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Webex Meetings for Positive User Reviews

Great tool but note the need for extra app to get audio!This app works well, but note the need to install the Mobile-Meet app to get audio working. This is not something you want to discover 5 minutes before a meeting! That said, once MM was added (and setup with account details), the two apps worked together vey well..Version: 40.1.0

Copywriter40yearsdoingitI've been a working copywriter for 40 years and I learned useful tips from the AWAI people. Thank you. Brian Morris PS: Never stop learning, reading, attending webinars, seminars etc..Version: 9.5.2

Blueprint for SuccessGreat trading , I can’t wait for the product information cards to share with my clients!.Version: 42.4.0

My experience was wow.I used webex meeting on my mobile and it worked awesome. During my meeting my network was fluctuating as was in car and moving still connectivity was not lost and reconnect happened automatically. I am impressed..Version: 40.2.0

A bit complicated to get started, but great once doneThe app is a bit complicated to get started, not intuitive, guess Apple spoiled me. Once started it was great, even provided virtual background options by clearly visible invitation. Until this, I thought I was technologically competent. Getting started with this in order to join a work meeting made me feel as if I was falling off the learning curve. However in fairness as I think about it, I’m not certain how much was the app vs the instructions for joining the meeting that had tiered participants. Albeit I am of a certain age, I’ve utilized computers & various apps since 1987, including running my own business for 20 yrs with computer networks and all. This was largely before the iPhone and my conversion to Apple products..Version: 40.4.0

Very easy and clearI was surprised how easy it was to set up and use this app. Almost nothing to do but hit the link, and OK a couple of times, and turn up the volume. It's a great way to listen to a presentation. No hassles at all..Version: 9.1.2

Generally OK, but a bit clunky and not very intuitive.Works quite well on an iPad Mini. There are times when the controls are not very intuitive though. Having the chat within the attendees menu is a good example. Being able to change the name labels of the called in users is great, but again not obvious how to do this at first..Version: 39.4.0

Really helpful😀This was a great starter session, although it did raise a lot of questions, however I’m now more confident about where to look for the answers myself. I can also have my questions ready if I try another session, I just found the chat button at the end (I could only see chat to everyone). Still I managed to get on to the chat easily enough and to know a lot more about it and Siri. I definitely recommend this style teaching. Thank you.Version: 42.2.2

Better than the desktop app for windows 10This app is quick and easy to use . Connects faster than my computer and the settings are more obvious . You know the important ones like mute, and video. The computer audio options always seem to have issue. The mobile streaming video for presentations is amazing and high quality. Pro Tip: Set your mic to mute as default when joining meeting, and choose that setting for participants in your meeting settings. Audio Note: if anyone in your meeting is dialing in from a telephone, their audio will be crap and have a delay , making it impossible for more than 2 people to have an efficient conversation. Use your computer for audio with any Bluetooth headset. Or Use the app for audio. If you have bad data service of no wifi, you may have trouble here. 99% of these meetings are for jobs that would need data anyways, so where are you trying to “work” from that you can’t connect. While driving also is probably a bad idea. People with computers: Use your Bluetooth headset!!! Dialing in ruins the meeting for everyone! You also have option to setup meetings that don’t allow dialing in.... but then the dinosaurs wouldn’t be able to join. I thought they went extinct ?.Version: 40.6.0

Works great, when it worksThis app is amazing to use, when it works, but for whatever reason, only about half of the meetings scheduled by others that I’m invited to will show up on this app. The other half won’t show up and I cannot get them to open here, but will open on my desktop app just fine. I strongly prefer using my Apple devices for virtual meetings so I can type notes simultaneously on my laptop, and also because the camera and mic are significantly better. Just wish I could use the iOS app for all of the meetings. Hopefully whatever the disconnect (could be related to the scheduler’s settings or something) is sorted out so I can use this device exclusively for meetings..Version: 40.6.1

Very good considering the volume of people using this service during COVID 19While it has not been perfect with every function available ie. video feed with lots of people on the line, overall I am impressed with the performance. This COVID 19 crisis is the first time I’ve ever had to use a service like this so I don’t have anything to compare but it gets the job done in our time of need. I have been able to have meetings and speak with teammates I haven’t even met in person yet since the pandemic took hold while I am in the process of a company transfer to a new location. Services like this are saving us when it is unsafe to be in personal contact, much different than epidemics/pandemics of the distant past..Version: 40.2.1

BrilliantI am currently on hospital WiFi with limited speed and had to join a call with an external firm for the first time using Cisco. I downloaded the app, entered the meeting number and everything worked on the spot, audio and video with no lag. Absolutely brilliant compared to the awful competitive product my organization uses!.Version: 10.6.0

Second time with weebixReally easy to get into . I do a lot of zoom so I wonder what is max no of people ca be accommodated at a meeting, do peoples pictures keep moving from original. C position .....this is what you lost your star for .i like to see and need , being hearing impaired a face to talk to and I don’t like chasing around as people move. What is max no of photos on screen and if you have more photos than you can fit do you run a second screen with a slide. Do you have the facility for a larger part of screen for presenter with a smaller run of photos of members across the bottom. I did an art group on line painting class yesterday in Australia with zoom and we had 48 people taking part with this photo and name setup along the bottom and it worked can a copy of these comments be sent to the facilitator Daryl, of the meeting from the Maidstone hospital Kent please as I can’t see how to save my comments . Thank you Diane Conway Patient Experience representative Maidstone Hospital Kent.Version: 40.4.1

Remote learning use :)It’s really great if you don)t have it GET it! If you’re home learning or remote learning in this COVID-19 crisis it’s awesome in my opinion better than Zoom witch has a 5 star review that’s rubbish my 5 star review is correct (no-offence) but really it’s a free app get it now if you don’t like it delete it it’s worth trying though! There’s ONE bad thing if your having/using it for assembly’s you can’t really see everyone’s face... but it’s better than a Zoom conference call Zoom should be a 2 and a half star review for the makers of Webex thank you, your helping MY school and other schools too!.Version: 40.7.0

Solid PerformanceMy Further teacher has just started to communicate our lessons through WebEx. The app delivers high quality video conferencing and is very straightforward. One of the other students' videos kept buffering. I don't know if it’s the app's fault or where she lives, but it was a little annoying. Now for a question: How do I pin my teacher's video so it appears larger than those of my peers? I want to see her at all times in case she's using a whiteboard. Thank you for making my life easier, Cisco!.Version: 40.2.1

Michael GunnLaura Poole gave us very detailed information and explained everything clearly so we completely understood it. Over the two meetings we had with her she was very professional and very helpful with things we didn’t understand.Version: 42.2.3

Can u fix itWe use Webex at my school Truganina P-9 its decent but glitchy well it’s cool but less quality than zoom please fix the glitchy stuff and i don’t recommend it for homeschooling but decent. It also has this annoying beeping sound and please take that out because it’s very loud and irritating and u can’t hear people talking Zoom doesn’t even have any beeping sounds so plz compete with Zoom i’m watching u guys . It’s also confusing when u have two Webex apps like webex messaging and meeting please like Zoom put he messaging feature in webex meeting because when u press messaging it says download webex please fix it because u waste people’s data. Yours Sincerly, Mr Advay Prabhu.Version: 41.9.0

Not badIt’s not bad.Version: 42.1.2

Not easy for new usersOften when I get sent a link to join a meeting, it is not always clear where I can find the link. As a new user, I followed a link but as I was the only person in the “meeting room” I was not sure if I connected properly so I left the meeting and when I tried to rejoin...I could find the link in its original place..Version: 40.4.0

Great for homeschooling!Through COVID19 Webex is a amazing app! It was great to see my class again. It worked really well for the teachers to. I finally got to interact with my friends again! The only problem would be the glitches... I’m pretty sure all apps like Zoom or Webex glitch. But sometimes my class glitches out 😐..Version: 40.7.1

It worksI use WebEx and Zoom on a daily basis. There are things about both that I like and dislike. Reason I only gave WebEx three stars is once I am in a WebEx, I frequently need to hop to my notes or another app while on the call. Doing this causes WebEx to disconnect me from the meeting but I can still participate in the audio. This is fine but when I do need to go back to the WebEx to see what is being shared, it takes a really long time for WebEx to connect me back in. This is ridiculous and WebEx should not be logging me out of the meeting, at least not after one minute, which I have timed. Developers, please fix this!!! One other issue I have with WebEx is the constant UI changes. Please find one and stick with it. Having to play hide and seek with icons every time is annoying..Version: 39.3.0

Worked first time for meI clicked on the link in my calendar, the app downloaded and started, i had a bit of a panic when it asked me my iTunes password, but jumped that hurdle, and i was in the meeting. The problem was, others had not been so lucky, so i was looking at my own image! The sound was great, no fading or silences, and easy to use. Would recommend..Version: 11.3.0

Thanks so much for amazing training 🙏🏻❤️Thanks so much for amazing y🙏🏻❤️.Version: 42.2.2

Forced (Secure) Home WorkingThis is far better than the other platforms I’ve had to use to talk with my team, Zoom is awful, laggy, and drains your battery. This however is much easier to navigate and has hosted calls of more than 100 people (good for training sessions), I don’t think I’d use it for personal things, but as a work tool I’m impressed. I work in the Aerospace industry and so security is a priority, this has the best end to end Encryption, and I recommend it for that reason..Version: 40.4.0

ExcellentFirst time use today for a group of friends who should have been lunching together. After a few problems signing in, it all worked fine and we have agreed to meet up again at the same time next week. A great way to keep in touch!.Version: 40.2.1

Great Companion AppThe app works really well as a companion app for the desktop version. It won’t ever replace the version, but I think that’s okay. We need the full monitor screens and different document sharing options to get the full experience (it’ll never be convenient to screen share a complicated pdf over a cell phone). Since the COVID crisis, I’ve been using this app nearly every day without a single issue. It’s ideal for connecting to meetings easily, and the webcam portion lets me better connect to my team. I typically join once on my computer (to see the files and share my own), and again through the app to share my webcam. I have no complaints - everything has been working great so far..Version: 40.2.3

Daily use. Works well.I use the webbed app every day. Whether it's joining or hosting meetings. I very rarely have anything but exceptional call quality, and things just work. No faff, no hassle, just does what it is supposed to. From a wider webex standpoint (as in not just the ios app) I do wish it were possible to mute the join/leave pings, or other users on a mass conference call. Sometimes the holster isn't sure how to do this, and it can make for infuriating meetings..Version: 39.1.0

Nice app but the sound still needs improvementThis is a very nice app and good companion to the desktop or web version but I would have to say the sound is not good. Even on WiFi the audio connection is laggy and the connection is lacking. If you can please review the sound connectivity that would make this a 5 star app..Version: 39.11.0

Review WebEx May 22, 2020As a concerned, retired investor, I found that I obtained a good picture into where the equities and bond markets are in relationship to unemployment and the China corona virus crisis today. This is not made clear in any news that I have become use to watching. In summary, it seems to me like the daily and weekly attention to shifts in the markets and in the events worldwide need constant review, and that one cannot follow a chart or chasing a trend due to the disconnects between the markets and the likely hood of a 2 year recession. It’s as if the investors can only expect good things to happen as we have gotten use to this since 2013. Much appreciated discussions and sharing of your workload. Not easy. Thank you..Version: 40.4.0

Awesome!Very helpful and a very reliable app that truly deliver a good communication!.Version: 8.5

Friends and Family Day, March 10, 2022I found this very informative. It will help me support my friend and it has shown me how to go about that. Thank you very much. Christena Abbott.Version: 42.2.3

Good way of keeping connectedI used Webex meeting daily. The quality of the audio and video calls is excellent. The app and desktop version are pretty simple to use and while lack lots of the flashy gadgetry of some of the other apps available it doesn’t diminish the functionality. Screen sharing is good and works on multiple screens but not quite as good for collaborating..Version: 40.2.0

Easy and reliableI use the app to join regular meetings hosted by another, usually on my phone during a commute. The app is excellent at maintaining connection from wi-fi to GSM phone tower to wi-fi, even when in a car or on a ferry and even when the host is sharing their screen. Simple and intuitive to use, it does everything you really need to participate in a web conference..Version: 9.14.0

Room for improvementSo I am a student who has to do many online lectures each day and WebEx is my universities platform of choice. I think its very useful and performs very well on my iPad Pro. My biggest issue with it is that when opening the chat box, it is not movable around the screen meaning that i constantly find myself having to close the chat box to remind myself of something shown on a slide when typing long messages. and having to click multiple times to get back there is becoming tedious. I feel like there should be a left or right hand tool bar dedicated to the chat options, which when clicked on opens a movable dialogue box, or even better one that can be minimised. I imagine this is possible and think it would be a great update to roll out..Version: 40.11.1

IPad useMost recent use included about 30 people around the USA, using a PowerPoint presentation to discuss a scientific project. Seeing people as they spoke was not a priority. The most challenging aspect was getting participants to mute their phones and microphones to eliminate background noise and feedback. Also, when asking questions and during discussions, effectively minimizing speaking over each other. I suggest the app provide (prominently) so best practices at the top of the meeting. Last year I took a training program that did use images of speakers, slide presentations, etc. Webex was the platform used every two weeks over approximately 6 months, I think about 25-30 participants. Work in between meetings included libraries of info etc. I think we stretched the capabilities of the program, and it was excellent. My experience is the users can make or break it. So again, tutorial and best practices would be helpful..Version: 40.4.1

Webex ratingWARNING: 5 Star Rating🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Webex had been going really smoothly with minor bugs and almost no technical issues until (recently) everything just crashed and everything became REALLY laggy. 😡 Like sometimes I couldn’t even hear people and my screen was saying we are trying to reconnect you back to the meeting. But overall, I think it’s a pretty good and efficient app. Thank you for your time to reading this. :) Stay safe! Wear a mask! Wash hands regularly! Social distance! 😷, 🧼.Version: 40.9.0

Much betterI can see more and much better it is grate!! I love it as a student! I can see most people in the meeting!! Some people are complaining that you can’t hear very well! I have a solution to that! Just mute everyone and put your hand up when you want to speak!! Then let your teacher unmute you and you can talk and say what you want to say!! I say this is the best app for schools!!.Version: 40.4.0

So easy & clearPerfect solution for 3 team members out if town!! Great practice for pandemic!.Version: 40.2.0

Good but room for improvementIt is possible to join and initiate meetings and see presentations including options to interact by phone, there is a important part of the web ex components missing that being support centre. Being able to perform remote assist while on the move using an ipad and paired keyboard would be great. Likewise playback is wrf files is not provided here of course..Version: 11.0.0

WebinarAs presenter it would be nice to replicate the image of what the audience can see with chat/:participants etc while presenting. As it stands jumping back and forth between presentations leads to screen chaos..Version: 42.3.2

Obviously improvedReading some of the reviews, I was ready to be unimpressed. Not so. On screen presentation was smooth and flowed well. No drop outs. Interaction between attendees didn’t present any problems either. Another video conferencing platform to be seriously considered....Version: 40.4.1

Apple Team/Covid19Considering the global pandemic this has kept a large number off staff on communication. Working for such a well respected brand that has continued to launch new products this was a fantastic way to keep working virtually and staying up to date with friends/co workers who we now are isolated from. Thoroughly enjoyed using the app!.Version: 40.2.1

Clear Sound, Good Reminders, Simple JoinsI use Webex for work multiple times a day, and I join via the desktop app, through chrome, as well as the iPhone app. I prefer to use the app to connect to meetings over a dial in number for a couple of key reasons: 1. Ease -when using the app, you don’t have to dial any numbers / bounce back and forth between meeting information and key pad on the phone. 2. Clarity - everyone’s voices come through noticeably clearer than a typical cell network call. I don’t know if it’s an order of magnitude better, but the sound almost comes across as studio quality rather than phone quality, it’s that good. 3. Consistency - aside from losing cell service, I’ve never had any issues with connectivity loss..Version: 40.7.1

Great, secure and reliable serviceI use this for work, family and friends, and it works really well especially considering how much it’s being used during lockdowns. I use it on an old iPad, in landscape, mostly without difficulties. The only 2 enhancements I can suggest are: enabling the volume to be turned down lower, and making sure that the ‘Leave Meeting’ confirmation button, that pops up when you tap the Red Cross button, is not cancelled by the notifications of people leaving (it takes repeated 2-finger taps to leave at the end of a busy meeting). I will continue to use this service long after lockdown has ended..Version: 40.4.1

Getting better - But still room for improvementI really wanted to live WebEx, but the transition from Skype to this has not been as smooth as hoped. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of integration between it and Outlook. I repeatedly have to click to join a meeting multiple times, and often the audio doesn’t connect if the meeting organizer hasn’t joined... I realize there’s a setting for this, but it’s only available in the Personal Room, and most of my colleagues are not using that... Why is this not available for ANY meeting scheduled? That’s just one example of the many slightly non-user-friendly functionality. Overall, one can get the job done with WebEx, but it’s definitely NOT my first choice. Too bad my company is taking away all the other options!! 😞.Version: 40.1.0

Very usefulA very useful app for distance learning and teaching..Version: 40.4.0

Re mortgageI found this app fantastic it was nice to see who you was talking to and I could go through all the paperwork step by step via video link. Saved time in taking time off work to go to the office. The gentleman was very thorough and polite and made me feel at ease. I got advised there and then on this app if I was successful or not these relieved a lot of pressure off myself. Would definitely use this app again..Version: 11.7.0

Great AppWith everything going on due to COVID I have lost my treatment groups and my meetings that I had in person they were what helped me replace my time I used to use to get high and they would help me process things in my life and living clean and sober. This app has made it possible to have a one on one session with my counselor and be able to get that connection you can’t get over a phone call I am able to see her and have eye contact and feel as though she is fully present in our conversation. The app did not glitch out at all and it was a very easy process to get signed up and to figure out how to get in the video with my counselor. The only thing I did not like was that I could not figure out how to flip my camera around to where I could show what I was looking at instead of the camera being on my face I am not sure if it is even possible to do that with this app and if it is I feel that it needs to be more easily accessible. Overall this is a great app and I love it!.Version: 40.4.0

App much better and faster than desktopI find the app on both phone and iPad is much easier and faster to access meetings than the desktop but that might just be our companies system which seems to slow everything down..Version: 40.4.1

Presentation via Linda H in Vancouver,🇨🇦With side assistance from Ellalyn, for a few moments, as Linda is in training, all went well. Linda was empathetic, knowledgeable with the new policy she introduced me too. Helpful with questions of mine & ready to assist. Linda I wish you much success. Please recognize this commendation for your newcomer. Thank you & have a great day. Brenda Roache 647-473-7459.Version: 42.3.0

Why I recommend WebexI like Webex because of this difficult time I needed an app to do meetings with my classmates and teacher. Some times it doesn’t work so I gave it a 4/5 and I hope you understand that because I think it’s reasonable.😁🙂I also like it because you can change your background. It works great for me and I love it.👍 It really changed me during remote learning from thinking remote learning was boring to looking forward to meeting my class!😁😄😃.Version: 40.7.1

Thank youThank you.Version: 42.3.2

Best app to use for school meetingsThis app is amazing for school meetings. If you have an app like compass or class dojo I would recommend putting a link so it’s easier for the students to find the class meetings faster. The only thing about this app I don’t like is that if you have cheeky students they might unmute their selves and they can say naughty things. This app should have an option for a group chat just for your friends and an option for classes so kids can’t unmute their selves. Other than that this app is amazing and the best app to use for schools I would rate it 5 out of 5.Version: 40.4.0

Clear transmissionWorked well. Easy to use. Clear transmission. Good way to communicate internationally on a secure line..Version: 9.1.2

Good for home schoolMy school has been using WebEx to get the students to meet up with the teachers and interact with the rest of the class it has been really great because seeing my friends faces is great although most of my friends aren’t my class that was a bit of a bummer that’s why I only gave it four stars but then again I guess that’s just my teachers choosing the class but also most of the time other people are really glitchy and sometimes even if I have full bars of Wi-Fi appear really glitchy to other people I don’t know if it’s at their Wi-Fi or if it’s the app but it’s really glitchy and a lot less quality than Zoom.Version: 40.7.0

Very reassuringMaurice Jadeh was an excellent presenter and his charts contributed greatly to the effectiveness of his message. He made the very good point that today’s financial crisis is the result of the governments round the world trying to keep citizens safe. It is not the result of some sort of criminal activity. So I think people will be much more positive when we all pull together to get out of the current mess. We won’t be looking for scapegoats, or trying to apportion blame. Thank you Maurice and thank you James Hass for setting this webinar up. John M.Version: 40.4.1

Being able to connect with my teacher and classmatesWhen it was remote learning, I thought I won’t be able to see my teacher and classmates. But when I got Webex, it was amazing! Now I get to have a meeting everyday with my class during remote learning!.Version: 40.7.0

Nice quality - confusing interfaceIt’s not a showstopper - but the user interface is confusing. Especially when I’m looking for a scheduled meeting - and it may be in my Microsoft Outlook account calendar, or in my work account calendar, or in my Gmail account calendar. Or not show up on any calendar at all - and just be embedded in an email. It’s just not as clear as it should be. And I know part of the confusion may be because Microsoft requires you to have an Outlook account to use their products. But generally, I think the vast majority of everybody have more than one email address. Which Webex should assume - and take into account when building their UI. Instead, it makes it a bit of a fishing expedition....Version: 40.4.1

Way better audio quality using the app than over phoneIt’s actually pretty amazing how much better the sound quality is over the app connecting via internet as compared to dialing in, I only use the app these days and the user interface is quite good too, a really good product overall.Version: 39.2.0

CAP meeting.The voice was cutting out a bit..Version: 42.3.0

Does the job well, has improved usability in recent versionsIt does the job of voice conferencing and sharing content well. Usability has improved a lot, well done WebEx!.Version: 9.0.1

Affichage dans la communicationIl s’affichait des communications en bas de l’écran qui n’avaient rien à faire avec notre discussion tout en les attribuant aux participants..Version: 42.4.3

Great for online learning!!I have been using this ever since covid started and it has really helped even tho my teacher glitches sometimes its more of her internet. I recommend it for work/school. Im gonna try and use it for talking to my mates soon so that could also be a use..Version: 41.10.1

Better than the rest.....Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. 60 plus conference by teachers, using an iPad MINI. 9 people on screen and just swipe to see the next 9 etc etc. Very important to self mute with such large groups. Even if you don’t say anything, ambient noise x 50-60 is very distracting. Did I mention so easy to use as well. Top Gun for any meeting or video lesson..Version: 40.4.0

Convenient app.I like this app due to convenience of my web meetings so I can stay at home. I have four little ones so this feature is a super necessity in my life. However I wish that this app could haves "raise hand" button to allow people to not interrupt if it's a call in/demo video rather than a face to face meeting. It is hard to not hear over voicing from everyone trying to ask a question. It will state who is "user 1 is speaking" but if there is more than two or three users it doesn't show and then we all try and speak at the same time. So having a button to click to allow the meeting coordinator(s) to let one in at a time could possibly be helpful. Otherwise a multiplayer view option should be available if we use a large tablet or laptop. I like how I can use my small iphone 7 to use this on the go though. 👍🏻.Version: 10.0.0

Great but some problems so plz fix!!This app is really good 4 homeschooling when ur in lockdown. It is also good for working at home or when u need 2 meet someone but can’t bc ur in lockdown. It is also great for meeting friends and chatting 2 them if they live in a different country or if ur in lockdown and u can’t meet them 4 like a milkshake downtown or something. I also have another thing 2 say - I hate it how u have 2 wait in the lobby to get into the meeting, I wish u could just enter the netting without having 2 wait (u used 2 b allowed 2 just enter the meeting). Other than that this app is great..Version: 41.8.2

Please stick on with a stable versionRecent past, I see multiple continuous updates breaking one or the other features. Please reduce unnecessary update frequency. With the recent update on my laptop audio is half broken (I can hear but can’t speak). Earlier this happened - you have fixed it - again broken. Now, I’ve to connect on laptop for screen share and mobile for audio (you are doubling the load unnecessarily). Ruling our the headset issue - tried multiple headsets and laptop audio. Not only this - many items regress. So please be careful with your continuous updates. Stay with a stable release (FYI - I’ve been using webex for 15 years, so not giving a bad rating - that doesn’t mean current version is awesome)..Version: 39.9.0

Worked well for today’s meetingI had a good meeting with our group. I was easily able to join via the invite link, not needing to login as my own account. I joined on my iPad, and used my iPhone for the audio. The app provided a very readable drop-down with the Meeting ID and my Participant ID for the sound. The app controlled the mike for my iPhone, rather than settings on the iPad; this action might confuse users, but realizing that is a good way to control the mike - you just need to know that. And the group chat worked fine. We were a group of 7, and we could talk collectively. Not to compare with other meeting apps, and while it may not have similar features, this has been a great experience and I would use it again..Version: 40.2.4

Better than expectedHaving researched the differences between the various systems we plumped for WebEx for its security, but were expecting to have to accept giving up some visual quality for this increased security. We run confidential panels and meetings regarding assessing and approving Fostering families and then discussing the extremely vulnerable Chidlren placed with them and their challenging backgrounds. Security is an absolute paramount consideration as we are discussing probably the most delicate of all subjects. When we connected Webex all up, people had dowloaded the app and used headphones and checked the security of their environment, we were all quite impressed with the quality and simplicity of use. We have found it easier to use than Zoom which we still use for non-secure conversations (e.g. with family) as some folks are still more familiar with them. No, overall, we have been pleasently surprised at the quality and ease of use - in fact a member of staff has found that zoom wouldn’t allow her microphone to work and she had terrible problems setting up the rest of it, but she just logged in to Webex and ‘zoom’ off she went with it! So ‘well done’ CISCO, job done!.Version: 40.4.0

Smashing,Super,GreatI am sorry but in these troubled times we are all feeling the effects of being parted from family No matter the length of distance. This little app has brought joy and family back together. What an amazing tool, we had a family night in with everyone instead of climbing the walls. I thoroughly recommend it. We are certainly back in contact.Version: 40.2.1

Presentation. April 13Just a note to say this was extremely well presented with the examples. Thanks. Sylvia Fitzgerald.Version: 42.4.0

Please allow me to turn off the speaker 100%I often have my tablet and computer in the same conference with the tablet used as a whiteboard and the computer handling the audio and video dutieis. Webex on iOS doesn’t allow me to switch off the volume totally so I get feedback. i have to connect headphones as a workaround. Webex is the only app I have ever used that blocks turning off sound completely..Version: 40.11.1

Conference with Nederlands Consulate 28 June 2022Many thanks for the thorough and informative session. Kind regards Mauveen van den Berg.Version: 42.6.1

I used for more than 3 months in remote learningGreat app, super easy to communicate. But lots of people have technical difficulties and getting sound connection can be difficult. Sometimes screen sharing won’t work but you just need to be able to manage it and have good wifi. Overall very helpful for feeling like i’m still at school.Version: 40.7.1

Can you fix this💻📲📱🖥Oh my god Webex I love it how you can be host and there is very little background and you can also put your own background on your own photos it’s the best and plus my teachers well I mean Trugina P9 College when we have to a new ourselves I mean on mute then we went to like press it so we can talk to teacher and then I want to talk to teacher can’t really hear me so that’s a problem I want you guys to fix it is a bug but I really need you guys to fix that so the teacher can hear me because I am like I want to say my answer and the teacher can’t hear me so I think it’s on purpose I’m doing it so I really want you to fix it thank you so much for reading and yes I’m on my salad bye and plus we do WebEx for Spanish PE but the normal teacher and he was saying stem stem and much much more things that you do in the school we do it on WebEx because now COVID-19 and in October we’re gonna go back to school so but every day good experience for a single teacher and other friends and sometimes it someone’s birthday and we’re not cool we just sing happy birthday say on my back so fix this bug that’s happening to you when you fix the bug.Version: 40.9.0

Eventually goodThe sound quality was much better on app rather than web based. However, it took at least 5 minutes for the audio to load. I had to use my phone for audio and iPad for video for the first part of the meeting. I’m not sure if the host function for silencing all mics is available on Webex but would be a good addition if not. Perhaps the host of my meeting wasn’t aware of it. Also, view of chat was right in the middle of the screen which wasn’t ideal. Would be good if ‘hand up’ icon came up on face tile so host knew who had hand up at one glance at screen..Version: 40.2.1

CoolYaya.Version: 42.2.3

YES YES YES!🤗🤗🤗This app is great because well I’m 10 years old and I need to do class calls you should totally get this app also you can share your screen so people can see what your doing on your laptop or iPad that’s what my teacher does to help us learn plus you can even add in filters like backrounds and screenshots it’s a bit like FaceTime though but still it’s a great app and get it now!.Version: 40.4.0

Webex is the bestI think webex is extremely suitable for children in a class because there are not sooo many buttons for them to fiddle with and it also shows them when to turn on their mic. and when to put the raise hand button on. I could clearly hear and see my teacher as well as my classmates. I love webex and rate it five stars!.Version: 40.7.1

Easy to UseThe program was really easy to use on an internet connection that was unhampered by overuse. However, we did have a team-mate who was Working From Home who had some difficulty with audio and visual connection. This may be because the internet at home was compromised by family centred use, but that is still an issue to be aware of. One star off because of that connection issue..Version: 40.2.1

SupervisionI find the whole process of supervision very helpful and interesting however I do wonder about the length of the session and the number of therapists within the group Timing can feel an issue and that those that go later have less time; this is not due to the supervisors management I just wonder if the maths add up Excellent things to think and reflect on.Version: 40.4.1

Good on the iPadI tried to join a Webex Meeting on my desktop but for some reason my keyboard disconnected. However, I was able to join on my iPad, initially without sound. I managed a workaround and after that it worked really well. Clear sound and vision. I just hope I can get the keyboard on my desktop working again!.Version: 11.5.0

Green screenHi, just wanted to say no hate. Love this and it’s super easy to use as well! Why can’t I have a green screen for specific iPads! It’s really annoying and I wish it works. Some apps like tik tok have green screen and they allow it but not this one. Overall it’s a great app probably better than zoom. I’ve been using it for online learning for a 2 terms and I could not find any bugs! Keep up the good work!.Version: 40.7.1

Great app, easy to use on the goI experience no issues with using the app on an iPhone. When my corporate Windows-based PC lets me down I know I can quickly recover the connection by switching to it on my phone. Sound/video quality is clear and although seeing shared content on the screen isn’t ideal (due to screen size), it’s manageable if a larger screen isn’t available. The slightly more direct connection to the Webex back-end than my work laptop allows seems to make for a better connection. Would like to be able to copy my personal room information easily from the app to send to someone to invite them to a conference call, but other than that, this is a very good app..Version: 40.7.0

Great for groups of professionals and parentsWe’ve had no problems with group meetings with Webex, professionals using a combination of IPads and laptops, parents using tablets and phones. Love being able to mute during rhyme and song time because of the slight time delay so only the lead professional is heard - less confusing for the children ..Version: 40.4.1

Webex meetups are the bestMeetings are great when like you can talk to your friends you can talk to your friends overseas you can talk to anyone really and I love that. But the thing that’s a little bit bad about it is that you have to like turn on your camera and speaker manually.. but rather that i’m not being lazy but yeah. It’s a really good app and you should download it :-).Version: 40.6.0

Perfect fo work of school ✅✅✅ PS READ METhis app has a some great features and has great video quality. I use Webex everyday now and it barely glitches. I think it’s great how you can share you’re screen and have a white bored. And the muting option is great fo big groups so you don’t get distracted. And it’s easy to see every one and have a chat to every one or just privately. I would certainly recommend this app for kids in school (like me) or for adults for work, especially when we’re in lockdown because of COVID-19. Although It does glitch and audio takes some time to connect and the audio can be bad But it’s still good. But it’s not like JFK mission control centre. ;).Version: 40.4.1

Ease of use with practicalityLoved the interface, how using it and getting to the meeting, or simply smashing through all the features is so easy. I love what you guys have done with the app. Also, it works like a charm. Keep up the good work..Version: 40.6.1

Home school meetingsI’ve been home schooling and every time I get on to Webex meetings, all I have to do is put in the pin. Getting on is easy, mike on and off is easy, camera, and last but not least,exiting. What does that equal? A perfect app. I would mention this app to anyone..Version: 40.7.1

Grid ViewI’ve been using this app since the pandemic for work and we really like the app. It’s super easy to use. The only issue as I’ve stated before was the lack of grid view while on a conference meeting on my iPhone. The last update said this would be available although while in a call this morning I couldn’t find the option for it.? My software on the phone is updated and obviously the app is updated because I seen the upcoming option for that feature when it updated. Maybe it’s user error, but I couldn’t find where to enable grid view. Either way, thanks for the straightforward easy app where I can connect with my second family for work!.Version: 40.6.0

The Glencoe Club - Manulife Tools and RespurcesThis is great!.Version: 42.3.1

WebexThis year webex has been extremely helpful. You know what i am talking about. The app is amazing! But it is extremely annoying how it constantly beeps when people join and leave and stuff. But other wise it is great. You can host put backgrounds up text mute people (if you are the host you can mute.) webex is a great app so if you are one of those people how need to call A lot then this is the app for you..Version: 40.12.0

For pleasure or businessFor pleasure , this is great, its free, and easy for me to navigate around, and first time guests or people who are not used to this platform is may, in my experience find it easier than zoom, which we can be pretty hopeful about for turning zoom and other such media devices into easier and more innovative to broaden the horizon of what is possible in the future, weather it is sending CAD design or virtual reality or information rich data, we will be pleased to see where this will develop into a mass media device that is free to use, or weather it is something that will be more commercially used actively into a price racket via commercials or subscriptions, there are other such commercial apps to use..Version: 40.4.1

First time use was easy and worked well!!I downloaded today for a meeting. Within 2 minutes the product was downloaded and I was logged into my meeting. Very intuitive interface, and with 3 locations in conference, it worked very well..Version: 9.0

IPad Grid ViewThe Webex is a solid performer in the market and should be seriously considered amongst many other platforms. Unfortunately unlike other apps such as ‘Zoom’ the Webex app on iOS is only able to show 6 participant videos at one time, sure this is overcome by using a laptop and dialing in through the Webex desktop application or web browser but why can’t the iPad do this too? Something the developer should seriously consider given the current climate..Version: 40.2.1

Love it so muchIt is so good.Version: 40.4.0

AMAZING FOR AT HOME LEARNINGThis app has made it a lot easier for at home learning. We got in smoothly and I’m so glad Zoom wasn’t used as I lag A lot in Zoom. I do sometimes struggle with sharing my screen sometimes for presentations but other than that, it’s amazing! I’ll give it a 5/5 start rating :).Version: 40.7.1

WebEx kudosFabulous app - crystal clear audio, really easy to use, great screen sharing capabilities. Far and away the most intuitive app of it's type that I have used for conferencing in people from all around the world..Version: 9.8.2

CommentsComments were hard to find.Version: 42.3.2

Supporting Your Team Through ChangeThank you Angela for another, clear, informative session. I feel more positive about going back to our shop next week armed with new information to support my team and volunteers through a difficult period..Version: 40.6.1

FeedbackIt is so great but I would like it more if you could chat like for example my friends were supposed to show up on a meeting but they didn’t . So if we were able to text without joining a meeting they would’ve been able to text why they did not join.Version: 40.4.1

Helpful in times of necessityThe week during corona virus when all colleges were shut down, this app helped me a lot in connecting with my college and teachers..Version: 40.2.0

2nd MeetingHave to say my first meeting was a disaster that left me frustrated and irritated. This meeting was much better once l worked out how to proceed. I think that it is all very well for the Designers to know the ins and outs of technology but they (perhaps) forget that we mere mortals haven’t a clue and find the whole experience stressful and intimidating. Remember we are the client, so think on please!.Version: 40.6.0

Fixed mortgage requestA Huge thank you to Daniel Acquaye, who took us oldies through the process of getting our morgage onto a fixed rate today. Explained everything we needed to know in straightforward language!!! Very helpful and friendly. A real credit to Halifax..Version: 42.7.1

Does what it’s supposed toContext: Remote online Instructors Panel meetings. Utility: Very good. Better than Zoom and GoToMeeting in my experience, less prone to dropouts, distortion and corruption. No crashes yet. Camera functionality is good. Caveat: Users need to MUTE WHEN NOT SPEAKING and preferably use a headset with integrated microphone to eliminate feedback and echo. Suggestion to Developers: In Gallery Mode, keep one panel reserved for online scrolling Text Chat. Advice to Organisers: See above caveat. Use MUTE! Insist on it..Version: 40.6.0

Nicole’s MeetingWe were extremely satisfied with her update and knowledge. She is an great reason we stay with Dominion Securities. Thank you for looking after us so well. Sincerely, Chris & Peter Pacione.Version: 42.3.2

User friendly A+In this current time of social distancing, this was an amazing and useful app. Very user friendly. With no previous experience with the app, I was able to quickly set it up and use it straight away. Great for informal family use and professional use. Audio and video great quality..Version: 40.2.1

Jure247Excellent 👍.Version: 40.2.1

Auto dial hasn’t worked for weeks , useless nowFor weeks the auto dial in ‘join call’ hasn’t worked . This is after years of working perfectly . This was THE great thing about the app and it’s now useless to me without it . The auto generated number is incorrect as it has a 01 added where there wasn’t one before and so this prefix to the meeting number means the system doesn’t recognise the info.Version: 39.11.0

App is good, but getting worseI’m very please with Cisco’s WebEx Meetings hosted service and this app works well with it. The app itself is stable and presents shared content surprisingly well. Unfortunately, Cisco keeps changing the UI in disappointing ways while leaving the few things that could use improvement alone. Seems like each update the app gets a little more cumbersome. I’m not sure if competition is heating up in this space and Cisco wants existing users aware of all the features, but it feels like the design philosophy has taken on a grocery store mentality, “put the milk all the way in the back so people have to see everything they might like on their way to what’s important.” In the midst of a busy day the changes leave me a little annoyed..Version: 39.2.0

Webex effectivenessDue to half our team working from home on alternating weeks, we have used this Roger am for about 4 weeks. It has worked well enough that we are considering using this for a department meeting two or three times per week after we get back to normal and the virus is behind us. We have asked ourselves how life will change as a result of this virus. One of the changes will likely be a little less reliance on in-person meetings because at times a video conference is more efficient. Because you are able to continue on other activities until all are able to be at the meeting, we have less wasted time when one or two members get tied up..Version: 40.4.0

Accessing helpful resources?Todays webinar was informative and helpful. Lots of links. Good to know that doing something sooner as opposed to later is better as my Aunt hasnt even got a actual diagnoses of Dementia yet, but she’s getting there!.Version: 42.3.0

Perfect except forOne problem is that on the iPad version of Webex it gives us an option to use virtual backgrounds but on the computer version it wouldn’t let us have that option. But other than that it is great..Version: 40.6.1

Rencontre parfaite dans la communication.Très bon logiciel.Version: 42.1.2

Great iPhone appThis is a great app for the iPhone. I’ve never experienced any issues related to the app. Most audio issues I’ve experienced are caused from users: bad microphone, not talking close enough to microphone, not muting themselves when dialing in, etc. I attend all of my WebEx meetings exclusively on iPhone app now so that I can keep working separately on desktop during meetings. I especially love that there is an Apple Watch app; when you’re in a meeting, the Watch app pops up and is basically just a large mute/unmute button. Genius! Something Apple should adapt for their normal phone functionality. If I were to ask for an additional feature, it would be to integrate with the iPhone phone app. When I’m on a meeting with Microsoft Teams, I get the same lock screen as I would if I were in a phone call, with a mute button, video button (instead of FaceTime), etc. I take a lot of my calls while outside on walks with my dogs during the COVID-19 shut down, so it would be nice to be able to quickly mute/unmute myself without unlocking my phone (the Watch app isn’t always responsive)..Version: 40.4.0

AMAZING APP WITH A SMILE YOU CAN SEE!I noticed while watching CNN they were using Cisco WebEx and the excellent quality of the clear picture and sound. I googled to see what the cost is and to my surprise for my personal use it was Free. This would be great to use when calling a family member or friend. If I owned a business this would definitely be at the top of my list especially in the new situation we all find ourselves in with the coronavirus limiting socializing in person. I used FaceTime but the picture is so sharp and clear I can read the words off my bottle of water. I hope this catches on and while everyone is stuck at home we can all still keep in touch and bring a smile to a friend or loved ones face we can clearly see. Cisco you need to advertise to let people know this is available..Version: 40.2.0

WEBEXSuperb application. Very useful during the COVID 19..Version: 40.2.0

Better than Google meetMy school has used Google meet for a long time now but then we switch the WebEx it was a really really good I could hear my whole class because she screams more easily and we can leave the meeting whenever we wanted.Version: 40.7.1

Very poorOrganisers of the meeting had many problems and about half the time were unable to access their microphones. There are lots of other, better apps for meetings and conferences..Version: 40.4.0

Easy to use and works on lots of platformsI have used lots of meeting software and apps and Webex is the easiest most reliable to use and works on everything. Security plays a big part in my decision to use Webex as well. Definitely recommend..Version: 40.7.1

Great Job Dennis Edwards & all other contributorsAmazing insights ! Please continue! Thank you 👍.Version: 42.1.3

Not clear where to type a questionAs I joined the webinar a bit late the presenter had started talking and a ? Or the words “ask a question” would have been valuable. I wanted him to show a telephone number again as it was done too quickly to take note of it and never knew where to type that question..Version: 40.4.0

WEBEX ReviewGood application. A little shaky on startup, but very useful for meetings at this (pandemic) time. Thanks..Version: 40.2.1

Resilience webinarThank you for the presentation, it was useful from the point of view of reminding me that as individuals we will all experience challenge during these times and that what I am experiencing is perfectly normal and most likely shared by many! Also the real life examples about ‘pressing the pause’ button resonated! Thanks 😊 my only issue was I couldn’t locate the facility to ask a question hence 4* but that may be my technical error for development as I get used to many new platforms!.Version: 40.2.1

The Blessings Of WEBEX 🦋Hi 🍃 I’m glad that I have this opportunity to share some Smiles with my Review of Webex 🍃 Truly some things in Life cannot be compared, like Breathing, Living and the Sun ☀️ and ... being able to communicate with others by using Webex ! I’m one who still believes in the mailman, hand shakes and eye to eye contact! They’re not to be taken lightly. They’re to be respected and to some point honored. Webex provides a great mixture of being able to communicate personally with a video accent. 🍃 Having great appreciation of the Blessings of using Webex ... I have to give a big “Thank You Bunches” for providing us with, yet such a simple way, to communicate 🤗🌹🙃.Version: 41.12.1

Preparing Income Tax ReturnsGreat to have WebEx sessions for updates each tax year BittyBin.Version: 42.1.3

It’s good for home schoolIt helps my school to connect around and like the new trial way of home schooling in the COVID crisis it has helped us a lot to get around to each other and discus about our mth English etc. This app as helped many countries around th eWorld to study and I appreciate it so all i want to say also is THANK YOU WEBEX CREATORS AND HELPERS FOR MAKING THIS APP. :D.Version: 40.7.1

School Council was a challengeWe had 10 participants on the school council. The video worked sporadically. The audio was tedious to attempt to listen to properly. I think that over time some manner or methods of polity would evolve if we were forced to use this technology ad infinitum but it was difficult. It’s better to have the technology available than to not have it. We managed to complete the meeting successfully which probably would not have happened back in the 1970s or ‘80s. The technology probably would work vastly better with a group of 4 or less participants attempting to interact. 1 on 1, I suspect that the technology would be fine..Version: 40.2.4

So easyLast minute need to add this to my phone. Up and running in less than 60 seconds, inc. app download, and crystal clear NZ to US..Version: 11.5.0

Volunteer trainingGreat experience.Version: 42.1.2

Truly ausomeThanks and this seminar environmental setting not only meets the technology needs I have like quick relay of information and to receive info, if You ask me, it also brings joy from the heart of the creator/s, by the way, the application can become a tool in special Birthday meet-up just to name one example. Thanks again!.Version: 40.6.1

Easy to useThe app version is surprisingly easy to use! When I’m not at my PC I can open the app and join any calls with one click of a button without having to dial in any details. Highly recommended!.Version: 40.7.1

Much Improved, worth another look due to “secure by design”Our company has used GTM and its predecessors for more than 10 years. We do IT for a living and have been favorably engaged with Cisco networking products for almost as long. That led us to trying Webex and Webex for Teams, which were not entirely satisfactory even 2 years ago. The feature set of Webex lags behind Zoom or FaceTime and other consumer friendly online conferencing products. However, and this is a biggie, Cisco Webex and other Cisco products are secure by design. Security is not an afterthought with Cisco products and services. Important entities, such as the US Military and Fortune 500 companies, mostly use CIsco communication products. There’s an entire line of expensive Cisco Webex products for board rooms that runs on the same “secure by design” software platform as the entry level products such as Webex for IOS/Mac OS/Windows. If we’re to have a post Covid-19 future where we conduct a lot more meeting activity online, having the most secure online meeting platform, instead of the most feature-rich platform, seems like a favorable tradeoff, at least for some of us..Version: 40.2.3

90% greatLike most, we have seen a dramatic uptick in the use of WebEx and other virtual meeting tools. One thing I have now seen on several platforms is my organization support many different tools and I see the same recurring problem that for Webex calls implemented witin my agency, the links and calls work well. However, when someone from outside my agency sends me a Webex link for a call, they often have connection issues. It may be how Outlook handles the links inside group calls work seamlessly when you select the Join Call option, but for external calls, the link asks you to install Webx which is already installed. Then there are sometime problems with establishing the call (mostly connecting and audio). This is occuring more on desk/lap-top systems so I am participating via my iPhone now which seems to avoid the problem of the computer not knowing webex is already installed on it..Version: 40.2.4

Senior homeGreat app during covid-19 was able to communicate with my dad and grandmother three way while quarantine so nice to be able to see her !!!.Version: 40.2.1

Nuxe trainingTabitha Rutten was very thorough enjoyed learning all about nuxe products..Version: 42.4.4

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍WebEx is the beeeeest like it has all you need like this whiteboard so you won’t need to bring one in front of the camera you can even share your screen just click the button and go where you want to share the screen and I think you can even choose your background so all you need to do to login is there will be a number and you tipe that in first box in second box you tipe your name and then you tipe that password with the @ in it and just sit back and wait for the meeting to start because when I call my class (3/4 h) I find it super easy.Version: 40.7.1

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