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Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest App User Positive Comments 2023

Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest app received 109 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about chase mobile®: bank & invest?

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Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest for Positive User Reviews

Empowering app with friendly interfaceEasy to use and helps in getting everyday banking activities carried out smoothly.Version: 2.610

Easy to useGreat app, helps immensely in keeping track of my account balance. Only uses a password for sign in which is convenient but makes me wonder about security.Version: 2.550

It's a great app- effective, clean and easy to navigate.Good job.Version: 2.623

Very handy has most web functionalityVery handy has most web functionality.Version: 2.490

User InterfaceUser Interface is very user friendly. Options are easy to find and use. Always new offers and options. I would, however, really like to see a pop up window with instructions/explanation of use in instances where the user continually gets an error of some sort and can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong or need a definition of the option they’re trying to use. For example there are some that I’m not sure what they are and therefore I don’t use them. Whereas if there was say a question mark button that I could tap and and a definition of use window would pop up, I might find it’s something that applies to my needs. Also, is there a Savings Account that does not charge a monthly fee. We are disabled seniors and my husband is also a veteran and we are both on a fixed income. Five dollars a month is not much to most but when you’re on a fixed income it is. I do, however, highly recommend Chase Bank. Sincerely, Yvonne Gonzalez.Version: 3.821

FantasticA great App, makes life so much easier..Version: 2.662

Chase app ratingWhile this is indeed a much better way to take care of my daily banking, compared to years-gone-by, there are issues. The biggest problem for me, and others, are the surprising changes that are made. It makes it very confusing to try and use an app when it abruptly changes. The biggest problem is trying to figure out what happened?, Why did it change?, What happened to my previous setup?, No information on how to now navigate the system. It makes people, like me, very nervous and insecure about using it. It’s just very difficult and therefore takes up too much time to figure out how to use the app. I realize there are people who live and breathe technology and think it’s more big deal’. I used to be that type of person, using tech at home as well as at work. That is not he case any longer and these “changes” with no notice, no instruction, make life very difficult..Version: 4.100

Lots of informationGood UI - presents all info you can get on full site in a reasonably good and concise design. I take care of all my banking on this app. Not buggy either. 😄.Version: 2.500

Works great clean.... well doneFantastic app.Version: 2.652

Good bankI like chase Bank because it still help us when we need to ask something, and are more conscious to help than other banks where I was constantly missing-money but there was not explanation. Even a friend who worked at a branch tried to help and find the reason but couldn’t figure it out. But I live in a city where there’s not a branch for Chase Bank, and is inconvenient to travel 10 minutes in heavy traffic to use the Bank. I support people from any race or color and prefer to use a bank that do the same as you do, but because of the distance I have to use another Bank in the city I live and have various accounts with them when I could of do all in 1 Bank. Thank you for accepting people from any race, color or background Etc.I never felt discrimination when I go to Chase’s closer Branch. And best is I never have to wait 30 mins. Or longer to get help. Thank You. S.R..Version: 4.001

Very good appEasy to use and able to complete routine transactions..Version: 2.500

Simple App, easy to followSimple headers with easy to follow viewing area..Version: 2.652

Almost 5 stars!We’ve almost completed one year as Chase banking customers. Personal service from Priscilla Ramirez has been exceptional and general banking services are on par, or exceed those of their competition. However, my single frustration is that Chase maintains some policies that are tailored to the masses and could be better fine tuned to the customer level. My complaint is that I receive a recurring monthly check, in the same amount each month and from a corporate entity. This check happens to exceed the “arbitrary amount” Chase has established as the maximum that can be deposited via your personal electronic devices - meaning one has to make a physical visit to a Chase bank, every month, to manually make this deposit. It only seems logical, at least to me, that customer history should be a factor that could be taken into account to allow exceptions to arbitrary amount limiting policies, such as this one..Version: 4.262

Love itAwesome.Version: 2.340

Best bankLove to be customer of this bank.Version: 2.320

Nice appNice app I would love to have international wire facility as well.Version: 2.620

The first and bestChase has always been a leader in the online banking. Chase has the best and easiest application for mobile based banking, from there easy to use photo direct deposit and much more. Love this app, the only other one that’s better is USAA. You can’t ask for more. Thank you Chase.Version: 2.652

Excellent useful appThis is really a good app with all the necessary features..Version: 2.340

Most excellent but more functionality pleaseGreat app but please add more functionality like card activation etc.Version: 2.471

Fantastic AppThis app allows me to do so many great things while I'm on the-go. It's super convenient and a must have app. I love it!.Version: 2.623

Like it!!!Nice useful features.Version: 2.652

BangerBanger app.Version: 2.661

Best banking appI use BoA, HSBC and Chase. Chase has far and above the most intuitive and useful app. I can do everything. Avoid HSBC at any cost. Absolutely worthless app. BoA somewhere in the middle..Version: 2.673

Very ConvenientIt's so easy to use and saves you the trouble of going all the way to the bank..Version: 2.471

It's excellent, packed with technologyI have done a review of the chase app over a year ago and had a lot to gripe about. I hated the fact that you had to accept quickpays. I also hated the fact that you needed to login to conduct transactions after you used your finger print to get into your app. Both of these annoyances have been fixed with this update. I absolutely love the way chase deducts the money for Bill pays right on the spot. It makes your balances so much easier to manage. I love the freshness and the high-tech feel of the app. One area for improvement would be to allow a direct dialed phone call to a representative right from the app having already completed the authentication process. Also, allow the app to show images of all transactions, including deposits just like BOA does. Other than those 2, the app is perfect. Update. I also love managing my brokerage account right through the app with the ability to move money quickly between my brokerage and checking account. This app is really the best of the best in the banking world..Version: 4.130

User friendlyIt is very easy to use and well organized.Version: 2.620

Don’t Know Why People Hate Chase…I love Chase, and better yet, the app. People complain that they hate Chase because it charges insufficient fund fees when they have pending deposits. Well, that’s not how it works. If you had money, you wouldn’t be charged, if you knew what you were spending in accordance with their actual balance, then there’s now reason for ISF fees. They just talk ish because they don’t know how to manage their own money and blame the bank. It’s better then BoA, BMO, OldSecond, and ant other credit unions. They even have went so far as to noticing that was out of state and texted to confirmed as well as texted to confirmed that all the payment made out of state were actually mine so that was a nice addition to the security as well as peace of mind. Only issue is when i travel, sometimes nearest Chase or Chase ATM is more than 50+ miles away but I can make do with the Non-Chase ATM fee’s and their’s as well..Version: 2.662

Simple but usefulNo steep learning curve on this app. Still does most of what you used to go into a branch to do. Better than some other banking apps I have used..Version: 2.610

ReviewGood service keep up good work.Version: 4.192

Great features!I love that I can log in with my fingerprint and deposit checks without having to visit the bank!.Version: 2.461

Great app, really helpfulNice design, works really well.. Great for using Chase Quickpay, and the Touch ID integration is a nice touch (no pun intended). I like the swipe right for balances too..Version: 2.471

Best bankRealistic interest on secured deposits . Discount on card spending. Best of both worlds.Version: 4.302

Works fine from overseasI now live in Sydney Australia, and receive checks occasionally from the USA. I can scan the check from my phone and deposit it straight into my account. I no longer have to risk sending the check through the mail..Version: 2.490

Intuitive quick and reliableInternet banking is getting better everywhere but chase is perhaps one of the best i have used. Security alerts are great. I feel confident using it anywhere..Version: 2.500

Almost Fully EffecientI believe banking on this app is easy. It’s also convenient that they have incorporated Zelle into it. Great partnership. However, one thing that is very inconvenient is that you can not access the settings of your account from it. More particularly, the “hide account” feature. You have to go back to the regular site. I also believe that with this hide setting, you should at least be able to transfer money into the hidden account. For an example, I’m pretty sure majority of people who use this feature hides their accounts from themselves as a savings. But I don’t want to have to go to a web browser to sign into Chase (while asking me to visit the app) change my settings to make the account visible, transfer the money into the account, then make it back hidden, sign out & then go back to that app to finish what I was doing. 1. Make the profile setting available on the app. 2. Allow for transfers into hidden accounts without revealing account amount. :).Version: 4.171

You guys are greatGreet hassle free app. Give me the info I need at a swipe..Version: 4.010

Mr TThnx Chase.Version: 2.471

IntuitiveEasy to use app which provides all the features needed for everyday use..Version: 2.550

Doesn’t work nowMy iPad won’t download the new app! I loved the old one and used it every day, so now I’m gutted!! Not sure what to do now..Version: 4.171

Format annoying on iPadThe vertical format on the iPad is annoying. Can’t see whole overview of my main page summary on a single screen like I can on my laptop. Font is oversized and too large too..Version: 3.733

Simple and effectiveI live out of the US. Chase app makes it easy for me to manage my accounts. I wish all my banks had such a simple interface..Version: 2.471

Great banking appThe Touch ID to log in is great. Being able to take photos of cheques is also great. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.461

Easy to useI set this up quickly and it seems easy to use..Version: 2.340

Easy to useConvenient.Version: 2.500

Convenient and easy to useVery easy to use, never had any trouble with this app unlike some other bank apps..Version: 2.652

Nice and conciseIt is a really good app, the only reason for a 4 starts is the "secure messages" section, which is just a web view wrapper around the service.Version: 2.471

Easiest deposits easiest transactionsChase has been a wonderful bank to our entire family over many years and continues to supersede every expectation of what a easy bank and a friendly family bank does for you.Version: 4.270

Great App!I have been using this app for quite a while. It is really easy to use and intuitive..Version: 2.471

How Banking Apps Should Be!Chase Bank in its enormity understands the importance of simplicity in mobile apps. Check balances, pay bills etc in the quickest and secure way possible..Version: 2.634

Great AppEasy to use anywhere in the world!.Version: 2.550

Easy Peasy !I find this app so easy and convenient to use. Helps me stay on top of everything. Well Done Chase !.Version: 2.620

Very Timely ResponseI am satisfied with the efficiency level shown by Chase Team in responding to all my queries made via their online banking system . May they continue to render the same level of service to all their customers ..Version: 4.240

Does what I need. No problems.This app is easy and straight forward..Version: 2.340

We’ve come a long way but there’s more to goOver the last few months the updates all around are great especially the updates surrounding searching contacts and sending quick pays. However alerts MUST BE FIXED! When you click on alerts the first thing you should see is a chronological list of all alerts regardless of the account, you can add a filter on top to sort and filter by account, but the most recent one needs to be on top. The fact that I need to click in to each account to find out where the alert came from is beyond me. Also there must be a page where you can view ALL accounts similar to the view currently under personal accounts where you can see all personal accounts and its balances etc. for some reason business account you need to click into each one. I suggest there should be an all accounts that includes personal and business..Version: 3.751

Nice app that saves me timeNice app with weekly spend views, can you add a credit card balance sneak peak for Apple Watch? If you don’t know what I mean check out Tesco finance they have it..Version: 4.002

GREAT CHASE BANK 💰I have always liked Chase Banks. They are easy to deal with and always very helpful. Even the staff when you go talk to them are all very nice & friendly. That’s what I like most about this bank. I have switched & had other banks but none are as good as chase. Others are rude even on the phone. The apps don’t provide good details on your banks as chase does either. I like the option they have to choose your card styles & how they have everything you mite need all in the app & it’s easy to find everything on the chase app so it’s not all confusing & jam packed like other bank apps. It’s easy to get to everything. They also have options to look @ loans and apply for other stuff. This bank actually cares & is helping you get stuff in life. If you would consider a bank you need to get chase. They are always friendly & helpful. I appreciate everything Chase does for its customers. No other bank will. Thanks 💕.Version: 2.675

Good appVery good..Version: 2.652

Works perfectlyKudos to Chase for a great app. Does what I want it to..Version: 2.471

GreatI love this app very easy to use.Version: 3.733

Chase Banking AppMakes life so much easier. Love being able to take photo of check to lodge it. So easy to navigate & keep up to date with account balance etc. well done Chase.Version: 2.461

Very useful app!I thoroughly appreciate my credit card app along with my banking app. As I am an ExPat in Australia, the Chase app allows me to do quick banking whenever and wherever I am! Appreciate it, Chase! Cheers!.Version: 2.623

Good overall - needs dark modeThe app is easy to use and well designed. The main thing that would make it better would be a night mode or dark mode version of the app..Version: 4.330

So convenient!Great app...easy to check balance, transactions and statements. Also payments are quick..Version: 2.652

A review about the Chase Bank Mobile appThis app is easy to use and convent when it's up and running properly! Easy to get checking, savings and money market updated balances any time of the day. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 “I love banking with Chase Bank! They do a great job handling your hard earned money, checking, savings, money market, retirement planing with your 401-K ... and so much more. The staff is friendly, professional and there to help with many products they offer including a financial advisor! Chase Bank you can count on them for great service. If there’s a problem they’re right there to assist you and answer any questions you may have! I enjoyed working for Chase Bank for 11 1/2 years in the Processing Center that use to be off Grade Lane. Great co-worker I still keep in touch with. I say this to say, You can count on JP MORGAN CHASE BANK and the services they offer. Buying a new home or car? Need to open up a checking or savings account, IRA, CD’s... go in to Chase Bank or give them a call! Go Chase! They will have you covered.” 🤗🌈💕👍🏽.Version: 4.211

Good appThis is a good app, but it could be improved if you didn’t have to hunt for the sign out button..Version: 3.960

Great appGreat app! Have never had problems with it.Version: 2.652

Muchas gracias y BendicionesThanks Carlos isaza Que tengas un lindo día ☀️.Version: 4.191

Love it!Make it convenient especially when I am travelling in other countries.Version: 2.652

Best Banking Experience EverAmazingly Awesome. Trying is believing! Isiaka Akande.Version: 4.201

Was just fine, now? Not so muchWhat happened? It was just fine for years, but after this latest update, does not function well. It keeps saying, after appropriate time not being used, "Idle time out. You are being securely signed out. Thank you for your patience." But the little message will not go away, and underneath it, the app will log me in with Touch ID, but that message is inside a white box that blocks the entire app, so I am unable to move forward and USE the app! This problem is brand new in the last 2 weeks or so. I have removed and reloaded the app on my phone but it keeps happening intermittently. PLEASE FIX THIS. Plus, I don't appreciate only having the most recent THREE transactions available to view- now I have to go an extra step to continue viewing any older transactions. WHY ADD an extra step to be able to do what I used to do with one step???? PLEASE FIX this too..Version: 3.704

Best in classI use banking apps in three continents and the Chase app is by far the best. While fingerprint ID would be a great addition, all features work seamlessly..Version: 2.560

Changes should be improvementsThe predominant use of gray text on white background is not an improvement. If a person has multiple accounts, monitoring activity has become less user friendly. The fact that on an iPad the display area is larger than it was previously, is an improvement but it is out weighted by gray text on white. The fact that more “taps” are required for simple operations is not an improvement. Wanting to sign off the app. is not abnormal however it requires a screen change and possibly a scroll. These are only a few of the issues. I understand software developers whether subs or full time are required to produce. I also know they should have adult supervision. This is a “mobile” app. text clarity, limited user intervention should be of paramount concern. Really, folks people are using this app. in high speed traffic on their phone while drinking a coffee trying to figure out if they can afford the coffee. Everything should be simple. All of that said the app. works however it did before..Version: 3.751

Good functionality.Easy to use. I've never had a problem using this app..Version: 2.500

UpdateI recently updated, previously there was no “account balance” when looking at transactions. After the update there is a balance to the left of the transaction, this is good because it helps you understand where your money is going/coming from in a step by step basis. It is also terrible because I am English native and we read from left to right, and the balance shown is “after” the transaction shown. This seems like it would be nice; but when I am reading it, I read “balance minus transaction” “balance plus deposit” but the balance is actually AFTER the deposit; so, to be clear, I would really appreciate it if the balance indicated was reflective of the balance before the transaction, or if the locations of the information were flipped (deposits or transactions to the left, and balance after transaction to the right) thanks so much for updating your application and keeping Your Users satisfied!.Version: 4.143

Chase’s my worries awayLove my chase mobile it saves me so much time. This app is wonderful and easy to use. Manage so much on my phone, very happy customer..Version: 2.662

Good serviceWe have been provided very good service..Version: 4.001

On line bankingBecause I live in Canada I need the flexibility to be able to get money to my kids for my grandchildren’s birthdays. I am so happy to be able to easily do most of my banking on-line. Love my bank....Version: 4.171

Nice one ChaseEasy to use :).Version: 2.340

Good app if a little datedGood all-round app, functional and intuitive. Now it has fingerprint ID it is much more up to date..Version: 2.623

GoodCan we have this app in the UK please?.Version: 4.291

Love the appGreat look. Easy to use. Extremely satisfied.Version: 2.340

So easyThe Chase app is so easy to use, all my balances on the main page, easy to transfer between accounts. It is banking as it should be.Version: 2.550

Mobile Check Deposit is AwesomeThis is an amazing functionality in Chase mobile banking. Simple to use in depositing a check without going to a Bank branch (which for me is not nearby) and it really works!.Version: 2.500

Great appHaving just moved to the US, banking was one of the basics I had to attend to. This app is easy to install and navigate. It is simple and clear and has great functionality. I like how many features are customisable. Works perfectly..Version: 2.652

IncomparableHad and have lots of cards. Never any like this. Courtesy. Immediacy. Service. Benefits. No other comes close. A privilege..Version: 2.662

This is how mobile banking should beVery good! I can do everything on it! Love it. It just keeps getting better and better too. Thanks Chase.Version: 2.634

Nice appWorks great.Version: 2.623

So convenientI love everything about this app. From the convenience of checking my balances to sending money to other chase users with ease..Version: 2.550

IvanGreat!.Version: 3.710

ReviewI like the new app very good service especially the security..Version: 3.751

Travel BankI travel a lot. This is the ideal app. It's the bank traveling with me. Clear entries. Fast response. All the info I need. Excellent app..Version: 2.340

Great jobWebsite is so user friendly and very efficient. Easily modify requirements, extremely clear for understanding, and finally you have done an excellent job..Version: 3.810

App Keeps Crashing every two secondsDon’t get me wrong, I am very pleased with Chase as my financial institution of choice and I have used the Chase app for many years. But since the last few updates the app has been crashing repeatedly nonstop every time I attempt to use it. I have tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it in hopes that it would solve the problem but unfortunately it does not. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Is it just on my phone this is occurring? Please either find and fix the update that is causing this problem or resort back to the version before these occurrences started. This is horrible and frustrating, the constant crashing is preventing me from depositing, transferring, and even just checking my balance. I log in and it’s so bad no sooner I get to the account page it crashes and shuts down. This is ridiculous..Version: 4.192

Neat and tidy app that does all it shouldThis is an app that lets me do all the basic stuff I need to. Clean interface, easy to navigate and find things.Version: 2.490

Great AppI virtually never have to physically go to the bank anymore! That translates into savings of time, money, and stress. It's a win win situation. It's very easy to use, and efficient..Version: 2.610

Good work ChaseBeats the hell out of my other Australian banks apps..Version: 2.340

Does all it need it to!Compare very well with my former bank which had very little to offer international customers. So easy to use too!.Version: 2.634

To the Daily Snapshot Team......And everyone who supported the effort of launching Daily Snapshot... I’ve been working with the Financial Gym for the last 8 months and my finances have significantly improved. But there was one part of my financial workout that I kept failing at - maintaining my BUDGET! Ugh! Any trick, habit, method, app, etc. was just not working for me - I couldn’t get consistent. All I need to know is a quick snapshot/report/graph of my finances, my habits, and what I need to change. I login to my chase app almost every day to ensure I have no surprises, or give myself a chance to manage surprises immediately. So I’m SO glad I don’t have to go through the change of adopting a new app or habit or method. I just get to keep on working in my chase app and know exactly what I need to do to improve!! WOOHOO!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for creating this! AND you launched it at a perfect time in my life, so thanks for being in sync ;) Sending all the love and prosperity to you great folks!.Version: 3.821

Easy to use appThe menu is straight forward and the same "feel" as that of the online application. The screens are well laid out and easy to read..Version: 2.480

Trading issueThere are cases that I cannot place an order. Solve that and you are close to perfect..Version: 4.172

The best US mobile banking appI don’t normally write reviews, but the Chase app is amazing. I switched banks (from BoA) just because of how great the Chase mobile experience is. Keep it up!.Version: 4.171

Needs Bill Pay RevisionWhen you go into Bill Pay to revise a scheduled payment, it brings you ALL the way out to the first step of bill pay. Then when you want to revise another scheduled payment, you have to go all the way out to the first step of bill pay, click on three different things to pay that one bill early. If you’re paying all of your bills earlier, which I try to do, it’s 15 bills that I have to change, change again, agree to change, then get logged all the way out to the beginning start of “Bill Pay”, instead of putting me right back into activity where I NEED to be to change the scheduled payments. After 15 times it feel like an extremely sophomoric app. What’s more is that when you’re done making “a change to your activity payment” it asks you, “ would you like to return to bill pay?” Well yes!.. to EXACTLY where I came from so I don’t have to start over every single time. Come on guys, get some professionals on your app. Bill Pay is huge. You use to be able to do all of this before you’re update about 8-1 year ago? The message center is better, although delayed on the messages showing up somewhere so I can get the ALERT off my cell phone app. I went back in three different times in the same day and could not locate the message that needed to be read. If you don’t have it ready to be read due to a pending transaction, then don’t show it as an alert we need to read on our app! Outside of that, good app.Version: 2.662

Darken font pleaseI had this on my ipad2 for a year and liked it overall. Then came the warning that the new update would require iOS 12 and I’d be without. Then all my bank apps said the same and were updating to the new iOS. I went ahead and got a 12.9” iPad Pro, now I have to put glasses on to read the numbers in the app. They’re tiny and almost grayed out looking. It’s awful for us older folks that don’t have 20 year old vision anymore. Even my son said it looked pretty faint to him. Please update the darkness in your font so everyone can see it easily! My other 2 bank apps are easily read so I know it’s not another problem on my end. For me the light gray font on a white page isn’t for anyone over 50. There’s a lot of us out here too so please consider a darker and more bold font for ease of visibility. Seems too many apps are on the light font gig right now and it’s frustrating to us seniors. You will be there too one day and then will realize what I’m talking about..Version: 3.831

Chase Bank Mobile App.Fast, reliable, responsive..Version: 4.291

Works perfectlyThis app does what it says on the tin. Banking made simple. Can't reasonably want more..Version: 2.560

Great appAlways secure, easy to use - love it.Version: 2.634

Great appGreat app works very well. No bugs. Able to view and print off statements. Secure and quick 👌🏾.Version: 2.500

Bank in my pocketReally useful app - works very well with the QuickPay function and can even pay in checks using the phones camera. Seems pretty secure which would be my only concern with mobile banking..Version: 2.440

Super appModern banking has become great with the chase app....way to go Chase ! Simple and easy to use..Version: 4.002

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