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Match: Dating & Relationships app received 130 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about match: dating & relationships?

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Never ever again!!!Mind you absolutely no one is screened. When I contacted Match they told me every account is approved also to make sure they were not fake accounts. My response no you do not!!!! I met a gentleman on Match (first experience with any dating app) We talked text everyday at least 2-3 times a day. He said all the right things kind and compassionate. We have been chatting for at least a month and we’re getting together last Sunday. Though I fell for him something was not feeling 100% so I contacted a private investigator he contacted me shortly after giving all the information through text said CALL ME DO NOT GET IN THE CAR WITH HIM. Needless to say they were not his photos the private investigator showed me where and name of who’s account he took the photos from. He had a record and was considered dangerous! Thank god I went with my gut. I gave Match all this information and said to them so what you wait until someone is murdered. I was hurt, disappointed but learned a painful lesson. DO NOT GO ON MATCH IT IS DANGEROUS! Also if anyone is looking for a Private Investigator to check out who you are meeting reach out. He could of possibly saved my life..Version: 21.02.00

Scammers Galore!Scammers, scammers, scammers...getting off this as it’s a waste of time. Good platform minus the scammers.....such a shame..Version: 20.13.00

I’m disappointedI purchased the premium version for six months, after payment was done I was able to access three days only. After that my account was blocked. I called the support line for the first time a customer care pick up my call after my conversation he put music and didn’t talk again. I called for the second time I was told to wait two days later. They called me back and confirm that there is no reason to block my account so they will call me after unknown time and I have to wait their call in unspecified time. I’m getting confused that is their way to make money from people that you pay for services and they block you then they disappear. It’s shame to see something seems to be trusted but acts differently. I’m very disappointed with match. I asked for refund there was no answer. They keep sending me emails that someone will call me. I can’t recommend to anybody to subscribe the premium version. It’s expensive and they block accounts after subscription. It’s sad..Version: 21.05.00

Paid to see notifications as messageYou have to pay to see notifications someone seen your profile. Waste of money and scam.Version: 20.17.00

SelectionOptions are meek at best.Version: 20.18.00

Don’t botherYou can’t even send a message to someone without paying a subscription fee. Seems good at first glance but I’m not in the business of spending $50 a month on something like this.Version: 20.01.00

Fake fake fakeAll profiles are fake and auto generated. Do not waste your money on this site..Version: 20.09.00

NO JUST NOHonestly the worst dating site I have ever used. Save your money and your time..Version: 20.17.00

Complete s**tPOF and Tinder don't ask you to pay. It's a simple as that! so I don't know why people use this crappy app at all!!!.Version: 20.18.00

Fake profiles everywhereMaybe this could of been a good site. But after hours of useage I have been scammed (attempted) several time already - and I had made the mistake of buying a premium subscription..Version: 21.07.00

Zero starsThought it was going well and was actually finding women I wanted to chat with. Had a paid subscription. Then out of nowhere, my account was blocked for no reason. I called customer support (the number to call is hidden. Must do some research to find it) ,received no explanation over the phone and said they would be back with me in 24 to 48 hrs and would reply via email. It took more like 5 days to get back with me. The only explanation by the email I received was it was in the best interest of the Match community due to the terms of use. That’s bs, a pre-generated email, and a cop-out to elude the question. They never gave me any good reason. I never did anything that I know of to cause this. I had deleted my account once before I had a paid subscription and tried to use the same email when I signed up for paid but it wouldn’t let me in even though their email said I could just pick up where I left off. Not true! So I used another email. I don’t know if that was why they blocked me but if it was they are relying too much on the computer system to make decisions because it may have seen it as a duplicate. Another thing is that a lot of the profiles seem to be fake and are only there to spark your interest in paying for a subscription. I will never use Match again and do not recommend anyone to use it..Version: 20.04.00

A pure scamThis place it is a pure scam, DONT GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY, All the profiles are not for real..Version: 19.15.00

Match does not care about your safety or comfortUpdate: I don’t appreciate Match responding to this comment and telling me I have the power to report the nude photo when I already did. Which they should know not only from reading this review but also from their records, if they cared to check. Match is ridiculous. I purchased three months of the paid version and within a few days I was feeling harassed. You can mark that you’re not interested in someone or unmatch with them and they can still message you! Get ready for a stream of messages from the same guy pressuring you to go out with him when you’ve already said no. No other dating app has been like this for me. On day three of using the app I got a message from someone, clicked on his profile, and was greeted with a nude photo. I contacted customer service and asked for a refund and they sent me an automated response telling me it “was not possible.” I’ve also never gotten a follow up after reporting nude images!? Match does not care about your safety or comfort. There are so many better options out there, don’t use this one and definitely don’t pay for it..Version: 20.21.00

Algorithm problem?I’m updating my review to tell you all how bad the “free” version is.... you can’t see anything, do anything, send messages or receive message or read anything or talk to anyone or ANYTHING!! And they charge a freaking fortune!! $40 stupid dollars to send a sentence to someone? This is bull****. All the other apps at least let you send a sentence. Or if they want you to pay it’s not $40 freaking dollars. I’m a “woman seeking woman” and tons of men show up in my filters. So I talked to them and they said “oh you need to report those profiles...” so I did... over and over and over again. Probably 40-50 reports so far? Waste of my time. I edited my profile once and added some info about my likes and it got denied. After the staff reviewed my edit and denied it, they said I was “revealing too much personal information”....ummmm I added that I liked hiking. So if you can review and deny edits such as mine you can review and deny profiles of men posing as women.... Also I get the same people cycled through my “discover now” tab. So people I have X’d out multiple times keep showing up in my search. And also people I have “liked” or messaged also keep showing up so in order to get past it I have to either like or X them once again. And I’m paying for this? When I reported these issues they weren’t much help. Fix your algorithm. And the men showing up are the most annoying. Review demographics.... as much as you reviewed my “I like hiking” and denied my edit..Version: 19.12.01

Don’t waste your time or money!The app itself seems to work good. Have issues with it authenticity. As someone who has lived in Abbotsford, there’s no way that there’s that many ladies single or attached that live in the area. The few people who I had a couple of messages from all have the same storyline. A few messages in & they reveal that they are overseas for work & a day or two before they have to leave to come home they have lost their credit cards & ask for financial help to get home. Hope others may have a positive experience. Can’t recommend it!.Version: 19.10.00

Same as other dating appsI’ve had many dating apps just like this that don’t give you much to do on it only thing you can do is to pay if you want to use the features which is so stupid. What’s the point of having an app if you can’t use it they’re just like the rest of the apps I had that I deleted it I’ll stick with the other apps I have that give me free options.Version: 20.17.00

No longer compatible with older iOSAfter having a sub off and on for a while and not having any results, this app is no longer compatible with my phone. Anything prior to iOS 13.0 will not work and there’s no compatible version available to download. Still, I wouldn’t recommend this app (or even service) to anybody. Without a subscription your profile will get views, likes, and even messages, but the moment you subscribe all of those will drop to almost nothing. While subscribed you’ll see loads of profiles, but it’s safe to say those are all experiencing the not-subscribed boost in views as well. It’s a great business model to siphon money out of hopeful users, but by simply keeping tack of your own views and comparing it to subscription periods it’s obviously extremely sketchy. So now that the app doesn’t work anymore, I don’t have a reason to continue this charade with a blind hope that I’ll find someone, so for helping me to get out of this, I can justify giving Match one star..Version: 20.15.01

AvoidScam central. Full of ghosts and scammer profiles. The scammers are not talented and not entertaining. Even baiting them is boring..Version: 21.03.00

Worse system than free appsI've been using the Match app for five months, and am appalled by the system it employs to connect people. Any other dating app I've ever been on has not allowed someone to message another person until they mutually select each other. Match is a free for all, which quickly leads to an overwhelming level of contact. To make matters worse, there are read receipts that I frankly didn't even know were a thing on Match, and which I couldn't seem to turn off (from what I've heard, Tinder disabled read receipts years ago at the request of women users). This meant angry messages from people when I read their message but did not respond, which goes back to my earlier comment about how a lot of people could message you before you even decided you liked them (and then get mad when you read their message and didn't respond). If Match does not evolve its archaic system, I don't see how it will maintain market share among the free apps..Version: 19.12.01

UselessThe free version doesn’t do enough to let you evaluate the app properly. After putting you through making a profile.... you get NOTHING.... just alerts about matches that you can’t view. Apple really needs to review this app. The free version should at least do SOMETHING..Version: 21.02.00

AhhhhhWill not update after paying for it , not worth it !!!!!!!.Version: 20.16.00

Highway RobberyFirstly, they advertise all these benefits for premium purchase. Non of them work, save the 2 minute videos on how to build your profile. I requested a profile overview by one of their staffers (one overview comes with premium) I checked my email for two weeks, spam and all. Nothing. Not contact whatsoever. Plus, it showed as redeemed after I requested it. So it was absolutely useless and a lie from the company. Also, I’m not the most attractive person out their, I do have a few decent photo’s of myself from a wedding I went to. They wouldn’t let me post these pictures as my main picture because... reasons... there is nothing wrong with the photo, it can be one of the 5 they give you to upload, but it can’t be the main photo. Also, the quality of people on this site are identical to plenty of fish or okay Cupid. Those don’t cost anything though. I’m 5 of my 6 months in. I would love a refund. It was a complete waste of my time and my money. If I could give this company -5 out of 5 I would. They are scam artists and liars..Version: 19.15.01

Not worth the timeThe app doesn’t remember your preferences. I basically see the same people everyday. I also get messages from an age group that I did not specify. For example, my range is 35-39 male, I get messages from 44 and above. For guys, I see a variety that I have “matched” but when I look at the age, I also don’t fall in that gap. It is like they are hoping you’ll make exceptions? A lot of profiles are seem very similar, unless everyone wants to take a balloon ride and go on a safari....Version: 19.12.00

Absolute garbage... so many fakesSeriously, save your money. More fakes than even POF. Should be illegal, why don’t they just have a simple authentication system like Zoosk?.Version: 19.14.00

Refund policy is SCUM AFIs beyond corporate scum. Expecting generic corporate response. Thanks for legally stealing $100 from me. Less than 8 hours since subscribing, since I had the gall to unsubscribe on my own- I cannot be prorated on my refund..Version: 20.17.00

Terrible3 weeks and find the majority of people contacting me are from overseas and I cannot find a way to restrict my profile to my own country. The app puts up an error message telling me that there is no internet connection around 80 percent of the time on login and also when changing screens in the app. I have updated and reinstalled it multiple times to no avail. Cannot contact their customer care it keeps telling me they may need to “fix” my account and to enable cookies which I have done repeatedly. Have cancelled account would like a refund however I can’t contact the customer services to ask for one.Version: 19.01.00

Bring back the age preferencesLook, no one wants to get old. I’m 50+. But hiding people’s age prefs now gets me all sorta 60+ messages. Yay! Waste of my time, waste of theirs. Or at least don’t show me and don’t let them message me if they’re not in my age range. Same thing my way: no need for me to badger someone whose age limit I’ve passed. Oh, and for the price, can’t they publish a proper iPad version rather than being lamer than almost anyone with a commercial app and repurpose the iphone’s on the iPad at half size??? While we’re at it the website’s look and feel ain’t great either. On the plus side, yes, many of the accounts that look real are real, I’ve met quite a few for dates. And, what’s with all this rather transparent 5 star rating spam like ‘Wow, can’t believe how helpful coach Samantha was with my profile. The best!’. Tinder, POF, OK Cupid and Match are now all owned by the same company and it seems like they compete for who can have the worst user experience (Tinder’s is least bad). See what a monopoly gets you?.Version: 20.17.00

DON’T DO IT!Out of all the dating apps I’ve tried this one is the worst by a long shot and has the most fake profiles. I stupidly paid for a subscription but it was a total waste of money. Normally I would rate Zoosk as the worst but Match has created a new low. Don’t waste your time and money, 99% of the profiles are completely made up. I’m so annoyed I gave them any money to start with....Version: 20.17.00

It’s good but buggyThis app has a nice style, I feel like I have a better chance of actual results. But I’ve noticed a lot of my matches and conversations will show a “profile unavailable” I sent a message to this one girl that I was most interested in, in hopes that she was able to still receive my messages. She was, and able to reply. The issue with the profile unavailable, makes the person believe that the other person in the conversation just deleted the app or blocked them. Potentially damaging their chances. Overall other than that, I’d say the overall experience has been okay. It works. But it is also highly on the individual on the results of your search for something good. So my best recommendation to the company is to look into the bugs and resolve the issues and make this app shine significantly above the rest..Version: 19.14.00

The worst app everConstant non stop bombardment with promo emails and offers. Ugly functionality and virtually impossible to delete profile without having to jump through soooo many hoops. Use another one !!!!!.Version: 20.17.00

DisappointedAs my fellow recipients have clearly stated before me: this app has several users who does not use the app and have been absent from it for long periods of time. Not only does this app add people to your ‘liked’ category but it also shows users who are outside of your preference in your suggestions and also in your messages. This app is not free. In order to properly use the app and receive notifications of others likes, messages, or to be able to like another’s profile, you must pay a $60 fee for a six month membership. This is not premium. Most often the people you are interested in are unavailable and other times they are ominous. I’m a single woman in her early adult life who is simply looking for a way to find a lasting relationship without needing to go to a bar. This app did not help me in the least..Version: 19.15.00

Total rip off, I want my money backFake profiles a nd non members.Version: 20.09.00

UselessYou need to pay a subscription to send or receive messages and see who likes you. Not worth $50 a month..Version: 19.13.02

Slow matchesSo far from my experience I have been on the app for a little more than two weeks and have only been views by two people which is kind of ridiculous that a dating doesn’t just have the account out there to be viewed like the rate it takes to even be seen by people seems to be at a lees than 1 person a week so at that rate I should get a match by the time I am 50 even if I payed for boosts that would be maybe 4 people a week that is if people are on for the one hour you get the boost so probably less like this isn’t worth using unless you want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a system that barely works. My screen shows me several people a day so why is it that I don’t even get shown to other accounts for like 5 minutes once a week. Tinder seems easier than this if you can find someone throughout the sea of sex maniacs in it. Also I made my preferences very broad on it when looking for someone so it shouldn’t be that I am being too specific for the algorithm to think I’m too picky to be matched with anyone..Version: 21.04.00

Horrible recommendationsAs if you are not paying for match services it gives you “recommendations” based on the information you provide. Which is obviously inaccurate to the fullest. You cannot browse profiles, you are only recommended profiles meaning if they select it, you are forced to see it meaning the other partie(s) see that you had “viewed” them resulting in unwanted messages. If you feel that no one is viewing you, Match will “boost” your profile for a cost of course in which with all of the free dating sites even FB, you may freely search areas in which you would rather look for individuals and not have to expand your searches 100’s of miles. I have Match a fair shot in paying for their services unfortunately they had not been fair to its customers only asking for more money and when you want to cancel, they offer you 3 months for 2 which they should do in the very beginning NOT after you decide that the services provided are worse than sites that are free....Version: 21.01.00

What a jokeThis app is a joke! I spent $50 for a month of an upgraded account. It still limits the amount of profiles I can see in a day, and really after a week I’ve had 4 matches.. I get more on free sites! Don’t waste your money!!!.Version: 20.17.00

Decent experienceOverall, Match is better than Plenty of Fish. I had to deal with scammers or fake profiles on Plenty of Fish. It would be nice if women responded even if they have to politely decline. It would be nice if people could interact through some kind of simple game to help break the ice. People should be reminded if they have come to the end of their subscription period..Version: 20.17.00

TerribleI don’t get the point. Also impossible to get in touch with their “local” support. Wasted $80 on a membership and sent me round and round in circles when I tried to claim their guarantee about meeting someone..Version: 20.13.00

Took my money and immediately suspended my accountI created a profile about two weeks ago. Added photos and a description, etc and Pauli’s over $100 for the membership. Instead of going live, the app kicked me out and I was unable to log back in. There was a message that my account had been flagged and that I would have to call a 1-800 number. Keep in mind these were my pictures and my words, nothing stolen and nothing inappropriate. I called the number but it was only available during business hours. Called again a few days later. I spoke to two levels of technical support and they just said, “yup, your account is suspended”. The last guy I spoke to said that he would forward the issue to “Corporate” and they would look into it and email me. It has been a week since that call and I have not received any email from them and at this point, I would just like my money refunded..Version: 20.12.00

Scams2 out of the 1st 10 profiles were scams. I will wait and see if the next 8 are genuine people or additional scams..Version: 21.05.00

Not what I expected!!Wow. Victoria, you rock!! Ladies she adjusted her advice as she got to know me and helped immensely in just 15 minutes. Everything was bang on and so eye opening. I will definitely be scheduling future counsel. Thanks girl. C-Lee.Version: 20.19.00

Waste of moneyBuy this app if you want to be matched with people who don’t even have a subscription half the time, and the other half the time they live 12 hours drive away. 👍.Version: 20.19.00

Worst app out thereMatch is by far the worst dating app out there that I have tried. Most men on there are desperate, rude or haven’t signed up to see your messages. They charge for more access that yields no real results. I’m two months into a 3 month sub option and can’t even delete my account. Don’t use this app. It is a total waste of money and time..Version: 20.12.00

Full of scammersWasted $100 on this app. All of your likes will most likely be fake, a dead profile or a scammer. What a horrible thing to do to people that are simply looking for love..Version: 20.17.00

VirusIts not an app its a virus, u cant unsubscribe from their mailing list u can not delete account. and its just useless..Version: 17.08.01

Too many inactive usersThere are way too many profiles still online that people haven’t been on in years..Version: 20.17.00

DistanceI seem to be getting a lot of matches with people from thousands of miles away which is not in m my settings, these people are supposedly looking to meet people in their immediate areas also ? Seems strange and more than a little fake also with every second wanting contact by email (usually trying to scam).Version: 19.11.01

Billed with no subscriptionI have just been billed by this company I have no longer got a subscription with them and could not find out how to delete my account as the email link does not work. How can they bill me when I don’t have a subscription it is not in my manage subscription section. This company is highly devious and make it impossible to terminate your account after you join. I have no subscription in the subscription section but they have just billed me..Version: 19.11.01

Delete accountHow doni delete my account?.Version: 21.04.00

Give it a huge bypassThis app is just full of fake accounts. Complete waste of time and money..Version: 19.12.00

Just another app that take up storageThe fact you have to pay too see who liked you sums it up. All dating apps achieve nothing but misery and loneliness. It’s like they purposely built these apps to keep us single and not find love or what ever. Probs delete it soon. Waste of time. It’s like girls don’t know how to take a photo. Pixelated, only one photo, phone in-front of face standing in-front or mirror, etc So bad. You take good insta pics but no effort on the app. Awful. I’m better off paying for premium PornHub than paying for this crap app..Version: 20.17.00

To Many Fake ProfileThis site has to many fake profiles. You get a lot of likes per day but when you send a message to follow up, no reply. Also has lots of profiles with only 1 picture so that is a indication that the profile is fake..Version: 20.13.00

Recycled Nonsense!Paid way too much for a 3 month membership to Match and gave it a try. Have never done the online dating thing, but I figured why not right? I don’t drink so that social scene is out for me. First week I was on the site searching for a woman to date I ran across three different obviously male profiles I had to report. After that, literally every week no matter how many times I X’ed profiles out they would reappear. Most of the people on this site are either non-paying members or previous ones who have since given up as I have because the app has disappointed them. Like so many others have written I sent likes and messages, but only after my membership expired did I begin getting messages of my own. Match has since been accused in the media of using bots to do this to it’s members to gain and keep members so good luck getting me back! No discount large enough! I’ll find a woman the old fashion way....Version: 19.15.00

Just not for me.I’m going to be as objective as I can. First let me say, I appreciate the app and everything it encourages. It does give the person opportunity to meet people. However, the follow up when “connections” are made is slow or sometimes never. The filters I’ve adjusted MANY times to my liking and the app still doesn’t respect them, lastly for what it does offer, the price is to steep. Now I understand that it all does fall into the persons hand on who they date or who they are interested in, but this app didn’t help. Not to mention dating is just difficult nowadays. I found myself frustrated with this app more than anything. I wasn’t one of those guys looking for a one night stand. Like I said, both “files” would connect and either I or they would respond then after that on my end, I’d get NO follow up. I knew it was time to get off after I shared a good long exchange with some via the message inbox then after four days goes by, that person states that they you’re too young (32) and that’s a deal breaker for me. Thanks for trying match. Guess I’ll just be single forever..Version: 20.17.00

Waste of my time & moneyI am reconsidering my recent review. 99% of user are FAKE! Fake means they post in their profiles are nothing but lies. This is another “Hook up” app like Tinder or Bumble. I’m not blaming the app, I’m blaming the users. I have canceled my membership because apparently being sincere & honest in my profile is not what people look for in real life specially when I actually am sincere & honest when I have a chance to have a date with someone. So much B. S. in most of these people. Since there’s a “buffet” of selections, they just ghost or block people they deemed undesirable without remorse & no explanations. This is a sad generation unlike the people who date the Old School way. It’s better to be alone and find happiness within me than deal with fake people. I would NOT recommend this app or any other singles app. Eventually you’ll meet someone solely by accident or through friends and that person will be the ONE! Don’t waste your time & money..Version: 20.15.01

Satisfaction guarantee - NOTThe promised you will meet someone or they will extend you subscription. They did not honor that promise..Version: 20.04.00

Account was hacked!!!Someone hacked my account and liked as many men over 60 as they could. I was inundated with e-mails and saw that someone was asking for phone numbers from these men. I caught in in the process of it happening and changed my password. I had to quickly try to run damage control and message the men to not text anyone claiming to be me because my account was hacked. A couple said thank you, but wouldn’t stop messaging me. It took Match a whole day to help after I messaged them. I then started trying to unmatch some, and they found me and started messaging me on LinkedIn. Every day after, new matches kept popping up that the hacker had liked. I told Match about it, and stated that it was a defamation of character by this hacking, as I had to alert people to it, as it was someone trying to scam them. I also told Match that I wanted a refund as I hadn’t used fully a month of a 3 month membership yet. I did not want be on the site any longer as it was a growing disaster. They refused and deleted my account. There was not even any quality people on this site! Save your money and try any other site. This is the worst quality dating site that I’ve seen to date. Even awful Tinder would be better..Version: 20.06.00

Full of Fake profilesAn atrocious dating site, full of fake profiles. To complain or trying to make any attempt of contacting customer support is futile as it is impossible the way it set not waste your money!!!!!.Version: 20.07.00

Not sure why I paid so much moneyWhen you don’t get any responses or just a few snd I have liked like 50 or more people It’s just not working Why would you charge people when you don’t get responses because even though I sent a like they are not getting I’m better if staying with all the free sites at least you get responses.Version: 20.09.00

Get hold ofWhen I message someone, am I allowed to tell them my email? I feel like I’ve messaged a lot of where we both have matched and I’ve messaged them straight away and never hear anything.Version: 20.07.00

NOTHING worksBy far the worse app I have ever seen. Your profile picture suddenly is gone, you can change most of your own profile information. And you cannot see anyone else except yourself, no matter what preferences you set, or even no preference at all..Version: 20.17.00

Not sure worth purchasingAs a new user of Match and first time using a dating App, a free trial to see what you get with premium would be nice. Can’t respond to messages, or see the pic of who sent the messages to know if purchasing is even worth it..Version: 20.17.00

My experienceFrom my experience I do not recommend the mobile app. One time I tried to delete my account and on the mobile app you can not. I purchased the 6 month subscription and I am stuck with the remainder of the subscription. In other words if I found someone my profile will cycle through as if it’s still active. Use a computer or the actual website. You can delete account on there only if that is how you set it up. Mine was solely through mobile. Another time I wanted a break and deleted my profile pictures and about a week later logged back in to see what was missed. My pictures were not deleted as previously believed. So, with only 9 more days left on my subscription it worries me that my profile will still cycle through where others believe I’m active or hackers can possibly use my pictures. Many of the women on here really don’t seem to be ON here. Profiles are real, but never expired/deactivated. Hopefully mine will, but who knows..Version: 20.10.00

Not enjoying this appWell the people contact me are just not what I’m looking for. I am not enjoying the app yet. Maybe the best times will come, I’m hopeful.Version: 20.20.00

Worst Dating App experience yetThis community of users on Match is horrible. There is zero indication of human existence outside of random people “viewing” your profile. From the male perspective, I believe strongly that women need to work on contribute more substantially to conversations than more than 3 word responses... if you even GET to a mutual match. There is also a feature to “like” someone, which in my opinion has the same effect as a friendly “wave” to someone; women in this community will not even like your profile. I am hesitant to believe EVERY profile of a woman who views you will not like and/or message back because there is the paid subscription barrier. Either way, this service has been worthless as 90 percent of profiles are inactive, and the “discover” feature shows nothing close to set manual preferences, let alone the age and location preferences. Never give this company money for subscriptions. Nobody gets anywhere with it, possibly from the necessary paid subscription service, but also possibly due to a lack of commitment and enthusiasm in this community of users. You are better off using Hinge or Tinder. Would give Match zero stars if I could..Version: 20.19.00

Match Recycles Old Likes...Why!!Match does this really stupid thing where the “likes” you give to people will reset after only a few weeks. Your feed of people will just start to be a lot of the same people you’ve already seen. Perhaps it’s some ploy by the Match developers to keep a user engaged by never running out of people to show you in the area, but the problem is that you just end up liking the same people over and over again and expecting different results...It’s a form of insanity by definition! I’ve never seen any other dating app out there do this and it’s really annoying. As a user, it means that I cannot expand my options because the app will just reset instead of showing you new people...I can’t trust the app or this service to help me progress through my dating options if everything just resets after a few weeks. I also felt like the quality of people on this app were not a great as other apps. This service is so expensive! You might think it would lead to a better selection of higher quality people, but the reality is more people are going to be willing to pay a more reasonable price for other dating apps than this one. So don’t waste your money only to have your “likes” reset and for the quality of people to be less than more reasonably priced dating apps. Never again will I pay for this - Just not worth it!!.Version: 21.04.00

Total LieMatch has been advertising free messaging, so I set up an account and discover I can only message one of the people they’ve randomly selected and beyond that it’s an insane $50 a month to contact people..Version: 20.19.00

Money grab.I don’t have a gazillion dollars to fill your greedy pockets. Sign up, see someone interesting then pay to connect!!! No thanks..Version: 20.17.00

Cash grabToo many fake profiles and the amount they charge is not worth it. The pricing is ridiculous.Version: 19.15.01

Not satisfiedPoor customer service and very disappointing app..Version: 20.19.00

FakesI.Version: 19.12.00

Complete waste of timeEvery girl looks like a supermodel and every girl is fake. Don’t bother. Total waste of time. Apps like this should be illegal. I’d give it no stars if I could..Version: 20.04.00

Spotty at bestThe app is very cagey. i’ll get no messages for days, then as i’m scrolling through profiles people will pop up with messages they sent me weeks ago. this has also happened where someone messages me and a message from weeks earlier - sometimes months - comes through at the same time as the current one. it often feels like the algorithm deliberately holds back to make me use you more. and the part that i am supposed to see who “i like” does not update. meanwhile, i’ll X out a guy and he continues to appear in my feed. i am also constantly being shown profiles that are outside of my parameters, as in too short, too old/young and way too far away (sometimes several states away)! i’ve even been shown women!!! i understand why connecticut comes up because it could be within my distance, as the crow flies, but not practical for driving. nevertheless, people from far into jersey, upstate NY, maine, new hampshire, maryland and other states are shown to me. so, this is all to say that if i look at 20 guys, only about 5 are a true match based on my requirements, which means i’m about 25% satisfied without factoring in all the other things i mentioned. hope this helps, i’ve tried repeatedly to inquire with tech support, which is not readily available. i got a live person once, who told me to reinstall the app but that did nothing..Version: 20.20.00

Barely anyone on this siteProbably due to their ridiculous prices, there’s barely anyone on this site. They let anyone sign up for free so they can say they have lots of people but unless they pay they can’t communicate with anyone. So I’d say 90% of the users can’t see or reply to messages. Such a rip off. I won’t be using them at all once my current useless subscription ends..Version: 20.19.00

⭐️Beaucoup d arnaque!!.Version: 19.12.00

Lana RhodesIf you want to date Lana Rhodes then this is the dating app for you. If you don’t know who she is then you’ve not been single for long enough. Complete waste of time and money. Majority of profiles are fake. Whoever sets them up obviously has no idea where the locations actually are. If people were as good as the bio description in this app then we wouldn’t be single!.Version: 20.04.00

Not worth itI am sick of wasting my time on free sites like Bumble and Tinder so I thought I could give match a try and hopefully find love. Well that’s not the case. Match assumes everyone who is on there is out to find love, but majority of the men that I see on match, I see on Tinder and 9/10 times they are just looking for a hookup. I’ve used Bumble plus before and the nice thing is they have an advanced filter option that allows you to filter what you are looking for and how it matches up with what the other person is looking for. Example you can put a filter on people who strictly have looking for a relationship and wants kids and you will only match with people that have those two filters. I wish match had that. Also I think it’s stupid that you cannot filter through premium and free members. Most of them are using it for free and there’s honestly no point of swiping through because majority cannot even message or send anything in return. I am fairly young and pretty attractive, as I’ve been told, but finding love on match is impossible. I thought paying an extra $40 was worth it, but so disappointed. This is seriously like tinder, but the only difference is you get charged $40 each month for it. I have already canceled and do not plan on returning..Version: 20.19.00

Too expensiveNot really getting much for results yet after months of testing for free... I talked to Tray on the helpline, he gave me some advice to get more responses, hopefully that works..Version: 20.17.00

Waste of moneyFull of scammers, no one reply your messages I think they’re computer generated,I hope they’ll improve and filter all this fake people..Version: 20.19.00

Very disappointed!!!!!This is my first time on a dating app and I have to say that I’m highly disappointed!!!!! I signed up a few days ago and after 4 days on the app I was blocked and I have NO idea why? There was no email explaining why I was blocked so I reached out through email and also called the number that they provided but I got no answers or help. I am so frustrated. I’m glad that I never paid for the upgrade. Just be warned that when you are having issues or need to talk to someone regarding your account, there doesn’t seem to be anyone available to help you..Version: 20.19.00

Don't botherCan't do a thing without paying for it and it's next to impossible to delete your account. They keep sending you spam even after you unsubscribe..Version: 4.6.0

Scam scam scamScammers - will entice with so called messages - good luck deleting your profile - they keep your pictures to scam more people.Version: 20.20.01

Should be removed from App StoreThis app is an absolute ripoff. No access provided until Premium membership signed up and 98% of the “likes” are fake profiles. Clearly fake. 20 year old photos for a 48 year old profile. Pathetic. Don’t pay for this. The site does nothing vet fake profiles. Stay away.Version: 20.21.00

Can’t do anything without payingLots of old men with age marked 35 popping up as ‘recommended’ one even said he was 70!). Can’t see likes or view messages without paying. I think there are other better apps with more free options to test out first..Version: 20.10.00

Full of fakesEvery single person I spoke to was fake! Clearly they do not do security checks! Am totally over it. Scammers are so full of themselves they think women are not aware! DO NOT use this site unless you want to be scammed!.Version: 20.17.00

TrickeryNot even for a moment I believe them not allowing you to permanently delete your profile yourself is something they don’t know or fail to do. They simply are tricking people into leaving their profiles running to keep traffic and user count. You could even be swiping on profiles whose users stopped using the app a long time ago. While it’s not illegal it’s extremely unprofessional and looks very bad on a widely known app like Match. Every other dating app has the feature except this. And we always go back and forth on them but I have since deleted my photos on match and changed my name, AND deleted their app to never download again. Others can do the same thing it does but with respect to privacy. Privacy is everything and seems it’s last thing they respect. Don’t trick people into leaving you with their data. What if someone found a partner and their profile remains there coz they can’t delete it? And I don’t want you to help delete my profile, I want to delete my profile myself and see it go away, not log in again to find it waiting as if it never left. I regret putting my information in there.Version: 20.19.00

BewareAfter downloading this app and instantly paying the $50 something dollars for the premium account I received a msg saying I had been blocked and to call customer service which I did.. Number they gave me didn’t work in Australia or from my mobile. So I emailed,to which an automated response tells me I would hear from them within 24-48 hours.... It’s well past 48 hours now and nothing from them at all.. If I had breached any policy’s you think they would tell me and I would take it on the chin,but as I know i havnt it’s absolutely crazy. Has anyone else had similar experiences at all.. I want my money back and I’ll leave this dodgy app happily,.Version: 20.17.00

Okay but could be betterI’ve been using match for several months and didn’t really see any success from it. One of the major problems I have with match is that there are way too many inactive accounts or women who haven’t logged in for while so you just end up eating time liking and writing messages to people you’ll never know even use the service anymore. I’d like to see more features built so that my recommended matches actually still use the service. The best thing I like about Match though is the ability to like and message people even if they haven’t liked you back. It’s a great way to reach out to someone who may of potentially missed a great person. Regardless of how well you present yourself on any dating app though for most men it’s brutal out there. Women just always want to find the best so average looking guys like myself who aren’t tall are just wasting money it feels like. I tried to take advantage of every service they offered while a member like talking to match coaches, using boosts, getting my profile reviewed and they couldn’t find anything wrong; in fact they said I had a well above average profile yet I didn’t get matches or a date. I think I’ve just accepted the fact I’m going to be one of those unlucky souls that stays single forever and are unable to find love. Good luck to everyone else..Version: 20.04.00

DO NOT GET, ITS A SCAMI thought I’d give this website a chance but since the beginning it has been problem after problem. I severely regret getting a subscription for such a fraudulent website. They make it impossible for you to cancel your account and don’t get back to you quickly, not to mention that all the messages you send to them to complain are all automatic messages that don’t help at all. The people on match are also a disgrace—I have been harassed by perverts and match allows anyone to message you so you can’t control who is allowed to message you. Not to mention the filters on match to determine who you want to match with are worthless—they show everyone, not applying the filters at all. I have had log in issues time after time and can’t even access my account because their software is out of date. I have found MUCH better matches on Bumble and even Tinder. Match has VERY low quality matches and is extremely over priced for its mediocre service. I thought this site was great from all the commercials I saw, ITS A SCAM, be aware and don’t get a subscription!.Version: 20.20.01

Very bad pool of usersBad interface in the app, very limited pool of people, not good customer service. Overall a very bad app and service..Version: 20.19.00

Fake profilesAvoid this app at all costs! I’ve been on it for about 4 days and have received well over 150 likes - all from women 10-20 years younger than me, all super hot, all from Sydney or Melbourne (I’m on the Sunshine Coast 1000 kms away), all have never been married, all want children and they only have a single photo. I’ve tried lodging a complaint and seeking a refund via the help desk but fhey say they can’t help because I went through to the North American help desk so they sent me a link to the international help desk so I wrote to them and guess where it went - you guessed it - back to the US and I got another system generated response identical to the first one. Seriously, how they can continue to trade is beyond me..Version: 21.06.00

Same as tinder - GarbageSame as tinde. I’ve done everything and it’s difficult to get dates. Better off in real life..Version: 20.15.01

Not been able to delete my accountThis app has no feature to delete a account. If I don’t want to use this why can’t I delete my account?.Version: 20.21.00

Too expensiveToo Coen’s I’ve for what it is.Version: 20.20.00

CJFake profiles. Unfortunately majority of interactions I’ve had on here have been fake, single photos, supermodel looks, limited bio, from Agnes or Sydney and never respond to my messages. I was excited at first because I received quite a few likes from attractive women which encouraged my curiosity to sign up but everyone seems to be a fake profile unfortunately. It is just disappointing, why waste our time? As if we are going to fall for the scams if they were to ask for money..Version: 20.13.00

Joke of an appYou can’t even speak toe people on this app without paying! So why would I use Match when apps like Tinder and Bumble offer these basic features for free? Wake up Match! Your policies are outdated! I.Version: 20.15.01

BullshietThis app is worth nothing, you can’t even see your match unless you pay for it! Don’t waste your time!.Version: 20.17.00

Feed on the vulnerableIn the very short time that I’ve been on this platform I’ve been scammed twice by someone which I’ve reported. I also have no confidence in your search criteria/filters as no matter what I set I have repeatedly had my suggestions filled with people much older or younger than the limit I set with criteria that have clearly said NO to. I have no confidence in this app whatsoever and more so believe it takes advantage of those vulnerable people out there seeking a partner. I’m well and truly broken by your app - should ask for a full refund but that would be a waste of time too..Version: 20.14.00

Same as other appsI was hoping this one would do a better job with matching but it’s the same as other apps. Pretty much no matching algorithm. Even with the paid version, you are left with going through a ton of irrelevant profiles..Version: 20.17.00

Waste of moneyBig waste of money. Matches were not accurate, barely any common interests. Barely any suggestions in my area. Hardly anyone inboxes, only “likes” your profile. Got way more traffic from another dating app..Version: 19.15.01

Basic & Boring FeaturesBe careful, they will not refund you if you don’t like the app features (which I don’t), so I will now tell everyone NOT to pay a penny to them and use the free version. The features are outdated (not creative), I wasn’t attracted to anyone I saw, after I put my age range the app still showed me people Outside of my age range, there’s no way to post a video (very useful imo), they basically charge you so that you can see who likes you and you can write them messages (extreme rip-off), I paid $129 for 6 months for premium account, I used the app for a while and knew it wasn’t worth it at all. I used Hinge before this, it’s WAY better, has video feature, you can connect your IG to it, the questions/prompts asked in it are interesting, layout is more streamlined, simple and easy to use, sleek looking, and FREE. Wow! Oh and the people on it are way better looking and educated. I want my money back!!! But I don’t expect them to give it to me, they seem like crooks..Version: 20.15.01

Great service , difficult to find MatchFirst I think their customer service is great with respect to the coaching. They give you one free 20 minute dating coach which knows everything about online dating. I think for the amount Match charges, they should give you 2 free online coach sessions. One is definitely not enough. Not because my coach wasn’t awesome- 1) you have to now take their advice and 2) if it still needs to be polished, you now have to pay? I understand it is a business but they got me for a 6 month subscription and I think there are just so many guys on the site that woman get messages daily. Guys on the other hand , unless your a model.....we are lucky if we get a reply once in awhile. Match should loosen up on charging for everything and give some extras. It might of kept me around if I didn’t feel like everything required more money..Version: 19.12.01

Hungry money thievesIf you think by buying the monthly subscription will get you a chance to meet someone and start a conversation out of nowhere, here’s the catch; Too many profiles with stolen photos, their moderator is set for you to believe that your profile is VIEWED also when you send a simple GREETING nobody answers. Did couple of experiments. Posted my photos “I am a good looking person, I do modeling” For one day my account after a certain amount of time sending messages the system stopped functioning properly, then all I was getting on my feed bunch of heavy set looking people xxxxL. There’s no point in buying a subscription; CALIFORNIA people you have 3 days to CANCEL if you want your money reimbursement other than that you gave away your money to the money hungry thieves. I have couple of friends who have tried this dating site and the same experiences; there are no real people and even if they’re out there in the system nobody is paying for messaging someone. If you still have doubts about it; this is a money making app too many profiles with moderators making it seem that it’s real people out there wanting to chat or make it seem that you’re not alone in their money making system. DONT GIVEN YOUR MONEY FOR FREE. For the people that pay subscriptions it’s a minority in 48 states and nobody in the real world in your neighborhood are subscribed....if you live in the big cities, don’t expect to find too many people, expect the fake accounts in a vast majority..Version: 21.02.00

8/8 m8 gr8Deserves this 5 star rating :))).Version: 4.6.0

Bait and switchI signed up yesterday because my profile had 74 likes on the mobile app and 77 on the desktop. 1st red flag. I also had 21 messages so I thought surely my time has come! NOPE, all these messages were in my “other” box from women WAY outside of my settings. A major of my likes were from the same set of people AND from people out of state and about 10 from 2019!!! Match, for being a matching service, really drops the ball. I also had a cross dresser in my likes. What a waste of money and they denied my refund 24 hours after. Please do not sign up for this service. Their algorithms are wrong and are not a true matching service. Lastly, 90%+ of these profiles fall in the fake or no active category. You can’t even filter by active members only by activity date and when I do that I get 2 people of over 100 matches. Fake fake fake scam scam scam. If they really wanted to provide a great matching experience then they’d fix this issue. I will end up spending all my time (if I even find decent matches) sifting thru active and non active or waiting for no replies..Version: 20.17.00

Waste of moneyI’m not even 1 month into three month I signed up for and I can’t get any matches. For a week now I get a message saying we didn’t find any recommendations for you, seriously?!! And the guys who message are not matched with my preferences. Totally waste of money don’t put your money here!!.Version: 20.19.00

F&$k 0ff[email protected]&k off stop emailing me ar$eh0les.Version: 20.13.00

AccidentsOh look. Another accidental ‘like’ that I can’t remove. Awkward.....Version: 20.20.00

DONT DO IT!It's a nightmare if you are trying to delete your account. You will never get out of it! I've tried deleting my account and all the links just takes you back to another page that seems like the deleting page but it won't be! They are just going in circles! I even wrote an email trying to get it solved and I got an Auto-replying email that responded with a keyword it found in my words which was not helpful at all! (The key word was "mobile"! Not even "Delete") DONT DO IT!!!.Version: 6.0.1

Un citron comme tous les autresT’as un compte gratuit, tu reçois des LIKES! Ça semble être pas pire, alors tu t’abonne pour voir les LIKES que t’as reçu. Oh intéressant, tu fais un match, t’écris un message... onnnn tu dois payer encore si tu veux que tout le monde puisse te répondre... belle crosse. Finalement, au bout de 2 jours t’as fait le tour des abonnés, tu reçois d’autres profil à la miette. La majorité ne sont jamais sur l’application, les autres match ne répondent pas non plus! Un criss de beau siphon à cash.Version: 20.17.00

Horrible fakeA fake site Too many fakes with fake photos trying to extract funds from you horrible horrible site.Version: 20.14.00

Too many fake profilesThis site has too many fake Rockies trying to get you to register on hangout or other supposed dating safety sites looking to get your credit card details. Amazing how a place like Agnes in Victoria has more women registered on Match than the population of the town..Version: 19.12.01

Site is full of scammersSadly this dating site is infested with scammers and was t worth the money I paid. Unlike other platforms, there’s no effort by the developers to weed them out and instead they rely upon members reporting them. The scammers simply one back with a new profile a few seconds later then harass the member who likely reported them with bombardment of false accounts..Version: 20.09.00

Will not let users delete their profilesI am very disappointed that, unlike most other apps (e.g. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid), Match does not allow you to delete your profile. You can cancel your subscription, or make your profile invisible, but you cannot delete it. This means that, (a) they’re keeping your data forever, and (b) they are creating incentives for you to return to the app. Dating apps make money by keeping people on the apps as long as possible - in this case, by luring people back to the app, because if you find love through their platform and delete your account, that’s the point where they stop profiting from you. Although the practice of not allowing users to delete their profile is not illegal as far as I can tell, it is essentially kidnapping of your data and your online identity. Even the much more casual apps like Tinder do not do what Match does. This hijacking mentality of Match disgusts me. UPDATE: Bumping from 1 to 3 stars as after contacting customer service, someone was able to delete my profile by hand. However, the process is still manual and in my case took approximately a week. It would be nice if this could be automated and users given the ability to do so themselves..Version: 20.10.00

Match? Just full of ScammersThis dating site is just ‘one Big Scam’! Plenty of likes from women Sydney! Maybe they consider its safer being so far away. The only messages come from people wanting email addresses, the rest don’t answer messages even though they did a ‘like’. Total B———t! Giving the idea of online dating away after this..Version: 20.05.00

Greedy, Uninspired ServiceDon’t use this service. It’s one of the most expensive out there, claiming to be one of the most sophisticated, “serious” dating apps when it’s really just run of the mill. You’re not gonna get any better matches than with other services; in fact, you might actually find yourself getting less compatible suggestions than you’re used to. Their algorithm is nothing special. And as you can read from some of the other reviews, this company wants an iron grip on your money. Refunds are a pain, they will very quickly refuse it outright, and if you are within the tiny grace period they allow, it will very likely still be a pain to get your money back. Customer service does not show an ounce of care or concern for your experience. Once they have your money, they couldn’t care less about what you have to say, and they’ll let you know it (in thinly veiled corporate diplomacy of course). Look elsewhere for your dating needs..Version: 20.17.00

Worst app on the planetIt’s a waste of money and time.Version: 20.19.00

RubbishI got a new phone, and was locked out for some reason. Paid for 3 months, and now 1 week into my subscription and 5 emails later for help, and got absolutely nothing. Not a single response.Version: 19.15.01

App Not WorkingAfter the update the app won’t work now with older phones..Version: 20.20.00

Scam billing. Read this review.This app Banks off the fact that you’ll subscribe thinking it’s a one month purchase. Here’s how their scam works. You join the site make a profile and all that. Then their dating app coach(a chat bot) messages you. You try to view messages, a pop up comes up. In order to message buy a subscription. You think the lowest tier subscription is a monthly thing, think you'll give it a shot, someone is messaging you why not. Press purchase and you get billed for six month straight. After charges and everything it’s around 140 bucks. They bank off the fact that people make that mistake and it’s definitely set up for people to make that mistake. Read small fine print on your phone. Anyways, in order for you to get a refund it can be tricky. It took me a week and several times on both ends of match and apple. In the end it’s apple costumer service that gives you the refund. It took three different agent until I got one that refunded me my money. You need to make sure and explain to them everything and that it’s not an in-app purchase, that it’s a subscription purchases. They have to refund your money. Either way, it’s a shady app for doing that and the developers know what they are doing. Don’t waste your time with shady business. I’m not the only one this has happened too..Version: 19.12.01

Complete fraud of an APPI get a stupid amounts of likes but no responses, it’s all just a fraud they all come back with other websites to ‘connect’ with them and they’re paying websites. I’m not here for that!!! Unfortunately the powers that be don’t give you an option to give a zero or minus and this needs to be rectified so APPS can be removed!!.Version: 20.19.00

Don't do it!!!I have not found one genuine real person using this App. I have cancelled my subscription and trying to see if Apple can help me with a refund and have the site brought down. The search function doesn't work I have had so many "so called Likes" from people way outside my age bracket.... I am chatting with some now who I knows lives in Ghana getting evidence for Apple... They are trying to convince me at the moment they live in Nth QLD.Version: 4.7.1

Materialistic appI’ve used many apps and most of them are full of bots , match is good in the sense that there are real people . My issue is that I am not rich or “successful” and just a person tired of being contacted by bots or scammers and match seems to control that . My issue is that they are not inviting to regular people who are looking for love and not just materialistic things. I am in between finances and it seems that only well off people use this app . I paid for 6 months and I see a buncha models looking for their lawyer or doctor person cuz they want financial freedom . It’s frustrating because everyone’s story is different but as a person who’s trying to look for a connection and not just appearances , you get overlooked . It saddens me that this is what we’ve come to. It’s a measuring contest of who has more to show than the next person . Ima let my 6 months run out and I’m done because it’s not about the inside , it’s about the outside and how much money you have in the bank. I’m disappointed. I wear my heart on my sleeve and use honesty but it’s not enough. But if you have money and are money bags you will find plenty of people willing to take your money . I would like for once to find a dating app that just deals with connection rather than “what can you provide for me financially” . It’s best for those who already have money and established , not so much for the underdogs with big hearts who just want a chance at love.Version: 21.06.00

Account disappeared hours after I paidI really wanted to love this app. I lost my husband to suicide and during this pandemic, I’ve been lonely due to social distancing. A friend recommended I try this to meet people. I immediately loved it, bought the premium membership and made a connection with someone. Hours later, my account was gone. I tried signing in on my app and on my laptop and it said my account had been blocked. There was no explanation or any way to fix it. From my understanding, I had followed all of the guidelines so, I was confused. I sent 4 messages, only received one response from someone that said my account hadn’t been blocked and to try changing my password instead. I did that and it said there was a problem with my account. It’s almost been a week and I haven’t gotten to talk to the man I connected with, probably looks like I ditched him. And now I’m out $88 and I haven’t gotten to use the app as a distraction like I had hoped over these last few days. I’m really disappointed..Version: 20.06.00

Rip offFirst of all the cost is too high. I thought maybe people would be more serious on match... so I signed up. I went to cancel my subscription right away and it gave me two cheaper options when doing so than I ever got signing up through the app so I feel ripped off. Not to mention you get very limited matches to swipe on. I have run out of matches the first day! If it doesn’t have matches it says to change your preferences which I did and still didn’t get anyone new. I was only able to send about 4 messages and no one replied. Which I wouldn’t find so frustrating if I had a larger pool of people to select from but I don’t so I’m paying $37 for no reason. It was a total waste and I’m very frustrated. I’m going back to okc because it is cheaper and more fluid. ALSO you don’t have the chance to choose from both woman and men what kind of world do you live in? This app is so outdated!.Version: 20.07.00

Money grabWow! Either my timing is just brutally awful or something fishy is up with this app. Had an account for probably about a year and would get emails frequently enough: “so and so likes you, see if it’s a Match!” Then you click on it and it is just a promotional tool to get subscriptions. But I was getting likes, profile views, and all with no effort at all! Then my mom talked me into subscribing and after resisting initially I decided to give it a try. 6 months, several messages sent, many read, zero replies- not even to say “get lost”, not a single like. So I got bored and decided I would not waste my time and money to renew. And thus the cycle of deception begins yet again. My first day of not being a subscriber resulted in me receiving an email that my profile got 11 views! Wow what a bummer, here it is only one day past my subscription and the action is heating up! Then my second day I get an email that someone likes me! Again, just a couple days too late sadly. But I knew this is how it would go. Not buying it Match. Nice try. I know you gotta make money and all, but c’mon..Version: 21.05.00

ARNAQUE ANGLOPHONETOUT EST EN ANGLAIS Une des pires applications de rencontre au Monde !!! Ne donner JAMAIS votre numéro de carte de crédit !!!.Version: 20.14.00

Privacy issueIndiscriminately uploaded random photos on iOS14.Version: 20.17.00

Mobile App functionally is awfulI don’t understand how the functionality for the mobile app could be so poorly designed and limited. The fact that Match will not differentiate between premium and non-paying users is a rip off because premium membership is required for users to read messages. Worse still, it took hours of trial and error, deleting the app and navigating thru my browser to see my sent messages - many of which are just sitting there (I guess time will tell if recipients are paid users, not interested, not checking, or whatever. Also, I did everything in my power to stop receiving push notifications by email and I am STILL getting them. Apparently not possible to turn off. It’s been about 12 hours and I want to cancel for a refund. I can’t move to a desktop to get the full use of this site- and shouldn’t have to premium prices. Maybe there’s a match somewhere on this site, but reaching them thru this app is in the too hard category..Version: 20.21.00

Worst dating app of allIt would be difficult to imagine a more misleading dating app. I continually received masses of fake likes while trialling the free version, presumably as an inducement to subscribe. Avoid this app..Version: 20.21.00

Why should I report an issue with Match: Dating & Relationships?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Match: Dating & Relationships to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Match: Dating & Relationships customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Match: Dating & Relationships.

Is Match: Dating & Relationships not working?

Match: Dating & Relationships works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Match: Dating & Relationships.

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