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NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader) App User Positive Comments 2023

NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader) app received 51 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about newstap (usenet newsreader)?

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NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader) for Positive User Reviews

Fantastic!Exactly what I was looking for. The free lite version (written for the iPhone) does not do this app justice! The iPad user interface allows much more flexibility..Version: 0

Great start!Never really expected a newsreader so I was really happy that it's here. Going from one post to the next works well but has a tendency to crash. Binary support is a welcome feature although there must be some high limit on what it grabs as it doesn't seem to grab large files. It would be less data intensive if it allowed you to download headers and mark for retreival. As it stands, it downloads everything in a selected group for offline reading which works, but was expecting something like the great grabit, or pan. For a first release, it works, and works well. definatley looking for a way to mark a whole group read as first review states. Looking forward to future updates!.Version: 0

Really good. Needs some one touch featuresI think this is an excellent usenet reader and I'm very happy with it. However, F For me, it is really essential for there to be a one touch facility to mark a group as Read. Possibly a one touch for marking ALL groups read as well. And with an option in the set-up NOT to have to confirm such one touch commands. Wilf.Version: 3.5.5

Excellent NNTP news app.This is an excellent app. Makes reading newsgroups while travelling a breeze. The offline design on the app is reminiscent of offline Mail on old fashioned BBS systems, but much slicker. If you want to keep up with your favourite newsgroups while on the go, get this app, especially if you have unreliable or intermittent Internet service..Version: 5.1.6

EssentialHave had this application on the iPhone for some time now and been entirely happy with it as a quick and easy means to keep up with Usenet groups while out and about. The iPad upgrade has made a great application simply superb - the larger screen is perfectly suited to in-depth article reading across multiple groups. Very very pleased indeed and I'd have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone wanting a good and capable Usenet article reader. Drawbacks, if there are any at all, are entirely minor and hopefully would be looked at in future versions. It would be nice to be able to switch off the animated page turn transition between articles. Plus the window doesn't keep up with the highlight bar in the articles list at the top right and can tend to move off the bottom if you're working your way through a number of articles using the 'next' arrow button rather than by clicking on each article in the list individually. Small points which don't distract in any way from what is a superb application..Version: 0

Great news readerThis does a great job with syncing to one news server if your purpose is to read Usenet groups. I have heard of some problems with binaries, but I do not use it for that purpose. I sync it and read things at a later time. This app had two problems with the software keyboard with an iPhone/iPod update (3.1?) which caused posting and filter editing problems. These have recently been fixed. I wish I could add more servers. I wish I could use regex filtering. But all in all, this has been working well for me..Version: 0

Great in every way!!!Great usenet newsreader Nothing better on the iPad.Version: 3.5.5

Great newsreader for text groups!Ipad version: With the ability to resize all the panes with just one control, this is just a killer newsreader. In fact, it may become my go-to casual newsreader, regardless of platform it's that elegant and full featured, and fun to use on the iPad. It's nice to have the iPhone version always in my pocket, as well (it's equally elegant and full featured). Bravo to the developer! iPhone version: Nice addition to be able to download headers/srticles in the background. Can't wait till iPad can support that functionality as well..Version: 0

Easy to useThis app works well for my needs on both my iPhone and iPad. The developer is very quick with support..Version: 5.4.1

OijewrjnAll the features they list work well, except one, viz., "Filters (also known as "Killfile") can automatically mark articles as read or mark them with a certain color.” This is not quite right: every article filtered to be marked as read must also be color labeled. I would rather not have articles that I want to ignore stand out in the list of articles. I wish it weren’t necessary to have articles marked as read automatically color marked; but I also wish there were an option to have certain articles automatically deleted..Version: 5.1.2

Better than mostVery good news client. Has a few peculiarities but better than most. Haven't found any bugs yet..Version: 4.0.1

Usenet on iPhone? Yes, please.Exactly what I've been waiting for. If you want to follow text groups on your iDevice buy this app now..Version: 0

Works great!A must have if you own a iPhone and subcribe to newsgroups..Version: 0

A Good StartI generally like the design of the app and find it intuitive; I especially like the way it displays replies in a particular thread as a tree sorted by author. To me the benchmark for all newsreaders is Unison on the Mac though, and NewsTap has a way to go before it rivals it. Filters need to provide an option to kill cross posts (and subsequently 90% of Usenet spam). At version 3.x lack of support for binaries seems like a huge oversight. The app was developed by the same individual who made iCab, and he's done some great work over the years; I'm faithful that he will improve NewsTap as well. A quick glance at other clients for iOS leads me to believe this is still the best reader for iDevices..Version: 3.2

Works just fineI have no idea what others are complaining about. Possibly setup wrong. Anyways, I use this every day now, after being away from Usenet for many years. It’s fast, the layout is fine on the iPad screen and it is easy to navigate. A bargain at $4..Version: 5.5

Was reluctant to purchase ...But, as a longtime usenet newsgroup participant who was looking for a simple, yet configurable interface that allowed threaded newsgroup reading and replying on my iPad2, I'm extremely happy with my purchase of NewsTap. I've used desktop versions of every nntp client out there over the years and can truthfully say that this app is as good as the best in ease of reading and replying in text based newsgroups, and it really leverages the screen real estate on the iPad. Highly recommended!.Version: 3.2

Timothy lightfoot shut upShut up ya crybaby this app works and should be rated higher..Version: 3.5.5

Works on the M1 !!So reliable, very happy it works on the M1..Version: 5.5

Outstanding AppThis news reader is almost perfect. The only thing missing is support for SSL so that it can be used for online universities and business usenets..Version: 0

Good NewsReaderGreat app, only issues are...can only use one server and won't post binaries..Version: 0

ReallyvgoodReally good and well worth the money. I had no problems connecting to my news server and selecting groups. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is the insistence on using a 3 pane window layout..Version: 3.2

Great programWonderful program. Surprised at how easy it is to use. Would recommend it to true usenet addicts, like myself..Version: 0

ExcellentExcellent offline reader. Online doesn't make sense for 3g or EDGE connection. Ratings for v 1.0 & 1.1 should be removed or at least ignored..Version: 0

Pretty goodThis is a very nice app. The interface is straightforward and it supports SSL. A few things would make it even better though: - Ability to bookmark entire threads, rather than just individual posts. -A quick sync button for one tap send/receive. -Automated sync every X number of minutes. -Push notifications. But overall still very good for text based usenet browsing..Version: 0

A perfect mobile NNTP clientThis app’s offline-first, explicit sync connection model is perfect for the way NNTP works. It even has newsrc sync. I love it. My one big big feature request that would make me happy beyond words is the option for a monospace font. I use NNTP for technical mailing lists with lots of code snippets or ASCII diagrams and those just don’t render properly with the single proportional font the app allows. Thank you so much for keeping NNTP alive on iOS!.Version: 5.5

Very nice and intuitiveA very nice newsreader. I was without conventional internet service for over a year, and this program kept me sane :-) In fact, even though I finally have internet in my house, I still find myself using NewsTap for reading Usenet..Version: 3.2

Fantastic appWorks great for those few remaining nntp groups that I follow. Frankly, the interface is so nice, I prefer to use my iPad to read the newsgroups rather than my desktop machine. The ipad version makes great use of the extra screen space making it much more comfy to use than the iphone version. Nice work!.Version: 0

It's great this existsHaving not read news for several years, I'm really glad to find that NewsTap still exists and is supported: thanks!.Version: 5.3.1

Almost Agent on iTouchThanks for the free version. A lite version of an app should be a developer requirement in my opinion. This reader comes close to doing all I use of Agent by Forte on PC. That is saying a lot as Agent outclasses all. The setup and help are clear. The user interface is great. Threading by date or subject are here. I am new so if I see any significant problems I will report..Version: 0

New reviewIt took SO long but finally we have a nice app, complete and finished! Thanks for this update. Late but excellent!.Version: 0

The best iOS newsreaderBig fan for the past couple of years; developer is responsive if you have questions or suggestions. Like the new custom header feature too. Rules as the best newsreader for iOS, just as Unison does for Mac..Version: 3.5

Good jobMr Clauss has done it again. He has a very good pedigree behind him, I remember CAB on the Atari. So if you want a basic usenet reader then this does the job, not had a single problem and great for keeping an eye on the group when you are on the move or in the loo..Version: 4.0.1

Easy to configure and useI was happy to find and app that let me follow technical newsgroups on my iPhone as I don't have a newsreader at work anymore. Quick and easy to configure and use, I like it very much for this use. It is lacking binary support as others have noted but I don't need it personally. Thank to the developer for this very useful app !.Version: 4.0.1

Excellent AppAddition of multiple server support in v2 has upped my rating to a full five stars. This is easily my most used app on iPhone. Thanks for the enhancements and for producing such a useful app!.Version: 0

Finally an NNTP client on the iPhone - and it's great!I've been wanting this since Day 1 of the iPhone 3G and even thought about buying a Mac so I could develop one. But I kept hoping someone would write one eventually and it was a very nice surprise to find that app a few weeks ago. I first downloaded the Lite version 1.2 to test it with the two private servers I access every day but to no avail. After a few email exchanges with the author, he was able to accomodate me and add a fallback for those servers that are not 100% compliant. So now with 1.3, I can finally say I have NNTP access wherever I go and it is great. The app is surprisingly fast, handles small binaries posts (like a 250k JPG) perfectly and this tree window is out of this world. Nice touches like filters and group's descriptions and custom sort are way cool. Also, threaded view works great but that brings me to my only serious wish: a different sort order. I would much prefer sorting the threads by date and not alphabetically. The newer the thread's original post, the higher up it appears. Another nice to haves: - a way to navigate to the next unread post directly - multi-line signature All in all, a terrific app at that price. Thanks!.Version: 0

The best newsreader on any platformSo happy to see this superb update to Newstap. I really missed it when the iOS9 beta broke it and it's great to have it back. It was definitely worth waiting for. Usenet junkies are a dying breed, so I really appreciate the hard work the developer has put into this app. Thank you!.Version: 5.0

Falling apart? (update)After some consternation I found that one of the multiple servers I use was dead. Thats what was causing newstap to give the connection errors. I've re-rated the app. What I learned is that with multiple servers it will not identify the one that is not responding. Requiring one to check Each server individually..Version: 0

Great AppThe best app for newsgroup readers. Easy to use, fast and highly configurable..Version: 0

Like the new versionAfter adjusting to the new version for a few days I am liking it..Version: 0

Surprisingly easyFor such a small screen and device this makes newsgroups surprisingly easy. I love keeping track of all my resources when away. Two suggestions I would make; first is the backup feature, why no linux/windows love? second, I'd like to suggest a "mark as read" for all groups.. I frequently have to clear each one, and reload groups if I haven't used the app for a bit..Version: 0

Gets better and betterIt's a Usenet client and it's on the iPhone. What more could you ask? Though seriously, bugs are fixed very quickly and useful new features are added with each new version..Version: 0

Works great!Good nntp reader. It allows reading/posting all offline. The only thing I wish it had is the ability to email posts directly to my email account. The developer mentioned that he would put that on his to-do list..Version: 0

Very goodBut needs a threaded view & the ability to mark crossposted messages as read in all groups after viewing in one. Also needs the ability to post to more than 1 group at a time..Version: 0

Connects and downloads only rarely and incompletleyOne of the worst apps I've ever bought. Update: much improved after the most recent update. Thanks.Version: 5.1.5

Add yenc please!!G.Version: 0

NewstapSuperb!! does exactly what it says on the tin, well worth the small charge..Version: 3.1

Works for meBeen using this app for a while now as my usenet reader. Never had any of the problems mentioned in other reviews. Works as advertised for me..Version: 5.4.1

Good valueThis little app does exactly what it says that it will do, easily and efficiently. It is quick, works very effectively with a small iPod or iPhone screen, it is easy to configure and simple to operate. I wish more apps were as well designed as this one..Version: 3.2

BrilliantBrilliant app, works on iPhone and iPad without costing more. The best news reader I have used on iPhone !.Version: 0

Quite functional and nice updateNewsTap is a functional news reader, and while I don't think it will win design prizes, it works. Best NNTP reader I’ve found. The update fixes iOS 9 compatibility and now scales to the bigger iPhone sizes..Version: 5.0

Great newsreader - love this ipad versionThis is an update to my old review - this app remains 5 stars - it works just fine & allows me to still enjoy the newsgroups I've followed/participated in for decades(!), now. It's unfortunate that people are complaining about account issues and what must be general ignorance of Usenet and blaming the app, itself. It works fine, it works fine for multiple groups, it posts and updates just fine ... 5 stars. I've been using newstap on the iphone for several years, now, and it worked fine, for me. But this ipad version is great - the extra screen real estate is used very nicely. Now, I don't care about binaries, I just care about reading my favorite few groups. rmgd lives!.Version: 5.1

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