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ProPresenter Remote App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

ProPresenter Remote app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ProPresenter Remote? Can you share your negative thoughts about propresenter remote?

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ProPresenter Remote for Negative User Reviews

It doesn’t workI’ve tried multiple ports and passwords. It’s always stuck on connecting. The support page in the App Store goes to a deleted page. I’m going to try and get my money back..Version: 4.8.2

Clunky“Clunky,” used by another reviewer. is a good word to describe this app. Let me just focus on the network connection issues that I ran across this morning. It’s very unusual for me not to be able to connect to ProPresenter on my iPhone. When it happened this morning (after a previously successful connection), I canceled the connection. What I didn’t know is that would require me to manually connect once again. (What does pull-to-refresh feature do? It doesn’t automatically connect or show Pro7. The indicator just spins forever.) Annoyingly, my previous settings for the app are not retained when I cancel the connection. I have to type in the IP address, port, and password every time. And the network preference pane in Pro7 doesn’t show my IP address; instead, I have to go to System Preferences. I can troubleshoot the network issue on my own, but I’d sure like some help from Renewed Vision by retaining my settings and providing a little more information in the network pain..Version: 4.9.7

RubbishComplete and utter rubbish. A zero star rating. Just does not work. How can a professional company make a charge for something so woefully inadequate? If it was free I would be irritated at having to spend such a long time evaluating it, but charging money for this app is a crime and should be stopped. Wake up Apple!.Version: 4.9.10

Freeze and bad product.It freezes, can’t connect, can’t exit, can’t do anything. Very very bad product. The worst product ever. Freeze, lost connection most of the time.Version: 4.9.2

Lacking in so many waysI really can’t believe I convinced my church to purchase the main software and this app. This app cannot fully remote control the software. Things it needs: 1. Ability to do every function in the main software remotely 2. If 1 is not possible then: 2a. Needs to be able to change backgrounds 2b. Needs to search songs and bibles to add to the playlist 2c. Needs to better refresh when changes are made to playlist (currently have to exit completely to refresh) 3. Much easier means to clear the screens. Such as tap on / off slide to display rather than an always on 4. timers could have a display function.Version: 4.8.2

Screenshots are somewhat misleadingI have been using this app for about three years now. It has been great across ProPresenter 6 & 7. One thing that I have noticed that has been lacking from Pro7’s remote from Pro6 is that of the group labels and colors. I used to be able to see this, but now, I can’t when running Pro7. The screenshots for the app make it look like you do have those identifiers, but in all actuality you don’t. I’ve actually asked the facebook community about this, and was told that the app simply didn’t support seeing groups, at least in the time being. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons I quit using the app, because I needed the ability to be able to jump from a bridge to a chorus without having to actually read the slides individually. Also, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I was told I also can’t get my arrangements in the app..Version: 4.9.7

It is okayI too have concerns about the limitations. Mine keeps crashing and or simply shuts after a few Minutes of inactivity would like to use it more, but is proving to be unstable To rely on. Might need to be updated given the price and the problems of use. I have tried on both my iPhone and iPad..Version: 1.3

So much potentialOne feature. One feature would make this a 5 star app. Continuous playlist view. Why not include the one thing that would make this app infinitely more useful?.Version: 4.9.2

Great, but...!!Needs fixed!!! Please, PLEASE fix the timers section. The times are not correct and reset whenever the app is open. Past Review The ability to save a connected system with password has been added. However your only able to save ONE system. In a multi venue/campus environment this isn't handy at all. Can this please be added soon!? Thanks!.Version: 4.9.9

Timers not workingTimers stopped working with Pro6. Black box appears instead of dials to change time..Version: 4.9

DecentOverall, this app is decent. However, I’d like to see the ability to edit slides and the ability to open Bible scripture. If these features were added to the app, I wouldn’t need to sit behind a computer..Version: 4.8.2

Used to be AWESOME, now, not so much.When using the app, you can no longer switch to a different document within the same playlist (like moving from one song to the next). In the app, it'll look like you've done it, but on ProPresenter, it stays within the original song. Contacted support about this issue 3 months ago. They acknoweldged it, but still no fix..Version: 4.8.1

Not reliableWhen it works it is ok, but having it fail in the middle of use many times. We need it to work reliably. We have an upgraded WiFi network that has zero problems elsewhere so I place my blame on this app! Please make it reliable!.Version: 4.9.11

Timer issueRemote timer issue is not working correctly. When the app is reopened the timers all reset back to the full time and don’t match the pro presenter computer timer. Needs to be fixed ASAP..Version: 4.9.8

Not goodPlease pay attention to the other negative reviews dealing with response lag or having to restart the app in order to have access to your presentation. We test everything before the service and it works, but 80% of the time the app malfunctions during the sermon. And yes we have it on a separate network and yes we have plenty of speed. Many times the slide itself is visible but the writing is not. In other words, you can see the slide for John 3:16, but you can’t read it from the IPad; you can control it, but not read it. How wonderful is that during a sermon? My advice to the developer is keep it simple. It’s better to do a few things with excellence than to do many things mediocre. Help us fall in love with your app please!.Version: 4.9.3

Issues with programThe program won't let you use the slides within certain playlists. For some reason it just defaults to the song that you are currently on..Version: 4.8.1

Stage display!Need the stage display option to come back!!.Version: 4.9.11

Poor WiFi performance/crap appOne day the remote connects to our playlists, next day doesn’t and nothing we do can fix it. Random non-refresh the playlist data. NOTHING else on our network has a single issue on our Nighthawk router, at all, no disconnects nothing. But PP6 can’t seem to figure out what it’s doing when running on a Windows 10 GAMING laptop with 12GB of RAM and a hybrid SSD drive. Terrible program on Windows yet they charge full price. App is garbage..Version: 4.8.2

App Reconnects Frequently and Often won’t reconnectConnectivity crashes frequently..Version: 4.9.11

I’d give it Zero StarsWouldn’t even connect to the computer let alone PP7. Kept blaming the network or it just kept spinning for a good 10 minutes. App not ready for in show use. Trying to get a refund now..Version: 4.9.9

Worked great at first...Now, it appears to connect to the host computer just fine but when clicking on a slide, it either does nothing or launches an unrelated slide. Nothing has changed between when it worked and now. No updates that I can tell in either the IOS app or on the host computer..Version: 4.8.1

Good idea, but not ready yet....A good idea, but not ready for releasing to users yet. It works ok at controlling song words and advancing to the next verse etc, but that's all it can do. It can't for example send a Stage message (where it would be most useful in reality), control audio/video etc. Apart from regularly crashing or freezing, there are some real major design failings though - such as, once the password is entered on your iPhone it is automatically entered for you automatically each time - which rather defeats the object of having a password........ A good concept, but still in its infancy I'm afraid..Version: 1.3

ProblemsUsed it for years and continually have problems..Version: 4.9.10

Problem connecting and staying connectedIt works nicely whenever it stays connected. Sometimes there is a delay….Version: 4.8.1

Update, please!Since the last update the only change that has effected and annoys me is the fact that when you click on the slide you want it doesn't go to it but rather the slide before or after. Please change this!.Version: 3.1

Sadly, just doesn’t work currentlyLike everybody else is saying, clicking on slides in the app doesn’t always change it on the computer. Very frustrating. For that reason, we can’t even use the remote app now. Had to completely switch over to a wireless clicker remote. I wouldn’t be so concerned if this was a free app, but I can’t help but feel like they’ve run off with my money and left me with a useless app. That’s just not right. Please address the problem and apply a fix..Version: 4.8.2

Needs improvement.It would be much more functional if you could see all the slides instead of just two. if you want to go from the first slide to the fourth, you can't..Version: 4.9.11

Barely functionalPro presenter is a premium program. You cannot tell it by the quality of this app. It is almost completely unusable. I say almost because I did manage to get a slide running properly after messing around for about 15 minutes. Please update this app to be functional as it would improve work flow big time..Version: 4.8.2

Great potential but need more featuresThe app is missing controls for Bibles.Version: 4.8.2

Please update!Cannot access audio bin. Completely blank and none of the audios lists i have come on screen. Please fix the issues!! And it would be great to add access to bible as well. Without those this isn't worth as a paid app.Version: 4.9.7

Nearly, but not quite[Using iPad 3. iOS 5.1.1] This app has great potential. Very useful for being able to change songs, slides and the like. However, there are no instructions, and it, currently, is very limited. You can't put up or change backgrounds, send a message to the stage monitor, control video or audio, etc. All you can do, is: ~ Choose songs from your library ~ Choose songs from your playlists ~ Change the slide ~ Clear all (slides, backgrounds, audio, video, props, etc.) ~ Put up logo So, whilst it can be, and is, useful, there is a lot of things left to add in that make this app a little redundant in some cases..Version: 2.4

Please add more featuresOne more useful feature the developers can add to the Remote is the Bible feature. Also the remote needs to be able to add songs from Library to the setlist on the fly.Version: 4.9.10

Fails to connectI've tried using this app to control propresenter5 on several PCs (using different wifi networks). It sometimes connects but I've never seen the App fully operational. After a few minutes it will always freeze and then close. Afterwards the App doesn't connect..Version: 3.1

JunkI read the reviews. Saw how it might not work or freeze up. Got it anyway. Waste of money. Used it in a sermon, and half way through, it froze and then went to the start up screen. It never moved from that. I’m sure I could’ve fixed the glitch....if I stopped everything and worked on it. Can’t do that. Dear Apple....find an app that works please..Version: 4.8.2

Great idea. Needs workI’ve used it multiple times as I take photos and run ProPresenter. I connect to same WiFi and the computer. Sometimes it comes up and I can access the playlists other times it doesn’t come up at all..Version: 4.8.2

Not great at that priceHonestly, given the quality of this app it should be free. The interface is messy, previews are useless. The whole app feels counter intuitive. Despite not being optimized for iPhone X and above, OpenLP remote wins on so many fronts (and is free). Why does screen blanking require so many steps. Keep is stupid simple, it’s a remote!.Version: 4.8.2

CloseThis app has lots of potential but is in desperate need of song search and preview tiles would be nice..Version: 0

Needs an updateThe search feature doesn't go through every song so it's almost useless. I'd also love to be able to access my bibles through this app..Version: 4.8.1

I need bible controlBought this to control bible from my iPad. No bible control feature. Wasted $4.99. Only buy if you want to control song lyrics.Version: 4.8.2

Connection ProblemsIt has been very hard to get this app working. The first time I opened it the connection worked straight away, but after letting the iPhone go to sleep, I could not reconnect. It would be nice to have song search and a timer section that worked better. Maybe you could have 2 options like on PP5 Desktop clock, with a timer and countdown time. :).Version: 3.1

No longer working at all for us!Unfortunately the new update has broken this very useful app. If we are honest it has never been the most reliable app but it is now useless to us! Within Playlists we can no longer select anything at all. Clicking on a slide does absolutely nothing! We can select the Logo but that is about it. We can select slides within the library but there is a huge delay before the slide actually displays. Far too long for a live performance. I would say 4 to 5 seconds. Also the connection dropped mid way through a song taking several minutes to reconnect. The connections to the Mac running the software and the iPad are both excellent and everything else is working fine. We have been using this app for a while now and it has always been ok (no connection issues generally). Not a good start as I prepare to convince the church leadership to go for the new far more expensive pricing structure. I guess we need to start looking elsewhere for our projecting solution..Version: 4.9.1

Does not work with iPhone 4sAfter I log in with my iPhone 4s all I get is a blank white screen. I do not see the library or the song list or slides. I also have a iPad 2 and that works ok. You need to test it better. My Mac is a MacBook Pro running Snow leopard and PP4 updated to the latest version..Version: 2.1

New an old issue......with the app communicating with ProPresenter on MacBook starting several months ago and continuing today. Not firing the correct slides when clicked on the app. It seems to be the most prevalent when clicking standalone videos. Please advise. Has been a great app with no issues in the past..Version: 4.8.1

Ok But lack of functionalityThis app works well for the limited things it does. As sated with other reviews you can only play what is in a playlist or your library excluding audio. This is a app I haven't used much as it is too limited. For future updates more control for clocks, messages ect would be nice and worth the money. For now I would say unless you has a reason to be away from your computer and need to change the slides this app won't be much help for you at this time..Version: 2.3

Works, but poorly laid outThe iPad app has a ton of wasted space on the screen. Especially in remote mode, there's two big white squares that don't even seem to do anything except take up space. Could've used that space to make the words way bigger, show more panels, or many other things. Just lacking.Version: 4.0.2

Solid app. A few missing featuresThis app works well. I mainly miss the ability to set the background image. For some slides I need to clear the background (this app can do that) but then I need to restore the background. Unfortunately l haven't found any way to do that yet while just using the iOS app..Version: 4.8.1

It could be so goodWhen I first got this it took a bit of hassle to get a connection. Once I did this app was great. Now it doesn't work at all. No real solutions as of date found, I hope they fix this..Version: 1.3

A good start but needs improvementsI don't use ProPresenter in the way typically intended by it's creators, so I can accept that maybe what I want from the remote is not what they have in mind, but still... I use ProPresenter to do live video events and being able to skip through and choose different videos when I want them, clear the foreground/background, bring up a Logo etc. - just like you can do with the main interface - is what I am looking to do in the remote app. Instead the remote is geared towards going through libraries and playlists. I've managed to create a Media list, which now houses my videos, but the following view gives such little info beside a name (not the full name either) and a tiny thumbnail. No controls to clear the foreground. No controls for bringing the audio up/down. No controls to bring up a logo graphic. And the play/pause option doesn't even light up for me to select, so I don't understand why it's there.... So at the most, all I can achieve is basic functionality - loading a video from a list. For a remote, this is not offering much. Like I said, I understand that I don't use the app in the same way as the majority of users so maybe I'm expecting something different, but I don't think that I'm asking for anything more than what already exists in the main application..Version: 1.3

Propresenter 3 userAfter buying this software a few years ago. This app is now redundant for me as we are still using Propresenter 3. You should still list the remote software for Propresenter 3 users for I am sure there are still many..Version: 3.1

Still problems with the new version.There were major problems with the first iOS7 version of ProPresenter Remote when trying to control ProPresenter 4 (slides wouldn’t show up). Now the slides will show up (finally) but you can’t switch playlists. Well, you can if you’re okay with only being able to control the second slide in your playlist. Seems to work okay if you only attempt to control a the first playlist you access, although I haven’t tested it extensively yet..Version: 4.0.1

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