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Today was perfectAfter dreadful sound and visual performance for the last 2 or 3 years, I had moved to a different platform. That was rubbish too. Today I went back to Skype and it was all it should have been! Let’s hope that this is not just due to light traffic during the holiday period..Version: 8.35

Keep the Skype TraditionI did not wish to criticize what was the very first ever communication system that I discovered saved me loads of money and had a voice quality better than my fixed line calls. It was also very simple to use. You open the app you click on contacts you click on the name of the person you want to call, video or not, and you hear that most unique calling sound and the contact answers and you do your thing. That’s how simple it was and it became a system to shout about. Somebody tried to fix perfection and now it has so many fixes that it has become imperfect. A step downwards. Now I am one million present sure that it is not the intention of the programmers or any Skype staff or member to see this downward motion in the eyes of so many of its faith clients. So my long time friends at Skype do some more listening to the many reviews that so many people already took much of their time and energy to write. Keep it simple, easy to use by the nerds and my grandparents..Version: 8.33

SlowI use Skype because most of my professional contacts do. The overall experience is okay but they don’t stand out from other messaging apps. If you appear to be outside and on a medium to low connection speed, then the interface and all the little elements take much longer to load up, sometimes you can’t even download medias, it will just show a never ending loading animation. I haven’t had that problem with other messaging apps. Also, if you download a media, delete it, then try to download it again, the download status will just freeze. I’ve had this problem multiple times with my clients. These might be details but they are important to the overall experience. You guys might want to look into it!.Version: 8.82

Disappearing pictures from the galleryI’ve been using Skype every day for the last year with no major issues. However couple of days ago from my gallery most of the pics which were there previously disappeared and now there is only 19 pics in the gallery :( if the new picture is sent, the oldest one disappears keeping 19 pics there. Previously the gallery stored dozens pictures! I can access them from the chat, however need to scroll back to get to the picture I want to see. That’s very disappointing..Version: 8.48

Skype fraudThey cheated me by deducting money two times from my account for Skype credit. I mostly call Indian numbers through Skype. They didn’t returned my money and when I disputed it and got it back through my bank they black listed my card from App Store by sending them request. Now apple team is not lifting their bann from the card and payment method that I used for making those two payments. I am suffering coz of Skype team and they didn’t even bothered to help me in this matter. They are cheaters and fraud, be careful after getting Skype credit and always check your account if there’s extra money deducted from your account on top of for what you guys paying for..Version: 8.56

Need to be able to add and edit a contacts phone numbers easilyYou cannot easily add and edit multiple phone numbers for a Skype contact in this app. That is a critical feature that is needed urgently. You can already in Skype for Windows 10, and in Skype for Windows classic, add 4 phone numbers for a Skype contact. You cannot do that with this app, nor with Skype for Windows. This is an urgent requirement as I often have 4 numbers for a Skype contact, in many countries in the world, so I need this functionality urgently in all the versions of Skype I use. I have the premium service and yet when I click HELP there is no way I can easily get at least text based interactive immediate support. There should be, at least for those paying to use some of the premium features..Version: 8.35

Skype time limit issue to open appHi , I have international calling subscription which has full minutes. Still since last one month, after just one minute call, the app goes on error “you’ve reached your time limit on skype.” And the skype icon grayed outs and doesnt open it all. Even though i have subscription. Please fix this asap as i pay monthly for minutes and can’t even use it..Version: 8.65

Awful. Microsoft did you even try?The service of Skype is great, however the iPhone app is awful. It’s as if Microsoft didn’t even try. A first time developer could make a better app, there is no excuse for this from a billion dollar company. Everything, and I mean everything, is slow. Trying to search contacts or the call history is slower than the first PC. It’s actually faster to go to my iPhone contacts copy a phone number and then paste it in Skype instead of searching for a contact. Even finding someone in your recent call history takes forever. The app is also extremely buggy. Sometimes it shows the call connected, but either person can hear anything. Try using Bluetooth earphones/mic and the problem happens regularly. Also, navigating this app is horrible. Did anyone at Microsoft think this through at all? The nightmare which is “chats” needs to go. Microsoft for such a great service (Skype) you somehow managed to find a way to ruin it with this app, especially on the iPhone. With WhatsApp and FaceTime being so easy to use, why would you release such garbage? Please start over, and create an app that actually functions properly, with normal speed, and a simple interface. Long time Microsoft fan here doing a major face smack and head shake because of this app. Come on, get it together already..Version: 8.22

Very cumbersome accessing contactsI don’t know what Microsoft is thinking but the current Skype app on iOS is the most useless one ever. It is an extremely difficult task finding a number on your contact list and using Skype to call that number. First, no matter how hard you try, your iPhone contacts simply don’t show on Skype, giving Skype access to your contacts doesn’t change this. If this is a phone calling app amongst other things, shouldn’t this be a basic feature? Secondly, even if you copy a number and paste in the dial pad, it automatically deletes the “+” sign (if you have saved contacts in international format). There is no way to edit the pasted number from dial pad to add the plus sign back so you always have to manually write down a number to call it using Skype!!! Please Microsoft, test your own products for ease of use. This is the most annoying Skype app ever. If people are buying Skype credit, is because they want to use the phone features; make it usable. PLEASE!.Version: 8.18.1

2019 not 1919I have had a phone Skype account for as long as I can remember. Now, needing to make and broadcast calls from my laptop, I tried to log in to my account. To my surprise and distress, I actually set up a new account with a ridiculous Skype name: live:...._7..1 which is now linked to my laptop and stops me accessing my actual account. You couldn’t make it up. It seems deleting an account is not possible!or is, but takes 60 days! Adding to my distress, having changed the email linked to my actual account I’m unable to log in on any device other than mobile app. In trying to change this, Microsoft insist I receive security codes to an email I deleted a year ago and can no longer access. In trying to fix this I’ve been redirected to a recover your account page and yes, have failed to confirm I am me more than 20 times. Today I surpassed the amount of times allowed for trying. A 90 minute interaction with support ended with the instruction to try again but to be careful to use the right answers. You’d think a company with revenue of 110 billion dollars in 2019 could do very much better. Now I’m looking at other service suppliers while my Skype accounts sit unused..Version: 8.46

From Beautiful to Awful thanks to MicrosoftSkype used to be beautiful. Then Microsoft bought it. Now it’s awful. They say they’ve been “listening to our feedback” for over a year now, and it’s still awful. Microsoft must have an awful team of programmers..Version: 8.41

ProblemI’ve downloaded Skype for my iPhone but doesn’t let me log in. Whenever I click on sign in. It stops it and shows me on the top of the screen in red, “unable to sign in please check your internet connection and try again... it makes no sense at all”. I’ve also tried to clicking on the “need help” but that doesn’t help ither. It shows search Skype support with options. If I click on any of them it takes me to a link where it will say “download skype for iPhone” I’ve tried that too but still doesn’t do anything. Please fix this problem.Version: 8.62

Admit your mistakesMid 2017 I was forced into an update that changed the face of Skype. Since then, they claim to be listening but nothing changes, except my log in frequency. Logged in today just to see what was happening, after a good 2 months or so. I have been using ‘Wire’ for a good 6 months now. Skype used to be a saviour to anyone like me that travels a lot. Keeping in touch was easy for me to talk to my parents or grandkids alike, the interface was clean, simple and reliable. All of that is gone now. I would rate as a zero if it were an option and am very curious about any 5 star ratings especially after last years big update saw the average rating drop to 1 star. There is an underlying trend in the ratings to switch back to V7 - but they won’t. I would love to see how their user rating figures have reacted to V8, I suspect they are at rock bottom now. As a user of Skype for 13 years or more, I am gobsmacked to see how badly the program has been changed. Skype days are sadly numbered..Version: 8.18.1

Lose a bunch of text too oftenIve been using skype for years to communicate with family overseas. It's ALWAYS had bugs no matter how many updates they do and they are all so frustrating that it could literally cause heart attack from the stress of it! One of the worst bugs is losing an hour's worth of text just simply from looking up an emoji. I mean you should be able to look for an emoji in Skype without losing all of the text you sat typing for an hour. VERY FRUSTRATING!.Version: 8.59

Hate app and impossible to cancelHorrible and impossible to cancel.Version: 8.69

Skype: No Longer True to the Original Purpose.I have been involved in a long-distance relationship for nearly two years now, and in the beginning Skype was a saving grace. However, throughout my relationship, Skype has become more and more of a nuisance with their new features and how they push them. I wish they would stop trying to be Snapchat with their new “Highlights” feature. If I wanted to use Snapchat or Instagram like features- I would use Snapchat or Instagram. My partner and I have recently switched to Discord. Not only can we text, voice call, and video call; but we have organized our own server with different channels to discuss/post our schedules and videos/photos of vacations we have taken together. Due to the level of organization we can achieve with Discord, we will possibly never switch back to Skype..Version: 8.25

Not what it used to beYou've lost a paid user. So disappointed in Skype both phone and desktop versions of the past year, after more than 10 years of use. Where do I start... Call quality has dropped. Continued video/camera instability. High battery power usage. Slow login wait times when using original skype credentials. In the new Phone app UI it is very hard to distinguish between a contact's multiple phone numbers or skype credentials which one you are calling. Having to upload / share your entire address book to Skype/Microsoft servers I also have concerns with..Version: 8.25

RefundI am using skype for many years And recently skype creating me when I don't have any subscription or neither I have purchased. This is highly disappointing and I want solution immideately also I want my money back . Please contact me..Version: 8.69

I would give more stars but...As said in the title I would give more stars but I won’t unless certain suggestions get addressed: 1) When I remove/delete a contact on Skype, they shouldn’t be able to contact me or send a message until I accept their request once more (like you do initially and when you invite/send/receive request). I have to block the person, even after I remove them from my contact list. I don’t want to have to block. It’s ridiculous. 2) I want to able to delete a sent or received message, just like when using an SMS or other messaging apps. I don’t see why that function isn’t implemented on Skype. Its so basic. Each update I hope it this gets added but never does. Please take these issues seriously and hopefully these issues can be addressed in a future update as I am on the verge on uninstalling skype for the reasons above..Version: 8.52

Rubbish updated versionSkype was the best before Microsoft got it! There are so many problems now... 1). When I call someone while using mobile data, other person cannot hear me, but I can hear him. 2). User interface is just extra hassle, it’s very distracting. 3). Slow slow & slow 4). Sometimes after call established, still can hear Skype ringing. 5). I just canceled the yearly subscription because of those problems! 6). Now I’m looking for alternatives! ————— Solutions: 1. Please allow users to use the version they like. Let them go up or down! 2. Allow users to chose new features, if they want to. Never apply new features automatically. 3. Keep in mind, many users use Skype for their professional needs, so keep light & simple design for them. Busy users has no time to play with extra features! 4. Let users remove or add features whenever they like. 5. Be & remain the Skype, never try to be like Facebook or WhatsApp. 6. Be unique with your services! Finally, waiting for response by actions... Thank you all..Version: 8.17

I wish I didn’t have to use itThis is probably the only social app that actually ruins relationships instead of bringing people closer like it was originally designed to. Why is there no way to turn off showing my status and when I am online? All other apps got away with that by now. Choosing to stay ‘invisible’ just doesn’t work and the app automatically shows me online at random times, like when it’s 4am in the morning for me and I am sleeping! And my contacts from other parts of the world think I am online and start calling me and then it looks like I am ignoring their calls. And when I am on a call, it also shows me as online and other people start calling and then think I am just ignoring them. I am tired of apologizing for nothing. The only solution I found is to sign out all the time but then I miss the messages I get. It just doesn’t have to be this complicated. I really wish I didn’t have to use it but some of my older contacts still use it so I’ll wait it out..Version: 8.52

Get rid of integrated calling!I’ve been using this app for years and despite numerous issues with this app, the new and current frustration that’s so irritating I must leave a review about it is the forced integrated calling. I do not want skype calls in my iphone 7’s phone log. I am beyond angered that if I so much as shut my screen off, the call hangs up because it’s functioning like a phone call rather than a skype call. I hate that it makes two apps open: the skype app and the phone app. Both are simultaneously running because of the integrated calling. And both act as separate apps! I can mute a call on the skype app, yet it’s unmuted on the phone app. I can take a call off speaker in one app, but it’s on speaker in the other??? PLEASE get rid of the forced integrated calling. Please do not force it onto your users. Leave it as an option as it used to be. I’m looking at other options than Skype since it’s rendering useless to me if the calls are integrated with my regular phone calls and are constantly getting hung up because of function mix ups. Fix this..Version: 8.25

Riddled with bugsPros: The call quality is generally quite good The emoticons are still the best around The layout is simple and easy on the eye Cons: Status (online, away, etc) is never correct, people can be chatting with you and it still says “last seen 3 hours ago” It has a tendency not to update chats and give you chat updates unless you physically go into the app itself Randomly seems to answer a video call with or without your video and then even when you physically turn your video on, it still doesn’t work Cuts short gifs you add to chats so they don’t display in full, completely voiding the whole point of the gif Decides when it’s going to work or not. Often times end up using WhatsApp to chat to the same contact to test if it’s the WiFi or data, and it turns out it’s just Skype being awkward Controls are just unresponsive at times, the interface LOOKS good, but it doesn’t behave well (and no, it’s not my devices, I’ve used Skype on the latest iPhone, iPad, and iMac, and it does the same things on every device Too many more to mention. It’s just not good..Version: 8.62.1

A clunky, overly complicated, confused experienceI wish I could stop using this convoluted app. The sign in experience is consistently frustrating where I regularly get caught going for rabbit holes. Every redesign sees new features that I don’t want. I wish it could streamline its experience and make video calling simple and remove all these unnecessary features that get added (like snap shot etc). Google DUO is far superior and once it releases an iPad version, I am looking forward to deleting my skype account. There is some serious gaps in the authentification process that need to be addressed. If you did some experience testing, these problem areas would easily be uncovered. Please concentrate on simplifying your UI and your IA as it’s over complicated and cumbersome..Version: 8.35

Used to be good but...I’ve used skype on and off for a few years. i think of skype as “that video call app” because originally it was just to call people as either a video call, audio call, and “chat”(because nobody really uses it) app. i feel like with all these new updates skype is using up valuable space both on said persons phone which instead they could be using on improving the quality of the apps features. not making new features and icons and lists and tips that nobody is going to use. second, regarding (video)calls, whenever i call someone skype has a tendency to randomly turn off and the screen goes completely black. this only happens when i use skype. i would like this to be fixed because it’s really bothersome and pisses me off all the time. on that note whenever i (video)call someone i always(and i mean ALWAYS)have to turn on the video or sometimes both the video and speaker even though it’s a video call and should automatically do that because it’s a video call. anyways i think originally this was a great app because it was so simple and easy to use, but now there is so much going on the real point isn’t there anymore and is constantly being altered. please fix the glitches i addresses in this and thanks..Version: 8.18.1

Please fix this annoying bug!The app works fine but for a very long time now there’s been a bug where every time you sign into Skype the app loads up like it’s the first time you’ve ever used it, it will ask you to choose your theme and find contacts easily, skip or continue, it does this every single time I log in!? It should only do this once if you’ve updated the app and logged in for the first time. It’s been doing this for 6 months or more now, each update I’m hoping it’s fixed but never is, even on the latest update I had today (16th August). Hope it can be rectified. Thank you.Version: 8.51

Unhappy customerI’ve been using Skype for 10 years and have been happy until the latest changes. I used to just log into Skype and I could access my credit but these days you just keep on making it more complicated! At first it was just that i had to have i Microsoft Account - BTW, I don’t use Microsoft, but I set it up. However since the last few updates, I had a lot of trouble to get onto Skype on my iPhone and when I finally did, all my contacts have disappeared as well as my Skype credit! BUT when I go onto Skype on my iPad, it is all in order. VERY UNHAPPY !!!! It’s no wonder that I am tending to us Messenger Video, FaceTime or WhatsApp!!.Version: 8.30.1

Prone to crashing when sending photosProne to crashing when sending photos.Version: 8.68

I have credit but I cannot make call anymore to mobile phone and landline numberSkype worked great up to now, April 2019. I have £5 worth of credit and cannot call anymore landline or mobile phone with my credit. If you try to get help you end up with a robot and no solution to your problem. I have only lost £5 so I am ok to leave it there but I will not give another £1 to skype until this issue is fixed. Please use Skype but don’t put much money on it as you might lose the ability to use your credit. It seems impossible to talk to a real person when in troubles so don’t waste too much time trying. Good luck and I hope you didn’t lose too much money when you used Skype..Version: 8.42

Hard to keep invisibleA bit annoyed every time I set up myself invisible, next time I use Skype it becomes active again. Apart from that it’s alright.Version: 8.33

Can’t stop it ringingHave turned off all notifications for Skype, but it still rings on phone when I’m wanting to answer call on desktop. Prob also sitting in background sucking up battery too. Wanted app on phone as occasional backup for messaging… time to uninstall..Version: 8.33

What have you done to Skype?I have been using Skype for years now and always liked the service. In the world of WhatsApp, FaceTime, Viber, etc. I kept my Skype app on the phone and the software on my PC. However, the ‘updated’(!) interface made it so complicated to use Skype, particularly to between Skype call and paid for call out, from finding a contact to call, chat or text to a contact that now a days after every use, I’m tempted to delete Skype! I’m not saying the old interface was so good that I don’t want to switch to a new layout. The problem is the new layout is not intuitive and it doesn’t help general user experience. I genuinely hope Microsoft will test a new update with both regular and beginner level user and listen to their feedback..Version: 8.42

Skype has gotten worseMy boyfriend and I are long distance and for over a year now we have used Skype to call every day. Skype used to be perfect and we had no issues in call. Sometimes there would be quality drops in the video but that was just due to internet connection. We could also hear the background noise and it was very loud and amplified it was hard to call with that. Now when we call for the past 3 months or so after a major update skype has never worked. This app has become so horrible for us. One of our ends will go mute and the audio won’t work during some calls and I can’t even switch my camera anymore or go out of the app because my side of the video will go black. He can still see me but I can’t see myself and other times his video will go off if I go into our chats and come back. Background noise is still a huge issue and is just as bad as it was a year ago. I have become so frustrated with this app due to its recent behavior and I’ve tried to put up with it but it bothers me so much. It has made our calls so unpleasant and I am highly dissatisfied and we will both be moving to discord to call from now on..Version: 8.25

Download issueSkype keeps taking me to the apple pay page. There’s no information whether there will be charges or not and if any then how much. I can’t give access to my account without this information.Version: 8.52

Poor connection and worse customer serviceSkype, I’ve been using you for years and years and since Microsoft bought? Revamp? I don’t know what the hell happened, but ever since then I cannot call on data on the app. It ‘rings’ once and then goes silent. The other person can hear me but I can’t hear anything. And it charges me for the call. And this has been happening for months now which has become absolutely infuriating. I’ve messaged you through the app several times to no reply. Left countless bad feedback when it asks how my call is. And messaged you on Facebook to try and get a reply. NOTHING. Seriously?! You’re rapidly becoming my least favourite thing in the entire world and you’re going to very reluctantly lose my custom. For the love of god, just fix the app already!!.Version: 8.20

CMPThe first review I ever wrote was on Skype and would have scored it -0 if the option had been available. Since then, I have barely touched Skype having switched to WhatsApp like so many other ex-Skype users. I started using Skype when it first came out on 2002(?) and it was the best VOIP system around by far and the easiest to use. Since the current crop of developers got to work they have turned a much loved and much used tool into an unmitigated disaster that barely functions and is nightmare to use. The developers won’t listen as is evidenced by all the negative comments the new Skype is getting and won’t make any effort to either rollback the awful upgrades or return to the original Skype’s simplicity or functionality. Which is what the vast majority of (ex) users appear to want. As a consequence Skype will continue to haemorrhage users, will fail to attract sufficient new users and will eventually be consigned to the scrap heap. Such a shame which could be avoided if the egos involved in Skype’s development left well alone and listened to those who have most used the program in the past..Version: 8.32

App is poor and doesn’t think how people use it- for some reason some of the numbers in my contacts do not appear including g the Home my father lives in. I need to find history or enter it in every time - cannot copy and paste a number and then edit it with the correct country number. Need to do this in notes first - I sometimes call different numbers in different countries. When copying a number including the country number, the current country number is added to the front. When pasting a number with country number it disappears and re comes back after the paste so you never know why the final result is - cannot place the cursor inside a number and correct a number in the middle. Have to use notes to edit it. Sometimes I call different extensions in the same company - when the call is being placed and my Bluetooth headphones are selected, I cannot set it to the phone speak which is required if the headphones are not nearby. The button is not responsive. I have to get headphones and turn them off - finding the keypad is a 3 click process that I have to remember every time. Guys it’s money. Make this easy to find. There are other things but I find the new look and feel really hard to understand and easy to use quickly..Version: 8.44

Poor FunctionalitySomebody needs to put this App out of its misery. Honestly, the flaws in this software are so numerous, it's hard to know where to start. Here's a small taste: - Changing numbers in your address book? Good luck figuring out how to do that. - Start a call, press the "loudspeaker" button so you can use it hands free. It rings for a second then the loudspeaker goes off, so you press it again, once again, all by itself it takes itself off loudspeaker. You will do this at least 3 or 4 times before your call connects. The new interface has not fixed this problem. - Calling somebody and don't hear the phone ringing on their end? That's ok, because they have already picked up the phone, said "hello, hello" a few times, heard a dead line and hung up. It usually takes me 4 calls like this before I get through to the person I am trying to reach. - Terrible, counter-intuitive user interface. Here's a simple example, how many times do you need to click to make a phone call? Seriously?!? The only thing Skype has going for it is ubiquity and cheap calling rates. Once others catch up on the calling rates, Skype will die. Thank goodness for FaceTime and Viber..Version: 8.20

Fix the app!Please for the love of god can you fix the issues!! have reinstalled the app and now I’m not getting any notifications that someone has messaged me even though I have all of the settings turned on. I can’t toggle the read receipt button where I could before. The worst bit is the invisibility... I go invisible but then it’ll automatically turn me back to visible when I reopen the app 🙄. I’m not talking sign out, it’s merely close the app, re open and I’m visible again. This never used to be the case. Change it so the invisibility stays on no matter if you close the app, log out, sign out etc etc!! Fix these issues and you’ll get 5 stars!! Pretty please fix it. So many issues 😩.Version: 8.50

AwfulBetween the app crashing randomly, it’s bloated garbage, this thing can’t even do something as basic as sending a photo..Version: 8.52

Contact & History etc listsI shouldn't have to keep contacts I don’t know on my list even with my news details. I have updated refreshed and still they appear. I can’t even remove any it only randomly lets me or not at all. I should have the right to remove these contacts completely forever without the need for blocking. Feeling at peace and requests I can accept if I know them vice versa. Why don’t you actually listen and has for deactivating account completely. I don’t want to add another email or mobile number. Why make it difficult for this spoils it for me. I don’t care if people I use to know have still got my old details I don’t want to be associated with them my account my rules besides some have new info so now I am getting odds appear in my personal space. So don’t want to click on anyone I don’t know or chat to by accident, such a breach of security like hellllloooo Skype?? Allow us some control at least please cos all this new fancy stuff is a tad confusing and misleading? Sorry but it’s the truth!! Not happy about this!!.Version: 8.46

No longer stays invisibleIf you go invisible and minimize the app, then go back to Skype a minute later? It shows you as online. Y'all ruined Skype. Deleting..Version: 8.64.1

Latest “update” is awfulSkype used to be the best way to contact long-distance family. However, since the latest version you now have to contact people via another means (phone/text/WhatsApp/email/Royal Mail) to find out if they’re online - to which they reply that they are, but that is not evident on skype as there is no longer a green dot to indicate such, and then when you try to make a call it hangs up and tells you they’re offline. The whole thing has become absurd and unusable. I really hope Skype sorts this out soon as it has become an invaluable means of keeping up relationships between children and grandparents. It would be a real shame to have to ditch the whole thing and fork out an unnecessary tonne of money upgrading our luddite parents to a Mac just so we can use FaceTime….Version: 8.30.1

Chat is glitchyI haven’t used it in awhile so didn’t know what to expect. I tried texting and the written msgs would float around the screen, super glitchy and laggy. After I closed it I double checked is there an update or something and there’s not, it’s up to date. Not the Skype I remember from couple years ago. Hopefully it’s gonna be fixed as I’ve made new contacts there and I would love to use the chat at one point..Version: 8.68

Needs fixingI use Skype everyday to text and call my boyfriend since we have a long distance relationship. During texting the keyboard sometimes goes over the message area and I can’t see what I’m texting. Sometimes the whole screen glitches and goes upside down. Messages don’t always send right away as well. Don’t always get notifications of new messages. Sometimes the whole screen goes black and closes out or stays black for a while. When we call the quality isn’t well, very block like. Loses signal a lot or randomly ends calls. Sometimes he doesn’t even get my calls. Freezes once in a while. If these things could be fixed that would be wonderful. Update: lately I’ve been getting NO notifications. All the switches for notifications are turned on in the app and in my notification settings.. it’s very irritating since I miss messages, constantly opening my phone to see a reply, and reply to them late..Version: 8.38

Not bad, but...Definitely an overall good calling app. I’ve used things like FaceTime and Snapchat to make video calls before, but they just don’t work as well. Skype usually seems to load no matter what, unless the connection is extremely poor which isn’t the fault of Skype. One of the main drawbacks is all the buttons littering the screen. Like many other reviewers have stated, things are a bit over crowded, especially for a phone app. My screen is small enough as it is and I want to see the person I’m talking to. That’s the point of the video call. My biggest gripe here is the poor internet connection notification box. Can we please move the poor internet connection notification box? It pops up right in the center of the screen! Thanks for telling me I have a poor connection, but I don’t understand why something can’t pop up in the corner. This notification blocks my whole entire screen so I can’t see who I’m talking to. This just makes me want to use an app that doesn’t tell me about the strength of my internet connection (because I don’t care about that information anyways). It would definitely be a five star app if these few problems could get addressed..Version: 8.30

TerribleI've been using Skype for years now. I have always used the Windows 10 App-version since it was released. It’s funny how Microsoft are only responding to the reviews that mention cancelling a paid subscription. I didn't have enough contact with my friends so I downloaded Skype for my phone. The app worked for the first week, but then an update came for both the Windows 10 and iOS versions. When I open the app on either OS, it tells me to login each time, which is fine, but when o have, it loads and I can't do anything. The list of contacts is there but when I click or tap, nothing happens. I don't know if this is because of a malformed advertisement or just a bug in the app itself. When I first install the app for my phone, it works fine, but if I close the app, it doesn't work when it refreshes itself. The Windows 10 App-version works but it leaves you waiting about 20-minutes before everything is ready and I can start talking each time you launch it. Please fix the iOS bug and try to make the Windows 10 version load properly..Version: 8.35

Focus on Call Quality PLEASEThis is why we use the app — to make video calls or phone calls to loved ones. Connections are inconsistent, depending upon where one or both parties are situated in their respective locations. With cellular coverage and WiFi (most times, combined) this shouldn’t even be an issue. There should never be dropped calls nor lagging connections. I don’t want to constantly scroll through screens; asking for money, taking 10 random pictures of the app screen nor use emoticons while I’m talking with my loved one. Please remove those options or at the very least, make it difficult/impossible to do so while simply talking to the other person. Not everyone wants to use video or speakerphone all the time; some of us prefer the old fashioned way of talking to someone on the phone. It’s inconvenient to have to stop mid-conversation all the time to see what my ear is up to, seeing what random page I’m scrolling through unintentionally. These are things we care about; connecting with those we love. Focus on those things; the quality of this particular aspect - the central aspect - of your service. Cool that other things are offered but please make those secondary things inactive while we’re on a call..Version: 8.40.1

Password issuesWhy on earth would you block me from using an old password for Skype?! I understand putting these parameters in for banking and or gov official accounts or ones that hold particularly private information. This is absurd and off-putting in a messaging service... seriously bizarre and annoying..Version: 8.55

Skype(Microsoft)I have used Skype for about 5 years. I call my friend in Austria. We used free Skype to Skype video calls every day. Then I stopped for about a year. When I tried to use it again it said I had to open a Microsoft account in order to now use Skype once I did I can no longer connect with my Austrian friend. She searched for my Skype name and says not found. The same when I search for hers. She still uses Skype every day but cannot find me anymore. I’ve tried reaching out to Microsoft but no matter what I do I can’t get any help to find out what the problem is. All I want is free Skype to Skype. I wanted to find out why I can’t change my Skype profile information and start over. It’s my only way to talk to my best friend. I know nothing about Microsoft but it shouldn’t be that difficult for someone there to help me find out why I cannot reconnect anymore. I’m so angry. Microsoft has ruined this app !!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 8.60

Useful, but not what it wasIt’s hard being on the product team of something like Skype. It was a much loved product that nailed its UX early on and developments since have gone sideways. Call quality seems to me more of an issue since Microsoft changed the network architecture a number of years ago. The features and preferences are less useful across both desktop and mobile versions. On the plus side, it’s not as bad as Skype for Business and it still makes international calls cost effective. Where you don’t have to connect to a PSTN there are now better, more secure ways to do video, voice and messaging..Version: 8.24

Typical MicrosoftCan’t even get it set up. Can’t get to see contacts. Jams up. Update! Finally with latest update as of yesterday (February 21) fixed problem. How well it works is t be seen. Will update with use..Version: 8.16

Get it sortedOk you need to get something sorted that annoying. I use Sky for Skype Out. I want to be able to go into my contacts and find someone in my address book with out having everyone one ever with a Skype account listed. You have “All” “Skype” and “Active Now”. How about phone contacts so I don’t have to waist time looking. Think of it this way the incentive is I make a Skype our call quicker and you make more money. Now it’s NOT intuitive to be able to do and half the time I give up and just use WhatsApp calling as it’s quicker. The issue is I list contacts not with names but the “Company” in my contacts and when searching they don’t come up in Skype. That should be easy to fix. Like I said get it sorted!!.Version: 8.24

Truly AwfulSo many people are saying the same thing why can’t the developers fix the basic problems quickly. I can only imagine the 5 star ratings are actually being posted by the developers themselves. Anyone who has used the pre “big update version” has to be totally annoyed with the the backward step or indeed the backward leap. Please please fix it. I rely on this app to stay in contact with friends and family whilst working abroad I even pay a monthly subscription. Literally nothing works. I have never worked out how to add favourites, the syncing with my contacts is a mess, the recent call list does not update, the Bluetooth connection to a headset NEVER works for incoming calls, most incoming calls “ring” twice and the call is cut. Someone at SKYPE is having a laugh at loyal users expense! Please fix it or simply go back to the previous version until you fix all the problems.... if I could give this app zero or negative stars I would....Version: 8.16

Surprised to see this in the suggestion.I assumed Skype to be dead in this era of WhatsApp and zoom..Version: 8.69

Calls disconnected 3 out of 4 callsIt has been a while since I last used Skype to make overseas call. Today, I just recharged US$6.99 and made call to overseas. All calls made were to landlines in Malaysia. First call was good and managed to settle what I intended to within 2 min. Second call was to a call centre of an airline. The second call was involuntarily being disconnected within 1 min. I redialled to make the third call, this time it was involuntarily disconnected at around after 2 min. I have no choice but to redial again and this time it was again involuntarily being disconnected around after 2 min. I understand that the call/min is C$0.031 information is shown on the screen just before dialling. The total duration for the four calls I have made was about the 10mins. However, my credit balance is now C$5.67. I have recharged US$6.99. That means, after conversion, my credit has been deducted for more than C$1.50 for the 10mins (about) of call duration. I want to find a link in the app to voice my frustration but I cannot find one. I would like to get a refund..Version: 8.68

It’s like you don’t want people to use the appThe app is so unintuitive now that it’s almost impossible to use. One example is the voicemail - why on earth does the hang up button disappear when voicemail starts??! Every time I leave a 3 second message because I can’t hang up! It’s like you’ve forgotten the function of the app. It’s a phone app! It shouldn’t be complicated to use! Don’t tell me to go to your website to make future app requests. This is your feedback. Use it! ...I just realised that Microsoft owns this now. That explains it I guess..Version: 8.18.1

Quality downward spiralWith every update the Skype app is getting less user friendly and less stable. It doesn’t help that microsoft is actively forcing the updates. After 10+ years of using it I am moving on to better alternatives..Version: 8.50

Performance/quality fluctuatesThe quality of the calls fluctuates. I don't know if this depends on time of the call due to traffic but it is really annoying. I understand of having slightly inferior quality on free services but when you pay for something, your expectations are high. I use a package for making phone calls and the sound sometimes is distorted or I don't hear anything or being heard, there is a sound in the background like a drill every now and then. This is unacceptable. Regarding the video calls, in most cases the video quality is awful regardless if both sides are next to the router and without anything else using the bandwidth. The sound is as I described earlier. Before Microsoft acquired Skype, I have the feeling it was a lot better..Version: 8.39

Good service, poor UXSkype works really well, but the app design isn’t intuitive. It takes several taps to dial a number, voicemails are well hidden and there’s a confusing array of lists. I would find it more usable if it were easier to navigate..Version: 8.30.1

Skype “Unlimited Worldwide mobiles and landline” is a scam!In iPhone app Skype “Unlimited Worldwide mobiles and landline” has no information about big limitations and exclusions of this plan, no link to more information about this plan. When you see the name you obviously think that it’s a good deal and when you click on the plan you right away invited to the purchase of this plan. But when you try you to use it you’ll find out that this particular phone line in this particular country is not covered by this plan. You contact Skype support to complain about this misinformation and they will tell you contact Apple because your transaction was through the iTunes account. Apple will send you back to developer to chase your refund. At the end, shame on you Microsoft for giving false information to the customers and putting them through all these trails to get the refund! Why can’t you be honest upfront about these subscriptions and tell customers that your “Unlimited Worldwide“ subscription is in fact is very limited and absolutely not worldwide?.Version: 8.53

"Notifications on"I turn on message notifications and i missed a tutoring lesson because i didn't get a mobile notification until a day after the message.Version: 8.68

UXOn the telecoms side this is the best app by far and works perfectly when you have purchased numbers and out going credit. I regularly call to countries successfully where PSTN or mobile connections are impossible. Fantastic. But why oh why is the UI and UX so awful. It is so unintuitive. I try to search address book and end up searching Skype directory. It’s never obvious as to which number linked to which name you are calling or end up trying to call an account rather than a number. I can never find my account details so go to my laptop instead. Pls start from scratch. This is largely a work app nowadays forget all the other nonsense..Version: 8.53

AnnoyingLong time user of Skype here. As stated already, the UI is horribly unintuitive and difficult to navigate. Nothing about it is organized properly. But aside from all of that, the one major feature that annoys the absolute hell out of me is the fact that the power button sometimes ends the call. I’m left unable to turn off my phone’s screen unless I wait for it to time out on it’s own. Even if I’m in a completely different app, it STILL causes Skype calls to end when I push the power button. It simply should not do this, I’m more than capable of choosing one of the more conventional methods of ending calls, such as the “end call” button on screen. The other thing is, it DOESN’T always do this. Sometimes it simply turns of my phone’s screen as it should. It makes no sense. This is very frustrating, please consider revising this..Version: 8.16

Awful update. Switch to something else!ETA: the response below is so atrociously tone-deaf that I'll repost this one star rating. The app is only barely better than after the big change, but there are lots of superior options. Don't give Microsoft any money for Skype. - Breaks connectivity with people with an older version. Good luck walking your elderly relatives through upgrading (you can't even do that via Skype!) and the awful new interface. If you have a balance on Skype for Skype out, turn off auto top ups and investigate other options for cheap international calling. If you do mainly Skype to Skype there are other cross platform options. Vote against this badly thought out update with your wallets and feet and reviews that warn others of the broken and removed features it brings. Fwiw, the only person left on Skype for me earns Microsoft zero revenue. Once that person is on FaceTime, this badly upgraded app will simply go into the trash for good. Compare with the ten or so pounds a months the previous version earned, times many other frustrated users, and hopefully the management who dreamed this change up will be at least professionally embarrassed..Version: 8.29

07/18 Update - continue to be disappointed06/17 Really disappointed to have lost a key function I used daily - the ability to send a 3 minute video message, hands free. I keep sending my location cos 'send' and the location button are so close together and I repeatedly end up in people's profiles instead of back on the main page cos the profile link and back button are so close together. I like the emoji response for each message...it makes group chats more interactive and I kind of like the colours and design though I was more than happy with the neat, tidier version before. If left on the screen, Skype is over-riding my auto-lock function and leaving my phone on, leading to miss-calls and messages, running down my battery life and removing the privacy/security autolock provides. The video message change is my biggest peeve about this update! 4th July 2018 I don’t know what’s happened this week, but I and numerous contacts are saying their messages are sending or notifications aren’t pinging. And still, when I record a voice message, my iPhone is not recognising that I’m using the app and shuts down the screen, unless I keep tapping it, deleting the message (it doesn’t do this on similar apps)..Version: 8.24

Unlimited mins to India.Hi, I am living in New Zealand past 10 years and my family is back in India I need an unlimited calling plan with a clear call connection. I believe Skype has an excellent calling connection but unfortunately, it doesn't have an unlimited option to India. Could you please update the unlimited calling option so that my family and myself can connect with Skype?.Version: 8.75

Disappointing - Removes your controlVery disjointed Skype. Why is it with push disabled, background app refresh disabled, heck even data disabled on cellular, I still receive notifications of new messages? Not only does this kill my battery, I run out of data! How can Apple allow such an app on their store?! It completely bypasses (or ignores) the owners settings for data use, backgrounds refresh and notifications! Disgusting!!! What else is this app doing which it shouldn't????.Version: 8.16

Skype - one of the forgotten ugly sisters in MS portfolioSkype UX has become a missed opportunity for Microsoft, eg. landing page goes to messages not calls, navigation could be improved and payment options should be unrestricted. Overall an anxiety inducing experience. I’ve been a Skype fan for decades because long distance call connection is quite reliable, and prepared to pay a reasonable amount for that instead of the popular free calling alternatives 👀 so 2 stars is all I can give for now. *Skype team*: if any of you read this, feel free to contact me. I work in Product, willing to give more detailed, structured and constructive feedback.Version: 8.75

Personal gripes with how it worksMy biggest complaint is that anyone in the chat can do whatever they want with it. One person can start a group, and another person can change the name, picture, group members, etc. Which means anyone who wants to be annoying can just remove people for “a joke” or whatever. Anyone can kick you from the call or the group, no matter who that person is, or whether they’re toxic or not. I tolerate them because they’re not all bad, but then they pull something where they try to remake the group, and remove anyone who disagrees. Only the one who made the group should be able to remove people from the call/group, and edit it in any way. I know that isn’t the app’s fault, it’s the person’s, and that the typical advice is “just don’t interact with that person” but in this situation that’s not possible. It’s a group where everyone is at. The entire “friend group”. While a new group can be made, there’s nothing stopping the same thing from happening again/continuously. Please add a function where only the group maker can screw with the settings, thank you..Version: 8.58

I hate it nowI used skype almost 13 years. Last couple of years it started to be very difficult to use. When you open a new account it wants your microsoft account if you don’t have a microsoft account you can not open an account. Also now Skype wants all of your phone contacts to sync with your skype account which is not necessary. I do not want all my contacts in my skype account anyways. It was really easy to use before but now it is not easy. When you want to close your account they are not closing it immediately!! I have to wait 60 days???!! Really?? For what reason?? Why!?? What happens to my contacts there in 60 days? I really am tired from the internet world long time ago because we have no privacy anymore but skype was the last thing that I trusted but not anymore. I am closing my account that I am using it for years like FaceBook. I am tired! I experienced lots of big businesses disappear in years. I think in the future the next will be skype... Sad very sad!!.Version: 8.24

Service declined trough the last 4 yearsSkype used to be my main service for overseas calls. However, the good service and user friendliness has literally disappeared. Now, I just use whatsapp 95% of the time. Sad... I don't understand how a successful and simple but effective solution like skype can be reduced to what it is today. It is clear that the Voice of Customer was not properly heard and managed. I hope that the old skype can be brought back to life like in the old times..Version: 8.17

App responsiveness broken and review process encourages only positive responsesEver since Microsoft (and it hurts to say it because I actually love Microsoft) took over Skype, its responsiveness has been in the tank. Changing between screens, hanging up a call, looking up a contact in recents, and doing lots of normal moving around the app often pushes for 5 or more seconds. When it first started happening a few years ago, I thought it was because I was on an iPhone 6s 256gb phone but it does the same on a 10s Max, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12. The app has become nearly unusable. After each call, the app asks for a 1-5 star rating but if you give less than 5, it asks why and gives a very short list of reasons that have nothing to do with the problem I have so to save time and release the screen, I have to say 5 (which feels completely wrong because I’m sure others are too inflating their rating). In short, it’s a hot mess. Use signal or others..Version: 8.68

Not intuitiveEverything is all over the place. To get to settings I had to by trail and error figure out that I had to go to chats (why chats I dont know ? but doesn’t appear anywhere else so I have to go back there to find it if I’m in another screen) then I had to click on my profile picture to find settings at the bottom of the page. Calls has the word calls in the middle at the top. Contacts has the word contacts at the top but chats has my profile icon at the top. Shouldn’t it make more sense to have it on all screens? 1 drop down or pop up menu available from every page is infinitely more logical and the standard on almost every app and website Why is calls and contacts 2 seperate pages duplicated as they essentially do the same thing. With only a few tweaks you could simplify the app to 2 pages - chats, and calls/contacts with a drop down menu of all options available on both pages. There is probably a reason why I’ve not used Skype in a decade. But then again I’ve never understood Microsoft products. 20 steps when 1 will do seems to be their motto Take a look at Line app. The menu at the bottom is consistent across all pages so I can easily jump to where I want Also I can’t find easily any way to check what a call will look like before I make it. Would be good if there was a simple 1 touch preview button to make sure the image is acceptable before I place a call.Version: 8.51

IPhone app keeps flickeringI use Skype for work and to keep up to date with my team. I recently have been experiencing flickering when I open a message up on my iPhone. I have tried to uninstall and install and the same issues occur. What could possibly be causing this? Really love the app though need help with the flickering and screen moving everytime I click onto a group chat or a message.Version: 8.68

Good but not reliableBeen a good choice for the many years I’ve used Skype to talk with friends and for business call. Clear connection sound, versatile chat, group calls, group chats, etc. do recommend for people needing any type of free voice app or for group calls. But I’m always having problems with Skype. Everytime I update it, it creates a new problem that disables it from being reliable. Maybe it gets fixed or not but seems best for me to never update it. I once waited for maybe 10 updates or so and never had any problems. Then finally updated it because I got a new phone. Ever since updating has only caused me more problems. Maybe not the case for everyone but I wish I never updated from the obviously stable version I had. Faced with connection issues, failed calls, dropped calls, no ringer when called, screen overlay not disabling, multiple call glitches where I’ll be in a call and it will pop up asking me to hang up and accept the same call I’m already in. Many problems but over all a good app that I would recommend..Version: 8.51

Interface needs some loveJust to be clear, Skype is amazing, but the user interface of this app is confusing. I use it weekly and still have random results when trying to dial a number in my phone book. I get there in the end and the quality is great, but the App itself needs some love. I hope that’s helpful, such a great service..Version: 8.30

Skype is for calls, not another social network!I have been using Skype for years previously, for calling friends and family abroad. After recent updates I can see a lot of people are hating the changes. For me I’m VERY disappointed that my Invisible status keeps turning off to Online (before it used to always stay Invisible unless I switch it) and that now I see stupid Highlights notifications and proposals to follow people! I’m not interested in following ANYONE on Skype, it’s for calls, not another “social” app. I’m not interested in your highlights either. And if the ability to be Invisible at will unless I change it wouldn’t be reinstated, I will deinstall the app and never pay for the calls there again. I’ve already had to use Viber once for abroad calls when Skype didn’t work at all with updates at some point, and I will just delete the whole thing if it doesn’t work itself out..Version: 8.21

Now I know why ppl are going to other resourcesSo I find out that my Skype account version has been retired, ok so I updated to a different version. Only to find out that on apple devices doesn’t work to well on them so basically I have to resign a whole new account, and all my older contacts and previous convo’s are gone?!? That’s a disappointment..Version: 8.41

Terrible serviceI have attempted to “report a problem” but even that link isn’t functional. Paying heaps to call a landline via Skype, I have been completely unable to hear the person on the other end for 4 calls in a row now. The ridiculously loud and super annoying Skype noise keeps going for approximately 4 mins once the person on the other end already answered. Seriously, paying lots and lots of dollars for a call where i can’t hear the other person speaking, is becoming really old really quickly. Please sort this bug out asap or give me my money back..Version: 8.79.1

Could be awesomeI used to use Skype so much. The call quality has improved so much but the new interface just couldn’t be made worse if Microsoft had tried. Why did you do it? Just to put your mark on it? I’d call from my PC every day too if you didn’t force me to merge my Skype ID to my Microsoft account. So you effectively blocked me from spending money with you every day. I use Skype now only when I have no other option until my credit is used up..Version: 8.54

Reliable calling, non-intuitive interfaceI’ve used Skype for years, and have almost always been pleased with the quality of the voice calling. It often works where other calling/video apps don’t as well. My *big* complaint about Skype is the ancient, non-intuitive interface. Things you’d expect like touching a name and having it ask you if you want to call them (voice or video), using your contacts list (vs everybody in the world on Skype), adding a name & number to contacts, and much more is too often a process of thrashing around to try to figure out how Skype wants you to work. The interface needs a dramatic overhaul — and rigorous UI testing! — so that it’s easier to use, offers more than one path to the desired outcome, and it works *intuitively* like other best-practice current interface designs..Version: 8.63

Keep updating on the same version that installedCan’t believe a product from the giant cannot handle a small app with a bug that keep prompting for an update even though the app been updated. I tried removing the app and reinstalled, the same!.Version: 8.38

LoginI’ve had a subscription for years and now I can only login with my phone, iPad and Mac won’t log in. I’ve tried everything still not working..Version: 8.69

Full of bugsIconic app, million people cant say no to it. But why everything that Microsoft touches becomes buggy and impossible to use? It was never ideal and perfect, but it WORKED. Now, you cannot rely on it. Feature that i use a lot is calling city numbers through skype. Adding credits since microsoft bought the app is a nightmare. The purchase goes through but credit might not show up forever. Trying to make a call, singing out and in , all the things that google suggest - nothing works. It used to be instant. Quality of calls and skyoe video chats went down as well. UX is so bad that it feels that the designers were pursuing the goal to irritate you . The ux used to be much better. Please hire young people for the next update, it feels like 50+ y.old had a final saying on how things should be . Stop that, you running the app into the ground ..Version: 8.44

WorstThe upgrade is the worst I have seen. I want to give-100 star if possible especially for phone calling. Lost the option to pick the number from contacts. The worst thing ever is that you can’t paste a phone number into Skype dial pad which takes us to the ice age thousands of years ago. I am hating Skype each time I open it..Version: 8.16

Skype is....Skype was pretty good before they had all of these updates. If you have a tech guy who knows how to fix bugs and the problems I shouldn’t have to write a nasty review about this problem. Sometimes I can’t see on the video call the other people when I try to call them or when someone calls me I can’t come back to see them. It’s only the picture and a color for the background. This shouldn’t have happen when Skype tries to update their app every 2 to 4 weeks to monthly. This is should be fixed in the first time when people complain about it. Today I had a call and the app was bad. I couldn’t see the video call. It was the picture and a color background. Also I couldn’t see the video when the other person answered the call. Fix the bugs and problem. Skype was good until the updates and bugs. I can’t make a copy a link and paste my link on Skype message because the screen would turn into a color background. Why do you guys do updates when you have failed since the last one.Version: 8.35

Worst UI update in App historyNever seen an App interface so unintuitive and convoluted. They say in the design world to never let a committee get involved in the design process. Looks like that happened with the UI design of Skype. For all the millenial grabbing social media type features added it looks like Microsoft forgot about the basic principals of useability. My first impression was that Microsoft was trying to kill Skype by making it so difficult to use. That impression has not changed. Microsoft even make it difficult to make In-App purchases. OMG! Only one feature keeps me signed up, having my own localised phone number, but its so difficult to understand the Interface I don’t even know whats going on most of the time. Searching desperately for a replacement App. Serious App contenders should seize the moment! It’s now August 2018 and after a few more updates this App UI just gets worse! I don’t see how they could possibly create a UI so bad accidentally. The only conclusion I can come to is that Microsoft does not want people to use this app any more. If I wasn’t tied to a local number with Skype I’d cancel and delete it without a second thought..Version: 8.28

Slow, slow and slow. Did I mention that it’s slow?The Skype servers seem to update very slowly but it didn’t impact me AS much before. But recently this problem caused my relationship with someone I dear so, so much to break. All because this misunderstanding that can never be forgiven, which could have been avoided if Skype could keep up. I have Skype on my phone, iPad and laptop; all in which didn’t receive the notification until much later. I wonder how many other important messages you’ve kept from me?.Version: 8.34

Disappointed ! Can’t callCan’t call and from 4 days sending massages to management no reply, 3 payment out of my account, very very disappointed !.Version: 8.68

So closeUnless someone refuses to use, or doesn’t have, Skype then this is basically my sole app for calling anyone. I really do want to like this app more, but for mobile there is, at least in my case, one MAJOR drawback. The notifications are broken. It’s not that they never work (because then it would likely be a case of them simply being off). For other apps with messaging typically each new message prompts a notification, but with Skype it seems I only get one notification for the first message and then no new notifications from that person until I check the messages. Also, there have been many instances where I get a banner notification but no red icon on the app. So for example if the message came while I was sleeping but gets pushed down by a host of other notifications, when I open my phone and just look for the red icons I don’t see one for Skype and assume I received no messages there. Thus Skype only becomes useful for calling. I hope this can be improved..Version: 8.35

Why can’t they simplify thisWhen I go into Skype I know who I want to contact or I know the number I need to dial so why do they make it so longwinded to get the contact or dial the number and make the call. Dial pad link should be on all pages preferably when I open Skype I’d like to see a dial pad link and a contact link immediately on the opening screen after all I’m going to be wanting one of those, that’s what I am opening the app for And Stop asking us to rate the calls. It’s quicker to just give it a five star rating. Less than that and you start getting all the old excuses which are really saying it’s not Skypes fault anyway and you just have to waste more time.Version: 8.22

Won’t connectI’m trying to use this app but it won’t connect. It just keeps saying it is connecting but never gets there. All my other apps are working fine on both mobile data and wifi so its not my network coverage thats the problem. The current version of this app is so slow it couldn’t even load the feedback and faq pages hence why I am writing my review in here ... please fix this problem, I like the idea of skype that when I’m travelling I can phone my parents landline but this app is currently not usable 🤨😔.Version: 8.30.1

Horrible interfaceI used to use Skype for over 10 years , now I can't even use it. The interface is so bad. This is why other communication apps will get more users now. I paid for a subscription and if I can find a better alternative I will. Update... I received a reply by the developer and they say they are working hard. A large corporation with teams of developers and interface designers miss the simple point - the icon for the app is the only thing that resembles “Skype” the interface is completely different which is ok if you market a “Skype for teens” as a separate app to compete with WhatsApp. But the majority of Skype long term users just know the old interface. Skype used to have so much going for it, but the new Skype is doing great to kill the brand..Version: 8.30.1

Can’t even get calls to come throughI’ve purchased a Skype account 3 times with no success. I try to contact someone follow all the prompts and get no response and no help absolutely fed up with Skype no customer service and no phone contact. I’d like to rate zero but I can’t even do that 🤨.Version: 8.75

FacturationFacturation en trop pour des achats non faits et aucun moyen d’entrer en contact avec le support.Version: 8.70

When It works its greatWhen skype actually works and I can connect with someone it works pretty good... ive noticed many glitches within the app like sending out notifications occasionally and suddenly ending the call before I could even connect with whom I want to talk to..Version: 8.70

It’s pretty good but..It’s a pretty good app, but lately the screen sharing button says it’s connected but on the other persons phone it just shows a gray screen. Not what I want to show them with that feature..Version: 8.70

Please bring back key functionalityEvery description of Skype update these days stars with words “We are listening to your feedback...”. Dear Team, please don’t just listen, but hear! 1. Please bring back Away status. It was a very helpful feature for years until it was removed in Skype 8. It helps understand if the person is simply not in front of the computer and may still answer messages/calls or if they are logged off completely. Away status still works on Skype 7, so clearly, that functionality is there, just not implemented in version 8 for whatever reason. 2. Please return an ability to disable CallKit. I don’t want to receive my Skype calls into my Phone app. It was removed in version 8.26 without any warning or reason. Why? 3. As Skype 7 is still officially supported, please fix the fact, that messages sent between Skype 7 and 8 clients appear out of order in the chat history. There are dozens of people on Skype forums, asking for the same. If Skype is being re-written and it takes time to re-implement all the features of version 7, that’s fine, the users can wait. But can we in that case at least have a roadmap of what is planned to be brought back and what has been canned, please? I hope this was constructive and that you are actually listening..Version: 8.30

#ihateskypeSo.... I am writing this review because I can’t support this app anymore. I got 8 devices in my house and I still can’t do what I want in this app. I call my grandma every day on my phone (iPhone XS) or my laptop (MacBook Air 2020). I have a sister and we want to be in the same call with our grandma, but we can’t. And listen... I don’t really care about what tablet my grandma has. I know it’s an Alexa but it’s still a tablet of high tech. So why am I giving this 2 stars? Because I can’t be in the same call with my sis and grandma, and because I can’t even share screen in the call. The thing is Skype needs more performance than this. I have a lot of good devices in my house and I really don’t think the devices are the problem, because they are all NEW. So guys... I really think that u should go home and repair these problem instead of making parties at your houses. For example I am doing school with zoom. Trust me Zoom is... MUCH better than this LOW tech called “Skype”. In Zoom I can do all I want with no problem. Oh and BTW stay home safe until u get vaccinated😊. I hope y’all fix this problem.Version: 8.66

Credit Cancellation Policy is AppallingGreat app. Good quality audio and video. But the credit cancellation policy is absolutely awful - significant amounts of credit is routinely wiped from my account, after relatively short periods of inactivity. And the process of “reactivating” credit is far from straightforward. I don’t know what regulatory or practical considerations are driving this policy from Skype, but it must enable them to reap very considerable profits from average users, who overlook the credit cancellation or just give up on the process of reactivating. Why not a refund, if Skype can’t hold credit long term? It’s tantamount to theft..Version: 8.48

Works but...It ask me to interact with dev teem way too much. They should try oce a year instead of after each call..Version: 8.70

My Skype reviewDon’t get me wrong , Skype is great however I’ve experienced many difficulties using it. my calls always happen to end unexpectedly, making it hard for important phone calls, meetings etc . this problem has only occurred recently but my phone is connected to wifi and mobile data is on but it takes forever for the actual phone call to go through and it just says connecting but it doesn’t ring. it makes it so difficult incase of urgency..Version: 8.66

Pretty goodI don’t really have a problem with the app, I really only use it to keep in touch with my boyfriend while he’s away (I have an apple phone and he has a Samsung) but the only thing that is annoying me is the fact that notifications are really dodgy. I used to at least get a vibration or a noise once in a while when I got a message but now that’s pretty much non existent. My app is up to date, everything is enabled in my phone settings and my chat settings in the app but it’s still not working. I’ve gone to multiple chat forums and support websites and many other people are having the same problem. Please fix..Version: 8.22

Seems to get worse with every updateI remember the good old days when I could make and receive calls and the audio was clear. The layout is dated and busy. Got a migraine navigating menus trying to find the settings. Since the last update calls drop-out (even when not static, at home on nbn not moving around) and I can’t access the speakerphone whilst in a call! What gives??! Really disappointed as this was my go to app for keeping in touch with friends around the world. It seems Viber and WhatsApp have better layout, functionality and do what they’re actually made for. You get 1 star from me for implementing dark mode which is a big help for migraine sufferers. Thanks.Version: 8.55

Video callsI have had Skype for years stopped using it for a while as so many other apps do video calls. But just recently realised Skype video calls have captions as we speak which is great for me as I am hearing impaired. Only problem is the captions take too long to turn on and sometimes the conversation is finished before it starts. Would be good if you could look into this please. Cheers!!!!.Version: 8.60

Integrated Calling NOT OptionalI’ve used Skype for a long time, ever since MSN was bought by Microsoft and I’ve had the app for as long as I’ve had a smartphone. Skype app has always been buggy. You’d expect seamless connections across all platforms but that has not always been the case and it gets infuriating when I’m trying to have a conversation with someone but they can’t hear me, etc. As these problems are solved, new ones arise. I get it, you can’t have a perfect app, so I continue to deal as I mainly use this to communicate in my LDR. However, with the latest updates for iPhone and for Skype, the horrible integrated calling feature is now NOT optional. You can’t turn it off and calls are routed through the iPhone calling system. This disables me from using my other apps if I’m in a non-WiFi area. Additionally, when I hang up my Skype calls through the iPhone calling screen, it causes the entire iPhone to freeze and I can’t do anything until it corrects itself by restarting. It’s ridiculous. Bring back the option to turn off integrated calling please. For reference, I have the iPhone 8..Version: 8.24

Skype app freezing and crashing on new iPhones.The Skype app for iPhone has gone from not so user friendly as the classic fast simple app which we all loved to right out useless. Attempting to create a new Skype account using the app sends to some blank Microsoft screens and frozen message screens. Specifically the iPhone X. The product has been undergoing some champagnes since the acquisition by Microsoft but on the user side these have manifested as consistent poor results: confusing screens and services, missing or hard to manage features, and now just plain not functional. I’m forced to migrate video calls to FaceTime or WhatsApp or Viber. For a respectable tech company, this is a failure on the backend integration, front end design, and services side. While it was working, the only thing I think remained fairly decent was the video quality. But so is the quality of all the other apps! Microsoft, get that team’s act together and rebuild the app to be simple and functional so the majority of users do not depart to all the other mean and functional alternatives!.Version: 8.33

APP is slow asI have added some credit into Skype and the credit doesn’t show in the APP therefore can’t do an urgent call. Money is out of bank account and if going to my account details it does show my updated balance but seems the communication with APP is not so good. Already signed out and sign in again to try to solve the problem without success..Version: 8.69

My phone has been snobbedSkype has worked for years on my iPhone 4. The latest version of skype has made me unable to be compatible. It's unfair that they don't support older phones; not everyone has lots of money to get a new phone every time an app upgrades! Wankers!.Version: 8.20

Horrible updateEver since the update it’s like Skype has had a stroke. Keeps cutting in and out, even crashing from time to time. Whenever I use the option to turn on my camera most of the time it shows only a black screen for me. Connection is ridiculous and takes forever to even start ringing even though I have very fast internet and whenever I need to charge my phone, when I plug it in it’ll never charge, just remain on the percentage it’s at and it only ever happens with Skype and it also drains my battery quicker than anything..Version: 8.25

Skype credit problemI loaded my Skype with £10 credit to make important texts to my family. But nothing was loaded into my account. Trying to phone Skype is impossible. So not user friendly there for a start. Texting a customer advisor was the other option. But a customer advisor can only help you to the extent what tools the employer provides them to help. I this case it was none what so ever. I was told they was unable to provide me with emergency credit and when I asked if I would be compensated for this 24 hr ongoing issue so far, I had no answer for that again. It is sad when such a big company can not help out its customers in a way that they should be helped and answered for monies they have paid and prompt service they should be give. I appreciate there are technical difficulties. But the provider should compensate Skype and Skype should compensate its customers even if its a £5.00 to say sorry for an on going 24 hr issue so far.Version: 8.37

Why should I report an issue with Skype?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Skype to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Skype customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Skype.

Is Skype not working?

Skype works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Skype.

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