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Citi mobile appI have been used this App since 2012; everything is great until last Tuesday, When I log in they ask me to accept the term & condition, and I did accept it, then the screen displayed “let start...” with the 3rd line is “... sign on”, I signed on and about 1 mins I got a message “Hmm... look like we have a technical issues, please try later...” And I did try few times on Tuesday, and I deleted that App and upload another one and keep doing it on Wednesday, then Thursday eventually on Friday I have to call the support for help after another 2 trials. There are few people tried to help and they sent me to other 2 technicians... they told me do a Way I have been doing for 4 days and still not work..they dropped it by sending me around.... come up is no body can help me to let me access the app on iPhone.... please help... S.O.S.Version: 9.14.1

New to Citi Card Mobile AppI like using the Citi Card Mobile App, it’s a good app for Credit Card Bill Pay. The Citi Card its helpful I can make a purchase on electronics then I can pay for my credit card quick on the Citi Card mobile app. I always on the go go so when I need something cool like some clothes and electronics I get my stuff with one swipe of my Citi Card. Thanks for my credit card Citi Bank I can now make purchases with my new Citi Bank Credit Card. I really really needed the credit card for purchases for my purse life. And I like using the Citi Mobile App on my iPad and iPhone to check on my Credit Balances. I like the colors on the App those are cool and are a little vibrant and the app it has graphics too. The App is Easy to Use and I like reading the print on the app the print on the app display uses large print. Thank you, have a great day! C. Wilson, Vallejo, CA.Version: 9.26.0

Fixed NowThey fixed it, updating to five stars. --- I've used this app for years and it's done me well but I got a new phone (iPhone SE) a couple weeks and the app is a pain now to use to the point of being totally useless. It no longer offers me the option for a Thumbprint sign in. And if I try to sign in manually via my saved password I get stuck in a loop because it won't fill in both the password and user login. At this point in order to access my account I've just memorized my complicated password. I input both that and my user manually (in the correct order or each time you fill in one the other will get deleted). I've tried restarting and making sure my app is up to date. I've compared the app on my new and old phone and on my old phone there is definitely the Thumbprint option both on the sign in page and under options in the security section. The app on my new phone doesn't show these options. And please, don't even think about using the stupid quick view or snap shot or whatever it's called, it will create even more trouble for you when you try to sign in. I'll update my review when the issue is fixed. When the app was working before it was my favorite cc app..Version: 9.29.0

A Most Useful App!This is the most useful app out there for Citi cardholders. Thanks to the Citi app, we discovered that, while on a cruise, the cruise line was charging some unknown person for our onboard purchases (their mistake). The cruise line does an authorization for every onboard purchase made and none were showing up on our account on the Citi app. A trip to Guest Services got us all fixed up. This would have been a big nightmare for us and the other mysterious cardholder if it hadn't been nipped in the bud. The Citi app has been very handy for us in many other ways too. When we make a purchase in a foreign currency, the purchase shows up instantly as an authorization in USD so we can see the exchange rate on the purchase. Then there are the obvious benefits of seeing unauthorized charges before they hit your account, how much is left on your credit line and checking statement, making payments, etc., etc...Version: 8.9.0

Some issues notedOverall the APP is good. I noticed an issue when using the Forgot Password function. When I click on it, it just pops up a window that I need to enter my password. This happens every time you try. And on the desktop site to find your information you must enter your card number. There are some of us that have cut up our credit cards but still want access to the site. There is no other way to reset your password. Most other banks use personal info and safety questions to unlock password changes. Because Citi does not I must order a new card just to log in and change my password. I know this is on me for not writing down my card number but I’m surprised there’s no other way to unlock password changes. Other than that the site works well and is comparable with apps from other major banking institutions..Version: 9.32.0

Almost thereI love the app and how simple it is to navigate the features, including the free updates on your credit score. You can also live chat with someone during regular working hours, it’s great! My only reason for giving it a 4 out of 5 would be customer service and miscommunication. I had a fraud alert early August. They notified me quickly to go over the charges and so forth. They closed my account immediately and communicated that a replacement would be on its way. Not stating as to when it would arrive, but soon. It’s already been more than two weeks and this shopaholic is experiencing credit withdrawals. I am very much accustomed to a certain company that will fed ex your replacement within two days! I called and asked about the shipment , one month USPS. I’m over here like.... “You guys obviously don’t want me to spend?” What’s a girl gotta do to get this envelope?! Losing my patience and most definitely contemplating a switch. This con so far is outweighing the pros. On another note, they need to reconsider the quality of their Costco Citi Visa. The sides fringe after use. It looks like they plastered a sticker on their that might easily peel off..Version: 9.21.0

Touch ID doesn’t work.This app used to be a four star app. No longer. I’m prompted to use my thumbprint (Touch ID) whenever I use it, but then need to use my password too. PLEASE make the fingerprint option work again. I have it turned on, and I’m prompted to use it, then I’m asked to ALSO put in my password. I turned the fingerprint option off, killed the app, launched & signed in and then turned it back on, and I’m still prompted for both thumbprint and password. The history isn’t very far back either, but that’s a much less annoying issue compared to the thumbprint problem I’m having. I’ve messaged Citi and I’ve submitted multiple issue reports through the app too, all with no response. Citi provides great service & response to me when I first got the card as a Costco member, but that service level has dropped a LOT in the last 6 months..Version: 9.15.0

Let me log in!!!I’ve used Citibank for over 5 years, and have always loved the app until I got a new iPhone SE. First I was locked out of my account, and the thumbprint was disabled. So, like others who left reviews, I have tried to reset my password to unlock the account. I went through the process of resetting a new password, and think it will work now right? Nope. I tried to manually log in with the password that I reset, and there’s still an error message coming down in red saying there’s something wrong. I have been trying to reach support by phone or online for nearly a month, and have gotten nowhere. The call in lines are always full, and the automated system doesn’t include this issue. The only way I can check my balance and make payments is over the phone with the automated service. Thank God I can pay over the phone, otherwise I’d suffer from late payments and interest fees. This is unacceptable for a financial institution!!.Version: 9.29.0

Great appThe app has improved, but also with so many changes it has become more complicated to use. People want to use familiarity, every time they update the app, you have to learn how to do things differently every single time. For example, when you would transfer funds from one account to the other, before you used to select where you are taking the funds from and where they are going to, now when you go to the transfer section, it doesn’t tell you where from or where to, the moment you pick an account, that is automatically y where it is going to transfer to, and what’s worst it is the second line in the transfer information screen, before the first account you chose was where the money was coming from, and it was the first line, now it’s the second and it it the destination, when you try to correct it, you have to exit the entire section, and choose where your transferring to instead of just choosing another account..Version: 9.7.1

Problems with posting - app is greatThe app functions perfect i truly have no issues with only problem is the first page that you pull up with your available balance(s).. It will show 0.00 when it is actually in the negative.. Not letting you deposit in time to avoid overdraft fees.. The same goes with making payments.. If i make a paymwnt today.. I want to see it hit my account and i want that money to go out today.. Too often do i check my balance see its good and a day later i log in and i got hit with overdraft when i saw a positive balance less than 24 hours ago.. Or a payment that i place today does not go out or post until 3 business days later.. But like i said those are banking issues not app issues.. Although it could show balance an then true balance underneath if it is in the negative on the first screen )quick menu).Version: 8.9.0

Does not show that you have set up a payment.So about 2 months ago, two payments came out of my checking account. I had gone into the app to see if I had actually set up a payment and it said no payments in process and no where could I find if I set up payment that I thought I had. So I went ahead and set up payment again. Hence 2 payments came out of my checking, luckily I had the funds. When I called they were able to send me a check for the funds which took 10 business days to get. Anyhow , yesterday I set up payment and no where in the app system does it say I have a payment set up. Please fix this CITI, I think you can do better. I should not have to wait until the day funds are to come out to find out if I have indeed set up payment or not. Your competitors have this in place so it can be done..Version: 9.29.0

The best Finance app!!I normally don’t do reviews but I HAD to do some for the Citi Bank mobile app. I previously had a checking with Citi Bank but closed the account a year back. More recently I opened a credit card with them and it’s not allowed me to see the FULL potential of the mobile app. I love it!! The app is super simple and intuitive, it has many features that my other banks offers but then also offers some powerful tools, such as being able to filter my transactions down to the T, and even search transactions by name (which you would think is a given form a banking app but my other accounts with another bank don’t even have this simple tool!) The app also takes payments to another level by adding a visual aspect. Once I enter the amount I’d like to pay, it shows me on a graph what percentage my payment will cut out from my total balance. The app ALSO breaks down my spending by month into another graph, showing me what categories I’ve spent the most or least on (such as 40% on food, 30% on merchandise, etc.) Overall, I can’t say enough good about this app! Keep it up Citi..Version: 9.28.1

App is having some real problems.I am a visually impaired client that uses voiceover which is the screen reader built into Apple‘s products. This latest version of Citi Mobile app I sign in and once I’m signed in I see my account overview page I’ll click on the account that I want and I also click on the option to show me might last year‘s interest. When I click on the option to view routing number and more after I’ve selected my savings account it brings me up with a menu that I never asked for. Such as the date of my next recurring transfer instead of what I asked for which was give me the interest information for my account this previous year. This latest version of the app is seriously buggy and Citibank needs to do something about this. I’ve never seen such grossly oversight when it comes to assistive technology and how they did the latest version of this app. Citibank you need to do better. I’m highly disappointed in you..Version: 9.44.0

This app is trashWhat’s the purpose of having an app themat doesn’t work? I have been trying for days to make a payment to my account. My payment is due on the 22 and if this doesn’t get fixed im have to call in which i dont want to do. I like doing everything digitally, and this is causing me an inconvenience because that means i have to call in and wait on the phone to get assistance over the phone. Why? Because the app doesn’t work at all i try clicking on the option to make a payment and it doesn’t do anything. Also any other option is available it looks like all the options are greyed out and it does not respond to any of my commands worst experience I’ve had with a mobil banking. I own other credit cards with other banks and there apps work just fine. This one i find to be complete trash. There was a recent update to the app and it continues to be absolute thrash it still doesn’t allow me to process payments. When will you fix this. This a total inconvenience..Version: 9.35.0

Citibank MobileThis is a very good app and I really appreciate the Costco Citibank card being so easy to work with. You can make a payment and have the card available to use immediately, something I really like about my American Express cards and I’m glad to see that Citibank has this feature, too. The app is also quite intuitive and easy to navigate. The thing I don’t like about it is that it’s already been about three or four times that something happens on the server end that bops your application out and will not respond to trying to log in. The good old fashioned way of logging in via your browser also does not work. A few times I’ve wanted to use my card by making a payment to accommodate a large charge but I’ve had to use other cards because I could not find out how much I had available at that moment. Thanks..Version: 9.11.0

Great App; a few IT ideas.See ITI continues to make their application more and more user-friendly. This shows the sign that the chief information officer is well aware of the position the user takes when using the APP. There are a few places where the app could be improved; that’s usually the case with any computer program. It’s possible that may be more rewards should be more available to users such that the users are not misled into thinking that they can use their rewards when they can’t! I would like to think that I’ve earned more than what’s being reflected in the app. Perhaps, see ITI bank should consider awarding more rewards for the length of time people have been clients of Citi or for different reasons and possibly make it easier to add more payment options; however, it’s an extraordinarily good application!.Version: 9.9.1

My accountI love Citi bank. It’s my no 1 Bank. I love their mobile app because funds are available immediately. Don’t know if I’m grandfathered in or not. I have been with Citibank over 50 years. They often say 29 or 30 years but that’s because of name changes. I started I think as Washington Federal Savings and Loan. And there were other name changes which lead to being finally named CITIBANK. I brag about CITIBANK all the time. And I love Checking Plus. I usually use it as an emergency fund. It beats being overdrawn in another account and having to pay a $29 or $35 fee. The most I will pay is 25 cents or less, give or take, depending on how fast I can repay. A few days ago I received a form for auto draft from my checking account to pay if I have to use Checking Plus. I will put that in the mail today. But, when are you going to put a branch in Atlanta 🤓. But thank You CITIBANK..Version: 9.14.1

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