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OpenTable App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

OpenTable app received 76 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using OpenTable? Can you share your negative thoughts about opentable?

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It discriminates against people who are invitees who do not wish to download the appThe reservation part I think it’s great. Two things I have issues with are 1) there’s no FEEDBACK button anywhere that is easy to find, been looking for it to suggest my number 2 and 3. 2) when you reach the part where you can share the reservation with your guests, it only gives the option to send via text message. No email or WhatsApp option. 3) once you share the reservation via text, people tell me then link they receive wants to FORCE them to download the app to be able to respond. What a ridiculous method. It discriminates against invitees who do not wish to download the app to accept the invitation, by not giving them an option to respond to the invitation other than by downloading the app, which is a ridiculous attempt to force people to download the app. Needs improvement on that, definitely! Fox that and this would be a 5 start app..Version: 16.22.0

Points are a scamMy points have disappeared multiple times (always when I’m close to a reward) and the app now tells me I’ve never made a single reservation, after using the app since 2008. I contacted them and the response was insulting and made very little sense. I wouldn’t use this app if I had any other option. Works well for reservations, though. Points are a complete scam..Version: 16.19

Next to uselessThe app is a car crash. Booked a table at a restaurant that wasn’t even open! Please talk to the restaurants to ensure you have all of their correct details before launching this mess on the paying public. I wouldn’t mind but when I completed a feedback form, I indicated that the place wasn’t open and I then get a patronising email back asking me to ensure I am more responsible with no shows. You couldn’t make it up. I can’t recommend this app.Version: 14.19.0

FRUSTRATIONA lot of problems, app won’t load properly. Error message: can’t connect to server. I have tried quite a few times and also deleted app and reinstalled. Nothing is working!!!.Version: 16.26.0

POS!!!This app is absolute garbage. It won’t let me create an account or sign up for alerts, sends me code after code to “prove its me” but still won’t sign me in and gives me errors. Complete useless garbage..Version: 16.18.0

Selective with review postingI dined at a Melbourne restaurant and the service was poor and the food ok. I wrote this in a review but OpenTable didn’t post it. Seems there only after 4 and 5 star reviews and not reality. And so this app uses people’s experience and reviews but they’re fake as they exclude reviews that are glowing..Version: 16.17.0

PaulaWhy do I keep getting a message that Open table has a problem communicating with their servers? Makes it impossible to make reservations..Version: 16.21.1

Inconvenient schedulingDoesn’t allow you to book back to back reservations within two hours of each other so you can’t say have drinks at one place before moving to the next . Also doesn’t allow you to book more than five people at our chosen venue I had to call the restaurant . Pointless app for groups and no flexibility..Version: 12.11.0

VerifactionThis double verification text/email is a real pain.Version: 16.24.0

Open Table and Apple Update issuesSo I used to love using OpenTable because of the points that you can earn for certificates. However, for the last 2 to 3 times when iPhone updates have occurred, my settings have change. The button that asks if I want to earn points has become “untoggled” each time. I do not sit on my app and look at every single setting and particularly for this one. It should be defaulted to earning points and then if you don’t wish to earn points, you can opt out. I reached out before because I noticed after a few dining reservations that I did not earn any points I was told today that I had exceeded the number of courtesies allowed on the lifetime of my account!!! Since when do courtesies expire or have limits attached especially when it’s of no wrong doing by the user? Not happy about this and do not have a problem going to the majority of the restaurants that we frequent on the regular, without using OpenTable if this is going to be case with them..Version: 16.21.1

15p reminder charge?Great app for booking restaurants quickly. Range seems to have dropped over over the years and the benefits not as good either. But the downer is a little charge I’ve noticed they have introduced. You can’t see it anywhere other than privacy settings but I’ve noticed a few extra charges come through on my phone bill which turn out to be reminders sent by the app about bookings that cost 15p a shot. Personally I think this should be an opt in function - not opt out - or come with an In-app purchase warning..Version: 16.3.0

BoooInfo stealers.Version: 16.19.1

Ruined Christmas DayWish I could leave zero stars for this app. Booked a table for 5 at Urchin Bar. Open Table isn’t synced to the fact the restaurant is closed, instead sending me email reminders of my wonderful upcoming booking. What a glitch, this app is irresponsible and left us all without food on the most important day of the year. Will be notifying the restaurant to remove their patronage from this app..Version: 13.6.1

Useless when searchingAs other reviewers pointed out, when you know exactly which restaurant you want to go and when, using the app is a no-brainer - book, dine, and get points. However, when searching for future dates, for example, when planning vacation travel, is AGGRAVATING. The app keeps resetting to 2 people today. I like using map view to search, and I’d zoom out to widen the area, click “redo search” - a whole bunch of options pop up, but when you click on them turns out they aren’t available at the selected time and it literally just brings up all the restaurants in that area regardless of time and date you are trying to search. Developers clearly know of this issue, as it even brings up a pop-up box asking if you want to update your search to the criteria you set previously - but even after you click “Yes”, it runs the search and again the results are populated with restaurants that do not have availability at times you are looking for. USELESS! Fix this please!.Version: 12.4.0

Tried to book for 1st Nov got 16 SeptI attempted to book a table for 1st Nov, but the time was busy so wanted to see what time was available. However, rather than showing me other options for 1st Nov the open table app gave me options for tonight. I missed this little slight of hand and consequently am £10 out of pocket as the restaurant insists on an up front payment and I despite phoning about 10 times I have been unable to get through. I have used ResDiary many times without issues of this sort so perhaps 1 star is too generous..Version: 12.24.1

Complicated Website!It only likes positive feed back, it is: Touchy Time consuming re-entering when details are in the system And just plain annoying as only way to book. There are much better restaurant booking apts available..Version: 14.21.1

Bad Reviews Loose JobsI’m a server and someone left a review saying “the waitress was not enthusiastic, did not give info on select items or try to sell anything” That review was left during a time where I was the only female server working so my boss assumed it was directed towards me and I got in major trouble. The person leaving this review probably intended to leave it for one of the ladies that worked earlier in the day as it did not apply to me. I’m new but I’m experienced and a great server and do my best. Because this review was assumed to be me I have received very small work shifts and have been searching for more jobs to support my family. I don’t think the people that write reviews on this app realize that it gets tracked to the server. Even fake reviews can put someone’s job at risk. This app needs to warn people that the establishment and staff take these reviews into consideration. This seriously sucks..Version: 16.23.1

GlitchesGood app but lately lots of glitches that could be fixed. Won’t cancel a booking I made, flickers back and forth between booking/cancelled booking on the home page. It also doesn’t remember the specific time I’m looking at for reservations and resets after I’ve clicked on a restaurant, which is annoying when I’m trying to find a place on a specific day..Version: 15.3.0

No bookingGood job Zizzi in cardiff we’re accommodating as even though I booked a table in good time there had been no booking sent forward to Zizzi so basically they had no knowledge of us coming. Apparently we was not the first or sadly will be the last to experience this but luckily we got there before two large parties arrived or we would have been looking for somewhere else to have a meal. Sort it out guys as that’s not a good experience for first use.Version: 13.4.0

Changes reservation timesI will never use this unreliable app again. For the second time it changed my reservation, there is no 17:30 to be selected on the app, however somehow it will change my 7:30 selection to 17:30. Two date nights had to be cancelled last minute due to this, embarrassing. Stick to other avenues, I’d stay away from this app..Version: 14.14.1

HorribleI have never written a review before but I had to do it. We live in Rittenhouse square and we go out to dinner almost every night. This experience was the worst. We were seated at a bar facing the kitchen. When I asked to be moved I was told that there were no open tables. There were 3 tables of 2 behind us and nobody sat there the entire time. So we were left to watch the chef pick his nails while I was looking into the eye of two dead fish about a foot away from me. The waiters kept on cleaning off the counter where they placed the food and push the crumbs onto our table. The chefs keep on stacking bowls higher and higher in front of the counter in front of us. I ordered a shrimp cocktail and it was in a bowl of what looked and tasted like a bowl of warm milk. It was so bad. Our waiter with the long beard and deep voice who shared with us that he was also a DJ was great. We will never go back here again. They should be ashamed of themselves, especially when the reservation was set about 2 months before.Version: 13.3.0

Read this reviewMy friends and wanted to go eat a STK restaurant. I went online to find reservation details, and had to download the open table app. I created an account and found the restaurant via the app. After a while I was able to make a reservation at 7:30pm, and got my confirmation. When we got to the restaurant it was closed! (Another victim of the Covid crisis) This place hadn’t been open for months, but Open table was still taking reservations. While outside the restaurant, trying to figure out what had happened with the app, I noticed something strange. Somehow the app booked me a reservation in Mexico, at a restaurant with the same name! In Mexico!! I gave permission to the app to use my location, and we were nowhere near Mexico, but it made us reservation at a restaurant over 3000 miles away. Even if I had a F-15 fueled and ready to go, I couldn’t possibly make in time. The app totally failed, if you own a restaurant there are much more effective ways to do online reservations!.Version: 13.18.0

Another app selling your dataI don’t want to create an account with every single app - I don’t need your points and rewards. I just want to book a table and never hear from you again - why can I have that as an option?.Version: 15.4.0

It’s getting annoyingI like the concept of this app and fully support the idea. It gets as difficult as calling the restaurant, though, since I have to have many of these apps and I can remember who is on which app. But I digress, because that is not the direct problem of these programmers. What IS a direct issue is that it appears my account keeps getting deleted. I had an account, it even had points on it, but I didn’t use it a ton, because it is expensive to go out to eat and there aren’t a lot of restaurants near me that use this app. I went on a few months ago and tried to sign on, but the app prompted me to create an account. Okay, annoying and I lost my points, but okay. Then about a month ago, same thing. At that point I had 300 points. Now, they’re all gone and I have a new account when I had a reservation on the previous account. I actually had to call the restaurant, because despite the fact that my credentials were the same none of my points or previous reservations were there. Thankfully, the reservation is still booked at the restaurant, but it’s getting to the point it isn’t worth it to me. If I have to call the restaurant anyway, why use the app??.Version: 16.14.0

Reservation was not accepted by restaurantI reserved well in advance with a restaurant downtown in Toronto. A day before the reservation the restaurant called to tell the system was not updated and they could not honor the reservation. Ruined my weekend plans. Ill call the restaurants directly in the future.Version: 16.24.0

Improvements madeFirst of all, who are these people detailing the restaurant’s tilapia and their server ignoring them on what is supposed to be the Open Table app review?! This is not Yelp, folks. This latest update resolved my ire with the searching. We can FINALLY search for restaurants in San Francisco in its entirety. For a long while you had to specify a SF neighborhood when looking for an available restaurant i.e. 3 people at noon in the Mission, San Francisco, CA. Every other city, you were able to indicate and search by just the city name all except for SF. Looks like the capability has returned. But scrolling through the list of restaurants was and still remains to be both annoying af and difficult as where my finger lands to swipe up or down to move the page up or down, it’ll attempt to drag and drop that restaurant as a link to a message whether text or email. Why anyone ever thought that would be a good idea when everyone in the app is using a touch screen phone is beyond me. Can we get that fixed, please?.Version: 12.17.0

Great food - poor serviceThe food was tasty, spicy and delicious. The service felt confused, impersonal and inconsistent. The atmosphere was also disappointing. The view is great... but overall, average - if you like to eat over priced Indian with loud drunk people, it might be for you.Version: 12.9.1

Points expire during covidVery disappointed that open table is continuing with their policy of removing your points with 12 months of inactivity given that during covid it has been physically impossible to dine in for much of the last year. All around bad form to treat your users this way..Version: 14.22.0

Points are a scamI almost never write reviews, but OT deserves this one. It used to be useful for reservations, but points are a total scam. I started using OT in its early early days and back then 2,500 pts could be redeemed for $20 and 5,000 for $50. At some point I got to 2,500 and decided to keep earning to get to 5,000 so I can get the higher reward. Some time later... they dropped the reward for 5k pts to $25 gift cards.. I was at 4.7k pts recently and now I check and find I have 3.9 because they decided to also add a 3-yr expiration to points as well. It’s literally impossible to earn a reward unless you eat at their crappy promoted 1k pts restaurants (not sure if even those exist anymore). Well done, OT, keep running your scam. I’m switching to Resy and Seated. Oh and by the way ratings in the app are totally useless, everything is a 5-star according to them..Version: 14.19.0

Sent confirmation for wrong date.Sent confirmation for wrong date..Version: 13.8.0

UghVerification codes don’t work..Version: 16.20.0

Changing my bookingThe app allows you to modify your booking but never seems to change the actual booking in the end. No feedback or options to complete the update just “done” and nothing changes? Very annoying when the place you’re booking your night with won’t answer their phone because they’re relying on this technology to do it for them..Version: 12.7.1

This does not workI attempted to book online and the site would not work and had to download this awful app to book the table. Way too much work, do be.Version: 16.17.0

Doesn’t install properly on Apple WatchUsed to be a fine app but recently on late iOS 10 and current iOS 11.0.3 it doesn’t install properly after it’s biweekly updates. I have to delete and reinstall each time. On the Apple Watch (4.0) it doesn’t install properly and it’s stuck in a infinite reinstall routine so had to delete it. I suspect it’s an App issue as other apps work as it should..Version: 11.1.1

Spins and spins and shows open reservation that is canceledThis app is useless. It used to be good. I booked a reservation and invited people and it notified them of the invites but then it didn't bother to notify any of them that I canceled the reservation. It also didn't push any notifications to me and didn't text. It sent an email. Who wants an email when PUSH and TEXT are turned on. When I canceled it did the same thing. My cancelation confirmation was NOT texted or pushed to my phone, the app just sent an email. Who wants email when a text is so convenient? N O B O D Y! Additionally, on the Home screen of this now totally useless app, it shows the reservation as still being open and confirmed, then it blinks and flips to reservation canceled and it just keeps spinning and switching between open and canceled. I logged out and shut it down. Same issue. I check all settings and everything is as it should be. I checked for an app update. There is none. I waited a day and tried again. Same issues. App is useless and I am tired of playing a guessing game. If I want a reservation I will book through the restaurants from now on. This app is unreliable and it's more work than it's worth. I had to contact everyone on my guest list to notify them our reservation is canceled. Terrible!.Version: 15.3.0

This app is so off track with location. Get it together people!Trying to find a dining place in lower lonsdale and keeps showing ONLY, restaurants in Vancouver and even suggesting I should go to Richmond, 30 away. Unless you know the name of the restaurant you’re looking for, the exact time and size of party, this app is useless..Version: 16.25.0

Not so openApparently they send out no show emails and delete your account if you don’t attend. Never been a no show and never received an email but account was deleted, feel sorry for the restaurants relying on this app for their bookings.Version: 16.28.0

Have there been changes to the app?Everything is security today. Even booking lunch!! Maps took me to the restaurant which showed the Open Table option which opened and I tried to book but it wouldn’t open into the app vs the browser. So I started from scratch in the app. Tried to book. Wanted cell phone verification - which at least auto fills. Then it wanted email verification as well. And no auto fill and no cut and paste. Not amused. International banking is easier than booking lunch with a friend..Version: 16.24.0

Very PoorIt took me half an hour to book. Tried to book as guest, tells me I have to log in because I have an account. Login with Facebook gives me a server error. Can’t log in with email because forgot password. I reset my password and come back to the app. I still can’t log in on the app. I try to log in with Facebook and google on the website, more errors. I try with my new password on the website and it finally works. Tried to log in on the app again still not working. Waste of half an hour for something that should have taken 1 min to do. Poor..Version: 11.8.0

Needs to spread it's wingsIdeal for London but limited for anywhere else. I travel lots and would like to use the system in Europe as well..Version: 9.11.1

Couldn’t logonTried 5 times to logon. It kept saying this account has been used. Create a new account. I almost gave up and called to make reservations. I don’t know what I did but suddenly it was logon to my account. I was able to make reservation.Version: 16.21.1

Useless Rewards schemeI used to like OpenTable but now it’s become almost impossible to use your reward credit - OpenTable just supply a list of thousands of restaurants that DON’T accept the dining cheques! Why can’t they provide a list of places that DO accept them?? I’ve been struggling to find anywhere to use my credit. In addition, they now require credit card details for many bookings with harsh cancellation penalties - this never used to be the case and is extremely disappointing. I’ve heard of many people who’ve been unable to cancel bookings when they’ve been taken ill. Do hope OpenTable will take this and other peoples feedback on board..Version: 15.19.0

Really bad UXNot sure why everyone likes this app so much. Firstly, you can’t use it if you block cookies. And secondly, it wouldn’t work if i was trying to use Facebook to login. It’s very clunky to use and not as seamless as Dimmi. I think I can forgive the minor errors if they allowed me to make my booking without having to download the app because they want me to unblock cookies..Version: 12.9.0

App has a malfunction in restaurant searchMade a RSV, no booking was sent to the restaurant. Turned out i booked the same name of restaurant in USA. But this restaurant is still showing under Brisbane , even now. Opentable ruined the special dinner night. No wonder people use DIMMI, deleted the app. Opentable admitted the malfunction and mistake, but no further action. Very disappointed to open table staff how to manage the issue and their unprofessionalism. Dont use this app.Version: 11.19

Cannot find serverHmmm, can’t imagine what kind of bugs you had before that needed fixing but you appear to have one heck of a big one right now where your app can’t find its server on either iPhone XR or iPad gen6. Kind of pointless.Version: 12.22.0

Was Excited to Enjoy and Let DownMy wife and i are in Park City for a long weekend of skiing and snowboarding. Tonight was out last night here and we were out to celebrate. I have celiac so was excited that they had a massive menu I could enjoy. I also work and travel a ton to Japan so even more excited. We arrived 20 min early. Was going to enjoy a cocktail. We were rudely told we will not be able to sit you for 30 min. That’s fine so we walked around Main St. We came back down at 8:28. At 9:00 still have not sat down. We were placed at the bar so we were “out of the way”. 15-20 minutes later tables were open yet we were still parked. I was tired. My wife was tired. And truthfully did not feel welcome at this place. The food smelled fantastic yet the customer service was terrible. Should have know this would be the case when we arrived people coming up were like don’t even bother. These people are goofy and it’s not worth your time. A great night planned for a great dinner ended with so so pizza a few doors down. Move on people..Version: 12.12.0

Be warned about using this appUnscrupulous restaurants use this app to charge you if you cannot attend a meal for reasons such as illness or covid symptoms. At a time to be safe for you and others around you this is disgusting . I used this app to make a booking using my credit card as a holding payment and when I tried to cancel my booking because my son was ill with covid symptoms was told by the restaurant that this was an OpenTable issue and I would be charged £50 . The app clearly told me to call the restaurant which I did before the booking time . The restaurant said that it was down to OpenTable to resolve the cancellation. I cancelled before the meal and the restaurant has marked me as a no show .The restaurant clearly knew that they would make money out of this app by telling me that I would incur the charge .They said ‘sir your booking is with OpenTable speak to them’. At no time did they say you have failed to comply with our booking requirements and will incur a charge . The restaurant knew full well of this loophole to catch customers . In a time such as now with covid this behaviour of providers charging shouldn’t be allowed . Unsurprisingly No phone number to discuss with OpenTable - just a chat room that binned me off after waiting for ages . Be warned about downloading this app ..Version: 15.0.2

Totally BloatedAt first, I thought all the reviews and photos and “Yelp” like stuff was cool. But the reason I was using the app was to make a reservation, and that’s where things went south, at least compared to earlier versions of the app. Long story short, once you’re on the restaurant detail page, there is no clear way to make a reservation, or there are so many other options that it’s confusing. I ended up “saving”, thinking that would “save” my reservation, but when I showed up at the restaurant, all I got was a snarky gen-z hostess refusing to give me a table (even though there were a half dozen open tables in sight and only two reservations on her list). I’m not happy with Cane Rosso, but I also understand snarky teenage hostesses are all they can afford. I’m very unhappy with how bloated open table has become. Especially since I clicked on a link on Cane Rosso’s website and it took me right down this rabbit hole. It may have something to do with the fact I was on mobile and had to turn it sideways to get all the options. I know it can work, last week I followed the same procedure with Tupelo Honey and my reservation was seamless. Not the same experience with all restaurants, and that’s a problem, especially when you’re with your entire family, your starving, and the hostess could care less. In conclusion, this app needs better implementation across all restaurants and the need to simplify the restaurant detail page..Version: 14.17

Not a bad app, but no communication with real people running it is bad bad badSince this is apparently the only way to offer feedback on the technical side of things, here we go. I like OpenTable, the app runs great in its function, however I work at a restaurant that uses this booking platform and there is a way for clients to capture MORE bookings. If the search was a filter option to at least search for a time frame of multiple hours, maybe even across multiple restaurants, guests would see WAY more booking options. Example: 7o’clock resos are almost impossible to snag at Spinasse, so most people think we have no open tables because they have to search by 30 minute increments at a time to maybe find a slot that is open. It is a waste of time for the guests and for clients on OpenTable who still spend a considerable amount of time taking phone reservations because of the platform issue..Version: 15.13.0

Points expire and no customer serviceI’ve had this app for 10 years and had used it whenever I made a reservation. The big problem with this app and the reason I’m deleting it, is that your points expire. That would be a big deal if they hadn’t let them expire in. Year where there was a pandemic. In my opinion, they took advantage of the situation and cleared their liability in a yess as r where no one could make reservations. I think this company does bad business and there are plenty of other means of making a reservation. Previously I wrote this a few years ago too when it happened: I’ve been using the app for several years now and should have over 2000 points but despite being able to see all my reservation history, the points are suddenly down to 200. I emailed the app about it but my email went unanswered. The app is useless if the points expire. I’m sure they’re making fees from the reservation, but then they limit how long you get your points? That’s crap...and so is the app..Version: 14.12.0

Good App But Suspension Policy is an IssueThe OpenTable app works great and the concept of it is really great too. The major issue is the suspension policy they have. While missing reservations is not great for the restaurant, as someone who’s worked in the restaurant industry, it is typically easy to fill voided reservations for customers waiting to be seated. I’ve use open table many times previously and missed one reservation way back in June where I was over “my limit.” I don’t frequently miss these but apparently enough for this suspension. It’s now been 3 months and I’m still suspended. Surely restaurants are missing out on more business by OpenTable monopolizing reservations and suspending people from making them for months at a time than the restaurant missing a reservation and just backfilling it with their waitlist. I know many people who have the same issue and have to choose other restaurants that don’t use OpenTable so they can get their reservation. I just use Rese or book through Google because of this but it’s a big issue for the user and the restaurants..Version: 16.0.1

Restaurants closedBooked a restaurant/bar on the app for New Years Eve for 9 pm thinking we could welcome in 2023 with a cocktail. Received a text from Open Table asking me to confirm the booking which I did. Arrived to find the place was closed until 13th January. By then it was getting fairly late for dinner. We were disheartened but looked on the app to see another restaurant nearby had a 9.30 time slot. Rang to check and they told me that had already closed. I’m not sure how this could happen. Very disappointing..Version: 16.8.1

OpenTable using scam tactics to secretly extract your moneyBEWARE OF UNSPECIFIED PREMIUM LINE CHARGE “SCAM”. After initially thinking that OpenTable was a convenient application for booking a table at an expensive restaurant my experience, as reflected by many others, makes me question the ethics of this company. I recently booked a special meal for two and one day before we were about to attend I received an SMS from OpenTable asking for me to confirm my intention to attend by reply. I was surprised when my mobile company informed me that my account had been charge for a Premium rate SMS. This was not mentioned in the SMS from OpenTable and it is a Premium Rate scam that could pick your pocket for an unspecified fortune. As a customer expecting to pay over £100 per head I don’t expect secret charges so it doesn’t reflect well on the restaurant. It does tarnish an otherwise pleasant day out knowing that you have fallen for a Premium Rate scam. In addition to the above restaurants are now so heavily reliant on a 3rd party booking application so that for over 24 hours I was unable to book a table even when I called the restaurant direct. Even more hassle. I will never use OpenTable again as I will never trust a company that uses unethical methods as outlined..Version: 16.19.1

Good but WE NEED FILTERS Already!!!I’ve been using OpenTable from day one. It’s frustrating that developers still haven’t made the ability to filter things better. Such as, the reviews of a single location you’re looking to dine in that’s part of a multiple location/chain restaurant… reviews for all their locations all show up under the one restaurant you’re looking to book at. If I’m dining in Boca Raton FL I dont care to see reviews from their Miami, NYC, etc. locations! There is no way to filter reviews to one city and there should be by now. Also, the “location” of the reviews are labeled as major cities such as West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale (for example) and yet the one I’m dining in is actually in the Boca Raton area. Not sure how we are supposed to know which restaurant the review is for when the restaurant Im looking to dine in is smack dab in the middle of these major cities!?! It’s a forced guessing game that no one is interested in playing. Lastly, there’s no way to filter out OpenTable’s restaurant recommendations. They recommend restaurants in Miami (an hour away from me) when barely ever dine in Miami. I maybe dined there once ever through the app. No bueno, OT! PLEASE FIX THESE FILTERS —it’s looooong overdue!!.Version: 15.22.0

Terrible online and via the appI’ve down loaded this app and unable to book a table through this app or on line. Online the booking times go no further , on the app I booked a time and it came up with a blank page that had a cancel button on the top left corner. Impossible to use !!.Version: 13.6.0

App has issuesBooking system is fine. App itself is a great idea. However when you sign up after booking you have never allocated yourself or been allocated a password. Attempted reset password which didn’t email any of my inboxes. Emailed help desk who couldn’t help at all. So now I have an account that has no password that I cannot access..Version: 12.9.1

Never againExtremely rude and unhelpful customer service. I was charged precautionary no-show up £50 reservation fees for a booking through Open Table, which were supposed to be refunded and we showed up and had our dinner, but the £50 were not refunded. When I contacted Open Table, the person on the help line was very unfriendly and said that they were not in any way responsible to help me refund the fees. Second, he said that Open Table does not have a complaint procedure or policy, it just doesn’t exist. Which is extremely odd..Version: 14.17.1

Great food spoilt by poor customer service & careMy wife and I booked a table for 8pm to celebrate 28 years of marriage. The food was excellent however the restaurant was empty, the room was cold and when the staff started to reset the room for breakfast on a $150 2 course meal half way through main the lack of any experience at customer experience clearly shone through. Do not go here if you want a special meal for two. We declined desert and we're not even offered tea and coffee. To cap it off they wrote "Happy Aniversary" on the bill. Oh and paper topped table cloths over linen is soo cheap! You really need some customer service consultancy. We reluctantly paid the bill and left no tip..Version: 11.19

What a mess.I've had this app for about 5 minutes and I'm ready to delete it. I booked a table on my desktop and it asked me for my email address for the confirmation. Then it said to open an account to keep track of the reservation and have me the option of logging in with Google (which is different than my email address I used to send the confirmation). So I went to my account and sure enough the reservation isn't there. I try downloading the app and guess what? No option to log in with Google on the app. So I go back to the desktop to change the password because my Google password doesn't work on the "log in with open table" option. I get into the app, no reservations. I go to the email confirmation I received and click on change/view reservation and it of course takes me to my profile page for the account with no reservations. So I click on add to calendar and invite Google email to my own reservation. In the account I get a notification that I was invited, and then accept. Then I click on upcoming reservations and there are no reservations. And the alert icon is still red letting me know I was invited to my own reservation..Version: 12.18.0

Useless without way to update contact infoThe app is useless if there’s no reliable way to update your contact info so restaurants can confirm your reservation. I missed my Valentine’s Day reservation (they called to confirm using an old phone number I cannot update in OpenTable) because the app failed to update my phone number after changing it on both my mobile and desktop versions of the app. Customer service said they’d manually update the phone number after our attempts to troubleshoot the issue failed. A few days later they let me know they deleted an old account OpenTable account of mine that I wasn’t using. They didn’t change my phone number and—not surprisingly—deleting the other account did nothing to fix the issue. I understand the wish to troubleshoot, but after resolvable attempts have been made, that’s not the customer’s job and if the app doesn’t work for reservations what’s the point?.Version: 15.10.0

No one homeIt is actually impossible to contact a living organism at Open Table. I am simply trying to add payment details - to increase business for Open Table but clearly the algorithm does not know where Gibraltar is in the world. I had hoped that a human would be able to help in my efforts to use Open Table and help it survive these difficult times - but no - I can’t. No email, no phone number, nothing - other than another algorithm that when I ask it about post codes tells me about reward points. Well done - algorithm- you beat me. Farewell..Version: 14.17.1

AverageFirstly app couldn’t connect to the server, then gave the spinning wheel of death which meant I had to cancel out of the transaction, then wouldn’t accept my initial credit card which meant I had to go through entire booking again with different card. Frustrating experience considering I was trying to book an expensive restaurant..Version: 14.17.1

Gigantic scamPossibly the world’s worst app. Scrapes your data ruthlessly. *Impossible to navigate sign up if you have ever tried to use it before.* I will try to avoid any restaurant that used this dreadful, scammy, clunky, app. Only bothering to write this review because I want to warn others not to go through the disaster and frustration I had with it. Avoid at any cost..Version: 15.11.0

Do not give your credit card detailsMy wife was trying to use this app to make a reservation from Ivy Cafe and accidentally clicked a sponsored link and made a reservation from London Stock Restaurant, it was midnight, just 20 hours before the dinner time. Then we could not cancel, because there was no cancel option. We chatted with support team for 1 hour, no help. They said phone the restaurant. We could not reach the restaurant until noon. Although we said it was a mistake at the end the restaurant charged us cancelation fee of 60 pounds per person, in total 240 pounds. Opentable support team only gives robotic answers, no help at all. It seems this a trap system for some restaurants. You make a reservation from Opentable, they forward your Credit card details to the restaurant and then leaves you alone with the restaurant. Do not give your credit card details, never ever..Version: 15.14.0

DisappointedShould allow customers to use their debit or prepaid credit cards to book reservation.Version: 16.27.1

Great potential, poor executionGreat app which makes reservation booking seemingly simple — specially during the pandemic. However, the amount of spam emails you receive with confirmation requests and xyz is disheartening. I’ve already submit my banking details as a guarantee, which means I will be charged if i don’t show up. No need to harass me further with spam emails. There’s also no way to unsubscribe from these emails which I find unethical to say the least..Version: 14.1.1

Food not consistent, had the worst experience here from one of the waitresses.Waited 15 min for a waitress, took another 10 min to get water. After I told Emily I waited a long time, she did not apologize or acknowledge that. During the meal myself and the kids ran out of water and drinks a total of 3 times each waiting for the food of 45 minutes. When food arrived my girl asked for bbq sauce for chicken tenders and her broccoli was cold. My fries with my burger were cold. I asked for hot fries, 10 minutes later they bring me crinkle cut and told me steak fries are t available at the moment as to that’s what i ordered. Furthermore the server tried to give me a bill. I specifically told her i had a togo order when I first ordered for myself and my kids. No smiles, no acknowledgement, I had to ask her to remove dirty plates from the table. In the restaurant business it’s hands full in and out. Don’t grab a single plate from the table behind me w an extra hand and not help my table out that was full of dirty dishes. Was never offered bread, never offered desert, server never asked how everything was. Maybe in Lexington this concept has stayed alive but if you guys don’t take care of this customer service now in “restaurant city “ you might as well close the doors early. Once I thought this place was on point after just a few months they are going down hill..Version: 15.7.0

Password compromisedYour website/app helpfully told me that my password is been compromised. However, the experience of trying to change that is to put it mildly crap. It bounced me between app and mobile website and even looking at Q&A when you put in password reset it talks about regaining control of the account, rather than giving the user information about how to reset the password, thanks for telling me my password has been compromised but zero points for helping me reset it easily. I’m still lost at this point and rushing out the door will have to take a look on the web page on the normal computer later. Disappointing.Version: 16.21.1

Not very impressed with UIProblems: 1) I mostly wanted to search by map, and it was very hard to find how to do that (the little icon is not great; using the word “map” would be better), 2) I was taken into OpenTable by some restaurant web site, but they did not have availability for that restaurant at the time I wanted, so I broadened my search. Took me a couple minutes to realize that the search results were for my home neighborhood, not the area (Hawaii, a thousand miles away) where the original restaurant I was trying to book is located. That’s an embarrassingly bad UI for such an old and supposedly mature service, I’d think. Combined with not making it easy to find the map view, one can waste a lot of time. Pretty sure I’ve run into this more than once over the years, the majority of times I have ever used the app..Version: 15.9.0

Too many glitchesWhen putting in birthday you have to select 9 for it to come up with 8. Couldnt find my favourite restaurant in the saved section, then when I clicked save on that restaurant in the booking section, it didn't appear in the saved section..Version: 16.25.0

Horrible customer service, unethical charge to my CCI’ve been an OpenTable user for years however today will be the last time I use their service. I made a reservation (which included a credit card charge for not showing up) that I then needed to cancel, however OpenTable told me the only way I could cancel the reservation was to call the restaurant. I tried for hours to call the restaurant but their phone number was disconnected and it never went through. I contacted OpenTable customer support and they refused to help me and told me they could not control cancellation of my reservation. They repeatedly told me to contact the restaurant yet agreed that the phone number was disconnected and that there was no other contact method available. The customer service agent was extremely unhelpful and just kept telling me to call the restaurant, which again, did not work. It’s extremely unethical to allow a reservation to be made through your platform with a credit card hold and then be completely unable to cancel it. I will never use OpenTable again..Version: 15.18.0

Oh dearCôte Brasserie happens to be a convenient local eatery, ideal for a meal that is not too expensive. I’ve been going there for many years and to other restaurants in the same chain, knowing the food would be reliable. However - two visits since Christmas have not been a success. Service - inexcusably slow and sloppy Food - first visit the steak frites (always good) was so tough that I couldn’t eat it. Second visit - calamari was yum but my friend’s steak tartare was tired, rather dry and inedible. Tried the steak again hoping there was better meat this time round. Couldn’t get my teeth round it. Sent it back. Steak number two was just as bad. Frites were fine. My friend’s risotto was odd and tasteless. We did not then need a long lecture by the waiter about the glories of French rice. We both knew what it should taste like. Two disasters. We thought we would cheer ourselves up with tarte tatin for pudding. About 30 mins went by and nothing happened. The waiter eventually caught our eye and said the tarte tatin was sold out… oh dear! We consoled ourselves with crème caramel. That was fine. Going back tonight with another friend who wants to meet there and hoping for a better meal. Won’t be ordering steak frites or risotto!.Version: 16.19

Dated Experience, Weak Loyalty, Lame No Show a little too close here in the end RulesI’ve been using OpenTable since the very early days. It’s always been super convenient and, like it or not, almost necessary in this day and age to get reservations with most restaurants. What I don’t like about it is that that platform has not changed for years, you can get logged out, relogging back in thru email never seeks to work, they’ve downgraded the loyalty program and made it harder to earn points or redeem them effectively, and I’ve had a couple of no-shows over the years that have basically put me in an inactive status on the platform. Given 100s of reservations I probably made, not showing up for one or two should not blacklist me from the platform. A LOT needs to change with this platform. It’s like they put it on autopilot and don’t pay attention..Version: 16.27.1

Missing key functionOnce you book at a restaurant, there’s no ability to update the reservation if numbers change - you have to call - seems like a pretty significant oversight.Version: 15.9.0

Didn’t respect privacy choicesWhen first opened, the app recommended restaurants in Australia, despite having access to my location in Dublin. Went to book a table, selected not to be signed up to the restaurant’s email list. Added a payment method to reserve the table and went back to reservation screen to find it had reset the option to opt out of communications. Basic functionality works, but it doesn’t feel particularly trustworthy..Version: 16.4.0

Stop trying to manage my life!!!!I hate this app, sometimes when planning a trip you need to make changes. Right now you have to book restaurants so you book one the you go to book the next night and there’s no space, no problem let’s just swap but oh no you have to go back change your other booking not knowing if you’ll be able to book the previous restaurant and you might have to change it back anyway!!! Just let me book when I want to if I double book send me a reminder and I’ll choose which one to cancel but this app is rubbish treats us like we are children unable to manage our own eating out plans!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 14.4.0

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