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Yahoo News: Breaking & Local Positive Reviews

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Yahoo News: Breaking & Local App User Positive Comments 2022

Yahoo News: Breaking & Local app received 24 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about yahoo news: breaking & local?

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Yahoo News: Breaking & Local for Positive User Reviews

Wonderful for getting a peak of the current events!Refreshes constantly so you’re always getting the latest news! Most stories are the large headlines so you might not get some of the smaller stories, but it’s great if you just want to see what’s going on in the world..Version: 9.1.0

Forum for the misinformed.I’m so glad to be able to read a story that may or may not be entirely worthwhile and then endure the comments of the legions of lemmings whose ability to read, and think is limited by the amount of FOX CABLE NEWS they watch. The only thing good that comes out of these comments is the knowledge that the USA has so many frightened and gullible people in it..Version: 9.20.0

News updatesI like the news updates and timely notifications. Usually don’t have time to look for “what is happening”, but the updates as they happen gives me the alert to look further for the “rest of the story”..Version: 9.14.1

NewsroomThere are all different news apps out there that are very bias when it comes to politics. Yours doesn’t. It just tells you the facts as to what has happened. When it comes to to anything else out there, it’s always the facts. It’s also very helpful if you want information for yourself. It’s very good and informative..Version: 9.2.0

Catch around the world news in just few minutesI stopped reading newspaper, now stopped watching CNN and other news channel as I get all my news from Yahoo newsroom in my palm on my iPhone. I get the headlines and I can zoom in for details on any news of my interest. I love yahoo news on my iPhone..Version: 9.15.1

NewsflashThis app is easy to navigate and has up to date news and Breaking news. Easy to read and view videos. The content is good and doesn’t come across as biased when reported. Yahoo news should partner with FOX NEWS and it would be even better..Version: 9.1.2

Error message showingI actually enjoy reading the news from this app But after the bug fixes last week, it now shows “Sorry, something went wrong, try again” when swiping up or down to look for more articles.Version: 9.41.0

The best for brief update of news and eventsI really love this app because I am always a click away from current and credible news and information while I am away from home or a TV. Moreover it provides a variety of platforms and I appreciate having this app. I am happy to give a rating of 5.Version: 9.17.0

Long time Account holder and Reader applauds Yahoo!I am writing this as a User since Yahoo! first came into existence. While it has not always been my first choice to go to, I have always used it as either a first or an alternate choice for news, comments and insights..Version: 9.42.0

Mccs employeeI'm a news alert person, like an owl... This app is quicker, very highly conveinaint about topics. You should incorporate a viospeak adaptation to direct to certain topics but not having to look... Also a home that goes to your last entry. I'm a very pleased of this app. I just have some ideas to give... Your yahoo fan and for life....Version: 9.1.2

Response to inquirieVery good and informative. It appears you tried to report the news correctly. Keep up the good work and keep the news real and not fake news. Enough of that type of news comes from the other news source especially CNN..Version: 9.20.1

Great app for the newsNewsroom by Yahoo is a terrific app to keep current on news. I found myself using Newsroom throughout the day. And it has since become how I start my day, Newsroom with a cup of coffee. I also like reading comments by others, as well as the ability to add my comments..Version: 8.3.1

Former Microsoft News user, happy to switchI previously used the Microsoft News app because it was a clean interface with minimal ads and allowed me to select which feeds I would like to view. Sadly they tried to make their app a one size fits all design and stuffed every bit of Bing functionality into the app. Yahoo News has a great clean design and is easy to use..Version: 9.62.0

US NEWS HEADLINESThe news collection from all over the US Media, give me and my family a daily update on worldwide economy and the president activities all articles and comment are highly appreciated to save time and publicity ... wish you and all the contributors best of luck for the range and wide diversity of informations.Version: 9.14.1

Less than professional and highly left leaningCan’t seem to hire actual professional journalists so most of their stories come from other websites, then they filter those for mostly nonsense. Very little news, but I like to read the comments. Lots of seriously mental people commenting on stuff they are clueless about. Gets entertaining..Version: 9.27.3

Got worse with last update!Yahoo updated the app last week and now my I phone shows 75 notifications that used to disappear when you opened the app and read the stories! Fix this please! I don't need to be looking at this little red for all if the time showing 75 notifications when there aren't any there!.Version: 9.0.0

Good work in keeping free thought alive!It's good that you provide an open forum for voicing opinions! But some stories seem too tabloid! America has no concept of reality left! To decipher reality from fiction! Can you better screen your stories? Otherwise people do complain about Yahoo! But they still use it like an addiction! Keep up the good work in keeping free thought alive!.Version: 8.3.1

Variety and less biasedYahoo offers a much broader look at the news with many articles about human interests and not just political views about every aspect of life. Yahoo news is more enlightening and less anger. I like the news Yahoo offers. It is one of approximately 15 news feeds so I am able to see many viewpoints of what is happening in United States , from around the World..Version: 9.31.1

Keeps me up to date on newsI don’t have a lot of time to watch all the news so I really love getting the important things that come across my screen. That way I can tap on it and it takes me to to whole story. Even if it’s not all that important it does keep me in touch with what’s happening in our country and our world around us..Version: 9.15.1

Great app, more balanced since adding 360I’ve had this app for years, along with CNN and Fox. I like getting different viewpoints if news. My favorite thing, though, is the addition of the “360” reports. They present an issue/situation, and show multiple viewpoints. More of a one stop shop for my news!.Version: 9.17.1

MissyGrannyI Love Yahoo! I especially luv that you keep me up to date on all the latest Science news. In as much as I am a gluten for all types. I went to college to study Forensic Science but was bitten by the Sociology bug. Soci allow me to combine many favorite disciplines including Data Management, which I had work history in. Thanks Yahoo! For keeping me in the loop morning to night old friends..Version: 9.1.2

Very goodTo have the news updates is priceless, and just what you need. Facts, checked by independent standards of journalism and why we have a first amendment. For those who can’t handle the sh#¥show in their news every day about dumpsterfire, they knew what they wanted when they signed up for this administration..Version: 9.17.0

Up to the minute news.It's ok. Does keep you informed on the top news stories. I'm not crazy about the layout. I really liked the other yahoo news format better. Wish they'd give you a choice. Changing things does not always mean change for the better..Version: 9.1.2

Great InformationThis is great, I am able to get up to date news on what is going on. I do appreciate that the articles are consistent and I don’t have to keep pressing an arrow to continue on with the story. This opens quickly, the format is easy to read and select what may interest me for reading or viewing next..Version: 9.1.2

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