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RadarScope App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

RadarScope app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using RadarScope? Can you share your negative thoughts about radarscope?

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RadarScope for Negative User Reviews

Sorry but this is a jokeSo I paid £100 for what I thought was a fully featured satellite ans Weather app. In fact, all it consists of a radar map. Nothing else. No menu. No options of any kind. I’ve asked for a refund..Version: 5.2.2

More Canadian Support Please!The radar is awesome but it lost 2 stars because the Canadian Warnings are not shown and the Cell Tracker won't work with Canadian Radar Sites. If these things are fixed then it will gain back the 2 stars..Version: 2.1.2

Disappointed weathermanRadar loops are very old (16 mins) & the graphics are really bad, not what I expected for paying $6 for.Version: 1.8.1

Canadian Radars no longer workingAfter Environment Canada has updated its radar, I think there might have been an error in fetching Canadian radars in this app… all Canadian radars return as blanks. The American ones still work, might be useful if you live along the border..Version: 4.3

Waste of moneyI live in a major city and this app provides nothing for my area. The nearby radars have such poor resolution you can find way better resources for free online. I’m regretting spending $15 on an app that serves no purpose..Version: 3.8.7

US ONLYOnly works in the US complete waste of money if your not a American. Demand a refund.Version: 3.8.8

A bit priceyI have been using the free version for a while now and the reason for that being that it’s quite pricey apart from that great app..Version: 3.10

Constant errors!It constantly doesn’t want to upload radars,losses connection etc...idk but wanting over 100$ for something this laggy and with constant issues...no thanks!.Version: 3.8.8

Long time customer !I will say the app is excellent for what it is intended for. I bought it when it came out. I can’t remember how far back I don’t know maybe 12 or more years ago. I bought it for about $ 25 or so for pro life time in the beginning when that was outrageous for a app. But I loved it. The problem is the have deactivated the restore feature. They keep trying to sell me to it for $99 days a year. This is fine for all the new customers. But I bought it once for an lifetime membership. So there respectability stinks. They do not treat the original customers properly. They found out they have a marketable app. They don’t care to treat the ones who launched the app purchases and showed them it would work. I do get to keep me low level functioning app updating though. If this is not so tell me Tech support. Yours truly an original customer. That is why I rated this product a one star..Version: 4.7.2

What happened? V.4 maps lost detail!Pro subscriber and user from the very beginning. Boat captain that relies on this daily for work on the water inshore and offshore in South Carolina. The new “improved” maps in version 4 just took away all the coastal waterway definition we used to have. This visual detail is CRITICAL for discerning radar vs physical location tracking. Yes, I realize the app can pinpoint my current position with GPS but I also need to understand position of weather relative to other waterways. They simply disappeared from the new maps, and the coastline is now a very rough interpretation. High-def Radar is useless without high-def maps. Fix it, please. 2-Star rating is a reflection of the current level of map clarity for what was always a 5-Star app for me until the latest “improvements”..Version: 4.0.1

US ONLY.US ONLY. DEVS. complain to Apple they’re promoting it on U.K. app stores..Version: 3.11

Doesn't work in Australia.Available in the Australia AppStore but doesn't work at all..Version: 1.9.2

Alberta radar no workyA nice app, and I pay for the Pro version...too bad radar is not working on 2 Alberta sites...what am I paying for? Not happy..Version: 3.11

USA only - not worth $10Not intuitive. Some weather apps have better radar maps (Weatherbug & AccuWeather). RadarScope is for USA only. The developer responded to my email right away: "Possibly Canada at some point in the future. We don't currently have data for any other countries.".Version: 2.0.2

Waste of MoneyThe (pro) is not accurate at all for the Canadian western Provinces! Waste of hard earned money!.Version: 3.9.3

1 star on a pro perspectiveSo radarscope use to be a really good app for professionals in the weather industry. Overall they provide very useful feature and would otherwise be the best radar app for professionals as advertised in their title ‘professional radar’. Now the problem is that many many ordinary people are using the service and asking for unrealistic features, if the majority of radarscope users are laypersons, the professional needs of those would be ignored and quite frankly, the app would just be like any other public radar app. The 1 star is the poor direction the company is going. Otherwise it’s a terrific app, it would be a shame to let such an app deteriorate into an ordinary weather app..Version: 3.9

Lack uk supportDidn’t know there was no UK support as no mention. Come on guys - that’s unfair. Please refund. Otherwise - fantastic app..Version: 3.9.3

Such a nice app but no UK coverage :(Met office has updated API please add . Would be epic if I can use this app here.Version: 4.4

Too basicEnvironment Canada has a better app, and its free. ☹️.Version: 3.10

Poor for Canada'sWaist of money if you live in Canada!!!!!.Version: 1.10.1

Get Environment Canada app for free insteadNot worth it for Canadians because the data used is provided for free by Environment Canada. Total waste of money..Version: 4.0.5

BrokenApp no longer works.Version: 3.10

CrapOne review stated “this app is for professionals” yet it proclaims to be an effective tool for even the novice weather enthusiast. But that’s not my complaint so I digress.... my issue is I just bought this app an hour or so ago and have been looking at the app while watching the weather channel and the storms/tornado warnings in PA. The app is giving utterly and completely different information than the weather channel. The app has the tornado box/warning, several hundred miles north of what the weather channel is reporting. There are also warnings in several other places in the north east as per the tv, yet they’re absent from the app. I guess for “professionals” it’s groovy to stare at a screen with a bunch of colors, a few yellow and red boxes that are seemingly hundreds of miles away from what the actual professionals (meteorologists) are displaying... but I guess, what do they know anyway?.Version: 3.6.1

Great App but new UI isn't greatNew UI takes up valuable screen space even in full screen mode with the right hand panel bar. There should be a way to hide or auto hide this bar to keep the radar full screen when there's no need for control options. Can't say I like this version over the old. The dual radar display is great but suffers under the new cluttered UI..Version: 3.0

No data in CanadaThe app in great if you are in United Stade but no good for Canada (or the rest of the world.).Version: 2.0.6

Good app but needs additional featuresThe app is good but one point I have noticed that’s a little frustrating is switching between radars as where I live 3 different radars all converge around me so if you could select more radars to play at the same time that would be a great update..Version: 4.2

Impossible to show radar map for specific locationI bought this expensive app for the radar map capability. Using its no so obvious interface I spent 20 minutes trying to zoom in on our location and failed to do so. In the end I gave up not being able to use the app for its intended use. I also tried to get a refund and was not allowed to..Version: 3.9

App not workingI downloaded this app at the recommendation of a friend. After installing, I got the What’s New screen. When I tapped Done,I was taken to just a map, with a small pencil at the top left corner. My friend sent me a picture of his app, and I had none of the menu options at all but he does. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app thinking there may be a glitch. This time it was worse than the first, because the blue pencil didn’t show up until I tapped around the screen in various places. I’m going to press for a refund, because this is obviously not a working application for me. I have a screenshot if that was available. **Update- I just went to their app support, and watched one of the videos for iOS. I get nothing on my screen like what is demonstrated there..Version: 4.4.3

No support for the ukBring the support to the uk as the met Office have updated the weather radar To Doppler.Version: 3.13.1

Great in the US, Meh in CanadaOffers way more features in the United States than in Canada. If the same features were offered for Canada as in the US it would be five stars..Version: 4.0.5

Wrong locationUnfortunately I cannot get the radar to show the north east Saskatchewan area. Lost $14 bucks there.Version: 3.13.1

JunkDo you like a national map that allows you to be able to locate local and long range storms? Do you like having high definition map overlays that allow you to locate exactly where the action is happening and heading? Do you want to have a weather app that is easy to navigate? Unfortunately this app fails on everything. What it does do well is charge 10 dollars to download the basic functions. If your disappointed by the basic application and interested and or already invested in the initial 10 dollars the next 10 dollars to get tier 1 access seems like an appropriate next step. Once you get yourself into the 20 dollar range of access you realize that it still is terrible and the next option to get the holy grail of weather apps is the PRO tier 2. It's only 100 dollars in addition to the 10 dollar app download fee. Also anytime you download the application regardless of level... your also agreeing to a contract that automatically deducts money from your account on a yearly basis. This weather application is the best...for it's investors..Version: 3.5.1

It’s a Level 2 data viewer.I’ll start this off by saying that if you’re looking for a way to view the highest res data available from the NWS’s network of radars on your phone, this does that, and it does it well enough, assuming only 5 frames of animation is fine with you. However, I really am a bit back and forth about the pricing of the base app. It feels a bit steep considering there is functionality that’s not included out of the box. Yes, I understand that the cost of development and running their services is not free. However, considering what you get in the base app is practically just NEXRAD Level 2 data, which is provided to the public for free (do the research - the NWS has made it available in different ways and there’s different methods of viewing it, at least on a PC), it just doesn’t feel right, even with the data being redistributed by RadarScope. I will still use RadarScope because I already spent the $10, and what is included in the base app is quality & convenient. But I have been exploring the data that is publicly available from the NWS, and I would implore others to do so as well..Version: 3.13.1

Australian user can only see Radar zonesI was very excited to buy this app only to find when I opened it, I couldn’t do anything. I have no access to anything in there except I can see the Radar zones and I can expand them, but that is all. I can’t even find where my Account details would be entered, or even my Location etc. I’m very disappointed. If it is only available to US customers surely it should say that first..Version: 4.6.3

HorribleCan’t see anything. The radar screen is too black..Version: 4.1

Great AppI use this all the time! Comes in handy a lot!.Version: 2.2.1

JunkHalf of the radar sites in Canada are not enabled and are useless! Used to be a great app junk now. Concentration is on the pro not on basic. Don’t bother they don’t get back to you either when you report a problem!.Version: 3.6.1

Dead appThis used to be a great app and I was happy to subscribe, but now it has ZERO data for Canada. Do NOT waste your money on this app!!.Version: 3.10

Gives little to no data over free government appAlso the version you pay for isn’t even pro.Version: 5.0.8

No helpPurchased the pro version and didn't get the pro features. Contacted support and sent all info they asked for and still nothing. Sounds like they making excuses. No refund and won't fix my app problem..Version: 3.1

Money back pleaseSame information on environment Canada. Thought it would have much more information….please send money back..Version: 5.2.1

Only for AmericaIt doesn't tell you in the app store but this app only works for American weather and the catch is that to find that out you have to download it and open it, resulting in you being charged for the full years subscription which is worthless anywhere else in the World..Version:

Wish you could select multiple radar sites simultaneouslyOften times, I am on the fringe of two radar sites. It would be great if you could select two or more sites and combine images..Version: 3.8.8

Nice app if you can figure out the featuresThe app seems to be feature rich but my problem is the “User Guide”. It is hardly a guide. For example there are a series of icons across the bottom, one of which is allows you to identify where you currently are on the map. Well if you hit this a second time a small angular wedge appears and it slowly rotates around. There is nothing that I can find that tells us what this feature is doing for us. I can find nothing that describes the other icons on the base of the display. The other support detail is thin too. Sorry to say I need a bit more before I can pay for a Pro account much less the highest level Pro account..Version: 3.6.1

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