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Amazon Shopping app received 32 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about amazon shopping?

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Problems with iPhone X??I’ve used your app since you ever had an app! Never ever had issues! Because of that I give 4 stars. It worked a couple weeks back but been having problems the last two weeks. I can search and look up items as normal but when I click on one of the thumb links to read details about a product or buy a product. It’s a blank white screen that dimly flashes. (White and grey)?? I restarted my phone and everything else I think to do on my part. Nothing works. I understand it may also be problems with current bugs on iOS 11? Either way. If this isn’t just me, I can see it seriously being a problem. Anyway, Thank you, and everyone have a Happy New Year!.Version: 9.22

Best shopping app!I honestly don’t see why this app has such a low rating. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I’ve had no dramas. Everything is easy to find, it’s inexpensive to buy, it arrives early or on time which is a huge deal when you live rur, and my wishlists always work. I love being able to subscribe for regular items like nappies, and find things I wouldn’t usually find in retail stores (especially living rural!) The app has never glitched and I’ve had ZERO dramas..Version: 15.7.0

What just happened?I love the amazon app. I use it to buy almost anything I want or need. I know that I can trust them with my information and bringing my packages on time. However in this new update something must have glitched. All of my information has been wiped. My order history (I have 4 orders on their way and now I’ve lost the ability to track them), Wish lists, and items in my cart that I’ve saved for later. That’s only what I’ve noticed, I bet my cards and shipping address is gone too. I bet amazon is trying to fix it but it’s still very inconvenient..Version: 9.17.0

Why does my iPad open the app the opens a browser when I check links from emails?Why does my iPad open the app the opens a browser when I check links from emails? It never did this before and suddenly it does this non stop now. So annoying that I have to login as well..Version: 15.18.0

Just another online store/appWas excited to know they were opening here in Australia, knowing they have lots of products on their US site. I expected them to bring in products from other parts of the world like their US counterpart. Sadly, they are just another “online store”, nothing special and new to bring to Oz consumers, selling products that can also be found on other Oz sites..Version: 11.15.0

FrustratingMany of the times I go to purchase something it says it can’t ship to Australia and it doesn’t tell you till you get to the checkout..Version: 11.21.2

Needs a Forward button.I use the app a lot, and it’s great for shopping, but I get frustrated because of the combination of no forward button and slow response. If I have gone to several screens looking for something, and want to go back one screen, I hit the back button. Because of slow response, it looks like I miss-hit the back button. I instinctively hit it again and I am returned back to the beginning screen of the session. I cannot forward back, so I am forced to try to recreate my previous searches. Ugh. If no forward button, I need an instant indication that back is actually in progress so I won’t be tempted to hit back again. Or, stop going back to the beginning with two presses of back..Version: 13.5.4

Delay in deliveryI had ordered some item and now it’s showing that your package is lost and they are not replying my msg also. I think the delivery process is slow.Version: 13.19.0

Only If I could give it zero stars...I used to love this app so much, couldn’t live without it. But ever since the newest updates, it’s been the worse app imaginable. I can’t get anything done on the app without me receiving an error dog after using the app for five minutes. Then I have to wait. Then I have to wait some more. Then I have to delete app and reinstall it. For no apparent reason. I can barely use it on my desktop now. It always says that the website isn’t safe now for some reason. I just hope I’m able to purchase orders when I finally get done shopping. Whenever that’s gonna be... can’t seem to dodge these error dogs. Definitely 1 star. Please fix it..Version: 13.17.0

Integrate Amazon Echo App into this appCan you please either integrate the ECHO app into this one or release the Amazon ECHO app in Canada... I have multiple Echos and can't update the app... You have it available in other countries I don't understand why we can't have it here....Version: 9.17.0

Great app, needs improvementThis a great app. Very easy to navigate and purchase. Check out is a no brainer. However few things missing that’s available on the web app, like purchasing kindle books. I suggest making improvements to bring it in par with the web app. Thanks Masoud.Version: 17.4.0

Better than wishWould recommend thanks for the good service.Version: 15.15.0

It’s goodI’m only doing this because if people keep on complaining with 1 star reviews it’s gonna go down to 1 star then apple will remove it from the store, so to save it i’m rating it so future people can see what this is like. please don’t be selfish and rate it a 1 otherwise other people can’t enjoy it..Version: 15.6.0

Good but could be improvedIt is a great app in general just needs a few improvements like a dark theme would be nice and also a way to switch or make it easier to switch between countries or just the general app without a specific country..Version: 13.18.0

Keeps deleting booked pickup timesIt’s hard enough to get a pickup time at Walmart for my groceries, but now the app has simply deleted the pickup time I’ve booked. As a result we have not had groceries in 2 weeks. Stop wasting money with TV ads to tell everyone how you are caring for your customers and use the funds to fix your POS app..Version: 15.8.0

Great app for CanadiansFlawless app, works great w/ prime shipping is super fast plus you get to use prime video!.Version: 9.17.0

Would like to see the other store to be addedIt would be much more useful if other stores could also be included in this app.Version: 1.4.2

Works perfectlyDon’t get the good reviews. App works perfectly. Just like the website..Version: 15.9.0

Different from shopsYou do get better prices on stuff and better variety.Version: 17.4.0

Great for buying thingsAll my deliveries have came early which is very good. It has a lot of items to choose from. Comes quick. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.Version: 15.17.0

AmazingBest online purchasing site out there! Prefer it over eBay and all other sites!.Version: 9.17.0

Please give us dark mode ✨App works pretty well, I’ve been using it for months now with no issues. Would love an easy way to exclude terms when searching and would love a dark mode option..Version: 17.1.0

The best App Store!Get this app now if you haven’t installed it. My dad works here and the place is completely amazing! Plus, it delivers your items you purchased mostly earlier then any online App Store. Other online app stores take about a week to deliver, and this app can come in a day or two. Please support this app! Again, your purchases come in not even a week (well maybe sometimes!) I totally love it. Plus, it gives you a notification when they delivered it. And for proof, they send a picture to make sure you can’t lie that you didn’t get your Item. I ordered a phone case and it came in two days. This App Store is totally amazing. Please get it!.Version: 15.21.2

Simple Organised App - PERFECT APPI do not normally bother to write reviews but this app deserves it. It is clean, organised and a pleasure to use. When I’m waiting for an order it takes me literally 2 secs to open and check when it’ll arrive Instead of, 1. Tediously opening email 2. Typing in ‘Track Order’ 3. Realised I haven’t saved the tracking number and having to start all over again. PERFECT APP!.Version: 15.17.0

TerribleCan't purchase any of the books I want. It just redirects me to use the browser... Also it's an ugly app..Version: 1.8.3

Love itI love Amazon . I am not one who like to be shopping at malls and stores. So this is a great help for someone like myself. I also live in a small community with little access to a lot of items. Shopping through Amazon has made my life easier. Its easy, convenient and I also love that I can have orders sent as gift options..Version: 15.18.0

NOT FAIRIt’s not fair that people have rated down this app to 2.2 !!!!!!!!! Just because of the ratings I didn’t download the app. But fortunately, today I downloaded it and I’m enjoying it ever since. Super easy to use and everything is handy. F** the haters.Version: 9.22

Customer ServiceThe one thing that makes you received five stars, is because I can reach a live person and get my problem taken care of. This is extremely important at this time in life. Please don’t change this! There iis a second reason I think you are great; is if I have a problem with an order you most often have no problem at all making it right by sending me A replacement, and many times I do not have to go through the hassle of returningThe item. Thank you for doing things right! In this world of chatsAnd computers - you do it right and it i taken care of quickly without irritation to the customer!.Version: 15.17.0

Lost my WishlistHad a wish list with all the books I wanted to buy. Probably 50 books on it and then with the update it all disappeared? Not sure how many types of Wish Lists there are too because I have a separate wish list with only a few items..Version: 15.15.0

Wish list?App works fine for me, but unlike its US counterpart, the Aussie side has no Wishlist-type option to save items to a list. Save for later option isn’t as clear or quick as going into a list of items you’ve made into a list..Version: 11.12.0

Needs Revision of Filter & Sort OptionsIt’s confusing when I sort items by price: low to high and my results go from 800 down to 67?? Why are hundreds of items removed simply by re-sorting them in a different order? When narrowing searched items down by using the filters I wish there were more options such as where Items are SHIPPED FROM-North America, China, Global etc. like you can on eBay. When looking at an item the only way I can tell if something's not being shipped within the U.S. is the estimated arrival date is 1+ weeks from the order date. The other option I'd like to see is Free Shipping. There's the option to choose items that ship free with Prime but what about other items that ship for free that aren't Prime?.Version: 13.18.0

Filter neededCan a filter be added to discount items that won’t/can’t be sent to your locale? It’s annoying to have to go through lots of items to find something you want that can make it too you. eBay has it..Version: 15.6.0

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