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Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews app received 138 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews? Can you share your negative thoughts about yelp: food, delivery & reviews?

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Provide an actual serviceWhat even is this app? You don’t serve anything, you don’t offer anything, you’re pathetic. Go contribute something to anyone and stop being a parasite..Version: 12.71.0

No stake no tap beer that's trueHi New Yorkers and especially those who visit the place The legendary family style restaurant on 44 have let themselves down when it comes to tap beer and stake meals It was a place to go and have a beer and a steak. For some reason on 2nd of October booked for lunch checked in at 12:05 pm seated 12:07 ordered a tap beer 12:10 and you guest it "sorry sir run out of tap beer" Wait is more; ordered a medium steak he came back to the table to tell me sorry the chef said it will take 35 min I said that is ok I am with a good company we will wait He came back and said the chef said it will be 3:00 pm before he can cook it What do you know. What did I do? Well you are wrong. No I did not have a stake and was not kicked out we just felt so sorry for the poor waiter ( we tipped him rather well). And he was so embarrassed and returned the $40.00 that was above the norm gratuity figure Garmine's 44 St You let the name down We shall remember you as the Pup with no Beer and the place we nearly got a steak We will be back In NY but 200 west 44TH Street ???????.Version: 6.3.0

One and DoneOur party of 6 arrived were excited about our first time at this new restaurant. The view is one of the best in the area looking over the intercostal waterway. Our waiter arrived promptly and took drink orders. Service after that unfortunately was very slow. Drinks arrived about 20 minutes later after which he took our order. After about 30 minutes half of our meals arrived, but the soup appetizer didn’t. They have roaming “fixers” one of whom came up and asked us how things were going. We told her not well as half of us didn’t get our meals. Then she asked us what we ordered. Wouldn’t our waiter know this?? Finally after another 10 minutes the rest of our food came, although our other guests had nearly finished their food. Then the soup appetizer came which we didn’t know what to do with as some of us had finished our meal. Overall the food was very average and certainly over priced for what you got. For example, the shrimp scampi was spaghetti soaked in butter soup with congealed cheese on top with salad shrimp around the edge for $24. The view is great, but I couldn’t help notice the food dropped on the floor. This place has potential because of its location, but it seems as if they don’t know what they are doing. It seems chaotic and disorganized. We won’t be going back..Version: 23.13.0

Only as good as the content in it...... and the content is woeful. Multiple businesses listed which have been closed for a considerable time and, in my locality at least, very few reviews for the businesses which are open. It mystifies me why Apple persist in using Yelp as one of the providers of reviews in its map app. There are far better review apps available which are more actively curated..Version: 11.28.0

Terrible experienceThis bridal shop is the most unhelpful, unpleasant, and money-stealing enterprise. This is where my sister looked first when she came here to buy a dress. They took advantage of that, and under pressure from everyone else in the room, she purchased a very expensive dress ($2,800). I agree that the individual providing assistance wasn't even encouraging. Starting off with such awful energy, not to mention how ghetto the outside looks and smells. Since the dress doesn't really fit her style and was just the wrong fit for her, my sister decided to return it. These individuals are extremely uncooperative and add so much pressure and stress on top of the wedding preparations despite the fact that we previously paid a deposit. They warned us that they would fill out for court if we didn't pick up the dress today. Can you imagine doing that to a bride, wanting to go to court, this store doesn’t know how to work with customer support. Not to mention that we still haven't gotten our money back. Please avoid going here; keep your money and dignity. This establishment is incredibly unprofessional..Version: 23.25.0

Tosco has gone downhill!So disappointed! For years this was my favorite local restaurant but not anymore! A few weeks ago I ordered a simple cheese pizza and it didn’t taste right, something was different. I thought maybe the sauce. Tonight I went back, several things went very wrong. 1) restaurant was a little busy. Greeter wanted to seat me at one of their large family tables. I declined being by my I requested a small booth. The waitress who was assigned to my table gave a look or said something to my waitress about adding me to her section. The hostess said “ I’m sorry, I had too.” 2) A different waitress greets me & took my order. 3) out comes salad, meatball & pasta all at once. 4) meatball was as cold as if taken straight out of the refrigerator & looked like made of soft cat food. 5) wrong pasta dish. 6) I am convinced they were out of lasagna because what I received was a large mess of noodles topped with meat & cheese on a round plate. 7) sauce was disgusting! Tasted like sugar & looked terrible! I left the pasta behind & wasted $. My thoughts, new cooks & staff rushes people through their meals quicker than in the past. Sadly not wasting my time or money again!.Version: 22.44.0

Absolutely garbage appAbsolutely garbage app.Version: 12.42.0

AverageGood service. Meals were overpriced, ribeye was fatty and came with the tiniest amount of vegetables..won’t return..Version: 12.40.1

Not accurateI have checked the fancy dress shops in bristol which is updated in October by Yelp, and they have 10 shops Which ever shop I Clicked most of them says they are closed and their website is closed but still they are top 10 Yelp you need human to monitor the rating thanks.Version: 12.47.0

Not recommended!!!Let’s start with the positive, yelp is good for restaurants. And if you buy ads it may give your business a little more visibility on the platform. The reviews weren’t good for their business services but I wanted to give it a try and judge for myself. Here’s what I found.. THIS IS NOT A GOOD FIT other service businesses. They’re trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Their definition of a lead is questionable to say the least. Leads are not verifiable and not really leads because you get no contact information therefore no way to follow up. You pay by click but no real way to verify that either. Whatever budget you set they will make sure the clicks add up to charge you the full amount. Also when I canceled by ad services, my reviews disappeared, I know they say they have an algorithm that decides what reviews stay but I didn’t see any validity in that. Bottom line, It’s expensive fluff and your marketing dollars would be much better spent elsewhere. Google marketing is a better return on investment..Version: 22.30.0

Being watched while blackYour manager Irma sent your cashier Evie to stand directly behind me in line to watch me at self checkout . Irma stood in the craft room and watched as Evie stood directly behind me . I asked both was it normal since no one else was being watched. I observed at least 10 non black customers using self check out , no one watched or stood an where near . The associate Evie was very apologetic and stated that she was sorry that she had stood behind me she also made me aware that she was told to stand behind me . I asked Irma again was this the store policy and she stated yes, Irma never apologized and kept stating that this was company policy to watch . I notified Irma that I had an up an coming class scheduled and would cancel it . She stated to me okay that’s fine , no apology and she insisted that because of theft she sends employees to watch. I’m no fool and I know profiling when I see it. There was absolutely no cause for me being watched so closely.i left all products and will cancel my class ASAP!! No one should be treated this way when shopping. IF YOU GIVE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE a theft will leave ( take note Irma) you need management training on diversity!! You have lost a valuable client who stages many homes in the Houston, Dallas Market!! I WILL NOT BE BACK or SEND any of my fellow peers to your store . Sincerely, a customer with Money who can spend anywhere *Stephanie J*.Version: 23.15.0

AnnoyingDon’t want to download the app / forces you to the App Store when you try to view in the browser. Guess I won’t use the service at all then.Version: 12.46.0

ScamThey're creating fake accounts to put good reviews here on the app store, they show bad reviews from a long time ago at the top of most reviews and keep the helpful new reviews at the bottom dont download yelp use google reviews.Version: 12.71.0

New app update is irritatingI am getting an update for my yelp app but not getting installed as I am using iPhone 5s . It says phone not supported . I believe there is a bug in the update . It should only come as an update for iPhone 10 users . Yelp please rectify as it is bugging in phone again n again showing update yelp but doesn't work ..Version: 12.5.0

Never used but they try to force youTried looking at a business on Yelp on my phones browser, you are allowed to LOOK but do it click anything, if you do they try to force you to use their app on any link you click to view more information. I do not need Yelp the information that “bad” to be forced to install your app, nice try..Version: 22.14.1

Mossy VolkswagenThe warning light and coolant light came on in my 2021 Tigran took it to Mosse the schedule writer was so rude. She told me it could be the tire pressure I said to him thing that’s funny because it’s the coolant light and according to my owners manual, it says not to drive it he says oh, let me go look and see if we have a car comes back and tells me, we don’t have any cars but will give you a Lyft to work and said I would have to get my way home from work and then to them in the morning I was so mad. So I call Cook volkswagon in Encinitas and right away he told me to pull over open my hood look at the coolant level and tell him where the line was. He told me I could make it to their shop with no problem. Drove to Encinitas and they topped it off and Allen told me that they’ve had a problem with the coolant evaporating fast in old Volkswagen since 2018 I think it’s funny that a service center for Volkswagens/dealership would not tell me that, but cook in Encinitas new, right. So don’t ever take your car to Mosse Volkswagon in Escondido because obviously there’s staff knows nothing about Volkswagon’s..Version: 22.51.1

3 strikes you’re outWe are huge firehouse fans but I have to give some constructive criticism to the Middleburg location as I have had issues with my last 3 visits. The first two visits we were told there was a 30+ wait on subs due to online orders. They had 3 employees. 1 at the register and two making subs. This maybe an issue of understaffing or delegation of tasks, but myself and 5 other customers that came in all left because we have never had to wait that long at a firehouse. The final straw for me was our online order. (Since apparently that’s the only way you can get subs from there)… we ordered two adult subs and a kids sub. Each sub was missing at least 1 element. Hero with no roast beef or mustard… hook and ladder with no mustard or lettuce. The kids Turkey was missing the cheese, chips, and the drink. Now this is also an issue with the delivery driver because they are supposed to at least check they have all the items, but I’m confident since each sub was wrong the restaurant in the culprit. I even tried to express these issues on my last visit, but was shut down so sadly resorting to a review I hopes better staffing or training can be put into place..Version: 22.44.0

Just for developers to seeA very severe problem concerns the entering of delivery address. Although there are google maps’ suggestions, tapping it results unfathomably the notice of “we didn’t recognize the address”, thus effectively rendered me impossible to order. Plz fix ASAP!!!.Version: 12.13.1

Out of dateMany restaurants listed that have been closed for years. Information is not up to date.Version: 23.11.0

Zero customer serviceWe were so happy to see one of our favorite restaurants right next to our hotel. We met our new grand babies and left in time to grab dinner before bed. We arrived at 7:45. They were scheduled to close at 10. There was a note on the door that said they would be closing at 8:30. Well, we figured we would have plenty of time to eat dinner. We sat down and ordered a glass of white wine and a very expensive dinner. After they delivered our appetizer and salad at the same time they told us it was last call. We said, ok we’ll take another glass of red wine to go with our steaks. The bartender said she couldn’t serve two glasses of wine to us. We asked to speak to the manager and he came over. He was extremely rude, awkward, and uninterested in helping us at all. We have never experienced such rudeness. We are so disappointed and honestly shocked. They would receive zero stars but that’s impossible. Please support us by steering clear of this restaurant. This is clearly not the Del Frisco Double Eagle Steak House standard, and probably not even the Tacos Bell standard, if they have a standard..Version: 22.51.1

Yelp is pay to play programYour business can have 1000’s of 5 star reviews, Yelp will not post one of those if you don’t pay. Yelp will only post the 1 star reviews their system is designed well. Great capitalist.Version: 22.16.0

Invisible. TextThe developers of this app don't seem to realise that some of us with poor vision needed to download audiobooks. I can't even sign up to obtain this app because the text on the data input page is so tiny and so pale grey that it's invisible, I can barely make out that it's writing at all. So what do I do now. I'm having to dictate this into my iPad, in the hope that it will be legible to those on the receiving end. Belinda Curwen-Reed.Version: 11.24.0

Too much personal dataI don t get it why do u need to collect all my data!!!.Version: 22.18.1

Yelp are liars and change your reviewsShame on you Yelp. You are modifying my reviews and changing my wordings. I DO NOT TRUST any review you have anymore and seethed my app. To all other users beware as Yelp changes your reviews and wordings. Cannot be trusted..Version: 12.26.0

Yelp is Fake newsYelp is FAKE News if you don’t pay them they will show online safari search only your 1 star reviews and if you pay them they show the 5 stars reviews on safari isn’t that FAKE NEWS Not only that they manipulate your business hours for example they show the public that Saturday the busiest day of the week as CLOSED da and everyone knows that we’re not so no one believes that’s they know this is not true fake unethical lies no integrity this does not work in Canada.Version: 12.42.0

Internet pages force you to web appIt’d be nice if one could use the web version without being redirected to the app. No one wants to download another useless app.Version: 12.55.0

Yelp is crookedSo today I submitted a review an honest review on a local Tim Hortons which is horrible. When I went to post my review I noticed my review fell under that not recommended reviews what the hell is that? And oddly enough the other couple of review was not recommended along with mine were also one star reviews on this Tim Hortons location.What the hell is that? Obviously yelp is being paid off to bury bad reviews I am deleting the app immediately they have gone south they used to be good but not no more the almighty dollar always wins..Version: 12.88.0

NOT FOR NEW ZEALANDNo value.Version: 5.9.0

ConfusedPositive reviews don’t show up. Does Yelp pick & choose what gets posted..Version: 23.15.0

HorribleThey have been switching company’s for the last 6 months according to Jennifer guess , and that’s why they can’t Order any vaccines the computers aren’t fully switched over yet they schedule appointments that they can’t even do because they have nothing for the appointment and they don’t bother to call and tell you they don’t have anything for the appointment they set you up with they let you waste your day off sitting for an hour and half in the waiting room/ exam room just to tell you there is nothing they can do bye . Well according to Jennifer she showed up to do her job and it’s not her fault they can’t order anything and she didn’t even know what our appointment was for until they had already roomed us so she did her job it’s not her fault we can just call you when we get the stuff in . Also another man who was there the same time as me was told oh well we are switching computer so I know we called you last week to have your blood drawn but now we can’t find the orders so we have to call the doctor and have him send them over again but we can’t draw any labs today even though they scheduled him also . So wasting people time all over the place.Version: 23.13.0

TerribleThe only thing consistent about Yelp is how inconsistent it is..Version: 22.28.0

The worst application everYelp group called me many times over the year to pay them to keep my business in the top list when I refused they hide my good reviews and they faked bad reviews to worn my business.Version: 12.51.1

Just okThis app is helpful however I do not like it when you search for a specific cafe by name and lots of other cafes come up that are not what I am searching for. The map option is great though 😁.Version: 11.23.0

All information are wrongAlways wrong information.Version: 23.23.0

Worst service and food ever!Worst service and dry sushi ever. I had never been to Trapoer’s Sushi and my daughter suggested we go there. When I got there I was told I would have a 45 minute wait for my order. When the 45 minutes were up I asked for an update and the person at the counter rolled her eyes, gave me a derogatory look and said, I told you 45 minutes but sometimes it is longer. I pointed out I just asked for an update. Another nasty look and she stomps off, comes back and says it will be another 10 - 15 minutes. All that time to get 2 entrees and a kids meal! Fine she comes back after about 10 minutes and says the order is ready. We take the order home, we live less than 10 minutes away. Took a bite of the sushi and the rice in the kids meal and it was dry and hard like it had been sitting out for about an hour! We ended up throwing it away and getting something else to eat. So I have been there you can call it twice because it was my first and last time rolled into one!! If I want Good fresh Sushi that is moist and tasty I will go to Happy Bento. I have never waited there for more than 15 minutes. The service is good and the food is fresh and tasty!.Version: 22.46.1

Doesn't work!I live in Christchurch and yes a lot of our city is gone but for Yelp not to recognize us as a location is bad. So no point in using it..Version: 5.5.1

Post reviewTrying to post a review.. ‘You can’t make an update to this review try back later’.Version: 12.49.0

STAY OUT OF POLITICS!Was my go to app for checking out where to eat next but now you are allowing BLM and SJW to destroy a business who doesn’t fit the narrative?! You make me sick hopefully it’s your business that losses everything!.Version: 12.71.0

Moved over to GoogleFound it to be more accurate in all regards when looking for somewhere nice to eat!.Version: 12.87.0

Bad, Bad Service Three times!Ordered pizza from streets of New York they on 35th Ave and Northern (they have a vegan option) @ at 4:01. They tried to tell me driver is on the way with it. When I asked what time is the new estimated time of arrival, they checked only to tell me pizza is just now gonna be out of the oven. This is 4 min short of 1.5 hours plus what ever time it takes to finish it and give it to another driver. I asked to cancel the order and they offered me a 15% off. If this were an isolated case, I would not be writing this review but there have been two other times. One 2 hours past the ETA and the other, they delivered to another house. I mean this is a $40 pizza now we have to pay for deliver and on top of that, a tip for the driver. I find this unacceptable. You can’t blame everything on COVID they’ve got to get their act together. Order Cancelled…They could care less. Streets of New York. If you’re hungry and tend to get hangry, don’t order pizza from this place. Three times!!! Too bad I have to at least give them at least one star otherwise they won’t post your review..Version: 22.28.0

Deleted because of inciting violenceYelp will now mark restaurants and business with a racism sign, based not on law but on abstract online comments. I hope you get sued to bankruptcy for undermining democracy and the rule of law..Version: 12.71.0

Owner was rudeTable of 6 men, one was extremely out of line with his all his choice of words. During the whole time I was trying to enjoy my company, the lady who works with me and as in her 70’s, me in my 60’s the vulgarity was consistent. When my meal was over, the customer then used f….. cu.. that was all I could do was to hear one more comment. Ask to speak to the manager, the man gets I believe the owner who was a woman. She came out to handle it. The customer asked who said this, well I was not afraid to say it was I. I told the group of rude men I was very offended. They apologized, but the lady followed me with a very stern voice and said she handled it. Then she proceed to the front checking it was making rude comments about me. I didn’t approach her, I felt it was her place or someone that worked there that should’ve told those rude men to not use vulgar language , talking extremely loud, they actually ruined my meal. I would not go back because the rudeness of the owner. Any establishment should never allow people to talk like that when other people are trying to enjoy their meal. Where was she during the whole time my meal was served? We’re in a time where women should not be talked down to or treated like trash..Version: 22.39.0

Not busy but no time to give recommendationsI went in on a Sunday evening early, and the place was not busy. I sat down, ordered a yellow tail sashimi jalapeño appetizer, which was very good. W. hen I asked for help with the decision between two specialty roles, there was like a blank stare. Every time I asked it seems like the way just couldn’t be bothered and I said she would come back. The food was decent, but when I wanted to shrimp shumai them to me very mushy and not seem to be cooked well politely complained about it. She told me well lots of people like it. That’s the way we serve it. I will tell you I have had sushi from the West Coast to the East Coast. I was with us I asked to have it removed from my check. I couldn’t even chew the second one. Period. When I asked for the check, the itemized bill was not included, and when I asked for the I was told well you already saw it. My response was that still doesn’t matter. It’s usually always included with the checks. I was so aggravated at that point I told him to get it left a decent tip and left. I will never go back there again..Version: 23.7.0

ShamblesMy ex girlfriend made it very clear she does not want this app and now I have to deal with her shenanigans.Version: 12.87.0

Restaurant has awful food and service, don’t botherDon’t even bother with the app, this restaurant has AWFUL food and service..Version: 12.3.0

Horrible customer service and managerBEWARE IF YOUR ORDER IS WRONG YOU STILL HAVE TO PAYOUT OF YOUR POCKET FOR THEIR MISTAKE. I placed a to go order with country kitchen. I got the chicken fried chicken with eggs. The lady over the phone asked me how do I want my eggs I told her fried she then asked me do I want them over easy over medium or well done. I specifically stated well done. I go pick up my food drive not even two minutes down the road check my food just for the eggs to be over easy I called the restaurant back the same lady that took my order in right next to her wask I explained that the eggs were not right they told me there’s nothing that they can do since I have left the restaurant. I told her I was just right down the street this is not what I paid for. They told me I can bring it back I will have to be charged again for the eggs. We’re straight at the manager mouth. I was in disbelief. How could you try to make somebody pay for a mistake that y’all made that’s ridiculous never have I been to a place and seeing where a order is wrong on behalf of a restaurant and is not correct it free charge. The food is OK but they will never get another dime out my pockets .who has the money to be paying extra for something that wasn’t their fault .y’all get zero stars from me. I hate that I have to even give y’all star.Version: 23.19.1

Garbage1) why do i need ur app clogging up my memory to read and submit reviews when every other site manages to maintain a fully functioning site accessible via browser 2) why do you censor reviews e.g. my positive one while allowing negative ones through.Version: 12.34.1

Can’t book in US from UKGood app for finding available tables at busy times in a specific location like I have been doing. However I try and reserve a table and it doesn’t work. The app won’t let me input my UK mobile number so doesn’t let me continue with the booking. Shoddy. If all I wanted was finding places and getting reviews I would prefer to use Google maps..Version: 12.103.0

Awful way to treat clientsI have two dogs that have been groomed here to book now you have to complete a form it took days for a response this morning I was told I am not a regular customer and they are not taking new ones on what an awful response because earlier this week I spoke to the girls in Knutsford who immiediately knew Millie abd agreed to call me if a cancellation becomes available the owner is clearly not checking who her clients are before she sends out emails.Version: 12.88.0

Dreadful experience with concord 911/ policeOn Friday, 3/31, at 6:23 pm I called 911 for a missing adult family member in mental distress who had jumped out of driving car and walked off. A police officer would meet me at that location to help search. No one came. 2nd and third call. No one. Each time I had to repeat everything. No one ever called with an update. Contra costa mobil unit mental health also called the police. No one responded until 8:04. It was dark then and we were in an industrial area where the iPad had pinged, having a wild chase without ever seeing the person. Then police wanted to meet up to take a report. I couldn’t care less about a report help find the person I implored them. They arrived with 4 cruisers and at least 5 officers. They were apologetic. Two shootings and one robbery, not enough manpower. We found the person in that plaza at the same time and they all wanted to move in. I stopped them. Afraid of unnecessary escalation( they had weapons), they obliged and actually greeted the person , talked kindly. Then one officer guided us to the hospital. The crew was nice but 90 minutes later arrival for a lost person with a search beginning in the dark? Just write a missing person report …...Version: 23.13.0

Absolutely notI’ve heard some pretty crazy things about how yelp treats some of the small businesses that clam there page here and I’d rather not associate myself.Version: 12.52.0

Can’t attach credit cardYou can’t use a canadian postal code to register a credit card. 1 star, app is broken.Version: 11.25.0

Forced downloadThe forced download of apps is not user friendly..Version: 12.99.0

Forced to downloadForced to download because the mobile site isn't fully functional. Finally relent and download it (after just avoiding yelp for awhile), and the app is super slow and not enjoyable to use at all..Version: 11.25.0

Does nothing if you are in NZDoes nothing if you are in NZ.Version: 6.4.2

Functional, not greatNot being able to review on the app is a major shortcoming - isn't that the whole point of yelp? There are duplicates of places and the process of adding a new place is unnecessarily long considering it is for the mobile app. I could've just as easily written a review in the time I've added a new place. It has crashed on occasion..Version: 6.8.0

Pretentious w@nk3rsReviews on yelp are far more harsh than any other legitimate rating site. People downvote restaurants for the pettiest of things. Wannabe food critics, but just arrogant, pretentious w@nk3rs.Version: 12.44.0

PredatoryPredatory business practices, fake reviews run rampant..Version: 12.57.0

Staples on Golden Valley Rd, Santa ClaritaVery disappointed in the customer service at this location, in particular, a young woman working the photo copying machine. We came in at around 4:00 and asked for help copying 11 photos off of a thumb drive. She told us they wouldn’t be available until after the following day. When we told her we were on our way out of town for a funeral, she told us their policy was if you come in after 2:00, they aren’t available until the following day. I didn’t know about their “policy” when we chose to go there. I would have thought a little compassion would have been shown us. I felt she was very rude and didn’t even give us suggestions for where we could go. In the same parking area there was a UPS store and we checked there, but they didn’t have photo paper to make the copies on. The young woman behind the counter and the customer were very helpful and directed us to Walgreens. Thank goodness for their suggestion. Walgreens photo counter was super nice and had our photos printed in 10 minutes. They have new printers and the pictures turned out beautiful. Save yourself frustration and just go to Walgreens for photo copies..Version: 23.13.0

Southern pines animal shelter Hattiesburg msSo pines shelter makes it difficult to surrender an animal. I’ve adopted from them many times, given cash donations and food yet they give you a hard time. I had a dog dropped at my home, had her spayed, had shots, a bath and nail clip then took her to them. They made me make an appointment, once I got to the appointment the gates were closed, I opened the gate myself and was intercepted and told they were closed preparing for their “open house” day. Finally they let me in to speak with the person I’d made an appointment with. Fool that I am I checked “do not contact me before euthanasia of this pet”. Not only did they not display/show her for that adoption day but they sent her “up north” (they call it.) To a shelter that needs pets. I know this because I called 2 days later and they told me they’d sent her. I’m guessing “up north” euthanizes. I cried all day. She’d been better off on the streets. Which is my plan from now on. I will take any I find roaming to a neighborhood and drop them. I try to do my part but w/o help from the shelter you finally get frustrated and just give up on them. Their good reviews come from people that adopt !, rude to those trying to surrender. Thanks for caring so very much So Pines.Version: 23.9.1

UselessWanted to upload some pictures to the maps app, but the only way was by using the Yelp app (the must be a better way of doing this Apple!), so installed the app and sign-in using my Apple ID, well that’s what I thought I did? But no all I keep getting was a notice saying “oops the seems to be an error”, I don’t what to keep rubbish, so I’ve deleted the app!! Can Apple please, please find a more reliable way of users of their Map App uploading images to help and share with others!!.Version: 12.85.0

Pizza BiancaI visited this restaurant with my sister. I was visiting from Denver and had a horrible experience. We waited over 2 hours to receive our meal after being sat at a community table. We asked to move and were told there was no availability at other tables. This was understandable as it was a busy Friday evening. However, before we received our meal we were offered another table because they wanted to seat a 7 top at our table and this would give us an opportunity to have a “quieter” location so we could talk. Weird how this was now an option when it was more convenient for the restaurant. I complained to the manager who took no responsibility for the way we were treated. He just became defensive and said it was a “busy” Friday. Years ago I worked in the industry and realize how difficult it can be. However, I don’t understand the lack of apology and recognition that we were treated poorly. This is an ageist mysogonistic restaurant that should not be frequented by anyone female over the age of 30. I will never be back and I hope no one else experiences this service or treatment..Version: 22.49.1

The Most Useless AppI just wanted to read reviews but I was constantly being taken to the app store so I gave in and downloaded it and I STILL can’t read reviews because it still takes me to app store even though I have the app???? Absolute waste of time..Version: 12.54.0

UselessEveryone thinks they’re a good critic and don’t even leave legitimate feedback.Version: 12.1.0

French fries held hostage by manager!McDonalds on Higgins and mannheim Road near the airport has a manager by the name of Carlos and his weak expertise in servicing customers is off balance. We stayed at a hotel across the street and decided to go there for a quick snack before heading too the airport, since I have the app I had a chance too get a free French Fries with my order, this so called manager Carlos, claims that I used my app earlier in the day…were as he saw me enter the order and seeing the fries jumping up and down declaring it was ready too get the order with fries, why is that he didn’t understand why it didn’t go through….therefore he didn’t allow me to get the fries….I was not happy with his lack of leadership within this transaction he could’ve given me the fries…we went too the other McDonalds down the road on Higgins, my brother ordered something with the app got the free fries and we explained the problem we had at the other McDonalds and believe it or not they gave us a free order of fries…I called the Higgins and Mannheim location and ask for a manager not named Carlos and the lady said that she is the manager I ask for her name and she refused saying it’s the policy not too gave their name over the phone never heard of that before….I s/h give them a one star…..Version: 23.13.0

I like this appI like this app but it doesn't work in NZ!.Version: 6.2.2

Yelp are evil !!!!Bought a business in California. Had a bad review from way back in 2012 that keeps appearing on yelp at the first search even to this day seven years later. Our loyal regular customers here have tried and tried to put on yelp a positive review , every time it’s rejected or removed , only the bad review is always visible from 2012 . We can’t get Yelp to explain why, or help us . It’s killing our trade !.Version: 12.25.0

Didn’t get our food on time.So we ordered food last night. They assured us that even those it was closing we’d get the food delivered we ordered. Now mind you we live only .5 miles from them. Less then a 2 minute drive. So short story no food came. So we had to go out to eat pizza cause everything thing was closed by then. So sitting here at home tonight the next night and what happens? A knock at the door! And it’s my food I ordered the night before now it’s 9:02 pm alittle to late. So I called the manager told him everything and he says if you don’t want the food then just bring it back to him! Now we all know they can’t sell it to anyone else. And the driver was like I’ll take it back and he said I’m gonna eat the cookie. Just amazing how special people can be! I used to run a pizza place anytime food was late I’d apologize and tell the people to keep the food. But we never where a day late! Guess the employees must be hungry they can eat it since we’ve already eaten since we placed our order last night. Glad we have food to cook in this house and money do go out last night cause waiting over 24 hrs to eat what you ordered could make you hungry! 😂.Version: 22.16.0

Does work in NZNuff said.Version: 6.2.1

Intentionally prevents deleting your own reviewTerrible company that blackmails businesses. It also has terrible user experience in the app: it took me more than 20 minutes to figure out how to delete a review I had posted earlier and changed my mind about. The help section in the website was misleading. Had to go in a super roundabout way to delete the review. It’s definitely on purpose they make it so hard. They want as many reviews as possible and if you want to delete one, you have to jump through massive hoops..Version: 22.36.0

Needs Overhaul outside USAThe app seems to be very outdated in Australia. It doesn’t seem to list new places from 2017 and so on. This is an area where Zomato is thriving. Americans seems to love Yelp, but the devs seems to have forgotten there is a world outside of USA..Version: 12.22.0

I never wanted to get this app, and I hate that I have to get it to read reviewsIf you’re on mobile, the only way to read reviews for a place you’re looking up is to download this app. The google reviews take you to the app store, as does the website. They smartly designed the review process so that it shows you enough of the review to get the general idea of how a person feels about the place, but if you want their reasoning, there will guaranteed be a “Read More” button before they can finish their reasoning. I hate that, but that’s just a predatory business practice, I haven’t even gotten to the app yet. This app is littered with ads EVERYWHERE!! I’ll look up a place and I won’t know if they’re actually showing me what I searched until I comb halfway through the page they’re showing me. Then when I click on a place, it’ll show reviews for other places before the reviews for the place I want to look at?! The separation between the two is subtle enough too that I genuinely thought that a review for Chevy’s was a review for Burger King too. It’s an app for reviews, but I can’t find the reviews, and that’s just perfect irony. 2 stars though because the app does work pretty well once you get past the pointless scrolling and ads..Version: 23.3.0

What?What does this nonsense even mean? “If we get rid of all the bugs, but didn’t write a release note, did it ever happen”? Why not stop being lazy and actually tell your customers what you have fixed instead of writing waffle..Version: 12.32.0

UnfortunateUnfortunately this app doesn't seem to work outside the US. While in Australia and New Zealand it could find my iPad's location, yet when I searched for a restaurant it "can't recognize my location". When on holiday in the States it worked perfectly. For an app that relies user-generated reviews it's 'unfortunate' that it works only in the US, when in theory, it should be able to work everywhere. So if you're in the US then this will work well for you..Version: 5.6.0

Poor customer serviceI have been here many times before the food is great, but the young girl they have working the counter on 1-9-23 was in a bad mood swearing underneath her breath. I witness her give the lady in front of me a hard time. She ordered a sandwich. She didn’t want the bacon on the sandwich. She wanted it on the side however, the young girl working on the counter didn’t know what that meant and kept trying to charge her for extra side of bacon. When I got to her, I had asked her a question before she helped the lady in front of me. She doesn’t know her menu I have to say. when I got up there, I explained to her what I was asking her on the chalk board. She wouldn’t turn around and look at the board. She just automatically charged me for it. I said that’s not what I’m ordering I’m trying to explain to you. The young girl started swearing underneath her breath. I asked her if there was a problem and she said no problem. However, after I paid, she told me not to give her attitude. When I left, I was talking to the ladies in front of me. They thought she was in a pissy mood as well, but the young girl was watching from the window. I know the owners however I never before have received that type of service. I believe they should know about this. Absolutely terrible customer service from this young lady..Version: 22.51.1

LisbonYou should know that your Lisbon listings are EXTREMELY out of date. Many businesses have clearly been closed for a very long time. This makes the app very unsatisfactory to use here. I found this to a lesser extent also in Barcelona when I was living there 2-3 years ago. It means you have to verify listings, which is time consuming and obviates to a great extent the usefulness of Yelp. It feels like a lazy approach to your customers..Version: 12.86.0

IPad version neglectedGreat app, great site, but for some reason a bunch of features still aren't accessible when this app is used on iPad. C'mon Yelp, fix it already! Can’t even post reviews because the submit button just doesn’t even appear, making a review-focussed app fairly useless. BRING BACK YELP ELITE OUTSIDE THE USA!!!.Version: 12.2.0

Quoting system sent to suppliers on the other side of the planetRequested quotes via Yelp in San Francisco, only to award the winning supplier and pay a 50% deposit -before realising the supplier is 2 hours drive away from SF! Garbage!.Version: 12.32.0

Corruption & extortion dressed up as The FutureI hate that Yelp has become so dominant. dystopia writ small, the stuff of a mediocre episode of Black Mirror, headed by a CEO who can’t fool everyone with his polished side-stepping answers to the few questions that are relevant for Yelp..Version: 12.42.0

Yelp is racistYelp is racist. As an Asian Canadian I am extremely offended by what Yelp is trying to do to hurt businesses. Here come the crying wolves..Version: 12.71.0

LukeCustomer leaves a bad review, just for the reason for a discount, nothing wronge with the job.. Yelp didn’t take it off or even chase it up...and custom has tried to take it down aswell but still up there.. also your be lucky to get any leads from yelp. don’t put your company on hear, as no customers leave any good reviews... but as soon as you have a blagger!! they will put you down on this site.. this week or in next few years it will happen.Version: 12.24.1

Perfect for reviews, terrible for locationSo i installed yelp because on the apple store i tried to find a place and yelp was required to see pictures/reviews e.t.c. i started downloading but as going through reviews i saw the 1/2 star reviews saying that it’s terrible, do not download it, there’s even one saying that the food has gone bad when it was delivered. so i got on the website and i had to log in, and tell yelp my location. so i search up the place i was looking for and it was actually really good. then i searched up another place and apparently it didn’t exist! i never knew a place i went two days ago didn’t exist ???? maybe it was a misunderstanding so i tried another store but it was popular, boom! it doesn’t exist! this went on for another few stores until i gave up. maybe it just couldn’t recognise it. please don’t download and listen to everyone’s reviews.Version: 12.96.0

Cashier with Her mouthful!!While placing my order the Cashier was eating on the job and had trouble asking me what I wanted. I finally could understand her questions. My Son was with me and when I tried to tell the Cashier, “my Son would like to add his order to mine”; She was distracted by the Manager (asking toooo many questions to the busy Cashier) and didn’t hear me say, “please add a Sprite to the order”. When the order was finally delivered (we choose to eat inside the dinning room) and there was no Sprite; therefore, I pointed out to the Cashier that She forgot my Sprite. The Cashier “HUFFED AND PUFFED” and went to get the Manger (same one that was talking to the Cashier while I was placing my order). The Manager appeared abruptly and asked, “what’s the PROBLEM HERE?”. I replied, “there’s no problem, just a little confusion”. I said forget about the Sprite and proceed to the dinning room. Right in front of our table on the floor there was a used dirty CONDOM. I did not complain, got up and left Wendy’s as fast as I could and dumped my food in the nearest trash can. SUMMARY: 1. Employees should not be eating at work. 2. Managers should not be talking to trainees with food in their month during busy times. 3. Dinning room must be clean so Customers will have a sanitary place to eat. If I were a Food Inspector, I would shut this Wendy’s Restaurant down for toooo many violations. UNHAPPY WENDY’S CUSTOMER!!! 😆😆.Version: 22.51.1

PapaJohns Bognor RegisShockingly bad service. Ordered 4 pizzas. Please avoid Waited over two hours only for them to say they lost the order for 2 pizzas and wouldn’t offer any discount If the two they did send, one was completely wrong. Again no refund. Sad.Version: 12.57.0

RacistI’ve used Yelp for years and right this minute I’m deleting it and leaving this review. This company has the nerve to put warnings of racism on businesses that are conservative minded. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you’re not far left Antifa supporters, then you’re not welcome at Yelp. Goodbye..Version: 12.71.0

Unreliable reviewsReviews are not all listed and bad reviews are removed by Yelp for unknown reasons....Version: 11.27.0

So I can’t use Yelp on phone without app???Yelp is integrated in AppleMaps, yet we don’t get access on mobile devices without downloading de 166mb app. First off, forcing me to download an app to access info available online is an insult, Quora did the same thing for a while and I stopped using the site until they woke up to their mistake. I hope Yelp gets this awakening as well because until then I WILL NEVER USE YOUR WEBSITE AGAIN, EVER. Now if only they would also stop coercing businesses into buying their paid ads, then Yelp could be good. Until then, avoid Yelp at all costs, there are many other options to choose from with much better business ethics..Version: 12.45.0

Doesn't work in New ZealandThe app doesn't work in New Zealand! Fail!.Version: 5.9.0

###Leaf FilterA terrible company. A person came out to give me a quote on cost to put cover on rain gutters He walked around, measured and came to door with large brief case. He showed me many pages of how good his product is. He then gave an outrageous amount. I didn’t say a thing and he took a very sm amount off- all only if I bought their product. I had a coupon he really didn’t want to use. It was 30% off but only if I bought product that day. Coupon says good fir year. I thanked him and said again I was getting quotes from others. He kept asking why and he had best product. He wouldn’t back off. At that point I thanked him and said again I was done. He wouldn’t stop talking and get up and leave. At that time I picked my phone up and told him I was dialing 911. He still would not leave. Finally I was going to dial 911 and he slowly fit up and said he could have given me a price less than a third from what he first said. A joke! He finally left slowly talking. I felt threatened,bullied, and finally frightened with his aggressive behavior! Please do not call them and report them..Version: 23.23.0

Gross cold nastyFood arrived via skip the dish Gross and cold Mash looked like puke Bags open and unsealed Looks like the driver rummaged through all the food. And the food was disgusting as well! Why do ppl like this place🤮.Version: 12.76.0

No longer supports iPhone 5 - why?Since v12.6 Yelp no longer supports iPhone 5 (even running latest compatible iOS 10.3.3). There's no good reason for this. Touch ID isn't a pre-requisite for finding a good cafe..Version: 12.5.0

Stupid websiteOnly downloading because the website is horrible. Won’t let you look at ANY reviews without downloading the app..Version: 22.22.0

Forced to download the appWhy do you force people to download the app when looking at reviews on the mobile site? If you want to read the full review they force you to download the app, this is ridiculous..Version: 12.51.2

Yelp is a scamYou’re not getting a real idea of any business because yelps as a company is rotten to the core. The way they handle reviews is basically racketeering. A good business might have 10 five star reviews and 2 one star reviews, and only the one star reviews show up. They blame it on “the algorithm” but it’s essentially extortion. As a business, if you start advertising with yelp and then stop, they will run your business (on yelp) into the ground — until you start paying them again. And even then, you don’t get what you pay for. A literal garbage company. I’ve seen people compare them to the mafia, and honestly, after dealing with them, I have to say that I’d rather deal with the mafia. At least the mafia keeps their word. At least with the mafia, you get what you pay for. With yelp, you just keep getting ripped off. And when they don’t follow through on their end and you dare question them, they send you straight to collections. Do yourself a favor, delete the yelp app from your phone, and never look back. The world will be a better place for you and all local businesses when yelp ceases to exist..Version: 23.11.1

Very disappointing- do not goWow. Perhaps your manager should know the rules before you kick people out and embarrass my family. The rules are 16 and over have to show vaccination proof - and yet you insisted on requiring my children who are under 16 to show proof of vaccination. And then, despite being told that they are vaccinated, but that we haven’t yet been able to download the certificate, you insist on hassling them and embarrassing them in front of the cafe. All because YOU didn’t know the rule. If you had the rule correct - no problem, that would be on us. But YOU had the rule 100% incorrect. You could have gone to the website to look up the rule - but you instead chose to harass and embarrass my kids. Shame on you. I will make a point of telling everybody I know to never go to your business ever. You have lost not just a customer for life, you have lost an entire family’s custom for life as well as all our extended family and friends. All you had to do was go to your phone or computer to actually look up the rule, but your arrogance prevented that from happening, and embarrassed my poor kids who you couldn’t even apologise to. Shame. Awful behaviour..Version: 12.96.0

Can’t enter Canadian ZIP CodeThe title says it all. I can’t enter a zip code cause the Canadian zip codes are different and I can’t avail the 10% cash back offer because of this..Version: 11.24.0

Regretfully disappointedI was very hopeful when I tried out this business for the first time. Unfortunately it did not work out. First, it was not clear I would only meet with the Dentist on my first visit and not receive a cleaning the same day. I was told I would need to schedule this. Not easy on a busy schedule with kids. Took me weeks to find the time for the first visit. The dentist and dental hygienist were nice, efficient and space was clean. Minimal wait. I was still hopeful. The Dentist made a recommendation for a more in depth clean than a basic. Not any different treatment, just more attention as a precautionary action. Well this cleaning would not be covered by my insurance. I shared I did not want this cleaning, but would just go with a standard cleaning. I was denied any future service. Since when can a doctor mandate treatment and refuse care? I’m not in danger, I have no “problems” requiring treatment. They just are recommending this more expensive treatment. But will not offer another. The lack of controls in place and the ability for a dentist office to do whatever they want, charge what they want and refuse to provide a basic cleaning is …. Frustrating. I’m disappointed and maybe out of luck. Is this the new normal? Do they really have this level of control over us? Sad..Version: 22.46.0

Terrible business terrible appYelp is for snitches. Yelp is predatory to restaurants. Yelp disgusts me. Your model to get ppl to download this is a scam too..Version: 12.64.0

Forced downloadI hate that I’m forced to download this app to use Apple Maps. Why can’t their website just work?.Version: 12.90.0

Corrupt reviewsI’ve personally reported 2 reviews that I knew for a fact were written by employees or family of employees and both reports were rejected. This tells me to beware of businesses who have low star ratings and then suddenly there’s a 5 star rating posted. Even though fake reviews by businesses goes against Yelps policy, the reality is that they are allowing them anyway. With that in mind, it is now a useless source of information when trying to decide which businesses to spend our money at..Version: 12.45.0

Scam & ExtortionYelp hide good genuine reviews when a business refuses to pay for its poor advertising. Only displaying poor reviews in order to hold business’ to ransom They are a racket who need shutting down..Version: 12.65.0

BlackmailersYelp blackmails small business owners into paying them or they block all their 5 star reviews and highlight the 1 star reviews. Just goto any business and look at the suppressed reviews. Someone should shut these scum bags down. I do not understand how google allows them to operate on their platform..Version: 12.64.0

Scam companyYou can’t even look at reviews online without downloading the app??? Since when was this a thing!? Surly you main website should be an adequate place for me to see all your reviews and Not have to download a heavy 150mb app!.Version: 12.8.0

Horrible appWill never use this app again after hearing they will be giving out ‘racism badges’. Disgruntled employees or irate customers can and will use this maliciously against businesses. Sounds great in theory but there’s no way to prove the business is in fact racist. Very disappointed in Yelp for doing this to vulnerable businesses during a pandemic..Version: 12.71.0

Horrible service horrible foodDo not go to this restaurant if your wanting food chicken and good service . They gave us old chicken tenders that were hard and dried out . They had no mac and cheese . Gave us a small gravy to go with a large mashed potatoes. Coleslaw was disgusting no flavor and very dry not like the kfc I remember growing up . Order took over 15 minutes to get . Not sure why nothing was fresh. Had no dipping sauce not even the kfc sauce . Didn’t put napkins in the bag, didn’t put honey or butter in the bag for the biscuits or even offer them to us just walked away. Tried to call them back over the girl rolled her eyes and came back like we inconvenienced her to do her job as we just needed dipping sauce but guess they were out of what we wanted . Called them today to speak to a manager about the issue and was told because we don’t have the food we can’t get our money back just what was bad replaced it was a meal a family meal at te holidays and our trash man already took the trash sorry or we would have gladly got it out of the trash and placed it on your counter !!!!!! Horrible customer service we will never go back . Please people don’t waste your hard earned money on this place ..Version: 22.51.1

Useless & are people are stupid?First, I’ve used Yelp for many years and until recently I’ve found some great businesses. Some aren’t so great. I always sort reviews “most recent”. Everything changes over time so I want to see (what I hope are) honest current reviews rather than from 1+ years ago. Then if I’m interested I’ll click on the business and if they have a website I click on that. Well…NOTHING COMES UP when the Yelp redirect pops up. Just the top bar where “Done” appears top left and some other stuff in red. WHY?? It doesn’t help me to have to go to back and forth from Yelp to a search engine to get to the business’ website. Nor does it help the businesses on Yelp! Btw my software and Yelp app are up to date. Second, to the people leaving reviews for A BUSINESS they FOUND on Yelp…JUST STOP! To review a business you find on Yelp (1) open Yelp app (2) search the name of the business you want to review (3) click on that business (4) scroll until you see the write a review section (there are five white stars, tap appropriate number of stars you feel appropriate for your experience and provide details. And don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill! To err is human. ).Version: 23.19.2

Weird assumptions...A lot of people has been reviewing yelp with places like nail salons etc. All i see on yelp are just restraunts and places to eat. It doesn’t give you clear instructions on how you use it for other things to see like how well or detrimental it’s been reviewed. I advise to yelp to make a category for different things to review on. A bad experience..Version: 12.38.1

Horrible stylist Ashley. Do not let her touch your hair!I tried Rouge out because they had an opening. I had platinum blonde hair and just wanted my roots touched up and a few low lights for depth. I left out if there with mousey Brown hair and NO blonde at all. Ashley must have my just graduated because she kept dropping the comb on the floor and not cleaning it and putting the bleach brush in the color bowl! 5 HOURS later when she dried my hair and asked me how I liked it, I told her I didn’t like it because I wanted blonde hair and I didn’t even have any blonde highlights! Ashley said well I like it and proceed to charge me $315. I told her I thought that was extremely high since my hair didn’t look like anything we discussed and she said well I paid $25,000 to go to school! I wish I could post a picture here to show how she cut my bangs. She literally pulled 3 inches of my hair and cut it straight across not blending into the side. It looks like a kindergartener cut their own bangs. I tried to call the next day to speak with Regina the owner to tell her about this woman because I overheard another stylist talk about a complaint from another customer. Do not use Ashley unless you want to be robbed and then still have to pay someone else to try and straighten your hair out!!.Version: 23.7.0

List ratingsNot sure what’s happened but lost all my reviews and star ratings and now list my twitter location come on Yelp sort it out.Version: 12.27.2

Do Not BelieveDO NOT BELIEVE THE REVIEWS ON THIS PLATFORM. This is a commercial enterprise that protects those who create value for it. Their review methodology lacks integrity and cannot be relied upon. Business owners are punished while users of the platform are misled. Difficult to determine whether it’s incompetence or lack of ethics that underlies this company. As a business owner and consumer there are far better choices available..Version: 12.26.0

Search results extremely poorI really wonder how this became a billion dollar company!!! I was looking for website/app to search for seafood restaurants in a suburb of Toronto, yelp’s name was at the top as a restaurant finder app, downloaded it and the search results are extremely poor. Google search provided definitely better options!! I immediately deleted Yelp..Version: 22.32.0

I wanted to read a comment on the websiteI was forced to download the app the read the comments. Then I had to sign up and so on. Just deleted it. Waste of time. Just use trip advisor website instead..Version: 12.1.0

Stop trying to make me download the app!Just trying to look at a menu for a restaurant on the internet and it keeps shifting me across to the App Store. I’m not downloading it again as it’s a poorly designed app. I’d prefer to use the other food/restaurant apps..Version: 12.43.1

Bad BusinessIf i could give a 0 rating i would. they allow anyone to post fake reviews and lies about your business. Dont use them.Version: 12.43.0

Food and drinkI irdered a entree sized calamari at the the transport hotel yesterday and it was not any value for money I waited one hour or so for that small meal and also I didn’t get any aloili with it and no slice of lemon/ I just think that there should have been more organisation with the amount of people that they would have anticipated that would be entering the building and restricting the numbers if people entering the building / to give them better service and not have to many entering the numbers should have been monitored by some one at the entry and help things run smoother.Version: 22.10.0

Doesn't workWaste of time, doesn't work here in NZ..Version: 6.2.1

SIGN UP? no thanksI don’t sign up for an ‘opinion’ about anything that I can get from anywhere. You’re not THAT indispensable Yelp that I would give you ANY personal info. Bye.Version: 12.33.0

Awful don’t bother!We waited for more than an hour for two burgers and a child’s chicken tenders. The only thing tender about the chicken was a tender from a brick layer to use for a substitute for bricks! The gluten free option was disgusting, gf bread I grant you is not the best anyway but when you ask for well done and it’s still coldly mooing is not my idea of well done. All the food was cold! And the skinny chips, well I’m not sure what to say other than they are anorexic strips of dust. They seemed to be more concerned about the food delivery personnel/orders than the customers sitting patiently, thinking that they had teleported to the desert as you were left feeling parched as service regarding serving drinks was slower than a snail on a bank holiday travelling over a mound of salt…...Version: 12.94.0

Beach House North LakesI got food poisoning there from a chicken caesar salad. I fell so sick 🤢🤮 and was not able to go to work the next day. When I called the manager she just brushed me off and said that I had no proof. My Doctor confirmed all my symptoms point to severe food poisoning..Version: 12.96.0

DisappointingA friend was doing work in the area so we ended up eating lunch and having a few beers. Food, cold beers and service was great. We returned a few hours later. We had another beer at the bar and joined another worker at a table. I was immediately handed a $118 bill for some of my workers. I paid it and waited 45 minutes to order dinner. The waitress who collected the $118 then said we needed switch tables. We waited another 30 minutes before she took our order. Patience was gone at that point and I asked for a manager. I was told there was no manager. After dinner, the waitress tried to slip the bill to one of my employees. Since I was paying, he handed it to me. Again, I asked for a manager. and shockingly a manager was on duty. So, effectively she bare faced lied. I had initially planned not to tip (which is built in the restaurant’s bills regardless of size of party). I left half of what the auto bill generated. The next day I went to have a beer (again, it was a convenient place) and then the manager told me that they “don’t like my kind there.” It is a same that management and bad waitress can soil a place. Won’t be back ever..Version: 23.9.1

Forced to download appYelp forces you to download the app when you want to "read more" on a review on the mobile version of the website, for that I am rating it 1 star..Version: 11.8.1

Racist enablersThis app stops letting you post reviews on racist places or will delete the reviews on racist places if you call them out on their racism. Disgusting.Version: 12.67.0

Happy Days Diner Thorndale PAMy girlfriend and I went to Happy Days in Thorndale, Pa today for lunch. We both ordered scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries. I got wheat toast and water and she got gluten free bread and a raspberry sweet tea. The waitress was less than welcoming. We ate our lunch and got money together Including tip. Waitress was quick to collect slip and money, almost rushing us. We started walking towards front door and my girlfriend asked me if I knew where the bathroom was and I showed her the way. I stepped out and waited for her outside but quickly began to feel sick. I had stomach pains and an urge to go to the bathroom. She finally came out and we said our goodbye. I didn’t think I was going to make home… I live about 4 minutes from the Diner. I made it to my house and the bathroom. I was so sick with diarrhea, which lasted many hours. After talking to my girlfriend, I discovered that she was sick too and she didn’t even make it out of the Diner. I place a call to the Diner and spoke to a manager, Anita, who said she would let the cook know and sort of apologize. I felt like she wasn’t surprised or she didn’t care. Worst experience ever! Give local business a try and get sick in the process!.Version: 23.19.2

Worst app everI tried to write a review and they deleted it in 0.5 seconds this app sucks do not buy.Version: 12.44.2

Butchers putting prices upVery disappointed to find the butchers charging over £16:00 for one chicken is unfair I paid it this time I had none in but wont do so again..Version: 12.57.0

StupidTried to read reviews about a shop online. Couldn’t read the full reviews until I downloaded the app for some reason. So, I played ball and downloaded the app with the knowledge that I was going to write a crappy review about Yelp because of making me jump through hoops to read the review. Deleted the app after I finished reading. Waste my time to promote your company? 1 star review for you..Version: 12.28.0

Shouldn’t need this stupid appShould not need to install a freaking app just to check a freaking review. The website works, but if I I’m on a phone the site is just a teaser for an unnecessary app. This sucks..Version: 22.39.0

Boston pizza on Starlite in Regina, SaskI went out for lunch with my ladies group of about 20 of us to the Boston pizza on Starlite in the east end of Regina. Even though we made a reservation, they were not set up for us . But once seated the lady serving us was awesome. She had no problem keeping up with all our requests. They advertise a Gluten Wise menu so I ordered the pick your own pasta in the GlutenWise Fusilli with Gluten wise Creamy Alfredo sauce , chicken breast and mushrooms. The chicken was hard as a rock , and I refused to eat it. The waitress advised that they cook the chicken breasts in the morning and keep them warm under heat. And reheat if necessary. In other words. NOT fresh. The noodles tasted fantastic but the sauce was almost non existent. I would say maybe 2 tbsp over a plentiful dish of GlutenWise noodles. She did bring me half of a cup more sauce. Noodles were quite tasty. I got home and had violent cramps that night from the so called Gluten free food. When I phoned today to make sure what I had was Gluten free the lady who answered the phone advised they cooked the gluten wise noodles in the same water as any other noodle and were not guaranteeing that it was gluten free. Only that it was Gluten wise. I did not know there was such a thing as Gluten Wise. So Boston Pizza. NOT IMPRESSED. Don’t advertise you serve Gluten Wise food because that is pure crap. Most people on a Gluten free diet is on it for a medical reason or for better health. You really made me Sick for over 12 hours. I would not recommend your restaurant to anyone. No stars for misleading customers with false advertising.Version: 23.11.1

Why do you force people to download your app?It is so annoying that they force you to download their app to confirm a dinner reservation. If you can build a mobile app, you can let me confirm from a web browser. I’m irritated I had to waste data to confirm my reservation. Enough to take the time to write you a 1 star review..Version: 23.11.1

Search for black owned business -disgraceI hate discrimination and I have actively supported minorities all my life..but being able to search for black owned on Yelp businesses goes against everything getting rid of discrimination should be about. Positive discrimination is ugly and counter productive. Treating people equally is the only way, the only way there will ever to combat discrimination. Being able to search for an owners skin colour in this day and age-horrible.Version: 12.81.1

Worst app everWorst app ever! Never works. Delete the app and try to use website, diverts you to download broken app. Lol ok! Thanks.Version: 12.8.0

It’s all a lie!Yelp is inaccurate and misrepresents all their vendors so many people have been complaining about it check the yelp biz reviews and see for yourself.Version: 23.15.0

No third time is a charm!We heard the chicken pot pie is super yum. We’ve been there twice and still have not been able to try it. The first time we drive over an hour to eat a late lunch. They close at 3:00 on Saturdays. We got there and tried to order food at 2:02. We were told no more food is being served after 2:00. The second time we went was on a Sunday at 12:30. They are open 9-2. We stood in line for over 10 minutes. We were next to order and the women working there comes up to the person behind us, clearly knowing her, and asks her what she wants. Not only were we skipped but completely unacknowledged. To top it off they recently changed the menu so Sunday’s are breakfast only. Nothing is noted on the website. We go with the flow and order brunch. Food was TERRIBLE. I had apple French toast. It was seared a little on top and bottom with the middle not even cooked. Think white bread with maple syrup over it. It had peeled apple slices with cinnamon on it that looked like it should have been warm. Nope, cold. A toddler must have cooked it. Not going back a third time. Definitely not a charm..Version: 23.13.0

Would be nice if they opened the app for New ZealandBut when I used it in Sydney it was brilliant.Version: 6.2.1

Worst customer service EVER!!!We have spent literally thousands of dollars at Mulberry over the past several years and the first time we complained about an item they ruined, they REFUSED to accept responsibility!!! Yes, we know it’s crazy expensive compared to other dry cleaners in the area, but we liked the nice hangers and the pretty store experience. The staff who helped us were always friendly. Then they shrunk a dress after it’s initial wearing. It was our daughters favorite dress that she wore to a special occasion so we have plenty of photos of her wearing it. After we had it dry cleaned it shrunk from knee length to barely covering g her underwear- we took photos and showed them the huge shrinkage. We have the receipt for the dress which was $64. After MONTHS of needing to ask them to reimburse us for the ruined dress they offered us $20 in credit. Are you kidding me??? We will never use them again. Literally hundreds of dollars we spent there every week for many years and that is what they offered us after ruining a dress? I hope none of you have anything ruined there. You’ll be as irritated and angry as we are!!!.Version: 22.40.0

So DisappointedCertainly not our first visit. I love their chicken salad sandwich and potato salad. My husband was a walk-in to go order. He ordered my sandwich and potatoes salad with two sweet ice teas. He ordered a southwest chicken avocado salad. Added two brownies also to go in our order. The wait was very reasonable. Our items were placed in a bag and he left the storefront. Once he arrived home we unpacked our food. On the positive note his salad was great as were the brownies. Sweet tea was awesome! Unfortunately when I unwrapped my chicken salad sandwich I was taken back. The croissant had been cut in half as usual but it was flatter than a pancake. It was dry and somewhat rolled out? I almost took a picture of it. There was mostly salad field greens and two small diced tomatoes on one half. The other side had a medium size spoonful of the chicken salad. I was just so surprised because this is definitely not the normal size given in the past. A lesson learned to maybe open the wrappers or containers before we leave the restaurant. Our bill was $32 and we could have chosen several places in this price range to have eaten our dinner. Just so disappointed..Version: 23.15.0

Not happyYour reviews that are kept as five stars should be changing in the star rating as Iv always noticed you ignored my good reviews and left mad reviews on there not happy at all.Version: 12.13.1

ScamDon’t download this app and don’t use their listing service for you business , they don’t publish good reviews only publish negative reviews and when asked about removing negative spam reviews , i was told for pay advertising services after long time later Yelp canada big fraud.Version: 12.22.0

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