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The app slows everything down and even stops internet connectionI wanted to like IHeart Radio but every time, I download the app (which I have downloaded and re downloaded multiple times), it significantly slows my internet connection or even stops it. It also takes forever to load one song on the app and much can't be done on the app when a song is buffering. I even tried closing apps and deleting one or two apps and the app still slows everything down- a lot or even stops apps and the internet all together. Every time, I download the app, the internet stops working and as soon as I delete the app, everything on my phone works normally and fast again. I like that there is a decent selection to choose from (although it seems like Apple Music and Google Play have more variety in music) and the radio station selection is awesome. This app would be great if only the app didn't slow things down. I really wish this app worked. If only it were fast and didn't halt internet connection. I've never had these problems with any other music streaming app..Version: 8.14.2

Australians can’t sign up for subscriptions accessMy initial thoughts was good for Music discover. But like what others have said tends to repeat what you liked rather then play new stuff. I wanted a streaming service that suggested new stuff based on what I had already liked. You could try not liking so much to workaround. The free app is good to try at first but you will want subscription access but guess what if in Australia you can’t sign up, US only. For me ability to download is important to save on data usage but also because live in rural area where reception is patchy. Giving a low rating because their app, help or iTunes Store description no where does it say subscriptions aren’t possible in Australia. The app is fairly useless in free form as to limited. IHeartRadio support said : “At this time our paid subscription features are only available within the U.S. “ I will amend my 1 stars to 3 stars if they update help, iTunes description to say subscriptions US only. My time was wasted thinking it was possible only to learn I can’t..Version: 8.14.1

Most frustrating radio app!!!This is an absolutely terrible app! It’s so annoying to have to download or update the app almost every time i turn it on when I just wanna listen to my fav radio station..... when do I need to use internet radio ? When I’m out of town or out of the country obviously BUT when I’m in the US I’m locked out of listening to my fav IHeartRadio stations back In CANADA .... The ads are intrusive and annoying as well AND I don’t wanna be a freakin member.... TuneIn and Simple Radio are vastly better !!! Not sure why I’m even giving it one star maybe just for existing.....Version: 9.4.0

Impossible de l’utiliserJe suis incapable d’utiliser l’application. À chaque fois que j’essaie de me créer un compte, ça me dit que je dois télécharger la nouvelle application et lorsque je le fais et que j’essaie de me connecter, ça m’envoie le même message! Vraiment compliqué.Version: 8.15.3

If your Canadian you can’t listenDriving through USA we listen to Christian radio stations advertising for iHeart Radio app, so I downloaded the app (at a cost), when I tried to sign up, it only takes a US zip code, not a Canadian one, so it was a waste of a purchase..Version: 9.3.2

Bothersome ads, headlines cutAnnoying video ads pop up, consume mobile data and can’t easily be stopped ruin what was an outstanding app. Ads play simultaneously over the top of the podcast. You have to exit the app and start the podcast again hoping the advert won’t interrupt again. Article headlines are truncated on the app, so you are left reading between the lines as to what the podcast is about unless you read through the article text which defeats the purpose. Overall poor experience.Version: 9.26.1

IHeart Radio ChromeCast Audio loss of functionalityDisappointed still no resolution to lost of ability to ChromeCast - worked fine for weeks and suddenly ceased - contacted support who replied 2 weeks later to say ‘is a known issue’ - a further 2weeks still not resolved. NB. Have reinstalled the iHeart App AND Google ChromeCast Audio to no avail (other Apps e.g. TuneIn Radio continue to ‘cast’ 100% ok from same iOS/iPhone/ChromeCast).Version: 8.6.0

Super inconsistentI use this app because it gives me access to older podcasts than apple’s podcast app does, but this app is absolutely infuriating! Sometimes the controls will be available from the home screen or the control center, but not always. Sometimes the controls have play/pause, skip forward 30s and skip backward 15s, but sometimes it’s play/pause, skip forward 30s and 3 bars that allow you to skip to the next/last podcast and maybe remove it from your list of favorites (can’t remember the last feature). The fact that the app isn’t always recognized as playing means that I can’t use my headphone shortcuts to play/pause like I normally do, and have to go in to open the app if I want to pause, which is super inconvenient when someone comes in to talk to you but you’re listening to a podcast and have to dig around to finally make the app pause and by that point you’ve either missed an indeterminate amount of podcast or you’ve missed half of what the person was saying to you. Overall this seems like something that an app developer whose primary focus is audio should be really on top of, and it is pretty poor development not to have this figured out in my opinion..Version: 8.19.1

Constantly refreshingI love this app but the last few months it’s gone downhill. Constantly stops mid-song for no reason and you have to completely shut down the app and restart to get it going again and even then who knows how long you’ll get before it goes again. Currently every single song for the last 6 it’s stopped partway through.... :( I have strong internet and all my apps etc are up-to-date so really unsure why it keeps happening. Nice to see other comments about the same issue to know it’s not actually just me.Version: 8.13.0

So many new problemSince the last update the app has been going crazy I pay monthly every month and it switches songs in the middle of listening to a song volume goes up and down like crazy and you can never find a number to talk to a person it makes me not want to pay with card monthly fee tried the free one does the same thing I would’ve given five stars but the new update messed it all up. They just keep saying it’s going to be fixed by their developers but they are not fixing it it has been almost 2 months paying $15 a month and they still have not even change thing and the only thing that they said was that they were working on it it’s all bull they don’t care about the people paying money the only way to get in touch with them is by email don’t waste your money they are as stupid as most people are these days horrible customer service maybe if they fix my radio station correctly I will give them a better review to be continued ?.Version: 8.14.2

To download or Not to d/l ?I was going to dl the iheartradio Free app & thought I would check out the reviews before doing so. I was quite intrigued by the various array of issues that people pointed out, so I kept reading... first few reviews, I saw the response to the Reviewer’s issues by iheartradio was that they wanted to resolve whatever issues they were having & to please contact (email) them, so they can further address the problem(s). I thought, “Wow, they really do want to make sure that the problem is resolved for that person & seem to be taking that extra step in doing so.” Then I kept reading....I would have to say that each & every review that I read, the response was always the same , “pls contact (email) us, so that we can look into this issue and help you resolve it. “ Then I realized, why wouldn’t they address the issue or at least write down a foot note to the review,addressing the outcome & HOW it was corrected!!! I decided NOT to dl the app at this time bc I’m not if all the issues written about were ADDRESSED & CORRECTED ?? It’s great that you guys address the concerns and ask people to contact you for help -but how about letting the rest of us reading the reviews know how things turned out? Were the issues corrected & MORE IMPORTANTLY, How??.Version: 8.12.0

Dropping out constantlyThis used to be a great app but now it constantly drops out which is very frustrating! I use it every morning and have to constantly start the station again as it’s buffering. My reception is fine. Today it’s decided to just not start again so I’m off to find another app that won’t drop off. It’s a shame as ZM are associated with iHeartRadio and constantly advertised and the app is very disappointing!.Version: 8.19.1

Requires signupYeah no. plenty of better ways to listen to radio without requiring surrendering personal information..Version: 10.0.0

Good app but has some issuesI generally really like the idea of this app. Love being able to listen to the radio when I’m walking, or just at home through the speaker. There are some issues though that make it really frustrating to use: 1. When opening app and going to play a station, I press play, it buffers for a few seconds, then nothing, have to keep pressing the play button multiple times to get it to actually play. 2. Frequently drops out while listening. Really really irritating as I often have to stop what I’m doing to sort it out. 3. If I use anything else on my phone that has noise, ie. scrolling past Instagram stories, the radio stops, have to then go into the app and try and restart it as opposed to it just continually playing..Version: 9.5.1

MusicJust signed up to use the app for the first time. Tried listening to a few luke bryan songs then when i tried to click next it played song from a different artist, ok no biggie. Tried going back to the album and it wouldn’t let me listen to anymore luke bryan... tried another luke bryan song and it played something completely different. What a waste of time this was.Version: 9.6.1

Can’t create accountI’d love to review the app but after several hours of trying to create an account and being told every time that the confirmation link has “”been sent!” (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t), I’m giving up..Version: 8.14.2

Five second delay; lag?Press a “tab” wait five seconds and the action happens. There is a five(ish) second delay on all my touches. I can’t believe the amount of below average apps that have been produced as of lately. 1995 all over again....Version: 10.2.1

If on my favouritesThe rewind button seems to have been deleted how can I go back to the last song played, if once I have a liked a song then I’m bombarded with numerous songs so off track to the original song I might have liked 🤷‍♂️really IHeartRadio is going backwards man just keep it easy without reinventing the wheel 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.Version: 8.16.1

Painfully slowLove the functionality and the reason this app exists. But it’s almost impossible to use thanks to ads loading in the background. All usability stops until the ad has loaded, to the point where I’d rather go without my podcasts cause I’m always waiting on this app. I don’t care about ads, I’ll happily view them if the app would just work..Version: 10.0.0

Used to be great.I’ve been having problems with the app as of recently. Radio stations work great but when listening to podcast, that’s where the problems start. First the playback order, I prefer to listen from old to newer ones just in case of two part episodes. Second after each episode I have to reopen the app to play the next episode since the app shuts down after ending an episode. And last the ads, it’s understandable why ads are needed but when you hear the same 30 second ad for 3 minutes straight and then again for another 1 or 2 when another episode starts. It gets really annoying. I have contacted them and got the general response of thanks for bringing it to their attention. This has been going on for almost 2 months. So now I’m stuck listening to out of order stories not understanding what is going on. Also the discontinuation of the watch app. It was better than using the native play to control the stations being played..Version: 9.3.2

Unable to download podcasts for the last weekI love the app and I never leave a review on things. I’m reporting an issue. It was a little over a week ago. An update was sent out. Now I’m not able to download any podcasts. I’m forced to stream them only. It just keeps popping up with the message “unable to download” it repeatedly pops up ever couple seconds. I’ve checked to ensure I have given the app proper permissions. Please fix this issue. I get that I can’t download music or other things. Since I’m not a paying sub. As a free user I can only download podcasts. Which is good for me. I’ve always downloaded the Elvis Duran and the morning show. Along with three other Elvis Duran related shows. We really need the issue fixed, because it’s making me go over my data. I just got a text about being close to my 22.5 gig limit. I checked to see what is using my data. IHeartRadio has used 7 gigs in the last week. That’s because it’s fully loading the episode every single time I open up to listen. I will be forced to not use the app if this isn’t fixed. I will find something different. Love you all so please!!.Version: 8.16.1

Barely worksWhen it works it is a good way of listening to various radio stations; not as good as TuneIn but some stations aren’t available on TuneIn. However about 75% of the time it doesn’t work so you are forever hitting the play button hoping to get a connection. For that reason I can only advise looking elsewhere..Version: 8.9.1

Fantastic podcast app BUT...... why can’t the app resume a podcast from where it left off each time I open the app? I’ll pause the app or turn off the car (cutting out the Bluetooth and the app pauses itself) and upon reopening the app, my prior podcast isn’t sitting there waiting (20% of the time it is though which makes this more frustrating)... sounds trivial but when a show has HUNDREDS of episodes, you gotta scroll through them all to find the one you left off - whilst in a car with probably a crying jerk baby. Please fix this resume issue, it’s so simple and I don’t want to go back to Apple podcasts!.Version: 8.16.1

Forced login requiredWhy is there a new app? Why not just update the old app? The new app requires a forced login to use, I will continue to use the old app as long as it works. As long as there is forced login I will not be using this app to listen to my radio station..Version: 8.7.0

Good when it actually worksSo glitchy and cuts in and out even after updates. Fustrating that when it works it works really well but when it doesn’t you might as well not even bother trying to make it work!.Version: 8.13.0

ReviewI like the app it gives me the ability to listen to all my favourite stations from one app. The only issue that I have is the drops during listening. It really irritates. I hope you guys fix this issue at your soonest and I’ll definitely give you 5 stars then..Version: 9.19.0

Too many repetitive commercials for radiI like the app. I use the app for listening to my favorite radio station, WTKS 104.1. It can be glitchy at times, but I think it may have to do with cellular issues. The reason why I’m giving it 2 stars is because at every commercial break, it plays the same commercials over and over and over. I know the commercials played are a way to generate income for the app but it’s ridiculous how many times these same commercials are played. I personally will not ever buy any product or service from any company advertising on real radio because it’s sickening listening to them over and over. The funny thing is is that a lot of other listeners will complain about the app for this reason, on the air. Now, if I could pay the subscription to get more local commercials, I would pay for it not to hear the same commercials over and over and over. Are you listening iHeart radio?.Version: 8.13.0

Repetitive and weak broadcast signalI’m using it because Optus offers free data usage for it, the music is repetitive as same songs play too often, the broad cast signal is too weak in some areas and glitches out or cuts out. No problems with Spotify’s broadcast signal. Update* emailed developer after they contacted me regarding me review, looking forward to a good outcome, fingers crossed something can be done about the music drop outs, songs skipping, and repetitive songs several times in the same day..Version: 8.9.1

Won't playI love listening to zm and normally use iHeartRadio to listen to the station. Lately it's not letting me play the station or even search for the station. It has been removed from my favourites list. It will work if I delete the app and reinstall it but once I close the app it stops working. So annoying as I shouldn't have to delete the app and reinstall it every time to get it to work..Version: 8.10.2

Let me give you my moneyWon’t let me purchase “all access” no matter how hard I try. Button in app goes nowhere, page not found when clicking link given to upgrade on website..Version: 9.6.1

Needs redesignToo many ads, when selecting an artist, I want to be able to listen to their songs only with a limited selection. Not all Sydney radio stations are available. Design and layout of app could be improved. Only listening mainly due to being data free through Optus..Version: 8.12.0

It’s getting worse not betterI use this app mainly to listen to Newstalk ZB (it means I can listen to Auckland talkback when I’m in Christchurch). It is becoming increasingly unreliable, continually stopping for varying lengths of time. I listen to talkback mostly which makes this extremely irritating when it cuts out mid-conversation. This is happening on both my iPhone which I use in the car and my iPad which I use at home. When it works it’s great but it is definitely getting worse. This app needs some serious developer work😡.Version: 8.13.0

Had enoughI like listening to the radio at work on my night shift but have had enough of this app, it continually stops and buffers ( I’m talking at least every 5 minutes) had an absolute gut full have tried reinstalling app switching my phone off but hasn’t made no difference, I see a lot of complaints here for the same thing so don’t you think it’s about time you fixed it so it’s bye bye iHeartRadio.Version: 8.13.0

App IssueFor the third time, the app has gotten me to sign up for the $5.99 monthly version when I didn’t intend to. This didn’t happen ever until a couple of months ago. I pick up the phone to turn in the app and it asks for my thumbprint. Odd, but I do it. Then it says thanks for for subscription. There is no easy way to correct the mistake. It will let you cancel, but the charge isn’t reversed and I am stuck with it for a month. The first time, I spent a long time on the phone and email with Apple and PayPal. I eventually got the money reversed. The second time, I kicked myself for not having recognized it was happening again and I just canceled it and sucked up the $5.99 that I had to pay for a month of service I didn’t ask work. It happened again today and I am super frustrated. There must be something in this version of the app that is causing this because it never happened before. One had to go through a couple of steps to subscribe to the extra cost service..Version: 8.16.2

Plays Video Ads on CellularThis is an app that plays audio so why are they allowing video ads on cellular signal? Audio ads I’m ok with just like Radioplayer Canada, turn the volume down until the ad is over. They want an email address to spam you with junk mail disguised as saying you’re getting more features. But there is NO way I’m giving my email to spam my inbox to a provider that has app developers unable to prevent video ads from launching on cellular data. God knows what else they let slip through that may infect my cellphone. Too bad cause the list of stations are good otherwise they would have gotten only 1 ⭐️.Version: 10.2.1

Kinda sucks doeSo you get a bunch of random songs and you can like/dislike them. And the ones you like appear more often. But you can’t actually choose which song you want to listen to. You just open the app and your unsure whether it’s gonna be Britney Spears or Kodak black. And you can’t create playlists. :/.Version: 9.7.0

Stop telling lies.If you continue to advertise telling people stay home and do not go anywhere unless essential to stop the flu spread I will be deleting this app and never use it again..Version: 9.26.4

Please do thisPlease add dark mode.Version: 9.5.0

Great but frustratingListening to the radio is fantastic but podcasts are hit and miss. Seem to only work well when on wifi which during the day I’m not around and I’m not organised enough to download them beforehand.Version: 10.1.1

Iheart shakeups are stupid and why I’ve uninstalledI’ve always preferred to use iHeartRadio to listen to KIIS1065 for years. But the most recent update, when listening to the station and they have ad breaks they seem to be having iHeartRadio targeted ads “it’s an iHeartRadio shake up! Shake your phone now for an ad” This is stupid. I want to listen to KIIS1065 and there’s been times where the Kyle and Jackie O show hasn’t even went for ad break just yet and it comes on (obviously the producers pressing for it to happen), I want to listen to the exact stream that’s on a FM radio and not have iheart targeted ads. I’ve started using tune in for the station until this is rectified (if ever, seems permanent).Version: 8.14.2

Terrible qualityUn-listenable... sound cuts out every few seconds. Don’t download this app!.Version: 9.26.4

Alarm not goodGot this to use on iPad as alarm using radio, app is fine for listening to radio but alarm settings to finicky, sometimes goes off other times doesn’t keep the new time is set for and then you have no alarm when you need it, don’t close the app so the alarm stays set, but don’t want radio playing all night, hit stop on radio & alarm is reverting to previous setting, which was a test,disappointed.Version: 8.17.0

:/I’ve downloaded this app multiple times but each time I can’t get past the sign up or login page it will not allow me to do either little bit disappointing would love if I was able to do it. Edit: I’ve also tried downloading on my partners iPhone 7 same issue..Version: 9.23.2

What happened?I am split down the middle on my rating. I have been using iHeartRadio app for years and it has been one of my most used apps(Rovers Morning Glory brought me here) and I never rarely had issues before. In fact, I would have probably given it 5 stars before. My favorite thing about this app was that it would pause where I left off on a podcast and I could resume it as soon as I opened the app again. This was very convenient. But now, since I had deleted the app and reinstalled it recently, it doesn’t do that anymore. I guess I re-downloaded the updated version? If I have the podcast going, and, say I watch a video on Facebook real quick, when I return back to what I was listening to on the iHeartRadio app, it starts the show completely over, and I’m stuck fast forwarding back through a 3 hour podcast to try and find where I was. It is really annoying and getting to the point where I really don’t even want to bother with the app any longer..Version: 9.7.0

Ridiculous amount of commercials...what a joke!So I had tried out iHeartRadio a few years ago when I was feeling nostalgic for my old Cleveland market radio stations. The trial was short lived, as the first time I booted up the app, it played several commercials before even playing a song. I saw where this was headed and immediately uninstalled the app. Today, feeling nostalgic again and with several years having passed, I figured hey, time to see if things have changed and give it another try! What a mistake. This time, I got ONE whole song, before it immediately proceeded to play five commercials in a row. I didn’t wait to see if it was going to play even more before it got back to the music. The commercials were not exactly short, either! So here I am, reinstalling the app and immediately uninstalling it, just like before. Guess things haven’t changed. I’m glad some people seem to get something out of it. I’ve gotten one song and about 10 commercials...what an amazing app!.Version: 9.5.2

Why I don’t recommend iHeartRadioThe reason I don’t like iHeartRadio is because sometimes I want to listen to music *but* every time I press on my favourite singers it always says “authors profile not available” or sth like that. It’s really annoying because at school my friends talk to much and I try to study so I try to listen to music and guess what, authors profile not available. Another reason is because in the new update it states that it can even work offline, right? Well when I updated it and tested it offline it didn’t work, so I can’t listen to music while walking. I would really like to listen to music while walking so it isn’t so boring, but again when I tried playing music it said it was offline when it was supposed to work offline. Please explain why this is happening and fix it, because right now I am not happy along with many other users and rating this a 1 Star app..Version: 8.16.1

Can’t view older podcast without scrolling for 5minThere’s no way to view the past weeks, months or years for the podcasts. i’ve listened to about 100 or more podcasts in a row, and i constantly have to scroll for 5 mins to get to the podcasts i was up to. it’s a ridiculous waste of time and NEEDS TO BE CHANGED..Version: 9.26.4

Better support for regionalI really enjoy using iHeartRadio on both the desktop computer at work and the mobile streaming through the car. I have found the location doesn’t work in the app, and would also like to see more support for regional stations and areas..Version: 8.11.3

UnusableDownload the app. Attempted to sign up l. once I had filled in all my details it wouldn’t load to the next screen so I couldn’t log on. Tried Logging on with Facebook and the same thing happened once all my details were in, it would not get me past that point on the app. All I could do was refill in my details again and again with no progression no matter what I did. What’s the point of downloading an app and not being able to use it! Not impressed!.Version: 8.17.0

Ads - Ads - Ads - Ads - Ads - Ads - AdsAnnoying ads with every launch or station change. Only in our money-hungry culture do we have to listen to an ad to have the privilege to listen to a radio station who’s air is already filled with 50% ads. Frustrating. I’ve become VERY good at force-quitting the app and relaunching within 5 seconds to avoid seeing the ad. That’ll show ‘em. 🤣.Version: 10.2.1

Freezing and bufferingThis app continually freezes, or just buffers even with good wifi connection or 4g. Whilst there is a lot to listen too, and great options available ... what good is this, if it’s always stopping to buffer or just stops working ? I’ve reverted back to ROVA; works every time, reliable and plenty of options. Sadly I miss out on the station I actually want to listen too, but it works..Version: 8.19.0

Good App for streamingIt really is a good app. On the plus side, it is efficient with band usage if you have a limited internet plan. It is stable, with good buffering (I have lousy internet in my area so this is vital to me). It has a lot of content, including podcasts galore that can be downloaded. The minus, for which I deduct the stars has been to do with the ads. (I know, I could subscribe, but the monthly is too high for what I am listening too. Maybe some day someone can develop some sort of tiered subscriptions for those of us who just listen to limited content). I listen to a 24 hr news show with commentary. I grew up listening to KFI640 Los Angeles every morning. I don’t begrudge iheart for slipping in a couple of ads here and there, but you step right over THE PROGRAM ITSELF! Your ads should step on top of their ads, not the program. I want the whole news, not just the commentary. That’s what I chose, and it infuriates me when you cut the program off for a crappy 7-11 add, for which I will NEVER set foot in as my blood pressure rises, every time I see the sign and am reminded it’s going to INTERRUPT the program I am listening to in the morning. Iheart could program the timing of their ads better than this..Version: 8.18.1

Poor performance.I’m not a guy that has got his phone full of apps but I can say this much. This app is done and dusted in my view. Have had it for a couple of months or more but the crashes and the interruptions had me deleting it and installing myTuneRadio. What a difference!! Stability and working as it should! Happy now!.Version: 8.13.0

Has worked flawlessly right up until the last updateHave used the app daily in the car and out and about from almost the very beginning. Since the latest update to the IOS app there is now a requirement to log-in to the app each time I want to use it with my Apple Carplay. I have to physically pull over to the side of the road, open the app on the phone and re log-in to even use iHeart. This has happened at least a dozen times since the latest update. Like many people I do not (and will not) use the cloud to store data and/or passwords. If that is what it is looking for each time then fine, please accept that you’ll lose customer base as people take their data security seriously. PROS: great app, quality content, easy to use and not too many ads. CONS: constantly have to log-in and slow to fire up on Carplay sometimes.Version: 8.19.1

App on repeatI do enjoy using the app every morning to get my daily dose of radio. However, lately it’s like the app has been on repeat. I know there’s a delay from the live radio broadcast, but why are the conversations starting over. In the middle of the conversations it goes silent for a few seconds and then the conversations start over from a certain point and it does this repeatedly for about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it corrects itself but today it’s really gotten out of hand, I’ve missed over half of the live content because the first 30 seconds have been on constant repeat. It’s becoming annoying and makes me want to look towards other internet radio providers because it’s becoming too much to deal with now. *Update* Decided to come back and drop the rating due to the “help” that was offered from the developers. Why am I being asked for so much info that they should already have and also be asked to do this and that repeatedly when I already told the support team what was done to try and correct the issue. Dealing with support for this past week has been no help at all..Version: 8.17.0

Doesn’t allow you to listen to what you select!I’m trying to select songs or channels and it keeps diverting to other songs and artists that are part of the genres I selected when I downloaded. I can’t even switch because when the song I select starts to load it auto diverts again to some other channel on my genres list, E.g switches from me selecting meditation music and it diverts to RnB!! super annoyed, and definitely not what I was looking for when I downloaded..Version: 8.17.0

Way too many adsAnd why login? Bell Media is a horrible company. Go CBC or Spotify..Version: 9.26.4

I can’t listen to the radio!Terrible app. I want to be able to listen to the radio via my phone, the whole point of the “iHeartRadio” app. I can find the channel, but I push play and nothing happens. It looks like it’s loading and then back to the play button again like I never pushed it. Restarted my phone, the app, changed between data and wifi, nothing works. If I was NZ radio station ZM I would stop endorsing this app to play their channel, as it doesn’t work..Version: 9.19.0

SucksI’m gonna find something else that doesn’t play a tons of long ads before listening to a song or changing stations. I used to like this app a lot..Version: 9.4.1

It’s all about the moneyI really thought I’d struck gold when i-heart radio was commercial free without a fee. Then it happened, they now charge for commercial free and the free station is littered with commercials that are louder and obnoxious in between the music I love to listen to each day. It’s sad it’s about the money and nothing is sacred anymore without a profit motive. The commercials can’t be manually jumped over and they are louder than the volume of the music. They interfere with atmosphere of the songs being played. I manually reduced the volume so I don’t have to listen to the drivel of each commercial played. Then they put you through a torturous video commercial at startup before you get to listen to your favorite music. Honestly, I can’t even remember one of their commercial sponsors except for the monotone , “Cars for kids “ that I muted until it goes over. We are so mercifully pelted with commercials these days that I don’t honestly remember any commercial I hear. If I’m going to by something, I use a search engine to find what I’m in need of and not brainwashed into buying something from an obnoxious repetitive commercial. If anything, I’m repelled by the commercials and boycott their products. Thank you for the opportunity to vent my displeasure with today’s technology held hostage by advertising ad-nauseum. Yuck!.Version: 9.1.1

Podcast ProblemsThis app is fine for listening to the radio but the podcasts are totally inferior to other podcasting apps. The ridiculous advertising of it being the #1 app for podcasting is infuriating. #1 because they force you to use their app for the content they offer. If you could listen to their podcasts on a different app plenty of people would. The most frustrating problem is that it frequently cannot remember where you left off. This is totally unacceptable for a podcast app. I absolutely miss when I could listen to my podcasts using the Podcast app on my iPhone - a drastically better product. I just went to use it again and it told me I was selected for a survey which I was looking forward to filling out. Of course clicking on it just took me to a website that said the survey was closed. That about sums up the quality of what this company is putting out (and then advertising is fantastic)..Version: 9.7.0

I really do like this app but it could be better with minor fixesI listen to this app all the time and I love the concept but there are minor things that should be done to make it better. I love the podcasts but It does not seem to be fully compatible with I phone. The 11 pro is the first I phone I’ve ever had and I heart restarts or shuts off and won’t start replaying if I make or receive a call. I have to go into the app and start it back up. I’m disappointed with the selection of songs by some popular artists. Rammstein is very well known and played on I heart stations across the country. I am subscribed to the plus feature that you pay to be able to listen to full albums or save songs to play in your own playlist. They have 2 Rammstein albums neither of which include their popular songs. They have tons of crap bands and music no one listens to but lacking in music that is classic. There is no other way to make suggestions than write a review or I would’ve just contacted someone there with my feedback..Version: 9.21.3

Glitchy and individual dj sets DO NOT receive compensation from IHeartRadioI love being able to listen to my favorite morning radio show, but this app makes it quite difficult. It’s constantly crashing for no reason. If I close the app it will stop playing and when I go back to the app it restarts the whole thing and then I have to search for my show again and scroll down to find the episode I was in the middle of streaming. I know the app works “better” if you pay for it but that’s not how apps should work. You shouldn’t make a glitchy app to force people into paying for basic quality. Also! The radio show I listen to has been VERY vocal about not receiving any kickback from the profits of this app. I know for a fact that the producer of the show I listen to puts a lot of time and effort into uploading the podcasted version of the show, including the separate break segments. They should be receiving compensation, because thousands of people definitely listen to the podcasted version, and it should reflect on their ratings and listener count. Shame on you IHeart Media..Version: 9.21.3

DuppedThe app was great a few years ago and is fun on the desktop service since I last used it. I was itching for more radio recently and decided to open up the app. As soon as I did I was prompted with a subscription payment from iHeartRadio. They wanted me to verify that I wanted to try their trial subscription. I barely had enough time to look at what was going on before I accidentally rested my finger on my scanner and the subscription was accepted. I was lucky to be able to reverse it, however if I want that free trial now I have to use it immediately or not at all. This is ridiculous. I should not be immediately prompted with a payment upon opening an app that I haven’t used in months. Is downright disrespectful and near predatory. There was also no warning. No pop up to show me that I was going to make a purchase, no redirection. Immediately loading into the app I was forced into a transaction. From what I’ve read of similar reviews this isn’t uncommon. The lack of respect I was shown is disgusting to me. Please be wary of this. I will try out this app some more but this is a really bad way to start off..Version: 8.18.1

Just don’t even bother...My initial experience with this app was ok, i like songs to create a favourites list. I listen to mellow music. Now though, it keeps playing heavy metal and awful music. I got in touch with the support team to try and find an answer and instead of helping, my support person has decided to antagonise me instead. I’m really shocked. Terrible experience, I recommend finding another app..Version: 8.16.0

Frustrating.Used to enjoy working out in garden with music streaming from my phone direct to my hearing aids but since update it’s to frustrating to use. Constantly keeps disconnecting and when reconnected and playing put phone in pocket then stops and have to push play again a minute later disconnects from hearing aids. . Used to be perfect but only changed when app updated..Version: 9.26.2

Drops OutI used to love this app as I find it great to listen to my fav radio station no matter where I am but the reliability of it is becoming less n less over the last 6mths or so with continually dropping out, sometimes several times in just 1hr! It used to happen sometimes but not to the point where I had to stop what I was doing to sort it out. I’m glad I’m not the only one that experiences this! It continually drops out mid song/conversation (especially extremely irritating when I’m trying to listen to the news). My internet connection is perfectly strong as everything else that I use over wifi works perfectly well without any problems. All my updates for this app are completely up to date as well. This happens both on my phone and my iPad. It is extremely frustrating and irritating having to come to my device from another room to try n stop n start it again! The only reason I’m not giving it 1 star is because I know how good it used to be before all of this unreliability! PLEASE sort it out cause my patience will eventually run out completely n I’ll go n find something else more reliable. Seems to be a common theme throughout these reviews......Version: 9.0.0

This app sucksHas no good stations... at all, hope you guys go bankrupt soon 😀.Version: 9.26.4

Preffered over PandoraI have used this app for about 3 years was pleased with the free version. I’ve seen it updated & pay for it to open up a few more features to find songs, some I can & some I can’t, but I pay the $5.99/month to repeat a single song once & some very limited song searching. I believed this app is good because I can mix genres of music & it’s intuitive enough to know when I need my gospel/Christian playlist vs. the other artists/songs that I’ve like in the past. It also offers suggestions & it doesn’t appear to be so commercialized, I repeat NOT a commercial distribution list of who you are forced to like. Some of my local/Independent artists have songs that I’m able to find. I’m thankful for that. I’m not an iTunes type of person. I hate I lost ALL of my music after switching from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 6s. It made my day to hear my own music that aren’t published on iTunes, so I’m glad to at least be able to search for the ones that I once had on here..Version: 8.8.1

Good but could be betterHonestly, this app is better than pandora. However, my main two issues with it are the dislike feature and the song selections when you choose a specific band or artist. 1. Dislike feature: The problem with it is that if you click the dislike button on a song, that same song will keep coming back later until you’ve disliked it 3-4 times. Then after about a month it’ll come back again 2. Band/artist song selection: My major issues with this feature is that when you choose a band you want to listen to, the app will play almost anything but that band/artist. For example, if you choose fallout boy the app will play a fallout boy song once in every ten songs or so. Therefore what is the point in being able to select an artist. Now I’m not saying I don’t want to hear things outside of the band/artist I have chosen, however, it would be nice to hear the chosen band/artist at least every other song or so..Version: 8.6.0

Annoying AppDrops out constantly when just listening. Also if I’m listening, and then read the nz herald site, it stops. Also hate the fact if I search for a song and choose it, I get the band but not the song I chose. And if I want a radio station for a particular band, I get one song then random other bands..Version: 10.3.2

Keeps cutting out on local radio stationsSomething happened to this app in 2018 rendering it unusable - you can be listening to a radio station with the screen off, connected to a blue tooth speaker and it will just cut out for a couple of seconds. It starts playing again but will randomly do the same regularly. It completely fails to do what it’s designed to do anymore! myTuner Radio doesn’t suffer with this problem however....Version: 8.15.3

Not as good as earlier versionsI am blind and use an iPhone with voice over. This latest version is more difficult to navigate. The search function gave me strange results when i tried to Search for 3AW a Melbourne station. Other apps like tune in radio make searching for stations much easier..Version: 8.8.1

Needs work!We don’t have a radio, so this app is my only way to listen to my preferred station (ZM) at home. I use an iPhone 6s, an unlimited WIFI connection and the most up to date version of the app and listen through my UE wonderboom. The issues start as soon as I open the app. I often have to press play several times over to get it to actually play. Sometimes I have to kill off the app and reload it before it will work. Once it’s working though, generally it’s pretty reliable. Unless I try to do literally ANYTHING else on my phone. Take a photo, scroll my IG feed etc. Then the radio stops working and I have to go through the whole process all over again..Version: 9.18.1

Don’t waste your moneyThis app isn’t even worth downloading the free version, definitely don’t throw your money away for the paid version. 30% of the time I can’t get anything to load on here. When I actually can get it to work, it takes about 3 minutes to load. It rarely remembers where I left off on the podcasts. For example, right now, when it started up, after 3 minutes of waiting, it started playing a podcast I had already listened to. I kept trying to go to the Podcast I had already listened to about half of. The circle around the play button would go around and around for about 4 minutes and then it would go back to the previous podcast. After about 8 tried and wasting 20 minutes, it finally played the one I wanted, but started back over at the beginning, I had to spend another 5 minutes figuring out where I left off. There are so many other places to listen to music and podcasts, go elsewhere, unless you like constantly wasting 20 minutes of your day waiting for things to load..Version: 8.9.1

Ghosts Playing With My Phone??I use this app every single day to listen to my local radio station morning show. I’ve never had an issue, always runs really smoothly, except for an occasional “dead air” or skip in the middle of a song. I don’t use it for much more, not even rating songs. Here’s my problem... I turn it off when I’m ready to walk out the door to go to work, and it randomly starts playing again. The app is completely turned off and closed. This happens several times a day. Even while I’m at work. I ended up deleting the app and reinstalled it hoping that would fix the problem. It didn’t. So I deleted it again to ensure that I wouldn’t be humiliated at work again by the random music playing from my purse. I download the app again because like I said, I listen to Elvis every single day but this is getting seriously old and annoying..Version: 8.5.0

Sign in?You now have to have an account to listen to the radio? It’s bad enough to have an advertisement every time you activate the (old) app. I won’t be listening to this station any more.Version: 8.7.0

Lacks FeaturesI have had numerous problems with this app over recent years and had given it one-star ratings. Have tried it over the past week and it seems a lot better so I re-rated to 4-star. Edit: After using it to listen to a local radio station (the only thing I use it for) I have realised it doesn’t have ‘<30’ and ‘30>’ rewind and forward controls. Big drawback for me so I’ll go back to using a competing app that does have those controls. Re-rated to 2-star..Version: 9.26.4

Cuts outAlways stop and cuts out. Even on full 4g. Only audio app I have with this issue. Update: latest app update I installed seems to of mostly fixed the cut out I was getting. Will see how it goes over next few weeks..Version: 9.18.1

Lousy App with Inconsistent ContentThey keep making this app worse! Now the app has to be restarted nearly every time I stop pause a channel. I can't help but wonder if they release updates as frequently as they do so that their app has more stars than it should. How about adding an option to nag screen of "Never" and making the default start screen "My Stations." Even trying to launch from the widget does not work as the app keeps forgetting my recent stations. I'd give it ZERO stars if I could. They took a buggy app that crashes, and introduced startup/channel change advertisements that delay getting to the program. It seems like every update makes this app perform worse. The newest version of app will just stop playing at the top and top and/or bottom of the hour. Further, the app once again fails to resume following a phone call. The widget also fails to play the station. Further, the app keeps forgetting recently played stations! More important is that channels like WLS are running commercials when the show has resumed for over-the-air listeners (that's assuming the stream is working at all). Further, app stops playing content for no apparent reason even while connected to WiFi. When tested against iheartradio on the computer (using same connection) the stream is playing on the computer, so the problem is with the app. Luckily, the content I enjoy is not limited to Clear Channel stations. Clear Channel should hire competent developers..Version: 8.18.1

Use it all the time, but .....I am using this daily for podcasts that I follow. The functionality is nice. The coverage of content is awesome. No complaints on what the ap brings to the table. Two things that bother me, the first is the consistency. A lot of the podcasts become “unavailable” & can’t be accessed. I suspect that’s not always iHeart’s fault, but causes a lot of frustration. Number 2 is the ads. Ok, I could pay to get rid of them, but I won’t. I don’t have a problem that they are there, but there has to be more variety. They repeat the same three every break & the video that you’re forced to get through is the same two for months. There needs to be a better mix. Frequency (and timing) is annoying, but I get it. Just get a good bunch of ads and don’t play the same ones over and over and over. I’m really starting to hate Flo..Version: 9.5.1

Used to be greatThe last update has resulted in the app continuously cutting out, both on WiFi and 4g/3g. I have been listening to Hauraki on the app for a few years now but in the last week it’s become impossible. Switching to the Rova stations until it’s fixed..Version: 8.13.0

I Heart ContinuityFor the past couple of months I thought I was having issues with my NBN connection. I had the NBN people check and re check to find out why my I Heart connection was dropping out every few minutes. It did not matter what station I was listening to, it would just stop from a few seconds to several minutes. I then tried listening to other online radio stations and I am having a much better run with no dropouts over the last week. So maybe it's time to change permanently. I have also found less repetition on these other radio stations. So goodbye I Heart until these issues are sorted. I will return now and again to see if these issues are sorted. Bye for now Andrew.Version: 8.12.0

Constantly drops outI’m on 4G full bars and the radio stations constantly drop out. This is the only way unfortunately I can listen to the radio on my commute to work and it constantly drops out. Something it shows as if it’s still playing but it’s just silence. Go to another station and works fine. Go back to my lock all and it’s silent. What is wrong with the app??!!.Version: 8.19.0

Good App, but buggyGood app, but it is very buggy when you are using it via Apple CarPlay. Often will not load if your phone is locked and when it does often will not load properly..Version: 8.9.1

Regularly drops outVery tired trying to listen to music and it drops out. Also trying to listen to the news the app drops out then comes back repeating the same piece an d repeats this while the live news continues. When it catches up you have lost most of a news story. Typing this the music stopped 4 times..Version: 9.0.0

Annoying App!!!I used to enjoy iHeart but I am also deleting it after this review and looking elsewhere. It is SO frustrating having the sound cut on and off frequently - unable to listen to even one song without the sound going on and off repeatedly. Very poor experience lately and I’m sure there’s other apps out there who want to keep their listeners and provide a decent app to do so..Version: 8.19.1

UnacceptableDeleting the app in response to Bell’s shuttering of TSN 1040.Version: 9.26.4

A lot of Positive-A lot of negativeCouldn’t be happier with content and stations. On the flip side, it will play the same ad over and over (consecutively) while there is a station break. Also, horrible experience with local employee. Two local stations, only, were not playing. I called in to local office and receptionist who you see to claim prizes answered and was horrific. Insisted it was not their office and problem was on my end and hung up. I called corporate who gave excellent customer service said the 2 stations I inquired about were in fact down. I called back the local station, to let her know what corporate said in case other people called in and she literally called me a liar. Hung up on me. I tried calling back numerous times and she literally would not say anything and would pick up phone and slam it down, during regular business hrs. Called corporate back in hopes my conversation with local was recorded. They were extremely friendly, and promised to address with mgmt but I never received a follow-up to their investigation, as requested..Version: 9.4.1

Frustrating adsInstead of hearing ads relevant to the station I am listening to, I get repetitive and annoying advertisements. I feel like writing to the real advertisers (that advertise on the real live radio) & telling them that their radio station is allowing iHeart radio to play other advertisements over theirs. Turning the app off then back on only makes it worse, as the ads just start again. What really annoyed me today was having the ads start when the radio announcer started talking about something I had been waiting to hear. I would rather pay a subscription than keep getting harassed by irrelevant ads!.Version: 9.3.1

Worst streaming appWithout doubt this app is the worst streaming app. It constantly drops off the station. This is not new, it’s been happening since it’s inception. Terrible performance on either 4G or Fibre, can’t imagine how it even functions on a slower internet connection. Only wish NewstalkZB could find another way to stream their content because iHeartRadio is a failure.Version: 9.19.2

Too many adsI love the variety of music and being able to listen to what I like but just lately I’m getting the same “ shake me” ad after every song. I don’t mind a few ads but the same one all day is just too much. I’m off to find something else!.Version: 9.26.4

Tricked into automatically enrolling.I’ll start by saying I love the IHeartRadio app. I’ve been using it for almost 10 years now. It’s great because I travel for work and when in my truck in areas where there’s no local stations I can still have music. Plus I love all the podcasts. For instance I listen to the Alan Cox show that’s airs in Cleveland Ohio. They have all the shows from the past year so even if I miss a day or two I can go back and listen. However yesterday when I opened the app I had a popup window asking me to subscribe to a monthly trial. I tried to close the window and it automatically enrolled me in monthly subscriptions. I’m amazed apps can even get away with this. You basically tricked me into getting the subscription. You took advantage of the in-app purchase and since I have touch ID enabled there’s no way to avoid it. Judging by the reviews and the post on the Apple forums this is happening to a lot of people. I was able to contact Apple and let them know what was going on and have the charges blocked. I shouldn’t have had to go through this process at all. I feel bad for all the people that aren’t going to realize it happened and be billed. If this happens again I will delete this app..Version: 8.14.2

Was great on Windows Phone, new web app version sixLoved this app on my Windows Phone, installed it when I was forced to switch to iPhone (which has been an inferior user experience in almost every way - it can’t even do autocorrect as well as the WP, but I digress), and it was pretty similar throughout the fall of 2017... logged in today, December, to find everything changed. I can’t figure out how to get to my favorite artist-based station (can find artist in search, but there doesn’t seem to be a station option anymore?) can’t find the Recently Played Songs list once I’m playing a station. It’s fine to change things, but not in such an extreme way that it appears so nonsensical to even fairly on-top-of-things users that they can’t easily find the features that are important to them. I don’t know if it was a web app before, but it must be because I don’t recall downloading an update and everything is just a little off, not polished and smooth like a native app would be. I expected that sort of thing on a minority platform like WP, but it’s really disappointing to have a worse experience on a brand new iPhone. Anyway, this app is in need of some major organizing/UI changes before it can match the user experience of previous versions. If I have to put in hours curating my stations (which looks like the direction this is going), as opposed to having a variety of stations that are good, just need minor tweaks to be great, I’d might as well use Pandora!.Version: 8.7.0

Songs interrupted by adsEvery once in a while you’ll be singing along to one of your favourite tunes and it will cut out midway and an ad will start playing. Frustrating..Version: 10.2.0

Bad call!1 star until you start playing Morgan Wallen!.Version: 9.26.4

Pros and consI've been on this app for over a year maybe 2-3 and it hasn't improved by resolving it's ongoing issues. I've had enough with the technical issues that are chewing up my time which I value, so I'm deleting the app after this review and getting a better one that doesn't waste my time and does its job. Here's a bit of a break down of pros and cons. Pros:can have a favourites station with all your thumbs up songs and suggested songs, you can skip songs, you can down thumb sings so they don't play again, you can access stations from overseas. Cons: -sometimes won't play and will just buffer even with good reception and when other apps and sounds from the net play it won't on this app at times which leads to Wastes time like today pausing and playing, closing then re-opening the app to try get it to fully load the song and play. - some radio stations only for American citizens e.g. Disney radio. - doesn't keep your thumbs up list so they remain in your favourites. It undoes them. So long iHeart Radio, I'm off to use an app that will actually do what it's meant to: play music when you push play/open it..Version: 8.9.1

#GET RID OF THE BAD MUSIC#Whenever I click on a song I want to play it plays a different song with bad words in it. You can’t create your own playlist and if you click on one by a different artist it plays bad inappropriate songs. I just want to listen to the GOOD music not music by people who write bad music and for no reason music is an art and it is meant to be good so I say if you want more people to get the app get rid of the stupid bad inappropriate music. I know over 100 people who have downloaded the app and got rid of it for these reasons, they all say “where’s the good stuff? The music we want? The music that is actually good?” So I say what in the world are you doing putting bad inappropriate music on your app? I promise if you fix these problems and things that are so wrong with this app, you will get many more people back into listening to GOOD music on your app. Do it. NOW!!.Version: 10.2.1

Love the original app... not so much with the updatesWas such an awesome app at first, but now with the updates, the advert pops up first before it allows me to change stations, switch from a podcast to radio or vice versa..Version: 9.21.0

More diversityGood app, however too repetitive. Most bands I have added to my radio station have way more than two decent songs, however the app will only play the same few songs ad infinitum. Also once you have thumbs upped a song, it stays thumbed up.....and plays more often, please add more variety..Version: 8.6.0

CrashingI love the app as I use it from Thailand when I visit my partner. Since being back in country Victoria the app crashes nearly every day. It’s happens sometimes 4/5 times a day. Some days it will not reboot. I turn off iPad and refresh and clear all apps and it still cuts out, getting very disappointed over this app. It’s advertised all day on gold 104 but people will get frustrated just like myself.Version: 9.0.0

Constant disconnectionsThis app constantly disconnects. Doesn’t resume after a alarm or notification and drains battery. Wish there was a better way to stream radio.Version: 10.1.1

“Update”??I was forced to update it, and now the only radio station I ever listened to doesn’t work. So disappointing..Version: 8.7.0

Way too easy to accidentally subscribeI haven't minded the iHeartRadio app and service and it generally works very well and it’s easy to use. However... I was listening to the radio while riding my bike recently, and pulled my phone out to change the station I was listening to, and somehow managed to accidentally subscribe to the “Plus” service while attempting to lock my phone after. Sorry, it shouldn’t be this easy to subscribe to your paid services, or if it is, it needs to be easier to reverse it immediately so I don’t have to live with a subscription/charges I don’t care to have. I didn’t bother to call Apple to have the charge removed since it seemed like a hassle hardly worth $6. I was able to discontinue the subscription in my Apple account so I won’t get recurring charges. It’s just frustrating that I managed to buy something I didn’t intend to. It should require a few steps to get to the purchase, especially for a recurring subscription! If it manages to happen again, you can bet I will stop using this app and find a different way to stream the stations I listen to..Version: 8.15.0

Sunday morning listeningPlease bring back Jan Arden !! I listen from Tecumseh Ontario and enjoy your talk show programs. You have replaced her podcast with some kind of annoying game show. I am not listening to AM 800 on Sundays. I am also disappointed in how you let go the AM 800 sportscaster after 40& years working for your company HEARTLESS 😡.Version: 10.0.0

No respect, app is OKApp is great but they have no respect for their listeners as far as radio stations go. None. Stations change format in the middle of the night, when listeners ask “Why” on Facebook or Twitter they’re deleted instantly. That’s how much respect iHeartradio has for their listeners. Zero. The radio stations get more generic and boring every year. The amount of time they spend playing commercials promoting this app could be literally used for something else more useful (Like real commercials that make real money or maybe a weather forecast) Beyond the bad radio stations, the app is pretty decent. Been using it since it came out around 2008 or so. Some of the other stations on this app are OK. Music streaming is nothing special. It has grown into a pretty decent Podcast platform in the last couple of years. There’s plenty to listen to. I do not believe they are “#1 for Podcasts” as they say on the radio over and over but I do believe they have a lot of them, which for people who listen to Podcasts (I rarely do) is a good thing..Version: 9.5.1

Worst app for podcastsLiterally the clunkiest app I’ve ever used. If you can listen to your favorite podcasts on another app, do it! Unfortunately the Elvis Duran Show is owned by iHeartRadio, so I have to use this app to listen to their replay shows and podcasts. It takes forever just to open the app and get to the show I want to listen to. I keep the app open if I have to pause for a bit, and usually I try to come back later and listen... only to find that the app has closed itself and I have to go and search for the podcast I was listening to. A lot of times it doesn’t save my place, so I have to fast forward to where I was. This app has TRICKED ME into accidentally signing up for their premium, paid version by randomly bringing up the thumbprint authorization even after I had closed out of the ad. I’ve also tried listening to some of my favorite shows “live” and it constantly cuts out. I’ve had this app for years and despite going through many updates, it still is just NOT great. I don’t know how anyone can give it more than 3 stars. Either make my favorite shows available on the Apple podcasts app, or make this stupid app BETTER..Version: 9.24.1

Good App (Usually...)Edit: It seems like all of the other problems I list below are gone now, due to the fact that I can’t get the app to play ANY music now. None of my stations work, they all constantly have a loading symbol, and where the artist’s other songs/info are, it says, “Artist Profile is not available at this time”. The app is completely useless to me at this point because it doesn’t do anything, and this started today only a few hours ago. This can’t be a phone problem because I have the latest iOS on a brand new iPhone 8. I’m hoping this will be fixed soon. I've used this app for a few years, and I've discovered many new artists and songs through this app. However, I've been experiencing a few problems lately. My biggest problem is that sometimes the app will refresh in the middle of a song, and not just pause it, but get rid of the song completely. I'm not sure if I can fix this in my phone settings or if it's an app issue, but this has never happened before. Another issue is that some ads with sound play at the same time as a song, which is obviously annoying. Overall, it is a good app and does what it promises, but with a few bugs..Version: 8.8.1

Great app but a few small issuesGreat app but I hate it when an ad pops up with a button to go to that channel, but no option to exit the ad and seems like you are forced to hit the ‘listen now’ button just to exit the ad? So annoying Also, it would be great if playing of podcast episodes was a bit more intuitive. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but episodes don’t automatically go to the next one when an ep is finished..Version: 9.3.1

WOWI first got a iHeartRadio as a free app when I first got my mobile device. It was free it was fun and the music was good because I could listen to it anywhere. That was about three years ago, now so much of the free things have been replaced by paid services that if I want to change anything that I had set up three years ago I can’t do it unless I pay them their fees to change anything on my accounts. You really have to love progress. On top of that because my mobile device is constantly logged on it doesn’t recognize the passwords I set up before they changed their site so now when I go to login online to try and change things it doesn’t recognize me. It’s a blast trying to reset my passwords and prove I’m not a freaking robot, great job iHeartRadio. I think it’s pretty funny that I have to prove I’m not a robot to reset my password but they can send automated email responses to folks. I’ve had these kind of problems before and they’ll send a generated email that says hey look up these corresponding posts on the forums to see if they match your problems. It’s all fun and games until the autistic guy wants to talk to a person then everybody hides behind a computer screen, if you find this funny awesome, if you don’t, fix it. It’s just one guys opinion..Version: 8.17.0

Used to work betterBefore the last update, iHeartRadio would resume the last station I was listening to when it connected with my car’s bluetooth. After the previous update, I started having to hit the channel down button on my steering wheel to get it to start playing. Fine, whatever. But since the last update even that no longer works; I have to open the app and manually tap the specific station I want. Every. Single. Time. Also, since the last update, every time I start the station, I get a 30-second video ad. Uh, a VIDEO ad, on iHeart RADIO? Seems a bit self-defeating, especially since many of the video ads have no audio indication of what they are advertising. So I’ve just learned to turn the audio down to zero when first starting, until the word ADVERTISEMENT goes away from my radio display. I tried iHeartAuto once, thinking to would be better suited to what I wanted, but that app was completely hopeless..Version: 8.7.0

UselessNo good for anyone in Atlantic Canada. Apparently people only live in Ontario Quebec or BC.Version: 10.2.0

BugThe app keeps starting by itself even I after I forced shut several times it suddenly starts on its own. The iPhone 7 (latest update) can be by itself on the table when suddenly the apps starts playing my last podcast. Pretty annoying,.Version: 8.5.0

Annoying own ads in station ad breaksBeen using this app for many years now and a recent change has made the app VERY annoying. Iheartradio now sell their own ads and stream them during the station ad breaks. The same ad can be repeated 4 times in a single ad break, with the addition of 5-10 seconds of dead air before looping the ad again. Ads are a necessary part of a radio station, but dead air and looped repeating of ads is not. It’s so annoying I’ve deleted the app today and downloaded a radio streaming app that does exactly what it says - streams the radio station, music, talk, news and ads - giving the same listening experience..Version: 8.17.0

Ok App with some flawsApp works well most of the time until recently when for some reason it stops playing after each add break and requires restarting again. Tried uninstalling and reinstalled but didn’t help. Particularly like the favourites radio and being able to add songs I like by hitting the thumbs up icon. Got quite a decent playlist going which beats the normal radio..Version: 9.18.1

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of IHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a IHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using IHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts.

Is IHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts not working?

IHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact IHeart: Radio, Music, Podcasts.

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