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CBS Sports App: Scores & News App User Positive Comments 2022

CBS Sports App: Scores & News app received 63 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cbs sports app: scores & news?

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CBS Sports App: Scores & News for Positive User Reviews

ReviewGreat website with up to date scores and stories!.Version: 11.6

AvailableAre you available in Canada????.Version: 11.17

UPDATE! BUGS CURRENTLY FIXED!UPDATE: The CBS Sports App is currently working great. Hope they got the bugs worked out. There’s a lot of moving parts to this app and right now they’re moving well! Highly recommended, AGAIN! Back to Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I always give credit when an App’s developer works to get things right. Please stay this way. OLDER REVIEWS *CURRENT REVIEW Crashing again. Takes forever to load. Slows down phone and other apps. I emailed their support about this issue. Last time it worked. So far nothing yet. Best Sports app for scores when it works. *REVIEW AFTER FIRST ISSUE FIXED This is actually a 5 star app. Right now there is a major issue, especially in the NFL week by week scores. UPDATE: Great work by the CBS Sports App team. There was an issue for a short period of time and it had been fixed. STILL THE BEST SPORTS APP!.Version: 10.8.12

App IssueI have been trying to live audio stream to The Jim Rome Show on the CBS Sports Radio function through the app. Lately, more often than not, when I attempt to do this the app doesn’t function properly. There will be no playback at all or it will play for a few minutes before the app completely closes itself out. It may not mean much but you are losing a daily consumer of this product until the issue is resolved..Version: 10.94

What happened to being easily able to see games stats?CBS Sports has been my go to application for scores for several years. The ability to easily see scores from multiple games at a time in a grid format is great. And the detail in each game was easy to navigate as well. But with the latest version all I can see our tweets not the ongoing games stats? What’s up with that? I personally don’t care about clever tweets but would rather have the data easily available. I’ll be exploring other apps for a while to see if I can find one I like better..Version: 10.8.1

Awesome appGreat app. All major US sports updated within seconds of the live action..Version: 6.6

CoolGreat for following live scores..Version: 5.5.2

CBS SportsLove the app, it’s so amazing.Version: 10.5.5

WinnerBrilliant app. Score refresh is great. As close to live as you'll get..Version: 8.7

Dark mode is looking great!Nice job, team..Version: 10.18.1

Radio stations I enjoy how t Sports keep up the great work and happy holidaysBefore the update this app was 100% awesome I was able to listen to the radio I was able to navigate through the system with no problems stay up-to-date with my local favorite teams now to take it to updates it looks more colorful that’s nice but they took away the radio part so now I have to find another way to listen to the CBS Sports radio like theJim Rome show and there’s another show Amy Lawrence .Now I have to find a different way to listen to them I hope when I do another update on this app they were add back the radio portion I reached out to customer service last week but still no response I will keep my fingers crossed..Version: 11.9

11.0 is a step back.I echo wllmh25 comments in their entirety. And I am very disappointed in the response. Fortunately, with a couple of clicks you can get back to the individual sports similar to what it used to be. This has been my go to sports app for years. And for my buddies as well. But 11.0 disappoints us all. My sports are golf and college fb and mbb. I don’t know when it happened, but the golf player details are abbreviated even more. We miss the college and hometown info for each player. Why was it dropped. I know others are now likely looking for a new go to app. If you find one I hope you will post it. I’m going to watch the reviews for a better go to app recommendation. The Score comes close as it has score history and better golf bios and you can look at individual sports..Version: 11.0.1

A VERY HANDY SPORTS APP! LOVE IT!The CBS SPORTS app is a very handy app to have and use as a sports fan. I like when this app covers ALL major sports. I like when I am able to check on scores of football, basketball, baseball and other sports. I also like when the app has a news feature to keep me posted of news which pop up around the sports world. The CBS SPORTS app is my all-in-one sports app that I have enjoyed so far and I have it on all of my devices. I plan to keep and use this app for a very long time. I recommend this app to other sports fanatics out there. Thank you, CBS, for your awesome app!.Version: 10.98

So GOODIt is so good. It is free and it shows everything about the games and the team. Also there are so many leagues to look through..Version: 11.13.1

Please Add Favorite Team PrioritizationIt’s really more like 4.5 stars. The app is perfect in pretty much everything, and it’s exactly what I was looking for, it has almost everything. However, there’s one great addition to make: those who have two teams as favorites in the same league (NFL, MLB, etc.) should be able to prioritize which one shows up first on the scores screen and on the widgets for the iPhone home screen. With that one extra detail the app would be essentially perfect. Thanks..Version: 10.7.5

Brilliant UIWhoever designed this app should be given a raise. There are so many other sports score apps out there that make it difficult to navigate, hide the scores, or sort the teams/leagues in an order that just don’t make sense, but CBS Sports does all of this well. You set your favorite teams and leagues, and that’s it. If you want news and highlights, they are there, but they don’t take precedence over being able to see the scores themselves and what’s coming (*cough* ESPN *cough*).Version: 11.17

AmazingHighly recommend this app.Version: 11.15

Awesome appI love the notifications on scores. Don't have to jump on the net for ten minutes just for an update..Version: 5.5.2

AWESOMEEasy to use, easy to find whatever you want. Very accurate. So much fun, I think everybody would enjoy this app, any age..Version: 10.98

Awesome AppHas everything you need and more when you want to keep in touch with all sports. Great job.Version: 7.9.1

Stop hiding information in small blue printThe small blue print your programmers use is not readable to those of us with low vision , even with glasses. There are many of us that must use a strong magnifying glass to read it. Give us a break and improve your fonts and colors so people with low vision can read the team records, etc. without hunting the 6 power magnifier. Please. Old an nearly blind people like to keep up with sports also!.Version: 10.93

The Only Sports App You NeedEasy to use, nice looking app..Version: 10.20

Room for improvementSpelling and grammar mistakes found frequently.Version: 10.94

Thank You For Always Being ThereIt’s always a pleasure to scan the courage provided by CBS Sports. Each topic or subject selected provides insightful information while still feeding the need to attract and entertain its audience with the important facts. I prefer going to CBS first because of the quality and balance it provides. CBS Sports reporting has established the standards for others to follow. Being loud or flashy doesn’t make the story, the facts do..Version: 11.0.1

EnjoymentBring a former elite basketball player who is now too old to play, I really enjoy the NBA and College Games Arnold Unger.Version: 11.18

Best Sports Results AppI love this app. Excellent features, great detail and easy to use..Version: 6.2

Great appQuick live updates on all the US sports mainly. A must if you follow the American sports..Version: 7.1

The Great AppThis awesome apps lets me set my favorite sports so when I open the app, My teams' scores are right in front of my eyes. I don't have to Google them. Plus there is videos, standings, scores and highlights from the things I want. The video gives me a recap of the game, and the rest do the same. I use it always to check the scores. The only thing I would like is for the golfers to be in the My Teams. Overall, Cbs has created an excellent app that couldn't be better!.Version: 10.7

Nhl standingThanks for updating the nhl standings looks great would be nice if you could add an OVERALL standings option but still a great improvement.Version: 11.0.1

I love to see all my favorite teams play especially the Golden State Warriors.To be able to keep up with the different teams that I love in the competition against the Warriors and to know when they are playing is a blessing for me. I am sometimes challenged by what channel on DirecTV the game will be on and sometimes get Miss information on the time the game begins. Over all, to hear the news of the players on the team and what is happening with so many teams it is quite the blessing to stay on top of all the many teams and players that I so appreciate and admire. Thank you and God bless you!.Version: 10.5.4

Apple ruined this app, it won’t open or update without WiFiApple ruined this app for me. It won’t allow the app to open or update without WiFi. I can’t open the app because I don’t have WiFi, yet I have unlimited data that Apple won’t allow me to use. The restrictive nature of Apple is getting really annoying, let me update the app on my cellular data. What’s the point of having unlimited data if Apple won’t let me use it. Apple thinks it knows better than I do for using my data. Someone send my comment to Apple management & fix this issue already..Version: 10.8.4

Football pick’emGood app.Version: 11.7.1

Great app but…This is the best sports app available and the articles are great but I do not receive notifications at times and am wondering if that’s just me or what.Version: 11.9

Bracket problemsI don’t like the changes this year. I’m a manager and I couldn’t find access to information before the brackets locked. It was hard for some of my members to log in and I couldn’t help. It wasn’t clear how you could use the sample brackets. Once the brackets locked I couldn’t make changes for players as I could in the past. I sent a question to the help desk and never got a response other than an acknowledgment of receipt. I didn’t like the ways the brackets displayed. I like seeing the whole bracket at once. The having to click multiple times on regions was just annoying and made the tournament seem fractured. Ii made it hard to keep track of how teams were doing. I didn’t like the check and the “x”, you had to keep digging to find the team names. I didn’t like that you could submit your bracket without completing it. I had a couple of players who didn’t realize they hadn’t completed there brackets. I didn’t like the new version at all..Version: 11.1.1

Excellent app for LIVE coverage and scoresI’ve used this app for a few years now especially during the March Madness Men’s Basketball Tournament. It has been a great app for catching LIVE coverage of top games across the country. It keeps up with real time coverage, no issues with video delays. My cable went out recently during the Purdue/Virginia men’s basketball game and I went directly to the CBS Sports app to finish watching the game. Plus it’s convenient for checking scores and tv lineup broadcast times. I do use competitive sports apps also but no LIVE coverage is available with those apps..Version: 10.10

CBS Sports AppVersatility, exceptional Navigation and logic algorithms impress me daily. Access to pre game / in game / post game info are well done! MLB, NCAA Football / Basketball and NFL data are my favorite sports. Even NBA stats and scores are insightful during those few contest that catch my attention. I always recommend this App to anyone with an interest in Sports. CBS should build a political app with STATS, scores and bios for the morons we elect to serve the people! THAT would be a great contribution to society. Imagine: voting record… attendance … political points attempted vs made… promises made vs kept… SPENDING… Taxation - Defense of the peoples money…. MEDIA FACTS… well… here CBS might have a problem being objective… still… worthy of a considerable look! Thanks for the SPORTS APP CBS… Love it!! O Shoe (world traveler, GA boy living in SoCal).Version: 11.17

Very Good Sports AppThis app is fun to use for scores and news surrounding your favorite sports. Just like FOX, everything is at your fingertips and has a clean design. With ESPN’s app, you have to dig around to find what you’re looking for on that bug filled app but not with this app. Plus CBS Sports HQ is awesome and informative. A couple of things I’d like to suggest is have a leaderboard for NASCAR races along with IndyCar and Formula 1 in the score tab and for NCAA hockey and softball. Other than that this app is fun to use 🏁🏒⚽️🥎🏈 Update on my review I still enjoy the app but wish there was softball, NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula 1 in the scores tab. I think this app would be cool with a live NASCAR leaderboard Another update; I’m loving the new update for all things soccer! Way more detailed than before, this app is my next source for MLS and Premier League! ⚽️.Version: 11.14

Love itAwesome app.Version: 11.8

Solid.But it would be better if it had easier to find links to the top soccer leagues for at least Europe & ideally world wide..Version: 11.8

AnthonyAnd.Version: 11.12

NFL always one week behindWhen I open the NFL scores on gameday, it shows last week scores (Eg If week 8 games are happening right now it shows week 7) so every time I have to press advance week ... gets annoying when I’m having to do it constantly checking the scores.Version: 10.20

WHY ARE THE SCOREBOARDS SMALLER IN SIZE??!!!Yet again, making changes just for the sake of it...with NO REAL PURPOSE! So you made the scoreboards smaller?! Why would you do that? IT MAKES NO SENSE!! If something works, why mess with it? If it’s good the way it is, THEN LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! When you make changes just because you feel the need to make an update, you can really screw things up. The scoreboards looked great the way they were! Whose DUMB idea was it to use smaller font? Why would I want to look at a smaller scoreboard. This change was idiotic! CHANGE IT BACK! It looks ridiculous now..Version: 10.9

MLB alerts arriving lateI really enjoy the app, though some features are confusing, such as setting up favorites and seeing the scores for those teams. Baseball season is underway, but game alerts are arriving very late. Currently watching Orioles/Twins game in the top of the third inning and just received the alert that the game was starting, though Twins are leading 6-0. Last night, hours after the game ended, received the notification that the game ended. This seems to be limited to MLB, as Final Four, NHL, and NBA alerts arrive timely, though sometimes duplicate notifications are received. My app and iOS are up-to-date on an iPad less than six months old..Version: 10.7

Best oneFinally found my sports app! Its perfect.Version: 10.98

Too slowI’ve been using CBS sports for the past few years. It’s good other than one thing. When a game is over I immediately want to check the standing to see how the game effected them. It can sometime take hours for standings to get updated after a game is played. Also when the new rankings come out for college sports CBS again is slow on the draw. It’s sad because the graphics for viewing are so much easier in the app but I am often forced to read an article from another source because the app is too slow..Version: 10.22

The bestCBSsports has THE best sports app going I’ve had it for years and years I don’t use any other sports app and that is no bull!!!.Version: 10.95

My Comment From Canada!Greetings from Canada! Love the in depth analysis for different sports and the quick updates on scores! Keep up the good work!.Version: 11.18

Perfect siteI love this app shows me exactly what I want see with options for more details.Version: 11.9

Best sports score appThis is the best app to keep track of any sports scores + your fav teams results! Impressive!.Version: 9.2

FunI play with girls and it is a lot of fun but I miss when you had the predictions by think they were commentators/ pros. Suppose to be girls picking but some have there husbands lol. Oh well still a fun app..Version: 11.7.1

GreatThe best sports app for scores, stats, standings and quick news, and following your teams. Only app better than it for articles is B/R, while it's way better than ESPN Sports Center and even The Score, which is a good application!.Version: 7.1

DSUsing this for very long time it's very good.Version: 10.0.6

AmazingI use this app everyday and it is so great! I’ve never had any issues before. Great job! :).Version: 11.13

NCAA Women’s Basketball coverage is a jokeDear CBS Sports, Can you please join the 21st Century and recognize that Women’s sports are as interesting, if not more so, than Men’s sports? We follow our Alma Mater, the University of Arizona, for Football and Men’s Basketball. Our Women’s team is doing great things this year and we want to be more informed of what they are doing. Unfortunately, when you open Women’s Basketball, the app still shows the tournament schedule from last March. You can’t make a team a favorite, and it’s nearly impossible to find schedules or news articles. How about you start providing equitable coverage so all our college athletes can get the coverage they deserve?.Version: 11.9

Great coverageBravo.Version: 11.17

ReviewGreat app for all sports!!.Version: 9.2.1

JBest news j gotten today, Tiger Woods announcing he will play the Masters'..Version: 8.2.2

Cover3 pod is the 🐐This 5* review is genuine because I would almost never compliment a Tar Heel product, Chip. My school(NC State if you couldn’t guess) is overlooked sometimes when it comes to the “QBU” and “D-LineU”(which is a stretch) discussion for schools that put players in the Pros, while blue bloods like USC and Texas are always in the discussion without producing very much recent talent. My question is, what other under-the-radar schools should be included in the “position-U” discussions but are left out for more popular and less deserving schools?.Version: 11.0.1

Australian userLove it excellent for sport - excellent app - the very best in the world for USA Sport Keep up the great work !!!.Version: 10.20

Quite nice appI was sick of the ESPN app logging me out or being buggy and checked out a few alternatives. So far, I really like the no-nonsense display of scores and customization for the order of leagues and teams. With MLB, NWSL (few others have it or have it updated), and NBA covered, the only league missing for me is the WNBA, which seems like it should be the added since games are carried on CBS Sports Network. Any chance this can be added to a future update? Update (7/23): They added WNBA support and the app continues to be really good. I've added a star because I have no complaints..Version: 11.6

Michael Jackson @ FayettevilleI've backed off of watching & using ESPN's app & networks bc I'm not a Racist & never been! It was hard explaining to a 10 yr old what a racist was when he loved so many Black Athletes & wore their Jersey & shoes! See ESPN was pushing the racist crap as if all whites were racist & I was raised by a father that loved sports & the fact that black athletes worked hard to be good at sports, he never saw racism on the field or court if he did he'd let you know! I have so many Black friends from play sports but ESPN forced me to find another place to get my information! I glad bc CBS is so much better more details even better streaming!.Version: 11.7

Useful AppThe design is different but overall good. More columnist pieces would be good and link to CBS radio also ( if they have one ). Great to follow NFL live..Version: 5.5

Great AppIf you want or need quick access to scores or schedules. This app is great. Keeps track of your favourite teams always at the top. No scrolling needed. This is my go-to sports app..Version: 10.95

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