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103.1Always my go to station as soon as I get in my car and drive❤️ THE best radio station for any mood.Version: 10.2.1

Your last update ceased your App working in my carI would give your app 5 star rating however since your last update your App no longer works with Apple CarPlay. So so so disappointing as I used it every time I was in my car now I can’t. Please fix this bug.Version: 9.24.2

Best musicAlways makes my soul feel good..Version: 10.2.1

Good app and great support!Initially I was unable to log on and unable to reset my password. But Cody, one of its support people, was able to reset my password and now I can log on fine. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that It does seem to drop out a little more than other similar apps but that could be a buffering issue or my patchy signal coverage..Version: 9.24.2

Ads to frequent and repetitiveWhen I first started using iHeart it was perfect! But in the last 12 months it’s hard to find a good amount of uninterrupted play time. Ads are far too frequent now. It’s very disappointing. Especially when you have sleep timer on, just starting to relax and ads come on blasting you out of your happy place. 😖😢.Version: 8.18.0

I Heart RadioThis station is awesome, I am a great fan and live by this station daily!.Version: 9.26.4

Why we love I ❤️We love to go to sleep listening to talkback, no matter where in the world we are, i❤️ let’s us listen to home, where ever we are, ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 9.4.1

Podcast playback could be betterI recently jumped from apple’s podcast system to this to hear my favorite radio podcast John and Ken because iHeart stopped having the Friday show on the Apple podcast stream. A move to get you to the iHeart app. Well I’m here and the podcast features are not that robust. The per episode playback order always goes newest to oldest and you can’t turn it the other way around. For catching up you have to remember that or you end up hearing the show out of order which is annoying if you just let the run to the next episode. No sleep timer available which helps you not run into other shows if you fall asleep listening. I got through eight episodes that way in one night. The skip features could be better and should be configurable. Get the settings better and I’ll rate you higher. Radio play of live content is great. Sound is clear..Version: 9.18.1

CrashNew version crashes a lot. I’m on iOS. Giving 5 cos it just needs an update and all good other than that..Version: 8.6.0

I love the content, but not the updatesI first got iHeartRadio on my old ipod on ios6 and I loved it. They had a setting where I could explore music or listen to mostly the same stuff. They did away with that and I miss it. Since then they’ve made the sleep timer harder to access, and everytime I open the app I’m baraged with an ad to try to upgrade to a paid version. I don’ mind seeing that maybe once a week, but I’m using other apps more because I get this annoying self add every time I open the app. It’s also harder to find the most recent radio stations I listen to. It keeps getting harder and harder with the new updates. Lastly, I love the play on start-up feature, but lately it doesn’t work (even when turned on in the settings) probably because of the ad I have to close out of. I’ve dug out my old ipod and I now mostly listen to iHeartRadio from that with whatever version ios6 can handle.Version: 8.7.0

Apps vraiment pratique!Il manque juste la possibilite de se créer plusieurs listes de favoris..Version: 10.2.0

Free RadioOn certain OPTUS plans, using this app does not count toward data use, therefore I can listen to the multiple ABC channels all day or night long without cost (I have to be near a power point though ;) ) other features are too confusing for me.Version: 8.16.0

Pretty goodExcept for the songs that have been taken from live events which are not as good quality, or radio snips that have hosts talking after the song. Also the addition of the ads on free version... I will NEVER buy Paul Newman’s dressings because of this annoying ad. Very frustrating jingle to hear between my heavy metal jams..Version: 8.9.1

Really Enjoying the iHeartRadio AppI like using the iHeartRadio app because I can “Thumbs Up” songs I like and “Thumbs Down” songs that I dislike. Then, I can listen to all my Favorites without hearing the ones I don’t like. Also, other similar songs will be thrown in that I can like or dislike. On top of all that, I can search an artist to listen to their music and then hear similar songs from other artists to add to my favourites or dislike. Because I like a variety of music, I love the iHeartRadio app. On top of it all, you can listen to radio stations in your area or from around the world. That’s cool..Version: 9.19.2

I HeartAs we don’t have radio reception we rely on this app for the radio. For the last 2 or 3 years never had a problem before that there was a few but seem to be all gone now 👍🏻.Version: 8.16.0

Loved it!I absolutely loved the app! I have been listening to all of my favourite artists such as melanie martinez, Set it off and Panic! At the Disco. But there is one flaw. I can’t play a certain song, for example I can play Taylor swift, but I cannot play Her song ‘You need to calm down’. But other than that I would recommend your app a 10/10..Version: 9.19.2

Christmas musicLove the app. Have feedback on the Sacred Christmas music. Several songs I have given a thumbs down to but they still keep being played. Really hate Aaron Neville’s version of silent night, the wavering voice is like being on the phone with someone and the voice keeps fading in and out. I really don’t want to heart it or ANY song by James Taylor, he destroys the Christmas spirit. If it were possible to ditch the songs you hate I would give it a 5 star rating..Version: 8.15.3

Pretty great!Not at all a bad app, love the themed radios and podcasts as well as podcasts from radio (Jase and PJ!!). One problem though... sometimes when I start listening to a song it will play/show me an ad AS THE SONG IS PLAYING please fix this it’s annoying 😁. Thanks for a great app though and not to many ads (and not pressuring me to get a premium either 😅).Version: 9.3.2

SubscriptionI was charged $5.99 for a subscription that I was “tricked” into signing up for. I canceled the subscription within minutes of discovering that I had signed up for it, but ended up being charged anyway. I went to the online help on the iHeartRadio app to verify that my subscription was canceled and there is no unsubscribe button to hit. I then emailed iHeartRadio and received this response. “iHeartRadio Customer Support does not internally handle subscriptions processed through Apple. However, if you need to cancel your subscription, you can do so by following the procedure below:” I folloedthe procedure “below” only to get to a dead end. I sure hope I don’t get charged again, I guess I will have to open up a dispute through my credit card company at this point. In the future I will be very very careful what buttons that I tap. It’s a shame that the app gets updated and changes around so much that it is unfamiliar if you don’t use it every single day. Through the many updates I have also lost my favorite stations and my saved stations, and it gets really frustrating..Version: 8.14.2

FormidableUne radio à mon goût que j’ écoute régulièrement belle musique aussi. Bravo à toute l’ équipe vous êtes vraiment formidable..Version: 10.2.0

Subscription is too expensiveAlmost but not quite 5🌟, would have kept my monthly subscription but it’s way too costly. For just radio I thought, but considering it’s only $15 or so it’s not that bad. It would be great for a disc jockey (DJ) or a wedding event you can actually set up your own play lists so it can just continue playing continuously. Unless you feel the need to have the DJ interact with you like your in a pub or event to interact with the crowd. I’m sure that if you had issues to where you didn’t have a DJ show up for work then this would work for most small town or small scale clubs that’s holding only 50/75 people or so. I will say that most of the time I am able to find just about anything I want to listen when I had the subscription. And I didn’t have to listen to commercials. It’s really nice cause if you are a big music fan who buys a lot of tracks per month then I would just personally purchase a subscription to the iHeartRadio app. It’s just that cool. But being that I don’t buy that much music and I just couldn’t see spending that kind of money per month..Version: 8.14.2

Need an alarm...This app would have five stars if it had a radio alarm included in it (like it had before).Version: 10.1.0

Coast RadioI used to listen to coast New Zealand through I❤️radio using my ChromeCast. Now suddenly it doesn’t want to cast to my television. I miss the radio very much, but not sure what to do. Is it my google chrome caster is it Coast online. How do I fix it? Is there someone to help me.?.Version: 8.17.0

Great but one issue...I am completely loving this app. Features that I love is that it plays in the background of any other app. This is the best especially when using Waze in the car. I can still get the verbal directions from waze and the volume of iHeartRadio goes lower but doesn’t shut off! Also, when I close the app mid podcast, the podcast restarts automatically upon returning to the app. This also continues playing when minimized and when the phone is locked. The only feature that I would love to see change is the order in which the podcasts play. Instead of going up the list, example #4 to #5, the podcasts will play going down the list from #5 to #4. This means that you have to physically go into the app and click on the next podcast on the list. This is something that I hate doing, particularly when driving as it’s dangerous! I would love for iHeartRadio to fix this issue so that I can play a podcast list, and let it run up the list without needing to reopen the app and physically tap the next on the list. Besides this issue, I love this app for podcasts!.Version: 8.18.1

AppGreat app!.Version: 9.26.4

Apple Watch functionalityGreat app but can you please let it work on the apple with cellular connection and don’t require your IPhone . I wish I could use this option whilst working out or walking.Version: 8.18.0

Horse crazy for lifeI love this app sooo much!!! I can listen to my fav country music and always have good quality! I love Iheart!!!.Version: 10.1.0

Excellent place to listen to your fav musicIHeartRadio.Version: 10.2.1

Changes nor requiredUse it all the time but cannot select my fave stations as you keep mixing up the screen with blogs and all just mixed up like porridge. Please simplify access selection. Right now it’s all over the place..Version: 9.24.3

Good appIt’s a great app, but as previously mentioned, the stations just repeat the play lists, same songs over and over. Still can’t figure out what the “save” button does on the lower left side. Would be neat to be able to create your own playlist. Over all it’s easy to use, good content, good variety of stations to choose from and audio quality is also quality for net radio 👍🏻.Version: 8.13.0

IHeartRadioI would have given it a five star BC I simply love being too listen to my home rock station when I'm working BC I work out of town most of time. But for some crazy reason lately it has started at 100% volume, even just now I got a head start on it and began working it down to about 60 % for it just to jump right back full blast even though I was holding down on volume button. Now I really can't explain how out why it would be turning down and almost to the half mark just for it to jump to the full volume while I'm still holding on the volume but this is not some thing that I can take or tolerate at 615 am nor will my boss's or work mates at this time in the morning and hell it could give some one a heart attack when u go from nor hearing a thing where a needle could be able to be heard hitting the floor. But you could say every one is awake today after this Bluetooth box going off. Please let me know what could and out can be done and if it's anything to do on my part in really sorry for not given the extra star but I had the volume working down for it to start over. Thanks and please have this fixed or fixed for me. Have no complaints about anything else so everyone download this app and listen to your favorite tubes so day and all the time for free..Version: 8.9.1

Australian RadioI enjoy hearing news and stories of my homeland Australia..Version: 10.2.1

OkayOkay but would like to pay to remove ads.Version: 9.26.4

AwesomeThis app is amazing! I listen to it nearly every day and it’s so good. I’ve had it for a couple months and nothing has been stopping the amazingness. 5/5 star rating I really recommend this app to anyone. 😄.Version: 9.18.0

Facile utilisationTu choisis la station de ton choix et le tour est joué.Version: 9.26.4

Love iHeartRadio and stuff to blow your mindI really enjoy listening while working or just enjoying the show. Because I’m a new listener I do find it hard to navigate around the “Stuff” material. The list is so long that I find myself getting lost in the scrolling. It would be very helpful to divide the listening segments into groups, such as years of dates. That way you could find your place easier. I have recommended the show to friends but they all have trouble finding a particular podcast that I recommended. I also find it interesting that the earlier segments that date from 2010, which were hosted by a guy and gal had a different point of view than the more recent segments hosted by the two guys. (Sorry they are great but I can’t remember their names) I enjoy the male point of view that comes across but the difference is noticeable to me. Maybe they could throw in a female cohost once in a while..Version: 9.24.1

Fabulous appI’ve tried many music apps in the past couple of months and to be honest they are just exhausting. Liking music to essentially like more music that you’ll probably never listen to again. I heart radio is fantastic , I’ve been really surprised with the catalogue of artists at hand and being able have the radio and podcasts accessible in the app also is fantastic. It’s got it all..Version: 8.18.0

I do love the radio optionsAlthough there are a few things I feel that could be better. I feel like skipping songs shouldn’t be an exclusive thing only paid membership people can do an unlimited amount of times, cause on the radio station that is titled my name’s favorites, a lot of stuff is mixed in there that I don’t actually listen to. And also, despite giving them the thumbs down, they reappear again. What’s the point of giving that song a thumbs down if it’s just going to show up again? I know I’m nitpicky, but these are things I feel that could make the experience better for the users that can not afford a membership or a subscription. Cause right now I cannot work and I wanna listen to music how I want to...and that’s skipping over stuff I don’t like to get to what I do like..Version: 8.14.0

Love/AnnoyedI love iHeartRadio 99.9 KSAB the best tejano music choices especially those who live on boarders of Texas because all you hear is music from Mexico (for those who like that music is great ) although born and raise with tejano/conjunto prefer 99.9 KSAB station I can have your station on all day and all night but....I never hear any stories from our Texas musicians from our original State “Texas” all I hear is other musicians from other states or countries on how they started there music which I hardly hear their kind of music on your station and I get annoyed when the same story is on night after night so if you read this and knowing I am a big fan of iHeartRadio 99.9 from Robstown Texas please get this message to the station I want to hear how Intocable or Little Joe or Elida Reyna and so on and so on started as musicians ...supporting our local and getting to know our famous musicians that are rocking the USA as we speak ...thank you.Version: 9.6.1

Good but...The app is great but if there’s any chance you could add a jon henrik fjiallgren channel that would be legit or just jojk channel because that kinda music is great to listen to to relax.Version: 8.6.0

Keeps me in touch with the worldI love being able to tune in to local radio stations back in the United States and hear local news and weather where family is. I also enjoy having such a great variety of music in the palm of my hand. Thank you I ❤️ Radio for making road trips enjoyable again🙂.Version: 8.16.0

IHeart Radio App for iPhone 7I have been listening to the music on this app for over a week now and I can't enough of it. They made it easy to navigate with great features. It works for me and I haven't experienced any problems as of yet. I think that this app is awesome and I usually don't write many reviews on things unless it's worth my time. Besides there is an app for everything now a days to sit there and rate them all when you download or use them would take a while, at least in my case. I recommend iHeart Radio for those of you who love music without tons of commercial breaks. Thanks iHeart Radio and keep up the good work. So far you have a really great thing going for you and I hope that it doesn't change to much over time with a bunch of pointless improvements or updates that aren't necessary to the users or listeners..Version: 8.16.3

ExcellentExcellent !!!.Version: 10.1.1

I love it but I can't remove stations I don't wantMy name is tiffy i'm totally blind and I love iHeartRadio however if I add stations to my favourites you won't allow me to remove what I don't want any more! I could do this once before however you know longer let me! you are taking away my right to remove what I don't want and it's not good enough! Bring this feature back because it worked well with voice-over which is a screen reader for The blind! I won't except your response such as thank you for your feedback we want to look into this for you however a response like that is nothing but robotic and I won't tolerate it so I suggest you stop updating iHeartRadio and leave it alone.Version: 9.5.2

Great Sleep Timer5 star as I love the sleep timer. Can be frustrating sometimes to listen to my specific station though..Version: 9.5.2

I love the app but can't unsubscribe from emailsI'm Tiffy and I'm totally blind and hearing-impaired, I love the app because I can listen to news talk ZB which is a new station I found, but if I don't want the emails telling me what's available it doesn't let me unsubscribe, I'm not happy about that, whenever I go into Safari it says the server cannot be found! Is this some stupid trick to get people to read your stupid emails when we don't want them?.Version: 8.16.4

Newstalk 1010I love the iHeart radio app because I can use it to listen to my favourite radio station, Newstalk 1010!.Version: 10.2.0

Very good.This is a great alternative to regular radio or the tracks you already have. Only four stars though because of too much talking. However it scores big time because it didn't ditch Australia and NZ like Pandora did. For this I edit and give it 5. Stars! Great Stuff!.Version: 8.7.0

I love this app exceptI really love iHeartRadio for the most part, although there is some strange thing when listening to songs I noticed something bizarre like there are some times where it lists artist incorrectly like I like to listen to American top 40 a lot and sometimes it says the harry styles song titles correct but it will say Francesca Schofield instead of Harry styles that is bizarre and thankfully I know with Harry styles but if somebody doesn’t know that and it could really play with their brains and thinking it is the wrong artist they could be deceived incorrectly. Just a thought for a future update besides that I like the app another thing to add is that every time you ask me to take your surveys I am unable to take them due to accessibility barriers of not being able to check agreeing or disagreeing. I have tried reporting it within the app and I am unable to do that due to some accessibility barriers and clicking the send button and many different other buttons so those are just things to think about your future updates thank you..Version: 9.26.4

IHeart Radio - My Feedback! I Love The iHeart Radio App!In my opinion, I think that this app is very good, interesting and a great listen tool! I love iHeart Radio so much! Everyone should get iHeart Radio, it is amazing and beautiful! 😊.Version: 10.0.0

I dig it.I dig it. Fast forward to months and months later: I still dig it..Version: 9.26.4

CommentaireIl serait agréable d’entendre exemple Mike Gauthier commentez vous présenter quelques chansons.Version: 10.2.1

GreatLove it! Everytime u like a song gets to know your taste better. So not only do u get your favourites u also get new songs that u will love as well that u may not have heard before. Simple to use, easy to work out how to use..Version: 8.14.2

Battery HogMore stable than the older version but uses battery at a MUCH higher rate than the prior version on my iPhone X. I usually listen to the app 7-9 hrs per day and the battery was at 40%-55% at the end of the day. Now it’s 5% and the battery log shows it’s all iHeart Radio. I wish I could go back to the old version. (Similar issues using cell data while it’s connected to WiFi.) Since writing this review (previously 4 stars, since downgraded) the developer contacted me. They sent me the following “workarounds:” “ Could you try going into your settings on your phone and check under apps and notifications - iHeartRadio - useage to make sure iHeartRadio isn't excluded from power saving features.” Well, DUH!! And then this: “ For iPhone X users, please follow the steps below: Swipe from the bottom of the screen and hold your thumb on the screen until it shows all of your open apps. Hold down on the iHeartRadio app until you see a red minus symbol appear at the top left corner of the app Click the red minus symbol to exit and close the iHeartRadio app”. IMO, this is utterly unacceptable and an insulting ask. When I stop playing and/or close the app I expect it to STOP ALL FUNCTIONS without any further BS. It does not. The old version did and worked tolerably well. I should never have “updated” it. I have deleted it. Avoid this app..Version: 9.24.1

Podcasts I’m followingGreat app, I use it daily when I wake up to listen too the news. I also listen to podcasts via Bluetooth when driving and there is plenty of good content. An improvement would be is if my favourite podcasts I’m following could be sorted by latest content. My daily news subscriptions should always be near the top of my list. Keep up the good work guys, thank you.Version: 9.20.1

IHeart Radio Is The Perfect Music CompanionI love iHeart radio because I get to customise the style of music I listen to without all the interruptions and endless promos on a regular station. I can choose different styles depending on my mood and environment and take it with me wherever I go. Great job iHeart..Version: 8.19.1

RadioLove this app I’m from New Zealand and we don’t have country radio stations and I love country music so I just tune into the American radio station and now I’m able to keep up with all the new country music and plus I also enjoy rock music and there are some fantastic rock stations as well.Version: 9.18.1

AwesomeLove it.Version: 10.2.1

American Top 40 with Casey Kasem!Back when I had my car, I was paying $30/month for Sirius XM expressly for the purpose of listening to one Casey Kasem show each week. Someone on Facebook had suggested that I login to iHeartRadio and simply search “Casey Kasem”, and I found a channel that streams just American Top 40 shows from the 70s and 80s 24/7! Being only 25, I was never able to listen to his shows live, and Casey had passed just as I started getting into his shows in 2014. I had previously only kept iHeartRadio on my iPhone and iPad to be able to stream a station out of Grand Rapids, Michigan in November and December each year when they switch to Christmas music. Needless to say, I stream American Top 40 through iHeartRadio at least 1-2 hours a day, and often listen to it for extended periods while at work. Thank you iHeartRadio for making it possible for me to listen to an icon I didn’t get to know until it was too late..Version: 8.14.1

Best app everI see a lot of reviews that aren’t positive about this app, yet I say there is no problems! Yes I know that there’s a lot of things you have to pay for, but there’s a lot of things you don’t. Like all my favorite channels, radio stations, and podcasts are free. I recommend this app for anybody Who likes listening to music. Also I was looking at my account and it gives me notifications whenever there’s a new song posted by One of my favorite artists and new podcast channels. I really like this app, and it kind of makes me feel weird that people are saying that it is a bad app. I mean how many apps give you a lot of free music? Not very many. Before I got this app I had to pay for all music, but now I get all my favorite stuff for free. #BestAppEver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 8.18.1

Love the varietyThis app is so good, lots of variety in genres. Great to hear songs that I haven’t heard for a long time. However on a few occasions I have found the songs to jump and go around in circles. As there is no one monitoring the stations it can be playing like this for a long time, one time it was going around in circles for over 20 mins. Also a few times I have noticed that songs have been repeated within 2 hours. Other than the above, I love this app. I listen to iHeartRadio over the mainstream radio stations..Version: 9.6.1

Almost a One stop everything appI’m a literal “radio head” . I soak up most of my local stations on a regular radio, and listen to almost every genre. I traveled a lot for work and would find great stations in other cities and states and would take note to listen to them again when I’d return. Now that technology is booming I can listen to almost every radio station ( some are on that other app) that I love . I use IHeartRadio daily. It’s great for pretty much all of your listening needs. The streaming stations they have created are great and you can build your own playlists or stations also. The podcasts are really good too and they have pretty much everything. The only issue I have is searching and it’s mostly podcasts. I can put the exact name of a podcast and it won’t show up. I’m an all access subscriber and It happens almost every time. The last one I searched for didn’t come up ,so I went to the website for that podcast and they had a button for IHeartRadio so I pushed it and it opened the app and went to the podcast. That’s frustrating to say the least but it’s not a deal breaker . Keep on making it as great as possible..Version: 10.2.0

Fantastic MusicI have used iHeart Radio for about 3 years. I never have a problem finding the music I am interested in. The selection of live radio stations and genres is fabulous. I have lived in three different Countries besides the U.S. and it is fun to be able to find a “local station” from where I used to reside. iHeart makes it possible for me to stay current with the artists from these small Countries. This past weekend I went on a road trip through mountains. There were many places that Wi-Fi and even LTE were not available. iHeart radio continued playing through many of these places. Even when the radio stations on my radio weren’t playing. It really did make the trip better, having my favorite music along for the drive! Thanks iHeart!.Version: 8.17.0

Picking songsAwesome app love it just wish I could search a song I want and listen to it when ever I search for songs it will play other songs before the song I want.Version: 8.6.0

Works wellThe stream start immediately..Version: 10.0.0

Great ..... butI use iHeart Radio daily and I love it. There used to be the option to go through the play history and thumbs up or down each song to adapt your preferences. Sadly this is no longer available so only those songs you are within arms reach for can be adapted..Version: 9.22.0

70’s GirlI listen to the 70’s when walking in my car wherever I can. Some days the music is awesome some days it is just repeats. I am sure there is a lot more than is broadcast. Still my fave go to..Version: 8.18.0

Waking up to the radioLove this app as I can wake up to the radio, but...it would be good if it remembered the time you saved as the alarm time instead of setting to 7AM everyday, if the screen was darker when set to alarm mode (I have my phone on its back so it can charge on a wireless charger and I can’t flip it screen down) and if it remembered the radio station you set to wake up to from last time. Aside from that I don’t really use it (I’ll do what I can to avoid ads so I don’t tend to listen to the radio) so can’t rate any other aspect. Would just love to see the alarm function improved a bit..Version: 8.11.1

FanLove this app Would like to download songs to my iPhone but still love you guys.Version: 9.26.4

My go to talkback app, every nightEasy to use, great selection of podcasts and international stations.Version: 9.23.1

Enjoying iHeartRadio.I am enjoying listening to iHeartRadio as it allows me to choose the music I like to listen to. However there are times that I am not able to listen to a particular track as it does not come up when I select it. It could be that it is not available in that stream. Though this can be annoying it is not disappointing as the other songs are just as enjoyable. Thank you..Version: 8.16.4

IHeart RadioTotally awesome 💕.Version: 10.2.0

In A World Where Danger Is Everywhere...I was a subscriber to a popular satellite radio company who shall remain nameless. 🤔🤷‍♂️😂 Well, I found myself in between jobs and needing to find a way to stay caught up on what was going on in the worlds of sports, current world events, and the like. I had downloaded the iHeart Radio iPhone application a few years ago, but I never used it. Actually, I had forgotten about it due to the metal plate in my head negatively reacting to the use of my microwave when preparing my burritos. (My bowels would release and I would forget who I was for about an hour or so.) Anyway, I decided to utilize the application so as to experiment with and experience the full effects of the frequently promoted pleasure of said application. I must say that I was quite amazed at the vast and diverse selections at my fingertips! I am very thankful for the opportunity to listen to my favourite programs! I give this application 4 stars due to the excellence in which they approach this stubborn, never say die medium known as ”Radio.” Download it now and find out what you are missing! Also, if you too have a metal plate in your head, your reception will increase by at least 80%! iHeart radio and unlimited data...it is like heaven on earth, it is like Ireland without the pipe bombs. It is 🎯💯 GOLD!.Version: 8.15.1

Great but not as free as claimedI find the app to be pretty good for nearly everything and I get free data with Virgin so that’s great too, I would give 5 stars if the custom stations as per the store listing and web site were ad free as described, I get a ton of ads using the app and that I would be happy to pay a small fee to get rid of them but I can’t see a way to do that either.Version: 8.9.1

Enables us to listen to Gold 104.3 from anywhereNothing special about the app, just it is the only way we seem to be a able to listen to Gold 104.3 from anywhere in the world, so for that, it’s great..Version: 9.21.3

Love this AppGreat to use at home and when I am out and about. When I am overseas I can keep up with what is going on at home..Version: 9.5.2

Love it but.......Totally love this app as I’m in Canberra and love Sydney radio stations. My only problem is Sydney’s WS 101.7 keeps pausing then sometimes goes back 10 seconds. I have perfect internet connection. Love for you guys to fix this issue. Thanks and go Mike Hammond..Version: 9.23.1

AdvertHave always enjoyed iHeartRadio but have stopped listening after being bombarded with that one roof ad after every track! It’s too much Charles.Version: 9.26.4

Music Is My Most FavouriteThe only time I don’t like music is when I hear new songs for the 1st few times and then get used to the music. Everyday songs get stuck in my head before they come on especially songs my family and I don’t hear very often and I’m a big music fan. I love a few of the stations.Version: 10.0.0

Almost a great appI like the app but not enough to give it five stars. There is a sleep timer but no possibility for a wake up alarm. We can’t put a thumbs up or down on all songs..Version: 9.26.4

Sleep timerA lot of rigmarole to set the sleep timer going to the settings each time would be nice on the page you are listening to. Lots of other easy access functions but could be more streamlined, remove ‘ add to Siri’ that seems like an odd easy function.Version: 9.24.2

Apple Watch needs more pleaseThe app has always been too slow to start up, but now with iOS 11 and WatchOS 4, we need a watch complication please. Under WatchOS 3 the music complication worked as a volume control but not now. Need a fast way to adjust volume please. Otherwise I’ve got to like the app to listen to the radio..Version: 8.3.1

Love this stationI have always listened to Chum and love this station! 😀.Version: 10.2.0

It’s freeSo many apps and podcast services are starting to charge as long as this remains free I will continue to use it good selection from around the world a few ads here and there but it’s free so who cares.Version: 8.18.0

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