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Great but glitchyIt’s a great app, I don’t like the idea of having to pay for an app just to look at my shifts but I have a job which is the reason why i got it so $3 isn’t a BIG deal. The app is really easy to use for checking your shifts and others as well in case you want to know who and who doesn’t work throughout the weeks. Messaging your manager when you can’t show up on certain days is very simple to get through as well. Overall it’s an easy to use app. Downsides of it though, I only had problems with changing my availability. I would try to work at 4pm to 2am but I guess the AM messes things up to where it changes 4pm to the AMs also. Plus, I don’t know if its because of the recent update but my schedules are black and hard to read others and my scheduled shifts..Version: 4.118.0

MtNeeds ipad version..Version: 2.0.25

Really UsefulA good app, well worth the money I paid. Allows you to quickly and easily sync your shifts with the Calendar App, which is really useful. It's really helpful for picking up shifts on the go. They recently did a whole interface overhaul, and it looks amazing, and feels great to use. Just need iPad support now!.Version: 3.0.0

Thoughts of improvementSo my work uses hot schedules and it is one of the easiest apps to use. My managers recommended that I purchase the app and I recommend the same to all new hires. My reasoning for writing this review is to suggest that you show the scheduled hours for the work week for the employee, because I know for the manager side it does show that. My work wants us to be conscious of our own overtime and sometimes it hard to see if I’ll hit it if I pick up a released shift. It would be great if you guys added this to the next update 🙏🏻.Version: 4.84.0

Pretty good but I’d have some improvementsI have it for work, pretty good. I thought it was a bit unfair to have the worker pay for something the employee is forcing them to get to know their schedules but the price wasn’t that bad so no substantial complaints. The set up is really easy although I know some of my coworkers are really confused by the availability and didn’t mess with it because they didn’t know how it worked. I had figured it out but I think it should just be set up nicer. And I think it would be really great if we had a way to categorize/filter our inbox. A lot of my coworkers spam there asking for shifts to be picked up, I want to categorize the important notifications managers messages and from that of my coworkers. Overall, like the set up, never glitches, and is reliable..Version: 4.117.0

Good, but NEEDS a "Mark All As Read" buttonI like this app and don't have many problems with it. It works well and gets the job done. My absolute biggest grief with it though is that it ABSOLUTELY needs a "Mark All Messages As Read" button. The servers at my job send a RIDICULOUS amount of messages back and forth about their shuffling schedules, and I am not about to go through to try to open all of them. However, I also don't want to just delete ALL my messages either, but I am so absolutely sick of have 500+ notifications on my little app icon..Version: 4.205.0

New update?So I recently updated my iOS on iPhone and have it set to night mode so all my usually white screens are black. Well Hot Schedules wasn’t up to date and it was still a white screen which was fine I didn’t care but idk if they updated or something now all I’m seeing is black. It’s like they went to night mode but so did the words and stuff...if I want to see my schedule I have to click it and it will turn’s just very irritating bc I can’t read black words on a black screen 🤷🏻‍♀️ otherwise I love the app it’s very handy.Version: 4.118.0

Good but old version had a better week-viewHot schedules is really useful for me, my whole store uses it for all aspects of rota-ing. The old version however allowed you to view your weeks rota on one page; now you have to scroll down. It just makes it less easy to view when you are working in a week/when you're not. It's harder to process... Otherwise I really like all the improvements; it's quicker, no need to log in, you can see who isn't working your shift too which is much more helpful when it comes to subbing out and picking up shifts. Just make that one change and I'll be happy!.Version: 3.0.0

Duplicate shiftsI emailed support because I’m showing duplicate shifts in my Apple calendar. They told me to delete all the current shifts in my calendar, log out of hot schedules and log back in. That fixed it for a little while. I contacted them again. They gave me another solution and again that only worked for a little while. They say it’s because the managers are reposting the schedule. That should not make a difference. There should be a way to prevent this from happening on their end..Version: 4.214.0

😭I have been using this app a little over a year and I love it but this new update is very confusing. It won’t say the end times for my shifts so I never know if I work 6 hours 8 hours etc and I like being able to know how many hours I’m working that day. The only way I can check for the end times for my shift is if I go online not through the app which is a bit annoying since I did pay for the app for the convenience of not having to go through all that logging in. Other than that great app, just a small issue of the times it shows..Version: 4.97.0

Broken updateThe new update has broken the app! You can't load it up without it crashing. Very poor!.Version: 4.18.0

Good!I don't know what those other reviews are complaining about, I think it's good. I like that there's notifications on the app icon when it's closed when you have messages etc, but I think it would be better to se a notification on the message bar in the app as well when you have messages..Version: 3.0.5

Update/app issueWorked great for years. I’m literally just posting this in hopes for a response to see if this is an issue on my end or the app itself. I got a notification yesterday that the version of the app I have is no longer supported and needs to be updated. Well I proceed to do so, and it simply won’t update. Wifi, data, restarting my phone, deleting shortcuts to the app. I close the app and try to open it but it won’t open the app, nothing worked. So I deleted it in hopes to redownload and see if it fixed anything. Well, now I can’t download it again because it still has the square stop button to stop the update from before. Any help will be appreciated..Version: 4.159.0

Roster issuesThe latest update stopped the ability to filter the roster. Now I apply a filter but it still shows me everyone working.Version: 4.148.0

Team engagementAs a manger using this app it allows me to action requests from the team a lot quicker allowing for heightened team engagement. Great app!.Version: 2.0.24

ApprovalsGreat app- it would be better when there's an approval needed that you press on the name of the person wanting to pick up or swap the shift and that takes you straight to the roster for that day then you don't have to go back out of it into roster, scroll to the date, which you've forgotten, so you have to go back into approvals.... Etc etc! Much easier and quicker to be able to press the name then it takes you to the roster..Version: 2.0.24

The new Dark mode screws up everything.So IOS has a new dark mode that I enjoy using but an issue I’m having with HotSchedules is that the dark mode effects the app. So when I enter everything is dark, which is fine. But the app was obviously not meant to function in dark mode because you can’t read anything. The color of the text is too dark so it blends in. It would be appreciated if you could fix this relatively soon because I don’t like having to go back into my settings to turn it off for two seconds just to check when I’m supposed to come in for work. Thanks..Version: 4.118.0

Brilliant appHas really helped with efficiency of scheduling. Would like the app to show up total number of hours like the computer program!.Version: 2.0.21

Bad updateThe new update made my app super glitchy it’s now not working and I need it for work! Please fix asap. It won’t even let me check my schedule without things popping up over and over.Version: 4.127.0

Good app - I have suggestionsEasy to use app, makes life so much easier to have your schedule and manipulate it easily. Three suggestions (requests to the developers actually): 1) allow people to create an auto pick-up from the "my schedule" page. It would be a LOT easier to create these when you can see the holes in your schedule (maybe even on the schedule page put "auto pick up set" for the shifts you're hoping to get?) 2) allow notifications for when a shift gets released that you're not already scheduled for. 3) when you're on the "my schedule" page and click on a specific shift, it shows you who is working that shift and who isn't (brilliant) BUT, from there, allow the option to send a message to ONLY the people working that shift (like - hey anyone want tonight off?) AND be able to send a message to ONLY the people not working that shift (ie. hey can someone work for me tonight) instead of having to go to the messages center, select individual people or blast everyone on the whole team. Thank you!.Version: 4.64.0

Issues with dark modeI’ve been using this app for many years and it’s a great app. The only issue I have now is that when I have dark mode turned on on my iPhone I can’t read ANYTHING. The background is black and so is the font making it impossible to read my schedule, messages, and basically everything. Once I turned dark mode off the screen returns to normal and everything is fine. So if you guys could fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to use the app without having to constantly turn this feature on and off while using it..Version: 4.118.0

AmazingGreat app ! Easy to use :) x.Version: 3.1.5

Great appI use another app for the same purpose for another job. HotSchedules is definitely better of the two..Version: 4.66.0

This app is greatThe reviewers who cavil about minutiae are probably unrealistic; what do you expect for $3? It’s a brilliant app, and well worth its price. I can see who isn’t working (to swap shifts), negotiate all sorts of deals, message w/o having a phone number, and managers can approve shifts IMMEDIATELY. I used to manage schedules new-old school with Excel. While HS’s features are still clunky, they’re an improvement in design and speed. I would hope at some point that HS would work in an algorithm to automate staff shift rotations, but with all these features, and for its current price, this app is well worth its value..Version: 4.88.0

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