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Superior service!!Carl Tang was so helpful in working out the logistics of storage rental and everything else we needed guidance on. He was a dream to work with, from finding us the appropriate unit to being flexible when all our plans were interrupted by Covid. Aside from being super helpful, he was super careful (during Covid) with the smallest details and super knowledgeable of international shipping guidelines. He asked a tonne of questions for the sake of helping us get it right and i couldn’t be more thankful to have had him working with me during a very stressful time. Aside from Carl, the space itself is clean, secure and has good operating hours. It’s our second experience with BlueBird and i have no complaints but growing praise for the staff i’ve encountered. Keep up the great work!.Version: 12.79.0

Reviews should be able to be sorted chronologicallyAnd if you can, it’s not obvious how to! So minus one star.Version: 12.41.0

Job got done!Easy to drop off. And picked up my clothes the next day. Would def use again :).Version: 12.17.1

You should Yelp about it!Great app for checking out restaurants in your area or whenever you travel, I use this whenever I want to try somewhere new!.Version: 7.6.3

Very helpfulThis would be my go-to to find anything. It’s really valuable to me. One thing I’d like to suggest is an option to update personal information. It’s very frustrating that I can’t and I suspect that this impacts how the app helps me. Thanks for your considering changing this..Version: 12.42.0

Hate the latest updateI love the app, (even after they shut down the real people set up in Europe) but the latest update is absolutely frustrating. The most practical and useful “nearby” button has disappeared. While I appreciate being able to see my notes when I check on my bookmarks, the fact that my bookmark map no longer shows me my location in the midst of all my bookmarks is ridiculous. It has turned more user-unfriendly with the latest change.Version: 12.11.0

CorrectionRankins Furniture has closed. This site needs updating.Version: 12.72.0

YelpYelp is good app find something. Cafe,shopping'sand etc.Version: 12.34.1

They keep making their bookmarks feature worse and worseWho is in charge of this design? I use the bookmarks feature extensively and it has only gotten worse. Now in order to see my bookmarks on the app, I have to select “more” from the menu at the bottom, then select “bookmarks” which doesn’t actually take you to your bookmarks but to the collections feature which is pretty useless IMO and then click “bookmarks”. Fine I’ve lived with that since the last bad update but now you have no way of seeing whether the restaurant is open or closed without having to click on the individual business. You can’t see it from the list or the map anymore at all and it makes bookmarks so much less useful on the fly. I was hoping they would add a feature to show bookmarks by “open now” like you can with the search function but instead they crippled the function even more. This is a huge step backwards.Version: 12.11.0

Amazing yelpGreat job.Version: 12.42.0

Getting into the hang of itSo far, so good! 😊 Pretty helpful for a newcomer in a new city!.Version: 12.19.0

FabulousIts the backbone of any great website and thrivbg business. They offer more and more!.Version: 12.56.0

Road tripping necessity. Great local tipsUsing Yelp when we travel opens up a world of fantastic meals, always local spots that we would never have found passing through town on the highway. We turn to it for trip planning, and also browse it locally, looking for gems in our city. We live on the East Coast, and primarily travel between NY and North Carolina. The only recent trip where Yelp wasn’t helpful was to Oklahoma- I think it must just not be as popular out there, and there weren’t enough reviews to give useful guidance. Only complaint, really, is the layout of the page. Each listing is too busy, visually, with too much text. The way that paid ads come up looking like reviews for the place I’m trying to research is really irritating. Still, one of my most used apps..Version: 22.10.0

Very good food and excellent service!!Highly recommended in terms of taste and customer service. Will keep ordering with your quality standards!!.Version: 12.84.0

2022 jet ski rentalThese guys were so responsive, when I called they answered and told me everything I needed to know to reserve a JetSki. Carlos was super communicative texting me all of the information and available for me to pick it up in the morning. He was very easy-going and informative. The JetSki‘s ran great and the location of pick up and drop off was super convenient too. We had a wonderful time will definitely rent from these guys again :-) thanks for helping us have a great time! They also provided all of the straps and acres and lifejackets that we needed. Something super cool about the jet skis is they had two compartments one for your personal items like phones etc. and one for bigger items like towels/lunch boxes..Version: 22.10.0

Useful Review AppRestaurant & Hotel Reviews from San Francisco to London...Version: 12.84.0

Travellers best friendYelp is just great for taking the hassle out finding great food when you are busy.Version: 12.2.0

Love love love this appFrom Melb, always use Yelp in Melbourne and when we’re travelling- can’t get by without it.Version: 12.6.1

GreatReally handy for spotting good restaurants.Version: 12.15.0

Finally in NZ!Ya finally a decent listings app for NZ!!.Version: 6.6.1

Don't leave home without itYelp beats out the competition big time. Glad they made it to NZ!.Version: 6.9.2

Good but not in NZ yet!I downloaded when in Sydney. It is great, helped me find the perfect spot for dinner with my boyfriend before saying goodbye to him for six months. However I got home to Wellington NZ to find it isn't available here yet :( Soon please!! I'm a convert.Version: 6.5.0

Wine Valley ToursAgnes and all the staff under the pump, all the staff made contact with guests and provided us with a great experience, we recommend this place in the Adelaide Hills tour for nice wine, great views and excellent staff service. Regards, George..Version: 22.12.0

Fantastic review appVery easy to use.Version: 12.19.0

About Yelp App :-Very good app to promote businesses.Version: 12.8.0

My videosMy videos.Version: 12.52.0

Honestly fantastic😄😙😋I’m really enjoying using the Yelp! app now that I’m able to understand & explore all its features better. In the past, I never wanted to bother with downloading the app tbh—it seemed like more trouble than it was worth. & I’m not gonna lie, it really started to frustrate me when they made it so people generally couldn’t browse thru the entirety of an establishment’s ratings or read more than a small portion of any given review, but I’m glad I did end up eventually giving in & just downloading it because it’s made my whole browsing & business review research experience so much better. Thanks for putting that temporary thorn in my side, Yelp! Lol it ended up being a blessing rather than a curse after all 😜🤣😁👍🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🤙🏻.Version: 22.8.0

Can review anonymouslyEasy to use can review anonymously. User-friendly app.Version: 12.4.0

Nordic DesignIf you want quality design and beautifully crafted furniture, Nordic design is the best..Version: 12.40.1

Ashley hLove yelp :).Version: 12.22.0

An essential AppI’ve used this all over the world.Version: 12.11.0

Yelp ServicesI have had the pleasure of using Yelp for a very longtime now, mostly for dining, and or restaurant suggestions or reviews prior to dining. I am now finding that I have started looking for help and suggestion or reviews for many other services as of late. One small challenge when trying to find this information, is there needs to be a specific heading for Odd, or Miscellaneous Services, unless I just missed it. I had no problem finding plumbing, or electricians, and this sort of thing, but spent sometime trying to find niche services, such as Solar removal, as opposed to Solar Installation. Again I suppose this is not exactly what Yelp originally specializes in, but I believe I’m not the only one checking your site for this sort of help, thanks sincerely Vinnie S P.S. Job well done too ... thanks.Version: 12.79.0

A daily godsend!Started using Yelp while in NYC for the summer on business and it's a lifesaver at least 3 or 4 times a day. Every kind of business, frank and honest reviews and ratings, and the monocle feature is totally next level (hold the phone up to a street while in monocle mode and you see Yelp reviews and ratings superimposed over top of the actual business locations!) Now, to somehow convince late adopting, non-reviewing NZ'ers to start yelping....Version: 5.9.1

Maxine’s Bistro and BarExcellent service and food. 24 hours. Great menu. Just add Aussie breakfast. Two eggs, toast, bacon, tomato and avocado side. Yeah baby. Love it. Such good food and cocktails. Jeffry was awesome..Version: 12.45.0

It's a great appCome on! Really? You think Yelp still needs reviews? It's just a must have, particularly if you're living in or traveling to a big city. Makes your life much easier and helps you enjoy a wider variety of stuff to do!.Version: 11.25.0

Such fun!First saw this app when googling where to eat while visiting Oz. Loaded it at home in Auckland and have found wonderful new places to eat. It hasn't been available in NZ for long but has just kept getting better..Version: 9.13.0

Station 49 Vero Beach FloridaWhile the whole team and the energy is reflected in the food and service Stan and Kevin stand out as both leaders and representatives of excellence. Thank you all Nancy and Brian.Version: 12.84.0

Great way to find some POPular places!Yelp is a tremendous help for people who need to find their way around town. Reviews can also change though in a heartbeat when there is a new owner, chef, assistant, hairstylist, etc. If it’s the same cast, there may be consistency but you have to keep in mind that there could have been a recent life change to your favorite person or company too with a milestone event occurrence (ie. Got married, had baby, went to school, someone died, partied the night before, medication after effects) and it impacted their mentality to operate normally. That’s the risk you take but generally it’s a wonderful resource to pinpoint the best place to eat, drink, and be merry with an oil change and:or get those fancy nails done…the whole shabang!!! Enjoy but please don’t take me word for word on my review..Version: 22.14.1

Works fantastically all over the worldI travel to some random places sometimes for work and am often amazed to find that yelp will help me locate great places (or sometimes just any places) as well as takeout after a long journey. Thanks Yelp!.Version: 12.29.1

Great app for travellersUse it all the time when travelling - one of my fave apps!.Version: 12.18.1

Pods moving and storingJust a shout out to PODS moving and storage. The experience was amazing from beginning to end. It was our first time using this type of movers, but they were right on, from drop off ,to load, pick up to transfer out of state, and then deliver to new home. Always were there when they said they would be. Let’s us know the night before of the estimated window time, then driver called with ETA when he was about an hour away. Both times ,they were right on time. The drivers that dropped them were very knowledgeable and helpful, and an extra big thank you to Justin W. The final driver, for being courteous and careful when placing the POD exactly where we needed it on the driveway. Sorry I didn’t get the first drivers name, to mention him as well. Will use PODS again for final move.🌴🌴Cher🌴🌴CC.Version: 22.12.0

Yelp for helpThis is really easy people. Get it. Use it. Love it. Seriously. This has been the most useful app bar google maps, while I have been traveling round north America..Version: 5.2.3

Great AppHighly recommended. I use more when visiting USA than when in UK.Version: 12.7.0

OK, but crashes sometimesCrashes when uploading a few pictures, one after another. Other random crashes as well. Also had big issues trying to write a review, had to fully quit the program from iPad memory and restart it without bluetooth keyboard to be able to type..Version: 7.4.0

Great appEasy to use!.Version: 12.18.1

What can I say? It’s perfect.This is perfect AND the first of its type..Version: 12.28.0

So far so goodI haven’t used the app that much but so far it seems helpful to see reviews and find places around. I usually try to find places around using navigation apps but decided to give Yelp a go..Version: 12.66.0

Excellent customer serviceI went to Mancini’s, not really knowing what to expect, but just wanting to do some research on mattresses as we haven’t bought one in over 20 years. I was greeted by Erik, who not only made me feel very comfortable upon my arrival, but also took the time to give me lots of information about the many kinds of mattresses on the market these days. After testing out several types, Erik was not only helpful in my decision making process, but also streamlined my delivery process and removal of other beds and made sure to give me the best deal possible on two mattresses! I am so impressed as I did not think I was anywhere near purchasing anything yet, but he made it easy and seamless!.Version: 12.102.0

Very handyHas been great, have used it in three cities so far..Version: 8.1.0

Great food and beverages at a reasonable price.Try the Poké bowl. It has many textures and Asian flavours..Version: 12.20.0

Great for travellingI love yelp we are travelling and it’s perfect when you hit a new town or city hungry !.Version: 12.16.0

GreatGreat way tO find Restaurants.Version: 11.24.0

GoodLooks like it will be useful once people start writing lots of reviews. Question: why do I have to go to the web site to submit a review drafted in the app?.Version: 6.6.1

Parade rest guest ranchWe enjoyed an amazing week at this authentic ranch. Each day Marge, manager and key to whole operations, would check in and make sure we were signed up for our horse rides and tours. We are honored to call her our friend. The all inclusive package is exactly what it boasts and beyond. The wranglers were experienced and patient making each ride special. Our Guide into Yellowstone,Barny,was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. We saw the whole lower loop in one day. Buffaloes and elk , the thermals and waterfalls were breathtaking. Our cabin, Yellowstone, was cozy and had plenty of space inside and out on the huge porch. The chef and staff satisfied our every need with good food and service also very entertaining. Thank you Gary!!! We look forward to returning!!! Best trip ever !!.Version: 12.94.0

Always my go to when I’m in a new place or want to find something open lateYelp has been my go to for many years now. It has more comprehensive information and is not just limited to restaurants like other apps are. I appreciate the reviews and ratings when I am traveling or in a new place. As a bona fide foodie from Portland, I rely on the reviews, ratings, and photos a lot to find really good food wherever I go. And when I wasn’t happy and gave a low rating, I had a restaurant reach out and offer me another opportunity to have a meal on them and improve my review. I’ve also used Yelp to find reviews and get quotes for moving jobs or to find a service provider and was really happy with the app for that..Version: 12.91.0

Budget Brake And MufflerThe Budget Brake and Muffler on Douglas Street In Victoria BC . Ryan and Rick were the epitome of customer service . I had a few concerns and happily both professionals stepped up to address the situation with the outcome of my sons car being fixed and ready to go with a reasonable price tag in an incredibly short wait time . I would recommend this business to any family or person wanting a speedy professional friendly experience. Jennifer Frost Jennifer Frost.Version: 12.80.0

Love itI love being able to search for relevant restaurants nearby and read real reviews! The app works pretty darn welll.Version: 12.41.0

Feeds data back into Apple mapsAnything that makes Apple maps and one day hopefully Siri to work for directions in New Zealand has to be a good thing! The app is nice though- it makes suggestions about where to go given the time of day and your location, helpful if you need inspiration about what to do/where to eat..Version: 7.3.1

GreatA great way to view local businesses, very clear and precise info. Well done.Version: 12.8.0

Lepp Farm MarketThese people do a Take Away Barbecue Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese which is To Die For. Particularly Good during this Coronavirus Pandemic..Version: 12.60.0

Great app!Yelp say it as it’s! Reviews are 100% genuine from locals foodies!.Version: 12.4.0

Great Pictures..Seems less touristy..:).Version: 12.40.0

Useful app but it could have been improved-Love this app as it is very useful. - It could have been improved by adding the button for deleting & editing the reviews button that work..Version: 12.8.0

Brilliant and resourcefulYelp is a perfect app which helps to look for desired place such as restaurants or just an area giving you the people's opinion and information about it.Version: 12.18.1

Go-to AppLove’s my go-to app to search for restaurants.Version: 12.11.0

Great app!Used this heaps when in the USA, get into it NZ peeps!.Version: 6.8.0

Great and easyEasy to use, accurate, informative reviews and features, easy to reserve tables and write reviews.Version: 12.8.0

Red Restaurant at the Pacific Palms Resort, City of IndustryLast Saturday, August 28, 2021 a group of us had a celebration for August birthday celebrants in our group at the The Red Restaurant in the City of Industry, hosted by Celia and Vic Taroc. We loved our outside seating amidst grandiose lush of greens, glorious mountain and city views, a perfect backdrop for making memories. The ambiance must have whetted the appetites of the group, judging from the empty plates cleared. I ordered what was best for me grilled salmon with veggies cooked to perfection. Most of the group ordered steaks which looked yummy to me too. The irresistible 4 different desserts were beyond ordinary. They maybe the most lingering to our tastes. The servers were courteous and accommodating. What more can I say about the Red Restaurant? I/we would love going there again! Thank you..Version: 12.93.0

Venga CucinaOur 1st visit to this local Junction eatery in its new iteration, and their ‘Pinsa’, the Roman version of pizza is fantastico! We had the Margherita and Parma, plus the pear and arugula salad.So airy/crispy delicious!! And it’s interesting to know that Venga Cucina is the 130th/140 licenced ‘Pinsa’ makers worldwide, and Canada’s only one. Run don’t walk!.Version: 12.80.0

Yelp is the...What a useful app! Love it. I haven't found anything better than Yelp. Keep up the good work yelp people..Version: 8.3.0

Very handy!!Very helpful when travelling overseas!.Version: 7.4.0

Nia massage Ipswich rd ANNERLEYVery professional knows her stuff. Went in for calf problems, she was able to treat holistically hip and back tightness. Very good.Version: 12.46.0

Yelp HelpsSince it’s roll out calm has has prevailed at yelp and the mean people seemed to have been weeded out as most of the reviewers are in line with reality as in an absence of Karen’s. I think the prevailing attitude is if a business is that awful they won’t be open for long and maybe a lack of any reviews is a warning of buyer beware. My idea is if you have nothing nice to say go to the next business that deserves the better review. Silence is a better review than a bad one. So now yelp is very helpful in picking better businesses within your community to spend your money. I think this app has grown up to be very helpful and reliable and something helpful for businesses that try real hard to keep your business!.Version: 12.102.0

Yelp loveI eat well around the world because of this app. Love it.Version: 12.20.0

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 11.4.0

Must Have App!Funny, until I just had a pop-up, it never occurred to me to rate Yelp 🤣 Anyway, this has to be one of the most used apps on my phone! I travel a LOT and Yelp saves me from everything from last resort mediocre take-out food, to wardrobe malfunctions and “where the heck can I find an ‘x’ at this hour” emergencies. Regardless of the number of reviews or stars a place has, I always read the reviews with one or two stars to see if the issues raised are really relevant, or just a posting by someone with unrealistic expectations, which is unfortunately frequent. I’ve found some true gems in my travels, and validated the low ratings of a few I dared to try despite them, but that’s all part of the adventure, right?.Version: 12.87.0

Absolutely Love YelpMy go to app for finding the best places to eat and visit in my hometown sydney and while overseas!.Version: 12.100.1

Yelp is awesome!Really has been a fantastic help since I moved here..Version: 5.2.3

Awesome appI will recommend all those in business to use it coz it is user friendly.Version: 12.36.0

Ava lane boutique by LauraI love shopping with ALB they are so nice. They have beautiful clothing in all sizes. They treat you so nice and appreciate you. Even if you aren’t able to purchase they are a great joy to watch. They make me feel very good about myself. Everything I have purchased was better than expected. High quality. You will not find any other boutique as professional, kind, caring, loving. They are beautiful people having fun and enjoy what they do and care about each and everyone. I can truly say they are such a blessing to me. I love them all. Thank you for all do. If you haven’t given them a try please do you will not regret it. Go to the App Store or play store and download Ava lane boutique by Laura or if you prefer watch on Facebook. ALB are beautiful people..Version: 12.92.0

Great appsNeeds more people in Aust and NZ but works very well globally..Version: 5.2.0

AwsomeGood to findstuff.Version: 11.11.0

Seek yelp to help!!Bloddy great app i use it every day!! So helpfull and it doesnt matter if you need a bucket of hot chips or a boat!? Yelp helps you find it!!😁💯🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 12.7.0

Yelp if you need help!Useful. Fun. And addictive. Yelp is a great addition to my social network addictions..Version: 7.4.0

Great appI love this app so much because I can share my dining experiences..Version: 12.3.0

GoodGood as an app but intergrating more features such as Lists from the website is needed..Version: 11.24.0

Great appGood little tracker to keep track of all the food places ya visit.Version: 12.42.0

Everyone needs a little Yelp from a friend!I am a die hard user of the Yelp APP in many aspects of my life. I share the passion of food, travel and adventure that most of my fellow Yelpers/Foodies provide with honest, heartfelt verbal and photographic descriptions of those epic gastronomical experiences that must be Yelped Out! The Good, The not so good and when necessary, The bad and ugly opinion based on quality, service, cost, vibe and feel that is real to me! I do this out of my passion for exploring great meals and deals, Knowing Yelp’s feedback can often make or break an establishment’s reputation. I always strive to give my best feedback and include photos that will back up my comments. While I am unaware of any so called "Filtering" of posted reviews by the Yelp Web Master, I make my decision to visit an establishment by reviewing the total number of reviews first, followed by descriptive photos next. I truly enjoy Yelping my adventures in hopes others will benefit and share their honest experiences as well. Cheers to my fellow *Yelpers that let honesty and the Aloha Spirit shine through! Be kind, live free, take it to the limit and Yelp it! "Everyone needs a little *Yelp from a friend!" Gerb ~ ✨🤙✨.Version: 12.94.0

Excellent ServiceMs. Natasha is a wonderful lady. She is very careful and clean. She makes sure to remove all the unwanted hair delicately. I highly recommend Magic Touch. Great price for excellent service..Version: 12.85.0

Best for travelI found this app so useful while travelling. Helped me pick the best places on travel and the reviews were very helpful..Version: 12.2.0

Cohen’sFabulous service from such a lovely lady! Thanks Ronit for all your help..Version: 12.45.0

Dark mode?Love Yelp. Wish there was dark mode..Version: 12.64.0

Helpful site with good reviewsI’ve used this site in USA & UK. It is especially useful for finding restaurants.Version: 12.23.0

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