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Pocket God app received 61 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about pocket god?

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Sad times.I wish there was more updates.Version: 1.48.2

Game issuesI enjoy this game alough I hardly play it the newest update sounds great but however I cannot get it to start the game only shows me the loading screen does two at the most beats of the music then exits to where the rest of my apps are it would be great if you fixed this. Other than that major issue I would recommend to a friend. Three stars.Version: 1.39

Where's the updates??The is a great game however the updates have just stopped and it's been 3 years since an update?!? Where's the support for the newer models of phones?.Version: 1.48.2

Brilliant idea, fun for a while but no real directionThis app is brilliant for picking up, having a bit of a play around and then putting down. The problem is there is no real direction. I got bored after a few minutes because once you've worked out how to kill villagers in numerous ways that's where the fun stops. A great idea that gets better with each update but lacks a direction or purpose. Worth the download for the price as it keeps improving with each update. Here are a few suggestions: -There needs to be a purpose or a goal like building a good island or village for example. While there's obviously limitations with space because the island is fairly small, a larger island that uses the pinch zoom technique could work really well. -You should be able to be good and bad. All you can do is kill villagers which, while fun, gets tiring quickly -Be able to build a village or ideal island for villagers which can equally be destroyed and make sure it stays there. The game should note your progress rather than regressing to one villager as if you had done nothing every time you quit out of the app -Villagers should react to you i.e. if you send lightning strikes and levitating sharks to kill their friends and family they begin to hate you or fear you. Build them huts and give them some nice weather/food etc and they worship you. The list could go on but just a few suggestions as to how to improve it. Hope you take them into account, I highly anticipate each update..Version: 0

So pixelatedSo fuzzy.Version: 1.48.2

I Love It! =]Ideas: There should be an underwater dinosaur (like a plesiasaur) that is summoned by harpooning an egg. During an earthquake, you should be able to place your fingers and seperate and a crack opens up in the earth between the two points. If you could cook the shark on the fire? I think there should be a "Islander Customizer" so you can slightly (or greatly!) change the apperance of your islanders, (maybe an in-app purchase). Maybe even different genders of islanders? When the Pygmies are frozen, if you change the sun size, they should thaw out or melt into a puddle. Great app! Highly reccomended! =].Version: 0

UghI have been on episode 3 for too long, I have to flick them into the volcano but every time I try, the game thinks I'm either trying to drop them in the water or throw them in the air for the cloud game, it's absolutely ridiculous how long it took me to get ONE into the volcano but now I have to do THREE, fix the bugs and then I will give a good rating.Version: 1.48.2

Game teaches terrible lessonPocket God is a pointless and cruel game where you kill these poor innocent cavemen for no reason whatsoever. One day, my son (he’s 19 by the way) came up to me and said that he wished he came to the cavemen’s island one day so HE can be “sacrificed” and respawn the exact same way as the cavemen are. My son hasn’t been healthy lately ever since he’s been playing THAT game, I do not recommend this game to ANYONE..Version: 1.48.2

HorribleThis Game is terrible I want my money back.Version: 1.48.2

AdsAds in a purchased game? That's too much. Can't even skip the ads either..Version: 1.48.2

Pocket God = Pocket FraudAbsolutely the worse app I have ever wasted money on. This mind numbing my stupid simple game is so buggy, full of un-resolved glitches and has absolutely no point. BORING!! DO NOT BUY THIS APP (wish there was a return button).Version: 1.48.1

God says fix itOkay. I like the water wing update, and I can tell that took a pretty long time to make. Good job. A few months since I've played this game and, well the graphics are still the same. I guess you could polish them up until we wait for the next episode. The hints aren't the best thing ever, you can cheat with the idols, and wha? Advertisements? Are you kidding me!? Now the other complaints are passable. 4/5 but this! For a game I bought! Maybe make a lite version, or something... You just shot yourself in the head Bolt..Version: 1.48.2

Has turned horribleI've had this game since episode 1. I have seen it change to the better through WEEKLY updates and was a great game. This app has been ruined by story telling. It is stupid and isn't entertaining. It doesn't tell you how to use it with detail. You need to listen to the people! Not go off to your own world and say LETS MAKE A THING HOW PEOPLE CAN DESIGN THEIR OWN STORY AND BE ENTERTAIN FOR 2 MINUTES BEFORE THEY RELISE THEY ARE WASTING THEIR TIME. The saying as long as you tried doesn't apply to this because you didn't try. Please listen to the fans and make new islands, girl pygmies, aliens to match the theme, new themes that will impact the environment, the ability to create and destroy, an advancing in civilisiation and etc. Please don't let me waste the 10 minutes I've spent writing this on my iPod because I poured my thought into this, thanks..Version: 0


Why stop updating it?!Oh my gosh, I used to love this game! I’d play it all the time... I remember when it was so fun! Now I love to relive the memories, but now it’s not as fun! How could you stop updating this great game!? No child now would enjoy it as much as I did back then, with all their new technology, games, etc. You need to fit in if you still want this game to stand out. If you are reading this, DONT GET THIS APP. It’s a waste of time, and has no purpose anymore. I miss pygmy! When you added the girls! They were so fun to play with! Now you just let that all go and get rid of them. You seriously only updated this at like 2008 then you updated it to where it gets rid of the girls! Stop making your game worse!!! AND READ YOUR REVIEWS FOR ONCE.Version: 1.48.2

It would be fun if it worked.I foolishly ignored the previous reviews suggesting glitches with this game when played on an ipod touch. I assumed that such a problem would have been fixed by developers as it is simply not good enough to still have compatability issues with the ipod touch. Like the other reviews suggest it worked once then when I tried to restart it, it went back to the main menu. If you have an Ipod touch do not risk buying this product until these issues have been fixed..Version: 0

Buy game to get swamped by adsWhy would I buy a game that is so swamped with ads that I can't enjoy this game....Version: 1.48.2

Boring & too many advertisementsI paid money for this app and am sill harassed by advertisements. The game in general gets boring and annoying pretty quickly too..Version: 1.48.2

No goodNot as fun as I remember. Can't make them do anything and they don't say cute things anymore. 0/10 wouldn't recommend..Version: 1.48.2

Forever waiting....Guys seriously when are we going to get an actual proper update with a new ep and more things to do on the app?.Version: 1.48.2

BoringI'm going to be honest. After you get half the achievements the game get very boring. You end up redoing the same things over and over again. There are some fun mini games that after a while become boring. The updates are super far apart and add very little content. I rated a 2 because there is room for improvement. Only buy this game if you are looking for a quick entertainment every once in a while..Version: 1.48.2

Ads on a payed gameWhy?.Version: 1.48.2

I want a refund or better appIt's a paid app why are there ads it makes it crap .DONT BUY.Version: 1.48.2

Paid money to watch ads...Pathetic.Version: 1.48.2

Paid for game with adverts???Great concept for a game, but I paid for the app and I get constant adverts!.Version: 1.48.2

Used to be great. Lost some luster.I love this game and I used to play it after it first came out on my iPhone 4. The game is still fun but it doesn't look like it's meant for the newer phones (i.e. iPhone 11). The resolution doesn't fit the screen and the graphics are fuzzy and outdated. The touch controls don't feel as clean as they used to. Flicking pygmies and pushing clouds and that sort of stuff doesn't work as well. It feels like it needs an update to the graphics and mechanics. The core of the game is still fun but it needs tweaking..Version: 1.48.2

Great game but...Great fun game but death to the adds!.Version: 1.48.2

Add a restore buttonI had pocket god before and I bought all the skin packs and it updated so I deleted and got it back but now all my skin packs are gone..Version: 1.48.1

OkI'd say it would be a good game if I could actually do it. I don't understand how the game works or what to do. When I try and control the little person in episode 48, Call of the Booty, when the monkey steals his friend, it doesn't tell you how to work it so I haven't even completed one episode..Version: 1.48.2

A little unfair😕 but still a great gameI think this game is a little bit unfair because there are no female pygmies, please put them in your next update, if you do I will give this game 5 stars. Oh yeah speaking of which... WHEN IS THE NEW UPDATE COMING OUT!? I'm almost at the end of my patience here😭😭.Version: 1.48.2

Let’s just say I’m glad I got this when it was freeIt’s hardly worth the charge these days.Version: 1.48.2

Used to loveThis game was my favorite thing to do when I was bored or just wanting to play a game. It's been forever (2015 according to the AppStore) since an update, and I uninstalled it a while ago (sometime in 2016) for more phone space and since well, basically, there's nothing new to do. What happened to the updates every week? What happened to episode 48? What about the girl Pygmy? Aliens? Not sure how many people still play, but I'm betting if you removed the ads from this PAID for game, and finally started updating (at least once a month I mean seriously) you'd get a lot of players back. Used to say this was a five star game, but now it's just repetitive and boring..Version: 1.48.2

Garbage Game - Broken and Ads when I've PaidThis game is now officially garbage. Enjoyed it when I first bought it, when it worked, and before they put in all the adverts. Idol stuff no longer working, all progress lost and does not unlock even basic stuff. Garbage, garbage, garbage. Don't waste your time..Version: 1.48.2

MONEY=WASTEDThis game used to be fun but it's not anymore. Whenever I had gotten my first iPod I played this game and I thought the graphics were amazing. That was about 6 years ago. Get with the program people. I thought the game would be updated and better. Well I was wrong. I gave it 2 stars because of the joy it brought me 6 years ago. And the app wouldn't let me click anything but the add button. I would like to say..............DONT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.48.2

Congratulations, you ruined it.When I first discovered this game, my friends and I were obsessed. There was so much to do, and regular updates adding even more? It was always so exciting to check for updates on the App Store after school, and when Pocket God got an update, it was almost magical. But now, not only has it been over a year since we got a proper update, but the game looks exactly the same as it does when I played it back in 2009. Incredibly fuzzy graphics and it doesn't even take up the full screen! And what's more, you added ADVERTISEMENTS. In a game we PAID FOR. You guys clearly put a lot of heart into this app... what happened?.Version: 1.48.2

Love Pocket God, but..I love this game in general, but clearly no effort was put in to optimizing it for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as it doesn't even fit the screen correctly, and instead, there's these borders on each side which are just made to look like pillars. But what's even worse, is that the graphics are terrible, it's extremely blurry and pixel-y and you can tell that the game really hasn't been truly updated since its original release. Please fix this :/.Version: 1.48.2

Not badThis game has been a favorite and I probably have had it since 2014, really fun playing the temple update with the aliens and the female pigmy. But I finished that probably right after it came out, so here I am waiting for the next episode to figure it out. Waiting. Waiting. Still waiting. Finally I got bored and started grinding the idols. I got most of that complete and stopped playing it. Just an another empty app. Would become a 5 start if that ep 49 came out..Version: 1.48.2

BoringWish I could get a refund. Ads in a paid for game? Greedy jerks..Version: 1.48.2

Too much Ads and worsen than everI paid for this game and I dont want to see your 30secs long Ads video every time I click the map. This is not a free game right? Its terrible. And this game remains a incredibly low image quality compared to any other free games in 2016. I feel very very disappointed about it since I've ever surprised by this funny game on my friend's device years ago. Today I purchase it and after a while delete it sadly. Shame..Version: 1.48.2

AdsIt's ridiculous that I have paid money and still have to watch adds for the other game, other than that it's a fun game but the ads are annoying.Version: 1.48.2

Pocket godOk this is really starting to annoy me. The arena is always glitching and jamming for some reason, like I'll pick the god I want to compete and I click go and it takes about 30 seconds before the fight even starts! And then it starts glitching in the middle of the fight too! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!.Version: 1.43.3

GRAPHICSFix the graphics for god sake, it's like IOS 5 graphics.Version: 1.48.2

BrookeBORING!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does not let me play.Version: 1.48.2

GET MORE GIRLSI want a lot more girls Pygmy in the game if you did you could gotten five stars not four and can you please save SUN please I love SUN please get more girls I loved it when I was younger because I had like playing with them and I always thought it would might have some girls and all you did just kill SUN so please add more girls please and add more updates because you said there would be one every week and your last update was three years ago add more updates please or you will get three stars so please add more girls.Version: 1.48.2

Paid ads must go.The long unskippable ads on this paid game have to go. They ruin the game and since its already paid for its just ridiculous. One star until they are removed..Version: 1.48.2

👎One star until ads are removed, it's already a paid game.Version: 1.48.2

Not enough directionsThere is nothing you can do in this game or there is and there is very little direction on what to do it’s the same repeating stuff I would like a refund or someone to tell me how to play the game properly in depth cuz from what I’m seeing there is a lot of depth but no one tells you on how to get into depth so the game is basically trash.Version: 1.48.2

TrashI got this game remembering how fun it was and then, bad graphics, no story line, not fun. I can’t believe I wasted money on this!!!.Version: 1.48.2

Needs restore in-app purchasesI bought a bunch of skins and dance packs on my iPod, but when I downloaded it on my iPhone all the packs were gone and there's no restore in-app purchases. I tried to buy one of the packs that I bought previously, it worked and gave me the skin. Then I tried another pack that I have boughten previously and charged me the $1.19 even if I've bought it before. This annoys me because I lost $1.19 on something that I've boughten before..Version: 1.48.1

Terrible gameWhat?? This game used to be so fun! It totally sucks now. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.48.2

Was great, but...Ever since the new update, there have been Ads, which is ridiculous since it's a paid app.Version: 1.48.2

Good idea, dull executionThis game is good in concept but is a real let down. My guess is that its target market is kids under five. It trys to be cute and funny but fails miserably in my opinion. Maybe that's the appeal of the game to other people who I would imagine to be under five. I really wish I could ask the developers what this game is supposed to be. Don't get it at all. A sily boring gimmick..Version: 1.43.3

PLEASE UPDATEPocket god is so damn fun but PLEASE update the game.Version: 1.48.2

Bad graphicsDon’t purchase this game Worst graphic ever.Version: 1.48.2

So soEverything was going swimmingly. I had finally clocked all the latest episodes, even episode 46. I updated & went on the other day to find that I had to redo the last episode. This wasn't so bad until I went Uni my progress & found it has wiped all my progress up until Episode 8. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED POCKET GOD!!!!.Version: 1.46.2

3.0 doesnt workI do not wish to upgrade to the nessecary 3.1.2 OS to get the latest update for Pocket God. I thought this would be fine, until i found out that i cannot even open the previous version of Pocket God without it crashing. I am displeased with this, and hope that there is a way that I could continue to play without crashing. Cheers.Version: 0

I don't like itGame sucks it's not what it was before when Fb had this game.Version: 1.48.2

Pocket godApart from being ever so slightly amusing for about ten seconds this "game" is quite simply rubbish. With slight glimpses of hope. What this game really needs is a bit of structure and consistency (at the moment it goes from good fun to trash) then it would be 5/5 of course this is only my opinion..Version: 1.42.1

Badly needs HD overhaulThis app used to be fun. Now it's just confusing with its zillion options and updates, and it looks horrible on an iPad. It badly needs an HD overhaul..Version: 1.48.1

StupidNo ads on a paid app.Version: 1.48.2

Yeah... and for when are you adding RETINA support?This century, or when pigs fly?.Version: 1.48.2

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