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TheScore: Sports News & Scores App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

TheScore: Sports News & Scores app received 62 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TheScore: Sports News & Scores? Can you share your negative thoughts about thescore: sports news & scores?

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TheScore: Sports News & Scores for Negative User Reviews

New football timeline prevents quick checking of goals and scorersThe latest redesign of football matchup pages prior to the World Cup [in 6.20.0 and 6.20.1] appears to be a backwards step, effectively slowing down the process of checking games for goal times and scorers. The new timeline view has been implemented with the stated intention of providing critical scoring information “at-a-glance”, but in doing so it’s replaced any initial display of the goal times and scorers, forcing you to scroll through the timeline of events. In previous versions it was possible to open a match, immediately view goal times and scorers underneath the score, and press the scorer to move straight to their info page. Not only has that critical information now been buried in the timeline, but pressing the scorer only links to the graphic of the goal. While that’s an interesting feature to add another link to, it felt more useful to have direct access to the player’s page from the goal time. Apologies for picking this out here - I’ve been using and appreciating the app for years, and I realise that you’d want to make changes in advance of the World Cup, but I think moving goal times and scorers away from an immediately viewable position on the page had to be flagged up. If they could be returned to the top or an alternative view could be made optional that’d be great, but for quicker browsing I’ll have to reinstall an older version..Version: 6.20.1

Love the app but some glitchesThis app is great and generally has worked well for me providing the sports news I want. However there are some glitches. One, when using the app and trying to contact the developers through the Help section it asks for an email to be setup in order to use that function which I have set up an email through the app, so that's useless (which is why I'm leaving a review on the App Store). Two, the main issue I've had is using the widgets as a "stack" on my iPhone 14 Pro Max. I've used the stack to add the Score widget for my favorite teams that I want to keep track of so I can scroll through the stack easily; however I've noticed that after working for a little while it always reverts to a state where some of the widgets in the stack work fine but other widgets in the same stack will revert to a blank state - the widget is still there and I can edit it, but even afyer editing it stays in the same blank state in the stack. I've had to set the stack up multiple times and it always glitches in this way. If they could just fix this issue the app would be almost perfect. However due to the issues using the widgets I will have to leave this as a 3 start review until it gets fixed..Version: 22.14.1

Terrible appDon’t bother using this app. Expressing your own opinion in the chats and comments will get you banned..Version: 20.15.0

Horrible LayoutI’ve been a loyal user since 2009, and this layout is brutally bad. It’s not intuitive at all, and I can’t find what I want to find quickly..Version: 6.5.0

FaultyScores for NHL are constantly off time, lagging, erroring out, or just missing goals. Have to use ESPN half the time..Version: 22.14.2

Buggy lately.App used to be great. Now there’s a bunch of errors and it doesn’t work a lot of the time. Might just be my phone or network but it never did this before..Version: 22.14.2

Poor developersAll the games are on different days since I Am not in an American Timezone. After contacting developers several times, no fix has been reached.Version: 6.29.0

Good app but lacks live activityGood app, but you need to add the new live activity functionality to show scores and game stats on the home screen during games..Version: 22.14.2

Few issuesHad some alerts come through backwards on an NHL game that had finished hours before. Ad at the bottom is annoying. But otherwise solid app..Version: 3.0

SlowVery slow to update standings.Version: 22.14.2

Garbage appThe app won’t let you type “Trump” in the comments. What a joke of an app, censorship at its finest..Version: 20.15.1

Unmanageable AlertsI used to have alerts to inform me of all touchdowns on Sundays. Now when you try to manage NFL alerts there's nothing there. Moving to a different app.Version: 6.1.1

Some changes are good. Some aren’t.I have liked TheScore, think they’re a great app. However, there are some things that aren’t right with the current update. When following games through the app such as NBA, I am finding that you have created a ‘betting info’ slot. This is concerning because... 1. It is not at the end of the page like the ‘plays’ slot is. The plays slot is key for some followers because they see who took the shot and if they made/missed it, what type of shot it was etc etc. same goes for like rebounds, steals and technical fouls. 2. There is a ‘betting info’ slot on every page. It’s like you’re creating the slot to better enhance gambling. Although I have no problems with gambling it is not right to have one for people to see because we have your app to follow sport, not watch how much money we could make off a bet. Put it short and sweet, priorities the ‘plays’ slot over the ‘betting info’ slot and if you want to have the betting information; make a page for all of them for all those that gamble. Otherwise, I love using your app..Version: 19.5.1.

Widget doesn’t work for Toronto Maple LeafsLove the app, been using it for years and is especially great with TheScore Bet integration. I can’t for the life of me however; get the widget working for the Leafs. It works for any other team that I select. Tried uninstalling and installing multiple times over the last 2 years. Please fix!.Version: 22.14.1

Enough AlreadyThis has been my go-to sports app since it came out. I’ve enjoyed the improvements the developers have made throughout the years. However... how long does it take before someone fixes the scroll issue on the iPad Pro? I’m not sure if it’s happening on other devices (doesn’t happen on my iPhone X), but it keeps cutting off the top of a lot of pages (team and player pages) and I’m forced to “pull” the screen down just to see the top (as if I were trying to refresh the page), then of course as soon as I let it go, it scrolls right back up like it would normally do if the screen was adjusted properly. It’s not an iOS 13 issue, as it’s been happening since 12. You’ve cranked out about ten fixes since this has started, but not one that addresses this. Each time I see a new update I think, “this is it”. Nope..Version: 20.4.0

Want the old version backI used to love this app, was the best one in the market (in my opinion). However, after a big update a little while ago, the app just hasn’t been the same. I’m constantly having the app crash and restart, live games not updating the game details (ie. scores, times, plays, etc), in game chats completely disappearing forcing me to restart the app to try to bring it all back. Another downfall (IMO) is with the baseball portion...they used to have a spot were you could see the live pitches, bats, pitch count, batters bat record for that game, etc. now it’s all gone and feels like the app is more focused on their form of betting. It’s still an OK app, but I personally felt it was SO much better before all of this “updating” began..Version: 20.20.2

PoorUsed to really enjoy this app but now it’s full of adverts and pop ups! To many times before you can read the content you’ve clicked on you have to wait for videos to be cancelled or side bars that cover what you’re trying to read..Version: 20.15.1

Fix the chatsGood idea of a app especially the chat where we can get quicker updates from people watching the game Bc there are times when the app displays wrong score or doesn’t update properly. But there are certain people who love to troll including “ivargas” who will spam super long chats to clown those who attempt to report him. These clog up the entire chat and make it impossible to see what people are saying about the game. To make matters worse, your “report” option doesn’t do anything. I can say I’ve reported him over 50 times and Ik the rest of the chat does too. The saddest thing is I’ve been Please Find his Apple ID and ban him permanently and your app will benefit immensely. Thank you..Version: 21.5.0

App is good till you look at the newsSo if you are not familiar with the app they have a news section and on that news section, they let users comment on the stories unless they deem it ”sensitive content” and disable comments. Look I have no issue with that at all. My issue is that when people try to put through their point of views or just voice displeasure on the issue a lot of the times theScore will actually delete your comment even when you say not 1 thing bad about the person, organization, or writer. I had one today where they will constantly post about Antonio Brown and it would be the littlest things that do not require a new story because all they do is add a couple of lines from another post and then post it as a whole new story. I simply commented about it and that maybe people would like to see other stories and boom not even 2 minutes from posting it was taken down. Do not waste your time with this company or app because they are not supportive of their viewers wants or beliefs..Version: 19.11.0

Download anything but this appTerribly written stories, and toxic comment section that bans the wrong people, tsn, sportsnet even espn are better choices then this app.Version: 20.14.0

GlitchVery glitchy at times and seems like pages are very hard to load without full signal strength. Considering changing apps because of these issues..Version: 22.14.2

Could be greatThe fact that people who spam the chats constantly and never get banned is insane. I know you want to have as many subs as possible but people like that ruin the whole thing and there’s no repercussions..Version: 22.14.2

Bring the old app backApp was perfect the way it was before. The new update makes it a pain to use, no longer user friendly. Always takes more time to get where I want to go as opposed to before. Bring back the old interface now..Version: 6.4.0

UnbelievableThe most important weekend in the NFL and your app decides to not update any scores from any sports. Seriously guys? Terrible time to have a glitch. You would think the developers would ensure that the app is working for wildcard weekend for God’s sake. I appreciate the quick response from you guys, I have enjoyed thescore for a couple of years now. Each update seemed to create more and more glitches along with making the more user friendly which was a mistake on thescore’s part. You should have left well enough alone. Gabby I was working this weekend and having a sports app that is accurate and can updates your when it should is paramount. I would think that the developers and engineers would have tested the system especially because of this important football weekend we are having. After this last glitch today it was the final straw for me. I downloaded the ESPN app and surprisingly it has way more features than your app and is significantly less in megabytes. How is that possible? An app that does more than your app and is more than 50% less in megabytes? It also links into my cable provider so i can watch games outside the house. I had a nice run with you all and enjoyed your app, but glitching on wildcard weekend is absolutely unacceptable. Good luck to you in the future!!!.Version: 6.9.0

Betting is not more important than the gameWhen I’m looking for information on a game I should not see betting info before any other information. The betting section should be at the very bottom!.Version: 22.14.2

Don’t work after last updateCan’t get in the app , not opening.Version: 20.20.0

Finally moving on from theScoreI’ve previously reviewed the app and have always felt that the score tracking has been phenomenal compared to other apps. But I’ve also always had an issue with the news content. Sports is an escape from other things going on in most people’s lives, but far too often theScore brings politically opinionated articles into their feed. I rely on the news feed to stay on top of things going on in the sports that I wish to follow, but I do not expect to see articles that vaguely have anything to do with sports, and are instead geared towards influencing reader’s politically opinions. I cannot simply filter out these articles either as I have to scroll past them, seeing their titles which inferiorates me that this app would post such bias garbage. I’m moving on and not coming back this time. They already had a second chance from me when they stopped posting an ex-writer’s articles that were much of the same. EDIT IN RESPONSE TO THE DEVELOPER: The political bias on the app and the censoring of comments that don’t agree with that bias do not support your claim of politics and sports “naturally” intersecting. If your claim was true, we would not be subject to the writers opinions on the matter, rather just be presented with what occurred (which I would be fine with by the way). Unfortunately, the writers give their opinions and portray different viewpoints negatively..Version: 19.17.0

Too many useless notificationsI’ll start by saying this is the best sports app I can find for news and scores. The problem is, I find myself drowning in “breaking news” notifications such as “this week in footy” and “vote for the best performance of the week!”. There should be an option to separate the ACTUAL breaking news from the fluff articles that happen to mention the team or league you want to follow. EDIT: the developer response was helpful, but this option is not available to all leagues and teams. There is no option to turn off social, video, and features for English Football, Champions League, or English football teams (such as Liverpool) - and these leagues are the worst of the bunch in this regard. Please standardize this ability to filter news notifications and this will become 5 stars and hands down the best sports app ever! EDIT 2: been months and no change on this front. Getting tireless push notifications for things like ‘wacky transfers gone wrong!!!!!’ Not sure how the ability to filter breaking news from the rest of the drivel hasn’t been standardized across all leagues / teams. Downgraded review to one star due to this frustrating oversight..Version: 20.8.0

Great app, poor performanceHonestly this should be 5 stars but reading news has become impossible in last 2 weeks. Headlines and scores all load, but if I try to read a story it take minutes to load just text (rich content like ads and pics all load quick). Bizarre, tried uninstalling but no improvement. Hopefully remedy will be forthcoming as I used to use this app a lot. Generally have to leave app and look up stories elsewhere now..Version: 22.14.2

Web Browser STINKSThese guys are the best in business when it comes to compiling content from across various sites. They hit a lot of sites that provide great content daily. I’ve used TheScore to replace that sad site Twitter. However this web browser they use it completely worthless. If you don’t scroll perfectly down the website refreshes and it jumps back to the top. Suggestion to developers: it’s being cause by your feature to swipe left and right between articles. Get rid of this dude. I’m never using it and it’s ducking up my experience. I’ve starting using chrome to read articles cause I can’t get through Sports Illustrated articles uninterrupted. Im on an iPhone 12 too..Version: 21.11.0

Stats not workingJust got updated and now no stats come up on football, all on Zero !!!.Version: 20.22.0

Empty black linesWhen loading up a new day for scores, those empty black lines still an issue!!! Very disappointed thats its still not fixed. Moving to another app. Fed up of sending emails and screenshots. Plus shallow coverage for ncaa div 2 games..Version: 6.19.0

Fix time zones and crashing!!!The old version of this app allowed you to set the time zone you wanted. I set it to EST so that all that day's hockey fixtures were on one page. Now it forces me to set to UK time so any games starting at midnight (7pm EST) or after appear on the following day's fixtures. This makes keeping track of the day's fixtures a little difficult. If a team has a night game then an afternoon game the following day, both their fixtures appear on the same date. Please fix this along with the constant crashing on startup on iPhone 3G. Also, the previous version kept track of the series scores in the Playoffs under the 'Standings' tab. The new version does not and doesn't appear to show them anywhere in the app making it difficult to keep track of series progress at a glance..Version: 3.3.1

Please limit the characters, enable slow mode in chat!Some people unfortunately abuse the chat within each game because they manipulate one character and type enter multiple times in a row to no end, which makes the chat completely unusable. I’ve already emailed about this three times within the last year so I guess I’m leaving a review. Honestly besides checking the score and showing updates on an app, the live chat alone makes this app worth using because it’s fun to trash talk opponents and their fans and honestly grow some what of a community. Sadly though, TheScore doesn’t seem to care enough to fix something so simple for app developers. All that needs to be done is limit the characters that can be typed within the chat, limit the speed at which someone can send messages, and also do not allow repeated lines without characters. Force the limitation of consecutive space characters if possible. Please fix this and this app gets my 5 stars. The app has room for improvement, and I’d love to be a beta tester if possible and test the app for you guys. I would be a solid contributor since I use your app already everyday and want to help improve it. I don’t want to see it get ram sacked by some new app that “does it all” and starts to get recommendations over theScore. I’ve stuck around because no one has recommended any other app to me (YET). Either way, sorry for the long review but please fix the initial issues. Thank you!.Version: 22.7.1

App is wonderful but with so much spamThe app has been awesome all this while. Not sure with the last updates there is ridiculous amounts of spam pop ups like old school internet explorer back in the day. I am happy with getting ads but not every 10 seconds to the point can't read the article. Would love for them to clean this or offer an ad free version..Version: 5.9.1

Widget don’t workMake your widget work!!!.Version: 22.13.0

Good app, BUT…App is perfect for any sports fan. Pretty straightforward. BUT, the widgets need some MAJOR work. If there are multiple widgets on my screen with different teams, sometimes they’ll just switch to teams I didn’t set, by itself. On top of that, they are VERY slow at updating. Sometimes a game will be over and the score and time remaining from almost an hour ago is still up..Version: 22.14.2

Constantly fails to loadA lot to like about this app but it’s flaws make it hard to use. The app consistently fails to load detail content- sometimes showing it briefly then giving you a black screen. Another fun issue is that the app gets slower and slower the more you scroll around until it becomes completely unusable. Fixing these issues should be a high priority..Version: 20.21.0

Useless in a time like thisBefore the virus, our values and a lot of money were in sports. Now it shows how our values were wrong, sport players were getting the spotlight and way too much money while most of the essential workers were scraping. There’s a positive in a time like this. It puts our values straight and show how these sport players are useless. The app becomes useless now deserves a delete. Thank you for those who worked on this app. You can now perhaps move on to actually help others in better ways..Version: 20.8.0

Unfair blocking!You guys blocked me for talking facts about sports & trolls and yet you let guys like “payday” “thrgozthtman” “hfry” “lebronto6” disrespect, swear and insult the Raptors team, Raptors fans & even the country Canada. Such a shame!.Version: 21.17.0

Download CNN, MSNBC or Foxnews instead!For a long time the score remained politically neutral and just did sports. Times have changed. You would think that a no name start up, that has managed to wrestle away a large swath of users from ESPN, would understand that it was less about how good theScore was and more of a referendum on ESPN. America doesn’t watch sports to get another dose of politics. American media makes sure we are well aware Trumps tweets and Biden’s gaffes. I will be deleting this app now, not because of its features or usability, but because it has become just another conduit for people to editorialize some version of some story and remind me I shouldn’t try and interpret the world as I see it. They must know they are being controlled as the “remove comments” for any opinions piece they write, which has become a majority of their articles. In conclusion if you would like to get a solid dose of political animus with your football or basketball scores then this is the app for you!.Version: 20.15.1

🤷‍♂️Good app but it annoys me so much that all you can do for videos is pause and play, please sort that out.Version: 6.31.0

Why can’t you get it rightI really do like this app and had it for years but what is goin on lately? Your way behind on score updates sometimes not even having the scores up till 2nd quarter of basketball to were I have to open the ESPN app which is always faster and at least a min or two ahead of THE SCORE..then sometimes you you guys put the hockey goals on the wrong team or are wrong with your play by play and for a gambling man like myself is a huge problem..the NBA play by play is unexplainable I have no idea who or how you guys get the play by play but terrible. I can go on and on like I said I really to like the app it’s pretty simple and easy I love the black background I’m not ready to give up on it yet but I’m not to far off from deleting it..I hope you are aware of all the problems can’t see how you couldn’t be but please fix these problems thank you.....Version: 6.15.0

Doesn’t workJust did the September 26th, 2020 update, & the app crashes on startup. Very disappointing !!!!.Version: 20.20.0

I love itReally good the way it tells you the score of each game is so cool.Version: 22.14.2

A great thing going badThe Score was a wonderful find for me several years ago. However, it has now degraded to the point of being annoying rather than informative. Two things would bring it back to greatness: 1.) Please stop putting up content that requires a subscription to read. If I wanted to subscribe to every sports related blog, I wouldn’t need the Score. Now I have to pay attention to where the posting comes from to determine if I can retrieve the information behind it. 2.) Require the ads to be small and quickly dismissible - these are ridiculously bad coming from newspapers and tv news outlets, to the point of covering the whole screen and not allowing the reader to dismiss for a minute or more. It is maddening to try to read the articles..Version: 19.14.0

Too easy to get BannedThe app itself, fantastic. Hands down the easiest app to use for scores. HOWEVER, this app gets 1 star from me! I’ve been banned NUMEROUS times for making comments in live chats with ZERO profanity or racial slurs etc. Yet, I constantly get banned. Which I find hilarious because all I see is racial slurs and profanity literally every second I’m on the app! Would rate 0 if I could, it’s a sports app.... when did people get so soft? Do you watch sports? I’m sure you’ve heard worse watching love tv. TheScore = Dumpster fire.Version: 20.15.1

Going downhill fastThis used to be a great app but has really deteriorated since it was bought. The information is now very slow to be updated. Other good features have been replaced by betting information. I now just use Google to get game updates and statistics. Too bad, it used to be so good..Version: 22.14.2

The guys who run this app are not sports fansIt sure is a pretty site. My preferred site is Yahoo because the designers of the app understand the importance of batting averages for baseball and passer ratings for football. In The Score app, batting averages and passer ratings are in the Stats all right but one has to scroll past the right edge of the screen to see them. No sports fan appreciates having to go the extra step. These statistics quickly summarize the essence of the player and should be visible close to the front of the line. Viewers then can evaluate the game performance statistics with those numbers in mind. The Score is a great radio station but I think the broadcasters who love sports would agree with me about The Score app’s deficiency..Version: 22.14.0

Great appearance but average appDoesn’t update the standing fast enough. Always having to go elsewhere to look at standings at the end of day.Version: 22.14.2

GarbageKeeps crashing telling me to retry. Works maybe once a day. It used to be the only sports app I had, now I’m stuck with using tsn which is trash but at least it works..Version: 22.14.2

Buggy updateScores on the main screen freeze and need to close all and open to fix everytime.Version: 22.14.2

Seriously guys? What happened??I should give 1 star but I’m giving 2 because of the history of greatness this app so long served. But for some confounding reason starting like a year ago the in-app browser used for the news articles has gotten buggy to the point of being unusable. And even the in-house articles from TheScore writers now inexplicably open up in the in-app browser when they used not to. The in-app browser is so awful that when I open an article I realized I have to try read really really fast because after something like 15 seconds the page is gonna reload and start me over again at the top of the page. Why? Go F yourself that’s why. I keep expecting this to get fixed in an update but there’s been a ton of updates and nobody is addressing this alpha-level bug that has no business being in such a popular app on the App Store. If they are lazy at least just send the user into safari when they open an article if you can’t figure out how to get the NFL sites to properly render in the in-app browser — I often have to do this manually just to read an article by clicking share article then send via text message, copy the url included in the message, and move over to safari. It’s ridiculous. Please developers before the next update where the 2022 olympics gets its own new section, fix the news feeds in the nfl section! I’ll change my review when that happens..Version: 20.24.2

Crashing!!!!Usually a perfect app, just ran the update. Crashing every time I open.Version: 20.20.0

Communist MonitoringAccording to this app, constantly promoting a gambling addiction on sports apps is fine but critiquing poor journalism is a bannable offense. What a load of hypocrisy!! So you mean to tell me, all the ways you're promoting gambling addictions is less offensive than people talking trash on a sports app…? Be honest, have any of you been to a sporting event? They’re not made for sensitive people, and the trash talk is supposed to be in fun nature, monitoring comments sections requires a substantial amount of ego to believe that you know what someone you’ve never met, should, and shouldn’t be saying…but that part bothers you enough to ban someone from commenting ever again, meanwhile you’re working hard to create the gambling addicts of the future even invested some capital in that market…. You sound ridiculous, your community policies are a joke, and you’re hypocritical for believing that cleaning up the trash talk in sports while PROMOTING GAMBLING ADDICTIONS in sports is the right way to go. Apparently being a ‘potty mouth’ is worse than being a gambling addict. Get a grip, you’re completely out of touch with reality, monetizing as much as possible at the cost of ruining people’s lives but I’m glad you stopped Kenny from using the B-word 😒😒😒😒😒😒 GFY.Version: 21.11.0

Spamming/Trolling and nothing is doneNo point in reporting someone who is chatting derogatory things, racist things, and spamming/trolling. This app does nothing about reporting..Version: 21.8.0

Great for scores, but needs to ease off the clickbaitI don't often write app reviews, but felt compelled to provide feedback on The Score. Fundamentally it's a very good app. Lightning-fast scores, accurate data and very strong Apple Watch integration. Where it really lets itself down however is the "news" push notifications and the team's editorial judgment as to what's newsworthy (which is not as much as they think)... I want to be kept up to date with KEY sports information such as injuries, schedule changes, player transactions etc. What I don't want is "Could this team of free agents beat the Browns? 🤔" or "Watch this amazing goal 👀" - which is not only annoying click bait, but is also superfluous given the primary reason I have this app is for the AW integration. No guys, I'm not going to watch that video or read this listicle on my wrist. I just want a simple buzz when my team's ace gets hurt or when the league MVP is traded. I reached out to provide this feedback directly and the team was quick to acknowledge but also said they could not (or had no plans to) segment news which was disappointing. I appreciate content generating entities need clicks and views to sustain them, but surely not at the cost of alienating other users? Why not allow greater personal control and customisation as to what content the end user is served? I'm more than happy to amend/update this rating if the situation changes in future, however it's disappointing that I've ultimately disabled most of the news functions because there's no way to toggle actual news and what I would categorise as clickbait. Otherwise, it's the best sports score product I've seen for the Apple Watch..Version: 6.16.0

SportsThis app is a good but the reason I give this a 4 is that they should ban spamming..Version: 22.12.0

DisappointedVery saddened by the increased profile that gambling is taking in the Score, nhl, and other venues. It has darkened pro hockey in my opinion. I’m sure the rational is more $$$ for the nhl. Tell me how it helps society..Version: 22.14.2

What happened?Where are the full team schedules that can be added to iCal? The new layout is pretty nice, but it looks like some major features were removed in exchange..Version: 6.1.1

Would be better butThe overall app is one of if not the best sports apps however they devs really really…REALLY hate when people speak about sports or speak their mind about sports. Most of the articles people are unable to comment on and their censorship is very rigid and more strict than your dad after five whiskeys and a call from his boss telling him to come in on Sunday. Its gotten to the point where you have to have the jargon of a PG rated Disney Princess in order for you to comment anywhere on this app…god forbid you use PG-13 acceptable language. They truly despise free speech and public discord and are big proponents of putting people in a box and telling them what they can and cannot say. Truly would be the best app if they didn’t treat the people like toddlers and allowed for more public discord and freer speech…they are the authoritarian fascist dictators of sports apps world..Version: 21.17.0

Worthless media playerOMG, how are there positive ratings with the worthless media player on this app. By the time you can activate the controls to make it full screen the clip is halfway over. You’d think you can just rewind it and restart it. But no, you can’t. Abysmal programming for 2019. Other apps let you hard press and view the highlight in the notification too, but no, that’s beyond there comprehension too. Don’t get it. Just go with other sports apps. It will frustrate you to no end as much as they push videos but you can’t view or control them correctly. Horrible. Edit: The developer response is worthless. It’s not an issue with the device. There is no slider to rewind the videos. Again, by the time you maximize the video on an iPhone you miss the first half the video. Which would be fine if there was a slider. But no, apparently this company didn’t hire any user interface reviewers. The only way to replay is to wait for the video to end, then replay. But the o lay way to replay is in the small window and you go through the entire process again. Seriously, this should have much worse ratings..Version: 19.6.0

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