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Mint: Budget & Expense Manager app received 76 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mint: Budget & Expense Manager? Can you share your negative thoughts about mint: budget & expense manager?

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Mint: Budget & Expense Manager for Negative User Reviews

Credit ScoreFake advertisement to track the credit score for canadians.Please try to be fair and specify whatever differnce btn canadian app and US app..Version: 6.8.1

Works for simple personal financesThis was a great personal finance tool for us in our first few years of building wealth. As our finances grew, Mints limits started to become much more apparent: one-time or changing budgets and projected expenditures can not be put into the system to plan for future one-time expenses, making the budgeting tool only good for retroactive reviews rather than planning ahead. Bills is definitely coming along well, but how and when to mark a bill as paid is very confusing. For example, if I pay a bill but schedule the payment to pull on or just before it’s due date, I need to be able to modify the “paid on” date. When a bill is marked as paid in mint by you the payment date is automatically set as the date you checked the box. That also doesn’t paint an accurate picture of managing bills, and leads back to the problem of not being able to project out money coming out of your checking account in the future. Without that ability, we still need a secondary tool to see how much money we have leftover after expenses at the end of the month for any expenses that haven’t yet hit our account. Mint is fantastic for seeing past trends and retroactively reviewing where your money went, but it is inadequate for budget planning and projections..Version: 5.21.2

TerribleApp crashes all the time and won’t sync my bank accounts..Version: 150.66.0

Incredibly difficult to useI’m a huge fan of budgeting and create my own methods to do so, but life got too busy and I needed something that could handle my budgeting for me. This app worked ok for the first few days, but then my layout switched and it’s now a plain white background to scroll up and down on. Looks nothing like the side-to-side colorful page they advertise, and I can’t switch it back. I also try to categorize my purchases each week just so the app knows that my grocery store purchase was for home supplies and not food for example. But Mint conveniently forgets these categories each week. For a transaction to stay in the category I choose, I have to go in and change it at least twice before it actually sticks. Next, the calculations used to generate how much I’ve made and spent that month are confusing and pretty far off. I added up the money I spent according to the categories it gave me in both the pie chart and the cash flow, and neither came close to what Mint claims I spent this month. I have no idea where some of their numbers come from, even after reviewing everything in great detail and adding it all up. In theory this app is great but I don’t think I can continue to use it without it having more options to change the layout or see more details about how their calculations are made..Version: 6.26.0

It was betterI used to really like this app, it was concise, easy to view, and easy to understand where my spending was. It made budgeting more manageable but recently they have made it harder to access the useful parts of the app. Each section has a lot of Adds now and at the bottom where there used to be buttons to the more used tabs like “budgets” it’s now a button to credit card offers and those offers also take up the primary place on the home screen. You literally have to scroll to the bottom of the home page to find the things like spending and budgets that you use the app for! I know they have to make money but I wish they could have just had like, an opt in savings program they made interest and a one time fee from as opposed to all the cluttered adds making it so much less user friendly. I might also suggest a custom menu bar instead of the pre-set 3 everyone has their own things they are looking for. That being said once you clamber through the convoluted pages and find the things you are looking for it’s still handy, I just use other apps now that are more useable. I’d go back if it got better but 🤷‍♀️.Version: 7.0.0

Latest UpdateThe latest update basically renders this app unusable. To preface all of this, I have been a huge proponent of this service and have recommended it to countless friends and family members over the last three years. It has been profoundly helpful for me as a young adult learning how to budget, manage, and invest in ways that work for my income in a user-friendly and accessible way. With the latest update, though, those functions have been nullified or broken in such a way that they are unrecognizable. Another reviewer stated that the developers have essentially rendered a clunkier version of our bank apps, which I fully agree with. I appreciate the attempts to “streamline” the product interface, but cramming everything onto one text-filled page is the opposite of intuitive. If users want a list of randomized expenses in an unreliable chronological order, they can easily find that with their personal banking app. The budgeting and visualization functions are unusable now, with many of the graphs being inaccurate or difficult to access. Removing the tabs/pages took away the user’s ability to compartmentalize their spending habits, which has (for years) been the true benefit of this service. If there is not marked improvement within the next update to patch some of these issues noted in the *numerous* reviews below, Mint has dug its own grave in abandoning longtime users and made it nearly impossible to attract new ones..Version: 6.23.0

Almost as much work as doing it analogOnly useful for seeing your overall assets in one place. For actual budgeting, I’m finding it very cumbersome. You can’t modify category for pending transactions. There’s no options to add a “savings” category to your budget. They automatically count credit card payments as a transfer, so it shows up as a debit and a credit in your budget, rather than the debt repayment it is. It’s a pain to recategorize and “hide” categories to try to get an accurate representation of what’s coming out of your funds. Also tedious to recategorize every single purchase to fit it into our simple budget - if their automatic coding doesn’t fit in your designated budget categories, they hide in “unbudgeted spending” and then you have to manually add the category they chose for it to your budget, open up that category, recode that purchase, then delete the category from your budget again. Or you can sift through your purchase list and try to find any wrong categories. I am going back to an analog spreadsheet. at least I won’t be staring at full screen credit card ads while fighting to pull down the tiny drop down menu where all the budgeting tools hide. (P.S. I am under 30, this just is not an easy to use app for strict budgeting).Version: 6.15.0

Overall pretty good, some complaintsThe app is very streamlined and easy to use. I like it a lot. However, there are some issues. First, and I know this is in progress, you can’t edit subscriptions (or remove them?) once you’ve added them. It also automatically capitalizes the name, so I entered my iCloud sub as “iCloud” and the system changed it to “Icloud”, which I now can’t change. Secondly, and something that is turning me off from the app, is the fact that some tags are hidden for no apparent reason, and this varies between web and iPhone. On my phone, looking at my account history, I can add the “Loan Payment” tag under the “Loan” category to a transaction. That whole category does not show up when trying to do the same thing on the web. If I try to add that tag, I’m told it already exists, but it’s not there. Then, when I go to create my budget on both phone and web, the Loan category is missing. I’d like to be able to include my loan payments in my budget. The Investments category is also missing, both in the budgeting section on all platforms and in the transaction history section on the web. This is largely what’s preventing me from regularly using the app. I got it specifically to track my payments, including my loan, and I can’t do that..Version: 150.44.3

Do Not Download if you have an AMEXHuge issue with connecting to American Express. Won’t work. Don’t waste your time with this app or service as the technical support team are not able to fix the issue and have no immediacy in fixing. Been trying to sort it with them for months. Reco to stay away..Version: 150.60.1

Unresponsive to Requests for ImprovemevtUPDATE: I went to the article linked in the developer response, and it was totally inapplicable. It explained how to add a manual transaction to an existing account. That’s not what I asked about, or the feature I requested. If Mint has chosen not to support Apple Card, they should support off-line accounts that would have manually (or better, as I originally suggested, imported) transactions. Until mint allows me to capture a complete, accurate picture of my financial position, it’s worthless. I run a lot of spend through Apple Card and it’s not captured at all! Even the monthly payments to Apple Card aren’t recorded, making my monthly spend look artificially low. Intuit keeps investing in “redesigning” the app to add new features, yet they’ve been stubbornly unresponsive to requests to add major financial institutions and credit cards. For example, MetLife spun off BrightHouse Financial. Since Mint has always supported MetLife, you’d think support for BrightHouse Financial would be a no-brainer? Nope. Over two years and Mint still hasn’t heard of BrightHouse Financial. Another great example - Apple Card. Ok, I’ll buy that maybe Apple won’t let Mint connect to them. In fact, that might make me feel better. But Apple does allow downloading of transactions. Yet Mint hasn’t mastered the concept of manually importing transactions? How long has Intuit owned them? Maybe focus on the basics before trying to add flashy features..Version: 7.30.2

Server bugThe app can never connect to the server, always gives me an error. I have a new iphone, and the app is up to date..Version: 7.24.0

Has potential but not quite thereThis app definitely does what I wanted it to. However there are a few things that make it very hard to use. First the UX is way off for the tabs, the common actions from the overview tab should be spread out into the other tabs because I see myself only using this one tab 95% of the time and scrolling up and down for the common actions is a pain. Maybe add a side menu to make it much easier to select these. Second, it feels like it’s lacking the historical overview and analysis that I want with an app like this. I can add a budget for the current month for something new like bills but this new budget does not get applied to the previous month so I’m unable to see it. This budget should also allow a view to see your trends on it. Another pain is the [Month] Spending section. I can’t view previous months only the current one and when a new month comes You are stuck to only seeing those couple days of transactions. This is very troubling given that the graphs and info provided in this section are very well made yet under utilized. Please update these things and I will consider increasing my rating TL:DR This app is great for looking at your spending habits yet lacks several features to look into trends and historical data, this restricts it to really only working as a budget tool and makes it nearly impossible to make new analysis on spending habits that haven’t been predefined.Version: 7.18.1

They sell your informationI signed on applied my bank accounts 2 business days later I get repeated calls for outsourced telemarketers claiming to work on behalf of Scotia bank stay clear of this terrible app.Version: 150.64.1

Nothing Syncs Correctly & Customer Svc Does NOTHINGAt first I thoroughly enjoyed this app. It kept track of, and categorized all my spending so I could keep individual budgets, which I did mostly to see where I was spending my money most. Lately, as in the last few months, transactions have not been showing up in Mint. My bank statement and amount available will not be displayed correctly in Mint and money I spend was not accounted for so the lack of communication and correct record of spending and info threw off all my budgets. It even said that in July all I spend was 5 dollars on fees. This month it said I’ve spend 130 on just shopping and 4 dollars in fees? I wish! I’ve gotten groceries, probably ate out a little too much, purchased personal items, etc. but since Mint is not accurately taking this purchases into account. All of my budgets are completely wrong. I’ve tried the “chat” feature in the Mint app three times for resolution but when I leave the app to pull up my banking info or go to the Mint website (which also does not display the correct info and neither is it mobile friendly at all), the chat reps end and all it says is Thank You! And I have no resolution and have to restart the dumb chat all over again. Worst money management and worst, or rather NO customer service..Version: 6.14.2

Developer has given up on this appIt has been about a month and they have not fixed the sync problem with all accounts except Wealthsimple. Opened a ticket with Mint chat and the rep said they will open a case number and I received no number or response. Do not recommend app..Version: 150.67.0

Worked fine for a whileApp has stopped updating my information. It's January 12 today and it won't update anything after the 6th. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem still exists. Also if you log onto the website on your desktop, they authenticate you by either texting or emailing a code. That's great for"man in the middle" attacks of your financial information. I switched from YNAB because of their ridiculous pricing, but at least they updated the transactions. I guess I'll stick with Quicken on the desktop..Version: 150.66.0

Banks accounts disconnecting issueEvery time I go on the app, my balance is not updated. So I need to sync my bank each time I want to see new reports. That’s such a waste of time. Developers, answer this post when this will be fixed. In the mean time, I will just delete my account and see elsewhere..Version: 150.65.0

Unusable with ScotiabankIt can’t sync with your Scotiabank if you use 2FA which everyone should be using so when it tries to sync up at midnight every single day with your account you get a sign in attempt notification that makes you think someone in the US is trying to hack your account.Version: 150.65.0

Getting Progressively WorseI started using this app in college (10 years ago) and it was great. Loved the budgets and charts and seeing where I was spending. However the longer I continue to use Mint the worse it gets. Mint is particularly bad with investments. I’m constantly having linking issues with my accounts, for 6+ months I was unable to refresh my link with one account causing my balances and investment numbers to be completely off. Cash held in investment accounts is not accounted for, and every time I make a stock purchase, it treats the purchase value as income. For example, if I had $10k in an investment account, with $7k in stocks and $3k in cash. My account total would only show $7k under the investments tab and nothing under the cash tab, so $3k was just missing from my net worth. When I made a stock purchase of $1k, it appeared as income and then a stock buy in transactions. So both my income and spending numbers are elevated for the month, even though I was just investing money that was already in an account. This is really frustrating when trying to track savings and investments over time and terrible for budgeting as everything is thrown off. And if I make a transfer to an investment account, until the cash is invested it appears as if I’ve spend X amount of money. I wish mint would fix this, or at least allow us to add an offline account with a balance to offset the missing cash. It’s very frustrating, but I’m considering finding an alternative..Version: 150.66.1

Doesn’t work with TD bankIt stopped collecting the data from TD 2 weeks ago. Please fix it or tell me how to fix it..Version: 150.67.0

Needs fixingHasn’t updated accounts since September 16th..Version: 150.65.0

Just okayI’m not sure why the app has way less details and functions than the website, but I find the app a little pointless. If you want an overview of your spending in a pie chart...the app gives you that. Although not correctly because the categories are wonky. Even when I changed some of my purchases to a different category, it’s impossible to go through them all...because I find most are incorrect. I also have problems with the category making sense but the subcategory puts it with a different grouping, or vice versa. I can’t explain, but it seems some of the automatic subcategories don’t make sense within the category, so when it’s popping up in the pie chart, it doesn’t make sense with where it’s showing for the category. And sometime it’s lists the category and sometimes it lists the sub I’m not comparing apples to apples....not seeing what I want to see. I just find the whole thing very clumsy. It’s not perfect by any means. And for the online website version which is a lot more comprehensive, I could use a class in the budgets and spending part! It just is not intuitive and isn’t working for me. But the app...just a snapshot of where it thinks you’ve spent money. Not great, because it has the transaction categories wrong part of the time..Version: 6.9.1

JunkMy bank isn’t in the list. I’m not putting all my financial passwords into this app..Version: 7.1.0

Too glitchy to botherThe bank connection would crash every single time when I log in. I had to reconnect it to my banks every time. Not worth the struggle..Version: 150.66.1

Wealthsimple trade can’t be connectedIt is ridiculous that one of Canada’s largest brokers can’t be integrated into a Canadian personal finance tracker. Please fix this!!!.Version: 150.66.0

Terrible App- account connections routinely failI was really hopeful when I downloaded this app, but it’s more aggravating than anything. The remote account connections (the feature that’s supposed to allow mint to keep track of your accounts and balances and read your transactions for budgeting) routinely fails. For example, I just spent 20 minutes clicking back and forth between Capital One and Mint, because Mint reported that my permission for Capital One ended. No matter how many times I authorized the access (on Capital One), I got returned to the same screen (on Mint) where I was asked to go to Capital One to authorize Mint. Other accounts also intermittently do this. So if you’re hoping for a good way to track multiple accounts, this isn’t it. The other aggravating element of this app is its categorization of transactions. Every one of my paychecks is labeled a state tax return, and no matter how many of them I re-categorize, Mint doesn’t learn from my changes. My groceries are labeled “shopping”, and apparently I get a tax return every other week (according to Mint), so I have to go in and re-categorize transactions repeatedly. These categories are used for budgeting, so Mint reports I have “low cash flow” (because it doesn’t recognize my paycheck), or that I overspent on my “shopping” budget (I don’t have a “shopping budget- I bought some food). Between these two issues, I can’t track my balances nor create an actual tracked budget using Mint. Deleting..Version: 7.3.0

New Update - App will not OpenI cannot open the App after the last update!?!?? It just continues to load??? Please fix this! The app is no longer good..Version: 7.24.0

Not accurateI would not recommend this application. Every month random transactions don’t upload to my Mint account. Because of this I go over budget. On top of that, the customer service is extremely bad. I have chatted with multiple customer service reps starting back in August. They all keep telling me to keep waiting and that I can’t submit another ticket to get my account looked at. It’s now December and I recently chatted again asking if my problem is fixed. They said it wasn’t and that I would have to keep waiting. At this point I am giving up on the application. This problem where random transactions have not been uploading to my mint account is very tricky since most people would not notice. You have to pay very close attention to figure out you are missing things. The main reason I found out was because I was missing a transaction that was $150 which is much more noticeable. Also, sometimes transaction would show and then they would be gone 2 weeks later. If you use this application for your monthly budget I would be very carful and make sure the app is accounting for all of your transactions. In the end, it’s not worth it for me to keep adding up everything and comparing it to my mint application. The app was supposed to be doing that for me. I do not recommend this for anyone..Version: 6.23.0

Unreliable connection to bank and useless customer serviceIt used to be a nice app, but this year they failed twice at connecting to bank accounts. Don't take me wrong! I mean constantly not refreshing the balance for days and two months (I canceled the first account while the second account hasn't been fixed by their tech team for more than 2 months now, and I'm still waiting). They must have bugs in the system especially if you try to connect with two account of the same bank, which I believe many married couples do. I have wasted at least 10 hours, literally, in total on tens of emails and live chatting. Yes, they don't have phone call service:( The email customer service representative only asks you questions you have answered many times as if they cannot access previous conversation. For example, I was asked whether the two accounts have the same credential for four time in each case of my two issues. They can also ask you to try something that has been tried many time. Apparently, they just don't want to solve your problem, because your reply will not go to the same person again but randomly someone else. So they just need to say something and their job is done. For the app design, I don't understand why they don't allow you set in-app alert off. For example, I know my backup checking has a low balance and I don't care! I don't need to see low-balance alert constantly. Lastly, if you want to refresh again 10 min after the last refreshing, it won't do it!.Version: 5.20.1

Getting worse and worseBank connectivity is getting worse over time. Latest version crashes more and more often. Not going in the right direction. Canadian user..Version: 150.66.1

Stops connecting to my banksThe app was working really well for several months but then stopped automatically updating two of my bank accounts. Now I have to do work arounds to get the app to update my info. Not great..Version: 150.66.1

No longer workingThe app worked great when I downloaded a few months ago. But for the past few weeks it’s been increasingly glitchy and now it doesn’t work at all, no longer connecting to my bank account to update in almost 10 days. Until this is fixed, this app holds no utility for me..Version: 150.66.1

Used to be betterI have used this app since it was under a different name years ago (Pageonce, even before Check). It’s always been good about helping me keep up with my finances, but the new changes make it more difficult. I used to see on the first page what bills were due when, and available balances on all my checking and credit accounts. Now, I have to go digging for that info, and am instead inundated with ads to apply for various cards, personal loans, etc. I like the aesthetics of the new update, but I feel like functionality was forgone for ad revenue. It’s sad that advertisers have more power than consumers when it comes to app GUI design. I tried accessing the help page and App Support link, but they both direct to an FAQ that doesn’t tell me how to see my credit card balances on one screen. It shows percentage of utilization, but I have to go to each card account individually to see balance and available credit. Percentages are nice, if you readily recall what each number is a percentage of. Telling me I have 70% left means something completely different on a card with a $500 limit vs a card with a $7500 limit. I have a lot of respect for Intuit, but I think that they have lost touch with what a good app experience for the USER should be, rather than an advertiser..Version: 6.3.0

Decent budget appOverall, Mint has been an okay budgeting app, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. For example, the two metrics “spending by category” and “Net income” are great, but the “spending over time” is ridiculous. For one, why is spending always considered red (negative)? The average person MUST buy groceries, food, pay rent, etc. Doesn’t the net income capture that? This metric should be improved to show normal (planned expenses) as neutral (grey rather than always red) and the bar graph should be in quadrant 1 ( with both positive numbers on the X and Y axes). Like I mentioned, planned expenses should be grey, but unplanned or unexpected expenses could be red, but the bar graph is still going up. Visually, I can’t stand the bar graph being in quadrant 4 (x positive and y negative) because no one is ever not going to spend on something during the month. All income is considered in the net income metric, so why not separate the two entirely so it doesn’t appear to show that average monthly expenses are frowned upon. Also, it takes several days for Mint to accurately reflect what is in my accounts and by then it’s already different. I don’t know how you’re going to fix that one but more accurate numbers for the accounts would be helpful. I hope these comments serve a purpose. Thank you!.Version: 6.17.1

Stop getting update from MBNAI enjoyed for few months. But after some time the app stopped pulling updates from MBNA credit card. I detached the card and attached again. Not worked. Eventually deleted the app..Version: 150.66.1

Does not work on iPhoneThe only way to make it work is to completely delete the app, redownload, and log in fresh..Version: 150.67.0

Stopped workingOut of nowhere, the app just stopped syncing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, updating phone software…nothing works. I’ve tried to get help multiple times and I cannot get ahold of anyone. Very frustrated..Version: 150.67.0

Waste of timeEditor’s choice? What a joke. I wasted hours manually recategorizing my transactions. And for what? For a rainbow-coloured pie chart. Big deal. This does not help me manage my cash flow! It’s just a giant waste of time. And it constantly has “connection problems” which my bank. Deleted! I’m going back to managing my cash flow on an Excel spreadsheet. Intuit SUCKS!.Version: 6.7.1

Won’t connect to my second RBC accountI’ve had this app for years and not had issues. Now it’s not connecting to my second RBC account. It connects fine to my Scotiabank and first RBC accounts so I’m not sure what the issue is..Version: 150.66.0

Useful but ClunkyI’m a long time Mint user (over 5 years now). It is a VERY useful app, allowing me to do real time updates to my budget and keep a close track of my spending. The review of budget categories is easy while the goal keeping is very useful. The app does a good job keeping the various accounts linked. The clunkiness comes from categorization of each transaction. The app will auto categorize transactions, but this isn’t always accurate. It doesn’t “learn” common transactions, meaning a restaurant or store will continually cone up as a separate category which required a manual correction (on the website there is an “always categorize as” option, but that is missing in this app). I’d say only one out of four transactions are correctly categorized by the auto-feature. It also doesn’t allow one to ‘hide’ unused budget categories, meaning there is a lot of scrolling through extraneous items. Recently there has been a ‘glitch’ for the categorization of pending transactions, it’s been present for at least 2 weeks and no correction issued. So, I recommend the app for those wanting to have a useful means of tracking spending. But be ready for some frustration when trying to categorize transactions..Version: 6.16.0

Mint Budget has become uselessMy Credit card transactions have not updated for almost 3 weeks and my budget disappear once December hit. Since they haven’t made it possible to change budgets in the past, I have lost all my budget tracking. Need to fix: - Fix credit cards to update properly - Allow changes to to pending transactions to stay once they are no longer pending - allow budgets to be changed, adjusted, fixed in the past.Version: 150.65.0

Can’t sign inIt’s been a while and I forgot my password so I tried to verify another way but I’ve received a email with a code six times and every time I enter it in it just takes me back to the password screen and I’m still locked out..Version: 150.67.0

Won’t link bank accountThey claim that RBC accounts can be linked but I’ve been trying for months and have contacted them twice about it and they say they’re having issues and working on it. But here we are, months later and no connection still. So annoying and unreliable..Version: 150.66.0

Account disconnects everydayNot sure if it’s the app fault or my banks fault, as it used to work fine many years ago, but every day I have to reconnect to BNC (Canada), which renders the app completely useless. Writing this review hoping someone will reach out for a potential fix..Version: 150.33.0

Issues with ScotiabankAs of this week it stopped updating transactions from Scotiabank accounts..Version: 150.66.1

Many things to like - still needs to improveI love having all my accounts together, the budgeting features , and the ability to enter transactions I know are coming such as a bill I paid so that it is subtracted from my “available “balance. What needs to get better is the ability to change a transaction - currently if I see a mistake ( of account or date ) I have to delete the whole thing and can’t edit details. The available balance has a ‘glitch ‘ and doesn't always match transactions and subtract totals at the same time as the bank download so you have to be careful thinking you have money available because you might not. It can take some toggle in and out of the app to get it to trigger an update to the numbers and subtract your recent transactions. For now you have to mentally calculate what you know you spent and double check what it says is “ available”. Lastly it would be great if I could choose to match something or not. I would rather not have the auto matching. Often it tries to match a bill I entered that has the same dollar amount as one-that is downloaded and they are not the same transaction. I would rather have it ask me “ do these match? “ ..Version: 5.20.1

All the useful feature from the website? GoneI originally started using Mint because of their bill reminders and its consolidation of accounts/available cash. The app has none of this, just a nagging app that tells me I spend too much on coffee. I already have a wife, thank you..Version: 7.1.0

Ad-free plan has adsMint has been a solid app for keeping an eye on our finances. Account refreshes still have issues, but are way more stable and reliable than they used to be. Given, the immense amount of personal data they collect about us, the financial insight features feel shallow but flashy. It’s easy to set goals then completely ignore them. The goals functionality itself is outdated. Investment data seems wrong with no way to add/edit/correct info about holdings in the portfolio. There’s no useful functionality around retirement planning (blogs don’t count). Biggest gripe is the Ad filled Ad-free plan. It’s just a buck a month, but the misleading description has soured my experience and trust for Intuit. If you subscribe, the marketplace page with all its third-party offers is still around and you will continue to have large portions of the home and notification pages dedicated to ads for Intuit’s other products like bill-negotiation (also a third party). Finally and most importantly, you will not be saved from full page pop-up ads upon logging in about Turbo Tax ‘offers’ that must be dismissed before you can use your ad-free app (Turbo Tax is a ripoff, btw). Mint is a fine app and I expected to have an even better experience after turning off ads, but that dollar per month doesn’t change much. Paying for Mint actually left me feeling tricked and less satisfied with the product..Version: 150.59.1

Broken updateThe newest update has caused the app to take at least 7 minutes to load. Waiting this long makes the app unusable. Very disappointed, using an iPhone X..Version: 7.25.1

SCAMWithin minutes of providing my personal information as required to create an account I received numerous telephone calls from scam companies or bots or advertisers etc… UNACCEPTABLE. I deleted the app immediately. I generally don’t write reviews but felt the need to warn others. Also, why the F would I need to provide my bank account information to do budgeting? It’s like providing your SIN and highly risky!.Version: 150.65.0

What a bad app from such a reputed company.I installed this app and was starting to liking it and then the app update happened. They changed the interface and the bills option to edit all the bills I had created disappeared from the app interface. So I logged in to the app using my laptop and was able to make adjustments and then today even that disappeared and I get a stupid message “Uh-oh. Something went wrong. Please refresh”. Nothing worked. Opened a chat session, where I was suggested to use different browser. I used all, safari, IE, Edge, Chrome. Same result. Another chat session and this genius tells me that the Bills option is not available to Canadian customers. Hmm 🤔. The genius should be fired. If it was not available then how heck did I set up all my bills in the first place. I was not using it in Timbuktu. In summary utterly disappointed by this app and cannot fathom a reputed company like Intuit would roll out such a bad app, especially nowadays when knowledge of app development is mandatory for all developers. I know because I have a team of smart guys who do it on a daily basis. Uninstalled the app. Goodbye Mint..Version: 150.37.1

Nice interface, seemed difficult to connectThe interface is nice and the features are promising. However, there doesn’t seem to be an ability to show all household accounts - ie: my partner’s credit card. As a household app it fails because of this..Version: 150.66.0

App stopped auto updating for more than a monthAnd has become practically useless.Version: 150.67.0

Great product but cacheing issue with appUpdate: I received a response to this review with a request that I contact chat support to resolve my issue. I have contacted chat support twice prior to writing this review; once I was told to uninstall the app, the second time I was given the sign out workaround. Chat support is slow to respond and seems to take quite some time to come to a resolution so I will not be reaching out via that channel for this issue again. If you need additional information for developers to triage the bug please feel free to contact me via email. I have used mint for years to budget love it. The web app works perfectly however there is a bug with the mobile app that drives me crazy - pending transactions show up and don’t clear, even after the permanent transaction has hit. The only way to get them to clear is to manually sign out and back in, which is a pain, but not as much of a pain as scrolling down a looong list of pending-not-really-pending transactions. Please fix this bug! Or just have the app force sign out rather than making the user manually navigate to a menu to do it. My husband also experiences the same bug on his phone..Version: 6.11.0

Connectivity issues and bugs aboundApp crashes anytime it tries connecting to Scotiabank Canada, and it's been that way for over a year. Wealthsimple doesn't connect at all, from neither the app nor the website. Fix your app please, it's not of much use if we can't update our accounts!.Version: 150.66.0

No more bill pay-uselessWhat the heck Mint? I’ve had this app since it was Mint Bills and it was great. You took away that app and merged it with Mint, which wasn’t as great and had a lot of features I wasn’t looking for. I kept Mint and learned to deal with the busy screens and finicky updating of accounts and waited while all the glitches worked themselves out, but I started looking for an alternative app for paying bills that functioned like the old Bill app because you guys ruined that feature and that is the only reason I used the app. I used Mint alongside another app over the last year or so, I only kept Mint because it had more of my billers set up and that made paying them easier than the new app. Well now that you are taking away the bill paying feature, I’ve deleted the app altogether and am using my alternate app, despite it not having the ability to connect to a couple of my billers. You left us no choice, no one wants to go to each biller’s website and pay anymore, and most online banking bill pay lacks the features this app and the Mint Bills app had that I wanted, like being able to see the bill amounts broken up by biller in order by due date, especially on a tablet or phone. Thanks a lot for forcing us to convert to Mint from Bills and then ruining this app too. There are so many apps like Mint that don’t feature bill pay, you’re making a mistake. I hope you bring it back someday. Or even better, bring back the Mint Bills app..Version: 5.35.1

Don’t Buy PremiumMint is a wonderful tool to help with budgeting and tracking expenses but I’m not sure if the premium version is worth the extra monthly charge. The “money spotlights” is really buggy. When I try to use this tool, there is a large X in the “money spotlights” title and it doesn’t even allow me to close the tool. Plus I have to tap “go to budgets” several times just to get out of the tool and sometimes that doesn’t even work. Most of the time I have to close the app to get back to the overview page. I recently updated the app and the “money spotlights” tool doesn’t even work, it just crashes the app whenever I try to open it. 😂 The other disappointing feature about the premium tool is that I can’t use the “compare spending with other Minters” and the “monthly spending projection” tools because I don’t have enough transaction history. BUT what does work flawlessly in the premium version are the arcade games. I think the arcade games are a neat add on but why did Mint execute this feature so well but not money spotlights? Overall, I highly recommend Mint and will continue to use it BUT do NOT buy the premium version yet. Looking forward to trying it again when they fix the bugs and I have more transactions history. Until then, I’ll go back to the ad-free version. :).Version: 150.67.0

Unusable since MayThis app has been unusable for me since May 2022 (6+ months). It will not allow me to connect my RBC account since then, anytime I fill in my questions it says error. So frustrating, I miss being able to budget and I loved this app, despite its sometimes lack of options. So frustrating especially now that I am a student and keeping track of my finances is essential..Version: 150.66.0

I’ve had SO many problems with this.So to start off I couldn’t add one of my accounts and it took me about 3 hours on chat w customer service to finally fix it. Not to mention you have to do the chat there’s no way to talk to a person. Now my transactions take absolutely forever to update. Like several days. When they finally post they get automatically categorized in categories I don’t even have in my budget. Why would that make sense? Then when I recategorize them in my categories they automatically revert back and I have to redo them. Sometimes multiple times. When I got on the customer service chat to try to solve the problem the lady told me that if we got disconnected to reopen the chat and give my claim number so we could reconnect. When we did get disconnected I did exactly that and after waiting on hold for 30 minutes it disconnected again. They sent me an email saying they assume my problem is solved. Hah. Today I needed to delete a transaction and the only transaction I need to delete is apparently the only one that I’m some reason prohibited from deleting. The button just isn’t there like every other transaction. I also needed to split a transaction and the only transaction I needed to Split the button to split it just isn’t there. Every other transaction it’s there though..Version: 6.14.2

Can not edit.It tells me I overspend, which I already knew. What I don't like is that the trends pie chart is not accurate and I have no way to edit it. I have a budget for groceries and it likes to lump sum my groceries in with dining. I know I spend more on groceries, so I don't need to see this as the biggest chunk of the pie. I want to see how much a month I spend on dining out. You can't edit these charts so I will have to keep old school paper charts of these things. I already have an app for my online banking so mint is redundant. Will be deleting..Version: 5.16.0

DO NOT USE.Mint (and parent company Intuit) share and report your personal, private financial data to credit bureaus and other agencies like Equifax, Transunion, etc. This is after they first get you to give them your bank account passwords so they have access to all your personal data. This is unbelievable. The app that’s supposed to help you learn to manage your finances can actually leave you *worse* off by reporting your personal data..Version: 6.4.1

Deleting itYour last update broke something. It won’t update transactions anymore. I’m deleting this app after almost 10 years. Screw you!.Version: 150.65.0

It doesn’t workSynchronization errors with no fixes for more than a month..Version: 150.67.0

Categorizing via mobile needs improvementI’ve used Mint for four or five years now because it’s the budgeting system that works for me, starting in college and moving into adult life. But the major problem I continue to have is Mint’s interface continues to refresh the categories I set for particular reoccurring charges - for instance, one monthly payment plan charge continues to be set by Mint as “doctor”, instead of the payment plan budget category. So in order to see how my over budget is doing each month, I have to go into individual purchases and reset each category every time I open the app. I have reset categories both by mobile phone (which is my main contact with Mint) and by desktop browser, and neither platform fixes the issue. This is also a weird problem with payment app charges like PayPal, which all show up as “shopping” by Mint. I can go in and manually designate one charge as “groceries” “rent” or “gift” and the next say it will refresh the category as “shopping.” This is a pain. It factors into my decision to recommend to others, and if I were running more than a 1-person household it would be nearly unusable for the amount of time it’s supposed to take. Highly recommend Mint addresses categories so I can permanently “set and forget” reoccurring charges in budgets, as well as permanently recategorize individual purchases without affecting future charges by the same payment platform..Version: 150.36.0

HorribleI would give zero stars if i could. tried to sign into my bank & it kept saying my security answer was wrong and that i had to check with my bank app no matter how many times i typed in the correct answer and verified it was me on the app. couldn’t even use it 2 mins. deleted..Version: 150.65.0

Eliminating bill pay?!?!Intuit acquired a bill pay app approximately one year ago only to force its customers onto the Mint platform, requiring a complete reconfiguration/reconnecting of all accounts. This was an EXTREMELY lengthy and inconvenient process wrought with bugs, inconsistent or missing connections, missing institutions that were previously available, etc, causing several late or missed bills over several months. The Mint bill pay feature was inferior to the previous billpay app, but it improved over time and finally stabilized around November 2017. Now in April 2018 we get notification that the feature is going away?! Intuit, you acquired a company, forced all of its customers onto your inferior platform requiring months of careful monitoring on the part of the customer, and then, when it is finally stabilizes you discontinue the service completely?! I apologize for the rant, but this is simply unacceptable. I now have to find another service and go through the same painful process with less than 2 months notice?? This will cause huge issues with financial implications for your customers. Intuit Leadership, your poor choices and incompetence has hemorrhaged my trust and faith in your company. You’ve totally screwed your customers. Who wants to go near a company like that?.Version: 5.32.0

Hasn’t update in over a monthNothing will update and hasn’t for over a month. Used to love this app but doesn’t work at all anymore.Version: 150.65.0

Amex canada not updatingWhat is going on with your app? amex canada is always down? the website for amex works fine. stop saying the bank connection is down like it’s their fault. fix your app. been more than a couple of months where it doesn’t seem to update the account info at all and one has to delete and add the account back.Version: 7.1.0

Doesn’t show “Net Worth” and “Income” chartsThe iPhone app doesn’t show “net worth” or “income” charts which is what I want the most The main thing I use mint for is to follow my cash flow at the end of the month. Because it updates so slowly, I can’t use it to track my budget in real time. I use the TD bank app instead to track spending because it updates faster. They could fix these issues, and then the app would be better I hope they do Or else TD could start showing monthly charts, that would be welcome too.Version: 6.9.1

It WAS a good app...I’m annoyed by how ANY little message/offer/notification (includes pop-up or message center) from a creditor’s or service provider’s website will block this app from refreshing account info. Every time I’ve tried to check these “messages” it just takes me to the mint website in the Safari app, which after logging in will then direct me to the creditor’s website to log in again. Is that step really necessary?! Even then, there are often no unchecked messages/ notifications/ or special offers, so I still don’t know what the problem is. Mint is aware of such issues, but does nothing to correct these bugs. Currently this issue involves Spectrum and/or Time Warner Cable accounts that haven’t refreshed since September 2018. Two other issues I have is that you can’t manually add a fixed APR loan account for banks without a website account login. Not all banks have this feature available to customers who do not have a checking account with them. The second issue is the option to post date or backdate when payments were made is not possible on this app. Ultimately, I’m disappointed with how much this app has been going downhill over the last year. It was a good app before then, but it seems the developers have given up on regular updates for bug fixes. I’m just about ready to look for another app to replace it..Version: 6.8.1

Doesn’t connect to bank infoIt asks me to relink to my bank accounts over and over - for that reason each time I opened the app it had no info. Hassle and waste of time so I deleted it..Version: 150.65.0

Nowhere to report issuesSince the latest update, the app will not load and just crashes on my phone. There is no where to report the issue unless the app opens (which it wont). Very disappointing since I spent a lot of time syncing, categorizing, personalizing etc. Hoping someone from development sees this so I can change my rating because although it does have issues, in particular with syncing accounts, I do like this app..Version: 150.66.0

Does not update spendingMint has not updated any of my spending information since the day I downloaded the app. I have tried updating the app, logging out and back in and re-installing and it still does not update. Very disappointed as I had high hopes for this app..Version: 150.67.0

HorribleI don’t know how this is top of the list for budgeting apps. You cannot edit your categories or add more transactions once you put one in. Not user friendly at all.Version: 150.66.0

Not up to date & lacks infoThe idea behind this app is fantastic, the execution falters. The accounts do not update even after refreshing within the app so any data I glean from this is out of date. My NEO financial savings account hasn’t updated in a month, this app frequently misses or is behind on my paycheck deposits. I also wish it had better data tracking instead of these two very minimal graphs..Version: 150.67.0

The Ads Are Taking OverAs a longtime Mint user (6+years), I've watched this app go from helpful to becoming something that is so riddled with ads that it's practically useless. The most recent update solidified this in my book. Several of the displays are half taken up by ads. It's so difficult to even see where your money is going since many of the pages are screaming "apply for this credit card (that's paying us for ad space)" or "invest your money here (again, paid ad space)." It's so disheartening to watch this app go from something I trusted for my every budgeting need to being something that's practically useless. I've mentioned many times before (during the repeated in-app "rate our app" requests) that I'd love to see a paid version so I could ditch the ads, but that hasn't happened. I'm actually willing to PAY for this app to ditch the ads, but they seem to think that half of their screen space sold to other companies is a better way to do business. It's disheartening, frustrating, and downright greedy. I'd love to see a response from Mint (which I've requested before), but they're too busy cooking up ways for additional profit to actually respond to loyal customers. And right after I submitted this, I noticed that their screenshot previews in the App Store didn't even show the most recent, janky version of this app! Instead, it showed the previous, actually useful version of the app...where I knew where my money was actually going..Version: 5.39.0

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