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Amazon Shopping app received 167 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about amazon shopping?

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Issue with signing in with notificationI am not able to sign in on another browser because of an issue with how the notification is managed in the app. I receive notification. But when I click on that I get message that something went wrong. I have this issue and can’t login on another device.Version: 15.15.0

So many bad changes/updatesBring back the drag and drop save/compare option. It made it easy to scroll through other items in your wishlist. Now we have the heart button to add an item to save an compare but we have to actually pull up the list to look at the items. Instead of having easy access. Make it easier for us to browse through the customer review pictures. When I click on a single picture and then go back to the full list of pictures it takes me all the way back to the top of the list instead of taking me back to where I was. Imagine looking at products that have over 100 pics and you have scrolled through 50, you enlarge a picture, and when you’re done looking you hit the back button and they take you back to #1. That’s annoying if you plan to look at more than one picture up close. Also, please allow us to scroll through items we’ve searched for without having to press “next page” every 2 minutes. We used to be able to just scroll unlimited products all on one page.Version: 13.19.0

ShippingSometimes amazon give you a date before you pay and when you place your order the date jumps a day later. Why to pay prime membership if the package is going to take a longer time to arrive..Version: 15.18.0

EhI love this app for the on-the-go use; using my phone instead of having to be at a desktop. However, there are many features that seem to not appear anymore. For example, when multiple items ship together - clicking on “orders” shows you the individual items. Once you click an item that shipped with others, it sometimes says “+2 more” (or however many extra items). You used to be able to click that to see what other items were in that shipment. I’m trying to track when certain items will get to me, but I can’t see what shipped with what, therefore leaving me unable to know when I can expect those items. It’s frustrating because it’s something so small that I used so often, but know it’s gone..Version: 11.20.0

BuggyUnable to complete an order with a gift message. Keep on getting an error about the number of line in the message being over the limit while it's not. Crappy error handling. It's a shame really..Version: 4.4.0

Recent Update is Very AnnoyingI’m not usually one to leave reviews on apps that I use, but I’ve been very frustrated after a recent update. Searching for things has become exponentially more annoying. Each time you choose a new category to refine your search (such as choosing long sleeve, or size, or department) it automatically takes you to results. Each time. So if I’m looking for something specific, such as “Long sleeve, V-neck, Floral, size 16, under $50”, it will take you back to results after each of those that you choose. It’s VERY annoying; the old “refine search” menu was great, and I can’t see how this is an improvement on it. On the positive side, search with picture is useful and fun, and is the only reason I’m not making this a 2 star review..Version: 15.3.0

Estimated delivery changes after confirmation of purchaseI have a prime subscription and I find if purchasing an item using “Buy now” it will say in the summary screen “get it by 2nd July, free expedited delivery”, but after I swipe to confirm the transaction summary changes to “guaranteed delivery 3rd July”. Very annoying as the shipping address I want it sent to depends on the day of the week it is expected to arrive..Version: 13.13.0

Kindle booksIt is very annoying that the App will not handle Kindle. Why not?.Version: 13.1.0

What a joke!What a joke .trying to log on to my account lol ! Costumer service . No help . Like be back in the 2000s ..Version: 13.21.4

Reset is annoyingThe search function is good including filter function. BUT it looses stuff put into the shopping cart. Most frustrating of all is that each time I switch to another app, whatever search I was doing disappears and I have to start again. Other shopping apps definitely don’t do this..Version: 13.21.0

No Option for Review Writing etcSorry, but for some reason now it’s impossible to find a way to leave comments or write reviews - which i’m pretty sure has changed. (this is on the ipad app, & ipad apps are notorious for issues since developers only seem to care about iphone apps) there is no place to “write a review” on the product page, & there’s no option to choose on your orders page(s) either. you can try to return something, look at order details, but there’s nothing to click on to leave a review. you can’t even leave a reviewer a comment. when you have a question, the button to post doesn’t even work. now i finally found where i can leave a review - way down at the bottom of the page (past the reviews, not at the top of the reviews where you would expect it). same issue with comment or question leaving..Version: 13.21.4

My homepage icon bar with the home, profile and shopping cart icon as fallen and it can’t get upHELP! It’s driving me crazy. A few days ago my homepage icon bar with the home, profile and shopping cart icon as fallen to the bottom of my page and I cannot move it back to the top. I’ve reinstalled app, changed my password, google searched, called customer service and they told me to leave a review on the App Store and I will be contacted by the developer. It drives me crazy because I cannot see through the bar and it gets in the way of scrolling and viewing my page. In the last few days it’s changed back and forth at random. Every time I think it’s fixed, it’s not long before it changed again. I do nothing different, what gives? Most importantly, HELP!!!!.Version: 15.17.0

All Hail The Kingdom of Glitch-y Wishlists!Edit: Alrighty, now that you are here, let’s begin... You do know how your app is neatly organized? And your delivery service is excellent? Well that all is true. But your wishlists are awful! I put an item(s) and it MULTIPLIED. [Stammering for comic effect-] W-w-w why would it multiply?????!!!! That is ridiculous! It’s not just with one wishlist, it happens on another wishlist too!!!! And that is not my only problem with the wishlists, I put comments, quantity, and priority, on items and I walk away for a couple of minutes ... COMPLETELY GONE!!!! Why is that??? So, I try to re-ad (if that’s a word.) and it says it is already on my wishlist. I admit, I’m a kid so I may be doing something wrong. But, if I’m not, you people have a bug in your system. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love your company, U are organized and helpful to the Human race. But pls, fix the list problem..Version: 15.19.0

Give me back the old appSomehow I now have a lobotomies version whose functionality is less then desired. Time to delete the app and go with. Web based version. Loses shopping pages when you close app. Navigation drop downs too long and clumsy. Not an improvement unless you are illiterate.Version: 15.15.0

2020 and no infinite scrollIt’s so annoying that in this day and age you guys don’t have the option of an infinite scroll. I feel like you did for a while and then you took it back. But, if you are going to take it back, at least give the customer an option of more than a handful of choices per page give us the option to have at least 100 per page. This is annoying especially for an app not to have options. People that live on the go, don’t want to have to click a next page button for every 15 items displayed. Also seems unfair for the vendors that there’s so few per page displayed. People get frustrated after clicking through I’m guessing a certain number of pages which leaves the rest of the items undiscovered. The funny thing is that your home page on the app has infinite scroll with all that random stuff that no one is interested in....😖.Version: 15.9.0

I don't see the pointWhy create an app that only lets me save things to my Wishlist? I want to be able to buy Kindle edition books. I don't want to have to go out of the app, open a browser, search for my Wishlist or for the book to then purchase it. Waste of space on my phone. I would consider downloading if I could purchase through the app..Version: 5.4.0

Absolutely Hate the New UI and Color CrimeI’m not normally one to complain, but the new app update was a grand waste of time and effort. If you paid for that abomination, I would demand your money back... and an apology. The user interface change is so different from the previous app that it makes for a very confusing and frustrating experience. I spent more time figuring out the cluttered navigation than I did shopping - and I apologize, but I do not believe you could have found a more hideous chimera of accent colors if you applied two AI’s and a team of failed design school dropouts to the task. That sickly, washed-out mint green, tried to be aqua, and God I wish I were blue, is absolutely repugnant and nauseating to behold. Marketing FAIL! Please, for the sake of those of us with good color vision make it go away. I will have to use the mobile website until it is purged. If you just put it back the way it was, I’ll give it 5 stars out of mercy and never complain again..Version: 15.9.0

I loved this app until yesterday!I use this app almost every day. I browse and add things to my lists and regularly order online using the app. I have been really happy with it until now. The recent update however, has bugs. With the latest update I find myself bashing the buttons which are now half the time unresponsive, like the top right icons (including search and cart). The see all lists link now only works sometimes as well. I have NEVER had this problem with any previous version. I am constantly force quitting the application in hopes of stopping this from happening, but so far there is no pattern to when it will work or not. Really frustrated! Until this is fixed I can only give the app the minimum star rating..Version: 11.01.0

Poor updateSince this latest update, the App auto-rotates to portrait view so I am unable to get it to rotate to landscape. This is annoying.Version: 9.20.0

Okay app but items don’t ship to my locationThe app is okay, a little slow and clunky at times. The most frustrating thing is items shown up in searches that do not ship to my location even though it is entered on my account..Version: 13.14.0

Charged when qualified for free postageAfter I brought more products to qualify for free postage, this was not available at checkout. Trying the order from desktop later, I could see it was then made possible. Annoying that I paid extra due to their marketing, then didn’t even get free postage..Version: 15.8.0

Subscribe and Save is a rip-offThis review isn’t about the app. The app is fine with me. This is about Amazon’s subscribe and save. I had many items on it and realized the item was cheaper if I had ordered it myself. I contacted custom service and was told to wait until I receive the item before they would give me the cheaper price. I’m figuring when I did receive it, the cheaper price would be gone and they wouldn’t refund or they count on a customer forgetting to contact them. I canceled my five year prime membership along with canceling all subscribe and saves. Prime has gotten to be a joke, too. I loved the music. Now they want to you pay MORE to hear up-to-date good music by subscribing to their music service. The only reason I had prime was for the shipping and the music. Now we’re down to one and I’ve been finding better pricing on items I buy elsewhere. Prime is no longer worth it for me. So disappointed..Version: 13.13.0

Stuffed!!Latest update has stuffed the app I can't even delete it or finish downloading the update 😞.Version: 6.0.1

Amazon USA 5 star / Canadian version 1 starAmazon the store is amazing. Amazon USA version of app is 5 star Amazon CANADA version of the interface is HORRIBLE and should go back to the US version Apple not allowing Kindle books on the Amazon app is anticompetitive and predatory. I should absolutely be able to buy kindle books on the Amazon app on my Apple devices!.Version: 15.15.0

IntrusiveApp works OK, I guess, but I had to uninstall it due to it hijacking of all Amazon web links in Safari. Tapping any link opens the app instead of the web page..Version: 15.19.0

App FlawsThe app is pretty decent. Some of the most frustrating things about it (especially being a customer from Guam) is I’m not given ANY shipping options. The only available option is “Standard shipping” (which costs more than half the order!). Then there’s the “in stock” misinformation — I ordered 3 different items which all indicated “in stock”. After a week with no shipping notification, I followed up and customer service informed me I’d receive an email when these items ship because they’re not in stock! This was horrible! I had to cancel those orders and place re-orders for these items Atleast twice after that incident of information not being updated or relayed to the customer. Lastly, I’m a prime member and every single order I’ve had to pay nearly half the cost of my order in shipping! Why bother offering prime if I’m still charged sooooo much in shipping?!.Version: 15.16.0

I really hate the new lookFrom the baby blue gradients to the floating tray at the bottom of the screen, this app screams “GO AWAY!” as soon as I open it. It just looks like a child’s gaming app instead of Amazon. So bad, I just deleted it. Would rather use my mobile web browser than use this app with this update..Version: 15.4.0

Filer is awfulIt still doesn’t allow to set a cost range and when I sort by cost it doesn’t allow to see more than a dozen of pages..Version: 15.19.0

Poor app. No Dark mode. Many problems.[Update 4/20] app regularly refuses to open This app still acts like it did 5 years ago. Very few improvements over the years. Just incremental, although some for the worse (lists). It is still easier to use desktop site. Way too many buttons on a product page. Doesn’t save my payment options. NO DARK MODE! I get blinded anytime I open it up now. Filtering is too complicated. Still doesn’t go to list of lists when I say all lists. Just goes to my default one. No global list search, just individual. Save and compare doesn’t always work how it should. Searching reviews is buggy. No way to reset list value when added. It is very time consuming just to find total cost, including shipping, of previous orders. All deals only sometimes shows up. Problem when Black Friday season. If I have music playing it pauses it to play it’s own auto videos ...I’m sure there is more but that’s enough for now.Version: 15.8.0

Hopelessly inaccurate search featureYou’d have thought that they would have an amazing app. But it’s terrible I’m so tired of it sending up options that say sorry this item can’t be sent to your country, or you search for a charger and it shows up cables. How about (1) the default option is stuff that can be bought by the shopper and (2) show options that actually match the search criteria?.Version: 15.21.4

Everything in the Aus store is a total rip offI’m sick of how much effort I need to put in to just not get scammed on basic items. The last straw one for me recently was a Violin mute, a small basic piece of rubber. It was $4.95 locally if I drive across town, $5 plus $10 shipping if I’m on the US store but $48 in the Aus store. Everything is like this, I spend so long looking into products and researching them just to not get scammed and end up not ordering anything. Extremely frustrating and painful, would not recommend..Version: 17.4.0

Won't download latest updateThe latest update will not download onto my iPhone ... is this issue fixable? Previously loved and used the app as so convenient. Now can't delete it or do anything!.Version: 7.8.0

Worst IT support, lock ur account for no reasonAmazon has got arrogant towards its customers. IT malfunction locked my account, called twice, still couldn’t solve and simply asked me to create a new one. Amazon should die. Go support some new platforms that still know how to respect their precious customers..Version: 13.21.4

ReviewOn September 12th and the 18th of trying to call via app well over 7 times and not hearing a thing I emailed you with the issue I was having. Again the same thing on the following date. I eventually got no response to email nor call back and called my contact Amazon in my phone from a prior call I had received. This caused me to be charged by Fido, my courier company, a lot of money for 2 calls on 2 separate days because of issues with this app. Fido will not adjust my bill and calling Amazon yesterday I was informed that persons resolving orders for Canadians may be in the USA. So this is why it showed on Fido/my bill long distance charges because the contact that said Amazon calling on call display with a 1-800 number was not in fact 1-800 number but long distance in Seattle...I got charged for both calls and want resolution of this issue. Furthermore I called from the app again today, just before writing this email, and again I heard nothing! I did see a description of cu_dyk_damnaged_return before I hit the contact us now button. I am not sure what that means but I have never seen that there before. So with that said I will be hitting send email in hopes that it will reach you because no email reached you last time. This is ridiculous and I will never be dealing with Amazon again unless it’s an emergency for not being told I was calling .com and will be charged money for the call even though I WAS TRANSFERRED to Canada site which was not obviously CA! I can not emphasize my anger at this point. KaTerina.Version: 15.18.0

TrashAbsolute garbage.Version: 13.1.0

Go back to the old way of loading!This new update is absolutely garbage. Having to click “Next Page” per every 10 items is ridiculous. Go back to the way it was before, please! Seriously hope this gets fixed. I’m avoiding even using the app now because of how irritating it is to search for things!.Version: 13.19.0

I have to say... terrible upgradeHello, I’m sorry, but I seriously dislike the new design. On product pages there’s a huge white space that could be used for information. I can’t get a full image of a product, I can’t use iMessage to share a product with someone, I have to press add to cart twice for everything I want, the descriptions are in a tiny column and are difficult to read, the right column is information which used to be clear, for dvds it shows several different types of releases of same movie and unclear about which might be best (too much vague information). Finally, that touch the image to get a larger picture...Fail. That’s just off the top of my head. I can’t be the only one. I hoped my app just screwed up and reinstalled it. Nope, someone’s big idea is a flop with me. You probably didn’t read this far, if you did... thank you for your time..Version: 15.19.0

MonopolyBad customer service!.Version: 15.18.0

App doesn’t show wish listsEven though I’ve had my wish lists set up for years, the app all of a sudden stopped showing them which is extremely inconvenient and annoying. I’ve deleted the app and installed it again and logged in again but to no avail. In other words, the app is rendered useless as there’s no point in finding stuff you want to buy if you’re being unable to add them to your list for future purchase. Oh well, fewer purchases will be made on this platform which is probably a very good thing..Version: 13.21.0

Latest version makes using app a huge frustrationI’m no longer able sort as I want to find the books I want to read. It’s also difficult to work out how I’m now supposed to download an ebook. Nothing is intuitive...extremely frustrating and I’m now annoyed I just updated my kindle cause I can seem to download any books to it :( :(.Version: 11.12.0

Portrait only viewing on iPad?With the release of 9.20.0 you can no longer view the app in landscape, only portrait, on an iPad making it all but useless for most iPad Pro owners using keyboard cases. Please correct what Incan only gather is a bug given versions prior the 9.20.0 allowed landscape and portrait viewing..Version: 9.20.0

Fix the last app layoutThe new bar at the bottom just clutters the screen and is so annoying... please return the cart to the top section!.Version: 15.3.0

Shipment availabilityWould rate 0 stars if I could... spent hours searching for items that I could put purchase because they were not able to be shipped to my country. I understand that not everyone ships everywhere but the app needs to not show items I can’t buy - major design flaw and waste of time. If you’re from New Zealand don’t even think about buying because the likelihood of them shipping to you is 0..Version: 15.8.0

Breaks every UX norm on iOSHonestly this app feels like a webpage with extra buttons tacked on, because it is. That’s not a problem but why when I search something then push back does it take me to my previous search. Little things like that make the entire app feel half-arsed..Version: 17.8.0

Messed up the save functionalityThe heart at the bottom of the item is gone. Dragging the item doesn’t work. Sometimes the saved item does not appear in the save bar. One item i tried saving was in the bar but when i tapped it, it showed me a different item..Version: 13.12.0

Useless release notes alwaysEvery update always has the most vague release notes ever (“bug fixes and improvements”). So you never know what you’re going to get when you update. I wish Apple would force devs to provide accurate, meaningful descriptions of their updates. I want to know what I am installing on my device and choose why I install it, not just blindly trust everything Amazon releases like a sheep..Version: 13.4.0

Designed for one function—to buyThe app is not designed for users to shop. It is designed for us to buy. All of the work comparing one product to another must be done elsewhere. I contacted customer service to see if there is a way to select criteria for an item and was told to enter the description into the search window at the top. That method doesn’t allow a buyer to enter more than 3-4 criteria. Many other websites have a much more robust search capability. As the biggest (and richest) online market, I expect more. Buying, not shopping is where Amazon’s efforts are. In my opinion, the abundant wealth of Amazon’s inventory choices lends itself to shopping for the product that best meets our specific needs, rather than clicking and buying the first thing that pops up..Version: 13.21.4

Limited countries, useless appMost things don't ship to New Zealand and I can't set the country to New Zealand so browsing is a hassle. There's no use to having it..Version: 5.2.1

Very unintuitive to useHave been trying to change my residential address for digital purchases and there is nowhere to clearly do this. This wouldlogically be under addresses, but no.....Wanting to purchase, but unable to!.Version: 17.3.0

Less user friendly than it used to beI used to like the app - it had most of the same searching ability as the desktop browser. With all the updates recently, it has to reload the page each time I want to add a filter even if it is a deeper level of the same type of filter. I also used to be able to use a search term and select ANY category I was interested in. Now a search term may only yield a few options to narrow a category. Example: I search for “stainless steel” and I can’t refine my search by the category of “arts, crafts and jewelry making”. If change the search term to “stainless steel charms”, I can refine my search by “arts, crafts and jewelry making”. The problem is that “charms” may not be the exact thing I am looking for and I want a more broad search but not so broad that I get entirely unrelated items..Version: 15.9.0

Kindle EbooksThis app doesn’t let you purchase an ebook. Instead once you’ve found a book, you need to add it to your basket, login online and then complete the purchase there. This app is a waste of time even though looking for a decent book to buy is a lot easier then the online website. It’s just a pity you can’t actually buy the book!.Version: 9.22

Dilberately make it hardWas a member, wanted to cancel Prime subscription. Despite multiple attempts in this app, it wouldn’t let me cancel. Was forced to go to website to cancel membership. Even there had to confirm 3 times. Use shopbot or something else that doesn’t have 1/2 the hassles and most likely better price, so much for customer service.Version: 15.12.4

Ok but annoyingThis works well mostly, but I have not found a way to send samples of Kindle books to my Kindle. This is the main way I purchase books now, and I have to switch back to a browser to download the sample. Won't be using it until this option is added..Version: 2.0.0

Ugh so badEver since the new interface it’s gone from bad to worse. The app is clunky and it freezes if I go back from an item page sometimes it resets me all the way back to page 1. Then I have to scroll down hit next and do that 5x to get back where I was. Sometimes images don’t load on the list pages. My WiFi is fine doesn’t happen anywhere else. They don’t make it any easier to shop with these issues. I hate how they list orders now. All out of order and everywhere. 1 of my orders just fell off the wagon no notifications on THAT 1 supposed to arrive yesterday it’s a few miles away and now suddenly it’s 2-4 days before delivery and that is not at the top of my order list - a missed delivery! No it’s down at the bottom just above delivered but below all upcoming deliveries. Unreal. This should be a priority because it was missed it’s close by and there’s a shipping issue delaying multiple days and no explanation. The new interface is not user friendly. Prior to most recent update notifications were at the top to click (the bell) it’s gone now..Version: 15.21.2

Terrible updateThe new update is terrible! It takes longer for searches to show up, does a bad of job filtering, and the most infuriating part is when you’re searching for something and you click on the product to look at it closer and read the reviews and then go back to the main page, it takes me back to page 1!!!!! What the heck is up with that?! It’s almost like you’re begging people to not waste their time and energy into looking for something and just not buy anything at all because the experience is too frustrating. Also, why did you take away the back arrow when looking at pictures in the reviews?? Somebody needs to rewrite it and do another update, but actually improve it for the users..Version: 15.19.0

Floating menu hindering UXThe floating menu is a nice touch but at the same time it covers 20% of the app working area. This results in viewing restriction on the product landing page including product detail. Users need to constantly scroll to unearth what is below the floating menu. This also makes it difficult to perform screen grab on product images including details to share with friends and family in one go..Version: 15.3.0

Didn’t get my $5 for downloadingSaid I’d get $5 for downloading the amazon app. So I did. My $5 voucher never came. Very disappointed. Zero stars..Version: 13.13.0

Display cost in currency used not US dollarsJmc.Version: 13.13.0

Almost completely useless searchThe app has the most unwieldy and useless search function I’ve encountered in a long, long time. You can’t correct it’s auto-correct so, unlike just using the website, there’s no way to actually search for what you want. Most recently, it auto corrected an author’s name (Leslie) to “Leolie” and could not be changed. Almost completely useless..Version: 11.21.2

UselessCan’t even log in. It works on desktop (apart from the 17-step authentication) but doesn’t work on the app. It’s seems I am logged in because I’m in the cart and when I go to checkout it logs me out and asks for a password. I use the correct password but it comes back with “ there was a problem with your email or password “. Total BS..Version: 13.19.0

App improvements needed!I would give this app 5 stars if in the next update a few things changes. It would nice to make organizing different lists easier, like being able to move more than one object at a time. You should be able to hold an item and add it to a list without flipping from screen to screen. Deleting multiple things at once. You should be able to add things to a list from the “save later” section. Your list should be able to updated from changes by pulling down on the screen to refresh (to clear out items that were moved or deleted). After moving/deleting several things sometimes the app starts to run into issues with errors or crashes altogether. I will add more things periodically. App developers please help!!.Version: 15.19.0

Too much noise in search resultsWhen I am search for a specific part number, as evidenced by wrapping it in quotes, I do not want to see every possible manipulation of that value returned. I want to see that part. If you don’t have it - no results is the correct result. Eg: when searching for a JST connector, there are different ranges. JST-XH, JST-PH, JST-XHR. WHEN I ASK EXPLICITLY FOR A, DO NOT OFFER ME B OR C. When I exclude a term from search by putting a minus in front of it, I DONT’ EXPECT TO SEE IT IN THE RESULTS. Eg: when searching for electronics connectors, a pitch of 2.54 is. VERY DIFFERENT to 2.0.Version: 13.21.4

TerribleI just brought an echo dot. I’ve got the country and language selected correctly but all skills apps and iTunes in the app are in Japanese. I’ve rebooted the phone and reinstalled the app and still have the same problem. The functions I most want to use the dot for are unavailable to me. How can most of the app be in English and the rest in Japanese!? Frustrated beyond belief.Version: 15.16.0

OTPCan’t access account because OTP never arrives! It goes to a mobile number that isn’t correct..Version: 15.9.0

Huh?The only thing I appear to be able to do is search, no browsing. Cannot for the life of me find any electronic books to download, although, ironically you can buy physical books to tell you how to do that! USELESS APP.Version: 1.9.0

Using for years out of convenience but filters are AWFULI have been using this app for too many years to count. It helps speed up the searching time. However, and I’ve ALWAYS been annoyed by this, the filters are absolutely awful! Always have been. You can’t sort your searches by lowest to highest price. Oh yes, it HAS the feature but when you select it, INSTANTLY at LEAST half of the items disappear. In fact, I JUST searched something and without the sort filter there were 2,000+ items. When I tried to sort from lowest to highest price it showed 1,000+ items!! It’s infuriating and takes me HOURS to search the lowest prime-shipping priced items. Lately, in the last few months it’s been even more annoying. I’ll select one or two filters and scroll through the first pages or so until I find something to click on and when I hit the back button it takes me all the way back to page one!!! I have to go through page after page just to find where I left off! Sometimes I will apply a filter and click on an item and when I hit the back button it takes me to page one AND my filters have been cleared (just happened before I wrote this review and is the REASON i decided to write this review. SO, the app is more convenient than searching on the web but its performance is very poor most of the time..Version: 15.15.0

They broke it.The update in early September 2020 broke the app on my iPad. It no longer looks like a seamless app the way it used to- now the app is a browser window that looks like the app, and the main window shows the web view of the site. This means that the text and images aren’t sized properly and it just looks bad. I frequently have to click on something and go back then repeat several times to get all elements on a page to load. There’s a reason I use the app instead of the website! Also many of the buttons either don’t work, or *seem* not to work. I tried repeatedly to add something to my cart, but nothing happened. The cart icon remained blank. But then I went to my cart and apparently it had added an item for every time that I’d clicked. Roll it back, guys, this one’s a dud..Version: 15.17.0

The app use to be goodThe app was good just the way it was there was nothing wrong with it, don’t know why they went and changed it. It changed to a light blue screen colour with symbols at the bottom instead of on the top, can’t find what I want without learning the app all over again. You can change it back to the old screen configuration by deleting the app and reinstalling it but that only works for about an hour or so then it returns back to the new screen. So when I get use to this app format are they going to change it again?.Version: 15.15.0

FrustratingI have been using this app for a couple of year now and everything was going fine until this year. I have tried to order twice and I haven’t received either or the packages. The first time I got a full refund but the second time they told me I got a refund and never actually gave me my money back. I tried telling customer service but I don’t think they believe me and i don’t know why. They told me I got my refund back but when you look at my gift card balance it’s 0. I haven’t ordered anything since I placed that order so I don’t know where the money went. I have been having such a hard time trying to communicate my problem to them but they just don’t seem to understand or want to believe me. I also tried sending them screenshots to show them I wasn’t lying but the email they gave me didn’t work. Then they said they would give me a $5 gifts card and I never got it either. This app has been frustrating me so much lately. I just want my packages..Version: 15.15.0

Can’t sign inUsed to be great but now it won’t let me log in anymore, keeps saying there’s an issue and it’s very frustrating because the app used to be very convenient. Especially as a prime member, it’s annoying that I can’t purchase straight from my phone..Version: 9.22

Latest UpdateNot sure why the today’s deals option was removed I can’t find it anywhere and loved checking those multiple times a day. Please bring it back!! Other than that the latest app is better in a lot of ways.Version: 15.7.0

New version is very badThe previous version was great. This new interface is slow and always lagging.Version: 15.15.0

SharingNo share button?.Version: 15.16.0

WhyWhy are you no longer showing items that are related to the item that you’re buying??? That was one of the most helpful features. I don’t want to see a list of sponsored items. You guys really need to do user testing because none of your new changes make sense. Customers don’t want any of this. We don’t want to see a bunch of movies on the home page. This is not Netflix. Also.. In a time like this why are you only selling needed products to government and hospitals??? They already buy from large Chinese corporations and warehouses and can find things anywhere if available. The regular people don’t have the privilege of doing the same thing. Think about the people that support you on a day to day basis! It is already hard enough finding items in stores!!!!.Version: 15.7.0

What happened?I liked the app, but today I am getting something completely different...I hate it, can’t find my orders or anything else from my phone. This just happened today. Bring back the one I had yesterday!.Version: 15.2.4

Just a mobile websiteThis app used to be good, it was it’s own version and was decent. Now the share button is gone, and half the time is just a mobile version of the site. I can’t watch items on the upcoming deals. You can barely do anything on this app..Version: 15.19.0

Account comprimisedMy accounts have been comprimised ... some one is controlling my accounts and i cannot veiw any correct sites.. they have my emails my collected health data and they have underimed their trust .. i know who it is. I will instruct a formal complaint against them... they know my passwords and details... say no to technology... lets go back a little.. wars will be declared anyways... its all about the econmomy and its no value of cash and bitcoin.. where is ones privacy?.Version: 15.12.6

Why did you guys change itI dont like the new update.Version: 15.3.0

How the fudge do I logout??So I am having to install the app and download again to login with a different account.Version: 13.12.0

Poor experience for AlaskansIt seems that about half of the things in my search results cannot be shipped to my home near Anchorage, Alaska. I am a one hour drive from one of the largest cargo hub airports in the world, where most of Amazons products are shipped through, and where one of their warehouses reside. Why do you waste half my time on your application by showing me results that have those bright red letters that say “this cannot be shipped to your location”? You already know that, so why are you showing me products I can’t buy? There should be a preference to turn that off. My second pet peeve is that so many items cannot be shipped to a PO Box. Why? It’s not our fault that the Postal Service doesn’t provide delivery to our physical address, or my 100,000 neighbors in the MatSu Borough. Third, why can’t I mark a book or other product so that I never see it again?I keeping being shown the same books that I’m not interested in over and over again. There are many things this app does well, but these three issues are becoming more and more annoying. I’m starting to purchase from other stores that don’t have these issues..Version: 15.21.2

Never Delivers on Time!Paying for Prime membership is a huge waste of money as they NEVER deliver on time and when they mess up orders or shipment dates they like to tell the customer oh it’s your fault! Guaranteed deliver? Don’t believe their lies!! Save your money and don’t bother with the “Prime membership” scam artists!!.Version: 13.21.4

Update removes ability to add new item on wishlist by dragging itIt is convenient to drag and drop the wish list item. I hope they add it back.Version: 13.12.0

Hate the new look of app .Please return to previous look. ThanksHate the new look of the mobile app.... why are the controls at the bottom of screen. Please return to previous look. Thanks.Version: 15.15.0

Seems much slower and have to reloadThis latest version seems like it has introduced some very pesky flaws. First issue is when I open the app, start typing into the search window and the letters are not showing up as I type them. Example if I’m trying to search for “generator” and after typing “generator” into the window, It used to automatically fill in as I type but now it misses the “ge” part of the word and the word “nerator” is showing in the search window. Obviously there is nothing called a “nerator” so it doesn’t show any search results. The other issue I (and others I know) are having is when you have an order in shipped status, the tracking link shows up for a split second and just goes blank, if you go back and hit the update link a second time it is fine but this is annoying..Version: 11.16.0

Frustrating Filter ProcessThe amount of times i have spent ages filling my cart just go get to the purchase to get a message alerting ‘this product does not ship to australia’ or ‘we do not ship third party products’. Frustrating beyond words and bewildering why these search results even show whilst browsing if you are unable to purchase..Version: 13.10.0

Just use a browserI downloaded this app because they were doing a deal, I’ve used it for a while now and I’ll be going back to using the browser. The “go back” option isn’t available everywhere, so if you’ve been looking through a bunch of stuff for awhile and accidentally hit the wrong button you can’t just go back, you have to do it all over again. This seems like such a stupid thing to do, just make it so you can go back whenever! Also there is no option to go forward, you can’t jump back a few pages to check something and then jump back forward, you have to navigate a bloody maze of you want to do that. It’s layout is pretty much the same as the browser layout so there is no advantage to having this app taking up storage on your phone, and using the browser lets you go back and forth. So stupid, fix this and I’ll rate it higher.Version: 13.2.0

Not great but not bad eitherYou can go to view order details > track shipment > view order details > track shipment on and so on , running iPhone X , is version 13.3 app seems a little more sluggish after new UI update..Version: 15.5.0

Hit or miss for sureI’m an amazon prime member, I’ve been using this site since November 2019 and I’m the beginning I was beyond impressed with this site, however since February of this year this site has repeatedly taken my money for orders placed that I’m still waiting for, making it a total of 3 orders. Apparently amazon has no problem doing business with companies who rip their loyal customers off bc I tried to contact the seller with no response several times, I went to amazon only to be told it wasn’t purchased from them so they can’t help, witch I’m sorry but how do you have the ability to sell the item through ur site but refuse to take responsibility when things go wrong, that’s just shady if you ask me, amazon sent me a link to request a refund witch I’d already been attempting so basically they did nothing but profit from a customer who already paid a monthly fee, again feels a bit off if you ask me, when your a multi million dollar company and helping a customer get $85 back is too much that’s just not cool, A little loyalty and assistance goes a long way that’s for sure. Stacey.Version: 15.15.0

Lacks security features.I have not tried the new Interface of the app yet but I’m mostly writing with my general use of App for the last 1 to 2 years. I like the convenience of the settings but it seriously lacks security feature. Once you log in, you can order form it without additional checks. Any financial transaction would have some kind of a double check and this one lacks it. For example a child or whoever has your phone can pretty much go over there and order anything. I will strongly urge developers to add another security interface before order is submitted for final review where your login is double checked by either face recognition/ whatever other identification method phone has to offer can be used..Version: 15.17.0

New UpdatePlease go back to the old look. This one is very hard to look at and navigate. Too bright for dark mode users..Version: 15.2.4

Missing FeaturesThere are a whole lot of features missing from the app that even the mobile version of the site offers. And they’re features as basic as adding to wish/shopping lists and even viewing said lists.Version: 9.22

You shouldn’t show me the items that don’t send to my country!!!You shouldn’t show me the items that don’t send to my country!!!.Version: 15.21.2

Unreliable search results and product ratingsConsidering Amazon’s vast tech resources and net worth, this app is a huge disappointment. One of the biggest problems for me is the abuse of the review system. There are products with hundreds or thousands of five Star reviews which are obviously fake. If you look at the users review history you can see the user has posted the exact same review for different products. How does Amazon’s AI not catch this?? Another bug is sometimes there are several reviews for the wrong product mixed in with the product you are viewing, as if the product IDs got mixed up at some point. For example, a fish tank might have multiple reviews and photos for a travel pillow. Totally unrelated products got their reviews mixed together. This means the average star rating must be wrong. Overall, product star ratings are unreliable if these issues are not fixed. A few other annoyances of the app are: - They removed infinite scroll in search results. You are forced to click “Next”, and shown paid ads at the bottom of the search results. At least let us increase the number of results per page. - Filters functionality keeps changing. And there should be a way to set your own defaults for filtering and sorting. - The default sort order for Searches is to show “Featured” products first. I’m assuming this is so they can charge sellers to appear at the top of the list..Version: 15.13.0

App doesn't workApp opens then you get error message "Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on it (CS3)" It's been like this for months for me..Version: 6.6.0

What happend to the wish list?I really don’t like this new version. It wasn’t broke why fix it? What happened to the drag and drop for the wish list? It made it really easy to look through and go back without having leave the current page to go and select the wishlist. I was comparing paint colors and could see them right there side by side now no more. We’re currently building my son a playhouse and we’re also building a chicken coop. Having my wish lists available right there made the shopping easy. I also am not really happy with two columns. I never like that layout on any website or having to constantly click on next page instead of just scrolling on through. Not pleased with this update at all. At least provide the option of changing the type of layout and bring back the drag and drop wish list..Version: 15.4.0

Asks for Touch ID then fails every timeI used to use this app - just opened it today and nothing works. Can’t see my orders or contact support - nothing. It keeps asking for fingerprint ID then fails - sorry try again. I even updated my finger print to make sure - still doesn’t work. How can I remove fingerprint support then? - we’ll, that would require a fingerprint ID - ....Version: 11.8.3

This should be called Amazon ChinaMost of the vendors here seems to be from China? If you can’t block vendors from China from selling in Canada, can you at least give buyers a way to filter them out? This is so annoying.Version: 15.8.0

Respect All Religions..DesignersI saw some inners and door mats with God images. Whatever the religion mightbe, plese respect all Gods and religions. If you want to loose 27% of your profit, carryon and soon you can see the difference and remember that its very difficult to make people trust again..Version: 15.21.2

A bit dissappointedI downloaded the app thinking it would be easier to use and it isn’t.. it keeps coming up that there is an error when i go to either login or signup.. it will not let me login on the app. I can’t even buy anything because it won’t let me add anything to cart (cause the button doesn’t come up) because i cannot login..Version: 15.21.4

International shoppingWhy has the ‘international shopping’ option disappeared from the country selection on the iPad? It was there for a few days and then it disappeared. It is an option on the iPhone version so I can’t see why it shouldn’t be an option on the iPad version. I shouldn’t have to turn on the international shipping filter every time I search for a product. So annoying!!! Please bring it back!!.Version: 11.4.0

?I like amazons products that they sell but recently I have ordered something in October on 26th and it’s now November 13th and my package hasn’t gave in and I’m worried it was just a waste of money because nothing has came in and they keep on changing the day of the shipping and I’m leaving my house soon and I’m going on a road trip and I need my order to come in before I leave but they keep delaying my order and the bad part is that their not even telling me why it’s not getting delivered and there not telling me why they keep changing the date? It’s really a bummer because I want these things to come in but my hopes are down because they keep changing the date and that I’m not getting a refund and they don’t even inform me about my package. Btw: I’m not a Karen I’m just disappointed that my things haven’t came in yet so that’s why 😕.Version: 15.21.2

New Updates = Better ?I miss the old version, now i don’t see prices of the items in list and have to go througt Shipping method to be told that this item is not available in canada? Why bother shopping for things not available and don’t show prices of items like it used to be! I rarely complain but... this updates isn’t friendly at all..Version: 15.7.0

Use for buying eBooksWith new update No longer able to eBooks & this was my main use for using this app..Version: 11.10.0

Cumbersome searchSearch is unnecessarily made too cumbersome. Few items listing on one page. No option of all searched items on one page. And if you are, say, on 10th page and open an item and want to come back to 10th page again, it would take you to first page instead, every time. And exhausts you after only a few item views. And one would prefer to switch to other shopping apps..Version: 15.21.4

Where’d the widget go?Bring it back.Version: 13.13.0

Amazon is now trashSo much for prime shipping. The only reason I have amazon prime. Well they don’t send out packages now for 3 days. So technically there still is 2 day shipping but due to the incompetence at amazon you have to wait 5 days because it takes 3 to figure out how to send out an order. To put into perspective I ordered off a government web page and got it faster than my amazon order only two days. That’s sad when government delivery is putting amazon delivery to shame..Version: 15.16.0

Was great until iOS 13Works fine on my iPhone (haven’t updated it yet), but when I try to post a question from my iPad, the button does nothing. And it’s super hard to find an item again unless you add it your cart or list, and then even if you don’t buy it, it will keep showing up in your recommendations for years to come (plus the listing can suddenly go from something normal to something you didn’t want to know about, and then THAT’s what’ll be recommended to you forever). There’s also no way to edit those recommendations, so you’ll always be bombarded with it Also there’s no way to report a sale of something that doesn’t belong to the seller (the most you can do is report them for incorrect product information, which they never read, or give them a bad review, which will be removed and might get you banned), so there are all these listings that say “handmade costume REAL PICTURE” and use stolen images of characters and custom items that the real owners have very clearly stated are not for sale..Version: 15.7.0

Floating navigation bar is ugly and less functionalI feel like every time they make a major update to this app, it’s a step backwards in terms of the user interface. The floating navigation bar at the bottom is annoying. It’s in the way of content and easy to accidentally hit while scrolling (not to mention it looks terrible). A previous update made it so that you have to set search filters ONE at a time. No quickly going down the list to tick off all requirements as you could in the past. That prior update also forces you to click the NEXT button constantly instead of being about to scroll through the results. I’ve been using this app for years, and for a while there it was nice to watch the gradual improvements. Now, I cringe when there’s an update, wondering what they will ruin next. Have the designers ever actually used this app?.Version: 15.9.0

Wow what happenedI loved amazon, and now all of a sudden the app doesn’t work for me. My wish list is gone off the bottom of the app, I wasn’t able to add stuff to my wish list and now I can! What is wrong with you people, why would you try to “improve” something that didn’t have much problems to begin with? Great job Amazon..Version: 13.12.0

Its okIt works ok but im frequently having problems with it especially when it comes to loading the items sometimes it cant load half of them or it cant show the pictures or crashes or just randomly stops working for no apparant reason this things need to be fixed or its abit of a waste downloading it.Version: 2.3.1

Terrible service. 0 stars.Ordered a new pc tower, monitor, and HDMI cord that was going to an address I order half my supplies too, it still got flagged for some reason after calling customer service answering verification questions and telling them I made the purchase, they said they still needed to review the order. It took them a whole day to unfreeze 2/3 of the items I purchased, only for them to freeze THE ORDER THEY JUST CLEARED A HOUR LATER. After calling and going through the whole process again, it was clear that my, THE ACTUAL CUSTOMERS, input didn’t matter at all. So I told them to just cancel the order since the PC tower had been taken off anyway. They told me it would take 3-5 business days to get a refund. When I asked for email verifying that the order was canceled, because on my account the order disappeared like it never existed, they said it was going to take a week! On the 3rd day after asking them to cancel the order I got another email saying my order had been delivered, but only the HDMI cord! They reviewed the order 3 times, 2/3 of those times they determined that even with my confirmation as THE VERIFIED CUSTOMER it was too risky. But the 3rd review after I asked them to cancel was cleared. How is that possible? as long as someone steals low priority stuff even if you tell them to cancel it is cleared. They literally ignore customer input..Version: 15.20.0

Issues with latest updateSearch feature brings back incorrect results when Im logged in with my account. When I try to search for a particular item and I am logged in to my account the search results are way off the mark. If I log out and search again for the same item I get the correct items in the search as well as the correct prices. This is also happening in the iPad. If I want to see the correct results I have to go through suggested items or sponsored items or items that I have previously bought and then search from there without using the search bar so the results are accurate. If I do not do this and go directly to the search bar the results to come back are incorrect. To the extent where the names of the items are wrong and the prices are way higher than if I search the item through sponsored or related results..Version: 11.18.0

Lacks basic settingsFor those who live outside the US this app is very annoying. When you change to your country and currency the app changes it back to the US everytime you quit out of the app and the settings are a pain to get to..Version: 11.12.0

Not user friendly at allLog into the kindle store in Australia and fully 75% of the kindle books I wish to buy are "not available for purchase from this device". Seems like unless you live in the states you can browse but not actually BUY and download anything!!! never used to be like this. Why the hell all this exclusivity now??!!.Version: 11.21.2

Poor filteringIf I filter for items that are available for shipping to Australia, how about showing only items that are eligible for shipping to Australia? Getting tired of finding the item then getting to the purchase page and” not available for shipping to Australia “ ..Version: 9.22

Latest update for iPadI hate the changes introduced on my iPad version of the app. Not the same interfaces as what I have on my iPhone which is much better... anyway I can have this version loaded instead?.Version: 15.18.0

Annoying.Hands down the most annoying thing about this app is trying to see reviews left on products. God forbid you try to open a photo to view a product and swipe through other photo reviews. That would be too simple. You have to open and close each picture to see them, even if they’re part of the same review. However, if you look at the view all feature, there’s suddenly no problem in swiping through photo reviews. Makes no sense. Also, can’t tell you how many times I’ve been scrolling quickly through products and accidentally swipe the screen and lose my place since I’m forced to move back a screen. The app is so sensitive that just a simple caress and I’m no longer reading product descriptions and I’m back at the home page. You would think that a company that makes billions of dollars almost every day can afford to pay to have better app integration and UI/UX, or, you know, pay their employees more..Version: 15.20.0

No customer chat or call servicesI paid from my international account and haven’t got any refund or the product.Version: 11.13.0

Progressively worseMore and more it’s harder to find things I know are available due to the results bringing up all sorts of things that have nothing to do with my search. The filters consistently remove items which makes it harder to compare without going through tons of pages. So many items are listed multiple times with no difference in price, seller, item, or prime availability which only makes searching tedious. Lately when I search for something I’ve bought it’s no longer at the top of results but gets removed from my list which is inconvenient. Finally the new layout to me is objectively worse for functionality but was pushed through because it looks “nicer” to whoever developed it. It loads slower, less shows up on the screen due to everything being 50% larger for some reason, and has made it slower browsing. Now I’ll be less likely to use the app to buy things more spur of the moment and buy fewer more necessary items on desktop..Version: 15.16.0

Not bad ... ButThere needs to be a way to just browse categories rather than just selecting a search subject. Eg browse books in the kindle store by genre..Version: 1.6.0

FrustratingFor a company that sells stuff they sure make it difficult to buy. Trying to buy a Kindle book is so frustrating. I can download samples but not purchase.....Version: 11.21.2

I can’t make purchasesNot sure what’s gone wrong here but can no longer make kindle purchases. Only thing the app allows me to do is download sample. Such a waste of time..Version: 9.21.1

Kindle books unable to buy on the app.There are some authors I am unable to purchase through the app. I see others have had the same problem. And yet when I go in through my browser THEY ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. What is wrong with the app??? This has happened to me on both a Samsung and Apple phone..Version: 13.2.0

Update made app user-unfriendlyThere was a fantastic feature that allowed you to add an item to your list through press-and-hold functionality. Doing the same to an item already in your list would allow you to move it to a different list or remove it altogether. Along with that, your list was shown at the bottom of the screen for ease of use. The most recent update removed both of those, in order to promote their “heart” function. (Your lists are still there, but if you accidentally hid the list from view at the bottom, you can only bring it back through press-and-hold on an item, which is gone. Soooo.... Yeah.) This update eliminated the single most useful functionality of the app, changing the whole thing into a frustrating, time consuming bundle of annoyance..Version: 13.13.0

Ugly and buggyI really don’t like this new blue version of the app. Navigation isn’t intuitive anymore (where are my lists?), there are lots of visual bugs (gray horizontal lines when scrolling pages) and flotting menu wast screen space. Revert to the previous version, please!.Version: 15.3.0

HorribleThe app is horrible. Better to use the web site, but it has a lot of issues too. Tracking from the app isn’t accurate and it wont let you copy the tracking number to paste it into the carriers web site for tracking so you have to type it in manullay going back and forth between screens, or go to the web site and there you can copy and paste it. The search engine is getting more and more difficult to find what you are looking for. Type in one thing and you get 100 returns from products that have nothing to do with what you were searching for. Search for a product by a specific manufacturer and you might get it, 30-40 results down after they have tried to sell you 30-40 different things than what you were looking for. They really need to get a grip on this as if they don’t people will start looking elsewhere for products because this place is getting too difficult to find what your looking for..Version: 15.14.0

Terrible new update! Sad...Amazon homepage is reduced to nothing except adverts for gift cards, kindle unlimited and some tv shows. You can’t find the deal of the day on the homepage anymore; recommend products are gone; basically if you’re looking for inspiration on what to buy, you can’t do that anymore since there’s literally nothing that they will show. Lost a customer Amazon....Version: 15.6.0

This app sucksNew app sucks! Can’t find my previous orders,.Version: 15.2.4

Won’t let me create an accountI click on the ‘create account’ button it goes red and nothing happens? It would be good if it had a pop up that explained the issue...oh well back to using trade me....Version: 11.18.0

Time wastingSo overall it’s ok, what I find annoying & what wastes my time is that despite saying the shipping destination it loads items for sale that don’t ship to my country. It would be great if there was an option to display only those companies that ship internationally. Another thing that wastes time is items displayed as eligible for shipping when you look into the product further & it has different size options, so go ahead clicking on those & choosing the size wanted, states how many is in stock then selecting the wanted size, it says sorry not available?!?.Version: 11.15.0

Pas parfait!Les options de recherche sont faible! Faible je veux dire impossible de choisir les prix croissant à décroissant! Quand on choisi les produit d’une marque pas rapport! Les prix sont pas très bon! Souvent beaucoup plus cher voir le double le triple des vendeur local!.Version: 15.18.0

Payment glitchI don’t understand why this happens but if you have old payment information, your item will not be purchased or shipped and the app will not notify you. Also even if you update your payment, you have to delete all other previous payment card or else your order won’t be processed. Also the app will register that your item has been purchased but will not be updated until later. Extremely frustrating when using your 1- click button only for the item not to be bought when I look at my orders tab. I have been cheated on overnight shipping two times already because the app will not select my new payment information. Maybe have the app select your most recent or previous payment..Version: 11.20.2

Terrible UpdateCan’t find “Today’s Deal, Lightening, Upcoming Deals” with the new app. Where is it hiding or is it no longer accessible on the app?.Version: 15.7.0

Doesn't workCan't get it to work. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it just doesn't open. iOS 10.3.3 iPhone 7 plus..Version: 9.17.0

95% of my time on app wasted as most things fo not ship to my countryBiggest issue is despite loading my address at top of page app doesnt filter for shipping - until you try to purchase. Huge huge huge waste of time..Version: 17.7.0

App does not display contentsWhen I search and the results are shown on the left side bar, I click so the blank space can display the details and contents I the product however when I click on any of the contents and results on the side of the results no contents is shown in the blank side where it is suppose to display the details and all. Please fix this issue as it is getting irritating downloading apps when they don't even work at all..Version: 3.2.0

Needs an updateWhat happened to the wishlist on the bottom & being able to tap and drag items to it?! And stop changing how search results are displayed! They’re either grid or list. Stop mixing them up, depending on some arbitrary nonsense..Version: 13.12.0

Can't add items to cart.Why can't I add item to the cart. I've signed in, have everything loaded, but it will only add to watch list not to the cart ?... What the ...........Version: 1.9.1

Used to be fine when it allowed me to log inIf the login functionality was functional, it would be fine. I’d even take partially functional at this point. But it is completely useless as it stands..Version: 13.14.0

UselessDownloaded the app, tried to sign in. Error says we don’t have an account associated with that email address - which is incorrect. The app is useless if I can’t sign into it..Version: 13.21.0

Stole my moneyI canceled my order and I never got my money back no matter what I did, this app is useless and I want my 60 bucks back..Version: 15.21.2

SO EXPENSIVE$8 for a poster, a good deal I thought. $33 for shopping, leaves and deletes app. •Shipping is too expensive •Small range of items ••Solution•• Use AliExpress, it’s cheap, reliable, refundable, trustworthy and doesn’t scam you of shipping money.Version: 11.16.0

Why?It wont let me change the currency. So I waste my time having to use a $$ converter to calculate the actual pricing... annoying.Version: 15.21.4

Wish list tray gone, what’s the point of the appNo benefits to using the app especially now that the wish list tray is gone. Not really much different than the website. I haven’t used the app months for that reason. I will be deleting the app..Version: 13.14.0

Waste of timeDoesn’t work. Each time it gives an error “ Oops no internet “ but internet is there and all other apps are working..Version: 13.10.0

Dont waste your timeDont waste your time. You will never find anything that can be be delivered. Trash app.Version: 15.19.0

Cannot sign into appDeleted and reloaded app, still cannot log in in the last month. Closed all apps, restarted phone and amazon app and still no luck. App is useless..Version: 15.16.0

Warning: Stay Away From AmazonI’ve had an Amazon account for years. I recently signed up for Prime and ordered a bunch of stuff. This morning I went to sign into my account and got a message “we cannot find an account with that email address”. I tried several times with no luck. I then called Amazon and was put on hold, cut off, transferred around etc. Finally I was told that they can’t help me and when I asked to speak to a manger I was put on hold again and after 5 minutes the same person came on and told me a manager “won’t accept the escalation because there’s no account”. While I was on hold I received yet another confirmation from Amazon about a delivery. As it stands, I will be charged for Amazon prime but can’t access it or put a stop to it because according to them there is no account associated with my email address. This is despite my credit card being charged and receiving confirmation emails. This was the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. In my opinion, Amazon is truly an evil company. It works until it doesn’t, and then you’re on your own. Good luck..Version: 15.19.0

The shipping cost is so highThe shipping price is to high it doesn’t take 100$ on each product I had this problem before the lockdown.Version: 15.9.0

Horrendous; it's like a babies toyThis is not a new app design, if you're blinded by big retail here, it's the same design from 2017. I don't get why your developers can't redesign or debug anything. viewing lists is absolutely impossible and has been broken for about four-months now. it's like a game trying to go through it. the cart still unnecessarily updates when you live for no longer than a few seconds -- forget about anyone that multi-tasks. used to be able to view the entire saved later cart, even if you had more than 100, now it stops loading at like 75 items. no dark mode. when 85% of popular user-based apps (yt, fb, ebay, twitter, ig, etc). all have dark mode. doubt they could figure it out and everything would just become color inverted. don't get me starter on how utterly disgusting the search is dumbed down. p.s. if you mention dark mode in your feedback it won't be forwarded to the devs team..Version: 15.19.0

App doesn’t function as it should.For over a year now (including latest update) major parts of the mobile app don’t work like profile settings and app settings, keep getting an error message with a return home link. (error CS11) This is very poor from an organisation that wants to control every aspect of our lives..Version: 17.4.0

Don’t waste your money!Why pay $100 a year for 2-day shipping when it’s a gamble whether or not you actually receive 2-day shipping? If it’s not going to ship in the amount of time that you pay for, why not just disclose that! I am incredibly irritated, as I ordered something Thursday only because the app claimed it would be here yesterday. I NEEDED a broken piece of my breast pump for work today. If I had known it wouldn’t arrive till the FOLLOWING WEEK (even though the item advertised WILL ARRIVE BY SATURDAY), I would have just spent the extra money and bought it at the store when I had the chance. However, I had no updates saying the order would be late. I returned home last night with no order and the tracking says it won’t arrive till next week. I am currently at work in a lot of pain because my pump will not work without it. See if I pay for my membership next time around!.Version: 11.4.0

Worst app ever /scammersDON’T GET THIS APP This app is terrible and customer service is so bad it makes me want to scream I’ve been cheated every time I order from here they lie and say my orderes never processed and the money’s still in my account but when I show them proof it isn’t they try to justify everything and tell me I’m in the wrong when I’m not they don’t send out emails if there could be a problem and when they do it’s in the moment you complain like that’s gonna make everything ok when it’s not I’ve been cheated and lied to so many times if you get the app be careful I’ll trust AliExpress before I trust this app again hell I’ll try wish before I use the app again it’s a waste of time space and phone data I wouldn’t recommend getting this app even if your life depended on it when I say I’d rather be shot then to use this app again I mean that with every fiber of my being and every once in my spirit don’t get this app.Version: 15.8.2

Your sneakyIf my order says “qualified free shipping” I should NOT have to find where I go to take shipping off. If I type in a size and looking often an item offered is a different size or for different model. Makes shopping frustrating. Not enjoyable at all..Version: 15.18.0

Kindle purchasesI just want to be able to buy books that are advertised! The app will let me get a sample but then I can’t down load the whole book! This will happen for about 5 books in a row! Please make an option where you can only see what books are available for download/ purchase in your country rather than advertise to me what is available overseas but not let me buy it!.Version: 13.1.0

Fix it!Your app keeps crashing on my phone I’ve done everything I can to try fix it but nope!!.Version: 11.19.0

Shipment availabliltyLiterally wasted 2hrs searching and adding to cart just to be told at the end none of the items I added to cart are available to ship at my location even though I had change my settings to ship to my location as well as adding the closes country.. also before adding to cart I made sure it was available to ship to my location but to find out it can’t after checkout 🤦‍♀️🙄 WASTE OF TIME AND HYPE BRO. Hella gutted.Version: 15.8.0

Makes shopping frustratingI use this all the time on an iPad and iPhone because I have Prime. Problems I’ve noticed on the iPhone & iPad are while reading reviews you will keep reading repeat reviews because it loops back & you’ll question your sanity as well as waste your time. Another, on the iPad app you can’t see customer photos which makes reviews less helpful, but you can see them on the iPhone, so I have to open up my iPhone if I really want to see customer photos. It’s been a long time and I’ve updated these apps many times, but never an improvement to those issues. I would love this app if you could fix those bugs. I also don’t care for the item drop wishlist, I find it more annoying that I have to click it away after accidentally pressing something for too long..Version: 11.16.0

Cluttered screenAnother unnecessary update with annoying new graphics that overlay the screen that I am trying to read..Version: 15.2.4

Information data brokersNothing but spam emails and phone calls and as use of the data you sell off to - other entities - leverage if of information for profit yet proper security is a joke sharing with partners and cand business revenue llano rate to perform profiling for profit yet don’t off set the data grab with a reputable employer reputation not a customer aware and nor responsive to complaints at its best didn’t get my loo paper nor twice having come out of my account to take subscription o job price 15 dollars to 40 rolls ! not worth the removal of our privacy and our right to a profit made of our back fair price for loss off person info.Version: 17.6.0

Would give 5 stars but....For some reason when adding to quick list now, if you click on your item in that list you now cannot choose size or colour so it’s broken till the developer fixes it. Once this is fixed then I’ll change to 5 stars.Version: 11.18.0

Pointless I can’t purchase any books with the appMy “buy with 1 click” button has become a “download sample” button instead. The app gives me no option to actually buy any kindle books. I have to use my browser. I’ve tried to find someone to contact but you don’t seem to offer any direct support..Version: 13.1.0

Not easy or accessible shopping anymore!New version continues to freeze device when trying to choose a category and search for daily deals now hidden! Unable to report sellers with hand sanitizer listed as soap or water container. I’ve ordered throughout the pandemic several times and I’m happy to have gotten my order. Yet, I work from home and need a new headset that’s deemed non important because it doesn’t fall under amazon’s list. So I’m given a 5 week delivery estimate on prime item! The new app showcasing prime video is tiring! I have to hunt for things that were previously accessible upon launching the app! After I’m able to choose a category the app freezes! I’ve tried 5 times and same issue at the same place every time. I get more frustrated trying to find items to purchase! This isn’t easy, shopping! Something that was somewhat therapeutic became super stressful!.Version: 15.7.0

Kiwi? Don’t bother.Countless results not available in my country. Everything I’ve tried to buy that is available in New Zealand can’t be delivered to my address. Don’t waste your time with this app..Version: 15.2.0

Home screen is hatefulDo not show me advertising for the things I have already purchased from u and same as stuff I have looked at..... show me different things, to inspire purchases. Not my history ....very dumb marketing even Wish and EBay are not this bad at it.Version: 15.7.0

Beyond frustratedWhat’s the point in showing & giving the option to add to cart items that upon checkout your told can’t be shipped to Australia when in the item profile it says it does. Totally wastes time when you’re comparing items etc Just don’t even show what you can’t even offer..Version: 13.10.0

UpdatesThe latest update (end of May 2020) is annoying to get used to. I could be in the middle of reading reviews on a specific product that I have searched long and hard for and if I leave the app for any amount of time, that item is gone and I get to search for it all over again. It doesn’t seem to do this every time though, hopefully just a glitch that will be fixed in the near future? (Hint, hint!!) It’s incredibly frustrating since the last version was working very well, at least in my experience. The layout is a bit different too. I could be wrong, but it seems like a few navigation options have been hidden or removed all together. I know things change but I just liked it the way it was..Version: 15.9.0

Why should I report an issue with Amazon Shopping?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Amazon Shopping to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Amazon Shopping customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Amazon Shopping.

Is Amazon Shopping not working?

Amazon Shopping works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Amazon Shopping.

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