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I strongly recommendThis is the best app for binaural beats- amazing. Amazing beats and a lot of free beats, with good effects. I strongly recommend this app to everyone..Version: 3.6

I doserI doser is my favorite meditation program on the appstore i use it everyday.Version: 5.0

Almost the real thingI pessimistically bought this off a friend's reference, and suprisingly, I was very happy with it's effectiveness. Try the ecstasy mode, my favourite..Version: 0

Crazy visuals that make you trip out!!!No need for drugs because this app does it all for you. It's completely hectic with heaps of different visuals and sounds that go together and offer many different experiences. I've used it a couple of times now and it definitely works. It's completely safe and I recommend app this to everyone because I can guarantee that your going to have some awesome results!!!.Version: 3.5

Like it but could you add something?Here's the thing: I like using the app but if I try to take one dose then another (like pairing condition with antisad then reset after) then the act of changing doses sometimes removes the effect because it takes me out of the state I was in. Here's what I would like: could you add some sort of playlist function? Some way of putting different doses together that would transition without any interrupt and in an order that I chose? I would definitely love to see that added to the app..Version: 1.1

Love this appAmazing.Version: 1.1

WorksIt really works in the right setting, incredible.Version: 1.1

Excellent companion to the recordAs someone pointed out below, there is a record available on i-tunes with four of these tracks including Black Sun for $10. As for whether the binaural beats work, I have used these types of programs before with sounds but not music, and the music, for me, is a bit of a distraction. It does work, but so does any good ambient music. Black Sun is interesting and haunting, and it scared me to the point where I saw black shadows surrounding me after finishing listening to the track. I'll chalk the $200 price here to bizarre marketing; using an unreasonable fee to help publicize an affordable record with the same track has probably brought more attention to the record. But if you buy the record and the app, it still comes out to the price of a CD. If you burn the music tracks onto a disc (which you are allowed to do with i-tunes purchases) you even get your CD that way. At the end of the day, even if the meditations don't work for you, this is an excellent ambient music album app which goes well with the record on i-tunes. And if you are bold, try Black Sun (but buy the $10 record, not the in-app purchase)..Version: 1.1

It actually works :DI dont understand all the haters out there... Obviously you arent doing something right because it works for me and i used sleeping angel to fall asleep then when i woke up i had more energy then ive ever had before :D Plus ive used green and it gives me this mellow kinda comfy feeling :3 Then i used divinorum and it felt like i was being pressed down into my bed and it was a weird feeling :P.Version: 1.1

I love this appEven though an update for design would be nice, the app provides idose sounds that work if you follow instructions. Some people say the purchases do not back up. FALSE. They do. I also read about people having to restore their idevices and having to buy the sounds again. FALSE. You do have to click buy, but then you a window pops out saying you already bought it. Just like on a Mac..Version: 1.1

I tried the A-Bomb one and it worked really well .Version: 1.1

Good app!This is a very good app. I listen to these before boxing and mma bouts, to clear my mind. In fact just using this myself reveals to me hundreds of other uses for this, anger management, to mellow children out..Version: 1.1

CoolActually works, just read the tips. A good beginner dose I liked was 'green'..Version: 1.1

Works well for getting to sleepIf you have some decent headphones to use, these work extremely well. It normally takes me hours to get to sleep but with the "insomnia" beat I was asleep in 10 minutes. If you have trouble sleeping I would recommend trying this..Version: 1.1

Fantastic!This app is so awesome. It contains nearly 100 binaural brainwave doses that work well in synchronising your brainwaves so that you could achieve your desired state of mind. Its also very convenient with available in-app purchases. Pls be patient cos it takes time to work. I would definitely recommend it to others..Version: 3.6

Fantastic!People need to realize that it takes time and patience for this app to take full effect. I didn't believe it would work and it didn't at first, but as I practiced I got better and better and now it works wonders with all the effects it can and does have on my brain, Great app guys, keep up the great work! :).Version: 1.1

FAQ?I've been reading a lot of reviews about the app and the outrageous pricing for Black Sunshine and hope to clear things up about it. For one, Black Sunshine is SUPPOSED TO BE $200. It's practically the strongest dose they have so it's not going to be cheap. Ok so now your telling me that you can't get the doses to work? Did you read the guide that was included in the App? Are you sure? Well there shouldn't be any problems if you read and understood the guide, your obviously doing it wrong. The guide stated that the effects INCREASE the more you've been using the specific dose and the app in general. The app comes with plenty of pre-paid apps, most of them being crap in my opinion. There are some good ones though, although I wish they didn't make you pay for the app, we could of used that money to buy additional doses! My first and favorite dose would be astral projection(think that's what it's called). It's pretty much a limited version of Out of Body but still gives you those intended feelings. Ecstasy was just weird and A-bomb didn't work for me although I most likely did it wrong. Thanks to anyone that read this, I'll be reading more reviews to help me figure out which dose to buy in the future. I would give it 4 stars, but I'm not a fan of the added music and the countless spelling errors that the app has. Fix that! :3.Version: 1.1

It's amazing!You have to give this app time. After a while it will work on you, and when it does it's great.Version: 0

Worked in the business...I have worked developing binaural sequences for about 5 years now and have evaluated just about every piece of software out there - I have to say that I-Doser has it nailed. They have made something considered "scientific" and made it fun, easy to use, and extremely powerful. The uniquely understand the ins and outs of the process, and integrated that knowledge into their tutorial so everyone can understand it. I have also achieved results with their tones that I have never felt with any other binaural CD, program, or method out there - and I've been an acting member of the Monroe Institute. I can tell you that their intricate mix of tones, music, and carrier waves is mixed with such precision that you will simply never achieve the same level effects with the other apps available - maybe, just maybe, you can come close with the Monroe stuff, but you need years of experience. For the every day joe, this fits the bill perfectly. And for Mr sundis-whatever - um, this app is clearly in the terms of itunes conditions and it warns you that you need to me 17+ for drug and sexual reference. Dont spread misknowledge, its bad karma. If you dont like it, fine, but dont claim it should be banned. You arent authorized in the least to make that kind of justification..Version: 0

Great UpdateNew update makes this almost like a brand new app. Great work by far the best binaural beat product in the App Store..Version: 10.0

IdoserI passed the hearing test fore super human hearing at first roaring and then softened into mindfulness Thank you so very much fore hearing test... C-37gamer.Version: 6.0

By far THE BEST binaural beat app! Wow.The new update has made this app my only means of binaural stimulation - happily. With all the new features, I have fallen in love with everything. I have purchased over 150 doses - including the PC doses, MP3 pack doses; and almost 75 in-app doses. I am always happy to let iDoser control my mood - especially when I can slipstream my entire day. Whenever I want to change my mood, or how I feel, I go to iDoser first. And now, finally, it's my go-to app instead of my music player for my daily fix. Thank you iDoser for not forgetting about your fans <3 I'm speechless..Version: 5.0

Amazing!! Works for me!I love I-Doser!! I noticed the more you listen and get into a meditative state, the more the beats sink in. Everyone talks about Hand of God being so intense, it was inspiring and spiritual, but not freaky. Feeling like bed moving slightly and very relaxed fuzzy feeling. I get headaches though, I try to get through the intense beats, but it's hard. I would give it 5 stars if there were more options for playing and where are the opiate doses? I'm going to use pc version too I think this one is just for a quick dose. I also like the acidqh because of the astronauts talking, I don't really trip out I just enjoy the sounds. I learned that you don't want to think about the dose too much as you enter it, deep breathing and accept your own experience, whatever it may be. And hey if you don't like it, stop the track, there's no waiting for weird side effects to wear off... reminds me of futuristic movies, it seems to be where tech is heading, using our minds, and the body's so cool!.Version: 4.0

Well worth the money!If you are truly following the directions and submerse yourself in meditation as you take your dose this is an amazing product! If you don't allow yourself to embrace the tones you won't notice it! I have purchased all but black sunshine (which I would love to try if I had the money) and have enjoyed them all. The ability to make adjustments (calming, stimulation and leveling) is unlike any other bianural beat app! It helps you customize the tones to fit the experience your looking for..Version: 0

Very goodVery good app, works every time like a charm.Version: 5.0

It worksI have suffered insomnia for years and i can honestly tell you that theres only been a couple of times that i haven been asleep before the dose has finished it distracts my head chatter and off to sleep i go great app dont expect it to work like a drug.Version: 1.1

IT DOES WORK!People say it doesn't work BUT IT DOES! it may not work on older people because of their experiences. BUT I-Dozer really works! POPPIES& "out of body" have got to be the most Insaine I dose EVER! IT IS WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! inspecially if your trying to quite drugs! Just reach for your head phones! You must lay in a dark QUIET room. And listen to the whole thing! It really does work! It takes a few min for the effects to kick in BUT YOU WILL FEEL it ! Search this app on google! IT HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST APP EVER! worth every cent like I said! BE WARNED THOW black sunshine IS THE TRIPPY"EST ONE! if your scared of getting hi don't do it! THERES EVEN A RESET ONE! if u do like 8 in a row! THIS IS AN AMAZING APP AND IT SERIOULY WORKS!!! I LOVE IT! Not a rip off at all! ... Try it for yourself you will be AMAZED!!! I recommend - POPPIES, BLACK SUNSHINE. GREEN FAIRY. EXTACY, OUT OF BODY! But try them all! :) It may take a few min to install it actually took almost an hour because I have shitty Internet connection. BUT BE PATEINT!!.Version: 1.1

Works WellI have been using I-Dose on my Pc for couple of years great Bin-orals they work well. I am please to have installed it on the I-phone..Version: 1.1

Read Up on ItDoes as intended. Further reading into I doser on the net as well as forums will enhance your experience. However only 10 or so moderately interesting doses are supplied in this version. Highly effective though..Version: 0

OmgggThis app is the greatest app in the app store, I just finished poppies and I feel amazzziiiinnnngggg , it's so worth buying it.Version: 0

Amazing EffectsAt first i was a bit skeptycall, i knew about this because i was looking for anti-depresants. And i heard that this is safe method to simulate experiences. Not only "Antisad" worked but also all the doses i downloaded work for me (except the sleep ones but i wasn't focused so is my fault that they didn't) i trully recommend you to download this app. And a good recreative dose is "A Bomb" it will play with your emotions as the beat is amazing aswell. A secondary effect for me when i listened to it was getting my throat dry even drinking water doesn't help. Just let the effect pass, it doesn't bothers anyway hehe. I LOVE this app. You simply get what you pay. Amazing!!.Version: 4.0

Great!!Works great, before complaining it doesn't work, read how it works, get some decent head phones, and give it a chance..Version: 1.1

Great update, but some annoyancesI got super excited to see the update with iPhone 5 support and a fresh UI with more doses. First, the new UI is good looking but annoying with the overuse of sound effects and how slow the animation is when queuing a dose. An option to turn sound effects off would be nice. Next, the playlist or "SlipStream" is a feature I have been waiting so long for. I sometimes find myself wanting to use multiple doses but I don't want to move in between to change the dose. This makes it much easier. My only complaint is there doesn't seem to be an ability to queue the same dose twice in a SlipStream. Not a terrible thing as there are many doses to stimulate you but sometimes I want to listen to a dose again. The app could use some work but overall I'm very satisfied with it..Version: 3.0

Really worksI've used many different doses and most do actually work if you are looking to fall asleep and have very vivid dreams than it is possible as long as you set up your slipstream right then you can do it. I had to experiment with different combinations but by now I know what to add together to get what I'm looking for. I use this almost every night and have some amazing vivid dreams..Version: 5.0

Awesome but...I loved this app so much until an update that didn't I doser to work on my 4s. I hope if won't need to switch to my other binaural stuff which are less intuitive..Version: 3.5

Excellent but too short and not enoughI-doser is likely the most effective and palpable binaural program available for the iPhone. Nonetheless, the sessions are short compared to the computer versions and there is not enough variety. I would be more than glad to pay for the upgrades. Also, it would be nice if the computer version of I-doser would work with MACs. In this case, I would be more than happy to shell out for that as well. Another idea is for I-doser to create a player for the iPhone of which we can buy doses for..Version: 0

Great, love itThis is a great app, I got it to work fine, I just use regular iPod earbuds, and i get great effects, it works fine, people just can't read the instructions.Version: 1.1

It works if you believe in it, and focus.IT WORKED FOR ME!! I didn't think it was going to work, but I read comments that said you just needed to "focus and believe." So i did... I concentrated, layed down and focused on the sounds. After about 10 minutes of it I really got it (I tried the First Love one), then when it was done, I got it even more. I was so happy, and smiley, and I felt like everything was so much more beautiful and was the feeling of love without the heartache :) I loved it! It's a great app, worth the money. I'm going to keep using it!!.Version: 1.1

I use it multiple times daily.I know I-Doser has been ALL OVER the news lately (Miami Herald just did a huge article on them, times, wired, and local fox news did a 10 min segment just on i-doser). I must say that this is one of the few apps on my "must have" list. I actually bought all the doses available (yes, even the expensive ones) and to say this has been a LIFE CHANGER for me is putting it lightly. It has improved my sleep patterns, my confidence, my mood, and so so much more. Ive tried the others, some that people here have suggested, and found them to be way too weak for me. Ill stick with the leader. For all of you giving 4-5 star reviews, I'm with you. The doses are perfect mobile length, amazing quality, and great design - to put it lightly - it works, its amazing, and you wont be disappointed if you hit the BUY button now. Guaranteed a good trip. For those saying its a scam - not true. Sure their is an expensive dose, but if you dont want it to buy it. Its clearly marked premium..Version: 0

Great appThis app is amazing. The best binaural bears iv heard. With desired effects and more. Follow instructions. And you will have mind blowing results. Thank you :o).Version: 3.6

UpgradeGreat product use to wake up for football practice at 530 but needs to have a loop not a repeat whole song loop but repeat the last frequency the thing plays cause obviously it changes throughout song just let us have a timer To repeat last frequency oh and a extend song button and create own tone and updates need more!.Version: 0

UPDATE THIS APP PLEASE!Sickest app i own, love it, use it everynight, i just wish they updated it to the newest version they have. Songs are kind of expensive but i want to try the other songs they have that arent even included in this app (cocaine, obe 2, heroin, etc). Works well for me, but none of the ones that are suppose to make you super awake have an effect like that. Other wise 5 stars! Update it please!.Version: 1.1

Simply AmazingAfter some initial skepticism and no real results (not to mention total disregard of the EXPERIENCE model) I was ready to write this app off as a total joke. I decided to give it one more try and after dosing the right way I am sold. The more often you I-Dose the more intense the feeling. Listen to the in-app Guide and you will be gold. My favorite doses have to be Astral Projection right before bed and Inspire if I have a case of the blahs. Hand of God gives me the most awful/amazing/terrifying/uplifting feeling, it's definitely the most intense thing I've ever felt..Version: 1.1

It takes practiceThis stuff really work if you do it right, it took quite a few times before I started getting good results... And to those complaining about pricing, your dumb cuz this stuff is insanely scientific using sound to change up your brain frequencies and it takes a while and tons of research to develop these. How can u complain about getting effects without any chemicals or harmful stuff in it? $5 isn't that much especially compared to how much it would costs to normally feel these things.Version: 1.1

Incredible AppAll the doses that I have tried have worked really well, now the new update has come out you can download previous purchases which is the oh thing that was preventing a 5/5 before! I don't feel bad buying new doses because I know that they are going to work!.Version: 3.0

Pretty cool...It's a very interesting app considering the doses. Sometimes they work for me and sometimes they don't. But when they do I feel it's worth the money. If it dosent work the first time listen again to get your brain used to the beats then there is a bigger chance of it working. The doses are not very long and where off quickly, but they do work. My favorite one is adrinolin it works for me in the morning. They could put more doses on tho. But all in all it deserves 4 stars!.Version: 0

Didn't believe it at firstI tried the sleeping angels one first. I admit that going into it, i didn't know what to expect. i admit i was pretty skeptical and that i didn't expect much to come from it at first. But within fifteen seconds into the sleeping angel dose, i felt a weird sensation coming over me. Like two different sized waves pressuring my head. It scared e at first because i felt it through my whole body and it intimidated me so i ripped out my headphones, but when i restarted the dose and put them back in, I focused through that part and found it almost relaxng. This will work on you if you are suscptable to binaural beats, which is about 60% of people. then another 15% or so are affected a little by them, and eveybody esle not at all. They are the negative reviews on this app. Download and enjoy.Version: 0

AwsomeReally woks but you havé to really concentrate on the dose you cant think of something else or it wont. Work.Version: 1.1

Learn how to meditate before you give it bad reviewsI don't think anyone who gave it negative reviews knows how to get into a trance state. It took me roughly about a month to learn how to do it. Last night I did the orgasm one and had to turn it off cause my body was going nuts. Like it was working if you know what I mean. ;) try smoking pot or do some acid to help the transition easier. You need to relax COMPLETELY. I did the black sunshine one too....and I think my body time travelled haha. Read up on how to meditate everyone. Try counting your breathing to ten then down again. The rhythm of your breathing will help get you into The trance state. I am one of the biggest skeptics out there and this works. Meditating is one the best things you can do for yourself..Version: 0

Needs more doses!!!The i-doser on the computer has about 140 doses, but i find them to be too long and not work as well as the ipod doses, please put crystal meth, heroin, lsd, bufo, crack-cocaine, gates of hades, the game enhancers, and hash on the ipod version, and make them a little shorter, except gates of hades, that was the best ever, the 45 minutes or soo for it is worth it Just put more on the ipod app, it needs it Because it lacks very good doses, i give it 4 stars out of 5, if it had more, it would be a 10 out of 5.Version: 1.1

Latest updates greatly improved appThe app is excellent but the cost is high. The reason for this is likely the extensive development costs and R&D which have gone into the creation of the extensive library of binaural beats which they offer. I have been listening to binaural beats for a few years now and I have to report that IDoser does have some of the best binaural beats available. It is of course requires that you use top of the line over the ear headphones as cheap headphones or ear bud are not capable of producing the necessary ranges to create the desired binaural beat effects..Version: 6.0

Awsome gameBest game ever!.Version: 1.1

AWSOMEDont bother listening to the low ratings the anti sadness it blew me away well worth the 3 quid.Version: 1.1

Great for daily useLovely range of doses that cover just about everything. I’m very keen on the meditation, spiritual, sleep and creativity doses and find them very helpful when used regularly. The mood enhancing doses can be used as a boost and are very effective. Meditation becomes so very much easier and rewarding. Mindfulness gets a wonderful boost. Enormously helpful tool in everyday life, and there are many recreational doses that simulate a large range of experiences. Drug free tripping is here. Doses are all very affordable, and you can build up your library over time, saving slipstreams of your favourite doses as chains. Brilliant..Version: 6.0

Good but...It's a great app. Just need really good head phones I recomend Bose and you need time Also. I have trips on some and most make me fall in to meditaion. One makes you feel like your falling of a building or something high! But come on indoser. We payed our $5 just unlock emm all. This app would get 8 stars if all the doses were unlocked. So please please PLEASE do so!!!!.Version: 0

Amazing!Don't listen to some of the other reviews... If you read the instructions and follow the It DOES work, the trachs prices range from Free - 200$ but understand these tracks are basically a science... They have to be perfect The free ones are great! I bought a 5$ quick hit "Green" it made my body tingle and at one point I felt weightless,Have insomnia? There's a free track for insomniacs (you'll have the best sleep of you life) Just buy it,.Version: 1.1

Great appWorks great.Version: 3.0

Great Product - App could be betterHey! I have actually been using iDoser since I was 14. I am not 24. It’s honestly great! It’s basically like a form of guided meditation. I have had the most success with the astral projection track. It’s super relaxing and makes my body tingle haha. I think the app is pretty lousy honestly and could really use some innovation to make the GUI more user friendly. It would also be great if there was a “download all” button for all the tracks you own so you don’t have to manuall download them all -.-.Version: 6.0

AwesomeThis is a great app and most of the doses work great! I say most cause there is a couple that didn't really do much of anything for me, but to others it did. So I guess some work differently to some people? Anyways its a great app and worth the money. And to people who are complaining about the $200 dose its clearly stated that you have to buy it, and a confirmation pop up appears so its not like your gonna buy it by accident....Version: 1.1

Cheap at the priceI swear that I am not commercially motivated when I report the truth that there is something very real here. Just in what is given for five bucks is more than worth it. absinthe really wastes you like totally numb. If you have ever used music to ride the mind then you will love this. try a bomb for a real blast. I thought my head would explode. white crosses worked this morning for both my wife and myself. It works well on the speakers or headphone and we are still experimenting with this. On the downside is adding some of the pricey additions but haven't tried them yet and I love it. It should have moving light show integrated with the sounds which it lacks but the variations it allows on the sound are really interesting. get this very interesting and entertaining app my friends. some people won't understand this app but it's very special. NLighteN.Version: 1.1

Great Deal!!!For 5 bucks you get 20 doses. that's an AMAZING deal. somebody else on here said that you don't get any good doses and i honeslty have no idea what they're talking about. You get Astral Projection and Hand of God and A-Bomb and White Crosses and tons of other great doses. plus i really love the things down in the corner that can add an extra level of calm or stimulation to the dose. All in all this app is a great deal and I-Doser really does work and u should definatley get this. I have heard though that Black Sunshine costs $200. well don't be stupid and pay 200 bucks for it on here. go and buy the whole Designer Simulations cd here on itunes for $10 and u'll also get Divornum too. And about Black Sunshine, everyone's all saying how crazy it and Gates of Hades are but no one's ever even HEARD of Satan's Jackhammer....Version: 1.1

Give it timeIve been using it on and off for the past two years to help with my memory of dreams, and while at first it didn't work after about a week or two I was remembering just about everything. Stuff's been keeping me from using every night so I haven't achieved cognitive dreaming yet, but it's only a matter of time. This is a good app if you give it the time to be one..Version: 1.1

WoohooSo I have been into this stuff for a whole and now finaly I can carry it around with me... I just did the full length hog and it was pretty odd and the fact that my legs feel stuck the bed is pretty extream but I love it!!!!.Version: 0

To all who need help and adviceThis stuf works if u do it right which means no distractions usually in dark comfortable space closet basment u shud be sitting or Laying in a very relaxed position if is not completely black put a shirt or towel over ur face resist the urge to itch or fidget the key is to listen to every sound try to find and hear them all then let the sounds wash over u I do it b4 bed or after dinner not recomended to do with frends because they will bother or distract u most of all once done sit still and absorb sorroundings! between recent doses use reset dose for it to actually work there is no harm in this if done right it can be amazing!!!.Version: 1.1

Perfect app!This app is very useful for relaxing. My friend showed me this app and i decided to download it. I really love it! Thanks devs!.Version: 4.0

I love itJust tried the confidence one. Lemme just say. I feel fantastic. On top of the worl!!.Version: 1.1

Thank youI have been using this app more than 6years and i thought i should write my opinion about this app. At first like everyone else I said what the heck is this, how can it work, makes no sense bla bla bla.. but after few weeks which I was trying some new doses I see the effect on my mind. I highly recommed this weird looking app that helps me on my bad times to meditate and mostly sleeping early. Thank you for this app I think after 6 years you guys deserve a nice comment.Version: 5.0

Give it time... it might not work the first time but it will eventuallyI got this app hoping to experience the effects it would have on me but it didnt work. i kept dosing almost daily and became very frustrated with the lack of success it had on me. after about five failed dose sessions i was convinced on giving up but i did one more session just in case before officially giving up. and im glad i did. the effects were minimal but the next day i tried the same dose again and again and each time i did it the effects became more powerful. now, i can do the trip dose(my favorite) easily and without any issues. the trick is to be persistent and not give up. you might get it in one or two tries, or maybe ten tries. but pnce you do get it, it is WORTH IT. justbpick one dose and ONLY THAT DOSE until you perfect it. only THEN can you start to do other doses. trust me, it is worth every penny. eveybody who "cant get it" hasnt tried enough. no matter how long it takes, THE EFFECTS ARE WORTH IT. i wouldnt waste my time on this big of a review if i wasnt completely impressed. its a no brainer; buy this app.Version: 1.1

Awesome app, but.....Great app, big improvement from the last version! However, I've noticed some distortion (crackling) when listening to doses. I've tried different headphones, different cables, even tested using Bluetooth headphones- and on a different iOS device (iPad), but unfortunately it's the same result. I have no equalisers set on my devices, tried deleting/reinstalling, but had no luck resolving this. :(.Version: 4.0

Been using it off and on since 2010 I thinkYou have to get this app if you’re into dreaming. The drug ones are cool, but sometimes don’t work for me. I think you have to use the app a lot to get used to how it works so that might be why. But I will say, get this app for the lucid dream one. I used it back when I was in high school and tried outer body experiences and lucid dreaming. The lucid dream one is spooky, because for me personally, I would wake up in a completely new location, and felt completely normal. But there’s things that are off, it’s like I’m being watched or something. The you realize you’re in a dream, but not one where it’s bits and pieces, you’re in a completely new space with weird things all around. The lucid dream one is by far my favorite dose. It’s just kinda scary is all. Lol anyway, great app. Give it a try. And no you don’t have to buy doses more than once. Some of the reviewers on here have no idea, but gave it 1 star. Doesn’t make sense. Great app, will be getting back into it.Version: 6.0

INTENSEI love this app I get baked every day on this!.Version: 0

Love this app2020 Update: Hey guys it’s been 2 years since you last added any doses. I really want to see some of the doses you have on your website available on your app please. I haven’t had a working computer for a few years now so I am unable to get the doses I really really want. Please bring us more I-doser doses. ——- I love everything about this app, the doses are so perfect they work better then any other binaural or isochronic I have heard elsewhere. I would really love to see more dose tho, I know you guys have more on your website. The more you guys can put into this app the better. Thanks :) Sweet really happy to see you guys added more, keep them coming the more the better chances I see ones I like and buy :) UPDATE: Thank you guys for adding more doses really been enjoying some of the new ones. It has been 8 months tho since the last time you guys added new doses, not complaining, but I’m constantly checking to see if you guys have added more doeses... Hope you add more really soon please. I really want doses that have only good effects, I’m not really interested in any of the potentially bad ones. My favourite dose haze been the White Crosses does, absolutely love that one although the effects of it have mostly worn off because I have used it so much over the past 2 years. Keep up the good work, hope to see more doses soon. :).Version: 6.0

Only one problemEverything is runner smooth and perfect. Except for one flaw, which is the UI sounds on/off. No matter what, the UI sounds won't turn off. I would really like to experience my dose without background noise and just pure frequency waves and white noise. Other than that I am loving this app 100%. Oh and thanks a bunch for releasing the mystery dose. That one really shocked me!.Version: 3.6

3.5 Really, couple things need improving...I just want to echo a previous review of this 3.0 update in pointing out a few things that could be improved upon. 1. I really dislike the sound effects of the UI. The whole robotic/metallic effect is silly and should be able to be switched off. 2. The Slipstream is cool, but I really mainly use this app to help me fall asleep, and so being able to link a few Sleeping Angels together would be great. 3. (This suggestion isn't a deal breaker, but more of a preference) I've been using iDosers for like.. 5(ish) years now and back in the day it was only the frequencies and white noise, as far as I understand/would call it. If there could be a way to have those original ones on here, as well as the ambient noise ones, that would be stupendous. I feel like back then they were much purer, in that for an experience it relied on the binaural beats and the frequencies, rather than the sounds that you think correspond with the effect you're trying to deliver. -Loyal Fan.Version: 3.0

AwsomeIt's out of this world. I did the Hand of god and I was freaking out and screaming about aliens. The only thing is they need to put in a few more doses like the pot one or LSD..Version: 0

Awesome!I really like this app. My new favourite binaural app. I would just recommend adding a few doses (like Gate of Hades), a scrolling format for the guide (clicking thru it is annoying) & larger text and scrolling for the dose descriptions. But overall a very good app..Version: 3.0

Interesting..I've read a lot of posotive reviews about this, I tried it for the first time last night, using the "atral projection" I didn't get any effects listed in the description, but my eyelids flutterd intensely, and saw some vivid shapes, wich I'm guessing was just some sort of placebo effect. I'm going to try a few others again today, and will probrably buy a few more deoses in-app. Really interesting application 5/5..Version: 0

I love the visual art effects / Reality checker?This suggestion probably goes beyond what you are capable of as app developers but here goes: try to make it so that the reality checker feature can work in the iOS ‘do not disturb’ mode... other than that this app is flawless. I gladly payed the premium for the extra visual screen art effects. Worth every penny. The visual art effects are one of this apps biggest selling points for me. I pray that you will make more visual effects available in the future. This app WILL be the reason why I purchase an ipad. I use this app when I ride public transport and people can’t help but peak at the stunning art effects. It has the tendency to put viewers to sleep. I want to become an affiliate partner with this company. I think what this company does is absolutely awesome..Version: 6.0

Pretty good but not for everybodyThis app is great but be sure to try some I-dosers before buying this since its kind of expensive I cant really say it dosent work because for me it gave me a slight sensation but with my friends some of them get balls out and others nothing at all so really it depends. Also if it does work for you it is a great price think about how much money you will spend buying this same drugs breaking the law and here you can get them for 4 dollars and forever so thats a pretty good price. They should also fix the trip dose in the background they have weird voices about 5 minutes in the dose and they freaked me out causing me to stop the dose..Version: 0

Best Binaural App!Ok so the people leaving bad reviews have got to be your guys competition or something and they definitely haven’t used this app. The developers are to be commended for all the hard work they put into this app. It’s amazing! And no it isn’t completely free but come on, you gotta pay to get the good stuff. It’s great to use for relaxation or to fall asleep. You can customize doses, change the skin and user interface, and the quality is great. Great job love it..Version: 6.0

GreatSome of the doses work for me but not all of them and for the people who say it doesn't work it really depends on your mental capability of processing binaural beats.Version: 3.6

Surprisingly AmazingI am taken aback by the ability of an iPhone app to affect me in such a way as this app has. The app has a bunch of different "level" doses per your amount of dosing experience: mild, moderate, strong, and intense. Moderate was a good starting point for me and all of the mild doses I've tried have put me to sleep. The moderates were good at the beginning too to get me acclimated, but I most enjoy the strong doses. The results are astounding. The doses, especially the strong doses, have a seriously noticeable effect on your state of mind and your physical sense of being. I would definitely recommend this app..Version: 3.6

Normal applicationThis is an application or before the upgrade, the application will help me very good entertainment, but after the upgrade, many errors, I urge you to review and repair applications.Version: 3.5

Idoser rocks!I'm a 4th year psych student and have done a lot of research and experimentation with binural beats! And let me tell you they work! I find the effects are usually more general, but a high beta / gamma dose will stimulate me, just as a lower alpha will sedate me. I have often found some of the effects of theta stimulation can be quite profound. The only reason this didn't get 5 stars is because the doses are way too short! Mindwave and mindfreak are both good alternatives with longer 'doses' . I do however prefer idoser and use it on my computer all the time. If only the iPhone doses were longer!.Version: 0

The new UI is a vast improvementThe title says it all, really. Doses can now be linked into a chain, new sounds have been added, and it looks the part as well. Other new features have been added too, such as the mystery box (which I have not yet had the chance to experience, but hope to soon) and a restore purchases button. By the way, those reviewers who complained about it being hard to use, and that you cannot restore purchases; are you thick? It says how to, quite plainly. Obviously, your comprehension is not up to scratch..Version: 3.0

No JokeI just did the conditioner and green back to back, during green my chest started feeling congested and I had to take deeper breaths. When it finished I told my girlfriend who was also trying it that it didn't work but my breathing felt strange. She had the same reaction to it, then my eyes felt itchy. I went to look in the mirror and woah.. It hit me. I felt "stoned" lightly. This works I am almost afraid to try the others!.Version: 0

Try Binaural Beats before you buy !Binaural Beats & Isochronic have a deferent effect on everybody, so maybe it could work for you or it will not work for you, so try it on YouTube (it's free) before you buy this app, because every dose is around 15 min. and every dose cost around $3 - $6 each. Most of all, you must buy good headphones and READ the instructions or it will not work at all. It is a great app but sadly very expansive!.Version: 3.0

A handy appIf you have used the original idoser on pc and you know that you are susceptable to binaural beats, then this app may be worth it for you. The doses are all about 2-3 mins long which is handy if you're out and about. Not really any recreational ones on here though I look forward to seeing more doses..Version: 0

I doserI tried it and it worked this is simply brilliant.Version: 1.1

A little disappointedI bought this a while back after hearing good things about it and the one fpr the PC. Well the only one that I actually reacted to was "Hands of God"... I like it but I'm not sure I understand the tuning part. What do those slide things do actually? One says "main". The other "tuning". OK *shrugs* now what do I use them for... Definately needs an update with more care taken when explaining that on pare tuning... Oh and some more doses which btw I think should be 20 minutes not 15. Just my opinion... Update: I just upgraded my Phone and am disappointed that the only thing that transferred over was the app itself, I WILL NOT purchase again what I already paid for an anyone who does is foolish... You need to go this... *tsk tsk* very sneaky fellas 😒.Version: 1.1

Must get to open mindLuv it.Version: 3.5

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