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Doodle Jump app received 194 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about doodle jump?

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Doodle Jump for Positive User Reviews

โœ“ Still brings me joy after so many years.I love this app because it is the perfect mobile game. It also lets me remember a time where I can play a COMPLETE game without being plagued with micro transactions. Ahhh ๐Ÿ˜Œ I miss those times..Version: 3.18.2

โœ“ Still as good as I remember but...... how do I remove ads? I want to give you money but when I click remove ads, it just takes me to the gameโ€™s page on the App Store. Also, when I click on the store in the app, I canโ€™t cancel out of it without playing a game in some theme I donโ€™t want..Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ Lit game, one problemI love this game with the variety of maps and how sastisfying it is to get a high score, just one thing. They need to add more updates! Maybe add some maps and some more skins! But overall itโ€™s good! One more thing, the missions are glitched. So maybe update the game, but overall a awesome game.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ AwesomenessThe bane is very true ... It is extremely addictive .... I can't stop playing ... And the soccer theme was an awesome touch.Version: 0

โœ“ One of the bestDoodle jump really shows that simple is better, many games on the app store just try to do too much and end up being fiddly and slow. One thing I would say is to add a setting to have an on screen left and right button, because playing doodle jump in the car is really hard because of all of the turns and bumps. But on the whole, a wonderfully simplistic game..Version: 2.8

โœ“ Get itIt's worth the 99cents.Version: 0

โœ“ NostalgicI love this game, and it is just a big thing of nostalgia. I am still playing this game in 2022 and I got this in 2017. In conclusion I love this game and it is nostalgic and I have been playing it for 5 years..Version: 3.23.7

โœ“ Amazing game but one thingThis app is so amazing and I love it to the depths of my soul. The only thing that I wish was here, was an option for touch controls. It would makes playing in different positions so much easier! High recommend!!.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ Had it from the startI can't remember when I downloaded doodle jump but I know that the game was free and I bought my first iPod for it. After that I became addicted to the game and even borrowed people phones to play it. The game got to me and after a while I accepted it as the best game ever, no adds, no loneliness, just jumping and killing. Then tragedy struck, I got home and played on my iPod, the next day it had exploded on my bedside table... ok I get it, it was like 3 years old and the iOS had been jail broken just so it would go higher than its current level (so I could update doodle jump more๐Ÿ˜€), but it was my first device and I loved it, so instead of getting a phone that Christmas I got the money to repair it. I set it back to the lower iOS level and downloaded the updated fame from online until yet another bad thing occurred. It became a paid game. Look I owned it on my account but when it became paid I didn't feel good downloading it offline and not supporting the devs. So I bought an iPhone and got it again, now I'm here telling an old story of how I fell in love with the game and how I feel like I've been supporting the decs since day 1 (I wonder how many people had it when I got it?).Version: 3.17.6

โœ“ Very good!Extremely addicting as the developer says!!.Version: 3.21.1

โœ“ A vanguard of the old App StoreDoodle Jump as an app, as well as Lima Sky as a company, both amaze me because of the sheer honesty of the game. Comparing Doodle Jump to any other game and its subsequent cash-grabs, particularly Cut the Rope and the Angry Birds library, there is a stunning difference in the methods employed by the devs. There are zero ads between deaths, no shoehorned IAPs (beyond cosmetic changes and slightly stronger abilities in the seasonal events), and the game still receives updates almost 10 years after its initial release. Keep being awesome, Lima Sky..Version: 3.22

โœ“ This is great!I got it recommended to me 6mo ago and I love it so much I got add free and now itโ€™s even better.Version: 3.26

โœ“ AddictingHighly addictive....happy 420.Version: 0

โœ“ Super addicting!I have spent WAY too much time on this app, LOL! Really great game, I love the character you control and the general physics of it. I would highly reccomend it, but it is as they say, insanely addicting..Version: 0

โœ“ DANGER DANGER !!!!!!Do not buy this game or u will be sucked into a endless vortez of fun and u will never be able to get out of it. Leave while u still have ur sanity!!!!!.Version: 0

โœ“ Super funI love it's fun.Version: 3.21.2

โœ“ Great gameOne of my favorite games. Started playing it a decade ago on BlackBerry. Incredibly impressed with the continued support and still being able to enjoy it and on my new iPhone..Version: 3.23.3

โœ“ Blows the rest away!This game is simple, yet incredibly clever and controls better than any other iPhone game! Multiplayer is fantastic, but you will lose HOURS just trying to out do yourself and friends top score. This game is so worth your $. Yes you have been warned, addiction awaits!.Version: 2.5.1

โœ“ LagOverall good game however sometimes when Iโ€™m playing it suddenly gets slow and feels and I canโ€™t get it off for a day.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ FunThe underwater theme is alright, worth the download I guess..Version: 0

โœ“ Doodle jump rocks!!!!!!!WHEN WILL DOODLE JUMP BE OPTIMIZED FOR IPHONE 10? A must have game for any iPhone user. Addictive and fun. Great picture quality especially for the iPhone 4!!!.Version: 3.18.3

โœ“ Aces!A very good game; clever concept and great graphics. I think, however, that there should be more challenges as you move further up, such as the moveable platforms and the monsters that have to be jumped on in order to proceed. If not, once you get to a certain stage, it seems pointless..Version: 0

โœ“ BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜Iโ€™ve Been playing this game ever since I was a toddler! Itโ€™s a great game and itโ€™s super fun I love you so much and I like how you can choose a theme. I wish the doodle jump plushy is still for sale. If youโ€™re reading this I consider getting this app is amazing! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™‚โ˜บ๏ธ.Version: 3.20.2

โœ“ Mad Wicked GameWow. I have wasted in total nine hours of my life playing this game. And proud!.Version: 0

โœ“ The original and best.8 years of updates for 99c. Best support youโ€™ll ever get. Timeless game. Perfect for mobile. Can squeeze in a game whenever..Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ Doodle jump 5 stars all the wayDoodle jump is the game u can play whilst bored to kill time. I've had this game for months and havnt got bored of it at all, loadsnof kwl updates and it's so cheap at $1.29 awsome game. Don't hesitate. Just buy it!! 10/10.Version: 0

โœ“ Pretty cool upgradeIt's not much better than the last on but still very good maybe even a tiny bit better than the last one..Version: 0

โœ“ I2I Gaming reviewVery good game. Few faults that include That it would be nice to have doodler controls at the bottom of the screen. If you go through one side of the screen you come through the other side, doing that bugs me a bit. And you die a lot But that's just part of the game. None of that matters when I say this is one of the most addictive low cost games in the app store.Version: 3.0

โœ“ Doodle jump reviewThis has to be one of the best game apps on the app store. At just 59p I bought it as soon as it came out. The creators update the app regularly with new themes and features. What I like about the different themes is that for every theme there is a different game style; the platforms are usually in different places, the monsters are in different places too. This keeps the game from getting boring. Also, you can connect to facebook and play against your friends to get the best possible high score. I find this highly entertaining, mainly because if you beat someone else's high score and tell them about it, they are bound to respond within at least an hour or two by trying to win back their place on the top podium of your group of friends..Version: 0

โœ“ 1 tincy promblem....,The proppeler hats I hate them here's the story: U know how u get a proppeler hat and you go up and up and up well that's great till u get to the no platform only 1 spring I was about to break my highscore and I got a propeller hat I was flying got to the spring bit the spring went off screen and the flight ended I fell to my death and didn't break my highscore that's why I don't like doodlejump froggyjump is better Reasons? U can By upgrades / Absoloutley free / U have to WIN the backgrounds which makes u wanna play it more it's got more chanleging platforms like spike platform jump on it and u fall / backgrounds come with features like can jump on broken platforms and stuff. Thanks..Version: 0

โœ“ Not enough starsLima Sky have outdone themselves again. Well done guys! Have never found a game that gives this much and is so addictive. A shame there are only five stars for the rating. Would give more if i could!.Version: 0

โœ“ ๎—I didn't know what love was until I bought this game..Version: 0

โœ“ Greatest thing since PAC MANThis game is so addictive. It's better than the classic arcades and cheaper to use to. I play it day and night you never get bored. Has great updates all the time. And has always run great. Would be even better if it had different levels or you could start where you left off to save you starting at the begining but I am still happy with it. This is a updated review. I'm still amazed Dave the app creator is still dishing out updates. He obviously cares about his baby instead of trying to cash in. There has never been a app like doodle jump and even if there was it can't beat it. I'm glad I checked out doodle jump when I heard Sheldon complain in the big bang theory that the guy sitting down cant be that sick as he's playing doodle jump. Classic..Version: 2.10

โœ“ Multiplayer ChatIt's unthinkable that you would even consider rating this less than 5 stars! However, a multiplayer chat option would be a good idea for inbetween games. You would be able to discuss what happened in the game etc. I think that the creators have done a great job listening to everyones requests, you've done it brilliantly and I think you should consider this as an option for your next update (I know it's coming soon)..Version: 2.1

โœ“ An essay on the applicabiltiy of doodle jump principales on contempory mediaDoodle jump presents many techniques for the alieveation of hardship, and it is these Which ensure doodle jump remains a vision in real life conflict absolvtion. A prominent example of this is the way in which the unnamed, inidentifiable "doodle" constantly strives for "new heights", mirroring humanities desire for progress and advancment. As the aformentioned "doodle" is of no discernable origin, species or nationality, it can be seen to represent all nations and all living things. This, albeit subliminal, message of racial and species equality resonates strongly through doodle jump. The hope is that this presented equality will permeate into the community, fulfilling doodle jumps obviously socialist objective. While the marxist connections of "doodle" are to it's detrement in many western nations, most notably in the U.S, it works to not only give doodle jump another facet to what would otherwise be a "2 dimensional" iPod application. In conclusion, doodle jump is an ideal by which happiness and equality can be achieved. If civilisation could learn to act more resembaling the "doodle" and to live its messge of determination and equality. In the 21st century, it will be doodle jump which will save the planet, not a politican. Jack Fryer, Melbourne, 2010.Version: 0

โœ“ ExcellentBest app ever!.Version: 0

โœ“ New IdeasHi I absoulutly luv ur gme and my mum and dad hve helped me think up sum new ideas gardent theme food theme underwater theme nightsky theme newyears eve theme cloudtheme aprolfools theme and tons more can u plz make at least one of them I'd be Happy to pay for the update coz I know it will be great ๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž ๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต ๎Œฎ๎Œฎ๎Œฎ๎Œฎ๎Œฎ ๎Œท๎Œท๎Œท๎Œท๎Œท ๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š ๎‘ƒ๎‘ƒ๎‘ƒ๎‘ƒ๎‘ƒ ๎ˆ ๎ˆ ๎ˆ ๎ˆ ๎ˆ  ๎ˆ”๎ˆ”๎ˆ”๎ˆ”๎ˆ”. ๎ˆ„๎ˆ„๎ˆ„๎ˆ„๎ˆ„ ๎ˆš๎ˆš๎ˆš๎ˆš๎ˆš 100% from me great work.Version: 0

โœ“ Fix bugsMultiplayer always says theres an error.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ Doodle Jump reveiwDoodle Jump is one of my favorite apps. This game consists of the main character Doodler jumping up a number of platforms. As doodler jumps higher your score increases. There monsters that try to kill you. you can get rid of the monsters by shooting them, jumping on top of them or just moving around them. As you jump highr it gets harder and harder, the number of monsters increase. there are less platform and you get more moving platforms which make the game more challanging. This game is a must-have and I would strongly recomend it to all ages!.Version: 1.29

โœ“ Addictive game worth buyingNew underwater theme is great but then again, so is the entire game. The only thing that I would like to see is a new shooting system, because I'm having trouble shooting enemies. I would like it to shoot in the direction of where you tap instead of the side that you tap, so the shot always goes where you want it to go. Otherwise it's a great game and I'm really trying hard to get past my high score of 49,000 I just can't get past it lol.Version: 0

โœ“ Fun and addictiveThis was my first app purchase few months ago and there is not a day that I don't give it a try. Nice graphics and many updates . A must have for everyone.Version: 0

โœ“ Good gameThis is a very great game. I love the Halloween map because of the new stuff. The creators should make a new map or make the options better. There should also be a doodle editor.Version: 0

โœ“ AmazinAmazin game but Lima sky listen to me i hav sum great ideas 4 this game add more characters not just doodler dressed up u could add challenges where u hav to collect certain things in a certain time or sumthin an then u could mayb in a future update u could create ur own character like u choose head body hat and legs and then u could add loads of different themes come on it's just waitin to happen do every holiday thinkable and then do all round the world like Texas cowboys Egyptian mummys and under the sea and evry thin like that and that would definitely make it first in the app store Lima sky plz listen to me I know evry 1 else wud agree wiv me plz write another review if you've got eny ideas let's get doodle jump bak to first write more ideas iv ur wiv me to get this game bak where it belongs yeah also space theme is awesome but u cud change the colour of the vanishing blocks plz an add a multiplayer mode and an Easter theme plz we want this at the top so giv us sum more updates so more people will buy it PLZ PLZ PLZ listen 2 us.Version: 0

โœ“ Just an ideaDear makers of doodle jump, so in the retro world, people can collect cherries. I was thinking there could be a store for that game. So doodle could also be like Pac-Man, or Maybe the frog from frogger. Or one could be an outfit where when you tap, doodle looks like a monster and when he bumps into monsters, he doesnโ€™t fall. From, ######..Version: 3.21.3

โœ“ WaterCool.Version: 0

โœ“ Awsum game.I foud this a bit boring at first but then i got into it and now i love it, i play it all the time. well worth the money. if you like this then you should get papijump, it is a free game which is just like this apart from the cracking platforms and it doesnt have things you have 2 kill..Version: 0

โœ“ FantasticI wish there was a visual for an upcoming UFO though since if you play with no sound they easily kill you unless you constantly shoot. Still a great game though.Version: 2.7

โœ“ Doddle jump>angry birdsI've had this game for two years now and I am yet to find a better game I have a high score of over 200,000 and am still not bored with I have never spent a better couple bucks than on this game 5 stars.Version: 0

โœ“ Love Doodle Jump, little requestHey. I love doodle jump. But I was thinking, wouldn't the game be even better if, in multiplayer mode, you got to choose which theme? Say for example I wanted to play ninja theme on multiplayer and my opponent wanted to play another theme we could re choose or one game could be played one way and another game another way. Please think about my request!!! Make doodle jump the best game ever!!!!.Version: 3.4

โœ“ Best App on my iPodI have apps that are $13 but I would still say that Doodle Jump is the most fun!... and addicting out of all of them! iPods should come preset with this game because literally everyone I know has them, anyways, I highly recommend to anyone :).Version: 0

โœ“ Need a few things to make it awesome๎ŒทFirst of all everything in the comments please take on board Lima sky ๎•it will make doodle jump a must have ๎Œท๎Œท ๎„ My ideas ~. ๎„ โ€ขDoodle your own doodle ! Have an option where u can add stuff like outfits or accessories so it can be made to what people want (example little big planet๎€Ž) Have a drawing pad where u can Design your own doodle and post it online ! ๎”‚ โ€ข Be creative !๎”‚ invent your own adventure by making your own levels (saves lima sky doing all the work ๎•) You can also include in this making your own backgrounds and making your own monsters using the drawing pad ๎„ฝ โ€ข show your competitive streak!!๎„ฝ Have an option where you can go online and compete against other doodlers. Have a challenge mode where u need to complete task to unlock goodies et outfits and accessories for your doodle and backgrounds and weapons for ur monsters!! ๎„ซโ€ขfor the real gamer in u !!๎„ซ Have mini games for if you have a spare minute in the day. A few ideas for mini games how low can u go !!where u go down instead of up ๎€Ž How many monsters can you shoot!! Self-explanatory ๎Œท How many things can ur doodle find? Where u have to find things hidden in your themes and u have a time scale๎„ That's all for now if I come up with anymore ideas I will comment ๎• please please please put this into the game I would be so happy ๎Œˆ๎Œˆ๎€Ž๎€Ž๎„๎„๎„๎„๎„.Version: 0

โœ“ Amazing!!Worth 1.00!! So fun!! I would definetly pay up to 3 dollars!! Love it.Version: 1.28

โœ“ The title definitely says it allI bought this game because there were many excellent reviews about it, and the title made me think that it must be addictive, so i bought it. I thought at first that it would be bad, but after a while i started to love it so much. Now i just can't go five minutes without playing a short game of it. Thanks Lima Sky. Definitely recommended 5/5 :).Version: 0

โœ“ Read this good reviewI wouldn't just call this game good, or great, or even fantastic. If there's one word to describe Doodlejump it would above all be ..... Epic. But then again what does epic actually mean? Because whatever it meant before Doodlejump was created, it's got a whole new meaning now. Saying Doodlejump is "five stars" actually makes the game sound bad. Doodlejump has started a new era of technology, it makes iPodtouches, iPodtouches, it makes iPhones, iPhones, it makes Apple Mac, Apple Mac, withought doodlejump there would be a completely different meaning to iPhone or ipodtouch or Apple Mac. Doodlejump is an absolute wihout a doubt classic which I assure you will be remembered for a very, very long time..Version: 0

โœ“ ThanksI love the creativity and gameplay and think it is excellent for mobile device gaming. I purchased it a decade or so ago and appreciate that I am still able to play it after all of these years. Iโ€™ve paid much more for so many apps over the years that were unapologetically not supported and disappeared from the App Store rather quickly. Also many where I was forced to either buy a different version of the app or be left with nothing. I think it speaks very highly of this team that they have found a way to keep DoodleJump functional for those of us that purchased it a decade ago. Thanks and keep up the great work. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ Old versions of app confusingThe old versions of this app on the App Store make it difficult to find the up to date one. May I recommend that Lima Sky removes these from the store to make things clearer..Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ Love it! One problemI love the game, but by one complaint is that I canโ€™t beat my high score! Grrrrr.Version: 3.21.1

โœ“ Trust Me!Those of you saying that Doodle Jump is overrated due to bad controls and short-lived entertainment--keep playing!! You'll be sure to realize it's high-addictive level and you'll soon get used to the easy controls. I've had this for almost a year now and every time I play it, I find myself saying "just one more..." over, and over and over again!! If you're considering buying Doodle Jump, please don't hesitate to take my advice. Anyway, it's only $1.20, and Lima Sky deserves all the money it gets..Version: 0

โœ“ Yay!This is a great game I play for hours and hours and hours and hours. And hours. The only thing I could say might help is some way to be able to 'change users' so when my friends who are equally addicted don't take down my average score.....Version: 0

โœ“ Must. Unlock. Final. Pirate. Costume.Its been days maybe weeks i am still hoarding coins to unlock it.Version: 3.19

โœ“ New ideas for Doodle JumpDoodle Jump is really good, and it's addictive but you gradually do get bored of the themes and 'new trickier paths' and it becomes less addictive. I would suggest being able to customise backgrounds and Doodle, or have certain cateogories where I don't know, Doodle goes to Italy or Paris, like a holiday theme, then in another cateogory climbimg different types of trees or meeting fairies and stuff rather it be random themes, it could be taken to the next level. As for tracks, you could add more objects rather than plants which Doodle could dodge. Say if Doodle went to Mexico he could dodge cacti. Add a little bit more of the player aswell, so we could dress Doodle up. And as other people have said, a World Cup theme which sounds pretty cool, and maybe Doodle could say something. I mean, he tends to give us the silent treatment whilst we hear a popping of jumping on platforms. But Doodle Jump is really good and I love it completely. Just needs to tweek a few things and it would be a amazing..Version: 0

โœ“ Please read thisI think this game is simply outstanding. While I'm at the backseat of boring car journeys my brother and sister and I pass it around and it could entertain us for hours! It is my favorite game ever. You would have to be simply MAD not to get it, it is that good. I don't usually play games like this but this game and new super mario bros are unbeatable I can't draw my eyes away from it. I wish there were more games like this it is absolutely AMAZING! It is cheap and is worth every penny. It should be compulsory to buy as everyone has so much fun with it. Everyone I know loves it and even though I'm not that good I still get really competitive! I LOVE it!!! I think that if you are not sure whether to buy it or not TRUST me GET IT!!! The only thing I am not too sure about is I try to connect the iPod and iPad together through the game centre but it never really works :L ... Anyway other than that enjoy the fun. It is my favourite iTunes game, I can N E V E R ever stop playing! Even my mum admitted that it looks quite good !!!!! I reeeeaaaaallllyyyyy hope you take my advice and get it now, it will make you soooooo happy!!!! Goodluck!!!! Thankyou for reading! Xxxxxx :).Version: 2.1

โœ“ Great Updates and Great AppThis app always keeps me engaged, especially when I'm out and have some time to pass. The new updates ensure that I maintain my interest in the app. The app never lags and is always reliable. Gameplay is very fun and this is also great to play with friends and challenge each other. Well worth the price. Every time I update it, I think it gets better every time. Great Job Lima Sky! I hope they release somthing for the ipad!.Version: 0

โœ“ Doodle Jump Is Amazing :)Very addictive game, lots of fun! Perfect balance of challenging - not too hard but not too easy either ;) love it!! especially the football level... but they are ALL good, lots of variety so if you get bored of one then you change to another level and theres diff challenges, soo fun :) worth it to get this..Version: 2.9

โœ“ Definately a must haveThis is a good albiet simple game but it's great to have on your phone for moments of bordom, waiting for a train etc. There are lots of "jump" type games so why this one? It's nicely executed. Never seems to crash. Gets good free updates that are basically skins but really add to the value and enjoyment. Why only 4-stars? It is only a jump game folks - really I have better games in my phone; I don't think really they could do anything to make it 5-star. It is only jump. But for the price totally value and I am happy to have it..Version: 0

โœ“ Let's get Doodle Jump back to first place!!This game is great!! The controls are perfect, graphics are adorable and the gameplay is smooth and addicting. I just have a few ideas to help the developers knock this back up to #1: -Customisable doodler: not crazy, just a few options to give gameplay a personal touch! -Online gameplay: it's strange, but I think it'll work! Think 'Who can get the highest' and 'Best out of 3'. -Achievements: This is a given. Give us Openfeint!!.Version: 0

โœ“ AdsDoes anyone know how I can remove ads inside the App Store?.Version: 3.21.3

โœ“ P2winWell I got this because I played it a lot but I mean your better off with the Christmas holiday for god sake itโ€™s P2win no doubt about it u collect them one egg equals 1 dollar and the shop needs thousands so just donโ€™t buy the game but other than itโ€™s great.Version: 3.23.7

โœ“ GoodGooood.Version: 0

โœ“ Doodle Jump = Best GameThis is the best game I have ever got from itunes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I have some ideas for themes; Desert (Mummy etc monsters), a space theme and an urban theme (buildings, cars and so on). 5 Stars from me..Version: 0

โœ“ Great GameAwesome free game to play. Very addictive, I play about an hour a day. The ads are a bit annoying but if you stay up high in the Easter mode, ninja mode, Halloween mode, soccer mode and pirate mode you can buy skins. Great game if your for a game as a kid. You shoot monsters by tapping the screen, avoid the black holes and UFOs itโ€™s a great game..Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ Many hours of homework procrastinationThis game is very amusing I have found myself spending many hours on doodle jump in order to put off homework. I really do complement the creators of this game it's very suitable as an iPod touch or iPhone app. Thanks for the fun..Version: 0

โœ“ ClassicPlayed this game for years now and it still brings a smile to my face even when getting killed. Really, really well done. If thereโ€™s one game I wish Iโ€™d written, this his would be it..Version: 3.19.1

โœ“ Well worth the 59pI bought this game at the end of last year, not realising what all of the commotion was about, it didnt look that great but as soon as i played it i was hooked, it is an original game with perfect tilt controls and excellent themes, since its creation it has had its idea copied a few times but this shouldent bother the creators because they are frankly rubbish This is one of the 3 most played apps on my iPod And is probably played the most, because it is not only loved by me but my friends all love it aswell, it really helps us get through the schoolday :P This app could use some more updates we havent had one for at least a month i believe. I suggest an underwater theme, a desert theme and a racetrack theme for updates sometime in the near future. So if you are reading this review and are not sure whether or not to get this app, just go for it and buy it, i would buy it now before the developers realise they could sell it for a lot more than 59p. Thanks for hours of entertainment lima sky. :) Now lets have somemore themes please..Version: 0

โœ“ Yeah ok its good.Yes I will say that if you are bored, and need somthing to do then yes, it is good. But its not amazing and i am sure soon it will be out of date and so i feel that its not amzing. A great game is a game that will be good for a long time. But look, overall its just a little game to sit and play once in a while, but even this little game for our ipods we do take so serious. so if your tge person who is realy sad and sit there wasting your life away playing some useless game then no i would say no its not great because it wont amuse you for ages. But if you play the game for a bit of fun and play it every now and then, this game is good but i feel there could be some improvment and maybe they could bring new things to it every now and then and update it with somthing different then and again it would be great..Version: 0

โœ“ More StuffAwesome Awesome game and extremely addictive but after playing it for ages you get a wee bit bored of the same old items. This rocket thing is a step in the right direction. Instead of making more themes (which are still great) make more items or powerups or platforms. Thanks for keeping on updating the content though. It is great to see a developer still updating regularly once you have payed. 5 Star game. Buy it..Version: 0

โœ“ How have I not had this on EVERY iPhone?Took a look at my iPhone 2G looking for some photos and found doodle jumpโ€ฆ. Spent 3 hours distracted from the reason I went on to the phone in the first place! How did I miss this game when changing phones??? ๐Ÿฅฐ.Version: 3.23.7

โœ“ Amazing.This game really tops them all. It's not meant to be used for long periods of time, but I like it for when I'm waiting for the bus, or on break at work. It's a mini game. Esspecially since you can play with your music, and it doesn't drain your battery like a lot of games do. Plus, it's one of the only games I keep going back to, and I've had this game for 7 or 8 months now. Edit: I adore the space theme! And the new football one brings a new concept to doodle jump. Always looking forward to the next theme (:.Version: 0

โœ“ Words cannot describeMemories are vivid of when I think of a game that beats doodle jump... This roswell game is all mighty' addictive, there is a real differance between a game that I get tired after 20 minuites of and doodle jump which I find myself sitting an gazing over for hours soon end, now and again I have to bring my self to put my ipod on charge because I have played it for so long! I have another game which I am just as passionate about is called parking mania which holds 57 levals! A real buzzer which gets your mind sprinitng. If one negative j would say that doodle jump coleegs should really try and promote the character change facility and also promote the set change feature which is navagates on the home screen (I only recentley descovered!) thanks slot for this brilliant time passer... Highley reccomend!.Version: 0

โœ“ Simply BrilliantDoodle Jump has the appearance of being very simple and very limited. Certainly, the most basic setting, with just a notepad for a background, does not look as striking or impressive as all the ridiculously complicated, graphically superior and tragically overpriced apps you see around. Buts looks, believe me, are deceiving. Indeed, it is Doodle Jump's apparent simplicity that makes it one of the best gaming apps you can buy today. All you do is angle your device one way or the other and your little on-screen character will move in that direction. Then, by bouncing off blocks, your character will gradually go higher and higher, facing many perilous objects like monsters, black holes and aliens, with you having to weave and shoot your way past them. This does not require any setup, nor a long time to load and you do not have to have mind-boggling gaming skills to get the hang of it; and yet it is wonderfully addictive. The different themes are all equally brilliant (apart from the football one) and really bring the game to life. Doodle Jump is the prime example that great apps don't need to show off detailed graphics, parade extended animations or boast complicated storylines. They just need to be extremely fun. And Doodle Jump, simply, is..Version: 0

โœ“ Error?Submit score brings up a facebook window, which then shows a "page not found" error. How do I fix this? It was working fine until a few days ago..Version: 2.5

โœ“ GreatLove all the themes.Version: 3.19.1

โœ“ GgGg.Version: 3.26

โœ“ Doodle jump, luv or hate?Doodle jump has been for a few months one of the most addictive game apps on the market. Although is it worth the money? Well it won't set you back much science it's only just under two dollars but will it clutter up your apple device or prove itself as a worth the while app. The answer to all these questions is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally love the new under the sea addition to this game and the soccer game is awesome but you can't go past the original doodle jump. Monsters are the craziest and it's pretty much the easiest level. This game is definitely worth it..Version: 0

โœ“ Nice gameAll the reviews that give this game under 4 stars are from the people who do not know how to enjoy their life..Version: 3.21.3

โœ“ Really good but with bugsI love the different themes and achievements that keep you going, and I think I play this every day. It is certainly the game I play the most. I really like the rockets and all the things you can get to go higher. However the sounds, which are so cool when they are on, are a bit hit and miss. More often than not, they donโ€™t work at all..Version: 3.23.7

โœ“ WOW!This game is amazing. With 4 different themes (my favourite is the jungle), multiple challenges like monsters and UFO's that change for each theme, helpful items and boosts like the trampolines, springs, rockets and flying caps and many different types of platforms (breakable, dissparing, timed, to name a few) makes this game challenging, fun and addicting all at the same time. Well worth the cost, if anything is a must for your iPhone/iTouch it's doodle jump..Version: 0

โœ“ Wonderful AppAbsolutely great App only bought because of the reviews and worth every cent! One of the best Apps I have bought for the iPhone. My one suggestion in a future update would to include a landscape mode as it becomes difficult being vertical the whole time..Version: 0

โœ“ Doodle jump still goodGuys c'mon. Stop complaining and whining about this. You payed $1.20 for this. You couldn't buy a sandwhich with that money. Of course it will be boring after a while you can't seriously think an iPhone game will keep you interested forever. They're there for you to have a quick play at every once in a while. They've been giving you updates over and over again for free. So please stop complaining..Version: 0

โœ“ So good!!!I love this game! Itโ€™s so fun and addictive! Each game is so fun and so personalised you canโ€™t help but get addicted!!.Version: 3.21.3

โœ“ Wow!I've gotta say, I'm impressed. I'm a tough critic when it comes to these games, and I only buy the best. When they say that the game has regular updates, they're not joking. On the latest update, you are moving up a football pitch, shooting every team I'm the world cup with footballs as you go! More fun than it sounds. Change your name to bunny, or ooga on the game and you will be in for a suprise! Since I bought the game, the following settings have become available via updates: the. Space theme, jungle theme, football theme, Christmas theme, ghost theme, and the underwater theme is the latest one! Hugely addictive and fun for all ages! You can post your score on facebook and beat people's worldwide scores! I have nothing but compliments for this game, my uncle even likes it!.Version: 0

โœ“ WowI had this game since I was grade 6. I am now in university and the creator still updates this game. Bravo!.Version: 3.18

โœ“ Simple but totally awesome game.There are a lot of vertical jumping games on the iTunes store, but Doodle Jump is the best, without question. It's random, but new platforms and enemies are progressively introduced in such a way that it's always kept interesting. Both the tilt and touch controls are well calibrated, so control of the player doesn't feel frustrating as it does in some similar games. And these guys just keep adding updates! The level layout has been iterated upon so many times that the progression and randomness feel darned near perfect. And there are now eight (eight!) different themes - all gorgeously drawn, updated for retina displays, and with different shooting or visual elements that make subtle differences to the gameplay too. One of the best games on the store. Just get it..Version: 0

โœ“ Simplicity at its bestFor a game that looks so simple I couldn't see the big deal about it, that is until I bought it. Heaps of replay value with great themes although it would be nice if each theme had its own high score because some of the other themes seem more challenging simply because of the change in environment - even though the jump pads are probably still in the same position - I don't know since I can't memorise everything yet otherwise I'd have a better high score :P.Version: 0

โœ“ AaahSo nice to see this game in full form, especially since Iโ€™ve been playing since there was a free lite version and an HD version, and all the holidays were sold separately, good times. Keep up the good work guys!.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ Stands the test of timeMany years later, this is still a great fun little game for everyone. Simple enough for kids, hard enough for adults. iPhone X support is great - that had been missing for a while..Version: 3.19.3

โœ“ TRUE LOVEOh my godness I absoloutley love this game its so addictive and i love playing it on my ipod and on my dads iphone its AMAZING i always challenge my uncle to get a higher score than me at first he was winning but then i brought him to shame with my score of 51,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! โ™ฅโ™ฅ THIS GAME people who give it a bad score SHAME ON U.Version: 2.5.1

โœ“ IPhone X optimization plsThis is one of my first games ever played on iOS long time ago and I downloaded this again after forgetting about it. I would love if this game can be optimized for iPhone X. Please!.Version: 3.18.3

โœ“ Best update ever!!!OMG!!! The classic arcade is amazing! Monsters dropping barrels, cherries of invincibility, spaceships, rows of laser firing monsters, and probably more I haven't see. Yet! Great job guys!.Version: 3.18

โœ“ Love this game!!!!!!This game is SOOOOO addicting!!!!! I love how the game has different characters you can get, and the tournaments are AMAZING!! The challenges are challenging and hard to do, and I love that. I definitely recommend this game if you are bored, or need something to do. This game is a time consumer, and is addicting!!!.Version: 3.21.3

โœ“ Proper addictiveThis game is seriously addictive. It ticks all the boxes of a good game: simplicity, nice looking, somewhat challenging and just overall fun. Oh, and not to forget the hours spent playing it when one should be asleep or doing something slightly more productive than jumping onto little platforms, avoiding monsters and the like. It's up there with the original snake as one of the best games I've had on any mobile phone. That says it all, really..Version: 0

โœ“ Really goodThis game is highly addictive. My highest score is 58 thousand. I hav gone any higher than that... YET! This is one of the best games i have ever purchased, and the only game i really play out of pages and pages of games and apps.Version: 0

โœ“ This game truly is the bomb!(Hey Lima Sky I'll let you in on something, If you could make a zombie theme with lots if creepy stuff that would make my day but I forgot to say thank you very much for the new Space theme which everyone has been asking for!) HEY EVERYONE TYPE IN Ooga AS YOUR NAME, YOU UNLOCK A SECRET DOODLER. I think this app is even better then Modern Warfare 2... just joking.. nothing can beat MW2. This game is appropiate for all ages, no matter if you like cartoon, FPS,( you can shoot monsters with bullets)cookery, gun games, arcade or even board games.. I am very sure you will soon be addicted to this gob-smacking game!! Even if your oldies age you will randomly start to burst out laughing at the stupidity (funniness) of this app. Thank you for another great game..Version: 0

โœ“ I downloaded this back in 2010I wanted to start my review off by saying I downloaded this game back in 2010 and itโ€™s not a game I play regularly anymore but itโ€™s still solid for what you get from it. Not much has changed since I downloaded it back then. This was one of my first apps and Iโ€™ve played over 100s of mobile games. The concept is simple and itโ€™s a chill way to pass time, but nothing Iโ€™d spend a daunting amount of time on everyday..Version: 3.20.2

โœ“ Almost perfectFundamentally held my perfect simplicity. But it lacks a certain feeling of longetivity. It progessively get's harder, but always the same small variety of challenges, sometimes put forward in a mildly different way or an increase in speed. The only achievment in playing continually is to get a higher score. And I'm sure as creators of one of the most playable games on the iTouch you can find more reasons to want to get higher. A few things worth adding to increase variety of platforms, enemys 1. Spiked platforms. 2. Enemys that fly left and right shooting fireballs 3. Sticky platforms 4. Magnetic platforms A few power-ups to add 1. Gravity boots. (jump higher and slower for the faster levels) 2. Torch when it comes to a lights off point in the game (see below) 3. Triple fire gun (to keep) 4. Maybe a variety of new guns alltogether New feature - handicaps. Land on these and have further challenges,. Or they just become part of the game at certain points (maybe have words on the screen like - lights off 100 ft) 1. Lights off 2. Inverted tilt 3. Left only (only tilt left, forcing you to jump through the sides,. As currently it is worthlessly optional) 4. Right only 5. Wet surfaces Also,. Zoom the whole game out a tad,. To increase width and vision of what's ahead. :).Version: 0

โœ“ Awesome game!I love love love this game! it is very addicting and all you want to do is beat your high score! the only thing i would say is their should be more challenges like the holes in the paper and things like that. but the game is very well done and addictive! definitely deserves 5 stars!.Version: 3.3.2

โœ“ Good butThos game is good but its annoying how when you go to the side it takes you to the other side of the screen remove that and i will give 5 stars.Version: 3.20.1

โœ“ SuggestionI love doodle jump but I think it would be cool if when you play multiplayer you could dress up your character and also be able to verse in different levels on multiplayer.Version: 3.2

โœ“ Addictive and fun and exelent .it would be cool if they buy a real tall building then sustrampolinesI love this app and must have at least ten games every half hour! I love the different "stages", and I'm glad that there are different blocks to land on, instead of just the green ones. I only have one small complaint, and that is regarding the pause button. Why is being able to pause the game more than once not making the gameplay fair? It's so annoying when I am in the middle of a game, and I need to look up, or quickly go and do something, I come to find that I have already paused once earlier in the game!! However, I have sort found a way atound this problem, simply just locking the device will pause the game, this does have other problems, for example, by the time I have found the lock button I usually have lost, and are tumbling down to tje ground..Version: 0

โœ“ Get this as soon as you get your iPhoneVery good game, can't get better than this .99c. This game is short and just fun, yes it can be little bit addicative..Version: 0

โœ“ Love the latest updateLove the shop. But a suggestion, maybe instead of only having a shop for ninja background have a shop for all of them? So if your on the Easter bunny background and you go to the shop it will have stuff you can by for it. So it changes on what background your on? Otherwise love it!!!.Version: 3.0

โœ“ Doodle Jump - Best Game Eva!This game is insanley addictive and it's soooo worth the price of a low $1.29!!!!!!! Anywayz this game is basically the best game well u know apart from a couple others!!! But they r alwayz updating things making sure that Doodle Jump is the game for u!!!!! If u r fun and NOT boring then u will luv this game!!!! Its good for any type of level cuz there is no levels!!! by the way it is not boring thank u very much :p.Version: 0

โœ“ AwesomeGreat game and I love it, was worth paying $1.19. But I think it would be really cool if you made it so when you shoot monsters or get to a really high floor you could earn money and on it's home page you could buy new weapons or characters. If you made this I bet you every one would download it and you could be charging $2.49 and the same amount of people would buy it possible even more people would buy it. I'm just trying to think of a way to make the game more fun and better. But if any body else looking for a really fun addictive game buy Doodle Jump. ๎—.Version: 0

โœ“ Doodle jumpOk I have doodle jump on my I pad I phone i touch and begged my sister to get it on her I phone it is the most awesome game ever they should make you sighn a waver saying how addictive it is. Buy doodle jump it is the best game ever!.Version: 0

โœ“ YEEEEEEEEESWow I love this app itโ€™s a masterpiece itโ€™s one of those apps that are so addicting it fits right in my selection of favourite games like angry birds,PvZ and cut the rope. Itโ€™s one of my favourites I give it 5 /5 stars *****..Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ It's awesomeI only did this for the fun of it, it's better than drugs lol.Version: 0

โœ“ Downfall of the DoodlerI am afraid to say it but this is the end UNLESS theres some new segment like online multiplayer.... I think this is the best but Doodle Jump won't stay in the top 5 for long if its theme after theme, and for the first time ever because of it not being no.1 people start to question it, this leads to bad comments, bad comments equals not as many people buying. Please Lima Sky take this review into account!!!!๎— THIS IS THE TRUTH! ๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š. I was right, no updates changing anything and were down to 7th now!!! The above is the tip for the top spot!!!!!! Also Listen to peoples reviews Lima Sky either that or say goodbye to the top ten!!!! ๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š. 2nd again and there hasn't been a update for a month. ๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š. 8th place. No looking up any more. Doodle jump is now a doodle dump. ๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š. Top 5 looks like anti doodle jump area. Love the football update though but this is the end, this is the downfall of the doodler. ๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š 14th is bad and we are 14th!! ๎ˆ ๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š๎Š. 6th place seems average now! Themes seem pointless now, and I hate to say this but Ive found a new, better, more addictive Game... Plants Vs Zombies!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( 32nd place for doodle jump, this is no longer the downfall it is the death of doodle jump! :.(.Version: 0

โœ“ Remember The Patterns!Iโ€™m internationally ranked on Doodle Jump. Itโ€™s a great game if you remember the patterns. I almost scored 1,000,000! Just have to remember the patterns!.Version: 3.26

โœ“ Doodle JumpMy favorite game so far!.Version: 1.27

โœ“ AwesomeI love this game and the stickers for iMessage are a very cool edition, thanks โ˜บ๏ธ.Version: 3.18.1

โœ“ Love It!!!Best app ever bought, whenever I pick up my iPod I always play this game. No matter how many times you fail you always keep playing. It's just so addictive! So make sure to get this app, you won't regret it..Version: 0

โœ“ Love the updateThis update is amazing I'm playing it more than I ever did. Thank you..Version: 3.18

โœ“ Just a single ad d of birthdayVery addicted game only a single add of happy birthday.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ ClapsBest game on the App Store. No ads, and itโ€™s easy to learn. Definitely worth $ 0.99. You should get it!.Version: 3.21.1

โœ“ Love love love!I am so happy I remembered about this app and re downloaded it recently! I used to love playing it when I was a kid many years ago and I still enjoy it today! :).Version: 3.23.7

โœ“ Bad or goodBoth the bad and the good reveiws are right. I have played both angry birds and doodle jump but I think the good reveiws are right on which game is better: simple, competitive ,fun. But does to up it's game to beat the compotition by taking heed of suggestions put forward here. Also angry birds is an a mordern style game with little replay value when all is completed. Doodle jump is a classic style game made modern with nothing but quickly changing high scores to beat making the game last for as long as possible and in case you haven't noticed, with the devs working on doodle jump, angrey birds is reltivly new in comparison with updates coming out fast so to keepit top so these are shoddy updates done too quickly. But they are bringing out updates which is not what can be said for doodle jump. And yes I have both games so am not baised on my choice Racko P.s. The updates 4 angry birds are the same as doodle jump: both variences of the game. New levels new themes no real added content.Version: 0

โœ“ Amazing Game - best updates every, always something new!Seriously the guys at Lima Sky keep raising the bar, not only is this an awesome app, but it now has basically 5 levels and free updates all the time, and cool 'Easter Easter eggs' - great facebook connectivity and stats too - love love love it. My whole family is hoooked - including a 2.5yo (although she calls him boing boing). also for the person with 'Problem' after downloading the update - read the description and change your name - all the info on how to do this is listed on the upgrade info..Version: 0

โœ“ AwesomeThe best level is the space one because you can get the rocket and fly up for ages. This is a great game. I've got a folder on my ipod touch called "The Awesomest games" and this was the first game I put into the folder. ITS AWESOME.Version: 0

โœ“ BugHave to close app each time I want to play . โ€œPlay againโ€ doesn't seem to work . The actually game itself is great fun..Version: 3.19.1

โœ“ ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGThis is the greatest app it's the whole app store. Constant updates keep it interesting and enjoyable. Doodle jump is just like what it's name says 'addictive' I love it so much my friends everyday day play it all day at school and compete for the highest score. It's so addictive I've played over 15 hours and trust me I'm not gamer and I'm a tuff critic on games and holy god doodle jump I'd amazing! And for $1.19 all I can say is what a buy, I'd pay 10 bucks for it. Go away and buy it now if your in two minds, you won't regret it!.Version: 0

โœ“ AmazingIt's challenging and way too addictive!.Version: 0

โœ“ Needs support for iPhone X!Needs support for iPhone X!.Version: 3.19.1

โœ“ Pretty goodVery enjoyable. All the different worlds are awesome and it's a great time waster. Tends to get a little boring at times but I suppose it's just for something to do while waiting for the bus. Highly addictive and well worth the one dollar..Version: 2.8

โœ“ CoolThis app is incredible get it.Version: 2.5.1

โœ“ Awesome Game!I was a bit Apprehensive about downloading this game at first and if its worth its price. Im so glad i downloaded it, this game is what it states Insanely Addictive! It is so much fun i fully enjoy it, one of the most played games on my iPod, along with Flight Control and Chuzzle. Well worth $1.29!.Version: 0

โœ“ Addicting as hellBest 99 cents I ever spent!!!.Version: 0

โœ“ Amazing GameDoodle Jump HOP is an awesome game. It takes the gameplay of an amazing classic and make it even better. Now you're not just seeing how high up you can get, you're also unlocking new levels as you go by. Great graphics, cute characters, a surprise appearance from the Doodle Jump guy. I would recommend this to anybody. If you are a fan of the classic Doodle Jump, you will be a fan of this!. :D.Version: 3.23.3

โœ“ Great gameA classic game from the early days of iOS, hasnโ€™t been ruined with freemium updates or ads, great support to update to new screen resolutions by the developers Easy 5/5.Version: 3.20.2

โœ“ Classic... with ad every time you open it ๐Ÿ˜‘Love this game! Itโ€™s a classic and is still fun to play... but I wish the developers could remove the full-screen Doodle Jump 2 ad that comes up every time the appโ€™s opened? I tried the demo and I simply prefer the original.. also I paid to Remove Ads and this oneโ€™s still there. Please hide it pls.Version: 3.23.3

โœ“ Doodle JumpAmazing game,many levels and gets harder and harder,different themes and great sounds. I bought this for a VERY CHEAP $1.29 and put it on my iPhone 3G ,works great,no software problems,perfect game for passing time..Version: 0

โœ“ Best App For IPod.So addictive! A friend introduced this to me I loved it so much I brought it for my own iPod. If you don't like this application you probably have some serious issues ;P It's so cheap as well, definitely a MUST have! Enjoy..Version: 0

โœ“ Best value for your buckDoodle jump and I have a love/hate relationship, love it cos u never know what's coming next and the free updates keep on coming, hate it cos I can't beat it, and I have to keep playing it to try and beat it... Frustrating!!!.Version: 0

โœ“ Addiction at it's finestMust have game..Version: 0

โœ“ READ!!!Okay I don't normally bother to rate games I buy, but with this one, I feel I owe it. This review is for the benefit of the person who has looked at the game, which everyone says is amazing but really can't see what makes it so good and how it doesn't get boring. I know you are out there; and this review is for you. I didn't see how it could be so amazing, but I decided to risk my fiftynine pence to see if it was worth it. I played the game, and realised how good it was. It may seem simple but that is the true beauty of the game. It's a really good high score chaser and will keep you amused for hours. Normally I can think of something for the creators to improve on, but here u can't. There is no need for any update as the game is perfect as it is. This game is worth much more than ยฃ0.59 so I would buy it before the creators realise this and higher the price!!!.Version: 0

โœ“ Awesome and addictiveLove this game - so so addictive and so simple! I'd like to see a few things added though - how about the traditional "sand" level we see in so many video games, maybe with some wind to mix it up a bit? Also, when you get a spring or a trampoline into a propellor hat or jetpack it would be cool to get an extra boost out of it.. Also would be nice if you could play it laying down rather than having to sit up.. But overall, its a really great game and definitely worth a purchase..Version: 0

โœ“ Get Rid Of AdsI love it. There is nothing wrong about the game. I just want no ads!.Version: 3.24.1

โœ“ Awesome Game... but has room for improvement...A really awesome game, still (I think) one of the best games in the app store. To those people who have only just purchased this app, though it is incredibly frustrating at first, once you get the hang of the movement it becomes far more enjoyable and easy. The only problem with it is that it gets a bit to repetitive. If there were more ways to change the game, (like you can with Xmas and Halloween mode) i think it will make the app perfect..Version: 0

โœ“ Awesome game!It's nice to see that you still care about this game after all these years. Really good new 8bit theme. -Previous Review- Awesome ninjatastic new update!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.Version: 3.18

โœ“ AMAZANG!What a great game I have nothin bad to say complete fun but it would be sweet if we could make are own characters like crop a picture of us plz!!.Version: 0

โœ“ Best game in the world!Iv had doodle jump since it first came out and i love all the new free updates your giving us BUT i play this game so much my ipod goes dead do you think you could have a battery percent bar in the top corner or somthing so i know when to plug it in so i can keep playen it. Thanx for a great game.Version: 0

โœ“ Love the new 8 Bit update.Very very cool folks. Keep up the great work..Version: 3.18

โœ“ W-o-w!!!!OMG I love this game and I beg all of you reading these reviews trying to decide whether or not this is a good game and if it worth the money, I implore you to buy it, trust me it is worth every cent!!! Especially since new ideas are being made everyday! I think it would be pretty cool if there were levels that made you race against the clock to get the highest score, or you have to jump away from rising lava in an erupting volcano. Some mote achievements would be nice too. Overall though epic game that is very addictive, it can only hey better from here :).Version: 2.3

โœ“ Doodle JumpThis game is basic and brilliant and takes little space on the iPod. Also the updates are clever. Also out of 150 friends on facebook 79 of them have doodle jump. KEEP IT UP GUYS..Version: 0

โœ“ Bring it back!This new update has such a great nostalgic feel! I'm glad the doodle jump team still cares about this classic app :).Version: 3.18

โœ“ Doodle jump is way above the league of any other appThe most insanely addictive game ever released to mankind, consistently amazing updates (please do them more often!) and awesome items and characters to boot!!!!!.Version: 0

โœ“ Awesome GameThis is an amazing game, you get different landscapes and the sound and quality amazing. If you're looking for a way to spend your money, buy Doodle Jump because it is one of the best games, if not the best from the App store..Version: 3.0.1

โœ“ Super fun!Doodle jump is such a great game to play when you need to kill a little time :) clean and fun graphics.Version: 0

โœ“ Doodle Jump 13 Incredible Worlds:01. Original Theme 02. Christmas Theme (Made Up) 03. Ghost Theme (Made Up) 04. Jungle Theme (Made Up) 05. Space Theme (Made Up) 06. Soccer Theme (Made Up) 07. Underwater Theme (Made Up) 08. Retro Arcade Theme (Made Up) 09. Zombie Theme (Made Up) 10. Pirate Theme (Made Up) 11. Easter Theme (Made Up) 12. Scary Penguin Theme (Made Up) 13. Ninja Theme (Made Up).Version: 3.24.2

โœ“ EntertainingThis is the only game I play on my IPhone and use it only if I need to entertain myself if Iโ€™m on a plane or something like that. Most games I play on my Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro. But overall itโ€™s a really great game. I recommend it to anyone. Keep it up Lima Sky!.Version: 3.20.2

โœ“ Doodle JumpI love the game doodle jump, it's my favorite on the AppStore. I have an idea: when playing, maybe you could earn money or credits, so you can 'buy' accessories and stuff for your character for Multiplayer and original level. In multiplayer, everyone would look different. :) thankzz. Doodle jump is the most addictive game, I've had it for about 4 months now and Its still my most played game. (8 hours worth of gameplay!!).Version: 2.1

โœ“ AwsomeBest game ever!!!!!!.Version: 1.27

โœ“ GoatA classic, had it since I've had my first iPhone. The spread out but still consistent updates are great..Version: 3.18

โœ“ Super amazing!!You know, it's a great chilling game. Mmm I've been thinking, it would be even more attractive if you could just change/add a 3D mod somehow. So people can actually sometimes switch the gameplay to 3D whenever they want to, or some people that find that uncomfortable can switch the 3D mod off whenever they don't want to try it. Maybe... I mean, I still love the game and I'm pretty convinced that most people love it too, but I'm just saying that it might be just like a real exiting update that would surprise people I guess. Answer me if you might agree please!.Version: 2.7.1

โœ“ Love itThis is a great classic game to play! I just love it and the characters... they just so cute! You should buy this game:3.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ The app starts slowIโ€™m playing this game on my iPhone Xs Max and for some reason everytime i start the app itโ€™s so slow, Iโ€™m not sure if itโ€™s my internet connection or what but itโ€™s really slow when i start..Version: 3.21.2

โœ“ AmazingBeen playing this game ever since I was in elementary, and the creators still update it as Iโ€™m going into my senior year of high school! Amazing.Version: 3.19.1

โœ“ ๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต๎ŒตAmazing๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต๎Œต๎ŒตI bought this app by mistake but I am so happy I did, I had seen it on the top of the app store so many times and I thought it looked really boring and thought to my self 'how can this be addictive' but is really it, definitely on of the best apps around! ๎—.Version: 0

โœ“ Doodle jump reviewGreat game . Only got too 351 because I didn't read how to move the doodle .much different to computer game as I use my iPod touch and recently downloaded it as my Sis was complaining I didn't have any games and now i have 3 ..Version: 2.6

โœ“ Awesome!!!Fantastic game although it does get annoying how no one seems to have a decent internet connection and you have to go all the way back to the select opponent page, sometimes ending up with the same person. I think the finish line is too soon, and that it would be good to be able to do multiplayer with more than 2 people. Also would be good if you could do multiplayer in different themes. However it is a brilliant game and I love it!.Version: 2.8

โœ“ Fuuun :)It's alot of fun. Worth every penny :).Version: 1.27

โœ“ Freaking crackIt's like having a kilo of crack all to your self for 0.99$ Keep the awesome updates coming. Add a superman theme.Version: 0

โœ“ FantasticI'd just like to say what a brilliant game Doodle Jump is. I can play it wherever I like, weather in the bath or sitting outside Tesco. It is a game that can pass the time easily and you will never get bored. My sister Jade recommended Doodle Jump to me and I was instantly addicted. With the nine different modes plus the classic and the multiplayer mode you will never get bored. Ah, multiplayer mode, that is fantastic, weather you want to play with a friend or play with somebody over the Internet you will never be bored or disappointed again! Also, with the very speedy loading time in multiplayer mode, there's none of that terrible waiting around waiting for the game to start. I would also point out as someone said in their comment earlier that it is a very good value for money that will keep mum, dad and the kids happy for hours. I would just like to say that those without iPod, iPad or iPhone are without a doubt missing out. Maybe Lima Sky would consider making a PC game with all the modes plus multiplayer and global scores. I myself plus I'm sure billions of others would go out straight away or put it on our birthday/Christmas lists. I would also like to say before I depart a huge congratulations to Lima Sky/Doodle Jump for fantastic advertising as I have seen them on the back of my Inside Soap magazine for two/three weeks. On a final note well done and keep up the brilliant work! Xxx.Version: 2.3

โœ“ #1 GameThis is by far the best simple game made on ipod! It was easily made and is the best app ever! Very very well done on making this app! Hope you make a doodle jump 2! Thx. Also you should make some different boosting vehicles. Eg; flying boots, and new characters. Hope you like my idea thx!.Version: 0

โœ“ The most simplistic game I have played, and yet one of the funnest!Does this game have any real purpose? Hardly! It's all about how high you can jump along platforms before falling and claiming a high score. There are several modes you can play (according to screenshots) and a few may provide additional content so be sure not to be stuck on the standard wallpaper mode. It's not as addictive as I expected, but it's a great game if you want to sit back and have mindless fun. Highly recommended!.Version: 2.1

โœ“ Love the new themeCan tell that the team is very devoted! Only problems is, on the new "game over" interface, the username font is not retro, and it does not match the other elements on the screen..Version: 3.18

โœ“ AWESOME!This game is amazing!!! I can't imagine having an iPod Touch without this game! I play it all the time, especially when I don't have a wireless connection- you can still play it! you won't regret buying this game!!.Version: 0

โœ“ Next VersionIn the next version u should be able to have an adventure mode where you have 2 get to a checkpoint then u get to go to another level. Also you should be able to choose which mode you want to play like snow, classic, night ect. Awesome game first 1 I bought for my iPod and it is easily the most played. All my friends love it too. Anyway, in the next update could you plz include an adventure mode!.Version: 0

โœ“ Very GoodLots of fun, lots of effort has been put into the different levels and their creatures, especially the forest level and the underwater level. Doodle Jump takes a while to really get the hang of, but is lots of fun when you manage to do so. Definitely recommend this app, enjoy..Version: 0

โœ“ Fun!!!Thanks for the racing update. Doodle racing rawks. How about a stat board just for multiplayer mode? And can someone please explain why 2 iDevices can't have at it via BLUETOOTH? I have had various iOS devices since the beginning and don't know of any reason why the devices have Bluetooth asides from headsets and keyboards. Is this standard no good for head to head gaming?.Version: 2.0

โœ“ MindbogglinglysuperlatedlyfantasticoBRILLIANT! Best 59p I've ever spent in my life, soo true it is insanely addictive. It keeps you busy on long travell journeys Just an all rounder. Install it now, 59p is nothing and worth it! Such a clever idea for such a simple game. Especially as you can change the backgrouds and that makes it super fun to play. Oh and if anyone reads this heres some advice read the Harry potter series it is amaZing! Also when everyone said oh twilight is soo good I didn't beleive them, until I actually read the series, I think I love Edward Cullen. But I still can't diss my lovely Harry. Yeah yeah you may think I am a wierdo writing all of this , yes I know what your thinking let's diss her but don't. Well it has been nice writing this to a mysterious stranger so farewell goodbye. I bet this is the longest review you've ever read but beleive it or not, THIS IS MY FIRST REVIEW!.Version: 0

โœ“ Fresh arcade themeGreat new arcade theme same great game.Version: 3.18

โœ“ Best mobile gameBeen playing this since my iPhone four in 2011 still one of the greatest mobile games ever!.Version: 3.22.1

โœ“ The official definition of Awesome!!!Doodle Jump isn't a good game it is great, the most addictive, and insanely fun app ever!!! There has never been something so awesome a way to describe the word "Awesome", is DOODLE JUMP!!! If you're looking at buying an iPod Touch, iPhone or the new iPad? It's all worth it just for this app, Doodle Jump, the most action packed game with the most free updates of alltime! (except for the cool, recommended friends of ours, Pocket God!) And best of all, Doodle Jump is only $1.19!!! It is so worth it!!! Thank you so much to Lima Sky, and if I may suggest a cool, groovy new theme, Disco or a Willy Wonka Sweets theme. Thank you again, bye!!!.Version: 0

โœ“ Just as the warning says: Insanely addictive!!!Play this game almost everyday whenever I get the chance n I must say it's awesome!!! It's different almost everytime u play as things r occasionally mixed up so it keeps things interesting even if u keep trying over n over again. The reason y i gave it only 4 stars is because it still lacks the function of either auto-pausing/auto-saving the game when u get a call or have to reply a SMS. The game automatically exits n when u return u need to start over which is frustrating especially when u've already jumped really high n have to start from 0 because of a fon call. Fix this n I'll give u 5 stars!.Version: 0

โœ“ Still the best!10yrs + and still going strong! Don't play as much as I used to but I will always keep this on every device that it is made for! Actually wish they would make one for the Apple TV and Nvidia Shield TV! Ive got the racing version for ATV but it's just not the same. My favorite quick pick up and play style game like this is Crossy Road which is on ALL the mobile and TV devices that I have. I've had it also for as long as it's been out and it continues to get updates. Lima Sky, I think ur missing out on an opportunity by not releasing a TV version for both platforms. Crossy Road is even on my 2nd gen Fire TV, just sayin!.Version: 3.18.2

โœ“ It one ups Papi Jump!Doodle Jump has to be my favourite game on my iPod Touch. It has a brilliant design and brilliant gameplay. It's easy to play and is pretty self explanatory. Anyone who has had Papi Jump and enjoyed it should move on to the next level and get this. It is very similar to the papi jump layout except with better graphics. Doodle Jump does what Papi Jump doesn't however. It has platforms that break when you land on them, it has spring platforms, it has disappearing platforms and it has moving platforms. Aswell as all of the different platforms, it also has monsters which can be shot at by the doodle by a simple tap of the screen. It's a brilliant game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys any of the Papi games and anyone who enjoys platform or arcade games..Version: 0

โœ“ So AWESOMEHours of fun love it !!.Version: 1.27

โœ“ Cute and fun gameReally cute and pretty easy to play โค๏ธ.Version: 3.19

โœ“ One of the top games!!!This game has it all, regular, creative updates, addictive gameplay, simple to play. Combination of all these things make it an epic game and seems to have cemented its place in the top 25 forever.Version: 0

โœ“ Well done !!!!Cute and addictive !.Version: 0

โœ“ Update crashes on iPhone XSee above.Version: 3.20

โœ“ Good but annoying advertsI love playing doodle jump but everytime I fail it comes up with a 7 second advert.Version: 3.19.1

โœ“ AwesomeThis game is a fun and time killing game which makes it a excellent choice totally worth the money :).Version: 2.5.2

โœ“ How do you move??I love doodle jump. I play it all the time at Chuck E. Cheese. The only problem with the mobile version is that I donโ€™t know how to move!! The guy seems to move by himself, but it says to avoid the holes and I donโ€™t know how to control..Version: 3.23.3

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