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Solve - Graphing Calculator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Solve - Graphing Calculator app received 17 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Solve - Graphing Calculator? Can you share your negative thoughts about solve - graphing calculator?

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Solve - Graphing Calculator for Negative User Reviews

There s No ZObserve carefuly the preview pictures of this app. You do see a X a Y and a T right ? but no Z. srsly why the hell doesnt this app has a Z? Don t buy it until it s possible to do good graphs with Z in it. This sux badly But anything else works perfectly. 2D and T is excellent i recomend it but the 3D is only half of what you expect if u r a college student. Thus it s realy not worth 4 box (until they update a Z).Version: 0

Still missing some key features!I don't see a significant improvement in this latest version of Solve. It has the same poor (compared to previous "MyCalculator" versions) user interface, but most importantly, it is still missing key functions and features. I cannot raise the rating from my previous review, until you start implementing the following important changes : --- Include missing functions that were on the previous calculator, such as <Floor> and <Ceil>. This shouldn't be too difficult, for I discovered (from applying my previously-saved MyCalculator plots) that Solve still has these functions, but they are hidden ; there is no key on your keypad that has them! --- Implement the "r" variable in polar functions! Polar coordinate applications are almost useless without this. Also would be nice, but not as essential : --- Add capabilities for adjusting display of the grid and the plots, such as brightness, line thickness, patterns and colors..Version: 4.1.1

Helpful appGood app but it disapointed me as it lacks some features that would make it a lot more useful Posible improvements: -Ability to graph more than one function -To show the intersections of functions -Shows points of inflextion.Version: 0

An upgrade disasterCan I have the original version back? The upgrade is awful, now its more like a childs toy and it is much more difficult to use. I have removed it from my iPad.Version: 4.0

Please fixI like the app a lot but can we fix the swipe up problem where it doesn’t change the screen page? This has been a problem for a long time. Loosing my patience- Trying to look for a new calculator app!.Version: 5.3.2

More like a downgradeWhat happened to the old app. That was the main reason I bought this app. If you're thinking of buying it, consider a different app with more functions. Being a student in a calculus class I like to toggle back-and-forth on my phone and calculator. This can't even do cubed roots! It's more of a mix of apple's stock calculator mix with SOME graphing features. Spend your money elsewhere..Version: 4.1.1

Undo this 'upgrade'!My son upgraded this app and warned me not to do it. The original version was clean, intuitive and had a great display. It is just what I want in order to easily plot 2d and 3d graphs. But then they totally changed it. Now there are several different screens that you need to search through in order to find the functions you want. The general look of it is juvenile - which isn't terribly important but I just wonder why they decided to completely renovate the interface. Thankfully, I did not upgrade the program because of my son's warning. But now I have to individually update all of my other apps in order to prevent this one from changing. I guess if the old version doesn't come back, I'll eventually just delete this one and try some other app.Version: 4.0

Plot of sin(x)e(-x) is not correct.Plot of sin(x)e(-x) is not correct. It should reach zero when x is sufficiently large but it’s not on the plot..Version: 5.3.2

Where is the pi button and how do you graph a helixWhere is the pi button and how do you graph a helix with only x and y values and no z value?.Version: 0

Graph seems incorrectI tried sqrt(5^2-x^2) and I was expecting a circle but only the top arc was shown..Version: 5.1

X, Y axis cannot be scaled independentlyVisually attractive and kind of fun to use. However, the graphing feature does not support independent scaling of the X and Y axis, so usefulness is limited. Update (3 years later): to add to the irritation, there are fields to configure the axis scales, but the Y-axis scale is, of course, ignored..Version: 5.1.2

Needs an updateThis has always been my favorite calculator on iOS, but it’s buggy and needs an update. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen to exit the app or switch between apps doesn’t always work, it just scrolls between calculator pages. This makes the calculator unusable when I need to do some calculations and then switch back to another app..Version: 5.3.2

Weird interface re-designMaybe it just takes some getting used to, but the interface design is a lot less pleasant looking and more difficult to use (especially in portrait mode) than when the app was called MyCalculator..Version: 4.3

One star for outdated UIThe UI needs an update to work better with switching apps with bottom swipe. A huge part of a calculator app is ability to switch back and forth to other app to enter numbers or for quick calculations. The UI is outdated and was designed when iPhones still had a home button. With newer phones attempting to switch app would result in accidentally pressing numbers or switching to a different calc mode. It’s mildly frustrating..Version: 5.3.2

Leave well enough aloneThe last version was perfect. This one has (IMO) a bad interface and no useful advantages. Unfortunately Apple does not let you get rid of the number in the app store icon unless you update. This is the second time that I would have preferred to leave the old version of an app alone but don't want the hassle of not downloading all..Version: 4.0

Very Misleading!This app CANNOT create complex graphs! The 'uses complex numbers' part of the description only applies to calculations... Completely useless, as there are many free apps which produce standard graphs - just wasted £2.99!.Version: 3.2

Does Not Work- DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIMEThis used to be in the market now it’s not reusable one issue is not with me captivating personality but instead with the application essentially it is almost impossible now to traverse mom life by swiping up on the snap besides losing is obviously have a little interesting quality that this is been issued for well over two years now I wanted nothing more than to continue a d use this app but at this point i am a day with it and will be reportig this app that DOES NOT WORK wih ios to the Apple store so they can review.Version: 5.3.2

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