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IBartender Cocktail Recipes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

IBartender Cocktail Recipes app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IBartender Cocktail Recipes? Can you share your negative thoughts about ibartender cocktail recipes?

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IBartender Cocktail Recipes for Negative User Reviews

AverageIt's funny, you can't get a decent cocktail app. What's wrong with this app? Lousy instructions and no pictures. Also it doesn't look like is giving me a lot of combinations, also cannot find captain morgan in it. A nice little add could be a page that shows you how many drinks you can make and what ingredient you could add to add some more based on what you already have..Version: 5.6

Poor taste in cocktailsIt’s ok but most cocktails are in bad taste. There are few good balanced cocktails but they are hard to find. I wouldn’t waste your time, there are better cocktail apps out there. But if you like making Everclear more palatable then maybe this is for you..Version: 7.5.2

Good but not good enough .....Good resource with a nice clean interface - but I agree with others, it really needs a search by ingredient function!.Version: 0

Quite good, but quite flawedComprehensive list of great drinks. But you need to add ingredients either to the App’s master list or at least to your own created drinks. Grapefruit Vodka, please?.Version: 7.5.2

Worst $1 I ever spentJust get a free app. This one isn’t worth $1. Was told this app would allow me to check off things you got around the house and it’ll suggest drink recipes, it won’t. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I’m so mad at myself..Version: 7.5.2

PointlessBrowse is pointless, as there are thousands of cocktails and a name in a list tells you nothing about them. Discover is pointless. I spent ages entering my ingredients only to find it doesn't filter the browse nor the search results. Complete waste of time. Buck up your ideas, Kevin!.Version: 4.9

Good information... But....It would be great to have some pictures of complete drinks once made.Version: 0

Poor qualityNo organization of the drinks. Just a plain list. Recommend that you don't buy..Version: 0

PoorBasically pulls cocktail recipes from wikipedia, hardly a reliable source at the best of times. The recipe for Bloody Mary, for example, does not include such essential ingredients as dry sherry, celery salts, bitters or a range of other things. This is not an isolated issue either. It also suffers from a tendency toward second rate ingredients such as flavoured vodkas by absolut. Seriously, there must be better than this elsewhere. Refund, please?.Version: 4.7

Works but...... I was expecting a larger database even if it's only a buck. "Whiskey Sour" and "Amaretto Sour" are included but no "Amaretto Stone Sour" or "Whiskey Stone Sour". Please include a database count on your description. The search requires exact spelling. Perhaps an enhancement could be made to search on partial words with a minimum of 3 characters? I think this would be more helpful for the spehling chalunged like myself.... B^).Version: 0

Good value for £0.59For an amateur mixologist like me it's useful to have these cocktails in one place rather than have to search through different books. An extra star would have been added if you could search by name or ingredient..Version: 0

Great App but.....It would be fantastic to have an option to input the alcohol/drinks you actually have in your house and it come up with drinks you can make right now. Now THAT would be impressive!! .Version: 3.5

Cool appPretty good app, it needs an option where you can input what drinks you have available, and come up with a list of drinks you can mix from it..Version: 0

Worth a try but didn’t meet my needsMy current favorite cocktail recipe app is abandonware so I’m looking for a new one. This one looked intriguing, with a small but enthusiastic set of reviews, and possibly robust set of recipes and custom user recipes. Unfortunately, as another reviewer noted, the recipes weren’t what I expected. And easy example: Lemon Drop. I expect it to use Absolute Citron or other lemon-infused vodka, some lemon juice, simple syrup and maybe an orange liqueur. The recipe here was straight vodka and a lot of lemon juice. From a previous developer response, they state they’re using classic, long accepted recipes. I believe them. That’s fine. But I’m looking for recipes that are generally similar to what’s broadly used in 2018. This discrepancy between what I expect and the library was across my favorite drinks. Additionally, the UI design is not attractive, to me. It’s not bad, but it’s not a delight. Especially compared to the old app I’m replacing, which is elegant and way to use. I decided that for me a kinda clunky app that I’d have to write all my core recipes anew wasn’t what I wanted. If this got tuned up, the recipes expanded to include contemporary approaches, and a UI refresh of the UI (see the sadly abandoned Old Sport for inspiration), I’d gladly pay a few bucks for it. This app is a good option to compare to the other freemium apps, which have their own pluses and minuses..Version: 7.5.2

Not fully customizable drinksI would like to be able to enter a particular ingredient that is not on the list. I cannot create my own cocktail list if I have an item that is not in the drop down. It’s great that you can select the type of glass and the measurements but your stuck with items on the drop down list..Version: 7.0

DecentI like this app took me 20 mins to find a decent recipet for a drink the other day. But one thing I would fix is to give an option to change from Parts to Ounces because I for one have trouble figuring out "4 parts this" "16 parts that" and "2 parts something else" especially when I have already had a couple.Version: 0

A must have.Very good all you need for a great party.Thank you..Version: 0

Seriously?????I must have a bit of a drinking problem because this app is useless. The drinks that it lacks in its database is frightening. I honestly don't know how or why this is ranked so highly. This was the first app that I paid money for and later deleted. It doesn't even tell me the ingredients in a Manhattan! Are you serious? Before you praise it, why not exercise it a little bit? Maybe search for a drink other than a Bacardi and Coke? Be a bit more creative with your drink selection. I dare you. It'll soon make you very appreciative of the dollar you already wasted. I chose Mixilogy, a FREE app, and so far it was an excellent choice. Seriously, a Manhattan?!?!?.Version: 0

ReviewThey don’t all have images for the cocktails which I think is half of the presentation.Version: 7.5.2

DOES NOT WORKIs this app discontinued? Because I keep trying to use it and it pops me out..Version: 7.5.2

Ok for trying new drinks but lacks too many needed featuresAs a bartender in the south, this app is missing a lot of popular recipes for down here. Also, I like trying new things but I mostly want to enter my own recipes. There doesn't appear to be a way to enter my own recipes and photos. Add that and I'll give it 5 stars..Version: 4.0

Great app but cannot add ingredientsI am trying to add a new cocktail recipe for an Apperol Spritz and it doesn't have Apperol on the ingredients list and won't let me add it anywhere that I can find. Please fix and it will get a 5 star rating quicker than it takes to pour a cup of coffee..Version: 5.6

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