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HT Professional Recorder for Positive User Reviews

GuyAmaizing.Version: 0

Don't miss out!This high quality recorder is packed with all the features you could ask for, not only that, it doesn't miss a thing, the recorded playback is incredible, you can virtually hear a pin drop. This leaves any other recorder in the dark, not only that, it is very easy to use. However if you want, you can click on library, then menu, where you will find a very comprehensive user's manual. This is everything you could ever want in a digital recorder. Leave the rest and get the best!.Version: 7.1

Best EverBest voice recorder I’ve used for last ten years. Until recently I can’t get most recent recording about 50 minutes each onto my computer but still working on it. Can’t click and drag files. Comes up with error 51 or 54 I think..Version: 8.5

Brilliant!Tried lots of other recording apps for iPhone and this is the best yet. The quality of the recordings is excellent and the ability to create bookmarks for sections of longer audio is really great. If you want a professional grade piece of recording software this is the one..Version: 0

GreatThis app works great! I used it during a seminar session in college. the prof was about 8-10 feet away and it worked all right. the only downside is the inability to compress audio files, the accidental calls which may lead to cancelled file transfers and the slight static noise. Despite these flaws it still delivered respectable audio quality. I would strongley recommend future users to use 3rd party software to increase the quality of sound to match those from dedicated digital voice recorders. howver despite these tiny issues, this app saved me when I forgot my dedicated voice recorder and for that I strongly recommed it..Version: 0

No instructionsGreat app. Very clear recordings but not sure how to tweak the functions. Could do with some instructions added to in-app..Version: 6.00

Been using this for years and I love it. Works great with the ability to export-/import ETC.So many functions I love about this app. Love the different recording options as well as a great sound during play back. The compress, editing, folder and wifi transfer are great. This app works with the Voiceover screen reader..Version: 8.3

NiceSimple to use, captures audio well..Version: 8.0

Freakin' AWESOME Customer ServiceI downloaded this app b/c it had great reviews from the people that offered to give a review. I really liked the quality of the recording and used it to record a very important conversation and then tried the ever so fun FTP game... Now, I've used FTP on a pc before, but it was a new thing on my iMac. After a week of UNsuccessful attempts to get it to upload, and after talking to Mac Support for an hour, I found an email address to "Report a Problem with HappyTalk". In a matter of minutes, I received an email back telling me "no prob! we can help! you should have emailed us sooner!!" And after EXCELLENT customer service and a few emails back and forth, Andy (My HappyTalk Angel) had me up and running and SUCCESSFULLY transferring my recordings via my own FTP!! I just have to say, HappyTalk rocks and so does Andy Berlin!! Thank you Andy!!!!.Version: 0

So far, so good!Agree with the interface design woes, could be a little nicer. In terms of function, this is a great app. I wanted to record a public transit bus full of people chatting using my iphone, so I bought this, and minutes later I was uploading the recording to my web server via the FTP upload option. The quality was great considering the in-phone mic I was using. The only thing I'd like to see is a more common file to be used when recording, .mov or .mp3 or a flash .FLV would be ideal and helpful for mobile audio blogging/tweeting. Great app though, lots of potential - it is totally worth the 10 dollars. Look forward to seeing this evolve!.Version: 0

Best in classI have tried numerous apps in order to record meetings and HT Professional recorder is simply the best in my opinion. The latest update confirmed for me that this app is still being cared for and developed. It is simple to use. Audio quality, especially in a room full of people is very good. The developer is quick to respond to inquiries..Version: 8.2

Great App. I have used it many waysI use this to record meetings, kids’ music recitals, my son’s laughter, and even my buddy’s snoring on a camping trip. So many uses and it works like a champ every time!.Version: 8.5

ExcellentNo regrets, and the troubleshooting support is outstanding!.Version: 0

Fantastic recorder; easy to transcribe from too.Very, very pleased with this app. Just finished recording and transcribing a press conference, and it was the easiest thing to use ever-- plus, quality of sound is really great. Was sitting in the last row in a small room with five rows and just had my iPhone in front of my laptop. great stuff..Version: 4.5

UserFantastic quality- worth sooo much more. Great app.!!!.Version: 0

Better than the others, but not "slick"I have several voice recording apps that are really slick with sophisticated graphics and intricate file transfer systems. But Happy Talk has something none of the others have: REALLY GREAT SOUND!!! The thing that makes the sound great is the ability to control the type of voice going in. I like to record the classes that I teach with my Etymotic headset. But that puts the microphone right next to my mouth. The other recording app I used was too sensitive and causes all sorts of horrible distortions. I asked the company that made it if they could make a volume control and they said no. Apple wouldn't allow it. But HappyTalk Recorder has a setting for "Very Close" that is EXACTLY what I needed. Don't let the 1989 graphics and interface turn you off. This product is much better than its interface and instructions suggest. The user manual (available on their web site) was written by someone who knows English well, but doesn't quite have all the best phrasing. Also, some of the steps are confusing where you're working on the iPhone in one step and then have jumped to your computer in the next without any warning. But I would easily recommend this application over many of the others..Version: 0

The best one yet by farI try a lot of apps of different types. It's fun for me to compare apps. I have stopped trying voice recording apps because this one is so good that I honestly can not imagine anything better. It has all the features that I could need and can't imagine anything missing. I didn't like the interface at first but I really like it now. It takes no time to get used to despite the fact of how different it is. It does everything as well as I think the iphone technology allows. I will stick with it until I hear of something better, but I am sure that will not happen unless the developers go to sleep. There are a few interface things that I would like tweaked but I will not bother them about it since it is so minor. Thanks to the developers for a great app..Version: 6.00

WowI tested this for the first time last weekend at a small venue concert. When I got home and checked out the quality, I was amazed at the recording quality! From the hardware aspect of the iphone, and from the capacity of this app equality. The only complaint was that I was not able to adjust the recording level. The native recoding was quite high and there was some minor clipping and distortion on the high end that I would have preferred to correct at time of recording, as I did see the recording was in the red a peek volumes in the concert. I saw afterwards that I had it on the wrong setting for the environment, so I am not sure if that had something to do with it, still a recording volume control would be great. I did some simple post processing to clean up the file a bit further and sample to stereo with enhancements, though this was merely to see what else I could enhance, and was certainly not necessary under normal circumstances. The result was something I could play on a stereo. While not true audiophile quality of course, very reasonable and sparked a “wow” out of me. I look forward to using in boardroom meetings and training events..Version: 0

Love this appI've been using this app for years and I absolutely love it . I am amazed that it does not have more reviews . The sound is awesome and it does pick up voices that aren't picked up on other recording apps that I tried on my phone when I could not access my Apple ID to download this app on my new phone. Boy how I missed this app during that time ! Thanks HT Recorder... I'm so glad to have you back on my phone now!!!.Version: 8.2

Best of the bestThis app is AMAZING. I recorded a meeting of six people at a table in a coffee shop where there was all sorts of background noise. I was sure the recording would be useless, but to my wonderment the recording was significantly easier to understand than sitting there live. Truly impressive. I had tried another recorder app and had to do tons of post-processing to end up with anything even close to intelligible. With this app it's just a matter of converting the CAF file into an MP3. (But, why CAF? That's not a very widely supported format and it's not one LAME supports natively, which adds an extra step. AIFF or WAV would be much more convenient.) There is nothing I need to do to make the recording better afterwords. And for me, being able to upload the files from my phone to an FTP server is SO much more convenient than having to go to my computer, put the iPhone app into web server mode and download from my computer. This app would be worth the asking price just for the FTP capability, but the audio capabilities of this are top notch! For those who ding the interface: this is a utility, not a game. Yes, it's a bit odd, but it's not at all difficult to figure out or use. Personally, I can't imagine why that would be worth deducting a star when this app *PERFORMS* so well..Version: 0

Excellent clarity, easy to use...I've tried several of the other recorder programs, some come close to the quality of HT Prof Recorder but none are as good... This program is very easy to use, the graphics are attractive, and, as I said, the quality of the sound file is excellent... You can change the sound level so that you can hear someone far away (though you will get static sounds with it) or reduce it for someone closer... You record and then save the name of the recording... This program allows you ftp transfer as well as web interface via wifi... The only thing missing is the ability to email the recordings - if they do that this would definitely be 5 star....Version: 0

Wow, Wow, Wow!! And ... more WOW!I am a new user to the iPhone 3G and now, after three weeks, I simply could NOT be without one. I have been looking for a decent recording App and came across this (even with only one review) I have purchased it and, it delivers exactly what it says. Playback clarity is superb. You can bookmark at different points of the playback and even, re-record (to correct) a playback. Will use it for my lectures as this is a good way to capture exactly what the lecturer is talking about so can cross reference more easily. I tested the pick up distance, as it says >4ft away. I stood roughly 9ft away and spoke at a moderate level, and it picked it up with such clarity! Amazed. Not sure how the FTP works (File Transfer Protocol) but I have an IT friend who will soon help me out with this. If you really do want an App that gives your iPhone that added extra, as a portable office, then this is a must. I feel the price is well worth it too. Thanks Applied Voices LLC..Version: 0

Worth every penny!This app is great. Who would have thought the mic on the phone worked so well..Version: 0

ImpressiveI was surprised at how well it picks up a voice across a large conference room. The best I've tried, and it will be the one I keep using. I would love a better interface with better icon and graphics though..Version: 0

The Best Recording App EVER!!I hate writing reviews, but this one is totally worth it. As a student, being able to record lectures (especially when you're not quite paying attention or the prof talks too fast) to listen to later is really convenient. Most apps can't record lectures when you're in a lecture hall, but this one does that and more! This app can pick up sounds from anywhere, I'm totally convinced, and it's really easy to use. I do kinda miss the cutsie icon of the Happy Talk days, but that's neither here nor there. A fantastic, easy to use app which is totally worth the money. Really like the transfer options available now, making it even easier to use!.Version: 4.3

Great audio Quality , a little work on the interface wouldnI have been using this app to record interviews for my thesis, and I have to say I can't fault the audio quality one bit, in fact it has surpassed all expectations. Even when I recorded a focus group, each voice came through crystal clear no matter how far they were from the device. If I had one complaint, and its not a very big one, is that the interface is not very intuitive, particularly with the library page, and renaming files. It would also be nice if you had a choice between USB and wireless for data transfer. Particularly for large files. However, overall it is by far the best recording tool I have used..Version: 0

AwesomeRecordings are crystal clear.Version: 7.20

ExcellentI've recorded several multi-day conferences and the quality is excellent for an audience (versus podium) recorder. Try to keep local paper rustling to a minimum. Turning the phone bottom (where the mic is) to front of room helps. Expect a full business day of recording to use about 0.8Gb of RAM. If you go to standby mode as soon as you start the recording for each session, recording all day long uses about 1/3 of the battery (3Gs 32Gb). Transfer of recordings to PC is painless via WiFi, and you get good files that can be transcribed if necessary. Only trap to watch out for is to NOT activate the Skip Silence control on the recording screen--that usually mucks up the recording for all but the most amplified systems..Version: 0

Simple to useThis recorder works very well and does exactly what I need from it. I am able to export seamlessly and it records very clearly..Version: 8.2

Best recorder in the App Store!! 6 Stars!I purchased HT Professional Recorder in Oct 2008. Since July 2008, I have purchased or downloaded the following voice recorders below. Many of them were free but others were fee-based. I downloaded some free, then purchased the in-app upgrades. At the time of downloading, they were all rated at least 4.0 since I certainly was not interested in a mediocre recorder. In my opinion, HT Professional recorder is unquestionably superior to the others below. Specifically it is superior in voice quality and clarity and most strikingly, the ability to pick up distant audio and maintain a strong playback. The other recorders I have downloaded include: Dictaphone, Voice recorder pro, ALON Dictaphone, Voice Memos, Awesome voice recorder Pro AVR, My memos the voice recorder, Voice recorder HD voice memos, Voice notes, Recorder HQ for cloud, HD voice recorder, Recorder Plus II, Voice recorder recording app, REV voice recorder, Voice recorder and audio editor, Audio recorder HD and voice memo, TapeAcall lite, Callcorder Pro, Call recorder lite for iPhone, Smart recorder transcriber AF, Plutonium recorder, Dragon recorder, Voxie pro recorder, iTalk recorder, and Quick voice recorder. Over the years, I check back in the App Store specifically for new recorders by searching every month or so to see if there is anything better than HT. It still amazes me that HT was so far ahead in the technology back in 2008 that still no one has caught up with them. However, there is one thing on my wish list for Applied Voices LLC: please make your HT recorder for the Apple Watch (with complications) also! It would be a great addition. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!.Version: 8.5

Best recorderI love this App and have been using it for years. Great sound recording capabilities..Version: 8.5

Briiiiiiiliant!This recorder is SUPERB!!!.Version: 0

Great for recordings in lectures and meetingsBest recorder I've tried for recordings in large rooms..Version: 0

Excellent appHave been using this app for a number of years. Works well for recording meetings. Recording a seminar or class using the conference setting is very helpful..Version: 8.2

It worksI find the UI very ugly but I'm used of this kind of style with old unix interface. I tried a lot of recording app free and not free. I'm a student in a philosophy and political science program at the university. I need to record the cours and it's rare that I can find a place in front of the speaker. This app is the only one I can use to record something understandable through the classroom over the clickiclic of my own keyboard. That's an app that works very correctly that deliver exactly what it is written as description. Good work..Version: 0

Great service great appGot reply and solution to my email inquiry within five minutes. I do not exaggerate. I like the app because it does things that no others do - like record over previous mistakes. This is very useful for dictations. Also the detection of background sound is great and useful for recording meetings and lectures. If these folks could make the recordings highly compressed and email-able then this would be improve the app but as it stands it is a very fine product. I bought it as happytalk original last year so this free upgrade is a pleasant surprise especially in contrast to some other iphone developers who typically make you pay for an upgrade like this..Version: 0

The best!I’ve relied on this app exclusively for business and personal use for the last 5 years and it is still far superior to the other recording apps available in features and ease of use. This includes the native iPhone recording app. Many thanks to the developers for the consistent updates and improvements over the years..Version: 8.5

Great appGood quality for sound. Easy to use. Would be nice if one could record a phone conversation. Maybe it will come later in an update?.Version: 0

OutstandingThis is by far the best sound recorder in the App Store. It's truly amazing how clear the sound is picked up in this app even low background voices can easily be recorded and heard with this amazing app. If you need to record a meeting or lecture for example them get this app it's the best there is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 7.20

Excellent!Well worth the $$. Does exactly what you expect! Super sensitive mic can even record from inside your pocket. Files are easily and wirelessly transferrable to your computer..Version: 4.81

Really great fidelity and easy to use...except forThe home page takes a bit of interpretation because the icons are not always intuitive. The earlier version that looked and operated like a real recorder was much easier to understand. But, and this is a big BIG, it does the job. I've used this successfully at board meetings and in conferences. It has the capability to record long periods and do multiple files of recordings. The playback fidelity is good and easy to understand. Unfortunately, I've not been able to download the files to my computer even though HT claims I should be able to do that via FTP or web. FTP asked for info I had no clue how to answer and the URL given for the web downloading indicating that the server could not be found. When the files downloading is made user friendly, this will be an excellent app..Version: 0

Using it since 2014. Thanks for long term support!Using it since 2014. Thanks for long term support!.Version: 8.2

Solid performance!Having used this app for years I can vouch for it’s solid performance: Quick to start Very sensitive mic (or less so if you choose) Regularly maintained by it’s Dev team Numerous options Keep up the good work!.Version: 8.5

YepIt is worth every star..Version: 0

Only .WAV and .mpa files..Mp4 files and other audio files are not supported. Very limited editor only supports only .WAV and .mpa files..Version: 8.5

Amazing ProductI use it all the time for interviews and lectures, the quality is second to none..Version: 0

Awesome appI've tried other iphone recorders but ht pro is the best one that stands out so far. I did some tests with two other recorders and what I love about this app is that it's so sensitive it can even record my whisper clearly from across the room. And it recorded my normal speaking volume from another room! Awesome! So far the best recorder to use for meetings and lectures. My only request is to change the unattractive icon and make the UI controls bigger and nicer looking..Version: 0

Great app - I'd love to give it 5* ...... except I'm having real esthetic problems with the look-and-feel. This is hands down the best recorder of all (and I've tried and bought :-( them all) for quality of recording and playback. But that interface... The iPhone has a native look-and-feel which many of us find very attractive. I'd love to see the colors, shapes, screen layout, etc., conform more closely to it. But in terms of its operation, you can't go wrong. My final test was to record my radio in the car with ambient noise, then play it back through the speakers via an iTrip FM transmitter in int'l mode on 87.9 (so no extraneous interference). While many of the others could record and play back decently enough through the iPhone speaker, none but HappyTalk would play back through the iTrip acceptably. Some required far too much volume gain, others were just muddy and unintelligible. HappyTalk was clear enough to hear the recorded program at about the same volume gain needed for iPod or streaming radio output. Prettier and more consistent interface = 5* easy!.Version: 0

Great AppThis is a great app and I’ve been using it since it first came out. My only problem now is that when it was updated to iOS 11 version every time I edit my recordings to copy and paste as new recording, it crashes on me. Please fix. Thank you!.Version: 8.3

GREAT FOR SPEECHESI went to a speech and was 10 ft away from speker and it recorder awsoeme and clear.the app is awsome..Version: 0

Le meilleur ! (The best one! Without hesitation.)HT Professional Recoder est le six ou septièmes enregistreurs (payants et gratuits) que j'utilise. C'est le meilleur ! Sans hésitation. Je fais fréquemment des entrevues dont je dois ensuite extraire et transcrire les passages qui m'intéressent. C'est le premier qui offre tout, les fonctions nécessaires (recul de 5 secondes, vitesse variable, signets aux endroits de mon choix, etc.). Il vaut largement plus que son prix. J’ai déjà payé plus cher pour beaucoup moins! HT Professional Recode is the sixth or seventh recorders (pay and free) that I use. The best one! Without hesitation. I am doing interviews which I then extract and transcribe the passages that interest me. This is the first to offer all the necessary functions (five seconds back, variable speed, bookmarks to places of my choice, etc..). Its value is well above its price. I already paid more for much less!.Version: 0

Excellent recorderI've tried many, many recording apps and this is the best I've found. For capturing a conversation or a meeting it is simply excellent and unbeatable. I particularly like the ftp feature for uploading a file -- simple and convenient. One minor quibble: the app names audio files using colons (:), which my Windows ftp server (the excellent Filezilla) cannot handle because Windows does not allow colons (:) in file names. So each file must be renamed before it can be uploaded with ftp -- and you only get one opportunity to rename the file. If you blow it, you cannot get back to a place where you can rename the file (at least I haven't been able to find it). At that point, your only option for upload is via your web browser. If the app named files using a hyphen (-) where it presently uses a colon (:), this problem would go away. Despite this minor annoyance, this is an extremely high-quality recorder. Well worth the price..Version: 0

Unique featuresInitially found the interface unsettling as its non standard as far as iOS UI paradigms go and .. Well some might say it's a little ugly. That being said once I got used to how it operated I found the interface to aid the unique and highly productive features of the app. My use case is capturing musical ideas. Useful features for me are Adding onto the end of existing recordings Awesome audio transport(seeking) mechanics Copy / paste sections of audio Speed settings Recording organisation Good sharing features Quality adjustments. I would like to see the ability to insert new live recordings at any point in an existing recording. This would be great to add voice notes / commentaries about sections. Other apps don't come close to the functions in this and I'm thankful it exists..Version: 7.40

Reliable, Excellent Sound QualityLooked at lots of apps before I decided to spring for this one, but it was well worth it. Records reliably. Just set it and no need to think about it again. Excellent sound quality on the recordings. Easy to import into ITunes or onto your desktop. I like the "Compress" feature so the files are smaller. You can also email files that are shorter than 1 hour from directly within the app. Like the ability to set "bookmarks." Like that editing can be done right within the app. Every time I use the +5/-5 second feature I wonder why on earth ITunes doesn't have a similar feature. Makes finding specific segments easier. Takes some time to learn the UI, but there is an easy to follow users manual. Great app. I use it all the time..Version: 6.00

Definitely a Professional RecorderI recorded a conference presentation last week and the results of using HT Professional Recorder went well-beyond my expectations. Sitting about 20' from the presenter, I set HT Professional Recorder in "conference room" mode and placed my iPhone 3G on the table with the iPhone mic aimed at the presenter's walking zone. (The recording lasted about 1.5 hours.) Afterwards, the wireless file transfer to my MacBook Pro was simple to setup and very fast. (File size approx. 166MB.) Clearly, the developer has put a significant amount of time and effort in optimizing the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms for the 3 modes--large halls; conference rooms; dictation--the clarity of the recording was stellar. I have purchased and used Bias' iRecorderPro and Griffin's iTalk Premium; however, HT Professional Recorder's 3 DSP modes are valuable and important differentiators. Congratulations Applied Voices for delivering a high-quality audio recorder for the iPhone..Version: 0

Decent voice pickup in noisy environments.Used it five years and counting. Great for lectures, capturing important conversations at work and school..Version: 8.5

Excellent quality at distancePicks up voices when there is a lot of ambient noise as well as from a distance. Looking forward for the iPad edition..Version: 0

Captured Ghost voicesI have stopped looking at other recording programs after using this app. Editing capabilities within the app (rename, file into my own folders, trim, copy-to-new, etc.) make it easier to handle files when I can't get to computer to download. Used this in cemetary and some homes where I captured "voices of ghosts" that are clear and were not detectable at the time they were recorded -- very impressed! (Listen with headphones to pick these up, but very audible when found in the file.) Have set the recorder to record all night with "skip silence" option. It's surprising all the bumps, some snoring, door creeks, crickets, dog barks, and if lucky... the voices beyond that visit while you sleep or are away. Low drain on battery and able to hit sleep button without interrupting the recording session. Have ran all night with a full battery charge and wifi off. To record, I use an external "pill type" mic on an Ipod touch 3rd gen and if you don't want to remove it to listen to recording, just hit the "speaker" button on the main page. Love the skip ahead or rewind in 5-second intervals in order to listen to sections over, plus make bookmarks. Super-easy to download to computer to archive recordings. If I had one request, it would be to make the REC and NEW buttons easier to distinguish at a glance. They are the same size and same color. Five stars-- Keep it up!.Version: 0

GreatThis is now my go to recording app. A very nice design and easy to use. Is it possible to also add one drive? Support the dev, download now..Version: 7.1

The best!Simply the best app for voice recording! I highly recommend! Shame it's so unknown for many people:/.Version: 8.2

Stunningly goodWhat a lifesaver for my work as a journalist and copywriter. Great sound quality. And a tip... If you want to record an interview or conversation over the phone, Skype it and simply sit your iPhone with this app next to the computer speaker. Perfect..Version: 4.4

Relied on since my iPhone 4I have relied on this app in its current and previous incarnations for recording talks, sounds of nature and my own thoughts since I’ve had my iPhone 4. Robust, reliable, easy to use and functional. One of my favourites..Version: 8.5

So good and for musicIve used this for years and still enamoured. Recently started using “MUSIC” setting to record singing too. Good enough for me..Version: 8.5

Top ShelfI used this app to survive college at 50 with a TBI attended UNC w/ a 3.926. So proof positive that HT Recorder can help you too!.Version: 8.5

Wireless Transfer makes it a Hit!I have a new pc and there is a current conflict with iTunes so I am not able to backup my iPhone at the moment. I needed something quickly and it had to be able to transfer the recordings wirelessly and was a WAV file. I did some searching and found this software. It not only meets my expectations but exceeds them. Recording is simple. Transfering the recordings to my pc for burning to CD is simple and fast compared to other programs that need a backup first. Well done!.Version: 0

The best there is full stop ...!!I have tried 5 voice recorders & this is the best by far. The sound recording & play back is perfect the only thing is it could do with some beter graphics ..Version: 0

Excellent recording appI'd agree with some of the earlier reviewers that this is a very, very good app, though the interface takes some getting used to. I record meetings and interviews every day for work, and I've tried several recording programs, including the built-in Voice Memos app, which disastrously lost a number of recordings. In combination with a Blue Mikey microphone on my iPod Touch, HT Recorder produces high quality recordings, even catching quiet stuff, keeps them in an easily accessible list, and has a relatively straightforward system for transferring them to your computer. The main screen has all the basic buttons I need, clearly labeled - New recording, Pause, Stop, Play, etc. The playback works as well as any app's, with a clear timer and useful 5 second forward/backward buttons. The odd parts are the curved volume meter, which takes more screen space than necessary, and the curved playback track, which should be much larger to allow easier scanning forward and back. Grabbing the playback square when you first start playback isn't as easy as it should be. Ideally, I'd like to see more forward/backward playback buttons, with maybe a 30 second option; the ability to email clips longer than 30 minutes; and, the Holy Grail, syncing with iTunes and transfer via the iPod Touch cable (which I believe Apple forbids or prevents). But after trying several other much weaker apps, this one is clearly the best..Version: 0

Cannot send recording to selfI got this recorder bz it has good sound quality and can be used for lectures. The HUGE problem is you cannot email lectures longer than one hour to yourself and my phone doesn't have enough memory for everything. You can stream the videos to your comp over the Internet but you can't save it that way either to your comp. Company: Please fix this!!!.Version: 0

Brilliant!Been using it to record lectures and the sound quality is fantastic just like being right next to the lecturer :-) But needs some work to make it easier to rename and delete recordings, other than that really good!.Version: 0

Nice Recorder with Odd InterfaceHT Recorder is one of those apps I frequently use that does a terrific job of doing the task it's assigned. It records and catalogues audio very capably and takes very little time to load. The thing I just can't get over after many months of using it is how weird its interface is. The home screen is clearly designed with a smart idea in mind: the buttons are positioned along a curve that naturally matches the arc of a right-handed user's thumb when moving across the screen. However, the clever layout doesn't stop it from also being a bit unpleasant to look at. It's not mind-bogglingly ugly (see screenshots), but it doesn't conform to the usual, polished look of iPhone utility apps, which is mildly frustrating because I want familiarity in a recording utility. Nonetheless, my irritations with the app are purely cosmetic, and I think the developers have done a fine job with this recording app overall..Version: 0

Good appSatisfied. Why not five stars? The interface is a bit naff. And it DOES sync to iTunes with USB transfer now so the below review isn't relevant..Version: 4.3

Incredible for meetings/lectures, etc.This app has been incredible for getting quality recordings of lectures/meetings and other random recordings. Its ability to pick up and somewhat isolate the speaker's voice is so helpful. I was really getting worried when the developers hadn't updated this app in ages and I was getting a warning from Apple that the app was out-of-date. But the developers came back and did the major update that was needed and got it up to speed with 64-bit. I am so happy this app was not abandoned! Even though the app is not as intuitive as it could be, I'm giving it five starts because it performs like no other recording app I've tried. What I would suggest doing after first opening the app is to click on the Library > Menu > Owner's Manual. Read the manual once through and you'll be in good shape and very happy..Version: 8.2

Patrick FamilettiThe sound of this recorder is fantastic. Ability to add to the end of a recording (both new recording and any previous recordings made) and the recorder automatically bookmarks the newly recorded position. Very easy to use and is being updated with a catagory selection. You may overlay, recording over any portion of any recording. The playback speed is adjustable. I have tried about 8 different recorder applications and have found this one to be the best of them all. Thank You HT for your program and I am looking forward to see if you will have any other applications that you may create..Version: 0

Great AppGreat little app...Extremely clear sound and very impressed with how good it picks up even the quietest sounds/noises. Highly recommend. GO TIGES!!!.Version: 4.3

Great App!!Highly recommend. So many great functions..Version: 8.5

Basically perfectMake big recordings, in any size room, and immediately FTP them to your server. Add auto file-naming, easy buttons and other things, you're all set..Version: 0

Excellent investment of time and money. Very reliableI have been using this daily for almost 10 years. Never had a problem. Really easy to edit, navigate and export, never had a faulty recording or lost data. All stored on the iPhone - has great compression and exporting functionality. Only negative is that it doesn’t work in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset. If the designer is reading this - please work your magic to achieve this too :).Version: 8.5

The best of the bestI have tried 4 other recorders and this is BY FAR the best in terms of voice quality...even at a distance. I disagree with other reviewers - I like the interface a lot - it is different, but it has some pizazz and is very functional. I recommended it to my brother who was looking for a recorder, but he wouldn't pay $9.99 for it. When I purchased version 1.1 in Nov. 08 it was only $2.99. Sad thing is, it's probably well worth the 10 bucks, but I probably wouldn't pay it either without the ability to have seen for myself how much better than all the other recorders it truly is..Version: 0

RadHow about simultaneous recording of telephone conversations?.Version: 0

Pro quality recorder, best in class.I'm rating this 5 stars because I want this app to be up there. It's great as it is, but also has great potential. The developer has nailed the sound quality and the quality vs. distance issue. Nicely done. Sync is nicely done as well, and Bonjour communication is there by default. Good to see as well. I wouldn't mind seeing the sync page - both on the web and in the app, look a bit better. It's a minor issue, but it'll just add to this app's value in the long run. Another request: e-mail ability, that does not rely on someone else's servers. Just straight from the iPhone. All in all, however, this app is worth the money. Well done..Version: 0

Top gualityAmazing recording guality even for musical instrument exercises!.Version: 8.4

Very good!This is one of the best! you can upload recordings to your ftp server! if you need, this is the one!.Version: 0

Life saverFantastic app Saved my bacon a few times Have u a bad memory and need to reflect on what was said later Need to hear what someone said when they aren’t around anymore This app has a very wide span and picks up everything I’ve bought cheaper ones and they just aren’t the same quality.Version: 8.5

Better than averageObviously it has many more features than the native iOS4 voice memo. here are the pros and cons of ht professional compared to the native iOS4 voice memo app: Pros 1. lots of features such as bookmark, different speed playback, 2. much higher microphone gain (3 levels can be set manually) so voices further away can be picked up and heard during playback. 3. ***Voice Activated recording AND calibration (calibration of this feature is not obvious). To calibrate, you should start recording at least one second BEFORE the talking commences so that the application is able to calibrate the threshold for the background noise. This information is available in the user manual, but not obvious otherwise. Cons 1. very large filesize (2mb per minute, its 3 to 4 times LARGER filesize than native iphone app's voice memo) 2. sound quality after much testing and comparing with the native iphone voice memo app, ht professional's sound quality is not significantly better, if better at all (although everything is much louder)than native app... so i'd rate it as only average in sound quality, but because of the high gain, it is able to pick up voices from further away. 3. uses wifi, not usb (iphone's native app uses usb) for this premium price, i thought the sound quality would be much better, but all it is is that its much louder so its usable when you need high gain, volume gain in native iphone's voice memo app is way too low....Version: 0

Saved me $200I was on the verge of buying a high quality dedicated voice recorder when I thought I'd check out what I could get for my phone. This did all I was looking for with great quality. Thanks for saving me $195..Version: 0

The best professional recording appI have tried so many recording apps that really don't cut it but this one is great! The main advantage is the ability to change the mic gains to adjust for the environment. The update has finally made it comparable with the latest ios..Version: 8.2

Great clarity and organisationLove being able to save recordings to folders. Great quality.Version: 8.5

Lot to like about this appThis is a very full featured sound recording app. The silent mode functionality is excellent. Has many export options in addition to standard e-mail. For me, being able to export my voice recordings to Dropbox is HUGE and I have a separate folder in Dropbox just for voice memos from this app! Voice quality is excellent. A couple areas I hope the developer considers: 1. Although there are many export options, there is no option to export your voice recording as a voice message. The only app I know that can do this is Apple's native Voice Memo app. It is a great feature when you don't want to bother typing a text message. 2. The UI is very "Spaceship" themed, but relatively non-intuitive and busy. Of course, this app can do a lot of things, but the UI needs some work to try to make all that functionality less cluttered looking. 3. I use this app on my iPhone and iPad. The UI looks pretty nasty (fuzzy) in 2x mode as it is a pretty low-res rendering. There is an iPad version of this app, but buying the iPhone AND iPad versions of this app would be a very expensive proposition. Customers would certainly appreciate a universal version and it would make the app even more attractive. But, all that aside, this is a 5 star sound recording app. Make the changes in 1-3 and Apple will need to add some more stars to its rating system! :-).Version: 6.00

Excellent, repeat EXCELLENT APPBest App for my iPod Touch, in utility (recording under different situations, file transfer, etc), in performance (sound quality*), ease of use (clear, intuitive interface) and in support information (understandable Manual, WOW!). FIVE STARS+ [Note: * with an Apple earphone with remote and Mic] I would happily pay more, but nobody asks! Albert Liem, Alberta, Canada.Version: 0

Using this foreverI have been using this app from the beginning of time ... I actually can't remember... but it has been flawless and gets better over time. Simple, easy, efficient and great recordings. Thanks!.Version: 8.2

HT pro amazingI use this every day. It's great for all voice and music . Well with The price. Have used it for 3 years now. Rev. D.Version: 7.40

Shame it hasn’t been updated in a while……as it is absolutely brilliant! And yes, it works with iOS 10 – and is the perfect app for recording interviews, and then playing them back for transcription. Just magical in the way it captures every word clearly… – and, although the interface is a little messy, it is a mark of how good it is at what it does that I haven’t docked a star!.Version: 7.40

By far the best app for voice recording I ever saw.This app is the best I ever used for voice recording. The recording quality is outstanding. The levels are loud even when the sound source is changing positions. Highly recommend for any student..Version: 7.20

Hawesbury Great Guys"THE BEST" as simple as that.Version: 0

Six stars is not enough.I ‘ve depended on this app for years. The conference mode works extremely well..Version: 8.5

Use it all the timeI use this to record my speech-language evaluations all the time! It’s great. I love being able to set bookmarks within a recording & to clip sections. Lots of functionality! I do hope it continues to be updated to work with newer iOS releases.Version: 8.5

For version 1.1 this hits the markWednesday; November 19, 2008 Well, I just emailed the developer a long list of feature requests, that I'm sure many of you have submitted as well. Regarding the app as it is now (version 1.1) it's functional, fast, and the features are what you need. The bookmarks are very helpful, especially when you're recording lectures, and are not willing to scrub through your recordings later on to find specific part, the skip back 15sec / 5sec is mega useful, and the ability to append (add to the end) of an existing recording will save you from recording 20 separate files when all you need is one simple TODO list ;-) . The quality of the recordings is very good (as mentioned by many other reviewers). The FTP offload is a turn off (and this is coming from an IT guy - even I don't want to setup an FTP server... even if it's an anonymous TFTP app that I have to launch everytime I want to offload the files). Make it sync with iTunes for crying outloud. I'll give it 5 stars when the developer puts in the features I requested. In the meantime 4 stars is still stellar in this picky reviewer's book. enjoy!.Version: 0

Does exactly what it saydTried other recorders, became very frustrated with them and thought I'd give HT a try, the recordings the best quality compare to italk and speakeasy, which isnt easy if ur looking for customer servicr. HT's customer service however is a dream. I was having problems accessing files from fone, n they found the problem w/n hours, v impressive indeed!.Version: 0

A very handy appThis does exactly what Applied Voices claim. A very handy app for audio recording on iPhone. Unlike some apps, the file transfer on this one works well, even for longer recordings. If this had the option to select the audio sample rate (with options up to 44.1KHz), I would give it five stars. I am a musician and sound engineer and am pleasantly surprised with the iPhone's internal mic. It really does make a difference at 44.1KHz sample rate. This app currently only records at 16KHz which is fine for meetings and voice notes but not really adequate for music and sound effects. Overall though, a very stable and practical app with an intuitive user interface. If you are looking at recording meetings, conferences, audio notes and other voice related activities, this is well worth the download..Version: 0

Excellent Audio Recording AppI've used this app for 4 years for recording lectures for a graduate degree. The quality of recording is excellent. Very easy to use and easy to share recordings with classmates. Integration with Dropbox. Love the ability to listen at faster speeds. Can back up 5 secs when listening. I've tried other recording tools but this is the best!.Version: 8.2

The bestOne of the finest recording app..Version: 4.81

Incredible for students- little bug for Iphone 4 thoughNot only does it make the best recordings of ANY program available (i've tried many) but it allows you to play it back at variable speeds! This is SUCH a useful tool for med students. Further, the alteration in speeds is done without a distortion of the pitch- this is the ONLY program for the iPhone that will do this. I really cannot say enough about it. There is one problem though that I hope they address: I'm using an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.01. I use headphones to listen to my recordings. If I play a recording.... and then pause it. When I resume the playing just after the audio then plays out of the iPhone's speaker, not the headphones. I have to unplug the headphones and then plug them back in each time to get it to play back through the headphones. Please fix this!!! Only flaw I've found in this incredible app. Would definitely be 5-stars if this were fixed. Thank you! Update: 8/12 The problem I mentioned in my review is definitely there. However, some times it works perfectly. I'm not sure why yet. The problem is not a result of some other program though. If the program is working properly and then I reset my iphone and restart HT recorder, the problem comes back immediately. There may be some other program on my iphone (that while running in the background) resolves the issue. Can't wait till this is fixed..Version: 0

FantasticFantastic quality and functions. Easy to use..Version: 8.5

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