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Choice asUse this app most days, keeps me motivated with all the stats, and during my runs same buzz.Version: 5.11.1

Handy appThis app allows me to check on the results of my attempts to stay active by walling. However, it would be good if it detected inactivity - I often forget to stop the workout when I arrive at my destination..Version: 4.5.5

Best app for running and bike ridingAfter downloading and using the top running/bikeriding/fitness apps to find my favourite, mapmyfitness is the chosen one by far. It has a really clear user interface and a great community of users. Some suggestions which could help improving it: -Ability to remove music controls from screen while recording activities. They take up a lot of space and not everyone use them. -Ability to keep the map in plan view or 3D view. At the moment it always goes back to 3D view by default. -When recording activities with 2 rows of counters (4 little counters on top), the map gets centered very close to the top edge, rather than the centre of the map screen. It's just a few suggestions which I'm sure will get improved in future versions. The app is my favourite and I will keep using it - thanks for creating it!!.Version: 5.7.3

Map My Fitness VeteranI have been using this app for years and despite looking at similar sites I have found Map My Fitness to be the most practical, logical and useful. I use it to map and time all of my kayaking, running and cycling routes. I can look back over the years and track my progress! I love the regular summaries they send as a sense of achievement and continued motivation to stay on goal. Highly recommend this app for any level of athlete..Version: 5.12.2

Great app for tracking fitness exercises, please add calendarThis is a great app for tracking the Cardio and Weight Training sessions I do at the Gym. However, the only reason I have given this 4 stars instead of 5 is that it lacks the calendar display which the web browser version has. This shows the exercises mapped onto a calendar for the month, and allows you to see the exercises and their frequency in a far better way than the app, which only shows you exercise by exercise. Otherwise a great app, that can be interfaced to the “MyFitnessPal” (food consumption, calories in) and “Fitbit” (exercise steps, calories out) to track the effectiveness of exercise..Version: 20.16.0

It helps keep track of me!I've used MapMyFitness both in New Zealand and now in the UK. I've used it for cycling, running and walking - and I will continue to do so! 🚶.Version: 17.4.2

Map itLoving this series of apps. Tho have now switched wholly & solely to map my fitness over the others. ❤️.Version: 5.4.2

Ok pour un app gratuitJ'utilise MapMyFitness depuis plusieurs années. L'option coaching m'est utile et les enregistrements de séances m'aident à voir ma progression. J'ai eu des bugs de GPS dans les versions précédentes mais ça semble réglé maintenant..Version: 17.7.6

Updated! Changes in calorie countUpdated! After much searching for solutions online I found that my weight was logged at 19 pounds on my health app in my Apple Watch. I have no idea how that happened. I run again tomorrow so fingers crossed it worked. My normal 8 mile 800ish calorie run is now being logged for 110 calories, a 2 mile run is now 22 calories. I’ve looked on several other calorie calculators and haven’t found one that correlates with the changes I’m seeing. Is there a mistake with the new way of calculating calories or was the old way massively overestimating? I feel like this large of an adjustment warrants an explanation..Version: 19.6.0

PaddlingGreat for kayaking. Even helps prevent getting lost on a new Lake..Version: 17.8.1

A must!Great Ap! Keeps you motivated when working out, hard to train without this..Version: 16.2.3

Great way to track progressI’ve been using this app for years and find it a great way to keep track off all different types off workouts.Version: 17.9.5

Great AppI like the app and it is easy to use. I find the marketing around Map My Fitness vs Map My Ride vs the other May My apps confusing. I would have rated the app higher if the premium features were not so expensive..Version: 17.7.6

Awesome appPerfect for all my running. Only negative is that I wish it had a delete all button for the notifications. I love all of the challenges you can join..Version: 17.8.1

Best fitness app aroundI love to walk to keep fit and it’s a bonus if you can collect data on the route etc. This app allows you to do so many things it’s amazing. It automatically maps your route using GPS showing the complete route when you’ve finished your exercise. It will also provide voice feedback on distance walked, pace, heart rate etc which is amazing. If you fancy music too it can play one of your playlists while walking. I wouldn’t ever be without it. Love it.Version: 20.9.0

Love itLove this app. Track all my workouts. Send me summary emails. The only drawback is that it doesn't link my cycling activity to the health app on my iPhone.Version: 17.8.1

What’s going on?!I’ve been using this app. (Free version) for a few months and found it helpful and working fine. After the most recent update my workout timer doesn’t continue to count even when my phone screen goes to sleep. It appears the app. shuts off after about 30 sec. So when I go back in to check the progress, the app. has only registered 30 sec. to 1 min. Very frustrating! Is there a setting that was turned on or off in the update, that I could adjust? Please advise. Thank you..Version: 21.6.0

Better updateFaster update that doesn't crash. Great app to keep fitness motivation up.Version: 5.12.1

Great potential but buggyThese apps have been around for a while with new versions and names coming out that essentially do exactly the same thing. I bought and paid for Mapmyride+. Then out comes Mapmyfitness that does exactly the same but with some new graphics. And I'm expected to buy it again? Also when posting to Facebook it gets confused between miles and Km. ( it also often hangs when attempting to post) I do all my training in Km, then when it posted to Fbook it does a weird conversion and makes my KM miles, then converts back to Km. So a 36km ride I did yesterday posted eventually at over 90km. I use this app a lot so it's frustrating after its been around for a couple of tears to still be so buggy. Great potential once it's fixed though..Version: 4.2.3

Easy to useGreat for keeping track on your progress..Version: 4.6.4

Great app! Using it with FitBit.It's a great fitness companion that tracks a variety of workouts along with the mileage you put on the shoes you wear. The dog walk can auto pause for those dog moments so the workout time remains accurate. The real time mapping helped me when I took a wrong turn on a trail. I was able to get back on track and find my way home. So far, I am enjoying it and it suits me better than others I have tried. My only issue is the inconsistency in the coaching times. They seem to be way over or way under during the walk..Version: 17.9.1

Great app works well no internet neededGreat app worked well for me my Nike app wasn't working so I tried this one and I am more then pleased with it, it is now my daily app I recommend trying this.Version: 5.12.5

A great appA great app whether I run or bike or walk. I love the km voice feature. Doesn't always download to Myfitnesspal. However it had been a big motivator in my losing 20kg in past eight months Use it everyday. An excellent easy to use app.Version: 16.6.1

Great appGreat app - love the fact that you can keep track of all your trainings. However, for some reason my weekly stats start from a day late so my Tuesday is down as Wednesday - is there any way to correct it?.Version: 17.2.0

BarnabyGeoWorks perfectly with a lot of options. Very well designed & made. I only use it for my daily walks so haven't upgraded to the more sophisticated version. I get all the data I need including distance, time, splits times, kcals burnt & a GPS map of my walk. All workouts can be saved so you get a picture over time. Auto pauses if you stop suddenly, or you can pause your workout at any time. To get no of steps walked & heart rate I would need to upgrade..Version: 5.3.1

All the bits you needA very user friendly app. Great way to motivate yourself to get going! Links seamlessly with Myfittnesspal to track your food intake too..Version: 20.17.0

Great AppIntuitive and you can share with friends.Version: 20.8.0

Fitness MateI love the app I find it keeps me motivated I enjoy the report I receive every km I walk. I also like the option of adding a workout such as swimming or PT session or working out at the gym. I love the information I receive for all my workouts and also joining the challenges which makes working out even more fun.Version: 16.9.0

Love this appSuch a supportive community on here. ❤️ Love this app!!! So motivational and encouraging..Version: 20.20.0

Fantastic AppGreat app. I team it with My Fitness Pal by the same developer to get a full fitness suite that tracks not only workouts but diet as well to achieve my goals..Version: 16.2.3

Very Useful AppI find the standard facilities in the free version perfectly adequate for recording my progress. The app is straightforward to use.Version: 18.12.0

Great way to track my MS kms and my own fitness!This app is very functional though I haven’t looked through it completely as yet. I went on a long walk last night I think I need to stretch, lol. That is my downfall poor warmup or shall I say no warm up just get into it!! Maybe that is my strength?? The app has brilliant for my MS tracking also. We all know how the dancing went lol I’m always in trouble for something lol Thank you for providing this amazing service 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗.Version: 21.8.0

Walk/run with the kids to the park do a few laps upside down push ups/horizontal pull-ups.Good for the family and I love the gps voice on the kilometre..Version: 18.12.0

MapMyFitness is a good app.It is made by Under Armour. I use the free version. In previous versions, I walked near Maumelle Park. Though outside Little Rock, I walked in a Little Rock address. When I finished, it recorded my walk in Maumelle. That was not fixable. On at least 2 instances, the app decided to pause itself. If one has the paid version, you can pause the app, drive 10 miles, and resume. My splits are different with the free version. I pause the app, go with it paused, and resume. Imagine you are running. In the split is a straight line that connects the split. When I walk, I keep my iPhone unlocked. Yes, it drains the battery more quickly. However, it gives better readings. Let me switch to the positives. I typed it can be free. I guess the paid version drains a battery faster. Every period of time (usually 1 month), you can complete challenges. Challenges give you the chance to win free things..Version: 17.10.0

Continuing musicLove the App, has helped me track my progress since I started my ‘need to get healthy’ journey Is there any way you can build in an option to keep music playing when you complete your workout.. it’d be great for the music to keep going whilst doing a cool down post run...Version: 17.9.5

Very usefulGreat tool to keep a track on efforts. Could do with a family function though, to allow more than 1 person per account. Having some issues posting workouts and with the GPS accuracy. Seems a bit glitchy at the moment, having trouble syncing some workouts..Version: 5.9.1

ReliableNot one to write reviews but this app ill make that exception. Straight forward and accessible. Havent tried other running apps but have to say this being my first and only app theres no need to look any further. Probably rarely ever experienced any glitches or crashes. You cant ho wrong with it. Amazing and very supportive community aswell love it..Version: 19.20.0

Map my fitnessTotally love this app ... It keeps me motivated to keep pressing on. I love running but am unable to at present however the walk, bike and swim options have given me no excuses to slacken my efforts at keeping fit. Thanks 'map my fitness' :).Version: 5.7.1

Calorie calculation is incorrect.I notified this provider a year ago about a problem with this app and again this week. If I pair this with my phone, the calorie count is roughly half of the value on the iPhone app (if only recording on the phone). Their calculations are incorrect for the Apple Watch app and they don’t seem to care to want to fix it. A ride this week was 123 minutes long and the phone app showed 1000 calories. The watch app showed 570. Compared to a website with weight, speed and difficulty, their calculation was 1100 calories. This app in the watch is seriously off and developers don’t care..Version: 19.19.0

Too many adsJust too many..Version: 18.4.0

UnbelievableVery good app !.Version: 18.3.0

Great but...Love this app, but recently it's been freezing while opening. Reinstalling works but who wants to reinstall each time?.Version: 5.10.2

Awesome App!!Been a 'user' of MapMy* family of “free” apps for quite a few years now. I’ve recently switched to the paid subscription to eliminate ads, better accuracy and other premium features. Kudos to the UA software team for keeping the software up to date with the evolving world of hand held devices. I highly recommend this app, either paid or free versions, to anyone wanting to track daily health and fitness goals..Version: 20.17.0

Good trackerGood basic tracker to tell you speed, distance and calories for all sorts of exercise. Also talks to my fitness pal and adds calories to your daily quota. Its split times are odd as it doesn't average correctly. 805 and 845 give a split of 918 weird!.Version: 5.5.1

Brilliant appUse this app to record my dog walks and find it keeps me motivated to walk further than I sometimes want to. I find the automatic pause, which allows me to stop and talk to other walkers and sometimes to sit and admire the view, very useful as I do not loose any information on my split times, distance etc. I have set the app to show the screen continually whilst on so I can check it is working. I lost the GPS a couple of times however found turning off the Wi fi does the trick. Have also used the app in the gym and just put it on any other workout so I don't have to stop to change the workout when moving between machines. Also use it for classes. The app does drain the battery when using the GPS however I now remember to put it on charge as soon as possible after a workout. All in all I am finding this app very useful and it keeps me motivated. It also works well with other apps..Version: 16.2.1

Great motivationI love this app! You can set goals and MMF app will give you a plan to reach it. It’s amazing and gives that extra bit of motivation when you feel like slacking off. The only thing I would like is to be able to pause a workout from the lock screen, rather than having to unlock your phone and going back into the app..Version: 18.12.0

Easy To UseGreat app with lots of features like GPS tracking, voice overs and a time delay start (which makes it easy to use in the rain because I can start it inside, place it on my waterproof band and once I’m ready to run outside, hit go). I also love the band that runs along the top when I’m using another app so I can tap back to it. My new phone doesn’t allow me to hit my home button through my old running band so this is a convenient work around. One improvement that could be made is the ability to remap my run in the app (as opposed to logging in online) if the GPS got my route/mileage wrong..Version: 18.2.0

Awesome!If only I would remember to turn it on at the beginning of a walk, not half way through!.Version: 4.5.3

ReliableLove it! Easy to work with and I love being able to take a selfie. It’s great!.Version: 18.6.5

Could be betterWorks well part of the time, but at times distances are not consistent for the same route.Version: 18.4.0

Day timerGood app but I like some other apps that allow you to delay the start by 10+ seconds to give you time to place your phone someone secure.Version: 20.5.0

Awesome app and always improvingNewest update has kept me on track with weight training with the creation of workouts - already seeing improved results and consistency- also helping with my running as I get ready for another marathon in the fall. I’ve run many marathons but needed a reboot so I signed up for a training plan. The active run coaching and scheduling is keep me on track and well ahead of goal without overdoing anything. Keep up the improvements- I’ve been an active user of the app for 7 years in July..Version: 19.10.0

Good stuffThis app is good for me, keeps me informed as to distance and rate. Like it very much..Version: 18.4.6

Great app!I've been using this (along with mapmywalk) to track my workouts and food for the last three weeks and it's been working great..Version: 17.8.1

Love it!This is by far the best app for all fitness. It syncs with MyFitnessPal for nutrition plans and gives you training plans and ideas for every type of fitness. The paid version is a ridiculously good value. No other app gives you training from super famous athletes. And it’s really really cost effective. It makes a gym membership look like a complete rip off because you can do all these exercises at home. The run training is legit too. It’s not just made up. They have experts who make the plans. The tech part of it is seamless too. The voice coaching is really helpful. I have the digital running shoes and never get injured anymore. I’ve also gotten a lot better at my goals. When I don’t want to hear the voice coaching, I just turn it off. So so so great!!.Version: 21.1.0

BrilliantGreat to keep track of how far I walked & the time. I am also recording other activities such as golf.Version: 5.7.1

Occasional glitches are frustrating98% of the time I absolutely love this app. Today I started it and started running. While waiting for my mile stats, I knew I had run further than a mile already so I opened the app back up and it said I had only run for 8 seconds and did a Birdseye distance of how far away I was from my starting point. I had to map my whole run out after I finished to see the distance. Otherwise I usually LOVE the convenience of mapmyfitness..Version: 17.9.1

Great appEasy to use and awesome that you can choose which workout you’re doing. Love that you can see it in a map after!.Version: 20.9.0

Excellent ToolLove that it feeds Apple Health and My Fitness Pal. Really helping me control my intake.Version: 20.18.0

Perfect and easyLove it! Simple, tracks accurately.....Version: 17.8.1

GreatBeen using this to record my walks. Has been helping keep track off distance and time. 😊.Version: 17.8.1

Great appThe only reason I gave it 4 stars is because sometimes I have trouble with it starting. It shows that it’s going by time but you check pace and only have lines. This could be due to where I live as we have trouble with cell signal sometimes. I do like it a lot otherwise and like that it links with MyFitnessPal app. I do wish that it gave a pace for all miles but it gives 2 at a time over 10 miles..Version: 19.13.0

Great App!!I have been using this app for over 12 months & find it great for tracking & motivation. It Aldi syncs with my fit bit which is a bonus..Version: 17.9.5

Had for yearsApp works great, had it for years and never had any issues until this past week... it won’t upload my walks/runs into the challenge I’m in. It’s been stuck for 189.2 miles for a couple of weeks and I just noticed it hasn’t budged even after logging workouts. Hopefully it’ll fix itself- just kind of annoying since I enjoyed it tracking how much I’ve done. Now I have no clue.Version: 20.13.0

I map fitnessGood way to measure how long my walks are. Sometimes takes a while to load which is frustrating..Version: 4.2.5

LoveLove this app, help you keep track on you time and distance.Version: 17.3.2

Love MapMyFitnessUpdated yet again...MapMyFitness continues to be the only workout tracking app I use...had it for years and never searched for another, and it’s 100% free. Thanks for continuing to support the unpaid side with good features to keep us coming back. Updated: I keep getting app rating reminders, and it stays the same...awesome app, and the free version does everything I need it to. Love that UA continues to support so many features on the free side. Since I started using this app in 2012, I've logged 784 workouts, ridden 8,891 miles on my mtn bike and burned over 438,000 calories...being able to see this progress is HUGE. Updated: still an awesome free app. Tracks beyond the basics for the everyday exerciser without pressure to upgrade. This is the best free app I own. Older: I'm an avid mountain biker, and this app tracks everything I need to see. After a year using it, was great to look back and see how many miles I rode, calories burned, and how I tracked against others who ride the same trails..Version: 18.8.6

Has a Small FlawThis app works well & tracks accurately. There is, however, a small flaw. When putting my phone inti my Running Buddy today as I left for my workout it accidentally paused the workout on the app. I realised after a while that the app was not telling me when I reached a distance, nor telling my my times. It was then I noticed that the app had paused. Consequently, today's workout reading is not accurate at all. Be careful that you don't accidentally pause your recording..Version: 16.5.1

PerfectSo helpful , great way to keep track of your workout. Wish the eating part was as good cause as the tracker, I no longer use my fitness pal. If that was more upgraded it's be perfect!.Version: 5.5

Almost Perfect!!This is my go to training app. I use it at least three times a week, predominantly for running (although I also use it to map drumming!). Let me quantify this in that I tried pretty much every running app out there; strava, runtastic, you name it and I've given it a really good go! They all have great features but this has the (almost) perfect combination for me. I love the integration with my interface devices like my Garmin Vivosmart or my PEAR heart rate monitor (it links well with loads of others as well). It's got great social features and decent challenges plus the MVP feature is well worth the subscription fees! There is just one little feature that I would beg the developers to look into and that would be enhancing the already very good coaching feature to include an interval system. I like being able to set the coach to run to a heart rate zone but it's always at steady state.I really want to be able to add, for example, 6x2 minute intervals at zone 4, or have the coach slowly increase my pace throughout the run. There are apps specifically for this but I like keeping all my data in one place! So please - MapMyFitness - add that and get the fifth star!!!!.Version: 5.12.2

MrI use it every time I run. It gives me the freedom to run any track or path I find and updates me on my pace. I love it..Version: 4.2.7

Me encanta esta aplicaciónPor sobre todas las cosas porque puedo ir oyendo música y todo lo que habla mientras hago la práctica es en español.Version: 19.25.0

0.5 kmLike the app but wish it gave me my average pace every 0.5k and not every 1km to help with pacing. That is the only thing that would make me favour Strava more..Version: 20.9.0

Best App EverIf it wasn’t for this app, I would be home watching Netflix 24/7. It keeps me accountable. So grateful for my Fitness App..Version: 20.17.0

Helps achieve fitness goalsHi, I love this app. But the calendar dates and the plan dates are different. For example today is Thursday 28th on the calendar, when it is Friday. Please may you resolve this before New Years when I planned to use this app. Thank you..Version: 18.12.0

Great app almost perfect!Great app that includes useful weight loss tools u might find in calorie king, michelle bridges etc and for logging workouts but still want to see some final tweaks such as the ability to manually adjust calorie limit as it's too high for some weight loss plans. I just bought a heart rate strap from their shop which I hope will give a better indication of calories burnt as sometimes I feel the calories allocated for a mapped exercise or built in one such as personal training, come out a little lower than I expected. But it's great that they have compatible tools like this for more concise readings. Would love to be able to match the coaching voice with a preset map you have used that identifies struggle points such as hill climbs and coaches/encourages you along at those points. Or be able to select a map and set a goal race time with which to complete it in and get updates if u need to pick up pace to make it..Version: 5.0.4

Love itLove it.Version: 19.8.0

Spotty connection to Apple WatchI have used the MapMy apps since before the Under Armour acquisition in 2013. The app has continued to improve and I currently use only MapMyFitness. I have the Connected shoes and the coaching has significantly helped me to run without pain or injury. The downside is that I regularly have connectivity issues between my phone and shoes or Apple Watch. The other day I ran on a treadmill and the phone app would not connected to my watch (for HR) or shoes (for cadence, stride, etc). However, the shoes properly connected to my watch so I used the watch app to track the workout and the phone app to get the Trainer cues (although I only received one cue in the middle of the workout). Hoping that the next update fixes these and continues to improve the experience..Version: 20.16.0

Great appVery good app, simple to use and I like the simplicity of the one button push to start..Version: 19.20.0

Works For MeI'm not a fitness nut but enjoy keeping track of of the exercise I do. It keeps me motivated. I have used MapMyRide for a long time but when seasons change and the bike gets some rest, MapMyFitness lets me log other activities. My sons told me to use Strava but this has one big advantage - if your phone goes flat when you're on the trail, you don't lose the lot. I tried Strava and lost a ride record completely, even though the phone only gave up close to the end! This app works very well for me..Version: 5.12.8

Map my fitnessI swim a long distance each day and the app lists that as the first of activities to do. The app so far has been very simple to use and doesn't cost me a lot of time when I have other things to do after exercise. Creating a route can be challenging, but the version of the app I use is free, so I’m not complaining.:) Since I want to be fit, but am short lately financially, it’s wonderful to have an app to help easily track fitness free. Thanks!.Version: 20.11.0

Great App but no Apple Watch?This is a great app, I like it. Very useful. But please add apple watch app for Apple watch 3 so I don't have to take my iphone on a run. Thanks.Version: 17.12.2

LikeI like it doesn't drain my battery as much as others.Version: 5.4.3

Love the appThis app is telling me my pace and speed I am able to challenge myself to improve..Version: 20.11.0

Outrigger Canoeist and RunnerLove this ap! Can switch which activities I’m doing. Use it all the time now. It's fabulous for accountability and to keep track of your pace, kms done and calories burnt. I love the way she talks back to you every km to let you know how you're going too! The best!.Version: 17.12.2

Great app. Recommend to othersI have been using the Map My.... Apps for a long time and they are great. Really help me track my progress and also motivate me to improve my runs by showing time/km splits..Version: 16.1.0

Great app keeps getting betterI’ve been using Map My Fitness for years as a fitness tracker and log for all of my activities - running, biking, hiking, XC skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, indoor training. I used to use a running app, biking app etc. but I find it’s most convenient to just track it all in one place. The updates make it easier to use and easier to stay connected with my friends from around the country who use it..Version: 18.4.0

Love this app!I take it everywhere... wish I just had more friends on here!.Version: 17.4.0

Great free appI love running and indoor work outs this app allows me to monitor miles and speed to help me progress. Also counts up your miles so as you know when your trainers need an upgrade!.Version: 17.9.1

First classGood all round app, worked for years on many phones. Only issue is on indoor exercise, rowing, bike etc should turn of gps.Version: 20.7.0

Excellent way of monitoring exercisesGreat app to monitor distance, pace, and map of exercises. Only thing is that I wish it didn’t have the voice summary. Or gave a choice to have it on or off..Version: 19.24.0

Unable to log in for two weeksI love this app but I have been unable to log in for two weeks, either with Facebook or with my email. The support website is not working. Sometimes the app works mysteriously without asking me to log in, most of the time I cannot log in and it doesn't recognize my email-to which it had been sending weekly reports and advertisements! My main issue is the impossibility to get support..Version: 18.8.6

MargotkGreat app. Makes me work harder and keeps me on track. I tell all my fitness friends about this app. Keep up the great work. Cheers.Version: 16.2.3

Great AppI love everything about this app so far, particularly the mapping of where you run..Version: 5.7.3

Has issues - still love itIt always acts up on my Apple Watch. Stays open and active on the watch. When I try to close out of it, it just opens the app again. I really love this app and don’t want to delete it again from my watch. Is there any way this can be fixed? Also is there a way to have your most used activities pop up? Example I use the dog walk, yoga class and row machine frequently however it never shows on the list of activities. Would be a nice feature to have it just be there without searching each time..Version: 21.6.0

MapmyfitnessCooool! Layed down a circuits now. Loved the splits every km over my music..seamless n keeps you steady n motivated to push to the end....Version: 17.12.2

Excellent AppExcellent app, works very well, is informative and the GPS is really accurate. Thank you to Map My Fitness..Version: 5.12.3

Great motivational toolA 10k program got me to running 10k from nowhere, slowly and easily. It gets you up in the morning to run because you really want to, not because your trainer told you. Highly recommended. I went from 8 min kilometers to 6.5 min kilometers in 6 months. Easy..Version: 4.2.7

BrilliantVery accurate..Version: 20.1.0

Great fitness appI like the feedback given during the workout of pace etc so I can speed up or aim faster next time. Great to run to own playlist. I also like the routes ready plotted that I can choose from. Much better than the last free ap I tried..Version: 5.12.1

ExceptionalOne of the most will used apps on my phone. I use it to record runs, cycles, stationary cycles and gym sessions. It then updates myFitnessPal with calories burnt..Version: 17.7.6

Keeps me motivatedGreat.Version: 19.23.0

Great to log my runs and ridesEasy to use and love that it syncs with MyFitnessPal. Occasionally crashes mid run and has crazy gps trails. Can't gpx the routes for trailburning website..Version: 5.5.1

Overall like this seriesI have the full array and overall like them. My only complaint is that on the map my dog walk they will not fix the issue of "challenges" for other versions add on so there is a number on the app you cannot clear. Seems like it should be simple- show the challenges or block it on dog walk version but they show as a known problem for over a year without fixing. Other than that- like the apps. Update. Sometimes gps is not accurate and could not get good help from them. No longer have dog walk or hike but use the fitness, walk and run apps all the time. Like the data and the challenges too. Motivating for me!.Version: 19.23.0

Mileage not accurateSince moving over from endomondo, I noticed this app does not track mileage accurately. I also use cylemeter app and that track’s mileage the same amount as endomond. I just turned both those apps on and took a 9 mile drive in my car, after 9 miles cyclemeter shows 9.03 miles and MapMyFitness shows 8.47 miles, not a big deal but it also drops your average pace by as much as 1 mph over a 30 mile bike ride. That has been my benchmark in 2020 to improve avg speed and I did but with the new app, I don’t trust the numbers.Version: 21.2.0

Keeps me moving!Numbers are motivating... this app makes it easy and fun!.Version: 17.8.1

Room for improvementI’ve been using the app for a number of years now, and am very happy with it, and it’s rare - nowadays - that it doesn’t work correctly on a run. What I do find annoying and very frustrating, is that it removes training plans when they are due to end and not when you have finished them..Version: 19.14.0

WalkingGreat incentive to exercise. Thoroughly enjoying it.Version: 18.5.0

Much improved version, easy to useInstalled the app a few years back but found it a bit clunky. Started using latest version again recently & it's a huge improvement. Easy, intuitive and works well with my Jawbone Up wristband..Version: 5.3

Love it!It's fantastic to be able to log just about any activity. It links with MFP which is awesome!.Version: 5.5.2

Great AppHad this for a few years now and no problems. Really useful for my runs every couple of days. Never lets me down.Version: 19.25.0

Awesome appGreat easy to use app Weldone team 🤙🏽.Version: 20.8.0

Walking riding runningVery easy to use which is great when you forget to start your workout.Version: 19.14.0

GreatI use it with my UA SpeedForm® Gemini 3 Record-Equipped shoes and it gives me so much detail about my workout. I also have used the 5KM training programs within in but I feel that they were not receptive or responsive enough to my inputs after I had started the program. For example if I take too long or don't complete a workout, it doesn't change the upcoming workouts. Lastly when I walk or run on the treadmill as opposed to outside it doesn't track distance. This is very strange. It is best for road running and walking. I am referring to MapMyRun here. Lastly not great for tracking weight workouts..Version: 17.8.1

Good app...Pros: Tracks time, distance, split times, et cetera, usually without much supervision. Cons: Occasionally loses gps. This is probably not a problem with the app per se, but perhaps they could improve the algorithm so I didn't get credit for being a half mule away at an isolated point. Also, I wish the monetization allowed for a one time payment rather than a subscription. I don't do software subscriptions, but I like the app enough that I would happily pay a onetime fee..Version: 17.9.5

This app works greatUse it daily to track my walks as I like to walk different routes.Version: 18.1.2

Free version doesn’t sync with LoseIt anymore...So, with the latest update, I see that the free version no longer syncs with the LoseIt app. This was the whole reason I used it! I am not paying $22/month for only this (I wouldn’t use the other training sand meal planning features, as I have my own). So nope, not using this anymore...LoseIt has its own exercise calorie conversion list, and although it’s imperfect, I’ll just use it. So long, MMF!.Version: 17.9.1

Best run trackerHelps me to track my runs and improve my times.Version: 20.1.0

Heart Rate IssueSeeing my heart rate helps with my zone and other parts of my training. This is now removed. Now I can't see my heart rate or swipe to the heart rate screen to see how I'm performing. Is there a reason why it do I have to pay to see my heart rate? This change is very disappointing..Version: 20.23.0

Ok...butI love the app because I can track multiple types of workouts. However, since it is winter, I do not we’re my connected shoes in the snow...when I go to use treadmill, it has since lost the connection and will not reconnect with my Hovr2 shoes. I have to retire my shoes and reconnect them. Bug needs to be fixed..Version: 20.1.0

RuckingBack last summer, my mom got me into rucking. She has been rucking since she lived in Kentucky and injured her right ankle. She needed to find something as complex as running but also simple as walking, thats when she found rucking. I had brain surgery and ever since was trying to find something not to contact that I could do, then I got into rucking. Where you basically hike with a weighted backpack, and ever since I have loved it. This app helps me keep track of how long my rucks are. Great for when I am rucking with friends or family..Version: 20.4.0

Great appMulti functional app that provides plenty of detail and challenges..Version: 16.10.1

When you don't know where to walk/Run....Fairly new and a black man in America. Why is that important, you say? It's hard sometimes to find safe places to walk/run where you don't get hassled or deemed suspect. This app is a Godsend to me because I can choose my route or past routes that have been used by others. While everything isn't about race, I'm trying to exercise & make it home safely. And the most dangerous place for a black man to be while minding his business is in the imagination of a white person..Version: 18.6.5

Distance is QuestionableUpdate: Months have gone by and several updates, but distance is still not even close. I see many other reviewers with the same problem. After the last two updates the distance I’ve walked is questionable. Used to be I would get the half mile message at almost the same spot when walking the dog. Now it comes much sooner and is not even consistently in the same spot..Version: 19.1.2

Excellent TrackerLove this app it allows you to track your progress and challenge friends and family. Only thing I would I would change is the challenge you vs. 2021 I would like to see this challenge to be worldwide. Not just for the USA..Version: 21.1.0

Excellente application simpleApplication qui fonctionne excessivement bien. Je l’utilise depuis plusieurs années et j’en suis ravi!.Version: 20.16.0

Top AppVery good reliable app that provides plenty of support to encourage you to “keep on keeping on”.Version: 19.1.2

Love it, Miss the UA Band but love the new appIt works perfectly, I do still wish it would recognize weather I’m running or walking but other wise like the title states I wish there was a UA band much like the Apple Watch or an special limited UA I Watch lol...Live and Breath UA.Version: 20.15.1

Really like it but!Guys please give me the red line back, my color vision isn’t the greatest and the rainbow is only partially visible in bright sunlight or with sunglasses. How about at least the ability to choose. While I’m whining there are a couple of different poker adds and game adds that won’t go away without restarting the phone. Hopefully you are aware and working on that. Enough of the bad - everything else is great and I use it daily for tracking my walking and biking. The link between it and MyFitnessPal is great, it usually updates quickly but if it doesn’t it will eventually. The combination of these two apps is a great help in my fat boy reduction program. I recommend them both highly..Version: 20.12.0

Easy tracking.Nice, easy way to keep track of my exercise. A couple of quick taps as I walk out the door, and the app does the rest. I like that I can listen to my music with only minimal interruptions, and if my dog is in such a desperate hurry that I don't have time to grab my phone, I can log the walk after the fact. My only complaints are that while it does speak metric, it only updates me in mile-long increments, not kilometres, and the food database is not as comprehensive as I'd like, which forces me to use a separate app for food tracking. These are, however, minor quibbles, and overall I'm very happy with Map My Fitness..Version: 5.7.1

Great app!The best running app I have ever tried. It tells you where you ran, how fast you were, and how long you ran. So good! Thanks.Version: 5.4.1

Works great!I love the new look and having to hold down the pause button to end workouts. Great at tracking!.Version: 16.8.0

Great App for Cardio WorkoutsI love this app! I love the way it tracks my workouts and shows the amount of calories that I burn. I can then transfer the workouts over to Under Armor’s “My fitness pal” app which keeps track of my calorie intake and makes allowances for the workouts. This app allows you to select a slew of workouts which I also appreciate. I walk, golf walk, bike ride, hike, and treadmill thus I get calorie counts on everyone of the workouts..Version: 20.12.0

Go hard!Totally love this App. Keeps you motivated & a great way to keep track of fitness improvements!.Version: 5.7.1

App freezes frequently"Since my phone updated the last iOS 14 update half the time when I use this app it freezes at a white screen and I have not tracked my activity. Please find the source of the problem and fix the app!".Version: 20.21.0

Seriously fun app.My family and I are keeping track and challenging each other using this app. Great way to have fun, motivate each other and keep in contact..Version: 5.12.5

Awesome app!Great app, no problems and I would definitely recommend! It keeps track of everything that you need to keep track of!.Version: 5.13

Keeps me honestLove the app. It keeps me motivated and honest. My husband also has it and we can both see how we are tracking with each other's goals. We also hike a lot and it provides really useful information. Love it!!!.Version: 5.7.1

Excellent appThis app is fantastic. I started training to walk a marathon in Queenstown NZ and found this to be the perfect training aid. Being able to record my walks and times has been a huge motivator. I'm already looking ahead to my next challenge and building a good history of the walks I have completed. Thoroughly recommend this app to anyone interested in monitoring their health and sharing their exercises with others..Version: 4.5.5

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