with the most current iOS. Please also look into on a side note could you make a way where it’s faster to get to the “most recent” news tab as it’s kinda irritating to have to go down to more then in that listing then choose “most recent” just so I can see my posts in actual correct order of timeline. Thank you for your time!! :).Version: 275.0

Login errorOkay its really really annoying now because I’ve been having the same problem since my last phone and I’ve been reporting this problem to Facebook and they still haven’t reached out to me! Its really frustrating because i see that other people who are having the same issue and I can’t see Facebook responding to it which is so not cool! We all love Facebook and we all need it for good reasons but I can’t enjoy because i cant even login it keeps saying try again and try again!!!! It’s annoying as hell! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Facebook fix this problem or at least respond to us what’s going on. I’ve tried calling Apple as well and they have looked up my phone there’s nothing wrong w my Apple ID or iCloud cos i was thinking its probably Apple why my apps aren’t working but then its just my apps. They recommend to contact Facebook. Please help us and fix this ASAP!.Version: 270.1

I can’t log in my Facebook accountI am told my account was disabled yet I log in on the same account on my other device. There is someone who makes my life harder for me to log in. He controls my Facebook account because he is ever hacking into my phones. This is becoming a nightmare for me. I can’t log in to my Facebook page on my iPhone. Surely we can’t have these hackers controlling our online accounts like that, something should be done to protect us. I think the handsets companies are not looking into devising a way to stop phone hacking . Surely they can do that if they want to. I am always deleting a dozen and one hacking websites on my iPhone. This has become ridiculously annoying..Version: 175.0

Seriously disappointed with the updated version of facebook.I'm disappointed with the latest updates of facebook, older version before July 2018 was far better then the latest version. My Status Update is not recognising the Urdu language keyboard , consequently I can't write a post in Urdu language since July 2018 which is quite frustrating for me and my followers . In-spite of many complaints Facebook managers have neither responded nor bothered to resolved the issue. Therefore I'm thinking to reinstall the older version of facebook although I'm not sure it will resolve the issue, if not ; then I will leave the facebook for good. Apart from this issue, ' See more' under a comment does not open the full text, which is quite frustrating. Mir Bashir.Version: 191.0

Works as intended, why ppl have so many problems?Don’t really know why so many ppl are having issues? I hv 5 phones in household and also checked 10 other frds phones and none of them have any problems at all. Very happy so far with all updates as well. If something doesn’t load for u, then check your internet connection. Also live videos can be turned off..Version: 195.0

HappyOne day, you will understand that it is never time that can heal you, but the release and pattern in your heart. As long as you don't panic, it will be difficult for the world to affect you. You can calm down, complain, or even collapse, but you can't lose the ability to heal itself. You should learn to stop the loss in time. Life does not have to win, but you must not lose to the mistakes and foolishness of the past. There is no way to go in life. Every step is growing. If you want to raise your head and go straight ahead, the sky will always be bright. A lifetime is very short. You should love yourself well. If you are excellent, you need to meet people who know goods. If you really want to meet people who cherish you. If you are kind, you need to meet grateful people. Don't abandon conscience on the way to make a living, and the road of love does not give up dignity. What you should look like is: very quiet, nine-point temperament, eight points of regret, seven points of reality, three points of appearance, two points of confusion, one point of self-knowledge. No matter where you are or where you are trapped, you should take root down, blossom up, and live up to life..Version: 390.1

LOVE THIS APPDespite all of the negative comments, I, for one, absolutely LOVE this app. It makes it a hundred times more easier to connect with friends and loved ones, upload and organize my pictures and I love all of the new looks and features it has now 🤩 And it's all for FREE. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP and it will always be my favorite and go-to social app. Great job facebook team! 🥰.Version: 293.0

Facebook kidsWow this app is amazing I don’t have the app bc I’m to little but my said that if there was a Facebook kiddo could get that but sadly there is not u may have heard of kids messenger well probably so I was wondering if h can make that but instead kids Facebook.Version: 283.0

Please HelpHi, Please read this as I have no other way of informing FaceBook. On Monday 17th of August My Facebook and Ad manager account which I use for my business was hacked and was then used to create ads which had no relation my business. This then resulted in me being charged around £762 for an advert which I had no knowledge about. As I tried to report the issue to Facebook the hacker then changed my profile and cover to images which go against your community guidelines which then resulted in my account being instantly disabled. The whole situation has been very distressing as I have now lost both my personal Facebook and Instagram Business account for my brand which I have been building for over 5 years. I have evidence of the ad that was ran on my ad manager account and can provide any information you require about my business. I have also reported this as a fraud case to my local police (Thames Valley Police) who have given me a crime reference number. Please please could you help me with regaining access to my business account and understanding how this could have happened. Regards,.Version: 283.0

Completely changedWhen I originally joined Facebook it was new and a free platform to express your opinions. I’ve seen it change so much over the years with censorship. That could be a good thing, but they seem to censor quite selectively. My first account was closed down completely. I’ll never know why as I wasn’t informed it was going to be, or had any of my questions answered or even replied to. I see people suspended for a week after warnings, but I never received any of that. Anyway, since rejoining I’ve seen the emergence of “fact checkers”. Worst thing I’ve ever seen as they are a joke. I can see why Candace Owens is taking them to court over them. They are in facebooks pocket, and attach themselves to peoples accounts without invite. I’d advise people to visit their blocking options daily and get them blocked..Version: 297.0

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