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IDoser Premium app received 69 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IDoser Premium? Can you share your negative thoughts about idoser premium?

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IDoser Premium for Negative User Reviews

Lame!!!!That was the biggest waste of money I could ever imagine. I don't feel any different and the only difference I feel is I feel cheated out of my money. DO NOT BUY!!.Version: 0

Don't waste your moneyListening to GOOD music will get you far higher than this ever will. And the in-app purchases will cost you big time!.Version: 0

Doesn't workWhen I tried it nothing really happened..Version: 0

Interesting, but not to get highFirst I am intrigued in general by binaural beats. A bit skeptical and perhaps my experiences are placebo effects. But they relax me and help me sleep. As for I-Doser, I read all sorts of articles that made me too curious not to try it. I've just finished my first "dose". I didn't completely follow instructions and was interrupted during as well. As for the outcome: it does something. Made me feel a mild stimulant affect. My legs and body are very tingly. Feel a little silly. (I tried the dose called aftermath) I would definitely recommend this over other apps because the pure tones are very good. I fell asleep last night just by listening to the first "conditioner" sequence. As I get a chance to experiment, I will update my review to reflect my experience. ******************* update: this app would be better if they didn't pretend it gets u high. It works only as well as any other binaural app. Silly gimmick..Version: 0

TarableDidn’t do anything a waste or money.Version: 5.0

Doesn't work!This is the biggest waste of money ever, DO NOT BUY IT!!! It doesn't work at all and you waste 5$ I can't believe I bought this, it is the biggest rip off and waste of time ever!.Version: 0

Has potential but lacks depthThe app seems solid, it has potential, but the selection is too small and seems aimed at stimulation, a good selection of relaxation binaural beats are needed. Also, the length of the 'doses' are incredibly short, averaging around 3 minutes, compared to a user selectable length for the free binaural beats app. The quality of the sound is very nice, the beats have a very rich tone and shift around frequencies and subtle panning, makes for a really nice experience, especially the stimulant doses. But the main drawbacks are an almost unusable length, which doesn't allow the user to really get into the dose because it's too short and a relatively small selection of doses. Promising but still needs to deliver..Version: 0

Ripp offNuff said, it wont even download.Version: 1.1

Please fix it!!!!!!On my iPhone 5s the app doesn't work anymore .. I load the doses and when I press play nothing happen ! Please I used to use this app a lot !! Been waiting for a patch 2 months now !!.Version: 4.0

UpgradeI had the last version no problem now they have upgraded it I can't download or play any of the doses I've bought I'm not happy!!!!.Version: 3.5

Downloads don't workEvery time I click on one of the free sounds it always fails to download.Version: 4.0

Why is Black Sunshine £140??????I really like this app and have bought almost all of the doses, I would have bought them all.... But why the hell is one of them £140? That's just insanely greedy..Version: 1.1

Don't BuyCan't download app after purches.Version: 3.0

Very very unhappyBeing overly generous with one star. Since updating the software, all my purchases (note I has purchased every dose) have disappeared. Not happy in the slightest. Would love a refund or for my doses to be reinstalled, however in the mean time, I most certainly will NOT be using I-doser. New design is also difficult to navigate- please change..Version: 3.0

Un-iPhone grade stuffThe app is not working well, can't magnify the text, just a few lines of mumbo jumbo explaining poorly what can be gained. Half doses, controls that only modulate small stuff, no control of what you really want. Could be so much more. I believe in the science but this is just a money-grab!.Version: 1.1

Doubtful on this oneWaste of money i'd say...'doses' are extremely short. even though i havent had any success with any of the idoser 'doses', i would still say this is a waste of money. might as well torrent some sort of idoser package or even the doses alone one at a time. i downloaded a torrent file with 60+ doses each of which is at least 25 minutes. i tried the marijuana dose, and i do smoke it regularily, and it was nothing similar. overall this app was not worth the money..Version: 0

CROCK!This app is just a money grab! It is a complete waste of money in every single way! The 'free doses' that come with the app are only 15 minutes long and apparently they are really suppose to be 30 minutes in length according to the I-Doser website and other google links. It is a waste of money to buy, a waste of time to download/install this (over 200mb) app. In the end, the only thing this app and these sounds do for you is give you a headache and make you sleepy from having closed your eyes for a substantial amount of time. Not recommend for anyone, and please do not waste your money like I have done..Version: 0

Load of GarbagePeople who have bought this program and claim that they've experienced anything other than a mild buzzing in the ears are either lying, or really easily confused by the powers of suggestion. I've played through 5 different "doses" now, and found that they left me with the same feeling: extreme anger at the fact that I was ever foolish enough to invest in this app, knowing preemptively that it's a likely fraud. No people, you can't get a euphoric high from listening to an undulating audio buzz, the most you'll get out of this is a slight migraine. If you feel anything, it's powers of suggestion, like a party "hypnotist" or political propaganda. So here's a suggestion: Wake up, slap yourself in the face for buying this app (I know I have), and quit deceiving yourself into thinking that this has any actual transcendental value. PS: I love how upon opening the app, you've included a disclaimer saying that these super-ultra-science-euphoria-miracle-happy-waves have NO ACTUAL EFFECT, but failed to include that same disclaimer anywhere on the apps page. Kudos to you, my friends, now I want to go rate every 99 cent app with a 4 star..Version: 0

TerribleThis app is terrible ive tried it heaps and doesnt do anything. i waste of money..Version: 1.1

ScamI doesn't work and asks you to buy more crap money scandal.Version: 0

Just download the mp3'sCool app but it's a rip off price. Should come with all of them. Just download the mp3s off a torrent site and make a play list. There's better apps for this stuff with much nicer interfaces.Version: 0

It's annoying features....So I have my headphones on and looking for a "Dose". But every time I tap on something to learn what it is, I hear this annoying beep. Also, if I scroll down the list looking for something, tap on one to read up on it, if I tap back I'm all the way back at the top again..Version: 3.0

Can't be playedIt doesn't work in my iPhone 5s iOs 8.3, need to fix it asap. Thanks.Version: 3.6

LameJust take your five bucks and buy a joint :(.Version: 0

Repeated unauthorised ccard charges!Purchased the app for $5.49, which was then charged to my credit card 3 times!! There's also an amount of $3.38 which I never authorised. I only ever listened to 1 dose twice, which was marked as a 'purchased' dose. I never purchased any of the doses which didn't come with the app. Trying to get my money back and hoping no more charges appear. NOT HAPPY!.Version: 1.1

ScamPaid $7 only to be forced into in app purchases for every track. Netflix makes movies & tv shows cheaper than this..Version: 6.0

Waste of moneyDon't spend a penny on this. I personally did not feel anything. Just go out and buy some real weed instead..Version: 1.1

UnsatisfiedQuality was not there and it keeps repeating. Regretting purchasing the app.Version: 4.0

Broken since updateEver since the last update nothing works, can't play any doses.Version: 3.5

IDoserRubbish Paid nearly £5 and won’t even download any track without paying more after a day. Plus as soon as you try and contact them for a refund the network goes in to data protection mode. Must be a suspect link..Version: 6.0

Not worth itI want my money back it doesn't work and you need yo pay for the rest of the sounds..Version: 3.0

Don’t buy this app.So once you pay your £5 or $5 or whatever you then have to pay per track inside the app you just paid for. Hard to navigate, hard to understand and terrible sounds. Also has really dark and weird tracks for example drug related tracks and tracks to make you feel like you’ve overdosed on drugs. I’m trying to get my refund ASAP..Version: 6.0

Uber GimmikSave your time and money. If you bought this app without reading the reviews first, like I did, I pity you..Version: 0

You Guys Don't ListenThe UI interface is nice, more dosages available, iPhone 5 update that's great and all, but your company seems to have a problem listening to the main complaint about your app: You don't let the user turn the music off of the dose. Brainwave doses work on their own without needing any added noise or music. Not giving the option to switch it off let's a novice user believe that the music is a necessary part of the dose. I've been using brainwaves for many years and find the (quite honestly) silly soundtracks & sound fx for each dose quite distracting. Also, you've taken any description of each dose off, which I can understand from a liability perspective: you don't want to give the impression you're condoning some of the more controversial doses. But it comes off thin skinned, especially since the original UI explained quite clearly what each dose did. Now you will have users who have no idea what some doses do, beyond the 1 word descriptor. As a whole, I support your company & this app, but I think you should look at your own website for guidance : most of the doses have Zero music. Let the brainwaves work on their own..Version: 3.0

Cant purchaseIt says the item is currently being modified and it wont let me complete the purchase :(.Version: 4.0

God dam itThis app won't down-lode.Version: 1.1

Don't waste you moneyComplete waste of time and money! I was completely open to give it a go but it's just a joke. Pretty expensive app for basically a couple of really horrible songs that actually do nothing. Absolute rip off!.Version: 1.1

Ongoing Review: day 1I don't trust most of these reviews for this app in particular, but I've always had a curiosity for the binaural beat bandwagon, and all the press convinced me to at least try it. I am going to maintain my best evolving, objective review here. Here are my thoughts so far: 1) The name "I-Doser Premium" suggests there is a free, limited version. There is none, but it would be a great way to let people try a few of the "doses" without buying. I don't think binaural beats work on everyone (thus far they have limited if any effect on me). 2) These folks really need to watch their spelling/grammar. So many misspelled words in the app; very unprofessional and easily avoidable. The prose looks like it was written by a stoned 16 year-old, although that may very well be the case. 3) While the app is considered expensive ($5), it's important to know that this "premium" version (as if there was another option) only contains a handful of full doses. If you want the marijuana dose (Green), you have to drop another $4. Buyer beware. Log: 7/17: I am going to try the Sleeping Angel dose tonight. As I went to sleep I noted little change in my tiredness..Version: 0

Don't support these jerksThe guys at I-doser are a bunch of over-zealous chumps. I joined their forum and posted a couple of times questioning the validity of this app and each time my post was deleted. If that's not as loud a comment as any on the quality of their own application then you might as well just waste your money..Version: 0

Rip off!!Cant download my mp3 i bought in the past , i paid song that i cant get back!!!.Version: 1.1

TerribleMost doses are sold as a single dose so you end up paying like $200 to get a months worth of antistress doses- ridiculous - also opens your phone playlist every time I try to use bomb. So far I have received 2 nastygrams from I-Doser saying my review is false but ZERO help!! When you click on a dose to purchase your description says good for 1 DOSE! How is that good for life? And you are welcome to call me & the # provided in my 2 support tickets opened - because I can FaceTime you & you can see for yourself that when on my iPhone & I hit a dose to play my iPhone music downloaded from iTunes starts playing! Why would lie about that??!?.Version: 5.0

WowI paid five dollars for this. Don't make the same mistake I did. This thing isn't even installing..Version: 0

Doesn't work.This does not work, even the 5 star reviews say it does bit work, plus the science behind it is not backed up with solid evidence. Avoid..Version: 0

Thumbs downI can totally get with the science behind brainwaves etc but all these doses are only 2 or 3 minutes long which makes them useless for a beginner as far as I can tell.Version: 0

OufDoesnt work. Try drugs or alcool for real effects.Version: 1.1

Good but greedyYou need to keep paying for each good track and it is very hard to unsubscribe!.Version: 5.0

TOO EXPENSIVE!Not worth it, after the (high(no pun intended))initial price, I refuse to pay MORE for each and every other 75% of the "doses"..Version: 3.0

Needs an overhaulSo far I've tried the Hand of God, Lucid Dream, and Divinorum doses, and have noticed zero results. I even tried the Condition dose. I've also followed the instructions in the guide. I do not doubt the science behind this app, so I am left to believe that either some people just aren't susceptible to binaural beats, or, and I find this just as likely, SOME PEOPLE ARE DISTRACTED AND ANNOYED BY THE UNNECESSARY AND DISTRACTING BACKGROUND TRACKS!!! Seriously, can we please get an option to turn off the backing tracks? Please? For the grownups? The backing tracks cheapen the app. I mean, in the middle of the Lucid Dream dose, it sounds like someone banging a spoon on a metal pot. Who decided this was a good idea in a dose meant to induce lucid dreaming? There should be a pink noise option for those of us who don't want to be distracted by annoying music..Version: 0

Waste of money!!!Anyone who believes this works, it dosen't... You're making it up in your own mind. You pretty much lay down, listen to this thing drone and some weird garbled noises and people speaking in gibberish which is susposed to be creepy or mystical or whatever but it DOSEN'T WORK!!! I've heard people claim to be flying (by the way that sensation is created by your own breathing), seeing devils (your own suggestiveness), and experiencing orgasms (you're premature) but whatever the case it's a scam. On second thought the people aren't speaking gibberish, they're saying, "I have your money... BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ" Ps. I would give this a No-Star review if I could..Version: 0

GarbageShould be removed from the AppStore, it simply doesn't work and is very misleading!.Version: 0

DissapointedI am Outraged. It had no effect nor the the computer ones I've tried. I can't believe this cost 5$. WASTE OF MONEY!.Version: 0

Great program, but seems gimped.I really love I-Doser. I just think that this seems more like a demo or preview. The computer version has much, much longer doses and you can purchase more. Since your purchases are saved to your account, I would GREATLY appreciate an update that allows you to link your account with this iPhone version. I payed good money for my dose collection and I think I should be able to use them on this. Make that change and I will gladly change the rating to 5 stars. Thank you for the consideration..Version: 0

If only it was longerIs there any way to put the ones on your computre onto your iphone.Version: 0

Update issuesI updated this app, highly anticipated...but where have all my in app purchases gone.??? I've spent a few quid on certain doses, and I certainly don't wish to PAY FOR THEM AGAIN. No. That is not on. Also don't like the new look. Horrid design, bad sounds and noises. Which I a shame because I love and swear by it. Please fix and go back to old format..Version: 3.0

It is a scamThis is a fake it does not work don't buy.Version: 1.1

Are you serious!!!Amazing app it actually works so well, but there is one unbearably massive downfall. Any of the really good doses cost money from .99 to 4.99 per use, that means anytime I wanna get lifted I have to spend more money on top of the 4.99. I can understand a one time purchase but every single time I want a dose I have to pay another 3.99..Version: 1.1

👎Lose time and money.Version: 3.6

I-Doser/Half-doseNew and doser looks and works really great, but it was nice to see the price before i entering a purchase options, otherwise why all the dosas been going only 15 minutes? if there are still available sounds lasting 30-45 minutes? These long sessions on a single theme sound worked great, and now, despite the right price I feel like I paid the for a demo. if you add long sessions Sound, and improving selection of sounds possessed and those which need to buy, you made a wonderful program, fully satisfactorily your Customers.Version: 3.0

Don’t botherThe app is difficult to use. Not intuitive. Is you fill your stream you can’t reorganise the playlist easily. If I were you I would give this app a pass. There are other apps out there that have a better impact..Version: 6.0

There are limits to what Binaural Beats can do...Having a Binaural Beat produce effects as complex as certain substances is wishful thinking at best. At worst: an outright intentional misrepresentation of Beat's abilities. Add to this the fact that you are paying 2-3 dollars per SINGLE dose... it's a ripoff. Same price will get you 100+ "doses" permanently with a different app..Version: 1.1

Completely Useless!!So I've downloaded some doses and added them to the 'slipstream' queue, but every time I hit play nothing happens and my queue disappears. The inability to play anything renders this app useless. If this isn't fixed I want a full refund!!.Version: 4.0

This app deserves zero stars!I wish I could give this app zero stars and tell everyone to avoid it at all cost. It shouldn’t even be on the App Store. This app is a scam as far as I can tell. I purchased the app and a few doses, only to find none of the doses work. The samples play, but the actual doses would not play for some reason. The app would recognize the dose I selected, but neither the progress bar nor the timer would change, and I would get no sound. I contacted support twice over the course of several days and got no response at all. I saw online that someone else had the same experience, so I am not alone. It would have been disappointing had it been a free app, but when it’s a purchased app from a company that’s been around for a while, that’s inexcusable..Version: 6.0

Very strange.Pretty weird to listen to, probably a good start to this kinda thing. Made me hear things afterward!.Version: 0

Great, but... not so much.Alright well, for starters... all of the ones that I seem to like you have to purchase. It doesn't seem right that I had to pay five dollars for this, but I still haven't really purchased the entire thing. I-Doser, I believe to get completely positive feedback, you should make the ones that are only 'samples' the full version without having to purchase them separately. First of all, because I feel cheated... and second of all, I can't even purchase the other sounds because whenever I hit 'Buy', it says 'transaction failed'. I am extremely disappointed with this app. Sorry, I-Doser..Version: 0

DA HELLSo yea rip off dosint work just a waste.Version: 1.1

Doesn't work!!!It doesn't work ! I want my money back! Apple solve the problem or give my money back! It doesn't play....Version: 4.0

Good App, Update Broke ItAt first when the app loaded, it would crash every time I tapped on something, and when I could tap on something, it would always show me the Reset dose. After uninstalling and reinstalling, I no longer have the crashing issue, however I can still only load, unlock, and download from the cloud, the Reset dose. I'm not going to trash the app because of mistake like this, but I sure hope an update comes out soon that will fix the issue. I really want to try the new doses..Version: 3.5

UselessSeems like fake reviews , got the app tried the free sounds and even paid for 1 to tryout , did nothing at all.Version: 3.0

Don't update. Unuseable. Doses won't downloadThis version will render all your in app dose purchases unuseable. Reinstalled twice and now no doses I purchased will download. Support couldn't help. I'm a programmer and would have thought that testing would have been more thorough before releasing a new version. Have been a loyal customer for ages and bought a lot of doses. Will be asking for a refund of all my in app purchases if a fix is not released soon. Don't upgrade!.Version: 3.5

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