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GoSatWatch Satellite Tracking App User Positive Comments 2023

GoSatWatch Satellite Tracking app received 84 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about gosatwatch satellite tracking?

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GoSatWatch Satellite Tracking for Positive User Reviews

Best satellite tracker of the bunch!Even though the developer hasn’t done any updates in years it is still hands down the best of the satellite trackers for the iPad and iPhone. Clean, easy to use interface without unnecessary clutter choking other similar apps. Easy to add additional satellites. The perfect no-nonsense app for satellite tracking. to the developer: please please please update to keep this great app working!.Version: 5.0

Absolute PerfectionHow could it be any better? Perfect for finding iridium flares, perfect for timing NOAA weather satellite passes, every option you can think of for ease and expertise, even a night vision mode! I want to personally meet the developer(s) of this app and it's brethren (goskywatch) and shake their hand in congratulations. They have done a perfect thing in a world where perfection is exceedingly scarce..Version: 3.2

Bugs eliminated!This is, IMO, the best satellite tracking app available for the iOS platform. All the bugs I encountered in the last version have been fixed..Version: 4.1

Good programA useful tool to have in your pocket. 24 hour predications and complete predications for all selected satellites is needed to make this a great program. Looking forward to V1.2..Version: 0

Best of the bunch.*review update again* The addition of alarms is awesome!! Ive been wanting an update with this exact feature. Thank you very much!!!!! And to the reviewer who gave a 1 star review because the app showed sts128 but it landed... This app uses TLEs. These numbers are used by the app to make a PREDICTION as to where a satellite will be. THIS IS NOT A LIVE APP!! If you dont update your TLEs your app will always show the shuttle in orbit. I have now explained it to you, please fix your review. The creators of this app don't deserve a poor rating. ----------------------- This was my 3rd sat tracking app. Defenatly the top app in the category. Also the only one that includes magnatudes. I think a slight tweak in the GUI would be nice, it took me a bit of time to notice where magnatudes were listed. I really like the fact that there are unique icons for the items. Alot of programs will have the shuttle/ISS/HST as just generic satellite icons. Defenatly a handy tool to have in your pocket. Good work! Worth $10 but would be an amazing buy @$5-$7. *review update* changed to 5 stars. The more I use the program the more impressed I get. I watched the ISS pass tonight and noticed that as it passed the magnatude # in the app changed as it was moving. Very cool. 5 stars!.Version: 0

Great app!!This has proven to be one of my favorite apps. It is organized well and is very pleasing to the eye. We've had lots of fun predicting bright International Space Station passes, then passing the word along to friends. The accuracy has been checked and is spot on. $10 is not cheap, but this one is well worth it..Version: 0

NiceI like the software it is very nicely done some suggestions for improvements would be: 1: when you click on a satellite give a picture and info description so you know what the satellite looks like and small description of it. Obviously some satelittes do not have info available to the public. Perhaps a database with pics and info for those satelittes that info can be found on. 2: provide URLs you can choose where to pick up data on more satelittes so it adds it to the app automatically..Version: 0

Almost perfectI purchased GoSatWatch only because the app I was used to using on Palm and Windows Mobile was, at that time, not available on this platform. As one of my earliest purchases it was a revelation of how nicely an iPhone/Touch app could be done. The design aspects and the functionality are almost impeccable. You could easily be outside looking at a satellite within 10 minutes of buying GoSatWatch. It's so simple to use and the setup required is minimal. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it does not let me easily see passes over a longer period, say for the next week or month. Not to say you cannot quickly step through the coming week, but when a satellite only occasionally has visible passes over your location, it would be much nicer to simply see the next month of passes. There's also a slight quirk in the way passes are displayed. For example, after pressing "Tonight" you will see today's date and a line with today's sunset time. There will also be a line for tomorrow's sunrise. Between those lines are passes. You need to be aware that if it says "AM" the pass is tomorrow. I guess this makes sense, but when I first used GoSatWatch early one morning and saw today's date at the top with a predicted pass of "5:30 AM", I thought it meant a pass was about to happen. I still feel a little bit uncomfortable with that minor thing. But overall, GoSatWatch does a great job and it's a bargain..Version: 0

GoSatWatchThis app is awesome. There's only one thing missing, the geostationary Inmarsat I-4 satellites etc. It would be great to see them as well. They may not move but it would be great to see them listed. Otherwise this is amazing to use. Great app..Version: 2.0

Very ImpressiveI am not disappointed after purchasing this $10 app as it is very easy to use. I saw the ISS the very first night right where it predicted. IMO the money was well spent. It even motivated me to purchase a nice set of binoculars so I can now go satellite hunting. I have to say that the only disappointment is when the night sky is cloudy! Kudos to the developer..Version: 0

Love itThis has been great. I've used it to track the usual visual says out there and it is very accurate. Would love to see it get the ability to store or pull up additional information on ham sats like frequencies. Calculating the Doppler shift of signals sent from sats would also be great. More ideas: overlay the sat path on a simple constellation map for easy locating. Calculating Iridium flares. Choose to lock orientation in portrait or landscape. Night vision mode in all reds. Bottom line: awesome app..Version: 0

Iss viewsPredicts ISS passes nicely..Version: 0

Now 6 Stars!!!!Have been loving this forever. It just got even better. And now looks amazing on my iPad as well as my iPhone. Warning: I had to delete & reinstall to get latest update to work!.Version: 2.0

GoSatWatchI've been tracking sat's for over 30 years, and this is an awesome app! Everything you need is in the palm of your hands... I thought I was cool dragging my laptop or netbook outside with me before! No more! I have all I need with me on my iPhone! Great job! You guys have thought of it all. I'm very impressed..Version: 0

Nice appInteresting but I can't see the Astra and Eutelsat satellites for sat tv. 5 stars .Version: 0

The Best Satellite Tracking App For iPhone/iTouch!!I have used this for a few months now, the accuracy is amazing!! The birds appear for viewing at the predicted time, and point in the sky. So much easier then running back and forth looking at a desktop application or carrying chart printouts. I wish this was around years ago. Don't waste your time and $$ with anything else!.Version: 0

GoSatWatch - Keep Looking UpTonight I'll get four(4) views of the ISS in one dark-cycle, thanks to GoSatWatch. This program not only replaces PocketSat for my old Palm III xe, but trumphs it. Updating TLEs is a piece of cake and the view info with magnatude really make this app shine. And, unlike its recently upgraded brother GoSkyWatch, it it still works on 2,2,1. If you're into things that go orbit in the night, this will be the best ten dollars you have ever spent..Version: 0

ISteven-AndrewPurchased this sat viewing app recently after purchasing most of the rest but this app is by far the best thing out there! It may indeed cost considerably more than other sat viewing apps but this app does it all - and when I say it does everything, I mean it really does absolutely everything! I spend countless hours tracking sats flying around on clear nights or between cloud formations with such accuracy that I can just point in the sky and there the sat is! This app is so cool, I really can't give it enough praise but I'll say this, if you want loads of fun and are into sat viewing, then this is the only app you'll ever need! Ps..for those interested in planet veiwings, try goskywatch - you really just have to hold up your iPhone to the sky and point to the object and bingo, it tells what the object is, how near or far away it is from where you are and gives you telescopic views as you would see in your viewer! Gone are the days when I have to try and figure out if I'm looking at Saturn, Venus or a bright star or if I'm looking north, south, east or west! Another great update with the 'pass alerts'!.Version: 0

GoSatWatch is awesome!I usually do not write reviews, because in most cases other reviewers have forecast my conclusions quite accurately. However, for this particular app I feel compelled to comment. Simply put, it works and it works well. The alarm works fine (you have to be in the app) – there is a sound and a countdown all of which you can modify. If you are not seeing anything (as indicated in some of the reviews) my guess is you have not refreshed the satellite list or you are trying to view something with to high of a magnitude for the sky conditions. Other than those two issues, which are user items, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be able to go outside and watch the dance overhead . . . I do every chance I get. If you want to track satellites with your iPhone then I can think of no better way to do it – GoSatWatch is a fantastic app!.Version: 0

Amateur Sats as wellI have tried other prediction apps for tracking the many ham radio satellites up there, but wish I had spent a bit more and downloaded this first. Excellant app good graphics and good having ISS and Shuttle predictions aswell..Version: 0

For hamsVery handy for ham use. Uses GPS to select your exact location then provides a list of pass times for any/all ham sats you choose, a scrollable world map with sat tracks that you can 'move through time' using an interesting clock-style user interface, and more. Also shows a footprint of each selected satellite based on your choice of acquisition angle. Updating Keps is trivially easy. Note: The original version only showed night time 'visible' passes. That can now be changed in preferences so as to see all passes: Settings > Preferences > Visible Passes Only [OFF] A well thought out and well presented product..Version: 0

Works perfectly!!!I saw the ISS for the first time tonight and this app was dead on with location and brightness. As soon as the ISS started getting dimmer and faded away the app showed the magnitude slowly diminish until it went to nothing. Exactly on time! I live near downtown Memphis and it was easily bright enough to see (it got to magnitude -1 so it was pretty bright anyways) even on a cloudy night. Very cool!!!.Version: 0

Nicely doneGoSatWatch worked wonderfully! I had mostly been playing with the program. But, I happen to update the orbital elements this evening and noted the ISS/Shuttle would pass overhead in a few minutes! The program's well thought-out UI allowed me to share with and show to my wife and 10 yo daughter what was about to happen - where the ISS/Shuttle would first appear and what direction they would travel across the sky. We went out into the back yard and in a few minutes, at the time and place depicted by the program's charts, they appeared! What a thril! After the excitement died down, I used the program to check for future convinient obverving times. I found one for night after next. We will be better prepared. By the way, one needs to update the orbital elements. One could easily run the program with stale data and find a shuttle in orbit when it shouldn't be in orbit.... aps.Version: 0

Great app.The app is awsome! Buy it!.Version: 5.0

Updated version is fantasticIt's been a long wait, but this updated version has eliminated old issues and added a number of new, informative features and improvements. To my knowledge, this is the most capable and well-designed satellite tracking app available. Over the past few years, this app has helped me view and photograph hundreds of satellite passes (ISS, Chinese space station, manned & unmanned spacecraft, Hubble telescope, etc.) and Iridium flares from a multitude of geographical locations. It's also a fantastic tool for visualizing and understanding all types of satellite orbits. This is an unbelievably handy app. [It sounds like the user who claimed to have an issue with notifications may have just needed to change their settings within the app :) I've experienced no problems thus far. I'm using an iPhone 5S].Version: 4.0

PerfectThis update makes it a 5 stars,.Version: 2.0

FAQ is on the websiteReviewer, Rafal Sol, it is clear you didn't read the FAQ on the developer's website about the shuttle orbit predictions. This app is very accurate in real time. I watched the ISS pass last night and when I saw it begin to dim, I looked at my phone and this app showed the magnitude diminish rapidly. I looked back up at the ISS and it was gone, then looked back at my phone and this app displayed "--" for the magnitude. That is about as accurate as you can get, man..Version: 0

GoSatThis is a great app. However it's currently not working in ios8. Please update it as soon as possible..Version: 3.2

Congratulations to the developersThis app is amazing. Easy to use, accurate and most of all, fun. A must for anyone who is even slightly interested in what is circling the planet. I love it. Congratulations to the developers..Version: 2.0

Great update!Finally we got push notifications! I've been wanting this feature for awhile now. I also really like the auto updates feature, although updating everytime I open the app is too frequent as I have to wait for the pass data to recalculate each time. I'd much prefer it auto update on opening only if the satellite data was over 24 hours old. Not a big deal. Perhaps the developer will consider my request for the next version. Overall some really nice improvements to the app. The web based online User Guide needs to be updated to reflect these nice new features..Version: 2.0

Amazingly AccurateI tried numerous other satellite locators that were 'good'. This app beats them hands down. Like comparing a Ford Pinto to a new Ferrari. The accuracy is remarkable. This, and the developer's GoSkyWatch are my two favorite apps. Note to the developer, I would pay the big bucks if you could hook up voice commands through a Bluetooth . That is on my wish list, but so is world peace . You did a great job on both these apps.Version: 2.0

Excellent satellite trackingOne thing that would make this a five star rating for me is if there was info on the satellites to help me know a little more about that bright light going across the sky. Don't get me wrong, I love this app. Satellites are right where this app says they will be. I've spotted a couple iridium flares with these predictions and have spotted many other satellites too..Version: 2.0

KeithBReally like this app. Fabulous 3D world display of satellites. Great sky view to help locate passing satellites. Lists passages and alarms when individual passes begin. Ability to roll time forwards and back to see past and future passes. Can't think of much more you could want if you like watching passing satellites!.Version: 3.2

Yay! You’re working on it again!Today, I revise my original review. As much as I love your app, I really became frustrated with the fact that it just sat for a long time untouched. A friend told me about another app (ISS Tracker) that I started using, but it’s still not as good as GoSatWatch! Yours is the best satellite tracking app in the iOS App Store. Glad to see you’re back at it again! Keep up the great work and keep the features coming. Thanks!.Version: 5.2

Fantastic educational applicationThe key to getting the most out of this application is to download the satellite orbital parameters from celestrak. Then it’s amazing the insights that you can get from accelerating time and looking at the satellites that are in view from any particular location - fabulous!.Version: 5.0

Great Features for a iPhone AppDecided to get back into working the amateur radio satellites and needed a portable satellite tracking app. Although it seems designed for watching satellites, it looks like it will work very well for radio coms through the amateur sats with accurate pass predictions. The "Sky" view tab is a compass with a projection of the sky where you are pointing the phone. An icon of the satellite shows where in the sky you should be looking. Pretty impressive. I used it to find the ISS on my first try. Haven't configured my radios for satellites yet, but I think it will work well..Version: 3.2

Ideal Sat Tracking AppThis app is awesome and worth every penny! It does everything I need in a tracking program, from tracking amsats to visible objects. The interfaces are exceptionally good. I really like the 3D globe feature and it handles beautifully. One is able to center on their location by tapping twice on the screen. One can also magnify the view easily..Version: 2.0

Good softwareI bought this app because the satellite app I use on my iPhone is not available on iPad. This is brilliant. Good results with ISS and Iridium flares. I particularly like the graphics which are very helpful..Version: 3.2

ExcellentA really great App for locating satellites etc. I find it’s very intuitive to use. I note another reviews comments about the compass points swapping around and being reversed - I simply don’t have that problem at all so can only assume whatever the problem was has now been resolved. Likewise, I have (so far) suffered no stability issues. Highly recommend and, I feel, worth the money.Version: 5.0

Awesome satellite tracker!I originally had a bit of trouble seeing the ISS on the map, but after selecting it from the satellite list and touching "refresh" a couple of times, the ISS became visible on the map, in the passes, and on the sky map. What a pleasant experience it was to figure out that when the Space Station passes overhead around an hour after sunset on a clear evening, it will be visible from reflected sunlight, then to go outside when this application had shown this circustance to occur, and to watch the Space Station pass overhead, exactly as predicted! I'm Addicted! WOW!!!.Version: 2.0

5 starsAn excellent very well thought out app..Version: 0

Purchased app 9 years ago and still use it todayTitle says it all really..Version: 5.3

Great for Tracking Multiple SatellitesI have downloaded several other apps for satellite tracking but they only tracked one or two satellites at a time. I was very pleased to find that GoSatWatch allows you to simultaneously track as many satellites as you want. With GoSatWatch I can track the whole GPS constellation on the world MAP or I can check my local coverage with the SKY map. This app needs to be moved higher on your apps chart. It is by far the best satellite tracking program in your collection..Version: 0

At last ...If you don't want to mess with inputing coordinates, or logging in to websites to find visible pass predictions while on the go, this is the app for you. It isn't as simple and sweet as the LookUp webapp, but it is more powerful. Pros: 1. You can utilize built in GPS for exact coordinates of your location. 2. Easily setup groups of satellites and choose which group or which satellites are displayed. Cons: 1. Only mercator map projection. 2. Only does visible pass predictions.Version: 0

ISS and Hubble telescope over my houseI live in Canada near Niagara Falls. I was also semi believing that I would see the ISS rise on time over the horizon. And just as predicted here it was. I could not believe it. Ran inside to get my wife. Way too cool. Worth every penny. And it is lots of fun. I have since seen the Hubble space telescope and other satellites. It is worth mentionning that the interface is also pretty easy to use..Version: 1.5

AmazingI could ask for higher res maps when you zoom in, but honestly it's not necessary when this app is so good at showing what's in the sky. Worth every penny..Version: 2.0

Needs update for iPadI think I have tried ever satellite tracking app there and this one is the best. The display of upcoming passes screen is exactly what need. It does need to be updated for the iPad to take advantage of the extra screen space. It would then be the best sat app on the iPad. Although it's still the best on my pad even with ugly 2x zooming..Version: 1.5

Great appThanks for a great app just looming forward to it working on iso5.Version: 2.0

Most useful app, but needs easier way to select UTC.Unless I’ve missed it in the app, the FAQ, or the User Guide, there seems to be no way to set the displayed clock for UTC. Thanks for the response to set a custom location. It works. One point is that “GMT” should be replaced by “UTC” throughout..Version: 5.3

Very nice, but need daylight pass optionVery nice app, and the last one I needed to complete my move from Palm T|X, except: There needs to be an option to find passes at all times (24hr). This is necessary for Amateur Radio Sats (HAM) (and also for those who like to find ISS via telescope in daylight). So far as I can tell, only the Satellite Radio (Sirius, XM) sats show up during daylight. Also, a couple of thought for the "it would be nice if..." category: 1 - Ability to animate tracking between two times. I know it can be done manually through the clever "clock face", but it's nice to have it run itself, at perhaps 1x, 2x, and faster. 2 - Ability to zoom in on map. The portrait mode is closer, which is nice, but I'd like a 2x option. 3 - Next pass prediction for a particular sat. Again, unless I missed, it'd be nice to have it jump ahead in time to the next pass (visible or all). Otherwise, this is a VERY nice implementation of a sat tracker and VERY much appreciate one finally being offered in the store! Except for the daylight pass complaint, I would easily rate it 5 star..Version: 0

My favorite satellite app!!This app by far is my most used satellite locator app that I have! I have other popular apps like this and it is true that each have different features that make each one unique but this one is easy to use and most all my information I want is right there but one update that for me would make this app the only satellite locator app I need is to have a way to see information about the object I'm looking at like what it is used for and launch date and all that. The recent irridium flare update is just awesome!!! The satellite brightens just when it says it does! This company has another app that I love and both are on my home screen on my iphone because I use them all the time! Thanks for giving us this tool that has given us so much enjoyment!!.Version: 3.2

Great TrackerIf you want to know where a sat is you can't go wrong with this app. Easy to use, plenty of options without being bloated and extremely nice looking. As an amateur radio operator it is missing one MAJOR thing. Up and downlink frequencies for the amateur radio satellites. Would be much more convenient and useful for radio communication use with those added. Even if there were an option to add your own frequency or note to a sat would be helpful. Can't give it a 5 due to that omission..Version: 2.0

Saw a sat my first try, in downtown Boston!Downloaded this about 2 days ago. I originally got it to track the ISS since I knew I could see this from a suburban area. Well, I found a satellite that was visible soon after sunset, actually a rocket booster from China (CZ-2C R/B). The magnitude was about 3, so I figured I had a shot. Low and behold, there it was, cruising right towards the big dipper! I was observing from the top of a parking garage in Charlestown, MA. The time was dead on, and the path was easy to find. I can't wait to try this out when I have a chance to get out of the city..Version: 0

Best sat tracking program anywhere!I have tried them all. This one is frigin' awesome. Now that I have used it for several months I couldn't imagine using anything else. It's my best friend. It's funny to read a negative comment here. Any of the negative comments are from users that have no clue. Ha. Try it, you won't be disappointed..Version: 3.2

Needs Retina Display UpdateThis is one of the most interesting and informative app's out there! Well worth the price!! However a retina display update is a must in order to make this app look as good the information it provides....Version: 1.5

Amazing! Sooo Good!!This app just made my evening. A couple of good friends and I, with jazz cigarettes in hand, we were able to spot many flybys. This app worked perfectly, couldn't have asked for a better, more well functioning app..Version: 3.2

AWESOMEAfter wasting my money on a couple of other Sat/ISS apps I am so glad I found this... and finding it on App store was the difficult bit! (maybe not the best name to use?!) I just LOVE this app. The graphics and usability are slick and professional, and unlike other Sat/ISS apps I have used you are not limited and can custom your sky view to have as many or as few Sats/objects as you like. I especially like the time control to wind the Sky and Map views through the future - really smooth responsive and informative, and it is really easy to calcullate future passes to your criteria (Visibility/Min Elevation/Magnitude). I have so enjoyed this app that I bought the GoSkyWatch Planetaruim which is equally impressive..Version: 0

Great app, missing ARGreat app, I absolutely love the ability to setup notifications based on a minimum magnitude and azimuth, that way I don't get alerted for potential sightings I'm uninterested in. It would be quite helpful, however, if I could see the predicted path of the satellite or ISS in an augmented reality view using the camera. That way I could visualize exactly where it will appear, helping me to easily find a good spot amongst all the trees and buildings nearby. Another great addition would be to include the star charts from Heavens Above..Version: 2.0

Great App - precise, great interfaceThe first day after I bought this app, I could see the ISS right where and when the app had calculated. It was beautiful, following it with binoculars, to see it turn red and then fade away as it entered the earth shadow. A few days later, I could see 2 iridium satellite 'flares': close to each other, they appeared and then quickly faded away near the moon. The app calculated very precisely where and when they would be visible. Though there are several satellites visible every evening and morning, they appear very briefly and can be faint. You may see one if you are lucky, but this app will help you see them all and will even warn you of their upcoming passage. It would be great if the app showed actual stars and constellations in sky view, to help spot faint satellites better, or aim a camera. In the next upgrade?.Version: 3.2

Excellent.Works perfectly and does exactly what it claims to..Version: 0

Two Thumps UpI’ve been an amateur tracker for a couple of decades now and have used some great applications over the years, including Traksat and WinTrak. GoSatWatch ranks right at the top of my list. Always accurate, great GUI options and have never had any bug issues. I like that I can point to the TLEs that I’m interested in. Well done and “professional grade.”.Version: 5.0

Sky's the LimitA simply outstanding app considering a mobile platform; I would say there are probably only 5 other science and technology apps of its class in the App Store. It performs as advertised, has reasonably sophisticated graphics and sky's-the-limit as to what you can track with it. Add to that intuitive operation, an informative User's manual (what a concept!) and a developer who is as responsive as if the app cost $1000 instead of $10, and you have a winner. Bravo Review: 06 Mar 2009.Version: 0

Great appApp is fantastic. I use it constantly to track ham radio says. Thumbs up baby!.Version: 5.0

Why don't you look up sometime?I've been using an app like this since the Palm Pilot days, and grabbed this app years ago when it first hit the App Store. The dev has been great in keeping it updated and adding features. It's super easy to use and contains a lot of detailed information. No one looks up anymore :( We're all staring down at our devices, but missing a great show up above. I'm lucky enough to still have a dark sky, and whenever I show off this app to people they totally love it! Seeing a long bright pass of the ISS is a real treat and many people had no idea you see this on a routine basis..Version: 4.1

Fantastic appVery well thought out app. Info on sats would be great as well as night vision mode. Brilliant real time sky view..Version: 0

Addictive......Far more interesting than it looked to me at first glance. Surprising how addictive it becomes, worth spending time to get used to and realise just what it is you are looking at. Waiting for clear starry nights to arrive! Look on the Internet for info. on the satellites it shows, possibly a good update would be such information or at least links to Wikipedia. Feb.2012- about time for an update?.Version: 2.0

Very well doneWell presented and extremly fast. Good to be able to define your own groups of birds. Worth the money for such an elegant product..Version: 0

BeamsWould love it if it had satellite beams for geostationary satellites. Can this be added?.Version: 2.0

Perfect!I searched for a satellite tracker in the App Store without even knowing one exitsted for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I expected very basic features if I were to actually find one. This application blew me away, it does most things that my PC based tracker can do and is very easy to use. Very happy with my purchase, definately worth 5 stars!.Version: 0

Superb update!This is such a great app and it's got so much better with this latest major update. Still finding my way around all the new features. Really useful if you like looking up on cloudless nights.Version: 2.0

Excellent!This software is just amazing! I am an Amateur Radio operator and love to use this to track HAM sats. Very well designed, easy to use, and quite full featured! It's great for HAMs tracking AO-51 with their HTs and portable sat antenna. No need to lug around a laptop anymore. Also the latest update (Jan 14, 2009) tracks 24/7. The developers really listen to their customers! Excellent work!.Version: 0

Good appBut could be better, more info on what the sats are eg. Country of origin, what type of satellite (militery, communication etc, Russian space craft come under as tools could be sorted wi an update, still worth the money tho..Version: 0

The only Satellite tracking application you'll need!GoSatWatch is easy to use. If you need a way to track any man made object in space GoSatWatch is hands down the only app you'll need. The only down side to this app is finding enough time to watch the sky to see all the objects it will steer you to. You will be amazed at the amount of man made objects overhead . It's a blast to look at what's visible to see using the app and looking up and see it go by, it never gets old. Now, what's a good reason to purchase this app? There are a couple of them. First, the Space Shuttle isn't going to be flying for very much longer, so it can be fun and instructive to yourself and your family to see it fly overhead as a bright dot in the night sky. You'll have your chance to see it and the Hubble Space Telescope during the upcoming Hubble Servicing Mission. Second, it's the International Year of Astronomy. Watching the night skies in all of their glory is fun to do whether you're using GoSatWatch to check out man-made objects or another app like SkyWalk to see the natural objects. As the nights get warmer (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), be sure to get out your iPhone and see what's above you. You might be surprised! Take a look at the gallery to see screenshots of some of the GoSatWatch features..Version: 3.2

WowYes I would also like to see astra but this is a fantastic app the best so far  two thumbs up from me.Version: 0

Great AppThis is a great app, it’s 5 stars easy. The one thing I would love to see is the ability to filter the amateur radio satellites by band. Great work, none the less!.Version: 5.3

Outstanding. Best sat tracking app by farI’ve tried a lot and this one is by far the best I use it to track Iridium (&next) for my inReach Explorer and also Hamsats and ISS for amateur radio Only thing extra I would Like is ability to see uplink and downlink frequencies when offline ( you can click on satellite name then an icon to be taken inline to the Freqs but this doesn’t work when no data conx !).Version: 5.0

Very CoolA very nice app that makes night sky watching entertaining. It's simple to use and impresses people that I show it too, even the non-geeky ones. GoSatWatch is a great companion piece to GoSkyWatch..Version: 0

Great App!Provides a great view, scrolls through time (backward and forward) with ease and has a clean user interface. Only suggestion for improvement would be making it easier to figure out how to add new satellites (turns out go to their website and it's near the bottom of the User's Guide)..Version: 2.0

SuperbUsed this app lots this week, looking at the Space Station and Endeavor,the accuracy is down to seconds. Well done.Version: 0

TLEsThe best part of this app is being able to add any TLE data from celestrak or any web page with active TLE data on. The ability to change the date and time is also great..Version: 5.3

Impressive piece of softwareExcellent graphics and functionality..Version: 3.2

Excellent program, a must have for amateur radio hobbistThis is an excellent program and one of the main reasons I bought an iTouch. Graphics are really nice on the iTouch and the program performs its functions fast and accurately. Author is very responsive to questions and open for suggestions. If you are a amateur radio hobbist who does satellite work or just someone who is interested in watching satellites as the pass overhead this is the program for you. I have used a lot of programs over the years for the PC, Palm and other devices and this program is up there with the best of them. Don't hesitate if you need this function get this program. Author is planing on many other options such as 24 hour mode in the very near future but don't wait, get the program now and learn how to use it. If you have suggestions, please contact him..Version: 0

Great appI think this app is great, its been spot on every time for me when tracking the ISS to see it from where i live, love the new look to, the older looking one was great but now it looks so good!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.0

Excellent and responsive! A+This app is a joy to use and I found the author behind it incredibly responsive and helpful. I use it for amateur radio pass time prediction and it is wonderful for that! Easy to keep updated unlike my old pocketsat+ program on Palm. I don't usually write app reviews, but this one is worth my time! Hoping for Iridium Flare prediction and more ham radio support in the future!.Version: 0

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