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AccuWeather: Weather Alerts App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

AccuWeather: Weather Alerts app received 177 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AccuWeather: Weather Alerts? Can you share your negative thoughts about accuweather: weather alerts?

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AccuWeather: Weather Alerts for Negative User Reviews

More data neededThe interface is pretty clear simple and usable, there is just not enough forecast data to make this a planning and tool of choice for me. For boating, fishing, canoeing for example tide, hourly wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure and UV index would be extremely helpful. These could easily be options on the hourly page so those who don’t want or need additional data don’t have to have clutter. Perhaps a set of different activity profiles that would provide a selection of data? Thanks for working on it..Version: 15.8.2

Each update leaves me feeling more put off than the last...As someone who has used Accuweather for well over 10 years now, I’ve seen my fair share of updates, changes, and revisions. Some are for the better, some for the worse. The common trait here is that each iteration leaves me feeling less and less enthused about using this app. This most recent update has left me avoiding the app nearly all together. The weather wheel now doesn’t show any rain predictions, even though we have had the most rain in the past two weeks than we have had all year. The app seems to crash a lot more than usual, and the forecasts seem to go down more than they used to. Also, I’m in the majority about the newly implemented ads. I absolutely understand the need for ads, and don’t mind them when the service is good, however these new ads are intrusive, and more of a hindrance than anything. They also seem like an attempt to get more purchases, but the word is that even the paid app has the same advertisements. I’m more than willing to give you all a second chance, but if this doesn’t improve, I’ll be using another app for my weather needs..Version: 14.15

Worst app everInaccurate, poor customer design. These guys are trying to monetise the weather. DO NOT PURCHASE..Version: 12.2

This new redesign is a step backwards.Until this new redesign, this was my favorite weather app. It was functional and the UI was supportive of one handed swipes and slides. No more. Now, it is back to the 'top right/left button or arrow clicks, like designs of yester years. I find myself constantly using two hands to go back and forth between pages and features on my iPhone 11. The app does not take advantage of the phones large screen real estate. I am of course all for enhancing user experience and improving data accuracy, especially with weather apps, but if ain't broke, don't fix it..Version: 14.0.0

Awful updateThis used to be a very useful app. Apart from the ridiculous amount of pointless weather articles from the US you had to scroll through it was, at least, easy to read the forecasts. With this update I can’t tell what anything is!! The graphics are unclear and confusing - it has been completely sapped of any colour, meaning you can’t glance through and tell if the sun is meant to be shining. Perhaps it’s just me but I feel that the update has rendered this app largely unusable and so am now going to have to concede defeat and use the one my husband keeps banging on about… which is a shame, as I had felt this app was worth paying the money for the full app..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Please bring back the 4 day linear rain probability graph!Had the paid version of this app before the last major update. Loved the rain probability graph that gave a 4 day prediction in a linear fashion. I work outdoors with shift work and used the look ahead to plan my work. Unfortunately this has disappeared in the update and been replaced by a lot of ads which i had already paid to remove. The rain forecast information is still there in the hourly forecast however is not in an easy to digest view, requires a fair bit of scrolling and referring to dates etc. Have consequently switched to Windy TY but keep checking back to see if this app has improved. Will update review if things change..Version: 14.11

AccuWeather+ not worth the moneyMy last review of AccuWeather was very good. I think I gave it 4 stars. I also payed for the premium service (it lost a star because every once in a while an add would get through). Now they are asking for $24 (double the cost) and other than the graphics nothing has changed. I’m sorry I fell for it. I was expecting quality improvements. They must think their customers are pretty stupid..Version: 15.9

The most intuitive weather app.And seems to get it right more often in my region..Version: 11.6.0

Ads ads ads ads adsThis used to be a good weather app. Now it is not accurate and bombards you with ads. I would avoid it..Version: 14.14

Terrible since the UX redesignThis used to be by far the best weather app but now it is totally ruined. The old app used to give you a text based summary of the day on one screen (e.g. sunny with an afternoon storm) but now you have to go to daily, then click on the day and then scroll through each of the morning and night tabs. You could quickly check using the old app but the new one requires too much user input to navigate to the information you need. As a paid up premium user I am deeply disappointed and will have to look for a replacement app. I would love and option to go back to the old UI..Version: 14.3.0

Kind of a joke for CanadiansAccuweather is the single least accurate weather app I’ve ever tried. Right at this moment, just as an example, it says it will begin to snow in 32 minutes. It’s 8:13 PM on April 9th in Toronto. It’s seven degrees outside. I’m 24 stories up with an unobstructed view to the west, where I can see a typical beautiful spring evening’s clouds backlit by the setting sun. It will not snow. I am going to delete this garbage..Version: 13.0.5

RealFeel illegible in hourly list viewLike many of your other Premium subscribers, I’m quite disappointed by the recent update that adds a horizontal hourly graph view and sets it as the default although accessing most of its features now requires a Premium+ subscription. I’d love to be able to set the list view (vertical scrolling), which is still included in my Premium subscription, as the default to avoid the extra click every time I enter the app. More importantly, I’d encourage you to take a look at the W3C accessibility guidelines and reconsider your choice of font size for the RealFeel temp in the list view, which to my eyes (at 40-ish years old) is now illegible. I’ve considered AccuWeather to be a 5-star app for years and used it exclusively, in large part thanks to the RealFeel feature which I can no longer physically see due to the recent UI change. Like others, I do consider constant pushes for upgrades to be ads, so while I don’t care about missing out on the Premium+ features, I would like the option for the ad-free experience I’ve paid for by only showing me the free list view..Version: 15.9.1

July 2020 update is terribleMy app updated automatically last week. I did not like the new look, but I can get used to it. The look, the layout, the new buttons to get to each aspect are just not good. I especially do not like the new look for the “Daily” tab. The absolute worst part, and this will most likely be a reason for me delete the app and do with something different is the Apple Watch component. I have Accuweather on the face of my watch. I used to be able to tap on the current temp and it gave the high for the day. Now it just tells me the current temp (and current real feel) and the chance of precipitation for the next hour. I used to get that information along with the high for the day before. The update took away half of the available information that was available on the Apple Watch. Another thing, and I don’t know if this is a “me” thing, an Apple issue, or Accuweather issue, but Accuweather says there is an update available in the App Store. I have logged in four times and updated and it still says to update. I log in just fine. The app loads, the little circle fills up, and everything else and then it still says Update. That is a minor issue to me because it could just be me or it could be Apple..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Paywall, paywall, paywallDecent-ish, but most everything actually useful is locked behind a subscription..Version: 15.12.1

UnaccuweatherApp said mostly cloudy all day but nothing but clear blue sky all day. Good thing I don’t rely on this app for my day!.Version: 15.11

New updateDisappointed to load the new update. Before with one click I could get a seven day forecast with %rain%cloud cover and one sentence about the whole week on a single screen. Now thats not possible I will probably just stick with the local weather forecasters..Version: 14.2.0

Generally I like the appBut I shouldn’t have to pay for premium plus on all of my devices, the subscription should be linked feels like a bit of money grabbing.Version: 15.9

Keeps trying to sell premium option!Now annoying as hell. Will probably switch to another app..Version: 15.9

Very DisappointedChecked my AccuWeather App today to find my paid subscription now has ads! I understand They’ve introduced a Premium version but in my mind if I had a paid subscription in order to have no Ads, to then introduce them is a breach of the original App conditions, as I understood them. I have deleted my AccuWeather App..Version: 15.4

This was the best weather app before the update..I’ve never understood why developers think update/upgrade means take something simple and make it more complicated to work with. Before the update I could click once or twice and get where I wanted to look. I get it. It is one or two scenarios at play here. 1. Someone is getting paid so they had to show they were doing something for the money, or, 2. New developers with ambitions to make it their own. I am the youngest person where I work by a decade + and it has been a point of pride when talking to the “old heads” about weather, that the app I had for weather (what this app WAS) was way better than the ones they have. Now it is just the same. I went from being “the weatherman” to having a look of shame in telling them this app isn’t good anymore. The one positive take away is on the radar the time is segmented better and has a longer time frame (why I have 2 stars instead of the 1). That and some different graphics would have been a great update. This was the best weather app in my opinion. Now it’s just the same as the rest. Way to play down to the “competition” . I hope that whoever it was that was in charge of this update is not responsible for developing any of my other apps..Version: 14.1.1

Removal of hourly weatherSo along with a new useless "view" of the hourly weather you introduced even another paywall that removes all forecast after 12h? Many apps do better than yours already by the way, I just use it because I like the interface. Keep going like this and you'll become obsolete..Version: 15.9

Used it for yearsDex 2022. Up dat. Just deleted this app. at 6am I check the app to be ‘assaulted’ with a loud banging and scratching noise that I could not stop. LI don’t want this everytime I check the weather. App deleted. Previous review. : I’ve used this app for years. I’ve found it very reliable on 90% of occasions. Not perfect, but acceptable. The graphics have improved in the various upgrades, though I’ve always liked the presentation, finding it easy to read and express a lot of information at a glance. It does, of course, provide global cover. Brilliant when travelling. When I travel I think “I’m here in this place” - but that place could be anywhere in the world, and the app still gives the weather. Amazing !! My friends in other countries read it in their own language. In Japan I stood alongside a friend who read the the app in Japanese while I read it English. My friend could read the English, but I struggled with the kanji, but the symbols were perfect !! So to the developers I say “Thanks for building a great app”. Long may it last. It costs me nothing, but I hope you’ve earned £$€¥pots. 👍🏻🌂🕶🌈🌞⛄️☂️.Version: 15.7.1

Subscription cancelledKeep getting nagged about Premium+ even though I was a premium subscriber. Intrusive white logo in top right at all times which I can’t get rid of. App also abusing my notifications by telling me about things that are nothing to do with the weather “woman falls into lake and attacked by alligator”. I don’t care and why do I need to know this? My subscription expires next week and I’ve just cancelled it and will delete the app. Seems like you are trying to make what was once a decent weather app into something no one asked it to be. You’ve over engineered it and become far too greedy. Well you won’t be getting any more of my money! Deleted..Version: 15.4

Horrible Update July 2020This weather app used to be my favorite after downloading pretty much every weather app in the top 20. The old version had a clean, easy to read interface, super accurate forecasts. Sadly, nothing good lasts forever. Absolutely despise the latest update (July 2020). There is a new “Casper” logo on the load screen so I assume they bought Accuweather and ruined it. (Why on earth is a mattress company buying a weather app???) The new layout of information makes it MUCH harder to get all the info I want at a quick glance, and really isn’t that the point of a weather app? I used to be able to open the app and immediately see what I needed, now it takes multiple taps to different pages to find what I want. Also aesthetically, I can’t fathom why they chose to make it all blue with very thin white font that doesn’t stand out at all against the background. No customization options. And they added unnecessary sections like the dreaded “top stories” section and allergy info that is completely useless to me and just crowds my home page, with no customization option to remove it like some apps have. Really irritated I now have to delete this after upgrading to premium. Don’t fix what ain’t broke Casper..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Would Give Zero StarsMy cat could do a better job predicting the weather than this app. Will show 30mm or rain, and then an hour later no rain for the day, then the torrential rain will start 3 hrs later. Or show the next day at 5mm of rain, but then go by hourly and you can add up 2-3 times that amount..Version: 15.12

Accu weather updateReally disappointed that you no longer have the graph where you can toggle between temp real feel and precipitation, that was the best bit about your old version!! Taught my son all about time data and it was accurate and it was informative and helpful too Please bring it back.Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Update is GarbageSpeaking as a developer, the entire UI/UX team who wrote lines for this abomination should be dismissed. Whoever approved this will have a very short career. Impossible to navigate, impossible to find information. The really useful hourly forecast? Gone. I have no idea what the weather will be like further then the next two hours, let alone tomorrow morning. If you want to hand your customers to a competitor, employ the clowns from the road side circus that developed this ‘improved’ app..Version: 14.1.1

Real reelThe real feel is always wrong for me here in Canada. And has always been for the last 3 years. Figured by now you’d have this issue fixed. The weather Network is always right.Version: 10.6

Good but not amazing…I’m on Premium, but every time I open the app I get a full-screen prompt (albeit ad) to upgrade to “Premium +”. Getting very tired of this and highly considering canceling my subscription. Doing this sort of aggressive tactic is the “premium” way of getting rid of existing customers-in my opinion..Version: 15.3

Used to use this app daily. Now not so muchSorry guys.. a lot of time and effort went into the new version of the app. But I have to say it’s not that user-friendly (it’s not easy to have a quick glance and see what the weather is doing soon). I find myself not going to this app for weather updates now. I’ll try and stick with it but it’s not quite there for me yet unfortunately..Version: 14.3.0

New UI/UX is garbageUpdate 8.1.22: I had gone back to this app for some reason. Now it’s even worse they’ve moved key weather alerts to the premium plus package. The pop-ups are insane and more intrusive than ever. The widget now only shows current conditions. I prefer the forecast highs and lows. The hourly wheel is confusing and flashy, but not really helpful. The almanac data is no longer in an intuitive spot and requires hunting for each time even several weeks after the change. No forecasted wind or humidity just current conditions. This feels like they watered down the info to a third grade level. I want back the data that makes a forecast whole. I’ll hold on to see if they at least bring back a forecast option for the widget, it’s useless now. Further insult is that this app is now non-functional in all but the best internet connections. With two bars of LTE it would not load anything. I used to rely on the app for 24 hour plus forecasting in remote low service areas. It used to function reliably in those environments with even just one bar of LTE, no longer. I don’t see this app lasting for me. Another victim of needless polishing what’s already shiny and valuing form over function..Version: 15.4

Premium + ??? RidiculousPaid for the Premium price for the app long ago but now I have to pay yet again for certain views. What a joke. Premium members who paid before should be upgraded automatically. Seriously..Version: 15.11

Ironically inaccurate weather.I’ve used this app for years and it was always pretty good. However since being stuck in Australia I’ve noticed how consistently spectacularly wrong it is - sometimes the various interfaces of the app contradict themselves eg the “next four hours” feature will show no rain while the hourly feature will forecast rain or vice versa. Most of the time tho it will just be wrong on both counts ie i will be looking out my window at a torrential downpour and the app will be telling me no rain expected all day. So pretty useless to be blunt better to just look outside and use your best guess. This might be because Australia is a parochial backwater but still the app should be able to get accurate meteorological data..Version: 15.0

Sucky upgradeOne of the main reasons I use this app is for the snow or rain timeline. The recent update broke that feature 😟.Version: 14.5.1

AccuWeatherWorks well and pretty accurate as well. It's hard to get the weather right in NZ but this seems to be great. Have moved to Papamoa and the accuracy has dropped a wee bit of late.Version: 13.0.2

From excellent to badThe newest version is difficult to navigate. It also used to be easy seeing the hourly precipitation and temperature forecast on the bar graph - this is now gone! Seems like there is now a lot of other information, but difficult to read/see at a glance. The new version is a step (or a couple of steps) backwards in my opinion..Version: 14.0.1

Review of UpgradeYour upgrade is terrible, what has happened to stored other places and being able to see the weather there ?.Version: 15.3

Poor updateThe latest update in July 2020 has taken a major part of the functionality away, previously I could see wind speeds (among several other details) as I scroll through days, I now have to click in and out of each day to see what the wind speed is. The daily overview needs serious attention to make it useable by adding or at least allowing the user to select what data is shown on the unitial daily view. Worst update I've seen to date, navigation is not user friendly and the lack of colour makes no sense at all. The old version had coloured symbols for weather which were clear and easily defined now everything is white with a blue background with no definition, no idea why they updated it but needs a lot more work yet before I'll use it as much as I used to will end up deleting it if no update for it soon, not that they will care I guess.Version: 14.0.1

Radar Defects & Ads Are Out of ControlThanks for neutering the hourly view by forcing an upgrade to premium to see more than 6+ hours head now. You people are ridiculous! Nobody’s should be paying monthly subscriptions for a stupid weather app!!!! A slick new look for your stupid ads maybe, certainly not the app. You can’t even tell what the weather is with your app, it’s basically just ads on every page and full screen as you change screens. Should be called AccuAds instead. 👎 You’ve officially hit a new low with the ads that play sounds now! Nothing but crash after crash on iOS 16 after the app has been backgrounded for a while. Ads are ridiculous in this app. Full screen, partial screen. Close ad buttons change positions to make it harder to navigate away from them and stay on screen longer. Developer’s tactics on ad pushing shouldn’t be allowed. Now they’ve added top toolbar ads on the radar screen too. The app isn’t good enough to warrant this type of ad revenue from this company. 👎 Future radar sometimes doesn’t show at all. The times on the scroll is only past to current. Also, when it does work, future radar has missing frames and graphical glitches in the snapshots where it’s missing map data entirely in square or rectangular sections. It’s just glitchy as f*!.Version: 15.9

Used to be great - now ruinedThe latest UI update had totally changed this app - unfortunately, its much worse. Accuweather used to be my go to app for weather due to its accuracy and easy ‘at a glance’ view of the hours and days ahead. Now, I can’t even tell you how accurate it is. The at a glance view has been replaced by a hourly page that you need to scroll through that uses pages and pages to review. You can’t see trends, its hard to tell when weather will change. The old ‘chart’ was great design. This version look ‘flashier’ but is an example of appalling usability. Sorry guys - you messed this one up. Shame - I’ll use another app from now on..Version: 14.2.0

REALLY DISLIKE THE new format!!I liked this app the way it was before (that’s why I bought it!)....But yesterday—without my choosing to update the app—it suddenly changed. The daily format now has a dark blue background with a row of vertical bars lined up side by side which for indicating daily temps. I SO do NOT like this format. I selected this app BECAUSE i liked the general format the way it was when I purchased it. To change it completely is essentially to tell folks “you must not know what you like”...we will give you something completely different after the fact. It would be like the manufacturer of a car suddenly changing your car model and color a few months after you bought it. Now I will need go back online and start looking to buy a weather app that has a format I like and then delete this app that I have already purchased. What a bummer! My suggestion to developers is to tweak the app you have created with some improvements or bug fixes as may be needed. And that you can safely assume that almost all the folks who bought your app chose it BECAUSE they liked as it was. If you want to created something completely new, start with a new app—do Not completely re-configure the old app!!.Version: 14.0.1 (6)

The Problem with developers......is that you mess with the wrong aspects of a product all in the name of “improvement”. This update is an #EPICFAIL! 2nd time I am writing this—wrote one yesterday and it’s not showing up. I am disgusted— you ruined an amazingly efficient UX and visually appealing app to replace it with a monochromatic, clunky ad-riddled version that looks like 1985. For what??? Even more insulting are your canned patronizing responses to the loyal users who have come to rely on this app. Let me help you. Based on your copy/pasted robotic answers: 1) no, we are NOT resistant to change, we LOVE innovation, but your update is terrible—you have to accept this. 2) we will NOT get used to it/learn to love it—I already DELETED mine and hope EVERYONE else DELETES THEIRS so you can understand the severity of your error 3) you have NOT made it easier for us to use and we DID not ask for these changes as you so state. Why do you have SO many negative reviews if most users asked for these changes? Not buying it. Had you actually consulted us to find out which features were essential or asked users to test it, I am sure we would not be where we are. I’d like a clear non-canned response —I am formally requesting an update BACK to the previous version. Thanks..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Paid Subscription Shows Ads Anyway - Bad Customer ServiceNote to developers: I left a 1 star review - not 5. Stop it. To avoid ads, I enrolled in the premium program and am a paid subscriber (don’t judge me🥴). Even though I paid to not receive ads, there they are! I have interacted with multiple customer service reps (Emilie especially) and instead of attempting to troubleshoot appropriately, they give a non helpful response by saying that I can request a refund from the App Store. I’ve given them screenshots of the messages I receive when attempting to restore my subscription and it’s the same, robotic response. They even said that they would route my screenshots to their ‘Digital Media Team’ for investigation. When I asked them whether they will communicate to me their outcome, they stopped responding!! So the result is, they take your paid subscription money and show the ads anyway!! I do NOT recommend spending money to be rid of ads on this app. It’s unethical because even when you cancel your membership and try to refresh the app thru uninstall/ reinstall - instead of it recognizing you are already a member, it prompts you to pay another membership fee. Unethical..Version: 14.17.1

Removing features!?I paid money for the Premium features on this app. This latest update removes the ability to see hourly weather forecasts for more than 24 hours ahead unless I now also pay for Premium+. Completely ridiculous and a poor business move as I will now be deleting this app.Version: 15.9

Sydney Radar not WorkingThe radar that covers Sydney, Australia is not working correctly. It is not showing precipitation which is impacting the precipitation forecast for the accuweather app. It’s currently raining heavily in Sydney but the radar shows no rain at all. I have checked other radar apps which show the rain but accuweather is showing nothing at all. This has been the case for a month now. I’ve removed the app and reinstalled and still not fixed..Version: 14.5

Poorly thought-out new interfaceAs others have said, the new interface is far worse than the previous. The absence of colour makes it more difficult to quickly take in the predictions and the switch to vertical scrolling for hourly data is particularly bad compared to previous horizontal scrolling, coloured bar chart format. The new minimalist basis for the interface is a serious backwards step and needs to change. The App also has been released with bugs (hourly view only shows the first 12 hours of the day and the display colours keep switching to different shades of blue, then dark grey/black. These issues are likely to be sorted, but unless the new interface format gets a major revision, the App will have become permanently more painful to use. Prior to this new interface I would have given 4 stars..Version: 14.0.0

Weather app made complicatedToo many ads on this now, will delete and use free iphone weather app no ads..Version: 15.0

Used to love it now I hate it!This app used to be wonderful with totally accurate forecasts and I loved it. BUT Now they’ve blocked almost all the forecast and features in order to FORCE you to switch and buy a premium subscription. Do NOT fall for it! Do not pay them extra money to get a forecast! You can get forecasts from the tv, the newspaper, other apps, other internet services. DO NOT PAY extra for what’s free elsewhere. Try force me to pay for things free elsewhere? Bad move on their part. I WAS thinking about going premium but this stunt they’ve pulled has changed my mind. Now that I can’t see the weather forecast or hourly for weather beyond 12 hours out because I didn’t buy premium I’m quitting them. Attempt to strong arm users into paying will you? Not this user! There are a million other forecast services available, l don’t need you. I don’t need to pay you for a forecast when I can tune in any radio or tv channel at the right time and get weather or turn to the right page of the newspaper or go check the forecast with one of your competitors. You stupidly try and force people to pay for what they get for free on the radio and television? You just made up my mind not to subscribe. Every radio and tv service has 3 day forecasts like you used to, and now you want me to pay for something that’s free elsewhere? NO WAY! Your accuracy may be better then most but what need do I have of you now that you’ve blocked the forecast and hourly and won’t let me see what the weather will be beyond 12 hours when every other place I can go to to get tho weather forecast does let me know the 3 day and hourly weather? No need at all now that you blocked aces to stuff grr elsewhere and have tried to strong arm me into subscribing in order to pay for what I get free elsewhere. No way! Guess what? This stunt just made me choose to rely on a different weather service provider. You can keep your premium! I will not pay for content I can get free elsewhere.You made my mind up for me! I will not subscribe! You have lost me and likely many more because of a stunt that’s pure greed. I can get forecasts elsewhere and will. No one with a IQ above 0 would be stupid enough to pay for what’s free elsewhere. I’m not. Goodbye greedy s.o.b’s. I hope you rot for pulling this stunt of blocking content a person can get free from another weather forecast provider in order to blackmail people into paying for premium!.Version: 15.9

Much better weather apps out thereI now use AccuWeather for looking at the videos. I have several better apps for Weather forecasting and weather conditions. But I think I’m finally going to trash it because the videos don’t tell you anything... I’ve complained about this several times and, of course, never received a reply but... why are videos posted with no indication of where the event is happening???? Pretty or sensational, or disastrous pics and videos mean absolutely nothing not knowing where the event is taking place. Unless the event is being covered by news or weather people who explain where they are, it’s pointless. Case in point... a person we know that lives in NYCity is out of town. I sent them the flooding video today. They had no idea where it was or if it affected their area. Would have been nice to know. Spend some time addressing this issue if you want your app to be worth using. You can get better weather conditions and forecast with dozens of other apps (which I do use for actual weather). The video postings could make yours worth using. I’ll hold out a while longer before I trash AccuWeather..Version: 13.0.8

Great App but Messy UISee above. The app is incredibly and uncannily accurate - but very messy, ugly and unintuitive user interface. I use it a lot but get frustrated by the interface..Version: 11.4.4

Please work on the UXPlease very the colour per hour on the weather, so hard to read now. Move the ads to the end of the day on the hourly forecast, it’s just a natural break not plonked i. The middle. 3* because of its accuracy but god the new update is painful to use..Version: 14.0.1

What have you done?This used to be a great app. Now, after the update, it’s terrible. Bad UI, confusing, hard to read, information hidden now intabs and other places do not as easy to use as before. A failure to be honest.Version: 14.0.1 (6)

A jokePremium members should have been upgraded or got this stuff free from back in the day. Or there should be a lifetime version. I bought the app a long time ago and to be locked out of some information because of + is a joke. Also locking certain wigets behind the wall. Ridiculous..Version: 15.11

Latest updateIt was working fine and suddenly with the latest update widgets are behind paywall. It was easy to check the weather on quick glance now I have to open the app every time and go through your ton of ads..Version: 15.8

Lol you gotta pay for it nowThis app was garbage to start now they want money for it lol.Version: 15.12.2

Radar Radar Radar.Reasonable accurate but the radar will only give the past. And yes before you ask. Yes I went to the settings in the radar. Although there are three buttons the past is the only one that works. For all the updates that this app goes through I would like to think that they would have fixed it by now. Disappointing..Version: 14.12.6

Idiots.Two to three days ago this app notified me that the clocks would go forward on March 14th (2021). I’m in the UK and my daughters and grandchildren are in Australia. So I thought, great, it’ll be a bit easier to catch my granddaughter before she heads back to Uni. Only these morons sent me the clock change notification for the US instead of the UK. If they don’t even know what time it is here, how are they going to know the weather?! And they even trademarked the phrase “superior accuracy”! Lol. Which means I’m about to delete their app for good. Cheers..Version: 14.7.2

The Ad situation has gotten absurd.I’ve used AccuWeather for a looong, long time. Probably since the iPhone 2. So, essentially forever. I’ve mostly enjoyed it. I wasn’t crazy when the newest design hit, and I still miss the local interaction where you used to be able to report hyper-local conditions, but they fine tuned a few things and I got over it. I never paid to remove ads, because I’m not well off (disabled), didn’t need premium, and I figured the ads probably made them more revenue than a flat fee would anyway. My infinite regrets for giving you guys my eyeball money for all that time is now deeply heartfelt. Not only are the new Ads **incredibly** intrusive and obnoxious to a degree rarely seen outside of freemium money grab “games” (full page, won’t let you “x” out for periods of time, play loud sounds even when you’re on silent etc) but you also can’t pay a flat fee to get rid of them anymore, and those of us who didn’t pay before aren’t “grandfathered” into anything except advertising. Quite a “screw-you” to those of us who’ve been with you for so long. I’m disabled… all I want is accurate info that I can see without waiting for a full-screen advertisement to ALLOW me to control my device, so I can do what’s necessary to get my plants/pets/partner safely and comfortably where they need to be when things turn. I guess that’s too big of an ask?.Version: 15.8.2

RadarRadar is pretty useless where I live compared to others I can use for free..Version: 15.5

So so appI was a regular user of Storm, but they deleted the ad-free option so I tried AccuWeather. Nope, It’s worse. The forecast, regardless of the name is no better than any other weather forecast, which is to say poor. A few observations: There is no option that I’ve found for displaying wind speed. The cloud cover is truly odd, lighter cloud cover has darker opacity and heavier cloud cover is lighter opacity, huh? That’s the opposite of what it should be. I’ve got the Premium version and it offers a 25 day forecast, well isn’t that special. The weather forecasters have trouble with tomorrows weather and they think they can forecast 25 days out? For entertainment purposes only. I get FAR too many severe weather notifications, many more than I get in Storm. Most of them are repeats, if a winter weather advisory is posted at 9:00 AM I get a notification right away, if I turn the screen off I will find another notification the next time I open it, for the same original advisory. Once is enough, thank you! Finally, the radar is pretty worthless, sometimes there’s nothing there when there should be, other times while playing the past couple of hours some of the “slices” are missing so the rain/snow is hurry jerky. When I check Storm’s radar it’s much better. Sorry, but this app is pretty sad..Version: 11.2.1

DisappointingThe revamp is very disappointing. Notwithstanding that the bright blue colour is intrusive and unpleasant on the eye, it has lost all customisation on the Apple Watch for complications. The app on the Apple Watch is low resolution and pixelated and gives little to no information. I wouldn’t even use this app if it were free. It’s a shame because the previous versions were immaculate. Hopefully developers do re-release very soon before customers abandon the app..Version: 14.0.1

Inaccurate informationRight now it is only 21c outside and this app is saying it’s 28c. This app has been totally inaccurate for months. I don’t recommend it..Version: 15.12

Hate the new layout, no portrait mode, no hour by hour graphsLandscape mode only? So it appears this version of the iPad app only allows you to use it in landscape mode and does not support viewing data in portrait mode. I typically don’t use my iPad in landscape mode except for the odd spreadsheet and videos the rest of the time I use it in portrait mode. Especially as i am walking around the kitchen each morning trying to get ready for my day and commute to work. Trying to hold an iPad in landscape mode while also tryin to get out coffee and breakfast for the family is impossible. I wish that the app would autorotate depending on the orientation of the user or if there were a button in the settings to allow you to force the app into portrait mode. No more hour by hour graphs? - the old app allowed you to look at the hour by hour trends of the day in graphical form for temperature, realfeel and % Precipitation. Now all the graphs have been removed and replaced by text? Before at a glance with the charts I could look at the predictions and see what was likely the trend of the day and therefore provide me an easy way to choose if I should do a task that day. Now i have to sit and compare and remember each value hour by hour and try and figure out if we’re just getting a pop up shower in the afternoon or if the whole afternoon is going to be a wash for the Zoo or mowing the lawn..Version: 14.0.1

Nickel and DimeThis used to be my goto weather app for years. They want to monitize with adds, okay get your $$. Now, these dbags but up pay walls!?! Deleted.Version: 15.9

Please fix one of my most used and favourite appsUpdate —— I have removed notes about some broken data which has been fixed and improved my rating from 1 star up to 3 stars. The rest of my review still applies currently though. I hope this app is back on its way to 5 stars. —— Before the big UI update this app was amazing. I used it all the time. Everything was easy to find and the data is the most accurate of any weather service. The update has broken the data displayed though. I’m not a fan of the new layout but That isn’t what bothers me, it’s illogical but I will get used to it. The problem is the broken data, the radial view no longer lets to see the time rain will start and only shows 1 hour instead of 2. To see 2 hours you have to now look at a graph, which generally fails to display any data. I hope these issues can be fixed. I’m sure the UI and data will be improved over time. It is just a let down right now. I want to completely rewrite this review when I start enjoying the app again..Version: 14.1.1

Ads are now annoyingThis has been my go to weather app for a long time but with the full screen ads and decreased customization that have been added in recent updates I’m less then impressed. I’ll be looking for a different app now..Version: 14.14.2

BadIt was a great free app and now they’ve decided that they want money for the same service so they’ve destroyed the free app, you can even check todays weather by the hour anymore without them asking you to pay. I had your app for close to 4 years. Just deleted it for good. Hope whatever you made was worth all the people you lost. Greedy. ✌🏼.Version: 15.9

Language IssueMy settings are set to English but yet due to my location, all my “Government Alerts” are in French..Version: 15.11

Hate the redesignThis used to be my favourite weather app but you had to go and mess with it. What were you board in ISO! Why fix something that wasn’t broken. And from what I’m reading a lot of people agree, you stuffed it. The blue background is horrible to look at. It feels less interactive and I find it difficult to get the information I need. Looks like it will just be the BOM app for me now.....unless you put it back the way it was!!😡.Version: 14.0.1

They just destroyed the best weather appThe new Accuweather is NOT beautiful, it is now unuseable on my iPad Pro... Clear large colourful weather icons for each day have now been replaced by tiny white icons that all look the same on a solid blue background. The previously excellent Navigation to each section is now a mess and the radar still looks rubbish, it always did. Did anyone who designed this disaster ask real people to try and use it? One of the worst downgrades of any really useful app I use that I have ever seen. They should delete it and revert to the old version while they think again..Version: 14.0.0

InaccurateHonestly I don't bother checking any more. If the app says it's going to rain, I carry my umbrella and rubber boots around needlessly. If it says sunny, I get soaked with rain. I understand predicting the weather can't be 100% accurate, but this is below minimum standards..Version: 10.6

You’re a Globalist Propaganda MachineAiding and abetting in crimes against humanity by pushing a deliberate and false climate agenda. Criminals will get caught and prosecuted to the harshest and full extent of the law - you are criminals!.Version: 15.11

Not even closeIt is 27 c outside and your app says 20. Really? Not even close..Version: 15.11

ArrogantTHIEVES They DOUBLED the price I cancelled my subscription..Version: 15.12.2

They completely ruined the appThis was one of the best weather apps I’ve used. Overall it was very easy to read and use, and I’ve used the app for years. The past update though completely destroyed everything. If you don’t pay for premium + it’s basically pointless. I’m not going to pay money to see a 72 hour forecast; it’s literally a weather app why is there a subscription in the first place?? Despite the developers’ blatant greed (which everyone’s already complaining about), they changed the interface so now it’s more difficult to read (especially with the hourly tab). The way it was before made it easy to scroll through with the temperature in the biggest font. Now it’s some weird sideways chart with a bunch of graph lines and stuff?? I’m not a scientist - I don’t care or want to see the temperature high and lows on a graph I just want to see what the temperature is. They’ve made the temperature so small now too; it just looks so messy. I don’t even have sight problems, I can’t imagine how annoying this update has to be for older people or just people with bad eyesight in general. In conclusion, they need to go back to how it was before or they’re going to lose all their longtime users and fail to gain any new ones..Version: 15.9

Not what it says on the labelIt’s not that accurate that some make this app to be. There is inconsistency between hourly forecast and today statements. With the “today” statements sometimes changing upon current timelines as oppose to providing forecast daily forecast. One minute you’re looking at clear spells for four hours, prepare to go out for a bike ride, quick check of the weather app, and low and behold... it’s heavy rain that was not forecasted, nor on the hourly forecast chart. It’s almost as if the app is set up to give you an historical account of the day weather as oppose to providing a forecast. Many a times I’ve been caught out in poor weather, relying on this app that’s not really that accurate as it states it is..Version: 14.9

Once upon a time this app was good!Bottom Line Up Front: Don’t pay money for what others offer for free. There was a time when this app relied on advertisements to rake in a profit. Now, after the latest update, users must pay for a subscription to see certain elements of the weather, including the hourly forecast for precipitation. I have preferred AccuWeather for many years, but I am not about to pay for a service that the iOS weather app provides for free. This change has completely rendered the app useless to me, and has stripped itself of all that once made the app attractive. In my opinion, this is AccuWeather’s downfall. I have uninstalled the app and I am pretty certain I won’t be returning..Version: 15.9

Looks great but Accu?It's packed with features and looks great, but its local rain forecasting accuracy is at best fair. Temperature is accurate, as are most weather as well. I’ve upgraded, and get 25 days of fair accuracy rain forecasts. It's really missed the mark badly in the last few weeks forecasting major storms. We received 0mm of rain when 27mm was forecast. I am not saying weather forecasting is easy, I know it isn't, I just don't accept ACCUweather is a true indication of the exactness of the rain weather forecasts provided by this app. Some of the app navigation is really not intuitive and needs simplifying or added guidance..Version: 14.0.0

Money grabI’ve had this app for a long time - in fact, had paid for the “premium” version years ago. I’m now losing functionality that I had because they want you to start paying for their monthly subscription model “Premium+”. I.e., I’m now losing functionality that I paid for and seeing stuff like “See weather from a whole new view, explore Premium+”… They should have grandfathered people who paid for this with the “old school” model - especially instead of removing functionality that I used. Now I recognize that they’ve probably added functionality between when I paid for premium and when they added the premium+ - but that was normal behavior when we used to pay for an app one time. They could have added an in-app purchase for new functionality if they’d wanted, and I would have understood that. But the switch to a subscription for something you can get for free through other apps/sources… nope. Also, though this is probably true for any weather forecast, we seem to be getting less accurate predictions than a few years ago - this may be anecdotal for a few storms - I don’t have data to back this up, but it feels this way..Version: 15.9

No fix for bug . Not happy with customer supportOverall it is an excellent application but the push notification is not working at all. I’ve reported this issue to customer support tram several times but received same response to do some check in application settings. Seems there is a bug a push notification but no one willing to fix it . Very disappointed..Version: 15.1

Stop pushing subscriptions on Premium accountsI purchased Premium for this app a while back. The constant notices to subscribe to Premium+ are beyond annoying. I’m not paying anything more here. Stop taking me to screens I can’t use without paying and just show me what I’m allowed to see..Version: 15.9

What has happened with your update?!Used to be my go to app for weather but since the update so many things don’t work like the hourly forecast especially on the iPad. Settings for direction of wind and the graphs and colours just not user friendly or give you information you need. On the iPad the hourly forecast only runs for a couple of days now and the times don’t fit the page still even since your update. The way you display the daily temps was really easy to see but now these are really awkward. It knocks out the 1 from double digit times and sometimes the m from am doesn’t fit on when in hour display. The radar screen rarely works too. Did you do any user testing on this?.Version: 14.0.1

Used to be great but gone downhillI used to swear by this app as it was very accurate but since the refresh, it’s definitely got worse. It’s nowhere near as accurate as it used to be and I can’t find the functionality that it used to have, where if the weather was incorrect for where you were, you could report the right conditions. That used to be so useful! Nothing worse than standing in the rain while it stubbornly maintains that it is sunny! It still gets two stars from me as it’s still good as a general guide and there’s information on there that other apps don’t give. I’m not sure why they changed it but I’ve given it a few months to settle in and it’s not improved so I’m going to find a new weather app now that has a better algorithm. EDIT: have just looked at the most recent reviews and it looks like I’m not the only one. Apple - please update the main review you show on the page to something more recent than the one from a year ago. Better yet, remove the reviews from before the major update from the rankings as it is a completely different app now and this distorts user expectations..Version: 14.3.0

Good and badFunctionally, the app works well. And real feel is helpful. But I can't get around the clunky user interface. Ideally, it should follow the classic iOS layout with a navigation bar at the bottom and a clean, simple layout for the content displayed..Version: 11.7.5

Very disappointedDespite reading the reviews and the misleading App name this weather app is not any better or more importantly accurate than yahoo weather app or apples own. I awoke to rain when 0% was predicted the night before, and this afternoon 90% at 13;00 actually resulted in clouds thinning and a mere poke of sunshine I paid for the full app to rid the annoying adverts but the equally annoying news is still present. If I wanted to read the news I would have installed a news app, so dear developers please clean up the interface and remove the news Final gripe, if I paid for the app on my iPad why do I have to pay again on my other devices???? RIP off springs to mind for an app that is neither useful nor accurate.Version: 12.2

Price Increase, Quality DecreaseThis was a good app until the recent update. Now you can’t see beyond 12 hours out without paying for Premium PLUS, which used to be a free feature. I’m already subscribed to Premium but apparently Premium Plus is the new Premium. Disgusting. Beyond that, the aesthetic is weird now and is trying to be too similar to The Weather Channel app. Might as well just use TWC app because they don’t charge to see 24 hours of weather. I’m deleting this app and just forgoing the rest of the year I have left for Premium since it apparently doesn’t get you anything useful besides getting rid of ads. Do companies not know when they have a good thing anymore? Edited: The developers reached out to let me know how to find the 72 hour view as before, in the list view. I do appreciate that and I increased my rating accordingly. I do still think it’s wrong that they’ve paywalled some previously free features. I would be more interested in paying a monthly subscription if they added innovative features instead of asking users to pay for old, free features. Either way, I am glad my favorite features seem to be excluded from the paywall after all, so I will keep using the app as my default..Version: 15.9

Used to be a good appAccuWeather used to be the powerhouse free weather app. Unfortunately, the ads have gotten out of hand. The UI is still pretty good, and the forecast are more often accurate than not, but you are bombarded with a full screen ad every time you change screens (from daily to hourly, or hourly to radar, or from the daily summary to the weekly summary). All of them come equipped with a 5-10 second timer before you can skip, the “close” or skip buttons are always tucked in the corner, and the same color as the ad. Don’t worry, If you’ve already been hit with three ads during your 3 minute browsing session, there are another three (probably the same ones you just saw) heading your way fast. If you can find a way to work around the frustration of the ads, it’s a pretty good app. If you want to do a quick peek of the weather without having to jump through hoops, or put energy into navigating, this is not for you. Even if you don’t mind the ads at first, you will grow to hate them as much as you love the accuracy. I understand money has to be made somehow, but certainly a less greasy way is possible.Version: 14.17.1

Got caught in a stormThis is the third time I got caught out. I was working outside and thought I had a few hours before it would rain but then I was caught in a torrential downpour. I checked the app and it still said just cloudy. No rain until a few hours later. Seriously? This app doesn’t seem to be as accurate as it once was which is a shame..Version: 15.6

Not so AccuI’ve used this app for a long time. I really enjoyed the radar feature provided. But the daily and weekly forecast is so far from accurate, I don’t feel confident using the app anymore. I understand the concept of “predicting weather” so that isn’t the issue. The issue comes from comparing it to three other weather apps at the same time. I didn’t start this comparison immediately, but time and time again the app failed to reliably provide “accurate” forecasts. When I started comparing to other apps, I noticed a trend. The three other apps were similar in forecast, but this app was so far away from them, it brought many doubts. For example, this app stated there was a 77% chance of rain on a particular day, while the other apps were 24% and lower. Technically, a 77% chance and a 24% chance are the same thing, if one understands what “a chance” for rain means. But, I personally plan my activities based on that percentage. If it’s higher, I’ll choose indoor activities, and if it’s lower I’ll choose outer activities. The example I gave was only one of many. I give this app three stars because it isn’t a bad app and has some good features, but it also isn’t “accurate” when it comes to forecasting..Version: 15.4

Lost functionality app no longer that usefulThe new app no longer has the hourly forecast which was the most useful aspect of this app compared to others. Probably will stop using this one now..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Don’t waste your time with this versionI bought the previous version of this app and felt it was worth the money. However the latest change to the weather radar map is very poor in my opinion. It doesn’t seem to reflect the data from the official government website. Admittedly I am using an iPad air2 with latest software. Perhaps the app is unable to run effectively on this hardware..Version: 11.6.0

Paying paying paying !After paying for premium , they have an invention called premium + to steal more money for basic information that we can easily find on the web ...Version: 15.9

Ok interface but really lacks accuracyI rode up Mont Ventoux, France and it was cold at the top, but the ‘real feel’ claimed 18 degrees. It was nowhere near that, and the organizers of a Gran Fondo ride that was finishing at the top were handing out those foil space blankets for the finishers. It was freezing; more like a temperature of 6-7 with the wind chill effect. Their figure was dangerously misleading. Fortunately I packed sufficient clothing, but I pity those who did not. This app has been a disappointment compared with ones I use in Australia..Version: 12.3

Review after new softwareAfter your software update I can't even figure out how to get the hourly anymore and the layout is so confusing that I think I'm going to eventually delete your app. Even write the app function is very strange because I filled it up previously and I try to hit send and it would not send and then a week went by and I wanted to write you guys and when I hit the rate function up comes the old stuff I typed so I hit send and it sent, success. But then I wanted to read it now after your new software and I hit the rate button, and again up pops the old stuff that I did last time. So I don't know what's going on with your apps but even this reading thing I'm using an iPhone and the text doesn't scroll up so I can't even see if the speak and text is working properly because you don't have it designed so that it scrolls up so I can see what I am saying even that is really weird and annoying your whole app is completely annoying you wrecked it when you had the software upgrade but even before that in northern Wisconsin you guys were never correct he said it was gonna rain and it doesn't rain your percentages are completely different than the weather channel. You better fighter software engineers and start over..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Ads? Uninstall!The only reason I switched to Accuweather was how useless the weather network app had become due to incessant ads and a move away from actual weather content. Now I’m spammed with advertising that’s not even In my language. A blessing perhaps. But I’m not putting up with this. Out you go..Version: 14.14.2

Bring back old complications design please!Usually love the app, new design of phone app is VERY different and after the initial shock (and a few minor updates) I’m slowly warming to the new design. The watch app though... as you can’t look forward like the phone app 2 hrs of minutecast will be useful/needed and for a hi res screen the UI is very low res as though you just used the wireframes mock ups. As for the complications. After an extended period missing in the wilderness it’s returned but with reduced functionality. I loved the weather+temp in the previous design as it’s one of the most useful complications I had and why I loved it over other weather apps. There’s no differences in the new design from other weather apps. Sigh. Whhhhyyyy?.Version: 14.1.1

Reliable, too much clickingCombining Accuweather and The Weather Channel data are the most reliable in my area. Unfortunately, I need to look for other apps that have Accuweather data source apps because this app isn’t easy to read, you need to do too much clicking to see more details. One example in hourly forecast (as well as daily forecast), you can’t click on one certain hour (or day) to see the details, then just scroll through each of the hours or days to see how conditions (wind, humidity, cloud cover, etc) evolve over a few hours. You need to click each hour individually to see the details. Also, there needs to be an hourly graph, just like the daily one. Some of the current conditions/parameters (which I don’t care for) are showed on the main window, then I need to click again and pop up another window to see more of them. At least make them customizable so I can place those I want to see in front of the others, on the main window. A bit disappointed, I’m still longing for their original app from 10 years ago which was, in my opinion, better in many ways..Version: 15.8.2

Not greatI hate ads. I have no interest in paying for premium. Why does everything have to be a subscription? In a recent update I could not view information that was previously free, this was the hourly forecast or something similar. I was told to update to premium to unlock this. A more recent update has restored that free functionality it seems, I’m not sure. In a different update the app started showing more prominent ads than it had before. So I never know what I’m going to get when I update this app. Consequently, I have removed the app from my devices. Apple’s own weather app is entirely free, has just as much information as this (maybe more), and looks better. There is no need for me to use this app anymore..Version: 15.11

Hate the new Accuweather “Redesign” - Don’t fix if not Broke!1)The App loading screen is unpleasant bright orange/white (vs previous pleasant sky blue). Everything is uncomfortably high contrast white/black or blue/white (it’s uncomfortable to read vs previous similar soft muted colors), when changing locations- screen goes from black to white suddenly, hurts to look at 2)It has no color variations between different weather icons (orange sun, blue rain drops, gray clouds etc) 3)Most important info- Rain Percentage Chance should be first, right next to forecast weather icon (not opposite side of the row- harder to compare day). Have to take extra action to change Day/Night forecast (before it was on single menu), It’s harder to navigate the app generally, there is no need for virtual lines to separate day (looks cluttered) 4)Only 10 locations can be saved, can’t edit MinuteCast location like before (the next hour weather wheel is gone) 5)Scrolling is jarring (not smooth), freezes often, app crashes often Why intentionally ruin something great yourself? don’t fix what isn’t broken. It went from the best designed weather app to the worst!.Version: 14.5.3

Unable to report a conditionThis is an ok app but like everything in life nothing is guaranteed. The weather is one of them. I've had plenty of times when the weather has been reported good in my local area but looking out of the window it's been chucking it down. In the last five days the forecast has been reported dry with the sixth day rainfall which I use to help me plan my journey (I'm a biker so need to know what to wear or take the train) and it's chucked it down every day. Frustratingly, AccuWeather had a feature called Report A Condition which I'm assuming meant you can update what's really happening around you. It doesn't work. NEWSFLASH This has now been removed so I rate it even less. Perhaps AccuWeather have been working closely with Michael Fish? It used to be quite accurate but it's very hit and miss these days. Might be ok as a general guide but not good enough for local use..Version: 14.7.1

No English NotificationsFor some reason, I cannot get my weather notifications in English. I placed a support call and they told me it was an issue with environment Canada. That was 6 months ago. Sorry… uninstalling..Version: 15.11

Quality Has Gone A BitThe AccuWeather app was once, the “Rolls Royce” of all weather apps a few years ago. It’s mostly stayed that way and, to be honest, I still use it frequently. But the user experience has definitely waned as more “advances” in design and capability have been given developer precedence over user functionality or even friendliness. Just because something is new, doesn’t always mean it’s better or has “evolved.” Case in point, the one area where I suspect most people use this app is in its radar feature. But even that notable feature has operationally declined as whole swaths of radar sweep detection in large geometric shapes are either missing or the result of damaged or faulty radar equipment. This has become more frequently noticeable in the Los Angeles area with ever expanding areas of missing data. The problem appears to be getting worse rather than being fixed. And there’s not even a system alert notice which could indicate to the user that data retrieval is missing due to repairs being conducted on equipment. It’s truly a shame for a once effortlessly flawless app..Version: 14.17.1

Bad upgradeI downloaded this app about a week ago. I loved it. It was clear, most of the information was on one page, and you could see a long-term detailed forecast by using a sliding bar. In the daily forecast you could see over a week at a time and the summary was included of what the day’s weather would be, i.e. “slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms”. I like this so much more than other weather apps that just have an icon for thunderstorm and not tell you that it was only a slight chance in the afternoon. Well, I woke up today and my app was completely different. I did not choose to upgrade to a new version. The new version is much more like other weather apps. More icons to select, no list of detailed information unless you click three or four times to get to it, no sliding bar, and much more searching around for me to find the information I could just see before. I contacted customer service and the answer was that once you have updated to the new app (which I never did) there was nothing to do except use the new app. And that many people like the new app a lot better—and they’re trying to design something that’s better for people. Not so impressive. Deleting this app and looking for a new Weather app..Version: 14.0.1

Money grabAlready paid for Premium and now it’s subscription-based. They make it obvious how they’ve locked features so you get a second class experience if you don’t subscribe. Save your money and do not support this company..Version: 15.10.1

Used to be great, now not so muchHas anyone else noticed that if you sort the reviews by “most recent” instead of “most helpful”, the reviews are ALL one star and very negative? Am I the only one who’s figured out that negative reviews get purged about every two weeks? Is anyone else getting tired of seeing 4.9 stars on everything, no matter how rotten it actually is? As so many others have said, this used to be a fantastic app. Up until about a year ago, the forecasts were uncannily accurate, the futurecast radar was brilliant, and the severe weather alerts were timely and reliable. It’s completely changed though, sadly. Now the forecasts are so unreliable they seem almost randomly generated. There’s a seemingly endless stream of unnecessary alarms about dire threats way in the future which don’t materialize, and when severe weather does happen, we get no warning at all! The radar has become a slow, glitchy, low resolution shadow of what it was previously. And most annoyingly, when an urgent emergency severe weather alert gets pushed to my phone, clicking on it opens the app to a page that tells me the alert can’t be downloaded!? This app is a major disappointment and a waste of money, though it previously was superb. Please make it great again!.Version: 15.12

New design is awful to useI used to love this app - the graphics were clear and friendly. Now on iPad you have to change to landscape, the colours are dull and it is more difficult to follow. It really has changed for the worse, what a disappointment.Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Not very “accu” at all.I’m sitting at home watching absolutely torrential rain teeming down in our entire area. It has been like this on and off (mostly on) for the past few hours with, according to NZ’s MetService, more to come. I look at my Accuweather app and it rather laughably tells me “No precipitation for at least 60 minutes”! I can understand, perhaps, not being able to forecast in the future in certain instances, but how on earth do you manage to get it so wrong in the present?.Version: 15.11

Even more fluff. Please fix the hour by hour view.I wrote this review some versions ago but really it's still not much better. Please can we have a single page showing a whole days data which doesn't involve tapping, scrolling or any intervention. You know, how it used to be. Where you could open the app and simply look at it to get a feel for the whole day in a glance. **further update** Once again you've gone even further into 'form over function'. Please listen to what people have asked for and give us a simple table for a whole day showing time, temperature, realfeel and precipitation. Having to tap through each hour has totally spoiled this app. You say you listen to your users but clearly you don't. Take the time to look at the reviews and see what people want. *update* It's still a joke. You've not actually improved it at all! It now needs even _more_ taps to be able to see a detailed hourly view rather than fewer taps like it used to be. Here is my previous review: "The hourly view is still dreadful. Please listen to your users (as you claim to do) and revert back to the old style where the whole day can be seen without having to tap repeatedly.".Version: 10.6

Mostly great!There are tons of weather apps available. The devs description is accurate, but I will tell you my top Pros/Cons. PROS: ~ Love the radar. Gives you an option to view the past or future. ~ A slick “Minute by Minute” wheel that pinpoints precipitation for the next two hours. ~ A ton of features that don’t overwhelm you when launching the app. The basic stuff is clearly and nicely laid out and simple taps/swipes will get you to deeper details if desired. CONS: * The “location services” pin points my house right on the mark. But, the app declares the location is a nearby city instead of the one my house is in. * I have several weather apps that use location services plus my own house thermometer. AccuWeather many times states that it is 4-6 degrees cooler than all the others. * That’s it. Some may feel those are picky things, but it is enough to knock off a star IMHO. Overall, a great app. I was happy to pay the $4 to support the devs and also get rid of the ads. 😄 UPDATE: AccuWeather no longer offers a pay once to get rid of ads. It is now a monthly or yearly fee. Besides costing much more, “family sharing” means nothing now. EVERY family member must pay the on-going fee if you want to get rid of the annoying ads. In other words, my pay once fee does not get grandfathered in. 👎🏻.Version: 14.10

Superior quality weather forecastsThis weather app because it combines an easy to use interface with surprisingly accurate forecasts which often pin weather events to within minutes of when they actually happen. I have been using the free version with advertising which used to have mostly innocuous ads. Now full screen ads routinely pop up, some with decidedly scammy content you don’t dare click to dismiss. The only way out is to swipe the whole app closed then reopen and hope not to see the same ad. This used to be a four star app, but the toxic ads made me reduce it to two stars. Update 29 January 2023: There are still full screen ads which pop up right when you are trying to do something which is jarring and actually tends to make one resent the advertiser, the opposite of what is intended. Most of the ads seem to be cancellable now, some only after a mandatory countdown. So the advertising situation is better and you can sped $0.99/month to get rid of the ads if you want. I’m raising my rating one star, mostly based on the good accuracy, but hampered by advertising which reduces the usability of the application..Version: 15.8.2

I have removed app because of adsI paid a one time price to remove ads and now that I have downloaded it on a new device the ads are everywhere on both versions and the only option is to pay an ongoing amount so I’ll be deleting it. What a rip off,.Version: 15.7

Useful features, but the alerts need workAccuweather is my primary weather app- it’s very good about serving up detailed and timely information, and the alerts are especially crucial when you live in a northern plains state like I do, where floods, tornadoes and suddenly icy roads are all things which have to be accounted for. It’s because of the alerts that I have to drop a couple of stars, though- more often than not, the push notifications which Accuweather sends me are almost useless, because it will buzz my Apple Watch or my phone with a message that I have an alert, but not include the nature of the threat. This forces me to dig out my phone, open the app and find the button with the yellow exclamation point next to it. High winds? Heavier than usual rain? An addendum to an existing flood alert? A tornado in my area? All treated the same. I get fatigued from all this vigilance, which can itself be dangerous- I’m forced to treat every pop-up like it’s a potential disaster, instead of just getting the important highlights in a watch alert which I can then either dismiss or explore in greater depth. This correction would make Accuweather so much more useable for me..Version: 11.7.2

App is great but “RealFeel” is misleadingI do love the minutecast format (which is usually correct) and the overall look of the App. Unfortunately, for the past few weeks the RealFeel temperature has been absolutely wrong. And I mean off by more than 10-15 degrees. I first noticed it on a day when the RealFeel was expected to stay in the single digits all day, but the lowest the App ever got to that day was 16. Thinking it was just warmer than they predicted, I ignored it. But the last few days have been bitterly cold, again with single digit RealFeel predictions. Again, the past 2 morning the App has shown the RealFeel temps at around 15-17. However, THREE other weather apps currently say the RealFeel is between 3-5 degrees. That’s well over a 10 degree difference which is a HUGE difference in the winter, and very frustrating. I don’t understand how they it information is so off compared to several other Apps. We’re expected to get a few days of small showers this week, and Accuweather makes no mention of some of those snow showers. If it ends up that it does snow those days, and they’re not predicting snow like every other app, then it’s kind of pointless to keep Accuweather around..Version: 14.6.2

New update makes things hard to findI don’t know why the app appearance was changed, but it’s basically an entirely different app now and even though my settings are dark mode, the app is still too light and low contrast. It’s disappointing because I’m a premium user and if I was downloading this app for the first time, I’d uninstall it and look for something else. I’m looking through it and so many features that I relied on are missing. There was a graph that showed the temperature which is gone, the white icons make it hard, as with my disability the removal of visual temperature changes makes the app useless. Clearly there was no disability consultation when making these changes..Version: 14.0.1

Wot? No complications? No Portrait mode on iPad?I’ve been using Accuweather pretty much since it first came out. While I’ve used it on and off in conjunction with other apps, it’s always had a place on my iPad and iPhone. I paid for the Platinum upgrade right at the start and AW has been part of my Apple ‘journey’. The accuracy is always good, sometimes excellent, and certainly hasn’t been bettered. Sometimes the dev’s ideas of a usable interface clash with mine, but I usually manage to live with some of the odder things they come up with, like this update, with no portrait version for iPad! Really? But version 14 has also dispensed with any kind of useful Watch app! While there is the immensely useful MinuteCast, there’s nothing else on the watch app - at all! (That I can find) The useful complication I had as my friend on my wrist just disappeared! Is that for good? Why has it gone? I’ve gone back to Dark Sky for my on-watch weather, but I didn’t want to. Please don’t tell me a subscription is coming in the works. I refuse to do those!.Version: 14.0.0

What have you done?Ok you’ve just ruined this overnight. It’s never been a particularly accurate forecast (irony) but I really liked the interface. It was intuitive and easy to operate. With the update, I have no idea where anything it, I can’t get to the hourly view I liked before, and it’s sending me alert message for places all over the world. I don’t care if there’s an air quality warning in Texas - I don’t live in Texas. Maybe I added it to my places once because I was curious but I shouldn’t have to then go back and delete it. I don’t want alerts for everywhere - I only want them where I AM. Guys - I’m just gonna delete this. Get UX people in. Or fire the ones you got..Version: 14.1.1

What happened to Minutecast?Really disappointed to see Minutecast change from what it was before. The ability to rotate clockwise by using my finger was very useful in timing the exact moment I could safely take my dog out (he hates rain!) It was useful in many other ways and was really the thing I loved most about this app. It seems Minutecast has transitioned to a bar graph which is not as user friendly imho. Also not clear if this bar graph is specific to my exact location now. Landscape-only view on iPad also makes this app an inconvenience to use. Overall, this update is a move in the wrong direction and will have me looking for alternatives. UPDATE Dear “Developer:” Thanks for the condescending response (awww... “change is awkward”). I’m not a moron, I figured out the new bar graph, the point is that your awkward change is not for the better. You didn’t address the iPad landscape-only issue; I suppose that’s another awkward change. Take a look at all the other overwhelmingly negative reviews after this update. Are all your loyal users just idiots like me for voicing their reactions to your awkward changes? If you really care about what you produce, don’t be so dismissive of the users who have supported you in the past. One bad review speaks 100 times louder than one good review.... and you now have an awful lot of bad reviews..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Paid for no adsAgain this happens. Paid for upgrade so I do not get ads, now ads pop up. New format in the last year sucks. Not recommend as there are free weather apps that are just as good and better. 2023- again paid for no ads. Please fix.Version: 15.11

Used this app for years..In a few words, accurate it is not! Wish I could upload pics because this is what happens a LOT… I live in Ibiza and am dying for some rain!!.. Next four hours: shows rain starting in 10 mins, and to last for 90 minutes.. Light to medium. Click on “hourly forecast”, 0% chance of precipitation. Urmmm hello?? Even the app contradicts itself! I like the interface, the radar (even though that’s not worth anything either other than hope lol), but it’s useless. I get the weather is hard to predict and there are differences between different apps etc, but every section of this ONE app contradicts itself and provides gives totally different predictions of the same area. It’s actually mental!?.Version: 15.4

Weather AppThe background colours are not to my liking any other less garish ones available? Generally I preferred the previous layout.Version: 14.2.1

Good weather, shocking number of 3rd partycookies to disableBeen using AccuWeather for some time now and have been impressed with the forecasting and particularly , minutecast which is pretty accurate. Cookies. Dear me what a unbelievable amount and of “legitimate interest “ there are. You get the option to opt out of a handful of cookies when you set the app and even though you opt out of what is presenter “legitimate interest” cookies are still enabled. Dig a little deeper at this point and check out the vendors “legitimate interest” cookies. The list is huge and there is no way of switching everything off at once. It feels like the plan is to bore the user to keep these cookies switched on. Most shockingly of all is there is one vendor that puts a cookie on your phone which will expire after 30,000 days. AccuWeather, be more transparent about these so called “legitimate interest” cookies and give me a way to shut them all down at once and I will upgrade my rating..Version: 15.1

Old was betterNot so easy to find my saved places and check generally.Version: 14.0.0

Used to be betterThis app was good. I paid for the premium version and then they changed it. They then wanted me to pay for the premium version again!!I contacted the developers to request the upgrade as I had already paid but they said they couldn’t help. The version I have now is so cluttered with advertising that it’s too messy to use. I was hoping for the extended forecast that you can get on the desktop version..Version: 13.0.8

Layout is ConfusingI decided to download the premium version of this app after The Weather Channel had too many video advertisements. I was just tired of the ads. This app has no ads, but it is the LEAST user-friendly app I’ve ever had. The “back arrow” buttons are the same color and size as the text, and they’re placed right next to the text, so it took me a while to figure out how to go back. And every screen, the back button looks different. Sometimes you have to swipe down to get out of a screen (for example, hourly), and sometimes you have to hit the back button. And don’t even get me started on trying to toggle the hourly “compass”-style button. As soon as you touch the circle to try to drag it, the entire data does this weird zoom thing and the sensitivity is way too high for anyone’s thumb. It’s like they adjusted the mouse speed to 100- any tiny movement and you’re 4 hours past where you wanted to go, and it doesn’t land where you want it to land. Also, the circle should be on the actual hours, not on the bar graph below. You have to move the circle on the bar graph to see the hours change on top. It’s just not a very well-designed app..Version: 12.0.2

Good but...It displays the weather from the government source. It does update quickly but is only as accurate as the free data it tries to resell. Long range forecasts change regularly. The interface is cluttered and requires too much scrolling. The ad removal price is way steep for such a basic functionality. Now WARNING: Whatever you do, don't tap on the ads. Some of them are from truly shonky companies who've be shamed in forums all over the net for bad practices. If you're in Oz grab BOM Weather as a very accurate, ad free app..Version: 11.0

New interface not goodUpdated interface has gone for pretty over useful, less information more spread out.Version: 14.0.0

App update! What were you thinking...I’ve trusted the AccuWaether app for many years. This update is a complete fail. Navigation is so bad, who thought this was a good idea to change what they had..... all I need to do is look at current conditions, wind, is it going to rain and away I go.... pervious version was easy. This version - better I don't say anything about it as I don’t want to appear negative.....Version: 14.1.1

Bring back the bar chartsIt used to be so easy to see what the weather was going to be like. The bar charts of temp and precipitation told you what you wanted to know visually. Now it is just a horrible list of numbers..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Ads ruin itNot only is the forecasting terrible the ads make the app unusable..Version: 14.14.2

Dangerously InaccurateThis last weekend, Denver had the worst air quality in the world. But if you only looked at this app, you would not know it. It stated that the Denver metro area was around 40 AQI (Fair air quality), and not higher. However, every other data source, including the government air quality website, said our air quality was in the 180s (Unhealthy). (Including news reports!!) This is drastically different than 40 AQI and could harm those who are sensitive populations and should not go out in bad air quality. It is also harmful for those who are not sensitive, and can cause real harm in short periods of time. I did send them feedback about this, but instead of taking responsibility for this inaccuracy, they merely stated it was the fault of the place they get their data from for air quality. This is a terrible excuse. Get your data elsewhere. You’re supposed to be “accu” weather. Take some responsibility and show you have integrity! Because of this, I do not trust accuweather for weather data anymore. I will be uninstalling and telling others about the dangerous misinformation they allow on their website. It’s a pity, as I’ve been using accuweather to get my weather data for years now..Version: 14.12

No need to changeI’ve (sorta) gotten over the fact that app creators feel the need to completely change app interfaces that don’t need changing for who knows what reason. I was annoyed with this new interface when I first saw it, but I tried working with it. My initial complaint was that its now laggy. Nothing scrolls smoothly. I used The Weather Channel app for years, but switched over to this one about a year ago because TWC was having more lag than was worth dealing with and it was a breath of fresh air being able to check my weather without the app acting up. After some more use I’ve found other problems with this. The lovely hourly rain chart is gone, which I used all the time. The front screen now doesn’t show all that the weather is doing and the dial around the temperature isn’t as intuitive. It’s harder to see wind speed. And why change the widget? I used that all the time to quickly see daily high and low, and now high and low aren’t on there?? Many people loved this app because it was unlike all the other ones (especially weather channel). I’ve now deleted this and I’m searching for one that has the features I regularly use, features this one used to have that it no longer does..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Used to be a great radar app, now it’s worthlessI love watching weather radar and have even used this apps radar for chasing thunderstorms in the uk. It used to be one of the best uk weather apps as it had a good radar and also showed watches/warnings and a variety of other useful and interesting features. But with their new update they basically made radar unusable. Their radar doesn’t work on phone and seems less reliable now on iPad. They made the phone version practically worthless with it not even showing the intensity of rain. It used to be super useful but now it’s worthless and I have to go and get a new radar app. If you are looking for a good radar app this is not the place and if you are looking for an app to just say when it’s gonna stop raining you can find better..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Why force the premium +I have been a big fan of this app for years but it seems that everything is now about pushing the premium + subscription but if you read the T&Cs it clearly states “feature is only supported in the contiguous United States” so what is the point if I live in Australia. Really disappointed that the developers have gone in this direction. I have also noticed that the more they push the premium + the less accurate the weather predictions have become. So it’s either a way to once again convince you to go premium or it’s because the developers have been investing too much time figuring out ways to charge people rather than studying the weather charts. I really hope they can turn it back around because as mentioned this used to be a really good app..Version: 15.9

They’ve STOLEN my features…and put them behind a “Premium+” advertisement. I paid for the ad free version of the app years ago and it was my go to app, even ahead of the standard Apple Weather app, but alas, No more. They’ve hidden previously available features and now expect folk to pay a subscription fee. THIS IS THEFT!!! I don’t do business this way and do not recommend others allow this business model to grow, or it will become the norm for all of the apps you previously paid for. Apple aren’t innocent either! When they integrated “Dark Skys” weather app into their own and discontinued support for the original this year, they didn’t think they did anything wrong because they bought the app from the developer! But they never thought to offer buyers of the original a refund ...WE funded the developer and YOU took what developed FOR US. There is a “thought crime” being committed by businesses, in so much as the don’t consider the plight of customers that made the apps popular in the beginning, and it’s growing..Version: 15.9

Never known such bad forecasts.About 10 years ago this app was the best, I used it to track the weather on my routes from the south to the midlands and it was really accurate almost to the minute on my whole drive, that’s the only reason I have stuck with it this long, because over the years and with every so called update, it has got worse and worse, I now don’t think you can call it a forecast app, it can’t even get the weather right in the present, it constantly gives completely different weather, to what I am looking at out the window, plus the different options, ie. daily, hourly and now in the next two hours seems to always contradict themselves, so you don’t know which one to believe. It’s almost like they are pulling predictions out of a hat and hoping they are right, rather than an educated forecast. I appreciate that you can’t always forecast the British weather, but when they used to do a really good job, I find it hard to believe it can be so inaccurate now. If this app doesn’t improve soon I will be deleting it. As it is I am now going to look at alternatives..Version: 14.2.0

Too much advertisementsThey started forcing ad that you have to watch for 5 seconds or whatever. That’s it for me. You’re out. Just uninstalled the app after years being a fan of them. Sorry for your greed..Version: 14.14.1

Bad moveTo improve on something excellent and familiar it has to be outstanding. The new look app is not. No rainfall estimates. MinuteCast doesn’t work. Small font in same size image. Radar almost unintelligible. Long load time. Did this design get any user input, testing, feedback? I bet not. A techno’s great idea perhaps. We are not all techno’s..Version: 14.0.1

Gone to NOAA APPHad to move to the NOAA app, since all of the complaints including mine, fell on deaf ears. While the previous version of Accuweather that displayed written 10 day forecast and had the interactive circle that you could drag around to the exact minute precip would start for your location (and was amazingly accurate), were much loved and easy to read and that version was so easy to navigate, the new one is just a fail in every way. The closest I can find to what accuweather used to have is the NOAA app, so have moved on. It’s about a 4 star site. Accuweather used to be a 5-star, but the developers who thought they had to copy lesser sites, took a good format and ruined it. Now zero stars from me. If you wanted to add a little color, that would have been fine, but the set up was already the best one out there. I just don’t even get the point of the temperature bar graph thing. It’s rather stupid and so is the replacement graph on a second page for the minute by minute precip dial. Having worked with weather, radar and METAR in the aviation industry for 35 years, I find this hard to navigate, dumbed down version, a waste of my time. I want a site that gives me the maximum information in the fastest and easiest navigable format possible. Recommend everyone checkout the NOAA app..Version: 14.2.1

Glitzy update not as usefulThis latest update certainly looks slick with more colour, dials, bar graphs and the like ... however I can not figure out how to personalise it to show the info I’m most interested in seeing! The real feel (with its new real feel shade) is lovely but I also want to know the UV rating. (and predictions for hours through the day) as well as how rain has accumulated during the day/night. Not impressed with this “upgrade” that feels slick but missing real info - I prefer the old system that I could configure..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Could be a 5/5 butFirst of all they seem to be simplifying whatever source data they use to the point where it’s flat out wrong. Multiple times I’ve glanced at the conditions that said “NO rain in the next hour” only for it to change 10 minutes later to “rain FOR the next hour”. If there’s a chance of precipitation in the area currently, why tell me there’s no rain coming with such inappropriate confidence? Would it kill them to say “probably” or “maybe”? I spend a lot of time outdoors and these nuances matter. Second the throwback full screen ads that if you accidentally touch it they open god knows what sketchy sites are a safety hazard and feel like something from another era. I might have considered upgrading, I do it with other apps where I feel like the developer deserves it, but I don’t want to reward this kind of strategy. Who knows what kind of malware I might get by accident some day. So instead I use other means to avoid the ads, sorry not sorry. Otherwise it’s a really attractive looking app and super easy to use when the ads aren’t being super sleazy, it has so much potential it’s a shame..Version: 15.8.2

The latest version is disappointingI used to really like this app - I loved that as soon as you opened it it gave you a moving picture of the current weather: raining or sunny or a starlit sky at night. And right underneath it gave you hour by hour forecasts for the day and then a 10 day forecast. Now the background is just a boring blue screen and you have to scroll down for a long time to see hour by hour or 10 day. You used to just be able to see it at a glance. It’s a disappointing change for what used to be a good app. I’ll be looking for an alternative app now..Version: 10.6

Still prefer the previous user interfaceI still prefer the old user interfaces of the discontinued version of Accuweather. This new interface still does not work for me and I want to give the app a 1 star rating for it. The data has always been reliable but the user interface spoils this app..Version: 11.1

WAS a great appHave happily paid the annual subscription for Premium ad-free experience for a few years now. Now, they’ve taken away features offered under Premium and added a new tier Premium+, for another annual subscription fee. It’s a nice weather app, but loyalty only goes so far. Shame, really..Version: 15.9

Was good before premium+ was introducedI paid for lifetime premium years ago & now I should have to pay monthly for the same thing? Not reliable enough to justify the price imo, could’ve been a game changer but nah just another weather app with a different ui, will stick with free wn from now on.Version: 15.9

Was a 4, now a 3I don’t much care for your recent update. It takes too long to finish loading and updating so I can actually get current info. You took away the feature that lets you pull down on the screen for update. You changed the order of the allergens (why would you do that? I had the order memorized, now I have to read each one). You removed the phases of the moon. I do like the “today, tonight, tomorrow” feature. I’ll see how I feel about it all when I get used to it. But the last thing I needed in my life right now was more change. Update: got a notification that I got a developer response. But I don’t see any way to access it. Oh well. Might try a different weather app. Oh. To add to the above comments, I now have to scroll to see the humidity. Didn’t need to before. Nuisance. 2nd update. Finally read the developer response. I don’t know if it displays to the general reader, but my take on it was, “Our technology is more important than what you want. So we’re going to push our technology.” That’s not a quote, but my interpretation. Mr/Ms Developer, I have seen your glowing statements about how everybody just loves the new update. That’s not what I’m reading in the reviews. FYI, people really don’t like being lied to. I’m going elsewhere for my weather..Version: 14.1.1

InAccuWeather is WorthlessI paid for the Premium version two decades ago, for good reason then, but not now. I would NEVER pay a monthly subscription fee for the garbage this app has become. The app has officially reached the END OF ITS LIFE as a dependable go to for weather information in your pocket! Ever since app development was outsourced to a small firm in India some 6+ years ago, AccuWeather has steadily declined to where it is today. And, with only one exception, the Radar, everything else about the app has been on a steady decline with regards to reliability. An interface redesigned for least common denominator so they can limit their efforts on the UX/UI development between phone and tablet, and unfortunately, that’s why the phone version total crap requiring too much effort on the part of the user to find weather data that used to be right up front on main screen all available with a simple scroll. The irony of just how “INACCURATE” AccuWeather has become is a bit hilarious as it could easily change its name to InAccuWeather, pun intended. Both current weather conditions and the forecasted weather conditions are typically not close to being correct, at least not in North America..Version: 15.10.1

MmmmmmmmmJust downloaded this app as I’ve been missing good forecasts since apple destroyed Dark Sky. It currently says no rain due for 4 hours and guess what…. Yep it’s raining. Update been using this a few days now and it’s still not getting forecasts right. Currently in Newquay with no rain forecast and it been pouring down for an hour. Bit more feedback for you when scrolling forwards on the hourly view, so maybe a couple of days ahead and it’s set to show temperatures, and I then select rain or any of the others like wind or humidity the chart then scrolls all the way back to right now so you then have to scroll forwards a couple of days again. Another day more rain and none on the app very disappointing if I’d have trusted this app my camping holiday would have been a washout. As it is I’ve kept my waterproof with me..Version: 15.12.3

Cash Grab UpdatesEach time there’s an update, more and more existing features gets removed and made a premium only. Cash Grab.Version: 15.9

Lost functionality with updateMost of the information is no longer available. It seems to be broken and only provide some basic weather information. Radar is not working. Local detailed weather information is no available. Look ahead 2 hour weather has no information. The detailed breakdown of upcoming days weather only starts with the following day starting at 12am and to another 12am only 12 hours later when moving to the next day. So half the days information is missing. There seems to be a lot of broken data links. The new layout is not that user friendly. However If the data was there maybe it would be more obvious what you were looking at. Hopefully new updates will fix these issues!.Version: 14.0.1 (6)

SteveI got this app about a week ago and upgraded to the premium version only to be let down by an inaccurate forecast. It has been raining in yuleba Queensland Australia for the last 8 hours yet your app shows no precipitation at all. I told my brother about this app and gave it high praises to him to which he purchased the premium version aswell. I think you should change the apps name from accuweather to inaccurateweather.Version: 15.12.1

Shame.Update - I think this’s just gone into being another one of those apps which you wish you could reverse the updates!!! I think it’s lost it’s user friendliness! I loved the old ‘clock face’ where you could swipe to a time, up to 2 hours in advance, to give a quite good approximation on when the weather was about to change! Now the home screen just shows a fixed circle which tells you how long it’ll be before changes - in 47 minutes it’ll start raining - not the time it’ll start raining! Needless to say I want to go back to 3 updates ago! Either that or update the swipeable ‘old clock’ to 4 hours in the next update! Old review - It’s a pity - this update has gone into the complex range of weather apps. It used to be the only one I used for the ‘today’s’ weather (well the next 2 hours anyway). What a shame they’ve reduced the ‘clock’ down to 1 hour! If I’d have wished anything, it’d have been the other way - please revert it or even make it 3 or 4 hours! The clock was immediate vision, now it’s click this click that! Sorry - don’t like it!.Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Bring 'actuals' (previous weather) back!They've removed all weather history from before the current (hourly) conditions! I often go up my local woods with my hairy dog - I don't usually know what the weather was like earlier. We used to be able to see if it had rained for several hours earlier in the day, and therefore judge if certain local areas might be muddy or waterlogged. Gardeners might also need to know if plants had received rain during the night. Bring back weather history and the hourly 'actuals' from earlier in the day! Also, the 'clock dial' front page weather is no longer functional and reduced to 1 hour - you have to click 'Looking Ahead' to scroll through the weather there to see the next 2 hours. This is clearly a far worse design! I'm sure the hourly side-scrolling weather was better and more detailed too. You wasted your money on paying someone to change the app, and they obviously felt obliged to change things for the worse, just to show they'd done work. Accept your error and get them to bring the old functions back, or just bring the old app back..Version: 14.2.0

Is Update 14.0 a Money Grab Attempt?Been following reviews for about a month now. 95% of them dislike the update and ask for Version 13 back. Developer replies have been canned and unhelpful. I don’t need to read for the 50th time about your “persistent” toolbar. Only thing persistent is how the app fails compared to Version 13. I’m seriously wondering about the trustworthiness of Accuweather company. In 2017 there were reports that Accuweather was selling customer current location data without permission to other companies. Has this practice stopped? I hear other comments about ad placement becoming a nuisance. Is this a ploy to drive subscriptions up? Will you be releasing an “update” that returns you to the nice Version 13 but you call it Accuweather Platinum or another term other than premium so all those premium users are stuck with the inferior Version 14 unless they pay every year for a subscription? Please be honest with us. Please respond to my post — I’ll check to see if you deleted it and keep posting until we hear a reply. I would love if you prove me wrong and return to Version 13 without additional charges. Looking forward to your reply. Bill.Version: 14.16

New version more difficult to us and more intrusive advertsThe same accurate weather information now re wrapped in a way that is much more difficult to use and I which the adverts are more intrusive. So, for the owners that is probably a success as probably more advertising revenue. You used to be able to see the day and next day at a glance, for example probability of rain. This now takes quite a few clicks to see the hour by hour and the quick to read graphs have now been replaced by over designed graphics and ‘user experience’ (UX). The colour schemes are visually challenging .. err light blue text on not very dark blue grey background. Triumph of design over function. Re designing something that was excellent for the sake of redesigning. I am sure the developers were glad of the work during the lockdown..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Better layout neededNot as intuitive as I think it could be.Version: 11.8.0

Started imposing Premium+ everywhereI am a Premium user for a long time. But now I can’t even see the temperature 12h ahead! I need a Premium+ subscription for that. Uninstalling the app.Version: 15.9

Update FailIf you didn’t know already, you’ve ruined a perfectly good app. What is it with developers these days. Why do they think it’s acceptable to radically change a perfectly good app. What’s worse is that users like myself paid for the previous app. I certainly wouldn’t have paid for this. The UI is user unfriendly, where have all the swipes gone ! Now we have to extend our thumb, to the furthest point on the screen to hit a tiny back arrow. You can no longer customize information, and those useless videos and stories from the US, forced on to UK users, with no option to remove them or hide them. We’re also forced to view your app in landscape. Could you not give us the choice in settings ? Or are your developers not that forward thinking? These are just a few of the things you’ve messed up. At the very least, you could give existing customers the opportunity to revert to the previous app..Version: 14.1.1

Profit driven and horribleThey're profiting off violating your privacy and lying about it. This is a company run by awful, awful people. Go read The Fifth Risk and stop supporting this app. There's a thousand others to choose from..Version: 12.2

Forecast is often wrongThe forecast is incorrect about 5 days a week. Ery disappointing..Version: 15.12.2

Used to be Good But...is getting worseThe intentions are good and the interface looks great and is readily useful. However the Melbourne radar does not communicate with the app and this effects the rain predictions as in there are none anymore. Di it does not pick up the very rain I end up walking in. Yet if I look at the AustralianBureau of Meteorology does work so I have to go to that app and sure enough it sees the rain. I have three weather apps yours would be my preference when it works as it is great when it does. However each time I begin to rely on it, it lets me down. That’s why I have to keep checking on the BOM radar or ‘Windy’.Version: 14.5.2

Previous version was betterNew version has reduced number of locations you can have saved / favourited and the hour-by-hour forecast has gone from a nice layout with graphs to a list of numbers that’s hard to follow. Navigation is less intuitive than previous version. Switching back to BOM seeing as taxpayers pay for their work but this app scrapes their data and wants to make money off their work by charging you for it again. They then stuff up the UI to make it look funkier..Version: 14.0.1 (6)

Great for a day or 2I only got this app a few days ago and was it was great for the first day or 2. However the last 2 days have been so inaccurate. Even as I’m typing this, and listening to the rain, the app is saying there is no rain and nothing on the radar. Maybe it doesn’t work on weekends 🤷🏻‍♀️ - I will check tomorrow but not thinking that I’ll be keeping this app.Version: 14.16

Version 14 Kills This App. Terrible!UPDATE 7/8/20 - Version 14 Well as most apps tend to do these days, they completely redesigned their app and it is now worse. I had to update my review to just one star. The complete redesign is a step backwards in my opinion. The details/current conditions area on the homepage is now below an ad and doesn’t let me change the information I want to see there. The sunset and rise times are above the current conditions area which is ridiculous, that should be at the bottom. Plus since I can’t choose which weather details I want to see in the current conditions section, the dew point is no longer there. I have to tap more details and go to a second page to see the dew point value. The minute rain cast is way to prominent at the top of the page. The reason I originally started using this app is because I could choose what weather details I wanted to see and they were placed right at the top of the app for me to see in an instant of opening the app. Now I have to scroll past an ad and tap more details before I can get the information I want. Just let us choose what sections we want and want details we want in each section and in what order we want each section to be displayed in! Major failure! I’m uninstalling!.Version: 14.0.0

Hourly Forecast Bug & Current UI ruin, otherwise great app.The most recent updates have included a bug with the hourly forecast. (ie, it is currently Wednesday, but when I select Hourly Forecast, it starts with Friday! I can not find any way to get today’s hourly forecast) Another annoying feature, which I mentioned in a previous review of the “Version 4” app, is the change in detailed daily view information. In the previous version of the app, I could review anticipated rainfall for the next several days, by going into the daily Forecast detailed view, then scroll from Day to night outlook, from one day to the next, by repeated swipes. Now, I can only view a single day at a time. The app requires you to close the detailed view, switch days, then re-select the detailed view for that day. This is extremely frustrating, when I am trying to anticipate the total impact of a large, multi-day storm wave. I don’t understand why they can’t simply permit continuous scrolling, while listing the Day, at the top of the listing. The current interface LOOKS nice, but it is far less user friendly than the old one..Version: 14.5.3

Pay for what used to be free or they will stop showing it…Do not update…I’ve been using this App since the very beginning and now they are removing some content that was always free unless you pay. Charge for new features, but Im shocked that you now charge for what was free for the past 10years. Making money out of thin air I guess :(.Version: 15.9

Moved to Quebec now I only get french language updates. I DONT UNDERSTAND FRENCH.No french please. Make it an option to receive updates in the same language I have always used for this app. Going to have to delete this app and replace it with another that respects my ability and choice of which language I want communication in..Version: 15.12

Full page adsLoved the app until the full page ads. I’m looking for information, not an ad in a language that I don’t even speak..Version: 14.14

New update ruined excellent experienceNew update doesn’t get my approval, hourly data is not so easy to read anymore as it takes user away from the screen to view the estimates for that hour making it extra work to compare hourly forecasts! Something which usually took a minute or less to check has now become cumbersome please make some changes I really like this app and always recommend it to people Update seems others aren’t too happy with it also. Just bring it back to how this was prior to this renovation. I know that this pandemic may have made your devs bored at home and as a result brought this appalling update. We don’t like it just put it back how it was or at least bring the old interface back.Version: 14.0.0

WORST WEATHER APP!It defaults to Niagara location. WHY???? I AM 130km away from Niagara!!!!!! For this reason alone I’m deleting the app. Not sure if the only way it’ll pick your correct location is by upgrading (and paying)????.Version: 15.9

Obnoxious ads in the paid tierLooking for a more precise weather forecasting app, I went on to trial AccuWeather. The amount of ads in the free tier is pretty horrific. But I get it, they need to make money somehow. So i went on to trial their paid tier. And what do you know - the ads are still there! Turns out they have yet another paid plan, which costs even more and removes the ads. Thanks, but no thanks. There is a balance to strike between reasonable subscription fees and just being greedy. Alas, AccuWeather gets it entirely wrong..Version: 15.7.1

InsidiousI paid for Premium already. Then they introduced “Premium+”, and in their latest move to try to de-Premium my experience, they’ve pushed the extended hourly forecast feature up to Premium+. If you offer a feature set at a certain Premium price, and then subsequently you want to generate additional revenue, then either build new features into the next tier to try to persuade existing Premium users to upgrade, or simply attract *new* users. Don’t start *taking away* features that existing users already paid for. That’s dirty pool..Version: 15.9

Glad The Met Office App has been updatedThis App was always my go to but since the updates it has been ruined. The worse thing is that the level of accuracy is rubbish!!!! It used to be so accurate but it currently seems to do the opposite of whatever this App says! It’s unclear where everything is and instead of a glance it’s all muddled and all the symbols look exactly the same. The 3 day sliding predictor at the top which was the thing I loved the most has disappeared. The overall look is dull and uninteresting with the page I really busy. I know can’t find the information I want quickly or easily with too much information on one page and symbols that all look the same!!! I can’t find the historic weather which I used to predict what the ground would be like underfoot when dog walking. I would advise don’t bother with this App and just download the Met Office one instead. Such a shame it’s been ruined.Version: 14.2.0

Annoying Subscription TiersThe two tier subscription is ridiculous. Paying an annual fee 3x the cost of other apps, only to have features withheld unless you pay for another tier of subscription is greedy. Deleting this app and going to the weather network - $4 per year makes way more sense..Version: 15.9

It used to be my go to for weather but...It used to be my go to for all weather reports and its pretty accurate, however since they put up the Tim Hortons ad on start up that locked up the site I have deleted the app and use one that works..Version: 14.14.2

Rain forecast doesn’t workGet rid of the next hour forecast, it doesn’t work. Currently it says no precipitation and it’s pouring down. Not accurate..Version: 15.9

It has some issuesI paid for the ad-free version, but every once in a while I start getting ads. Just now I tapped Hourly report and it gave me an ad for Chrome. Close that and now there are ads mixed in with the hourly data. I had to hit Update Now -> Restore Subscription and restart the app to make the ads go away. This happens every few weeks. A Severe Weather alert popped up, but when I tapped it to get more info, it gave me a message that it couldn’t retrieve the data I was looking for. Seriously? A thunderstorm that wasn’t supposed to happen until tomorrow (as predicted by AccuWeather) is blowing in now, but your app refuses to give me any details? Update - I’m getting ads again, only now there is no “Restore Subscription” option. I guess that’s what I get for contacting support. They removed the option so now I’m forced to see ads even though I’ve paid to remove the ads. Forget it. I’ve deleted this scam of an app and canceled my subscription. It seems to get less and less accurate as time goes on anyway. I’m tired of seeing a prediction of rain so I leave the motorcycle at home when I could’ve enjoyed a nice sunny day or worse, the app insists it’s going to be sunny and warm all day so I take the motorcycle and get rained on. I’m going to find a different app. They’re more interested in making money then providing a quality app..Version: 15.3

Last update has to be a joke - rendered app uselessAugust 2020 - completely useless app now. Navigation and user interface is pointless. I really liked the previous simplicity and visibility of the upcoming weather and rainfall in the coming days - now it is pointless for this, just focussing on the next couple of hours. Uninstalling now and going back to the metoffice app. 2018 - Have sworn by this app for multiple activities - from climbing and mountaineering to shopping trips in town. The accuracy of the forecast is generally good. Mountain forecasts are ok, mwis is my preferred source in the uk isles. Have only given it 3* for the following reasons: - app very unstable on iOS - crashes around 1 in every 4 times I use it - having mm rain forecast in a graph would be really useful. I am fairly sure this used to be a feature of the app? - many names of some towns/villages/areas are not covered by the app. Postcodes are but not all places (like areas within national parks) have a postcode/is easily found - Can't find a way to drop a pin on a map to give forecasts at that location. Would help bypass the issue above. Keep up the development and improvements and look forward to seeing the fixes soon.Version: 14.0.1 (6)

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