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Keeps me motivatedI am really pleased with MMW as it is encouraging to see you walk on the gps and it helps me to keep doing the exercise. It the walk police (😄).Version: 20.3.0

Steps?I like your app but I’m disappointed it does not give me steps as well? I have to use my older health app to check the number! Regards Lyn.Version: 21.2.0

Love using this appReally enjoy this app, keeps me motivated and on task with updates as I’m walking, can listen to music and compare each workout.Version: 17.11.0

Definitely a MUST-HAVE app!I’ve used this taking my journeys and have it downloaded on my Apple Watch... love that it gives me duration and distance reminders! Also love that you have an account and can post to it :) amazinggg! 10/10.Version: 20.11.0

Add StriivI have a striiv watch and would like to use it with this app but it is not compatible with this app..Version: 17.9.1

I use it a lot.Using this ap as much as I do, I can’t rate it less than five stars. I use it a lot because it tells me just the information I want to know during a walk. It seems to me that it’s easier to use than the other walking apps. One thing that annoys me is that during a walk it starts to take longer and longer to open, till it crashes, at about 6 to 8 miles, then it works well for a while. About 6 miles after that it starts doing the same thing. It can crash twice in a long walk. The only thing that the version you have to pay for does that I’d like is custom splits. I’d also like stride length, but I think you need special shoes for it to calculate that for you. Anyway, I can’t justify paying the fee just for custom splits. Update: Unless I can figure out a way to silence this bubbly person who has starred chirping about calories, I going to have to delete this..Version: 19.7.0

Best app yet!Extremely easy to use, great for tracking my hiking even when out of cellular range. Really like that it is so accurate and I can listen to my playlists through the app. Highly reccomend for those wanting to take the next step in tracking your exercise..Version: 5.5.1

GPS need improvementApp used to work really well now I find the gps is way off on tracking the distance. This was the best part when working well earlier in the year..Version: 20.20.0

Absolute rubbish since updateLost all my history of some 2000 miles, not saving any activity now and doesn’t really seem to recognise my account will definitely by moving to another app - what a shame as I have loved this app for so many years just rubbish!.Version: 20.7.0

Great walking buddy!Ththis.Version: 21.15.1

What’s wrong with Map my Walk app?About 2 years ago I used to turn on ‘Map my Walk‘ when doing my morning walk. During the walk it used to give me data about the Duration, Distance, Pace and Calorie of that walk and and the map of roads I’ve covered and it also have me audio notification every time I’ve done the full km. Then I stopped using the app for a while and now when I tried to use it again it only gave me details of the Duration and Distance.. Could someone tell me what I’ve done wrong or haven’t gone correctly?.Version: 19.11.1

It’s good it does just the jobReading a review about it being incorrect , I have to disagree as for me it is spot on I have been walking the same distances for charity As the other people ,and I have compared to theirs and it has read the same so this is accurate 💪👍👍.Version: 21.5.0

Easy to use/ goal setThe app is easy to use. I like that it give me time at every km so I can set a goal to better my time..Version: 21.11.0

UsefulHelpful and easy to use. Make sure you are in the correct mode eg walk, cycling.Version: 20.18.0

Voice feedbackI have the voice feedback set to give feedback every minute. My only complaint is that after some intervals the voice feedback does not come on. By far my biggest, and only real, complaint is when I am out getting ready for a hike and call up the map my hike app. A page comes up on the screen that asks if I want to join, or if I want to proceed as a member. I indicate that I am already a member and the screen asks for my password. I usually can’t think of the password at that time so I am unable to use the app. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it is very frustrating..Version: 18.6.5

Awesome appThis is an awesome app to track walks and runs as long as I remember to turn it on..Version: 21.7.0

What an excellent product! Too bad about the full price!If this product was better priced, I'd buy it to thank the developers for their excellent Work. The free product does everything I want it to do, spilt times, total distance, mapping, calories, elevation, pace analysis. Just great! Needs a once of price that is reasonable, say $30 and I'd buy it..Version: 20.11.0

Good easy appAfter coming away from this app for a couple of years I’m back and finding it so easy to use. I originally stopped using it because after I reached 1000 miles it stopped accumulating my miles. I’m hoping now that it will just keep adding them up..Version: 21.1.0

GossFantastic app. I use it everytime I go on my twice weekly walk. Gives me all the information I need and encouraged me to do better each time Great app. Have been using this app for over 5 years. I use it all the time. Helps me as I do different routes when I walk three to four times a week..Version: 20.6.0

Stopping n startingWe often stop to look at birds, chat to people, pat a dog... There is no way to pause the tracking without stopping, entering a passcode, pressing pause, and reversing the process after the stop - both causing delays. Is there some way to program the app to pause if no GPS movement is detected for, say 10 seconds, and then starting again when movement is detected? That would make this an awesome app.Version: 19.25.0

Great for running, lacking for recording other excerisesI noticed with the latest upgrade that you changed some of the types of exercises including indoor cycling classes. Also, when recording stair climbing exercises, the app asks for distance in miles, but most stair climbing machines record distance in floors climbed. Can this feature be included in the next upgrade? Finally, I’m disappointed that the app defaults to recording the last type of workout you completed. So if I log an elliptical workout one day, the app saves that and when I go for a run the following day, I have to manually select ‘run’ as my workout. The app should default to walk/run..Version: 18.6.0

Cuts out the guessingFollowing heart surgery, it is very important for me to exercise regularly. I also need to know that I am improving my performance. Varying my route to avoid boredom, I can only guess at my progress so, with this program I can measure my progress and it adds interest to walks..Version: 20.3.0

Definitely recommend!!Great app - still works whilst on airplane mode (and in the middle of the countryside!). Gives you accurate stats (time, distance, calories, elevation etc) and easy to track your history, can make notes/add a photo to your walk which is really encouraging to look back on and see any progression/just good walks you’ve had (eg: on holiday).Version: 18.5.0

App for exerciseEasy to use as I am technically challenged and usually put off by apps. Like it has voice activation tells you each k’s you walk, graphics clear and simple..Version: 20.19.0

I use this app for every run!I love this app, so helpful to monitor distance and pace and gives motivation for goals. The only con is that it does use a lot of battery and you really need to have wifi or 3G on for the gps to be accurate. Certainly would recommend!.Version: 17.8.1

High Tech!Foremost, the app is reliable. I love the telemetry I get with my chipped UA running shoes! All the parameters I could possibly imagine are well covered..Version: 21.5.0

CaloriesJust wish the calories burnt was more accurate must burn more then 11 calories riding or walking 5 klm a day.Version: 21.10.0

Helps and motivates meI’m only using the very basic features which are more than enough for me. There’s so much this app can do. I like it for how accurate it is and that it lets me compare my current or best days with the lazy ones. I’m going to recommend to friends so we can see each other’s activities. One recommendation is that sometimes I forget to finish the exercise; it would be good if it could detect this ie that I am no longer walking/running etc and prompt me to stop or carry on.Version: 20.23.0

MargotGreat app makes me walk at a better pace..Version: 17.12.2

RejeanneLove it to I have use it for a long love it.Version: 21.2.0

Since updateI did an update yesterday and now the voice has stopped. Showing less distance than I do. I do the same walk everyday. Don’t know why. Has always been great..Version: 19.11.1

Walk for seniorsThis app helps us to stay fit by monitoring our walk and time. Also reminds you to get up and walk..Version: 19.25.0

Weekly Report IncorrectI’ve been using this app for a few years now and it behaves most of the time. However, I was disappointed today to receive my weekly report email, only showing the first walk of this week. I was especially disappointed because I’d walked on 6 separate days, logging up the most miles I’ve walked in a week. I can’t find anywhere on the app to ask why this could have happened and why the other 5 walks weren’t included, especially as all 6 of them are clearly still showing on my log!.Version: 20.21.0

Like it, but needs update for complications.I have used these apps for many years, and as a person that likes to update my equipment, it’s sad to see that this app hasn’t been updated to make use of the news Apple Watch Series 4 screen faces. Please fix this, it’s an important thing to be able to get to the app quickly from my watch face..Version: 18.8.6

MapMyStrollMMW is a fun app, that I enjoy using when I remember. The response seems slower than a couple of years ago and it forgot that I paid for an advertising-free version on my old iPhone, but that's not a big deal. I especially like being able to share walks with my wife. Occasionally it seems to consume a lot of power, but that might be my iPhone 5 getting confused..Version: 16.5.1

Decent software replacing EndomondoI was pretty upset when I heard Endomondo was going away after using it many years. MapMyWalk was a quick and easy alternative that auto imported years of data by itself. It works well. Easy to use and tons of features..Version: 21.2.0

Gear Tracker FeatureI love this App and I have been using it for the past 6 years. It has changed my life, my fitness and my health. I just learned that you will be removing the Gear Tracker feature, practically because you cannot update all the news shoes out there, but it doesn’t matter. I have been choosing any old shoe, nicknaming it myself and tracking whatever show I am using. It has not stopped me from making the very best use of the feature. Please, reconsider and don’t get rid of the feature. Other than this, I love the App and plan on continuing to use it for years and hopefully decades to come..Version: 20.24.0

Trying to connect to my fitness palGetting this error message when logging in with Facebook URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs..Version: 20.1.0

My walkI like the way it tells how far I’ve gone and the split walking time - make you want to go faster each kilometre.Version: 20.6.0

Fabulous app so easy to useI down loaded this app a few days ago it's great and allows me to manage my distance, time and calorie usages. Love it.Version: 18.4.6

Very Useful AppI use this app everyday. It provides great information on distance, speed and altitude as well as mapping your walk, run or ride. It also lets me keep in touch with family who also use the App and we compare results..Version: 16.7.3

If more accurate, would be 5 starsI have used these apps for years. What is problematic for me is when they, for no apparent reason, have inaccurate distance readings. Usually a bit generous but not always. Loops that I have been on numerous times suddenly change distance. I tried to contact the company and they gave standard answers. I did all including uninstalling and reinstalling the apps all to no avail. Then they suddenly worked again. But still have rogue distances and no idea why. But most of the time works well..Version: 19.23.0

Great app except for one glitchThis is overall a fantastic app and would definitely be 5 stars except for one annoying glitch. The app cannot differentiate between walking and riding in a car. So if you’ve been walking then get in your car and forget to press the “end workout” button (or don’t hold it long enough), then it keeps calculating your time/distance. Very frustrating if you’re trying to track progress and frequently have to discard workout due to it not being accurate. Also the “end workout” button is not at all sensitive, you have to press hard and hold for several seconds. There have been many times I’ve pressed it and thought it registered only to realize later it’s still adding time and distance! Really hope the app developers can fix this, it’s otherwise a great app!.Version: 21.12.0

Cross country skiingLove the app. Wish cross country skiing was an option. Doesn’t work very well if you just walk. Otherwise l love the app.Version: 21.2.0

This works very wellEnough data to give you an understanding of how far are you walked what exercise you done how many calories you have expended and maps of the distances and diagrams of where you have travelled on foot. I have been using it for nearly 2 years and find it very beneficial indeed..Version: 18.4.0

Distortion when recording a videoThis is a message for the developers of the app. The app is fine and great, have not used it much but happy, however, there is one thing wrong which I have noticed. When the app is active and tracking my location, when recording a video, there is a distortion in the background. The best description of the noise or resemblance is that of a reversing vehicle / fork truck. When at home, I closed all apps, opened this walking app and started to record, I waiting a few seconds, opened my camera and recorded a 5 second video. I then stopped tracking on this app, closed it and watched my video back, and the same noise was there, indicating it is something to do with this walking app being active. As I said, apart from that, it’s brilliant. I hope this is a simple little fix for your team..Version: 20.21.0

Weird resultsI walked around my pool for 30 minutes and got no credit for it and I was walking at a good clip. All it showed was a big blob! There is a light cleaning option but nothing for heavy cleaning like washing floors, windows or scouring sinks, stove and toilets. I like to spring and fall clean and when I do, I get quite a workout with moving couches and chairs, office furniture, vacuuming floors. A lot of the time I’m sweating and I’m not a person that sweats in the heat even though I’m really really hot! I have been using the app for a few years now, but I think I should have an option for house work as workout. I realize some people think it’s so easy to be home all day with “nothing to do” but seriously it’s way more work than people think it is!! It’s not constant every day, but once a week for sure it’s a good workout! Thanks for your consideration..Version: 21.6.0

I love itMapMyWalk is easy to use and has good Détail.Version: 21.1.0

Map my walk reviewI chose map my walk because I was going on a walk that day and I wanted to know how it would work. I really liked that it can give you ideas for different routes to take by tracking your area and desired distance, but it can also track the distance of a walk that you map out yourself. However, I didn’t really like that it was only specific to walks. It would be a cool thing to have an app that was able to track walks as well as create other types of workouts for you. I think that it is important for people to know that this app can also track the distance of a walk you choose yourself and that you don’t only have the option of doing the walks that they choose for you..Version: 18.4.6

Excellent AppI find it an excellent app for walking. I can use it in neighbourhoods that are known to me as the GPS shows the map of where I am and I can clearly see how to walk my way back to my starting point. I also love the fact that it keeps a record of my workouts which motivates me to go on and strive to improve..Version: 17.10.0

Often wildly wrongI am not sure why so many people are enthusiastic. I have been using MME for nearly three years and it good at first- except if you went into building or tunnel. I can understand that but latterly I and a relative using it in another country often find it hopeless. It cuts walks short by ignoring route you actually walked and cutting an impossible line straight across the map. Today according to Steps I walked seven miles. As I did. But MMW thinks I only walked 4.5 miles. Useless. Update if anything it gets steadily worse two times out of three it misses a substantial section of the walk. To be avoided..Version: 19.3.0

Keeps track providing inspiration and memory triggers tooI set the goal of walking each and every day in 2016 and today tracked walk 212 of 366 with MapMyWalk. I enjoy looking back on past walks and tracking each new one as I go..Version: 16.7.1

Missing Sounds on start up and finish of walksAlways liked this App until I lost Sound Alert when starting walk and no Sound Alert when finishing walk. It’s so easy now to think you’ve pressed to start walk and you haven’t where as when you had audio you didn’t have to worry. Please could you fix if it’s only a bug please..Version: 21.2.0

A great little appI don’t use really… any underarmor products, or the social the social functionality of the app, but it’s a perfect little GPS walk/run tracker. It’s cool to be able to see a visual of my different routes. It’s also quite customizable for a free app, and I imagine that if you were particularly data driven when it came to your workouts that the advanced metrics would be helpful. Recommend!.Version: 21.14.0

Good AppI’ve been using this a little while and rate it. An improvement would be easier review of photos and the ability to edit a route. On a recent walk that would have been really useful. Also the ability to switch from km to miles would have been great. Nevertheless, overall a good app and I’m still using the free version. If the price of the upgrade comes down a bit I would certainly consider that too..Version: 18.4.0

Simple and PERFECTI am 55 and in no way tech savvy or athletic, I just wanted to know how far I was walking and what I was achieving. Map My Walk is perfect for me. It’s super user friendly and literally transformed my disorganized, random walking and made me into a goal-achieving success. In the past I’ve given up on walking every time I started but this app made me a committed walker who understands the path I’m walking and wants to do more each time! All the information and stats are fantastic, and for the first time I get the value of tracking progress and setting personal goals. A huge blessing I’m so glad I found!!.Version: 20.6.0

Great app unless you stop and forget to pause itI love this app but hate that it you stop and forget to pause it, that it affects your pace times. I try to avoid any intersections with lights because of this.Version: 21.13.0

Handy fitness appJust started using this app today wish I had known about it sooner! I love how it talks to me and tells me how far I’ve run and what speed I’m going, it really helped me pace myself..Version: 18.7.0

Chris COnce I worked out how to use it. Really like it. Good for tracking kilometre and steps. Can look back to see how you have improved.Version: 17.9.5

Aaahhhmaizing!!!The app is great. It has helped me achieve my weight loss goals when I used it with my fitness pal! I love how it keeps track of my walks and allows pictures to be applied with each new journey! I also love the challenges offered by different sponsors. It helps keep working out exciting!.Version: 5.5.1

Best Ap for Walking.I have been using for 4 years this March, 😀2019, always reliable and accurate. I have clocked up 8 thousand kilometres in this time..Version: 19.4.0

Good appGood app. I’m not just sure if the calorie count is accurate..Version: 21.7.0

ExcellentWow what a nice app to use, brand new to most apps, this one is super easy and beneficial.Version: 21.6.0

Solid AppGives you your steps, calories, distance, pace....smoothly. Recommend this.Version: 21.5.0

IPhoneX playing music by itselfThis app started turning itself on at random times. Since my Apple Music was attached, my iPhone would start playing music even in the middle of the night when it was charging. I had to contact Apple support to trouble shoot the problem. After several technicians and a supervisor, we discovered the app was turning itself on. I had to go to privacy settings and turn off access to music on all of my Under Armour apps in an attempt to isolate the problem. The app usually works wells for tracking minutes and miles. Occasionally, it glitches (stops, jumps or fails to upload)..Version: 18.7.0

WalkingLove love this appealed you want to strive for more, but for an old lady it’s good.Version: 21.15.1

Great AppI really like this app. I use it for when I go tramping. I like that it still works even when I am outside cellphone coverage. Brilliant and a good way of easily measuring how I am doing. It also is great as I like to explore and this allows to retrace my walks or tramps another day..Version: 5.4

Good for workoutsI think this app is good because it can help you improve more on your regular workouts this is a 5 stars for me because it can improve on what you can do and you can save your workouts so you can remember the last workout you did before doing a new one.Version: 20.20.0

Love It!!Recommended by a friend and wow how easy! It maps a route for you and gives distance OR u can do your own walk and it will save it! Shows calories used and u can play your own music thru the same app. Tells you when each km or mile reached with time and average time. I'm impressed!! So easy!!.Version: 5.4

Works great for trackingI give this app 4 stars because the directions for how to unsubscribe are unclear and it was super annoying to try and figure how to unsubscribe. for iPhones: Simply go to your settings, click your Apple i.d, go to subscriptions & unsubscribe. The instructions I found kept directing me to go to iTunes to do so. Maybe it’s just me but I find that very unclear. Otherwise, If you Would like to map your walk this is an amazing app to do so. I enjoyed it a lot when I used it and was able to link it to my fitness pal app to track calories consumed and burned. It tells your you elevation and rate you were walking which I liked a lot. I liked it because I felt safer leaving it on during my walks in case I went missing or fell in a hole somewhere and was able to share the log in with someone for IF that happened. A little extra, but it’s facts, people are crazy. I’m in the gym regularly now and don’t go out for walks worthy of tracking anymore. If you walk a lot for fitness or leisure, this app is for you. I didn’t experience any glitches. It does drain your battery rather quick so make sure your phone is charged before you head out..Version: 21.3.0

ExcellentIt’s an excellent app which has enabled me to get a lot more from my walks (and to share information). The only negative - and it’s quite an annoying one - is that going into shops for sustenance - and even using a public loo in Kensington Gardens - can send the signal haywire. The last time this happened the map showed me walking across the surface of the Thames not once but twice!.Version: 20.24.0

Keep walkingI love this app. I find it accurate and I know I wouldn't walk as far or fast without it to spur me on. If you pause it to travel on a bus or car then resume it from a different location it confuses the gps. Better to finish and restart. Would be lost without this..Version: 17.9.5

Amazing walk app to keep you motivated!5 stars for the 1020k 2020 challenge! This got me motivated to start walking and continue day after day for the past 6 months of this lockdown. The app works very well. I only had problems a couple of times where in for some reason my walk mileage wasn’t recorded. But overall it’s an amazing app and definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to live a healthier active life to cope with the lockdown..Version: 20.22.0

Great app for walks and runsI love this app. I use it to track walks and runs. It shows me my current pace, 1 miles lap time, and average 1 mile lap time. It also shows me how many calories burned and allows me to share my workout only with myself, with my friends, or on Facebook and Twitter. The one weak spot is that the app sometimes stops giving audio feedback after a call whether you take the call or not. I t also doesn’t allow you to change activities after you start a workout and forgot to change the activity. I recommend this app to my friends who walk, run, or bike..Version: 20.18.0

Map my walkHave only been using this app for a week, so still finding my way with it. Seems fairly straight forward, and useful in a training program I have started. I love that I can save my walks , then should be able to look back and compare stats. I haven't found out how to name or number my walks yet. A useful app !.Version: 21.4.0

Really like even the free version, but...I’ve found the free version really motivating especially during the pandemic (which means no group fitness activities). I like being able to send a friend my map and stats each day; we keep each other accountable and encouraged even though we’re not walking together. My one gripe is that I wish I could just glance at the home screen during a walk to see how far I’d traveled! As far as I know, the only way to do this is to hit pause, scroll to view stats, then hit pause again to start walking again. I never do this because it’s a pain of an interruption. I finally just set the alerts to tell me every 0.25 miles, which I can hear while walking—at least that gives me a ballpark idea of the distance..Version: 20.14.0

GreatI have found this an excellent tool to keep me motivated in my quest to exercise more. It did keep crashing when I was trying to record after installing the latest update, but I just deleted and reinstalled with no problems. I really like the weekly summary by email too. I'm using it heaps :-).Version: 4.5.3

Works like a charmBeen using this app to map my walk and it even works while going through shortcuts such as bush tracks and parks! Love the fact my date doesn't have to be on and it can pause while I do errands than start again no hassle! I also love that the end button has too be held so it won't accidentally happen when walking! 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 17.5.5

Love it!This app has been my travel companion for three years now. We have climbed mountains, stood on summits looking over nothing but white clouds, crossed the rivers together. It encourages me to take that one extra step, to push myself, it definitely taught me about how to stay committed to my exercise regime (walking, hiking). Thank you for creating it..Version: 5.4.6

😄👍I love this app it helps a lot with school in gym class. Tells me everything I need to know and keeps track of it.Version: 21.7.0

Dog WalkingI use this virtually everyday when walking our dog Otis as does my wife Julie It’s a useful tool and provides encouragement to do more. At the end of the first year i was amazed, I’d walked nearly 600 miles more than I would have if it wasn’t for having my great pal Otis It’s got to be doing more good than harm, hopefully 🐕👍🏼.Version: 20.3.0

Satellite map is bomb!Loving this app. Very accurate and shows everything you need to know about your walk. The satellite map is a cool way to explore especially if your looking for green space..Version: 21.9.0

FlakeySurprisingly flakey product from a global brand such as Under Armour. Adverts are intrusive. Even for a free product version. Constant requests for upgrade (purchased functionality). Surprising number of ‘glitches’ as my teenager calls them. And shared a workout successfully, once. Functionality fast worked since. No way I’d invest in an upgraded version of the basic version is shonky..Version: 20.7.0

Good app for tracking walksWorks really well for recording different routes and distances. Also records sound track for the walk which I don't care too much about but could be interesting to compare styles and impacts. Good to get the per K time to track speed changes..Version: 16.2.3

Great Map AppEasy to use, fun to keep track of walks, has trouble mapping off route walks but haven’t found anything else worth the trouble using..Version: 19.21.0

Great AppSuper simple to use, it tracks routes using gps and allows you to upload images or text to help remember a walk (or workout if you want to title it that 😂). It also shouts out every X distance how your pace is doing so you can adapt your workout as you desire. If you wonder what is chatting away in your pocket, don’t fret it is telling you good things!.Version: 21.2.0

Connects families | Motivating | Easy to useTraveling all over the world and have all our walking locations on map my walk plus the photos. Our family are connected as Freinds in different countries and it's fun to connect in a healthy motivating way Easy to use; take photos as you go; encourage each other by sending messages; set up family and friends challenges; keeps you motivated and connected. When you arrive in a new location you can click on the routes that others in your area have taken - so a local view. Highly recommend this APP..Version: 19.2.0

What’s happened to this app!!!???Once a reliable partner to MyFitnessPal, in the last two weeks, this app has persistently failed to correctly log walks, capturing only partial routes and times etc. It looks like it’s launched correctly, yet when you come to save it, it’s got into a real tangle. What’s the point of an app that you have to keep stopping and checking that it’s still working?!?! Very disappointed, what’s gone wrong?.Version: 17.11.0

My new addiction.Really enjoy using the app. It gives me motivation to keep doing my walks. Have recommended it to two friends and they are addicted now too..Version: 20.7.0

My walksThese map my walks encourage me ... thx 💕.Version: 20.8.0

Overall Very GoodI have used this app for 7 years and it has really helped me with distance and pace of my walking. I just recently downloaded IOS 14 and I don’t know if the issue I’m about to describe is due to that or an update in the app itself. I have the voice set to announce every 0.25 miles and it always worked well until this week. Now it is “rounding up” 0.25 and 0.75 and announcing them as 0.3 and 0.8 instead. It has always bern capable of saying 0.25 and 0.75 before. Yes it’s a minor issue but really annoying and I’d like to see it fixed..Version: 20.22.0

Fantastic Walking AidSoooo delighted to have come across this App. I’m useless at navigation, but love walking my dog - and this is the perfect solution! Love the motivational impact too: distance, calories, time etc. It’s also really nice there’s the option to type in notes after each walk; will be a lovely diary record to look at from time to time..Version: 20.7.0

WalkThis is a great app works well.Version: 20.5.0

Dog walkingMap my walk is great for tracking my pace and my fitness levels. Also good for measuring different routes so I can choose the one I have time to do..Version: 17.10.0

Downhill through Kelburn Public WalkwaysThis walk on a cold damp day in early spring was motivated by our both having installed the MMW app. It was great to have a map of where we were going and to be able to keep check of how long we'd been walking, how far we'd walked and how many calories we'd burned. And now we have a permanent record of today's walk if we want to do it again in better weather, or to vary it a bit..Version: 16.10.1

Why?Map my run has gardening as an activity but Map My Walk doesn’t. Can you add Gardening and LawnMowing? Love the group challenges and the accurate map..Version: 19.11.0

OzecolAuto pause has disappeared - why? The clock still runs while I stop for coffee and that corrupts my whole stats records. Please bring it back ASAP..Version: 20.16.0

JohkneeGreat app. I use the free version which is awesome. It does however tend to go to sleep mid “workout”, walk in my case. Plenty of charge on phone, just happens out of the blue. Not all the time and not very often but it does happen. I make sure once I start that the phone is off so I don’t knock it accidentally. Other than that great app , hence the 4 stars if there was half a star I’d tag that on..Version: 19.25.0

Inaccurate dataI used to use map my walk, map my hike and map my ride. I used to consider all of these apps accurate. Last year I had an injury and took a year off Freon exercise. This year, I’ve started iso g the apps again and known hikes and trail distances are being registered I. These apps at about 1/3 the actual distance. I did a hike tonight that is 1.9 miles each way and my total hike distance registered as .78 miles. This has been consistently happening like this for the past month. So, I don’t know what happened to change the gps tracking at such a huge discrepancy, but I’m done. I’m removing all three apps from my phone and I’ll be using other known, more accurate apps..Version: 19.9.0

Useful tool - although not perfectDoing a lot of walking I find this useful to track my walks, the speed and distance completed and an estimate of the calories burnt. Providing you receive a good 4G signal this will work fine. I’ve noticed a couple of indoor locations where the app loses signal and sometimes will add false distance to your workout. It’s usually obvious and the workout can be edited to correct the stats. Since the update in week commencing 16th July ‘18 it’s plagued with false notifications stating “Application termination. Your workout has been stopped. Tap this notification to resume your workout.” It seems that the workout is not stopped however. Both confusing and annoying..Version: 18.6.5

Very useful.Very impressive! Now with the long walks it comes very useful and fun to see how far and how long I walk. impressive! Now with the long walks it comes very useful and fun to see how far and how long I walk. I tried the app for the first time today and was very impressed with the whole experience. I need to use it a few more times to get to know all the functions. Very grateful to my neighbour for introducing it to me..Version: 20.5.0

Love this appLove this app to walk because I love to walk it amazing thank you making me amazing again.Version: 21.14.0

Love ItI've been using Map My Walk for walking and running for nearly 2 years now I'd guess. It started off as a whim and quickly appealed to my competitive nature. I love mapping courses and monitoring my progress. I love being able to share personal bests and long distances ... Show off basically. It has been the absolute one thing that has kept me exercising and interested in improvement for all that time. Wouldn't be without it now..Version: 5.6.3

Map my walkVery easy to use & helpful when wanting to better pace etc..always use it when I go out walking.Version: 21.5.0

Good once, not so now!Used this a few yrs ago and it was good, had a clear out of apps and this was one that went. Reinstalled again yesterday, obviously forgotten password so asked for reset, 24hrs later it arrived, did as it instructed and still can’t login, so it’s being deleted again 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 20.6.0

Works great! Problem fixed!Had a glitch a week or so ago where I couldn’t do anything except track a walk. The options at the bottom of the app to switch to other areas of the app were missing and it constantly had me in active tracking mode as if I started the workout already but couldn’t leave. The latest update fixed it for me! Everything’s functioning like it should again. Whether that was an intentional correction or my app was stuck until an update pushed it out of whatever endless loop it was in, thank you developers!.Version: 21.10.0

Workout Goals Nor SyncingI’ve enjoyed this app a long time. But seems I may need to find a better one soon. First, it recently logged me out all kinds of random and I had no way to recover old profile because I had long forgotten the password for such a rando app that probably doesn’t need freaking password protection. Second . . . the dashboard area where your weekly workout goals are is not syncing whatsoever. I’ve workout multiple times since setting the goal but it doesn’t recognize them in that area only. Kinda annoying, I wish it would just work properly. Everything is fine but still kinda peeved tbh..Version: 18.12.0

Love this appI have been using Map my Run and May my Walk since 2010. They have a lot of functionality on their free app. I especially like that they are constantly updating the software. They recently fixed my biggest beef with the app. In the past the mile marker updates of speed, distance and pace would run over the podcast I was trying to hear. Inevitably the update would occur during a key part of the presentation and then I would have to rewind and deal with the hassle. A recent update changed all that to pause whatever is on during the update, then resume it without missing a word. Small change but huge affect. Thank you very much..Version: 20.7.0

Just Walking the DogI’ve found the App to be absolutely excellent for my daily dog walks. Not a particularly serious use. However, I am fortunate that I have a very broad variety of geography; forest, open heathland, rolling hills and rugged terrain, 1km from my house. Map My Walk provides me with the information I need. Distance, time, splits, pace, calories and so forth. And importantly it maps my route. So I can plan my walk around what I want to achieve for that day. Plus the dog is very happy because he’s never sure where he is going!!! Links seamlessly with My Fitness Pal, Apple Health and Apple Activity. And it’s never let me down..Version: 20.5.0

ExcellentDownloaded this app a year ago, thinking it ‘might’ inspire me to change my lifestyle...well it has! Two and a half stone later I feel the best I ever have. First time in my 48 years I’ve made a conscious decision to walk more - and now I can do 12 miles! It’s great to look back on your walking routes to see how much you’ve improved with steps/distance/time. Love it!.Version: 19.17.0

Walking MumGreat app, can listen to Audio books or put in your favourite Music playlist. Every Km it give your your pace time for the last Km you just did and an average of over all km's you have done for that walk with the time it's taken you to get to where you are. Love it!.Version: 16.2.0

Excellent appI walk every day with my dogs over varying routes and just wanted an app that told me what distance I had covered. This app does that for free, and can be used for so much more if you are more serious about your exercise. I have not used this out in the Peak District yet but I Would recommend this to anyone..Version: 20.12.0

Great appLove the info keeps you motivated to go further faster and burn those calories.Version: 21.4.0

Efficient and easy to useMy husband and I use this app to track our calories burned when we go for a walk but it also keeps us motivated to try and do better! It’s something we use in the afternoons when we take our son for a ride on his scooter and it’s super easy to use. Could not recommend this app more!!.Version: 20.4.0

MotivationThis app is amazing! It allows you to do free workouts when you don’t have the money to pay for premium! I haven’t worked out since I had my son 3 years ago and this app has helped me to ease my way back into working out! It’s not too hard but not easy either! It makes you work for your goal but not so hard that you injure yourself! I like how you can choose more than one goal for your workouts! You can also choose other workouts besides the daily 7! I will definitely be recommending this app to other women!.Version: 20.1.0

GoodGreat app. Good for finding routes.Version: 19.8.0

Great app...but sometimes the kms are off when near riversI like the app but whenever I’m near a riverbank the gps must go berserk because my 1km walk all of a sudden becomes 1.6kms because the map shows me as having crossed the river even though I hadn’t. This is frustrating as I can’t use the app along the beautiful riverfront boardwalk..Version: 20.13.0

Awesome app! Super useful.I really love this app for so many reasons. The first reason would be that it is really accurate from what I have experienced so far. It is easy to use and navigate so anyone can use it. There are so many options of sports to track including ones I’ve never heard of! This app helps me to stay on top of my fitness and to know how many calories I’ve burned is great. This app even tracks your route that I absolutely love! Great app!.Version: 20.6.0

Love the app.I use it every day. I love all the info it gives.Version: 20.8.0

New to meI’m loving map my walk so far. I’m making a few mistakes like forgetting to pause and to time out. Love that it’s encouraging me to walk further each time set out..Version: 18.1.2

Suggestion or maybe a answerI walk a lot of the same spots at different times, days etc. The app Is great but I would like to see all my routes overlap so I would see one big picture of all the ground I cover. See here all the little red lines go and popular overlapping spots..Version: 17.12.2

Great for all fitness levelsI love this app I use it for biking, walking and jogging. It keeps me on track. When I have an event premium is great.Version: 17.11.0

Works well w good GPSThis is handy and I keep discovering more useful things in it. Challenging friends is helpful. Though if the GPS doesn't work well on your phone, it has you doing impossible things - like walking on water. It also seems to completely stuff up if you use another app while it's going..Version: 16.1.0

Irritating PauseEvery time I stop to stretch fir a few seconds or snap a photo on the forest - say 10 seconds, map my walk stops. I’m not aware so I lose my walk. I want MMW to pause or stop Only when I control it. Please, how do I do that..Version: 21.4.0

Great motivationI, together with my husband, have been using MapMyWalk for several weeks now. We find that it motivates us to walk each day & we are working hard to increase our pace. We are already seeing results in our fitness levels & together with counting calories on MyFitnessPal we have lost weight..Version: 18.6.5

Good appI’ve been using MapMyWalk for a couple of years and it’s been great. However, today it started putting a big Share button over some of the stats after I finish and save a walk. This is really annoying as I like to do a screenshot of my walk to share on my Facebook fitness group, but now it cuts off my calories and other info. Very annoying! I have a large phone screen too so I imagine people with smaller screens would have even more data covered up. Please remove the huge Share button and replace it with something smaller that doesn’t obstruct the summary so much..Version: 19.19.0

MapMyWalk is a fantastic app!The app has improved immensely handling the swap to WiFi when I get home without crashing now. GPS is excellent. Voice feed back is excellent. Workout data is really motivating. With MapMyWalk I've doubled my walk distance & increased my pace. Thanks!.Version: 5.0.7

GPS Improvements!!In the past I’ve really wanted to use this app and I couldn’t because the GPS wouldn’t register the trail that I like to walk on, which would basically cut my distance on my walk in half. After about 4 months of not using this app, I decided to give it another go today to see if I could get it to work properly; to my surprise, it functioned perfectly the first time! No troubleshooting required! I don’t know if it got updated while I was gone or if it was an issue with my phone or what, but I’m very happy that I finally get to use this app. I can admire all of the awesome features now that it’s functioning!.Version: 20.4.0

Great app! I like looking back at all the routes I’ve worked across the world! Works well...Have used it for over 12 months now & find it easy to use and great for tracking progress..Version: 19.23.0

Easy and funPlenty of information at the tap of one button. Fun to look at where you’ve been, and good if you want to redo an unfamiliar walk. Encourages me to walk a little further if I have time..Version: 18.12.0

Amazing appI’ve been using this app for years. It’s helped my fitness journey tremendously..Version: 21.12.0

Pretty good for free but has its issuesThis app has it’s glitches but I like it most of the time. There are a lot of catagories such as kayaking and dog walking beyond just running and walking. I like how it breaks down my workouts in a variety of ways and keeps track long term. I’ve been using it for over 5 years. I do not think that it accurately measures mileage - it contradicts another app I use, telling me I’ve gone further than the other one and it will measure different distances for my same route from day to day. Then there are glitches, such as showing my route swimming across a lake and back or walking over houses up to a third of a mile off of my actual route! No way am I walking the dog at a 10 min mile! And a normal route for my morning walk 4 years ago used to be 3.25 miles then it crept up to 3.5-3.6 miles. Same exact route. So, I still use this app but if I ever aimed for some serious training for a marathon, I’d switch to something more accurate..Version: 20.9.0

Fun + Easy to UseEasy way to see where my dog takes me on his walk, when we get home. Has enough user options available, without upgrading, to be enjoyable. ✅.Version: 21.14.0

Love it!Works amazing love this app!!!.Version: 18.4.6

Not as good nowI have been using this app since 2011. And during this lockdown period (where I’ve had the time to walk) of 2020 it has not been working as well as previous years the mileage has been totally wrong for example I walked to my brother’s house the other day a round trip of 2 miles but yet MapMyWalk thought I did 5 and a half. Another example would be was a day after when I walked to the nearest town and back which is roughly 4 miles but yet MapMyWalk thought it was 7.5 miles. What’s happened? Several more of my walks have been out this year get a grip under armour sort it out!.Version: 20.19.0

GPS not real accurateI and my wife have enjoyed Map My Walk for several years. But we have always had the same complaint. We walk side by side and nearly stride for stride for each of our walks and the distance and time never match. For a time she was 30 seconds each mile faster than I, then an update would occur or something and I would be 30 seconds ahead of her. Now we are back to her being 35 to 45 seconds faster than I. Now we just use the readings as ball park and don’t worry about them much. Until they do the switch, they are consistent every walk..Version: 20.6.0

CanadaWhy are prizes not available in Canada. We buy your stuff too!!! Ps. Love the app.Version: 20.2.0

I used to love itNow it’s corrupted. Says I have walked 1km in 5 minutes and burnt 300 calories when in reality I have only walked 400 metres if that. Says my pace is 4 minutes per kilometre when as an overweight person my pace is about 13 minutes per kilometre. I have deleted the app and will find another one to use..Version: 18.4.0

Love this appThis app is so useful. I'm training for a 5K walk & it tells me how fast I'm walking each K. This means each K I can try and go faster or stay at that speed. Also it can save your routes and how Long each session was. The other good thing about this app is it has so many different function like biking, running, etc. If you want motivation or use it for training it is a good app to use..Version: 16.5.1

Best activity tracker ever!Personally I found it better than the MapMyFitness. It’s great for hosting team challenges..Version: 21.7.0

Cool App for wakingI get all stats I need (steps, distance, calories burned) and I can sync them with MyFitnessPal for better view of overall calories consumption.Version: 21.9.0

AwesomeFeel great.Version: 21.10.0

Easy to useGreat way to motivate to get out and about. I like how you can visually see how far you’ve gone..Version: 18.7.0

Works wellHave been using various versions of this app for close to three years. Each release adds a little bit more and it is now an important part of my daily life. Most of the bugs have been ironed out and it just quietly gets on tracking my walks helping to keep me motivated..Version: 17.7.1

Great!App works great. One upgrade which would be useful us the ability to manually edit your route - for example: when I forget to turn it off when I get back in the car and drive home! Would be good to be able to 'edit' route and drag the endpoint back to where I got in the car!.Version: 5.5.1

Normally love, but recently problems with watchI normally love this app. I use it daily -sometimes multiple times a day. And I mostly track with my Apple Watch. However, in the last week or so some of my workouts don’t show up in the app on my phone. It saves on my watch, but doesn’t show up in the iPhone app. Sometimes the app just closes on my watch without me even knowing. I’ll turn it on, check it once or twice, then the next time I check it it’s not even open. And of course it doesn’t save on my iPhone. It’s happened 3 times in the last week. Hoping for an update that fixes this soon..Version: 21.14.0

A+Love this app..Version: 21.3.0

Yes, I would recommend!This app has worked very well for me for about a year and a half now. It enables me to keep track of all my walks, the distances that I walk, and all pertinent to statistics, particularly variances in pace, and elevation changes. I have used Google maps distance measuring to verify distances and MapMyWalk is quite accurate. Also, recovery from a battery power drain is robust. I would whole heartedly recommend this product, especially for someone committing to daily walks for improving cardiovascular and overall health. It is a real motivator to review my progress..Version: 18.2.5

Fantastic app to get fit!For a free app, this app is awesome! Love it! Easy to use, well laid out and put together, even in low gps signal areas this app doesn't miss a beat, even in the middle of nowhere! When i set it away and i have my music playing away via headphones, the lady in the app updates me every ten mins on my progress and times, the music lowers when she talks and goes back to full volume when shes done telling me my stats, lovely touch! Because i can see my distance and pace when im done and save my hike, when i do it again i try to beat my last time using this app, witch drives me on! This is one of the best free apps ive ever used! It gets 11/10 for me👍 What are you waiting for? Download it, get your self in gear and go for it....”there is no tommorow”💪.Version: 20.2.0

ServiceNot tracking actual walk.Version: 17.12.2

Need more function for the app.How can I know how many steps for the walk ?.Version: 20.7.0

Frustrating at timesI love this app when it works well but unfortunately for me it glitches at times and fails to record half my walk.. and it doesn’t show my km in the armour challenges.. but l love that family and friends connect and make up challenges .. that’s fun.. when it works.Version: 21.7.0

GREAT MOTIVATORI love comparing my interval running, walking and cycling from one work out day to another. It shows me when I improve as well as showing me when I am not putting the effort in, so that I know for next time that I have to work a bit harder. It's also good to be able to share it on a social media site, that way friends and family see it and make encouraging comments to motivate you just that little bit more. I swear by Map My Walk..Version: 5.8.1

Great motivator!This app is incredibly handy and works as a great motivation tool because you can keep track of all your results and monitor your progress. It also doubles as a personal coach when you feel like slacking off. Highly recommended!.Version: 5.4.1

Love the appI love that it tells me how fast each km is not just total time 😀.Version: 21.12.0

Great for athletes of all levelsI love this app for tracking all my workout activities. I use it with my Apple Watch and prefer the activity details and how they are displayed in this app over the native application for Apple. I’m doing the 2020 challenge this year which is keeping me motivated! Syncing workouts from the Apple Watch to the app isn’t always fast, it’s taken several days with some workouts. I’ve also had to delete the app and re-download due to workouts being placed out of order, which can just be frustrating when trying to look over improvements made for specific period of time. This can be inconvenient. Still 4 stars because I have downloaded several other apps to track my activity, paid for the premier memberships for these other apps, and I have deleted those same apps. It is just easier to use this app than the others I’ve tried..Version: 19.26.0

Just what I neededYip, its as simple as pushing start and just walking....... The little updates throughout your workout are the motivation you need to keep going. Each time trying to improve upon the last!! Pedometer are a thing of the past for me. Its all about the GPS! Awesome!!!!.Version: 4.3.2

MotivatingTwo good walks in the last three days - I’m reaching my goals! The map encourages me to seek new routes and walk further. I like it..Version: 18.3.0

Good AppThis is a great app but since the last update I can’t play my music within the app. I have to go to my music & play then go to map my walk. Frustrating but the app does work other than loosing my music.Version: 20.25.0

Love this appI love this app I’m using it for my stress reduction course. it keeps track of your walks and runs. you can use screenshots to display photos of you exercising. It saves your workouts so you can go back and look at them latter on. There’s an audio voice that tells you about your stats while your working out and you can pause and resume your workouts. My only minor complaint is the sharing to social media doesn’t go directly to the app you want for instance I tried sharing it on Facebook and nothing happened. The settings took a while to get used to but overall great app highly recommend and I’m definitely going to use it outside my stress reduction class..Version: 21.6.0

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