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Shazam: Music Discovery app received 201 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about shazam: music discovery?

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Spot that tuneVery good app. Does get it wrong sometimes. Generally better on popular but often very poor on classical failing to identify pieces on many occasions. I am not an expert but I suspect database does not have sufficient fields for classical so often a piece cannot be fully identified. Performers are often shown as composers which is very unhelpful. Both performer and composers are required for it to be really useful. I have used this app for a few years and I would have to say that it is actually getting worse rather than better in terms of its ability to identify pieces. Often need at least two attempts to get it right.Version: 11.4.3

Such a great app! Only one problem...In Shazam, you can find out the name and musician of a certain song while it’s playing and even covered versions of the song. You can add them to your playlists and listen to songs. The only problem is that you can only listen to part of the song and when you click on the option to listen to the full song, it just sends you to Apple Music where you have to pay for it. But apart from that, it’s a great app and I really recommend it to anyone who is crazy about music and goes mad when they don’t know the name of a song.Version: 15.9

Life changerWhoever created this app purely genius and only for the people who really enjoy music. People can tell you that the Love music, but people who really enjoy music Will tell you how music can change their mood around if they’re happy you can make them sad, if they’re sad or upset you can make them happy. These kind of people, allows the music to get inside her heart and soul those are the true believers of sound of music. Which is a great movie by the way a.k.a.. So thank you , Shazam you’ve allowed me to download music from anywhere I go to the department store, elevator, just listen to the music in your car, I can finally do you know who’s singing that song in actually have it downloaded it onto my Music list. Finally someone who is developed this app understands what I’m saying about music. Blanco.Version: 12.9

So convenient, So clever, So revolutionaryHonestly though I garauntee every human being & definitely the better half that’s either reading reviews, reviewing their own , or is too busy using this amazing app has had to deal with those crappy moments when you hear new music you know you love but know you won’t hear again until you happen to be lucky enough to hear it again or the even crappier moments when you specifically want to hear one of those songs you heard but can’t because you don’t remember the name of it or worse yet you never end up knowing any music because you never are able to learn the music you hear and my PERSONAL least favorite.. knowing so much music but never knowing the names of them Until sazam.Version: 14.14

Best APP Ever!This review is long overdue but better late than......! Shazam was one of the very first apps I ever added to my first iPhone. It was surely in the top 5 if not the top 3, & it's so useful to a music lover like me! How I ever did without it still seems crazy to me, so it must never be allowed to go away or taken from any App Store. Let's make that a law so it will be legally protected! To the developers who created Shazam, I give all my thanks & appreciation for such a truly brilliant & useful tool that you've made available for everyone to easily use without the need to learn anything besides tapping a finger. Simplicity & Brilliance! Even more impressive though, is your unending & seamless enhancement of features & capabilities, yet always keeping it's simplicity intact. I'd love to shake your hands & thank everyone who's had a hand in any part of giving the world such a great program - especially to music lovers like me, but until I can, all I can say is Thanks to all of you. RA.Version: 13.3

Auto Shazam never picks up anymore.Auto Shazam is the thing I used the most and nowadays it’s not working properly so poor rating. If it’s fixed, then 5/5 definitely from my side..Version: 11.9.2

Really Good!Nowadays there’s a bunch of apps that perform the same function as Shazam... but they’re the pioneers so I’ve remained with them without even thinking about using something else, and I’ve seen some of those others apps not finding a tune’s name while Shazam is already offering to you the option of playing it through ITunes ...isn’t that pure sweet love? I’ve even find out the name of songs that are been played live! (Of course only with high performance artist/or people using some sampling tracks a long their shows). I’m not a write-reviews-guy ... but for Shazam I decided to do it in gracefully recognition of major gift that is for a music lover to be able to identify new music everyday, anytime and anywhere for years now! 1000% recommended ! 🙏🏽❤️ Peace ya’ll!.Version: 12.5.1

Good app! But I have a big suggestion!This app is really good, but think of it as this. Your in the car, you don’t have Shazam on your phone, but you heard this really good song on the radio. If you could add a feature where you can Shazam recorded videos, you could just record the song then when you get home and download it, you can just Shazam the video. I would also love this feature because sometimes when your scrolling through Instagram or tiktok you come across a song, so if we could just screen record and then Shazam the video it would be was easier then using 2 devices! Hope you think about this suggestion! :D.Version: 13.18

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Shazam - Always Good, if not GreatShazam has always frustrated me - frustrated because technically it’s astonishing, yet could be so much better. I mean, thinking back to when I was at school and mobiles were only just becoming commonplace, the idea back then that you could find a song simply by using your phone to listen to it would have been phenomenal, and still is when you think about it rather than take it for granted. And yet, beyond that ability, I’ve never found Shazam to be all that. It deleted a whole load of old songs I’d Shazamed from the early days (which I’d assumed would be relatively safely stored!) and because I tend to use Shazam only for interesting/rare songs I’m unlikely to hear often, chances of me finding what they all were are next to none. It makes me anxious about using it as a permanent store platform. Second thing is it’s not exactly easily integrated with other music apps/devices; really it would be nice to have added Shazamed songs straight into a playlist as soon as you get the answer - I’m hoping its integration with the Apple family could signal a change around of this. Thirdly, quite simply I’ve never found the layout as straightforward and easy to use as it could be. As mentioned, I’m hoping this could change with the recent news, and there’s very nothing that puts me off using it completely!.Version: 12.2.1

👻Its better than any app.Version: 13.19

One of the wonders of the modern worldIn any other generation in human history this would quite simply be called magic. The wildest fever dreams of the greatest science fiction writers of the last century could never have predicted that you would one day have a small box on your pocket that could identify any almost any piece of music ever written. Much less that it would be a free trinket on a device that lets you call your mum AND has a calculator. Imran this with the greatest respect but if you are not astonished, and I mean ASTONISHED, by this app then what hope is there for you to find joy and wonder in the universe? I don’t even use it that often..Version: 14.14

Gate openerSince Shazam was first released i have used it to reach out and be able to grasp music types and genres before unreachable, as i struggled to sing back a lyric or repeat a melody to a record shop owner to help me identify with a song i heard that i want to buy. Shame on! Now! i just hit Shazam on my phone and a have the record shop owner in my hand without feeling like a complete idiot singing play the song to Shazam and i have every thing i need to know about that tune because of Shazam. Thank you Shazam for opening the gate ways to the world of music and genre..Version: 11.4.2

The most important app in the history of the internet!Shazam! When I was young I would spend a third of my meager pay check that I earned working at an ice cream shop situated on University hill in Boulder CO by walking across the street to “Album’s on the Hill” on my breaks and buying music. I seldom came across a CD that had more than one or two good songs on it and so I prayed. I prayed for the music gods to give me the power to identify, sample, and explore an artist’s catalogue without committing my hard earned cash to the proverbial crap shoot that was the new and used CD bins at the local record shop. Shazam you heard my prayer and you answered. It’s like you’re always listening and you have all the answers… wait Shazam are you…no you can’t be…but perhaps to an old skeptic like me you’re pretty much God..Version: 15.3

Is awesome but ideaSo Shazam is really awesome and every time I find a song I love I always Shazam it so basically Shazam picks up any song which is really cool, but it would be a bunch better if it could pick up your voice when you sing. But other than that the app is amazing!.Version: 14.16

Awesome appAbsolutely love it so much, I use it almost every day and because I’m hard at hearing it catches songs that I can’t hear very well sometimes. Only problem is it doesn’t always catch some songs that I can hear and it sometimes doesn’t catch live performed songs but other than those two things it is the perfect app, I don’t have to search and search the internet for that song using only a few lyrics I remember.Version: 13.7

Great in conceptThis app used to work great, I loved using it. Fair to say it changed my relationship with music, and became my default tool for deciding my Triple J hottest 100 votes (most shazzams for a song gets my top vote). Unfortunately it’s now supper buggy and unreliable for some reason. I think they changed the way it works? If you didn’t have cell coverage it used to just store a sample for when you get back in range. Now it panics and crashes, or freezes and won’t work, like, 50% of the time. It’s it because it’s so busy downloading ads that there’s no processor left for the actual purpose of the app? I don’t understand how a great app which used to work really well can get *less* reliable. Please Shazam sort your selves out, I love your app but it’s unusable like this.Version: 14.3

AmazingThis app has helped me find the names to do many great songs I used to find it very hard to find the names of songs that I just heard on the radio but with this app it’s so easy all these songs at just the click of a button🤩.Version: 14.2

I love you xGuys Your amazing as an ex DJ and traveled the world I’ve used you for years and years. I can’t remember when I had to dial a number I think it was 2806 or something, I can’t recall. Then the app, the new updates over the years are amazing. From building a list of songs you like in one app or decide where you go with your music. I get everyone to say Shazam it. I also remember never telling people what the Shazam number was too. I spent in one month (whilst in Chicago then Ibiza) £633 in costs of calls to Shazam, stood there with my phone at a speaker like a fool ha ha. But they didn’t laugh when I came back with the answer. Your the best App I have and has ever had..Version: 13.2

Petite déceptionDepuis la création de Shazam, je suis devenu un fan de l’application. Je regrette cependant comme utilisateur que nous avons perdu au fil du temps la possibilité de fredonner des chansons pour les identifier tandis que c’était initialement faisable. Ça demeure une bonne app même si c’est également dommage qu’elle soit maintenant avalée par Apple et combinée avec ces autres tentacules pour tenter de nous forcer de lui fournir encore plus de nos infos personnelles et de nos préférences pour nous enfoncer de travers dans la gorge ses publicités ou produits et services complémentaires. Sinon ça demeure une de mes applications les plus utilisées..Version: 12.19

Too many changes, too much Greed $$’sWhen Shazam app first came out, IT was a fantastic product!! and you could Shazam a song on radio, in a car, on TV... and listen to it “”all”” later & see lyrics, share complete song/video with family & friends.... it was a 5-star App... after it was sold... purchased and changed & compromised by ? Apple ... ? ?new ownership.. the immediate Greed for money appeared and then extra music fees, purchases, memberships tainted this once useful App... greed, yes, greed... absolutely destroyed the once marvelous features and freedom of use and listen to songs, many saved & shared.. & CD’s purchased at retailers... Family & friends tell me they seldom use it since all the changes and restrictions and new, greedy charges imposed/required to ‘checkout a song’. I’d have to say... that’s what killed its once, highly rated popularity... Apple Music and Spotfy biggest issues I hear about...$$$’s Good luck !.Version: 13.4

Essential ToolIndeed, I can’t even have Radio 2 on in the kitchen without Shazam to hand - its invaluable to a wannabe knowall like me! Points: it’s not so hot on live versions. And I think the service could be expanded to name a tune OR the artiste in those cases where it gets confronted with something it’s never heard before. Also, in classical music (not Shazam’s strong suit) the composer needs to be included in the displayed info. Finally - why can’t it identify voices, both dining and speaking? It that Michael Cain or Alan Bennet? Is that Paul Weller or Jarvis Cocker? Peter Sellers or Tony Hancock? Otherwise, it’s an excellent device and far and away my most used app..Version: 14.24

SHAZAM is there ... for when you need itIn a change room in a shop in a mall: you don’t know when you’ll need SHAZAM: but you’ll appreciate that you’ve got it, for the great song just comes on once, and then for a moment. And SHAZAM satisfies your curiosity, for that great song can echo in your mind forever, and this time with a name, a performer, and your mind need not be wracked with regret..Version: 11.6.0

ConceptShazam could publish playlists comprising the ten most or twenty most similar songs/tracks to the one for which the user was searching. On the presumption that the algorithm operates reductively by analogy, it should be possible to identify the five most, ten most, fifty most similar songs, etc. This would be a popular addition to your service, and I hope you find the suggestion useful. Robot! Peace out..Version: 13.6

Recommended!!!Love love love this app! Such a huge help when your out and about and hear a song you like but unsure of the name or who sings it Shazam it and you will soon know the name! Not every single song you Shazam is the correct name and artist so double check.Version: 12.12

INSTALL NOW, this is whyLiterally the most useful app i have ever used, for someone who listens to the radio a lot and my teslas play a mash up of music that doesn’t always show the titles, this is so useful, just tap the shazam button and it will show you what the music is called and will also show you the lyrics IN TIME WITH THE MUSIC you can also search up for music and listen to!!!! You better install this app if you love listening to music and always have that recurring tune running through your head, just shazam it and, there you are!! the whole day listening to tons of amazing anthems!!!!.Version: 15.1

Something isn't workingIn the past this has been an amazing tool to use & has helped thousands of times. Not needed to use it for a while. Now when wanting to use it, it can't pick up anything or tells me it can't recognise anything. Have deleted & reinstalled the app & same problems. Hope someone could give me some information as to what may be happening..Version: 14.5

Years of loosing songsSo happy to be using Shazam. I use to hear songs, could find the name of the or forget by the time I want med to listen to it again. Then I found Shazam. Wohoo.Version: 15.11

Old and newShazam has always been my go to app for any music info and I have not been disappointed.Version: 14.13

AmazingWell it’s amazing that’s all I need to say.Version: 12.18

ReviewVery good.Version: 11.3.0

I’ve Been Shazam—otized !!!!This is the bestest app ever PEOPLE! If you want to know the name of a song and artist this is the app you want. It is so accurate and on point. I always keep Shazam open in the background because I love any kind of music that sounds good to me since I don’t have a preference in music my playlist varies and this is how I use it .......when I am listening to the radio and a new song comes on and I have never heard that song....BAAM! I SHAZAM IT RIGHT AWAY!!!! when a car goes by with a good song that I like, or when I go into any business to shop and they’re playing some nice song I immediately SHAZAM IT......I love the fact that I it also finds latin music not only English music and the app is able to find both languages, and even classical music, well the list goes on. I love it and use it basically everyday. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊.Version: 12.4.1

Amazing really unexpectedMy friend had this app and told me about it and she was saying how it could listen to any song and then very quickly tell you the name. It sounded cool so I downloaded it. It’s soo much better than she described it! It knows practically every song and it even gives you the lyrics! You also keep it in your library and then you can listen to the music when ever you Shazam it! You can also swipe left and see some popular songs! This is soo helpful!! They even know really unpopular songs! This app is definitely getting especially if you have a passion in music or like listening to music!.Version: 13.6

Wow!Super!.Version: 13.23

Amazing! But needs some tweaks.Perfect app! So useful! I use it everyday or I listen to a song on it! But........ Sometimes when I’ve shazamed a song it doesn’t always give me the lyrics! And it’s sometimes really really annoying, so if you can sort anything out about that it would be rlly helpful! Also it’s sometimes a bit too sound sensitive because if my friend sneezes for example when I’m trying to Shazam it, it can’t figure out what the song is. So if you make these changes I would give the app 5/5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 14.13

Awesome way to Name That Tune!!I can’t remember who turned me onto this app years ago, but it’s always been a handy tool. The app is much improved since I first started using it. Most of the music I listen to is from the 60’s through the early 2000’s. Sometimes I use it if I hear something I know, but haven’t heard it in years and am drawing a blank. Other times, I will hear something on a TV show I like but have no clue who the current artist is. Shazam let’s you open the song in Apple Music and other options. You can save it, make a playlist and I’m sure some other tricks I haven’t figured out yet. It’s picked up titles within a couple seconds. In the past, If there was any dialog I would try to find a break in whatever show I was watching to find the song. Not the case anymore!.Version: 14.13

Great appFabulous at stating the songs I’ve forgotten over the years, letting me enjoy them once again!!.Version: 15.9

Was great, apple 5ucked it.I’ve been using Shazam for coming up to ten years and it was always my favourite and close to my most used app. Since Apple bought it, it’s become worse and worse. The premium version (which I paid for) was killed off and now everybody has to use the same lame ad supported and Apple centric app. Listening options no longer support the best streaming services and many other useful features from the original app have also been killed off..Version: 12.5.1

The App you’re always glad you downloadedApps come and go. You like them, you use them; then, you get sick of them, don’t use them and hit delete. Shazam is always in the constant use, love it group!.Version: 15.9

I cannot fault it.I love my music, and if I hear a song I will sing along. I will know the words and it can come from an obscure memory of a party my parents had when I was little. But I don’t know the artist or the name of the song. I am yet to stump Shazam. From getting the name of the artist, I can now follow their musical journey. It can lead me in very different and fulfilling directions and has expanded my knowledge and love of popular music..Version: 12.20

The bestYour thinking oh this app only does normal songs to shazam and not kid songs or meme songs or songs that are new and came out today well NUH HUH there's every song on there your thinking how does this app work well are you listening to a song your not sure the name of the name and singer well SHAZAM IT then it listens to the song and then sends the song to a bot then the hot figures out the song in a few seconds AMAZING RIGHT now you don’t have to try and search for the songs for hours and waste time you HAVE to download it it changed my life.Version: 14.0

Amazing it’s the best appShazam is the perfect app to have when you need to find out what a song is called . Before I had this app I went onto google and had to type in some of the lyrics . I have good things to say about Shazam but I also have a little recommendation for it too , once I accidentally hit the delete button so it erased all my Shazam’s so I think that the delete all Shazam’s button should be moved to settings instead Ps I’m not sure if it is in settings already because if I did then ignore the bit that I said 😂😂 Overall Shazam is the best I recommend you downloading it 👌✌🏻👍🏻.Version: 13.21

Appli la plus intelligenteUne appli complet et convivial au max.Version: 12.19

Good for what it’s forThis app is great once you figure out what it’s for—identifying songs being played, as in on the radio or at the mall or by a roommate when the transactional cost of just asking is too high. For a long time I could never figure out why the app couldn’t recognize even simple songs I sang or hummed, officially giving up when it couldn’t even recognize my laudable rendition of Happy Birthday to You, which is, like, the most recognizable song in the world. But then a friend filled me in on the app’s actual purpose, and, upon verifying his claim through several test runs, my scorn was replaced with unabashed admiration. I find the app especially useful for classical music. Though, there was one Mendelssohn piece that it took several tries to identify….Version: 14.19

Probably the best app ever madeBrilliant app, it figures out what song you’re listening too using stupid smart binary algorithm, internet connection and your instinctive desire to know the name of that sound you love. Simply it does the job. 5 stars Shazam you have made life easier..Version: 14.9

Shazam reviewThis is a fantastic app. Very handy for when you hear a song on the radio & you don’t know what it is. Just Shazam it & it’s identity will be revealed. Or if you really love a song & want to add it to your playlist then Shazam & sort it out later. I love the app!.Version: 11.13.0

Shazam reviewThis is an amazing app, I use it almost every time in the car. I haven’t had any problems with it apart from the fact that when I don’t have any wifi or data I have to wait until I get to somewhere with wifi. I scroll through the long list of music when I need to find a nice song to listen to a lot as well. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone..Version: 12.0

I love your Shazam App, but there's one minor gripe I've with it!While I love getting '80s & some of the current downloaded songs that comes on from my alarm clock radio everyday when I get up 1st thing in the morning, but after an few and/or several weeks later on down the road, the songs are COMPLETELY different compared than to ones they once when I had 1st Shazammed it afterwards….!! I'm quite disappointed how your Shazam App DOESN'T even retained the original songs, music, and/or lyrics properly after few to several weeks later on down the road long after Shazammed it onto your Shazam App…!! I wanna keep your Shazam App on both of my iPhone & iPad, but if isn't neither fixed up properly and/or dealt within the near future by retaining all of the OG songs, musics and/or lyrics , I'm delete both of my Shazam App on both of my iPhone and iPad and I REALLY don't wanna go there when push comes to shove at that time….!!.Version: 15.2

Great app, improve speedThis is a great app, and its ability to find songs/music even when there is background noise is exceptional. Only thing I want is for the app to load faster (because in commercials etc the music passes really quickly) and for it to detect music faster (again, same reason.) Otherwise, all around great app..Version: 12.12

Don’t ever want to be without Shazam anymoreShazam has definitely changed the music world for me. Hear a song on the radio, on TV, at the mall etc, shazam it and add it to your playlist. Revolutionary! Thanks shazam!.Version: 11.4.3

Songs while offlineThis app is very useful for finding songs you may not know the name of or new songs that you've never heard before. I only have a few problems with this app. When you shazam a song while your offline it says that it'll tell you the song when you have connection. I travel a lot and am a lover of all music genres so I have quite a majority of songs from around the world, and I might not always have wi-fi to connect to. I'm currently abroad for a wedding and my carrier doesn't support data outside of my country, so at the after party they played loads of songs I liked; I went to shazam them and waited till I got back to my hotel to open the app, and there was no sign of them. Another problem I have is Auto-Shazam. I turn it on and when I go listen to a song on a video and it doesn't react. Overall this app is useful, but there are some features that claim to work, but don't..Version: 13.4

So Far, So GoodI’ve just started using Shazam again. Brilliant that you never again need to get frustrated when you hear some music you really like the sound of, but don’t have a clue who it’s by, what it’s called, who’s playing/singing on it. Shazam to the rescue, providing me with all of this type of info plus much more I notice. The source playing the music just needs to be clear and properly audible, otherwise Shazam might struggle to pick it up well enough..Version: 14.10

Something went wrongHello all I have had a marvellous experience with Shazam since launching and almost use it on daily basis , out of blue moon Shazam stopped working and start acting crazy while take in other hand that I use iPhone 7 Plus with latest IOS as well latest Shazam version . The message appear every time that “ something went wrong please try again later “ Reinstall it but same result unfortunately . Now I upgraded my phone toward iPhone 11 and same issue occurs no matter what . Please fix my issue ..Version: 15.8

My go to App!You’re my go to app and so under rated! That one song I hear that brings back a memory that I’m listening to and can’t remember who the artist is? Or it’s playing and I want to remember that song - I just hit that button and there you are - never an issue, always there to help capture my ‘go to playlists songs’ when I need them!.Version: 13.12

Miss Sammy W reckonsThis app is the front and centre of my home page. This app makes me believe I really could be a Dj because of the convenience of having the great songs right there and then in my playlist forever. The creator of this app deserves whatever highest award he or she may qualify for. You are my hero Shazam creator. You have changed my life for the better and I cannot express my appreciation in words. Well this is my attempt anyway. Much love, one of the many number 1 fans. Peace.Version: 12.15

Love it- but needs quicker accessSo this app has been extremely helpful in the past. I HATE when I can’t remember the name of a song, or figure out who is singing when it’s on the tip of my tongue. This app has helped cut those moments down. But I usually run into the issue of not getting to it fast enough. By the time I remember to use it and go to open it on my phone and then press the button, it’s often been too late and the song is over 😫. If it could be listening in the background or as soon as I open it could fix that. Also I understand the complexity involved, but a lot of times I want to look up or listen to a song but can’t remember enough lyrics or anything, just a tune. I wish there was an app that didn’t rely on exact recordings but you could hum or sing parts you remember and it could guess a few options..?! 😆 I know that’s a tall order, but someone will be able to do it sometime in the future I guarantee it! Go for it Shazam! Start now! Lol. Anyway I had it at 3 stars for those 2 reasons. But given the amount of songs it recognizes (it’s never not recognized one that I’ve tried), and how it only needs about 2-5 seconds of ANY PIECE of ANY SONG, I evened it out to a 4 ⭐️. It’s really a 5 for what it does, but a 3 for its potential to expand. So bam, you get 4. Kbye..Version: 15.7

Look at you now all grown up!I’ve been with Shazam from the start and now in its adolescence years, it’s growing up to be mature and reliable...nice to be around, but kinda loses it sometimes. Getting better with age, even quite creative! Looking forward to your 21st Shazam xxo.Version: 12.20

Mind blowingThis is an amazing tool and has always got the artist and song correct , links perfectly into Apple Music to download tracks or albums well worth the 5 stars.Version: 12.10

Has taken away countless internal suffering “sHow many times have we heard just a snippet of the best music ever and not known what is was called ? How many times have we tried to sing that same piece of music to friends, family or anyone who might know what the music was called? We so suffered! Sometimes we never found out ! Sometimes months of internal agony until we heard it again and seized bystanders until one told us the name of the music so that we could purchase it for ourselves . We would play it over and over again. What relief ! Oh Shazam you have saved me twice from internal agony that I suffered in my past ! You deserve a medal . Thankyou Shazam !.Version: 14.11

Reading my mindShazam has been around for a long time and throughout its development what’s amazing to me is how it has kept up, not only with contemporaneous music but also music from antiquity. There are other amazing apps for music out there - think radioooo - But Shazam really defines the music discovery app process. I only wish that there could be a one button or step process to acquiring the music easily. I’d happily pay a dollar for every song I’ve Shazammed. If they can figure that out a lot of money will be made and a lot of musicians and music lovers will be happy. Musicians because hopefully they’ll get paid for their efforts and music lovers because they’ll have access to the music that they have discovered with Shazam. Well done and keep up the good work..Version: 12.6.1

Great app, but one issue.This app is great on pretty much every level. I used to hate having to just guess the name of a song or never remember a song again because nobody said the name. And no way was I able to tell the name of any classical music pieces. But with Shazam, all of those problems are fixed and it is easy, just the tap of a few buttons away! My one problem, is that it asks for me to sign in with my Apple id password EVERY TIME. It doesn’t matter if I signed in with it lasts time, it will ask again. The settings say it is linked to my Apple Music, so I don’t see why it would keep asking. This can get very annoying since I don’t now any way to stop it. Other than that this is a great app and I highly recommend it!.Version: 13.21

Good.Really good app. Sometimes Shazam doesn't catch the song I'm playing even if it's not near my speaker but still close enough to hear it. It's a good app if you need to know what a song is before it ends..Version: 14.1

Absolutely GENIUS!Shazam has brought me together with so many dimensions of musical bliss. To be able to capture any piece of music instantly & save it. Is being able to never miss the opportunity to broaden your “horizon” and titillate ones system Not only genius.. sensational 👌🏾.Version: 13.15

ShazamShazam is the perfect way to find your dream song that you listen to each and every day. I recommend it!.Version: 14.23

ShazamThis app has changed my life. Before Shazam I had severe halitosis and couldn’t find a girlfriend. I was also a shoplifter. I decided to get into therapy and my therapist told me I was the most boring patient she had ever worked with. Then one day I was riding my three speed Schwinn bike. I looked down at my iPhone and saw the app for Shazam. As I was writing I lost my focus and ran over an old man who everybody in our neighborhood hated. As he laid there in my arms, ready to die he gave me two admonitions. “Stop picking your own boogers when you are riding a bike , you idiot. And start finding new songs using Shazam. Maybe now, I’ll discover the real words to “Wooly Bully”. So merry Christmas to everyone at Shazam and stay away from me if you see me riding my bike. Best wishes, Steve Reynolds.Version: 15.1

Fast and AccurateQuickly finds the correct song giving great options of listening, viewing or singing along by reading the lyrics.Version: 11.9.1

CompatibilitéC’est une app super mais si elle pouvait être compatible avec des plus vieux modèles de téléphones se serait plus sympa.Version: 15.9

Shamazing Shazam!Love it! Been updating my music collection regularly with oldies I have always enjoyed but never owned and using Shazam for more of the newer tracks being played on radio means I get the 'non explicit' version to download and original sound track which I love. Have even used it while shopping if track comes on in store which I like. I also look at the lyrics regularly of songs which have indistinguishable words and am quite surprised what they are actually saying!! Great App - What's not to like!.Version: 11.6.0

Amazing & perfect appI am in love with this app. So quick to find random songs playing around you and you would love to add to your playlist. Very user friendly and can be synced with your Apple Music playlist. 5 star to this app and definitely recommend it to everyone who are music lovers can’t resist to Shazam when they really want to find the song name..Version: 14.18

Great appAs a just lover of music, I just love that this app exists. I’m always wanting to know ‘who’s this?’. Shazam not only finds out, but keeps a record (‘scuse the pun) of my queries and offers to add the track to my preferred music streaming service. Ok, it sometimes makes mistakes, but I’m ok with the odd blip. Would like to say, though, if anyone’s listening who could change this: I’ve had a right faff trying not to lose the Shazams from my old phone (having inadvertently signed up with a different email address on my new phone). It could/should be possible/easier to combine Shazams from two accounts. Apart from that: well done!.Version: 11.12.1

Works most of the timeI have used this several times, and the vast majority of the time, Shazam is able to tell me what song is playing. The only times that it hasn’t worked is a handful of times with non-English song, although even with the majority of non-English songs, it is able to tell me what song it is. Definitely a must-have app, especially for anyone that has moments of hearing a song and not knowing what song it is, or who the artist is..Version: 13.28

Definitely worth using if you haven’t used it beforeLove this app saves me having to rack my brain to try n figure out the song title and also saves me the hassle of trying to remember song lyrics to google later on, wouldn’t have the foggiest on the number of times I use this app throughout the day love it. Most times first app downloaded on any device intial set up AHMAYZING.Version: 14.8

Great helpMusic runs through the generations only to realize that my 70s songs are no different than that of today’s compositions. It’s a great help to understand the lyrics of past years and todays…...Version: 15.9

Love the app, miss the global mapPerfect app for many reason that have been stated by the many users you have. Love it and could picture a normal life without it, given my admiration and passion for music and musicians. Over the many updates, my favorite new artist and try explorer “secret weapon” was the global map navigation. Yes, it was tedious to expand at times, but this really a (admittedly skewed) idea of what any town were listening to, that could be pulled on that. Hope that map makes a come back, otherwise, superb essential app. Not sure how long ago that was...I have grown and I went to ups and downs!! Music is appeases the soul and spirit, and being able to always capture that “song”, and even do a bit of Karaoke with it...hope it leads to less wars..but also hope you are adding privacy respect to your mission. It’s a modern world and you must find a way to survive and be profitable. Just stopping by to say THANK YOU to you all AGAIN!!.Version: 14.10

Well Earned 5 Star!!Okay, so-I happen to decide to see what songs this app recognizes by playing random songs on my TV and seeing which ones it happens to guess! First, I tried Mario Kart Menu Theme, which it guessed, then I tried Broly Vs Gogeta (Epic song, btw), which it guessed, Rip & Tear, BFG Division, Blue Sizzle, you get the point! Well, I was thinking....No way it’ll guess Learn 2 Fly’s techno theme, right!? Riiiight! Well!!! That blew up in my face because it guessed it!! At first I was skeptical, thinking, “No way this is actually it! It must be confusing it for another song, right!?” NOPE!! It actually put a name to a song I had been wishing for the possibility to have on my playlist and I found it ON ITUNES and bought it!! Not the second that happened, I *SCRAMBLED* to the app store to give this app a 5 Star review!! You legends basically just reunited my child gaming spirit with its gaming music SOULMATE!!! I cannot thank you guys enough for making an app that can actually put names to songs that nobody else seems to know the proper names of! Seriously! You guys are awesome!!! Im gonna continue to use this app so I can expand my playlist from now on! You guys have a *SPARKING* day!!! Sincerely & With Thanks, 5aiy4n-G0d.Version: 14.8

Shazam reviewShazam is really good when I don’t know what a song is. My only complaint would be that they are sometimes slow for guessing the song..Version: 13.20

For old timersShazam is great for borderline “I can’t remember anything” patients Once you read the song You remember everyone you ever danced with to that song.Version: 14.15

Une bonne applicationTrès bien comme app j adore 👌.Version: 11.3.0

MagicI love being able to get an answer to "Who is that singer?" or "What is that song called?" It even works offline: it doesn't give immediate answers, but it remembers; and when I am online again, I can open Shazam and find the names then. The only problem so far has been the duet "When I fall in Love," from the film "Sleepless in Seattle." It named singer Céline Dion, but not her fellow singer in that duet, Clive Griffin..Version: 12.19

Apple Music LinkJust saw the Apple connect. Thanks!.Version: 15.9

Fabulously Amazing!Throughout all of my Shazam’s. They are all correct and this app is perfect for finding the name of that perfect song. Great app!.Version: 12.18

Very reliableI remember when I used to use Snapchat’s Shazam for a bit and it always helped me find songs I heard a beat to on the radio or at a party, until they got rid of it. Now that I have the app, it works brilliantly. Instantly identified a tune for me within seconds. Definitely recommend! 😁 (Ps: The song it helped me find was “I’ll Get There” - by Align. I heard it while watching the newest season of Lucifer).Version: 14.12

The best.Lo mejor.Version: 11.3.0

Literally, this app helped change our world!I’ve been a user of this app for about 16 years now- I was one of the first people in the UK to use it- and I remember showing friends how it worked and them all thinking it was like some kind of magic spell by a wizard or something! But it’s one of the very few apps that is still relevant a decade after its launch and that people STILL use everyday! It’s also helped me name- and download- hundreds of songs over the years. It still needs work for its hum/sing the song identification bit, but it’s still a fantastic app!.Version: 15.19

Great app when it works!This app is literally part of my daily routine so I use it quite a lot. However recently I’ve been noticing when I go to play a song using Apple Music through Shazam the entire app just stops working on my iPhone. So I figured it was just my phone acting up but then I went to use it on my iPad and the exact thing happened when I went to the map and tried playing a song. Also a lot of small things about the user interface will just stop working like the back buttons and scrolling on a page. It’s to the point every time after I Shazam a song and try to either add it to Apple Music or Olay it I have to close the app and restart it. Overall I love the app just wish I could use it a bit longer without having to restart it!.Version: 11.4.3

Too bad that Shazam joined AppleIt used to be wonderful you could catch a tune and then sing along with the lyrics . I was HAPPY Now hours later you realize that it didn’t record and the magic of the mood is gone plus you got home and it is dark cold and lonely and you have to cook dinner instead of singing in the car on the way home. Now I can’t even find the Shazam’s where do they go on Apple and when I get home I don’t want to be scrolling around looking for music anyhow With the old Shazam I could pull up a huge long list of my Shazam’s and play them easily and move them to Apple playlists easily Now the software engineers screwed up and it is a mess Also my phone broke and I have a new phone I am afraid of losing my songs if I log in it is confusing how to move things to Apple.Version: 14.22

Great app but iOS 14 integration doesn’t work properlyStill one of the best and the only app I’ve ever had since the iPhone 3G and never removed! Integration in iOS is great but for one issue....when you listen for music via the control centre, it doesn’t add this to your “Shazam’s” in the app?! Which means if you clear the notification you have no record of what you shazamed. Why?! Surely this was the point of the integration?!!!! Confused at this gravely obvious error of application..Version: 14.2

Great app, could be betterI’ve seen plenty of overwhelmingly positive reviews for Shazam and after using it for only a short period of time I can see how useful the app can be. On multiple occasions a random catchy song has come on the radio that I want to add to my playlist, and Shazam is there to help. Even when the song is really quiet, Shazam can still pick it up. I could barely hear a song playing once and yet Shazam knew exactly which song it was. I would definitely recommend to others, especially since it’s free. My one problem with Shazam is that a lot of the time I’ll hear a song come on that I love and before I can grab my phone to Shazam it, it’s gone. So now what do I do. Shazam has forced me to get another app as well because I can’t find a song by humming or singing it since Shazam needs to hear the actual song playing. This is a shame since I’m really liking the app. If the developers could perhaps add a feature that allows me to hum or sing a song and have it found by Shazam, that would be awesome. Even Google now has this feature, and from such a great app like Shazam I kind of expect the same. Overall a very useful app, and if this change happens I will absolutely edit my review to five stars. Developers, I’m counting on you..Version: 14.7

Superb n Great AppI love this app. If i heard a song that get my attention & not knowing who was the artist or the title of the song..just click Shazam & there you have it..Version: 15.0

Awesome appShazam is such awesome app the World has been waiting for since the emergence of electronic music. I do NOT struggle anymore to finding out about songs - Shazam does it all in a split second, it’s simply cool. It has brought relief to the music World. No more hard thinking to get a playing song. Shazam is everything and the awesome app the World has been waiting for and now I am able to say that Shazam is powerful detective master equipment as well - for it's more penetrative and cuts through space to the utmost distant locations to target and capture its target without you having to leaving your location. This app is amazing and truly cool. I love it! Well done folks for this awesome invention. 👍👍👍.Version: 15.14

😁😍😃AMAZING 😃😍😁Omg Shazam is AMAZING it works so fast and it even has the options to l’est en to the song in Apple Music and to read the lyrics and so much else! Honestly I would like to point out how hard this programming must have been. They work so hard! As for if you are thinking about getting it I recommend this to people of all ages really. There is really nothing to worry about for kids. And it is so helpful. At any time you can have it Listen to a song. I even did this when there were people talking over the music and it still worked. I recommend this app so much! It even works if ur playing songs on ur own and phone which is weird but helpful when using airplay sometimes. Very helpful. And approximate time and effort they have put into this app..Version: 12.17

Suggestion - allow recording of system audioI am almost always listening to the track I want to Shazam using headphones linked to my phone, often I am listening to a radio show or a mix and in order to Shazam I take my headphones off and hold up to my phone mic to record the audio. This disrupts my listening experience, especially when I’m listening on the radio and may not be able to rewind and listen again. Shazam should develop and option to use the system audio to capture the track rather than needing to use my phone mic. This could record the track and provide an ID while I’m listening..Version: 15.12

BRILLIANTI installed this to test the claims. First on the radio next to my mac, easy. Next watching tv, liked a movie soundtrack as the credits rolled, clicked the app, nailed it, confirmed by the credits, (and I never left the couch) ... the last time, sitting on the balcony of a restaurant overlooking the sea, 4 of us all talking etc, I heard the background music, clicked the app, just holding the phone, no jamming up against speakers ... nailed it again. So, in a word, BRILLIANT! Would give it 6 stars if I could..Version: 14.2

Amazing but a slight improvement could be madeThis app is flawless and the live lyrics feature is mind blowing however it sometimes is a second too early or late and even though it doesn’t seem much, it can be quite annoying. Needless to say, whenever I come across a song that I don’t know the name off I can just ask Siri, go on control centre or go on the app directly. This flexibility is really what makes this app so amazing. Life changer.Version: 15.1

Love it,love it😁When songs I haven’t heard for sometime,playing on radio,press Shazam button and I have the song,singer it,,hay !!.Here I go again,can’t stop till you get enough.👌👌.Version: 13.28

ShazamWhy do I give it 5 out of 5? I use Shazam to find out the name of the singer or band that is playing on the radio. Well it is fast to answer even when there are other noises in the vicinity. I am yet to a find a mistake or any errors in the information Shazam provides. You cannot ask for anything more!.Version: 14.2

Apple Music integration ideaI want to thank Shazam for making my idea a reality in record time!!! First review: I’ve always loved Shazam! Been using as long as I can remember… I’ve always been wanting to be able to see the lyrics to the song I am currently looking up on Shazam… but even more so AND NOW that Apple Music has integration capabilities— it would be soooo RAD if Shazam could open the song from the same point the Shazam starts and open Apple Music at that part of the song with the lyrics in sync so we wouldn’t have to restart the song to see the lyrics, we could just read along the lyrics from our Shazam/Apple Music device while continuing the song on the device it’s currently playing on. Hopefully this makes sense!.Version: 14.24

If I could on choose one app….It’s gotta be Shazam!.Version: 15.9

Must have to find out songsNuf said.Version: 15.9

“Shazam is Life”I can’t live without Shazam, it’s my go to play list when nothing else to listen too on radio playlist constantly repeating songs all day. Don’t wanna listen to my playlists so shuffle my Shazam playlist “Apple” My only quibble is a while back when updating apps or iOS I lost a lot of songs from my Shazam playlist “Apple” don’t know if it’s an Apple issue or not but can’t seem to get them back without going through my 3,500 ish Shazam’s 😩 and adding individually. But defo ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+⭐️.Version: 14.22

Still a great appUpdated to the latest version ( iphone SE ) - and with regard to the release date of tracks etc. I was put right by the developers, realised my mistake and grudgingly admitted I was a bufoon! Although I don’t like the fact the app will do all it can to make you buy a track, or tell every social media platform in the known universe that you’ve just Shazam’d something, it’s still one of the cleverest pieces of software out there. I’ve been using this service since 2004 and remember dialling 2580 down the centre of my keypad, waaay before this became an application! My tags only amount to around 600 now so I have lost a good number somewhere along the way - I think the real number would be nearer 1000. But despite that, I have had a lot of use from this service, over the years. It’s not an exact science and Shazam doesn’t always get it right but 99% of the time it’s right on the money! Huzzaah!!.Version: 11.6.2

A well-maintained, no-nonsense applicationShazam fulfils it's core purpose (i.e. to identify music according to its precise audio frequency) with very little problem -- this method proves effective when, for example you're looking for the exact composer or the exact remix of a song. I will say, however that, given the concept, you will soon find the limitations of its functionality: there was that one song it couldn't identify. Despite this I think you'll find Shazam to be an all-round convenient application that will almost certainly evoke some nostalgia. A high 4/5 for me, I hope it works the same4u!!.Version: 12.15.1

The Best AppShazam is easily my favourite App. While other apps and platforms have fluctuated in quality over the years, Shazam has consistently delivered excellent service. As an avid music fan, this app has helped me discover music for the past 5 years and even some of my now favourite songs - ones I would have never known if it wasn’t for Shazam. It may be for personal preferences but Shazam is a fantastic idea that ACTUALLY works. I truly can’t thank Shazam enough for helping me find and keep the music and passion in my life. Thank you Shazam and it’s members. Keep up the great work 😊.Version: 12.14

Best app in the world.Consistent improvement. Always love it 💙.Version: 15.9

Pretty good but one suggestion!Wish it would allow you to upload segments from a recorded video! My heart breaks having to shazam a song on the spot that I hear, and in case it doesn’t catch it, the song passes and then I’ve missed the opportunity to shazam it more 😭 would love the option to upload a recorded video so we can record clips of songs and then be able to shazam them all the next day (rather than just in the moment!) Other than that, love the app so much xx.Version: 12.22

Great App, Recommend!!I love this app, use it all the time!! I love listening to music so this is perfect for me. I love how you can see the lyrics for the song and they are in time which surprised me and you can see all the songs you have shazamed before so you don’t have to remember the name. It gives you music as well that you might like and I usually like it!! Can’t believe that this is free and there is no sign up needed perfect for any age, have come across no bugs yet so that is great! No ads or anything dodgy. This is a great app, would recommend for anyone!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 12.21

Best app ever!Every time that I use it. It brings back memories form the eighties childhood, when you dreamed about the future and thought how cool if you could have something like this that can tell you which song is playing. Rather than try to catch the name of the song in radio program. Tell you kids... it was a hard job pick. Sometimes you had to wait for days until you hear it back again. Cheers.Version: 11.7.0

CleverI was in a cocktail bar on a cruise ship where there was lots of laughter, clinking of glasses, talking etc and I could hear this good music coming from the overhead speakers above the din. I knew I wasn’t able to Shazam the music because I didn’t have Internet so I held my phone up as far as I could towards the speakers and recorded it on voicemail on my phone. I came home after the cruise had finished, and used my husband’s Shazam on my recording and it picked up the song amongst all the laughter and the clatter - I couldn’t believe it - very clever - and I got my song. Happy me!!.Version: 12.12

Life saverAs a lover of music I will sometimes search for weeks for a song I heard a snippet of in a movie or something I heard a few words of on the radio. It might seem over the top, but I’d call this app a life saver. To me personally it’s so useful, especially when the song you’re searching for is left uncredited or played on the radio without mention of the title or the creator(s). I don’t usually feel the need to write a review on an app, but just because of how useful I find an app like this I felt the need to sing my praise..Version: 14.21

Wowwwwww ShazamCeci est la meilleure application au monde !! ❤️ Je ne pourrai vivre sans mon Shazam!.Version: 15.9

ShazamIs an amazing app for when you’re just sitting in the car and then a nice song comes on and you really want to know what it is to add it to a playlist seat on always listen to it and it always comes up with the right songs and Singer and even lets you play the song while you’re in the car and it does not need Wi-Fi and I think it’s an amazing app and everyone should download it.Version: 14.12

Un petit soucisShazam et vraiment super très bien pour trouver ce que l’on cherche mais j’ai une musique que j’avais film sur ma ps vita je connais pas le titre je le fais écoute à Shazam mais elle me donne pas le bon morceau elle ma donner un autre artiste qui n’a rien avoir avec la musique que j’ai fait écouter à Shazam la musique que j’ai fait écouter était la voix d’une femme qui chante mais il me donne un homme qui n’a rien avoir avec le morceau que j’ai.Version: 12.10

EXTREMELY GOODFirst of all, it’s amazing because it identifies the song very quickly and when you’re offline, for example, in the car listening to the radio and there’s a song on there you like, it takes a bit more time, but you can make an “offline” Shazam where it gives you a notification of the song when you’re online. Next, there’s a search button where you can write artists, songs and lyrics and it comes up with the song! It’s completely free!!!.Version: 14.6

AmazingThe ability to find the name and artist for the song your listening to instantaneously is absolutely amazing. Then yo top it off you can get the lyrics. 10/10 to the developers of this app..Version: 15.3

Shazaman! Searchin!I’ve been using Shazam for over 10 years I barely thought about giving it a review. Not that it really needs it, because many people already know about the app globally. It’s the best app to see what artist/tv/movie/radio is playing! I remembered when I first used it when 3G was barely the next gen with it at these speeds it made it so much better to search for the details without any needs to going the the webpage or anything else it is at your fingertips just one click their is a way to say “Shazam” to start the searching. I am not to sure if it works with everything. Most o the type I find my self just using Siri to do most of my stuff while moving around. It’s a very useful app because you may what to know what movie someone is watching or a friend my want to know without interrupting the movie they can search seamlessly!.Version: 11.8.2

Finding an artist is so easyLove your app. We are avid listeners of jazz fm uk and we hear their late night shows (being in New Zealand) and they play such random jazz which we absolutely love. Your app is used most days and it’s very rare it doesn’t pick up on a tune. We’re aware often it doesn’t find a live performance but maybe the app will fine tune that. Also your app could indicate you’ve already heard the same tune in the app. Would help immensely. We love the app!.Version: 15.13

Fork to my PlateI've been a user since 2009. If music holds any sway in your daily life, Shazam is the fork to your dinner plate. Growing a product from a true mvp to what it is today, over (?) years has to be hard. There's been versions of Shazam I've passionately hated. In hindsight, I could only hate it because was so helpful. Today, so many others use this app just like I do, to record and put name to the soundtrack of their life so they can bring that music back on demand whenever they want. For the last couple years this app has been soundly built. Its my go to for creating playlists and It's connected to my music library. Shazam is how I enhance my time with my family and friends, building the musical backdrop for the best times of my life..Version: 15.3

An app I can’t live without!I LOVE Shazam and use it at least once a day but I do have a couple of complaints: one, that the menu/interface is a bit fiddly. Once you’ve Shazammed you have to click the small X in the top left, I’d prefer it to automatically take you back to the search/listen button after 30 seconds or so and two the “Discover” page seems completely pointless to me. So what if I can see what others have Shazammed? Mind you as I never use it it’s hardly a big worry..Version: 12.7

Great but just a few changes would be 👌Sometimes there is no result after shazaming I get it and it’s understandable but it would better if that was updated also with the background noise it makes things glitch a bit for me. It would also be good if it gave results if a song was playing on the same device. But the app is quite fun not always needed but definitely good to have there. Out of 5 stars it’s ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1/2.Version: 15.2

App IssuesI’m a DJ and find this app brilliant for sourcing tracks. But the recent update in ios12 has found issues whilst using apple car play. Never a problem up until now. When the app is run in whilst apple car play is active the sound quality of the playing song either in soundcloud or a radio app is reduced to a low quality sound. Terrible to listen to. And the Shazam will not find the track. To find the track I have to physically take the cable out of the phone let the music run through the phone and Shazam that way Not practical whilst driving and can’t be done for dangerous reasons. This means I’m loosing a lot of very relevant tracks on the move Please can the app develops sort this issue out and is it possible for app developers to see if you can have the app window made for apple car play users so it’s one click in the car Otherwise great app Many thanks.Version: 12.2.1

HappyVery nice.Version: 15.9

Merci beaucoupVous avez faites une application formidable pour les mélomanes comme moi! Bonne continuation et merci énormément! 🎵🎶🤗🥰.Version: 15.9

Couldn’t live without it!Superb app, new redesign looks and functions well. My only complaint would be it uses a lot of mobile data. It would be great if there was a low data mode which didn’t download the album artwork of shazamed songs unless on wifi.Version: 14.2

This is my favorite app of all timesFriend of mine suggested Shazam while ago and now it’s part of my life, can’t even imagine it without Shazam. This app helped me in so many situations where I had just a few seconds of finding tracks name and artist. So helpful, flawless, perfect app. I seriously love it. Thank you creators, you made my life easier, long gone days when I had to search for the tracks online trough radio stations where I heard them etc. If I could give 10 stars I would, but I can only give 5. Recently I watched movie Shazam - this is exactly how the app feels for me - a superhero. ;).Version: 12.18

Every day useI use Shazam very single day, it’s that good. Don’t know the name of a song and can’t get it out of your head? All you have to do is Shazam it... hear a good song on the radio & you like it? All you have to do is Shazam it and add it to your playlist. Shazam can do it all for your Apple Music playlists. Shazam really is the way to go for finding out music when you don’t know it’s name or title! Go Shazam it!!!!.Version: 13.28

Good, but not great!I couldn’t just judge this app on my personal opinion as that would be biased. I gave a 4 out of 5 because there will always be room for improvements. I don’t like the slogan they use.. “Name any song in seconds” as it doesn’t do that! It doesn’t name “ANY” It names most songs. I held my phone up to the t.v once as there was this really nice song playing on an advert. I cranked the volume up and it said ‘No result’ three times. Okay, one song they don’t have I thought. Then a great sounding song came on the radio, to which I hit the big blue Shazam button. Nope, ‘No result’. I then heard a great Techno song play at a show. Again, I pulled out Shazam. Nothing!! Don’t get me wrong, it helped with finding extremely popular songs, but when production music, bootlegs and samples are involved, there is no hope!.Version: 11.10.1

Very handy appWorks well ... Gone are the days of searching record stores for months looking for a song you've heard a few times and really want to buy it. But you don't know the title, so you sing a few words to the lucky person behind the counter hoping someone will know it, and then when someone eventually recognises it , you don't believe them until they play it because the name's something really obscure... Gee those days were fun , this app has killed all that and now life is a little easier , not as fun but when you hear a song just open the app and press the circle and voila.Version: 12.3

Best App Ever!Have you ever been someplace and heard a tune that is special to you but no way of asking anyone what it is? Boom this does it! Music is something that can perk up your soul when you need it. Especially during these difficult times..Version: 13.14

Serious BugThis is a great app, and I have always loved it (and it still does what it intends with aplomb). HOWEVER, the current version on my iPhone (for iOS 13.6) has a very serious functional and security bug - after using the app to identify a song on the TV, it continued to run with the microphone on (all night!). This had the effect of completely flattening my phone battery, and poses a potential security risk if I am using it in a work environment. I have 2 options now - deinstall it permanently, or deny access to the microphone except when I am using it (an extreme inconvenience)..Version: 13.23

AwesomeI love it. It is an amazing tool..Version: 15.9

I use Shazam almost every dayAnd my Shazam library is the ultimate playlist. I would love it if they introduced a feature whereby you can see the location of your Shazam’s as I never remember where I heard the songs and am often curious..Version: 12.15.1

Could Be BetterIt IS very useful in finding out the track name, artist, album of a great many songs. It DOES have a few flaws. One flaw is that it occasionally gets a song completely wrong, or associates it with another artist, but that is probably less that 1 % of the time. Another quirk which I don't like is that it frequently defaults to a newer CD compilation album release for a song when what I really wanted was the original album and it's song listings. One thing I like about it is its ability to display an album title exactly how you need to label it in iTunes in order for iTunes to be able to find the album artwork. If your title is just one character off from Shazam, iTunes won't find the artwork and you have to enter it manually. Fix the glitches I described, and it's a five-star app in my book..Version: 11.4.3

Shazam has stopped working for meNot sure where the problem is but it is just listening and listening and... nothing. Not sure if the problem is with the new big ‘sponsored’ ad but it does seem to coincide. I love the app otherwise..Version: 11.4.3

My personal automated songs listI like Shazam because if I hear a song on the radio that I like and never wrote it down to get I can just open the app and SHAZAM!!! It’s automatically added to a list so I can refer to it later to get, love this app so so much..Version: 11.13.0

My fave app?I never write reviews, but shazam just popped up asking me for a rating at an INCREDIBLY rare time, when I was taking a true break and doing nothing but listening music. I had probably “Shazam’d” at least 4 songs in the last hour. Anyway, i felt it, like I’m my core, that I absolutely owe Shazam a glowing review. I downloaded this app soon after it was released. I have found it incredibly useful, entertaining, and not ever, even a tiny bit frustrating or annoying. It has always had a beautiful, user- friendly interface, and I’ve never noticed it needing fixe. It’s always been a must have, legit, top notch app sense it made its debut years (maybe even over a decade?) ago. Genius B idea and brilliant developers 👏.Version: 15.5

It really works when the song isn’t too hard to find.This app will save you a lot of time when you are searching for the name of a tune you might struggle to identify otherwise. Just place your phone or tablet next to any kind of speaker or headphone (with the volume turned up a bit) and it will do the rest. It also works in identifying any background tune, just so long as there isn’t too much sound interference from elsewhere..Version: 14.18

Most Reliable App Ever Made!!Since day one and what seems like endless apps downloaded since apps were created, Shazam has been that constant, that rock, that reliable friend. This app has been with me throughout the years and hasn’t failed, hasn’t been stuck in some circling mode of hell or crashed. Sure, maybe it’s had some hiccups getting some songs incorrect or versions of certain songs but we all have hiccups! Shazam you have helped me be mom o’ the year and always knowing the song 😉. You didn’t stop there either- you went further with letting me sing along!! It doesn’t get better than this app. Thanks Shazam, we are super cool together! Please stay this way. Add a trivia guessing game and BOOM outta the ballpark. Stay away from bugs. Stay safe. Continue to be awesome!! Love, Mom SHAZAM ROCKS!.Version: 13.1

Most private song identifierRecent updates have aligned Shazam with Apple’s privacy policy. If you care about your privacy (and not having your personal information sold to marketing companies etc), the Shazam is the best option..Version: 12.10

ID Every SongAmazing app, can identify a song incredibly fast. Keeps history of all your Shazamed songs over time with relevant links to purchase the song/direct to you to the main music streaming services. Nice tool to get you started with discovering new music!.Version: 14.2

Absolutely necessary to find new awesome musicSimply put, Shazam has helped me identify 1000's of titles, music that you hear in a clothes shop that has led you on to a whole new genre that you never new was awesome, kind a thing. Thanks 👍.Version: 11.4.0

Not dependableThis app only needs to do one thing: tell me what the name of the present song is. It’s not that difficult. Songs don’t last forever, and by the time you realize you like the song, you probably only have a few moments to capture the song with an app, as you juggle with driving your car and getting away from any background noise. Yet, this app cannot the only thing it needs to do. It struggles to load every time, before eventually the button doesn’t respond at all to the touch. If you think updating the app might make it work, you’d be wrong. Admittedly, this might not normally merit the time to draft a negative review, but there’s nothing quite so annoying as having precious few seconds to capture a song and then having your dedicated app fail at its only job. If anyone from the Shazam bureaucracy is reading this, please make whatever simplifications are necessary to this app to make it work..Version: 12.0

What would you do without this app?I have discovered countless amounts of songs with the use of Shazam and it’d be so annoying if this app didn’t exist. It has enabled me to expand my selection of music, thus enhancing my playlists. Whenever a catchy song plays on the radio and I don’t know the name of it, Shazam is always the first thing that comes to my head when I need to discover the song. It is able to pick up almost every song correctly, even ones that aren’t that common. I also enjoy the fact that when you tap the lyrics button, each line will appear in tandem with the line sung in the actual song. This further accentuates the smart level of technology contained within Shazam..Version: 13.26

My favourite AppI’ve always said since I started using Shazam years ago that it is THE best app. It’s helped build many playlists and find the name of old tunes to reminisce to. It’s also made me question what I was hearing and enjoying late nights in clubs when in the morning playing back some Shazams and having no recollection of listening to those tracks. 🤣. It’s also super useful when listening to music podcasts and they don’t list the songs. There is rarely a song that Shazam doesn’t know..Version: 14.2

Home is a beautiful songI have problems with downloads of previous music when I try to listen to them through other apps to slow down. I am already paying $4.99 per month to have access to the music. Using Apple downloads are not user friendly. I am sorry about this bad review. Cheers Marie Bray.Version: 14.23

Why don’t you have this app already?If you love music …… then get it now. You won’t regret it..Version: 15.8

Couldn't live without ShazamI discover great music almost daily, and artists I would never have found otherwise. I love this app to bits..Version: 14.16

A must haveWhatsApp, excellent. It’s fast picks up music with background noise of talking from films. I honestly can’t imagine not being without it. The majority of my music library, has been made up by using this app. It picks up music from films even though people are talking and there’s background noise, I highly recommend getting this app if you haven’t already. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, if I could give it 10 stars I would. The speed it works out, recognising the song is amazing and one of the good points. That it’s connected to Apple Music and you can save the Shazam in your playlist. Are usually don’t do reviews, but I had to for this one because it works perfectly. I can honestly say it’s the best app I’ve ever downloaded..Version: 15.18

Why would you not have ShazamThere is no good reason to not have Shazam, unless you don’t have a phone. Anywhere you are, whether you have internet or not, you can whip it out and it takes seconds to get it running. It’s like you can actually have something that can tell you what that song is that you’ve been trying to find for years and you only barely remember the tune and it’s just come on in the shop you’re in and you panic and desperately ask if anyone knows the name of the song that’s on and you wish you had something that could record it and tell you what it is. In conclusion you need to rethink your choices if you still don’t have Shazam..Version: 13.3

It wants to do everythingIt’s a great app for searching songs but I guess now it wants to overtake all your iPhone apps and wants to connect to any available Bluetooth playback device. It has a great lag when you want to open a song in something else other than an apple related web site, then again, I guess apple own it and that’s to be expected. In today’s world of many apps and easily available technology I think they need to realise there are many other options out there now, it’s called competition!.Version: 12.8

Shaquille O’Kneel down to the king, Shazam.I would like to put things into perspective by simply saying that if you are like me and have an acute fear of certain social interactions. One of those social underwear in school style nightmares is when I hear a song that just slaps my eyebrows off(in the best way possible) or that feeling you get when you hear a song that you haven’t heard since back when everyone discovered music via the radio. Each of those is a prime juicy example of how SHAZAM integrates its awesome self into your heart and phone haha I don’t want to boast too much but I have SHAZAM as a MF widget on my home screen... just saying all I do is click on the S-wait like 4 seconds-the BLAM- Shazam is all “here’s the exact song for you sir”- “would you like to add it to your playlist that you already had straight from here?”- I’m like “shhiii you already know” and it’s as simple as that folks...Shazam is a lifesaver/uniquely personalized playlist making/anxiety saving app god. If you are reading this then you have made a mistake.. you should have downloaded it first and then read all my app-praising whilst the downloadeth finished. Duh.Version: 14.21

Thank YOU ShazamsHi my name is mARTIna and I have only few App on my phone. YOU know ... the essential one that help YOU to organise the NEEDS . And Shazams allowed me, in the past 3 years to learn so much about a song, I could easily found it again because Shazams with only one click could tell me exactly the creator of the song and the title so it was possible to find it again on the net . and connect closer to the song the person I was sharing that song with ... etcetera .... 🌻.Version: 11.4.1

My Crazy ex Wife :)So, buckle up for a story kids, this one’s a longie. So, I was watching tiktok and then I remembered this oldie song called Fake ID- I mean I didn’t know what the name was, but I was just like wth is that song? And so I was looking for music detectors. My wife (ex now) told me the song was called Real ID- but it was FAKE ID! I looked up this app cause that didn’t sound right and then I sung it and I WAS RIGHT!! IT WAS FAKE ID NOT REAL ID! I was SO F***king MAD!!! I made a divorce right now, and thankfully like a stork from heaven, my wife was heartbroken and left, but yet SHE WAS WRONG! I don’t need a WRONG wife! I need a WISE wife! UgH! Anyways bye bye ex wife, I’m so OVEr you. 😈.Version: 14.16

Shazam ... Still the best app ever madeI still remember using Shazam for the first time, and I still get the exact same first-time feel every time I use it. Absolutely amazing. The world needs music, and we need to know what our ears are enjoying so we can enjoy it again and again and again! Shazam deserves every million it has made. Thank you Shazam!.Version: 13.1

Love the app.Amazing response, quick and love the ability where it automatically adds the Shazam’s to either Apple Music library or Spotify..Version: 12.18

Good appIv’e been using the app for a while and I’m impressed with the results. Unlike other song detection apps, Shazam is a reliable song finder and is basically my only source of music. Good work!.Version: 13.9

Right on pointI needed this in the late 80’s & 90’s. No more embarrassment when I don’t know a popular song title or artist. The choice to connect with paid music streaming services rather than make it a necessity is great for us who just want to know the name of the music we like on the radio & also those who can’t afford streaming services can use it with ease. Thanks.Version: 12.4.1

Finding musicSooo helpful.Version: 15.9

ThxOML I’ve been trying to find a song for ages and then I downloaded this and found it straight away from the pop up Shazam feature 🥳🤟.Version: 14.3

When I need the right words...Ever had a song stuck in your head. Regardless if it’s the latest top 40 hit or an old favorite from twenty years ago. Desperately wanting to put a little kick in your step or re-live a special moment, and you can’t because the words just are not there. The toon or the melody keeps playing over and over inside your head, but disappointed as the mood is shattered trying to piece together a few key words and make up a couple words that don’t even belong, left to hum a few bars then fizzle out. It absolutely kills the moment. Shazam affords the ability to locate that special song regardless of genre, artist, style or age of the hit. I am empowered to sing along with the tune, pull up the right lyrics and now that the frustration is over! You have helped me complete my day. Thank you Shazam!.Version: 14.10

Does such a good job for as long as I can rememberAlways works, even for most kiwi music, simple as, hear a song, open the app, Shazam. Then ya can also link it straight to Apple Music and then add the song to your playlist.Version: 11.10.1

ShazamJust one of those all-time most epic apps. What else can I say..Version: 15.9

ShazamAwesome.Version: 12.18

Amazing appSeldom does it let down. Quick, accurate and very extensive database of music. Able to differentiate between different artists presenting the same song/tune..Version: 13.2

Love using this app, but…I love using this app to help identify a song playing on an internet radio station that doesn’t provide “now playing” info. Of coarse some times multiple attempts fail to identify a track I really want to find in Apple Music and other times it eventually gets me correct info, but… Why have you removed the option to report a wrong song? Surely Apple is big enough to handle what really is negative feedback from within the app when it fails to identify a track, it has been there for ages so why suddenly remove it now? Please bring back the option to report wrong song chosen by the app. Overall I am very happy with this app’s performance overall but there is still room for improvement yet..Version: 14.13

How great is ShazamShazam is great can you make more apps like it and can you make Shazam read your voice like when you sing it will know the song that your singing but apart from that it is a really really great app keep up the good work.Version: 13.13

Very Impressed. Amazed, really.I've spent my lockdown time ripping my cd collection to FLAC, and I came across one of my electronic mix cd's from around 2002. No song listing, no CD-Text, not even a label. I spent about an hour looking through my computer files to see if I had any notes or playlists or cd-burning files that would help me identify the unfamiliar music on the disc. I tried listening to it to see if I could figure out the songs, but no luck at all. I was thinking there was no way Shazam would be even remotely helpful for this kind of stuff. I was dead wrong. Shazam nailed every single song, even the remixes. It identified one song as "The Sheriff" by Fila Brazilla, but the times didn't match up when I double checked AllMusic. My version was longer than the listed time. I did a little more research to see if there was a longer version. When there wasn't, I decided to check to see if that song ripped with extra silence at the head or tail in error on my CD. Sure enough, Shazam was right, and my disc was wrong: 30 seconds of silence at the end of the track. I am seriously stunned at what a great job Shazam did with such an eclectic disc of music. I knew it was good at the popular stuff, but most of these songs didn't have lyrics (and in some cases, melodies.) Anyway, highly recommended and highly grateful..Version: 13.15

Me encantaEsta buena la App y siempre funciona,ojalá siempre sea gratuita y puedan generar ingresos de otras formas, éxitos a los desarrolladores.Version: 15.9

Really fun to write and watchThe reason why it’s so much fun is so much fun while pushing the button it just beeps and then it listens and you’re done when it goes to a song like bad day when I looked up is it literally could show you it could show you that like him it could show you the like songs and sometimes you can watch the video to the song so much fun and then if you like it look up on your playlist so let’s run the reason why some people don’t like it is because like it’s just boring to them and you just push the button is boring boo-hoo some of them say and like maybe like maybe they just wanna know the song because it’s like sound super terrible something like that but the app is so much fun it’s very organizing and you need it so yeah.Version: 14.22

“Shazam!”There used to be a time in my younger years, it was a simple matter of identifying every single piece of music played on the radio. Now we’re in the 21st Century; radios have become practically obsolete, devices for playing music media beyond number. Each device having the capacity upwards of 100,000 songs. The average person needs some help knowing every song being played in a room within hearing range. Through the past ten years or more I’ve drifted back, and forth to Shazam. As my tool for telling me the name of the song I’m listening to. I’ve always never failed to notice, whenever there’s a song I need to know something about. Someone in the room has Shazam on the cell phone to help me out. Finally after a very long absence of getting by without Shazam on my phone. I downloaded the Shazam app on my phone for a long awaited reunion. The nicest feature about Shazam, it automatically connects me to my Apple Music. Then I can add the music I so quickly get identified added to my music collection on ITunes. Download the Shazam app, and give the music collection, and knowledge base a huge lift..Version: 13.12

Formerly brilliant appI would have given this app 5 stars were it not for one thing... A week ago they updated the app, and made it less useful. A simple thing perhaps, but before the update, you could shazam a song, tap on it, and it told you the release date, label and album. Now it doesn't. So now it's only useful for finding songs on Apple Music. Still great, but just not as great as it was in the four years up to last week..Version: 14.24

ShazamShazam is an amazing app!😀It recognises the song I’m listening to in a few seconds and has been correct every time so far! It’s very useful, as I often hear songs around the place and want to know what they are🎵The lyrics are also a great feature - I can sing along even if I don’t know the song at all 😉Plus it’s free! I definitely recommend this app. Thanks Shazam!🤩.Version: 14.2

Fantastic App!!I’ve used Shazam after I couldn’t for the life of me work out who sang a particular track I’d kept hearing many years ago, so frustrated, I was with a friend & it came on radio, casually he ‘Shazam’d’ the track & unknown to me, he told me!??? I’d never heard of this ‘Shazam’ until then!!! But now I use it on a weekly basis & as times gone on & the app has become more sophisticated it does more & more!!! FANTASTIC! I’ve never looked back & no other app does anything like this, hardly ever misses knowing a track, so no more frustrating times not finding out the artist!!! AMAZING 👌🏼⭐️🌟⭐️📱👏🏼😍.Version: 11.4.2

I’d be so lost without this appEver hate when you hear a song out in public but you don’t know what the title is/who is singing it? Then you find it after spending spend hours searching for it through all the songs that have the same or similar lyrics? Yeah let’s just say this song helps cut that process down to mere a minute on average. As a note, sometimes (very rarely/really depends on your device) it may take closer to two minutes or may need you to activate it a couple times but most of the time once you activate it the first time you will find the song you’re hearing (granted if it is loud enough, but it can pick it up fairly well even if it’s barely in the background). So in conclusion, I would recommend this app 100% for any music lovers, and/or for those who find themselves in a similar position as mentioned above. It has saved me a lot of time/headache trying to remember lyrics and find a song. Just one press of the button and you could have your favorite song saved/recognized.Version: 14.22

Works seamlessly with Apple MusicI love this app..Version: 15.9

Great appThis app is almost perfect everytime, sure, there are occasions where it can’t really pick up what’s playing, but thats more because of too much noise drowning out the music (which needs to be alot to stop it to work), or the clip is too short. To summarise, this is the best readily available app for music identification. From my tests, its more than likely to find what you’re looking for, even if the tracks are suuuuuper indie..Version: 12.18

Special songs I like.I like to purchase music to play in my car. I do not usually want to buy full albums, but specific songs that I like. What I love about Shazam is that there may be a commercial with a song I like or a movie will feature a certain song. I may not know the correct name or who sings it. All I have do is Shazam it and there it is. I have used it so many times. My playlist for my car is unbelievable. All good songs. Not 30% or 70%, but 100% songs I like. The only bummer is that I used to be able to press purchase And it took me right to the place where I could purchase the song. I can’t do that now or if I can I do not know how. I am not interested in paying a monthly fee for all the music in the world. I want only specific songs and sometimes I might not be able to remember the name. Purchasing is the best option for me!.Version: 13.13

Great, absolutely greatI think it’s a great idea and executed almost perfectly andi know that there are countless updates they have planned still, but atm there is one slight problem I have noticed, although not a big problem at all, the app occasionally gets songs wrong and not knowing the name for the song you’re wanting to find and believing it’s the song they show you can be a little bit annoying. However this could be classified as knit picking, it would be nice to fix this, thanks.Version: 14.3

Song and band details + BPM detectionI've been searching around your app and it provides everything that is sent through the library but I was wondering if you can add the Album related to the song that has been detected, the band worry more detail in history, genre, sales, etc (do the same with the songs too, charts, usage, etc) and also find the BPM of the song as well, and also other aspects of music theory and production as well, same with the band, studio labels, awards, etc. Thanks..Version: 12.2

Rock my soulThank you buddy! Jesus.Version: 15.9

Great AppI’m one of those people who like figuring out what a song is called. My friend had this app, so I asked my mom for it. She said yes. I use this app frequently in the car if I want to “bookmark” a song. My favorite feature is the live lyrics. When you Shazam a song you can look at the lyrics. But not just the lyrics, the lyrics that are actually playing on the part of the song it was Shazam-ed at. I actually used this app while writing this. I also like the fact it gives you a preview of the music video. But I wish there was a button that you could watch the whole music video that synced with your music. Otherwise everything else is great. I recommend this app to all those like me who need to know what the name of!.Version: 13.27

Love love love this appI love music and my kids will tell you that car trips are made so much more fun when you play “name the song and the artist “ 😳😂. No really! Shazam has always come up with the answer when we are stumped and enabled me to add to my playlist.Version: 12.16

Getting to complicatedIt used to be a quick easy it's got more add ons and useless gimmicks. Why? How do you delete 'following' just because we want to know one song doesn't mean we want to know a bands life history,location,videos etc etc etc etc. Like many others..the song has finished before you can work around the settings/ facebook/spotify/music/connect/ Please someone develop a simple- press,listen, find track, save/delete with buy option- nothing else !! I would happily pay £5 for an app like that !!! come on developers.Version: 11.4.3

AmazingIs unique.Version: 15.9

Why you should download this app! 📱Do you ever listen to a song and you don’t know what is called but you just feel the type of vibe where you feel urself dancing or day dreaming about it 😂 well this is a perfect app where you can Shazam it, download it and listen to it later or play it aloud in the car with a group of friends. I love Shazam 💗.Version: 14.12

ShazamShazam is good because when I’m on a road trip like recently and we play songs or hear songs we are not sure what they are called Shazam is a great app to help and if you like that song it automatically saves the song so you won’t forget and it’s easy to see because it’s got a bright and nice front cover :) great work with designing this app it is super convinient - user.Version: 13.7

FantasticNever fails identifying an artist..Version: 15.9

One of the greatest apps everI couldn't believe it when this service first appeared, years ago when you had to dial 2580 and it would text you back the track details. I'd be out and about, in a club, at a bar, watching TV and I'd use it all the time. Shazam has helped me discover music and artists that I would have never found otherwise. To me, Shazam has been just as significant as iTunes, and is probably one of the best inventions I've witnessed in my lifetime. Amazing. Everyone has heard a piece of music and wondered "who is this?" We'll wonder no more. Shazam is here!.Version: 11.4.1

I love it!One of the most useful apps I’ve downloaded. I use it every time I go out. Very well executed with the design of the app and picks the songs up really well. Highly recommend!.Version: 13.8

Thought It Was Good...ButHad been using this app on and off in combination with SoundHound. One feature I like about this app is that you can “search a song” and it will save it to a history log Same As SoundHound but unfortunately this history isn’t “device transferable” unlike SoundHound and also I did I a series of searches from the control center (panel) which is a extremely useful feature that I don’t think SoundHound has but it was to my surprise after (falling default) to this method that these “searches” weren’t being saved only the ones that were searched when the app was visible on screen which as mentioned before is device specific and I can’t view on a different device 4/5 stars if this app saved history from the beginning of time as SoundHound did it would get the 5 stars as even if you logged in later after searching a series they would simply get added to you me account history with location(SoundHound) A+ App though I will say.Version: 14.4

Can’t believe itOn a cruise recently in the cocktail bar and could hear this lovely music playing above all the people talking and laughing. I recorded it on my phone as I didn’t have Shazam at the time and it was very hard to hear the song but when I got home I recorded it on my husband Shazam and up came the title of the song and then I purchased it. Very happy me..Version: 12.11

One of My Top 5 AppsI LOVE THIS APP. I’m always on the hunt for new music and this app helps me do that! I love how I can be out and about, hear a song, hold up my phone, and in less than five seconds I’ve learned what it is. And it can seriously hear the song even if you’re out in a public place and the music isn’t that loud! Let me give you a few examples. I was in a busy chipotle and it gave me the song title. I was in a lens crafter and could barely hear the speaker myself. And there was this song from this short 1 minute video where my friend is talking over the song and all you can hear in the background is the melody but I was like OMG WHAT IS THAT SONG and I thought there was no way the app would be able to get it because the song was so subtle but low and behold it discovered it! DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!.Version: 13.5

Claire - dance teacherThis is my fave tool to use to ensure I always have interesting, upbeat and eclectic playlists in my classroom - whether I’m watching tv, In the car, or out and about - Shazam is my go to..Version: 15.15

Good but a little annoying when…It’s very good when you play the actual recording but when you play it on piano or sing it or some other instrument, it completely fails to say the right song, or just doesn’t say any song at all. It also only gives you a very limited amount of time and you can’t play enough of it for it to recognize. If the company sees this, please try to make it so that you can manually turn the button off. (There might be a setting like this in settings but I didn’t see it). Please also try to solve that other problem about different instruments, I don’t know if it’s possible (it might also not work if you sing it in a different key but I’m not sure). But that aside it is a fun app and it’s good at what it does. thanks for making it Shazam!.Version: 15.2

The end to frustrationFor so long I have been frustrated by radio stations not announcing songs. So much detective work and still one of two untraceable songs have eluded me. No more! Shazam dose a great job and I really appreciate it..Version: 13.19

AmazingI don’t use the app often but it’s front and center on my Home Screen for quick access and I am always amazed how well it works. So useful it should be built in to the OS..Version: 14.22

This does exactly what it says it does.Matches every song without error so far. Wish it would open in iTunes so I could purchase the song’s instead of iMusic looking for a subscription..Version: 13.5

Useful, easy to use app.Where has the old lyric feature on your app gone? I deleted the app because I didn’t have enough storage, but missed it so much that I redownloaded it! Anyway, when I redownloaded it, one of my favourite features was gone. You used to be able to follow the lyrics of the song as you played it, which was great for pretending you know a song! 😂 I was wondering if it had moved, or if it’s no longer there, or what? I’m not sure if this is the right place to look, although this hasn’t affected my love of the app! Love it and use it all the time..Version: 13.0

What more do you need ! ! !I’m 57 bought vinyl back in my teens ( my dad had a 8 track cartridge player in the car ) moved to CD’s, awesome so much better than vinyl. Now in the digital age, with Shazam I never have to buy another CD ever again ! Shazam syncs to Apple Music download the song and there you go full albums from Shazaming one song, playlists on all devices. PERFECT ! ! !.Version: 13.26

Shazam music library or knowledge of songsI have experienced that Shazam has in some cases it doesn’t recognize a song or songs, music etc for some reason. I have experienced in particular music one of my favorite music Latin music be it from the 1950s/60s/70s/80s. I am from New York, some music genres are Afo-Cuban, Mambo, Son, Guanguanco, Son Montuno etc and Shazam does not recognize some songs or music sadly. I listen to a radio station WFDU Saturdays 1pm - 6pm and they play a mixed array of the types of music, songs I am referring to, maybe if someone in the organization can listen a few Saturdays, one can get a good grasp of what is being brought attention to, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you, P.S. my compliments to the great body of work done thus far, hats off to the hard work done!.Version: 14.7

Classical and Modern Serious Music.I absolutely love Shazam. I also love all types of music but especially classical music and especially of the modern genre. I play keyboards and was brought up playing an antique Harmonium (a pedal reed organ) and in a short time became accomplished enough to be the Assistant Organist for a large Presbyterian Church in the Twin City suburb town of Hastings MN. We had a small seven rank but very powerful Pipe Organ which was absolutely a GAS to play full organ even tho I had to sort of wing it on the full 32 note pedal keyboard. Now getting back to my review of Shazam. I think your App comes up short in identifying classical musical tracks and albums. Most serious music lovers prefer to know the Composer first before they know who are the Artists or Artist. I do wish Shazam would provide much more Info on the Classical Music tracks (PLEASE) but thanx a whole lot for what you do do..Version: 11.13.0

L’application est incroyable.Je suis stupéfait par la rapidité de l’application à reconnaître les chansons, dont je cherche les titres..Version: 15.9

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