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NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku app received 100 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku? Can you share your negative thoughts about nyt games: word games & sudoku?

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NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku for Negative User Reviews

SB progress erasedThere’s a major bug where my progress on the Spelling Bee keeps getting erased when I exit the app. This is super frustrating, since I pay for the app specifically to play Spelling Bee..Version: 4.46

Unfair and illogical subscription policyThe app and the puzzles are awesome, but fair warning about the subscription policy. If you subscribe but don't do all the puzzles that are released during your subscription period, and then unsubscribe or don't renew, then you would think the app would still give you access to all the puzzles from during the period your subscription was active. That just seems fair and logical, since if you subscribed to the physical NYT for only a year or whatever, you could do the puzzles at whatever point you felt like it. However, it doesn't work this way. If you miss the puzzles, you're out of luck once your subscription runs out, even if you paid for a whole year and only did a few puzzles. In other words, the only way to get your entire money's worth is to do an average of one puzzle every single day for the entirety of your subscription period. This may seem fine for some people, but for those of us who want to just do the puzzles at leisure, just whenever we have time for them, a subscription is a terrible way to go..Version: 3.0.1

Doesn’t save progress!Spelling bee constantly fails to save progress. Edit: changing my score to 1 out of 5, because wordle is not saving my stats. I had two 2s, then all of a sudden today I have one 2. Also my streak was ruined, even though I did it every day? Broken app, not worth paying for..Version: 4.61.0

Pay for the subscription but paid content still not available to meI pay for the subscription but most of the time when I open the app I can’t access the paid content. Have screenshots any everything. It’s ridiculous. How do I get my money refunded?.Version: 4.30

Great range of puzzles but flawedGreat range of puzzles, different skill levels but some have major errors that make them impossible to finish..Version: 2.18

New monetisation ruined a great appInstead of coming up with new and interesting things to incentivise people to subscribe, NYT has in their infinite wisdom decided to lock down 95% of the previous content behind a subscription. I can’t imagine how they felt this would go over with people, but this is what they have chosen to do and I’m sure some consultant got paid a lot to tell them to shoot themselves in the foot. On an unrelated note, NYT please contact me, I have an Eiffel Tower shaped investment to sell you.Version: 4.62.0

App is fine, variety and acrostics will be gone soon, thoughI’ve been a subscriber for years, and loved the crosswords, but over time I started getting bored of them and liking the weekly acrostic and occasional cryptic and diagramless crosswords that I could play on the NYT website with my Crossword subscription even better. They and the Spelling Bee became a bigger draw for me than the daily crossword. But I just saw that they are going to disappear on March 1. Those puzzles are going to be exclusively on print now. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. The wobbly support (if you look at the reviews here, they have replied to one review and it’s for the wrong one!?) took one star away from the rating, and for taking away my favorite games just like that, that’s another star off. Maybe I’ll do some shopping around..Version: 4.42

Why a separate app?Why have to apps ? These games are already in the NYTIMES app. Why make a senate app ? Please make it easier to login with additional login password - iCloud chain and password managers so I don’t have to type. And FaceId login option. I hate to type manually everything every time it’s a pain. Please fully integrate DARK MODE SETTINGS .. it’s harsh o the eyes when I play and it’s inconsistent with the iOS settings makes it uncomfortable..Version: 4.44.4

Love it but where are the other puzzles?I really enjoy playing the games offered by the NYT. However, the app is lacking some games the website has: Digits and Connections. I understand these are beta right now but I always have to go on the NYTG app, play the Crossword etc, then I have to go to the website to play those ones. Please add these games to the app!.Version: 4.51.0

One of my favourites.. and then Heartbreak 💔So, yes, there is a paywall (which is to be expected, you have to click through an ad to access Wordle now that NYT owns it..) that’s just the reality of our world presently.. lame.. Anyway! Pro-tip: play the ‘free’ crossword from each and every pack! It will take you a good chunk of time, as it did me! And when, after much consideration, I decided to finally, PAINFULLY, pay for a subscription.. I come to discover you still have to pay for said ‘packs’!! [pause for that shock to set in] Sure, your subscription gives you access to the archives which is fine and dandy but an all access subscription price NEEDS to include the packs. Period. It was toted as being All-Access! I’m absolutely devastated because I truly do enjoy the app, and would’ve continued to (begrudgingly) pay a subscription, but I’m so outright offended that I’m going to be smearing the NYT’s good name all over my town of 1500 people. (I am responsible for AT LEAST 4 additional app downloads because I am a crossword-and-luncher in my staff room). And the mega-conglomerate will lose out on my hard earned (I’m a teacher.. so when I say ‘hard earned’ I mean: kids-sneeze-in-my-face-while-I-try-to-maintain-sanity earned) dollars, (of which, I’m sure, will cause them significant financial harship). NYT will rue the day they kept things behind a paywall for their subscribers! Boo to you NYT! Boo! To! You! 👎🏻👎🏻 TLDR: NYT keeps packs behind a paywall, even for paying subscribers. That’s gross 👎🏻 But if that wasn’t the case 5/5 great app..Version: 4.62.0

Spelling Bee issueI play the Crossword a few times a week but mostly use the app for Spelling Bee, which I try to play every day. Overall it’s great, but I’ve noticed an issue where I’ll check answers the following day to find a word (or words) included among them that I know I tried the previous day and wasn’t given points for because it was “Not in word list.” For example, I tried to enter “woody” several times on the April 12, 2021 game but it told me it wasn’t on the list. This was odd because woody means covered in trees, but I just figured the game thought it was a proper pronoun and wouldn’t accept it. Fine. The next day it showed up among the game’s answer list. I’m guessing either answers are added throughout the day as the editor gets emails from players, or that the editor accidentally adds a space after a word when inputting the answers, or something, but either way, it’s frustrating to encounter at least once a week..Version: 4.14

Why no universal dark mode?The new update to the main game index page is great, but why is there still no consistent option for dark mode across all games?? Some have it, some don’t, and there is no universal settings menu for the app to change them all at once. Please fix this!.Version: 4.59.0

Recent change?I’ve been an addict of the daily crossword for years but lately the clues have become very obscure. As a non American I have to work around the cultural references but that was part of the fun. In the last few weeks I have been left dumbfounded, for the first time ever. Maybe there’s a new quiz person but something seems amiss, and not in a good way..Version: 2.19

Great puzzles, mediocre appI’ve been subscribed to the NYT crossword for several years now and the app experience has barely changed. Given the amount of available data, there’s a huge opportunity for interesting player stats but there’s nearly nothing available - no way to track your improvement over time, no way to access any trends, no access to comparative data older than the last week, etc. The biggest issue for me is the homepage: a full row advertising “other games” that is just one other game (spelling bee, which i’m not interested in but can’t dismiss), THREE different links to the same “archives” page (four if you count the one in the menu) but no list of all the puzzles you’ve worked on (so: good luck finding one you’ve not finished if you’ve been picking from the archives and are mysteriously stuck at 99.9 completion percentage- you’ll have to just page back, one month at a time for multiple years), leaderboards that are only applicable for the mini, and of course, plentiful in-app purchase opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, I love the crossword, but the app feels essentially like abandonware..Version: 4.28

Frustrating - good quality but…The best puzzle available in this set is Spelling Bee but you only get one a day, with no access to past puzzles- even ones you might not have quite finished the day before. Crosswords are good but for non-USA people there are unanswerable clues. They also sometimes include the annoying rebus which allows for more than one letter per square. To me- that’s lazy puzzle building and ruins the symmetry of the crossword..Version: 4.31

Poor valueCrosswords are good but the subscription cost is way way too high. Considering the huge annual cost, the extra packs should really come for free. Improvements that users are desperate for never come. Still no leaderboards for the main crossword, wordle, etc. Games like Vertex still not embedded or even linked from the app. Still no link to the connection companion blog from the app, plus the blog gets posted 14+ hours after after connections comes out and I’ve forgotten about it..Version: 4.67.0

Terrible ui updateThe worst part is the motion in transitioning from choosing a crossword to the game.Version: 4.58.1

Unusable on iPadKeyboard is zoomed in to a few letters. I have not changed any setting to do this. I reported this bug months ago and was forced to use the web browser. What is the point of having the app? It also does have the majority of the games on offer so again, why have the app when you need to use an internet browser for many of the offerings anyway?.Version: 4.43

Too AmericanisedOkay I understand it’s New York Times but there’s questions/answers on this app no one outside of America would know it’s really annoying having crosswords ruined by really obscure Americanised things.Version: 4.61.2

Don’t bother if you care about tracking your progressThis app is fine, until you want it to reliably track your progress. A couple of years ago, the clock froze while I was solving a puzzle, meaning that my record for a Tuesday is under two minutes. Thus, I never really know if I’ve managed to break a PR on Tuesdays. Multiple emails to NYT XWords went unanswered as I tried to figure out if there was a way to erase the bad data point. Then today, I open the app as usual. I am informed that my “trial subscription” is over (I have a fully paid subscription that renewed months ago). Meanwhile, it has erased the last several days of puzzles that I solved, meaning that my solving streak of almost 250 days is now broken thanks to the glitch brought about by the incompetence of the app developers. So if you just want to solve puzzles on occasion, go for it. If you actually want an app that doesn’t routinely wipe out your data, keep on looking..Version: 4.14

So buggy, rarely works at allLove the games, the app itself is horrible. It rarely loads a new day, I have to close it several times and then go to the archives to get new puzzles. Often freezes. Recently wouldn’t work at all so I deleted and redownloaded it and now (even though I am logged in) it’s lost a bunch of my progress and won’t let me access the subscription-only content, even though I have a subscription. Honestly going to give up and cancel. I’m on a recent v16 iOS, don’t think there’s any other workarounds I could try to make it work at this point..Version: 4.48

Crash crash crashThis version just keeps on crashing unfortunately. 2 minutes play time max..Version: 4.66.0

UI needs workWordle has a dark theme, Spelling Bee has a light theme, Crosswords can be either but doesn’t follow the system setting… it’s just a mess. All puzzles and menu screens should be updated to follow the system light/dark theme.Version: 4.51.0

Technically good, but some weirdness and lack of quality.The word list for the spelling bee is unusual. It excludes quite a few words that are relatively well known. I am not a fan of the crossword. Most of the clues lack the spark of genius that is the trademark of a great crossword setter. To fit the puzzle, the setter resorts to people’s names and even stoops to using acronyms which suggests that easy ways out are being adopted. This review is written by someone raised in the UK so it’s possible that my expectations are different to those of someone from the USA. On the other hand the technical aspects of the on-line games work well..Version: 4.48

Frustrating/glitchy at timesPlayed several games of Sudoku now where the answer is incorrect, eg I have successfully completed a cell but it contradicts another cell, and when I check cell, it says that the correct cell value is incorrect; ie you need 2x 9s in the same column for example. Otherwise it’s a really great app, but incredibly frustrating to commit time to a game to not actually be able to finish it..Version: 4.61.2

Show the iPad some love!Preface: I’ve been using the NYT crossword app (and have been a loyal subscriber) for years. I’ve given the iPad version a pass for too long now. We’ve had iPads of different sizes and resolutions for years now, why have the developers of this app neglected making any kind of updates that would keep graphics crisp and appropriately sized regardless of whether you’re using a 9.7”, 11” or 12.9” device? Properly implementing Apple’s frameworks wouldn’t just make for a better visual experience, it would allow for split-screen and slide-over multitasking. Why not show external keyboards some love? Maybe the release of the Magic Keyboard will spark a rethink at the NYT - but for years we’ve endured the app’s onscreen keyboard taking up half the available screen even when a physical one is connected. And about those keyboards: why do I have to wait a second or two between key-presses of the same letter in order for them to be properly represented? Try typing the word “between” or “presses” in the Crossword app without pulling your hair out. I dare you. I’m begging you: please give us proper external keyboard support!!! This kind of stuff is easy to overlook for a free application, but for one that I pay a not-insignificant sum for each and every year, I expect better..Version: 3.6

Was 5/5 as a crossword app, issues with other games bring it downIt feels that the implementation of the other games to make it “NYT Games” was rushed or something, especially the Sudoku. Biggest grievance is that the “tada” for completion is apparently a song and takes over Now Playing (so this makes it a right pain for audio over Bluetooth acting seemlessly restarting what you were listening to in other apps). But, the lack of undo and proximity of auto fill to the numbers buttons (making mistaken taps too easy) is also problematic and frustrating for puzzle solving..Version: 4.46

Leaderboard doesn't update without logging out/in each dayFor the last month or two the leaderboard hasn't updated to show my or others' scores without me logging out and back in again. My friends are experiencing the same issue (using iphone)..Version: 4.32

Stupid Hints, Stupid AnswersI went in with high hopes for a relaxing and challenging game but was quickly and immediately disappointed. the hints to the puzzles were so bad and the answers were even worse. The hints were barely hints at all and trying to find meaning in them was a riddle in and of itself. the answers were sometimes not even one word and it was impossible to tell if it was supposed to be one or two words because THERE WERE NO SPACES. to give you an example of an immensely disappointing one: A five letter word, hint: “Later!” not only does the clue give you no hint what so ever but the answer was “Imoff”. no space. I cant believe this is associated with an actual news paper. this was so disappointing. also just a heads up to whoever makes these but for people that actually text since the editors were obviously born in the 18th century, nbd stands for “no big deal” not “Don't worry about it”, that is abbreviated as dw. Maybe this was just targeted at a different demographic but this miss the mark big time and was amazingly frustrating, I would recommend it to nobody.Version: 4.28

Missing other gamesI appreciate that the app is for word games, but it’s a real shame that the other NYT games aren’t accessible through this app. I’m unsure why letterboxed hasn’t made it onto the app, as that is a word game too. I enjoy the other games (vertex, tiles, letterboxed, sudoku) and would like to access them along with the crossword, mini, spelling bee and wordl. There is an option for dark mode, but this only applies to the actual game screen, not the menus or home page, which is a shame. Otherwise, this is a nice app, easy to use and a great couple of games to keep the mind ticking over..Version: 4.40

Not goodCrashes a lot, stats don’t work, and despite a significant subscription fee it still charges you for more than the basics. Doesn’t have access to anything more than the crossword and spelling bee either. There’s more than this for free on their website..Version: 4.34

Add games in Spanish pleaseI like the games and variety but it could be better if games in Spanish were also added.Version: 4.41

Good crossword app, but now adding in advertsThe crossword part of the app works great and there have been recent improvements to the spelling bee, but an update has added an advert to the bottom of the spelling bee that has to be closed every time you visit the app even though I pad for a subscription.Version: 4.32

Ok with some issues.The app is good a lot of the time, but recently it says I’m not subscribed and won’t let me do anything even though I’ve paid for the year. I have tried restoring purchases but it fails so I can’t use it as I’ve paid for it which is quite annoying..Version: 4.22.1

Great App, but doesn’t work properlyI was thoroughly enjoying this, until the latest update. Since then ‘Connections’ won’t load. It used to one of my favourites..Version: 4.64.0

Laggy and keyboard has registers touch wrongWhen I open the app I always get an error that the crosswords can’t load for the day. I force quit a few times and it finally works. The keyboard is also so annoyingly just a touch off, so I constantly type “m” instead of backspace or just can’t get the keyboard to click the right letters. Please fix the keyboard!!!!.Version: 4.44.4

Game tab redesign is worseEverything's huge, overall less info visible without scrolling both vertically and horizontally, can't see status of previous puzzles solved. Black text on some of the coloured backgrounds is hard to read/probably not accessibility compliant..Version: 4.66.0

Good but needs workStill no alignment with native dark mode, is one example of where the app falls short..Version: 4.48

Issues with leaderboardLove the mini daily etc but leaderboard won’t let me add any friends which is very annoying. If this updates, 5stars..Version: 4.28

Move the purple bandCan you move the purple band somewhere away from the keyboard (on an iPhone) - i keep accidentally tapping it while using the top row on the keyboard, which makes the clue flip directions mid-typing. Might not be a problem on the ipad with a bigger keyboard but it’s so annoying on the iPhone..Version: 4.17

Daily mini won’t open since new updateDaily mini hasn’t opened for a few weeks now since I installed the new update. Please please fix 😩.Version: 4.50

Needs the full game setMany of us would’ve come to NYT Games via Wordle. I’m now a paid subscriber. When I saw there was an app I happily downloaded it and shut my Wordle browser screen thinking I’d play my daily puzzles (that and Spelling Bee and others) in the app. NOPE - only crossword and mini and spelling bee, none of the others at all in the Games subscription. And annoyingly, I had to delete the app in order to log in to the Games page in a new browser window otherwise I would have lost all my Wordle stats. Shortest-lived app on my phone. Just bring in all the games to the app! It’s like you don’t want people to play the other games, just the crossword!.Version: 4.35

Well worth the introductory 20 dollarsGreat archive available of crosswords if you are a fan and the other games are excellent but available for free. The nyt articles are USA centric (as one might expect) and the athletic is still very solid. Having said that the regular annual price is exorbitant and I wouldn’t continue my subscription at that price point.Version: 4.52.0

Pointless update made the app far less usableThe latest visual update to this Games app has made it far, far worse than the older and more barebones previous version. Larger tiles that take up too much room, useless white space, no ability to reorder the game tiles to have the ones I actually care about at the top. Why has this been made so difficult to use? A massive step back in every way, I throughly recommend dodging the app until they make serious improvements as it’s just garbage now..Version: 4.65.2

Good puzzles and app, subscription terms are a bold-faced lieI bought a subscription for the puzzles in the app, under the impression that the subscription works on the website as well for use on my MacBook. Where did I get that impression? Directly on the sign-up page in the app, where it states that this is possible. There is even a step-by-step guide on the NYT website on how to access your iTunes subscription by linking your account. When I did this, however, I discovered that it does not transfer any information at all to the web. I talked to a NYT customer service rep and was told that this is not possible, and the website just hasn’t been “updated” to remove the false information. So you pay 4 cents more a month for the iTunes subscription to get LESS access across your devices, and when you ask NYT about it, they tell you that it was never possible and claim that it’s Apple’s fault that the instructions it provides on its website are completely false. Needless to say, I will be getting a refund on my subscription and I doubt I will ever give it any more time or money. A real shame, as I love the daily puzzles and think the app has one of the better faces among the many crossword apps available. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE WITHIN THE APP IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS ON OTHER DEVICES..Version: 4.10

Used to love it..Support the demonization and endangering lives of trans people, especially children isn’t worth the crosswords...Version: 4.44

Be alert!My credit card was scammed after purchasing this app. My credit card company said the disputed transactions were link to purchasing this subscription and that is when the hackers got my number. Be careful out there..Version: 4.51.1

Good content, poor appHaving had the app for several years it is astonishing how bad the build quality of the app is. There have been episodes of words disappearing, puzzles showing as incomplete and then later showing up as done, cursors not moving to the letter pointed to but the beginning of the word. It seems like a rushed build. There are no issues on the content which by getting harder throughout the week provides a nice range of difficulty and challenge of deduction on themes (especially Thursdays)..Version: 2.19

Spelling bee issuesNot only does the app crash every time you open it (not a huge deal) but the stats don’t save. Most days they are completely wiped, it doesn’t feel worth doing.Version: 4.35

Screen sharing on new iPad isn’t functionalOn an over iPad model, when screen sharing the clues are a legible size for the person without the iPad to read. I just upgraded to the new iPad Air, and when screen sharing the font on the clues is minuscule. Enlarging the text only effects the text on the iPad not the screen sharing. It is super annoying..Version: 4.6

Fun but could use a feature or twoSupport for local time zones would be a plus. The app is stuck in USA time despite being available in other regions. Dark mode would be a great addition, especially for us late night puzzlers..Version: 4.29

BuggyThe app has gotten increasingly buggy - daily mini not being available despite it being released and the wordle being glitchy and not allowing access. Please fix..Version: 4.53.0

$$I only downloaded this (again) because there was no "in app purchases" disclaimer. Turns out it's only a one week trial before you need to subscribe. DELETE..Version: 2.19

Love the games BUT…Love the games and the NYT but every time I close the app it says I am no longer subscribed (I am a subscriber to the NYT).Version: 4.59.0

Too many American idiomsYep.Version: 4.26.1

Good, could be greatI enjoy what’s offered on the app but (1) some of the clues are very American culture rooted and it becomes a little frustrating on an international app (2) I would love some number based problems and challenges to go along with the word based ones.Version: 4.39

Advertising in a paid subscription app.The app has recently added a advertisement bar at the bottom of the screen in the spelling bee game. It’s annoying, unnecessary, and it’s a betrayal from an application to which I pay a fee every month to use without the scourge of advertisements. The spelling bee game has now been ruined for me. I pay for apps so that I don’t have to deal with advertisements. Everytime I launch it now I have to tolerate its presence. To me, one of the appeals of this app has been the clean, serene, some would say stark, interface. This has now been tainted by this rude, greedy addition. There is a button to make the ad “go away”, but it doesn’t work properly. When I finally get so next-level annoyed by it that I deign to press the little “x” to disappear the ad, it registers as a positive selection and brings me to a full-screen ad asking me to buy the app for someone else. Boom, there goes my concentration. No. My patience is wearing thin. It’s just a matter of time before ads are expanded to the crossword page as well, so don’t think that if you don’t play the spelling bee game you wont be affected by this. Get rid of it before I just cancel my subscription and be done with it. There are a thousand other word games just waiting to be downloaded to my phone. This one is now in my suspect queue on the road to cancellation..Version: 4.34

Keeps CrashingUsually a great but horribly overpriced app. However now the color scheme keeps changing and the app crashes frequently on iPhone 6 on both iOS 10 & 11.Version: 2.8.5

Good Interface but missing VertexI subscribed mainly because I love Vertex and you can only play with a subscription but it isn’t on the app. It seems to be the only game not on the app..Version: 4.56.0

“Puzzled aren’t loading”Get this issue daily Takes about 5 minutes to log in.Version: 4.41

You get 1 star nowI'm giving all your apps 1 star because NYT is suing Microsoft. Your customer's retirement depends on Microsoft. I hope you go under..Version: 4.61.0

Keyboard IssuePlease fix the small keyboard issue!! It’s so frustrating.Version: 4.9

IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL***WARNING*** They keep charging and you can never leave. It’s the Hotel California of games but less fun. I’ve been charged for 13mths AFTER canceling subscription. EVERY contact with NYT billing has proved fruitless and frustrating. I’ve put in an official complaint with iTunes..Version: 4.16

Beware of Subscribing via the AppFirst - an excellent app with addictive games! I play every day. However, whilst I have a NYT news subscription, I didn’t know that subscribing to games via the App would not link the two accounts. Not only is an annual subscription for games ONLY via the app almost £30, it is actually more expensive than subscribing to News and Games combined via the NYT website. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE VIA APPLE!!!.Version: 4.44.2

Won’t let you play without updating; won’t update without iOS 16My iPhone is up to date and my version of iOS is still supported by Apple, but that’s not good enough for this app, apparently, so now I’m locked out of it until I get a new phone..Version: 4.61.0

No point when outside USAExamples are like crossword puzzles with clues like “Chipotle competitor”, and the answer is a food chain that is only in North America… they don’t even have technology built into app to be able to state where you are, or to tell where the IP address is that your using the app from… so they don’t really want users outside USA.Version: 4.51.0

Sub only for one crossword a dayCame looking for crosswords, the daily is sub only, otherwise it’s one mini crossword a day, or extremely expensive packs which provide very little, far cheaper to buy a puzzle book from the local shop, and those are regional where these are often very Americanised. Either give it some value or some incentive to sub, currently not remotely worth it, it also crashes a lot. Looks pretty though on iPad..Version: 4.62.0

Deleting this appWill not update and I won’t buy a new phone to do so. So bye bye!.Version: 4.64.0

Needs Dark Mode and StatsGreat game, but Spelling Bee needs dark mode. The other games need stats similar to Bee or Wordle. And all games should let me play previous days..Version: 4.65.2

Needs workNYT’s puzzles are great. This app, however, leaves a lot to be desired. It has more—and worse—bugs than are acceptable for an app with a subscription fee. Additionally, iOS has had a system-wide dark mode for 4 years and this app STILL does not support it. This is a basic feature and users rightfully expect it to work..Version: 4.54.0

Could be awesomeI’d pay if I could go to full archive for Wordle/Connections/etc Also, when logging in as Apple it wants to create a separate account to the one where my Wordle Stats are (nytimes site) - that’s a lil annoying..Version: 4.55.0

Extremely slow and sluggishThe apps constantly stutters. Nonstop. It’s by far the most demanding game on my phone, and it’s a freaking crosswords app!.Version: 4.66.0

Too American for global appetitesClues based on American sports, informal vernacular, TV, films, & trade-marked products like dolls & chocolates, make this difficult for those who don’t embrace the anaerobic aspects of an otherwise interesting cultural landscape. Living in America for a few years hasn’t helped this Strayan..Version: 4.31

IPad woesI’ve just bought a new iPad (well, a present from ‘er indoors for my 77th) and I can access almost all I need, except, I have to go elsewhere to get the Wordlebot run through after I finish. I then have to dig out the latest NYT and scroll down to find Wordless, go there and get ‘Its’ review. Come on NYT, sort your life out!.Version: 4.52.0

Boo NYTGarbage app by a biased and garbage publication. I can’t support anything you do as it’s all done without integrity & honesty..Version: 4.61.0

Love the app but please fix the leaderboard bugLeaderboard no longer updates for me and everybody I know who does the nytimes crossword. Part of the reason I enjoy doing the crossword is that I can compete with friends and family. Without a working leaderboard I can’t do this so it makes doing the crossword less fun!.Version: 4.31

Terrible startAs soon as I opened it I was asked to make an account. Why would I make an account?? I came here to play wordle, nothing else. Then it tells me I have 7 days left to play it… terrible. Personally I planned to play this every so often when I have downtime and it expiring so quickly is terrible. I don’t care what remains free, it’s a bad user experience to have the impression that what I came here to do is now going to cost me money, especially for something so simple. It’s honestly ridiculous to charge money for anything in this game, from what I’ve even seen. Also I opened the app and the home page didn’t load at all. It made no sense at first but once I reloaded it worked. With that, it makes me not want to pay, even more. If I have to constantly restart the app that I’m paying for that’s not a good look. I’m going to delete this and play on a website instead. This is just my impression in 1 minute and it may be harsh but I have played wordle before on a different app or something and it wasn’t like this..Version: 4.39

Where’s all the games?They seem to have added wordle and spelling bee based on feedback from other reviews. But where are all the other games? What’s the point in subscribing if everything you’re paying to access isn’t provided in the app?.Version: 4.37

FunEasy to use layout and menu. I would love to have an option to receive an answer for just 1 clue at a time. Not all users are in the USA and know local idiom or information..Version: 1.7.8

Lost all history & dataHave had this app on & off for a few years. I suddenly was logged out of the app, and upon logging back in found every single puzzle blank. Years of history of completed puzzles gone. And it’s not the first time. Since they’ve bought Wordle, my stats on that app have been reset multiple times, with NYT logging me out, and promising that if I log in, all my stats will show up. Not once has that happened. Seems they are prioritising their own data collection over user experience..Version: 4.44.1

Daily minis still brokenWe still can’t open the Daily Minis. Would be nice if it worked reliably..Version: 4.50

App chargeThere is a crossword starter pack labelled as “free starter pack” and asks you to download for “free”. It literally mentions free three times. So I went ahead and downloaded it and it charged me nearly $14!!! This so misleading and can’t be right. Waiting on a response to get my money back..Version: 4.56.0

Not what it saysThis is only a 'trial' product. On launching, you only have access to a mini crossword which is super tiny....the NO NY Times Crossword is LOCKED. You need to subscribe and i have no idea if that is a paid subscription since that information is also not forthcoming Dont get ripped off.Version: 2.8.6

Doesn’t have all the gamesI don’t know who is working as the UX designer or product designer at NYT but you should be fired. Not only is it impossible to navigate any of the apps they design but this specific app “NYT Games” doesn’t even have all the games they offer that I play regularly through the normal NYT site/app. And that app (the NYT App) has all EXCEPT Sudoku, which is in this app… Tiles, Letter Boxed, Vertex… all not in the NYT Games app but are games they have and ONLY offer through a subscription. What gives? I only want to switch to letter boxes from Spelling bee… and so in one app it says to use the games app to play the games! But only half of them! To access all of the games, you can go back to the normal app which is doing a perfectly good job giving access to the games. Like someone needs to be let go. That disorganization as well as the terrribly interaction and navigation patterns of the apps and NYT site itself is truly shocking for such a big company..Version: 4.45

Spelling bee wordsYesterday I entered a word- the response was word not in the list! Today looking at the answers, the word is listed! Also, words that are obviously more English than American are not listed.Version: 4.33

No dark mode optionIt would be great to have a dark mode option. Very hard on the eyes..Version: 4.44.2

Missing gamesHow come not all the games I paid for with my subscription are in the app? I don’t want to have to go back and forth between a browser and an app. Please fix this..Version: 4.39

BrokenThe daily mini doesn’t open. Fix it!.Version: 4.50

Daily mini won’t open since about a weekPlease fix.Version: 4.49

OverpricedThey break up hundreds of small pack puzzles each costing $2.5 which will cost you hundreds of dollars to unlock them all! On top of that they do a subscription model for never puzzles! Absolute robbery..Version: 4.40

Keeps prompting me to subscribe, even though I already doIt’s hit and miss whether the app will show me as subscribed or not. It’s frustrating to be a subscriber but be locked out of half the content..Version: 4.53.0

A new UI change lessens the experience features-wise.The new UI update follows the modern trend of improving aesthetic but ignoring the end user. Interest in a shiny toy fast wears thin. A revamp of app design is sometimes very welcome (possibly even necessary in the interest of security), and would’ve been in this case if some features weren’t removed. The previous UI (of which the screenshots currently on the App Store show) had two excellent features to keep me engaged with the app well beyond the daily crossword. The first was a random selection of past puzzles I could complete in my spare time, which would renew with a fresh set every week. The second was a row of crosswords I recently worked on but had not yet finished. It does not make sense to me for the new UI to remove these; it would only mean I spend less leisure time on the app. I might not agree with the new looks, and it’s actually meaningless to focus on that, but at least keep all the features! 1/5 for the devs who missed a few things and should try to get them back ASAP. Customization would be nice to have, as for example I don’t play anything other than the crossword and Wordle; but this isn’t my biggest concern here..Version: 4.65.1

Not working. again!This app though simplistic, is good enough. i would probably give it a 3, they could do way better. also, considering there are so few letters, it would be faster and more entertaining to be able to swipe across letters to “type” words. and instead of deleting when i submit a word, leave the rejected word with the error message in place so i know what was wrong with the word. instead, add a “clear” button so i can clear it myself. some words are kind of ridiculous, and some very obvious valid words are missing. i should not have to email the New York Times which words are missing, they should have a dictionary or two… am I wrong? lately, for more than the past week, i just get a yellow screen and the starburst which insinuates loading. if i did not pay for the app, i could not say anything, but i do. and it is an incredibly expensive subscription considering you are expected to pay forever. if the writer is on vacation, either set up some in advance, have backups, or extend memberships. this is not the first time spelling bee goes on break with no notice and no info as to when it will be back. reevaluating my renewal..Version: 4.31

Extremely buggy and unreliable version—please respond and fix.This is getting unacceptable. This is not a free app—I pay annually for this app and have done so for quite a few years now. Is there anyone making efforts to undo these bugs? I have attached a screen video of what happens to my phone when it crashes. I can now confidently say that it has to do with internet connection (specifically when I regain connection like when I’m on the subway). You will see that happens at around 16 seconds into the video. To add insult to injury, you will also notice that when I return to the app, I lose my most recent progress as well. At this point after making effects to reach out in the past, I ultimately feel that if I do not at the very least receive a prompt reply, I sadly cannot continue to support your app. Please take the necessary steps to fix this problem and treat your loyal customers with the respect they deserve. I will also be posting this as a review in the hopes that might inspire more action. Thank you..Version: 2.8.4

New update is terrible, considering deleting the appTruly the newest update to the layout makes no sense. Never have I wished more for the ability to revert to a previous version of an app, why is there such an emphasis on the spelling bee game such that it has its own section? Why break the remaining puzzles up by sticking the minis in between them for some reason? There’s so much space between each section that it just looks childish and clunky. Upon updating for some reason I lost my streak on the crossword as it has decided that last Friday no longer counts which is infuriating and to be honest I feel put off from using the app despite having been playing daily for a while now..Version: 4.66.0

GoodI like it fine, I haven’t had issues with streaks disappearing or the app crashing or anything like that, but it baffles me that not all the games are on the app. There’s quite a few not showing on the app compared to the website. Why? And also, why can’t you share your sudoku time or number of turns on the other games like you can with Wordle and the mini crossword. Especially as I sort of by accident paid for a years subscription (which I regret because it’s definitely NOT worth it). Anyway, I digress. Put everything on the app..Version: 4.50

Where are all the games?I don’t understand why all the games are not on the app and why we can’t see the history/stats for each app. It seems quite backwards to charge so much for subscription and expect us to play on the website when there is an app and all the games can be loaded there too.Version: 4.31

Constantly crashingYour “solution” of deleting and reinstalling the app isn’t good enough. I SHOULDNT HAVE TO DO THAT. Make a better app, please. I literally pay for this. Also, the lack of dark mode for spelling bee is rough..Version: 4.56.0

“Free”For for the first seven days then you’ll have to pay..Version: 2.19

Wordle doesn’t let me log in?I’m a paying subscriber and the Wordle section of the app doesn’t let me log in (to see my stats, etc), most times. When it does, it logs me out the next time I open the app..Version: 4.37

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