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GoSkyWatch Planetarium App User Positive Comments 2023

GoSkyWatch Planetarium app received 225 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about goskywatch planetarium?

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GoSkyWatch Planetarium for Positive User Reviews

Absolutely awesome!Totally worth the small price tag, so amazing to use on a beautiful clear night, when u wanna know what that bright star is? Just point ya iphone/ipad at it and u know, the best app yet!.Version: 4.6

Very Impressive!! A great purchase!!This app is great when you're outside and looking in the sky. Gives great info and is responsive and surprisingly accurate. Easy to use with a slick interface. Fantastic..Version: 0

One of those apps you need to haveThis app just takes the iPhone to another level. I have always been interested in astronomy but until now it was a little difficult to know what you were looking at - problem solved.Version: 0

Amazing!I love this app! You can translate what you see in the sky to your screen! Then you actually put a name to the stars and planets that are new or familiar to you. Love it!.Version: 9.1

Useful and well designedThe small touches make this app so useful. Ease of navigation, presentation of material, and speed of response. A useful companion when out with the telescope..Version: 7.1

🌌Love this App. Can't really fault it :).Version: 7.1

Never failsI have been using this app for years and it works every time! Accurate, consistent, fun and informative. It is the best one I have found for stargazing. It works on an old iPhone 6 as well as an iPad 9th gen..Version: 9.4

Easy for even the clueless amateur I amThis is the best app for stars and star watching. It's full of different settings and Info. The newest upgrade wat impressive! It's great..Version: 9.1

Awesome easy to use app5 star easy to use. Locates everything I’m looking for except the international space station (hint hint developers) :-) Love the app. Fun and easy to use with the kids..Version: 9.4

Works like a dreamWhen I first started it, it asked to use my location, but it clearly wasn't using my location as the sky was quite wrong. I went into the Tools|Location menu to add my location and after that it was fine. I'm not entirely sure it is 100% accurate in detecting what part of the sky you are holding the phone up to but that is dependent on exactly how you are standing in relation to the phone. It is certainly good enough though. It wasn't good at detecting the Pleiades. They only flashed up briefly. Maybe my hand isn't steady enough. But this is a great app and absolutely does the job..Version: 4.6

SkyThis app has got to be the best out of others ive seen and tryed. I highly approve it but i wish the makers of this application would also include and show other planets etc and different the international space station and the Voyger sats. Also to beable to zoom in and see the detail of all sats in space. What would also be nice would be able to pan out and view the earth as a planet.Version: 4.6

Hard to beatThis is simply a great app. Easy/intuitive to use. Everything you need. Points you right to whatever you ask it to find (planet, constellation, deep sky object). Go for it..Version: 9.1

Primary Source for today's skyI always use this app to see what's happening up there!.Version: 8.1

Mr.When I look for a DSO the app scouts around the sky to find it & it's sometimes confusing where this position actually is. I have an iPod Touch & therefore no compass! If I skim to the direction marker I lose the object. What'd be nice is telescope control like SkyVoyager but that's probably another whole story to implement. My favourite object of late NGC 6744 dosen't appear to be listed - but these are minor gripes in a great little app..Version: 0

Night Navigation AwarenessAs a Training & Checking Captain I try to inspire flight crew to seek excellence in their flying & navigating. GoSkyWatch has enabled me to help pilots use the sky at night to assist with orientation an confirmation that their navigation is going as planned. We can learn so much from nature..Version: 0

AA++Awesome, easy to use, very informative and entertaining..Version: 6.1.1

The BEST!Easy to use, very informative and beautifully crafted! I use it for astro photography and education. Many apps are either too technical or oversimplified. This is the one with the best balance for me..Version: 9.1

InvaluableIt's a must for anyone new to astronomy like me. On second scope 10' dob and I chose it because those goto's are a pain to set up. A handy mate is making an iPhone clip so we can just point away effortlessly. Make sure in settings you've selected deepsky/night mode and most IMPORTANTLY click the little world icon to gps your location. Then you're away. No other app gives this level of detail and I've played with a few. The app is a wealth of everything.Version: 4.6

AmazingThis app has brought me and my kids a new outlook at the stars and planets that surround us... it has gotten us so interested that we recently bought a telescope!! And this app makes it star gazing a breeze, enjoyable and exciting!!.Version: 9.3

Great tool.Pretty accurate. I love it!.Version: 5.2

Very GoodA great app for locating planets, stars, star signs, and comets etc. The search function is really useful and works very well. Highly recommended.Version: 9.3

Amazing!!This is such a brilliant app to have! Most of the time I don't even need a telescope. Even if I'm using one, this app makes it so easy to spot what I'm trying to find! Definitely worth every penny!!.Version: 4.6

Great softwareEasy to use and accurate. The display really works well. Can really recommend this to anyone interest in Astronomy. Bill.Version: 9.4

Go Sky PlanetariumAn excellent programme. I used the digital compass setting and identified Mars and Saturn easily. I had a problem with time zones and emailed support and had the correct answer the same day..Version: 0

PilotOutstanding app. Data is easy to find and understand. IF possible it would be great to amplify the SUN page to include Beginning & End of Civil/ Nautical/ Astronomical Twilights? i.e. BCT & ECT, etc. Cheers!.Version: 0

Almost there.This is almost perfect, but I do have some minor complaints. It occasionally freezes when I open the menu, and no moons are available, except for our own. It is still worth the download, however..Version: 9.2

SkywatchersThis app is really great. I am not really familiar with all the star constellations so this really makes looking at the universe and night sky quite fabulous. Definitely worth getting! Five stars (pardon the pun) from me..Version: 6.1.1

Gateway to the starsGreat stargazing app for identifying constellations, planets & more. Easy & fun to use. Perfect for the backyard or around a campfire..Version: 8.1

Useful aid to astronomyI use this app with my telescope to find observation targets- the brightness adjuster is very useful for this. It would be nice to have an option to display the current right ascension and declination of a target for hep calibrating an Equatorial mount, but otherwise a bug-free, informative, well-designed app.Version: 7.1

Watch the universe in bliss!Every time I use this app while star gazing I find myself staring at the night sky for hours... Ive just come inside from watching for 2 & a half hrs... & only because the sun rose! An amazing app, easy to use as well as informative! LOVE!!!.Version: 6.0

Simply the bestIt is the best app on my phone. And now that I have the iPhone 4 with compass it works even better. I don't need to carry my star charts anymore.Version: 4.3

Spot onClear display, does what it says, easy to use yet highly informative. Doesn't name an object until the "sight" is placed over it which leaves the screen uncluttered..Version: 8.1

Love itSimply WOW. What an app. Stops those arguments about which star and where. Love it.Version: 4.3

AmazingAmazing apps very useful!.Version: 9.0

AlignmentThe app is around 40 degrees out of line with the moon.Version: 9.1

One of the best apps aroundI'm currently on holiday in the German mountains and the view of the night sky is superb. This app has enabled me to put a name to virtually any object in the sky which has really enhanced my enjoyment of late night walks. I only wish this had been available 30 years ago when I did O level astronomy - then it was using a printed star chart and compass to find out what was what! Thoroughly recommended..Version: 4.6

Very easy and simple to useIt's like just looking through the phone like a window and you can see all the stars you would normally see but they are labelled with loads of useful information. I especially like the feature that shows you where specific stars and planets are located. Gyro is included so it's very accurate..Version: 4.3

GoodExcellent. It just needs to be more accurate.Version: 5.1

Very entertainingGreat app!!! When I’m bored I jut pull out this app and see where stars and planets and galaxies are andI am really interested in space.Version: 9.4

Cool appReally cool app, a little inaccurate on the aiming, but I don't expect much living in Atlantic Canada....Version: 0

There's a lot to this appI've been using this app for a few years now and find it invaluable. There's not a lot more I can add to what's already been written about in other reviews. One simple feature I like is when you click on the 'find planets' icon, and then on the arrow that opens up it's info bar, it has a very nice small graphic showing what rime of the day it rises and sets and if it would be light or dark - simple but effective. Highly recommend this app..Version: 7.0

Love this App!!I’ve been using this app for several years. The information gained is wonderful! Highly recommend it!.Version: 9.1

AddictiveIf you're an astronomy geek then this is one of the most addictive apps ever. And very accurate..Version: 9.4

Goskywatch reviewA amazingly good app naming all constellations star names ect. Very fun to use interpreting the tilt function of the iPod, iPhone, iPad Overall a worthwhile app I would definitely recommend purchasing this app..Version: 0

Very happyTook a short while to get the hang of it but after that I couldn't shut it down. I'm starting to look at the night sky in a whole different light now that I'm learning my way around it..Version: 4.6

GoskywatchNeeds a legend to explain what some of the info means.Version: 9.1

Stars appIt is a really cool app you can see every thing that we have discovered and you can see through the earth and it also shows north south and east yes I am a kid.Version: 9.1

Richard BThis is a truly amazing app. My only grumble is that my IPhone 3G doesn't have a compass so cannot use the app in the way I would like to. However, this is not a fault of the app itself. I cannot but highly recommend this application to any budding astronomers out there, or to anyone interested in the night sky. It deserves every one of its 5 star ratings. Excellent..Version: 4.6

Clear skiesThis app is super to find new stars or confirm the heavenly bodies you think you know. I have shown this app to many people at work who have gone and downloaded for themselves..Version: 8.1

Great appAbsolutely awesome app, very easy to use and lots of information, a very intelligent interface coupled with great customizability, very well presented.Version: 0

With 4.2 this app is pressiveThe program is a little skittish and some damping would be great when selecting an object to "look at". A magic way of identifying many objects. Targeting is a little off but this appears to be a GPS issue. Apart from the above it is a must have for a learner like me..Version: 0

Almost perfectThis has great depth of information and the live tracking is simply amazing. The only flaw I’ve found is that it’s very modal. Once it’s tracking, it will no longer “go to” an object. It will only put arrows around it..Version: 9.1

Use it with your kidsTake it outside at night, with your kids, and teach them the wonders of the night sky!.Version: 4.3

Clearly underpriced for it's value...Get it.Version: 5.2

Why all the whingingIt works fine for me, and it did this first time. My only issues with it might be that it seems to have inverted East and West, but I suspect that's because I wasn't holding my iPhone up to the sky, and I've marked it one star down because the accellerometer navigation doesn't seem to work (agin, this might be due to the way I've tried to use the app). The next cloudless night I get I'll be out there checking if the error is mine. In short, worth the money, and will probably serve as an excellent aid when I'm sailing (which is why I purchased it)..Version: 0

Go sky watchThis is a great app, easy to use, informative and educational. I have recommend it to many people and all have thanked me for the reference. Cheap @ twice the price..Version: 4.6

I've learned so much from this app.Easy to use very intuitive. It's with me by my side while observing. It's a good talking point with friends that are with me. No problem recommending this to others..Version: 9.2

Fantastic!Wonderful app! As easy to use as they say. Just as pretty and meaningful as expected. Would love to see orbit data like ISS and HST. Tilt navigation is a little diddly, but I am getting used to it. :) Worth every dollar!.Version: 0

Enhance Your Night Sky ExperiencesHaving been fascinated with night sky observations forever, I find this the perfect companion app. If your interest is mythology and constellations, they’ve included a link to background info on each. Star magnitude, clusters, planets are all a setting and finger click away to enhance your night sky experience. Love this app!!.Version: 9.1

ITunesI love iTunes, it's so convenient, songs download very quickly 😄.Version: 9.0

Impressionnnant!!!!Si javais eu cet outil pendant toute ces nuits de jeunesse ou jai admiré ces etoiles... Je serais un peu plus connaissant de lunivers!.Version: 0

Go sky watch is great!I use this app all the time and love how it’s so easy. I’m always getting asked about it by others around watching me blurt out planet locations like I’m smart or something..Version: 9.1

AppGood.Version: 9.2

Love this for star-hoppingUse this app at my telescope. Like the ability to zoom and scroll to where I am looking, and find it really useful for star-hopping..Version: 9.2

Truly AmazingHad the opportunity to try this app out this evening while sitting by the harbour in Mevagissey, Cornwall. Discovered how it worked without reading any instructions. Just hold the iPhone flat to the object you want to identify in the sky, and there it is - named and in all it's glory on the screen. Quite incredible. What this must be like on the new ipad I can only imagine..Version: 4.6

PerfectGSW was one of the first apps that I bought back in 2008 and is the only sky program I have. What else can I say? It's always been great and keeps getting better with every little update!.Version: 5.1

Just amazing!One of my favs..very easy to navigate within the app.Version: 0

PerfectThis app makes me want to stand outside in -15 C weather. Well done.Version: 4.3

Friendly, helpful and accurateI really like it. Help me to figure out where to find the Quadrantids meteor shower super fast in the middle of a very harsh winter morning, and my daughter and I could just place our chairs, cover ourselves with a thick blanket and enjoy the show. Also shows us all the planets, stars and galaxies around..Version: 8.1

The 3GS Compass seals itI've had this app for some time - I bought it alongside the GoSatWatch. Although I loved the Sat program I just could not love GoSkyWatch, mainly due to the fact that you cannot reverse the E-W bearings and so to get the right perspective you have to use it "upside down" looking at the sky. This really bugged me. But with my 3GS and compass I finally get it! It's such a joy to use... Just hold it up to the sky and it all makes sense! Immediatelly it locks on to the object you are looking at. I love it!.Version: 0

The most awesome stellar appI have had this app for many years and until today I still believe is one of the most awesome apps, as not just feeds my passion about the cosmos . But as well allows me to share it with my kids and other Cosmic lovers friends.Version: 9.2

GoSatWatchExcellent. The most helpful star guide app..Version: 9.4

Excellent app! I use it frequently... OK almost daily!Has many features than most amateur astronomers would not want or need (e.g., traditional constellations from multiple cultures) but they do serve to foster a greater interest in stargazing among others. Back to mention my latest appreciation for GoSkyWatch: tracking NEOWISE! My biggest quibble with this: it lacks a “make the freakin clouds go away!!!” button. One of these nights I hope to finally be able to image Comet NEOWISE..Version: 9.3

Great appThis app is very well done. I use it to all the time for astrophotography planning. It is very easy and convenient to use. My only request would be that they add more deep space objects but all the major targets are there. All and all good stuff..Version: 9.4

Go sky watchFantastic idea. I have learnt more with this app than any other book or computer program. So intuitive and user friendly. Definitely better on the iPad than the phone. Larger screen makes life much easier..Version: 4.6

Stellar!This astronomy app is simply superb. There's nothing better than sitting outside on a clear night with my two children looking at the sky identifying planets and stars with ease. Especially on a cold Canadian night when setting up the telescope is not feasible. With GoSoftWorks being a Canadian developer it made my decision in buying this inexpensive app that much easier. The promise of future free updates/upgrades for original purchasers is also a nice touch. For a future update I would like to see the inclusion of meteor showers and named comet identifications. I purchased GoSatWatch as well and is equally great. Nice work!.Version: 0

Star manVery good!!.Version: 4.6

Excellent AppVery well implemented and smooth. Has a ton of options for customization and shifting constellations future/past. I was afraid that the light from the phone would kill my night vision but the app has a night mode that is surprisingly dim..Version: 9.1

This app is awesome.Poitioning can be a little off but using the moon as reference you can adjust how you hold the phone to make everything line up.Version: 7.1

Excellence PlusThe suite of Astro Apps coming from this developer is in my opinion the best you can get on the subject. Easy to use, understand, and manipulate the views, etc. The data is extensive and interfaces with the graphics seamlessly. Even without a scope this app is a educational tool. If anyone interested in astronomy and it’s ‘brothers’ ie.ISS etc don't find these apps of use suggest one takes up another pastime... maybe Astrology!.Version: 9.4

Go Skywatch PlanetariunSimply the best..Version: 9.4

GoskywatchAwesome!.Version: 9.1

GoSkyWatch & like what you seeI really enjoy this app. When I'm out on the deck at night it's a lot of fun. And then you see something that can't be identified! Hahaha. True?.Version: 8.1

A must for any astronomer amateur or proI’ve had this app more than five years and I can’t recommend it enough. Easily locate planets, stars, constellations, and galaxies. Simple, clear elegant with easy to see info on distance, light years, and apparent plus actual luminosity. Worth the $$!!.Version: 9.1

GoodVery interesting program and worth the money.Version: 0

Tried almost everything and this is the best oneI had tried almost every single skywatching apps and this is the best one ever. Recommended to many friends already..Version: 8.1

Best Night Sky App I’ve Come AcrossI love this app. I recommend it to anyone and everyone with an iOS device..Version: 9.2

Blown away!I've only had it for a day, but so far the experience has been very satisfying. The interface is beautiful to look at, fairly intuitive and efficient. I love having such rich content at my fingertips... Now I can't wait to get an iPad to see even more! Great app!!.Version: 4.3

Still the flying penis logoI know its fun to draw dicks everywhere but how much would it cost you guys to change the logo? I would gladly share the app with friends and family if you change it. Gee I wish mine was flying!.Version: 9.4

FantasticThis is one of my favourite apps, it's so great to look at the night sky and identify the stars, well worth the small price..Version: 4.6

Snappy and easy to useGoSkyWatch Planetarium seems to work quite well on the iPhone. It is responsive and quite easy to use. There are a few minor gripes that I have - for starters, since when is the "Sun" a planet. I think it would be more appropriate if the Sun and the other planets were classified as "Solar System" objects rather than under "Planet". Secondly, what's happened to the moon - it is a fairly prominent naked-eye object but it doesn't appear in the maps? i.e. there does not appear to be any option to view the moon or its phases..Version: 0

Everything you wantThe perfect app for amateur and serious stargazers. Intuitive and quick to learn. The quick link to Wikipedia to get more detail on major objects is ingenius, and using the accelerometer is like having labels in the sky as you move about. I only wish at my age I could adjust the font size a bit larger. A SUPER BUY! Without a doubt the best stargazing app ever..Version: 8.1

Greatness needs progressing in two areasThere's no doubt the app / store that gave us the ability to try before we buy and purchase individual tracks is still brilliant but digital music has moved on and iTunes should embrace this in two areas: 1: we need the ability to readily run duplicate libraries; one for storing AAC files for iPods etc, the other for playing at home in CD quality or higher. I do this via a work around but switching between two libraries should be easier by now. 2: should be able to buy hi-res music files.Version: 4.6

Wonderful!Simply put; this is an amazing app. It works so well and there seems to always be another fun feature just waiting to be found. Highly recommended..Version: 8.1

Love this app!!I've used this app for years now! No problems with the iOS 10.3.2. I have shown nearly all my friends this app. Yea its a high dollar app! But for me to be able to set my telescope up and quickly go to what I want. That's amazing!! All the children I let look at it love it. When I get my telescope on the area they go WILD!!.Version: 9.1

Sun and Voice RecognitionWhen you select the Sun first, the voice recognition does not activate. You have to first select a planet and then go back to the Sun for it to work for the Sun. Other than that, this is a great app!.Version: 9.4

Night sky revealedAn educational app. Very versatile settings. Easy to use and VERY accurate with the pin pointing of objects. I'm now able to easily point out night sky objects I had always heard about. Thank you to the makers for an excellent effort..Version: 6.0

Fish pondExcellent app. Realistic and entertaining..Version: 0

Good AppExcellent! I have not tried any of the other apps that are similar but I don't think I will bother as this does just what I wanted. I have not suffered any of the crashes that some have so no problem there. The only things I think need changing are 1. In night view when you play the 'movie' and want to return to current time and date it goes to full brightness and can dazzle you a bit and 2. It may be a good idea to be able to save your current location as one of the presets so that it would save on time and power on startup..Version: 0

One of the oldest and best iPhone sky-watching appsI bought GoSkyWatch Planetarium at the very beginning, when it was over $25, and I never regretted the purchase. The controls are simple and effective, allowing any user to pick it up and figure out how to drive it within moments. It's a constant companion whenever I look up at the night sky - which is every chance I get!.Version: 4.6

Astronomy comes alive.So much better than it's free app counterparts. Beautiful to look at. Easy to use. Very intuitive. Great educational tool - so much to learn about the night sky. Fabulous..Version: 4.3

FantasticThis is so great!!!.Version: 4.6

Great for kidsMy kids and I got a big thrill out of this app. Point to the sky and learn. Good clean cheap fun! Still learning about it, but very good even at a basic level.Version: 4.6

Perfect appI've had this app on all versions of iPhone and Blackberry before that. I find it extremely useful and fun. At the touch of a button it gives you all the information needed - just point and tap. I'd recommend it for all ages from a youngster looking at their first 'star' to older people that have walked home with the accompanying 'star' most of their lives. It gives identification whilst looking for shooting stars with just a name to look up. Excellent, 5x star.Version: 8.1

Nice appI really like GoSkyWatch. It's intended as a tool to help you work out what's what in the night sky, and it does this brilliantly. It doesn't have as much data as one of its closest rivals, Starmap (eg no galaxies), but the user interface is really responsive and easy to control. Crucially for me it tells you what something is as you move objects under the 'crosshairs'. This is in contrast to Starmap where the brightest stars are labelled on-screen, but otherwise you have to search for the thing you want to find and then it will highlight it. I should point out that after the initial install I had problems with GoSkyWatch crashing each time I tried to set my location. However a quick restart of my iphone, and it's running perfectly now. Memory issues? I hope future releases of this app will see some deep-space objects added. Otherwise I can highly recommend GoSkyWatch to people who just want to know a bit more about the stars..Version: 0

This is an Excellent App!This is an Excellent program helped me pick up major understanding in hours through AR rather than hundreds of hours through books.Version: 9.4

This App really turned me on to astronomy.I love it. I play with the controls all the time, spin it through time, watch the constellations circle with the seasons and time of day, follow the Milky Way, learn a lot about the motions of the sky and Earth. And of course all that info about celestial bodies. Amazing filtering and modes. It's just fascinating and well worth the upgrade to track comets. Has a red light mode, but kinda impractical unless the whole device is in night mode using Apple accessibility dimming. Not practical in a Dark Sky park where only red lights are allowed after dark. I hold this up to the sky outside at home, and I'm fine. I wish the center ID hotspot was MOVEABLE -- that would be a huge UX improvement. I strain to rotate an ipad with screen rotation on trying to train things into the center for the audio and visual identification. I wish the user view was more configurable so I can rest this on a table as if I were looking up at the sky. And better saved settings. Love it..Version: 9.1

SkywatchGreat I love this app.Version: 9.1

DependableGoSkyWatch has been in my back pocket for years. I’ve built a temporal-spatial mental database of our little solar system and now enjoy chasing new constellations and guide stars through the urban haze. This is a must-have app..Version: 9.2

Great appI’ve had this app for years it’s a must have for anyone with a interest in what’s going on up there in the stars.Version: 9.3

Google Maps for the UniverseGo To feature is great !!.Version: 9.3

Go sky watchFor 50+ years I have guessed what looked upon in the sky above...not anymore! A treat for those who stare into the darkness and suddenly gain knowledge beyond our usual grasp..Version: 9.1

Absolutely brilliantThis app keeps me entertained and educated for the last few weeks, I turn it on every night when stars are visible. Telescope is a waste of money comparing to this app.Version: 4.6

ExcellentIt took a long time to decide between this and Starmap. I chose this one because it seemed very good. I wasn't disappointed. It works very well, and I haven't found a problem with accuracy yet. The web page instructions are easy to follow, and well written. I did find the twisting and turning of my phone a bit awkward to start with, but I got used to it. Okay, it does crash sometimes at startup, but this is a memory problem. If I make sure to close my other apps properly it doesn't crash. It's heavy on memory use, but then there's a lot going on. Conclusion: Well worth the money, really good App. Highly recommended..Version: 0

Great for starting out in Astronomy or stargazingEver wonder what you are looking at in the night sky? No more - just point yr iPhone at it and know for sure! Includes lots of data and links to wikipedia if you want more. Totally intuitive AR interface, choose mag. Filter appropriate to weather or equipment, red mode to save yr night vision, even "stargaze" in the day time, inside, or on the other side of the world! So addictive and easily worth the $$. Btw I used it on iPhone 4..Version: 0

StarshipsFun to use and watching my work..Version: 9.1

Look outwardsBought a telescope a while back, was struggling to ID/find planets. First time I used this app was zooming in on Saturn & Mars, 5 mins after setting up. Stoked!.Version: 5.2

The sky in your pocketGreat app. Easy to use and even speaks the names of the planets as you scroll over them. I’ve learned a lot..Version: 9.3

Great softwareI hold up to stars And clusters of stars it names them with ease.Version: 9.4

My side kickLove this app. Been using it for years and have turned many others on to it as well. I use it to see what planets are visible, and to learn constellations and stars. I also dig the feature to move scroll through dates and times to see what will be visible on certain days and times. This app is my side kick..Version: 9.1

The best tool for showing others the great things in the night skyBest astronomy app. And it's of course Canadian!!!!!!!.Version: 8.1

OsamaFantastic program. All the basic informations and more, and I love what I call the time machine. You can go back into history or go into the future . I can not praise it enough well done. And yes i have been responsible for over 15 downloads from family and friends through recommondations.Version: 8.1

This is a great program!Whether you are new to astronomy or a seasoned stargazer, this app provides you with all the most useful tools and information you need when out there under the great vault of the heavens. The tools are very intuitive and user friendly, the graphics are clear and precise, which is a wonderful feature that is often overlooked in other astronomy apps. My only wish for this program would be the ability to see the moons when you click on the planets. I feel sure that this will come soon because I feel that the creators of this app have thought out everything else very well indeed! It is well worth the very small price asked for this program!.Version: 8.1

Beautiful AppGreat app that works great to teach you about the night sky. App has worked well for years and is well worth supporting. Likely my favourite app of all time..Version: 9.1

Really good but could be betterReally good tool for helping find objects in the sky. It helps me when selecting stars to align my telescope. The only issue is the amount of times it needs to be calibrated and I have to watch the red ball go round the dial. Think it needs to have better memory and remember sites, when trying to leave this review it asked me 6 times to calibrate but other than that it's really good and worth the money..Version: 8.1

Brilliant!!!!Fantastic app.Version: 4.6

Awesome!If ur interested in the stars and space, this is worth the money. Mind blowing stuff.Version: 4.3

GreatThe app is really comprehensive, easy to use and intuitive..Version: 9.3

Include GPS supportAwesome app. I use in the airplane where my iPad is connected to a WAAS enabled Bluetooth GPS receiver that knows my position within a few feet, and sends this info to the iPad or iPhone. Dev team, please get your app to use this info, it is a pain to enter LAT/LONG, especially when moving at 500 mph..Version: 9.1

StarsFine when you get into it,not long..Version: 9.1

Best app out thereI use this app every time Head to the desert. Sitting by the campfire and looking at the stars, it never fails someone will ask what star is that? This app has them all and stunning photos of the stars, planets, and amazing galaxies..Version: 9.1

Great apps..Version: 4.6

Simple suggestions for the next versionA responsive program, but could be improved. In the southern hemisphere, the moon appears upside down. The direction setting defaults to north in the northern hemisphere, and south in the southern hemisphere. But it is not clear how to get it to initially face west before you start using the accelerometer. And also call crux the southern cross (why not have both choices), for pete's sake..Version: 0

Best app I've used so far!!I've downloaded like 5 of these apps and I've found this is the most useful one. I always use it when I go out with my telescope!.Version: 9.1

Astro great but...Great aastronomy app but could be improved for latest ipod users by having a gyroscope control and calibration like other apps such as Skyview..Version: 4.6

Re-engage the stellar teachingsThis has been a tool for re-engaging the archaic relationship with the heavens in my life. Let’s know where we are in the universe. The patterns of the stars once guided the life of our species. Tapping into this field of knowledge is a revival of the life of the human soul..Version: 9.1

Amazing detailThis application is extremely easy to use. The raw data provided on both stars and deep sky objects is staggering. The ability to simulate the passage of time is also an excellent feature..Version: 5.0

Great app!!!!Love the app it's very precise and easy to use. It would be perfect if use of the GPS was similar to that of google sky maps where pointing the devise at a patch of sky would show you the stars in that area. Other than that it's completely amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest of anything beyond our world..Version: 0

UnrealI don't usually write reviews but this one deserves one. This app is unbelievable how detailed it is. It can have you intrigued for hours. I consider myself a novice to intermediate stargazer as I've only been serious about it for a year or two but all the info you want is so easy to get. Night mode helps preserve my night vision and I can find out stuff with one hand. It is actually so cool now covet my iPhone and I feel like a kid again with a secret device that can do anything. Seriously, cool is all I can say. Best app I ever seen. Even my wife who doesn't care for astronomy was blown away and saying "Wow!!!". So glad I took a chance on this one!.Version: 8.1

Awesome educational and entertainment app!Easy to use all over the world! Just connect to wi-fi to calibrate and locate.Version: 9.1

About the UniverseHow big is the Universe?.Version: 9.4

How to switch to Southern Hemisphere?Awesome app, helps easily identify locations of objects. Problem is this is only suitable for the northern hemisphere. Is there an option to switch it to Southern? Would love to be able to use this app but if it is not able to switch to Southrn, can I get a refund?.Version: 4.6

It's amazing!I've had this app for years. Hadn't used it in a while. It has been updated massively! It is now amazing!!! It's ridiculously easy to use. It's very cool. I haven't written a review in ages, but everyone should experience this. It's gorgous!.Version: 9.1

Awesome start appI haven't used this app a ton but it is super intuitive and had great controls and settings. To won't regret getting it.Version: 9.1

AaBrilliant. Easy to use, fun and interesting..Version: 6.1.1

Couldn’t be betterI’m an amateur astronomer with a really cool Celestron CPC 11 goto scope. The GOSKYWATCH app makes it so easy to find stars to align the telescopes computer to the celestial sphere. Once aligned we use the app to pick our stars, galaxies , planet and so on to observe. I dub this fantastic app “the amateur astronomers best friend”..Version: 9.1

AwesomeI've been waiting for this app for ages! Point it at the sky and it tells you what star, planet or constellation u r looking at. Handy search function too..Version: 5.1

LifebeyondI down loaded this app years ago. I still use it. Love it!.Version: 9.2

WOW!I downloaded this app last Thursday. I took a little time to realise that current location is not quite as accurate as setting your own, but, having done that, and browsing the online info, I have just come in from my garden (9.15pm) deliberately shut the app down, so as to get it to invite / prompt me to write this! (My first ever review!) Folks, as a 'self-confessed gadget geek nerd' This is an astonishing app! Worth every penny, and then some! Awesome!.Version: 4.6

Works well enoughThis is the only iPhone astro app that I have tried and it does what I need well enough - which is mainly confirming the identity of major stars and planets. I have not explored the user interface in any detail but it appears to have a lot of features that I have not used. An on-screen tutorial mode would help to demonstrate these. An aspect I find annoying is that I have not found any way of 'freezing' the screen so that you can study a particular perspective at leisure..Version: 8.1

Very goodWorks very well - this app has got lots of use in the evenings!.Version: 4.6

Works well for this amateurHaving used this app both in city with lots of light pollution and at cottage with very little light pollution we are hooked on viewing the night sky and this app has been almost perfect. The red night view and green reference view work perfectly. Would like to see star and planet labels even larger as that is the only drawback that I can think of right now..Version: 8.1

GoSkyWatch PlanetariumJe suis astronome amateur. Je fais de photos du ciel profond et des planètes avec un télescope et une caméra CCD. Je cherchais une application sur mon iPod Touch qui me permettrait de planifier mes soirées d'astronomie (visibilité de l'objet à mon endroit d'observation, sa localisation dans le ciel, l'information complète sur l'objet ...) ainsi qu'une utilisation sur le site d'observation (affichage en couleur rouge pour ne pas altérer la sensibilité de l'oeil dans le noir). Cette application est vraiment fonctionnelle et très facile d'utilisation. Elle permet de très bien visualisé la position de l'objet à photographier à l'heure précis d'observation (Nord, Sud, Est, Ouest, près du Zénith ou de l'horizon ...). Elle affiche aussi une image de l'objet. Le seul point faible que je lui trouve est qu'elle contient seulement 219 objets du ciel profond (110 objets du catalogue Messier et 109 du catalogue Caldwell)..Version: 0

StarLuv this app!!.Version: 4.3

Great appThis thing will point out about everything up there I can’t go over board they might start charging for every thing it gives you.Version: 9.4

Fun AppI downloaded this app and have been happy with it. Being a curios novice it fun to identify the different objects in the sky. It makes be look smarter than I am..Version: 9.4

Cool little app!Just what I needed to figure out what star was what in the night sky. A larger viewing screen would be nice, but still good..Version: 4.3

Compass wrong on iPadThis problem has been pointed out already by others. I’ve tried the suggestions made by developer support. No success. Disappointing as this looks an informative app..Version: 9.3

Endless enjoymentI have had this app for years and it has been an endless source of fun..Version: 9.4

Cool tool for a foolI find this app a great tool to reach my kids and find stars and planets for my interests. My dad says it's cheating..Version: 9.0

Super dankSuper dank astronomy app. Seriously, very well done here guys and gals. Great for beginners and experts alike with a fun user interface that allows you to view, identify and interact with what you are seeing in the skies above or take control of the global star map and give yourself an education amongst the vast wonders of the universe of stars! Superb ole chap... simply superb, I say!.Version: 9.1

Best appThis is best app ever.Version: 9.1

AmazeballsI can’t tell you how awesome this is. It will enthrall the nerd in you, no matter how small it is. It will amaze friends, strangers, and children. Genuinely, I’ve never been happier with an app purchase in my whole life. No ads, just amazeballs..Version: 9.1

GeoSkyWatchThis app is totally outstanding when it comes to identifying celestial bodies in the solar system and beyond!! 45 years ago I was a navigator and a naval aviator flying patrol aircraft over water in the Pacific. We were well outside of radar range of land and depended solely on celestial navigation for position and speed information. In school we had to identify and locate 400 navigational stars. The grade was 4.0 or fail, you had to know every single one. As I do my daily walk before sunrise I still see many of the old friends and constellations shining brightly over the walk path. - Max Branscomb - - San Mateo, CA. -.Version: 9.2

CleverIt works for both nth and south everyone get it.Version: 4.6

Great AppVery useful when identifying objects in the night sky..Version: 9.1

Great appLove this app. Works really well on the iPhone 4. Just point it at the sky and it instantly shows you what is there. Fantastic resource for any one with a fascination for the sky..Version: 0

Great appReally enjoy this app. Has tons of features..Version: 8.1

Great AppTotally worth the 5.99 very accurate up here in Vancouver and fun to play with the many options..Version: 0

The best app in the worldIt teaches you about the planets and how they look like and more....Version: 9.2

AmazingSimple to use and great for finding stars. Amazing..Version: 4.6

Look into the universeI've only just bought this app and I do enjoy it  It's visuals are crystal clear and it gives you what the planet, star or galaxy is called along with the zodiac signs and other symbolic groups of stars. I'd definitely recommend buying this. .Version: 4.6

Star gazingThis app is cool, recommended it to a few friends who also like it. Takes a moment to pick up GPS then you can find deep space objects by following the arrow, simply brilliant..Version: 4.3

StellarCosmic beings.Version: 9.1

Still the bestOthers might be fancier, but this app is still the best I’ve used. Intuitive, no scammy ads, great time-control features..Version: 9.3

ExcellentVery fast, easy to use and excellent interface. Although the inclusion of moon phases and more info about objects would be fantastic. I hope to see this in future versions. But so far well done, a great bit of kit!.Version: 0

Great App!!Fantastic app, the kids loved it and we all learned so much about the night sky and the universe! TB.Version: 7.1

Go sky watchVery good app.Version: 9.3

Potentially fabLove the detail, and all the features HOWEVER i often have a difficult time syncing it to my local coordinates... can be off by many degrees......Version: 9.2

Nice inaccurate app.Very nice app but it's seriously inaccurate on location and aiming..Version: 7.1

MrGreat app! Would be even better if you could enter your ground speed in for when are traveling,.Version: 4.3

Great please take my moneyThis is just great, one of the few Astronomy apps to offer a full 180 deg whole sky view on zoom out, which I personally find the most useful. I bought this over a decade ago and still use it. I would like to send you more money in fact as I feel bad for getting so much out of a single purchase. Please implement an in app purchase so I can tip!.Version: 9.4

Easy to useStill one of my fav apps.Version: 9.4

Best astronomy app everDespite it's silly name it remains the best astronomy app ever. Kudos to the developers..Version: 8.1

Beautiful AppI wish I had this app as a child....such an amazing way to learn about the wondrous night sky & what is beyond our small planet. Simple to use and beautifully presented...get it!.Version: 4.6

GoSkyWatchThe one feature that I really like is the ability to vary the magnitude from eye sight to telescope. Second would be the red light feature. One feature that I would like is to be able to change the sensitivity to finger or iPad movement?.Version: 4.6

Ok but not that greatIt is very difficult to edit or add locations. The syntax is not compatible with many formats.Version: 9.1

Love this appI think I've tried all the stargazing apps and this is the best so far. I've used this to set up telescopes but it would be great if the north and south celestial point could be embedded as a quick reference. It's the only negative to this great app. Thanks.Version: 0

Eye openingNever wonder again whether that bright thing in the sky is Jupiter, Saturn or a rent in the fabric of time..Version: 9.1

Great AppIf you have ever wondered what that bright star is, when you have looked up at the night sky. This app will tell you and you might be surprised to discover it’s actually a planet..Version: 9.1

I simply love this app.This app is a joy to learn. It’s intuitive enough that I figured much of it out just by trying, and it did not seem like I had to struggle much. It’s well designed, very responsive, and has all kinds of useful information. On cloudy nights when the telescope isn’t an option I simply “virtually stargaze” with this app. For someone just starting out this is a perfect way to begin to learn about astronomy. I downloaded this app to help my family point a telescope at the night sky for the first time. After about an hour I was able to discover when and where the stars (and planets) rise and set, and I used this information to successfully point the telescope using a compass heading and degrees of inclination. Both the compass and the level (for degrees of inclination) are available on a smartphone. If you are at all curious about the cosmos, download this app!.Version: 9.2

Would recommend to a friend!This app provides you with accurate and reliable information about the placement of stars and constellations, as well as good visuals of the pictures of selected objects. A pro about this app is that it is very easy and self explanatory to use. A con about this app is that this version costs $5.59 to purchase so it is not an inexpensive app to buy. However, this app is very good for the money you are paying. I would recommend this app to a friend if they were looking for a good star identification app..Version: 8.1

Best simple star gazing app ever!It must be over 8 years since I downloaded this app, and this is still my favourite. I love the way the constellations are overlaid over the stars, and the info I can pull up is great..Version: 9.1

SirLove it, great app value for money for sure..Version: 4.6

My favorite appThis is by far my favorite app on my phone. It has helped me to understand my place in the cosmos and how I am moving within it! The very best..Version: 9.1

Seems brokenFor some reason, what was my favourite app, one of the first I installed when I got my first iPhone, is now broken - only shows a target an what might be the constellation I'm point it at. What the blazes has happened?.Version: 8.1

ManitobaAwesome.Version: 9.1

Best planetarium app regardless of expertiseThis is my favourite planetarium app by far. Easy to use, and the “find an object” and Wikipedia links are 2 of the many great features. A complete novice can master it in minutes and make you an expert of the night sky. Dr Ken W. Convenor Maleny Observatory Queensland Australia.Version: 9.4

Ison viewing a must haveThis app looks good and seems easy to use for those with a little tiny bit of understanding like me. Comet Ison promises to be spectacular but with nothing guaranteed then it would be wise to give yourself every chance of knowing where it will be for the next few weeks at the very least. Apart from Ison watching this app gives a very clear idea of the constellations and Messier (?) object positions too..Version: 7.0

.Astonishingly good!.Version: 4.3

Truly excellent app.This app is by far and away the best and most useful app I have on my phone and iPad. As an amateur photographer, it's really handy to know exactly where to look for the planets and the major stars. It's an excellent talking point when you're out walking on the hills at night, and can identify just about any stellar object with the touch of a button. Truly wonderful work, and an admirable addition to the home screen..Version: 7.1

Great AppGreat application. Good choice..Version: 7.1

Sky watch appThis app is fantastic for the first time ever I saw saturn tonight through my telescope using this app to locate it! Extremely easy to use just point and shoot.Version: 4.3

Amazing - for school and home use.I've used this app with my science club to explore the night sky. It perfectly works when displayed on an interactive whiteboard through an iPad. The children were wowed by the detail and information available. I also find it essential for use with my telescope to gain info and identify where to look. Best purchase I've made..Version: 7.0

A perfectly good reason to get a smartphoneMy original reason for my wife to upgrade to a smartphone was so she could get this app- she loves it, I enjoy it. One can instantly easily adjust a slider to change how many stars are displayed to match your weather or city light pollution conditions. This app is further perfected by the ability to pull up a star's info on wikipedia..Version: 9.1

GreatGreat app.. The best :).Version: 4.6

GoSkyWatch with QuestarI have used this app for one year to help plan my observing sessions with my Questar 3.5 telescope. I can check before nightfall where the major targets are that are suitable for the aperture of the telescope, in this case selecting open clusters double stars and planets. By adjusting magnitutes on the settings it helps you orientate your self the celestial landscape and you will soon learn to navigate your way around the constellations, and have some idea of what the targets look like before hand. The find target function can point you to a slected target, and time adjustments allows you to pick the best observing times when the target will be most comfortable to view through the telescope. It is easier to use than a standard star atas which can look intimidating for the first time user..Version: 4.6

Leader of the packThe cleanest most informative most useful for sky browsing astronomy app available. I have tried them all. There may be a better one if you want your hand holding more, but not if you know what a sidereal day is..Version: 9.1

Go sky watchLove this app. Superb detail, made me more interested in astronomy. You realize how big the our universe is, so fun finding other stars, galaxies, star shapes etc. Overall great for amateurs. :). Brilliant information.Version: 4.6

Great appI was impressed before this last update. However these last changes have made the application even easier to use. Tonight we have the most clear sky in years and many more stars than I could recognise but the simple point and identify introduced me to all the new clusters. If you are thinking about it don't hesitate..Version: 0

Love this app!!My go-to when I am trying to identify something or trying to find something.Version: 9.3

Sir john maxwell StonhamThe music is simply wonderful, you will find many kinds of music for every mood, both of Which you know and that you may never listened to before, local, National, from many Country's around the world, you may be thinking of the words and not know the title. This is where you can put it all together. I commend this..Version: 4.6

Top of the lotOut of the 15 astronomy programs available, this app offers a streamlined user friendly interface with instinctual controls. The depth of material it covers it's fantastic, incorporating all the best features of astronomy programs into one. The red light mode is a great option which only one other app current has, when your out doing night viewing very handy.Version: 4.6

Lucky from AustraliaAccurate: 100% I just started using it getting use to it, but WOW!! I highly recommend this for us Aussies and everyone else!!!!! Thanks for making this App!.Version: 7.1

Great app! Camera AR would make it better.So far I love the app and have used it to spot the NEOWISE comet. The only thing I can think of that would make the app better is camera AR. That way you could see exactly where the star, comet, etc. is in the sky..Version: 9.2

Awesome!Great app and very easy to use! Has helped us learn so much about the night sky..Version: 7.1

Great apIf yr interested in astronomy this ap is a must.Version: 4.6

2 thumbs upThis app is very awesome. The night sky is even more amazing!.Version: 0

Anytime AnyplaceI travel to many places in the world and it is so enjoyable to find my way around the sky from different places on a clear night..Version: 9.1

Works well.Has everything you need, nothing you don't..Version: 9.3

Cool appI'm new to star gazing and have tried a few apps to help me understand what i'm looking at in the sky. This is by far the most superior app, it's simple and easy to understand with a "point and shoot" interface. It provides good detail on every cosmic object in the skye visible to the eye. Would highly recommend to anyone needing a solid star gazing app..Version: 8.1

Great toolTeaching family lots.Version: 5.2

Great app very educationalReally enjoyed learning astronomy.Version: 9.1

EducationalA great app where I couldn’t understand much where to locate the stars until this came along. It’s so much fun to learn the visual way in a third dimension view! The hardest to find was a dim North Star, now I know where it is! Go for the stars!.Version: 9.1

No interest in astronomy? . . it doesn't matterI have no particular interest in astronomy, but after reading the reviews on it I decided to download. I was not disappointed. In fact I cannot wait until the first clear night sky to put it into practice. The graphics are excellent and the app is extremely informative. It is very easy to navigate and the options on it are endless. I find it facinating that I need only go out and point it at the sky to be able to identify so many planets and stars. The moving compass adds to the enjoyment. This app should impress anybody you show it to. Even if you have no particular interest in astronomy you should find this a really cool and useful app. Even I on occasions would like to identify the constellations. With this app I now can..Version: 0

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