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GoSkyWatch Planetarium App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

GoSkyWatch Planetarium app received 19 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using GoSkyWatch Planetarium? Can you share your negative thoughts about goskywatch planetarium?

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GoSkyWatch Planetarium for Negative User Reviews

App appears to be abandonedPrivacy policy hasn't been updated since Apple required it starting last year. Developer replied about app not being updated because it doesn't need to be updated. They are apparently the worlds best software developers and have made the perfect software that wouldn't benefit from new features and is also completely bug free. They didn't address the lack of a privacy policy update. They could easily do that at least as a show of good will..Version: 9.4

Love the app but...every time i reset my phone (about once a year) its impossible to find the app to re-download it. Goskywatch is not categorized under stars, stargazing, star watching or even “sky”. So it always takes me 10 minutes to remember the un-memorable name of the app. Which apparently isnt searchable in the app store unless we all remember the apps name..Version: 9.2

Poor valueFor £3.99 all you seem to get is the comets compare to the free version the app works well just expensive for what you get..Version: 9.2

Not so good on itouchI've seen this work amazingly on an iphone and ipad. I only have an itouch and was thrilled when I saw it was also compatible. Had no idea how it would work since it doesn't have an internal compass. So yeah I downloaded it. There is very little information given and it took me ages to find the support website and the user manual. It should be a lot easier to get access to the support! After reading about how it actually works using the accelerometer it does work. A bit of a pain and I still haven't gotten used to it but it is does get there in the end and all the information is amazing. And it does work without the internet. I have a Celestron Skyscout that does this for a couple of hundred pounds more and doesn't give anywhere near the experience!.Version: 4.6

UnderwhelmedI'm amazed this has such overwhelmingly positive views. I bought the app a long time ago, and thought it was okay, but IMO there are much better astronomy apps on the App Store, including SkySafari 3 and Sky Walk. Stellarium would be another option, although I've not tried it for iPad (only iPod Touch and Mac). I can just see a lot of people paying the money for this app based on all the 5 star reviews, and not realizing there are better and sometimes cheaper alternatives. This is looking very outdated. The graphics are heavily pixelated when you zoom in, and the way of selecting points of interest, by sliding them into the circle, rather than just touching them, is awkward..Version: 4.6

Something is very wrongI’m wondering why I see the sun showing on the app as if it has just gone down past the horizon in the west, while simultaneously watching it rise in the east with my own eyes? Broken.Version: 9.4

Bloody awfulNo matter what we did on our iPhone 5 the real stars and moon were way off from the screen. Just gave up. Sad for such an otherwise nice app.Version: 6.0

Not very accurateFor quite an expensive app it’s accuracy is not very goos.Version: 9.1

Useful as all heck, but...Please stop popping up tips and marketing crap when I launch the app. It's a paid app. Act like it. It would also be nice if it would remember the last Messier object I looked up so I don't have to keep looking it up. Leave me where I left off. And where's the NGC catalog already? Years later, still no expanded catalogs. Still-STILL years later and no expanded catalogs..Version: 9.3

Junk. Doesn’t workGot this just to find comet neowise. It could not even find the 4 compass points. Pisses me off that I’m ripped off now..Version: 9.2

Buggy and slowNot very impressive app due it's buggy and slow nature..Version: 0

Not very good at allPoor.Version: 9.1

Never remembers northStarted off good, but having north always out of calibration kind of ruins the app for me. Even with a follow up from GoSoftWorks the app still disappoints. Thanks for your canned response. Hopefully that is enough to cover up other unhappy customers. I would hate for your reputation to be damaged by your poor product performance..Version: 9.4

Like a constant changing snow globeMaybe it’s my phone but when I point it up to an obvious target like the moon it says moon then all the planets start rolling by as the voice calls them off even though I’m still pointing at the moon..Version: 9.4

It's ok for most uses but……it becomes a bit antiquated, since there are not many changes coming through. It's also not clear how I can change the view. I'm somehow stuck on the "circular view", which I must've triggered somehow, and I can't fathom how to change it back. It'd be nice if the app could consider local weather so that it'd better tell me what I see and what not..Version: 9.1

HowardThe good points - having Apple Mac's and the iPhone 4, they talked together without problem. The quality of the screen view is excellent and that is about it. The bad point - how to make it work. The sales blurb gave the 'just point and press' user gude. In reality there is little or no user help to get started. The first night, of the Perseid meteor shower, was clear. I pointed, expecting to see on the screen what I could see in the sky. If only. I pressed all the buttons without any help arriving. So I went back to my iMac and searched out the User Guide. Its problem is that it expects a) that all is working well and b) that you have a very good understanding of the night sky - which if I had, I would not have needed this App! Please update your guide start-up for the 'clueless' like me..Version: 0

MouvementPlus capable d’avoir le mouvement avec le déplacement de mon cellulaire ????.Version: 9.1

Great potential, terrible stabilityI bought this app to compare with Starmap. It has a beautiful interface, and the smoothest, most polished animation I've seen on an iPhone app. The app also makes the best use of the accelerometer, giving you portrait and landscape modes and every angle in between. However, there are two big downsides. The first is the lack of any deep sky objects in the database. The second downside is that the app is totally unstable, crashing within moments no matter what I tried doing: finding my location, looking up a star or planet, changing an option... In moments each session the app would crash. Luckily, those two big problems are solvable. Minor issues surround the implementation of Night Mode, where menus still appear in full white-light brightness, and the lack of differentiation in lookup lists to show what objects in the list are currently visible and what are not - a great timesaver when trying to bring people's attention to objects in real-time. I think the app shows great potential, and I'll likely keep both this one and Starmap on my iphone, but for now only Starmap is on the reliable list..Version: 0

Motion control doesn't work!It's great apart from the fact when I first got it the motion control worked but now doesn't. Iv turned motion control on and off, iv uninstalled the app and got it back again but it doesn't work! What's the point of this app if you don't know where your looking.Version: 7.0

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