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Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest app received 57 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about chase mobile®: bank & invest?

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App needs to be fixedThis app used to be great. About 7-8 months ago, I couldn’t use the finger scanning to log in. When I entered my password, it said it was no longer valid. I went through the process to reset it and called customer service/security yo make sure someone hadn’t hacked into my account. Thankfully, they assured me no foul play so I moved on with my life. A few weeks later, and I go to log on and the fingerprint reader isn’t working. I enter my recently changed password and again, I’m told the password is invalid. Rinse and repeat changing password and confirming my account was not compromised. Fast forward a few more weeks and I go to log in. I’ll give you one guess what happened....again, can’t use fingerprint reader and password invalid. Now, it’s been several months and every few weeks the fingerprint reader doesn’t work and I have to change my password. I’ve probably changed it 10 times. All of the other apps on my fun with the fingerprinting functionality work just fine. I can’t pinpoint what causes this to happen but CHASE NEEDS TO FIX THIS APP. It’s annoying and super inconvenient..Version: 2.662

Mobile Deposit NIGHTMAREThe in app mobile deposit feature is a nightmare! It totally destroys the convenience its suppose to provide! It is so annoying trying to deposit a check when the feature only relies on the camera to capture the other person’s account # on the check. I’ve gone through retake after retake and the camera constantly captures only a partial account # and it won’t allow you to manually correct it. I’ve used it multiple times before, but today was worse of all! After trying about 7 times, I went ahead and sent it through with the truncated # by accident. However, I quickly called the Chase to ask if they can see the full account # of the check because the app keeps truncating it, and they said yes. So I asked could they correct it on their end because the camera keeps picking up the wrong #, and they said no. I asked why can they override the # the app picked up since they have full pictures of the check, and they said they can’t, but will have to return the check with a $12 fee. UNBELIEVABLE that a bank of this size can’t override a mistake their own app makes when they have the full check in front of them! So no one can override the mistake this apps makes and the customer gets charged! So annoying and inconvenient!.Version: 2.675

Closed my account for no known reasonDo not use this bank. I’ve had an account with them since 2012 and had no issues then right when I was depending on a few deposits to pay my bills they decided to restrict my account without saying a word to me and set it up to be closed. Didn’t find this out until I went to use the card at the grocery store and the card declined. When into a branch to find out why and they tell me its being closed. Won’t tell me why. Gave me a phone number, and on the call they don’t give me a real reason other than they decided they cannot maintain my account. I can never use chase again. Well what about my stimulus and other deposits I have set up for this account? No answer. I call the IRS and they say if the bank rejects the deposits I’ll eventually get something in the mail. That’s all they can give me. So now I won’t be able to pay my rent on time and will be putting myself in debt to play catch-up because chase didn’t tell me they decided to close my account. Literally if I would have gotten any kind of notification this was happening I could have filed my taxes to go to another bank and make some arrangements but they left me in the dark. After years of being a customer they just completely ruin me financially with no explanation..Version: 4.181

Pending...Don’t get me wrong Chase app is convenient and easy to use but the app doesn’t show the CORRECT ORDER OF TRANSACTIONS is annoying! They will show you’re pending transactions and the amount it would be after it is processed. It wasn’t a big deal at first but for the last few years I’ve noticed it won’t process my purchases in order and makes it easier to end up with an overdraft fee. It feels scandalous!! And then this whole Covid 19 is making it worse. Feels like they’re trying to take advantage. I recently made a car payment on a Saturday of course it processed Monday (takes 1-2 days for my car payments) normally they would have notified me of an overdraft account within minutes as I have set up to notify me off all transactions over via message AND email. But I didn’t get one?? So I got charged overdraft fees. I check my email several times a day and didn’t get not one notification. I’ve been trynna to give them a chance since I’ve used them since I was about 17 but I’m so frustrated I’m most likely gonna find a different bank..Version: 4.110

Doesn't work with Amazon Visa CanadaDoesn't work with Amazon Visa Canada. Waste of time to have an app that doesn't work..Version: 2.610

2 Problems that need to be addressedThere are 2 problems that need to be addressed with online banking. First is mortgage loans need to be set up so you can pay ahead more than one month on the loan. I paid two months of payments in one month and they applied the second payment to principal even though I clicked towards loan. After calling chase (losing 20 minutes that I will never get back) they did fix the problem, but told me I cannot pay more than one month ahead. I have never had this issue with other banks. Second problem is the credit card not being visible on a joint credit card to more than one person. Turns out when you are married your wife hates it that she cannot see what’s being charged and when. Since I, the husband, opened the account, my wife being secondary on the account cannot see the account online. It will not show up and when we went to the bank they stated this is YOUR policy. How can a joint account only be seen by one person. Me and my wife are equal in our finances and her not being able to see it have upset her immensely. Your bank was chosen over our old big (horse chariot) bank because we got a better mortgage rate. Also due to the fact that when we moved you had some atm’s closer to us (which are now gone from all Walgreens in the area). These are just some issues that I think should be addressed due to not just me but other people I’m sure have..Version: 2.662

Chasing it to workToo many stupid fees. No consideration for someone with a low income. This app would be down too often..Version: 2.620

Can't set up "pay from" accountI need to pay my credit card bill but apparently I have to use a desktop browser to do it or phone a human. What's the point of having a mobile website and a mobile app if you don't allow the key functionality available from a desktop browser?! RIDICULOUS. How about joining the 21st century Chase?!.Version: 2.400

Pay bills failureI set up a monthly bill pay to Wells Fargo in order to pay for my student loan so that I do not have to physically go to the bank to pay for the loan. I noticed that Wells Fargo did not receive my payment. I then contacted chase and I was informed that the actual check somehow got lost in the mail. I thought this was done electronically however it is not fully completed electronically. Chase then had to cancel the check and I was informed that I would be credited back in 2-3 business days. I called back in 3 days and was informed that the actual process of crediting back my account just started so I then was informed to wait another 2-5 business days for the money to be credited back. School loan lenders don’t have sympathy for situations like this and they just want their money when they want it and going through this process has proven to be ineffective. For other customers reading this I recommend to stick with physically going to the bank of your lender to pay for the loan and to not rely on this technology as it has proven to be a failure. I canceled all future monthly payments so that I do not have to go through this again..Version: 3.911

No CanadaStill waiting for a Canadian version or at least for you to admit up front this one does not work in Canada..Version: 2.620

Does not recognize Canadian accountAnything looking for a 'Social Security Number' should not be allowed on the Canadian App Store. Even if you enroll on desktop, the login does not work. Don't waste your time..Version: 2.610

Doesn’t workThe app is fine if all you want to do is look at how much money you have in your account. It does that perfectly fine, but so does every other banking app. You can also set up transfers with zelle and send other people money which is cool. The problem I have with this app is that it gives you features you can’t use. I have tried multiple times opening up a savings account through the app and setting up a transfer into it for the first of every month so I wouldn’t have to come into a store (cuz covid). However, every single time I’ve tried, it has locked me out of the app and closed down the account because of “suspicious activity” on my account. It then gives you a number to call and you’d expect they could help you. It’s like a 20 minute wait just for someone to say “sorry, you’re going to have to go into a branch and unlock it in person”. This is very inconvenient because I go to school and I work full time so I don’t exactly have spare time to go into a branch to unlock the app for myself. I am very upset about this. It’s ridiculous honestly. Chase needs to figure out their app a little more before they try giving us features we can’t even use..Version: 4.172

Limited functionalityWould like to be able to read and reply to messages.Version: 2.18

Touch ID and logging on: updateCHANGE BANK WHILE YOU CAN! I can’t believe it, Chase STILL hasn't fixed the app. Don’t believe the high ratings, Chase must have one of those outside companies to improve their online reviews. How can this app POSSIBLY be highly rated when the most glaring issue has never been addressed? Actual customers know how much time gets wasted on the phone with various customer service reps and trips to the local branch just trying to sign back in to the app. It’s without a doubt the worst app I’ve ever had...looks and works good if you’re in but enjoy it while you can folks, because soon your password and your fingerprint won’t work and all attempts to create a new password end in vain. Prepare to spend most of your morning dealing with it until a week from then when you’ll have to do it all over again. Ask any branch manager, they will tell you it’s a CONSTANT issue. The manager near my job joked that he might have to hire someone full time just to keep resetting passwords. Bottom line; do NOT believe the rating. Ask any Chase customer and they’ll tell you the same story..Version: 2.673

Doesn't work in CanadaWhy bother?.Version: 2.623

Reset After Reset After Reset RequiredAs has been noted by other reviewers here, the app requires a password reset FAR too frequently to be readily usable. After every software update, after a couple weeks of not using the app - and occasionally, even when logging back into the app after having just completed a transaction using it - the same “incorrect password” error message, and lengthy and cumbersome reset process must be used. While I appreciate the concerns for my financial information’s security, the frequency and annoyance level of the required resets is _absurd_. NONE of my other banking or financial management apps do this. One would think my own fingerprint was sufficient to verify my identity. In truth, in the tiny window between required resets, that feature (and the rest of the app) works fine. However, every reset prompt also prevents me from accessing the One Touch option to login. The feature must be manually reenabled after yet again following the lengthy and glitchy reset process, every time. Fix this. Please..Version: 3.710

Getting fed up ...Don’t get me wrong, I love Chase but the app keeps getting worse & worse. I’m to the point to where I’m looking into other banks just because of the app itself. EVERY SINGLE time I try to log into the app to transfer money or to check my balance I can never do so. There’s a message that says “We’re temporarily unable to connect to Chase. Please try again later. Thank you for your patience.” No matter where I’m at I can never check my account. I have to either call or go online and check ... it’s been like this for about the past month or so and it makes my blood boil. I’ve never had any issues before and then out of the blue this crap happens. I understand it may be down every now and then for scheduled maintenance but not for it to happen every day through out the whole day. People have suggested to delete the app and reinstall, try when my battery percentage is at 50% or higher, etc ... nothing works. I don’t have an ancient phone and always keep my phone updated so I can’t figure out what is wrong. It’s been a good run Chase but I think it’s time we part ways..Version: 3.900

Poor UXAfter receiving a push notification, you have to first login to the app > touch "more" > touch "alerts" > touch "alert history", just to get rid of the notification badge! Amongst other things, it has a poorly thought out user experience all round. It's as if Chase' app development team never even looked at Santander, NatWest etc to see how it should be done..Version: 2.320

Horrible customer serviceIf i could i would put less than a 1 star rating. chase was a good bank but now their customer service has dropped by a lot. i had fraud on my card and after calling they told me they can't do any thing about it. i asked if they can at least cancel my card they said no. they told me to go to their bank in person just to waste my time again getting the same responses. i plan to move banks after i figure out how to pull out my money from them since they wont even let me do that. my friends have told me they've had their hand full of issues with chase representatives as well which makes me question how badly do they want to go out of business. their app is completely useless as well. i cant cancel my card without their approval if i ever lose it which i did and had to argue with a representative to cancel my old one and get a new one. worst company ive ever dealt with. as of right now i still have fraud going on with them saying theres nothing they can do about it. thank you chase for wasting both my money and time..Version: 3.733

Can't loginDoesn't work with visa.Version: 2.610

Won't workDoesn't work for amazon chase visa.Version: 2.610

Credit card paymentI’ve tried for days to pay my credit card on the chase mobile app and every time I do it says something went wrong thanks for your patience, well now I’m late on my payment so they’re gonna charge me a late fee. I had no troubles with this app until 2 months ago. The first issue I went to pay my credit card and it accepted and gave me a confirmation like normal, 5 days later I get a bill in the mail saying my card hasn't been paid because I had insufficient funds in my account ( I had plenty in both accounts to pay for the card charge, it was just an excuse) and they charged me interest and late fee, I spent HOURS on the phone trying to explain on the date up till the day I called I had plenty of cash in the account I used to pay off the card, they did wave the fee and interest but it took an act of Congress to get in touch with these people, and they acted like they didn’t believe me,an hour on the phone with these people I ended up going to my local branch and they couldn’t help me much either but the lady did contact the credit card company and she fixed it. Nobody should have to waste their time like this to get their money, I felt scammed, I will be switching banks now..Version: 3.740

Will not work for Canadian accountsTried several times and will not recognize Canadian account.Version: 2.610

Not for CanadianCannot log in the Canada account.Version: 2.635

Cant access Canadian accounts.This should probably not even be allowed on the Canadian app store..Version: 2.610

Terrible Customer Service and AppFirst of all I rarely leave negative reviews, if my experience is less than satisfactory I will simply choose to leave no review rather than a negative one. That said the Chase bank as well as their app left me little choice. Let’s start with the app. For weeks I could not even use it because every time I tried signing in it would crash forcing me to use a cumbersome web browser for my mobile banking. Once the app started working (about a month and several updates later) I found it to have way less features and to be much less organized than any other banking app I have used. This alone was disappointing however their customer service is even worse which I find quite disturbing for an organization that handles ones finances. They seem to know very little of what they are doing as they misplaced several important documents that I had faxed them directly from a bank branch claiming they had not received them forcing me to spend hours sending them though several different formats. After this I call back only talk to a different representative to find out they had received the fax a week ago when I had sent it originally. This alone was very frustrating but to make it worse customer service was very unfriendly and unhelpful which I found quite unprofessional for a banking institution. Sadly from my experience I would not recommend this app nor chase bank itself. Sorry.Version: 4.122

A fantastic app when I can actually access itI have used the Chase online banking app for 7 years now. I have always raved about how convenient and secure it is. I have never had a single issue until the last couple of months. I have had to reset my password more times than I can count. I will reset my password, write it down somewhere where I can remember, allow Touch ID, and then I am able to access my account for a glorious 3-5 days (maybe). It’s awful. This problem has gotten so out of hand that I will most likely be switching my bank. The resetting process is ridiculous. Security questions, SSN, credit card info, other personal info, etc. After a few days of going through the process again, I will start to log in to my account, only to be told the password is incorrect. It is never incorrect- the system just has a glitch. Has anyone else had this issue? I pay bills with the app, including my credit card (which is through Chase). It’s not just a problem with the app either. When I try to login with my computer, my information is still “incorrect”. I don’t always have the time to sit down and reset everything again. The app is wonderful when I’m able to use it, but the fact that I barely can cancels out any great feature. This is a major problem that needs to be fixed..Version: 2.671

Account blockedEven though I put travel alerts on my accounts chase regularly block my credit card Please be aware when I am in a foreign countries and cannot pay my hotel bill it leads to serious consequences . For example recent you blocked my card the only thing take prevented from being detained was a colleague was good enough to pay my bill on his credit card The hotel was ready to call the police I now travel with large amounts of cash as I never know on what whim you’ll put a hold on my card Is this the security you want frequent travelers to have using your banks service If you have better option please advise Peter Fitzsimmons.Version: 3.960

No thanks on the redesign 10/20!The app functions fairly well, but every time they redesign things, it gets worse. The Zelle pay functionality is difficult to manage, especially when setting up a recurring transfer. I actually had to help my 21 year old daughter with it! The most recent update destroyed the front page layout. We have 7 or 8 accounts, and I used to be able to rearrange and put mine at the top. Not anymore! Now my wife and daughters accounts show up, and I have to open a second page to see my own savings account! Not happy. A very common practice with apps these days is to visually update them, and with so many apps, it gets frustrating to constantly be searching around for where the brilliant designers decided to put things this week! Someday maybe they’ll realize that productivity goes down with every redesign. I don’t want my apps getting in the way of my creativity and work. IE, when I go to open a door, I don’t care if it has been painted, reconditioned, etc, as long as the door knob is where it’s supposed to be!.Version: 4.153

If I could I’d put no starsThis app is TRASH. Matter of fact throw out the entire bank. The online app and site make it IMPOSSIBLE to manage your money (that you have on a card in your bank account, not cash lol) because transactions will take days to process -even though any charges would ALREADY COME OUT of your available funds- but once it processes you’re negative because the app is saying you have x amount of money when you DONT. I’ve been charged 5-7 $34 over draft fees in the same month (in may) because I kept going negative from all my transactions being switched up. They switch the order of transactions as well. Last night before I went to bed I had $370 in my account. Today I went grocery shopping and spent $115 (including on once cream after.) and once I got home I had $4. This is because of how bad they mess up your transactions and when it says you have an amount of money in your account, know that it’s wrong because it will change without you knowing and then you’ll have no money because you thought you had 350 and spend $115 bearing in mind you have 350 but then go and check your funds and there’s $4. Do not use this bank. They steal your money and mess up your transaction history making it impossible to actually manage your money. I’ve been dealing with this for about 2 months now..Version: 4.120

Unprofessional and UnorganizedI’m not one to write a review or be inadmissible, but Chase Bank (JP Morgan) has not made it easy for me to be a customer. A couple weeks ago Chase cut my card off saying that I didn’t fill out a couple documents when I initially started my account. Now, this wasn’t my fault because the bank teller had forgot to give me the papers to fill out. Chase had mailed me about the cancellation of my account, but I was not home because of COVID-19 in Chicago. They didn’t email or nothing so they cut my account off. The receptionists all told me different things which made it really confusing. They sent me a check to my home in Chicago and this has made this Chase experience worse. After several calls to Chase, they have shut my account off for who knows what. I rarely play the victim in any situation, but for someone who did absolutely NOTHING to deserve this, I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated. I’d suggest going to a smaller bank because tellers would all be on the same page and a much better and efficient process. You’re just a number at Chase Bank..Version: 4.122

No pude realizar pago TDCIntente pagar mi TDC y no pude realizar dicho pago!.Version: 3.810

Poor travel service experienceI recently booked travel through chase to use my earned points. I booked the travel for four adults. I received my reservation number and noticed they used my wife's first name as my middle name as my middle name. Since I was traveling international and concerned with customs I called and tried to get it changed. I was told they had to cancel it and rebook. Being told this was my only option I agreed. In the three hours the rates went up $200 plus a person. This was not my fault for this and now I was asked to pay more for their mistake. I called back five days later to speak to a representative since the rates for flights have went up once again to plead my case. The lady on the phone was understanding until she spoke to her supervisor which told me if I would not have caught the mistake they would have just changed my name with no charge. I then told told her I was not given that option. Long story, because of their mistake I will be paying about $2,000 more for the flights. I will be cancelling my card because of poor customer service. Thanks for nothing Chase..Version: 2.662

Amazon Visa CanadaWhy we can’t connect to this card?!.Version: 2.634

Replacement debit card has taken weeksI don’t know if this is some bug in your system or just careless human mistake, but I ordered my replacement debit card through your app on August the 18th. I have now been waiting for about two and a half weeks and still no debit card. After the first week and a half I submitted another request just in case my first one didn’t get processed correctly. Here I am a week after that and still no debit card. Your email states that the card will arrive in 3-5 days. 3-5 days!!! I just called your customer service representatives and they told me my card won’t arrive until the 10th of this month. That’s almost an entire month after my first original replacement order! Needless to say I am furious. I have not been able to pay for bills or other things simply because I don’t have a debit card. Now I have to go into a branch to try and get a temporary replacement while I wait for the card to come in. This has been a huge waste of my time and one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had with a bank. Now I have to go waste even more time. Its seriously making me considering leaving chase and finding a different bank to do business with. Thank you for ruining my payment schedules and wasting my time..Version: 2.675

Worst bank of all timeIf you’re planning to go with chase.. don’t do it. They are horrible. I’ve had nothing but issues with them and it continues to get worse day after day. I’m constantly calling because they keep charging me for insufficient funds when I have deposits that are pending. If you have a problem with a transaction that you didn’t authorized and need to dispute it, you’re gonna have a lot of fun dealing with it. They are the worst customer service, worst bank. Look elsewhere. I’m in the process of withdrawing all my money from them and changing all of my direct deposits to another bank as well as calling all the companies and subscriptions that I get charged for monthly so I can get them onto my other America First credit union. America First is so much better. I’ve had them in the past and they have always been amazing. I don’t know why I changed. It was a huge mistake. Also my credit is really good but yet chase won’t let me take out a small loan even though I have a stable income. America First will loan to anyone even people that don’t use America First and people that have poor credit. Sayonara Chase! Hope this corrupted bank goes out of business..Version: 2.662

Disappointing and Difficult AppThe app appears only in vertical orientation. I have a keyboard/cover with my iPad, and thus, prefer if it would work in the horizontal orientation. Then when I used the virtual keyboard with the app, it was very out-of-date, not easy to type what was needed. When I got to my account, I tried to schedule payment, and the app would not respond when I selected “schedule payment.” I tried to get to pay account through another route in app and received some cryptic notification. I have now logged out, and I will try to pay my account using a browser to access my Chase account..Version: 2.652

New Chase program step backwardsThis program is not as user friendly as last one. I can’t see last payment amount when paying. Can’t see balance easily. Definitely the new layout is a step backwards..Version: 3.751

Does Not WorkChase does not support iPhone 6. Apple is still updating the operating system, but Chase does not recognize it. Maybe if we paid less fees, we could afford new phones. During a Pandemic, I can’t afford a new phone..Version: 4.181

Over decent, needs improved budgeting tools and designApp could use dark mode and a widget feature. Importantly, id include improved personal budgeting tools. "Todays snapshot" is good, but needs a major upgrade & maybe a new section or its own app. There should be a "cash flow" feature, reflecting both "money in" & "money out". This would be best in the form of a single bar chart reflecting both income & expenses Additionally, there should be charts reflecting historical data. Cash flow and net worth should be displayed on a linear chart with historic data available. Also, in cash flow and money out, expenses spent on credit cards during the current month should already be visible. Money out should not reflect only my checking account. It would be great to have a live look at expenses for the month, instead of only money that exited my checking account, (Should include $ that is already a "liability"). Nice bonus would be showing total gain/loss in external investment accounts. Would also like to not be signed out so quickly. I am a bit fan of the net worth/balance sheet feature & the today snapshot (even though it’s limited). Thanks.Version: 4.181

Ultimate Rewards needs workThe Ultimate Rewards redemption is clunky (significant lag) and randomly times out due to supposed inactivity, even in the middle of transactions. Frustrating..Version: 2.675

Credit card payments via app :(I like my Chase credit card, but about two updates ago, it changed payment options for the card. We use the credit card for routine purchases, so I like to use the app to make small payments toward the balance several times a month, just so there isn’t a huge balance at the end of the month to pay off at once. Sometimes I would just pay off part of the balance, and sometimes I would make payments from two different bank accounts to bring the balance to zero. The problem I’m having now is that there is no option to enter in an amount to be paid, so I can no longer choose to pay however much I wish towards the balance. Instead, I can choose to pay the entire existing balance, or the entire balance that was owed at the end of the last statement. I miss the flexibility of paying any amount I choose, and hope Chase brings this feature back to the app..Version: 3.710

Changes should be improvementsThe predominant use of gray text on white background is not an improvement. If a person has multiple accounts, monitoring activity has become less user friendly. The fact that on an iPad the display area is larger than it was previously, is an improvement but it is out weighted by gray text on white. The fact that more “taps” are required for simple operations is not an improvement. Wanting to sign off the app. is not abnormal however it requires a screen change and possibly a scroll. These are only a few of the issues. I understand software developers whether subs or full time are required to produce. I also know they should have adult supervision. This is a “mobile” app. text clarity, limited user intervention should be of paramount concern. Really, folks people are using this app. in high speed traffic on their phone while drinking a coffee trying to figure out if they can afford the coffee. Everything should be simple. All of that said the app. works however it did before..Version: 3.751

Not liking the new version of this App.The new version of the Chase App requires more swiping to see all your information. In the old version everything was easily accessible on one page. In the new version you have to tap to further pages in order to access information and when you do, you have to tap back again to remind you what you could see before as its no longer on the screen. The old version displayed everything clearly on one page..Version: 3.751

You broke it with the update AGAIN!!They fixed it with and update, and now they updated again, and it won’t connect to deposit checks. Keep giving error “cant connect to chase, please try again later”. Used several high speed WiFi connections and also my 4G on my phone. I really wish they could just let the app be a bank app and stop making cosmetic improvements that make it look “nicer” while breaking the functionality. Older review: I used this app constantly. Most often, to deposit checks I am paid while I'm on the road. Since the update, no matter how brightly lit and clear of a picture I take of the check, I get the error that the check isn't clear enough and I need to take the picture again. It hasn't worked once. I used to take pix in dim light (the check was still clear, but not as clear as I'm taking now with my iPhone 7) and it always worked great. Looks like they broke it with this update. If it isn't fixed soon, I don't see the point in this app at all. Writing a review because customer service wasn't helpful at all..Version: 3.800

INACCURATE CREDIT AVAILABILITY!! SLOW UPDATES!There are a couple things that are really frustrating about this app. For one, it says payments are cleared before they are actually cleared. It’s frustrating when it says I have available credit when I don’t. I pay all my transactions the day after I make them. But the system is a lot slower than I’d hope for. I understand this is an issue with getting the payment cleared by my bank and the chase credit card system, but then it shouldn’t reflect on my statements as completed when it isn’t completed. I called the credit card contact support. And they gave me the accurate available credit. I don’t understand why the app can’t do this. Another thing is that the interface is really busy. Especially when I’d like to redeem points. It should be clear cut and to the point since there are only a few different ways to redeem points, but there’s a lot of extra stuff that really isn’t needed all on one page. Come on Chase, you can do better...!!.Version: 4.153

LimitedHaving come from America’s most convenient bank I was so disappointed with what I was able to do with the chase app. I only use chase because I have an auto loan and setting up payments couldn’t be more annoying. First of all half of the things you can do on the TD app you just aren’t able to do on the chase app. Instead they make you open it up on a computer which basically makes the app use irrelevant. Literally all I have to do is pay my loan and the app makes that difficult. Also I have at least 2k in my account and I set up auto pay ON THE COMPUTER two days before it was due and I chose the closest date and it charged me a late fee and most likely lowered my credit which is really irritating. I even have a picture of the confirmation for setting up my auto pay and the date I did it is in the corner of the picture so I have proof of chase screwing things up. I do not recommend using this bank in the slightest bit. Honestly get you auto loan and bank account somewhere else. I do have to admit chase has great credit cards but that doesn’t make up for everything else it’s lacking on. Also speaking to an Indian guy on the phones who I was struggling to understand is not convenient at all..Version: 4.110

Nice app better management of external bank accounts neededI prefer Amex over Chase credit cards, but the banking app is nice. However when it comes to saved external bank accounts with other accounts to make credit card payments forget it. The app is very cumbersome in using external payments and promotes Chase bank accounts over any other bank. This type of behavior I find very unethical of Chase in UX placement and functionality. Furthermore the app should also support one time payments from external accounts. After calling Chase with multiple voice responses repeated twice in a row by their automated systems the rep was able to help me make my payment otherwise my payment could have been late because of the poor UX Chase has put in for external bank account management. This needs a lot of work Chase pls fix it. I hope the Bank did not intentionally lay out the UI this way so the Bank could earn more in late payment fees. If this is the case I find this behavior extremely unethical and it will make me rethink my banking relations with Chase..Version: 4.140

Does not work in CanadaWill not work with my Amazon Canada CC. Disappointing..Version: 2.651

Can only use one phoneI have 2 mobile phones. 1 at work and 1 at home. When i updated the app on the one at work then tried to log in it no longer recognized the phone. I had over the past year logged in a hundred times on that phone. Why should updating the app make the phone unrecognizeable? I spent the next 20 min trying to put in the security texts that were sent so the app would recognize my phone. It never did. When i got home i tried 3 more times with the work phone without success. I called chase customer service and after 3 separate tries with that rep i got in. I thanked her and was relieved. Then i tried getting in with my home mobile phone and that was not recognized!!! After several more security texts i got the home phone to be recognized. Then tried the work phone and you guessed it. No longer recognized. Bad Bad app. This is a huge bank . I dont expect this but i guess i should given other security issues loding millions of consumer s personal info. Maybe thats why its so hard for the actual client yo get past the security.Version: 2.662

Doesn't work if your Chase account is Canadian.Don't waste your time if your account is Canadian..Version: 2.610

Does not work in Canada!Not sure why this is in the Canadian App Store, it does not work for Canadian Chase cards....Version: 2.620

Forced IOS updateThis app forces you to update and won't work with older IOS. No other banking app demands this whilst offering equal or better functionality..Version: 2.675

Doesn't work for CanadaDon't bother downloading Canada.Version: 2.610

Very nice app with bugs***Major bug!*** Whenever I try to view my statements & documents I get a pop up that says “For your security, this feature is unavailable on devices that have been “jailbroken” or contain malware. Read our Security FAQ to use this feature.” This pop up is a glitch unless I have malware I don’t know of because my device is not “jailbroken” and has never been “jailbroken” Chase by far has the best banking app, you can do almost anything in this app and it’s very helpful. Only thing it is missing is a simple notification type such as “send me a push notification when a direct deposit is available/deposited on your account” my old bank had this and it would send me a notification stating “a direct deposit of $0.00 from xyz is available on your account ending in 321” instead Chase has the option of a direct deposit of a certain amount, I set it to $0.01 and sometimes it tells me about a direct deposit exceeding the limit of $0.01 is available. Otherwise it works great & looks good!.Version: 4.171

APP DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ THIS AND FIX ITThe Chase mobile app works great, except for one thing that is honestly the simplest thing to include in a mobile banking app and its extremely frustrating that they don’t have it. With every other banking app, the TOTAL is calculated for you after every single transaction. The TOTAL number is displayed in a smaller font under the transaction cost - how else are people supposed to keep track of their total payments? When you submit a payment to Chase, the only thing that changes in your current balance - how the hell are you supposed to know what was posted, what was included, what was deducted. It’s SO SIMPLE to include TOTAL minus WHAT THE CUSTOMER PAID, so they can SEE themselves and actually KEEP TRACK of their credit card payments. It’s ridiculous to expect customers to calculate themselves. Please open the BANK OF AMERICA mobile app and copy how they provide customers with their TOTAL remaining costs. BOA has it for their checkings, savings AND CREDIT CARD accounts. Honestly, it seems a little SHADY of Chase to not provide a simple calculation per transaction to help their customers keep track of their expenses. I love the Chase card and I don’t want to cancel it but this makes it very difficult to keep track of my MONEY, which is just ridiculous..Version: 3.706

Mobile depositsJust a word to the wise, the mobile deposit is anything but convenient. I decided to give it a try with great confidence, only to have seriously regretted my decision immediately. Chase states that mobile deposits are usually available within the next business day. Upon completing my mobile deposit last week I still have not received any funds.. Upon Calling customer service they advised me that my deposit would not be available for another week & could not help me at all regarding the Matter & offered no solutions but to wait. Which isn’t exactly an option, Especially considering the fact that I was depending on a fast & convenient method of depositing my check. Meanwhile I did the deposit 3 days ago already. I am completely dissatisfied with the service provided. I never write reviews, but I particularly feel the need to share my experience so that no one else will make the unknowing mistake of expecting convenience and instead have been met with anything but that. I’ve definitely learned my lesson when it comes to depending on the chase app for convenient account management & will most certainly think twice about using it again..Version: 3.751

Why should I report an issue with Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest.

Is Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest not working?

Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest.

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