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Online price matchingYesterday I went to Target to get new bedding for my daughter’s new bed. She got a bigger mattress so I had to buy a few items for it. I have Target Circle so I always scan items in app as I put them in my cart. Every bedding item was on sale online but not in store. I got up to the register and let the cashier know that I had a few things that needed price matched, but she informed me that Target policy only allows one item to be price matched per customer per day. (By the way, zero complaints about my Target store. Every employee there is so friendly and helpful...I love my store!) So, I went back and put all of the items back on the shelves and then ordered them all online for 2-hour pickup so that I could get the online price. All of this to say that I understand that there must be situations that this policy was created for. But when you have the option to order items online for same day pickup in store this policy doesn’t make sense. I wasted my time shopping in store, taking everything up to the register, then turning around to put it all back on the shelves and then order it all online. Then I had to come back to the store 30 minutes later to pick them all up. The employees wasted their time pulling all of my items off of the shelves again and fulfilling my order. Please consider changing and updating this policy. Thank you..Version: 9.55.0

As if I didn’t already love Target!Using the app to make purchases and picking them up curbside (so I don’t have to leave my dog home alone right in the car alone) is one of my favorite things! The mobile app is super user friendly and I love that I can switch back and forth between my phone and my lap top and everything updates on both places. I used to be a loyal Walmart shopper because of their prices, but after COVID hit and walking into a store became harder so using the Target app changed me for good. With the Walmart app and website you never quite know who you are actually buying from with third parties fulfilling orders, plus neither the site or the app are as robust as Target’s. I also used to think that Target’s prices were much higher, but they are very competitive. Worth paying a little more for the convenience and peace of mind that comes with Target. PLUS! If you use your red card there is always a 5% discount! I LOVE TARGET and their app!!.Version: 2020.24.1

Good but could be betterThe target app seems to very convenient for basic common items but absolutely nonfunctional for certain items. I understand that certain products have a limited quantity with a high demand but people shouldn’t have to go into store atm just to pick up one collectible item. If it’s currently now, first come first serve/buy then why would it be any different if people could order online but have a limit as well? Limit number of purchases per email/target account. This also limits target workers from pulling the items before putting items out on the floor, which I have witnessed first hand (arrived at my local target to pick up a chase collectors figpin. Got there as two associates were opening it to put out on the floor and one of them walk away with two. I asked to see the ones he grabbed out of the box but he replied, “oh these aren’t for sale.” When i then looked at the box, the two most wanted figpins had been taken.) I’m not the first person to have this type of experience with target employees. Try to better serve the more serious collectors. Respectfully, Andrew R.Version: 2021.2

One of my favorite appsThe Target app has been a big part of my switch to Target as my go-to store for everyday items. For the most part, I enjoy using it to prepare for shopping trips or to price check in store. I also love Cartwheel and appreciate being able to use it to search for deals on the go. The good definitely outweighs the bad but I do have a few suggestions for making the app/shopping experience better: 1. Restore Apple Pay option. Until this weekend, mine worked flawlessly. Without it, I’m more reluctant to buy things through the app. 2. I understand why it happens but the sheer number of plastic bags involved in pick-up orders is sometimes mind boggling. This isn’t a critique of the associates, more of the process. If there was a way to build sustainability into the process, I’d feel so much better about placing orders for pick up. 3. Make it clearer from the shopping list view whether an item is in stock. I’ve made trips all the way to my Target store for an item that was out of stock because I forgot to click on it to see if it was available. Graying unavailable items out or showing the red “out of stock” next to items in list view would simplify the process. That might seem like a lot to improve, but the app is honestly really solid. I recommend it if, for some reason, you haven’t yet checked it out..Version: 9.50.0

Don’t bother buying online to pick up in 2 hours!I bought an item online to pick up in 2 hours. I thought it would be easy and convenient. I did it before at Walmart and I was in and out in under 5 min. I ordered my item online and received a conformation e-mail that they were processing my order. 30 min later I received an e-mail that the item was out of stock. I looked online and it still said in stock. I chose pick up at another target store, that said the item was it stock. 30 min later I received another e-mail that my order was canceled because the item is not available at either store. Going on to the app both store still say the item is in stock and ready for 2 hour pick up! I went to the store and decided to look for the item because maybe it was an error. I asked a man in toys for the item and showed him on my phone that the item was listed as being in stock. He looked at the empty shelf and said “Nope, it’s not here” then he turned and walked away! The staff was as helpful as the app!.Version: 9.33.0

App has shown items in stock in store that aren’tApp most recently showed me an item was in store, showed a buy online, pick up in store option and gave me trouble when I tried to use a prepaid gift card. Spoke with two reps in customer service on the phone, store employees, and I’m still frustrated about my experience. 1st phone rep helped me place order after app didn’t work for me because of difficulty I had placing my order with a gift card. Order was confirmed, then I received an email saying the item couldn’t be picked up. That’s when I called the store and they told me they had the item. I went down to the store, they told me that my card would actually get charged in the store when the item was picked up. I guess the moral of the story is don’t expect to be able to use any gift card other than a Target one if picking up in store. They handled it awfully and put me on the phone with the second rep I spoke to. Left the store looking at the item I wanted sitting in customer service and the employee telling me the charge on the gift card would likely come off in a few days because it was just a temporary hold..Version: 9.16.0

Needs to work out some kinksI have been a long time Red Card holder & Target customer! That said I’ve been very very sick & have used your online shopping & pick up app! Both times I used this service the store was out of two problems that I needed most. It was two things I didn’t want my son to search for these items. The first time they gave him something comparable, wasn’t what I needed but I said ok I can deal. Second time I needed enema’s & you didn’t have the one I wanted so my son never even knew to get them. You should have a way to communicate with your guests that the product is out of stock & allow the guest to go in & choose something comparable of their choosing. Becuz I’ve been very sick this has been a really hard time for me. The way you are doing this now is not acceptable & has made my life hell in those moments !! Please look into a better method to this problem please!.Version: 9.46.1

Great App ONE FLAW!I’ve been using the Target app for a few years. I’ve always love the usability that the app brings. It seems that you develop the app based on people’s opinions of it which I love. This app has really come along way from being a separate target and cart wheel app and I love that you now have a map of every aisle in your current store and anytime I scan something I’m able to find what aisle it is in, what the current price is and if there’s a cart wheel coupon to match. I absolutely love the Drive up feature it is saved me not only time but money as well! I also really love the list function. And I love that you have also put the isles where the items can be found on my item in my list. However, is there a way that the app can alert you once you step into a target to let you know that you have items on your list? This would be really helpful because often times I make a list during the week and when I go to target I’d like to be notified that there are items on my list. I use the list function quite often but I often forget that I have one made once I actually make it into the store. I will forever use the Target app I’m just hoping that my opinion gets heard and hopefully something can be done about enabling the app user to choose to be notified once stepping into a target store to look at the list that has previously been made. Thank you..Version: 9.37.1

Great app, needs some improvementsLove that I can order online and have items shipped from my cart. - I don’t like that not everything can be obtained either through drive up or Shipt and it’s not clear why. For example, I had to go to the store to buy a jar of mayonnaise (not perishable), but could have had frozen food delivered (very perishable). - It’s also clunky to have to deal with that information one item at a time. It’s nice to be able to select same day delivery from my list, would be nice to do that for drive up. - I had to cancel a Shipt order because after I clicked Shipt from my list, several items couldn’t be hand delivered, so it wasn’t enough to place the order. No way to move forward. Had to log into Shipt to do that. - The search function doesn’t really work. Sometimes I have to search with google to find items at Target, or scan the barcode, rather than the app. Note that the barcode only works for that particular size/config. So, if I want one item instead of a 2 pack, the one item won’t often show up. - Went to add a couple of items after I placed my Shipt order. Wouldn’t work, just kept spinning. (Same behavior on website.) I love the Target tech, but with these shortcomings, I’ve been unable to get what I need. Ended up going to the store so I could do all of my shopping. Still works well for small orders and certain items, but not as a regular tool..Version: 2020.4.2

Excellent customer service!I recently made an order for barstools and thought that there were two in each order. I ended up only ordering two actual barstools and needed a total of four. I was able to easily call customer service and they reviewed my order. They did confirm I only ordered two.I also needed to make sure that I could still get two more and if there was availability of the type that I wanted. The representative was able to quickly find the items that I needed, actually put them in my cart for me as we were talking. I completed the order through the app right after. Not only was the representative extremely helpful but friendly as well. Made the process easier than I thought it was going to be. We are loyal target customers already but I will continue to order everything from food, clothing and home items with you. Thank you!!!!.Version: 2021.1

Target Drive Up is awesome!Target is providing an excellent Drive up service. I am someone who uses Walmart grocery pickup, Sams club drive up pick up and Harris teeter. Target service is the best. Sams awful service no signature required, messes up order, before they even bring the order email comes that your order has been picked up and how was your experience, also can not cancel the order. Harris teeter is good but expensive, I also like how they provide actual paper receipt. Walmart is hit and miss but my main complain is it takes them a long time to bring order, and they use those not so practical baskets, carts are more efficient and functional. Target service is fast, I can add items to my order, I can cancel my order and there is no minimum purchase requirement. I don’t mind $10 or $15 minimum purchase but more than that hinders me from ordering. I do not always have $35 or $40 items to order when I don’t have time to go to store. I do wish target will add basic cold items like milk, egg and yogurt to their service. Also maybe bread..Version: 9.51.0

Target ShopperI absolutely love this app, it makes my planning and shopping experience so much easier (especially with a little one in tow). I use it multiple times a week! My only con/s is, when you go to return an item and need to find the barcode (because lets face’s super hard to keep every receipt when you shop as frequently as I do for my large family), there is no “search” button you can click to expedite your search. You literally have to comb through every last receipt, and it is not sectioned out (ex: grocery, clothing, toys, etc). I also wish there was a way that you could share your list (as you see it in the app) with a spouse for example via text message. There is a way to share it, but it shows up super disorganized and busy when you try to text it. If Target could figure out a way to make these two aspects of their app more user friendly, I would love it SO much more..Version: 2021.4

Horrible experience with an app I once loved...I attempted to place an order for items I had been eyeing in my cart. I clearly picked a popular time. I attempted to order items that were shown as still in stock for close to 45 min. I attempted to refresh, still no luck. Closed out and left out items intentionally to see if stock was an issue. Now, the error is it can’t be delivered to my zip, my work zip or my parents zip. By the time I called customer service, I was beyond frustrated. Not to mention after over an hour trying to place what I thought was a simple app order, my kids are done with it. I called customer service and was disconnected once, then called again and could not hear at all (and I was calling on a land line, so it was not on my end). After another 20 minutes, I was told the items shown as available were in fact out of stock. And when I ask if I can get the item at this price when it’s back in stock - “if it’s in our 14 day window.” Like that will happen! BEYOND frustrated. Be set-up to handle the demand when you put an offer for 30% off..Version: 9.56.0

If you’re not using the Target app, you’re wasting moneyThis is one of the best shopping apps out there. It provides transparency to the consumer so you get the best available prices whether you’re shopping online or in store. If you’re shopping in store, just use the app to scan everything you put in your cart. The scanned (online) price is almost always less than the price shown at the store. For those items, you can request a price adjustment at the cashier when you’re checking out. I regularly save 10-20% every time I go to target by doing this. If you don’t want to shop in store, the in-app shopping experience is great. It tells you every offer and coupon available to you, and you can select in store pickup or drive up (if your location offers it) or shipping. The wallet feature is seamlessly integrated with your target debit or credit card. [If you don't have a target debit card but you do have a bank account, sign up for the debit card. They don’t check your credit and you get an automatic 5% off every purchase.].Version: 9.40.0

Mobile Payment Mis-fireI’m extremely disappointed with the Wallet feature in this app. It is limited in use because currently only works with Target Red cards. I forgot my wallet one evening and couldn’t go back to my home to get it because the store was closing. I thought maybe I could use the wallet feature but an employee stated only for Target Red cards. Also, I thought I could use Apple Pay because it’s available in the Target app but fortunately not possible as I came to learn. The decision to use mobile payment feature is great but to limit it to curtain cards and not provide other options is frustrating for the consumer. I’m unlikely to shop at Target because of this negative shopping experience. I understand not wanting to use Apple Pay in-store to avoid licensing fees or other aspects that could hurt Target’s bottom line but at what cost to your consumer. I’d prefer going to a competitor, Walmart, that has a simpler mobile payment system that is open to different types of debit/credit cards. I hope this issue will be fixed or other mobile payment options made available in the future..Version: 9.9.0

Target App is THE BEST way to Shop!!I have been using the Target Shopping App for about 2-3 years now & I got into it right away, however, recently the experience has become so amazing that I rarely shop anywhere else for a variety of products from Essentials-Home! The order & “Pick Up” option is always a breeze, it’s actually cheaper to buy certain products this way & it gets rid of waiting for a specific item to be tracked down on the floor. Cartwheel makes this even better with price options & most recently I have really started to use the “Buy 2”, “Buy 3”, “Buy 4” & receive a Target Gift Card $5-20 for next purchase. I love this feature because it’s often paired with Household Items, Laundry Detergents & Bath & Body Essentials! You usually run out of everything at once so it’s easy to take advantage of & then you get that extra Target $$ to make a purchase you just really want but it wasn’t in the budget! The Target Shopping App is My Go-2 Personal Shopper & Savings Assistant!!.Version: 9.41.0

Great serviceI’ve been using this app much more often with everything going on I’ve ordered all of my Easter items and even household items that I really needed but didn’t want to go into the store since it was raining so I ordered drive up and it was so convenient I didn’t even have to roll my window down I just put my phone up to the window and they made sure it was me with my order number and put my items in the trunk I felt so relieved knowing that I didn’t have to come in contact with a lot of people shopping but I still got what I needed I will for sure be using the target app much more often now knowing how easy it was and let me just say that the prices are actually the same as other stores and something even cheaper I always compare prices to make sure I’m not overpaying and you would be surprised to know that somethings are even cheaper here than other known store.Version: 2020.4.3

Five starsI’m rating this app five stars because even though it has its glitches I work at Target and have to struggle with people in store who believe that everything should happen perfectly. Like the second something is bought it should *poof* reflect in our store devices and the online availability. And that we should somehow be able to see the percents that come off of each item when we hit total (Just a heads up, it doesn’t tell us until you know too.) And while I know you guests won’t understand this, I’d rather they stuck with the developers they have instead of spending more money here, and put more money into our brick and mortar stores. For me, I feel like that should be top priority. But hey, you want to mock the company more for putting more money into other things, then go for it. But understand that that effects hours, training and your service in store. This app is awesome if you take the time to work through a few glitches and use a little patience..Version: 9.16.0

It’s TARGET, people!When I need something for myself, my kids, or my home, I check with Target first! I do love going into the store to shop, but the app and online store is amazing and has many deals not found in house. If I need a different quantity/color/option/size of something I found in the store, I can supplement with items found online with my app to get what I want. It’s very intuitive and saves searches, with product updates! Nowadays there are serious options to shop—in store, online, and pick up! The app is comprehensive, the new Circle program still saves you money—scan everything so you don’t miss a deal! Target is my “Go to” for most things I need or want. The app helps you get there. If there is ever a power failure—the customer service on the phone or in the store is always excellent. TARGET has surpassed all other big box stores because of its policies, stock quality, progressive and trendy but accessible/affordable environment, and of course, the smart shoppers it attracts. Can anyone say STARBUCKS? 🤩.Version: 2020.2

Can’t change payment method on items not picked upTarget, love your ease and reliability. Today was a first for me. I paid using the wrong credit card, and decided before picking up my items to change payments. Well even though I never purchased the items officially and did not pick them up I was unable to change payment method. None of my items were shipped, it was a 2 hr store pickup. I called 1-800 customer service and they weren’t concerned or helpful other than telling me to cancel and reorder everything. Soo called the store, because I would hate for the poor employees to start shopping all over again for my items and return the canceled ones. It prob made more work for the employees but I was able to notify them of my cancel/reorder. Great store customer service. They had a heads up about it and thankfully I was able to pay with my desired card..Version: 9.57.1

Very nice but could be even better....The new app is very nice, with Cartwheel right there. I love that I can make a shopping list and it tells me where the items are in the store and whether there is a cartwheel coupon to go with it. However a few suggestions to make it even better/easier: -make the shopping list editable so I can add to something already there or move them around -when browsing cartwheel, I'd love to be able to have the capability to not only add those items to cartwheel, but add to my shopping list from there. Seems that you can only add cartwheel items to the shopping list once you've added an item to your list, it shows you there's a cartwheel coupon, you click the little cart to see it, and there you can add to both cartwheel and the list, but then I have my generically listed item that I have to remove and the one added by cartwheel. So in essence, I want to be able to start building my shopping list from cartwheel browsing first. Aside from the above, it is overall a definite improvement and much easier to use. I love the wallet, as well!!!!.Version: 9.8.0

Target App & 3rd Party SellersI use the Target app frequently, and overall I find it easy to use. My frustration usually results with the 3rd party sellers. Sometimes I just want to see the products sold by Target and the filer doesn’t always allow me to do this. In addition, I have noticed some 3rd party sellers also have a significant markup on items which is frustrating. One item in particular was a Red Ryder wagon that a 3rd party was selling on the Target app for over $100 more than it could be purchased on the Red Ryder website. A less savvy consumer may purchase this based on Targets reputation, not the 3rd seller. Although I do understand responsibility is on the buyer, I also believe some responsibility is on Target to ensure there isn’t price gouging by 3rd party sellers on their app. I would love to see better filters to remove the 3rd parties in searches as well. It would be helpful if I just set one filter I could toggle off & on if I wanted to see 3rd parties. It’s frustrating to set the filter with each search. And sometimes it isn’t an option to filter out 3rd parties..Version: 2020.20.5

Pantsless PurchasingProbably the easiest shopping app ever, I enjoy buying my clothes from Target, it’s probably the EASIEST way to shop ever, you can order and cancel(if need be) incredibly easily. They also make couponing a breeze by just automatically applying the coupons at check out. They even give you 3 ways to shop. Delivery, Pick up, & Drive Up which is basically they take it out to your car if you don’t feel like putting on pants but still need something like today this is a great option. When you cancel an order which I’ve had to do earlier today the cancelation is immediate as long as the item hasn’t shipped. And the money is back in your account. Amazing. I ended up reordering the items after I found the right size which I had mixed up earlier. Easy Peasy. I’m actually astonished at how easy ordering with Target is vs. it’s competitors. I’ll be doing my clothing shopping with target first from now on that’s for sure!.Version: 9.33.0

Mama’s best friendI have a toddler and with the drive up service I no longer have to block out an hour and a half of my day in order to make a Target run. This service is a godsend for mamas with babies that don’t like to sit still in the cart. I pick out my items on the app, check out, then a short time later (within a couple hours, if not much sooner) I get a notification saying that my order is ready for pickup. I push the “I’m on my way” button when I’m in the car and heading to the store. I park in one of the designated pickup spots, hit the “im here” button, and boom my goodies are delivered to my car in just a matter of a minute or two. All while my toddler sits in his car seat eating a snack or playing happily with a toy. The only way this could be better is if I could pick up perishable grocery items this way too. I understand the storage of items that need to be refrigerated has to be carefully planned so I get why I can’t do that. Hopefully Target figures out a way to make it happen though because that would be amazing!.Version: 9.52.2

Please fix app ASAP!I used to love this app! I even loved that you merged the cartwheel into the app. I always thought it was stupid that I needed 2 apps. I even loved that you added the wallet. As a woman who changes purses, wallets etc I have forgotten my target card before so that’s great. HOWEVER what the hell have you done to this app! Now it crashes all the time in the store. Also more importantly I CAN NO LONGER ACCESS MY LIST!!! I live by that list when I shop! You released an update & didn’t fix a thing. I was in the store today & saw the dot indicating the app was updated. So foolishly I go in thinking the app is fixed try to access the list, nothing. So I restart the phone try again, nothing. Then I try to scan an item it crashes. It’s infuriating! How did we go 2 steps forward with the app & go 20 steps back! Is this the end of the world, no! But as someone who loved that I could do my list & therefore shop more efficiently since I knew where each item was to now lose that function & have to spend 3xs more time scanning my items for cartwheel it’s extremely annoying. First world problems, yes. But somebody is getting paid to develop & maintain this app for the customers therefore it should actually work!.Version: 9.11

Overall it’s a good AppWe’ve used this app for several months now. So far it’s been very helpful, and we like the ability of the drive-up feature. One thing I would love to see is the ability to manually choose which Target Drive-up you want to stop at first. Here in the Eastern part of Virginia, we have many Target store to choose from. What I don’t like is if you have multiple drive-up order at different stores. You have to go in order of the purchases. For example: my wife had (2) orders for Drive-Up. Order #1 was at the Military Hwy store, and Order #2 was at the Pembroke Store. The second order is further away from my house so I checked into the Target app, and the info for order#1 showed up. I went to Pembroke store thinking that GOs would notify this store. No! So I called the guest services and told them I’m picking up order . The store reply, “Sir, the app doesn’t show us you’re on the way here.” I said, “ I’m outside in waiting “ Just wish Target would allow users to pick which drive-up order they wanted to get first..Version: 2020.4

Two things to FixI really enjoy using the app, except when it comes to check out. First, there should be an option to apply a pick up location to all items in your cart instead of having to select a location for each item, if that’s not what you’re trying to do. It’s really time consuming when you have a bunch of stuff in your shopping cart. Second, the wallet doesn’t allow you to use hard coupons or gift cards. Every time I’ve tried the associate says they apply cartwheel first, then coupons or gift cards, but if your red card is linked to the wallet, it’s making the purchase immediately after applying the cartwheel & going back to apply gift cards not linked to your wallet is a pain. I unlinked my red card from the wallet to get around this, but it would be nice to be able to use the wallet as intended and not have to produce the actual card. All in all, I love the app and the ease of use - just fix those two things & I’d be happy to give five stars!.Version: 9.27.0

So ConvenientTarget has really stepped up their game by adding Drive Up. Today, we were getting our shopping done - when we got home I realized I forgot to get coffee grounds. Tragic! How can anyone survive Monday morning without coffee? We had to meet my parents for dinner so I didn’t have time to run back out to grab coffee. I used the app to purchase coffee and pick up using Drive Up. It was so seamless. After our dinner, I clicked that we were on the way, right when we pulled up the employee was there waiting with my order. So perfect! I’ve tried other stores that offer the park/pickup option (Walmart, Kroger, etc.) and I have to say Target is definitely the best. Each time I’ve used their app the employee has been there waiting for me right when I pull in and they are always so friendly. It’s literally like a drive thru. The only somewhat negative thing is that you cannot get cold/refrigerated/frozen items using Drive Up, which is something other stores do offer..Version: 9.27.0

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