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Best for travelI found this app so useful while travelling. Helped me pick the best places on travel and the reviews were very helpful..Version: 12.2.0

Yelp for helpThis is really easy people. Get it. Use it. Love it. Seriously. This has been the most useful app bar google maps, while I have been traveling round north America..Version: 5.2.3

Fast top notch and friendlyWent into Jersey Mike’s in Attleboro Massachusetts yesterday for the first time and I was very impressed. it was a pretty busy time of the day on a Friday. There was a line but these employees hustled with care to move it along. Deli meat is sliced fresh directly in front of you. The meat slicer(who was likely the owner or manager was very friendly and chatted (while working very quickly) with each customer. Maybe it was just me but it helped the customers feel a sense of community, instead of just a sense of “next”…. I ordered a steak big kahuna sub and it was fresh and delicious. The woman doing everyone’s sandwich “fixings” was also very good at her job and was fast as well. All the employees worked like a team and it showed. Anyway I was very impressed with the customer service and will definitely be back. Great job all around and it’s nice to see the sense of community coming back into the work place..Version: 22.44.0

AwsomeGood to findstuff.Version: 11.11.0

Go-to AppLove’s my go-to app to search for restaurants.Version: 12.11.0

Yelp is awesome!Really has been a fantastic help since I moved here..Version: 5.2.3

Nordic DesignIf you want quality design and beautifully crafted furniture, Nordic design is the best..Version: 12.40.1

Great app for travellersUse it all the time when travelling - one of my fave apps!.Version: 12.18.1

What can I say? It’s perfect.This is perfect AND the first of its type..Version: 12.28.0

You should Yelp about it!Great app for checking out restaurants in your area or whenever you travel, I use this whenever I want to try somewhere new!.Version: 7.6.3

Works fantastically all over the worldI travel to some random places sometimes for work and am often amazed to find that yelp will help me locate great places (or sometimes just any places) as well as takeout after a long journey. Thanks Yelp!.Version: 12.29.1

Great app!Used this heaps when in the USA, get into it NZ peeps!.Version: 6.8.0

A daily godsend!Started using Yelp while in NYC for the summer on business and it's a lifesaver at least 3 or 4 times a day. Every kind of business, frank and honest reviews and ratings, and the monocle feature is totally next level (hold the phone up to a street while in monocle mode and you see Yelp reviews and ratings superimposed over top of the actual business locations!) Now, to somehow convince late adopting, non-reviewing NZ'ers to start yelping....Version: 5.9.1

Very useful and trust worthy reviewI enjoy using Yelp as people here are trying to be helpful instead of hard selling from the businesses..Version: 12.103.0

GreatA great way to view local businesses, very clear and precise info. Well done.Version: 12.8.0

Excellent food with even better serviceJust passing through the area we were looking for a good sandwich place for a quick bite. Couldn’t have found a better spot! All sandwiches were original and made with quality homemade ingredients. I couldn’t decide what to get bc everything sounded great. I settled on the Turkey bacon sandwich with avocado, cream cheese tomatoe and sprouts. I was sad that they were sold Out of the soup but decided on a side scoop of egg salad and I wasn’t disappointed at all by my switch, it was fantastic. The sweet tea was also excellent. But the most special part of the stop was the husband and wife team that ran the place. The husband sparked up a conversation about where we were from since I mentioned we were traveling and we quickly found we had a lot in common about the locations we both had family and friends in. It was the most enjoyable wait for food I had had in a long time. He also took note that I was pregnant after talking about our families and remade my sandwich without sprouts since I forgot I couldn’t have them. We forgot how much of a hurry we were in bc the service was so incredible, not to mention they were 15 minutes from closing when we walked in. I can’t say enough about this place. If you are in downtown Charlottesville, you must try something from here. You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, you don’t like great food with even better service. I would know as a foodie from a long time food service background..Version: 23.7.0

Vision express LiverpoolThanks so much Andrea and Danny - you really went over and above to help me when my glasses had broken. Trying to fix them first and then fitting Me in for a contact lens assessment so that I could see . Really restored my faith in the kindness Of strangers and humanity.Version: 22.21.0

Great Customer Service!My Mom passed suddenly & unexpectedly in early September & we hadn’t preplanned her affairs. I was told there were 2 florists in my small town. The 1st was closed, but the other was open. The florist was very pleasant, personable & knowledgeable. She made us feel welcomed. She was very helpful in working with me to get the cremation wreathe I wanted & made suggestions that brought the overall price down, while still getting the style, effect & colors I wanted. She made an unpleasant & sad task much less stressful & actually pretty positive. The wreathe was delivered on the day, on time & beautiful! I was not disappointed at all! I have nothing negative to say about the shop (which was eclectic & interesting), the proprietess or the results. I recommend this florist, wholeheartedly. As a special bonus, she had a lovely shop cat that was friendly & added to the positive energy in the shop. 5 ⭐️experience!!.Version: 22.36.0

Such fun!First saw this app when googling where to eat while visiting Oz. Loaded it at home in Auckland and have found wonderful new places to eat. It hasn't been available in NZ for long but has just kept getting better..Version: 9.13.0

Love itI love being able to search for relevant restaurants nearby and read real reviews! The app works pretty darn welll.Version: 12.41.0

Very good food and excellent service!!Highly recommended in terms of taste and customer service. Will keep ordering with your quality standards!!.Version: 12.84.0

Don’t listen to the broke and not understanding 1 stars8 days ago today my puppy had to be admitted for parvo. She was already on day 3 when I took her and was in bad shape. I called around and no one but emergency hospitals would take her. I seen the 3.0 starts and was a little hesitant. However most of the 1 star reviews were about money and not animal care so I disregarded those. I got the opposite vibe then almost all of the low ratings. The customer service was great. The care for my puppy was also great. They were also understanding to my emotions that I may loose my puppy. They never gave me any false hope and assured me they would do what they could. They called and communicated when meds needed to be changed. They texted after we came home to check on her. Having dogs my whole life I knew the vet wasn’t cheap, however I thought that they were very very fair in the pricing. Was a few hundred less per day of care then other places. Well due to their care my puppy is still alive today. I have now changed the care of my animals to this vet. I truly feel this is at least a 4 star place if not 5 stars. Don’t listen to the broke people or the people that think every vet has to take their dog in for care. People have unrealistic expectations. Keep that in mind when looking at reviews..Version: 22.42.1

Zoila at Little Angels home day careMy son attended Little a angels day care for 3 years and Zoila is so good with the children. I am one of those parents that likes to know what when who or how lol,, and Zoila was so patient with me . If I had a concern on something Zoila would address it right away. My son really loved her he has been gone from her for 1 month now and is now in kindergarten he just told me the other day that he wants to go back to Zoilas. I know Zoila is expanding her business and she is well deserving of this. I love also how her husband is very supporting as well. Zoila made accommodations for our work hours and if arrived earlier than expected her husband would help and take in my son so I can get to work.. I am very grateful to have had Zoila caring for my son it was his other home as he was there all day and for me it is hard to leave my son with anyone. Thank you LITTLE ANGELS for the care you provide please keep up the good work our children and parents depend on you ☺️.Version: 22.36.0

YelpThis app is recommended.Version: 22.10.0

Getting into the hang of itSo far, so good! 😊 Pretty helpful for a newcomer in a new city!.Version: 12.19.0

Wonderful experienceWe were a group of 7 plus a baby, foody and picky eaters. We were loud and messy (the baby was taking everything off from table ). Our server Vanessa was an angel and always around us making sure we have everything we need, had a kind smile and nice words. The restaurant is beautiful, I loved its design and energy. We ordered almost all the appetizers, and they were amazing. We loved the firecracker shrimps, the flatbread was melting in our mouths it was amazing. The sliders were full with flavor. Only problem we had was the tavern tater tots they were a little bit raw in the middle, taste was great tho, but we had so many things on table we didn't complain. Main course was another level. I got the pecan-crusted trout and my mind was blown away it was that good. Kids were happy with the kids' menu. I could write novels how good was everything. Thank you for good food and wonderful service. And again big applause high appreciation for Vanessa, she made us feel that we are her only table although the restaurant was full..Version: 22.36.0

Beer, Pretzel, and Green Chile Cheeseburger, need I say more..Fantastic beer, food, and service!!! The pretzel was amazing! We agreed it was the best pretzel we both have ever eaten. That’s saying a lot, since we’re from Wisconsin. Light, crispy, twisted dough, with just the right amount of salt. No hard dry or doughy areas anywhere. Served with cheese sauce and grainy mustard. I tried their Bing Bong! Lager since it’s also available in cans. Very refreshing…light, clean, and crisp. Next up will be their Helles Deep and Drop Dead Center. I not a fan of heavy hops beer. My friend had the 4-Cheese Mac and would recommend it. Beware, you’ll be taking extra home. I was looking for a plain Green Chile Cheeseburger. The one on the menu had a mix of Black Angus & Chorizo. I can’t do nitrates. Our server recommended a secret menu item, adding a Black Angus burger to the Hatch Green Chile Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It was amazing! It was so delicious! Parm crusted grilled bread, tons of gooey cheese, green chiles, and a perfectly cooked burger. Tots were crispy and on the mark. Be sure to save your spicy cheese sauce and grainy mustard from your pretzel for the tots. Restaurant and restrooms were very clean. We had a great server. Sorry, I can’t remember his name. Told him what I wanted in a beer and to eat. Gave me some great menu ideas. Exactly, what I was looking for. Kuddos to the attentive busboy. We will definitely be back!.Version: 23.7.0

Reviews should be able to be sorted chronologicallyAnd if you can, it’s not obvious how to! So minus one star.Version: 12.41.0

Seek yelp to help!!Bloddy great app i use it every day!! So helpfull and it doesnt matter if you need a bucket of hot chips or a boat!? Yelp helps you find it!!😁💯🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 12.7.0

Good but not in NZ yet!I downloaded when in Sydney. It is great, helped me find the perfect spot for dinner with my boyfriend before saying goodbye to him for six months. However I got home to Wellington NZ to find it isn't available here yet :( Soon please!! I'm a convert.Version: 6.5.0

Knightway mobile haulers, Qualicum Beach BC CanadaThis company was absolutely incredible to work with on our modular move. From my first phone call, the on-site visit to leveling our home on its forever spot….. this crew was amazing to deal with. Would recommend this moving company to anyone..Version: 22.10.0

Station 49 Vero Beach FloridaWhile the whole team and the energy is reflected in the food and service Stan and Kevin stand out as both leaders and representatives of excellence. Thank you all Nancy and Brian.Version: 12.84.0

Love love love this appFrom Melb, always use Yelp in Melbourne and when we’re travelling- can’t get by without it.Version: 12.6.1

Costa Mesa Police DeptOn March 14th at 9 pm I placed a call to CMPD 1130 still nothing the reason for my call is someone is getting in my apt I just had the locks changed because of a roll of paper towels that was the last straw and it’s constant daily coffee batteries makeup never the less my safety didn’t mean much and I no faith in Costa police dept I don’t feel safe and I won’t be ignored officer Silvia I smell dirty cops it’s still going on now they shower hang out take my dog out someone knocked on the door I have cams going my dog didn’t bark he always barks dirty cops slum lords at Camden I feel totally taken advantage of I hate living here and so do a lot of others last straw again was a 100 dollar bottle of champagne gone shampoo conditioner gone my apt isn’t a play ground for losers or sluts I work 2 jobs basically day and night I deserve to be treated with respect my water bill and electric bill has doubled like I’m paying for 2 apts my first year here 49 dollar water 60 dollar electric now 90 water 102 electric I smell dirty and it’s not cool.Version: 22.36.0

It's a great appCome on! Really? You think Yelp still needs reviews? It's just a must have, particularly if you're living in or traveling to a big city. Makes your life much easier and helps you enjoy a wider variety of stuff to do!.Version: 11.25.0

Great appGood little tracker to keep track of all the food places ya visit.Version: 12.42.0

PGA super storeWas recommended to go here by an old high school golfing buddy. Upgraded my Taylor made burner 7, an ancient club to today’s standards and wanted to try out clubs on a simulator to see where I was at? Mike dialed me into the right club and I went from, believe this or not, 272 yards with my burner to 290 yards on the simulator. 290, of course, was with the new club. ask Mike if the simulator was spiked or wrong and he said “no, I’m going to actually get to 300 + yards.” What a difference I played that afternoon at Mesa Country Club and hit one drive 303 another 310 yards and another drive 315 yards. Of course I some sprayed, wish you could buy a swing? What a difference. Keep in mind I play once a year due to lifestyle, I guess, and it was hard to drop the kind of cash necessary to get technology. Kind of worth it blowing my buddies 40 yards by with my driver. I guess the simulator is wrong. I hit it further than it says ha ha! Thanks, Mike!.Version: 22.49.1

Finally in NZ!Ya finally a decent listings app for NZ!!.Version: 6.6.1

GratefulFine the reviews very helpful in making the decision not to buy from this particular store. Went to another store with great reviews and very pleased with the experience..Version: 22.12.0

Great appI love this app so much because I can share my dining experiences..Version: 12.3.0

Great value vacations was great for us.My husband and I took the trip of a lifetime with little or no planning to Ireland in April of 2022. We had a fabulous time and I have to say that great value vacations did a great job. We booked our stay and then I did a LOT of research about Covid and masking and all of the rules around that. I looked into the company and I tried to call the airline to change my seats as well but they say VERY PLAINLY that these seats are Economy ONLY. when we were in the airport we tried again to upgrade and were lucky enough to upgrade on one flight to Ireland but the rest we were unable to. The Bed and Breakfasts were absolutely wonderful. I loved the way we got to choose where we wanted to go and how long we wanted to stay at each place. It was just right for us exploring. Now what is cool about great value is that they have all kinds of vacation packages from very very thought out and a tight schedule for people who want to see and do a lot. And they have more casual ones for people just wanting to do their own thing. If I were to do it again I would NOT purchase the upgrade to the touristy things because I could do that when I was there and then I wouldn’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time. The rental car went well it all was fantastic. We were thankful for this company and knew that we were in good hands when traveling. We will use them again in future Jennifer Thompson RN.Version: 22.49.0

Can review anonymouslyEasy to use can review anonymously. User-friendly app.Version: 12.4.0

Yelp loveI eat well around the world because of this app. Love it.Version: 12.20.0

Nia massage Ipswich rd ANNERLEYVery professional knows her stuff. Went in for calf problems, she was able to treat holistically hip and back tightness. Very good.Version: 12.46.0

Great Pictures..Seems less touristy..:).Version: 12.40.0

GreatGreat way tO find Restaurants.Version: 11.24.0

YelpYelp and it’s there to see.Version: 12.103.0

Restaurant staffing dilemmasYelp provides a nice easy format to give reviews but please remember when you give a review even though Covid is over restaurants are really struggling with staffing and supplies. Very few restaurants have been able to fit their positions with competent staff. Some are lucky but it’s a different world and if you spent all day cooking, how would you like people to talk about you? We’re lucky we still have restaurants with so many that have closed so unless there’s something really really wrong are worth mentioning try and be kind. Nobody can be perfect every day so when you look at yup if someone is in served, they may not know the whole story try and look for the quality of the product and everybody can have a bad day anyway I’m glad we have y’all because it gives us a good way to communicate about what we like.Version: 22.51.1

Top Personal Trainer - Annie Foulds FitnessI know everyone says that Trainer is the best. Annie Foulds is truly one of the best. Exceptional motivation and energy, absolutely incredible. Her knowledge and years of experience, let alone the fact that she is still top of her game and fitter than anyone I could imagine. She is an inspiration and a massive motivation for anyone who wants to reach their goal..Version: 22.8.0

A good place to share one’s thoughtsYelp provides a great platform to share one’s thoughts on the businesses one visits. I love to compliment a business that is taking good care of its customers and I have also felt the need to share instances where an employee or business owner is rude or the quality of the food, or product, is not “up to par.” I do look what other people are saying about businesses I am considering visiting. Sometimes these reviews are helpful, and other times I come across reviews from “chronic complainers” who could not be satisfied no matter what a business does. These are fairly easy to spot since quite often they are complaining about something the business really can’t do anything about. I do get tired of the unsolicited ads for local restaurants since I have never visited any of them, all these years that I have had the Yelp app on my phone. However, I guess if I was ever driving by one, and was hungry, I might try one. Overall, I’m happy with Yelp. I do wish there was a way, and maybe there is, to delete all those unsolicited adds from my message board..Version: 22.34.0

Handy app to have when travellingI always use Yelp to find the best spots to eat.Version: 22.22.0

Fantastic review appVery easy to use.Version: 12.19.0

Great appsNeeds more people in Aust and NZ but works very well globally..Version: 5.2.0

Dr. ASunday was my second time going to this urgent care in Highland, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. A- very personable and it’s obvious that he truly does care about his patients. However, the girl on duty that evening was rude and gave me incorrect information regarding when I was to return back to work. I’m not one to complain but it made all the difference when I called the Merrillville location the following day to make a complaint against her. I spoke with Tara and she is phenomenal- a huge Blessing came out of being mistreated by the girl on duty at the Highland office. Tara was very apologetic and even was kind enough to prepare me a doctor’s note with the instructions listed by Dr A. and unlike the other girl, Tara was not irritated by any of my questions regarding meds I was prescribed for my flu diagnosis. It’s workers like Tara and Dr. A who make all the difference, especially when you only want to be seen and treated with respect and not like you’re bothering the person who chose this as a profession. God Bless you Dr. A and Tara- and for the young lady who was rude and lacking the skill set needed to successfully care for patients, may God bless you as well…I hope she is assigned a mentor real soon if she plans on staying in this field..Version: 22.51.0

Don't leave home without itYelp beats out the competition big time. Glad they made it to NZ!.Version: 6.9.2

Hate the latest updateI love the app, (even after they shut down the real people set up in Europe) but the latest update is absolutely frustrating. The most practical and useful “nearby” button has disappeared. While I appreciate being able to see my notes when I check on my bookmarks, the fact that my bookmark map no longer shows me my location in the midst of all my bookmarks is ridiculous. It has turned more user-unfriendly with the latest change.Version: 12.11.0

Useful app but it could have been improved-Love this app as it is very useful. - It could have been improved by adding the button for deleting & editing the reviews button that work..Version: 12.8.0

Very handy!!Very helpful when travelling overseas!.Version: 7.4.0

Very handyHas been great, have used it in three cities so far..Version: 8.1.0

Great experienceSuperb service.Version: 12.99.0

Very helpfulThis would be my go-to to find anything. It’s really valuable to me. One thing I’d like to suggest is an option to update personal information. It’s very frustrating that I can’t and I suspect that this impacts how the app helps me. Thanks for your considering changing this..Version: 12.42.0

Great and easyEasy to use, accurate, informative reviews and features, easy to reserve tables and write reviews.Version: 12.8.0

Job got done!Easy to drop off. And picked up my clothes the next day. Would def use again :).Version: 12.17.1

About Yelp App :-Very good app to promote businesses.Version: 12.8.0

CorrectionRankins Furniture has closed. This site needs updating.Version: 12.72.0

KTLA Shame On YouI have watch the channel 5 news every week day and weekend for over 40 years , I was upset when Michaela left but the farewell was ok , then when Carlos left hardly a whisper by Sam and All , what Sam not gossipy enough! Now Lynette Romero , Sam you and everyone hardy made a attempt to say goodbye ( she worked there for over 20 something she was everyone’s friend )not news worthy enough for all of you!! And the only one that has come to her defense and acknowledge what was so wrongly a poor good bye was Mark Messer and you big shots fired him !!! Because he was telling the news guys !! What ever your reason , it was news and we had the right to know . Yet if the news doesn’t fit your liking , you remove it !! SHAME ON YOU , this includes all of you, Sam , Mark , Eric, Frank, Jessica , you couldn’t of said goodbye to your friend Lynette on air , are you all puppets on KTLA. I and my family will no longer be watch this channel and I will make it my purpose to tell everyone I know to to watch someone else . I am Latino and have lots of friends that will listen . Oh and hello Fox 11 you got a new viewer.Version: 22.39.0

Subway - 1778 ALA MOANA BLVDThis place has to be one of the best managers n customer service with Aloha. I see reviews of not a good area etc etc. but what you don’t understand is that these people are picky about everything in there life. Just enjoy her services and Aloha Soirit. She’s not even from Hawaii but she’s treats us like her own. Tourist all over love this place. Not to mention these young kids who work at other subways on our island don’t even respect our own culture enough to show and give the Aloha Spirit to customers but they live here in Hawaii. So before you all complain about parking and the small stuff. Look into how you are being treated in there by her and her staff. Or better yet stay home and make your own sandwich and how junk it taste because you put no passion and Aloha into making it. Mahalo’s to this SUBWAY and it’s location🤙🏾🤙🏾🌴🌴.Version: 22.51.1

An essential AppI’ve used this all over the world.Version: 12.11.0

GoodGood as an app but intergrating more features such as Lists from the website is needed..Version: 11.24.0

Fabulous Independence Designer BoutiqueGreat Independent designer boutique in CBD.Version: 22.30.0

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 11.4.0

Brilliant and resourcefulYelp is a perfect app which helps to look for desired place such as restaurants or just an area giving you the people's opinion and information about it.Version: 12.18.1

Home Bedroom & Bathroom RenovationAfter more years than we could have imagined, we finally decided to begin reconstruction of our dream bathroom in late September 2022. We had a rough idea of what we wanted but had little on paper that could have helped complete a finished project. We needed help. Our first stop was Bedrosian’s Tile and a consultation with Judi C. who was a tremendous help in finding the right color palette for our project. She coordinated tile for walls and a new cabinet countertop as well as for a new shower floor and vinyl flooring for the bathroom as well as for the master and a second bedroom. We were also introduced to Angel Cardoso, owner of Cardoso Tile in Madera who became responsible for all of the tile and flooring installation for our project. Angel and his capable crew did a magnificent job of capturing and installing our ideas as we completed the project and at a very competitive cost. Their attention to detail and project execution was nothing short of incredible. Thanks for a job well done. Linda and Robert F..Version: 23.3.0

Great food and beverages at a reasonable price.Try the Poké bowl. It has many textures and Asian flavours..Version: 12.20.0

Awesome appI will recommend all those in business to use it coz it is user friendly.Version: 12.36.0

Great info on restaurants .So useful to find shops and restaurants in any new area. Easy to find with directions if required, feedback ,and info.Version: 22.46.1

GoodLooks like it will be useful once people start writing lots of reviews. Question: why do I have to go to the web site to submit a review drafted in the app?.Version: 6.6.1

EastsideI LOVE THIS PLACE‼️ However, I was supper disrespected tonight by the Manager. He approached my table tonight at the end of my meal while I assumed he came to remove dishes he made it clear “ No I have people that do that kind of thing I want that!” Referring to my ticket! So I said WOW I would have assumed the server would have returned for it seeing that “he doesn’t remove dishes . He then further remarked “I have been working day in & out pulling doubles I’m going on vacation tomorrow & I’m ready to go!” My response was “Thank you for sharing that” I was insulting by this level of unprofessionalism especially from Management. He took my bill & card but he never the server comes back for my signature and I explained my offense Thanked her for her extraordinary hospitality. Davie (server) asked if anything she could do to further assist apologized profusely. I appreciated her verbally and financially and left! I felt like he wanted us to get out when not to mention we we NOT the only individuals still in the restaurant. I hope he enjoys his much needed vacation and returns with a better attitude well rested to recreate the blessed environment that I once knew as my “favorite pizza spot” Eastside..Version: 23.7.0

Helpful site with good reviewsI’ve used this site in USA & UK. It is especially useful for finding restaurants.Version: 12.23.0

Dark mode?Love Yelp. Wish there was dark mode..Version: 12.64.0

Yelp if you need help!Useful. Fun. And addictive. Yelp is a great addition to my social network addictions..Version: 7.4.0

My videosMy videos.Version: 12.52.0

So far so goodI haven’t used the app that much but so far it seems helpful to see reviews and find places around. I usually try to find places around using navigation apps but decided to give Yelp a go..Version: 12.66.0

Lepp Farm MarketThese people do a Take Away Barbecue Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese which is To Die For. Particularly Good during this Coronavirus Pandemic..Version: 12.60.0

Yelp is the...What a useful app! Love it. I haven't found anything better than Yelp. Keep up the good work yelp people..Version: 8.3.0

OK, but crashes sometimesCrashes when uploading a few pictures, one after another. Other random crashes as well. Also had big issues trying to write a review, had to fully quit the program from iPad memory and restart it without bluetooth keyboard to be able to type..Version: 7.4.0

YelpYelp is good app find something. Cafe,shopping'sand etc.Version: 12.34.1

Excellent ServiceMs. Natasha is a wonderful lady. She is very careful and clean. She makes sure to remove all the unwanted hair delicately. I highly recommend Magic Touch. Great price for excellent service..Version: 12.85.0

Cohen’sFabulous service from such a lovely lady! Thanks Ronit for all your help..Version: 12.45.0

Travellers best friendYelp is just great for taking the hassle out finding great food when you are busy.Version: 12.2.0

Ashley hLove yelp :).Version: 12.22.0

Maxine’s Bistro and BarExcellent service and food. 24 hours. Great menu. Just add Aussie breakfast. Two eggs, toast, bacon, tomato and avocado side. Yeah baby. Love it. Such good food and cocktails. Jeffry was awesome..Version: 12.45.0

Great for travellingI love yelp we are travelling and it’s perfect when you hit a new town or city hungry !.Version: 12.16.0

Feeds data back into Apple mapsAnything that makes Apple maps and one day hopefully Siri to work for directions in New Zealand has to be a good thing! The app is nice though- it makes suggestions about where to go given the time of day and your location, helpful if you need inspiration about what to do/where to eat..Version: 7.3.1

FabulousIts the backbone of any great website and thrivbg business. They offer more and more!.Version: 12.56.0

Absolutely Love YelpMy go to app for finding the best places to eat and visit in my hometown sydney and while overseas!.Version: 12.100.1

Helping others is my JAM!!As a kid I remember thinking that “critics” that wrote reviews on businesses, restaurants, and travel were artificial and pompous. Not one of them had anything nice to say about the subjects of their reviews; made me wonder how places stayed open with such horrible press! After some time I just figured that negative press was the status quo of review journalism, I had not intended to be a part of that group. Since YELP I now see things differently. I have experienced how writing reviews impacts how businesses handle consumers and their outcomes. How restaurants get recognized and how GOOD FOODS & GREAT DEALS are discovered by the masses, or at the very least, by those interested in things. I now see Yelp as an extension of my purpose in life which is to help others live a life of comfort and healing grace. That’s what happens here, none of us (I for one) has a degree in journalism (though, at one time in my life, I had wanted to be a journalist) but we know what we like and don’t like. We know what brings us pleasure and what could be done better. Most all business could be done better, that’s why most, today, ask for your opinion; they want to know what needs improvement. Yelping is a great and useful tool to help others find out what those things are. That’s why I write…here.Version: 22.46.0

Wine Valley ToursAgnes and all the staff under the pump, all the staff made contact with guests and provided us with a great experience, we recommend this place in the Adelaide Hills tour for nice wine, great views and excellent staff service. Regards, George..Version: 22.12.0

JIA Asian Fusion is always goodBeing a NJ transplant, I’ve been eating Chinese food for over 70 years. When I was little, it was the only restaurant food we ate. Since we moved down here, we’ve found it hard to get good sushi or Chinese food near our Lake Wylie home. After finding JIA quite a few years ago, we are willing to make the 30 minute drive whenever we get a craving. Tonight it is New Years Eve. We took out early, so the wait was short. My husband’s sashimi was amazing. We also love the hot and sour soup filled with whatever and lots of it. The egg roll was like those of my youth. I decided after all these years I should see what Moo Goo Gai Pan actually was. It was amazing. Thin slices of white meat chicken, crispy pea pods, carrots, and lots of mushrooms in a wonderful mild white sauce which tasted great with some hot mustard. First, not last time to be ordered. Thank you to JIA!.Version: 22.51.1

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