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PerfectGreat apps ! A soon as I need to contact someone to deal with some details about my reservation I reach customer services quickly.Version: 14.9

Easy to use, love accumulating nights too and getting a free one!Purchased by this brand. So far the system and app is clean and easy to use. Successfully made bookings in 2 countries so far. Great lay out of page and information..Version: 11.9

Great AppReally easy to use, evaluate and of course book!.Version: 6.9

App works as it shouldAble to do what I want in the app. Ability to check hotels on map really useful. Not all hotel chains are on here but I am happy with the selection of hotels and value. Note top tip for families choose holiday inn express. Normally one of the best value rooms and free breakfast included and I have always been impressed by family room size and cleanliness..Version: 10.1

Great pricesExcellent reward scheme with great prices.Version: 10.1

CancellationEasy to book by accident. Didn’t realise I was paying til to late . And at this time need this money. Was told by the hotel to see you guys about it and have tried to do so straight away but not heard anything back. I did book in haste when my mum admitted to icu but realised we would be by her bedside or at home waiting for calls so immediately tried to cancel. I am also aware there was warnings about no cancellations but as previously stated it was made by accident and haste. I didn’t relize it had happened til checked bank. My mother has now died and am of work. If I was richer would have flagged it to as realise everyone is suffering. Toni Robinson.Version: 12.5

Excellent app for hotel bookingBrilliant app for seamless merging with TripIt app which is brilliant for all travel planning and so good that email confirmation and cancellation are picked up automatically by TripIt app. Great hotel selection even in remote country areas of Melbourne. Uses modern technology to the best advantage. Highly recommended I planned a beautiful urgent trip from Sydney to Melbourne country regional and got great choices and good value for money low price. Highly recommend. Joshua.Version: 10.4

The BESTI have been using this app for over 2 years and it’s the best for booking hotels. The deals are always awesome. It’s easy to navigate and best of all the reward program lets you have a free night after every 10 stays. I recommend this to everyone. Stop booking your hotels the traditional way and use this app!!.Version: 14.7

Loyalty programIt’s great how quickly the free nights rack up. I recently booked and was concerned when I applied 2 free nights to the booking but the booking timed out before I could complete payment. When I logged back in the system had deducted 2 free nights from my account however it rectified itself within 48 hours - without having to call and be on the line internationally for hours! Relief to see and booked with the hotel I wanted with 2 free nights applied again! Happy days !.Version: 10.6

Best rewards app!Highly recommend for any traveller 🧳.Version: 14.5.1

They changed the layout and now it’s not as goodI’ve been using this app for 5 years and I’m a gold member. They recently changed the layout from scrolling across to scrolling down like their competitions but now it jumps all over the place. Usually jumping you back several screens/pages. Extremely annoying and I’m at the point where I will forgo my gold membership and go use one of their competitors. They need to fix this issue or put it back the way it was. 😡.Version: 10.4

Only way to is easy yo use and provides a great selection and options for accommodations at your destination. I’ve used for all domestic and international travel..Version: 14.4

Won’t use the app to make booking if there’s a better discount offerI found there’s more discounts when you make booking via app. However the app functions limited. Especially when the time you want to view more photos, usually you have to refer back to the website.Version: 8.7

EfficientSo easy and efficient to find hotels and book through 14.7.1

Not happyI don’t find your app easy to use at all - not all my bookings are showing and even though it shows my name it asks me to sign it to collect nights when it’s showing I’m already signed in! And when I try to call to get it sorted I get a message telling me that I there’s no phone support in my location - not impressed..Version: 10.4

No supportI have been using this app for years and recently the service / support has become unbearable... The online help is Too slow and unhelpful and if using the app internationally as I do you can’t call for help without being changed a fortune.. The ‘free nights’ now don’t work effectively as you can get a much cheaper rate with other sites and then save the money of each booking- which is MORE than the free nights ( they don’t actually exist as they are a discount- not a free night)... Such a shame they have let the services slip as the site and app is great and easy... But time to use another service and hope they come back with better customer service and international support..Version: 13.7

Easy to use and awesome way to manage your bookingsNice simple interface. Easy to sort hotels by location, ratings, price and filter. Good rates offered for a good range of hotels. Love getting a free night after ten night stays :-).Version: 9.1.1

Night mareI booked hotels in this site before and had no problems so I get a email saying that I unlocked special prices so when I look at the hotels I find this one that was 67 a night so I book the hotel I drive hours too get to the hotel with my children for a weekend out for my daughters birthday. So when I get to the hotel to check they tell my the price was a lot more than what it was so the hotel tell me to call hotel so when I do they try telling me that was incorrect and that the price was 270. I was on the phone for 2 hours all for them to say sorry but didn't wanna help with the mistake they made. Never again.Version: 7.6

Good App easy to useApp should always show additional services that are prepaid- breakfasts!!.Version: 10.3.1

Great way to find your accommodation when travelingWe’ve always used this App when traveling even down the South Island it was great best way to go I would recommend anyone to use it....Version: 14.5

Errors in Phone ButtonApp is ok but there is errors that have not been fixed for a long time. Re. The calling option in the top right corner of the home page calls a number that is no longer connected!!.Version: 11.8.1

The way to bookThis app is super easy to use, has the lowest price and every 11th night is free. No brainer..Version: 14.5.1

BarazFantastic website extremely helpful.Version: 13.5

Very useful appThis app is well done, mostly. It’s relatively minor flaws probably stand out more because it is so close to being perfect. It is very convenient for finding and comparing places to stay, and some of the pricing is good - often better than going direct to the hotel. My main complaint is that when searching for hotel rooms you have to be careful you don’t get shown beautiful rooms but later discover that you have been put in a dorm. This happens even when you specifically filter out hostels. Unfortunately there is no option to filter out dorms. Also, the photos can be misleading. I would be much happier if the photos were of the rooms offered instead of the most glamourous and expensive suites the hotel has even though you may have searched for a basic room. Perhaps guests could rate the accuracy of the photos to help prevent the hotels from pulling the ol’ bait-and-switch..Version: 11.4

Gift cardsLove the convenience of the app...and the savings I find...however if you have more than one gift card you can’t use them without combining them, and you have to call to get that done because the link on the app/website isn’t set up can’t check balances on the gift cards if you don’t know exactly how much is on them, you lose what’s on them because they inactivate them when you call to really needs fixed so we can do it online...also more options to choose size, gold/silver options, kitchen amenities...those would make the number that come up smaller so you would spend less time comparing and more time packing....Version: 11.2.1

A lifesaver!I love this App! I am a frequent user and a Gold member which provides dedicated 24 hour support. The support has been brilliant - I booked a hotel for my 19yr old son in London and when I dropped him off at midnight he had forgotten his ID and the receptionist wouldn’t accept his University ID even though it had his photo and Date of Birth. We were stuck with nowhere to go as the hotel refused to let him check in. The gold service helped me find another hotel at 1am which was really close and they resolved the dispute with the original hotel the next day. Definitely a lifesaver!.Version: 9.7

Improved appLast time I tried to use the app it was impossible but I found it to be much easier than when I last tried a year ago, plus the prices are better. Information isn’t as full/clear as via late/web but fine if you know pretty much what you’re looking for..Version: 11.9

Great appThe app is fine, but it forces you to call a 0800 number and 0800 numbers are blocked from cellphones?.Version: 11.3

Why pin a hotel if these can’t be shortlisted?Why provide the option to pin a hotel if you can’t filter so only pinned options are shown. I would like to shortlist my choices and then review them. Why do some hotels show two rooms available to book at different prices but no way to see what is different between the two rooms? When hotels have breakfast available as an option it would be nice to filter so that prices shown include the breakfast..Version: 8.7

Bad AppThis App won’t allow me to view deals, it keeps saying try again later which has been happening for ages..Version: 11.2.1

This guys are good! Fast and swift and easy!Good price on all my stays. Well done!.Version: 6.6

ConfusingPersonally, I don’t like this app at all. Perhaps I still need to get the hang of it but I find it confusing. In future I shall continue to book on the website as I have always done. I once rang the helpline but apparently they don’t see the lower prices we are seeing on the app so they couldn’t help me with my query..Version: 11.4

You get to gold but no one caresOnce you get to gold, the number does not work when you need to phone up and make changes. Happy to collect the money but not happy to give any customer service..Version: 10.5

ExcellentReally great apps using from 8 years..Version: 14.9

So EasyUsed this app 4 times in the span of a couple weeks. Once for my bachelorette party, wedding night, and an impromptu stay post-honeymoon. The fourth was me booking a hotel room for my sister in the limo bus on the way to the wedding because she decided she wasn’t going to want to drive home. So easy to find the best price for the kind of stay you’re looking for whether it’s just a quick place to sleep, or looking for more of a luxury experience. The more you book the more you earn in points too so definitely would recommend for people who travel often, I’ve probably saved hundreds just in the last couple weeks. Love this app..Version: 8.7

Fantastic upgraded App Booking Sight (site)Thanks for helping make my day the best March 3rd ever. Here we come our family of four together for 21st lovely year and never seen Harbour bridge in Sydney so super hungry to sing ontop with the climb first then performance Wednesday Matinee at 2pm at Opera House. Here mummy comes at 40 with Daddy watching and us there love children Mia kindly at sweet 16 and my beautiful little brother who’s 13 watching her first Operatic show. Who will be there?.Version: 9.8

Horrible customer service BEWAREI kept getting random emails saying that I had a reservation coming up in the very near future, could not figure out what it was referring to. Went to my mobile app under my bookings just to check, and this reservation is no where to be found. The email had a confirmation number and everytime I clicked on it, it took me straight to my bookings within the app. Still no reservation of the sort. So tried to use the chat option, and that was a disaster. Called customer service and it took 45 minutes before someone came on the line. I told the representative why I was calling, and she was apparently seeing the reservation on her end. She said do you want to cancel it, and I said yes, but I did not make it. She said I was still in the grace period and wouldn’t be charged. I told her I better not be charged and asked her multiple times how the reservation was placed and each time she ignored my question. I am very suspicious that someone may be making these reservations that people are unaware of, then their card gets charged. BEWARE!!! Very angry former customer.Version: 13.7

Easy to use and everything is clearIt is a very user friendly app.Version: 9.9

The App was better before someone meddled with itWhy they have changed what was a great App is beyond me. Scrolling Down rather than swiping across is so much more time consuming. It’s no where near as easy as it was to find the right accommodation. Completed bookings are not in date order. Total rubbish app now Bring back the old App please..Version: 13.7

Map searching terribleUsed to be able to search an area by zooming in and around on map. App would refresh search and provide more hotels to consider. Now only the original search shows up on map, if you want to search nearby you can’t. Really annoying.Version: 8.0

Easy to use, good serviceNice simple app to use. Always have good service when i need to call. Love the reward program. Extremely helpful to have accomodation information in one place on your phone, save on the trees and handy when needing access quickly. Worth having..Version: 7.0

ResourcefulVery helpful, resourceful & easy to use. This site has plenty of choice & makes the process a lot easier than doing it yourself through web sites & browsers. You will save time & money. I would highly recommend..Version: 11.2.1

Prix excellentVraiment la meilleure aubaine dans ma recherche et je voyage beaucoup. Une très belle façon de réserver avec eux, efficace et top pour le prix rapide ...le code secret prix secret est magique Michel W de Montreal QC Canada.Version: 14.3

FailDownloaded APP after booking online - created app account. But the APP doesnt even recognise the confirmation / booking number or last name. Can’t progress at all..Version: 6.8

Love this app!I have been using this app for years! It’s super convenient. I use it on the go on road trips and can find hotels near me easily always at theBest prices! Booking is super fast. I have earned many hotel rooms over the years. Not many sites do that!They had a glitch last month and I was worried they were down but it was only temporarilyProbably due to Covid as most businesses. They came back with a new website now that’s even easier to navigate! I have spoken with customer serviceBefore when I’ve made an error and they fixed it quickly. Not sure what people are complaining about? There has been a pandemic going onAnd the hotel industry was affected greatly. Cut them some slack! They will take care of you!.Version: 14.4

My go to app for hotel bookingsI love collecting free nights! Better priced hotels and better quality hotels on this app and even if the hotels are a little higher in price just check the inclusions! Most like wifi are standard when others apps will give a lower price for the same hotel but you have to pay for wifi. If it’s the same and priced a little higher, just add up the value of the free night and we’re winning each time! Great customer service and fast refund decisions when necessary..Version: 11.7

Unable to see my bookingEven though I have refreshed, deleted, reinstalled the app, I am unable to get all the information, ie my bookings. I have an iPhone 7 Plus so not sure if this is the reason. I have complained many times and a year ago I was told it was a temporary issue and it was getting fixed. I only get all the information when I login to the website..Version: 9.3

WonderfulWonderful. Very easy and fast.Version: 9.3

InformationThis app is easy to use and helps keep track with easy to access receipts for when it comes to that time to do expenses..Version: 12.3

Sort and filter missing in future bookingsUnless I’ve missed it, future bookings are listed in booking moment order rather than calendar order. Since I frequently book nights out of calendar order, finding my next booking is more difficult than it needs to be. Otherwise, the app does a great job, thanks!.Version: 8.7

Great app - always best pricesThis is a great app. Really easy to use. And I have found some great price deals. Booked a hotel on the app and turned up at check in 10 minutes later and it all went smoothly. Always my first place to look for hotel rooms. Have booked hotels in about 8 different countries and never had a problem..Version: 11.8.1

Forget the price matchAs for price match forget it just go with the cheapest option. They make it very very difficult, They should be glad I bothered to ring them for price match. Now I don’t bother,.Version: 11.8.1

Great Hotel recommend 100%I travel every week and usually don’t write reviews. However this hotel deserve it’s 5 star review. This is a Great Hotel, very helpful and well trained reception staff, clean restaurant and top class service. Bigger rooms, clean and more lighting. Recommend 100%.Version: 11.9

Quick and EasyApp was easy to use but I would have liked to have more filter option so it was easier to narrow my list. Specifically “How many beds required”. Even though I was looking to book accommodation for a 2 people stay, it’s not necessary that we are a couple and want to share a double or king bed. But overall have found the price and deals are really good on here 👍🏽.Version: 12.0.1

Prefer the other booking schemeThe other one had each choice listed down the page and was much easier to compare and seemed to provide more information. This was the reason I’ve never used the app because it is like this booking platform. Not fussed..Version: 9.4

Nearly, but not quiteI've had this trouble before. I went to pay for my booking via PayPal, but I couldn't remember my PayPal password. I switched apps on my iPad to 1Password, copied the PayPal password and immediately back to Hotels. Where's my booking gone? I have to do a new search and restart the booking, but this time, I was booking the last available room. Wait 20 minutes and the room reappears and now I can complete the booking. Should have taken no more than 5 minutes. Took nearly half an hour..Version: 7.7

CancellationFraude et vol de la part de Hô 14.5.1

No goodDoesnt have our last booking and we have no points for our stay in ceonulla? I called the number to talk it amsays it can not connect so i push message butwontlet me message? How do i get my points?.Version: 11.4

Fabulous location in heart of NarbonneOpposite the cathedral, around the corner from the main square, canal, market, bars and restaurants and only 10 minutes walk from the train station. Excellent breakfast, comfortable bed and really good shower. Woman who welcomes you and looks after the room is extremely friendly. To reach the room 2 flights of steep stairs so only suitable for able bodied, otherwise brilliant place to stay in Norbonne..Version: 16.6

Post booking and stay improvementsLove the app in general, but As a part of the post-booking experience I can’t tell which of my previous bookings I’ve already submitted a review for and which I haven’t. I click “write a review” (which implies actually that I haven’t written one) and get an oops message if I have. I’d like confirmation before I waste my time. I would also like a button that displays my history of reviews in descending timeline order. In addition, while writing and in the middle of a review, I don’t want to see anything I’ve already spent time on disappearing if I jump over to another app in the process. I’ve seen my photos disappear or what I’ve written disappear. Very discouraging to start over. Thank you..Version: 11.8.1

🤩I love this app and thanks for those who are bringing the best to there Clint.Version: 11.2

EXPEDIA’S OFFSPRINGThis is a good app. Of the many app options to make reservations for hotel stays, this is the app that I keep on the forefront. I like the idea of narrowing the availability of hotels down to the area that I’m located in & once the hotels are done for the area the app will begin to venture to the outskirts of your location. Any questions or concerns pertaining to the booking are included on attached pages like room facts, requirements, small secrets, etc. The only thing that’s missing per hotel page is the actual hotel phone number but that’s easy to find through your web browser. Overall I recommend the app to many of my friends. Customer service is good, the agents are patient & give their REAL names, & will stay on the line until all concerns are dealt with; they make sure you don’t hang up unhappy, for the most part. The things that are out of their control like deposit reimbursement, a manager or hotel staff that refuses to honor the booking, a hotel that has overbooked but it doesn’t show on the app, etc. is just that, out of their control. But that’s just 10% vs. 90% of the issues and concerns that they can control or change..Version: 12.8.1

Love this app but the latest version has stopped working on my iPadI really like this app, but the app keeps telling me to load the latest version and won’t let me in. Problem is I already have the latest version so the app is currently defunct.Version: 7.8

Excellent Customer Service & ProfessionalI have been extremely impressed with this program and have only one negative experience since using it. I will forever be a member and do appreciate all that the entire team across the world do to make this a positive and rewarding experience day in and day out. Thank you!!.Version: 14.3

Great App Great serviceHave used this App for 8+ years, booked many many rooms all over SE Asia, Canada, and Central america. Always good prices, and any issues with rooms/hotels are quickly and efficiently resolved with Hotels App client care representitives..Version: 14.6

Customer ServicesVery poor Customer Services where the Manager was adamant that he was unable to override the excess payment of Taxes on my Coupon which I had received for a previous hotel that had given us very bad services and rooms. There was no mention of the voucher when given that I would have to pay extra. The communication needs to be improved. This is not being truthful upfront and on query, the manager was not helpful at all. All he kept saying was sorry and unable to assist which as a Senior Manager in Customer Services myself, I am fully aware that a manager has the authority to override in the interest of good customer relationship..Version: 8.2

Great AppWe enjoy using the Hotels App. Everything is easy. Everything works well..Version: 14.5

Hotels not openI booked a hotel room and as it was a definite visit relating to supporting a business dealing with virus issues booked it as a non refundable booking. However when I get to the hotel it is closed so why are this site promoting hotels which they know are closed and taking people’s money. This is fraud.Version: 12.9

FrustratingPricing is higher than actual hotel listing and other listings on web. So the “free nights” that are part of the your rewards is being paid for over the ten bookings. I find that very disappointing. There is no filter for two beds. Just two people so every time I go to a hotel I have to continue to click and search to make sure I’m getting a room with two beds. Every time you click on a hotel to look At the details and then inevitably go back to map because it isn’t what you need the map reloads. Making it very difficult to differentiate the hotels already looked at to those that you haven’t. If I focus on on an area it should stay in that area..Version: 8.3

Not bad, few glitchesA past booking is still sitting in my upcoming bookings now for half a year and I can’t get rid of it..Version: 11.1

PricesWhy have u taken away the prices if I want to compare prices you have made it such a long process think you need to put it back to make it more customer friendly as the way it is it’s not.Version: 15.3

Easy to useI joined this website and used the app. Very user friendly and I got extra discount..Version: 12.1

Bugs need fixingCan you fix the bug under notifications and then I click and it does not link to web server. Thanks. Also doing a review of a hotel from a gmail notification, the link to the website drops out annoyingly after I have written my review and start loading up photos..Version: 8.4

App gives better overview of motelsBecause I stay a lot of nights away I get a better overview of the motels available instead of having to look at each one individually. I also have a height issue being over 2 meters so generally I can see the entrance from the pics.Version: 14.8

Very easy user interface!So far, this is the only app I use to book my hotels is here at, because it’s very easy to use and the deals they offer are better than others..Version: 14.8

So convenient and great savings!!Love this app! The rewards are great!.Version: 14.6

Very Very very poorI’m about to stop using for one simple reason I’m Canadian live in Canada and book mostly in Canada. This site continues to revert back to US dollars I want Canadian dollars and don’t want to have to go into settings every time to change fro us to Canadian period.Version: 14.9

One of the better booking appsI’ve used many of the main accommodation booking apps, and this is probably the easiest to use, clear and simple layout and quick to confirm booking..Version: 15.5

ConvenientThank you team!.Version: 14.8

One stop appIt’s really nice that this website makes it a lot easier to book a hotel room anywhere in the world what you see is what you pay how awesome is that I’ve done the other website and it’s not always the true price that you see you pay bit more hidden cost they collet Texas..Version: 9.3

Two thumbs up!Great hotel options with an easy to use website and mobile app. Good features like pin favourite hotels into a short list for easy comparison, direct link to travellers reviews and rewards program. I’ve redeemed a few times without any issues..Version: 8.3

Very useful and great customer serviceI use this regularly it’s often cheaper than booking directly and the customer service is excellent - you get to speak to real people ( not AI ) often allowing me to reschedule due to changing business commitments - I find the bonus nights a great benefit . My only complaint is I that I wish they would generate a complete VAT invoice as the current receipts are troublesome for my business accounts Dept ..Version: 9.4

BryceEasy to use. Thanks.Version: 11.9.1

App needs work!0800 number doesn’t work and all bookings don’t show up....😡.Version: 9.7

Years of great dealsBeing an avid traveller, I have been using this app for booking hotels all over the world and the free nights you collect along the way are simple to claim. I recommend this app for any frequent traveler!.Version: 14.7.1

Worst customer service ever!I’m a customer service consultant, these people have absolutely no customer service at all! I’m booking a room from another city, the guy books me in a place five minutes to the end of check out time, and doesn’t bother to tell me! He continued to book the room knowing I’m three hours away! Once it was all done he told me that I missed the check in time for my first night, then said it was to late for a refund, then lied, saying he did a refund! I had to dispute it with my bank! I had to pay for a different room and redo the reservation for the following day! Double charged for one week for one room! 😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 10.1

Great AppHaving been using this site for 5 years, and have found the app to be very useful....has a small problem every now and then when it does not show all available hotels and you have to do the same search a couple of times, but on the whole, does what it needs to do.Version: 7.5

Customer careI was just about to give up on this app completely! I stayed 10 nights, and was not able to get my stamps for any nights. However, I decided to call and no one was able to help me after constantly being hung up on. Then I decided to try the help chat and after an hour and a half of non stop transferring from one department to another. As well as constant disconnections I was just furious. Then finally, I was transferred to another agent Christine Joy C. it showed up as on our chat, and she literally fixed everything in under 10 min. I don’t see why any of the other multiple agents I spoke to prior was not able to do what she just did for me. No one was able to answer a simple question. Honestly a simple yes or no would have been suffice after an hour, but instead gave me the run around. I hate writing reviews, and truthfully I would have given this app and customer care a zero star rating if it was possible, but because I was actually grateful for her assistance I give you guys 5 stars and I will continue to book through this app for future endeavors..Version: 13.1.1

Great value and serviceVery happy with ap and bookings, no issues great prices and free nights easy to redeem.Version: 7.8

BestThe best I like free rooms.Version: 14.9

Not HelpfulI booked with this site all of the time. Yesterday, we arrived at our “hotel” at 6pm and they had no clean rooms. They actually gave us keys to a room that was being used! They told us to come back in two hours! I called the 800 number for help and was treated horribly by Bella a manager. She was rude and would not help. I understand we had a non-refundable rate and we would have stayed at our accommodation if they would have had a room for us. But they did not even though they kept claiming they did! Pretty unacceptable, there’s like 100 other sites like this I could use, but I’ve always used this one because I have never had a problem. On hold for over twenty minutes just to get transferred to someone who was completely rude and unhelpful. I still would like my full refund. A definition of a reservation is you have a room waiting for you since we already paid. People were coming in after us getting cleaned rooms and no one would help us out! Absolutely unacceptable!.Version: 11.2

Review after several years useThe best booking app by a long way. Never had a problem, always the cheapest available rate and I have taken advantage of the excellent rewards program too. I don’t give reviews without thoroughly testing the product and this one is fabulous..Version: 8.0

Almost perfectThe app helps you find hotels at reason Able rates & makes reservations for you. However they get a commission that the hotel has to pay, they give you “stamps” they remove if you don’t make additional trips in a set periods. Also because of your reduced rate the hotel won’t give you other benefits or discounts full paying clients get. There is no provision on the website for making complaints about policies or service eXcept here. Air b&b or other reservation services may be better choices. They didn’t tell me that the hotel I made reservations with & paid for in advance was under construction until after I paid or that the advertisedrestaurant pool Exercise room & free breakfast weren’t available because of COVID 19 or construction..Version: 14.8

Quite goodBeen using this app for quite a few years now. There is a ease to using it and there is always a number to speak with someone.Version: 14.3

Not at all intuitive for me.I’m finding this clumsy and not user friendly. The home page is hard to get to from other pages making navigation of the site frustratingly time consuming. This is terrible...!.Version: 11.6

EasyLots of choice, good filter system and the free night is a great bonus..Version: 6.9

No disappointmentsEasy to book. Love the rewards. Accurate reviews. My go to for all hotel bookings..Version: 14.3

Over HotelsI’ve never had such bad customer service. First, I booked thru the app, and the reservation never went to the hotel. When I got to the hotel, they couldn’t find the reservation. I decided to call Hotels to then wait on hold for 30 mins. Finally when someone picked up they agreed to call the hotel, and email them the confirmation. Too bad the customer service person did a terrible job at even sending the email, that initially never went thru. Finally once the email went thru, the front desk then needed to call another number for confirmation, which they were on hold for another thirty minutes. Did I forget my 9 year old is waiting with us??? Unacceptable service..Version: 12.8.1

Warning read this before bookingI have just booked a hotel only to be told after paying that there is an additional charge at the hotel top of what I’ve already paid Beware of this web booking it’ll say this is the price including all taxes and fees are they will charge you extra at the hotel or apartment for so-called cleaning fees beware of this I don’t suppose they’ll post this though.Version: 8.0

OkOther sites sometimes have better deals.Version: 7.4.1

Dhaval DaveEasy to book and cheapest price with Rewards benefits 😊.Version: 14.8

Hotel bookingLovely and easy to book.Version: 12.2

So easy to useExcellent app. Easy to use and good selection of options.Version: 10.1

Rewards night issuesIssue with rewards nights if you try and book originally using you rewards nights and it doesn’t go through, you will see your rewards night disappear and no longer able to use them to try and rebook your hotel! Big flaw and bug there.Version: 7.1

Katy and Brad MentiplayDear Mr Fiorito Antonio, It is most important to my husband Brad and Ithat we share how wonderful Franco was when caring for us in the Dinning room each day for breakfast. He is a wonderful human being who goes beyond the call of duty, every single day . He was beautifully considerate, respectful and approachable, added humour to each day and as I said to him “ He was like the bright sunshine, creating a warmth and a beauty that transforms ones experience “ Our life is at an incredibly challenging time right at this moment due to a recent diagnosis, Franco helped us to forget about all this and just be very present to the present, for this, we are truly grateful. Please pass on our respect and thanks for Franco’s loving kindness . Warm regards, Katy and Brad Mentiplay..Version: 11.2

Best way to book a roomAlways get great deal and cheaper price. Fast and easy to book a room any where. Safe and secure service..Version: 10.5

Easy!I love the search engine, and finding hotels everywhere I travel. I also love cashing in one free nights. Thanks, Captain Obvious..Version: 14.7.1

AwesomeAwesome app so easy to use and very convenient. Highly recommend..Version: 8.1

Great app, but changing booking could be made easier.Great app. Easy to use. My only complaint is that if you want to change your booking to a different hotel, you can’t do it online - even if you have a fully refundable booking. My experience was I was required to call customer service. When I called, for the new hotel I wanted to book they were showing a substantially higher rate than what I was seeing on the app. So I opted to do it myself online by just canceling the original booking and re-booking it at the better rate. It would be easier if I could just have an option to change my booking without all the machinations of cancellation and rebooking. If I must call customer service, then surely they should offer me the same prices that I see online, not higher prices. Anyway, apart from that, great app!.Version: 7.6

Having lots of issues with the app updating my bookings and rewardsI keep receiving error messages when attempting to refresh my upcoming bookings and also my reward nights are not updating. I’m forced to logo in via a web page to see current information. Please rectify..Version: 10.7

Very disappointed that the App has not applied deal offered to meI booked 10 days at hotel in Florida taking up your offer and saved the deal but it was not applied . I contacted your team and it was suggested I cancel booking and try again . That was not what I expected as a Gold member and use your App all the time.Version: 12.7.1

Contradicting terms and conditionThey did send me a reminder of my upcoming booking . The app did not allow me to cancel my booking prior. The next I know my credit card is charged. I am pretty sure I cancelled my reservation which did not take place..Version: 10.6

Pretty ComprehensiveIt works pretty well as a comprehensive source of all info relating to hotels/places you might stay that you may book, but it doesn't integrate with other sources of info, for e.g. Googlemaps, so if you're looking for a hotel near a given postcode, you have to keep switching back & forth between apps. Nevertheless, once you've booked, its intuitively layer out for finding whatever you might need....Version: 9.5.1

Lovely Rooms - Friendly StaffI’ve stayed here a number of times and never been disappointed. The rooms are large, warm and well appointed and have everything you could need. All the staff are friendly, helpful and professional. I’ll be back!.Version: 12.2

Gold silver members ????Needs to be improved by 70%, as you can see I am travelling but I have traveled and lived in all parts of the world, If I was given 1 week to crest that gold members locked search page or silver, I am sure I would bring an extra 40% more clients that are high flyers and have monthly competitions of members with the highest month activity and spend a little and word of mouth is the best client drawer, this needs immediate action, I spent over $100,000 with your deals my friends have found a new site and I have missed out on so much..Version: 10.8

Limited favourite featuresA good app for hotel deals, but needs additional features for favourites such as the ability to search for new date range availability at all hotels saved to favourites section. Greater flexibility is needed on the map search as the “see more properties” feature is limited and restricts the search radius..Version: 16.3

CancellationI have booked with You many times before using the non refundable payment option. I have done so again to travel tomorrow but because of the Coronavirus I have had to cancel. I have called the hotel that I have booked and they have confirmed that they will refund my payment but I must go through you. I have rang and rand and there is know one answering so can you confirm that you will refund my money.Version: 12.4

Nightmare AppHopeless app. Cannot cancel my booking for May despite trying everything I can think of. Phone numbers are not valid and I am going to lose hundreds of dollars even though I have free cancellation Cannot speak to a human. Beware.Version: 12.4

Best booking site everTry to book hotel at hotel site so many hurdles, ended up giving up and decided to book with Piece of cake! In less 30 seconds booked.Version: 14.6

Happy CustomerWe are in the middle of a year Full of Travel. We stumbled a cross this site & the benefits associated with it. We are yet to accumulate our 1st level 10 stay, but if all goes well, we will be using this site alot more often. I'll keep you updated.Version: 11.8

Buggy app / does not work for updates iPhone usersThe website is good. I’ve used it before and found good deals. There is a bug in the search bar however. User are unable to “sort” the listings using the app. Listings appear in list format according to apps recommendation? So basically, if you want to search for a room based on price, rating or distance you are out of luck. The app has the built in sort feature, but users are unable to apply preferred sort options. I would just stick to the website platform. App has been botched recently. Do not download. This app accepts money from hotels to have them appear at the very top of your search results. Despite your financial or logistical preferences. TLDR. this app displays at the very top of search listings the hotels it receives money from. searching specifically by distance or cost is not an option on the app..Version: 13.0.1

Can’t sign inLatest update has a bug which means it’s impossible to sign in without getting an error screen. If you’re going to levy an extra £4 penalty for bookings made online, outside of the app, then at the very least make sure your customers can sign into the app! Eye rolls!.Version: 12.2

Easy Too UseGreat prices and informative site. Recommend..Version: 9.4

Great siteThis site is even cheaper than my hotel loyalty programs and I collect free stays! Ive already enjoyed a free night in London. Easy to use quick and simple. Don’t be put off that they show you prices then show taxes as you go to book it may appear higher but I’ve always found it the same or cheaper than other online booking sites..Version: 9.5.1

New updateThe new update takes longer to load and is not that user friendly especially for changing personal details. I’ll only use this if the deals are considerably better than elsewhere. It’s also very bad for the money to be debited in $US. my cards are $SGD or Indonesian rupiah or $Aus and I loose on the exchange rate. Makes me less and less inclined to use it. What the hell I won’t..Version: 8.0

Love itI get to build up free nights. Good choices. Always works..Version: 7.4.1

Used to work well now doesn’t show my bookingsDespite what I do, the app refuses to show my bookings, both upcoming and completed. Used to work fine, then 6 months ago something changed and despite inputting bookings on the app it doesn’t store them, despite listing them under my activity. Very frustrating and not very user friendly when I am on the move.Version: 9.2

Your contact number is disconnected, idiots!!!This app is out dated & does not do half of the functions it has options for. Can’t change booking dates, can’t redeem free nights accumulated, can’t even contact this stupid place with the contact number they have provided- talk about frickin useless!!!!.Version: 11.6

Customer service is the worst, car below industry standardStandards of the trade itself are not upheld and this leads to major stress attacks on body and beingness. Lack of respect and integrity for ones time. Uncaring. Will pass you off to another agent over and over until you give up your asking for a refund for a stay that was not completed due to hotel being unable to provide room that was a non smoking room. A stay where you did not stay. And, they’ll refuse to offer any kind of compensation for taking hours upon hours of your time. Or, they’ll off $10 when you were into communication repeating the issue over and over as they continue to pass you off and make you start again. This is an insult. It’s intentional and it’s force upon a being that doesn’t need the stress and damage to body and self. And, they don’t care. I do. Others do too. I’m not the only one frustrated and angry at their lack of proper customer support. 8 days and fight of 10 hours in having to get a refund for a stay where I was unable to stay. Something that could have been taken care of in a matter of minutes and the customer followed up with in a way that alleviates all the burden and responsibility that is not of the customer but for the “customer service” agent with the PAID job. Sad..Version: 13.0.1

Really worth it to book through this appI travel a lot for work just redeemed my 150$ reward during a vacation in Dubai. It really works and it's so worth it to book through this app..Version: 14.5

Ease of bookingLove using the App Have had to book up to four weeks accommodation in the States from New Zealand Great range of properties with great prices Then at the end of it we get free nights! Woohoo!.Version: 11.5

Great AppI travel a lot with work and also spend a lot of time in London. No matter where I am, I can find somewhere to stay whether I’m looking for something luxurious or just somewhere to lay my head for the night in a clean and safe environment. I love the fact that I get rewards too. Those free nights come in handy..Version: 10.5

Redeem!!!!You book lots of rooms but it’s so difficult to redeem them, when you are looking to choose a room you apply redeem in the filter section, then look in what should then be only hotels that you can redeem but no, when you click on a chosen hotel 9 times out of 10 it then states 0 rooms can be redeemed 😤😫😤.Version: 11.8.1

Beware of charges after free cancellationI’ve had nothing but bad luck with this app! First, I cancelled two hotels in the allotted time but there supposedly was a “glitch” in the system, so the cancellation didn’t go through. I did get one rectified and another had mass confusion surrounding it. Tonight I see a charge on my card for a different hotel that I cancelled many days ahead of time!! I’m not sure what the use is of using this app with free cancellation if it doesn’t work! I did call customer service and they assured me that I have a credit coming but I shouldn’t even have to see a charge period! I will say that I give their customer service five stars for being extremely sweet and helpful..Version: 7.5

Awesome information for international tripMy husband and I are traveling to Japan this summer. Needed 4 separate hotels as we are traveling around. I found just what I wanted with the information the app provided about room size, fridges in rooms, English speaking front desk, breakfast, and laundry availability. Easily switched from info to map view so I could find something close to train stations. Once I picked the hotels I wanted booking was a breeze. They say it takes 2 minutes to book and they’re spot on! Even found great bargains once I unlocked special prices by logging into my account on the app. Would recommend to anyone who travels in the US or abroad..Version: 8.0

Excellent Rewards systemAn excellent rewards system and search function. Some times the functionality and speed of the site lets it down..Version: 15.3

AwesomenessTotally awesome service.Version: 13.9.1

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